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The Liquor Case* Disposed of—Local
FtiisiKi, Aug. 24.—The catet of .the People
vs. Sioll A Girmsheusen, came op raiber uuex
pecudly before Recorder Rosslter yesterday
afternoon at 4:30 o'olock, that being the time
when Jodg > Mssttr waa to determine whether
a Jury would be demanded by the defendants in
tfeolr-casea, one ot wblch wai let for 10 o'clock
IMS morning.
Judge He.ter rather surprised the court by
stating that ha had come prepared to hare the
plea of Garmabausen, not guilty, withdrawn
and enter the plea of guilty, waiving lime for
sentence. The course wai explained when
the judge asxed thai the case against 8101 lbe
The recorder stated that he could not dismiss
tbe Stoll case except on motion of tbe city at
torney. Mr. Arthur appeared and stated that
trpun the plea of guilty Wng eutered, as ho was
Informed Judge Hester was desirous of entet
lng, he would, without reference to tbe tine to
be imposed, move to dismiss the noil case.
Judse Hester then said he thought the court
ought to view the offense oi Oarmshauten ns
one not flagrant at leant, and suggested that he
anticipated the minimum tine. The recorder
wouid not consent to stipulate what the line
would be, bnt intimated thai unless mitigating
circumstances were snown the minimum fine
would not be retorted to. The Judge, however,
was not disposed to go to trial, and the plea of
' 'guilty was entered by Garmabausen, aud the
•» recorder set Saturday morning at H:3O o'clock
" as time evidence will be taken to arrive at tba
nature of the offense, and upon tbe evidence
' 'the fine will be fixed. Considerable interest is
manifested in tbe outooma of these cases, for
th« reason that the evidence that led to the ar
,"'tests r accidentally leaked out in another case
M Wherein the defendant swore that he bought
beer at tbe bottling works ot H. W. Btoll A Co.,
at the low price of six bottles for 65 cents. The
case against Mr. Btoll was dismissed, for the
leaion tbat he claimed to know nothing of It,
and that the tale, if made, was made against
hit express orders and without hit knowledge.
wortAHs' Baxur corps.
I - The Womani' Reliel oorps of the John F.
Godfrey post met Wednesday afternoon in Odd
Fellows' hall, to exemplify the work for South
ern California. There were 20 guests present,
lucludiug department president, Mrs. AbbleE.
Johnston of Los Angeles: department secretary,
Mrs. Mary E. Hurt well, aljo of Los Angeles; the
department treasurer, Mrs. Davis of Riverside,
and delegates from Pomona, Santa Paula and
Santa Fe r prlngs.
The halt was handsomely decorated with
flowers, while Mrs. J. A. Buobanan, the presi
dent, presided
After the reading of the minutes of the last
meeting, tbe ladles went through tha whole
ritual of the order.
The department president addressed the
meeting, and complimented tha corps on its
work, saying she bad never seen It better done.
Mrs. Johnston stated that the reason the John
F. Godfrey Woman's Relief corps was chosen to
exemplify the work was because when sbe
visited them some montbs ago, she waa im
pressed by their perfection In the iltuaL
While Mrs. Johnston was speaking. Professor
Lowe, Professor Keyes, P. M. Green and Cap
tain Wake ey came In to pay their respects to
the ladles. Docllnlng to Interrupt the speaker,
they remained in the ante-room a few moments
and then retired, leaving their greetings for
the lsdtes.
Mother Ranson of Los Angeles also delivered
. a abort address.
At 4:45 the meeting adjourned, and repair
ing to the board of trsde rooms, where a table
had been reserved (or them, they enjoyed a
beuntlful collation.
8. K. Proster has returned from Redondo.
V. E. Martin left for Camp Wilson latt even
Ray Mulchings is spending a week at Long
Mrs. W. Thompson it seriously ill at Strain's
Dr. and Mrs. Knapp have returned from Ru
G. v*. White and E. H. Rust wont to Cata-
Una yesterday for a week's vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Rogers and a party of friends
started for Camp Wilson this morning.
E. H. Clark oi Ban Franoiaco is matin? a
abort visit in Pasadena.
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Manker leave for Bedford,
la., on today's overland.
Mrs J. E. Maurlner and Mrt. H. Hoi brook are
at home again, alter a pleasant week at Cata
Among the guests who enjoyed Professor
Lowe's hospitality at Rubto canon Wednesday
' evening were Mr. and Mr* A. R. Metcalfe. Mr.
and Mrs. T. P. Lukens and Mr, and Mrs. C. M.
Soma large peaches from the Highland-tract
ate on exhibition at Wood & Church a. One
el the peaches measures nearly 12 inches.
Yesterday Pasadena rested after the exer
tions of the Lowe testimonial celebration. The
only busy men were (he real estate agents,
who report the demand for bouses steadily In
Mr. F. 8. Polley entertained a party of gentle,
men friends at his home, on Mullne avenue
Wednesday evening. The musical programme
was tarnished by an orchestra composed of
.'< seven Pasadena musicians.
Charles Grimes, who had charge oi tbe free
lemonade stand on Wednesday was perhaps the
most popular man in town.
Yesterday afternoon, at about 5:30 o'clock,
the horse si Captain Button starlcd a run on the
• Pasadena National bank, but was restrained by
Mr. Put man. Mrs. Button and her two children
had Just alighted from the carriage In front ot
i' ii ana furnishing store, when tometbing
iii "Hi t* iho hone, and he started to run. Mr.
i ' >;, :.si iji from the store, succeeded in
i ■ ■■ ■"ii m c and turning him. In spite
: i i'otta the horse ran upon the
» ii> lug, fell just in front of tbe
:>' ■ i '" iik. in falling he hurt
> 1 . - • ' • h . i bruised Mr. Putmtn's
I v ■ .. ,
. . ' .• en yosterday in the Ar
i < ...Hons between four
' i l ' ' ■ icorner of the sec
,s. I.i inwu making a large
i -..< i n • mii.', which will be
I i -i n art studio. Bine*
h . >i ' i win months ago, Misi
■v -tudloof Miss Alioe
' I'i|,,: ■■ . ■ p.ce too limited.
. ■ > ■" lately moved his
i i .if) i- hi Iding, and the three
i reception as soon as
"liMi N w f>»l»n Mining District—Orange
<.r..wers Will Contest.
KivfcKsiDn, Aug. 24.— The new Galon mining
district, about 30 miles northeast ot Molars Is
bouinlng Just now. Mr, J. A. Aboil, a tbrmer
resident ot Ferris, but now a prospector at these
mines, was la the olty and displayed a hand
tome assortment ot nuggets from his mines.
He says there are now about SO miners In the
camp engaged la placer mining. Little has
been done during tbe summer, but now that the
beat it less Intense and the nights are cool,
there Is a good deal ot activity in tho camp,
and many claims are being worked. Besides
gold quarts, there is also rook containing sliver
and lead. Mr. Abell displayed a specimen
whioh runs 947 in silver to tbe ton, and also
contains about 47 per cent of lead. He Is of
the Opinion tbat important developments will
be made in the near future.
The orange growers in this taction will doubt
let) contest tbe right of royalty demanded by
the patentees of the fumigating process which
Is being used In this county. Yesterday Ray
Blllingsley. an attorney of Santa Ana. was In
the olty for the purpose of Interviewing the
local growers and secure their co-operation in
contesting the claims for royalty recently made
by toe patentees. Two or three growers In
Orange county have paid the royalty de
mand, but other* are of the opinion that they
will be uphold by the court* In not paying the
same,andhaveseoured attorneys for the pur
pose of making a test caw. The patentees have
how prepared to test their claims against the
growers, and an action will probably be brought
In the near future. Mr. BUllngsley urged the
grower* to combine and assist their brethren
Of Orange county in resisting the unjust claim.
He saw e> vera, representative men last even
ing and this morning, and left today for South
Rivtrslde, where ha expects to enlist that sec
tion in the cau.e.
AAabor plonlo will be held Monday, Septem
ber 4th, at Harlem Springs. A programme of
tporis hat been prepared,
Young Iberly, who has been suffering from a
rattlesnake bite for some time, Is still in a pre
carious condition. The band bitten was am
putated yesterday,
ltd L. Allen's youngest son turned the faucet
of a gasoline can which had been placed in a
tight cellar, and came near being overcome h/
the gas yesterday beiore hi* father discovered
H. M. Barton, chairman of the commission
on partition, has announced that San Bernar
dino county'a surveyor will be rtady to assist
the surveyor of this county to run a boundary
line near Chino in about two week*.
8. D Taylor and wife are home from Ban
Dr. Deßorra ha* gone to Klslnore to look after
bis property Interest* in that city.
County Treasurer D, G. Mitchell's family are
home from Redondo Beach, where they have
been camping.
Stephen* White ha* been appointed by the
superior court a* guardian of Pearl Fender
Nichol end Thomas M. Nichol, with a bond
tlxed at $1500.
lunun' Exchange Bank Reopens—
Lodging Hone* Balded—Netea.
Saw Bebnardino, Auk- 24.— Tha Farmers'
Exchange bank oi tbis city resumed business
this morning at tha usual hour. On June 14th
laat a run wai made on this Institution, which
necessitated the closing of Its doors till the
stringency of the money mark it was relieved.
The 22d of June J. C. King was appointed re
ceiver by the superior court of this county.
The appointment was favorably received by
all, as he is a thorough business man, and his
integrity baa never been questioned, Mr,
X log, assisted by the officers of the bank, went
to work immediately, and they have secured
sufUclent funds with which to reopen the bank.
The shareholders have spared neither time nor
effort to aid la tha matter. Today the receiver
waa discharged cy order of the court that ap
pointed him. Bis report, verified by his oath,
is on file, and gives a detailed statement of the
affairs of the bank. Tha directors of the bank
levied an assessment of 950 per share on the
subscribed capital stock of the bank, tbe entire
t as segment amounting to $50,000, which makea
tha entire capital stock $100,000, fully paid
up. This, according to tha rtcelvsr's report,
gives over 9130,000 at tha amount Of cash on
hand in the vaults of the bank at the data of
the i eport, The amount now dae depositors is
f 101,000. The receiver has succeeded In col
lecting $62,000. The Integrity and business
ability of the management of the bank and the
solvency and financial worth ot the stockhold
ers is aufflslent tecurlty for any depositor, and
it is safe to say the bank will enjoy the confi
dence of the public in the future as it has In
the past.
This afternoon, about 5 o'clock, the police
raided the White House lodging establishment
and arrested several women who nave bean In
the habit of rooming there for some time, past
The man who runa the house waa also taken
into custody, bnt succeeded in giving bonds
for his appearance Saturday at '.)>. m., to answer
a charge of running a bouse of prostitution
and assignation. The women were not so for
tunate in scouring ball, being compelled to
walk the streeta several hours in oompany
with an officer before the necessary amount
was raised, The people are known as the
"chippy" element, and it is alleged have been
In the habit of renting rooms In this lodging
house and go on lb* street and ply thlr traffic.
The city marshal has been making,it.warm for
this class of people «f late, and It is sale to say
that thty will beesuirely cleaned out aoon.
The city board of trustees, which faas been
in session, for the past two week* as a board of
equalization, has been making a careful review
of the assessor* books, and have worked on an
ascending rather than on a descending scale.
They have raised the assessment* on a large
number of Individuals, and in each case sent
the.party a nolioe to appear at such a date and
show cauae why his assessment should not be
raised, or forever hold his peace. Tomorrow
at 10 o'clock the property owners will com
mence to appear before the board to argue the
Robert Manlell played The Face In the Moon
light at tbe opera house laat night, to a fair au
dienoe, with remarkable force.
A brick block will toon adorn the corner of
E street and Court alley, where the old Mc-
Donald wooden building now stands.
The joung people of the Baptist church will
give a social this evtntng at the ohurcb, which
will doubtless prove very entertaining.
City Clerk Tyler has furnished a tabulated
statement of the city's affairs for tbe past year,
and estimates its wealth at about $4,250,000.
Tho case of John Ball, charged with destroy
ing a toll gate on the Arrowhead road, was
called sgalu today before Judge Wright, the
jury falling to agree in the first case. The jury
on the present occasion returned a verdict of
acquittal in about four minutes ait*tr they left
the room.
F. J. Bolton, secretary of the world's fair ex
ecutive committee, is preparing another car
load of fruit for shipment to the white city.
Five young ladles, accompanied by their ef
corts, met by appointment yesterday morning
at 5 o'olock and went out to Harlem springs on
their wheels for an appetizer for breakfast.
Thomas Lovell, who recently escaped from
tbe insane asylum, but was not too crazy to
steal a horse and buggy at Colton and start for
Lob Angeles at a fast gait, but waa overtaken
and brought to this olty, was recommitted to
the Highlandasyl <m.
License lax Collector F.W.Richardson has
had R. C. Gregg and J. A. Bryant ot Chlno ar
rested for selling liquor without a license at
The Native Bens have decided to celebrate the
Oth of September, and have appointed the fol
lowing young men to make the necessary ar
ialigaments for a barbecue at Colton: Newt
Brown, W. D. Wagner, E. E. Eats. H. E. Keller,
I. S. Jaokson and A. A. Burobam.
That's What They All Bay.—lt is custom
ary in these latter days to express our pe.-lec
aatisfaotion with a thing by saying "It's im
mense!" It's so expressive that nothing can
be added. Geo. L. Fink, Philadelphia, Pa.,
says: "My wife has been taking your New
Cure for the heart, aud says it is immense. She
has not been trou bleed with pain or smother
ing spells ainc3 using it," Juo. L. Rot crts,
Blatlugton, Pa., says he is 75 years old and has
suffered from heart disease for oyer 40 years.
Was treated without avail by prominent New
York physicians; grew constantly worse; took
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure and was completely
cured. Bold by 0. H, Hauce, 177 N. Bpring St.,
on a guarantee.
Long Beach Notes.
D. J. MCCARTHY, tho proprietor of the saloon
at 150 N. Main street, Los Angeles, has a branch
at tbe corner of Second and Pine streets, Long
Beach. Finest wines, liquors and cigars. The
famous Wieland beer on draught. Everybody
Invited to call.
Wall Paper at Gobi.
White back 5 cents a roll, gold paper 10 cents
a roll. Labor below cost—wo charge 10 cents a
roll and employ union workmen at 15 cents a
roll. This Is your chance to stye money. F.
W. Bauer, 237 South Spring street.
Fire Insurance Rates Reduced.
Independent ot the "compact." See Basker
ville, 218 North Main (Laufranco building) and
save money. \
Wild Doves I Wild Coves)
First of the season, at Fred Hanlman's, Mott
market. Telephone IBS.
Do Ton Want Wall Paper?
OlO'ing out sale—Ecketrom & Btrasburg, 307
and 309 South Main street.
Stands at the Bead.
The light running Domestic. H. E, Memory,
853 Booth Spring St.
Report That Two Men Were Hurled In a
T unnel—Ultr Trustee*.
Pomona, Aug. 84 -The olty trutteet met, last
evening at 7:30 in the city hall, all the mem
bers being present.
The minutes of the last meeting were read
and approved. In the matter of the Bartlett
alley, the committee waa allowed further time.
The three ordinances presented at a prior meet
ing were laid over. The specifications as to
cross walks and sidewalks weie presented, read
and referred to city engineer. The matter of a
tax levy was then taken up, discussed and
finally fixed at 85 oentson tbe $100, as follows:
General fund, 30 cents; street fund. 10 cents:
library lund, 9 ceuta; building fund (for the
purpose ot paying Interest on school building
bonds), 15 cents, and park fund, 15 cents.
Mr. U. I. Lor beer ot the library committee
gave the following figures in references to the
workings of the Institute for the past three
years, the time since it was taken in charge by
the olty: Number of books July 1, lotsO, 1272;
July circulation, 207. Nuoxber of books July
1,1891, 2094; July circulation, 413, Number
of books July 1,1832,2555; July circulation,
049. Nnmber of books July 1, 1893, 3202;
July circulation, 1025; showing an Increase of
about 25 per cent lv Increase of number oi
volumes. , .
The annual circulation of books (not includ
ing those read in Library hall) taaen out for
home nse: 1890 91, 4486 volumes: 1891-92,
5073 volumes; 1892-93, 10,444 volume". This
shows an increase of about 83 per cent in cir
culation—nearly three times greater increase
than that of books accruing. He asked that
the council, if they could conclenoiously, give
at least 10 oents for library fund. It was, how
ever, compromised at 9 cents
Tbe council then went Into session with
closed doors, to hear what Mr. C. G. Kellogg
had to say to the honorable body.
At the herald predicted, toe jury In the case
of Mr. Will Stephens rendered a verdict oi not
Mr. J. W. Gooddell, motor conductor, was at
tacked this morning early with neuralgia of
the heart, which caused him to faint away and
left him in quite a serious condition.
Mr. W. R Carter, late a nurseryman In Po
mona, who was paintd to the county hospital
a few days since, is reported to have died there
Constable C. F. Ward of Ontario arretted a
youth, apparently scarcely lull grown, by the
name of Alexander Bush, oharged with bur-
Sl»ry in that place some 12 montbs since,
nsh bad been in Jail lv Ban Bernardino tor
some other crime, but bad been released just
tbe day before the officer arrived in San Ber
nardino for his rearrest when released, follow
ing him to this town, arresting him as above
stated and taking him to Ontario.
A pretty good-sized rattler was killed near
Claremont yesterday afternoon by Mr. J. L.
Overton, which was brought to town and
skinned by Barry Howland. Mr. Overton la
having the body put through the proper pro
cess to obtain the oil.
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Joy and niece and Miss
Winnie Smith, wbo have been spending some
time at Laguna and Arch Beach, have returned
home mnob Improved, to the delight of their
friends—ln fact, Mr. Joy, who waa in rather
reduced health, has gained 10H pound*.
Dr. A. B. Reld and family are Intending to
start to Oatallnaon Saturday, for a two or three
weeks' stay.
The family of T. W, Haddock arrived yester
day from Berkeley and are stopping at Keller's
hotel. Mr. Haddock has also had a brother
visiting him lor the past few days.
TwoofLes Angeles' most popular traveling
men, Yerrington and Mcßirney, are In town
Mrs G A. Netb, who waa very seriously ill
yesterday—so much so that her mother was
sent for—ls considerably better today.
As Councilman Rlllott and Andrew Osgoodby
were returning from their brick kiln yesterday
afternoon the horse ran away, throwing the lat
ter out and injuring his shoulder and arm quite
A telephone message from Claremont this
afternoon to Mr. J. Betket stated that two of
the men. Green and Brady, working in the
Flemlng-Becket tnnntl, were covered In by a
partial cave, but not probably any serious re
Master Will Kesslfi and Otis Gould, wbo have
been at Long Beach for a few days, returned
Formation of a Uteravjr Society—Local
Comftor, Aug. 24.— ' trial of parties from
Gardenawas dismlssu.. >aat Tuesday. A ver
dict ot not guilty was rendered.
An excursion party, consisting o! about 15,
will start from Oompton to Catalioa next Mon
day. Among the party are Misses Bloklam,
Anna and Maudo Couklln, Ella and Ada Legg,
Stella Kalcom and Master John Conklln.
The boarding houses have been very full this
week on account of the Chinese trouble.
An excursion party of about six in number
will start from Gardena to a canon near Wil
son's peak Bunday.
The Irrepressible Mongolians reappeared in
Oompton on the srat train Wednesday morn
Mrs. Bynum is visiting friends In Oompton.
Rev. and Mis. Leach and Mlaa Nellie Leach
were In Los Angeles Wednesday.
A new literary society was organized on
Wednesday evening. It has adopted a new
constitution and about 40 memb-rs have
signed it. The fee of membership Is 20 cents,
and at preaont there la $70 in tha treasury.
Officers were elected as follows:
8. G. McDowell, president; Claude Davis,
first vice-president; Mrs. Angelo, second vice
president; Mrs. M. R. Williams, secretary; W,
J. Stevens, assistant secretary; Mrs. G. 8. Stone,
treasurer; M. R. Williams aad W, A. James,
This society is expected be a permanent and
successful one. As stated before, any one can
become an aotire member by paying a fee of
25 cents; but others can be honorary members
by paying the same fee, but will not be expect
ed to take part unless asked.
The society will meet on next Wednesday
evening, and a good programme will be fur
In our communication of yesterday the com-
Eositor made us say the prayer meeting at Mr.
ddy's was noted for its pure spiritualism. It
should have been for its pure spirituality.
Mr. and Mrs. Patton, from Kedlands, are ex
pected at Mrs. Morrison's today. They have
been spending a few weeks at the beach.
Mr. Morrison arrived in Oompton. from San
Dligo Saturday evening, and returned Tues
day morning, taking with him his daughters,
Misses Llllieand Maggie Morrison, This trip
is made by wason, and will require three days.
The yonng ladies will return in time for school.
Mewa and Personal Notes from tho Sea
Santa Monica, Ang. 24 —The hotels are all
full to overflowing, It especially being the case
at the Jackson and Believue.
At North Beach the crowds congregate dur
ing tbe day, sporting in old Neptune's aurf and
gathering renewed strength for the autumn
The management state that the rush has
been greater during this week than ever before
and that the number of those who have
practiced swimming since the contest for the
medal commenced has greatly increased.
Mrs. Decker and Miss M. A. Decker have left
forSauia Barbara, after a mouth's sojourn at
Santa Monica.
Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Loomts and daughter have
returned to their home In Antelope valley.
The Park Theater trout) continue to play to
crowded houses and delighted audiences.
Item* of Interest.
the remodeled Red Btore. Third stieet, the lam
eat and be tselected stock of dry goods, furnish
ings and high class groceries lv the town.
it the Hotel Jackson shop, Utah avenue, near
Third st. THO3. E. REEVES, Prop.
sell ADER & CO., beers, wines, liquors, min
eral waters, sodas, etc. Opposite poatofßce.
Wall Paper at Coat.
Closing out sale—Kcketrom & Btratburg, 307
and 309 South Main street.
\j FAIR. Send ten cents (silver) or twelve
cents in stamps far a Handy Pocket Guide to
the great exposition; gives information of
value to every visitor. Street Guide, Hotel
Prices, Cab Fares, Restaurant Rates, etc. De
scribes the hidden pitfalls for tbe unwary, and
hints how to keep.out of them. This indis
pensable companion to every visitor to the
windy oity will be tent by mail. pott paid, on
receipt of ten tenia (silver) or twelve cents In
sumps. Address
H. STAFFORD. Publisher,
P. 0. Box 9264. New York, N. Y.
6-30 d63t wOt
H V a
I V Onr Fall stock is piling in so fast that we are compelled to make one more grand re- I
I \ duction sale. This will positively be our last sale of the season, and as the goods we I
B \ now offer are at prices shorn of all profit it behooves you to take advantage of it. To m
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I 50 doz. NECKTIES, Regular Price 50c. 7/ I
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I Cor. Spring and Temple Sts. Cor. Spring and Temple Sts. |
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Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful Fndlso*
Eon,overindulgence, Ac,such as Loss of Brain
l'owcr, Wakefulness, Bearing; down Fains in tbs
back, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pros,
tration, Nocturnal Emissions, Leucorrboea, Dls
sinoss,Weait Memory, Loss of Power and Impo
tency, whioh 1 f neglectoil often lead to premature
old ape and insanity. Price It HO a, box, 6 boxes
forJfxOO. Sent by mall on receipt of price'
every fide order received, toretand themone; '1
a Permanent cure Is not effected. We have
thousands©! testimonials from ell and younn
of botha»B*s,whohave been permanently cures
by the use of Apbrodltlne. Circular free. Address
Bold by 11. M SALE * SON, 220 South Spring
street. Druggists. Los Angeles, Cat
Horses Boarded by Day, Week or Month al
Lowest Living Rates.
RIVERA & RIO 3, Proprietors,
Tel. 76i s-ai am 217-219 & nan ■»
AtloVlON EER3,
426-438 South Spring St.,
Want to buy all kinds ot
In large or small lota. Bee us before you sell.
1 "j
Leave your order at the store and oar buyer
will call on you.
Fine Store Fixtures
Store formerly occupied by Frank, O.ey & Co
Wednesday, August 30,1893,
Consisting of large Hall's fireproof safe, plat
form «calea, 400 feet shelving, 400 feet coun
ters, 100 counter stools, show cases, gas fix
ture', apool cases, trucks, shades, fine offloe
awning-, large table, forms, step ladders, etc.,
elo Theie goods are all flrst-olass and as good
as new. Will be sold in lots to suit purchasers.
THOS. B. CLARK, Auctioneer.
8-20 Ot
SReHfltl' 24.2* 8. BROADWAY.
7-2S Sm
Containing 62 acre* of land, all in high state of cultivation ; cottage
house, hard-finished, of seven rooms, bath and kitchen, together with
small cottage of three rooms for laborers; about four acres in bearing
Washington Navels; 6 acres English Walnuts; 6 acres Winter Ap
flee; two artesian wells; about 3000 feet service pipe and hydrants,
irat-claaa corn, alfalfa and orange land; all fenced and cross-fenoed.
Apply at once to
114 N. Beaudry aye. Los Angela. Cal.
||| Best Appointed Hotel in
l Amer^ n European Plans.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦o****>*****>* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
337, 339 and 341 S. Spring St.
Auction Sale ? High-Bred Trotting Stock
To be beld at the stable of H. M. Johnston, corner of Alta and Downey avenue, Eaat Lot An
giles on TDSSDAY, ADOUST 29, 1*93, at 1:30 p.m. Tbe stock con-data of 9 head of first-class
veariins" sired by l.arco, record 2:28, out of mares by luliwoi.l (i 4 6'>2), A W. Richmond
(16*7]rVho (462). Bonnie McGrego- (3778), Del Sur (101)8), Tho Moor (870), Loid Ruawll
(4677)' Romero (*:l9i4), Monroe Chief (875), one stallion 2 ycirs oid. by Atto Rei (2:21»4>; one
adding: 2 years old, by iarco (2:28 ; one ge.dlng threo ye rs old, by lArco (2:28); two flfitr
flat? saddle ponies, and four head of yearling Ul»v aland bay--, ull good individuals.
O. A. POWELL, Manager,
h. W. NOYES, Auctioneer. s-io v*

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