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Stock liohtig* Review.
Nlw York, June 20 — Speculation at Ihe
•tock exchange waa quiet again today. At the
opening Manhattan, Nstiousl Cordage and
Omaha prelei red were conspicuous for strength-
Cordage was better on prospects lor an early re
organization of the property. Soon after the
opening London sold, snd at the same time
money on 011 l advanced t> 25 per cent. This
gave Ihe bears au opportunity to brln< about a
decline of to 2! 4 per ceut; but the pressure to
fell was not large by any means. T he .nnoc.nr e
nient that the Bans of Commerce ha t appiitd
to the clearing Hoti'e loin committee tor
•1,000,000 ou certificates had no 1> fiaonce.
Now that the Bank of Commerce, shows the
way, smaller Institutions and others not In as
good ahape financially Kill probably loi ow
suit, aud money In conniqncncashould oasuup,
parttculsiiy in mercantile circles. Iv the loan
department sct.ve -locks lent at 5 lo "0 per
cent lor carrying. The market left off woik.
Government b jiids closed 111 in.
New York, June 20 - Move) on call, active,
ranging from 0 to 25 po; cent; cloted odered at
8 per cent.
Prlmo mercantile P'por, 6(a>B per cent
Sterling exchange, heavy; bankers' 00 day
bills at $4 Ml■':; demand, $4 83;.'!$
San Francisco, June 20.- Drafts: Sight, par;
telegraphic, 05c.
• New Yoke, June 20.—c osing quotations wero
aa follows;
U.S. regular 109',.; I Lead Trust 21
V. 8. 4s, coupnn. Northwestern 1"3' B
P. 8. 2a, regular .Os do preferred ...IvJm
Pacific Oi 10214 N. ». Central 1.114
Atchison. 23'/, Oregon Imp 12
American Ex ..It 5 'Oregon Nay 00
Canadian Pacific. 78 short Llue 12
Canada Southern. 50 Pscill j Mail I »%
Central Pacific. 25 ullman Palace..lo7
C B. AQ Readllg Wi
Chicago Gas B'.iy, Rlci, mend Ttr 2
Colton till 35 Rio Grand Westru 10
Del. A Lackawanal42'; do preferred .57
Denver AU. 0.... 43), do firsts 74
Distiller* 21»a> I'.ock lslond 7\M
Illinois Central.... 03 st. Paul 88>«
Kansas ,v Texas SOW St Paul A Omaha 40
Lake Shore. .. 122', BugarTru«t 17
Louisville .v N OH', I>xas Pacific o'<
Michlgin Cen.... 05 Union Paolttc 28Je
Mlasour.'Pacific 33 , If. 8 ExprcsH t>o
National Cordage. 12it Wells-Fargo gx. . .135
Northern Pacific. LgK 'Wes'ern Union.. 82Vj
do preferred.... 86% General Electric. 71 l 4
North American.. BY. Unseed Oil 31
*Ex dividend.
Boston, June 20.—Following were the closing
Atchison Central. 8
Bell Telephone... 04 Isan Diego 8
0. B. AIL 50 I
■•II .:: i. SHARES.
New York; Juno 20.-Miulng ahareaClosed
aa follows:
Croam Point 70|0phir 170
Con. Cal. A Va... 1 Bt>,Plymouth *5
Desdwood lOOsandaid 100
Gould A Curry. .. .80 I'nlou Cou 80
HaleA Noicross.. Yellow Jacket ... 1.30
Homeatake 10 Oollron silver. 18
Uhtorio 14.50 Quicksilver 2.00
Mexican 1.10 do nreferrod .. 15 00
Sierra Nevada . .. .05'Bulwer 10
San Fhamctsco, Juuo 20. - Clodni quotations
xie.cber I.2s|Potoal 180
Best A Bolcherl . 1 HO uplilr 1.H5
Choilar 85 uvage 00
con Virginia 1 75 . rra Nevada 90
Confidence 1.10 lnlon ijnn 85
Gould A'.nrry 75 fellow Jacket 1.90
Hale ANororosa.. .05
Clearing House Business.
Loa \ ■ i June 20 —Tod sy's bualnesa was
as folloes: Clearings, $231,648.45; balances,
$40,404.00. _
Silver Bullion.
Bah Fhamcibco, Jane 20.—Silver bsrs, &IYJ%>
83n per otiuce.
Mezlesn dollars, UOfISOO . ,•.
Ni * Vohk, June 20. is v silver, 82J a c per
j ounce.
Mexican dollars, 6isc
San Francisco Market Review.
San FiiAK-cisr.o, June 20.—Foreign eichange
was weak aud dud this morning. Th-re are
few chsngea of Impirttuce lv tbe commercial
markets. Bualnuss Is quiet.
The produ je markets are fairly active.
Potatoes are dolug belter.
Onions are steady,
Peacbea and apricots are cheaper.
Fonltry Is quiet: prices firmer.
Butter is unchanged,
Cheeae li dull.
Vrgetables moved slowly today.
Chicago Grain Markets.
" -a"
Chicago. June 20.—Wheat was active. The
market opor.ed a shade lower; deonned lc on
StCQfUPt Of tight money, some banks refusing
to .enew mans on wneat: held steady, and
elnsed la lower than vestcday.
Receipts weie So.ooo bushels; shipments, i
0000 bushels.
Closing quotations: Wheat, easy; cash,
July, 6Wo.
Corn—kasy; cs'h, 41'j'c; July, 41 7 io.
Oats—Easy; cash, 30;»c; July, 30c.
Flax-91 00.
Tlmothy-83 00.
San Franqiaco. June 20.— *heat, stead j;
Deoember, < i i 1
Farley—Firm; December, 91L,c; seller 03,
new, 83V4C
LivaarooL, June 2?.—Wheat; Demand mod
erate; prices iinchaagt d.
Corn—Demand fait: spot closed steady st 4s
5Wd. Futures easj ; June cicsed easy at 4s 3>au;
July at 4s 4~\ August at 4s i i.
Chicago Stock Markets.
Chicaoo, June 20.—Cattle; Receipts were
ISoo ii nd. The market Qlosed slow and
atoadier. Top prscea, $4.00(55 30; medium,
#4 ftOf*4 75; otherl, $3 7.»<54 20. Texans, 92.70
Hogs— Rscelpls were 12,000 head. Thenar
ket opened steady and c.osed steady to lower.
Mixed and pickers. .-■; loivi.to; heavy. 96.4..
(50.50; light, IfU 40(to 55.
Th ep—Receipts wore 3500 head. The mar
ket was light and closed stea.iy. Stock ewes,
$260(4275; Texans, $3 75(1(4.60; natives,
93.5555.30; weste ns, 84 25«t4.05.
California Fruit Sales.
Chicago, June 20 —The Eari Frnit company
■old California fruit today at auction, realizlug
the following prices:
Cbeirles—Tartarian. •> <,! 35; Bljgerau,
81 [email protected] 15; Rockport, ne.
Tho lollowsng prices wore realized at private
J aale:
Oranges—Medltcranean Sweets, 92.75a3.50
per box; seedlings. #2 ihkws 00.
■ Yteaiher very hot and muggy.
General Markets.
New Yoga, June 20—Hops, quiet and firm:
Pacidd coast, i ':22c.
Coffee—Options i Iv steady, and 5 to 23
a points np. Salts were 0250 hags, Including
July at $15.30; August al $.5 15; Septemoer
at $15.05(915.10. Bpot Rio closed doll bul
sugar—Raw closed firm but dull; reflucd
closed firm and fairly active.
Copper—Steady; laae. $10 01.
Lead-Quiet, domestic. $3.60.
Tin—Fnm. Sin'.ts. $20 15420.25. Plates
closed ateady bul cull, spelter closed quiet;
domestic, $4.20.
Salt Meats and Lard.
Chicago, June 3 .—Pori:, firm; cash,s2o 10;
September, $20 85
Lar.l— Ita y; c.sh, $0.70; Septembor, $10 40
Klbs-llasy; cash, $8.05; neptembir, $9,32)^.
New York, June 20.—W001, quiet snd about
steady. Domestic fleeco, 27(9320; pulled, 2«,5»
New York, Juno 2U.—Petroleum was neg
lected. •
[Dhe quotations given below are current
syho.esale selling prices.]
Mill Products.
.. F V OC J,r, P „ er ü bl ' L ' A ' xxxx . »*■«>: Capitol
Mills, $4.40: Sperry's, $4 i-.t>; Diified Suosv,
«4.80; Victor, *4.50; Clown, *4.50; Slocktoiiia,
S>4 60. .
Mill tfaiD-Bran, per ton, $21; ahorts, $23;
mixed feed (corn and barley), per 100 'bs, $1:
Clacked corn, If 1.15; toed meal, Si.2o; rolled
bailey, 85c.
Grain and Hay.
Baslet —Brewlng, if 1 00; feed. 80j.
Wheat—No. 1, per cental, i1.35Q1.60j No. 2,
CoR.-.—Fer cental, $1.10.
Oats—No. 1, per cental, $1.50.
Hay—Oat, $B(i{.H; wheat, $0»10; barley. $3
89; alfalfa, [email protected] "
STEAW-Barley, per ton, $5; wheat, $5.
Fresh Frnlts,
Lemohs—Cured, per box, $2.50(43 00- nn.
Cured, per box, $1.75g1.00.
Orakoes—Naveis, per boy, $2.50i*2.75: seed
lings, $175(92 00, ow
»ajianas—Per buacb, $1.7532.25.
Ham—Per m, local amoked, IOW
Bacon—Per lb, lacal smoked, Io'aO; light me
dium, ll',. medium, 15c
Posk - Per lb, dry unit, 130,
Dried • E«r—Per lb, inside, 13Uc.
I.Aitb-Ptr lb, enmpouad 3s, 13; O's, llji;
10's, VSy,: 50 s, Fur.) leaf, Mgher
all around.
liairy Proslncta.
Butter—Fancy cresinery, 28-'.>nnce squares,
40»4J1,c: fancy dairy, pur roll, 35(m;i714c:
oholco, 32XtS9oe.
Chksse—Per lb, easlcn 13914 c; CsHforuia
arge, 11c; 3 lb hand, ISO,
Deled * raits.
Apples—Evaporated, par lb, 12c; mv dried,
Pkii hps—Unpeeled, per jb, 8U<912',0
peeled, 22e.
Ar'icoTs— Hvaporated, per lb, 17c
Fiiu«ss— Per lb. ll(512o.
Raisins—London lureis. ner box, $1.75.
Ai.MONDs-Boft shell, pnr Ih. IO*17o; paper
rheil. 10(#34g, hlri shell, 8 a 19a
Ie iNCfs- Raw, 4450 per tk| rossted, 70.
Walnuts-.'laid shell, 8c; aoft shell, lie;
papershell, 13j.
Ilonay and Beeswax.
Honey—Comb, [email protected]; extraoted, white, 03
/o: - nil) r 57i'* •
Bees wax -20,9"50.
Beans—Navy or small white, per 100 lbs,
$3 35ft{3.50; pink, per 100 lbs, $3.50(43 05;
black-eyed, per 100 lbs, «2 50X92.75; Limas,
per 100 lbs, $3 00(43 25.
Potatoes- Per 10i) lbs 05<980c.
Beets—Fer 100 ibs, $1.00.
C.ibbaoe—Per 100 Ids. OUctiJl 00
C tßHoTj—Per 100 lbs, $I.ots.
Chw.ss—Diy, per string. 75i (951.00.
Onions—Per 100 lbs., $1.50.
Parsnips—Per 100 lb> . ml 50.
Peas—Groe , per lb., 3(91c.
Turnips—Per 100 lb»., Sue.
Poultry and Kge;fl.
Poultry—Hens, $5.00(95.50 per dox.; young
roosters, *5.50(98.00; old roosters. #4.50: broil
ers. $2 50fjJ3,V57| ducks, $4.51X90.00, turkeys,
16(91(i< jier lb.
Uoos—California ranch [email protected] per doz.
Tuesday, June 20, 1803.
J B Winslow to F H CWarharl—l acre iv bl M,
Painter A Ball trt, Passde-na; $300.
» Newton to C W Roth—Loib 5 to 8, blk 10,
Le Mar trt, Pomona: $300.
C £ HlrMkon et al to A Nyc—: ots 140 and 150,
Keefer sub Ho Bsnta Anita; $200.
J Alklre li X R • d ims vi al—Might ot way to
lands in Pomona; $5
T J ... mi.i et nx to H B Moore— Loi 24, blk
4, Urmslon irt, $350.
J C Wlilmoro to I' oyldencla L W and D com
pan>—SWtj sec 82,T2N,1! 13 W;$10
B Hayman to aame—Lola l, 4, 0 8, 10, 11,
13,15, 17, 10, bis D, aub bla 28 Burbauk;slo.
Fassdeiia Improvement cempany lo A Ross-
Lot 7, blk H; 101 14 snd part lot 1 and int 7,
Ilk U, San Paiqnal trt, i'asadena: $0800.
Alamltoi Laud Co lo J Rosa et ul-Agmt to
convey lots I nun 2, Ilk 5, Alamltos Beach
towiisite; $1500.
J Morrison to J Kaston—Lots 1 and 5, blk 10,
R 7, Wilmington; $1.
Kast Side bi nk to L X Dorn-Lot 16, blk I,
Gir.anza $75.
F W do l-hepherd to A F Beasley—Lois 10 and
20 aud lot 0, blk 8, Wollskill Orch.rd tract;
L J Cleveland to F Kneeland-Lot 4, sub lot
10, bik X, S.n Pasqusl trl, Pasadena; lovo.
Same to J KueeUud—Lot 19, laske aye Syndi
cate tit, Pasadena; love.
Bamu to X N Cleveland—Lots 10 and 20, Web
ster A etmtton sun bik N, Ban p til, la-a
il- im love.
c W de Shepherd to C B Bbey-I.ots 22 and 23
blk 22, Wolfskill orchard tract $825.
R A Ling et ux to W A Spalding—Lots 1 to 6,
lots 30 and 40, Mv tally's addn.
A L ,;.|;i to Mtt Keim—E v, 8W8•/ \, s>v ',
sec 2. T 18, It 10 W. $0 0.
R Hildruth to Bethlehem Bennrolent boaid —
W let 17 bik L, A iio tract, $052 50.
T Fellows et ux to B fltansbuiy—Lot 4 blk 6,
Garrsnsa. $500.
V R Trudel io same—Lot 7 blk 11, Fa k tract:
I $300.
I "C Reeb et ux toC Rceb Jr—Lots 23 and 24, b'k
, v. Msln-tt tract; $1,
M XCopeland et nx to J TT Flgge—Lot 26, For
j mausiibd blk 31', H 8. $1000.
0 J er.gar et ti to 8 eenls—Lots 0 and 7,
bik 3 lentsoa'a ttact', 91S00
rl W Lee tv hi, wife-Lot 3, blk 23, Phillips,
tiact; lovo.
D O M.ltlmore ot ux to M 0 MUtlmore—Patt
lot 0. blk 77, t) 8, ,ol on F.oser sir.c' ai d lots
58 to 113, Vosburg tr c; lots 8,0, 12. 24,25,
48 and part 32, Mlitimnr" tract; 10. 45, agri
cultural Park tr.Ci, aud 2.05 acres. Park ct.t
Hon; $iOO.
T H Douglas etui to R 8 D»Tgo t-L.it 4,
Rlsguis' sub. Rlgglns' tract. Pasadena: $2100.
C LatHz et ux lo G T Wooiley—Part lot 1 and
3, blk g, Howard A t:o.'t sub, Bli-s t act; $2
X , ie- to FA Pattee—l/Ot 23, blk 4, Park
tract; $1200.
United i-titesof America lo 8 Alllron—N >i
NW \i 0, T 1 8. R IOW;
J It Packard to J O Robertson -Lot 22, P.ick .
ard'sOraugo (Hove trl; $' J 358.20
J t»u«beed et nx to S N-wton—Lot 1 0 lo 12,
blk B, Heeve'e sub ot blk 181, Pomoua, irl
HWllbelm to <■ Poulsan—Lou 2 aiu 3, sec
8, T 1 8, R 12 #1 $100.
come to same— -Part of lot 22, Griffin's add
KLA; $1010
J Hopp to F M Reynolds-Lots 6 to 8, blk A A,
Glendora: $1.
F M Reynolds to J Hopp—Lots 0 and 12, hlk
N, Glendora; $5
F M Smith ettix to FA Smith—Lot 28 and
part of lot 29, Highland tn; $5000
Whittier Cemetery Associati. n to H Lindley
ct al—Lot 10 blk I, cemetery: $35.
H Brown io P : riff- Lot 13, bik L, and lot 3.
blk O, Crcasen a Canada: $1.
Bl'tllf ART.
Deeds 44
I Nominal 21
; Total $ 31 595.70
Note—Figures separated by a daah ludicate
page and number ot b.jk of miscellaneous
1 records.
Skookum Root
Grows Stops
li a,< d. Makes
Strength. A%rW!'jSsPj\ Glossy.
Contains ''"^
Vegetable / . l|\ Delicate
Compound. J .... W)MSf. %) Fabric.
Don.inuT. •/■'>{\£ffl4 f Nature s
Soothes, ■ ji fw !: \l \\ Own
Cools ' JB j' 1 j]| Rente lj
And ' ■ ■ ■ j-or
Stops (Trade Mark Registered.) All
All • Scalp
Itching ita I n Humors.
Scalp. From
Ir- 6BOWEB :i
Dressing. Substances,
tiold by Druggists, $1; six,(s. Worth $S a bottle
Root Hair Grower Go.
XT pTirr trT, ft-coTi-jary, ttrtlatry fiTpMUf ptrraßJiently TRW
Ejjf ematd la '210 t* W **z a. Legal to cur* or no VIS
M p»y. No dodging r«irtf>B>ibiUt7. Treatment by mail gjj
- i rnsLiu.':^." 7 !
H Proof coat* oothlo?. Write for partlcV.arf «nd yon H
Bl will Iterer regret U. OUA&ANTKK B£ULt)Y CO.. M
OHLBaltei) 51 <fc bl Dexter B!dg., 83 Ad«mx Bt.,Chlefc»v,.^g
Pennyroyal pills
flrlclpol onrt Ontj Genuine. A
J i/ft\J\ sasc. »!„.„ reliable, laoics. s.k Js\
g 1 S ~|(SM b.-urgi.t Sir rv>A.,r.rs tf„.,n,A Ma >SPA>
If IM"' BoM nisullisVlis*
CI. srslsj wlih biv.fi ribbon. Take \llr
I=l aßja BJHsie etteis fl./n*. ~.-r.„« tuhttuu- ▼
I J /TT I'u.s* onl tmiMMotu. At brasslsts. or mid 4c
I Js* -tf . stamps r<tr partieul»r,, tcalimoaiAli And
\T* p? " WJPtsf Tnr SAtgWe," In SS return
—\. _A y Mall. 10,000 Name. Paper
„ / Chlrlseatwr C'heaileal < 0.,.W5>,11.0n Hqusrr
Sold by ill Local Druggists. rallada., Pa.
Stockholders' Meeting.
meeting of the stockholders of the Main
btreet and Agricultural Park Railroad company
will be held at tts oflice, £>o. 234 North Main
street, in the city of Los Angelea, on Monday,
the 3d day of July, A. D 1893, for the pan ose
of electing a board of directors for the ensuiug
The polls will be opened at 12 o'clock m. and
closed at 3 o'clock p. m. A. C. TAYLOR,
6 8 24t Secretary.
For biliousness,
nausea, and
dizziness, take
Ayer's Pills
the best
family medicine,
purely vegetable,
Every Dose Effective
' cured in Southern
jfffiWrir.' '/V '; .•'/■:-« wnin c n".-*. l-reust*.
& v' M 9 \ H l '»' r '' 1 f ' x r f ' r '"|" ,( ''
I.( U A N<i Kl'.\\ \ " A!>
To reduce your weight MtiItKLV use Wlllatd's
Obealiy Filis and iohb 15 pounds a month. No
Injury to the health. No taterfetaaoa with
business or pieasuro NO htakVINO. They
build up and improve the general bo 'lth, besti
tlfy tho complexion and leave NO unci
X 1.1*4. Lucy Anderson, Xh Auburn tt'rrrt, Cnm
bridae, Milhh , writes: Three bottle* »f unite Obesity
Pills reduced my icclyht Jrom tSfipounds lo 100,
and 1 never felt better in ait mp liie. lam much
pleased with the result, and shall do alt I can to
help yun Our pa rous include Physicians,
Bankers, Lawyers and lea iera of society. Our
goods are not so d In drug stores: all orders aro
supplied direct from our oflice. Price per pack
age, $2, or 3 packages $5, by mall prepaid Par
tlculars (sealed) 4c. al.l. coKKK.st'ONli
feMOM Ci>N Xl l>«!NTI At..
IComhlned with Sulphate of Hydraatla.
Nervousness, Dyapenaia, Loss of appetite, De
blllyaLd a iow condition of the sys'e-m will
be promptly redloved and cured by I s v c. In
valuable for ovciworke'' business men suit
we ik, nervous worn-n. Pleasant, prompt and
i Ificient. 100 doses $1. Get the geintno,
manufactured only by Taylor <k Mjen Phsr
macyCo..St. Paul. Minn.
Lns 4n»eLs agents, H. M. SALE & SIN, 223
8 Sprlngst. 4 1 ly
Obluese i-'hya!nlt.n »nd Bnrceon, lias reftldaxl at
Lo* ATigeU'S (18) yenrfl. HU repiufi-
Uon nn a thf/iough pbyfliclen hud been fully en-
Wwmm %n<\ ftprrutiatcd by many. Hfalarfi
pracifco l»i Kifncieni proof of hJs ability auA
r?o:,- > . i i doctor mt - ■* sin-.' \ in tbe foremoet
- o i. ; - nr - ■ i ;■.■■■< ir, th« largnsi
of Cantor;, China, The doctor speakt Spanish
MM! 039 Upper Main «t-eet.
BundrHi of tfittlmoniaU are ooflleattha
doctor's office which bo han received from hia
MnsfOtu pfttttn w of dilTca*et)t nHtlonaliticB|
which be- but* < ii red of all mar.Dcrof dineasefi vi
which tbe buuiaiu body li heir—from Iheainal.
mtpimpfe to tho most complicated of casea*
F, O. boxotJa, butlon (J, Loa Ansslca.
Easily, Quickly and Permanently Restored.
CKLEnruTED Kmomsh Kemkot
It Is sold on a positive jW — J
guarantee to cure any ££a '5S &{
form of nerfOUd prom- V |jaJ I
trati(,nor any disorder |
of the genital organs of J. «.-,/
either sex, cautied
BoforO« by excessive uso of After*
Tobacco, Alcohol or Opium, or on account
of yoathful indiscretion or over indulgence etc...
Dizziness, Convulsions, Wakefulness Headaches
Mental Depression, Softening of tbo llrnin, Weak
Memory, ttenring Down I'ains, Seminal Weakness,
Hysteria. Nocturnal Emissions, Spermatorrhoea, 1
Loss of Power and Impotency. which if neglected,
cony leed to premature old oga snd insanity.
Positively guaranteed. Price. $1.00 a box; 6 boxes
for 96.001 Sent by mail on receipt of price. A written
guarantee furninhed wit h every $YCfO order received,
to refund the money if a permanent cure ia not
FREs-MaN & OARPJiK, 102 N. Spring st.
GermeTeur i2?Bot!le.
■h |BrTDlONC>v^ e >^«»
tCR.6. Pills art Ibebesl. 25^ S V^£ S
For Coughs, Colds,
and all luog
ttoubles use—
Crescent Halt Whiskey
It is pure and health
ful. Sold only
by all druggists.
Bit ir) Iv Book
N.W. Cor. Temple and New High Sts.
12 7 lyr Telephone 535.
(Successors to Clark A Humphreys)
Wholesale and Retail
Office, 123' i West Second at., Burdtck btock.
Yards at Kedondo and Loa Angelea. 118 ly
And Stage Line.
This rnmrt Is situated In Big Bear Valley, 40
miles (rum Hnu Berua'd no; nhltiide 0700 laet.
Is rea 1 by •: i. line Irom Dsn Horoardttio.
► tage Ichvos Mew bt Charles Hotel on 'rues
days and Fridays. A tine four-seated spring
stage has been bul I expressly for this route,
ant will be driven by careful and sober drivers.
Largest trout caught In the ttato st this re
sort. Boats, ssddle horses and burros for hlrs
at the hotel, First trip npon May 10th. The
earlier you come the better fishing sou wl 1
Board and lodging $10 and $12 per wees, $2
per day. Kouud-trtp tickets. $7, For full par
ticulars Inquire of 'I. 8 it K. ticket office, Los
Angeles, aud Mew Bt. Charles Hotel, Kail Ber
Groceries, prov slons and llsblng tackle for
■ale at store adjo nlng hotel.
6-7 tt OUB KNIGHT, Prop'r.
- gibbon ' s
628 Kearney St.,
t / 'A Coner ot Commercial,
IV*7£affir^Ma-/ * ;9 "an Fiani Isco, i
t -s'^;S's.^iaS^!Sl t * bll ' nca 1,1 *' i4 ' ,0 *
'•ti •Iffissw'iai'V^•' ; s treafmentof 8i xual snd
• ,»WiW?AK i4em,n *' diaesses, sucn
<te ■ W4r'i:%iJS9r^Saß** Goiioirhsa, Gleet
Stricture. ->phiil. In
?!sc <MU»iXSraSBWRSa 1 Its forms, Betnlnal
We«kne a, Impotency and Lost Manhood per
mtueutly cured The sick *sdafflicted should
not f.'l o call upon him. The Do tor has trav
el! (t exieiislve'y In Karops and inspected thor
ongbly the various hospitals there, obtaining
agieatdesl of valuable information, which halt
competent io ir part to those in need of lns ser
vbes. 'tbe Doctor enrea where othe.s fail,
T.yhlm. L GIBBON will make no charge
unless he s Beet" a care. Persons at s distance
UL'RED AT HOME. All commnnieatiooa
utrlctl v confidential. All letters anew red la
ylair envelopes, Call or write A dress
Dlt. J. F. GIBBON,
Box 1957. i an Francisco, CaL
M Bt'.on Loa Ansclea Herald. 12-> 7 is
210 Sac* amento st., Ban Francisco,
Pal ific Coast. Agent for
Fireworks Co.
OP-IllriEtrated Catalogno free. 6-7 2m
Druggist & Chemist,
222 N. Main St, Los Angeles.
Prescriptions rarefnlli' compounded **w ot
hi .-as. msif
ki IOMPAMV. -fanta Fo Route.)
Trains arr ye and depart from First at atalion.
Leave, f I os.Anoei.bs. i Arrive.
* 5:15 p.m! . Chicago Limited • 7:"0 a m
* 7:00 r. tn . Overland kxpreas.. .|* 6:18 p.m
j * 8:15 s.m' San DL gof-osst Line. .]• 1:15 p.m
* 4 30pm 1 San Diego Coast Line .. ;• 6:50 p.m
I * 7:OU a.uij f * 7 50 a.m
' 0;OO» m I . ..can Bernardino... I * 9:50 a.rn
! I l:3ot>m < via Pasadena ... > t 1:25 p.m
j • 4.00p.m 11 6:18 p.m
i * 5:15 pm [ J if 7:35 p.m
* 7:00 j.m i River Ide via ilt 1:25 p.m
i* 9:ooam {...Ban Bernardino. .J 6:18 p.m
' ♦ 1:30 p.m. I )
j * 6:osam i,. Biversldeand > "10:155.m
til on a.m f ...S<n Bernardino. ) 1*3:55 p.m
* 4;30p.m f via crsnge. > * 6:50 p.m
I • 7:00».m fnedlands, Meutnnel • 0:60 s.m
I * 9:005.m I ....and Highland... f 1:25 pm
It I:3opm 4 via ,1 6:18 pm
! * 4 OOp.m Paaadena Si 7:35 P*>
* s:tsp.m! I I
* 6:os*.in (Redlands, Meotonei 1*10:15 s.m
tll:ooa.m' <-ad Highland, va) |* ii:*s p m
* 4:300 m 1 'Orange A Riverside' ' 6:50 p.m
* 9:00a.m I 1 4 7:35 a.m
t10:25a.,n; ..'.zuaa, Pastdena.. i* 8:43 am
i * liMOp.m l aad • 9:50 s.m
| » 4:00 p.m|{ Intermediate ff 1:25 p.m
j t 5:35 o sn; s aiious * 4:10 p tn
j (1:35p.in1 *6:JBpm
* 7:oopraU J I 7:35 p m
* 7:00a.m Pasadena »7:60 a.m
* s:lspm .Pasadena • I:2spm
I * 6:06 a m Santa Ana • 8:50 a m
i * B:lsam Santa Ana
t 1:50 p ml Santa Ana * i :15 p.m
4:30p.m Santa Ana * 6:50 p.m
* 8:55 a.m Sania Monica * 8:43 a m
"10:00a.m fanta Monica • 2:15 p.m
* 1:30 p.m Sania Monica * 4.44 p.m
: * 5:25p.m Sauta Monica * 6:10 y.m
; • 9:05 s.m Redondo • 8:20a.m
! *10:00a.m Redondo * 8:15 p.m
* I:3opm fcedondo • 4:44 p m
* 6 26 p.m Redondo * 6:10 p.m
t 9:00 a.m San Jacinto v Pasadena t 1:25 p m
tll:00a.m san Jacinto via Orange t 3:55 p m
r 9:toa.m Temecnla via Pasadena t 1:25 p.m
»ll:0Oa.:t . .Temecnla via Orange. tlo:Tsp.m
f 8:15 a m gecondldov. Const Line t 1:15 p.m
f 4:.0p.m
Catalina Island.
* 1:30 p.m I'nesday • 2:15 p.m
* 1:30 p.m ...nhursday * 2:15 p.m
•10:00s.m Saturday * 2:15p.m
f 9:05 a.m Sunday * 6:10p.m
•Dal y foally excent iundar. (Sundays only
X. W MoGEB, City Pas. and T. Agt,
129 N. Spring sL, I.os Angeles.
ED. CHA VBSaS, Ticket Agent,
Depot foot First at. Flrst-st. Depot.
Sfrcoast S. S. Co.
Agents, San Francisco. Northern routes
erooraco Hnea for Portland, Oro., Victoria, B.
C, and Puget Sound, Alaska and all caaat
Port Harford 8. 8. Corona, Juae 7, 16, 25;
Santa Barbara July 4.
Port Loi Angelea. a 6. Santa Rosa, June 3, 12,
Newtort 21, 30; July 9.
San Diego
For— |3. S. I.os Angeles, June 5, 14,
East San Pedro.. .. 23; July 2.
San Pedro and 8. S. Eureka, Juno 1, 10, 19,
way ports. I 28; Jnly 7.
For— 8. 8. Santa Rosa, Jane 5.14,
23; July 2
San Diego 3. 8. Coiona, June 9, 18,27;
July 6.
For— 8. 8. Santa Rosa. Jane 7, 16,
San Francisco . .. 25; July 4.
Port Harford 3. S. Corona, June 2, 11, 20,
Santa Barbara.... 29; Jnly 8.
For— |S. 8. Eureka, June 4,13, 22:
San Francisco July 1.
and 3. S. Los Angelei, June 8, 17,
way ports. i 20; 'Uiy 5.
Cars to connect with steamers via nan Pedro
leaves, f. R. K. (Arcade depot), at 5:00 p.m.,
and Terminal railway derotat 5:15 p.m.
Cars to connect via Kedondo leave Banta Fe
depotat 10 00 a.m., or from Redondo railway
depot at 9:00 a. m.
Cars to connect via Port Los Angelea leaves.
P. R. B. depot at 1:10 p.m. for steamers north
Plans of sieamers' cabins at agent s oftlce,
where berths may bo secured.
The comcany reserves the right to change
the steamers or their days of sailing.
HOT For passage or freight as above or for
tickets to and from all Important points in
Europe, apply to
W. FARRIS, Agent,
Office, No. 124 W.Second St.. Loa Angelea.
Mm Pacific Company.
JUNK 12, 1893.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Fifth street, dully, as follows:
Leave lor destination. Arr. from
8 30 a.m Banning a 10:10 a.m
a 4:30 p.m Banning 4 00 p.m
Colton 59:21 a.m
8:30 a.m Colton AlO 10 a.m
10:30 a.m Coiiou 4:00 p.m
•I Hi) p.m .Colton 0:15 p.m
H .'ioa .m . .Darning and East.. 4:00 p.m
8:30 a.m.. El Paso and Bait... 4:00 p.m
Chlno s9-21 am
8 30 a m Chlno a 8:50 a.m
4;:io p.,ui Chlno aIO.IO a.m
a6:is p.m Chino 6:15 p.m
sB 00 am Ban Pedro
8:85 a.m Long Hch A 81111 Pedro 8:15 a.m
I. 1" p.m Han Pedro A Long Itch 11:50 a.m
5:00 p.m Long Bch A San Pedro 4:15 p.m
Long Bch A Ban Pedro 57:45a.m
a.flO p.m Ogden & Bast, 2d tlasi 7:30 a.m
10:40 p m,Ogden A East, Istc.ass 12:30 p.m
10;4O p.m Portland, 0r... . 7:30 a.m
Rivetalde s'l:2l a.m
8 80 a.m Rlveralde Al0:10 a m
10 30 a.m Riverside 4:00 p.m
4-30 p.m Rlveralde 0:15 p.m
Ban Bernardino.... s0:81 a.m
8180 a.m Ban Bernardino.... AlO: 10 a.in
10:31 a.m."an B-ruardlno 4:00 p.m
4:30 p m ..San Bernardino.... 0:15 p.m
Redlands s0:21 a.m
8:30 a.m Redlands AlO:IO a.m
10:30 am Redlands 4:00 p.m
4 30 p.m Redlandi 615 p.m
2:00 p.m San Fran. A rtacram'to 7:30 a.m
10:40 p.m San Fran, it Sacram'to 12:30 p.m
a 9:52 a.m [Santa Ana A Anaheim 0:03 a.m
5:10 p.m Bants Ana A Anaheim Al:04 p.m
0:25 a.m Santa Barbara 1:30 p.m
t Mi pm .Sinta Barbara... 9:10 p.m
(0:20 a.m eanlaMonica. . 8:08 a.m
9:30 s.m BantaMonlca 8:50 a.m
10:20 a.m Banta Mi idea. ... 12:10 p.m
1 10 p.m Santa Monica 4 in p.m
5:15 p.m Bulb Monica 5:37 p.ui
0:15 p.m Santa Monica si! 35 p.m
A 11.25 pm Santa Monies. .. a 8:33 p.m
am Soldiers' Horae 8:08 a.m
0:15 p.m Soldiers' Home ... 5:37 p.m
s0:20 a.m..Port Los Angeles... Sl2: op.m
sO.SOa.ii- ...Port Los Angeles... 51:25 p.m
«IO:20 a.m . ..PoH Los Angelos... 55:37 p.m
8l;IO pm .. .Port Los Aegtiles.. 16:35 p.m
4 52 p.m lu«lln 8 43 a.m
A 0:40 r.m Whlttier 8:43 a.m
4:52 p.m V. hittb'r Al -,45 p.m
-:)Sa.ni' .Monrovia 7 55 a.m
All:30 am 1 Monrovia *!):57 am
>3:i 0 p.mi Monrovia *1:45 p.m
5:30 p.ml Mon ovla 4:45 p.m
Kvory Bunday beginning at 10:10 a.m. there
will bean hourly train service betw-en Santa
Monies end tbo mammoth wharf at Port :.os
Angeles. Last train leaves the mammoth wharf
et 5.0f) p.m.
Southern Pacific company's traiHS connect at
Sau ledro wlih the tine steamship Hcrmosa:
Leave. , Arcade i/epot. Arrive.
12:40 p.BI .Monday 11:50 a.m
12:40pml Wedue-day 11:56 a.m
1240p.ini .Friday.. 11:56 a.m
5:00 p.m Saturday
is .On a m Bunday
StvOpml t-unday | 7:45 pm
Tnko Santa Monloa trains from Sin Fernanda
street. Naud'a Jonntlon, Commercial street,
Arcade dtpnt, Jefferson street (Wlnthrop sta
tion), Gratid avenue, or University.
For north: Arcade, Commercial street,Naud's
Junction, Ban Fernando atreet.
For east: Arcade, Commerclel atreet, Naud'a
For other branches: Arcade, Commercial
street, Naud'a Junction, San Fernando street.
Local and through tickets sold, baggage
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
medn.and general information given npon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY, Asst. G Pas. Agt,,
No 144 8. Spring st., oor. Second. CHARLES
3KYI.gR, Agent at depots,
a Bnndsys only.
A ice o, ■ excepted.
JMCH'D GRAY. Gen. Traffic Mgr.
Gen'l Paaaenger Agt,
Los Angeles Terminal R'y.
Los Angeles depots: East end of First street
snd Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Los Angelea for] Leave Pasadena for
iasadena. Los Angeles.
• 6:35 a.m • 7:15 a.m
t 7:io s.m t 8:05 a.m
' 8 00 a.m * 9.05 a.m
• 0 00 am '10:35 a.m
•10:30 a.m *)2:00 m
•12:20 p.m • 1:05 p.m
• 1:25 p.m • 3:00 p.m
• 2:20 p.m • 4:05 p m
• 4:00 p.m * 6.25 p.m
" 5:20 p.m * 7:05 p.m
• 6 20 p m
. ... la 8:05 p m
11:00 p.m * blo:2op.m
/. t .».? 1 :.:»i|\:*s p.m
Downey avenge 1 Mavrrlg time 7 mtautee later.
Leave Los Angeles fo: l cave Aitadena Jnnc-
Altadena. Junction. lion for Loa Angelea
• <»:00 a.m ...*10:10am
C 1:25 p.m --C 2:30 p.m
• 4 00 o.m • 5:00 p.m
b 6:20 p.m.... ...bl0:0O p.m
AH trains start from First-street depot
Leave i oi Angelea for Leave Glendale tor Los
Gleadaie. Augeles.
t 0:45 a re » 7:25 a.m
J 8:15 a m I 9:05 a.m
•12 00 m ' 1:30 p.m
• 6:25 p.m * 6:15 p.m
Leave Una Angeles for Leave East San Pedro
l/>rig Beach and East for
Pan Pedro. Los Angelea
I 8:00 a m * 7:15 a.m
- 9:45 a m *11:15 a m
•12.45 p.m ' 3:40 p m
• 5 15 p.m _..t 8:00 p.m
Between East San Pedro aud Long Beach 10
Thn to'lowing trains make connection at
EaatSin Pedro with steamers to and from Cata
llna island:
idund.y. Wednesday and Friday, leave Lns
Angeles 12:45 p. m., arrive Los Angeles 12:20
i p.m. Stturdav, leave lx)S Ar gelea 5:15 p.m.
r-unday, leave Los Angeles 8:00 am., arrive
Los Angelea 7;4i p.m.
•Daily, t Dally except Sundays. (Sundays
< only, a Except Saturdays, b Saturday only,
c Saturday and nunday only.
Btages meet the 8.00 a.m. and 12:20 p.m.
traina at Pasadena for Mt Wilson on new trail
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the S a.m.
train for Wilson's peak can return toe aame day
Theater nights the 11 p.m. train will wait 20
Bilnufe after the theater is ont when later than
10:40 p.m.
1 o. ial rates to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end Firat atreet and Downey aye
an- brideea.
General offices, Ftrst-street Depot.
T. B. BURNETT, General Manager,
jy2-tf W. WWC DP, Gem. Passenger Ag*.
Redondo Railway
Summer Time Card No 10,
IN EFFECT 5 A. M. MONDAY, MAY 29, 1893.
Los Angeles Depot. Corner Grand avenue and
Jefferson etreet.
Take Grand avenue cable or Main street and
Agricultural Park horse cars.
Trains Leave Traina Leave
Los Angelea Redondo
for Redondo for Los Angeles
7:50 a.m. 7:20 a.m.
9:00 a.m. 9:10 a.m.
1:35 p.m. 11:00 a.m.
5:30 p.m. 5:00 p. m.
7:50 am. 7:20 a,m.
0:00 am. 9:10 am.
10:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
1 35 p.m. 2:50 p. m.
4:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.
5 :30 p m. 6: 30 p m.
Running time between Los Angeles and Re
dondo Beach, 50 minutes.
City Ticket Office at A B. Greenwald's Cigar
Store, corner First and Spring streets.
"The Traveler's Paradise."
Do not fall to make „ ss.vj« °F 0 .
this delightful trip. fS^y^" „
It charms every ene.
The Oceanic S. S. 4 */ £«?&P \\°
Company's steamers I |t » *
sail twice a month. |i sal 1)
special ratesforpar- \\ SOjtßjf j
ties of five or more. \ttttUm\\\\^BL\Bwmy
Bend 10c lor "Ha-
wail.'' a pamphlet of * J «S a^^i\l> v
rare photogravures, to °EVR»
h . b . rice:,
Agt. Oceanic 8. 8. Co., 124 West Second st.
Tickets, C. H. WHITE, 8. P. office, Burdlck
block. 1215tf
Sedurity Savings Bank & Trust Company
T. L. DUQUE, President. J. F. SASTOBI. Cashier.
WM MtDBRMOTT, Vice-President. W. D. LOCYEAR, Assistant Cashier
Isalas W. Hellman Herman w. Hellmau, Maurice B. Hellman, A. C. Rogers
T. li. Duqne, Wm Mcliermott, M. L. Fleming, J. A. Craves
F. N. Myers, J. H. hhankland, J. F. Bartorl,
Five Per Cent Interest Paid on Deposits Money Loaned on Real Estate
Our Loan Committee of Aye Directors exercise grest care lv making loans.
Especial attention given lo depositors of smsll snm«, also to children's savings deposits
Remittances msy b . «uit Ly drnit. po-t«l order, or tVells. Fargo A Oo.'s Express. 4 t ly
Main Street Saviiigslank anOrust Company.
CAPITAL. - - - $200,000.
J. B. LANKERSHIM, Pltl'l S. C. HUBBELL, Vlce-Prei't. J. V. WACHTEL, Oaahiar.
• riiaicToaa:
H. W. Hellman, P. O. Hubbell, I.N. Van Nays,
Kasoare Cohn, Jobn H. Jones, O. : Johnson.
W. 0. Kerckhoff, H. W. O Melveny, J. B. I.ankershlm.
Deposits will be received Inaums of from 1)11 to $5000. Working men and women shonld
deposit at least fill per we<-k from their wages. Children can purchase 5-neut stamps In all parts
of the city and couuty. It Is the best education you can have in having and oaring for money.
Los Angeles Savings Bank,
Mt) 336 North Main Street.
aSUKI't.UW 30,000
H. W. HELLMAN, ('resident. J E. PLATER, Vice-Presiaeat,
N. M. CASWELL, Cashier.
I. W. HELLM AN, B. 8. BAR ft. It. W. HELLMAN,
6-5 tf stsaT"lnterest paid on deposits. Money to loan on first class real estate
j COMPANY, with
CITIZKN-i' BANK. 31S South Spring Btreet,
Loa Angeles, Cal ,
Will remove to their new and elegant rooms In
etlinson Block when completed.
Branch oflice, Orand Opera House Block,
Pasadena, Cal.
T 8. O.LOWE •- President
T, W. BR f HERTON V!oe-Pr"stdent
A. P. WEST Cashier
Buy and sell all flrst-clsst securities.
STOCKS' WANTED In the Los Angeles, Psia
letta and other gas companies.
First class, well secured Gas, Water and Rail
way bonds for sale.
•ssßf-Tlme loans RCuApted. best of security
•ivext and liberal interest paid. 12-MOaa
i/ianoina-s arses Hsaonams a Art a. ess
r Las Angeles, Cal.
Capital (paid up) 9 500.000
Surplus and profits 780,000
Total 91,280,000
HKKMAN w HELLMAN Vice-President
H. J. FLEISHMAN Assistant Cashier
W. H Perry, Oiro W. Cnilds, J. Ti. Lanker
skim, 0. B. Thorn, 0. Dncommun. H. W. Hell
dan, T. L. Duqae, A. Glassed. I. W. Hellman.
Exchange for sale on all the principal cities
of the United States, Europe, China and Japan.
1018. Spring street, Nadeau block.
L. N. Breed President
Wm F. Bosoyahell Vice-President
c. N Flint Cashier
W. H. Holliday Aatlttant Cashier
Capital paid In gold coin 9200,000
Surplus and undivided profits 25,000
Authorized capital 500,009
L. N. Breed, H, T. Newell, Wm. H. Avery,
Bliss Holmtn, W. H. Holliday, K. C. Bosby
shell, M Hagan, Frank Rader, D. Reraick,
Ihoa. Otoss, William F. Bosbysheli. 7-1 tf
Temple Bleak.
Capital itock paid np 9300,000.
JOHN X. PLATEB ~ Presldeat
ROBT. B. BAKER Vice-President
Jdtham Bixby, Chas Forman,
L.T. Garnsey, Lswellyn Blxby,
Bt. g. Baker, John E. plater.
Geo H. Stewart,
Cor. Broadway and Second at.. Los Angelea.
subscribed capital $500,000
Paid up capital 300,000
Surplua 20,000
J. Frankenfield. Presi'ent
Bam Lewis Vice-President
J. W. Wltmer Cashier
John G. Mossln Assistant Cashier
. Frankenfield, G. W. Hughes, Bam Lewis,
J. C Kays, E. W. Jones, L. B. Newten,
Hervey Lindley, R. F. Lotsnelch.
im M la .
oen»rai banking and exchange business
transacted. m 4 4m
Southeast corner of Spring aud Court sts,
Los Angeles, Cal.
CAPITAL. $100,000
J. M. ELLIOTT. President,
J. H. BRALY, Cashier
Geo. H. Bonebrake, J. H. Braly,
J. M. E llott, F. C. Howes,
C. N. Hasson, Hiram Mabnry,
M. W. "timsou, Frank A. Gibson.
J. D. BickaeU,
Bouthea»t corner of First and Broadway.
Capital stock, fuily paid. $100,000
Surplus 75,000
R M. WIDNEY, President,
D. 0. MILTIMOP.K, Vice-Pres.
GEO. L. AR.NOLDC, ashler.
R. M. Widney, D. O. Milttmore,
8. W. Little, S. McKlnlay,
John McArthur, 0. A. Warner,
L. J. P. Morrill.
General tanking business and loans on first
class real estate solicited. Bay and sell first
clses stocks, bonds and warrants. Parties wish-
Ins to Invest in first-class securities on either
long or short time, can be accommodated.
J. M. ELLIOTT, President
J. D. Bieknell, Vice-Pres.
G. B. Shaffer, Asa't Cashier
J. M. Elliott, J. D. Bieknell,
8. H. Moti. H. Mabury.
J. D. Hooker, D. McGarry,
Wm. G. KerckhofT.
Corner of Spring and Second streets,
Capital paid up 9250,000
J. M. C. Marble. President
O. H.CaurchUl Vice President
A. Hadley Asst. Cashier
Dr. W. L Graves, B. F. C. Klokke. O. T. John
son, W Hadle . E. N. McDonald, M. H. Sher
man, Fred Eaton, John Wolfskill, Thos B.
Bard. 10 31
J. 37 Sonth Spring street.
Capital Stock 9300,000
A. D. Childress President
John 8. Pare Cashier
W. T. Childress, Foindexte- Dana,
J. I. Seaallert, K. E Crandall,
John S. Park, R. G. Lunt,
A. D. Iresi.
General banking. Fire and burglar proof rate
deposit boxes rented at from 93 to $20 per aa
17 Los Antcles Natiouil Bank of Los Ange
las i at the close of business on Msy 4,
Loanssnd discounts 9 909,23142
Banking house aad fixtures 173.954 04
Expenses and taxes paid 11,758 17
Government bonds,
4 ocr cent 9395.400 00
Cash on hand 202,708 25
Cash In banks 290,337 51
888,505 76
Total f1,983,4A9~99
Capital $ 500,000 00
bnrplua 52,500 00
Undivided profits 31,979 43
National bank notes outstanding 185,000 00
Deposits 1,263,970 56
Total $1,983,449~99
Bta c of California, Connty of Los Angelas,a.s.
I. F. 0. Howes. Cashier of the above-named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
ment Is trne to thu best ol my knowledge and
F. 0. HOWES, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th
day ot May, 1893.
E. W. COB, Notary Public.
Notice of Award of Contract.
resolution of award of tbe city council of
tbe city of Los Ange ea, adopted June 12, 1893,
directing thia notice, notice la hereby given
that the said city council. In open session, on
tbe sth day of Jane, 1893, opened, examined
and publicly declared all sealed proposals or
b,d i offered for the following work, to wit:
Firat. That said Bonnie Brae street In said
eky from the northerly curb line of Tem
ple street to the southerly cuib line of
Bellevue avenae. Including all intersec
tions ot streets (excepting such portions of
said street and Intersections as are required by
law to he kept in order or repair by any person
or company having railroad tracks thereon,
and also excepting such portions as have al
ready been graded, graveled snd accepted), be
graded and graveled In accordance with the
plans and profile on file in tbe office of the
city engineer and specifications on file in the
oflice of the city clerk of the city of Los Angeles
for graveled streets, said specifications being
. numbered five.
Second. That a redwood rurb be constructed
along each line of the roadway of said Bonale
Brae street from tbe northerly curb line ol Tem
ple street to the southerly curb line of Bellevue
avenue (excepting along such portions of the
line ot said roadway npon which a redwood,
cement or granite cnrb haa already been con
structed and accepted,; in accordance with
specifications in the office of the city clerk of
•aid city for eenstrocttnx Ted wo >d curbs
Sec. 2. The city engineer hav{Mt estimated
that the total cost of aaid i to r reteßMut will be
greater than one dollar p«r frost foot along
each line of said street, lnoladfttT tne cost of
Intersections, lt is hereby determined, in pur
suance ol an act of the 'egislstnre of tbe state
of California, approved February 27.1893, that
bones shall ir issued to represent the cost of
said improvement. Said bonds shall be serial,
extending over a period ot ten years, an even
portion of which shall be payable annually
on the aecond day ot January ol eacb year after
their date nntll the whole are paid, and to bear
Interest at the rate of seven percent per an
num, payable semi - annually on the second
days of Januaiy and July of etch and every
And thereafter, to-wlt: On the 12th day of
June, 1893, awarded the contract for aaid
worn to the lowest regular responsible bidder,
to wit: ToC E. Crowley, at the prices named
for said work ia his p.-opoial on tile, to-wlt:
Grading, $3.50 per lineal foot; euro, 20 cents
per lineal foot; and that the said awaid OAS
been approved by the mayor.
Cleilt's cilice, Los Angeles, CaL, June 17,
City clerk of tne city of Los Angeles.
6 20 2t
Notice of Award of Contract.
1 resolution of sward of the city council of
the city of Ix>s Angeles, ad spied June 12,1893,
directing this notice, notlc is hereby given
that the said city council, in open seaaion, oa
the sth day of June, 1893, opsmeO, exaanined,
and srnb 'ely declared all sealed proposals or
bids offered for the following work, to-wit:
First. Tnat-aid Boston street in said city.from
westerly curb line of Hon tresis treet to the east
erly curblineof Pearl str et, including all Inter
sections of streets (excepting such p .itions of
said street and intersections as are required by
law to be kept in order or repair by any person
or company having railroad tracks thereon,and
also excepting such portions as bave already
been graded, graveled and accepted), be graded
and graveled tn acco'dsnce with the plans and
profile on file in the office of the city engineer
and specifications on file in the office of the
city clerk of the city of Los Angeles, for grav
eled streets, said specifications being num
bered live.
tec nnd Th it a redwood rurb be constructed
along esch line of tbe roadway of said Boston
stree. from the westerly euro lice of Montreal
street to tne easterly curb line of Pearl street (ex
cepting along such portions of the line of said
roadW.-y noon wmch a redwood, granite or
cement curb has already been constructed and
accepted), in acenrdanc I with spec flcations In
the office of the city clerk of aaia city for con
structing curbs.
And thereafter, to-wit: On the 12th day of
Jane, 1893, awarded the contract for said worx
to tbe lowest regular responsible bidder, to wit:
To Dodd and O'Gara, at the prices named for
said work in their proposal oa tile, to-wit.
Grading, $1.98 per lines! foot; curb. 18 cants
per line>l foot; and that the said award has
been approved by the mayor.
Clerk's .-1.c., Loa Angeles, Oal., June 17,
189 a
City clerk of the city of Los Augeles.
6 20 2t
Notice to Whom It May Concern.
in* to law of unredeemed gold, silver,
tilled case and niciel watches, diamond and
gold ear-rlags breast-pins, rings, sleeve buttons,
collar buttons, silverware, gold-headed canes
and ambrelias, clocks, suiters, mandolins,
violins, banj.is, pistols, gnus, rides, opera and
field glasses, me chaum pipes and cigar hold
ers, overcoats, coats, pants and vests, valises,
trunks, books, saddles, urveyors' Instruments,
drams and musical instruments, and all goods
pawned with me from July 1, 1892, to January
1, 1893, at No. 113 <orth Main street
L. B. COHN, pawnbroker.
H. ETTLIXG, Auctioneer. 3-24 6m
will be sold ac public auction Saturday,
Jane- 24th, at 212 V, N. Soring St.: 3H. C gold
watches; 1 rttalth 2812739; '4 Elgin 3103497,
29HU74; i L»nca-t -r 234055; 1 3wl«s 9.1120;
2 solltaie di.moad rin.pt. 1 cluster: 1 op»l pin;
lo gold rings. 2 H. C. filled watches: 1 .Swiss
•55510: 1 Peoria 15566; 1 o. f filled Walth.
3845520; i aiiver fl-sk; 3 gold chains; 3 ptstela;
1 mando.in 2H. C silver watches: 2 Walth.
2128107. 4533180; 1 o, t. nickel, Aurora,
gat' 0 " <~*cs.a»

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