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in the power of the ipeaker to'decide
what was dilatory.
At the ooßclnaion of Hynum'e speech
a vote waa taken on the of the
code of rules offered by Bi vrowe. Lost,
65 to 148.
The rules offered by the committee
were than adopted without di viaioi J.
At tha requeat of Chairman Wils on of
the ways and means commi *tee , that
committee wae given leave to si t di iring
sessions of the house. The house. tnen
adjourned till Saturday.
A Temporary Victory for the Rep* »•
Men—Stewart Still Speaking.
Washington, Sept. o.—ln the aenat ">
today Cnllom introduced a bill to repeat
all the acts ior the creation and main
tenance of a sinking fond. Referred. \
Reeolutionß were reported from the |
committee on privileges and elections
granting $2500 each to John B. Allen of
Washington, Lee Mantle of Montana
and A. C. Beckwith of Wyoming for
time and expense of prosecuting their
claims to seats in the senate. Referred
to committee on contingent expenses.
The vice-president laid before the sen
ate a resolution of Voorheee changing
the hour of the meeting of the senate to
11 o'clock. Voorheee eaid: "After full
and careful consideration with friends
on this side of the chamber of the bi)l to
repeal the silver purchasing clause of
the Sherman act, and in whose judgment
I have been accustomed to conlide, 1 ask
tbat the reeolution go over for the pres
ent, believing, if we occupy tne time of
the senate carefully and conscientously,
we can make as much speed, perhapß,
as by its adoption, until at least a later
d »y-" < , 'a
The resolution was therefore laid
When the resolution of Morgan, pro
viding for a joint select committee on
finance, was laid before the senate,
Voorheea gave notice that beworfJd ask,
and, if necessary, move, that it be re
ferred to the finance committee.
A shaip debate occurred between
Voorheee and Morgan ac to the right of
the latter to occupy the floor. Morgan
asked if the rules had been changed
dnring bis abaence, and when informed
by the chair that they had not, aaid he |
waa in order and proceeded to address
the senate in aupport of hia resolution.
At hia conclusion the senate, 37 to 21,
agreed to a motion by Voorheea that
Morgan's reeolution go to the calendar,
and the senate proceeded with the dis
cussion of the repeal bill. This is in
terpreted as a temporary victory for the
repeal men.
The vote in detail waa:
Yeas—Allison, Blackburn, Brice, Cof
fery, Cnllom, Daviß, Dixon, Dolph,
Faulkner, Frye. Gallinger, Gibson, Gor
man, Hale, Hawley. Higgina, Hoar,
Hunton, Lindsey, McMillan, McPher-
Bon, Manderaon, Mitchell (Ogn.),
Palmer, Pasco, Pettigrew, Piatt, Quay,
Ransom, Sherman, Smith, Stockbridge,
Veßt, Vilaa, Voorheee, Washburn and
White of Louisiana—37.
Nays—Allen, Bate, Berry, Coke, Du
bois, Hanabrough, Harris, Irby, Jones
(Ark.), Jones (Nev.), Morgan, Peffer,
Perkins, Power, Pugh, Shoup, Squire,
Stewart, Teller, Walthall and Wolcott
The oppobents of repeal wanted it to
appear that the repeal bill came before
the senate by virtue of becoming a regu
lar order (it was now 2:05 o'clock) and
by no reason of the vote, and Teller
made the remark that the repeal bill
was before the aenate, pot by a vote,
because it was now the/regular order.
The vice-president eaid, in the opinion
of the chair the repeal bill waa before
tbe aenate both by virtue of tbe vote
just *, taken and because it was past 2
Stewart took the floor and continued
his speech begun yeaterday. He yielded
to Teller (Republican) of Colorado, who
Buggested the abaence of a quorum.
When the presence of a quorum was de
veloped Teller temporarily took the
floor. He intended, he declared, while
the debate continued to see that a quo
rum was preaent, even though it might
inconvenience senators, especially if
senators who did not believe in repeal
were to be inconvenienced and denied
the usual courtesies of this hitherto
courteous body.
Teller was listened to with the closest
attention, but his declaration drew no
reply from the repeal forcea.
Stewart then resume.i the floor. He
read newspaper articles and authorities
on matters of finance, and when his
voice slightly failed him Allen of Ne
braska, Mitchell of Oregon and the read
ing clerk were called to bis assistance.
Voorheea inquired whether Stewart
expected to conclude thia evening, and
upon being informed by tbe 6euator from
Nevada that he preferred to continue in
the morning, Voorheea moved an execu
tive aeeaion.
After a short executive aeeaion the
eenate adjourned until tomorrow.
A Majority of Eight Conceded to the
Washington, Sept. 6.—A Benator,
prominent as an opponent oi repeal,
places tbe majority oi tbe repealers at
eight, bat declares the vote on tbat pro
vision will be indefinitely postponed.
He'thinks there will be many oppor
tunities to secure a compromise in tbe
amendment stages. He intimated that
there is a strong possibility oi a revival
oi the Bland-Allison law. It is becom
ing apparent that the opponents oi tbe
Voorhees bill have a better organization
than was supposed by the friends of the
measure, and are beginning to realize
that the battle will be stubbornly fought
and every move on their part resisted.
The silver men openly allege that Voor
heea' reason fer withdrawing his 11
o'clock resolution was that be feared he
would be beaten in a vote on it.
Labor Klota ln Cleveland.
Cleveland, Bept. 6.—Trouble broke
out afresh this morning among the
sewer diggers and Bohemians, Hun
garians, Polacks and others who began
rioting ynsterday afternoon. In spite of
the presence of a large body of police,
laborers did not date to go to work, a
mob having gathered at the scene of
trouble. Without waiting for hostili
ties to break out, the police charged.
The men resisted the rfficera and sev
eral were severely clubbed.
Inspire Courage.
For more than thirty years Allcock's Pobous
Plameus have been doing their beneficent
work, relieving pain, inspiring men, women
aud children with new hope and new courage.
Pain is a great discourager. When all the
muscles are sore it is hard to ko >p up hope
Allcock's Pobous Plasters and pain have no
affinity for each other; one or the other must
yield, and pais is the one to be defeated.
Placed high up between tbe shoulder blades
and on the chest they are a sure cure for
coughs; on tbe pit of the stomach they relieve
Indigestion; over tbe muscles tbey re ieve
attains and stiffness. Wherever there is sore
ness they soothe and cure.
Bkandiikth'b Pills do not injure the system.
Itching, Aching; Piles—Mull's Cream Salve
will give immediate relief and is a positive
cure. 25 and 50c. Oft <fc Vaughn's drug store,
Fourth and Spring sts.
B»k Gekma.n Family Sqaf.
Preparations for the Races at
AH the Crack Cyclists of Son them
California Entered.
Kntrles for the Orange Connty District
Races Closed—State Fair Races
Begin Today—Eastern
Turf Event,.
By the Associated Presi.
Riverside, Sept. I.—Great prepare
j tiona are being made by the Wheelmen's
[ club of this city for tbe second annual
.tournament of the clnb, which takes
p lace September 9th. All tbe fast wheel
in. en of tbis end of the state have en
tor ed these contests, and come record
l,i c. iking is expected, for one of the beat
bicycle tracks in the country is located
her.», and a very liberal lot of prizeß is
offer e> 1 tbe winners, amounting to sev
eral hundred dollars. Fox, the cham
pion 174 ier, will take part.
Yesterd.sir's Karen at Sheepshead Bay,
.Latonia and St. Louis.
PnBBPt.tE'KAD Bay, Sept. 6. — Track
Futurity* course—Deerfagilla won, Sir
Matthew .second, Pedestrian third;
time, 1:10 4 5.
Futurity ot urae— Potentate won, Frog
Dance aeconiL Golden Valley third;
time, 1 tl2 2-S.
Seven furiorums— May Win won, Boyd
Pantilind second, Tom Tough third;
time, 1.28.
Mile and a I'nrlong—Banquet won,
Charade second,, Terrifier third; time,
1:55 3 5.
Five furlongs—'Roalyn won, Findolene
second, May Lose third; time, 1:02 1-5.
Partridge stakes, cix furlongs on turf
—Armitage won, Kubicon second, Pa
trician third ; time, 1:16 4-5.
Latonia, Sept. 6.—Track dusty.
Seven furlongs—Captain Rees won,
Judge Hughes second, Ocean H. third;
time, 1:29.
Mite—Rook Laidley won, Dolly Mc-
Cone, second, Peabody third; time,
1:42» 4 .
Six fnrlongs—Bonnie Lassie won,
Deceit second, Mildred third; time,
Five furlongs—Mulberry won, Hi
miara second, Frontman third; time,
Nine sixteenths of a mile—Dwight
won, Danube Becond, Norvin third; time,
Trotting and Facing Races at Chlestgo
and Philadelphia.
Chicago, Sept. 0. —Five thoneandtpeo
ple witnessed a good day's sport at
Washington park today. The track was
in spendid condition. Weather tine
Claae2:4o trot—Director'a Flowerwon,
Cerous second, Expressive third; time,
Class 2:30 trot—Uncle Tom won, Pev
eril second, Ynca Solia,third; time,
2:19> 2 .
Class 2 -.27 trot—Miss Lida won, Aurora
Prince eecond, Happy Promise third;
time, 2:17.
Class 2:19 trot—Maud C. won, Belle
Caasett second, Cicerone third; time,
2:l4' J .
Philadelphia, Sept. 6.—The track was
Class 2:19 pace—Little Daisy won,
Maud Adair second, Foggy third; time,
Class 2:25 pace—Berkshire Courier
won, Hamlin second, Clay Hontos third;
time, 2:18,4 , _
Sacramento Full of Visitors—Racea Be
gin today.
Sacramento, Sept. 6. —Although many
viaitora are already in the city to attend
the Btate fair and the Good Roads con
vention, which latter begins ita eeesion
tomorrow, many new/ comers are looked
for each day from' this on. The races
will begin tomorrow and there are en
the card the Occident stake, the 2:17
pace and tbe 2:22 trot. The hotels are
rapidly filling up. The pavilion presents
a handsome Bppearance. Not a gamb
ling game is in operation. Tbe weather
is cool and pleasant and this morning
there was a good shower of rain.
Entries Tor the Kaees Cloned—A Good
Field Entered.
Santa Ana, Bept. 6. —The Oranse
County district fair entries closed today.
Tbe free for all pacing race promises to
be a great event. Tbe entries are: Silk
wood, Diablo, W. Wood, Plunkett, Lady
0. All these can go under 2:10. One
hundred and fifty-six horses have been
entered for the races. Two more cele
brated eastern cracks are expected to
go in tbe free-for-all pace. It is ex
pected to be tbe race of the season.
It is the only race in which Silkwood
will go this year.
National League Games.
Boston, Sept. 6. —Moneff's wildnesa
gave the champions the game. Boston,
15; Louisville, 5.
Pittsburg, Sept. 6.—Hawk was hit
hard by the home team. Pittsburg, 12;
Baltimore, 6.
Brooklyn, Sept. 6.—The Bridegrooms
won an 11-inning game. Brooklyn, 5;
St. Louis, 4,
New York, Sept. 6. —The Giants were
defeated by the Reds. New York, 2;
Cincinnati, 4,
Trotting Horse Owners on a Strike.
Sacramento, Sept. 6. —Owners of trot
ting horses have notified the State Agri
cultural society that unless the entrance
fee is leveled to 5 per cent all around,
they will at once withdraw all tbeir
horses. The fee now is 5 per cent where
more than eight horses enter, and 10 per
cent where there are less than tbat
number. The demand has created a
eenaation, but tbe society stands firm.
Zimmerman's Time Beaten.
London, Sept. 6.—On the Heme Hill
track today A. W. Harris of Lancaster
beat tbe best English quarter mile rec
ord of Zimmerman, the American cham
pion, his time being 31 2-5 seconds.
Miles' Nerve and Liver Fill*
Act on a new principal—regulating the lever
stomach and Dowels through the nerves. A
new discovery. Dr. Miles' pills speedily cure
biliousness, bad tastes, torpid liver, piles, con
stipation. Unequalled for men, woa.cn and
children. Smallest, mildest, Bnxest. Filty
doses 25 cents. Samples free. C. H. liance,
177 North Spring.
Buffalo Lithia. Woollacott, agent.
J. H, Dockweiler Bleated Second Vice-
President of the Order.
Maryrvuxe, Oal., Sept.6.<-The grand
council of tbe Yonng Ilea's Institute
elected grand officers for the enaoing
term thia afternoon. Frank J. Muraa
key waa unanimously chosen grand
president. For the office Of first grand
vice-president there were two nominees,
Rev. Father Van Neva and D. S. Cleary.
Father Van Neva was elected. There
were alao two nominations made for
the office of second grand vice-president,
J. H. Dockweiler of Loa Angelea and J.
O'Neil of San Francisco. Dockweiler
waa elected. George Stanley wae unan
imously re-elected grand aecretary. John
J. Lynch waa re-elected grand treasurer.
John O'Donnell was elected grand mar
shal over seven conteetante. Pann of
Hay wards waa elected ontelde sentinel.
Tbe votes for directors and inside senti
nel were not announced.
Another Revolution Threatened In the
Black Republic.
Nbw York, Sept. 6.—Mail advices
from Kingston. Jamaica, say recent dis
patches from Hayti state that there are
rumors of another revolution and tbe
government ie exercising unusual vigil
ance. Suspected persona have been
warned that if any uprising be attempt
ed they will be arrested immediately
and ahot. Hyppolite'a Hat of suspected
persons, it ie stated, includes several of
the moat prominent citizens of Port-au-
Prince and other large towns.
Home Rale Debate.
London, Sept. 6. —Tbe bouse oi lords
was again crowded tbis evening when
the dnke of Argyle resumed debate on
tbe home rnle bill. He aaid home rnle
wonld be a revolution made in defiance
of the exiating law. It waa an attempt
to frame a new constitution and break
np the old one, and mnat lead lo irregu
laritiea which could have no other issue
than a long aeries of national disasters.
Among other speakers waa the earl of
Mayo, who declared that from experi
ence in bia own diatrict with tbe peas
antry he waa compelled to oppose heme
rule, and be believed the peasant classes
thronghont Ireland were all alike.
The Baltimore's Destination.
Washington, Sept. 6.—The attention
of the officials of the navy department
was today called to a New York dispatch
saying the crniser Baltimore had left
that place on a secret miaaion, and tbat
her orders were supposed to direct her
to the Asiatic station, bnt tbat her real
deetination waa Honolulu. Tbeae offi
cials declare there ia no foundation for
the report. She has been ordered to
Honolulu, bnt her captain is merely car
rying ont the orders issued to him in
July to proceed to the Asiatic station,
which orders have not been changed.
The captain haa no aecret ordera.
A Buel to the Death.
Hopkinsville, Ky., Sept. 6.—Robert
West and Will Davie, both members of
the police force, settled an old score this
morning with a pistol duel to the death.
Davis fired first and West promptly re
turned it. Tbey were within arm's
reach of each other. At the same in
stant both fired the second time, Davis
aank to tbe platform and West also fell.
He expired in fourminutea. The bullet
had passed through his heart. Davis
waa placed in a carriage and taken to his
house, where he still lives but cannot
long survive.
The Mexican Boundary Trouble.
Washington, Bept. 6. —The trouble
betwaen Mexican and United Statea
officials at Havana, Tex., growing ont of
tbe seizure of 3000 sheep by Mexican
officials, is receiving the attention of
Preaident Cleveland and Secretary
Greaham. All the telegrams and other
data bearing on tbe subject are now be
fore the etate department for action and
the matter may soon become one of
nnnsual diplomatic importance.
Tariff Hearings.
Washington, Sept. 6, —The tariff hear
ing of tbe ways and means committee
opened thia morning with a plea of
dealers in metallic bedeteads against a
reduction in the tariff thereon. After
hearing arguments in favor of keeping
tbe present duty on maccaroni the com
mittee odjoorned for the day.
Looking for Castomera.
New York, Sept. 6.—Banka and trust
companies are looking for customers to
take money oa time at 6 per cent on
prime dividend-paying stocks, Thus
the position of the borrower and lender
hag been reversed completely tbe past
few days. Mercantile paper is Bto 12
per cent. More business ia reported.
Attachments on a Bank.
Hudson, Wis., Sept. I.—Attachments
to the amount of nearly $100,000 have
been issued by depositor! of the defunct
Hudson Savings bank witbiu the past
24 hours. The validity of the assign
ment of the property to Judge Humph
reys is under advisement by Judge
Emma Goldman Indicted.
New York, Sept. 6.—The grand jury
this morning filed a true Dill against
Emma Goldman, tbe anarchist, whom
it charges with unlawful assemblage and
inciting to riot. She will be brought
here from Philadelphia as soon as the
necessary formalities are concluded.
India Council Bill*.
London, Sept. 6. —The India council
has offered bills to tbe amount of 40,
--000,000 rupees, the highest tender being
15 3-16 pence. No allottment haß been
made. The same amount will be offered
next Wednesday.
Uncle flam Banning; Behind.
Washington, Bept. 6. —The govern
ment expenditures continue to exceed
tbe receipts. The treasury balance on
September Ist, including tbe gold re
serve, was f107,000,000; it is now $105,
Bllver Offerings.
Washington, Sept. G.—One hundred
and seventy-two thousand ounces of
silver were offered to the treasury today
at 74 to 74% cents per ounce. The offers
were declined and counter offers made
at 73>g.
A Gotham Fire.
New York, Sept. 6.—A building at 45
and 47 Pike street, East Side, burned.
Laundries and stores were on tbe first
floor; sweatshops were above. Lobs,
$150,000. Fifteen hundred persons are
made idle.
An Ocean Race.
London, Sept. 6. —The mail race be
tween tbe American line steamship New
York and the White Star line steam
ship Teutonic ended thia afternoon.
The New York won by more than three
San Francisco, Sept. 6.—lt com
menced raining here at 11 o'clock this
morning. The shower lasted nearly an
hour, and enough rain fell to thoroughly
wet the streets.
Rio de Janeiro in a State of
The Navy in Rebellion Against the
Naval Officers Requost the President
to Abdicate —Us Refuses and
Bloodshed Will Likely
By the Associated Press.
Valparaiso, Sept. 6.—A correspond
ent irom Montevideo telegraphs: The
officers of the naval fleet now at Rio
Janeiro, Brazil, have intimated to Presi
dent Peixoto that he ehold resign. The
fleet consists of the cruisers Aqnidaban,
Repnblica and Trajano, and three tor
pedo boats. The demand of the officers
was made by Admiral Cnstodio Jose
Mello. In tbe fortress of Santa Cruz is
stationed a garrison loyal to tbe Peixoto
administration. They are nnder fight
ing orders, and are awaiting an attack
on the fort by the squadron. Tbe port
of Rio Janeiro hae been blockaded.
News has been received officially con
firming the reports of the revolt. All
communication with Rio has been pro
hibited by the government.
Word is sent from Rivera by a corres
pondent tbat a big fight has taken place
between revolntionista nnder Savana
and government troops under General
Portugal. Governor Castillo ordered
ont all tbe troops in active pursuit of
the revolutionists, bnt details of tbe
fight have not yet come to hand.
Affairs In Argentina.
Buenos Ayris, Sept. 6.—Quiet now
prevail] in Corrientes. Tbe national
guard haa been disbanded. A pro
longed drought threatens cropß in the
northern district.
French Socialists.
Paris, Sept. 6.—The Socialist leaders
have issued a call for a workingmen's
national congreßß for the latter part of
the montb, to consider the matter of
party policy.
Information IVauted.
Left home on Tueeday, August 23,
1893, Frank S. Vierick, 14 years old,
about 5 feet 2 inches high, dark brown
hair, cnt short, dark eyes. Haa on a
light gray soft felt hat, crusher No. 7 1 ,
dark gray pants, dark coat with plaid
stripes of dotted red and white, outing
flannel ahirt and lace aboes. Has a wart
on left thumb and left fore finger. Any
information concerning bia whereabouta
will be thankfully received by his anx
ious parents, Julia L. Vierick.
Congregation Kahal Israel.
Holiday services will be held by Revs.
L. Hillman and B. Gold on September
11th, 12th and 20th, 1893, at McDonald's
hall, 127 North Main etreet, commencing
Sunday evening September 10th. Tick
ets may be obtained of L. Levitt, 132
North Los Angeles street.
•15 Howard. ,
Off & Vaughn, druggists, corner
Fourth and Spring streets, are author
ized to refund the above in any case that
a single bottle oi Smith's Dandruff
Pomade fails to cure. Never known to
fail. Try it
Bar Fixtures,
Every variety and style, at the W. C.
Furrey company, 169 to 173 North Spring
For an hour's enjoyment go to the
Palace Saturday evening and hear tbe
new ladies' orchestra under the leader
ship of Miss Paulina Klaus.
Don't forget to visit the Palace Satur
day evening. Miss Paulina Klaus and
orchestra make tbeir first appearance.
For a good table wine,order our Sonoma
Zinfandel at 50c per gal. T.Vache & Co.,
cor. Commercial and Alameda. Tel. 309.
The funeral pariora of Howry & Bre
eee, on South Broadway, are the finest
on the coaet.
Reasonable prices, neat and clean,
the Library lunch parlor, 246 South
Go to the Palace Saturday evening.
Misa Paulina Clause, with an excellent
Coolest place in town for yonr meals,
the Library, 246 South Broadway.
Londonderry Water, Wollacott, ag't.
Revolutionists Shot.
Managua, Sept. 6. —Three suspected
revolutionists were shot today. The of
ficials pronounced them bandits.
*The Question!
fjjjfc is a simple one—easily Wk
decided by reason and jjjlf
common sense. *
—the new scientifically 2?
prepared shortening — is
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jsf the majority of cases, in
the packing-house, and ff)
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V leaf of the hog. Which is f$
3& likely to be the most
Ml healthful? Decide for
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§ Refuse all substitutes.
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Duck Shooting
The finest duck and doer shooting in South
ern California. Boats, blinds aad sink boxes
tree for guests of the Hotel. Hotel open until
December Ist. Deerln abundance within one
mile ol hotel. Lest season 5800 ducks were
killed by gnests oi tho hotel iv the months of
October snd November.
Carriage leaves New ft Chariot Hotel on
Tuesdays and Frld \ya at 5 am.
The finest trout fishing iv the state.
Board snd lodging $10 per week. Round
trip uciet $7.
For full particulars Inquire at 207 South
Broadway, l.os Angeles, and Hew Ft. Charles
Hotel, nil Bernardino.
Ammunition of all kinds for sale at hotel.
Conveyance free to guests to and from bant
ing grounds. QCS KNIGHT,
(J-7 4sa Proprietor.'
Mr- IV I DR. LIBBIG & CO., the old-
C I>l est and most reliable Spec
ial Physicians and surgeons on tbe Pacific
Coast, continue to cure all dlteases of a chronic
and private nature, no matter how complicated
or who has failed. Send for a confidential book
to men explaining why thousands cannot get
fc-12 2iu
Notice Inviting Proposals for the
Furnishing and Setting Up Com
plete in Position Certain Stand
Pipes in the City of Los Angeles.
by the undersigned np to 11 o'ciock a. in.,
of Monday, September 11, 1«93, for the fur
nishlng and setting np complete in position
certain stand pipes, to be erected where and
when directed, ln the city of Los Augele', by
orders of tbe city council of said city, as per
specifications on file ln the office of the under
sign d, for the term of one year from and after
the date of signing the contract.
A certified check to the order of the under
signed for $50 must accompany each proposal
as a guarantee that the bidder will enter into a
contract if awarded to him in conformity with
his bid.
Council reserves the right to reject any and all
By order of the council of the city of Los
Angeles at its meeting of August 28, 1893.
8-3112t City clerk.
"Ski lful ouie Increase* longevity to tho "Ingeniously locating diseases through th
world." pnlne and axcolient reinedie* are groat bless
lugs to the world."
Four years ago my daughtor, Verglnla Bell, was treated by Dr. Wong for what physicians
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effected a permanent cure ln Beven mouths time. Two years ago my grandson became blind ln
one eye. Dr. Wong restored his sight in three weeks' time. A. LASSWtLL,
Savannah, Cal.
Afterl had been treated eleven years, by six different dootors, for consumption, and they
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4000 oures. Ten years in Los Angeles, s
DR. WONG, 7is South Main St., Los Angeles.
Containing 62 acret of land, all in high state of cultivation : cottage
house, hard-finished, of seven rooms, bath and kitchen, together with
small cottage of three rooms for laborers; about font acres in bearing
Washington Navels; 6 acres English Walnuts; 5 acres Winter Ap
ples ; two artesian wells; about 3000 feet service pipe and hydrants.
First-class corn, alfalfa and orange land; all fenced and croas-fenced.
Apply at ono* to
, wtt 114 N. Beaudry aye.. Los Angelas. Cal.
111 Best Appointed Hotel in
Los Angeles.
jlSflM'E l . American and European Plans.
Kem?i^'3^' V - 'V'Vp'v'l Central Location.
First-class Service.
s; Reasonable Rates.
4 , msj< '-'Kyf Finest Cafe in the City
9 fl7 4m PROPRIITOBa
♦♦♦♦♦♦«>♦*«>♦ ♦♦❖<><><»*♦ *«*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*«♦*♦«♦*♦♦♦♦♦»*♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦*
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •>♦»♦♦♦♦♦#•♦♦♦♦♦♦
337, 339 and 341 S. Spring St.
r» :m:ii)i
These intending to spend tbo simmer season et the seaside will do well to consider the In
ducements offered At
Avalon, Catalina Island.
Tickets over the Wilmington Transportation Co *rt line,on salt) at all railroad ticket itatlont,
carry with them the priviiege of camping ;rouud and water froe of cont. AU garbage and rub
bUh removed from camp Jots daily wit hunt charge.. HuttfU and tv sinurauU at popular price*.
rUKNISHKD TBNTd can be rented «t the .aland, and, with bo»rd puU ac
commodation ■ within the rone aof every purse. For farther information apply at
Standard-Bred Trotting Horses!
. MONDAY, SEPT. 18, 1893, at 10 O'clock A.M., at Agricultural Park,
Net having tbe necessary rAnge tor so many horses, I have conclude:! to dispose of my entire
lot of highly-bred trotting stock at public auction, without reserve, to ihe highest biddir. The
stock consists of my standard-bred and registered trotting stallion, Kayinon (12,007), race re c
ord -: A" l ., and about 25 bead of his sons and daughters; also their darns, some in foul by him,
and the others ln foal by Me Kinney. 2:12(4 The mares represent the blond of some of our most
noted sl'es. This Is the best let of stock that has ever b-en offered Dy Rnr one breeder In the
state. They are all grand Individuals, highly bnd and flrst-cla?* la every way. Parties who
attend this sale can do so with the utmost confidence, as tbe stock will ba sold to the highest
bidder. Catalogues, with tabulated breeding of all tbe animals, will be out Sept. 3d, and o*u be
had at the office of it. W. Noyes. 214 IV. Spring st. JOHN A. COLE. Owner.
X W. NOVKJ, Auctioneer. 8-27 15t
DE. H. E. SMALL, President- DR. W. A. SMITH, Manager
Class work Itjr >lUn
At moderate prices. ' S9o °id, aQcl '
We respectfully solicit investigation of our
methods and prices. Bjr - Phone 723
Painless Extracting, frown and Bridge Work. [7-13 3m] Swaged Aluminum Plates a specialty.
XI Liyery and Boarding Stable
GEO " preutz - pr °p-
■■' })wu////// Special attention In hscks, ladles'and gentlemen's saddle horses
Oood rigs. Prices at low tates. Brick stablea
IV 1 / J TUB—
■ fe*B6f K2S HOLIDAYS.
Strict examination and management by Rev-
L. HUlmau. Also yoaltry killed by Kosl er
■tyle. 9-2 lOt
The Newest Importations
112 pc. Semi-Porcelain
Dinner Service, $10.50
417 8. SPRING BT. 7-28 8m
Baker Iron Works
950 TO 966 BUEN.4 VISTA ST.,
A«]elr.l»g the Southern racillo grounds, Tol
epfceMlit*. 7-81
blank: books
paper boxbs
ok all kinos
made to order.
No. 110 West Second Street.
7-1B ly
Cutlery, Ammunition. All kinds ol
Fishing Tackle, B*mboo Rods, Baseballs, Mitts
teed or money refunded.
7-10 ly 211 N. Main sL, Temple bloo k.

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