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Joaarß D. Lynch. Jams J. ayers.
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BY TELEOKAI'H-Senator Stewart eon
tlnues bis silver address....Seventeen
thousand dollars iv the treasury for the en
forcement of the Geary law....Great falling
off in customs receipts A uarlng bank
robbery ln Colorado ...Close of the national
G, A. If. encampment World's fair notes
ceui.-ai new. gleanings.
LOCAI, AND MT-ici. i,i. %NEOlJ«—Ch'na
fown tho alioio of mclancho y Theoaurts
»».: new suits... Pli mbors who have psss- d
their ox un n.lioiu The handicap lor the
Riv rsidd »lo;cle tare. The entries for
the OctoVer la.-5... The grand Jury at
t- m t* t- repon....\ supreme court opln
lii Orange aruwu s' inciting Native
row t ffi" V.uiura A railroad to be built
front M. J.ivo to fndep' n l«' cc Mra. B.ch
ard Wolmr b d'y bniued by a gaso iue
rASADSSA — Proposed sale ot Sterra Medre
vl'la...oral event*.
Ba*j Bktinai mso—Crusade again t non-
U<s*iiaa 1 liq i< r sellers.
UaaKGa iou.nty—Race entries. ...Orange
Ri'uio Canon — Notes and personals.
1 ivaitsinit—Tbe raisin men meet.
lanta Monica—Timorous sports,
It would be an interesting inquiry to
find out just w,bat influence was brought
to bear on the Chinese Six Companies
to induce tbem to order their people not
to register. A full disclosure of this in
trigue could not fail to involve Borne
thing'very pensational.
, Senator Stewart, m his remarks on
the silver question yesterday, rubbed it
into the alien newspaper proprietors,
who try to mold public opinion in this
country an'l dirtate legislation, in good
ehnpe. Ho likewise luid the lash on
President Cleveland in a manner tbat
ought to make that worthy wince.
The Grand Jury made its report yes
terday, but, Judge Pierce refused to re
ceive it owing to tho abaence of one of
the jurors. It ll understood that a
number of indictments were found, but
we have not yet learned their nature.
The affairs of the City Bank were un
doubtedly the subject of come of the
deliberations of that body.
Riverside seems to have been a city
of refuge for the Chinese driven out of
San Bernardino, Redlanda and neigh
boring communities recently. But now
the good people of Riverside are likewise
aroused and have resolved that tbe
Chinese must go. Arrests under the
Geary law have been decided upon.
Johunv Comprador ie catching it on
every Bide, and no doubt feela very sorry
that he failed to register.
District Attorney Dillon has ascer
tained the fact that for several years
past the board of supervisors ban not
been levying the full amount for taxet,
to meet the interest on tbe bonded in
debtedness of tbe county, and that
there ie now due on bonde of 1684, 1885,
1887 and 1890 $197,500, wbich most be
included when they fix tbe rate for tbe
ensning year. This will mako tbe
county rate $1.90 instead of $1.30, which
it would be if tbe amount mentioned
were not embraced in tbe levy.
Representative Geary ia represented
to have received from tbe treaaury de
partment yeaterday the information
that there ie available for tbe enforce
ment of the Geary act a balance of $17,
--000, and the assurance that it is tbe
purpose of the department to use it for
the deportation of Chinese. Thia ie tbe
most cheerful piece of news re
ceived from Washington for some
time, and seems to indicate tbat tbe ad
ministration at last realizes tbat ia must
make at least a semblance of an effort
to enforce the law.
Now that the president has returned
fromiGray Gables reinvigorated and en
dowed with his old-tirneenergy, it might
not be a bad thing for him to shake up
his director of the mint, Mr. Freßton.
This gentleman, in tiie exercise of his
wiso discretion, thinking probably that
silver had no friends and was going to
the dogs, declined to purchase one mil
lion and a quarter ounceß of Bilver at
07.15. The next week he bought this
identical million and a quarter ounceß
at something over 76 centa an ounce.
This was only a trilling loss to the gov
ernment on that single transaction of a
sum considerably rising $80,000. The
treasury loßt that amount just as com
pletely as if Mr. Preston had cammed
bis hands into the money vaults of tbe
government and taken it out. We do
not impute any dishonesty to Mr. Pres
ton, but we do know that he is a super
cilious and addle-pated enemy of silver
—so much of a partizan in that line that
he is unfit to occupy his position unless
be is held powerfully in check. He is
also the individuea who indulged in a
great deal of aneeAig at tbe west come
time ago. If he would cover into the
treasury the $87,500 he lost to the govern
ment on that single transaction, the
people of the United States conld afford
to listen to his callow opinions witb
more patience. The president should
lay his strong right hand gently but
firmly on tbe heads of these topheavy
There have been co many conflicting
accounts as to the status of the midwin
ter fair in San Francisco that it was hard
to say for a long while whether the
thing would prove a success or no. It
seems to be established, however, that
the people of San Francisco desire to
have the exposition and are showing
that they do by liberal subscriptions.
Thns far these have come mainly from
persons of limited means. General
Barnes has thrown himself into the gap
with great vigor and has almost given
up bie business to devote himself to col
lecting funds. We learn tbat he is quite
confident of raising a million dollars.
The general ia indefatigable when be is
interested in anything and caa size up
the city very well. The various commit
tees have already raised (320,000 in
small sums. To this is to be added the
donation of $50,000 by tbe Southern Pa
cific railway. Spring valley will sub
scribe tbe equivalent of $50,000, giving
$20,000 in money and $30,000 in water
for lakes end various easements. Foreign
and other exhibitors have already taken
$200,000 worth of apace, and thia will
doubtless be largely increased aa the
feeling grows fiat the fair will be a
The big millionaires have not been
approached yet. Tbey have to be han
dled with great address, and there are
certain drawbacks that will have to be
removed to get some of tbem to open
tbeir puree-strings. Tbe presence of
Mr. Alexander Badlam on the commit
tee of management does not seem to
have given unmixed satisfaction. There
are a great many people in San Fran
cisco wbo obstinately refuse to be capti
vated by Aleck's winning ways. It
would very greatly atrengtben the move
ment if Mr. Badlam would imitate Her
man Shainwald and reaign. Many San
Franciscans diatruat any enterpriae in
which he ie engaged, and they will be
very unwilling to put their money where
it may come under tbe diacriminating
eye of Aleck. Hie methods of managing
an insurance company are fresh in ev
erybody's recollection. It ia said that
ex-Senator James G. Fair makes hia sub
scription, which he ia supposed to be
willing to make $100,000, contingent np
on Mr. Badlam's withdrawal from any
active participation in tbe management
of the enterprise. Ii thia insinuating
gentleman ia really warmly in favor of
tbe fair be would prove it conclusively
by retiring from any active part in ita
Witli the (620,000 already assured we
ought to have a fair that will be a credit
to tbe Golden State. The project has
taken on each an aspect of business tbat
the several counties outside of San
Francisco are justified in making
preparations to be properly represented
therein, and we hope Los Angeles wiil
be in the van. Any arbitrary assess
ment by counties wonld not meet with
any general favor. The most satis
factory way to raise money would be by
the eale of space. Tbe plan of a special
session of the legislature having fallen
through, as most sensible people sup
posed it would, the several counties will
be unable to appropriate any money of
the taxpayers in aid of tbe midwinter
fair. But that Angelefios will be on
band with voluntary contributions we
do not doubt. While we have indulged
in a little good humored persiflage at
several aspects of tbe enterprise, the
Herald has the utmost friendliness
towards it and heartily hopes tbat it
will be a great success. We are pleased
to ccc that the people of the Golden
Gate are at last, waking up to the neces
sity of showing some public spirit. Per
haps when they have surprised them
belves by tbe display o! a little energy
and liberality tbey may keep np the
good work and place their city in the
pathway of enterprise. But tbey ought
on no account to allow tho millionaires
of San Francisco to escape their share
in the work of getting the fair under
President Cleveland has commended
himself to the people of California, of
tbe Pacific const and of the whole coun
try by directing his subordinates to do
their duty in enforcing the Geary act.
There was a too manifest disposition on
the part of high officials of tbe treasury
department and of the attorney-gener
al'a otlice to bang up the law, and the
people were beginning to become very
restive. Undoubtedly the indifference
of many officials to tbe duty imposed
upon them by their oaths, if it had con
tinued, would have led to very eerious
troublea in many of the citiea of Califor
nia. The decision oi Judge Robs came in
the very nick of time to convince the
masses tbat their true policy was a law
abiding one.
A gentleman who has a large vineyard
in the neighborhood of Fresno says that
he has had every reason to be satisfied
with the experiment of replacing Chi
nese pickers by white men. He informs
ue tbat he pays bie white workmen one
dollar a day, instead of the seventy-five
centa paid under the rules adopted at
the public meeting, which get the stand
ard at seventy-five cents. The men em
ployed by him looked like "hobos," but
they entered on their task with enthusi
asm. They work well. The Chinamen
generally averaged forty-five trays a day.
The white men, notwithstanding their
lack of experience, ran from sixty-live to
seventy-five trays a day. Tbis is better
newa than we had expected to hear. We
have been treated to co much clamor
about the unwillingness ol the white
man to work, his intemperate habits,
and so on, that we had harbored some
thing like fear as to the future of our
fruit crops with John Chinaman sent
home. _____
Mb. Charles A. Wktmorb will go to
Chicago ac the representative of the in
dignant vignerona of California. He
will try to get a jury of foreign wine
buyera to ait in judgment on the Cali
fornia winea. Thia ia an excellent idea.
If experienced gentlemen from abroad
aball pass a favorable judgment on the
Caiifornia product it will be something
worth having and cannot fail to have a
very beneficial influence on our galea,
both at home and abroad. What we
need ia more buyera, and we ought to
be able to command a fair European
market if the proper attention ia paid
to the matter. Mr. Wetmore, Mr. Ar
pad Harazthy and several other* that
conld be named are themselves moat
excellent judgee of wines, but being ex
hibitors and producers themselvea their
award would not have the force which
the unbiased judgment of experta from
abroad would exert.
Henry Clews & Co.'s laat circular
gracioualy telle tbe people wbo care to
read it tbat timea are on the mend, and
all because of the imminent probability
of tbe repeal of the purchasing clauae of
the Sherman act. It will be aoon enough
to talk about improved timea when tbe
banka of New York city begin to retire
the $40,000,000 of clearing houae certifi
cates which they are making do duty for
money. Timea are improving because
the west and south are sending prodig
iouß quantities of wheat, tbe other
cereals, bacon, flour, hams, cotton and
tobacco to Europe, and we are beginning
to get the money for these staples. Tbe
New York bankers' artificial panic haa,
thank heaven, knocked over many I
portly pirate that engineered it, and
with all the attempts to decry tbe west,
New York seems to have been more
heavily hit than any other portion of
the country.
Admission Day will thia year be cele
brated with unusual tSclat. The Native
Bona of the Golden West will take a big
hand in making it memorable, and
nearly all the gilded youth of Loa An
geleß, who claim California aa their
birthplace, will be off to spend three
dayß at Enramada, in Ventura county.
The affair cannot fail to be a gay one.
The Pioneer will tnia year rally in unu
sual force, and the exercises up around
the Bay will be quite impressive. The
band of theee noble founders of a grand
commonwealth ia thinning ont, but
there is hardy and enduring material in
the Pioneers, and legions of tbem are
booked for four score and over.
The remark ie quite general tbat buai
neaa in Lob Angelea dnring the past
summer has been aurprieingly good un
der the circumatances, and many of our
merchants say that it haa been much
better than last year, notwithstanding
the financial flurry. Los Angelea ia in a
remarkably healthy condition. Tbe
large number of our people who have
felt able to atlend the World's Columbi
an fair is a atriking proof tbat we are in
a specially Bound financial condition.
Both in city and county, everything
pointa towards progreea and prosperity.
The citizen that ia a "dead shot" with
a Winchester got in hiß work on the
bank robbera at Delta, Colo., yeaterday,
with neatneas and dispatch. He made
two of the bandits bite the duet, and at
| laat reporta the one remaining robber
j waa hard pressed.
Los Angeles Theater —Thia and to
morrow evenings, v i Ii a Saturday mat
inee, wiil be the ehe t, season of the Old
Comedy company, • ded by Mra. John
Drew, giving The Hi vale.
No living actreee haa been bo long
identified with legitimate theatrical art
aa Mrs. Drew. In early life ehe was a
favorite in burlesque and comedietta.
Her admirable pertormance in The Com
edy of Errors and The Serious Family at
the Arch Street theater, Philadelphia,
in the early 50's, when her husband was
manager of that house, was admirable.
In The Serions Family her versatility
and sprightlineaa were shown. Mrs.
Drew's mother was in the cast. When
the fairy extravaganza Fortunio waa
presented there, Mrs. Drew performed
tbe title role and made an attractive
looking boy. What is now known as
tbe topical song wae then unknown, but
Mrs. Drew introduced a number of local
verses into "Hop de doodle do" and
Bang tbem amid thunders of applause,
executing a dance at the end of each
verse. Another pleasing remembrance
of Mrs. Drew was her Lady Macbeth
to Edwin Forrest's Macbeth at the
Walnut Street theater. She wan in
every way a great Lady Macbeth. When
Mrs. Drew became the manager of the
Arch Street theater her great versatility
aa an actress was frequently displayed.
Among her best impersonations during
tbe early part of her managerial career
were in Ours and in Rosedale. She lias
latterly devoted herßelf entirely to tbe
character of Mrs. Malaprop—the crown
ing work of her long and brilliant
The sale of seats and boxes for the
forthcoming engagement of diaries
Frohman's company in The Girl I Left
Behind Me, at the Los Anneleß theater,
opened yesterday under the most auspi
cious circumstances. The Buccesaof The
Girl I Left Behind Me liaa eclipeed that
of any American drama of the past five
years. The company ia of unequivocal
"excellence and the scenic environment
coinplote in every detail.
All Free.
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ery know its value, an i those who have not
na'vouowihe opportunity to try lt free. Call
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Bockh-n & Co., ..hicago, aud get a sample box
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copy ol tiuide lo Health aud Household In-
Btrnotor. free. All of which is guarauieed to
do you good aud cost you nothing, at C F.
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Wall Paper at Coat.
White back S cents a roll, ro d paper 10 cents
a ruil. l.ab -r boiow eojt- we charge 10 ce~ts *
roll and employ u..io, wore men at lo cents a
roil. This is your cliince to save mjney. 1. J.
Bauer. U37 bouth spring st.
The Treasury Department at
Last Acquiesces.
A Small Sum Available for Deport
ing: the Coolies.
.lodge Boss's Decision Much Talked or
at Washington — Riverside Mo
Longer » Chinese City
or Refuge.
By the Associated Press.
Wabhikgton, Sept. 7. — Repreaenta
tive Geary this morning held a confer
ence at the department of justice with
Attorney General Olney and Aeaietant
Secretary of the Treaaury Hamlin. Mr.
Geary declares that he waa informed
hia law would bo enforced; tbat is, that
the money on hand, eatimated to be
about ♦i7,i>oo, will be naed to defray the
expeneee of the deportation of Chineae
under decree of tbe conrta ordering their
removal, and tbat contracte will proba
bly, be made with a company to deport
Chinese in job lots.
The telegraphic report of the decision
•f United States District Judge Rosa at
Lob Angeles yesterday, that Chineae il
legally in the United Statea may be de
ported in apite of the lack of funds, waa
an intereating topic of diecueaion among
the officials of the treasury department
and the department of jußtice today.
Several conferences on the subject have
been held in which Secretary Carlisle,
Attorney-General Olney, Aeaietant Sec
retait Hamlin and Representative
Geary of California have participated,
and it is believed the deciaion haß about
been reached to execute the law aB far
aa the means at hand will permit.
Citizens Determined to (let Bid of the
Riverside, Sept. 7. —Aa a result of
tbe recent anti-Chinese agitation at
Redlande, San Bernardino and other
points in this vicinity, numbers of
frightened Mongolians are making their
homes in tbia city, where there haa
been no excitement and where tbe
Cbinese have been in no way molested.
The labor anions and Federation of La
bor have been watching the increase in
the number of Chinese, and hay« at last
determined to take some action. Last
evening a meeting of tbe white
laborers of tbe city waa held, at
which several prominent business
men took part for tbe purpose of taking
steps to rid the city of the undesirable
element. The meeting decided to oper
ate through tbe Geary law, and to tbat
end a committee was appointed witb
fnll power to go before the cirouit court
at Los Angelea and secure warrants of
arrest fur a number of Celestials who
are known to be here illegally. War
rants for at least 20 will be asked for.
The white laborers of this city are deeply
in earnest about the matter, but they
will confine all their efforts within the
law and there will be no attempts made
to abuse the Chinese.
Chinese Arrests at Redlands.
Redlands, Sept. 7. —Deputy Unite d
States Marshal Faris arrested seven
Chinese this morning on warrants issued
by Judge Rose under the Geary law.
Five more wiil be arrested tbie after
noon, laborers from ranches were se
lected. These 12 warrants Are tbe first
of the 170 af ked by citizens here. More
will be issued as fast as the cases can be
tried in the United States court.
San Bebnabdino, Sept. 7. —Deputy
United states Marshal James Faris left
this city today with 12 warrants of ar
rest against Cbinese residents of Red
lands, who have not complied with the
Geary registration act.
The Bio Grande Boundary Trouble.
Washington. Sept. 7.—A dispatch re
ceived from General Wbeaton, com
manding the department of Texas, eeya
the 31100 sheep seized by the Mexican
authouties on an island in tne Rio
Grande, whose ownership ie disputed,
belong to Thomas Salinas, an American
citizen. Tne Mexican government will
probably be called on to pay damages.
A Bank Cashier Suicides.
Minneapolis, Sept. 7.—Cashier M. J.
BotTerding of the Bank of Minneapolis
shot himself dead this morning. It is
supposed to bo the result of brooding
over the action of Paying Teller Scheie,
who absconded on Saturday lost with
$15,000 of the bank's money. BofTer
ding'a accounts are etraigbt.
Tariff Hearings.
Washington, Sept. 7.—The time today
of the wat a and means committee was
taken up with hearing argument in
favcr of the retention of the duty on
buttons, oil cloth and linoleum and the
classification of duties on paper, enve
lopes, etc. Adjourned.
Tired of Office.
Washington, Sept. 7. —Aeeistant Sec
retary of State Josiah Quincy today ten
dered his resignation to the president
and it was accepted.
Marriage Litoeueea.
Marriage licensee were issued yester
day in the county clerk's office to the
following persons:
Charlie Johnson, aged 32, and Ger
trude Mary Larsen, aged 2U, both na
tives of Sweden and residents of Ger
Ah Sing, aged 3D, and Kirn Yok, aged
18, both natives of China and residents
of Los Amreles.
Fugio Gelomino, aged 48, and Con
cetta Morena, aged 26, both natives of
Italy aud residents of Los Angeles.
Hon. J. C. Hannon, wbo owns a
beautiful p'.ace near Savanah, baa a
double driveway from the enemy road
to hia residence with a row of Eucalyptus
treea runninu through the centre. Mr.
Hannon haa for some time been advocat
ing tbe making of county roade in thia
manner. It wonkl be a more economical
BvatHm of roadß, and much more pleas
ant to drive on, ac the travel would be
about equally divided ansT a person
could take their choice of sunshine or
A reputable business man of the city
while visiting a popular resort laat even
ing, was insulted by the ex-keeper of a
dive and threatened with bodily harm
becaiiHß he wae suspected of having com
plained to the police of the closed place.
For Over Fifty Veura
Mrs. Window's SuqTHIKu »viiul» has bleu used
lor children itetßiUK. It souih.u Hie ct.lld,"
►olteii-, the sums, allay»-.»ll pain, cur«» w.nd
colic, and ia the beat remedy (or dlurrhcea.
Twenty-fire cents a puttie.
Waeou umbrellas, in mm jr lati filHter*. Kny's
old reliable saddler* houae, ol£> N. Los Augeles.
J. E, March has gone to San Diego on
a week's viait.
Mr. Hervey Lindley haa returned from
a trip to Catalina.
Frank A. Morriaon, a prominent Riv
eraide Democrat, ia in the city.
John A. Simma, preeident of the Riv
eraide wheelmen, waa in town yeater
Miss Marian Thomas of Santa Ana a
visiting friends in the city for a few
E. G. Hookatratton leavea for Ventura
today to attend the Native Sons' cele
Caahier George L. Arnold of the Uni
versity bank, haa returned from an
eastern trip.
Mra. R. Wethlrell, wife of a promi
nent mining man of Tucson, Ariz., is
visiting her eiater, Mra. H. Dixon of
East Elmyra street. She leavea for
home next Saturday morning.
Among the prominent wheelmen who
left for Riveraide yeaterday were W. A.
Burke, J. L. Standlfer, Fay Stepbeneon,
H. B. Cromwell. Thoae who will follow
today are Fox, Hall and Gibaon. It haa
been definitely aettled that Fox ia to
enter in the road race.
Miaa Eleanor Finch returned from her
visit to the world'a fair, a few daya ago.
She alao spent aome time visiting her
brother in Michigan, while in the eaat.
Miaa Finch haa been elected to a posi
tion in the Spring-street public achool.
Mrs. Emma Hanchette and sons, Rex
and Earl, returned from San Franciaco
yesterday, where thoy spent their vaca
tion vieiting Mra. Hanchette'a mother
and brother. Mra. Hanchette haa been
re-elected principal of the Nintb-atreet
achool, which position she haa ao ac
ceptably filled the paat few yeara.
Mr. and Mra. A. J. Stamm arrived
here yeaterday morning with the steam
er Corona from tbeir extended trip eaat.
Professor Stamm's intention! are to
give another series of philharmonic or
cheatral concerta aa aoon aa the arrange
menta can be completed. He hae
bought new instruments and new music
for it and the rehearsals will begin at
Two of the most diatinguiehed scien
tists of tbe United Statea are quietly
camping in Santa Monica cafion. They
are Major Powell, head of the United
Statea geological anrvey and in charge of
the ethnological department of the
Smithsonian inatitnte at Waahington,
and Profeeaor Langley, one of the lead
ing men of the game inatitnte. They
arrived here eeveral doyß ago, and a
sister of Major Powell, Mra. Juliet Rice,
ia now stopping at tbe Orland.
Captain Henry Steere of company A,
Seventh Infantry, N. G. C, has issued a
circular notifying the members of tbe
company that the reuniforming of tbe
N. G. C. ia at hand, and new uniforms
of good quality, cot to fit every man,
will Boon be company A'e. According
to tbe circular irom general headquar
ters the contractor for uniforms will be
at tbe armory here September 19th at
7:30 p.m., to take measurements.
Word was received yesterday that
some coal owned by the Crescent Coal
company was burning at Terminal isl
and. The loss is nominal.
H covers a good deal of ground
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" Discovery " is known to medical
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impure blo<*l. For everything of
this nature, it is the only guaran
teed remedy. In Dyspepsia, Bil
iousness ; all Bronchial, Throat and
Lung affections; every form of
"Scrofula, even Consumption (or
Lung-scrofnla) in its earlier stages,
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Scalp Diseases —if it ever fails to
benefit or cure, you have your
money back.
The worst cases of Chronic
Catarrh in the Head, yield to
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy.
So certain is it that its mak
ers offer $500 reward for an
incurable case.
/?? OPA LS
Per Cent Discount
aBuM F° r Two Weeks
jaft'.', Before Going to
wßm M Mexico to Buy a
Hfl m New Stock of
|H A Blankets, Pottery,
And Stone Relics.
Opals, Turquoise and Precious Stones
niiinnriiio fITPTfi QT. n .D!7
Cri.tU.ri> CLL 3 l/UIMU OIUAE,
9-8 ly 335 South Spring St
!■ .tflllh, What Is the condition of yours? Is your hair dry, ?
J" MmOk harsh, brittle? Does it split at the ends? Has It a■,
5 Bfffi lifeless appearance? Does it fall out when combed or %
S BliM brushed? Is it full of dandruff ? Does your scalp itch ?, ■
5 jHiB Is it dry or in a heated condition ?If these are some of £
3» fftmvwm!\ y° urs > m P tomSDewarnetlln time or you will become bald.
j; JB\Skookumßoot Hair Grower i
B a TmmvwkwfmSßr l ia whatyouneod. Ita production is not an accident^butthoresiiltof scientific s
. ■ r rJvTMwIwWIMJ I research. Knowledge of the diseases of the batr and scalp led to th. dlscov- s
a "Skookum "contain* neittier minerals nor oils. It."
a 7 ffflHlklV r IsnotaDye, but a delightfully cooling and refreshing Toulc. Hy stimulating ■ ■
« , / WFVUmP ' \ ft h a<t> ol " C ' o *' ** ttop * /°" lB *f Aatr, owe* dandruff and smn *a(r on bald „ a
■ * ///TOBBK 1,1 Ke «P the scalp clean, healthy, and freo from Irritating eruption", hy ■ ,
'■ / /// nsaeßri 111 ""d 1 )? 8 ! 0 ' j^"^" 1 it deatroys jxinuiKo iiueoM, icaioA /wd un i,
" ■ / Ml f/|/ttßg\r,tl F I If your druggist cannot supply you send direct to ua, and we will forward «™
s / ' iMPU ' ,ll prepaid, on receipt of price. Orbwor, gl.ou per bottle | 6 for gS-Ott. Soap.SOo.,s
"s If' Oi'lr 1 ll\perjar;«for.li.so. " *a
5 TB i?mJl-Jid kßK ** H ""«*» Plftb ATanae, Kew York, N. Y. j
Stock Up For the Winter and Get the
Benefit of Summer Prices.
Tels 36 and 1041. 8 13 lf 130 West Second Street.
337, 339 and 341 S. Spring St.
6 3-13 m .
Standard-Bred Trotting Horses!
MONDAY, SEPT. 18, 1893, at 10 O'clock A.M., at Agricultural Park,
Not haying the necessary range for so many horses, I have concluded to dispose of jr.y entire
lot of highly-bred trotting stock at public auct on, without reterve, to the highest bldd r. 'The '
stock consists of my standaidbrtd and resisiered trotting stallion, Kaymoa ilil.0O7;, race rev
ord 2 !w7m, and about 25 head of his sons and daughters: also their dams, some ln foal by him,
and tbe others ln foal by McKinnev. 2:121$ The mares represen' the blood of some f our most
noted si-es. This Is the best let of stock that has ever b en offered D/ any one breeder iv the
state. Tbey are all grand Individuals, highly brad aad first cla.s in every way. Parties who
*tten4 thl« sale can do so with the utmoat confidence, as tbe stock will ba sold to the hlgbest
bidder Catalogues, with tabulated breeding of all tbe animals, will be out Sept. 3d, and can be
had at the office of K. W. Noyes, 214 N. Spring st. JOHN A. oQI.E, Owner.
E W. NOYB-, Auctioneer. 8-27 1M
Your money cannot be more safely Invested
than In first-class bouds. We have an excep
tionally tine Issue where tha total indebted
ness is not S per cent of the value of security.
'1 liese bonds nave received the highest recom
mendation by bankers in tbli city. Call lor
particulars and pr.CeB
IT. 8. Government registered fonts at Hew
.York quotations.
Btoca in Fir.t National ana Lot Angeles Na
tional Banks al attractive figure*.
Money to loan on first-class security. If you
have any to loan call fer our list of applica
. 220 AVKBT BKOONP BT. 8-10 lm
And value them consult m. No ca*e of defec
tive vision where glasses art required is too
complicated for us. The correut adjustment
ol frames Is quite as Important as the perfect
fitting of leu.es, and tho scientific fitting and
making of glasses aud frames is our only busi
ness (specialty). Byes examined and tested
tree ol eh ar«e. We use electric power, and are
tneonly house here thatgrludsglassesto order
Establishes 1880.
8. G. MARsIIiTZ, I.cadinr. Scientific Optic
lan (specialist), KIT North Spring street, opp.
old oonrihouse. Don't forget the number.
Glass & Long,
Tel, 635. [I 2 7 Iy| LOS A NOBLES.
426-428 South Spring St.,
Want to buy all kinds of
In large or small lots. See us before you sell.
Leave your order at the store and our buyer
wiil call on you.
~N O T I C E
Best family and tourist hotel In Southern
Cslifomltto lease for a term of years. Con
tains 100 rooms, large social hall and bright,
sunny dlulng-room. All modern conveniences,
Including electric lights steam heat and well,
with enxlne and boiler; return oall lelis, gaa ;
and room for private plant. Situated on the
southwest corner of Rope aud Eighth street. 1
Cable toad within ono block and elecirio oars :
within two blocks. Bids received. Reference!
9-a lm 201 8. Spring St., Los Angelea.
A branch of tbe Convent of Our Lady of the
Sacred Heart, Oakland, Cal.
This institution, conducted brttie Sisters of
tbe Holy Names, occupies one of the mint pic
turesque sites ln the San Gabriel Valley. It has
featntes ol excellence that specially recom
mend lt to public patronage. The coarse of
stuly embraces the various branchesof a solid,
useful and ornamental education. For partic
ulars apply to the LADY SUPERIOR.
Conveyances will take visitors iiom photo
station to Convent on Thurtdiys and Satur
days, on arrival of 2:10 p. ra. train from Loa
Angelas. 8-12 m

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