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the Situation In St. I.onls an Index of tho
Condition tn Every City This Winter.
The annual problem that confronts St.
Louis, along with other great cities, is
that of the great nnraber of tmemploreu
men and women. This problem loses it 3
foreoand severity during the spring and
trammer months, for usually dnrinrr.
those perioda work of many kind 3i 3
I plenty, and almost every one* finds t ->•
porary if not permanent employment.
Ihiring the fall and winter many of tho
trades grow drill, and any number oi'
men are tlrrown ont to await the opening
of tho spring trade. It is estimated by
thoso who have studied the situation
hero that over 5,060 men are ont of work
at prer.ent who aro roally ansioris and
willing to do anything for a living.
Daily tho'Streets aro lined with beggars
and'Cliarrity seekers, -who either ask ont
right for a gift of money or who offer
for salo spmo trifle at an exorbitant
price, plea-aing poverty and inability to
find work a* an excuse.
Nightly the desk sergeants of tho va
rions police statieiis are applied to for
beds by more clean, able-bodied moa
than they can foaAVlf enpply. Thcsa
applicants are not ''regulars," as tho or
dinary applicants are termed, but rather
the irregulars or transients, who corae
onoe or twice, and then, growing
ashamed of their unhappy predicament,
seek other quarters and possibly loss
hospitable shelter. It is by such appli
cants as these that tho poHoe gauge the
stress of the times, and this year the
nnmbor Of these is above the ordiriary.
The merchants and manufacturers of
the city are daily tho recipients of from
6 to SO calls from seekers of work,
who are willing to work for little or
nothing, but who cannot possibly bo
snrrplied. The charitable institutions
are kept busy looking up tho condition
of the many men who apply for assist
ance. The authorities of these institu
tions assert that thero aro more appli
cants for charity this year than there
have been during the three years past.
Man -with families have lost their posi
tions on account of slckners or dullness
In trade, and having saved nothing
have nothing to live on.
The books of tho St. Louis Provident
association show that 1,100 families ap
plied for temporary assistance and re
ceived it; that 600 more applied and were
refused—not because thoy were not poor
enough and needy, but because their
mode of life showed that they' were
triflers and would not make proper ef
forts to sustain themselves. Tho Catho
lic society of St. Vincent de Paul has
supplied 400 families with fuel and food
and refused half that number for gen
eral negligence and idleness. This brings
the total number of investigated cases up
to 2,200. In this mimber, of course, aro
not included the many tramp 3 and beg
gars who make their living on the street
corners, nor yet that class who endeavor
to sell small articles on the streets, and
who are compelled to seek tho
police stations for a bed. Neither does
this estimate include the many siok in
the charitable hospitals and houses, nor
those temporarily sustained by private
contributions. It is safe to say that
from 5,000 to 10,000 people are out of
work and cannot possibly obtain it ex
cept that some other worker is thrown
The epidemic of typhoid and other
fevers a few weeks since has been pro
ductive of the greatest Buffering. Tho
sole supports of many hundred famiii :;
were compelled to remain idle for weeks.
In a majority of these cases the places of
the siok were not filled by temporary
employees. The work of the department
vacated was either allowed to drift on
without beirig filled or it was filled per
nianenJjVy, arid the sick made to seek an
other place. The epidemic, therefore, v. ss
prodnctive of the most widespread pov
erty and suffering.
W. 3. Clark, superintendent of the
Louis ProvWent association,when vi;: 1 I
by a reporter yesterday, said of tho sitritt
tion: "There are apparently moro men
out of work this year than in the past,
and there are good reasons for the dis
tress. The growth of St. Louis has no
doubt a little to do with the number of
persons applying to charitable organisa
tions for aid. Tho sickness that has been
so prevalent here for the last few months
has had more. We receive daily a dozen
or more appeals from poverty stricken
parents who cannot find work. Tbe num
ber of fasmiHes that apply through the fa
ther or mother average about 10 a day.
A family avetages about six members, so
that the applicants represent 60 people.
We have received some 1,600 appeals of
this kind, 500 of which we have refused.
The tramps and methodical beggars who
come and go we do not count, for where
applicants cannot show satisfactory ref
erences we do no* give any assistance.
There is no question, however, that there
are more men out of work this winter
than there were last, for our hooka shov.
it. We give away bread and coal to ap
plicants, also dotmitg, but this is con
tributed by residents of tho oityi Jusi
at present we aro ingreat need of clo' i
ing for children. We have any numb';:
Of appeals for old clothing that jvc Cau
not possibly fill."—St. Louis Glolfo-Dw..
Frotee-tlnp; Turpentine J'oresis.
Turpentine farmers in Sontli ( arolhm
and Georgia protect their j. roperty
•gainst loss by firo iv Hummer if burn
ing the grass and underbrush n mid
winter. Th© turpontine land is thus
protected by tho destruction in dvance
of such light material as feeds * forest
fire, and tho woodlands are mat a up of
tall pine trees standing in tra ts freo
from small timber and Towth.
When spring opens the fresh your 1$ grass
puts forth from the ashes of the winter
fires, and the ground is soon cover d with
ft carpet of rich green.—New Yoi It Sun.
A Han Who r,orcs Flowers.
For several years past a well Known
gentleman has been In the habi every
morning of standing in front of a Fourth
Btreet florist's place for at least li min
utes. He is a crank on flowers, ark after
gazing tnto the window he entirs tho
(tore and purchases a 10-cent power
He tolls tho proprietor that he lbves to
chew tho flower, and ninemorninjioutof
ken ho gets a rose. The genttaauui in
(■uestion ia a Termcsseoan and is ih-i pos
sessor of one of the finest hotnousps in
fche city.—Cincinnati Enciuiver.
Bvery man harlng a beard should keepjlt an
aven and natural color, and If It is no so al
ready, nse Buoklneham's Dye nod appo. • tidy.
After ITnch Plovrlits; and Scraplne e
nult Is nn Abomination.
The general discussion in re to
roadways, tho hue ar.d cry for h . e
ments, has led to some changer ti :-n
--licipated or desired, soys Tho Cultivator
and Country Gentleman, and thero is a
great deal of truth in its remarks, an any
one who haa had any experience in rid
ing oVjCr country roads after they have
been 'jpxed" can attest.
Here is a stretch of road with v, turf
•trip on each side between the road and
fences. Tho winding way, hemmed by
greensward and shaded by trees, is pic
turesque at least. It is what people like
to sco in the country. They do not ex
pect a curbed street with flagged gut
tern. The turfed sides provide a walk
for those who go on foot—for all people
in the country do not ride. This bit of
road has net been mended for years; it
needs no metodirrg; it is h»rd,"smooth,
with,a sandy shrisirattun that keeps it
well dratoad; it ceaiiot be improved in
any way, and if all roads were as fjood
as it nothing would be said about bad
Bnt the "highway surveyor" (as tho
town official who mends roads is called),
perhaps spurred on by the discussion, at
tacks the strip of road in question and
spoils it. He plows up tbe roadaido turf
and scrapes all turf, loam and sand into
the middle of the road, "rounds it up
and believes that he has rebuilt and im
proved it. Thia is a mistake. A clean,
hard, road is changed into a mudhn?°
and a quagmire. Persons on foot have
only the middle of the way, and when
they meet teams thoy are driven into the
gutter ankle deep in mud, for the sur
veyor plowed deep and made a gutter
which gullies whenever the rain falls.
The road will not be molested again for
several years and will gradually wear
down and bo safe to travel over again
about tho time the surveyor or his suc
cessor appears and "mends" again.
In somo places farmers work out a
part of their taxes by working on tho
highways, and in other places tho town
makes a contract witb a farmer to keep
tho roads in repair. Tho farmer has no
timo for roads until his farm work is
done in the fall, the worst timo in the
year to repair roada, when he plows and
scrapes and rounds np. During the fall
and spring and perhaps all winter, if
the winter is open, the new road i.i the
worst on tho circuit—a stretch of mud
through which all teams andlootpasson
gorsmust go. And they-enll this rord
improvement! It is not. It is ro«l dam
aging, pure and simple, and tho more
this kind of roadbuikltng is practiced
the greater i 3 tho incouveniei: 00, the
greater the wear and tear and the cost of
maintaining all wagon and harness gear,
and, forsooth, tho greater the huo and
cry about bad rocd'i.
Stops (Trade Mark Registered.) *tLl\
all . Scalp
[icbixtg ITA tn Humors.
Scalp. From
Ir. -BOWED 2
Dressing. Substances.
Sold by Druggists, $1; six,Js. Worth $6 a bottle
Skookum Root Hair Grower Ho.
Combined with Sulphate of Hydrastis,
Nervousness, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, De
billtyanaa low condition of the system will
be proejptly relieved ant cured by Its use.
Invaluable for overworked business men and
weak, nervous women. Pleasant, prompt and
efficient. 100 doses $1. Get tbe genuine,
manufactured only by Taylor & Myers Phar
macy Co., St. Paul, Minn.
Los Augeles agents, H. M. SALE & SON, 320
H. Spring st. 4-1 ly
Tlie Celebrated mm Un,
" — la Sold ow A ;.>-»^
tm&?*- POSITIVE f•' . 1
Ii to euro any form fo
all of nervous disease l«e
- or any disorder oi V.
A.X •jr— the generative or- >«r
suShhmX. B* r " l e 'ther sex^flFp-f
* tromtheoxcessive/
BEFORE uteof fitimalantt, AFTEf
Tobacco or Opium, orthranEh Toothful inuiac 1
!lon, over indulgence, Ac , such as Loss at Brant
Power, Wskefuiness, Bearing down Pains in tbl
back, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria. Nervous Proa
(ration, Nootarual Emissions, Lencorrhrea, Di»
tineas, Weak Memory, Loss of Pwwer and Impo
tency, whioa !f neglected often lead to prematura
aid age and insaatty. rrtc* flUOs box, S boxes
foT 15.00 Kent by'msll tin receipt of price*
15.00 order reoefved, to refund the raonea tf
n Petrnsment «mre 1s not effected. We have
thousands*af testimonials from old and young
of brrfh states, who have been permaaently cnrel
by thermef ArAtrsdltlaa. Circular free. Address
Sold by H. M. SALE & SON, 220 South Spring
street, Druggists, Los Angeles, Cal.
i OCT MAiiunnn ana vi s° r w^* l *
LUO I mAnnUUU atorsd.Varleooele.niglit
mrcd by rNDAPO. tho treat Hindoo SMISNMT. Sold
With ?'l««nU-,' ft , 9n , r.-f. -V ii,ll■. - ■ .
Oriental Medical Co., IS rijnonik risen, Chhnp, 111.
gtgmWgm Rcems 22, 24 A 25,
Schumacher blk, \
197 N. Spring 81, Ln Aigtk. Kg.
AU operations pain left to a degree '.hat cannot
JVfl All work wt-rnntf".. Oonamit*)-
from the system,
the standard
blood-purifier and
tonic. It
Cures Others
will cure you.
|?S CiprSii
Positively euro in irom thirty to sixty
daysali kinds of
Without the u?e of knife, drawing blood or de
tention from baslnesi.
Cm refer in'crestad parties to prominent Los
Antclescitlzins wnohave been treated by them
Cure guaranteed.
3-27 12m LOS ANGELES, CAL,
Pacific Coast 8. S. Co,
V.T Ageriit. Sin FrSnofeoo. Noriheru routes
embrace lints for Por;land, Ore.. Victoria, B.
C, snd Plight Sound, Alaska and all mast
lxavb ban rnincisco:
Port Harford 8. S. Corona, May 2, 11,
Santa Barbara .. 30, 29; June 7.
Kedondo.. . .as
San Pedro.. 7. 8. 9. Santa Ro«e, May 7,
Newport 10, 25; June 3.
San Diego
" For— |9. S. Loa Angelea, May 0,
Redondo 18, 27, Juno 8. •
Sun Pedro and «. S. Eoreka, May S, 14,23,
way ports. I June .1.
~FoT— 5. P. Ssnta Boss, Msy 9.18,
27, June 5.
Ban Diego 3. P. Coiona, May 4,13,22,
31, June 9,
For— i*. S. Santa Rosa, May 2, II
San Francisco.... I 20, 29, June 7.
Fort Henord .3. S. Corona, May 6,15,21,
Santa Barbara I June 2.
~For— 3. 8. Eureka, May S, 17, -26,
San Franciico June 4.
and 3. S. Les Angelei, May 3,
way ports. 12. 21. 30, June 8.
Cars to connect with steamers via ban Pedro
leaves. P. ft. B. depot, Fifth street, Los Ange
les, st 9:25 a.m.
Passengers pat steamers Corona and Santa
Boss, via Redondo, north-bound, leave Santa Fe
depot at 10 <0 a.m ; or from Redondo Railway
depot, corner Jefferson street and Grand
avenue, 9 a.m.
Paisengeis per Eureka and Los Angeles, via
Bedondo, leave Santa Fe depot at 4:05 p.m.
Flans of steamers' cables at agent's office,
whero births may be secured.
The comrany reserves the right to change
the steaim-rt or their days of sailing.
ff*r-For parsage or freight as above or for
tickets to and from all Important points in
Europe, apply to
W. PA KRIS, Agent.
Office, No. 124 W. Second st, Los Augeles.
" The Traveler's Paradise."
o Do not fall to make
'SjC thi " delightful trip.
&// T~3«2l - \> 'v.D charnii everyone.
I \° The Oceanic S. 8.
// Tfi PSfl* \ Company* steamers
'XV a^/jnsjy l *-' j snii twice a month.
\\ Il Special rates forpar-
Vt WBBp I ties of five or more.
"end 10c for "Ha-
wall," a camphlet of
i* _ rare photo jrarares, to

I I r~| f-| | £j grj
Act. Oceanic 8. Co.? 124 Second st
Tickets, C. H. WHITE. B.P.office: Burdic'k
block. 12-15 tf
On and after SATURDAY, APRIL 15th, trains
will run as follows:
Lye we«t end Temple St. Lye Hollywood.
S:3oa.m 8:00a.m
10:00 a.m 9:30a.m
11:00 a m 10:30 a.m
1:30 p.m 1:00 p.nt
2:30p.m 2:00 p.m
3:30 p'.m 3:09 p.m
6:; op.m 5:00p.m
4-13 tf 8. GOODENOW, Pres't.
Redondo Railway.
Summer Time Card No. 10.
IN EFFECT 5 A. M. MONDAY, MAY 29, 1893.
Los Angelei Depot, Corner Grand avenue and
Jefferson streot.
Take Grand ay. cable or Main st. and Agri
cultural Park horse cars.
Trains Lesve Trains leave
Les Angeles Redondo
for Redondo for Los Angeles
warts, bays wbek days
7:50 a.m. 7:20 am.
9:00 a.m. 9:10 a.m.
1:35 pm. 11:00 a.m.
5:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m.
7:50 a.m. 7:20 a.m.
9 00 s.m. 9:10 a.m.
10:30 a.m. 11:00 am.
1:35 pm. 2:59 p.m.
4:00 p.m 4:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m 5:30 p.m.
Running time between Los Angoles and Re
dondo Beach, 50 minutes.
City Ticket office at A. B. Greenwald'o cigar
store, corner First and Spring streets.
Compagßie Generale Transatlantique.
j North river, foot of Morton street.
Travelers by this line avoid both transit by
English railway aad the discomfort of crossing
the channel in a small Mat.
For freight or passage apply to
A. FORGET, Agent,
No. 3 Bowling Green, New York.
T. F. FTTf>*ZI A CO . soroits. X Moot-om'rv
Sonthora Pacific Gompsny.
APRIL 23, 1803.
Train* leave and .tie dvi to arrive at
loa Akollm (AKOAI)fI urp(ir),
Fifth street, dally, aafuliow-:
leave fori tibsTlHation. i Art. from
8:30 am Banning aid 10 a m
a4i3o p.m Banning t no p, nl
Col.on f-9 .il s.tj
S::;o a.m Colton a'.O lo ski
10:30 a.m Uiillon 4:bo n.m
4 RO p.m .Colton... (1:1.1 p.m
s>;3o a m ..Demieg and ttait.. 4:1 v p.m
8:30 a.35 .El I'liso aud Ea,t . ■ 4:00 i.tfi
rhino rli I a.m
8:30 a.m Chine aS.BO s.m
4:30 p.u Chino Aid: 10 t.m
Afli'S p.m Chino 0:15 put
0:85 a.tfl bong leh A san Po-lro 8:15 a.m
12:40 r.n, Sab Pedro dt j-ong Bch 11 sii a.m
5:00 p.n-. Lonir Bch A San Pedrj 4:15 p.m
•J 00 rra Otrtcn fs.»t,2dcUs> 7:30 n.m
10:40 i* in Igdcn A KBIt. tsto ast 12-30 p.o
10;l0 t.u Foitlknd, Or 7:80e..-.i
Rlve.slde s»:81 a.m
5 80 a vi Klrers do AlO:10 a.v.
10 Si) n.n- BlTcrside 4:00 p.ni
4-30 p.iii Riverside 0:16 p.in
ian "erhttdlno ... Filial n.m
K:3O ai! Bgtl Bsjnamino... a!0:IO n.m
10:3 v n.m .'an v ruftidtno.... 4:00 p.m
4:30 p vi . ..Ssu Bernardino... (i: 5 p.m
Kedlaed;.. Miul a.m
8 30 a.m Redlauds AlO: O a.m
10:80 a nl Bedlandl 4:00 p.iu
430 p.u ..."..Badlands filsi.ro
2:09 r.m Stn Fran, ct SAoranTto 7:30 s.m
10:10 c .n-, *an Fran, b SaoraOUo 12:3 up.m
t.3.3. a.miSintu Ana A Anaheim 9:03 a.m
5:10 p.n;|<»nta Am is Anahctm a!: 04 p.m
9:25 A.m] 8-uita Berbafa.... l :30 t-.m
455 pro .. .Santaßarbara... 0:10 p.m
50.20 a.mania Monica. .. s os o.m
8:SO -.m .... B»nta Monica 8:50 a.m
10:-i0 a.a- ....Baata Monte*. ... 18:10 r-«>
110 p.ni ... .Banta Monica..... 425 r-m
5:15 p.m... Santa Honl.'ta 5:37 f.m
0;16 p.b> Santa Monica Fl> 85 p.m
A9:2spn> ... .Santa Monloa. . A 8:33 p.ui
10:.tf am Boldlcrs' Home— 80S <.m
«:1B p.m.. Sjtditri' Homo . 5.37 p.m
k»:80 a.m . Port Los Angeles... 512:,0p.m
S9:' , o «.r> . .Port Los Angeles... a*:2s p.m
BK):20 a.m .Port Los Angeles... 85:37 p.m
si; 10 pis: . .Port Los Angeles .. 00:35 ;.m
4 54 p.m luslltt 6-43 s.m
A 8:40 a.nt Whittier 6:13 a.m
4:52 p.m ».littler. 41:49 p.a
Rvetv Sunday b: t.lnnlng at 10:10 -.m. < Si -ro
will been hourJy train service between Saul*
Monica and the mammoth wharf at Port ~oi
AngeleK. Last train leaves the mammoth wharf
».i 5 :00 '
Southern Pacific company's trains connect at
San Pedro wllh the fine ueaniahtp Falcon:
Leave. | Arcade Depot Arrive.
9:2* a.m Sitardaya
| Mondays 4:15 p.m
Take Rants Monica trains from 3in Fernandt
street NiOd's inaction. Commercial street,
Arcade dep t, Jefferson stro>t (Winthrop sta
tion). Grand avenue; or Unlveratty.
For north: Arciido, Oomm*roial stroet.Naud's
Jonetiou, San Fernaado street.
For east: Arcade, Commercial street, Naud's
For other branches: Arcade, Commercial
street, Ntud's Junction, San Fernsndo stroll.
Local nnd through tickots sold, bun-rage
cheeked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
raade. and gen- ral Information given upon ap
plication to J. M. OBAWLEV, AS«t. Q Pis. Agt,,
No 144 8, Spring St., cor. Second. CUABLSd
bEYLKB, Ageut at dopoti.
f Sundays only.
A Sundays «re*pted.
fclOH'D GRAY, Ben. Traffic Mgr.
Con'l Passenger Agt,
0 OOMP tNI. (Santa Fe Route.)
Leave, r Arrive.
* 5:15 p.m! .. .Chicago Limited.... * 7:30 a.m
* 7:00 am 1 .. Overland f xpress.. > 6:! 8 p.m
* S:!* a.ml. San DltgoCoist Line.. !* 1:15 r-m
* 430 p ml. Sin Diego Coast Line I* 6:50 p.m
* 7:o»a.m 1 1 I* 7 50 a.m
* 9:00 am! . .Ban Bernaruino... |* 9:50 a.m
f l:30p m;-j via Pasadena ... ><t 1:26 p.m
* 4.00 p.ml 6:18 p.m
* 5:15 p m I J t 7:35 p.m
» 7:00 a.m! ( Riwr Ido via i f 1:25 p m
* 9 Ooam l...Sanßernardino...> 6:18 p.m
t 1:30 p m f )
* 6:05a.m c .. Blverstdeand.... 1 "10:15a.m
ill OOa.m i...Sin Bernardino.. > * 3:55 p.m
* 4:30p.m t via Oraaae. > * 0:50 p.m
* 7:00 a.m fKedlands, Mentone"! * 9:50 a.m
* 9:00 a.m....and Highland... I t J:?§ P- m
t l:30p m!< vli > • 0:18 p m
* 4 00p.m Pssitrl»Ba | ,f 7:35 p.m
* 5:15p.ml I J
* 6:05 a.m: cKe-llands. Mentone! *10:15 a.m
tll:00a.m fand Highland, vlaJ * 3:»5 pro
* 4:30 0 m 'Orange A Riverside' I' 6:50 p m
* 9:00a.m: f 1 li 7:35 a m
t10:25a.m '..Azusa, Pasadena.. * 8:43 a.m
* l:SOp.m and • 9:50 n.m
* 4:00p.m -f intermediate r * 1:25 p.m
t 5:35 p.m a.atioas * 1:111 p.m
1 6:35p.m * 6'lS p m
1 7:oopm V J t 7:35 pm
* 7:00a.m Pasadena * 7:50 a.m
* 5:15p.m .Pasadena * I:2spm
* 6:05 a.m SantaAua * 8:50 a m
* 8:15 a.m Santa Ana „
t 1:50 p m Santa Ana * t :15 p.m
* 4:30 p.m Santa Ana » 6:60 p.m
* 8:55 a.m Eanta Monica * 8:43 am
•10:00a.m Santa Monica * 2:15 p.m
* 1:30 p.m Santa Monica • 4.44 p.m
* 5:25p.m Santa Monica * 6:10 p.m
* 9:05 a.m Bedondo * 8:29 a.m
"10;O0a,m Redondo * 2:15 p.m
* I:3opm Bedondo * 4:44 p.m
* 5 25p.m Redondo *o:iop.m
t 9:00 a.m'San Jacinto v. Pasadena p ilSfi p m
ill:00 Jacinto via Orange t 3:f-5 p.m
t 9:00 a.mlTemtcula via Paradeua 1 1:25 p.m
ill :00a.m . .Temecula via Orange. I10:l5p.m
t 8:15 a mlEaeondldo v. Coast Line t 1:15 p.m
t 4:30p.m | |
•Dai y, f Daily except Sunday. JSundays only.
E. W. McGEE, City Pas. and T. Agt,
129 N. Spring St., Los Angoles.
ED. CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent,
Depot foot First st. First-st. Depot.
Los Angeles Taninl R'y.
Lo« Angeles depots: last end of First street
and Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Loe Angeles for Leave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Lob Angeles.
t 6:38 n.m t 7:15 a.m
- 7:10 a.m ' 8:05 a.m
* 8:00 a.m * 9 05 a m
* 9:00 a m "10:35 a.m
•10:30 a.m »12:0O m
•12:15 p m. * 1:05 p.m
* 1:25 p.m * 2:05 p.m
* 2:25 p.m • 4:01 p m
* 4:00 p.m * 5:25 p.m
* 5:80 p.m * 7:05 p.m
* 6,20 p.m
• 9:30 p.m
1A;00 p.m '11:45 r m
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later.
Leave Los Angeles foi Leave Altadena lor
Altadena. Los Angeles.
•10:30 a.m "It :35 a m
1 2:2(5 p.m t 3:40 p.m
• 4:00 p.m * 5:00 p.m
AlTTralne start trom First-street depot.
Leave Los Angeles for' Leave Gleudale lor Los
Glendale. Angeles.
t 0:45 a.m » 7:25 a m
i 8:15 a m 1 8:05 a.m
•12 00 m " 1:30 p.m
• 5:25 p.m * 6:15 p.m
Leave Los Angeles for Lesvo Esst San Pedro
Long Beaoh and East for
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
•~9:45 a.m * 7:15 a.m
{12:45 p.m 111:15 a m
• 5:15 p.m * 3:35 p m
Between East San Pedro and Long Beach 10
San Gabriel Valley Rapid Transit Railway.
Leave Los Angeles fer Leave Monrovia for Los
Monrovia. Angeles.
• 7:66 a.m t 8:55 a m
•11:10 a m * 8:55 a m
• 2:55 p.m *T2:45 n.m
• 5 23 p.m * 4:00 p.m
•Dally. (Daily.except Sundays. {Sundays only.
Stages meet the 3:00 a. m. and 12:16 p.m.
trains at Pasadena for Mt WUaouon new traiL
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 8 a.m.
train far Wilson's peak oau return toe same day
Theater nights the 11 p.m. train wIU wait 20
minutes after the theater is out when later than
10:40 p.m.
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots eaat end First street and Downey ave
nue bridges.
General offices, First-street Depot.
tTb. BURNETT, General Manager,
jy2-tf W. WLSCOP, (sea. Passenger Act.
Baker Iron. Works
050 TO 968 BUSH A VISTA ST.,
LOS ANClttL.rei. OAL.
And Stage Line.
Thin retort ii sttnated In Bear Valley, 40
mi ■ from Han Bernardino; altitude (1700 feet.
Is readied by stago line irom S»n Bernardino.
r>taa> leaves New Bt. Charlo<l Motel on'luea
ilayatttf) n.m. from May lfilh toJunolSth;
1 ilnUlAfs and Fridays after above date. A fine
f-.u:-c;i:e-l spring stago hss b?en built ei
prciMy far this route, and will bo driven by
careful and sober drivers.
1 urgent trout oaught in tbe state at this re-
Fort. ISoati, (addle uorsoa aud burros tor hire
at 'ho hotel. First trie up on May 10th. The
earlier yon come tho better fishing you will
Eonrd and lodging IJIIO and $12 per week, 82
pertl*v. Bound-trip tickets $7. For full par
ticular's inquire of 0. S. 11. R. ticket omco, Los
Auge.es, aud New Bt. Charles Hotel, San Ber
Groceries, provisions and fishing tackle for
m" ut store adjolnlug hoiel.
6-7 it jf?* KNIGHT, JR., Frop'r,
iffif A. Wa Sw&nfGldt,
! Telephone 13GO. Va-?§*i
Awnings & Cotton Duck.
5 14 tf
tf uccetsors to Clark & Humphreys)
Wholesale and Retail
o(Tee, 123!< West Second St., Bnrdlck block.
Yards at Redondo and Loa Angeles. 118 ly
Oraduato of Lava) and McGlil,
Mining- E^ugfincer.
Head office, Queeec; brand office, Montreal,
Canada. 12-20 ly
—2;Bmbalming a Spscialtyff}—
A Iwavg Open. Telephone 81.
HACK 1 Three-Beater
Day or Night. I With or Without Driver.
820 S. Main st„ bet. Eighth and Ninth,
Telephono 297, Los Angeles.
Good rifts, gentle horses and reliable driven.
Pricea reasonable. Special attention to boc«%a
bonded by tne day, -wmoi or month. Horses to
let by th". day, week or month. Brick stable*.
Are proof. *"
From $7.50 Up. Fine Porcelain,
8 27 417 Soath Spring Street. 6m
Guarantee Cure for Gonorrhroa, Chronic Gleet, Run
ning Fleer) or Strictures, and Leucorrhaia, of long
standing positively cured from sto 14 days. Sold by
Dnigsists MTd only by SIM'THERN CALIFOR
NIA Refill CO., has Angeles, Cal., C. ». A.
Price, SI. P. O. Box 55.
•„• Ask your drunrirt for INJECTION TRUE
BUT- Prices low for cash, or will sell on iu
staliinents. Tel. 984, P 0. Box 921.
bRLy Coner of Commercial,
tmmM\\mm\\VwMm\\\\\\\W ßen Francisco, cal. Bs-
in SSS4. for
treatment of Sexual and
diseases, such
«j^^Hssssssssssssßsssa u Gonorrhea, Gleet,
syphilis in
Its forms, Seminal
Weakness, Impotency and Lost Manhood por
manently cured. Th 3 Blek aad afflicted should
not fell io call upon bim. The Doctor has trav
eled extensively in Europe and inspected thor
oughly the various hospitals there, obtaining
a great deal of valuable Information, which he 14
competent to lsspart to those in need of his set
vines. The Doctor cures where other* fail.
Try him. DE. GIBBON will make no charge
unless ha effects a care. Persons at a distance
CORES AT HOME. All communications
strictly confidential. All letters answered ia
slain envelopes, Call or write. Andreas
Box 1957, San Francisco, CaL
_Vteatlen Lea Aneeles Hbhald. 18-17 1»
Notice to Bridge Builders.
of I.o* Angeles county, California, May
l«th, 1893.
Noiine is hereby given that sealed proposal*
will bo received by the board of supervisors up
to 3 o'olock p. in., on Thursday. June Ist, 1893,
for the repairing ol three bridges of 16 feet
roadway on Michigan avenue iv Canada road
district, two of said bridges to be fifty (50.1 foot
span each, the other forty (40) foot span.
Binders will submit plans, specifications,
strain sheets and working details, and for fur
ther Information relative thereto apply to the
clerk of tbo board of supervisor*.
Bach bid must be accompanied with a certified
check in the rum of one hundrod dollars ($100)
made payable to T. H. Ward, county olerk.
The board reserves the right to rejeot any or
al) bids.
By order of the board of suporvisora ol Loa
Anfeles county, California.
T. H. WARD, County Clerk.
By J. M. Donsmoor, Deputy. 5-18 14t
Notice of Application for Dissolution,
AN Fullertou Land and Trust oompany has
had filed In this court its application for dls
aolutlon, and that the same will be hoard be
fore depsrtm«nt No. 4of tbe superior court of
the county of Los Augoles on she 26th day of
,t".r tsnf. «t 10 o'e'oeV n m. of sa,id d>». o»
Ordinance No. 1685.
■ 1 tion ot tho mayor and conncil of the city of
I.os Angel's to establish the grade of Corn
mlogs street from First street to Sixth sireet.
The mayor and council of the city of Loa
Augeles do ordain as follows:
section 1. That it la the Intention of the
counoll of the city of l.os Angeles to establish
tbo grade of Cnmmlnga street from First street
to Sixth sireet as follows:
At the interaction ot First street the grade
iball be, as now established, 38 60. en the
southwest and southeast corner; at the inter
section of Second street, 31.72 on the north
west corner, 31.90 on tho northeast corner,
31.67 on the southwest oorner, and 31.86 on
the southeast corner; at the Intersection ot
Third street, 80.00 on the northwest and north
east corner, aad 29 .' 0 on tho southwest and
southeast corner; at the Intersection of Fourth
street, 20.00 on tbe northwest and southwest
corner, and 19.00 on tho northeast and south
east corner; at a point 440 feet South of tho
south line Of Fourth street, in the west line of
Cumminga street, 33 00 and 82 00 in tha eaat
line; at a point 000 foot south of the south line
of Fourth street H7.00 iv the west line of Com
mlngß street, and 36 00 in tbe east line; at tho
Intersection of Sixth streot. 35.00 on the north
west corner and 34.00 on the northeast corner.
And at all point* between said designated
points tbe grsdo shall be established so a* to
conform to a straight line drawn between .laid
designated points,
Elevations are in feet and above city datum
Sic. 2. The olty cleric shall certify to the
passage of this ordinance aud shall cause the
same to bo published for ten days iv tho Los
Angeles Herald, and thereupon and thereafter
It shall take effect and be In force.
I hereby certify that the foregoing ordlnanco
was adopted by the oouncil of the city of Los
Angeles at it* meeting of May 16lh, 1893.
O. A. LUCKENBACH. Olty Clerk
Appioved this 19th day of May, 1993.
5- 24 lOt Mayor,
Ordinance No. 1686.
i\. tentlonof the mayor and council ol tho
cltyof Los Augeles to establish the grade of
Ocean View avenuo from Alvarado street to
Bonnie Brae street.
The mayor and council of tho oity of Los An
eelos do ordain as follows:
SacrioH t. That it is the Intention of ths
council of the city of Los Angolt* to establish
tbe grade of OceaaView avenue from Alvarado
street to donnlo Brae strest, as follows:
At tbe intersection ol Alvarado street, as now
established 99 00 on the northeast corner and
103.00 on the southeast corner; at the intersec
tion of Quebec street 138.00 on tho northwest
corner, and at a point opposite to said corner in
tho south side; 137.00 on the northeast cirner
and at a point opposite to said corner in tho
south side: at the intersection of Bonnie Bran
street 133.00 on the northwest corner and
137.80 on the suutt™«st corner.
And At all points between aaid des'gnatcd
points tbe grades shall be ostab'.iahed so as to
conform to a straight lino drawn between laid
designated points.
Elevations are in foet and abovo olty datum
Sec ?. Ordinances Nos. 1142 and 1591 (new
series) are heruby repealed.
Sac. 3. The city clerk rhall certify to tho
passage of this ordtnance aud shall cause tho
same to ho published for ton days in the Los
Angeles Herald, and thereupon and thero
after It shall tnl-.o effect and b« iv force.
I hereby oortify that the above ordinance
was adopted by the couucil of tho city of Los
Angeles at Its meeting of May 15ih. 1593.
Oity Clerk.
Approved thi* 19th day of May. 1893.
6- 24 lOt T. E, ROWAN, Mayor.
Tar Springs Asphalt Company, Los
Angeles, Cal.
la delinquent npon the following de
scribed stock, on kccount of assessment levied
on the 19th day of April, 1393, the several
amounts set opposite the names of the respect
ive shareholders, as follows:
No. of No of
Name. Cert. Shares, Am't.
OzroW. Childn 5 100 3 10 00
OzroW. Child* 46 3550 355 00
Andrew Mullen 63 2800 280 09
Jhancey L. Watrous. Oil 1775 177 50
chanoey L. Watrous. 67 8626 862 60
And In accordauce with law, so many shares
of each parcel of stock as may be necessary
will be sold at public auction, on the 10th day
of June, 1893, between the hours of ten (10)
and eleven (11) o'clock a. m., at the office of
tbe company, No. 11l Fouth Broadway, in the
olty of Los Angeles, Cel., to pay delinquent as
sessment thereon, together with cost of adver
tising a nd expenses of sale.
Dated this 24thday of May, 1893.
5-24 td CAL. F. HUNTER, Steretary.
Application for License—Saloon.
I,T. H. Ward, clerk of the county of Los An
ireics, California, and ex-officio clerk of the
Boaru of Supervisors thereof, do hereby certify
that, under the provisions of an ordluanoe
entitled, "Ordinance Imposing Licenses and
Fixing Rates thereof in the county of Los An
geles, State of California," passed by said
Board March 4, 1893, the following applica
tion for license under section 3 thereof has
been filed with said Board, and tlist the hear
ing of said application has by said Board been
fixed for the 7th day of June, 1893, st 10
o'clock a.m., to-wlt:
Filed May 22,1893; names, Chas. P. Walker
and G. 0. Wallace; location, San Feruando;
business, saloon.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my official seal this 22d day
of May, 1893.
[skal T. H. WARD,
Clerk of Los Angeles County, Cal.. and ex-ofll
clo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
By J. M. Duhsmoor, Deputy Clerk.
5-23 7t
Order to Show Canse Why Order of
Sale of Heal Estate Should Not fie
ty of Los Angeles. State of California.
In the matter of the estate of John Hancock,
Ida Hancock, the administratrix of the estate
of said deceased, having filed a petition herein
duly verified praying for an order of sale of
real estate of said decedent, for the purposes
therein set forth—
It Is therefore ordered, by said court, that all
persons interested in the estate of said de
ceased, appear before tbe said superior court
on Tuesday the27thdayof June, 1893, at 10
o'clock a. m , of said day, at the court room of
said superior oonrt, department 2 thereof, in
the court house, in said county of Les Angeles,
state of California, lo show cause why an Older
should not be granted to the said petitioner to
sell to muc hot the real estate of the said de
ceased a* shall be necessary.
And that a copy of this order be published at
least four successive weeks in the Herald, a
newspaper printed and published in said coun
ty of Los Angeles.
Judge of the Superior Csnrt.
Dated, May 26th, 1893.
H. A. Barclay, attorney. S-29 men 4t
Notice of Dissolution of Corporation.
ty of Lo* Angeles, State of California—No
tice of dissolution of corporation, The Los An
geles Gas Company.
Pursuant to the order of the court, notice la
hereby given that on the 28th day of April,
1893, The Los Angeles Gas Company and the
director* thereof, by leave of court first ob
tained, filed In the office of tbe clerk of the
Superior Court of the county of Lo* Angeles
their petition for the voluntary dissolution of
said corporation.
All nersons interested will take no tie* that
on Monday, the 12th day of June, 1893, the
petitioners will, nnless objections be filed, ap
ply to the oonrt for the order prayed for at De
partment 5, in the County Court Houae oft he
county of Los Angel**. tl _
All persons having such objections must fll*
the same with the clork of thla conrt at any
time before the expiration of this notice.
Dated this 28th day of April, 1893.
[Seal of Co. Clerk] T. H. WARD, Clerk.
By F. E. I.owrv, Deputy.
Cheney & Orenin, Attorneys for Petitioners.
4-29 451
Notice to Whom It May Concern.
ing to law of unredeemed gold, silver,
filled case and nickel watches, dia
mond and geld ear-rings, breast-pins,
rings, sleeve buttons, collar buttons, sil
verware, gold headed cane* and umbrellas,
dock*, guitars, mandolins, violins, banjos,
pistol*, guns, rifles. Optra and field giat.es,
mcrcßßum pipes and oi»ar holders, overcoats,
coats, pants and vest*, valises, trunks, books,
saddDs, surveyors' instruments, drums and mv
sical instruments, and all goods pawned with
rr>e from Jnlv 1. 189?! to Jannarv 1, 1893, at
Notice of Street Work.
I'< Monde--, the Sib day of May. A. D.
1893, the cour-cll of ths olty of Lot Angelea
did, at lta meeting on laid day, adopt an ordi
nance of intention, number 1864 {new series),
to bave the following work done, to-wit:
First—That said Lyell street in said olty,
from tho southerly curb line of Mozart street to
the northerly curb line of Euhtts, including
aM intersections of streets (excepting inch por
tfbns of said street and intersections as are re
quired by law to be kopt in order or repair by
any person or company having railroad tracts
thereon, and also excepting such portions aa
havo already been graded and graveled and
accepted.) be graded and graveled In accord
ance with the plans aad profile on file In tho
office of the city engineer and specifications on
file in tbe office of the city clerk of the city of
Los Angeles for graveled streets, said specifica
tions being numbered Dye.
Seoond—That a redwood flnrb be constructed
along esoh line of the roadway of safd Lyell
street from the southerly curb line of Mozart
street to tho northerly enrb Una of Knhrta
street (excepting aloof such portions of the
line of said roadway upon which a red woo-?,
cement or granite cm b has already been con
structed aud aocepted,) in accordance with
specifications in the offico of the ctty clerk ef
said city for constructing redwood cutbs,
Sao. 2. Tho city engineer having estimated
that the total cost of said improvement will be
greater lhaa ono dollar per front foot along
each line of said s reet, Including the cost of
Intersections. It Is hereby determined, in pur
suance of an aot of the legislature of the stats
of California, approved February 27fh, 1593,
that ..onds shall be Issued toreefessntthe east of
said improvement. Said bonds shall be serial,
extending user a period of ten years, aa even
proportion of which shall b» payable annually
on tho seoond day of January of each year,
after their date nntil the whole are paid, aud to
boar interest at tho rate of 7 per out per an
num, payable semi annually on the second
days of January and July of cscn and every
year. *
Reference Is hereby mode to tbe said or
dluancoof intention for further particular*.
Street Superintendent,
By A. I. Stewart, Deputy. 5 25-0t
Notice of Street Work.
IN day, the Bth day of May, A. D. 181 M,
the council of the city of Los ingoles did, at
its meeting ou said day, adopt an ordinance of
intention, No. 1083 (New Series), to have tha
following work done, to wit;
That said nortlon of Second street In said
olty, between a point 144 feet east of the east
line of Los Angeles street and the weet line of
Alameda 3lreul, required by law to bs kept In
order and repair by any person or company
having railroad tracks thereon, and oeing that
portion of said street lying between tbe tracks
of the street railroad company occupying the
same, bjtwoen the rails thereo', for two feet on
each Side ol said tracks, be paved with bitu
minous llmo rock surface aud csncrots base,
according to plans and specifications on file In
tht-office ol the city engineer and specifications
on file in the office of the city clerk of the city
of Los Angeles for paving streets with bitumin
ous lime rock surface and concrete base, said
specifications being uumbered one.
Sic. 2 The city engineer having estimates!
that tho total cost of said mprovement will ba
greater thau two dollars per lineal foot, It la
horeby determined, in pursuance of en act of
the legislature of the stale of California, ap
provedFobruary 27,1803, that unless within
30 days after tue recording of the return of tho
warrant, or within five dsys after the decision,
of the council ou an appeal, in cats an appeal
be taken, tho said porsou or company shall nay
the cost of said work, or file with the street
superintendent of said city a notice that
ho or it does not desire to pay for
the cost ot said work by installments, that
bonds shall be Issued by the street superin
tendent ol said city to represent the cost of
said improvement. Said bonds shall be serial,
extending over a period of ten years, an even
proportion of which shall be psyable annnally
on tho 2d day of Janaary ot each year, after
their date until th? whole are paid, and to bear
interest at the rate of 7 per cent per annum,
payable semi-auaually on tbe 2d days of Jan
uary and July of each and every year.
Reference is hereby made to the said ordi
nance of intention lor further particulars,
Street Superintendent.
By A. I. Stewart, Deputy. 5-25et
Notice of Street Work.
Monday, the Bth day of May, A. D.
I 1893, the couucil ot the city of Los Angeles
I did, at its meeting on said day, adapt an ordl
■ nance ot Intantluu, number 1667 (nbw series),
- to have the following work done, to-wlt;
First—Thst said Vine sireet in .aid olty
from tho southerly curb Hue of First street
i totbe northerly curb line of Second street, in
cludlug sli lutjrsecaoss of streets (excepting
such portions of said street and in teraeotions as
are required by law to be kept In order or repair
by auy person dr Company havineraHroad tracks
thereon, and also excepting such portions aa
have already boongraded, graveled and accept
ed), be graded smd 'graveled In accordance with
the plans and profile on fllo In the office of the
city engineer a*id specifications on fMe in the
office of the cliy clerk of the oity of Los Ancelos
for making graveled streets, said specifica
tions belne numbered five.
Second—That a cement curb be constrncted
along each lino of the roadway of said Vine
street from the southerly curb line of
Firts street lo tbe northerly curb line of Second
street, (excepting along such portions ot
the line of said roadway upon which a cement
or granite curb has already been constructed
ana accepted.) in accordance with specifica
tions in tho ofllce of the city olerk of said city
for constructing cement curbs, aaid specifica
tions baing numbered twelve.
Third—That a cement sidewalk six feet in
width bo constructed along each side of said
Vine street, from the southerly curb line ol
First street to the northerly curb line of Becond
street, (excepting such portion* of said
struct between said poiutß aloug which a cement
or asphalt sidewalk has beeu constructed and
accepted), said sidewalk to bo constructed lv
accordance with specifications on flle in the
office of the city clerk, said specifications being
numbered twelve.
Reference is hereby mode to the satd ordi
nance of intention for further partionlars.
D. A. WATSON, Street Superintendent.
By A. I. Stewart, Deputy. 5 28 6t
Notice of Street Work.
Mouday, the Bth day of May, A. D.
1893, the council of tbe city of Los Angeles
did, at its meeting on said day. adopt an ordi
nance of intention, number 1666 (new series),
to have the following work done, to wit:
First—That said Wolfskill avenue in said city
from the southerly enrb line of Second street to
the northerly curb line of Third street, includ
ing all intersection* of streets, (excepting such
portion* of said street aud intersections as are re
quired by law to be kept in order or repair by
any person or company having railroad tracks
the.eon, and also excepting such portions a*
hare already been graded and graveled and ac
cepted,) be graded and graveled In accordance
with the plansand profile on flle in the office of
theclty engineer and specifications on file in
the office of the city clerk of the city of Los
Angeles for making graveled streets, said spec
ifications being numbered five.
Second—Tbat a cement curb be constructed
alongeach lineof the roadway of said *ollskUl
avenue, from the southerly curb line of Second
street to the northerly curb line of Third
street (excepting aloug such portions of the
line of said roadway upon which a cement
curb has already been constructed and
accepted) In accordance with specifications
in the office of the elty clerk of eald city for
constructing cement curbs, ssid specifications
being numbered twelve.
Third—That a cement sidewalk tlx feet in
width be constructed along each aide of said
Wolfskill avenue from the southerly oarb line
of Second street to the northerly euro line ol
Third street (excepting such portions of said
street between said poiotsaloug which a cement
or asphalt sidewalk has been constructed and
acctpted), saldsldewalk to be constructed in ac
cordance with specifications on flle In the office
of the city clerk, said sneclfltations being
numbered twelve.
Reference is bereby made to the said ordi
nance of intention for further particulars.
Street Superintendent
By A. L Stbwabt, Deputy. 5-88-8t
Notice of Award of Contract.
resolution of award ol the olty council ot
the city of Los Angeles, adopted nay 22, 1893,
directing this notice, notice is hereby ilven
that the said city counoll in open session, on
the 155h day of May. 1893, opened, examined
and publicly declared all sealed proposal* or
bids offered for the following work, towit:
First—That a cement aidewalk six feet la
wldtb be constructed along the north aide of
■aid Eleventh street from the westerly lineof
Pearl street to the easterly Hue of Georgia Bell
street, (excepting such portion* of said street
between said points along which a cement or
asphalt sidewalk hat been constructed and ao
cepted), said sidewalk to be oonstruetoel in ac
cordance witb specifications on flle in the
office of the eitycferk, aaid specifications being
uumbered twelve.
and thereafter, to-wit: Oaths 22d day ot
May, 1893, awarded the oontraot io; .aid work
to the lowest rognlar responsible bidder, towit:
To Thomas A. Grant, at the prices named foe
said work in hi* proposal on flle, towit;
12 cents per square foot, and that tbe said >
award has neen approved by the maver. 1

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