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Judge Ross Upholds the Geary
Act Provisions.
Cham Shang- Yueriand His Country
men Under the Ban.
Tha Full Text of the Important Do talon.
Marshal (lard at Onoe Commences
to Serve Warrants In
Judge Ross was probably the moat
popular man in Loa Angeles yeaterday.
It was officially announced on Mon
day that he would render a written de
cision on tbe Cham Sbang Yuen case
Tuesday, and by reason of the telegram
received from Attorney-General vOlney, •
ordering that deportation be stopped
until the necessary funds were forth-,
coming, speculation ran rife aa to
whether or not Shang Yuen, who waa
found to be without a certificate of resi
dence, would be deported.
The decision of Judge Hose put all
doubt aside, and it was with difficulty
that tbe court restrained tbe applause
which threatened to break out, at the
cloae of the reading.
Briefly, the judge declared that all
clauses of the Geary act were parts of
one and the same law, and that a viola
tion of a clause was a violation of the
He also held that if there were the
funds to deport a Chinaman under one
clause, that there muat be money to de
port tbem under anotner.
He boldly declared tbat the telegram
from Attorney General Olney was not
sufficient proof tbat there were no
funds for the deportation, and in sub
stance stated that he would run bis own
office according to the law and his own
No sooner had the important newa
become known, than the United States
district attorney was beset by applica
tions for warrants.
There was no barrier to prevent tbeir
issuance, and they were granted aa fast
as the necessary papers conld be drawn
Twelve ware given to citizens of Red
lands, six to the Federated Trades of
this city, and tbe work went merrily on,
while down in Chinatown where the
news soon spread, the Celestials were
wringing their hands and anathematiz
ing the Six companies,
Towarde nightfall United States Mar
shal Gard, with a force of deputies, was
ont scouting tbe town. It was like
eatobtng Hies; aa soon as a celestial wae
arrested be was conveyed to the connty
jail, and off went the Marshal for more.
There were half a dozen inaide at 5
o'clock, and "more to come," was the
word from the jail authorities.
A repoiter a pent a few minutes witb
the marshal on his Chinaman-catching
As soon aa the officers appeared in
sight every Chinaman dropped his work
and ran,-and the proprietors of several
restaurants were minus tbeir help laßt
night, for the celestials had only one
idea of evading the wrath to come, and
tbat was to bide.
It is stated that only the determined
action of Judge Rosi prevented blood
shed in Redlands.
Had there been any delay yesterday
in tbe proceedings, it is the opinion of
those in authority, tbat nothing could
have saved the town from riot. As it is,
tbe people now are content to rely
upon Judge Robs for the proper carry
ing out of the law.
The decision of tbe judge is given be'
low in full:
Pursuant to the provisions of section
13 of an act of congress entitled "An act
to prohibit tbe coming of Chinese lab
orers to the United States," approved
September 13,1888 (25 U. S. Statutes, p.
476), which section waa not only not re
pealed by the act of May 5, 1892, com
monly known ac the Geary act (Statutes
1891 2, p. 25), but waa thereby in ex
press terms continued in force, and
baaed npon a verified complaint charg
ing tbe defendant witb a violation of
the provisions of the sixth section of the
Geary act, a warrant wae issued for hia
arrest and made returnable before this
oourt. Upon-this calling of the case for
hearing, tbe district attorney presented
to tbe court a telegram from the attor
ney-general, a copy of which was placed
on file, and wbioh reads as follows:
Uated Washington, D. O .Sept. 2.
To United Btat.-s Attorney Denis, Los Angeles,
I am advised by tbe secretary of the
treasury that there are no funds to exe
cute the Geary law, so far as the same
provides for deportation of Chinamen
wbo have not proenred certificates of
residence. On that state of faots circuit
court of United States for southern dis
trict of New York made the following
order: "Ordered that be, and he
hereby is, discharged from the custody
of the marshal and ordered to be de
ported from the United States whenever
provision for auch deportation shall be
made by the proper authorities." Ask
court to make similar order in like
eases. Olney,
This communication was, no doubt,
occasioned by the statement madei n
the opinion given at thu time of issuing
the warrant, to the effect that tbe war
rant was issued in the absence of ju
dicial knowledge on my part tbat the
department of tbe government charged
with tbe duty of executing the pro
visions of the Geary act was not pro
vided with the neceeaary funds for the
purpose, and that, were I so advised,
no warrant for such offending China
men would be issued nor order for
tbeir deportation made. Theee views
were grounded in the iact that to do
so would not only greatly embarraaa
a co-ordinate branch of the government
which, without the necessary funds,
would be manifestly powerless to
send out ot the country persons or
dered to be deported, and in the fur
ther fact that such offending perrons
could not be constitutionally imnris
oned at hard labor in the state
prison, as provided by the fourth
section of tbe Geary act, and because
any unreasonable detention oi tbem
would entitle them to diachsrge
from restraint by tbe very court
, ordering their deportation, or by any
other court having the power to inqnira
"The NoblaJArt of Self Oefeuse."
Bet Forth by an Authority—3elf defense is
Instinctive Persons who find themselves af
flicted with heart disease as manifested by Hi
many symptoms, palpitation, short breath, ir
regular pulse, pain ln t lde or shouider, smother
ing, fainting or dropsy, etc., naturally desire a
defense against what may terminate fatally.
For ihis express pui pose no remedy has ever
upproaohea Dr. Miles' Now Heart Cure, sold by
tfj 11. II ince. 177 N. Spring, on a guarante .
Mis. O.F.Perkins of Northwood, Is., says,
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure saved herll'e. Sho
suffered fiom palpitation and heart would fre
quently beat as high as 125 a minJte. Was
not expected to live Was a mere skeloton.no
relief from physicians. New Heart Cure cured
by writ of habeas corpus into tbe illegal
restraint of any person oi bis liberty.
Buch a course is in no respect inconsist
ent witb the entire independence of the
judiciary. While, nnder our system of
government, each of the great depart
ments —the executive, judicial and legis
lative—is, within its proper sphere,
wholly independent of the other, yet the
design is tbat all shall work in harmony,
and not at cross-purposes. Tbe provis
ion of the statute in question is not a
penal law; it was so decided by the Su
preme cou*t in tbe case ol Fung Yue
Ting vs. United States (140 U. 6., 698);
He enactment was the exercise of tbe po
litical power by cous»'ess to ex
pel a certain class of aliens
irom the country, which conld
be exercised, as waß decided in tbe
cane cited, entirely through executive
oflicers, or through tbem with the aid of
the judiciary. By neither method could
the objectionable persons be sent away
without money to defray the necessary
expenses of tbeir deportation, and I
therefore repeat what was said when
awarding the warrant, tbat no judge, in
my opinion, should order into custody
lor deportation any Chinaman whom he
judicially knows cannot be deported by
the executive department for want of
tbe necessary means.
But the information conveyed to the
court through the attorney general is
not that there are no funds available for
the execution of the Geary act, but that
"there are no funds to execute the
the Geary law so far as the same pro
vides for deportation of tbe Chinamen
who have not procured certificates of
That portion of the Geary act requir
ing such certificates to be procured is
tbe sixth section, and its validity having
been sustained by the supreme court in
tbe caee of Fong Yue Ting vs. the United
States, supra, it is aa much a part of the
Geary law as any other part of it. Any
Chineee laborer violating its provisions
and thereafter remaining in tbia country
ia as much unlawfully here as if he
smuggled himself into tbe country con
trary to other provision? of the statute,
for the simple reason tbat in each case
the exiating law makes theaot unlawful.
Tbe violator of each is subject to de
portation, and equally so. No distinc
tion can be legally made between the
offenders, and I can see no valid ground
for withholding a warrant for the arrest
of any person properly charged with a
violation of any of the provisions of the
law in question, nor for denying an or
der for tbe deportation of any auch per
sons proved, upon a proper bearing, to
have violated the law, in the abeence of
judicial knowledge tbat the department
of the government charged with theduty
of executing ita provisions ia not pro
vided with the necessary funds with
which to execute such order.
That information, aa has been aaid, ie
not conveyed by the communication
irom the attorney general. On the con
trary, the clear inference to be drawn
from it ia that there are funds available
for the execution of the Geary law other
than its sixth section. The distinction
thua attempted to be drawn between the
different offenses denounced by the stat
ute is, in my judgment, without author
ity of law, and my sense of duty obliges
me to disregard it.
Congress made no such diatinction in
making, aa it did, an appropriation for
the enforcement of tbe provisiona of the
Geary act in the act of August 5. 1892,
entitled "An act making appropriationa
for sundry civil expenees of the govern
ment for the fiscal year ending
June 30, 1893, and for other pur
poses," and in making a similar appro
priation for tbe same purpose in tbe
act of March 3,1893, entitled, "An act
making appropriations for sundry
civil expenses of the government for
the fiscal year ending Jnne 30, 1894,
and for other purposes." The provi
sion first referred to is found in United
States 8 1891-1893, page
865, and ia aa follows:
Enforcement of the Chinese exclusion
act: To prevent unlawful entry of Chi
nese into the United Statea"by the ap
pointment of suitable officer? to enforce
the laws in relation thereto, and for ex
penses of returning to China all Chi
nese persons found to be'unlawfully in
the United States, including the coat
of imprisonment and actual expense of
conveyance of Chineae persons to the
frontier or seaboard for deportation,
and for enforcing the provisions of the
act approved May 5,1892, entitled, "An
act to prohibit tbe coming of Cbinese
persons into the United States,"
And the appropriation for the fiscal
year ending June 30, 1894, is found in
the same volume, pages 689 and 590,
and is as follows:
Enforcement of the Chinese exclusion
act: To prevent unlawful entry of
Chinese into the United Statea, by the
appointment of suitable officers to en
force tbe laws in relation thereto, and
for expenses of returning to China all
Chinese persons found to be unlawfully
in tbe United States, including the cost
of imprisonment and actual expeneea of
conveyance of Chinese persona to tbe
frontier or seaboard for deportation, and
for enforcing the provisions of the act
approved May 5, 1892. entitled "An act
to prohibit the coming of Cbineee per
sona into the United Statea," $50,000 to
gether with tbe unexpended balance of
the appropriation for this object for tbe
fiscal year 1893.
The evidence in the case showing that
the defendant is, and was at the time of
the passage of the Geary act, a Chineae
laborer, residing in this atate, aud that
he failed to register in accordance with
the provisiona of the sixth section of
that act, and no excuee therefore being
attempted to be shown, there will be
findings accordingly, and an order that
he be deported. Boss,
District Judge.
Seethe World's Fair for Fifteen Cents.
Upon receipt of your address and 15 cents in
postage stamp), we will mall you, prepaid, our
eouveulr Portfolio ol the World's Columbian
Exposition. The regular price Is 50 cents, but
as wo want you to have one we make the price
nominal. You will find it a work of art and a
thing to be prized. It contains full page views
of the great buildings, with descriptions of
same, and is executed ln highest style of art
If not satisfied with lt. after you get lt, we will
refund the eta ops and Ist you keep the book.
Address ti. I. Bucklea >t Co.. Chicago, 111.
Onr Home Brew.
Maier & Zobeleln's lager, fresh from the
brewery, on draught in all the principal sa
loons, delivered promptly in bottles or kegs.
Office and brewery, 444 Altso street. Tele
phone 91.
Drugs and Medicines
At greatly reduced prices to close out the busi
ness- No. 605 x. Spring st. Prescriptions care
fully compounded by P. Krug, who has had
over 50 years' experlon.e.
Dressed to Order In FIT* Minutes.
Live, fat chickens. Bean & Clark, 116 X sth.
Headquart rs lor thoroughbred poultry, game
and produce.
See the World's Great Healer
And oculist, at rooms 10 and 11. No. 31o!4
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Stands at the Head.
The light running Domestic. H. B. Memory,
853 South Springjit

Paper Hangers,
Yon oan buy at cost at Bckslrom & Btrasburg's
cloeiDg out sale.
250 envelopes, 50c; % tm writing paper, 25c.
Lanestadter. 214 VV. Second. Hollenbeck hotel.
Stock Exchange Review.
New Tobx, Sept. 6.—Speculation on thestock
exchange today was characterized oy buoyan
cy, up >n which occasional bear raids and r«il-
Izatlons by room traders had no more than a
fleeting enact. At Ihe opening, dealings were
slightly feverish snd prlcos irregular, but
a strong buying movement developed, and un
der its Influence a higher raugo of values was
steadily established. This upward tendency of
the ma:ket was stimulated in some specialties,
notably Sugar, by favorable news, it being au
bounced early sn the day thst the executive
committee of that trust bad recommended the
declaration ot a dividend ol 3 per cent ln com
mon and I> A per ce:it In preferred. Lead also
was strong, but the chlet factor today, as on
Satindrty, was tbe increasing confidence ln the
rtabiluy of the monetary situation. Money on
lon call was easy, and time loans cculd be nego
tiated upon favorable terms. Gold returning
fioni abroad and currency from the Interior
were favorable to the ball movement, and as it
to help their old time enemies, the bear • began
to cover. Therefore, what with heavy buying
for loug account, by no menus insignificant
purchases to cover short coutraots, and some
fair y large orders from ahroa I, prices Jumped
up by larger steps th- v umal. The transactions
were ln greater volume than for some time, and
the lloor of tbe exchange presented a scene ot
activity to which lt had loug been a stranger
upon a rising market. Industrials led in the
dealings, and o' these Sugar was tbe most aci
i>e. Uallroad bonds wero ln sympathy with
tho share msrket, and recorded advances rang
ing from % to f> per cent.
Government bonds closed strong.
New York, Sept. 5 — Money on call easy:
closed ottered at 2 per cent.
I'rime mercantile paper—B(ol2 per cent.
Sterling exchange—strong; bankers' OO day
bills, *4 5U384.51H,; demand. $4.52^(84.82*f
San FRANCisco.Sopt. 6.—Draffs: B ght, 20c;
telegraphic, 300.
Maw York, Sept. s,—Closing quotations
were as follows:
U. 8. 4's llO'-i'Northern Pacifio. 7%
do cupou do prelerred.... 24%
do reg OS I North western
Pacific C's 102 do preferred 134
Atchison Y. Central 103^
American Ex 105 {Oregon Itnpt .. .. 10
Canada Pacific... 75% iOregon Nay 41
('anadaSouliiorn. 47!v*hort Line 10
Central pacifio... 22VPacific Mail 14
Burlington Sti 1 -; Pullman Palace. .165
Chicago Gas «'-! :, „ Reading 10\
Cotton Oil 3-11„: Rich-nond Tor... 2%
Lackawanna 138 Rio G. Western.... 15
Denver &R. Q 3a do preferred.... 45
Distillers 21>,i do flr»ta 60
Grea*Northern...loß Rock lilsnd 05^
Illinois Central 1)4 Ht. Paul 01%
Kansas <fc Texas.. 19^iSt. Paul A 0 35
Lake Shore 120 Sugar Trust U9%
Lead TiOst 82 l exas Pacific bJi
L. A N 57J4 Union Pacific... 241*
Mich Central ... 90 '.8. Express 50
MO. Pacific 27!* Wells-Fargo Ex... 125
Nat. Cordage 22 Western Union.. 82tf
do preferred. .. 50 <en. Rieotrlc 47
N. American H Linseed Oil 17%
Boston, Sept. 5 Closing quotations were as
Achlson 22 | Mexican 9
Telephone — : San Diego 10
Burgington »(i% |
mining shares.
New York, hept. 5. -Mining shares closed
as follows:
Crown Point. .. .v .20| Plymouth 10
Con Cal. A Va.. ."l l:> sierra Nevada 40
Deadwoou 1.00 Utsndard 1.10
Gould & Curry... .20 Union Con 30
Hale & No.cro„B.. .40 Yellow Jacket 40
Homettake. • 8.7611r0n Sllvsr 10
Mexican 55|QuickBllver 1.50
Ontario 6.00 do preferred... .15 00
Ophlr 55|Bulwer 10
San FRAKpisco, Sopt. s.—Closing quotations
were: .
Belcher 35 Union Con 35
Best & Belcher... .5.i Yellow Jacket 00
Chollar .SiPotaa .55
Con. Va. 1.30 Ophir 80
Courldenoe 40 Savage 40
Gould di Cnrrey.. ,9s Sierra Nevada 50
Hsle & Norcross.. .60 Peer 05
Clearing House Business.
Los Anoeles, Bept. 4.—Today's business at
the clearing house was as follows: Clearings,
$119,870.97; balances, $28,802.36.
Silver Bullion.
Saw Francisco, Sept 5 -Sllver bars, 73®
73V&0 per ounce.
Mexican dollars, 6KO6IKC
New York, Bept.. s.—Bar silver, 73c per
Mexican dollars, 58% c.
With gold price of fine silver at 73 cents par
ounct, the ratio ot value Is as 1 to 28.3
At this rs>tlo 14.57 grains of gold equals ln
va1ue412.5 grains silver.
Or 25.8 grains gold equals ln value 73014
grains silver.
Gold value ot sliver do.lar, 50V» cents.
Silver value of gold dollar, $1.77,
San Francisco Produce Market.
San Francisco, Sept. 5.-The merchandise
markets were moderately active, and prices
firmly maintained.
rroduue markets were slow.
Vegetables are weak, except corn-
Fresh fruit Is unchanged.
Grapes are slow of Bate.
Fre h butter is easier.
Fggs are steady.
Poultry IB dull.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Bept. s.—Wheat, moderate demand;
opened %c lower; advanced %c on better ca
hies, eased off \c on local short selling, rallied
I'tCho good exports, decrease on ocean pas-age
and lv visible supply, and iv Russian, i<anub
tan and Australian shlpmeuts and French and
English crop shortage; held steady, closing
firm, l'„c higher than yesterday.
Receipts were 116,000 bushe,s; shipments,
155,1,00 bti'hels.
Closing quotations: Wheat, steady; cash,
(il;,c; December, 09i> s c.
Corn—Higher: cash, December, 35%0.
Oats—Firm; cash, 23!„c; December, 25V«c.
Barley —Nominal.
[email protected]
Ban Francisco, Sept. 6.--Wheat, firm; De
cember, $I.l6!<;lMay. $1 27.
Barley—lnactive; December, 79%.
Liverpool, Sept. s.—Wheat, firm. Demand
fair; No. 2. red winter, steauy at 5s sd, No.
2 red spring, 5s 5!, d.
Corn—Firm; spot, 4s %a; September, 4s; Oc
tober, 4s Id, November, 4s ti%a.
California Fruit Sales.
Chicago, Sept. 4.—The Earl Fruit company
sold of California fruit today at
auction, realizing prices as follows: Tokay
grapes, $2.85(93.10; half crates, Tokay grapes,
$1.1001.05; muscat grapes, $2.30(02.50; half
crates. $110(0,1.20; Malaga grapes, half crates,
no i<c*?l.;iii; Bartlett pears, green, $2.0(Kg,2.35;
someripe, $1.80(01.60; Howell pears, $1.60-®
1.70; Onondaga pears, $1 oOfg)i.7O; Beurre
Hardy pears, $1 20(01 su; tieutre Clalrgeau
pears, $1.25(01.35; Golden cling peaches, $1.05
(0)1.15 orange cling peaches, $1.05(0)1.15; Brad
shaw plums, $1.20; egg plums, BOOJIIde; Gros
prunes, 85c(gt$l-10; Hungarian prunes, OOcigt
Minneapolis, Sept. 4.—The Earl Fruit com
pauy sold California fruit at auction today al
the following prices: Pearß, $1.50X01.75; prunes,
75c(5,51.00: plums, 55(090c.
Kansas City, Sept. 4.—The Karl Fruit com
pany sold Calilornia fruit at auction today at
the following prices: Beurre Hardy pears.
per oox.
Chicago Stock Market.
Chicaoo, Sept. s.—Cattle: Receipts were
55 000 head. The market was steady. Good
steers, $4,803,505; medium, $4.40(04.75; com
mon, $4.00.0,4 25; Texans, $2.40(92.90; west
erns, $3 00(93.70. Butchers' slock iv good de
mand aud steady.
Hogs—Receipts were 19,000 head. The mar
ket closed fairly active and steady. Mixed and
packing, $5.20(<*0.40; prime heavy and butch
ers' weights, $; sorted light, $5.80®
fl 10. v
Bh«ep—Receipts were 11,000 head The mar
ket closed a shade stronger. Natives, $2.76®
4.25; westerns, $2.30^3.30.
General Markets.
New York, Sept. s.—Hope, quiet and steady;
Btate,common to choice, 15G*220; Pacific ooast,
Coffee—Options closed steady. The sales
were 20,500 bags. September $15.4.03915.45;
October, $15.5JV:)16.e0; November, $15.50g
15.00; Dec rubor, $15.40X015.45, January,
[email protected]*0. Spot Bio, steady; No.7st ld^o.
Sugar— Baw closed active and firm; lair re
fining, So; eentrjlugalu, 00 test,- Musco
vado, 88 test, 3c; BaMa, 84 test, 2*e, Hedued
firm; No. 7. 4 U-10c.
Copper—Firm; lake. $11 65.
Lead—Strong; domestic, $3.70
Tin—Firm; strain,, $19.60; plates quiet
Salt Meats and Lard.
Chicago, Bept. 6.—Pork,steady; caah, $15.50;
January, $12.95. L
i-ard—Steady; caih, $8.10; January. $7.25.
Hiu.---Steady , $0.00; January, s>o.aO.
Bholders—[email protected]
Short olear-$».250,y.37>i.
Short rti»«—iSß.os,«.h i 5.
New York, Sept. 5 —Wool, steady; domestic
tleeue, i(X»2-sc; pulled, 16025 c; Texas, 10(917r.
Chicaoo, Bept s.—Whisky, $1.13.
New York, Bept. s.—Petroleum olosed active;
October, 61®31Hc.
[The quotations given below sre current
wuolasale selling prices.)
Mill Products.
Flour—Per bbl., L. A. XXXX, $3.60; Capitol
Mills, $3 60; Speiry's, $4.15: Drifted Snow,
$4 15; Victor, $4.15; Crewn, $4 15; Btocktonia.
Mill Feed—Bran, per ton, $12: shorts, 23:
mixed feed (corn and b.rley), per 100 lbs., $1:
cracked corn, $1.15; feed meal, $1.20; rolled
barley, 80c.
Poultry and Bg«a.
PouLTSY-Hens, $»5 005J5.50J per rtnz ;
young roosters, $4 00(04.50; old roostets,ss.oO;
broilers, $2 506t3,00; ducks, $5,00igi0.00; tur
keys, 13«t14c per lb.
E«os— California ranch, 24c per doz.
Beans—Navy or small white, per 100 lbs..
$2.75(5)8 25; pink, per 100 lbs., $3.0043.50;
black-eyed, per 100 lbs., $2.60(02.75; Llmas,
Potatoi s—Per 100 lb ■~ [email protected]
Beets —Per 100 lbs., $1.00.
Cabbage— Per 100 lbs., 55(9700.
Carrots—Per 100 lbs., $1 00.
CHILES-Dry per string, 750fa)f.l .00.
ONIONS-Per 100 lb ~ 75c(it$1.00.
Parsnips—Per 100 lbs., $1.50.
Ton a ' oeb—Per box. ttOo.
Turnips—Per lOulbs.,Boo.
Grain and Hay.
Barley—Per cental, 75c.
Whkat—No. 1. percental, $l.lg.
Corn-Per cental. $1.10
Oats—Ne. 1. fer Cental, $1.50.
lIAY-oat,sßS(9; wheat, $9(010; barley, $8
®9: alfalfa, $S(«9.
Straw—Barley, per ton, $5; wheat, $5.
Smoked Meats, Etc.
Hams—Rex, per lb., 14Wc.
Bacon - Rex, per lb., H.tfe; Defiance, li%c:
light medium, lA%c.
Pork—Dry salt, t2%c per lb.
Dbikd Kr.tr— Per ib„ 13c.
Labi,-Per lb., ln tierces, compound, 9c;
Eagle, pure, 10% c; Rex, pute. U%c; special
brand, 11J»C.
Dairy Prodnets.
Butter—Fancy creamery, 28 onnce rquares,
55(«:57Wr; fancy dairy, per roll, [email protected];
choice, 45(g,47<*.
Cherse—Eastern, per lb ,18314 c; California,
large, lie; 3-lb. hand, 13a
Wines and Liquors.
[Quotations on liquors revised by H. J. Wool
lacott, Importer and exporter. Bee ad. |
Champagnes—Mumm. plnts,s3s; quart*,s33;
Pommery, pint', »3S 50; quarts, $34 50; Roe
derer, pints, $38 50; quarts, $34 SO; Moaopole,
plntr. $85; quarts, $43; Deibeck, pints, $34;
quarts, $32.
Bitters—Angostura, $18.15; Damlana, $7;
Fernet Brsnca. $10.50; Hostetter's, $8.oO:
Amer Picon. $17; Harter'a Wild Cherry, $7.75;
Peruvian, $7.75: Peppermint, $2.25; Venezue
la, $8.25: Lash, $7.
AL*—Bsbs & Co , by Foster,sll.7s: by Bnrke,
$17.50; Tennent's, $13.50; McMuilen's $21.
Stout—Gnlness'f, by Foster; $11.50; by
Bnrke, $17.50; Jobnton, $11.50; Tennent'r,
USSR—VaI Blair Milwaukee, quarts. $11.50:
pints, $12; Red Ribbon, quarts, $15; pints, $16.
Extract or Malt— Hon's <falt, $3.25; Liquid
Bresd,s3.7s: Best Tonic $2.76 per dozen.
Whisky —Duffy's Malt $3.25; Hermitage,
$11: Belle ol Bourbon, $9 50; H. J W. Bour
bon, $8.50: 11. J. W. kye, $8.50; Mellwood,
$11; J. H. Cutler 0.X., $11 65; A No. 1, $8.60;
Old Taylor, $12
Whisky by Bbl.—From $1.65 to $3.45 per
gallon-. • ccordlng to age.
Scotch Whisk y—Stewart's Aberdeen, $12.50;
Garnsirk. $13.00.
Irish Whisky—lrish Malt, $11.00; Burkes,
Kaos—Five-gallon, 65c: 10-gallon, 90c; half
barrels, SI.SS.
Dbmijohns—Half-gallon, $2.75; one gallon,
winger Ali—C. &C. Belfast, $15.00; Ross,
fl - . . - TT a,.T , /Ml. T . T T- m„K Kt\ •
Gin —A. V. IT., $24.00; I. A. I. N., $25.50;
Boom's Old Tom, $11.00; Burnett's $10.50;
Wolf's, pints, $12; qoatta, $11.
Saotebnk — Bert's, quarts, $11 00: pints,
$12.00; A. De Luce At Fils, quarts $13; pints,
White Winb—Gelsenhelmer. quarts, $14.00;
Macco.ranner, quart*, $10.00; Lebfraunrlloh,
quarts. $17.00; Roentgen Via Berb, quarts.
Claret—Chateau La Rose, quarts, $7.00.
pints, $8; Margaux, pints, $12 00; quarts, $11;
Chateau de Frauds, quarts, $9.00; pints, $10;
Pontet Canet, quarts, $14.00: pints, $15.
Mineral Water— Apolliuarlr, quart*, $9 50;
pints, $13.50; betbeada, quarts, $8.50; half
gallons, $5.60: Londonderry, half-gallons,
$7.00: quarts, $10 00; pints, $14.00; Hnnysdi,
$11.76; Napa Soda, pints, $0.00; quar.s, $7,50;
White Rock, $6.60; Vichy, $12.60.
CoiNAc-Heun.-ssv, X, $16.75; TXX, $21;
Martell X, $17.50; Mart oil XXX, $21.50; j£va
riste, Dupont A Co., $20.
CoaniAi.s—Marisohlue, $13 50; Vermouth.
N. P.. $6.65; Italian, $6.50; Kummel, $15;
Abiinlbc, $19 50: Anisette, $17.
Wires—cUret, 30®55c; Zinfandel, 55(a)85c:
Port, Angelios, Sherry, Muscatel, 45«g51.25
per gallon.
Tuesday, Sept. 5.
Pasad n na Imp Co. to L W He human—Lot 20,
resub blk 6, Altadena; $250.
11 J Baldwin to J d Arnold-Lot 19. X J Bald
win sad 3 to Santa Anita colony: $2310.40.
s K. Graves lo A Goldorer—Lot 20, Master's
sub, Passdcna; $2800.
Santa Monica Com Co to E Prime -Lot 5 blk
P. Santa Monloa com trt; $,00.
D Elliott to Bishop Mora—Lois 10, 11 blk 4,
Davis ad to Duarte: $600.
D C Morrison to B F Penuebaker—Lo 112 blk
3, Williamson trt; $25.
SAW Oaneer to B * Penuebaker—Lot 12 blk
3, Williamson trt: $45.
J Marony to J F Dunn—Lots 26, 30 blk 35,
San Fernando; $300.
E U Clay toTJ X Bowers—Lot 1 blk 14, TJrin
ston trt; % int in lot 16 blk 5, Augeleuo
Heights: $1100.
C B Kbey et nx to First Methodist church-
Lois 22 and 23, blk 22, Wolfskin tract; $2.
C a Taylor to A W Holland- 8 V/i acres ol N
3.74 acres of lot 11: also, hslf lutere t ln 76 (t
square of nw lot 6, W w Beach home place;
also, 4 shares water; $1800.
T E Wilson et ox to D W Hunt—Lots 9,10,11,
12, 13, 14, Smith's subd lot 5a of Watu'
aubd of Bo San Rafael $1800.
AJamltos Land Co to J nilllman—W 50 ft lots
10. 11,12, blk 60, Alamltos Beach townslte;
J W Jackson to L F Jackson—Lots 10,11, 12,
blk O, M D Painter's subd ot N 68 acres ot blk
Q of au I d of lands of Painter & Ball; $1.
J McKay et ux to H Oalz—Lots 11,12, blk 7,
San Gabriel; $150.
J A Phllbln et ux to M Flores—Lot 77, J M
Biooks subd of Phllbln tract; $500
W H Wiley et ux to E Hsynes—Sß y. of BE %
of sec 30; X.» ot S«v» of hK!* of sec 30: hwv;
oi SrVK of BEU»eo3O, T3B, Rll W; $120.
0 A Haynes et ux to same—7o aas in T3S! R
11 W. Norwalk: $100.
J L Strain et ux to same—7o acres as above;
W II Parmenter et ax to same—Same as above,
F Parmenter to same—Same as above: $30.
J M Elliott, trustee, to Blk 21, San Ga
briel, with water rigot; trust deed.
W C Roberts to W J Barcus-Undlv H lot 17,
Mountain View cemetery.
S P Walkor to L Walker—N 10 acres of BWli
o(NW« of sec 29, T 3 8, R 11 W: 6U of W % ot
Ik of MWX sco 29. T3S,R 11 W; love ano af
M Ruiz toC Pico—AU lnt ln mining claim ln
Pacotma mts; $100. c
R D coatss et ux to J M lnt in N 18
feet lot 13 and S 12 feet ot lot 14, Slnsabaagh
tract: $250.
8 Scbell et al to J WolfsklU-Lots 6 to 12, In
clusive, Chad wick's subd blk 1, Woolen Mill
tract; $900.
W Mead to W A Wise-Lot 5 blk 0, Mills subd
Sablchl tract; $1200.
W Mead to C C Sohnabel—Lot 5 blk 6, Mills
subd Sablchl tract: $1155.
F W Ludovlol to G J Ainsworth—Mining
olalms, sec 2, T 2 8, R 11 W; $5.
F W Ludovlol to M S Ainsworth—Sam* ag
above; $6,
F W Lndovicl to Q J Ainsworth—Claims ln
same twp; $5.
F W Ludovicl to J Ludovlol—Same aa above;
J J McMaken et ux to W W Fisher—Lots 83,
24 and 25, blk B, Bird traot; $1800.
M Keely et al to C M Wlllets—To correct for
mer deed; $100.
L M Thomas et ux to C M Wlllets—3 acres, ree
ln bk 792, p 208; $5.
0 H Hubie et ux to M Morlarty—Lot 10 blk C,
Moreno Vineyard tract; $2500.
j c WUlmon to X C Lyon—4o acres T2N, R
13 W; $10.
Deeds *»
Nominal _ „. . 21
Total 9 21,484.40
Not a—Fig. ires sepe rated by a dash Indicate
page and n amber of book of miscellaneous
Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills
Act on a new principal—regulating the lever
stomach and bowels through the nerves. A
new discovery. Dr. Miles' pills speedily cure
biliousness, bad tastes, i.r-m*' liver, piles, con
stipation. Unequalled lor men, wooden and
children. Smallest, aslldest, sorest. Fifty
deset 25 cents. Samples free. 0. H. Hance,
iwn-.ili anrloa.
from the system,
the standard
blood-purifier and
tonic. It
Cures Others
will cure you.
Painless Dentistry
Fine God Fi ling,
Crown and Bridge
All Operations
<Ik SET TEETH, $8.
\Hltv Rooms 18-19,
QU£mWM\\ wT W U it'll 107 N. BP*>NG ST.
Los Angeles Terminal 11).
Los Angeles Depots: East end of First street
and Downey a venae bridges,
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Paßadena for
Pasadena. Los Angeles.
* 6:35 a.m * 7:15 a m
* 7 los.m 1 8:05 a.m
* B:ooa.iu * 9:05 a.m
* 9:Coa.m *10:35 sum
'10:30 a.m *12:00 m
•12:i0p m * LOipm
* 1:25 p.m * 3:00 p.m
* 2 '20p.m * 4:05 o.m
* 4:00 p.m * H:2sp.m
* 6 20 p.m * 7;05 p.m
* 6:20 p.mr»mr» 8:05 p.m
J 8:25 p.m <t 9:05 a.m
11:011 p.m <olO:20p.m
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Altadena June-
Aitaflena Junction. Hon for Los Angeles.
* 9.00 am *10:10 a so
UO;3oa.m ••".111:36 Am
c 1:25 p m v 2:30 p.m
* i .00 p.m • 5.00 p.m
t 5:20p.m t 6:15 p.m
b 6:20 p.m blO:uO p.m
All trains start from First street depot.
Leave Loa Angeles for Leave Glendsle for Los
Glendale. Angelea
t 0:40a.m t 7:26 a.m
I 8:20a.m i 9:12 a.m
112:35p.m 1 1:80 p.m
* 6:26 p.m * 6.13 p.m
Leave Ix>s Angeles for Leave East San Pedro
Long Beach and East for
San Pedro. Los Angeles
} 8:00e!m * 7:15 a.m
9:45 a.m *11:15 a.m
•12:45p.m * 3:4opm
* 6:15p.m 4 °-00 P- m
Between East San Pedro and Long Beach 10
Trains leave Los Angeles, 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Sundays 9 a.m.. 10:30 a.m., 1:25 p. m., 4 p.
m.,5:20 p.m.
Saturdays, 9 a.m., 1:25 and 4 p.m. and 6:30
p in.: returning leave Rnbio Pavilion, 9:40 p.
m , arrive Los Angeles, 10:45 p.m.
Fine Pavilion and Hotel, good music aad
grand entertainment.
The following trains make connection at
East Sau Pedro with steamers to and Irom Cata
lina Island:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, leave Los
Angeles at 12:45 p.m., and arrive at Lot An
geles at 12:20 p.m Satuiday, leave Loa An
geles at 5:15 p.ra. Sunday, leave Los Angeles
at 8.00 a.m. ana arrive at Los Angeles at 7:45
P m i>elly. t Dally except Sundays. J Sundays
only, a Except Saturdays, b Saturdays only.
0 Saturdays and Sundays only.
The 10:30 a.m. and 5:20 p.m. trains on the
Pasadena division run through to Altadena
Eunpays, connecting there with Mt. Lowe rail
"Stages meet the 8:00 a.m. and 12:20 pa.
trains at Pasadena for Mt Wilson oh new trait
Passengers leaving Los Angeles en the 8 a.m.
train for Wilson's peak can return tne same day
Theater nights the 11 p.m. train will wait 20
mlnntea after the theater Is oat when later than
10:40 p.m.
Special rstes to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end First street and Downey avs>
nue bridges.
General offices, Flrst-ctreet Depot
T. B. BURNETT, General Manager
Jy2-U W. WINCUP, Gen. Passenger AgV
Leave Loa Angeles for
Rublo Cation via Leave Xubio Csfion
Terminal Ra'lway. for Los Angeles.
9:00 a. m. daily. 9:40 a. a. daily.
10:30 a.m., Sun. only. 11:' Oa m , Sun. only
1:25 p.m. Sat & Sun. 2:05 p.m , Sat. & Sun.
4 00 p.m., dally. 4:40 p.m., dally.
6:30 p.m., Sat only. 6:20 p.m., Suu. only.
9:40 p in., Sat. only.
The Incline oars will run between Rublo
Csfion and Echo Mountain 15 minutes af er
the arrival of eaoh train. Beyond Echo Moun
tain are 20 miles of the finest bridle road to be
found ln any partof the world, on whioh the
grandest scenery that can be found on the globe
is at hand at every turn.
On the snmmit of Echo mountain saddle an
imals are always ln waiting, with competent
guides, to convey psrtles through Castle Csfion,
Grand Cafion and Crystal Springs to Mt Lowe
and highest peaks visible from Pasadena.
Loa Angeles to Rublo Cafion, $1; to Echo
Mountain, $2,70.
Pasadena to Rublo Csfion, 65 cents; to Echo
mountain, $2.35. ,
Altadena Janetlon to Rubio Csfion, 40 cents;
to Echo Mountain, $2.
Saddle animals from Echo Mountain lo Mt.
Lowe, $2. D. H. BURKS,
Los Angelea ticket agent, Stimson block, Spring
and Third streets.
General offices, Grand Opera House bock.
Pasadena, Cal. T. S. C. LOWE,
President and General Manager
J. T. WHEBDON, Traffic Manager. 7-14
Redondo Railway
Summer Time Card No. 10.
IN EFFECT 5 A. M. MONDAY, MAY 29, 1893.
Los Angeies Depot, Corner Grand avenue and
Jefferson street.
Take Grand avenue cable or Main street aad
Agricultural Park horse cars.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angeles Redondo
lor Redondo for Los Angelea
7:50 a.m. 7:20 A. m.
9:00 Am. 9:10 Am.
1:35 p.m. 11:00 a.m.
5:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m.
7:50 a.m. 7:20 a.m.
9:00 am. 9:10 a.m.
10:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
1:35 p.m. 2:50 p.m.
4:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.
6:30 p.m. 5:80 pm.
Running time between Los Angeles and Re
dondo Beach, 50 minutes.
City Ticket Office at A. B. dreenwald's Cigar
Store, corner First aud Spring streets.
Tuesday and Thursday leave Los Angeles
l:3spm. Saturday leave Los Angeles 9 a.m.
Ticketsou saleatoompany's office.
GEO. J. AINSWORTH, President,
R.«H. THOMPSON, Vice-President,
J. N. SUITON, Sup't. Redondo Beao h.
Compagnie Generate Transatlantics,
North River, foot of Morton street.
Travelers by this line avoid both travel by
English railway and the discomfort of crossing
the channel ln a small boat.
LA BBBTAGNE, September 30.
LA GASOOGNE, October 14.
LATOORAINB, October 21.
LA BRBTAGNB, October 28.
LA CHAMPAGNE, November 4.
For lreight or passage apply to
A. FoRGET, Agent,
No 3 Bowling Green, New York.
J. V. FCGAZI & CO., agents, 5 Montgomery
aye,, San Francisco. Branch office, 19 Mout-
Pomery street. Tickets for sale by all railroad
a»<* ... Si.l tl
Southern Pacific Company
AUGUST 22, 1893.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Fifth street, dally, oa follows:
Leave for destination. Arr. from
8.30 p. m Banning -
Banning 4:00 p.m
— Colton so :21 a. ni
8:30 Am Colton AlO:10a.m
10 30 a.m Colton 4 00pm
4:30 p.m Colton 8:15 p.m
8:30 a.m... Iteming and Bast... 4:00 p.m
8:30 a m .. ..El Pas • and East.... 4:00 p. m
Chino so:2la. ni
8:30 Am Cnino AB;soa.m
4:30 p.m chlno Al0:10s.m
A&:4sp.m Chlno 6:15 p.m
s8:00 a.m Sau Pedro.
9:25 a.m Loog Bch ,t S-tn Pedro S:lsam
12:40 p.ml an Pedro A. Long Sell 11:56 am
5:00 p.m Long Bch i San Pedto 4:15 p.m
ILonc Bch ,v Ban Pedro 57:45 p m
2:00 p.m'Ogden A East, 2d class 7:30 a m
10:40 p.mlOgden A East, Ist class l:lBp.ra
10.40 pm Portlai d.Or.. .. 7:30 a.m...
... Riveraide s9:2lam
8:30 a.m Riverside AlO:10a.m
10:30 a.m; Riverside 4:00 p.m
4:3opm I Riverside. (115 p.m
San Bernardino s9:2lam
8:30 a.m.. San Bernardino Al0:10am
10:30 Am San Bernardino ... 4:00 p.n>
4:30 p. in San Bernardino ti:l6p.m
Redlands 59:21 a.m
8:30 a.m Redlands a 10:10 a.m
10:30 Am Redlands 4:00 p.m
4:30p.m Redlands (I 15 p.m
2:0 op.in San Fran A Sacram'to 7:30a.m
10:40 p.m San Fran A Sacram'to 1:48 p m
a 9:52 a.m Santa Ana A Anaheim 9 .03 a.m
5:10 p.m Santa Ana A Anaheim A4Ol p.m
7:30a.m .Santa Barbara 148p.m
2:00 p.m Santa Barbara 9:10 p.m
09:20 a.m... .Santa Monica. 8:08 am
9:30a.m ....Santa Monica. B:!>oara
10:20 a.m Santa Monica 12:10 p.m
1:10p.m Santa Monica 4:25 p.m
5:15 p'm Santa Monica 6:37 pm
6:25 pm Sama Moub'a..... 50.35 p.m
fll:3op,m Santa Monica f7:40 .m
10:20a.m Soldiers' Home.... B:oBft.m
6:25 p,m Soldien' Home. 5:37p.m
111:30 p.m...Soldiers' Home.... «7:40p.m
s9:2oa m .. . .Port Los Angeles. 12:10 p m
9:30 a.m.... Port Los Angelei. 4:25 p.m
8 10:20 am Port Los Angeles... 55:37p.m
1:10 p.m Port Los Angeles... 58:35 p.m
4:52 p.m Tustln 8,43 a.m
A9:4oa.m Whlttler 8:43a.m
4:52 p.m Whittler Al:46p,m
8:15 Am Monrovia 7:55 a.m
Monrovia A9;57a.m
a3 00 p.m Monrovia
6:lspm Monrovia 4:45 p.m
(Siturdays only.
Southern Pacilic Comoany's trains conuect
at Sau Pedro wlla the flue steamer Merinoso.
Leave. Aroade Depot. Arr ye.
12:40 p.m Mondsy 11:56 a.m
12:40 p.m Wednesday 11:56 a.m
12:40 p.m Friday 11:50 a.m
6:0O p. m Saturday.
8:00 a.on Su .day
6,00 pm .sunday. 7:45 pm
Take Santa Mcaloa trains from Stn Fernanda
street. Nand's function, Commercial street,
Arcade depot, Jefferson street (Wlnthrop sta
tion). Grand avenue, or University.
For north: Arcade, Commercial street,Naud's
Junction, San Fernando street.
Far east: Arcade. Oommercic* street, Naud's
Tor other branches: Arcade, Commercial
street, Naud's Junction. Sau Fernando street.
Local and through tickets sold, baggage
checked, Pullman sleeping oar reservations
made, and general information given npon ap
plication to J. U. CRAWLEY, Asst. <•> Pas. Agl„
No 144 S. Spring st., oor. Second. UUARL/tS
SKYI.BR, Agent at depots,
s Bnndsyß only.
A Sundays excepted.
BICH'D OR \ v. Gen. Traffic Mgr.
Qen'l Passenger Agt.
COMPANY. (Sinta Fe Route,)
Train! arrive and depart Irom La Grande sta
tion :
Leave. LosAnoklks. t Arrive.
* 5:16 p.m Chiotgo 1 imlted I* 7:soam
* 7:o'* a.m...Overland Express ...i* 6 20p.m
* 8:15 a.m .San Diego Coast Line. • 1 :15p.m
* 4:30 p.m .San Diego Coast Line.t* (1:50 p.m
* 7:00 a.m f \\* 7:50 a.m
* 9:00 a.m...San Bernardino.. Il* 9:50a.m
- via Pasadena VI 1:25 p.m
* 4:00 p.m * 6:20 p.m
* 5:16 p.m I j * 7:35 p.m
* 7:00 a.m f... .Riverside via.... ] t 1:25 p.m
* 9:00 a.m..San < ..San Bernardino.. > ' 6:20p.m
* 6:05 aim f !!!.RiVeraid'e"an'd!!! 1 *ib:isAm
(11:00 am < ...San Bernardino.. >
* 4:30 p.m I via Orange J • 6:r>op.m
* 7;< 0 a.m fßed.ands, Mentono li* 9 50a m
* 9:00 a.m 1....and Highland... t 1:25 p.m
1 via > * 6:20 p.m
* 4:00 p.m Pasadena t 7:85 p.m
* 6:15p.m l J
* 6:05a.m f Redlands, Wentonel "10:15a.m
til 00a.ni < .and Highland, via >
* 4:30 p m 1 Orange & Riverside J * 6:50 p.m
* 9:00 Am f 1 t 7:35 a.m
I . Azusa, P'Sadena.. | * 8:43 a.ra
* 1:30p.m I and I * 9;soam
•* 4:oopm ■< Intermediate ... >■ * 1:25p.m
* 5:30 p.m I Stations I ' 4:16 p.m
1 6:35 p.m I * 6:20 p.m
* 7:00p.m I J ' 7:35 p.m
* 7:ooam Pasadena * 7:soam
* 5:15 p m v asaden» * 1:25 p.m
* 6:05a.m Ssnta Ana * B:soam
* 8:15a.m Santa Ana
1 1:60 p.ra Santa Ana * 1:15 p.m
* 4:30 o.m Smta Ana * 6 50 p.m
* H:00 a.m Santa Monica ... • 8:29 a.m
*10:00 am SantaMtnlca * 2:15 p.m
* 1:80 p m Santa Monica * 4:44 p.m
* 5 25pm San'aMonloa • 6:10 p.m
* 0 00 a.m Redondo * 8:29 a.m
*10:00 ft.m Redondo * 2:15 p.m
* 1:30 p.m Rtdondo * 4:44 p.m
* 5:25 p.m Redondo * 0:10 p m
1 9:00 am San Jacinto v Paiadena 1 1:25 p.m
til .ot) a.m San Jacinto via Or»nge
t 9 00 a.m Temecula via P.. si dens t 1:25 p.m
* 11:00 a.m ..Temecula via Orange. tlo:lsp.ui
t 8:15 a.m Escon ido v Coast Line t 1:15 p.m
Catamxa Island
* 1 30p.ra Tuesday * 2:15 p.m
* I:3opm Thur day * i:lsp.m
•10,00 Am Saturday I* 2:15 p.m
'Daily (Daily except Sunday. 1 Sundays
only, X. W. McGEB, City Pas*. & T. Agt.
129 N. Spring St., Los Angeles.
And La Grande station.
Goodall, Perkins <St Co., General Agents, San
Northern rentes embrace lines lor Portland,
Or., Victoria, B C, aud Puget Sound, Alaska
and all coast points.
Port H-trford. S 3 Corona. Sep'embar 5,14,
Santa Barbara 23; October 2.
Port Loa Angeles.. S.S. Santa Rosa, September
Newport 1, 10,19, 28; Octotnr 7.
San Diego I
For— 8 S. Ix>s Angeles, September
East San Pedro... 3, 12, 21, 30; October 9.
San Pelro and SB. Eureka, September 8,
way ports 17, 28; October 5.
For— 8.9. SanU Rosa, September
3,12, 21. 30: October 9.
San Diego S.S. Corona, September 7,
16,25; October 4.
For— :S.S. Santa Rosa, September
San Francisco. 5, 14, 23; October 2.
Port Harford 8. S. Corona, September 9,
Banta Barbara I 18,27; Ootooer 6.
For— 18. 8. Enreka, Beotember 2,
San Francisco 11, 20, 29; Ootooer 8.
and S.B L>a Angeles Set tern ber
way porta I 0, 15, 24; October .').
Cars to connect with steamers via S»n Pedro
leave S. P. tt. R. (Arcade deoot) at 6 p. m. and
Terminal R. R. depot at 5:15 p.m.
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe
depot at 10 a. m or from Redondo Railway
depot at 9 a. m.
Oars to connect via Port Los Angeles le« ye S
P. R. R. depot at 1:10 p. m. for steamers tier .0
Plans of steamers' cabins st agent's office,
where berths may be secured.
The company reserves the right to change
the steamers or their days of sailing.
AggT- For pas-age or freight as above or for
tickets to and from all important points lv
Europe, apply to w. PARRIS, Agent.
Offioe, No. 124 W. Second street, Los Angel's.
fMfl Commercial street, Los Angeles, Cal
DB. WONG HIM, who hn practiced mell-
Clne iv Los Angeles for 18 years, and
whose il, ■i- at 639 Upper Main stre t, will
treat by medicines all di-eases ol women, men
and children. The doctor claim, that he has
remedies which are superior to all otbors as a
spe'dfio for troubles ol wemeu and men. A
trial alone will convince the sick that Dr.
Wong film's remedie- ale more elticsolous than
can be prescribed. Dr. Wong Him isa Chinese
piiy.icianof prominence and agemteman of. e
fcpousibility. 11 Is reputation is more lhan well
established,aud alt persons needing his rorv
ices can rely upon his sai l and ability. A cure
Is guaranteed ln every o*'e lv which a recov
ery Is possible. Herb medicines lor Site.
639 Upper Main St., Loa Angeles, Cal.
Los A noeles, Cal., June 17, 1893.
To the Public: 1 have been suffering with
piles snd kldne- foubio for over five years,
and have ined tevetal remedies, but all fail- d
to relieve me. A short time since I tried Dr.
Wong Him, 039 tipper Main street, and I am
now well and strong, and consider bim a first
class doctor. Yours truly,
235 3. Hill St., Los Angeioi, Cat.
I.os ANQSLES, Juno 9 1593.
To Tfitc PtTBLt : For over rivr) ye-trs I have
been troubled with nervous s ck-headacho snd
liver complaint 1 Cidu't seem to Aid any help
Irom the many doctors and medicine* that I
tried until 1 trlid Dr. Wong ll,m, > Upper
Main street. Ism now well. Yourt truly,
* 48 Hln'.i nave., Los An;el>s, CsL
628 Kearney St.,
lE/iTPv JL-'m Conor ol Commercial,
Ban Fienclsco, cal Be.
ln l*h4, tot
ft***"" l ant
diseases, such
%, l Oonoirhea, Gleet,
Stricture, HypMUs la
its lorme. Seminal
Wenkne s, Impotency and Lost Manhood per
manently cttred. The sick aAtiafnlcted shoutA
not lali to call upon him. The Doiitot has tray*
eltd extensively in Europe and inspected thor
oughly the various hospitals there, obtaining
a greatdoal ol valuable information, which hell
competent 10 in- part to those in need of his ser
vices. The Dootor cures where others falL
Try him. D< GIBBON will make no charge
un>Fs ho ' fleets a care. Per.ons at a distance
C r RKD AT HOME. All communication*
strictly confidential. All letters answered lsl
ylain envelopes, CaU or write. A 'dress
Bos 1557, Iran Francisco, CaL
Mention Los Angeles H«bald. 12-17 l*
5 Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained, andall Pat-;'
i«ent business conducted for Moderate Fees, < •
JOur office rs Opposite U. S. Patent Office* '
J and we can secure patent in less nine than those;;
£ remote from Washington. Ji
€ Send model, drawing or photo., with descrlp-1 ►
Stion. We advise, if patentable or not, free of | \
0 charge. Our fee not due till patent is secured. \ \
t A Pamphlet, "How to Obtain Patents,'' withj
J cos: of same in the U. and foreign countries j
.♦sent. free. Address, 5
D. C.
f^'&k. .. ■ \ ■'J REMOVES
Without the Knife.
(l kii' \ 1, OVER 1000 TAKE"*
m l out in ihe last
* v -*2> 121. S. Main St.
rrj v.a iy
h iP|pi& 1051 Market St., Ban Francisco
fl cjLh \ (Between 6th and 7th Sts.)
\ riHgja \ flo anil learn how wonderfully you
sWiH Hw arc nuule ana nou ' tn avoi< * f*i(-Vne*ti
%'\\ if H»V a t-liata-se. Museum enlarged with
"I I * thousands of new objects. Adniis
** ** sion i! 5 cts,
I'rivatc Office—same SSullctlnfr
1031 ifliirket Street—Diseases of men,
stricture, ioss of manhood, diseases of tho skin
and kidneys quickly cured without the use of mer
cury. Treatment jxraoually or by letUr. Bend
for book.
New and Secondhand
Carpets, Matting and
fjgP- Prices low for cash, or will sell oa In
stallments. Tel. 981. P. 0, b_il>2t.
fas hi o bTstable s
Hoiseß Boarded by Day, Week or Mouth at
Loweit Llvitii Rates.
RIVERA & RIOS, Proprietors,
Tel. 751 8-21 2m 217-219 E. FIRST St
J. M. Griffith, Pres't. J T. Griffith, V.-Pres't.
T. It Nichols, S-c'y and Treas.
E. L. Chandler, Superintendent.
And Manufacturers of
Mill Work of livery Description.
934 N. Alameda St., Lo* Ancles. 6-1 tf
**J CMehe.ter*. KnulEsh Dlfltnon.l RraaA
Orljihiul ami Only Genuine. A
B * rs: ' »>*»7> rfliEttle. ladies, K.<k y»\
f',y\ VNiM. I'rusnUt for Ckicktuttrt RiuitMk
Brand in Hed au<l Cold iiicr.n.a\Vir
A fo,es " lh ' alo- wi,h Mw ribbon - Tf»ke\Sr
' W d#»ij V*vl >»<» other. Hc/ntr dangerutiM $vt t ttitv- v
/ U7 '"»*'<"<"'**■ At UruKK'itts, or tend 4%
(•» —Jf in •'!:■■:,. for porilculard. tettiniootaU ana
if JEI "ltelltf far LudieH." m titter, by ret am
-V~_yt7 MulL 10.000 TfttlmMlftU. Kurn* Kst
f tihlt'henter ('nrrnU'ul l'o.,Mntlin»ei <<uuiti«.
Sold by all LocrU Druggiits. Fhlluitn.,
Main Office: LOS ANOKLES.
Wholesale Yard at SAN PEDRO.
Branch Yards—Pomona, Pasadena, Lamanda,
Asnsa, Burbank. Planing Hills—Los Angola*
tud Pomona. Carcoes furnished to order.

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