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The Angels Badly Drub the
San Francisco and Oakland Divide
A Suoelnct Account of the Causes That
Led Pp to the Retirement
ot tha r3x-Dnke ot
Santa Clara.
By the Assorlstod Pross.)
Stockton, Cal., May 28. — Borchers
pitched a good game today and tho re
sult waa a victory for the Angels by a
acore of 10 runs, aa against one for
Stockton. The Angela bunched five hits
in the firat and got five runs. In the last
they got their hita together again and
brought in three men. The hits that
Stockton made were scattered. Mc-
Canley was given a home run on a
grounder that the crowd thought was a
foul. Whitehead made some notable
The Nephews and flolonels Kaeli Take
a Game.
Ban Francisco, May 28.—This morn
ing'a game at l'iedraont between the
Oaklanda and Ban Franciscos waa won
by the latter by a acore of B to 0. The
victors played a fine game in the field
and Knell kept the hits down. Homer
pitched winning ball outside of two
innings, when he became unsteady and
runs resulted.
The afternoon game was won by Oak
land by a score of 7to 6. nan Francisco
heldthe lead up to tbe ninth inning when
Griffiths turned the tables by batting a
borne run with two men on bases. The
game was an exciting one. Attendance
was poor on account of unfavorable
Tho Recent Transfer of tha Management
of the Pirate*.
These are troublesome times in base
ball. The California league has bee.i
ahaken to ita very foundation in the laat
two weeka, and radical ohangea made in
the management, aaya Mr. Carroll, of
tbe San Francisco Poat, who ia the beat
baseball authority iv California. Rob
inson la out of the bnaineea, probably for
all time, and now M. K. Finn, who un
til yesterday evening had charge of the
Stockton team, is once more a private
One of Finn's cbaraoteriatica ia stub
bornneaa, and thia trait caused an up
heaval tn Slough Oity baseball circles
yesterday afternoon. When Norria
O'Neil waa releaaed by the new Oakland
management a rumor waa apread
abroad that he would be engaged by
Finn to play aecond base and captain
the tailend club. Now Finn never con
templated doing anything of the kind,
hut his playere accepted the report aa
true, and etated that the would not play
under a man ao cordially disliked aa the
former Oakland captain. When Finn
heard of the atatements of hia men he
resolved to ahow the playere that he,
not they, waa managing "the olub and
he engaged Norria a few daya ago.
YuUnl.- .I,..^ nn n »1,a,..b,«. mm*A
. .... ..v. ....J ■*..«.UWU ,UW I 'Vt'. f. Kl>>. Mill.
Loa Angeles teams were billed to play
on the home grounds of the former club,
and Tip O'Neil appeared in a Stockton
uniform. The balance of Finn'a play
era refused to go on the field with
O'Neil, and they were fined $100 each
and anapended for the balance of the
aeaaon. Tbe game waa declared for
feited to Loa Angelea by a score of 9 to 0.
Wednesday waa pay day in the Stock
ton team, but Finn received a tip re
garding the intention of hi* men and
eiatponed the payment of salaries to
onday next, and was consequently
enabled to deduct the fine* from the
wage* of hi* employes.
Laat night the trouble was partly set
tled by the aale of tbe Stockton fran
chise to John W. Moore, who managed
"<4he champien Slough City club in 1888.
..Shortly after Che tranafer was made
'Tom Robinson telephoned from Sacra
mento that he bad made all of the ar
( *Bßgementß necessary to take the team
Ito the capital city, and he wa* undoubt
edly greatly ohagrtned to hear that the
f'club already bad a new owner. The
colonel protested and aaid he would
j.viait Stockton today. Mr. Moore stated
What ha haa a firm hold on the francbiae
iand will keep it in Stockton. He fur
ther aaaouaced tbat the gamea would
jibe resumed thia week according to
• schedule.
1 ©'Neil left for Oakland laat night and
tbe playere gathered at the depot to
4 give him a send-off. lie waa hiafed and
mooted upon atepping aboard the train.
"\7muire Meagan alao came down last
jnight, aa he wa* told by Manager Finn
ftkat there would be no gamea played
.fcetween the tail-endera and Angels this
Moore, the new manager of tbe Stock
• ton club, can make a success of baseball
•in his town Hit is possible to do so. He
, : understands tbe methods of running a
ball team, la a shrewd financier and is
«rery popular ia the San Joaquin valley
Finn haa been anxious to retire from
baseball for over a month paat. He has
Hbeen rosing money and did not think
ithat he woaaid recover his losses in a
town of Stockton's size.
In view of tbe recent troubles in tbe
California league it would seem that the
organization neede a thorough overhaul
ing, not only in the directory but in its
methods ot conducting the same. Too
■ueh carelessness bas been exhibited
those in charge, who have entered
certain groove irom which they
-arently unable to extricate them
ne stands in need of an infu-
o difficult to restore the
Se warned in time, lest
> Skookum root hair
gr<. -air. Bold by drug
Lewi en *JB.—Miss F.
L. Mcßeth rho, Friday
morning, ag. over 20
years she had . sionary
among tbe Ne? . 4 was
always a zealous Han
rights. She wfis fo» v
ioualy a missionary i
All Froe.
Those who have nsed Dr. King . ,cov
ery know its value, and those w. /c not
have now the opportunity to try it oe. Call
ou the advertised drugeist and get a trial bot
tle, free, send yonr name and address to H. X
Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a sample box
of Dr. KlngsrJew Life Pills, free, as well as a
copy of Guide to Health and Household In
str lotor. free All of which is guaranteed to
dn'you good and cast yon nothing, at C. F.
Heihzeman'a drug store, 222 N. Maia street.
aion of new blood, and in order to restore
it to ita old-time popularity men with
money, braina and hustling qtialitiea
whn have hoita of influential frlenda
rbould be given tbe reins, uaseball baa
not improved on tbe coast outaide of
I.oa Angelea for three years, and the
main reaaon baa been that the people
wnnt a change.
The 1,"8 Angelea team is now in first
place, with Oakland occupying the sec
ond hole on the baseball hoard. Man
Francisco ia close up to the Colonels.
Amateur Base Ball.
The ' '• rays came over to the Firat street
grounda yesterday to get the Boyle
Heights' Stars scalpa, but they got
scalped in great style by a score of 11 to
oin favor of tbe Stars. The feature of
the game was the batting of Cumminge
and the pitching of Thomas, who held
the bard bitting Grays down to six hits.
The following were the playera:
noYI.I IlkliltlTs STAfta. OKAYS.
Chapman 0 Whalley
Thomas P Bavmer
Itlsiid Istß Frank
Pension Und B Blisalrk
Ciimtninga 3rd B sellen
W«rd..., B. S (). Grande
Ht'pulveda B. !•' K. Moore
P. Chapman c. v J. Moore
Knts L, F Lapner
Hnns hy Innings:
l»•4i c T< • t
Stars 8 1000 0 04 B—ll
Ureyi 003040200—
Where finnd Material la Abundant' Great
Ripen** Im Snt tn.
Bo much haa been aaid about tho diffi
culty of making good country roada
Without involving a great outlay of
money (hat it seems rather presuming
to tako a contrary view of tbe aubject,
but 1 think tho matter has been much
exaggerated, and that in any part of the
country where clay, hardpnn, gravel or
iiaintograted rock can bo found it ia
quite easy to got excellent roada at com
paratively little expense. I speak from
some practical experience acquired in
roadmoking in a very wild and hilly re
gion of northern Now Jersey, where we
are accuatomed to work ont onr taxes
on 111 or more mites of pnblio highway,
and by adopting the following ayatem
we imvo found it easy to koep the roada
in auch good condition that they can bo
driven over at ail times with speed, com
fort and ploasrare.
Tho proper timo to herein •work or re
pairs is in tho early spring, jnet after
the frost oomoa ont of the ground—aa
Boon as the roads have thoroughly settled
and dried out. Where the road ia old,
with a good, solid bed, tho first thing to
bo done is to cover it all over with a
light dressing of gravelly material, and
when possible finish it off with a top
coating of hardpun, but avoid putting it
on too thickly, lost tbe going becomo
heavy, as it. is slow to dry out. Loam ia
worso than useless, booanse it never
packs property and makes mud.
Care muat bo taken to raise tho road
np toward tho center and give it a
slight elevation at tho crown, but only
just enough to ahed the water on either
aido into the gutters. On a level
si raight road the crown should only bo
■lightly convex, for rounding up a- nar
row road in tbe middle la objectionable,
insomuch aa it haa tho immediate effect
of forcing wheels of vehicles to run al
ways in tho samo lino and woar away
nut, Dtswnai .iv ,it '-|' i mi.-., rimi.
quickly become water couraoe for tbe
wash of the neart rain and assist tho
rapid destruction of tbe road by pre
venting the water from ro aching the
As fast ac tho now material can be
laid on it sbonld be very carol'ally raked
over to removo all the large atones aud
an many of tho smaller on<» as possible,
for where thi* preoawtion is neglected
until the etrsff packs down hard, which
happens in a few days, the stones be
come so firmly embedded that they aro
not only difficult to remove, bnt soon
cause the road to wear in humps and
bumps, and later in the season, dnring
the dry weather, they work up continu
ally and become a source of annoyance
and danger.
The gutters should then be carefully
cleaned by removing from them all de
posits of mild, decayed leaves or branches
which have collected there during the
winter months. Never allow this stuff
to be heedlessly thrown along the edges
of the gutter or on the backs above
tiiem. for tho ftret ratna will surely wash
all back to its old placo, and the work
haa to be done over again.
Another practical mason in favor of
keeping the gutters froo just after the
roads are ftrnt repaired ia that when the
heavy spring and summer showers have
washed away the greater portion of the
good, new coating it is at once caught
and retained in the gutters, ready to be
used the find timo the road neoda patch
ing, whan, a man or two can quickly put
it in frrflt dags order by simply shovel
ing back the material into its old place
again and then raking it over.
In the early spring, while tho gravel
or liordj>an is still sticky or heavy, the
process of drying out and packing down
can be greatly aceelemrtod by koeptng
sumo one raking over the road to level
off and smooth down tho ruts as fast as
they arc made by tbe cutting in of the
wheels, instead of allowing them to wear
down deeper and deeper, and to furnish
euro channels for the wash of water,
which adds to the difficulty and expense
of repairing.
This method is quicker, easier and far
more economical than rolling, which re
qTtirea a pair of horses, and it is surpris
ing how great a thatance a smart worker
can get over and put in perfect order
durum a day. By repeating this raking
onco or twice, according to the condition
of tho road and the amount of travel
upon it, the surface will pack down
quite as hard and even aa that of a park
Whenever a mud puddle appears, aw
ing to sumo slight depression, tn a place
so shaded by trees or shadows of hills
that tbe sun loses its power, it should
never be left to dry out slowly, day after
day giving the wheels a chance to cut
into it more deeply, but as soon as discov
ered a cartload of good, dry gravel should
at once be dumped into it, then raked
off, tamped down and perhaps reraked
until it packs hard and smooth. —Sarah
l*!«»ra*ui* I. in plarmr'*
A blind mendicant m London wears
this inscription around his neck: "Don't
bo ashamed to give only a penny. I can't
Whenever a bird goes to fly it looks
up, but seuiv wen shut their eyes when
ever tliey tui.9 an important step
Paul Hebbler'B Attempt to Kill
His Wife and Himself.
She Will Recover, Bnt He Did His
Work on Hlmielf Well.
A. Teacher or Languages Tires or Do
mestic and Other Troubles and
Puts an and to Every
thing Last Night,
After beating and stabbing hia wife,
Professor Paul Hebbler, teacher of lan
guages, ended hia amusement laat night
by aending a bullet into his lefc breast,
a quarter of an inch above bis heart.
The man was conveyed In a dying con
dition to tbe receiving hospital, where
Police Burgeon Bryant pronounced hia
death to be only a matter of a couple of
hours at moat.
The circumstances, aa nearly as conld
be ascertained last night were aa foliowa :
Ilebbler bad been quarrelling with
hia wife all day , and returned home
late laat night in a furious passion.
After upbraiding the woman for some
time his rage grew uncontrollable, and
approaching ber he struck her, black
ening her eye, following up the blow by
drawing a small knife, with which lie
stabbed her between tbe shoul
der blades, not, however, inflict
ing a dangerous wound. By this
time the neighbors had heard the dis
turbance and Offioer Fay hurried up to
tbe house, 730 Commercial street. The
man'a wife and two children were
standing outaide in a terror-stricken
condition and warned the officer and
Dr. W. A. Dunton, who accompanied
him, tbat Hebbler waa armed.
Officer Fay, however, poshed the by
standers on one side, entered the front
room and saw Hebbler standing in the
rear apartment, with his revolver in his
right hand. The officer bad barely en
tered when there was a flash and a re
port, aad Officer Fay thinking the man
had shot at bim, inatinctively darted to
one side and drew hia pistol. But be
fore the smefce had cleared away there
waa the aound of a heavy fall and enter
ing the room Hebbler was seen lying on
hia face in a pool of blood.
"Call my wife and my daughter," was
all he said before he lapaed into in
coherency. Dr. Dunton immediately
mad* a rapid examination and found
that the bullet had gone clean through
tbe body of the would-be iniolde, enter
ing a little above the heart, and after
piercing Its way through, had emerged
under the left eboulder.
The little room wa* atill heavy witb
tbe smell of gunpowder when a Herald
reporter arrived.
There waa nothing to be got from the
nearly unconaclou* man, and the re
porter turned hia attention to Mra.
She (aid tbat her husband had
threatened early in tbe day to kill ber
and bimaelf afterwards. She had been
afraid of him (or aome time. He waa
alwaya displaying hiß pistol, and the
neighbor* had alao complained of bis
shooting in tbe air. The woman
added that she thought he
had been drinking a iittie in the day,
but not enongh to prevent hia knowing
what he waa about. Just then the pa
trol wagon arrived and the stretcher
waa breugbt into the room. The
wounded man aaemed to recover a little
and called for hie wife to embrace him.
Distracted with grief the woman threw
herself on hia almost cold body, the
two little children standing by with
acared faces. Then the body waa placed
in the wagon and taken to tbe hospital.
Hebbler ia a Swiss, 39 years of age,
and baa lived in Loa Angelea for several
years. He ha* had frequent trouble
with hia wife before, the police often
being called upon to quell the disturb
ance* railed by him.
Woaderfnl Hold Fields.
Phoenix Herald: The directors of the
Volcanic company decided to ten d out
to the mines a force of 18 to 20 men
to assist tbe present force in bio eking
ont as large a niece of geld as the largest
wagon will hekl np. The block will be
about 15 feet lent and six feet square,
weighing abeat 60 pounds. The vein
from which this ore will be taken it 45
feet wide, with an unknown depth, and
crops ont en the surface fer over a mile,
heace a block 45 feet square by one
mile in length could be had if there was
any way oi transporting it to railroads.
This one vein assays $1109.60 gold, $81.40
silver, and $23 copper per lon.
The company owns five other similar
veins adjoing end a vertiable gold bill
one mile north of it. The value of this
ore block will be $36,230. It will be
glittering beauty showing silver and
copper glance and native gold inter
mixed with a blend of brown and green
and red oxide. The large block of ore
will be hauled to Sentinel on wagons,
a town on the Southern Pacific railway
35 miles south frem the miles, and
shipped within this month to the man
agers of the Arizona mineral exhibit at
the world's Columbian exposition at
Chicago. The work will be under the
immediate supervision of the president
of the Volcanic company and Oapt. 8.
L. Sanders, tbe manager and assayer of
the company.
These are tbe mines recently discov
ered in the Eagle Tail mountains about
ninety miles west of Ptnvnix near tbe
extinct volcano crater, and the company
of which is wholly made up of the own
ers of the Orange Belt Land & Canal Co.,
being Phtenix and Decatur, Illinois par
ties. —[Phccnix Herald.
A Maw Mining Campany.
Articles of incorporation oj the Golden
Cross Mining and Milling company
were filed yesterday in the county re
corder's office. The company intends
to buy, sell, operate and develop mining
properties, mine for gold, silver lead
and all precious or base metals; to
acquire water and water rights
and mill sites and to oper
ate smelting, refining and re
duction works. The principal place of
business will be Los Angeles, and tbe
capital stock is $50,000, divided into 500
shares of $100 each, all of which has
heen actually subscribed. Five direct
ors constitute the executive board, and
they are George G. Mullins, T. S. Fuller,
E. C. Fuller, W. G. Krutz, sr., and P.
W. Hoyle.—fSan Diego Union.
Miles' Nerve and 1.1 ver Pills
Acton anew principal—regulating the liver,
Homach and bewela throngh the nsrvei A
new discovery. Dr. Mile*' pill* speedily cure
biliousness, bad tastes, trrp d liver, piles, con-
Biitiatlou. tjutqualled for men, wsmen and
■ hildren. Smallest, mildest, surest. Fifty doses
25 cents. .Samples free, C. H. Haaoe, 117
North Spring.
We need to go, a lnt et us togcthor. •
To pick the May pinks, when 'twas ilttln
And I wonld tole hT of from all the otbera
fsh'.i li'o-l me, 'cause, she said, she "had no
I always meant to speak, but, my good gra
Bhe'd snare me so, I'd feel 'twould be audaclone.
Ant? onoe she said, n kind of disconnected,
"A nan must feel so flnt when he's rejected!"
Three springs 'twin so; the fourth 1 made my
mind np
To living the busfncMs to some sort of wind up.
Bays I. "Look here, roil know I'm not your
Give mo my nnswer. on" way or the otherP'
She laughed until fihe fairly seemed to smother;
And then, "Since either'!! do, why tako tho
That's what she wid and walked off just as
It takes a girl like that to he contrary.
She'd said I would ice! Hat Well, for that
The flattest pancake couldn't have felt Batter.
I stood It for a year; we acted pleaaants
We never met when other folks weren't pres-
Till May pink time. 1 conldn't help bnt love
So I made np my mind to try It over.
I put it atrongor this time: she turned white
As May piuka the piao needles hide from sight
"I'm promised to Elnsthan Kent," eho stam
I thought she'd bear my heart, the way It ham
And something eeemod to catch me up and
■hake me;
"I'm promised, too," 1 said; "you've got to take
Ton tell Elnathnn Kent to go to hades!"
"Why, John!" she said, "such language ain't
(Or Utiles!
I couldn't, tell him that"—her voice was
"But I might say I found I waa mistaken.
And, John," she said, "if you'd spoke so last
I wouldn't have to spoil poor Nathan's play
I seemed to see a thousand tulles a minute;
My head felt Just like fire nnd ico were In It.
"If I'd 'spoke so' four years ago?" I shouted.
Bheetirtlod up in my face, ond then sho pouted
And looked off, sort of absent, at a steeplei
"I a'poso," she said, "we'd be old married peo
—Margaret Vandogrlft in Century.
Ho TTr-ld Them I'p.
Footpad—Hold up your hnudsl
Belated Stronger (hastily complying)—
Certainly. And while my hands are in this
position permit me to esll yonrattention to
a new end improved arrangement of my
own invention for attaching a cuff to tha
eleove of a shirt and holding it In ita proper
plaoo no that it will not slip or become loose
but remain rlKidly fixed at the exact point
where yon fasten it no matter what the
attain may be It will never project too far be
yond the edge of the coat sleeve If properly
attached In the flret placo nor will it ever
Blip suddenly off the hand in a moment of
excitement or sudden gesture such as every
human being more particularly a gentle
man Is liable when least expected to the
annoyance and mortification of the wearer
yet aa you see the cuff may be detached by
a simple pressure of the thumb and fiager
either for removal or for changing the ad
justment up or down the wrial as may be
necessitated by the length of the sleeve
which is not always the same in the case of
all the coats in a gentleman's wardrobe
some of them being for dress occasions and
necessarily of greater length than those
used for businesa or working purposes bnt
what I claim and am prepared tb ahow to
the satisfaction of any man alive is that this
simple device which should be a part of
every gentleman'a wardrobe by simply plao
Ing It in the buttonhole of the cuff in the
manner in which yon see it here before you
and bringing tho spring clamps together on
the fabric of the shirt sleeve at any point
that may ba desirable between tho gusset
and tlio binding at the end of the sleeve in
the manner int*.cs*Gd will giv,* Cue most
perfect satisfaction in every caao or money
refunded and in order to introduce thia most
desirable Invention into your city I am fur
Dishing them at the ridiculously low price
But the footpad had fled howling down
the atreet.—Chicago Tribune.
Murder or Suicide.
New York, May 28 —Emma Oueten
bach and 0. Otto B.tese were held on
bail by tbe coroner's jury tonight until
tbe facta in regard to the suicide of
Bernard P. Guetenbacb, late city editor
of the Staats Zeitung, can be investi
gated. It ia aaid previous to the shoot
ing the husband and wife had a violent
Falling; Hair
Produces baldness. It is cheaper to buy
a bottle of akookum root hair grower
than a wig; besides, wearing your own
hair is more convenient. All druggists.
The Glenwood Stove
Will gave you 40 per cent in fuel. See
them at the W. 0. Furrey company,
159,161 and 163 North Spring st.
Marina Intelligence.
Southampton, May 28 — Arrived:
Saale, from Mew York.
Rneklan's Arnica Salvo.
The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises,
pores ulcers, salt rheum, fever cores, tetter
ohapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no
say requ.red. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Priie 25
cents per box. For sale by C. F. Ilcinzeman,
322 N Main street.
Whose remedieß were intro
duced in Lob Angeles in the
spring of 1682, is here again.
Friends who have used his
remedieß, or expect to do so,
may have a free interview
Parlors 84 & 35, Ramona,
9 :30 to 10 A.M. and 2:30 to 3 P.M.
$1000 IN GOLD!
Kamame Pink Oil
Brings comfort and improvement nnd
tend* to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, "who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by "more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Byrnp of Figs.
Tts excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It lias given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it nets on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup'of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 150 c and SI bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co.only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if olfered.
Notice of Award of Contract.
resolution of award et the city Council ot
tbe city oi Los Angeles, adopted Hay 22,1803,
directing this notice, notice Is hereby given
that the said City Cornell, In open session, on
the 15th day 01 May. 1803, opened, examined
and publicly declared all >ealed pioposals or
bids (.tiered lor thi followlnu wntk, to-wlt-
Klrst-That all that portion of ssld Rchsndla
street iq said city between the north line of
Ilrldgo street and south ol a line joining the
southwest corner of block 15 and the south
east corner of Moo* 7, Broeklyn tract,
and completely surrounding Prospect patk.
Including all intersections of streets (ex
cepting such portions of said street nod In
to seotions as are required by law to be kept In
order or repair by an; person or com mny hav
ing lallrosd tracks thereon, aud also excepting
such portions as have already been graded,
graveled and accepted), bs graded and grav
eled In accordance with the plans and preflls
on (lie In the offloe of the city engineer and
specification, ou file In th* offloe of the olty
clerk of the city of Los Angeles for grsded and
graveled streets, said specifications being num
bered five.
Second—That a cement curb be constructed
along each Hue of the roadway of all hat por
tion ot Bcsandia street between the north T ne
of Bridge Btreet and south of a Hue Joining the
southwest corner of blook 15 and the southeast
corner of blook 7. Brooklyn tract, and com
pletely surroundiug Prospeot park, (excepting
aloug such portions of the line of said roadway
upon which a cement curb has already been
constructed and accepted), In aocotdance with
specifications in the otßco of the city clerk of
ssld olty lor constructing cement curbs, said
specification being numbwed twelve.
Third—That a eemsnt sidewalk six feet In
width be constructed along Men sue* of all that
portion of said Echandla street between the
north line of Bridge street and south of a line
joining tho southwest corner of block 16, and
tho southeast corner of block 7, Brook
lyn tract and completely surrounding Pros
pect park, (vxceptlng such portions of said
street between said culms aloug which a ce
ment sldowalk has been constructed and
accepted), said sidewalk to bs constructed
IB acOwFdailce with specifications on 11 le In the
nmcn of tha filiv clerk, ft.i.l «poeiAo«t4oM» bc
iog numbered twl-ive.
Bsc. 2. The city engineer having estimated
that the total cost nf said Improvement will be
greater than one dollar per front foot along
each lino of said street, including ths oostef
intersections, it is hereby determined, in pur
suance of an Act of the Legislature of the statu
of California, approved March 17, 1891,
that bonds shall be lssnod to represent the cost
of said improvement. Bald bonds shall bs serial,
extending over a period of ten years, an even
propo-tlon of which shall be ptyable annually
on the first day of January of eaoh year,
after their date until the whole are paid, and
to bear interest at the rate of 7 pet cent per
annum, payable semi-annually on the first
days ol January and July of each and every
And thereafter, to-wlt, on the 22d day of May,
1893, awarded the contract lor said work to
the lowest frulir responsible bidder, to-wlt:
To U. O. Baldwin and C. L McCombs, at the
prices named for said work iv their proposal
on file, to wit: Gr.dlog, $1.4.7 per lineal foot;
curb, 40 cents per lineal foot; sidewalk, 13)6
ceuts per square foot, and that the said
award Las been approved by the mayor.
Clerk's ofllce, Los Angeles, Cel., May 26,1803.
5-28-2t City Clerk of the City of Los Angeles.
Ordinance No. 1693.
Council of the city of Los Angeles,
declaring their intention te improve a portion
of Soto street, and determining that bonds shall
ba issued to represent the cost thereof.
The Major and Council of the Olty of Los An
geles doord*in as follows:
Section 1. That the pnblle Interest and con
venience require, and that It is the Intention of
the ulty Counoil of tne city of Los Augeles to
order the following work to bedone, to-wit:
First—That said goto sireet, in esid oity,
from the south cufb line of First street
to the north Hue of Fourth street
including sli intersections ot streets, (o cept
ing such portions of said street and Intersec
tions as are requited by law to be kept in order
or repair by any person or company having
railroad tracks there:iu, and also excepting such
portions as have already been grsded, grav
eled and accepted,* be grsded and graveled
in accordance with the plans and profile on file
In the office of the olty engineer and specifica
tions on file in the office ol the city clerk of the
city ot Los Angeles for graveled streets, said
specifications being numbered five.
Bocoud—That a redwood uurb be constructed
along each Hue of the roadway of said Soto
street, from the south ourb Hue of First
street to the north lino of Fourth street,
(rxoepling along such portions of the line
of said roadway upon which a redwood, content
or graulte curb has already been oonstrncted aud
accoptc.i), In accordance with specifications in
the office ot the city olerk of said city for con
structing redwood curbs.
Third-That a cement sldiwalk six feet in
width be constructed along each side of said
First street from the south ciub lineof First
sireet to the n irth line ot Fourth street (except
ing such portions . f said streat between said
polutß along which a ceme it or asphalt t do
valk has been construct, d and accepted), said
sidewalk to be construcied in sccordance with
specifications on flli> in the office of the City
(;lc-k, Ba d specifications being numbered
Bsc. 2. The city engineer having estimated
that the total cost of said improvemeut
will be gi eater than one dollar per
front loot along each line of said
street, including the cost of Intersections
it is heraoy determined, in pursuauoj
of au act of the legislature of tho
state of California, approved February 27,
1833, that bjnds shall be issued to ropre'eit
the cost of said Improvement Satd bonds shall
be serial, extending over a period of tea
years, au even proportion of which shall be
payable annually on the first day of January
of oach year, after their date until the whole
ai c paid, and to bear interest at the rate of 7
percent per annum, payable semi annually on
thesecond days of January and July of each
and every year.
Rec. 3 The Street Superintendent shall post
notir o of this work as required by law, and
shall car.se said notice to be published lor six
days In the Los An.elos Daily Herald.
Sue. 4 Tho citj clerk shall certify to tho pas
sage of thi« ordinance andshs.ll cause the same
to bo published for two d iys In the Los Angeles
Daily Herald, aud shall post the same cpn
splcuouKlv for two days on or near the chamber
door of tbe council, and thereupon and there
after It Bhall take effect and be in foroo.
I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance
was adopted by the council of tho city of Los
Angeles, at It meeting of May 22d, A. D.
181)3, by the following vole:
Ayes: Mestrs Campbell, Gaffey. Innes, Mun
son. Pessell, Erodes, Btrohm aud President
Koes: None. „, „_
C'.ty Clerk aud ex-Offlolo Clerk of the Council
of the city of Los Angeles.
Approved this2sth day of May, 1893
5-28 21 X. B. ROWAN, Mayor.
J| (ESTABLISHED 1851.| 0
*J The New Scale STts' *f
1 vose S
| pianos!: ' |
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i£ celebrated instruments, in the choicest woods, on exhibi
»*Y tion at our warerooms.
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I superior in Tone, Design, Workmanship, and Durability. J»
H. /U (~mmm,.i '*Q
P%rt\i.arQ Tollnor sole representatives, |JJ
X baioillirw£.clili6rp2l3 S. Broadway, Los Angeles.
MM Dry Air Refrigerators,
: • '-''#4w|l«tlmßbl bOCTHERN CALIFORNIA AQIHT FOR
>. 0 Box 654, STATION 0. 6-10 3m
Ordinance No. 1700.
conncil ol the city of Lo« Angeles, order
ing certain work to be done on Seventeenth
The mayor and council of tbe city of Los An
geles ileordalu ss follows:
Siction l. That the council of the oity of
Los Angeles deems It to bs required by the pub
lic interest and convenience, and hereby orders
the following street work to be doDe according
to the soecffV rations contained in its ordinance
No 1832, to-wlt:
First—That said Seventeenth street, in sals;
city, from the westerly curb line of Orand
avnnue to the easterly curb line of Hope street,
including all intersections of streets (excepting
stiob portions of said sireet and intersections as
are required by law to bs kept in order or re
pair by any person or compauy having railroad
tracks thereon, and also excepting such portions
as have already b sen graded, graveled and ac
repterj). be gradgil and graveled In accordance
with the p aus and profile on tile In the ofllce
ol the elty engineer and specifications on file in
the office ot the c ty clerk of the elty of Los
Angelea for graveled streets, said specifications
being numbered five.
Becund—That a cement curb be construcied
alour each line or the roiasajoimiu
iueutu street, from the we*teriy Cuiu ilufi ut
'irand avAimA a* »*»<t*»««t«*ly curb line of Hope
street (excepting along such portions of the
line of said rosdway upon which a cement or
granite curb has alrea ly been constructed and
accepted), In accordance with specifications lv
the office of the city clerk of said city In* "J"
structlng cement curbs ••>* »■«.'*■■"■■ a °e
,n ™ U #«" The city' clerk is hereby directed to
publish a notice of said work. Inviting sealed
proposals or blda for doing said work, aud re
ferring to the specifications posted or on file,
for two days, In the Los Angeles Hai'.Ai.n, a
daily newspaper published and circulate! in
this city, hereby designated for that purpose,
eald noilcu shall require a certified check or
a bond, either, ss prescribed by law, and lor an
amouut not less than 10 per cent of the agero
gate of th 9 proposal. He is also directed to
post sad notice with specifications conspicu
ously fo: five days on or near tht oouncil
chamber door.
Sic. 3 The olty olerk shall certify to the pas
sage of this ordinance and shall oauso the same
to be published for two days in the Loi Angeles
Hkkai d, and thereupon and thereafter it shall
take effect aud be in force.
I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance
was adopted by the council of ihe city of Los
Angeles, at its meeting of May 2nd, A. D.
1893, by the following vote:
Ayes—Messrs. Campbell, Innes, Munson,
Pessell, Rhodes, Btrohm and President Teed
City clerk and ex-ofnclo clerk ol the council of
tbe city of Los Angeles.
Approved this 25th day of May, 1893.
5- 28-2t T.B.ROWAN, Mayor.
Ordinance No. 1694.
council of the city of Los Augeles, declar
ing their Intention to Improve a portion of
Bunker Hill avenue.
The mayor and council of the city of Los
Ange.esdo ordain as follows:
BacTiON 1. That the public interest and oou
venleuce require, and that it is tho Intention of
tbe olty council of the city of I.os Angeles to
order the following work to be done, to-wlt:
first—That a cement sidewalk four feet In
width bo constructed along the eastsldeof said
Bunker IHL avenue from the southerly curb
line of Second street to tho northerly curb line of
Fourth street, (excepting suuh portions of said
street between said points along which a cc
in nt or asphslt sidewalk bas been constructed
and accepted,) said sldewala to be constructed
in accordance with BpectflcaMons on Me In the
office of the city clerk, said spuclilcatious being
numbered twelve.
Sac 2. The street superintendent shall post
notice of this work as required by law, and
fhall cause said notice to be published
for six days in tho Los Angeles daily
Ski;. 3. The oltv clerk shall certify to the pas
sage of this ordlnauoe aud caus.i tho samo
to b»published for two days In the I.os Angeles
Daily Herald, and shall post the same con
spicuously for two daya on or near thi cham
ber door of ths council, and thereupon and
thereafter It shall tak* effeat and be lv force.
I hereby certify ihattho foregeingordlnanoe
was adopted by tbe council of the ot y ot Lis
Angeles on the 22d day of May, 1893, by the
following vote: - - _
Ayes—Messrs. Campbell, Gaffey, Innes, Mnn
son, Pessell, Rhodes, Btrohm, und President
Teed (8).
City Clerk and ex-Offlcio Clerk of the Council
of tbe city of Los Angoles.
Approved this 25th d ty of May, 1893.
6- '28 2t T. B. ROWAN, Mayor.
63G Sooth Sprint; Bt., I.oi Angeles.
Telcpbo.ia 1029.
Water Pipe, Well Casing,
Iron Tanks and All Kinds Sheet Iron Work.
Nos. 3101214 Btquena st., Los Angeles.
4-43 m
Ordinance No. 1698.
. V Council of the cltyof Loi Angelea ordering
oartein work to be done on Sixth atreet.
Ihe mayor aad council of the olty of Lta An
galea do ordalu aa foliowa:
SacTioar 1. Tbat the Council ut theclty of
Loa Angelei deems It to be required by the
public Interest and convenience, and hereby
orders the following street work to be done ac
cording to ths specifications contained in lta
Ordiuanos Mo. IU2O, to wit:
First—That said Sixth atreet In said oltv from
the east line of St. Paul's avenue to ths west
line of cliy of Los Angeles, I no.mil ng all Inter
sections of streets (excepting auch portions ol
sgld street aud intersections as are required by
law to he kept in order or repair by any person
or company having railroad tracks thereon.and
also excepting such portions aa have already
been graded, graveled and accepted), ba gradel
and graveled Tv accordance with tee plans and
profile on file In the office of the city engineer
and speclflcstlons on tie lv the dfflae of the
City Clerk of tbe city of Los Angela* for gray
lad strebts, said speclflcstlons being numbered
Beeondi-Thata redwood curb be constructed
alon< each Unrenai line oi-»», ~i .aid «ulh
WHKiVaKIBJ of olty of I— \ttP
"iT„, .inn* such porttoas oi tne line oi saiu
S'; which a redwood, granite or
"ro has aleadv been oonstruoted and
" ie I), In accordance with Specifications in
7ue office of the city olerk of eald olty for con
structing r.dwood eurbl.
BBC. 2. The city engineer having estimated
that the total cost of said Improvement will be
greater than one dollar per front foot aloni
each tins of said street, including the cost o
intersections, It Is hereby determined, In pnr
suance of an act of thi l'sdslatare of the state
of California, approved February 27,1803. tha
bonds snail be Issued to represent the cos
of said imp'ovement. fatd bass us shall bene
rial, extending over a period et ten years, an
eveu proportion of which sn»H be payable aa
nually on the second day of January uf each
yenr aftsrtheirdate until the whole are paid
and to bear Interest at the rate of s wen per
oent per annum, parable seml-aanoally on tne
second days of January and July of esoh and
every year. , , ,
8«c. a The city clerk is hereby directed to
publish a notice of aaid werk, invlttug sealed
proposals or bids for doing slid werk, aad re
ferring to the apeidicatioos pelted or On ale,
lor two dayi in the Los Angeles II as aid.
a dally newspaper published and oiroulatea In
this city, hernby designated for that purseee.
Said notice shall require a certified chee* or a
boud. either, ai prescribed by law, and for an
amount Hoi less than 10 p<r cent of th»
gate of the proposal. He is also affected to
post said notice with apficifloetlof* conspic
uously for five dayi on or near me caasctl
olismber door. .
8k 8. The city cVerk shall *o the
\ssage of this nrdlnane* and shall cease
isame to be published for t*odaya lv.the
Angeles HaHALn, end »n<l taere-
It shall take edeot aad t* m lawoa.
• - -ortlfv that the uregplng ordinance
was adopted by »« *f the City of ..ns
Augeles at Its meetli.; of May S3, A. D. 1893,
by tbo following vote: . ~ » »,
Ayes-Messrs. Campbell, l*™'., Mun « on .'
Pessell, Rhodes, Stroim and President Teed—7.
City clerk and ax-offtolo olerk of the council ef
the ctty of M Angeles.
Approved this 26th day of May, 1893.
5-2H 21 T. 8. ROWAN, Mayor.
""ordinance No. 1701.
Council of the eltv of Los Angeles, order
ing certain w >tk to ba done on Boston street.
The Mayor am' Council of the oity of Los An
gelesdoorlnlu as fallows:
cutciioNl. Thst tho Council of the olty of
Los Angelea d-ems It to be required by the pub
lie tntorsst and convenlenoo, and hereby or
ders the following street work to be done ac
cording to tin- epoUticatlous contained In Its or
dinance No 1(123, to-wit:
First --That said Boston street in said olty,
from westerly curb line of Montreal street to
the easterly curb line of Pearl street, including
all iutereoctloni of streets (ex opting such por
tions of said street and Intersections as are re
quired by aw to be kept in order or repair by
any person or company having railroad tracks
thereon, and also excepting snch nortions as
have already bien graded, graveled and ac
oepted). ba graced ant graveled in accordance
With tbe plans and profile ou file lv tbe office of
the city engineer aud sneclflcatloni on file in
the office of ills city clerk of the cliy of Lo*
Angela* for graveled streets, said specifications
belngnumlured five.
Second— That a redwood onrb be eonetrueted
along eaon Hue ot the roadway of said Beaton
street from the westerly ourb line of Montreal
street to tke easterly curb line of Pearl street,
(excepting along such por Jons of the line of
said toadway upon whlob a redwood, granite
or cement curb bas already been constructed
aud aoceotod). in acoodauce with specifica
tions in the office of the City Clerk ol said city
for constructing curbs.
Sic. 2. The City Clerk is hereby directed to
pißliah a notice of said work, inviting sealed
proposal* or bids for doing said work, and re
ferring to tho specifications posted or ou file,
for twodiys, In Ihe Los Angeles HF.KALD,a dally
newspaper puollibed and circulated In this
oity, hereby designated for that purpose. Bald
notice shall require a certified check or a bond,
elthor, as prescribed by law, and for an amount
not le«s than 10 per cent of tho segregate of tbo
proposal. He 1* also directed to post said no
tice with speculations conspicuously for live
days ou or noar the counoil chamber door
Sac. 3 The Olty Clark shall r.«rt|fy to the
passageof this ordinance, and shall p*"' 8 'he
■and to b» published for two days ln theLOa
Angeles Hkrud, and thereupon and there
after it shall take effect and be In Knto
I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance
was adopted by the Conncil of lho cltfo Los
Augeles at Its meeting of May 22, A. D. 181 M
by the following vote:
Ayes-Me.sn, Campbell. Innos, Munson, Pea-
Bell, fchodes, Blroiimand President To.-d—7.
Noos—Nono. „,, „_
City Clerk and ex-Ofacto Clerk of the Council
of the Cliy ol Los Angeles,
Ap io*edlhls2Mhdayof May. 18!)8.
6-M 2t * E. ROTA*), Mayor.

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