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The Interminable Paving Qoe»tlon.
1.0ci.1 Affnlri.
Pasadena, Sept. I.—Tho paving goes-
Hon continue* to "bob np serenely,"
and apparently has no idea of being eat
upon. It was thought that when the
contract w«i awarded yesterday to Mr.
Fairchlld to do the work at 29 2 5 cents
per square foot tbat this settled the
question of wbo was to put down the
? lavement. It seems, however, that
here are prospects of a merry war be
tween tbe paving companies as to wbo
shall capture the work in spite ol the
fact tbat the contract has been let to tbe
Fairchild people.
Tbe way this condition of affairs comes
about is a section in the V woman act,
under which this work is being done,
which reads as follows:
"The owners of three-fourths oi tbe
frontage of lots and lands upon the street
whereon the work is to be done or their
agents, and who shall make oath that
they are such owners or agents shall not
be required to present sealed proposals
or bids, but may within 10 days after the
posting and publication of said notice of
said award elect to take said work and
enter into a written contract to do tbe
whole work at the price at which the
lame has been awarded." This action
must be taken within 10 days after the
posting of the notice of award, and
work must be commenced within 15
"Taking advantage of this section, one
of tbe unsuccessful bidders for tbe pav
ing work is endeavoring to secure pri
vate contracts from three-fourths of the
rontage on Colorado street, by offering
to do the work for 00 cents per square
foot, dealing with tbe owners direct.
Should they succeed in getting the
necessary three-fourths, a petition will
be presented to the council on Monday
next asking that tbe contract be turned
over to the property owners.
It seems doubtful, however, whether
this can be done, as it is understood tbe
Fairchild company is willing to make
reductions for cash and will probably be
willing to come down to tbe 60 cent
notch. Provided the company which
bow»heioJ, ! li : wo'ilU-9Vrtnu^« l ß i o n, V r work as
them to do it, under the direction oi"nie
city officers, as a better job would un
doubtedly be obtained.
Mr. Fairchild is an old band at the
paving business and bas put down some
of tbe best streets in Los Angeles, in
cluding Commercial, which is conceded
to be tbe best paved and tbe best wear
ing street in tbe city.
The Pasadena cannery, formerly oper
ated by the Pasadena Packing company,
but not owned by Joseph Wallace, lo-
cated on Cypress avenue, above Orange
Grove, will commence active operations
on Monday next.
This will be good news to many in this
vicinity aa work will be afforded to a
number of hands.
While it is to be regretted tbat the
cannery did not open earlier in the sea
son ita opening at thia time ahowa that
money ie getting easier in this locality,
and indeed this is not tbe only indica
tion of a let up in tbe stringency of tbe
money market.
Our lumber firms report heavier sales
during the month of August than in the
preceeding 30 days and more than in the
lame month tbe year previous.
Building ia continning with no indica
tion of a let up. The real estate market
ia dull aa it always ia thia season of the
year, but no active movement can be
, predicted for tbe coming winter. Aa
many if not more public and private
improvements are going on now than at
tbe aame time last year.
Cement walks are being put down in
every direction and atreet improvement
continues unchecked.
Outside of two weeks, if nothing oc
curs to prevent, a force of men will be
at work on Colorado atreet preparing it
for a coat of aspbaltuni pavement,
which will mean the expenditure of
many thouaanda of dollars, most of
wbich will be distributed among the
laboring claeaea.
On the whole the prospects for the
coming season are exceedingly good in
Paaadena, and it would be difficult to
find a community in the state which
has withstood the late financial crash
There bas been considerable comment
of late tbrongh the local press and
otherwise on the alleged neglect of the
, oouncil to take action upon the consoli
dated electric street railway franchise.
\ This criticism would seem to be unfair,
\ aa the council is merely waiting for tbe
I consolidated people to come forward and
\ state their case.
Tbe last time the matter was under
\ consideration action waß postponed, and
1 the company agreed to have a represen
l tative address tbe board at its next
1 beating.
\ No such person ever appeared, and the
Icjuncil evidently came to the conclusion
Wat if the electric people did not want
\ A Wonderful Knglne.
L's?^? T B * S WAS«*D.-An engine exerting
KfiffM Power is always a source ol wonder,
iS, "I,R an l ,rli eutirely lorgetlul of toe
ftiiri,??. w '' hln themselyet of an engine more
ffj,,™. 1 aau enduring than any ever invented,
nth? hi.*.?"« v S tU . the * experience irregular
Halt p*„ ltu , v " erl hK| tenderness in shoulder
WM& W £i leu an£le S a "htnatio breathing,
bAat. I, * n,> VT »P«««. smothering, shon
n* ?ot?J ft ai H l ? '. loe ' wnen "* existence is
know! h.?K bed . en . led ' a9tne Possessor must
\ur? h.h t he f? dl « e » 8 e- Mrs. De Bar, Fitch
ire k',2f ili *i ear * disease 15 ysars; had to
!i'-?'I.» c , lp; on liquid food, used Dr,
fi", t»»i »nd all symptoms left her'
her. Boid bye. H Hance.
Ktte g rrboo« ntee>Wllo WIU gITO
the franchise bad enough to ask for it,
that there was but little use granting it
to them. There were also certain pro
visions whloh were included in the fran
chise as prepared to which the company
objected, and no decision has ever been
rt ached on this point. One.of these was
that a $10,000 bond be put up to insnre
tbe prompt completion of tbe work; this
tbe company wanted reduced.
Tqere is no doubt but that the council
li ready to grant tbe franchise any time
when the company indicates a desire to
comply with its requirements.
The date of Miss Colenlan's organ re
cital baa been changed to September
Rev. Florence Kallock returned this
morning from an extended eastern trip.
Sbe will resume preaching in the Uni
versalis! church on Sunday morning
Work is progressing rapidly on the
new Throop polytechnic building, and it
will, in all probability, be ready for use
wben school opens.
The laying of the cement walk on the
east side of Fair Oaks avenue will prove
of much convenience to north enders.
The Pasadena baseball club will play
at Alhambra tomorrow with a clnb from
tbat place. The home nine is composed
of Messrs. Blatenburg, Rippey, Palma
teer, Johnson, Beebe, Britton, Lippen
eott, Hemphill and Robinson.
Ihe Swimming Contest*—Polo Baoes.
Horary— Note*.
Santa Monica. Sept. I.—The chief item
of interest in converaatlon on North
Beach ia the late Bwimming contest for
the gold medal, liberally given by the
North Beach bath bouee management,
which was won by Arthur Splittstoesser,
Whose best time was 16 minutes, the
distance being half a mile. The new
contest commences Sunday, the distance
being 200 yards, and the conditions be
ing that the prize, which is a fine bath
ing suit, one of Pfester's best, made to
tbe order of the winner, Who will have
to win three beats before the prize is
his. The distance being shorter will
draw more entries into the list, make
the pace a swifter one, and thus more
exciting to the witnesses. It will not be
one calling forth endurance so much as
the late one, in which Mr. Splittstoesser
displayed that quality to an eminent
degree, as well as hard work, but will be
one calling for speed pure and simple,
and may the best man win. There will
be a large list, many entriea and lota of
The fourth annual racea of the South
ern California Polo club will take place
on Saturday, September 9th, at tbe race
track, adjacent to the polo grounds,
commencing at 1:30 p. m. The follow
ing is the interesting programme, and
will, T~„* who love to see sport bT the
genuine character. Mr. G. L. Warring
has the matter in charge and has given
gratuitously much time and honeat en
deavor to tbe matter, only asking that
all have a good day'a sport in return,
and that the club, of which he ia an
honored member, reap the glory.
The Miramar handicap, $26 added—
For ponies entered by members of any
polo club; top weight, 170 lbs.; Bix
Tbe Brookehnrst stakes, $20 added—
For polo ponies; top weight, 164 lbs.;
weight for inches; 10 lba. extra for win
ners on the flat; two furlonga.
The Arcadia atakea, $20 added—For
trotters and pacera owned by residents
of Santa Monica and Ballona for one
month previous to September 3d; mile
heats to harness ; 2 in 3.
Tha Hoy stakes, $20 added—For
horses; catch weights; one mile.
The Winslow polo pony race, $20
added—For polo ponies; top weight, 148
lbs.; weight by inches; 10 lbs. extra for
previous winners on tbe flat; four fur
Tbe Acker hurdle race, $20 added—
For ponies entered by members of any
polo club; top weight, 150 lbs.; weight
for inches; 10 lbs. extra for previous
winners over bnrdles; six furlongs over
4 hurdles 3 feet 6 inches high.
Consolation race, $1Q added — For
beaten ponies that have not run first of
second during the meeting.
Entrance fee for all racea, $1.
Entries /accompanied by entry feea)
to be made previous to September 3d to
G. L. Waring, Santa Monica.
Pony standard 14 bands 1 inch.
Weight for inches, 4 pounds for every
Starts of all running races to be from
a walk.
Pony owners mnst be provided with
written certificates of height of starters
issued by recognized measurer of any
polo club.
Purses of races 1,2, 5 and 6 will be di
vided 60 per cent for first. 30 per cent
for second, 10 per cent for third.
Purses of races 4, 6 and 7 will be di
vided $20 to first, amount of entry fees
to second.
One of tbe special pet institutions ol
Santa Monica in which all take a delight
and whioh is thriving to an unusual de
gree, is the free library and reading
room. The librarian reports for August
the circulation of 1296; new books, 24;
making 2112 Yolumee, all told, in the
library at the present time. Among the
new books being many on Japan and art
of a specially interesting character, and
well worthy of more than a casual pe
Rev. G. H. Deere, D. D., of the Uni
versalist denomination, haa donated a
work on Prayer, written at Santa Monica
during the summer of 1892.
September days always draws a large
delegation of merry nimrods with dog
and gun who, in tbe Ballona marshes or
adjacent foothills, fill rapacious game
bags, the contents of which afterwards
go a good ways towards making pleasant
the supper table of those who enjoy the
luxuries of a game supper.
September Ist is alwayo made the ini
tiatory gala day ot such oport, and yes
terday was no exception to the long
galaxy of days that have gone before.
Among those thiß Year determined not
to be ontdone waß J. IJ. Henry, wbo
started out bright and early with Con, i
bis favored dog, and gun, bringing borne
as trophies of the day's sport 01 quail
and 5 cottontail and a number of jacks.
Miss Grace Iteming ton Davis gave a
charming concert at tbe Arcadia Thurs
day evening, when a number of Los An
geles artists and Mr. J. Brwin Hoy of
Santa Monica assisted. Miss Davis bas
a rich soprano voice, which delighted
all wbo bad tbe privilege of bearing
her. Miss Davis will make Santa
Monica her future borne and prove an
acquistion to our society.
Tbe annual camp meeting of tbe Free
Methodist convened on Monday morn
ing in tbe park on Nevada avenne and
Seventh street. There are about 20
tents outside of the central, or gospel
tent, where tbe services are held. Yes
terday Rev. Ward, late missionary to
India, preached, and the evening ser
vice was conducted by Rev. Dr. Coch
ran, who has been' a missionary in
Japan for 14 years, who delivered an
address on the work among tbe Japan
ese. The attendance is large and the
meetings are of an interesting character.
The Vawter block is about completed,
and is a handsome addition to the town.
It ie situated on Third street, midway
in the block, and is 27x80 feet. The
front room is finished in oak, with a rail
and office counter to be placed in posi
tion in a few days, of tbe same material,
inclosing a space 12x24 feet, in which
will be tbe office of the Santa Monica
Commercial company, the Santa Monica
Lumber and Mill company and the Santa
Monica and* Soldlere' Home Horse Rail
way company. In the rear is the vault,
16 feet square, built entirely separate
from any of tbe other walls and in which
Ib one of the latest approved safes of the
Hall Manufacturing company of Cincin
nati, ()., and is capable of holding over
100 Bafe deposit boxes. Twenty-four
will be placed in there at once, and
others as soon as needed.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. McGary have left
after a summer sojourn in their seaside
Mr. J. M. Calkens, who has enjoyed
the luxuries of the Jackson for the nast
month, bas left for hie Pomona olive
Items of Interest.
BCIIADKR A CO., beers, wines, liquors, min
eral waters, sodas, etc. Opposite postofnce.
Excitement Over the Kmuon of an At
tack on the Chinese.
San Bernardino, Sept. I.— Rnmora
were rife on tbe streets last evening and
today that a mass meeting had been or
wae going to be heid somewhere in this
city to formulate a plan to expel the
Chinese from, the city. After diligent
inquiry by a Hebai.d representative he
found thatameeting was held last even
ing, but no definite plan had been de
cided upon as no person could be pre
vailed upon to act as leader. There are
glaree number wbo are willing to follow
recognized tmad. but juot ttLv, „in mi
this responsible position remains to be
seen. The sheriff's office has been kept
busy the past few days looking after the
Redlands trouble with the heathens,
but now that the question bas reached
this city tbey were compelled to stay up
till a late hour last night as a report was
circulated tbat an attack would be made
some time during the night. The
Chinese in this city barricaded their
doors last nigbt, and it is safe to say but
very few of them slept much. They are
all well armed and bloodshed is likely
to result should tbe mob attempt to ex
pel them. An officer in this city in
formed the Herald scribe of the plan
supposed to have been adopted at tbe
meeting last evening. He said tbat
tbey would wait till the attempt would
be made at Redlands. Should the citi
zens be successful there they would
make an attack in thia city. There are
over 20 Chinese in thia city, and a tight
ia looked for by the knowing once. The
gun stores here have sold a large amount
of fire arms and ammunition in the last
few days, the major portion being to the
almond-eyed subjects of the flowery
Marry Dean, of Phillips, Smith &
Dean of Santa Ana, passed through the
city today for Bear valley.
H. K. Gregory, assistant passenger
agent of thto popular Santa Fe system,
spent last ewening in tbe city.
Charles K. Bernard will leave this
evening for Chicago. After viewing the
big fair be will make a trip to Boston
and will be rccompanied home by Mrs.
Bernard in about a month.
Attorney W. J. Curtis, wife, Hal man
and Miss Hattie Curtis, left today for
the world's fair.
Oscar Wilde intends to print bis
plays, which will most probably be
published in the autumn by Elkin
Mathews and John Lane. It is in
tended to issue them in four volumes,
each to contain a critical introduction
by a distinguished man of letters.
Unlike the Dutch Process
•SI No Alkalies
jrtfif Chemicals
MR Slot are used in the
flf 1 f preparation of
Breakfast Cocoa,
which is absolutely pure
and soluble.
It has more fftare ffcree iimes <Ac strength
of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, and is far more economical,
costing less than- one cent a cup. It
is delicious, nourishing, and easily
Sold by Crocers everywhere.
W. Baker & Co., Dorchester, Mass.
Improvements at tha Race Track— A
Haw Or»«n.
Santa Ana, Sept. I.—Many improve
ments of a substantial character are be
ing made at the Santa Ana race track,
and when the fair opens this year the ac
commodations will be superior.
Next week will see a large number of
new racers here. Mr. Hodges is coming
with 12 horses, among them Nutford,
and several others with records better
than 2:30.
Oifford, Kelly and Forster's stables
will be back from tbe Hueneme races
Monday, as also a large number of otber
Additional stalls are to be put in, and
daring tbe month of September tbe
Santa Ana race coarse will present a
lively appearance.
a new oaoaN.
Tbe First Baptist church of this city
bas just purchased a fine new organ and
on Sunday will have special services,
with Rev. Harper occupying the pulpit.
County Turveyor Finley sayß it is pos
sible to pnt the Santa Ana river in
shape so as to prevent the destructive
overflows which annually occur. Among
otber things he aaye: "I believe any
work wbicb baa for its object anything
else than the ultimate straightening and
narrowing of the channel ia only tem
porary and almost useless. The great
advantage of having a thorough know
ledge of tbe river channel throughout
tbe valley and having it. carefully map
ped out, with every obstruction and im
provement accurately located, ia that
any so-called temporary work done can
be ao arranged tbat it will become per
manent. It can be put in with a defi
nite plan alwaye in view of eventually
having a completed work. Unless tbat
fiolicy ia pnraned we may stop a break
n a bank one year and the next stop
another break with a jetty that will
throw the water against the one of tbe
year Before and totally deatroy it."
The matter of tbe repaira on the river
la juat now tbe moat important matter
betore tbe supervisors. Something
must be done in tbe matter, and very
soon, too.
Z. B. West will leave for an extended
trip east next week.
The steamer Bonita is at Newport,
loading 9000 sacks of barley.
0. F. Durfee and family are camping
in Trabnca canon.
Barley is now selling here for 60 cents
per hundred.
The fall dip of wool is excellent, but
as yet no price has been placed upon it.
Nap Donovan baa returned from Ban
Mrs. J. Brownstone has gone to
K. Wade leaves for the east tomor
D. R. Wood, the new instructor in
science iv tbe public schools here, bas
arrived in town.
The record made by Diable at Wood
land yesterday of 2:09.' a , makes tbe ad
mirers of Silkwood think tbe young
northern stallion is a goer. Silkwood is
going finely, however, and will easily
lower bis record of 2:o7thia year.
O. A. Rice of San Diego is in town.
Bey. P, B. Jackson bas returned from
Bear valley, where be baa been camping
for two weeks past.
J. R. Parker has applied for letters of
administration on tbe estate of Kate
Parker, deceased, which is valued at
x estorday morning a boy was born to
Mr. and Mrs. A. Meacbam.
Mr. Samuel Solenberger is spending
a few days at Los Angeles.
The opening of Olive school, which
was to occur on Monday, bas been post-
Soned for two weeks, on account of
L. 0. McKnight baa gone east to at
tend tbe C. A. R. encampment at Min
neapolis and the world's fair. He will
probably be absent about a month.
Amateur Athletes at Athletic Park.
Riverside, Sept. I.—lf a stranger
should take a stroll oat to Athletic park
these days be would be surprised to see
tbe number of boys spinning around
tbe one-quarter mile circle on wheels.
The morning: honrs are taken up by a
number of cyclists, while about 4 p. m.
the majority of the riders pnt in an ap
pearance. To see some of the fast ones
do a two or five-mile run would make
any one unacquainted with bicycling
wonder just how fast tbe machine will
go. Oastleman, Shoemaker, Cobb, New
comb, Smith, McCrea, Cox, Wagson,
Welch and Cowan rank among the fast
est that take daily exercise, and it is a
difficult matter to pick winners at the
present time, although Castleman and
Shoemaker are acknowledged very
speedy riders among the boys named.
The training qnarters are much better
arranged than when the club gave the
last field day. Tbe grand stand has
been repaired and a big addition made
to tbe bleachers. The management
have spared, neither pains nor money
to make the tournament a success
and it is safe to Bay it will
prove one of the best bicycle days ever
held in Southern California. The total
number of prizes offered is in tbe neigh
borhood of $1500, a thing that will prove
a big drawing card. Eutrleo have be
gun to arrive. One day this week 40
nominations were made from Los An
geles. Williams, the Santa Paula phe
nom, is expected to take part.
Mrs. MoHaren is home from the
L. St. Tobey and Assistant Postmaster
A. Olney of Perria were in town yester
George B. Knight, one of Perria' moat
enterpriaing citizens, paid a vilit to this
city yesterday.
Harry Homaker, formerly of Santa
Ana. haa formed a co-partnerahip with
T. H. McMillen.
The Riveraide Federation of Labor will
give a grand basket picnic at Harlem
springe Monday. Athletio tportt will
be one of tbe main attractions.
People Still Going to the World* Fair-
Personal and Local.
Pomona, Sept. I.—S. Caldwell, the
West Second street druggist, ia booked
to leave here tomorrow via the Sunset
route for Chicago and the eaat, taking in
the Crescent city on hia route.
Rev. L. H. Frarey has returned Uom
hia trip to San Franciaoo and the upper
part of the state, now ready again for his
duties aa pastor of Pilgrim Congrega
tional church m thia city.
Rev. W. P. Craig and family have just
returned from their vacation, accom
panied by hit brother. Mr. Craig will
now occupy bis pulpit in tbe Firit Pres -
byterien church, as heretofore.
Col. Kenton M. Slaughter, of the Rin
con neighborhood in San Bernardino
county, waa in town today. He ia now
about fully recovered from his recent
long illness, looking in very good health.
Mrs. Dr. Thomas Coatee and her ami
able daughter. Miss Jessie, are booked
to leave next Tuesday for Chicago and
the old lowa home scenes.
Mr. and Mrs. Avis have just returned
from their trip of several day to San
Diego and vicinity, having enjoyed the
same hugely.
Mr. Arthur Peterson leaves tonight
for Chicago, hia ultimate destination
being Cincinnati, where be intends pur
suing a medical course. He has been
reading under Dr. F. De Witt Crank for
many months, and goes fairly well
started. Hia frieuda wish him every
The W. C. T. TJ. organization of Po
mona will bold their annual meeting in
tbe First Preebyterean church of our
city next Thursday afternoon, at which
time the officers for tbe ensuing year
will be elected. All members are urg
ently requested to be present on the
Speaking of peaches, their size, flavor
and bright appearance, some were
brought into this office from the Kings
ley tract, Pomona, that could not well
surpassed anywhere.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S.Shirley, who have
been tbe guests of their relative, Dr.
Braaher of this city, for some four or five
weeke, left yesterday for their home in
Mlaaouri, bo well pleased that it is their
intention to return this winter to live if
Personal Notes — Death of Old Uncle
Compton, Sept. I.—Misß Emma Bar
ron will reach Los Angeles Saturday.
Sbe bas been at Chicago for several
Mrs. Harvey Jones is no better. Her
daughter, Mies Emma is expected home
from the east Saturday.
Amos Eddy is still very sick.
Mr. H. M. Atwood and daughter, Gen
netta, went to Los Angeles today.
W. A. Wilson, known as "Uncle
Billy," an old and well known citizen
of this commnity, died at San Jacinto.
August 30th, of heart disease. He had
been sick for about 18 months. The
body wiil reach Compton on tbe even
ing train today. Tbe funeral will be
held at the Congregational church Fri
day morning at 10 o'clock.
Cook & Langley company finished
packing pears at this place today. There
are more pears, but tbey are too ripe
for shipping.
Four members of Mr. Peck's family
are down with typhoid fever.
Life Good For f in uicu.
Had the fire department been equipped
with apparatus for throwing ropes to
great heights or distances, such aa are
carried by all life saving stations, many
lives could have been saved from tbe
flames at tbe cold storage fire. Every
man who escaped alive did so by a flim
sy rope. With a proper gun or cannon
a ropo or numbers of them could have
been shot up over the tower and made
fast by the imprisoned men. The ropes
can be rendered noncombustible. No
pew or expensive machinery would be
required. At the life saving station at
Jackson park could have been found
huge guns with endless coils of lifeline
attached. The guns fire a heavy spear,
which carries tho lifeline out to wrecks,
helpless boats and drowning men. Twen
ty such lifelines could have been fired up
and over the burning tower. Every shot
of tho gun would have saved the life of
a brave fireman.
With the high buildings in the busi
ness center such apparatus would be
most valuable and could be carried on
every hose cart. Individuals imprisoned
in tbe tenth story, cut off from all es
capq, could be saved. A lance could be
Bhot into the window and tbe rope made
fast. Nothing would bo easier. If the
gun, tbe lance and the rope are good to
save lives at sea, why not uoe fireproof
ropes to save men from death by fire?—
Chicago Globe.
Advice For Hot Weather.
Always carry an umbrella. If it rains,
there you are, don't you know, and if
the sun comes down and you are idiotic
enough to be out in it, protect what
head you have with intervening shade.
How many sunstrokes have been saved
in my particular case by the interven
tion of my parachutio friend it would
be difficult to determine.—Howard in
New York Recorder.
For a mosquito bite, or for any sting
of insect or small eruption, there is
nothing better than the old fashioned
remedy of our mothers, soda mixed with
vinegar until it foams well.
A company has been incorporated in
Canada for the purpose of running and
operating a telephone line between Hali
fax and Vancouver. The length of the
line will be B.ROO milfw.
Deserving Praise.
We desire to say to our citizens that for years
we have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills,
Bucklens Arnica salve and Electric Bitters,
and hare never handled remedies that sell as
well, or that have given such universal satis
faction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them
every time, and we stand ready to refund tho
purchase price if satisfactory results do not fol
low their use. These remedies have won their
great popularity purely on their merits. Hold
by C. F. Heimeman, druggist and chemist, 222
North Main street,
Long Beach Motel.
D. J. MCCARTHY, the proprietor of theialoou
at 150 N. Main atreet, Lob Angelea, has a branch
at tho corner of Second and Pine atreet*, Long
Beach. Finest wines, liquor* and cigars. The
famous Wieland beer on draught. Everybody
Invited to call.
Wall Paper at Coat.
White back 5 cents a roll, gold paper 10 cents
a roll. Labor below coat—we charge 10 cents a
roll and employ union workmen at 15 centa a
roll. Thia la your chance to sive money. F.
W. Bauer, 237 South Spring street.
Farmer* and Horsemen—Hall* Cream
Salve for horses will keep the files off a sore,
heals barbed wire cuts, cures old sores. Some
thing new, aomethlug good. $1. OS 4
Vaughn's drugstore, Fourth aud Spring sis.
Largest Stock Frulta and Vegetable*.
Damson plums cheap for canning; choice
northern Bartlftt rears, peaches, pluma, etc.
Althouae Bros., 105 West First street; tele
phone 398.
See the World* Great Healer
And oouliat, at rooms 10 and 11. No. 31U',;
South Spring street, Los Angelea, Cal.
Wild Doves) Wild Dovest
First of tbe season, at Fred Banlman's, Mott
market. Telephone 188.
Wall Paper at Host.
Closing out sale—Eckstrom & Straaburg, 307
and 309 Sonth Main street.
Paper Hanger*.
Yon can buy at cost at Eckstrom & Stratburg'a
closing out aale.
250 envelopes, 50c; % tin writing paper, 25c.
Langstedter, 2H W. second, Hollenoeek hotel.
Bad Boys at Anbury.
What bad boys there are at Asbury!
The Bummer boy here is a little demon
in human form who goes in bathing with
all bis clothes on and keeps bis mother
and his various nurses at high concert
pitch all tho time. This is owing to the
absence of the paternal presence during
the week. Feminine correction means
nothing to an American boy, and that's
all they get down here, for you can't
very well talte your eldest hopeful one
side and administer a corrective spank
ing with a whole hotel full of guests
ready to declare you inhuman fcpr so do
ing.—Cor. New York Herald.
Trout Killed by Disinfectants In Drains.
The heavy Btorm which visited Slea
ford on Monday thoroughly flushed the
drains, and the storm water carried the
carbolic acid with which the drains had
been disinfected into tho Slea trout pre
serves, killing almost every fish they
contained. On Tuesday Superintendent
Ricbdale took out 73 beauties, weighin",
from 1 pound to pounds, and it is
feared that scarcely ii single trout will
bo left alive.—Westminster Gazette.
A Seasonable Joke.
"Tho days aro growing shorter," ob
served Mr. Clamwhooper to his family,
Friday morning.
"Yes, I have noticed it," interrupted
the aunt.
"Tbey are half a minute shorter," adl
ed Mr. Clamwhooper in the samo toio
of voice.
As no reply was needed to this the
aunt mado none.—Texas Sittings.
lie Missed All the Fnn.
It makes one's heart bleed to learn tbat,
although Dr. Tanner came into parlia
ment on the dead run, ho did not get
there soon enough to bloody somebody
else's nose and get his own ears bitten off
in return. We can't help sympathizing
with the fellow who arrives just in time
to miss all the fun.—Chicago News-Kec
Medical and Surgical
ROOMS 3 AND 5, 211 8. MAIN ST., OPP
Self Abuftc, Sight Emissions, Decay of the Sex
ual Organs, Seminal Weakness, UNVITNICSS
roK nakKIaUB, are quickly and perma
nently cured by experts.
Our blood remedies cure the worst types of
Skin aud FRIVaTK UIsEisED, Pains iv
the Flesh and Bones, Red Spots, Ulcers of all
sorts on the limbs and elsewhere on the body.
permanently cured ol I.O*T VIGOR, Vari
cocele, Stricture, Syphilis In all its forms,
Gleet and Gonorrhoea and Kinney and Bladder
troubles. Circumcision without pain. Cura
ble cases cures guaranteed.
Consultation at office FREE and confidential.
Charges reasonable. Call at or address as
above. 6-14 ly
©l A
REM'LTS in 80 PAYS. Cures aUXtyfcVwS l ?/
Nervous Diseases, Failing Memory, \. tt [ V f
Paresis, BloeplesiinesStNightly Emls-
sions, gives vigor " * to shrunken organs, etc.
caused by paatabusos and quickly but surely restores
Lo*t Manhood In old or young. Easily curried In vest
pocket. Price #1.00 a package. Six fur #5.00 with a
wrlttenfyuarantcci to cure or money refunded. J'on't
let any unprincipled druggist sell you - n v Kimi of
imitation. Insist on having lNl>APO—none oilier. IT
he has noli trot it.we will send it by mail upon receipt of
price. Pamphlet in sealed envelope free. Add rugs
Oriental Medical Co., fiU I'l'-noutb. 'plue, Cbk&gj, 111,
SOLD by H. Germain, 123 South Spring St., LOS
ANGELES, CAL., and other Leading Druggists
Positively cure in from thirty to tixty
days all kluds of
. without the use of knife, diawing blood or de
tention from business.
Can refer interested partial lo prominent loa
Angeies eitlrens who have been treated by
them. Cure guaranteed.
Druggist & Chemist,
222 N. Main St, Los Angeles.
Prescriptions carefully compounded at
Slvau aw:, it.
gj Find fault with the cook if X
C the pastry does not exactly Em
• suit you. Nor with your wife B3
cither —perhaps she is not to X*
j-y, It may be the lard she is 63
Bg using for shortening. Lard Jpi
L/j is indigestible you know. But K3
if you would always have MO
| YOUR g
PI Cakc9, pies, rolls, and bread Pf
R palatable and perfectly di- Hj
pji gestible, order the new short- B*j
p euing,"COTTOLENE," for your §|
v ~ Refuse All Substitutes. R<
W Mado only by
£ N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., §S
\ ~ Rend three contain stamps to N. K. El
r*4 Fairhimk <fc Co., Chicago, for band- W*i
V 1 * Home Cottolene Cook Ilook, contain- HI
t / ing six liunrired recipes, prepared by K3
nine eminent authoritlefion cooking.
A Great Bargain.
The Cottrell press and folder on which the
llekald was formerly worked off ti offered for
sale at a great bargain. Practically as good as
new. Also a vertical engine.
Apply to
This is an unexampled bargain for cash.
ti /r r^lvT DR. 1/ E BIG & CO., the ohleit
IVL "■ LN ani most reliable Special Phy-
Biciaus and Surgeons on the
Pacific Coast, continue to cure all diseases of a
chronic aud private nature, no matter bow
complic-ited or who has failed. Send for a
confidential bonk to men explaining' wby
thousand* cannot get cured.
123 g. MAI '< ST., r.OS ANGELES.
8 12 2m
On the Beach, Foot of Utah Aye.
Hot Ocean Water Baths, • ) EACH
Nnrf Hatha - 25
Warm Ocean Water Plunge, ) OTS.
jRUff-FlrKt-eiass A ccommodations for Plonlcs,
Ladies and Children, 8-2(1 lm
lucubotors, Bone Mills, Alfuf. Cuttti*.
Everything for poultry keepers.
kDWIN (JAWSTON, 1218. Broadway.
0 1 (im
No. 110 West Second Street.
7-15 ly
am Office: LO3 AN9ELIS,
Wholesale Yard at SAN PKDRQ.
Branch Yards—Pomona, Pasadena, Lenanaa,
Aznsa, Burbank. Planing Mills—Los Angela*,
tad Pomona. Cargoes liuuished to order.

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