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lhs Tleld Day of tarn AthUttc Club.
Pasadena, Jnly 27.-On Satnrday
afternoon next the field day of the Pasa
dena Athletlo club oomes off at the Ath
letic olub grounds on South Fair Oaks
avenue, beginning |at 3 o'clock sharp.
No admission will be charged, and a
cordial invitation is extended to the
publio to be present. Seats will be pro
vided on tbe grand stand for ladies.
The boys have been in training for
this for some time, and good results may
be looked for. Contestants in the foot
races will be marked by points, the first
winning 10, the next 6, and co on down.
The one gaining the most in all three
races wins the medal, a handsome solid
gold souvenir that is worth a tussel for
for. Prizes will alao be awarded win
ners in tbe wheel events. The pro
gramme, witb entries, is aa follows:
Entries—l, R. Collingwood; 2, B.
Hutchins; 3, Oeorge Throop; 4, Frank
Robinson; 5, F. H. Smith.
Entries—l, Spence Stevens; 2, Jesse
Evans; 3, HarryCarnes; 4, Guy Jack
son; 5, Fred Buchanan.
Entries—l, R. Collingwood; 2, B.
Hutchins; 3, George Throop; 4, Frank
Robinson; 5, F. H. Smith.
Entries—l, M. Macey Thompson,
scratch; 2, Charles Glass, 50 yards: 3,
Robert Gaylor, 60 yards; 4, Ebert Dun
bar, 100 yards; 5, A. K. Macomber, 100
yards; 6, Charles Knight, 150 yards; 7,
E. D. G. Campbell, 200 yards.
Entries—l, R. Collingwood; 2, B.
Hutchins; 8, George Throop; 4, Frank
Robinson; 5, F. H. Smith.
Entries—l, M. Macey Thompson,
scratch; 2, Charles Glass, 16 yards; 3,
Robert Gaylord, 15 yarns; 4, E. Dunbar,
SO yards; 5, H. K. Macomber, 30 yarde;
6, Charles Knight. 40 yards; 7, E. D. G.
Marry Garnee, 50 yards; 11, Guy Jack
son, 50 yards; 12, Fred Buchanan, 50
California always holds her head very
high when it comes to story telling, and
it takes a pretty large one to make her
back down, but the latest from Kansas
take the cake, in fact the whole bakery.
In a letter recently received from Bird
City, Kan., the following is told for the
gospel truth:
"We hod a little ehower here today,
and abont six miles north of here, in
one of the drawa, they had three water
spouts and lots of hail, which killed
nine bead of horses and piled up over
10 feet deep. A man brought some hail
into Bird Oity, 24 hours after it had
fallen, that averaged 1% inchee in diam
eter. One horse was in the hail stand
ing on his bind feet. All they could
see of him was his nose and front hoofs
sticking out of the ice."
Next man.
Miss Grace E. Charming of this city
bas an interesting story in the August
News of the death of the father of
Mrs. Dr, Macomber, in New York city,
was received here today. Mre. Maoom
' ber arrived home only two days before
tbe death.
One lonely drunk waa up before Re
corder Rossiter this morning, escaping
with a $10 fine.
Miss Leach of the Banacoard is spend
ing her summer vacation at Ooronado
and San Diego.
Shipping; Arrivals and Departures—E,ooal
Redonoo Beach, July27.—The steam
er Falcon, Captain Slinmie, from Ava
(m, came into port at 1 o'clock today,
landing 26 passengers from the island.
The Falcon got away for Avalon at 3
o'clock, taking out 45 passengers and
considerable freight, consisting of camp
outfits, fruit and vegetables for the
The eteamer Santa Croz, Captain
Nicholson, and Purser A. E. Ironmonger
arrived light from San Francisco at 2:30
p. m., today. The Santa Cruz will take
in 475 tone of barley (9000 sacks) des
tined for San Francisco market, and de
part north at 10 o'clock tonight.
The deepwater fishermen are making
a splendid record of late—this morn
ing's catch was very large, consisting of
shad, pompano, swordflsh, oroker, yel
lowfins, rock cod and yellowtaila, aggre
gating in weight 3035 pounds. Tbe bulk
of the fish landed was forwarded by ex
frees to San Francisco, Los Angeles,
asadena and Santa Monica.
Mr. A. Monroe of the Santa Fe route
of late stationed at San Bernardino in
Superintendent Beamer's ofiice, was a
visitor at Redondo today. Mr. Monroe
Terrible Misfortune.
Many Btji>f«rino proh It Today—Theory ol
misfortune lsnever heard without a responsive
throb of sympathy from those who hesr It
Thousands who have had la grippe, which left
them with that constant tired, worn-out feel
ing, sleeplessness, dull headache, depression,
hysteria, etc., haveo/ten prayed for relief, and
are obtaining It from Dr. Miles' Restorative
f7V Tln S; MLewEnyart. Macy Ind., says:
11X2- Ner Y ln « n « cured me of prostration; it
,^ u J, aavertl » ement «* la « **«•"
Two bottles of Nervice cured me of sick head
ache. -Chas. Wilber, Palmyra, N Y. Sold on
S.W?'J{?*r. b3r . C H H » ao e/ i 77 N. Spring.
»wU" fret * 800k ' " f e w *" a
will shortly take up his residence in Los
Angeles, where he will continue his con
nection with the Santa Fe.
Among the late arrivals at Martin
villa, were Ray Dallas, Wm. Hackney,
San Bernardino.
The Hillside home, Mr. Becquet pro
prietor, now oomplete as to the new
addition to the house, is receiving a
good share of patronage from the tran
sient visitors. ■
The Paclflo View bouse continues to
be crowded by guests—permanent and
transient. .
Many camping parties are negotiating
for grounds along the beach.
This morning's arrivals at Hotel Re
dondo were: Mra. J. M. Arober. Po
mona; A. F. Kingler, Mre. A. F. King
ler, Clarence J. Wetmore, San Fran
cisco; T. J. Hammer, Mrs. Antrim,
Alfred C. Disendorf, J. tt. Goodman,
Los Angeles. .
Th* lowa Flenlo on Batanlaj —Local
N.in Matteri.
Santa Ana, July 27.—The hosts from
lowa will picnic at Newport on Satur
day, AuKust sth, when tbe following
programme will be given:
8:00 a.m. Spurgeon street depot,
Santa Ana. First train leaves.
9:30 a. m. Santa Fe depot, Santa
Ana. Second train leavea. AU tbe boya
ehould be there and get the best seat in
tbe car with the intention of giving it
to the first handsome lady that appears
—and boys, keep your eyes on those
pretty girls from lowa—all dressed in
10:00 a. m. Music by Hawkeye Glee
club, followed by a short address by
President J. S. Pitman.
12:00 m. Everybody eat. Your good
wives and beat girls will provide, and
mine hosts Mead and Mrs. Sharp will
feed the rest.
1:05 p. m. Address by Judge A. H.
1:40 p. m. Reminiscences by D. M.
2:00 p. m. Election of officers.
3:00 p. m. Great watermelon eat. E.
P. Nickey. obief carver.
County Clerk Brooks' face wore a
bland smile tbis morning when a dap
per young Santa Anan approached tbe
counter and said he desired to secure a
marriage license. He insisted tbat the
matter be kept quiet, as he did not want
it made public, and when the truthful
official said be could not do that tbe
fellow said he would go to San Diego
and get the document.
The interior of the school houses of
this city are to be kalsomined and the
floors oiled. Many minor improve
ments will also be made.
Genial Charlie Overshiner was in a
happy frame of mind today, as bis fam
rival of a'ttahy noy. "
Deputy Chancellor W. H. Marquis in
stalled the following officers of Santa
Ana lodge K. of P., last night: W. «.
Hall, C; C. W. Hannah, V. C; R. Q.
YVickham, P.; E, £. Richardson, M. of
W.; R. Moffit. M. Of A.; W. H. Marquis,
M. of F.; G. W. Faul, M. of E.; A. D.
Bishop. K. of R. and 8. ; J. P. Greeley,
I. G.; W. H. Lehman, O. G. After the
installation waa concluded light refresh
ments wsre served.
Mrs. M. Flood is visiting friends at
Los Nietos.
The bonds for the Olive and Peralta
school bouses are etill unsold, but ar
rangemente will Boon be concluded and
the buildings erected.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Parker of Orange
are taking in the sights at Chicago.
Miss Annie Yarnell of Arizona is vis
iting friends in Orange.
Col. and Mrs. Ivans leave for Santa
Monica tomorrow.
The illustrated edition of tbe Herald
is receiving favorable mention here and
is selling rapidly. Those desiring copies
will call on Ray Insley. The Blade, in
speaking of the paper, says: The Co
lumbian edition of tbe Los Angeles
Herald arrived in Santa Ana this morn
ing. It is replete witb valuable inform
ation, statistics and descriptive articles,
and ehould be largely circulated in tbe
Man? Improvements — Gospel Meet
Santa Monica, July 27.—Our people
b«ve caught the attraction fever bad,
and let me assure Herald readers it is
not a bad malady but one that will
greatly abound to their pleasure from
now on. Tbe firet to show symptoms
was the management of tbe North Beach
Bath bouse. Sunday next it will be the
genuine Coney island clam chowder,
which will be served to all who come
free, and chef Pasqual saya it will be out
of eight.
Saturday the Episcopalians furnish a
bill of attractions, when they will bave a
glorioue time and invite everyone to at
A number of other attractions have
been arranged for by an enterprising
committee of citizens.
The real estate outlook was never
brighter at Santa Monica than at tbe
preaent time, and althongh the sales are
not as many as tbere have been at other
times, the enquires are far more numer
ous, and from those wbo intend to im
prove and build at once as soon as they
bave mads selections. There are a num
ber of improvements under way which
will soon be completed, such ac the con
struction of the electric light plant, etc.,
outside of the railroad work, and houses
innumerable, wbich are on every hand.
There are many improvements wbich
will be started immediately, such as the
pavilion and bath house, etc., of the Y.
M. O. A., on the south side, which are.
of course, main factors outside of wharf
and harbor sureties, which are the
reason for the happy Btate of facts.
There is another one, and to my mind a
Bnoklan'i Arnica Salve.
Tbe best salve ln tbe world for cuts, bruises
sores nloert, salt rheum, fever tores, tetter
chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay
required. It ls guaranteed to give perfect sat
lsiuctian or money refunded? Price 25 cents
Ser box. For sale oy 0. F. Helnzemau, 222 N.
lain street.
great one, namely, the inauguration of
the work of building and selling homes
on the installment plan by the Jones in
terest, the first house of the lot being
about completed and does credit to all
concerned, including H. Goetz, the
architect and builder.
There is considerable talk of a pipe
line being built from Santa Paula here
and the building of a refinery, the reason
being that shipping facilities will better
from our mammoth wharf.
The best attended of the series of
gospel meetings up to date was Wednes
day's services. Miss Nellie Myers of
Los Angeles sang superbly Come Ye
Disconsolate, and the evangelist Some
Mother's Boy. The subject of his dis
course was Give Me Thine Heart, and
the main thoughts were that it was a
rightful demand, because we are not our
own, and that it waa ingratitude not to
acknowledge God's ownership. He
dwelt on the thought that Christ took
our place in judgment, aod that tbe de
mand was an imperative one. He spoke
abont the kind of an heart the Savior
wanted, and that man's greatest recom
mendation to God was the fact that he
wae a sinner, stating that tbe drunkard
and harlots of Santa Monica, he some
times thought, had a better claim upon
Christ's love than tbe self-rich pharisee.
He also dwelt on the fact that man
must take the position of the guilty
sinner before he can find a pardoning
The Bible readings continue to grow
in interest and profit. The subject yes
terday was Self-examination. Today it
will be Tbe Word of God.
Col. R. S. Baker, who has been sick
for some daya, is on the convalescent
Among yesterday's arrivals at Hotel
Jackson were W. C. Breed, W. H. Hunt,
Paul Near, James Campbell, M. Rice,
Chino; Fred Wenson, Needles; Albert
Merry man, San Francisco; Alt Causon,
Portland; W. T. Gillis, E. P. Jeffries,
M. D., Santa Monica.
Mra. E. M. Loomis of Antelope valley
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. A. Loomis of Second etreet.
Mr. and Mrs. Mackeroy are the guests
of Mrs. Withrow of Ocean avenue.
Mre. Mary Corker of Santa Barbara is
summering here.
A meeting oi the stockholders of tbe
Santa Monica Improvement company
will be held August 7th, for the purpose
of electing a board of directors. The
meeting is called to meet at Judge Van
Dyke's, office, court house.
Mr. and Mrs. Collett of East Los An
geles are enjoying a few days here.
Items of Interest.
ALL WHO EtUOY good Fr nch cooking go
to the Delmonlco Restaurant, Second street,
Santa Monica, where P. Oauphlne, the cele
brated chet, presides over ouluue. Private
rooms if dashed.
the remodeled Rid store, 1 hlrd street, the larg
est snd best selected stock of dry goods, fur
nishing s and high class groceries ln the town.
Is the Hotel Jackson shop, Ot* It avenue, near
Third St. THOS. E. BBICVnS, Prop.
SCHADBE & CO., beers, w. nes, liquors, min
eral waters, sodas, etc. Opposite poatomoe.
Little Place.
Compton, July 27.-»ProfessorWilliams,
principal of the Compton public schools,
haß moved into the house owned by Mr.
Lock wood.
The Robinson brothers are running
C. W. Coltrin's 18-inch well from Comp
ton to Ceritos for the purpose of irri
gating alfalfa.
Rev. C. Bowman will deliver a lecture
on the labor question, at Compton W.C.
T. U. ball, on July 31st.
Mrs. Emma Moody bas moved back
into ber residence on Main street.
Miss Abbie Davissson is visiting her
Bister in Los Angeles.
Rev. J. W. Zimmerman, minister of
the Congregational churoh, expects to
leave for Colorado on account of his
Miss Daisy Hutchfruth of Los Angeles
high school, is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Robert Sherer.
Rev. and Mrs. Bole's and family are
visiting Mrs. Wood, who is Mrs. Boles's
Miss Birdie Dunsmore of Tropico is a
guest of hsr sister, Mrs. Millard.
Miss Hattie Mercer visited Los An
geles on Thursday.
Many of the people of Compton at
tended the exquisite "sunflower" social
at Gardena Tuesday.
J. D. Kuhl, H. A. Wittich and R. O.
Carpenter took tbe early train for Los
Angeles this morning.
How Is This ?
Something unique even in these days
of mammoth premium offers, it is the
latest effort of Stafford's Magazine, a
New York monthly of home and gen
eral reading.
The proposition ia to send the Maga
zine one year for one dollar, the regular
subscription price, and in addition to
Bend each subscriber fifty-two complete
novels during the twelve months, one
each week.
Think of it. You receive a new and
complete novel, by mail, post paid, every
week for 52 weeks and in addition you
get the magazine once a month, for
twelve months, all for one dollar. It ie
an offer which the publishers can only
afford to make in the confident expec
tation of getting a hundred thousand
new subscribers. Among the authors in
the coming series are VYilkie Collins,
Walter Beßsant, Mrs. Oliphant, Mary
Cecil Hay, Florence Marryat,' Anthony
Trollope, A. Conan Doyle, Miss Brad
don, Captain Marryat, Miss Thackery
and Jules Verne. If you wish to take
advantage of this unusual oppor
tunity send one dollar for Staf
ford's Magazine, one year. Your
firet copy of the magazine and
your first number of the fifty-two novels
(one each week) which you are to re
ceive during the year will be sent yon
by return mail. Remit by P. O. order,
registered letter or express. Address
H. Stafford, Publisher
Stafford's Magazine,
P. O. Box 2204,
New York, N. Y.
Please mention thie paper.
Loss Beach Notes.
D. J. MCCARTHY, the proprietor of the sa
loon at 150 N. Main street, Los Angeles has a
branch at the corner of Second and Pine streets,
1 ong Beach, Finest wlucs. liquors and cigars.
The famous Wieiand beer ou draught. Every
body invited to call.
Wall Paper at Coat.
Closing out solo—Eckmrom & Strasbnrg. 307
and 309. couth Main street.
A Bicyclist Injured—H»wi and Perianal
Pomona, July 27. —A sad accident oo
carred to oue of Pomona's business men
last night, which caused him great pain
before he conld get relief. Mr. W. S.
Bailey was on his wheel, en ronte to
Chlno, for the purpose of attending the
meeting of the Odd Fellows' lo<lge at
that place. When something like half
way he was thrown from the bicycle,
causing a fearful dislocation of the
shoulder. He walked to the house of a
German, not very far distant, made
known his condition, and was kindly
conveyed to Pomona. On hie arrival
Dr. Henderson was sent for, wbo, by the
assistance of O. H. Marshall, succeeded
in a "replace" by a free administering
of chloroform and come two hours' hard
work. _
Mrs. Alice Byrnes and her bright little
girl, lola, went to Los Angeles tbis
Mrs. 8. F. Owens and ber charming
niece, Miss Lula Lewis, who has been
her guest for some weeks, took this
morning's train for Los Angeles, the
home of the latter.
Saturday will be a rare chance for our
people to visit Los Angeles, via Santa
Fe route, and witness—at $1.50 for ths
round trip, good to return aB late as
Monday, the 31st—the formal opening
ceremonies of La Grande depot build
ing. Southern Oalifornia railway, corner
of First street and Santa Fe, at 10 a. ni.
Saturday, tbe 29th, or you can go to Ban
Diego and return for $4. "*■
The subject at tbe Universalist church
next Sunday morning will be Remem
The remains of the late Mrs. Frazier
Baker, a cousin of Mr. Frazier Nesbit of
this place, will arrive thia afternoon and
be interred from Patterson's undertak
ing parlors.
One of the largest and most appreci
ative that has greeted any appearance at
the Opera house for many weeks, at
tended the Shakespearian reading there
Tuesday night, under the auspices of the
Independent Order of Foresters, by Mr.
George V. Egan, aided by a very taking
musical programme rendered by some of
Pomona's best and most highly culti
vated talent. The entire entertainment
waa a happily arranged one, resulting
successfully in every phase; Mr. Egan
even surpassed tbe most sanguine ex
pectations of bis friends. The vocal
solos by Mrs. Bsatrice Overton Morgan
and Miss Jessie Padgham were most ex
cellent. The duet by Mrs. Spence and
C. P. Thompson was very pretty and
sweet, and co loudly applauded that
they bad to appear in another. R.
Lowcks, violin; Jules Goepper, guitar;
and 0. Huey, mandolin, also did splen
There has been some talk of replacing
the motor with mules between this
point and North Pomona on or about
August Ist, as tbe engine is fearfully in
need of repair, but Mr. H. K. Gregory
and Master Meobanic G. W. Prescott
were in town today investigating the
matter aa to what might be done to re
tain it.
Mr. C. C. Johnson has not yet left for
lowa, as some of onr co temporaries have
it, and may not leave until about Sep
tember Ist. ,
On Wednesday afternoon next, at 2
o'clock, the orange growers of Pomona
and vicinity will meet in the board of
trade rooms and be addressed by Mr, T.
H. B. Chamblin.
Col. F. M. Slaughter and daughter,
Misß Lorinda, were in town today. The
colonel informs us that he and Messrs.
George S. Mulally. Monroe Thurman of
Pomona, John Fuqua, Charles Dale,
John Orbin of Rincon and H. Guest of
bear bunt on Santa
Rosa monntains, southeast from and be
yond Eleinore.
y. Debruner has let a contract to
Mißhler. dt Linch to erect a one-story
brick building where his frame now
stands. |
Pomona now has stage connection
twice a day with Chino.
Mr. James Becket is down today from
the canon.
J. T. Taylor went up to the canon to
day to do some surveying.
Mies Stella Frost leaves tbe latter part
of this week for San Francisco, where
she expects to make her home with her
sister, Rev. Mrs. Sprague, formerly of
the Unitarian church at this place.
Mr. F. O. Rogers and wife left this
morning via the Southern Pacific, for
Waggoner, 111.
General Superintendent J. A. Fill
more's special car passed through Po
mona this afternoon east-bound.
Look out for Illustrated Herald An
nuals tbis week and make up your
minds bow many you need.
The Pitiful Death of James Joyce.
San Bernardino, Jnly 27.—The police
were notified last evening that an un
known man was acting in a very peculiar
manner in the neighborhood of Sixth
and A etreets. Officer Honeywell called
a wagon and went to the spot at once,
where he found a man lying face down
ward in a patch of weeds. The man
arose when the officer approached and
asked not to be arrested. He was taken
with a fit of trembling a moment later
and fell over backwards. He appeared
to be demented, and the policeman
placed him in the wagon and removed
bim to the city jail. On being searched
a pocket book containing (40:30 was
found. Thia morning it was found that
during tbe night he had struck bis bead
into the stonewall of bis cell a number
of times and had sustained several
bruises. Dr. Dickey was summoned
and be directed the man's removal to
the county jail, where tbe doctor ex
amined him and prescribed for him.
The unfortunate man was placed in
bed and his hands incased in a pair of
muffs so be could not get out of bed.
About 11 o'clock Jailer Brown went to
the cell to see how be was getting
along, and wan surprised to find bim
dead. Death was very sudden, accord
ing to a prisoner in the cell. The de
ceased gave his name as James Joyce,
and said that he bad been until lately
engaged in laying a wall in Bear Valley.
The body wbb removed to Barton &
Cotick's undertaking parlors, where an
inquest will be held at 9 o'clock tomor
Cal Wood is home from Squirrel Inn.
Miss Nettie Emerson left today for
San Francisco.
County Olerk C. D. Hamilton and
It Should Ba ln Every Home,
J. B. Wilson, 371 Clay St., Sharpsburg, Pa.,
says he will not be without Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds.
That It cured his wife who was threatened with
Pneumonia after an attack of "La Grippe"
when various other remedies and several phy
sicians had done her no good. Robert Barber,
of Cooksport, Pa., claims Dr. King's New
Discovery has done him more good than any
thing he ever used for Lung Trouble. Nothing
like it. Try it. Free Trial Bottles at C. F.
Uelnzeman's drug store. Large bottles, »0c
and $1,
mother will leave tomorrow on a six
weeks' trip to tbe world's fair.
Thomas Ball, apecinl attorney for the
government, who has been in the city
for the paat week, left for Washington,
D. C.
F. W. Richardson, county license col
lector, left today for Bavrstow, Calico,
Hagdad, Vanderbilt and ether points on
the desert.
Charles Diamond, of Diamond Bros.,
left today for the east. \
A colored man named Cbarles Wil
liams, better known arousfi town as
Bronco Charley, had a row Jast night
in Chinatown. The Chinamen attempt
ed to do him up but he succeeded in
knocking two or three down. He wbb
fined $5 for his share of the fun.
J. B. Winship, general managei'of the
West Coast Lumber company, with
headquarters at San Diego, waa in town
Tbe board of education held a private
meeting last night for tbe purpose of
considering teachers' salaries for t»e
coming year. \
Arrowhead Tent No. 12, Knight of th*
Maccabees, installed the following offi
cers last evening for tbe ensuing year:
Past commander, J. F. Parker; past
commander, G. D. Snyder; lieutenant
commander, J. W. Staineby; record
keeper, Benj. F. Levet; finance keeper,
P.S.Miguel; chaplain, B. Hubbard;
physician, Dr. G. B. Roweli; sergeant,
S. A. Jackson; master-at-arms, T. O.
Carter: first master of guard, E. S.
Hardman ; second master of guard, W.
P. Snyder; sentinel, J. J. Feeley; pick
et, J. M. Hopkins.
The School Money Still Held by San
Rivebsidk, July 27.—The school
money due to this county from San Ber
nardino county iB playing an important
part in the history of this section. The
superintendent ot schools of Riverside
county went to San Bernardino yester
day and in company with Superintend
ant Beattie of tbat county went to tbe
county treasurer's otlice and presented
a warrant for (500. Treasurer Reeves
was not in the city but as his deputy,
who had full power to act in the matter,
refused to honor tbe paper tbe doctor
returned without the money. Dr. Greg
ory gave notice that he would bring suit
to recover tbe amount. On hia return
to Riverside he immediately held a con
sultation with the district attorney and
arranged with him to begin proceedings
without delay. Dr. Gregory gave the
district attorney the die!; snored warrant
to bring suit upon. Mr. Anderson will
lose no time in bringing tbe action,
which will take the form of an applica
tion for a writ of mandate directing
Treasurer Reeves to pay the warrant.
The necessary papers will bs drawn up
today and Mr. Anderson will proceed to
San Bernardino and make application in
the superior court. The itontroversy
will be pushed to a settlement in a few
Mra. W. J. Mclntyre and daughters
are visiting San Diego.
H. B. Everest and wife left for Lake
Tahoe and Truckee yesterday.
Prof. O*. W. McGinnis of Santa Ana
passed through the city yesterday on his
way to Moreno.
J. A. Oomerford, editor of the Times
Index, paid (his city a short vinit yester
day. ,
The Epworth league will give a bocibl
tomorrow evening at the residence of
Dr. Gardner.
The wheelmen of this city advertise a
fine programme for admiesion '(lay at
Athletic park.
Jr>hn .Robinson the man who attempt
ed to rob (Jus Kean of this city of a
watch in San Bernardino was sentenced
to two years in San Quentin.
S. L. Wright and family, A. H. Jeffer
son and family, John Miles and family
of East Riverside ; E. U. Downes and
family of Colton and Mrs. Perkins left
today for a month's camp in Strawberry
A citizen of thie town returned from
Chino yesterday and reports that section
very lively at present. The factory! will
commence receiving beets today.
The Riverside Heights Fruit Grovrere'
association has forwarded articles oi in
corporation to Sacramento.
The match foot race between two
sprinters of this city will take place Sat
urday at Athletic park, between 6 at id 7
A. H. Maftzgier, county commissioner,
and Attorney Collier have returned fuom
San Diego, where they have been ml at
tendance on the commission to settle
the affair between San Diego and River
side counties. It will require about! 60
days to effect a full settlement.
World's Fair Colombian Kdltlon Illus
trated Herald.
This beautiful publication printed on
the finest book paper, is now on sale Iky
all the news dealers and at the Hebaild
business office. It contains 48 pages pf
information about Southern California
and over 50 illustrations. As a publica
tion to Bend to eastern friends it has
never been equalled. Price 15 cents ilk
The Galen Institute,
Office, South Spring street, Los
Angeles. From their experience in the
hOßpitale of Europe and America, their
knowledge of tbe rapid advancements
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treating diseases in the last few yeare,
can tell tbe probability of a cure in all
cases of chronic diseases. They make
every case a special study, and will not
take any case unless there is a moral
certainty of -making a complete cure.
They will guarantee a complete cure in
every cane they take for treatment. Ser
vices free of charge.
State Division.
Riverside Enterprise: Scipio Craig
comes very nearly the center of the bulls
eye when he says in the Citrograph: "If
the opponents of state division have no
better arguments tban the state pride of
the pioneers of '49, tbe question will
come to the front with a man that will
carry everything before it."
"The Noble Art of Seir Defense."
Set Forth by an Authority—Self defense is
Instinctive Persons who llud themselves af
flicted with heart disease as manifested by its
many symptoms, palpitation, short breath, ir
reguiarpulse, palnin-lde or shoulder, smother
ing, fainting or dropsy, etc., naturally desire a
defense against what may terminate fatally.
For this express purpose no remedy h.as ever
approaches Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure, sold by
C. 11. Hince 177 N. Spring, on a guarantee.
Mrs. O. F. Perkins of Northwood, Is., says,
Dr. Miles' -New Heart Cure saved her li'o. She
fullered from palpitation and heart wou.'d fre
quently beat as high as 125 a minute. Was
not expected to live Was a mere skeleton, no
relief from physicians, New Heart Cure cured
Fire Insurance Kates Reduced.
Independent of the "compact" See Bast er.
vllle.SlS North Main (Lanfianco building) and
save money.
Stands at the Head.
The light running Domestis. H. B. Memory,
353 South Spring St.
Creosozone, the great Insect exterminator,
and Flood's roup cue, for sale by Kd, Caw
ston, 230K South Spring street.
Tbe Weather Bureau's Keport of tbeir
The .local weather bureau furnishee
the following report of the oondition of
the crop.i for the past week:
Very warm weather prevailed in all
the districts, culminating on Friday
with a close, sultry condition of the at
mosphere and local rain of wide extent.
Thunder storms occurred in the mount
ains with he.ivy rains in the San Jacinto
range. Heavy local showers fell in tbe
San Gabriel valley, causing Blight dam
age to drying itpricots, hay, and grain in
the fields: elsewhere the rains were
light and the d.image immaterial.
The temperature ranged above the
averages, the dally excess at Los Angeles
being two degrees and at San Diego one
Grain threshing continues with a
larger yield in some localities tban ex
pected ; large shipments are being made
though some grain is being stored in ex
pectation of better prices.
The demoralized money market in the
eastern states appea.rs to have an effect
upon the dried fruit trade; a Riverside
exchange states tbat an order for two
carloads of dried apr.Vsots, which were
iready for shipment, was cancelled owing
to tbe difficulty of getting money from
the banks.
Three foggy morningn occurred; the
remainder of the week was warm and
cleiir. Theshing continues, and grain ie
turning out better than expected.
Hueneme—Close, hot weather pre
vailed, with lightning in the mountains.
Nothing has impaired the ißne condition
of be ariß and corn. Hay in being baled,
but there ie no demand for it I threshing
has begun.
Lancaster —Harvest is in full blast. A
steady rain fell for several Lours Thurs
day aft ernoon in the center of the valley.
On Friday it showered off nnd on all
day, and was better distributed. There
are no reports of serious damage.
Verdugo—A lively shower f>ell Friday,
doing ni> damage. The apricot crop is
about ail gathered except a few Moor
parks. Early Crawford peaches are
ripening in come localities. Raspber
ries are abundant.
Pasadena—General thunder storms in
the mountains culminated on the morn
ing of th 9 21st in heavy local showers.
Seven-ten ths of an inch of rain fell with
in two miles of this station, over an
inch fell east of us, but here we had
only .01 ot an inch. The fruit dryers
were unprepared for it and lost some
fruit; lying in the fields was
slightly damaged. Peaches are coming
on finely. \
Duarte— The rain of ?he 21st, amount
ing to .49 of an inch, was somewhat un
usual and nnlooked for; it slightly in
jured baledlhay and drying fruit.
Covina—The weather was variable.
The first off the week was very warm,
with plenty of breeze; Friday was
ushered in With clouds and .66 of an
inch of rai*, the day was very sultry,
like eastern Weather; Saturday was the
same. Hay, grain and berries were
slightly injured by the rain.
Pomona—Very"light rain fell on the
morning of the 20th, doing no harm.
Tbe apricot pop is about all gathered
and dried, except a small percentage
shipped fresh.! Prices ranged from $18
to $25 per ton, and the whole yield
amounted to about 850 tons. The
peach harvest has begun on early
varieties; the jcrop is good.
Riverside — Vlhe ra nf aU Friday
amounted to one third of an inch,
but did not damage crops to any ex
tent. There ia talk among the pro
ducers of apricots and honey of storing
the crop until better prices prevail.
Banning—The quality of the apricot
crop was above tlie average this eeason,
and all except the late varieties were
dried at home.
Winchester—Rain fell Friday night
but not enough to'do damage. Apiarists
report that tbe honey crop will not reach
Alessandro —It lie eetimated that the
grain shipments frqm this valley will be
over 140,000 sacks. \
Tustin—A few dried apricots were
sold tbe past week nt 10 cents, but gen
erally there are no w no buyers in the
Palomar—The hay j crop is good, stock
is in fine oondition. Several young or
chards are bearing moderately for the
first year.
Escondido—The threshing outfits are
having a lively time in the Escondido
valley and vicinity; there are eight
steam threshers and about 25 headers at
San Diego city—Frtuit drying pro
gresses rapidly; the weather was all
that could be desired. 1 Apricots are be
coming scarce; grapes have appeared in
market bnt not in great quantities; all
other kinds of fruits are abundant. A
trace of rain fell on the 20th.
j Minor Oases Which Wm-e Investigated
\ D. G. Cronin, charged with obtaining
money under false preteinseß. appeared
before Justice Seaman yesterday and
tasked for more time in which to plead.
Me was given until this' afternoon at
lit was shown in evideno c that 11. Sim
m ona had stolen a buggy Tiibe belonging
to Dr. Tolhnrat, so Mr. Simmons wilt be
given his alternative today.
luaria Anna Pereza, masituline with a
feminine name, recently desiring to be
not sd as one of tbe cummer swells, be
gan! tbe collection of bis wardrobe by
appropriating: a straw hat with a wide
brim. This is as far as be got, however,
ac JnWtice Seaman gave him (20 or 20
days .yesterday, with which to replenish
his witrdrobe.
Ah \Wong, charged with dallying with
lottery tickets, appeared and deposited
$50, simply to show bow desirous he was
of conversing with Justice Seaman upon
the lottery question next week.
Frank \ Edwards, Henry Pre i ton and
Edward Grellman were up for disturb
ing the peace.
Klectrlc Bittern.
This rem Sdy is becoming ao well kiiown and
so popular ius to need no special ment ion. AU
who nave uiied Eltctric Bituus slug ..he same
song of praise. A. purer medicine does not
exist and it ls guaranteed to do all that is
claimed. Els ctric Bitters will cure all diseases
of the Liver at id Xi Uueys, will remove 1 limples,
Boils, Bait Rhi urn imd other affections caused
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system and prevent as well as cure all M«huual
fevers For cure ol Headache, Constipation
and Indigestion tr r Electric Bitters, .r.utire
satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded.
Price 500 and $ 1 per bottle at 0 F. Htinze
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Freeh Jtoilled liofcstera,
Game, fish and poultry. F&HD HANIMHN,
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\ *Jjf«* V, the system after
v " Lft Gri pp e »"
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2 N y/'* ar, d other pros tra
\l j&Xi' ting acuto tiia
fcr eases; to build up
X needed flesh and
I strength, and to
m restore health ana 1 .
J vigor when yoa
feel "run-down"
_f\. and used up, the
ff \ best thing in the
■ \ world is Doctor
Three's Golden
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healthful action, purifies and en
riches the blood, and , through it
cleanses, repairs, and invigorates
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For the most stubborn Scrofulous,
Skin or Scalp Diseases, Dyspepsia,
Biliousness, and kindred ailments,
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edy that's guaranteed. If it doesn't
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DR. @. HDGUUi SMITii 1 60.
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days all kinds of
without the r\se of knife, drawing blood or de
tention from business.
Can ref r Interested parties to prominent Lot
Angeleß citizens who havj been treated by
them. Cure guaranteed
3-7 12m LOS ANUKLEg, CAL.
Inside, outside, and all the way through,
by drinking —_ j
■.-••ont Temperance drink ; ™ VI
; i woara a owhba a sway ;
! | Taken as directed the!>o famous Pills will ,
Erove marvellous restoratives to all enfeebled <
y tile above or kindred diseases.
25 Cents a Box.
1 ' but generally recognized in England and, la ,
] , fact throughout tho world to be "worth a ,
j u inea a box. for tbe reason that tbey >
, i WILL CURE a wide ranee of com* >
i I ploJufia, and that they have saved to many >
i > sufferers not merely one but many guineas, in 1
' ' doctors' bills,
i . Covered with a Tasteless & Soluble Coating.
1J of all druj-'glHta. price 23 cents a box. !
|, Now York Dopot, 365 Canal St. »
i It '
Combined with Sulphate of Hydrastis.
Nervousness, Dyspepsia, Loss of appetite, De
bility and a low condition of the syßtem will
be promptly relleVL-d aud cured by its use. lu
valiiatile for overworked business men and
we<\k, nervous women. Pleasant, prompt and:
ttncieut. 100 doses $1. Get the genuine,
manufactured only by Taylor & Myers Phar
maey Co., St. Paul. Minn.
Los Angeles agents, H. M. SALE & SON, 230
S. Spring st. 41 ly
Whon There Remember That the
Neptune Gardens
Is Not Only the Coolest but Finest Family tss«
soit ia Haula Monica.
P. WALTERS & SON, Prop*.
7-31 lm

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