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The herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1893-1900, May 24, 1893, Image 10

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Short cut Hweft..
"Tjcn-rnn-tl.i'-ii-i" . V'il-/"-- " .'i, ;it hr.vnt
lone: name, too.
You poor, drir little <!einy. I ran sympathize
with yon.
Does not A*our !i"nd fori henvy with thatdrcad*
frl nnm» tn bold,
And fiont yon for!. Lcnrnntheraura Vulrrxro,
very old?
I do, beat, irhea I '.- i«:nb» r, thntifrh they think
r.:; name in "iivrtl"
Anil lo\e tn r.*y tt
II over~"(.!r.d-. s
Conrtaneo Mnr
t\cfl then, when
you've be on
naughty, does
yourdptoy mam
to:i coy,
••Le 11 <a nt hcmum
Yu lyiiroP in
aurh a ■torn, and
oh. daisy, dear,
how m a ny
time-, she's said,
"Now , Gladys f 'or.
ntenco Marrru"
rite/go riijht
stairs to bed:**
And thnn 1 know
i*ni very bad, fur
tbnt's my pr.n
iah name.
Oh, daisy, dear, do
you BUppo.'U- !,
mnniraas do tho
Bnt 1 love brt i to
call you, dear,
just"daioy," for,
That's mypet namo, the very*aame that evrry
ono raJls me.
And wo are twins now, are we not? for hmh nf
ua have woes
About our long, long "pnnish name.," flint no
one ever knows.
They may be "crand" and 'Ml.mir. d" a id
**ssvoet" and all the rest.
But wo t>nth lovo, dear-don't. wr?~ntir short
dal.vy nemnM t*to befit.
—Abbfo X Brown in St. Nicholas.
An T-'lflphantV Sui*«.hnd«..
On hot Rumuior day* hi Now York,
when the mercury is well up in tho Bine
tioa, it teuMM au&ost n nccesftty to car
ry nn umbrella or shade of corrja !:inil to
protect ourselves from the braining rays
of tho pun. Wo Should hardly expect,
however, a nativo of India-— residing in
thin city—to havo the same ne.' l for a
sunshade, particularly when tho nativo
ia it h'.ij-fi Indian elephant. Th*t ten ele
phant shouhl foci tho' boat in OUT ch
in:', to scorns rnthcfnbsard, bnt as he does
it is qnito in Iraz-ping with tho general in
ttdlii-enco of this animal that ht shonld
invent fionto mr-Mi.-! oi' protecting himself
from it.
The elephant IncJosuroin Central parlc
cor.titins no trees nor shat'lo of any hind,
nnd on those hot days when tho heat in
almost on bearable it er, rag hotter there
lhan elsewhere in York. Qtonperl
aroytwl the ine.losnvo are usually scores
of persona, many with sunshades nnd
r.mbr-dlas, intently watching tho ele
phants. Some of the huge animals are
eftr*fully tossing hay npon their own
bacltß, while others whooe backs are al
most covered may be seen penct fully
resting. Newly mown grrisa is what the
elephant prefers for this purpose--—per
hiipj because it feels cooler than hay—
but hay answers tho purpose very well.
Row many visitors to the park on <be.<o
v.-nnn days havo realised that thi.y v;ero
not tho only ones carrying snnshades,
and that the elephants were protecting
themselves in liko tashicn?~Mere<Hth
Ntigt nt in Ot. Nicholas.
Thoro Arc No OradloH tn Japan.
Japan diti j* ffiitm-fi 1-railo. An '
Diogenes maWa Wp at Ms holler, hand,
thus tho Japanese .niptlivr, makta v cra
dle, with the TSftihild.an
ambulntinij, ltd rjeatUe, whore it
stays from ir.ovu.it..•;;onigtfl. trad is nu
rhythmicaliy rocked hcuoraing to tho
chances nnd snorts vt t'So. Say olTers
to its patient nnd lovSjrrvwtim, li'-t
own hack «•' cottrso in its first cradle.—
Albert S. AnhmSad, M, D., in Science.
•the dfclld nnyplitt.
Litilo Isahollo Brassier, tho child harp
ist who created a sensation at Checkering
hall, New York, recently by hrr admi
rable playini.', was born in Lima. Pith,
iv 1879. Sho was token to Paris in ISA)
and entered the conservatory, whore sho
received a first prize fur harp playing
last year. Finer- then iiho ims been (riv
ing concerts in Havana and South Amer
ica, meeting everywhere with tho most
extraordiriuv;- imcceas. Tin: child nrenis
to he not o-ily v remarkably brilliant
player, bnt n good musician as Well, dis
playing a tatto mid delicacy far beyond
her yer.rs.
Tlinlr Robes Deceived Hit,
It war, :it an evening service wh«n the
nmsic i-* rendered by a boy choir. A tiny
girl watched the proceeding with great
interest. It was a new i •i.-.cricnco for
her, and Rfi the laftt white robed figure
disarpcrred from aijrbt and the tinnl
notes of the amen Bounded the little
voice rang out chrill and clear in the
■tillneßa aa she ashed, ••Have they gone
to bed, mamma?"— New York Press.
Kilo*' Nerve ond Liver l*lll«
Act on a new principal—regulating lliv liver,
stomach nnd botr'.t- . h■ ne vie A
new discovery. 11r. Mile.' piti« spo-dliy core
hliiousiiers, bad line.. ierpnl liver, pile., cou
sttpetio'i. Uuniualled for men, wmen and
child ran. Bmoll-.uu, mudeet. suns<,'.. Fifty d.is".
25 raun. Simples tree C. H. Hance, 117
North MprlOß
-< urn <;o"-isnTnr tion, Cosgadsa, Cronp, Sore
Tiis-cat. S 'bt by alt I.SiuttistS an I C'lJrantee.
I 0.-A l ima bide, ftxckr.r Cheat ShiloYs E'orotio
PI s'.er wi'l ji'e grest t ,t Isfectlan.—c.^ita.
sirs. V. P. HawAtno. Ci.:.t'ns.r.o|»i, Torn- srys:
"Unfile"* rtlaHxer' ."4KKi> MY ial'iV i
I etttr vr.tl." Yot l>ir*>crr!a, Utrer or Kidney
trauhUjitcttcla. y-.taciTlijt
Have yen i. .•t; , .nH i" Try thisKercei! v. It rvltt
posilivolv voliovo am) Cure you, l'rlrn ."let*.
This lo*ei tni- for its iiiiTOsfrtal trtßtrrentlg
i 'lrnishi'd free. Henmntner.rltiiioh'u KeraodfcU
are roll on n (narnutce tn gtvo sntlaructiou.
H>;d waolee»lo nj ilaas. aAKt'cfl * CO.,
and ioUi) by dinng'SH, 12 It ly.-
■ Toiednr- fDBf weight aiJRKI.Y n"i Wlllardt
ooeniy i.ii. and iose If) ponndi a momn. No
lijur, ti Ibe hialih. N.i lit "rt'-ro'-iee with
, bii-lnafe or pleasar* Ml nta « VlMl. They
Ini'.i.l uji snn improve tli" ccnera; tmslth, be n-
I(, lire eotnp'eatnn an I lesv- M» i» kin
i Ill.vjH. i,urn 4M«r*<m, U d«.».•» »*>•• I. Ots*.
I brirliie. Unit . wfbts: Thrcrb<Ml'*n] your Obrtlty
rilln retlurr\i tin/ ta/lrjlit, from nimniM f.i IfW,
, ond /artier ftflt brrti- la all my lite. Inm murk
J nitnuti in'fA the rctnll, and >>!vili da all lean <i»
At 'ji j/'ju O.r pa vooa ltu'liMJa Pnjs'clajrs.
H.nkers, La .vers and leaner* of soe ety. Our
g inds are not so d In tlruf stores' ail ord -rs are
supplied dl ecrt from o ti-ofnee. Price p:rpacg
; sue, $2, or 8 plolagesljl, ny ms|t preeald Par
i ileul.rs (s'-nled) .1". /.i.l. CO 1! X RBIMI.N II-
I D-14.00)
Tha Cure That Cures.
! IT 1 P) 1 hflVo CQfod ihon'rii't", ami cmi
r hr p cm i thii'Hini*: nifju-ot fro Nnl
jM. . '.. t . m po'cTii.-y, tifttvO'tfl a»bl ity, vnr*
j i(v>n lo nnd nhriiiiCt-n )>trtß, fiiu M tty m\\<
\ft (vine by r\ w1 111 pi n r-ui'ly will h o**#4 m •,
r.'t ijje f»r which I >mv rt («t*nl.'<l ■KR 'St >
iinv ror, Atlflr*-*-, n ih bUrap* I> \ -M) H.
KMMttT, Xi .t!cvT>n ( ' ( I . ft olm
Onliuancft No, IGBI.
(SKW -KRT v.?.)
i V cunucU or tho Bity of l.nx Aflfltl a dn l«i ,nir
t 'tylr Intention Ut inpruvoa roriioii of ttalano
ftvvnlt«, nnd flctf-rni ~lv(, thftt ho (Ik shft'.l bo i.
ititM to tim i'o»l thv>ri of.
7 ho m*yor aivJ o KMOII ot tno cit/ of An
jiclfcn do 'T.l'.in follov/»:
SjtcTK N 1. Thitt the poVIo lnt*r«Kt tr?d non
vcniciiT rt'|iii.» ATiri uiftt ii U tli; In'.-mt.on
»• fih jelly conQnli ol ItH t'.l'v of J.-»h \]o.-t to
order tno -oilotvlnfr. «*(»rc io l> ■ d tw), to wit.;
Ut J hit Mftid /oliio «vonim In n»id city,
from ih" north westerly '.m r>» unuof iiuwui istn
ntHhli, to tbi w. r,t.*rn Mi.mlniH o< col no
HViTiitii, Inclurltiiß alt tiiEnTM.H't oa» Of It
(fXO«pUn<KUVi «rid tio.tft din
ie hout bn* Mrrtite (ttlri d hy iaw t\» b * ktypt 111
ordvr or r» pun by nwy ftcrilou or itOMMMjr h*v
tog miliM-;d truksihy'reoh. Mid n!*o oxcwp-lid
nu h liorUoni t .«, h»v i hiro..<iy heon Irintfa,
trt vend Hiid ftocej. nil, Ut nl ml ..nl mid « « vol - d
iv ay(;ordnnc« wUli .he pin us an i prnfiio oh tilo
in the ulnae of tin? nits >mien.-or and
l out or. flltt in ih*< oHICe of the clly iderl: of thi
itti nf 1 1»* A jur nm* i;w i*i'ai ajfltl '.
f.n)'i Kfiftclfl -t.i tnN I nuuibi rod tlvo
!id. Tt|ntn iraw-'ort
och llnti o ;h»: r<iftdwftr <jf "HI b«Uo i ure
nna Itom Ino norlli wovturly iin 11 nu uf Btienft
\'i-tti him-t. in iho weatorn tormlnofi nf Bolann
RYtfUtUi (exoupllUit Along tuch pt.ctloui of t
hneO( fid ro<nway upon which n ceihtmti
HfrtMl* o.' I'-Iwo d 00-li hut olrcndy b»on ton
ft:i»:it!.l and fctiCtyuUftM Iv |« OruAUOO with
ktiool ic'.ttoiu in tti" Ofltht of Vh« olty otork of
tA'»i '.tlty for UVIXttfO ■ n, ttvl;-; i d cUfM
Komth -Thdt npuli!'" - w, r uo 0 tiMtvnoto'l
wlftn ? ftiVfUft (injn 6 Ttolii*- '*Ti /net
ifthtcrly (r-ra tli» vn'n; i;i udolhmi rf volnno
.iV-- «t.. U* ttlf ►ovec in i* iniU I o.lf nt tM
Mirr«rr;i -n of Itutvi* vlttft Mtiwt and W iti'O
bvh'hu', «nd jut .«< a 1 In'cr-iortlntit of Htr.ct.s
"•xi.ipu -X fttunn rsiii-h upon which *
p ib to KOfror htli btx.-n nm iruclivi Jiiid
d,) ♦".•>Ktti^^ r Kith int , 'ihn'(. r ', lninphn.cn and
finish wttl 1 , Th'j»iZ' of Mad «>ia)t bo a)
f'uhli dun tv l'U-r*ih' iiiiTnt-,t» , and b - oon
hlTUi tt d of mU tln7.«'i v ttitp'd pint-, b ii'U, iron
Hii.i (ii m nt. All oi whio'i bh*U be oonalrttotod
in ni-c,* dunoe W\%b i. 0 v-- ll * s *0d profile ou ttw.-
In tii ■ offloe of fliu ntiyoi vitiMf aud fp.-ciflca
iJonnoii fl.e tn th«QfflO« of th .* <-i y cb?rk, .ial<(
apociflniiUOiit bt'lnt i.ii tt'«>r »i Muri'm.
on'tr ivifriif s**ld •♦jw.t ah ill by
si'^d 1 all iu»i ftonttug
i r.ir. tthy city o'irlnuw .laving
: hi*t M'> *i crrt; nf »:v. « tn,» >V"iv vit «i dho
KroatesttiirMwl nosUr pen f.-Aot f »<jl r lonv
s ft-di 1 h?of Rtii<l »rr»f.';. ti.ttTtl Out th'»oootOi
JiiUMialft iton-, tt is 'I*t -vimnod i\ pur-
KiMiioooi an actof ia* (tiirldatortt Of the Mao
of Wot tU, rpft*av.< rtbrttary 27, 19011,
ihut ti'Mi'ls sht-l b * Uftdftd to r pre oni thu co*i
id Md i nnroTOßftvVtit. Jinfd bm li itLall he uo
rWl, > xf.t'id in or-ir a in*-Ind ot Urn a>i
froti proportion ot whl h *h»iih paf«bn»an
hually on tho tm)n id dty of Jiui.awy r»j c*ch
yO-r, ■• ftcr iiiot d it i until ma whole arc nn.!d,
tnd t » 11 r InterOit -»t the ittte nf aui-cti p.n
emit p-.*r anriuin, p*.y*h;o s.rnl on
the ootid darjt oi Jiiuuaiy nnd July of each
titid oveiy venr.
H<l ;i Tn. ai vji auporlnt ndpet shall pout
notice of tin* work a* 'rq.r.reil t>v luw, an i
ih til I vflii» 1 h ild i:oi';e to b. i»iih.l'hed ior mi
drtyri in tne I.os Uaii.y Hkium*.
Ha . -1. ThOi.ity clei-lf shall ciir.lfy f-i th*.!
pat sit go oi thin nidumn. c nn I hiiiw the
: nme to hj pnbll«h'*d for two Qay* tn tha Lot
AutOlOl Ojm.y Uaftaui) a d shall p»wt the
»■# me cnnKpiLKoufly f two clays on or i our 'ho
eh-Mil ber d-.or of tht- council, »nd thoton-MU
and L.-.-rcafcer it sh.Ul take cTVeUt and bu tn
] hc-eby certify that the fore?nlnfl ortl nnnc»
ra*adopted by EUa ooaucll of tho city ot
-.MRel-'Sht lit meetiii*{of May ItiLh.A l>. 190 St
>y Kite following vote:
Ayes-Messrs. {) unohull, flaiT-y, fnoes. Mtin
*on. Nlckall, Pessell, Khndes, Strohm and Pri);
ldetit Teed (H).
I'ilv fork Mid ox-Ofllelo Oloik of the Ooaucll
of th* eiiy of L.o-1 *• nirclea.
Ai»prt.Ted this lOthdnv of May. IHPII
5-24 at T. X ROWA \, May t
(irtlicauctj iSo. lain.
*!'\ eoimeil of the Oity of Lo< 1 n:e e<, order
iiiK et'rtmii wurk to bo do c on iltaiid aveuuo,
J ho muyo. a id council of th j cily of Los Aa
• ci. r do ordain hn foilows:
Pkction 1. That the eounoil of the city of Loa
,Vnp. i- f, deem*. It to b, 1 re'inirt-d by the pub le
I utofOit -»nd ion veuit'H' -'. aud lii-reby orrtofa
th.ifel nwin< m,,-e-r worktofaW d -ne a;ieordi*iß
uthe «p»eiilea'ions contained in l.n ordiu nc i
Nr. 100 ft. towit:
Klr*t—That ssld (Jraiid aveuno in ■ 13 city,
frotr. the souun»rlr lino of Fourth ■Itovt
to the nnrtiheJy line of Hfih Mrnt
lecludimgali interj*nctloiis of Htreet*, (excep -
liiifMiidi ps'tmn* of sitfl htie,M. ni.rt tnlOffra
t.OlU ni« nr,' leqalnd t»v law to be kept in ord -r
oi repair by imy pprnoii or corn puny v:i:r*r
railroad tr iOk» thoieon, and also e?copt Ing sti. h
pontoni »k heve nhoady been nnd
*t-nv*':i d and nrei nitd,) be it 1 odni and j nveltd
in tiei'orda 100 wllh tii« piMi** nnd ptofle on flio
111 tbo otlit-e of the c iv Vttjgll e»T itiul Hpe'lflot
tlouri on lile in th- olUce o ihe ci ty e'etk of tho
oiei of fo■ Knided aßd grftveieo
■t.ret-i',vu'd apfoiAoa nuaiboiod fl'o.
* w >i»dcuri) be coqatrnotad
■tougeaohUna of t i rori I»THy oi ssld tir.iud
gT'till , f oni Ilia -odthoily line of Pour n
iii.t to ih*- Lortheriy -in« of Fifth h reoi.
(«xOapiitivalongan of the line oi
•aio rotoway npon wninh a redwn d,orrnant
mi -'laiii eouru ii (Milroad/ toono 'Uhtmctod and
tv.'coi tid.Mu iceordt cc wlta spet Itl j vtluus In
ihe om two/ 'he olty o Vrk of suid city fo. cm
atrii'Mi ti red wo Hi uuibi.
ret". 3. Jhe city nltlME h her»bv directed tn
j prgbltaU a Pol ecu' aatd worU, Invling MMtt4
: proposn.lK or b ii-. for ii dux S*W work, R"d ro
[t. mux to ii c ■paoiftMtiou** POglod «.r ou it'©,
forttvo drtv-, tn the i.o, An-teien Ifi tiAi.i. n
duliy uovt'P *P H t' pobll'hed und cremated in
' ti.tsclty, hrtreb do*lgnat l *d tor tbat purpvits 1 .
Haiti uot'o-j mm 11 r- '[ Ira a cer lfled cheek or a
j boo *, either, Rs oi-Af'Tth.-d by law, nnd for an
i v luOnnt noi I'M than It) per cent nf the ai?Kre
gfttaoftbe proposal, H** la nlso directed to
poat tald null h wfiu sreiddcaiioiis co< spicti
ou.lv for nvo days ou or ma. the oauuoU
olioteVoi dooi,
■~kc '11k- city shall cc-lify to thi
pcsstiiH' o'. this riril iniKitt and Phail unuse the
aametobe published (or two d Lm
abXatta lire.*!;., -vjid h 'fetipou and theru
a/te itshiil take t-fTiQt and be ia force.
1 hereby sonify Lust tiie fure tdnxordinancu
. waaedgblad by to •. co'iinil nf t-iecttv of i-es
An.tie*, si its meotltlK of Mity 10th, A. v.
1803, by tbe tollowitm -ott;
Ayefi--M'-«srs. ' srapbell. HafTey, Innes, Mun
"on. PefsHit , Rhodel. etrohm a&l Presid ut
' 'ice .
Noes Hone.
OPv Olprk nnd'■t rb"k of theOru'-cU
or liastte* No. 1(178.
(JEW ■<*(.: US)
ronm-il of the City "I I.o* luea'.e.. i'ec ar
>bk their intention lo improve a pur.lnu oi
fi.grun.m h iei
Th i mi>'> .ml eonne.il nf iho city ot Lot An
fata* o mi.-,! in v. ' f.,. ow-:
•rteTinv 1. Thr.itnc pm If! Intircs". "nn enn
i vattiein c n fioir j. -ml ih.it it ii tiie Intention of
ilf inly cot i. .i of toe city of J.O* Al'g •• • "'
i j order iv» !<•; wing 1i he wins nuoe, t- ■ :
l»t Tliki n.id .r.nr.ih m ■'.<«'t in *« 'I city
'mm th ei.t I neol V»inou r'r* >f to lue wsi
i.i »■ o( tt>c Fii7Rimm tnci, I'i.iul.etr -It in
ter'.e ili.n.ofe'.r cis ( xcep'lng such P'-r inn*
of Milt! ti "Ct and inlo.'soi'li'in m a r e.j.-.tr« 'I
by L.w to b-; m-pt Iv order or reiis ii y »ii) "or
son or coni.iiny having railroad ir.ck lli r -
us.aiid si-o exccpilac inch lioflon ns «>«
air ady bvrn grsd.d. (jrji.eKd anil a c pt
ed), be ri den aa 1 gr.ire ed n sacfirdanne wlt-l'
lb pla. »ai d ; ruSlo on He liih . .ifllee el Hie
nuy t gnie ran ; .pccltl nuns on it.v I: !b
om e»i the "liy uiera ol Iho City ol ' nj. An
al. « lor »raxan d«t .-i-tj i«ld ~. .-..'t ■. :i c ct
llt* nut,ib ill d di c
9d, Tbsl a ii-dwood enrb bo con trnetet
alon a*Sh line i<( thi roadway ol aa'd In
fi.in siron ir..m the e.»tt I lie ol Vernon aireet
lo h-iv tho ratrntOUßt trait, i x
Oefiiin,« alongsuco podtues ol the lice ol s I
' findtssy up H svh'cii a r.dwo'"!, n.in.-iit or
traiilte nurb lias al "ady h en ton .true led ant
acr. pled), in ac o dance with »'>eclncattou» In
the ofrlo. of the city ".or* of said ci y far con
structing r dwoodtorb..
Hue, U. ordintueei >os. 1(1116 and li3t, he
lm In eonfllt. be cwllh, are he . by r ipeslcd,
i B*<: 3. Tlmaireot su,»iiroieni v sha'l '"it
i a* ice of tiiU work an ren/ilred b; law and t-hill
oausisei'l n itlco to ti • pi'llmih.'i lor nix d.iyn ,
in in» 1.0. Angdrs Uaii.y llgh.U.n.
Bsc 4. Thectiy n era ».li<l- ce.t'fy to tin
nao ue ot thlaordinance and a ail ■!*".•« Ilia
aarue lob ■ -nb l.ni I for nn day a In Hi • Los
'i Ativelea Daily llrniiji, ant ih/.1l jii t th
■anie eja'plciiou-l) (oftftod vs ( n or ~c tr I tie
ciiair,in.-door of tha rouacil. and tin cup n
i and Uio.e»/e,r tt .hall tal.ii ciroct a.el ne la
I hereby i ertl'y that tho .Vi-OR-dns: o li c n c
wa> adapted fn- the OOduoll ol in- -n v •■! l.n«
Atnc'l-M on me lO.h day of M iy, 1833, by i 1.0
following vole;
ileum. Omi b.dl. T nne«. Mir son,
flctcl . l'esse 1, Rlicd a, airob.-u nnd I'iesll'ai
Teed - 8.
Kos.ii Sore.
0 A. Ut' Xl sftA' H,
Oily Cl-rxnvd ex nftlci CluiU i.f ihe Coar.cll
oi the Clly of /.-. a Ange a .
j'pp.'oved this 10 li day ot Ma.r, fit.
fe.fi 2t T. X noWAN, May r.
OnllnB7uci7No. I ii:!.'.
i ——
(sEW ai!iii*t)
AN ORI>IXA Nt: /. OF Mt .-. v\vr»n AVi)
council ol the city cf l.m *ng 1 s doc ar
iu-. tbeir ljicnilon to lmprovi a porticn of
oiite iireet.
Til's iiisto? and otnnnlt o: the ct;y of Loi
Aii'gsiesdo . rdain us follows;
Set on 1 j'liat the pub lo I ttcrn«t and crn
venlenc i n qnli-o, and tint', it i- tlla tn f enilOtj "
(he el'vy couticll of too ei.y of 10. .>n el is v
. r er ,h« followln? work to bu done, f -wit:
Ti.al a cein jtit sldewa.li si. i.n t in wi. tu be
conattiicltiii along iho o'.st slds of a :d O 1 ii
■treat,lrati tKf NwOUittt. J curb I not >>»ii i»d
air-el to me ri'/itli'iilr curb l.he nf Thort stroet.
(exeepllu* such p<r lion ■ of said ilrm t lu'.'veon
ssnt potnis slung irnuib Ac.iuou: oi a' pe.- 1 t
sid skK lins bun consirtii'te'i a c.' .tedj
Milt »t<i«wM| to ba connrncted in aocordsneo
w tli apfcltinitlons on file In tin »trn <•( the
city Mark, said specifl'at'.ous b-ing nnmbarvd
Bsc ii. The st eet'up'.T.nl'ji.dent ih 1 ; pot
notice of tin* wuk as req.ihvd by lit.v, and
■halt CASse Utd UOtleo to be i übltihcd for tlx
dsys In tbe 1.0) Angeles IHsai v.
. sc. 3 the city wen ihs.,l eotlfyiothe
nt this ordinauc; and s w a : caa<e the
sstne to b.Mitiblistied ftir lv/o d :v, in tHe I.os
Augeles iii iiai.o, aid tbflll p.:n lbs name con
spicuously for t\t • di j. iAioc u».'*r th" ehatnb r
doorol tli ■ couticl . And ilti'ivup n and there
iift-r it .It ::l lain affwal and b • Iv f ire '.
I hereby c ritty limi it.o [jreifolng ordlnsnne
\v..i sdop id by Ills cuuticli of till > tty o uys
Anvoles on iholOUidAy oi Mat, 1893, by trie
fullowiitg loft!
Ayes Messrs. Campbell, ii.iirey. innes. Mun
son, NicXei . I'esTs.l, nli'Hle*, n roh'.n and t're--
J?li. Teed (Ol
r. a i.n.iKRNSAcn,
City l.'le'k and p.* oft) no cl'rk onlw coUn It ol
the a tv of 1.0 s * u«e.es.
Approved this lfJtn usy ol May, )803
ftjj - Jt T, v. HuVaN, Way or.
Ordinance Na. lOtjij.
(•iriv iirrtrtc-.)
i\ teu ltiuol lite navor sud Qonncil of the
unyof 1.0- An <«1« t lo'-tabt.h thi grade of
Ocean View avenue from Alvar.nl.. a,reot lo
ilounte Bra - sir-vi
Tbo ra lyor sod en moil et th i cily of Lis An
kol-js >io o dnln ss f-» 10w..-.
dsATinK I, ra«t it is tn II it tnt.ou Of til 1
cnuncilol thu c ty oil/is Anxel sto nitsbtl h
tno .;raiio of oivasiVlew ..voniie from Alrarado
i ne'ii '.o iion,ne line street, asjoiloivs:
At i hi; tnteis-M.ou ol Alvaru Iv sl'i cci, ss noiv
\ anubllsned I DlHJ'iii ihe nirt.bv.ut corner atel
10 IOf) en ihe Houthitastt corner; *t the lnters:'C
tlwii i.'f (Juohec street 13.;.0n on Ihe nor hwest
corn i., and si a poe t opposlle to said corner In
tassettlh Side; 157.00 on tho norihea le rner
audsta polai oppoille to sad v.'Tner li tue
toiith -Idf: nl the taicrfjcllo tof B innle Br*
.soo<t IrfHOOjlll til-.",.finctliwe>t lOfiLßt und
137.H0 on ihesa%ii?wj«l<irti«. V ft!*'
And at all soluU aitwedtt i*«S (lis g-«ted
points ihe grades •hsll be <»ttb ts-m;r''o as .o
j conform toa.SWat(Jit one dr v.i b.tiv.ioa j»td
desl n.twt pottits.' ' .'Hni.nit ■
■Clovatlons are in (M tad ibay ft'.ty'ilstfa
Bsc, —. Ordir.snco-.-Non 114 ; arid IC'OL (HSW
seru-s) nro hi reb.i
sec 3. 'lue city cleA shffll cafafy tn lb-
I pastaff«aftbisordUtao c atid shin canve the
s'stne lo be puiilishad lev tot 1 , d iys tn ihe l.oi
I Antfelos flxaii.ii, and tuerenpon aiei itiero
: ai.er it .ball luku efl'.ot a'rd b tn foioo.
I hereby e-rtlfy ihst the ibo\'e or.-inin"e
] whs adopted by tae ooiiaojl ot tho pi'yoi Las
Angelas at uioetln? ol ?t("V 15th. IK'.Kt.
0. A. bOOiIENBAca.
City CUrk.
Apnrov d this lOt'j day ol Mtv ISO 3,
ai!l lot T. X ROWAN, Mayor.
Ortlinsiice No. KilJil.
f>rtW )
l\ OoauQll nf the city of l.va* An eic. do
elarii ihelr Intent.ou '.o linpryvo a portion of
9vt*\ street.
Ths mayor aid eonaoll of the city ol L is An
geies d or.taln .sfulow.:
he'tio.n l. Thin, ibo pobllfl Interett and con
y. nieueu require.andtttai it I. Ibn inl."ilion
of th.ciiveou »cil ol the city of Los jtiigefes
Ito order tbe lo lovviux work to i o do-io, t.» wji;
I 'lliat a Lenient sidewalk six fret in wid.n
b) co stun led along i o:h site, el said
' K,r«t street, from the oiis.i.rly ourb line or
I II iylo avenue t i tno westerly curb l't.e oi lilver
! gr#riiavona- I ,(eaoaptlngettoti portioneef -ad
J street ee.weeu said | inn sal lU| wb.c i a cc
! meat or asphalt silewaik has b* m I'ojsiruets.
■ and accepted), ssl'i to hi eundiueted
in aicordauctt wllh >»n lOcations on li o in the
I office of the olty olerk, a.tld spoeiflL'a'.io.is bs
! ing luinibe ed 12.
Ski- 'J. sir?ot super.ntendent shall pos
notice ol tnls w trie as inquired by law and
shall cause -.aid notice to b.- i-tioiihse ior six
days in ibe lets An 'c... s MAti.Y lUini.'t,
bee. 3. The city cleik salt cortily o the
psssaeeof tie o ,i uniico ftntl thall cone tiie
same to be publl liett ior two ds) r In tho I.os
A&gclrs llailx rfal Atl>,an t»h«l. poatth si .ie
f edbspid'tot.ajy for tSvodsysou or near the cli-ni
icr do r of th-; co snoil. nil thereon n an I
: thereufterltsh* 1 take olfctitaiid be In Woe.
1 hereby c ti tl fy tbst me foregoing ord'nan 0
Iw. s adopUd b/ me c .tiueil of tha Oily o: Lot
; AuguirK tv th? 8 h day of tUf, 1803, by the
, lolloarli X vole:
i ..ves—jgvsiis. Campbell, Qlffajr. latiM, Mdn
i son', Nickell, Pmtaell, Kno eit, Mtrohm an I f.es
Idcut •iw.d-lllf)
City Clerk nnd ex ojici > l.'lerlt ol tho Council
of the Oity ot Los Ann 1 , t's.
A ''proved this : 0;h day of .Vfay. t Still
ft 21 at T. K. ROWAN, Mayo
()raiuaii^irisori»)Bt>. r
ings for th.' regradlngOf Teotple atreetsnd
| oilier streets rl sen nod in ordinance -o. f-33
I ;.>ost s-rlcsi. under th* actof na'rvh Olh, 1803
Ihe mayot and c unoii ol tile c.ty of Loa .n
-j gti.e-do ordsl 'as follows:
rxtTioN 1. Thslal iiriveoting-t In regr.nl lo
rspradtug Temple stieei beiwoea i-irand avenue
ami Ooat ray line; (irate! ay line fret:' a point
8A feil sii'ith oi ;he south line of lemplnatra t
ito tiie south Hue of TampiastTtvt; liv tk r ill
!BV nue from a point 111 f-iot noithoftha
' norm ilno of Ootii ttiouse siroet to Pearl t-eet.;
Hep ■ ilreet ii ni tinnhouse street to Temple
str-ei; Kiower s'.reet f oin Temple street, to a
ioini 5.'2 feet north of t c notih lin.i of iViur,
hon«e sti-sct; l'.arl stree. Iretn Coiethou c
street to Boston sir et: lleßudre etre :t fiom
I Ti mple s roet to the north tine of 0' or. siroet,
ns will mure finly anpaar from o'dituittce
A3saud rriinance li 7 (new ■erles), tii'ill be
continued from and aflor tnls tin c, and ion
' duc'ttl uudar .hi provisions til the act an
prov d March fth, 1803, providing f.r wo k
upon s reels, and change uf grades.
PM, 2. The clly conk shell eeitify to the
passage of ihis ordlaaboeand shall came the
ssMie to lie pullishe I onou in the Los -lig'lis
Dally HaaabD. and tba rati pen and
U'bali nika ellect and be In force.
1 hereby certify tbat Ine above ordinance WM
adopted by tbeoounc l of ttie city of Los an
geies atils meeting of M»« loth, 1H!)3.
C. A. I.l'i-KKNtt ton.
Ordinance No. 167* 1 .
(SEW SKitlZl.)
\N ORti-rJtKnp; or T ,j E MAYOR AMD
I.V ovo ci! ollh-cltyo' 'Aore os order
i < certain w.vit to be done on Washington
Tbo miyor And nn icli of tbs city of LU An
1 tti-- do .Tti ions f)i ows:
! SBcrioM I Tint tic eonc'l of h« ely cf
Lc A!i«..-,o' de Ms it it it; r qsired by the
ptib'i.. lu;ces: an 1 , tie- uen ■-, sol hereby
o irrs t i f., 1..n nr ir- t.o-« ob« rtdUi
ace 'r ling tn th ■ soe ilfi-vio l.v i oil stned in Its
0 "it me ■ N > ICOI, o wit:
i I 'st-That »-lo w.isli.in: on a r.s-t lll'aid city
If '" "io easier,, ewt lv« of lUtt ri»t >i:e«t
ton wj>t' r.. curb line" f ' -".t ?-i "vennMn
-1 t'' "itm "li IntaHoo'.ior.a of s'. eus (exeasttng
► f hoorllo'l'Ol ant 1 stre-t in : !nt " "ttdiotis as
si.- -'j .If. dhy law lot c s-^p'ln order oryep*!'
b> ,n., porn or coin n». is .tsvn Tollro-di racks
"i"r on,and rilto eie-iitne sicvi portions ,s
i b-v-str aiv »i«oii'r'a.l d.irriv-ee' sndaen-pt
-1 'I), ba gr«d'd and g- vlcl i t nciid-iiee wll
i" p..us and p..ii c. n ii,. ti hsomiafif thi
: l 1 1V ■■ 1 ! ;I'i■■ x s 11.1 |oec fle vtion * ill flo In II"
; ■ fttoxN ihi I've crkof tbo "I yof I.os in elcs
for inalrl ,f it ,v-len st-eels, tail spclfict
i lion be n: numb-red fjvj.
• e<ob4-Tn .v a t etnent <«rb bo contrnctrd
rim en. h tin of too ro-dw*» o. said (rash
iliitntl Mtnel from 'lit csttiriy curb lints ol
ffxuaro* street to the we tctycotblloaof fau
lt 1 1 use n•, (?%v pUnir » o, t such r.oi tlor. * of
i It. on •of saul io t.:'v neon wliteh abemeut
Tiviriij euro h'.s alretur neon
, a it ecced'edj In ne'vr l.-c with spaeiflua
-1 tot em tue nfflcoof th-- eit/ iloilc tf said olty
t for u'istractltTß oeue lei n». sail i peel act
nous bei.ijr nnps d i wclvc.
i ".• I -Thet n osraeiit sidewalk sly feci In
tv i nt o co isinpr .■ ■ i.-in r ea.ih s d • of rsld
* slva{ton etreet.fr ni Ihe">..!• r y onrbl-n«of
"i rr st'CC' to '.!"? westerly etc b tine of Btn
P ra atfudt, (cxci tlntr such portions ol said
streetbotwes n -sid p-'ltttsu out ivblch accn-n*
i o» a pba't sidewalk has I cen con'ttrjetrd nnd
: n'.c ptsd), ssid eldewaikli bj coaatruuted In
Ac-ordteeb w.tli ip-tc :i ".tloi.s on file in .he
. ofrt >'of ihi olty eferk !»:d specldcatlons bjtaj
; urb- rce iwolv.
•'•".a -A Tin city n iii ie-..- h ivini cstlraitcd
Ihti th'tottl co-t of said tmpr ivarrtant will hi
uriiier tbifl on: dtl.s- ocr [font fno-. alonir
| otclt ll*l« nl sat i s ro it. t Tiiiidiu.' the cost of
j Int T»!Ctl >ih. U Is hsreby determined, in pur
; sumoj ftfan act of tbo le.ri.Uturo of the et it»
of '' iif .-tela, aoprovd F«brn«r« v!Tih )SO:l.
j iii * i bonds sho 11 bo lesu *d tore reeeti'. tho Boit Of
fnld im irov 'mmt. Said bonds sn ti biseral.
ex aad In/ or.'.' a rerlo lof loa yosrs, ill eyj i
pr iporti'in ol w ti'.'ii en til l> i oavtM aimn li
on tho SaooM day "f Janilivy of escii yar,
sf'er I heir d t[T' ii oil the w tote r*l 1, an 1 tp
bci-intoreet at the ne of 7 ne*.oo»t per ad
tniro, p.yab.o s,in! snunsliy on ibttstsetnd
iia's of JAnniry und July of oaon arid evory
:' n, 8. Ih»oltrfld-'( Is hereby dlrested to
p ifitikh c, 7p |ep of. said wore:, tuvlting sea,ad
ii-o o nNo-b'tlt for doinir said w u'.c, an ! ro
fecrili? tn fhe spadfl * il.o.'ii nosed orojfll...
Fir'Wiidays in th • f.n* Antro'o. n«n\!.n,a
UAlly uewsp'.'ior pubti.h' d mil clrMiatol m
iilsuitr, hjreby ,\ strutted for >.h tt rmrnoi*
I tnottcii sh til requlra a cirtifl id cheoi or a
mvi I, .it i. r, -i pi'ese. h d by law. and f..r»n
atudrtn n H test tti'n 10 per oe .t of
I vi'o of th ) pro.i'i's.l. fie is .tl-ij ol: titeil to
, pit mil lo'.tc'o will ape .ifti.it.lm i o roioti
oa ly fnrflv.'dtys ou or ue .rthoco .ncl! eh ira
\jrr d.;-or.
ny.i- 4. city c erk .hilt certify to tho
Of this ordlnaiicp and snail c.inso the
'inne to be published for twi dtyj in tho
j I,oi Angeles liEnir.n. and tba'ailpplk and
I Ih''r3sit,ritsha 1 tikeefro.o,tand beln f°rc j
I hereby certify thil tM fofaeoln: onltna-tre
WKea'tofited bytlie counhll of tbo ptljrvtboi
tn?oies'ittts tußtti-.BMay 19th, a D. isoj,
b, tho fo lo.vl ty vote:
Aye"-—Mo sirs Campbell, flifl'-y, Innes, >!un
ion," SlOkoll. lvs-eli, Eluloi, st-ohAi ami
I'l .'ii.ten Teel -(4.)
C. A.. I.Ui.'KKXniCH
City Qle k and Kx-'lftloin Clork of tbo council
tv ho nitt of I,os Atißelek.
Api.rotad this HUh day of Maft ISH3.
o-21-2i T Bi, HOW AW, Miyor,
Ordinance No. 1680.
A ' ouiiell of the city nf i.os An-jeles doclar
iit ho r intention to improve a portion of
Bridgeavreet, nn I determining th.it b mds shall
b- Issued to rsrpreteint too en.t theriof.
i he IP&yat mid council nl th«. city of Loi An
! gnlcldo ordain as lollona:
i rtcnoN l. Thattni p ibilnlnteraitandcerj.
[ v. nienio re'iuii- '. mid tnat it Is tho intention
lof the cl y council of Ihe city of Lis Aiuel s
toordqnno foil owing work to bi d inc. t >-wi':
Fir-t— rr.et tiaid hridxe street in said city
j f:oia the nortlioi-t.rlr ou b l.na of f'loisant
avenue to tb* westerly Uoo oi dtite street. In-
I elitdioßiil :uii'r.eeti'.its ot stfeett (excepting:
: ..uen no tious of sai.l slrset an t i .te-N.-ot-i'-ns
I ne «.Te by lavs lo bj fiept In order or re-
I iinlc by irn» fi'.rn.n or coni'.iitv h yin ' rtlecad
I trackitMrreoa. U-J nl o excvtlnx a-ich i:or
tione aa i ire slrculv been uraded mid
'/t,v.;'cd nnd nr.eptid), he grsd-d and
eta.-eled tv accpTtiaUco with tho plans
and profile on fl'e in tbo ofliee of the
city eußtu*rr aad spa irlcatiohi on 13 o in the
nttteo "f ibe city i lerk ol the clly ot f.os An
r dee for tcAt'aie i etkyoir, said spcoitledtlous
bdi -' numoiT .1 Aye.
-c ond—that a red woo ! eu-i, hs conslrncted
aloi.R i.m'h nn-of those ■' tvef inlil Kr rise
•tree), from the nn.tf. -,y curb lin" ol
i leaeant iivontto to iti" we c r y line of S"tte
sire't ( xoeptla i along such portioned the lino
of said road Wily up c. which a rtdwond, content
or ;r. an it-*curb nr.salready been constructed and
a- conic il, :n aeeiTdai cc wllh spcolflcattoni lv
tbo ofHco' I iho city i )erk disatd city for con-
Mr ;oltn ! redwdid curb.-.
Third — I hat a oerneni sldewi'k six . in
wl 'ihlr; C'jiistruetsd alosg » aon side of raid
lirtdtre street front tho nort'hoaitorly odrb lino
ot P Lois-' • ,'v nuc to ih- westerly line 61 $ ate i
street,fexjeritiiigsueihportions of si) inro t
b.'twt'oti s.id ooi'lis nlont; which a i em nt. or
! aspsialt sidewalk has been coas-rucic'l audac
ceMe-s,) said sldeWAlii lobe conetrae'.ed le sc
; ('ordnnc ■ v.t'lt sne.'i lc»'ioti« on rjlel- IbeoMlee
of ihe oi' y clerk, laid spa.lS-'.i'.ions t> 'log mild
beroil I woivo.
si;';, it 'Iho city ettfleeer having eetllntted
that ihe tnlsl cut of mid mprovoracnt w\n be
t-r.'N'cr than ono do jar per font Ipotaenß
ca-di Hue isn dstrrat, 1 eluding die co«t til
lnt«r<eCllin«, it, 1< hbrtjby dstoimlhed, In pur
suHiioo tfan'ct of ib lerlelatttt' of the a ate
ol iiaiifsr -n, a .proved FecrusryßT, 1803, that
b nd , i hull be s u-.d to represent Ihe cost i f
sal 1 lotp'ovemcnt; Sald.bouds Iball be serlnl,
extendiagover a pertoti of ten voars, an evun
proportion of wrAeo shsil be p ysble iinmislly
PnthnSdday of Ja.hUfi.ty ot eeob yesr, after
the r date tltitil th w'.ote are pale, end tobear
tiiierest at ih-> rr. o of 7 per cent per annum.
PAvsbla veni'-anntialiy ou 'be 'A! daysof Jan
uary iP-d Inly of eAch ami eVeiy .ear,
Sr;i: 3 Th .str -otsup TiiUenilent shaH post a
no ico of thlt work as required by law, and
ball C'lti.e sail notice lo bu pu'olishol
'or six dayi in tbo los Ar.geies Daily
11: I'.ALD
skc 4. Th i • lty clerk shall certifyto the Pel
stf'w of Ur.s ordin tune and cans.) the saint
teVb* : pab:i>he..l for tivo days in tbe I.os Angela*
ii.mi.y Hiiaii o, and ahull pot the s-ircc i-on
spP UOU'I) foi t wo days on or mar ih- eham
bt do'.r i f tn» ooli'icll. and In rjiip io and
ibereafter it. .hall tak ■ eflsru aori i>. iv force
.1 h»roby oorttly hattheforeg itigordinabce
wes adopted by t in cotinell of the el y of l. s
Angeles ft us ineeilug of May loth, A. D ,
1-118, hy 'he following vol.. :
Ayes—M 'Ssr-. Il*m, h , 'll, -Oaff.-y. Innes, Men
n n. Nickel , I'e.-iell. Uhodcs »ud S'.rohm—(s).
U 'c* -.Sol;.-.
\ Oltv (".fle ad ex-ofl!cto Clerk tif th« Coubell
of tbe city of I.os Angel *.
Appmrou mU ltun v.v of May. L a n t.
b t!* 2t T. E. RO A AN, Mayor.
, N(Jt!€e of Dissolution of Corporation.
IXLy ot lAiBIAi8 Angela', r.tste of Caliioruia—No
tice of dls oluttoe of corporailon, The L, is jta
g. le* '".s Company.
I'm".ii*'.i to mo order of ths court, notice 1*
h?t' In given ih t on tho 2s h dar of Aprl',
ls9tl, I'ae i.i-s .mi eics tits C.ioipany and the
diiuctors ilier.iof by loavo oi eotir. nisi ob
•altiod. lil.l . n tlio oSlco «'l ha clerk of too
Superior Cotii't of th-i county of Augete*
lbelrjt l.il. it ior tue voluntary dissolution of
ssl.t i on or ,lion.
Alireinius lr.lercsted will take notie» that
on Mot,.ley, tho lvsih day of ..'tiii». IH3 t. tha
pvli-i'Miers will, titnosa ebjectious be mcl, an
ply tt. ihe "onrt I r tho orner ur.iy.'d (ir sr. De
partment, o, in the county Court House ot: he
. county ol oris sngel 'S.
Aii i ersons h iviug such objections must n;«
thes'm wih tho dark of ibis coj.tateny
tun" before til" cxpiratiftßof Ibis notice
listed Ill's -JHtli d»y Ol Aplil, IHOD
j-enlofCn utoikl T. 11. WARD, Clerk.
llr f. E. i . why, ih'puty.
Choner ,v Ci'uuin, Alto ne>.s for Pellt'oners.
4-30 Ist
Notice to Britlfe Builders.
of i.o. Angc oe con.Ui. Cdlli'onil , May
ltith, ISPi!. '
No ice n. iiere'-.v etvea Ihit retile l proposals
wlii received by the boanl o! supervisors np
! toll o't; ie,-. p. in. on Thu Kda-r luue '.I, 1893,
for too v. piti.itw of tnree of HI io-t,
mac.WHv on Michigan aveni« lv i!ana , .» ro.d
tll.trici; t so of s .id bridge inb.i fif y 1.10, foot
*p«n«'Hoh, the otn..-r forty id •■■ loot spin.
ill d.o. ''.:i : Hiibmit plans, Bp'io'flJttton*',
strain shoets ft d working dsii« ; s. ami for fur
therinfiirinaiiou rol»tir*»thorei> apply to the
Olßrk of iho hoarl ol *ap*vl-r rs.
s-ftch bM must bo ccoinpiiu oil «u'.h i cer Ified
cheoain tie -urn of n.,e h t'd i d flolia-s :*lo.>)
mode p .v.ibiu to T. 11. W» d c.uniy cleik.
Tli" bou.:d resorvos tho light to uico'. any or
al' bids.
! By n d»r of 'he of snporvtaors of T.os
UrdiaaßM .*■>. 187*.
(NF.W dERiIM.)
an oiidim i m;« or Tilt mkvor tiro
; A 0 >u:ie.l of the olty of toe Arrsi-lo',
croon tig cerulu wirk lobe done on Pnv dance
1 str-e .
The M« o ant lonneH if the Olty of Los An
gel** 'In rd In is follow :
Hxtiiin 1. That tha Council of tee tity ot
Los V g. I.« deun« ;t to Lo tcqaned b. ttie
pcbilo io'o.ei-t nd fldhvcnie'tce, su.t hi:eby
oid ir* Ihe fo lowlnc Atreet w ik tubs d ne ac
' nir Imi ;o lv > p.1 ificat'ons contained in l.i
'.rdlnsli." o IIJOO. uwtt:
I Ist. 1 httsaid fr .vl kno > meet in said city
from ihe south curb lino of Seventh street to
i tue no:lb curb l.'ae of ffiulh atr.et. Including
::l nieraeition*»f streetsitxieptlng suchpe)
-tii-n ■ of said street and intersection* as are
i i oquirf d by law t • be k-. pt in order or rep.iir by
i any person or coo psuy havl g railroad tracks
'b reou, and a : so exo. uiing such poitions its
i lnvo slresdv t »c:i a add and g a vied and ac
I iepM4), bagraded and eravo'ed in ne ordsnoa
wiih Ihe p..ins and profile o > tile in t.'ie otli -c of
I he city encl.l'e and s eeiaiatitlli* o> Ule In
ill v ofii. c"I be ctiy c c k o! tho city of Loi An
eeles for m iking crsve ed streets, aild specitl
ea'lons b ;ie ; numbered five (,1)
.1 That a eenieutciTh In constructed a ong
oa*'it line of tho roalwy of s«ld Provide»ce
I street froA the a..u'.h c irb ll'JO of »v nt'i
stiee- to the north u-itb lino of Niulh urcol,
I (excepting ol ing mci portion! of tho line of
, sti ri roadway upon which a cement
cit'b h * alr'ea'y b en to strutted and »o
cpt'.rl,) in iitMitlitre wi'li «iieclf!catlone In
the efbex of the cll> cleik of said city for con
• tiue.tlngc nieitt cntts, Sttid sj-eolfleatlonl ba
ins' min,b-red twotve.
ila. 1 bat a cement sidewalk s'x foot in width
be lons rncicd slung esch side of said rhovl
denco street from ih i soutli cuib line of
seventh atn.ot to the nonh en b line of
Ninth street, (excepting sncii portloni of said
st'e t between sa d polati along wnich s.
cement pldewa'k hs* b'eii constritc'ed
slid accepted,) a*,ld sidewalk to bi c*)n-
I'ruc id in accordance with speculations on
f!i n the olhco of the clly c cix, said sp:clfiea.
linn* bui: g numbered twelve.
Tne city engineer having cstlmatrd
that tho total cost of laid improvement
will be g.e'.tor than ono dolUr pur
frjnt foe: r.loni each line of sold
sir et, tncludlng the; cost of intersection
It 1> bereoy dalermined, in pursunuc t
of »n at ot Iho leg'Slaniro of the
H'to of ■laltfornlh, aiprovcd February 27,
n 3, tn Mb nds siiiill be |*«o*d lo repie c _t
the cost ofanid Imy.rovement field bonds shall
hi lerle. 1 , extending over a peiioi ol ten
ye is, nn oven pro: o,'tb n of which '■hall ba
psy-tt/e a-iniu.il'V on the second di*y of January
of each yegr. after their date until tne whole
ii c paid, nnd to le-ar interest a', the rate of 8
p-icbiit leraianurn payableseraisunuailyon
in- nt >nd day, of -d .nuary and July of each
an levity year.
Sfic. 2. Tho olty c'.erlc W hereby directed to
pub.i'h anom> cf laid work. Inviting sen'td
hr >pna I* or bid* |or dotlkg suid woik, and re
citing t•ih . sn'cfieAiions posted or on cio,
f r two d ty.-, In the liin Angela* Hi ha id, a
d* ty newspaper and eire listed ia
i hit eit., hereby d-Una ted lor that purpose.
Fill n. lire shall n-quire, a certified check or a
bond, either, as prist rlbe.d by law, sn i for an
amount not lest lean 10 par oonl of fin uggro
gate of Iho pro '08a He als,..dlrt cted to post
Bald notloe with ipccificiiion i conspleiiousiy
fot ii vi! littve on or n .ar the council chamber
d. or. ■
Sue. 3 Thi eit' clerk shall certify to the pa*.
ssyo of thi o'dinntiM andsi«ll i;tu*s the 'am i
lobs pubiiehed for iwod ys 1 t the Los
n*igAl.b, soil therftupd.it aud ih-rontcr I*.
sbnll l tire eft'oel. and be In force.
1 hereby curt fy Irlat ttie foregslngordinance
w s adopted l« the evuncili.t the pity of Loa
An-r dcs, ai it. m--ciing of May, llvih, A. *).,
1811.1, I. Iho lo! owi eg vote:
Aye: Mm r>. • isiilpDUl, Gsffey. Innes, Mun
son." i'.-;r.-.e! , P'ndes, litrobm and t'rasldent
Noe.-: None.
0, A. tnnKRNBACH,
Otty Clerk and nx-offtoloOlvrk of ihe Council
of too - l'-v of I.os Angeles.
Approved this. I'Jth duy of May, 18P3.
T. K. R 3IV AN,
5 24 2t Mayor.
_ Orciiuauce No. 1679.
(<KW S r RIE".)
council of tbe city ot Los An;elcs de
caring their intention tv Improve a ponton of
Bailey c re t, and tuat bonds
fciiail be issue ! to represent the cost khorcol.
Tho mayor and countnl ot the City of Loa An
gelesdoordtlo ub follows:
-.-EcTioN 1 That .he public interest and con
venieuoe require, and that it :s the lnt"ntion of
ihe olty couiicH of tho city of los Augeles to
I rder t.'.e fo lowing worx to by dove, low it:
PlMV—That said Hnticy street lii said city from
the m u:h cuth iinc of fennsylvmla avenue to
the n » tL lns-t of Urooklyn ay jnne luc'.iiding
! all intcrteotlrmi ol sir c *, Excepting au< h por
(toUl of laid sir c. and lnierseelions as arc ro
qul et by law to tie kept in or.ier or repair by
i.ny person or company ha?i .g r.ltn-ftd tracks
thereon,a d a'soegeeptlng inch po:ttons ss
hs.ve aUeadf been graded, graveled aud nc
■ ceiitee) be tttad.d and gr- te ed in ftcto- aica
t wuh th I plans aud prorue on fllv lv the once of
tiit: cily cnylucer stid epiCJhcations on 11 c In
the riffle- of tbe clly clsra of ihe city of Los An
go ci rd sireets, aaid ape. liloatlons b>
lop nnmb-'.-cd five.
acfload-— l ha. a red wood curb be constructed
along each lino of the -.ondway of sii lliiiey
s r.et from the south ctiro line of l'ennsyl
vtin.a av.uue to the r-orih line ot Brooklyn
avenue (excepting alon? luoh poitlie.s of ihe
line of avid roadway upon which a redwoid,
c mentorgianttecuib nss already b.-en con
siructed mid accepted) in HCttordancc with
■paclndttiont In tbe office of the olty clerk of
~I,lc ty ior cou'trurjllns: redwood 111 oi.
S c'J Tho cty eniiuesr nay ng est mated
Ih .t the tow! rosi cl s»ld wl'l on
, greater man one dolUr p'.r front 'o t along
j e-culinuof saidilreet, Includ ng thi coet oi
intersections, It iaber.iby determined, lv pur
j s tauccoi an Act of the teg «lature of thu state
!of Oallforriia no.rovjd if eh nsry 27. 1893,
' thai bonui shall l.c issued to represent. th 3 cost.
: oi ssld improvement. Bald bonoaihali b . scrisl,
| extcttdltit! over a perl dot tsny.ars, an even
I pr. po il-'ii of which shall be n yablu ii'inuady
on .he sec, nd day ol January of ea h year,
alter their date until tlio whole a<e pvid, and
to bear interest :U ihe rtteo! 7 pel cent per
| annum, payable 'i ml annually on the second
i dmS ol January end July of each and every
eJ-ie. 3. Tha itr'et snpcrlntendcnt shsll post
: hwlio of tbil work us required by Ibw. end
■hall fniisi salt noUca to ho publish d for
s x days in lh% L » Ange c* uaily BBBAbb.
Bko. 4. Tha eltjr clerx.shall certitv to the
lassige cf tills ordinance and cause ibe
same to be publlehe.l lor two days in the los
Ai'gets ii il> Hksali, and shall P'st the
Ism • conspicuous y for twodnyson or near t.he
ohasiber doo* of the council, and the onion
und ihetcafter it shall take effect nnd be iv
1 li -reby certify that tho foregoing ordinance
whs f.dop't rl by ibe council of the city of lm
Angeli s at i r. meetlbgj ol Mny llith, A.U. 1893
by he fo low.u< vote:
Ayo-t-Mes-rs Cainplic!!, Qaffey, I' ne •, Muti
sor.. Nlcketl, Pe*aeil, khwioi strohm nnl I'.ea
tdeut Tetd—,9 )
! City et- rk and tx-offioio clerk of the council of
liiC oily Of t S Angeli s.
Approved this llltli Cay of Mny. 189.1.
5-24'2t T. '-. ItOiVAN, Mayor.
Oiiiiuaueo No. 1(377.
(NKw srg'K'.i
: iv co vrici: of the city of Lm Aiueles, deemr
itiK ih ir liit mion lo improve a pcillou of
; I'nlon avenue.
Tae ms.y >r nd oomcll ol the olty of Los An
; g:s etiooordaiit as lot owe:
Suction 1 That the public lntereit and con
veulttniet quire, and tnat it is tbe Intention
of Ihe etty council of the city of Lo* Angoles to
order Iho following work to be done, to-wlt:
First-That Mid L'ulon ay nue in said city
fiom Ihc northeily cuib lluu of I'Tenth (7)
street to the southerly curb line ef Orange
stro t. including all intersiclioni of sireets
! (excepting such portions ol said siret-t aiid ln
le sections as aro reqnlred by law 'o be kept in
order or reoalr by any person or coin »any cav
ing tatlroid irack', thereon, and also excepting
such portions us have alrc.dy been graded,
i graveled and accepted), be graded and grav
e, ed in acttor.lhnc with Hie plans and proai*
ion lllolntho cirln- ol 1 lie city engince and
I speciHeaiions on file In th. office or the city
, eie k ol the city if Los . ngeles for grave e-l
i stie-is saitl speciticatlona being numbered
I five.
.ci ond—That • redwood cuib be constructed
llubgeHCh] ne of the rotdway of said t r nion
sveiiue from toe northerly curb line of Seventh
street to the southerly curb line of urange
street (excepting along such portions oi the
lineofsriid madwuy i.p.m whbli a redwood,
cement or granite curb has already, been con
structed and seeeptcd), In iicC'iidauce wllh |
specifications in the ofltce of the cl.y i lorn ol i
asld city for constructing redw.od curbs.
8X0.2 Tne street superintendent shall P"*'
notice of this wort hs required by law And shall
c use said notice to be published for six dAys
in the I.os Angeles Dally Hkhai.o.
f BKC.3 The cliy clerk shal. certify tolhc pas
j sag" of this ordinance and shall o*u c the same
to ou published ior two days iv tho Lo. Angeles
Daily IlKitAi.ii, snd snail post the BAuiccon
[ Ip.trubusly for two days os or iteiir tbe
] oris ber door oi ttie couhctl. nnd thereupon
sin i tlieiealtet It rhall tiiku effect and De in
i hereby certify tli it the foregoing ordinance
I wa-adopted by the ctiuncil of ihe city of Los
Ai coles, on the lUlh day of Mny, 1893, by tho
f llowing voitai
Aves-Mi-"i.r*. o*mob'll, Innns, Munson,
Ni.iteli, IV-sell, Rbotley, strolim and Piesident
City clerk and ev-nfTroo nl rk .-f ths council ol
Pr4inanee No. 1 n 7-">.
(VKW hRUEis.)
eouueCo. sbacllryol los trie*, order-
In C'lidaJu aoik tob-'tone, on I^waeircet.
i'he tiisyor und council of tno city if Los
Anne c* do ordalo n , follow-:
rr:. iok 1. 'fil l tb ooitucU el the city of
Lo. Alice c deems it lo 1'; itquired ha i"c
phblie Inteiesi. aud COaVeuls- Cc, and hereby
■ordeis the follow.ne street aoik: in hi d.-.ne
aeeordlug to the soeetflea lous coutalnc 1 iv lis
or.Haine No. isrio, towit:
First—Tha suid I iw.t strest in said eltv
f'btn the north cv b lie" *f Woaßlrigthd s-r-ct 10
thes, nth onr* lieeof Slxteenih street, mc ti l
iug all lutersectioui of streets, lexoepting h-uch
p.r lions of said Street und intersections as ; re re
quired by Jaw 10 bs kept iv or v r or repair by
i.ny petsou or company hiving rAlliOid t.'acss
tbcreoti,nntl ais i vaceettng such pinlius at
hare already b-en lrrailctl aud gr .veled gnd ac
coiKed.) be graded and g.-areied m aacorianes
*lth the pi lusaud protl c on file tn t ie -fries of
l' cutty en looar an 1 spi tlllcitio'ia ou Uiotn
iheoffieodf tbe city nlork nf tha cite "f Lv
Angel .star makini: Traveled stieets, slid apee
illoa'.ions beinc number,d five (5).
Sovond That a cement curb be constructed
a'ongotch line of tue rosdwuy ol -ai-l i wi
t'cet, ftom un north curb line of rVashlbg
ton street to the smith curb line of Sixteenth
s roet icxceptlng along such portions oi ihe
lin i cf said io.-.dv,,.y upon which a cement
cv b haa alraidy o -en eoattruoted an 1
kocepted) lv aociriU ice with specifications
lv the o.Uce of the • itv c erk of aid olty for
constructingo un-nt cuibi, laid .s;iecifloa,uon
bs ng uumbertd twelve ; ii).
Third. Th 't a remeht Mdcwa k font f-ct In
wiotbbe constri,cted alont can site of sitd
lowa s'lt'o from too norlh nuth line of Wash
ington s,iee,t lo the souih euro Hue o Blx
teioitb strep; (excepting such Slid
street b tWoen said points alon;i ivutch a
cement oldewuiit iat been constructed nnd
etc ptoll, laldstdewalk to bee instructed iv at:
cordauca with speolllcations on Hie lntbe ottl lo
ot ihu city clor't. a-id souc.d ,a.t.o-is balnr
unm bored twelve (12 )
F.urth. dhata ouellc seiver ba canstrucicd
along said lown street irom apointopposine ihe
earner liae of lot 13, Weiseudanser Ct/
tract, to a point 15 leet north of ihß con
ler line of vVaielegtoß sticet fted aercsa nil
inlersictlriiis ol i treats (excepting alone, sdco
(■.ordons upon which a uiblie s iwer haa bie t
coiuiruo et! it nd tccepted), tog'ther wltb man
holer, Jamph itl and d>pJi tauks. Tbe size
said s-wer saiilt be: Kigtt inches in internal,
d sure i:r, rind tie constructed of salt glazed
v '.rin d pipe, brick, iron nnd . emeut. AH ot
wbadsha) bo con-trucicd in accordance with
the idans and prattle on pie In tn* ofttce of ihe
clV oa ilneer nnd'pei'iilcations on Bin in the
officii ft I me eiiy clerk, tuld spccificatiotis be
ne num ered 14.
i'ne eo,t nl con-.true lor; said SSWer shall be
aliened agitnst all lot i t. ad lands fronting
upon the sa •>*!»
ihe city tjliiglneer having et'.lmatctl that
the lo'sl cost o. satd I'liprovciuem. will
be greetur than one aoliar per jront loot along
•ai' h llne of said stteet. Including tbo cost of
lntar.ee lous.it is h'-reby determined, in pur
sua nee of an act of tho i gl.ltture of i tie sist i
ol UAllfo nls, approved rebruary 27. 1893,
that b mds -li til be issued to represent the ■ s>,
of and improvement. Suid b nvli the. I bo
bnrls , extenrlin* over a peiio i of ten years, au
even proportion o' which snail lie payable an
nhalli ou tiie roco-d iisy of Jairjare of ouch
yea-, a f ter their oate oniit the wh<oe pre nsld,
ami o bnir iute e.r ct the re,le of 7 per cent
per annum, naytib c semi-autiiMLy on tho sec
ond d.'.ys ol J*linsry and July of each and
every year
sec. 2 The city clerk is hereby dlree'cd to
publish a no ice of raid wore. Inviting sealel
nropnt.aU or bids 'ir dome sadd work, and re
ferrlnvto ilin>po iSnaiions posted cr on hie
lor two dais in ibe ios Ang-los Hkhai.l',
a diiiy ueusptipe.- published aud 'i cuiaie in
this city, her .by desi, ns'.ed for iliat purpose.
Bald notice sheil require a I ertiHed check or a
Pond, cither us prcse .'bed by law, And for an
amount nt less than In pi r ten; of the nagre
gAieof tbe p'opossl. He is aiso directed to
post said notice with soecttic-.tloiis co.espic
uou-ly for live d-.ys or! or noir thecauncil
chamber door
Sec 3 'Ih • city clerk shall rcrtlfy to tliepns*
ssgo of this ordinance end .ball cause tliesume
tobepiibliihed I irtwodsysinthe Los An-eles
Hbba ii, i nl ih'reUi on and thereafter it shall
lue effect and be in farce.
I hereby certify that tne foregoing ordin.in""
was adopt'd by h coiticil of ibe city of los
Angelenai. its meoting of May lOth.*. U. 189J
by tbe foilowiug vo .c:
Ayes—Mess's. Csmribei', Gtlfcv, Inne", Mnp
son, Pessell, Rhodes, S.tohia "and P.es en:
Te«l (8 )
17. A. LUCK tNtIACH.
City Clerk nnd ex-Ofßoto clerk of tbo Ciuucil
oi tbe city of Los » ng lea.
Ap roved'thls 19th dsy of Muv. 1893
9-,'4'ii T. X R.ivV » •-. ~ far>e.
Ordinance No. tBBB.
tNS'.V oKRIE '..)
publls necestlty nnd cuveaieuca re
quires thetanlng of cartelu property for he
widening of eirst.tre t, mid it is the Intention
of the cltr cou'ictl to have such iuipr.:.vem -lit
made, and lixl'i; tbe limits ol the district to
he DciielllC'l hy -neb lite*inmoa .ul 1.. t,«
a se-S'ed io psy the demeges uud expenses
of the fame.
Tbe mayor and council of the city ol Lis An
gtlis do ordain ns fo lows:
c.kctio.n 1. Tint tno public necatflty and
rouvauie'iec ot the peopl ' of ihe city of Los
Ange «■ demands ihat the land herein .Iter d >-
soiibcd, b ing in the city of Los Angel*, ststc
of California, aud panicul.triy de cribrd ss
i loUoas, tc-wli:
lleglunlng a', a poia' on tbe northerly linn of
FSmi street, said point being lb* bcutu.-*st nor
ner of lot 4, of the sub division of the garden
of J.Mnrat, ss recorded ia boo* 10, luge 8, Mis
cellaneous Record! ol Loi AnEeles county
ihcnc.e westerly along ibe ncrtbe'ly line of
Firs', street 50 fe;t, to ihe siutlnvest
j COinsr of sard lot4;theiaco northerly atone
1 the westerly line of said lot 4, 7 13 feot to n
potu lon tbe n .w lln- of first stre;t; ihenco
easterly o a point on the easterly ilneoi said
lot 4, laid lolut being 8 88 leet nortberly from
the southeast corner of said lot 4: thence,
louthe.ry along the) erSterly line ot said lot
4, 8.83 leet to the po.nt of begluniror,
Buould be taken for thu wi'lentnj of Fi s'.
1 street iv ««ld city.
8< c. 2. Tnat the exterior boundaries of Hie
district which Is b reby declared io n-b n ■
fillet by said improvement, and lo be as.c sed
to pay ihe crts-, damages and expanses thereof,
are ss fo'lows, to-wil:
Beginntir. at a point en the east line of
Angeles a:reet 10 led n-.itnerly fiom I »•
northerly iinoot First street, us shown by a
| man adopted hi tbo city enuncit at. it« m.eung
of December Kith, nnd now on Hie In ihe
1 ■ fllie of tho city clcn ol s i i ci y, suid point
I b-lug also ihe nottawest corner of the v'ala
j bio k; thence miming northerly slrng the
! easterlylin of Los Aneelostrcct 10 Ice!;thence
' easterly and on a line pirs'lol with said new
tne oi Fust street, as tuown by set i ni.tp, to a
print on 'he westerly line of Vice s.reet:
ilo nee casierly and on a itue parallel with said
northerly line of 'irst street, and 10 icet dlt
taot tbsreirom, lo Alameda sneet; thence
soalherly clongthe wests ly line of Alsmeda
street loa paint 10 fee. dlstajl from ihe s >v h
etljr llueoi Mild hewilneof First street; thenoe
westerly, and on a. line pnrsllel with th". south,
crly line of s i:d Flrsietreet and 10 f-e die "ill.
therefrom, to tbe easterly line ot Sin Pedro
sttest. th ucc northe'lv to the point of bsajln-
Ring exucptlng therefrom th > lauu lo ' : taken
lor the opening of said strtet,aa in section 1
of this ordinance described, aad exoeptlug
nlso y portion of Und within said duirict
which i-it nart of pubi c stteet or alley I nut
Including 111 euch asses-men- tbe property
of any railn ad co npsny lying within the ex
terior boundaries of the district of assess hi tit.
Bi:c 3. The city clerk shall certify to me
passimo of tills ordluinee and sba 1 came
the samo'.o be oitbllshed one.o in the lot Ai::<e
fes Dal.v Hri'.n.i), and ihereupo-i and there
after It ehall take edeut and be iv force.
I hereby certify that the above ordinance
wag adopted by tbe eauccll ot the city of '.os
A- eeles at Its meetine 1 'he lOih day of Muv,
1808. C. A. liLCKKNBAC'II.OIty Clerg
A by me this .9th day of May,
5.24-lt T. F ROWAN, Mayor.
Ordinance No. 16»7.
(NEW diaito.)
to Improve a pottiott ol Twenty-flist street
l.y private ci lltract.
Tha Ota) o i.riii co tncll of the city of Los An
gel s do o.d iv as ol.ows:
Suction 1. That Hie owners of property
on Twuutv-Brst itreet between 'he west line of
Eslraua Kvmue and the east II c ol Bnu-allo
i aveaue, aro hereby au borized to irrade suid
! ss.ld Twenty first sue -t betw e.i said points in
sc.orduuce with Baecitjeallous bo. 5 for jjiad
tug streets in tne city of Los Aug lee. oiso
looonstruct cement curbs ulonr: iho llnejyl
roadwsyofssi' E'.reet heiweon mid potntsan
accordance Willi speclll st uns ior laying co
in nt curbs in tne cily of Loa Aug los; suid
sMclilcaiious being on 810 id tbe olice of tha
clerk ol said olty; provided Unit the whole o|
said s'net between ttld| o:ut is improved lb
tbe manner nfor. said, cud by private . otrlr.ict
.said work to be und. r thu 'I reeiio i aid
to I be sallsfaclien and accent, nee of thotupi r I
iii'i-.ud m, or streets of said city, anil to be cOM
pli tfd or below tbo HI h dnv til June, 1898,
Hue. 2. The city inert shall ' erllfy to tbo
pass, ge of this oroinance und shall cause v.c
lame to be piihlisherl oii.te in tiie 1 -
geles D.mi.y HKHII.D, aid thereupon aud
thereafter It shall ake ofuci end bo in fore«
th rcby cerdiy that the forogolni orriLia - ' c j
was adop cd by ibo council of ih" t.ny of Lo, .
Ature ts.at Iti meeting a! tbo leiih dry of May,
I 1893. I
Ordinal c N >. ld7G.
! J\ CGunnli of the city el Los Angoie-, do tist
i leg then Intention t . con-truce .iseiv.r along
I sen until strew. Iliil -.tract) Main ureet.
i Bttest, sicv-'uili Ktteeti twelfth street, Bro d
i nay, le th street. OiiVe r.tres-t, ft-ta kirocl.
Foßrti ■ Ih street, (Mr sroet. Flueenth i.reet,
- enth etreet oveutoenth street, Mf-lit-entli
s r.i 'taiirltir.ntl avem c.
The major nnd council ol the city of Los An
geics no o.dale as lot ow«:
dstTlON :. Tiiet the male Interest nml coo.
Ventenrjc rcrilie, tin ih«t It is the Into -non il
th ully coancli of the i Ity of Los Augtlosiij
0 flet the f rllo-ring no k to bo done, to-wif
Ist. T t.tt c. pub ie sewe- b icons rnclel aioryr
tc .euth street from a point 13 feet w. st of tt's
•enter «me of Spring street to the c nt. r lino ol
il.i street; aso along tli'l street from splint
10 net io lib. of the o-uterlineof Seventh strcH
t.uhe center lino ol iigbteonih street; alCn
aim Main street from a polit 44 feet south ol
the sewer manhole built lv the iuier-eitlon o!
Main and fsl. tu streets to the Center line of
Pit o street; alaoa'ung Pico street from a point
15 leet wes. of the o*l ter line ol Main sire-t lo
the center Hue of Ilia 6lroei; also along Kl-'t
enth s'.rsjct frp-.<i a point IGO feet east ol ttie
east lino of Hill street to a point 15 feet we-tof
tho centir Hue ot Maiu street; also almis:
1 well th street from a point 50 5 feet east of tbo
east line of Hill st eet tl a point 15 tout vest of
the center line of Mainmort; alsotloug Uroad
way from a point 110 fret south of Ihc south
lmo ot Seventh street to a point 15 i el west el
the center line ot Main street; also along Tenth
etreet fiom a p dm fty tea east ot the east lire
01 Hill street to 'ho eanler lino of Br-n-iwey
Jfjothrif Tenth street: alto along oitv* street
irom the ecu er line of Sevent i street to the
centir line of Pico sneet; also along Pico st ent
from the cm er Hue of Olivo street to the cen
ter line of Hill street; also rtlcng Grand ant
nUe from a point 170 feet souh of tbesou'h
mo of Pi n .street to the center line of
Eighteenth street; also along l'alm street from
a point 100 feet smth. of tho south linn of Pico
S'reot ti Ihe center line ol Fouiteenlh stteet;
sl o a'ong olive street from a paint Ou feet
ton h of tha south lino of Pico atr-et to :ho
ien:or line of Fourteenth, street: also along
1 our.eenth street from a point 135 feet we.t of
Hie ► est lint of Main stre. t to the center Hn9 ol
P*ln strrct; al o kloilg Oarr street fro.n n point
100 feet west of the west line of Main street to
the center Una ot lILI Street; also atthg fll
teeniji street Irom a point 135 feeuwest •( the
west I ne of Main street to a point opposite the
we.t line of lot -0, block 0, Morris Vineyard
iraet: a'ao along Sixteenth street Irom a point
137 !) feet wen of too w st line of -Msin street
to it, p M intop»o lte iho won lino of lo: 10, block
X, Morris via yard tract: aso along Sevon
teentb strict from a point 137 !) feet West of the
West line of Main s reel, lo a po.nt opposite the
west 1 m of lot 8, block j. Morris Vineyard
tract. n'«o slone iSigaieen'b street from n point
139 f at w.-M, of ibe west line of Main stre.-t to
a P0 vi ... feet east of too center Inm of Graitd
hue: li so along Grand aveuue f om theccn
tcr -iae oi i ghtoeu'h street io the sower ciiuru
b-r built iv lutertoctlon of Grand avotitte and
Washington Bireet.niid ecro.s an interseetioos
o( stiee;.-. together with laouhitlcj, lumphalea
nnd Bush iciiks.
The size ol i aid sewer shall he: 10 Inch's
In lutttual diam;-te( iv -cvi nth street. liom a
point 13 feet weal ot lbs cent r line of Spring
atr <:, to s. point '5 feet west of the center iio
of Broadway and 20 Inches <n lot niil diam
eter ft. :n a point IB feet nest of the oen er
line of Broanws y to the center 1 ne of HI I
at eel. aud'24 Inches iv inienul nl Meter in
Kill street from a point 1"i feci, eouili of the
eumter line of eleventh siicel to Iho eei.ter line
of Pico street, and 27 mobea nluie;na> diitint
tor Irom ihc ecu l ..' Hoc of I'ico stree' to tie
enter lino ol Klghteeuth st'aet. 'nil IBiu he!
in tut rial dlsxnot.r it Maiu strm t irom a
palut 44 feet south of'be sewet m nhol c built
lv the ir:lor ectlon ol Man and Nin'ri vtiecte to
tbe esitter line of BroilWiiy. aad in Inches v
internal diameter from ilia cenitr line of
Broadway to tht center Jine of I'ico street, anil
to i lioj.lb lul "isl diameter iv Pico stre-t
fr.-m a point 15 feet woi i of to center iiue of
Mum street td the center He of Hilt etreet,
and!) in i.os in tin-" ns di .meter ii Kieventn
■tree.fiom c point lod fert ei.t of ihe east
me of II: 1 street io c. point IJ> t et west of tno
oeutid lineol Mrlustreet, tnd H Inches in ln
lerr.il ■ inm.ter iv Twelltli st .:'t >'r,jn « point
pU.Rfoet east of the east iice f Hill street la »
point is f et «o»t of the conlei .1 ,f Main
itreet, nudS lii'hes in Intern il nismoler ii
Brosdway f rem a point 110 le.-t south tt u.e
s.- iib ilho of seventh atrgetto a p lot 13 I<o<
north o! thecentdr lse of Ninth .treoi, -'ti l lo
utcli sin luterasl dlameier from ». pi., io
Ie et ■ r "b ol ihe c nter Ur." of f inih street to a
point 15 f ourrn the ceoier line oi .Naip
strtet,andr) Inches i.i lute nai tlliraefr ,n
Tooth siroet froja » pole! Ou leot fast ol tlio
eatt line Oi Hill street to nt center lino of
Bond way south of Tenth struct, ami 14 Inches
iv t 'tergal dianicie: lv Olv street Irom the
; c nt rl'i co Seventh site I lo the eent-r line
'of epo sireet, and 8 lnehesim lm, re.nl diame
lerini'.rsnd a yon. c fro.n * point 170 rtht
eoa'.h of Ihe south Itpe of l'l o , tret In tiie
nenur lino o( Klgbtsenth s re tt, ebd 14 imhes
in iut'ru.l diamet-i in Pico sirett Iron! ihe
ceuter lino of Olive aire I to the c inter Hue of
Hill street, and ti lncaes In luteintl el mei-r
in I >ilm s reet from a p dnt lu;i fact »«u of
the too h line of P.oo street lo Ihc cert'r lino
of Fourteenth str..et. sndtll lucr.es tv r. ems!
d a-tieterlu Olive st eel. liotn a ptuut uo /.."t
aouth of iljosoo .lt ilu o/ I'lci s.r.e: to tho
rt r.'.i r line .ir resce-sls ant "trt'his
In Internal diameter lit i ourte-hln s re: . r r.>oi
a point 135 fiet west of Ibe west line i f Main
sir. ot to tb*- center line of Pslm s.riet, rtutl 8
inches In lhterbal dieUietet In ('.ire street f om
n point ISO leu' w-st of the west tiau oi M tin
stree'; lo thacenter-In* of Hill -tree', c.nd 8
Inches In internal dl meter iv Fifteenth iiraet
iram a point ISO feet west: ol ttie we-t tine of
r-. am *trcet to a point obpostte the west lul» of
lot 20, block 0, Woiris Vlneyi'id trf.ct. and 8
tti it'-s lv in er.isl dlarmt.r in n xlcntt'h street
iron apoiut 137 11 fret west ol Hie we„t li-tc of
Main street lo a p.-int oiiiKisitetlie w t-t Jiioof
lot 10, block IC, Morns Vlnetari tr«,ct. end 8
lnchts in Internal diameter in deverteeatn
street from a point 131.9 I-et w st of He w.*t
.mo of Main street to a point oijposito .ii wet
ilne ol let V, bock J, Morris vineyard tmct,
and 8 inch s in in ■ n i di.imeter on
I Eighteenth sttoet from v polut 123 leet westot
I the Wett lifae of Meld street tn ihe center lino
ol Hiltstreet, sttd 7 Inch s in lutein"! d *m
eter from the t enter ,me ol Hl:i sir. et to a
point W feet »4st ol the center line cf Grand
nV'-nuc, an! 27 Inchesiu iu'errat diaui' ter In
Grand avenue from the cuter line of
Kii'litean'h street to tne ■ewer char b'r built
! in" the lntrrtectlou ol (Jr-n-1 aye iuo and
Washington itr'et.
AUol which sli'll be constructed tnacco d
ance wllh the pans and iri fl c on flic i t the
t fflc.e of the city eairineer anil i pr-cirJ ntloni on
tilo in thenrflce of thectty clerk of tiie city of
l.oi sngeles. said s»eeifications b.lttg n,:nf
b red 14 suit fpi.cla for brick
seweri tn the Hill-street »e;ver district.
'I he cost of ' o'Struclng .»aid sewer Fball be
as-os ed agsinst all lots and lands fronting
upon the same.
bki: 2. The stree' .superintendent shall po«t
notice of this work as required by law and
shall cause safd notice to be published for six
dsvs In the I.os A nge.es i.iai i Hl.lt 'I,I).
lego 3. Tbe city clerk shall c art lie to tho
pissnve of this ordinance and cause the same
to be OObllShed fer two dais in t'.e los Angeles
lnuiy Hkru.i), and sbcii post the fame con
soieuoiisy ! for two days on or near ihe cbsmbr-r
door ot the council, ond Hi reupnu ai.ii there
alter 11. shall take eft' ct and be in force.
I hereby certlly that the foresoim: oidlnance
was iidopied by tb" council of tbe city of Ln-i
anselesati s meeting ol May luth, A.O. 1893,
ty the followit' • rote:
Ayes—Messr' Gnmpbel'. Gsir y. Innos M"n
son, Nick -11, "-■•ssoli, Khudes, s.rohm aad Pres
City cterk end ex officio cletk ol the council ol
the elty of Lie Argejos.
Approved this 19 b day "f May,lf>9J.
5.-U 2 T. ■ KOrt AN. Mayor.
Ordinance No. 10H5.
A tion of the mayor aud o juncllof the city ol
Los Angels to cstablsh tb- vr.de of Cum
in'ngs strtTet from First Sire t to sixth street.
I i c wayor and ottueil of tne tl y of Los
Anselesdo ordain c. lollows:
tintoNl. That is tho intention ol the
council ol tho city of Los Augeles to e.tablt-h
tbe el ide of Cuniir.in/ street from First slreet
! to Sixth sireetas follows;
Al tn-t IntTS ctlon of First str'ot the g ado
sli-.il ho. as now established. 38 00 en the
southwest and southeast corner; at the lnter
eectloti Ofstecottd street, 31.72 on the north,
iv scon er. 3 .90.0n toe northeast corner,
31.07 ou tho aouthwe.t corner, and 81*80 on
the a' ilbe-st corner: nt the intersection ot
i'hlrrl street, 30.000n tha northwest ami north
ettst comer, and 29 &0 t n the loutbwesl. aud
southeast corner: at the Inleraeotlon of pourili
. tree t, *0.00 on the northwest and si)nthw->t
cornei, and 19.00 on tli" northeast end lOlltb
east corner; at 11 poiui -110 feet south of the
south me of Fourth s reet, in th 1 wett line of
Oumetiagg street. 113 00 and 82 00 lv ibe ea.t
1 lit ': at 11 point 900 feet lonih of the south lino
of F.iiirtb street 37.0') in the weit line ol Omn
iniugs street, and .10 00 in llioos't )lnu; st tbo
ion',a' ctlon ot Sixth strut, 35 00 on tue north
wst oerner end Sl.'jOoii the tio-'liaast roni.r.
And at ell points between -siil designated
pola-e the grsdn snsli in cstiib Ishe4 10 us to
eonforiA to 11 Stralgljt line drawn b'l vi en laid
1 d'signslod polo s.
ill vatioustti'e in fee.. 111 above cily datum
I pi 110. la,
1 8, Phecl'y net I; ihsll rer'lfr to tho
o this ordinance and shall tnuse the
~., , li onh'.lshod for ton days In tiie Lea
iiuotei.llxn''" md ibc cii s-anand ibereaftif
1 itslisli is . ' I ' i 1 bs lv force. .
1 ii ." b.- .• • it ft that i t ' foregoing ordlnani"
' WskiMlopted b ihu nounull of tno eit- ol Lts
i Anaoica al its met.: ' 1 of M«y Oih, 1801
' " 0. A i.CV" ■f.'iiACH itiiv Clerk
! ~,7 - ,i !>•• 10 1, .i,...-,.,( >t., v- «pj>:|.

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