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Pioeeedlnga of the Dupui vigors—Orauga
County at. Chicago.
Santa Ana, May 23.—At yesterday
afternoon's session of the board of su
pervisors, the hearing of evidence in the
matter of tbe Newport drain* Re ditch
waß continued. S. U. I'inloy, W. If.
Spurgeon aud»<"!ash Harvey testified.
On motion the heariug of the petition
was continued till Monday, May 2!lth at
10 a. m. The chairman ol the board
now appainted a committee of one to
procure a suitable desk for the county
clerk. Tho papers in the matter of
bonds for tbe PeraUa school district
were refemd to the district attorney as
to their legality and to prnparo the
resolution necessary for their c vie and
the pnblicntiou of notice of same.
Applications for license under ordi
nance No. 12 wore granted Juan S*Ua
berri and Dolores Garcia of Capistrano
and W. A. Tucker oi Santa Ana.
A letter received by W. S. Taylor,
■ecretary of the Orange county world's
(eir association contains the following:
"Tbe loquats ate in fair condi;. p
. . Only tbe very best oranges and
lemons should be sent, carefully (elected
and clean. . . Freeh fruits and veg
etables we can use to a good advantage,
but cards should be Bent along, so 1 may
know' to whom to give credit when
placed on exhibition. . . Ali ot Cali
fornia ia well represented, everywhere
and in every department, aitl we are
certainly getting tbe credit o( knowing
how to advertise. . . Oue of tiie most
lamentable things oi alt i* tbe condi
tion of the California building, and
streams oi people have to be turned
away every day. . , Fiom what 1
have ilready gathered wo B*v« in Mis nn
mistake in making a display bars, and il
kept np, which can easily be done, tbl
question will be what to do v.ith tht
people. There are quite a number o.
onr people here, and generally lb»j art
badly used up by the severe darn i olv
Late, and all have that tired If I n
so noticeable among the i.ihor
w:u ' : - H _4 °! u ?*»
at* in*dt «
y It has been quite'warm today.
W. H. Spurgeon c.iiuo near losing bii
large residence in-tire yesterday. ["hi
lire was started by iorue, cotniron, win
had been playing wijh mutch m in ar
outbnildiog, where there irssrjlav honse.
None of Mr. Spurgeon'* fihitly wi
home, and the tire wn .ii-cov red am
put out by bis manly li'.'le eon, or hii
return from School. Master tViliie ii
only about, !j years old. but ho acted
with the courage and judgment lacked
by many older persona.
8. M. Oraddiek and w. M. Boett o'
Orange have formed a partnership f>i
the purpose of carrying; on a real estate
and insurance business.
' Mrs. L. E. Kiefbaber it in Redlande
today. Mr. and Mrs. Kietoali'ei expect
soon to make Badlands their home.
The owner of a regular o'd fashioned
pack train passed witli tiie animals
through Santa Ad* yesterday, on hia
way to tbe mines of Arizona, "where he
would like to find an equally old-.'tishion
ed boDanzu.
Ira E. Cad man of Anaheim was pro
nounced dangerously insane yesterday
and taken to Stockton, accompanied by
bis wife and brother, George C.idonn. '
The Hawley place, west o; SAifta Ann,
has been bought by G. I>. jintteriil of
Santa Cruz county, for % 1100.
The Westminster sob 10l will he closed
for the remainder of the term, owing t
lack of funds. H\ 11. Young, the prin
cipal, has seat in hi-> ies . lti m, in
tending to give all bi<> time after this to
Rev. E. J. Fleming, lately from the
State of New York, bm received a call to
the Congregational church here Mr.
Fleming ha? not ye* formally accepted"
the call, tmt will bring his lankily from
Los Angel, ci tomorrow, and will stay in
Santa Ai.h for a month nr two Whether
be decides to stay or not. He is a man
of much ability, and is well lii.cd by
these who have beard him preach.
One hundred and fifty acres of G. W.
Griffith's barley were burned yesterday
in the tire on tho Hau Joaquin ranch.
Eighty men worked assiduously for four
noure in subduing the Humes.
Mi«g Edna Van NornpVi o( Los An
gelee is visiting Mrs. E. E. Hinasa in
this city.
MUit'O. W. Humphreys and dangtiter
and Mr -. Uoyd ana daughter are Ipend
to tbree weeks in L-tguna, having left
for that place this morning/
A marriage lleenoe war. i»oued today
to Alfred Cappel. agrd 32 years, 'and
HtW»b Gronucs, aged 35 years, both of
X.OB Anguiua.
A suit was filed today in the anterior
COnrt of Orange county by the Auaneim
Union Water company ; ,nd the Bant*
AM Valley Irrigation company against
the Jumna Lmd and Water'company
and 147 other defendants "to owip. the
plaintiffs title to n 000 inchen'of water
•■Bedrock" crossng by them, and used
lor irrigation and oilier purposes on the
Poncho-. Cajiri de Santa Ana, San Juan
Cajoiwlo Santa Ana aud Santiago de
Santa Ana. They also pray for en in
junction restraining the defendants
from diverting any water from the
siver i bcve tLat crdssii
The Santa Ana Valley Fiuit cnrop&nv
is shaping a carload of oranges daily
Mrs. A. E. Harris had the inisforffcue
to fall from her bicycle, l ttß t Saturday,
and dislocated her ankle.
The regular weekly meeting of the
executive board of the Orange county
chamber of commerce will be held to
morrow evening, at tho sscretary's
The Hesperian council, O. of 0. F. of
Santa Ana will celebrate the fourteenth
anniversary of the order by a picnic in
the Santiago cation, next Saturday, the
The time for the next county fair has
been set for September 20th to 30th, in
clusive. Everything promises a good
fair. Liberal purses are being offered,
and all inducements to make it a success
are b«in given.
Mr. and Mrs Charles Yoe and Mrs
M. E. Mustain of Independence, Kbd.,
and Mrs. 0. 11. Howe of Pomona are vis
iting friends here.
W. H. Brooks of Liguna, who was in
this morning, reports tbat the hotel will
be opened about June Ist, and that cot
tages will soon be built there for Jack
Porter, Mrs. S. M. Keim and L. G.
Henry Ticbural will leave for Sierra
Madre tomorrow.
An entertainment givon by tbe V's at
the Congregational hall last evening
was a successful affair.
At an informal meeting of the city
board of trustees last evening matters
pertaining to tho city's welfare were
Meivin Snyder and Tom Barrows were
arrested here yesterday for malicious
mischief, t lie offense having been com
mitted in San Bernardino. They were
taken lo that city this morning.
Next Saturday an excursion will be
run over the Santa Fe to the old mis
sion at Capistrano and to Sin Juan by
tbe-Si-a for the benefit particularly of
the Sunday schools of the Methodist
church, <:ud all those who do no' care
for Sunday excursions are cordially In
' vited to take advantage of this one. Fivo
\ car lo ids are alread? assured from this
place, one from Orange and two from
| Los Amides, Inst half the regular fare
: wit! be charged from any point on the
; road between los Angeles and Santa
' Ana. The train will leave Los Angeles
at 8:15 a.uj, and Santa Ana at 9:15.
Death of Joseph Lewis Yesterday-Per
sonal Mention.
Tasadena, May 23.—Ths death of Jos.
! Lewis, who waa thrown from his cart
yesterday and severely injured, occurred
lat 1 o'clock this afternoon at his home
;on Cypress avenue. Although every
■ thing possibly was done forliim he never
recovered consciousness after the acci
dent, Mr. Lowis was a member of the
A. R., and the following notice has
been issued by that body :
The officers and members of John F.
I Godfrey post, N>. 93, are requested to
m?et at the post room at 9 o'clock Thurs
day morning, May 25th. to attend the
funeral of uur late comrade, Joseph A.
Mr. and Mis. Peter Steil and child left
to by for Cincinnati and Chicago, to b%
absent about six weeks.
Mis. Dickey, mother and chiid of
Philadelphia, who have been at, the
: Spaldir g for a few days, have gone east
for the summer.
Pr. W. r, Rowland left for San Fran
! Cisco yesterday to attend a meeting ol
tho State Veterinary association, of
Wb/ch tie is chairman. Mrs. Rowland
haves for the same place today.
! Mrs. Vaagban, daughter of Mr. ond
1 Mrs. A G. Throop, arrived last evening
from Chicago. Sho will remain until
Mrs. Throop is feeling better than Bhe
) as been for the patt few weaka.
Mr. Moses Polley left today for Chi
cago, where he will bo joined in a few
: »;eeka by his daughter, who ii at school
at the X! trlborough. Harry Polley has
gone to Catkifna for the anmmer.
Dr. H. D. Rfqoa, eon of Rev. J. D.
Keqna of this pity, arrived here Saturday
; from Hong Kong, China, where he has
lived.for the past three yearp. He will
| spend about six montha in thia country,
i aud then return to China.
Mr. Will Grr left on today's overland
for Chicago via Salt Lake City and Il9n
ver. He will be gone several months.
Mi-s R. Morris will give a lecture at
the (Iniversaliat church Friday evening
next upon drees reform and physical cul
, Messrs. T. C. Torrance, Webster Wot
; kyns and E Kayser returned from a
trout, tishiug trip- up the San Gabriel
caftan yesterday evening. The party re
ported trout in abundance.
Henry Carron wae arrested yesterday
hy Marshal Buchanan on suspicion that
he was a Los Angeles crook who wag
wanted in tbat city for several nfT->useß.
Lifer an officer came out. and it was
found that the right man had been cap
Pnsadonn Briers.
Psnartcna nflico of the Bi.ralp.lTo. J North
Fi>ir Oaks avuuue. Adveittseoients and sub
scrlpiion. received
KBKCIIOKF-CI'ZSER Mill and Lumber Co
corner BroadWa) anp staaeet streets.
A Cane in the J utile*'* Courts- Local
Happ i,M, . of Note.
Anaheim, May 23.—Judge Landell'g
attention was taken up tbie morning
with tho case of the People t*. C. Par
sells. A great deal of time waa taken
up aummoniug jurors and examining
them aa to their qualifications, andafter
two panels were exhausted the case wa
postponed until 10 o'clock tomorrow
morning, in order to summons more
jurors. Assistant District Attornej
Prank Moody is looking after the inter
eets of tli? people in the case and Sam
Hamilton and 0. 0. Stephens appear for
tbe defendant.
Ira Cadman, a well-known and re
spected citizen of this place, was yester
day examined for insanity and found to
be oi unsound mind. Mr. Cadman has
for some time been attending to his
father's business here, and for the past
four months his mind haß been failing
u«tii at lest it was deemed adv iuaole to
pla<'e him in an asylum.
The unfortunate man'a brother and
This annoying scalp trouble, which
gives trie hair and untidy appearance
cured by ekookum root hair grower. All
wife left with him yesterday aiternoon
for Stockton. to which place he was com
mitted by Judge J. W. Towner. His
many friends hope for his speedy re
covery. .
A spark from a passing train yeßterday
set fire to the dry grass south of town,
and in a short time the lire had spread
and consiim»d the grain fields of Messrs.
Manerhan, Polhemus and others. Tbe
loss will amount to several hundreds of
dollars. . , .
Charley Binder was m from his ranch
in Soqriel canon today, and reports every
thing flourishing. The pasture is keep
ing up well and the stock is in splendid
condition. _ . ,
Cyrene McCormack of San Gabriel
who h»B\een visiting his friends here,
has returned home.
A Dissertation on t .a Weather—l.oobl
Pomona, May 23 —That "from time
immemorial" topic, the weather, has
been getting in. its work for tho past day
or so; in fact, it must be a kind of reflex
action from our neighboring town of
Ssnta Ana, which with its surrounding
valley, as we sse fro n the llbbald cor
responce from that place of yesterday,
was touched up with a Banta Ana—a
desert wind causing more or less damage.
Now, Pomona's only inconvenience from
this little blow through tbe Cajon pass,
along and over tbe country adjacent to
said course, is a day or two of warm
weather, sending the mercury up to say
92 degrees. Otherwiee she has been as
se-ene aa you please—no wind, no sand,
simply our delightful afternoon breezes,
with cool, plei-sunt nights.
Uev. and Mrs. J. A. Jordan of Lords
burg were shaking hands this morning
with thoir raanv Pomona friends at and
around the Southern Pacific depot. They
oamo down to see the father and mother
(Mr. and.Mrß. Young) ol Mrs. Gordon
off to their home, Pittsburg, Ph., after
having spent quite a while with their
i daughter this winter. They expect to
return in tbe near future and make their
permanent home here.
I Mr. Harry llowland, who haa been
I quite busy on tbo ranch for the past
lew days, was at lilb office awhile this
morning. Ho is suffering with tbat
nusance, a cold.
Mrs. Henry Wheeler of San Antonio
avenue cheered our sanctum a few min
uteß this morning with her cheery pree
en Fast Master E. B. Smith, or "lovely."
! as be is dabbed by some, boarded the
' 9:03 Southern Pacific for Lob Angeles
' this morning.
1 Rev. Fletcher's stereopticon lecture on
■ Florence. Italy, waß moderately well at
• tended last night at the Presbyterian
. church. It was a very creditable affair,
j and enjoyed by those present. He left
i on the 9:03 Southern Pacific train this
There seems to have been a partial
, I resurrection] of the.once general craze,
. i roller-tkate exercise, judging fiom the
B I racket beard on laat evening in passing
by the Armory hall.
Maude Granger, in the Fringe of 8o-
I clety, here on Thursday evening, the
feV+e torHorr'ow for' tbeir home in Mis
f eouri. Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon have been
' sojourning in our midst for a few weeks
paat. Their departure tomorrow carries
f with it pleasant memories of their stay
> here. Mrs. Sheldon is a niece of Mrs.
I Hosbaw of this city.
Toe city council again tonight.
Upvs. Frary and Fletcher took the
f morni.ig train for Loa Angeles.
O. J. Brown, Rev. Drwling, Miss
I Heath and Miss Edith Parker were also
passengers for the Angel City.
A Low Temperature—New* and Fer
•onul Matters.
Santa Monica, May 23.—Thermome
ter today noon, 70. A charming breeze
wr.s blowing all day, which proved a
perfect deliaht to our many visitors who
came down to cool off.
Tho both housse ali did a good busi
ness, and the csucbes of both roads were
wellladened by n s h eltering crowd, anx
ious to catch a wnif of ocean breeze.
Miss Aliie M. Smith of Warren, Mass.,
is domiciled at ttie Lawrence house.
The steamer Santa Cruz touched the
vrharf on Monday, taking a ca;go of 4000
sacks of grain.
Yesterday the Bonito was also accom
modated with a like cargo, and the
Alki is expected on Thursday to take
some more of the golden cereals, there
being, in all, 2JO tons which Schee Bros,
will ship fr.ini this port,
G. W. Kintz is nuking many addi
tions to the Crystal Pinnge, among them
being a tank which will be ti led with
tepid water to teach swimming in. The
settlement about his plunge lias »ir,i„l;
been Uken by those intending to spend
the summer months here.
The trustees have let the contract for
grading Oregon avenue from Sixth to
Ninth streets, to Mr. Noon, who will
commence work immediately.
Johnnie Bassett has returned from
his San Francisco trip.
: C. S. Dales is building himself a cosy
I home on Eighth street, V. Elliott doing
the work.
Fishing is good and bathing fine.
M. S. Feathers has divided bis store
fnto two compartments, renting one to
the delicacy firm.
The G. A. R. posts both here and at
the Soldiers' home are making great
preparations to suitably oommemorate
Memorial day.
Items of Interest.
FIRST-CLASS ROOMS and best table board
at Santa Monica at Bellevue Cottago (in con
nection with Bellevuo Terrace, Los Angeles)
Ocean aveune. Mrs. O. W. otowart, Prop.
ALL WHO KSJOY good French cooking go
to the lielraoulco Restaurant, Second street
Santa Monica, where P. Panphlno, the cele
uratcd chef, presides over cuisine. Private
rooms, If desired.
fleng ice.
Importer and dealer la Ohlne«e and Japanese
fanny (roods Ail kinds of silks, ails, dresi pat
letns, embroidered aIU dressing gowns, shawls
and handkerchi-fs, and penis- furnishing
go-ds; and also manufactures ladles' undtr
wear. 1 respectfully oi l tho attention of the
public to ihe fact that all my sti>ck hi now on
si ecial sale, r.gardlcss of cost. No. 60S North
Main street, opposite the plaza, Los Angoles.
Our Home Urew.
Mater & Zobeleta'l lager, fresh from the
brewery, on draught lit all the p-incipal sa
loons, delivered promptly In bottles or kces
11 thee and brewery. 411 Alio street Tela
phone 91.
Wall Fm-vr for ©ash.
«23,0n0 worm; cost not In It; a 5 and 50 per
Mat on regular prices Ohioaga Wall Pupor
1 Baa**. aVslftsn anriux street.
The Stewart Hotel to Be Rebuilt by
Contractor Hull.
Bah Bbrsardino, May 23 —Tbe work
of rebuilding tbe Stewart hotel will soon
be commenced and pushed till com
pleted. The bids for rebuilding thie
structure, it will be remembered, were
opened some time ago, and the directors
have bad them under consideration till
today, when they decided to accept the
bid of 0. 8. D,ivis for $41,109, which was
the lowest of seven bids eubmttted. Mr.
Davis left two weeks ago for a visit to
the world's fair, after which he intended
to make a short stop in Tennessee. A
telegram has boon sent to him urging hia
presence here to sign the contract. As
soon as be reaches here end the contract
is signed the work will begin.
Mr. Davis's bid did not include the
plumbing, gas fitting, painting, electric
light work or hardware. The dirsctors
will now receive bids on these specifica
tions. The proposed structure will
be much handsomer than the
old structure. The plane con
template a three-story building in com
.posite or modern style, with some ten
dency toward the Romanesque. A neat
ly designed tower will surmount the
corner. The second and third floors will
be used for the hotel, only the otlice and
reading room being on the first floor.
The rest of the first floor will be übsil tor
stores, there being five on Third street
and three on E. The San Bernardino
National bank will occupy the corner,
l'he interior furnishings of the hotel
will be all money can purchase or inge
nuity and artistic taste suggest.
H. B. Achmaa left for Mojave today.
B. F. Douglas departed for Phceuix to
day on a business trip.
L. and Miss Stella Ancker left for
Bakersfield this morning.
F. A. Jones, agent for the Southern
California at Santa Ana was a city visit
or today.'
Officer Honeywell is out on the street
again, having almost recovered irom be
ing run over by the drunken boys from
John Whaley acted as jailer today,
while Newt Brown was out of the city.
Baker, the man arrested at Redlands
last Saturday on a charge of abduction,
was taken to that city today to have his
preliminary examination.
E. H. Showers is home from Nevada.
Jacob Jonas visited the Angel city
yesterday on business.
Mr. Case's residence at the corner of I
and Ninth streets waa destroyed by fire
late Sunday morning.
Judge Otis yesterday rendered a decis
ion in the case of the Grapeiand Irriga
tion district vs. the Semi-Tropic Land
and Water company, condemning the
land sought to be taken aad awarded
tbe defendant $10 damages.
The Security Loan and Trust company,
whose principal place of V) i'in««s is Loa
Angeles, filed articles oi incorporation
with the county clerk yesterday. Tho
company has been formed lor six years,
but for some unaccountable reason have
not filed papers. •
The Park Theater company of Loa An
geles will appear at tbe opera house
next Friday aud Saturday evenings with
a Saturday matinee. American Born
will be produced the first evening while
Lost in London will be put on the board
the second night. M'liss will be ren
dered at the matinee.
Th« Wharf Celebration on Saturday.
Long Bbach, May 23.—The wharf
s fiommittpe are husv wit!-, /irnnaratin/is
• ments have baen made with the raii
' roads to advertise and run special trains
1 from Santa Barbara, San Bernardino and
! all Southern California towns, and a
grand, good time may be expected.
Dr. Mills and A. Mitchell of Santa
Ana are in town looking tor a sight for a
| furniture store, which they contemplate
opening here.
, Tho Breaker makes sarcastic mention
, of a lew mis-spelled names and typo
grapeica! errors iv the Long Beach notes.
If toe nforesaid Breaker would depend
on its reporter for news, and not copy
the notes from the Hkicald, it would not
We so greatly embarraeEed by the errors
E. H, Workman of Los Angeles spent
some timo here fishing the fore part of
tbe week.
The Azusa, Covins and Sierra Mcdra
1 schools will visit here en masse on the
27th and enjoy the excursion and other
good things pertaining to tbe wharf cel
E. A. Benefield has sold the paper
: route of this place to S. B. Hall, former
ly of lt?dondo Beach.
Mrs. Wiles of Martin's Ferry, 0., is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. M. W. Tul
T.ong- Beach Notes.
FOR GOOD'S at Los Angelas prices go to Wm.
BahUJing't corner of Plue aad Second srro-ts
tjican. fresh stock of groceries, dry goods, boots
and shoes, etc.
A Combined Shooting and Catting
sot-ape—Nem Notes.
Riiur.ANDS, May 23. —Jesus Barcelon,
I tlid Mexican wuo was attacked by For
| tino Mftdri and Manuel Solano late
Snnday evening and cut in eevera!
places, ia believed to be out of danger at
present. William Curtis, a roaident of
Old San Bernardino, for whom Barcelon
bad bsen working for about two years,
says that be was a very quiet and peace
able Mexican and bad tiie reputation of
attending to bis own business. He wae
living in tbe camp with a number of his
countrymen. He had been keeping
company with a woman known as Fran
cisca Acuna. Madri and Solano were
also her lovers, and they decided to
go to the camp and put Barcelon
out of their way. He became
aware of their intentions and met them
with a revolver in hia hand. He suc
ceeded in shooting Madri in toe back
between the shoulders aad in the right
cheek. When he had emptied his pis
tol he clubbed it and beat Solano over
the head inflicting a number of serious
tlheolc the First Approach
Of rheumatism, and further attacks may be
escaped, tf proper precautions against expos
ure are taksn, and there be no hereditary pre
disposition. Unfortunately, people who ulti
mately bai ome chronic sufferers, 100 often neg
lect the trifling winges and premonitory stlff
im'-s which herald tbe advent of ibis agoniz
m maladt. Anion > the diseases f r which
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters haa be-tn found
ulicacious this is one, an 3 ibe medicine being
ptrfCiiUy safe, it Is certatnly to be preferred to
drugs used for its care, which are frequently
useless, and notnlng more or Ussthan poison
ous. The sahititntiou of tat* pleasant and
pure blood .1 purest or medicines Inimical to
life in a slight ovardose i. a measure which
muy llily i.o urg d upon petso:is wh-» uesire to
obtain relief safely, or who have failed to ob
tain it from the numorom psoiulo rttnadles for
this disease iv the market.
Wall Papar at Cost.*
Closing out sale—Eckstrom & Strasburg, 307
and 309 So jth Main street.
wounds. The two assailants cut Barce
lon In several places bnt not serious.
Depntv Sheriff J. Rivera arrested Madri
and Solano and took them to San Ber
nardino, wbere they were placed in jail.
A physician was called in and extracted
the ballet which entered tbe right
cheek. The other ball has not been
fonnd and is giving him considerable
Mrs. H. L. Sloan departed for the east
yßhtsrd uv*
James K. Flanders of Los Angeles is
visiting friends in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Pratt are visiting
in Los Angeles for a few days.
Percy Herndon has gone to Kansaß
Herbert Pryor has left for Chicago, to
inspect the world's fair.
A. G. Sheahan, proprietor of tbe
Facts, expects to arrive in Redlands
about June 3d, to take control of his
paper. _
Special Meeting* to Precede the Camp
Oolton, May 23,—Special services
were begun Sunday evening at the M.
E. church aa a forerunner of the camp
meeting that will comm at the pa
vilion Wednesday evening under the
direction oi Rev. Isaac Naylor, the great
Yorkshire evangelist. Sunday evening
Ruv. Wm. Pittenger delivered a lecture
on Where Is Heaven. Last evening
Rev. J. C. Qowan preached an able Ber
mon. Tonight Rev. O. A. Westenberg
of San Bernardino will occupy the pul
pit, while on Wednesday morning Rev.
John Pittenger of Elsinore will deliver
the cloaing address of the series. A
large number of tents are located on the
vacant lots surrounding the pavilion,
and are occupied by quite a delegation
of enthusiasts of adjacent towns. The
services are to be of a non-sectarian or
der, and everybody—members of all
churches—or no church are invited to be
present and take part in the exercises.
A largo congregation is expected to be
present on the opening evening.
R. W. Button is visiting friends in
G.II. Wilcox expects to leave soon for
Chicago, where he will reside.
Ed Tuompson has returned from an
inspection of the insane asylums of the
Btate, which he took as a preparatory
course for his work at Highlands.
Frank Alvis has returned to this city
after a three years' residence in In
Indian Agent Estudillo of San Jacinto
has filed bis bond and assumed charge
of that office.
Miss Mary Wozencraft haß gone to
San Francisco to visit her uncle, Byron
Rev. B. C. Corey of Pomona will have
charge of the singing during tbe camp
Constable Morgan and Marshal Mc-
Oauley are home from San Quentin.
where they delivered Elmer Waters and
Jeffreys, the larceniet.
The Sunday schools have been giving
the children the advantage of the hot
weather of late, and have held several
picnics at Rabel and Harlem Bprings,
near San Bernardino.
Shipping Arrivals nnd Osparturos—T.oea!
Bedokdo BnAcn,May 23, —The Btesm
er Protection, Captain Seaman, having
made a quick discharge of her cargo oi
cargo ot grain at Ilueneme for San
The yacht Puritan, which Bartered
: considerable injury during the gale
Wednesday night, May 17th, will be
launched on Thursday next, May 25th.
Captain McDonnell has not allowed the
grass to grow under his feet for the past
week. The work haß been kept up
nigbt and day, in order to get tbe Puri
tan ready for return to her native ele
I The deep sea fishermen continue to
| land heavy catches of halibut. Six
I hundred pounds were expressed by the
j 3 p.m. train today on the Santa Fe.
A donation party for the benefit of
the Rev. and Mrs. J. N. Eiliott will be
held Wednesday evening, May 24th, to
be convened at the Field's building.
The company will be entertained by
vocal and instrumental music, recita
tions and many other interesting exer
cises. The general public are cordially
Sunday Bchool excursion is
on ihe card for Redondo Beach for Sat
uday, May 27th.
Mr. J. W. Payre of Lcs Angeles made
a flying visit to Redondo today to call
on his old friend, J. M. Bracewell.
Mr. Brown, representing the house of
Harper, Reynolds A Co., Los Angeles,
waa among today's arrivals in onr bnrg.
The Pacific View house, under the
popular management of Mrs. Shafer,
continues to be crowded with guests,
the majority being permanently located
for tbe season.
Notes and Personals from that Thriving
Cf.ABBMONT, May 23.—Rev. J. C.
Fletcher's lecture on the poet Whittier
Satarday evening wae attended by a
large and appreciative audience.
Mr. Thomas Carrows is one of the di
rectors in the Piedmont Cemetery asso
Miss Harwood has resigned her po
sition with Urbanus Bros.
Tho Claremont Fruit Growers' associ
ation billed another car of oranges for
tbe east Monday.
Dr. Campbell and family are making
preparations to start for the world's fare
in June.
Mr. Jones's residence is nearing com
Col. W. H. Holabird departs the lat
ter part of this week for Mexico on busi
Dr. Fairchild has a force of men at
work clearing a trail to the top of Cuca
monga peak.
Frederick Stock, the railroad pro
moter and speculator, visited the new
g.anite field in the mountains north of
town last week.
George Khorer was in town Monday
looking after hia water interests near
MeLead'i Kenlgnatloo.
Boston, May 23.—President McLeod
tendered hia resignation to the directors
of the Boston and Maine railnad today.
Frank Jones will be chosen to succeed
At the drug store, a valuable package,
worth its weigth in gold. My hair ties
stopped falling and all dandruff haa dis
appeared since I ioundskooknm root hair
grower. Ask your drugguat about it.
Mr. Yoakum Files an Amended Petition
Asking the Probate of Bis Wife's
Will — The Allegation*
Which Ha Makes.
The differences in the Yoakum family
will not down.
There will be another airing of their
troubles in tbe superior court.
It will arise from an amended petition
by George P. Yoakum for probate of
a certain will of his deceased wife, Mrs.
Emily R, Yoakum. The document sets I
forth some different circumstances than 1
those related in the contest proceedings j
recently decided in favor of the peti
tioner, although containing tbe old
charges of undue influence over bis wife
by D. W. Davis, Mand* Davis. Henriet
ta Davis and Dr. J. S. Hodge.
The amended petition alleges that
Mrs. Yoakum left an estate valued at
not more than $2500. She executed a
will February 12th, 1801. in which her
hußband was named as the executor, in
which be and Lizzie Bradley were
named aa the devisees.
The children of the deceased and the
petitionar are all of mature age. The
husband himself is 07 years old ; Georgo
E. Yoakum of Esgle Grove, lowa, 41
! years; Marion A, Yoakum, Pleasanton,
Kan., 37 years; Ada A. Preston, King
fisher, Oklahoma, 36 years; Ernest L.
Yoakum, Grenada, Kan., 32 years;
JessieT. Wade, Peonla, Colo., 30 years;
Frank A. Yoakum, Vernondrle, 22 years
Mr. Yoakum alleges that this will was
made by his wife as a part of a transac
tion by which she received from tbe !
petitioner property belonging to the j
estate, for which the will was made and
declared to be irrevocable. It was de
livered to M. T. Allen, who was to hold
it until after her tenth. Subsequently,
however, she obtained the will un
known to Mr. Alienor the petitioner,
and March 4, 1893, in violation of the
agreement, it v. as destroyed by S. V.
Lsndt at her request. It is alleged that
this was procured by the false repre
sentations ot tbe persons before men
tioned, who also induced ber to make
another will leaving her husband out of
its provisions entirely.
The former charges of his being pre
vented from seeing bis wife during her
last sickness are reiterated, and the
court is asked to admit the first will for
probate, and issue letters testamentary
to tbe petitioner.
Baptist Rome Missions.
Denver, May 23. —The session of tbe
Baptist Women's Home Missions socie
ty opened with a praise service. The
committee on resolutions reported, de
claring the Chinese exclusion act a dis
grace to civilization, and the tendency
to abuse tne Lord's day is deplored.
Practically all the old officers were
re-elected this afternoon. Various mis
sionaries gave encouraging reports of
thoir labors.
Governor Hogg's Veto.
Austin, Tex., May 23—Governor
Hogg vetoed the stale sugar bounty biil
to enable the superintendents ot tbe
Texas peqitentiaries to accept from the
general government the bounty on sugar
raised on tbe convict farms. He de
nounces the sugar bounty of the United
| States.
That's what they say of the pale,
weak woman who's "run-down" and
overworked. Probably she knows
it herself. But there's one tiling
she can't know, or she wouldn't
feel so and look so — and that is,
that Dr. Pierces Favorite Prescrip
tion is guaranteed to help her.
It's a legitimate medicine, made
especially for woman's needs; an in
vigorating, restorative tonic and a
soothing and strengthening nervine,
imparting tone and vigor to the
whole system.
But it isn't a mere stimulant. It's
a remedy, safe and sure, for all the
functional derangements, painful dis
orders, and chronic weaknesses that
make women suffer. In "female
complaints " of every kind, periodical
pains, internal inflammation, ulcera
tion, and kindred ailments, it's guar
anteed to benefit or cure, or the
money is returned.
No other medicine for women is
sold so. Proof that nothing else is
I includes the great temperance drink I
II I irC£* Beerl
fflAlt gives New Life to the Old Folks, ffi
Pleasure to the Parents, ipi,
Health to the Children. W
EffiVlo~l for AU—Wood All the Ha».jS ffe
kAaS cent package makes Btc
fjf&% Stntw gallons. He sure and get vft^Mp^f
faradnato of Laval and afcQl'l,
Mining- EMgineer.
Head office yueoec; brant-i office, Montreal,
Cai.ada. , 13-So is
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly userf. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
thevaluo to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to tho taste, the refreshing nnd truly
benelicinl properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and feyers
and permanently curing constipation.
It ha 3 given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free frees
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c. and ©1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co.only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Hyrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
Essen cc i Life
Cures Seminal Weakness,
Cnres Nervous Debility,
Stops Involuntary Losses,
Ann all troubles caused by youthful
lnclscretlons and excesses. This
mcaiclne Is Infallible and pure y
veg" table.
Price $2 Per Bottle, or 6 for $10
Can be hart In pill form at same
price*, if preferred. Coasultvtlou
at>d advice free, verbslly or by let
ter. All communications strictly
confidential. Ad disss
Booms 12 and 13, 331H foutb Spring
St., Lo* Audits, Cal.
Office honrs from 9 a.m. to 2p.m. lvenlnr
oto 7 p.m. Sundays 10 a.m. to li at.
s osrr MANHOOD
Easily, Quickly and Permanently Restored.
Cmlbbhatbd ExaLi&u Ifgxcnr
KB Itfsfsola' an a positive flf jrrmt »
'.Si- *w guarantee to care any jET _r ml
loins, ai .nervous pros- \*
trauon or any disorder 1 artwr
of the yen* till organs of 10--^
Before, by excessive nse of After.
Tobacco, Alcohol or Opium, or on account
of youthful indiscretion or over indulgence etc.,
Dissiness, Con*ntMoO>. Wakefulness. Headache.
Mental Depression. Softening of the Brain. Weak
Memory. Bearing Down Pains. Seminal Weakness,
Hysteria. Nocturnal Emissions, Spermatorrbcsa.
Loss of Power and Impotency. which if neglected,
.may lead to premature old age and insanity.
Positively gunranleed. Price. 31.00 a box; 6 boxoa
forj.i 00. Sent by mail on receipt of price. A written
guarantee furnished with ever) $i 00 order received,
to refund the money if a permanent cure ia not
NERVIA MEDICAL CO , Detroit. Mich.
F&KjfMAN & CARPER, 102 N. Spring st
f\X3R NEW CATALOGUE, giving fulldeserlp
' ' tion, with directions for running, prices,
sues, weights, shipping rule*, etc , seat free to
any address.
Santa Ana Incubator Co.,
2!0 Sacramento St., San Francito*.
Pac.rle Coast Agent lor
Fireworks Co.
/fO*lllmtrated Catalogue fro*. 5 7 2m
Blank Book
N.W. Cor. Tempie and New High Sts
IS 7 Telephone 535. Xt
HACK Th ee-t-at*"
Day or Night. | Wl:h or Without Driver.
in mmm sale stabler
6ZG 8. St., bet. Eighth and Ninth.
Telephone 1!97, 1.0. Angeles
Good rigs, senile horses and re.table driver*.
Prices reasonabu. Special aveullou to horaaa
ts k. j.d by tueday, week, or month. Horses »
I*l by the day, week ot month. Brick stables,
lire proof.
MfV. Ssor-ac rsserasrtllhy. Ti-itareis, aB ■
M rrooi asMlla*. Wsttf ft-r SSsSlts Z J ■
a* aLi-IViIfKTL''- oraaAidßtßaSraei cu..B

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