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BY TKLlOKAPß—Consternation among
the Chinese ln San Francisco... .The presi
dent petitioned to extend the time for regis
tration Nearly all the Chinese ln San Ber
nardino quit work and seek pastures new ...
The exclusion law extensively v.olsted at
New York A wordy week on deck ln con
gress Chris Bncsley returns to the United
States Onitesu's skeleton nilsdng The
Brazilian naval revolt Cholera reports
Cherokee strip boomers in Hue The Delta
bank robbers identified ...Officers of the
Irian National league ot America condemn
Gladstone's homo rule bill Mrs. Wrlgh.'s
murderers in custody Snnday at the
world's fair ...Prince Bismarck to 111 to
Chinese matter The history of Headman's
Island ...News abut mining... .Insects
which destroy scale bugß In Ventura county
More about the horticultural war
Some of yesterday's sermous — Matters to
be considered by the council today — Rifle
competition of Co. A yesteiday....Ray
mond's desert land scheme.
Panta Ana—The supervisors and the river.
Compton—Convalescent Chines* 1 .
Santa Monica—The swimming contest.
P. mora—Branch ol Knights of Golden Eagle
organiz d... .Rabbit drive
It is a noteworthy fact that the affaiis
of tbe suspended Riverside Banking
company are rapidly getting no better.
Like tbe Consolidated Bank of San
Diego it presents a case of reckless
and irresponsible management.
And now comes Christopher A. Buck
ley, tbe celebrated blind ex-boBS of San
Francisco, weary of sojourning abroad,
determined to return to tbe Bay city to
face the indictments there pending
against him for several years, iv connec
tion with certain alleged shady political
Congressman Everett of Massachus
etts is the first to come to the rescue of
the Chinaman by introducing a bill to
give tbem another opportunity of reg
istering. This is the bombastic individ
ual who announced tbat he would allow
no one "to deposit him in a cavity."
Los Anobi.es needs more work on ber
parks, and tor this purpose she must
bave more money. This is particularly
true of tbe Klvrian park, whose vast
possibilities ought to be intelligently
developed at once. It is really astonish
ing the email number of Angelefioe who
know anything about this incomparable
pleasure ground, which can be made
the finest in America.
The rate at which the Salvation Army
is growing in Los Angelea ia a thing to
marvel at. It bas always been a matter
of great curiosity to many people to know
the srurce from which the Salvationists
obtain tbe money which would oeem to
be needed to maintain such an organiza
tion. The Bale of the War Cry would
scarcely furnish a very large revenue.
With many persons there is a sort of
hazy idea that tbe funds come from over
tbe sea—from come benevolent people
in England. It may be a fad—tbis Sal
vation Army—but tbe organization it
self shows a most remarkable vitality.
The capacity of a United States sen
ator to talk people to death haa never
yet been fully tested, but tbe progress
of tbe debate on tbe eilver question will
probably affjrd some reliable data on
thia point. A speech lasting only three
or four days ia a mere bagatelle. Sen
ator Stewart, after hia two days' speech,
waß careful to wind up with tbe remark
that he bad only practically begun his
remarks, and would tackle the matter
again. We would suggest to these gen
tlemen that if they should run short of
material the report of tbe committee of
the senate appointed to investigate the
silver question, aud of which Hon. John
P. Jones was chairman, could be read to
that body with good benefit. That
would tike up at least a week, which
would give tbe silver chamnions breath
ing time. Senator Teller has the floor to
morrow, and he is eaid to be both a good
and a long talker.
The people of Denver are big hearted
Notwithstanding their own troubles,
hearing of the deatitution amongst the
large number of unemployed in New
York city, the noble denizens of the
Itocky Mountains sent a carload of pro
visions to the nation's metropolis. Now
one would think thai this gracious act
would be properly appreciated by the
presa of that city. On the contrary.
JP"« ia the snappish manner in which
the New York World reaponda to thia
generoue act:
It ia a very silly olece of buaineaa for
Denver to send provisions to the desti
tute people in thia city. New York ia
quite able to provide for its own hungfy,
and is doing it. It haa not asked for
any help. It is much better able to
eend money to Denver than Denver is
to aend food here. But a few daya
since reports were published of the de
portation of a large number of unem
ployed from tbe ailver city to swell the
army of tramps in other towne and
state-'. For the present, at leaat, it
wonld be well for charity to begin at
borne in Denver and end there.
It ie very trne that New York is able
to aend money to Denver, but if the
people of that noble weatern city wait
till tbey ccc come of it they bad better
prepare theanelvea for ita advent by a
diligent peruaal of Bellamy's Looking
Backward. We cannot resist the con
viction that our New York contemporary
ia rather churlish in sneering at this
generous aid.
Whether it be for good or ill no presi
dent of tbe United States has ever at
tempted to impress hia will co directly
npon congress as tbe present respected
incumbent of that office. An exception
haa been made by some persons who are
disposed to comment on this fact in favor
of Andrew Johnson, but, aa a matter of
fact, the Tennessee statesman was kept
busy guarding hie own constitutional
prerogatives and from being yanked
bodily out of tbe presidential chair. If
all the stories told about Mr. Cleveland
were to be taken as true he would be ac
cepted aa a eort of American Tsar, and
would push tbe late autocrat Ksed far
in the background. But are tbey true?
Outaideof a most remarkable directness
in pointing out what he looks upon as
for the good of the country, there are no
alarming indications tbat he proposes
to override tbe functions of either house
of congress. It haa been asserted tbat
the president is withholding hia ap
pointments in order tbat be may thus
exert coercion upon doubtful members
of congress. It would be hard to furniab
any evidence of this statement. Mr.
Cleveland has at all times shown him
self to be very deliberate in his exercise
of tbe appointing power. He has acted
almost uniformly on the idea that mem
bers of congreßa ought not to meddle in
that function of the government, and be
probably still retains thia opinion.
Tbat tbe president is a man of deter
mined character is shown by a glance
at his resolute face. His career has
been such as to encourage a feeling of
self-reliance tbat ia a natural feature of
hiß temperament. What public man
has ever been so lucky as he? Entering
upon his second term, he is no older
than most men have been in the past
when they first ventured to direct their
eyes in the direction of the White
house. His experiences in the last elec
tion were of a nature to turn tbe head
of an ordinary man. His triumph was
so complete as to make bis career
unique, recalling the tremendous vic
tory in the gubernatorial election in
New York that first brought him under
the notice of the people at large. This,
added to his decisive character, is apt to
give a very peremptory air to all he says
or does. That he is thoroughly per
meated with the idea that all the
measures he favors are right there is
scarcely any room to doubt. He has
much of Jackson's force of will,
although, in the judgment of many
persons, good Democrats at that,
and on the whole Btaunch admirers of
Mr. Cleveland, in financial matters he
is disposed to employ it in lines diame
trically oppoaed lo those which were
preferred by Old Hickory. Wou'd the
sage of the Hermitage, if alive, favor the
repeal of the purchasing ciauie of
the Sherman act without come
square recognition of bi-metalliam?
Would he allow bis secretary
of the treasury to write to congress catl
ing upon tbat bsdy to allow the national
banks to increase their circulation to
the face value of the bonds deposited
with the secretary of the treasury?
Would he allow his director of the mint
to publicly proclaim the fact that be
looked to London for the real quata
tions of silver, thereby losing to the
treasury of the United Btates nearly
ninety thousand dollars in oue week?
It is pretty safe to say that anyone
familiar with the career of Andrew
Jackson would answer all theie ques
tions in the negative. Yet all these
things hinge around a single question
of policy, upon which there is n great
division of opinion in Mr. Cleveland's
own party, and he has a right to hold
and enforce his opinions on all these
heads, always bearing in mind tbe face
that the representatives of the people
are the ultimate judges of tbis ißsue ;
and that as to himself, he is bound by
tbe platform of the Chicago convention
to bimetallism.
Tbe newspapers bave represented Mr.
Cleveland as saying tbat he would not
tolerate any compromise—that there
must be repeal of the purchasing clause
of the Sherman act pure and simple.
This is one of those assertions which
must be taken with a grain of salt. Tbe
president is entireij too wise a man to
make such a Bpsech as that. In the
first place he knows that it would pro
voke oppositionand, ia tho second, it
is after ail in the power of congress, if
it chooses to do so, to pass any kind of a
bill relating either to silver or to gold.
It is of course improbable that it will
do so; but, with the undoubted ability
to do it if they so desired, it would not
look well in the chief magistrate to Bay
anything of tbe kind. Mr. Cleveland
haa presented his views to congress in a
clear and forcible manner, and we may
be sure that he haa at no time set up his
will aa the rule of action of that body.
He haa a thorough appreciation of hia
own functions,and and would scarcely
attempt to infringe upon a co-ordinate
branch of the government whose powers
are even greater than his own, for it can
not only pass laws over his veto but can,
when it thinka it expedient, impeach
and remove the preaident himaelf.
With thia question of ailver once out
of the way, all differences between the'
president and hta party are removed.
To get it out of the way in satisfactory
form aome compromise protective of the
white metal must be accorded.
The arrival of Marshal Gard in San
Franciaco with his five Chineae prison
ers sentenced to deportation for failing
to register under tho Geary law, created
consternation among the Celestials in
tbe Bay city. It ia etated that the Chi
neae conaul-general and the presidents
of tbe six companies bave aent a peti
tion to the president requesting that the
time for registration be extended and
promising strict compliance With the
law if given another opportunity.
The unregistered Chinamen are vent
! ing curses both lond and deep op the
heads of the Six Companiea, by whose
advice they were prevented from regis
tering. It id only natural that the con
fidence of tbe Mongolians ehould be
greatly ehaken in the counael of people
who have led them into auch difficulties.
A judicious employment of tbe High
binders would quickly rid them of their
On oit tbat the Six Companies have
issued a blood-curdling circular to the
Mongolian truckmen and peddlera to
the- effect that if tbey dare to cell veg
etables to white people they will be
lined $100 for tbe first offense and will
be killed outright for the second. It ia
aaid that this biood-thiraty missive baa
also been directed to the laundrymen.
We are inclined to think that there ia
eometbing of a raw head and bloody
| bouea in thia.
Senator White's reeolution directing
the secretary of tbe treasury to furniah
tbe senate with estimates of tbe amount
needed to deport unregiatered Chinamen
will doubtless dispel the large figures
which are bandied about in aome quar
ters as to the great cost of deportation.
It should be an easy matter to ahip them
in vessel lota at $20 a head.
On i uk Ist of October Riverside coun
ty will be a Prohibition region. On that
day the saloons retire iiom business,
and tbe man or woman tbat wants a
drink will be obliged to patronize tbe
drug store. The demijohn also will
come into play.
The coming week in congress prom
ises to be one of much talk and few
results. It seems to be the settled pol
icy of the administration to postpone
action on everything until tbe silver
purchase repeal bill ia disposed of.
The native eons and pioneers, having
fittingly celebrated Admission Day, are
hieing themselves home. California, by
the way, bas the unique distinction of
; being tho only state in the union that
| has a festival of the kind.
Connty Audlty Lop»7. Now Talks Kcon-
County Auditor Lopez was inter
viewed yesterday regarding Mr. Grif
fith of the Citizens' League statement
on the tax extension expenses.
Mr. Lopez said that he intended to
bave the work done as cheaply as pos
sible but at the same time it must be
done accurately. It the work could be
done accurately for |7UO he was satis
tied, as he intended to do all in his
power toward reducing the burden of
taxation. He had found in consulting
his attorneys that it would be illegal to
'•farm out" the work by contract to
Aarnn Smith or anyone else, as errors
in extending the taxes might mean a
loss of thousands of dollars to the
county, and huudrads of thousands if
the books were tampered with by con
tractors. He had already figured out a
reduction of over $1500 in the work of
extending tbe taxes this year as com
pared with the coat of the work under
liia predecessor in office last year, and
desired to say that he would have the
work done by first class accountants at
the lowest possible figure.
As supplementary to his statement in
yesterday's Herald, Mr. G. J. Griffith
spoke as follows last evening in relation
to the county auditor and the alleged
extravagance practiced in tbe court
house: "Some of the facts briefly told
are that it is believed some of the depart
ments in the courthouse practice what
is called paying political debts at the ex
pense of the taxpayers. The annual
figuring of the tax roll is very likely
among those items. Otherwise forty or
more accountants would not necessar
ily be used in carrying out that work,
for out of tho forty names used last year
a number not to exceed a half dozen
could easily have done tbe work at less
than a third of wbat it actually cost the
"This old game of paying political
debts at the expenee of the already
heavily burdetied taxpayers must cease,
and if it be in the power of the Citizens'
league this plan of public robbery must
come to a sudden stop, and that very
"I am sorry that Mr. Lopez felt it his
duty to consult any private legal au
thority in tbe premises when he could
have gained every possible information
from our worthy district attorney.
"As for the reliability and compe
tency of accountants lor this and similar
work, he must naturally know out of
the large number employed last year
many were certainly competent in all
respects, and that tbe Citizenß' League
could have suggested some of these gen
tlemen to do tbe enrolling for the pres
ent year.
"In regard to the price which should
he allowed for this work the league has
positive information that the work of
figuring the tax roll can be done this
year by tbe most reliable and compe
tent men for a sum not to exceed ID
cents per page, or $700 for the entire
work. And Mr. Lopez ought to know
this fact as well as any of us."
• 15 lCeward.
Off & Vaughn, druggists, corner
Fourth and Spring streets, are author
ized to re. und the above in any case that
a single bottle oi Smith's Dandrull
Pomade fails to cure. Never known to
fail. Try it.
The funeral parlors of Howry &. Bre
see, on South Broadway, ore the tineßt
on tbe coast.
Somebody in a letter from Chicago re
cently published, states that C. M.
Weill, that greet and good man, ia con
ducting a "doggery" at the world's fair
at Chicago.
Mr. Wella ia tbe gentleman who bad
tbe modesty before tbe laat municipal
campaign to consider himself a candi
date ior mayor. What he considered
bimaelf afterwards ia not aa well known,
though the opinion of others may be
had for the asking.
These frienda who alwaya proffer ad
vice about your buaineea may learn a
little from a atory I heard yesterday
about Lucky Baldwin.
One of hia chief employees one day,
encouraged by the millionaire's amia
bility,- told him what he ought to do.
He shonld aall the Baldwin hotel, and
ahouid buy thia, and invest in that, and
leaae tbia, and co on. "
"You evidently think you have a good
bueineaa head," affably remarked the
"Well, Mr. Baldwin." replied the ad
visor, "I have atudied your intereat and
1 do think I know aomething about bus
inesa; now if you will only —."
"Hold on," eaid Baldwin, "you mean
well, but you don't know as much aa
you think yon do. Results tell tbe
story. Now I have alwaye managed
my business in my own way, and you
know what lam worth now. I atipnoae
you bave managed your business affairs
in your way. Now how much are you
The advisor had not cents where the
advised had twenty dollar pieces, and
he took a tumble to himself and medi
tatively went off to bia work.
Some members of the board of educa
tion are indignant at the way the news
papers "lie" about tnem. It is a singu
lar coincidence that the men who
always assert tbat the newspapers "lie"
about them are alLof one class, men
whose own actions have caused tbem to
occupr their unenviable positions be
fore the public.
Anything is liable to happen in these
end of the century days, as tbe follow
ing incident will show:
All newspaper man know what an un
utterable nuisance the exchange fiend
ie. He comes in various types. There
is first and most numerous the exchange
thief. He knows tbe different papers
by their type and wrappers, and will
manage to extract from the pile the
very ones the editor counts on with ease
and is rarely detected. Then there is tbe
bluffer, who walks boldly into tbe room
and seizes what papers he wantß and
prances out without as much as "by
your leave." Then there is the humbler
ones, who are "so eorry to trouble, but
could yon let me see tbe Bungtown
Boomer?" And the impertinent one,
who wants to pay you a nickel for tbe
sheet he wants ; and —but space ia too
limited to co through the list.
Yesterday, however, I met the top
sawyer of the breed. He came in smil
ina and said:
"I hope you'll excuse me, but I want
to aek a favor. I would really like very
"Oh, give it a name," I gruffly re
plied. "What paper do you want? "
"The Congressional Record," he re
plied sweetly.
Ke got it.
The latest excuse for bankers who
muddle any other people's money comes
from fan Diego in the alleged use of
opium as an habitnal narcotic by a
banker of that city who has some empty
vaults and a receiver on his hand's. This
ia not credible.
No ono requires a narcotic in San
And Our Mayor Conld Talk lv the Same
The Kaleidoscope: Mayor Harrison
of Chicago bas tbe right kind of nerve.
He was approached last Tuesday by a
man named Carl Browne, recruiting
officer for the Industrial Legion and
evangelist for the People's party. Browne
was dressed in tbe garb of a cowboy,
braad sombrero, leather , coat with
irioge, corduroy pants and fancy boots.
He wanted Mr. Harrison to withdraw
his order prohibiting speeches on the
lake front, and was answered as follows:
"You may not make speeches which are
incendiary, but you draw about
you men who do. You come
here in the garb of a cowboy simply to
attract attention. You say you are a
citizen of the city of Chicago. Then,
for the good of the city, you would
better get out. You say yon are the
representative of a western newspaper.
Then tor the good of the paper it. had
better recall you. The people of Chi
cago have expressed their desire that,
in these troublesome times, no meetings
shall be held on the streets and in the
public parks. lam going to carry out
tbeir wishes. There will be no meet
ings on the lake front."
Pleasing Incidents Occurring at the
Peiilusula CapU.l.
[jan Diego Union.]
Governor Martinez waß warmly re
ceived at liuteoada the other day when
he arrived to take charge of uii'airs aa
chief executive of the northern dis
trict. He was given a public reception
and dinner, and begins his duties with
the hearty co-operation ot all tte resi
dents of the capital. Governor Mar
tinez has already signified his intention
iof improving the streets of Eoeenada,
I changing tbe hygienic arrangements of
| the large barracks and in other ways
i improving the condition of affairs that
I have come under hia observation.
Col. J. M. Robs, who has been acting
as governor since the departure of Gov
: ernor Torres, waa retirod npon the ad
j vent of Governor Martiniz, and leaves
j for the City of Mexico to accept a poßi
j tion in the regular army. The de
' parture of Colonel and Mrs. Ross from
: Ensenada a few davß ago waa marked by
a reception and dinner, at which all the
prominent reaidents of the town were
Kaatern Fruit Sales.
Chicago, Sept. 9.--The Earl fruit
company aold California fruit at auction
today at the following prices: Tokay
grapes, $2 40 to $3 00; half crates Tokay
grapes, \l 50 to si.os; come green, $1.05;
Muscat grapes, hall crate?, $1 to $1 20;
Sucquehana peaches, 05c to $1.03;
Orange Cling peaches, 90c to $1; Bart
lett peara, green, %'i to $2.10; hall boxe«,
$1 tosl 10; some Bartietts overripe, BUc
to $1.20; Bonrre Hardy pears, $1 to
$1.40; Groa prunes, $1.15 to $1.25; aome
overripe, 60c to 90c.
Tne Statue of the Ban Diegan.
Editors Hhald: The statement
made in your amusement column thia
morning that Mra. Mary A. White had
presented a card aa correspondent of a
paper which, (yon believed), had sus
pended publication, waa a grave error.
The Daily San Diegan of which my aon,
Mr. A. McCrimmon and myaelf have
been proprietors for the paat three
years, baa never suspended publication.
In combining with the Evening Sun,
the San Diegan went ln on top with its
own material and preaa, alao ita own
force of employees, and ita own name in
front of the Sun with ita subscription
Hat. We are yet officera and directora
of the joint-stock publiabing company,
owning onr own atock in the same.
I write to you because I object to
having my aon and his business mis
represented to the public.
Beapectfully, Mrs. Mary A. White.
Loa Angelea, Sept. 10, 1893.
New Chinese Boycott.
Kditors oi Herald: For aome
time paat it ho been tbe
cry of tbe citizens of California to get
rid of the Chinese by boycotting them,
and thoße who employed them. It now
transpires in the course of events that
the Chinese have begun a boycott upon
the citi/ena by stopping their peddling
vegetables and closing their laundries;
thua thinking to prove their value to
the communities where they reside,
and tbat they can not be done without.
It seems to be the beat thing that could
bave happened and a more favorable
opportunity could not be offered to the
citiiena of Loa Angelea county than the
preeent for establishing vegetable gar
dens, and work tbem with white men,
of whom there are hundreda here out of
employment, who would gladly and
eagerly engage'aa gardnera, and we
would Boon nave gardena with an abun
dance of vegetables and able to supply
all demands.
A laundry or several could be estab
lished if needed, and the Chineae, find
ing "their occupations gone" would
leave the country of their own accord.
Thus would their boycott be a detri
ment only to themselves, and a blessing
to the people. Paul E. Whitb.
MoroDg-o JDlatrlc-c.
Banning Herald: Messrs. Baker and
Hathaway have returned from their trip
to the Center mines in the Morongo
mining diatriot. They brought back 20
sacks of quartz ore, which will be ship
ped to the Loa Angelea smelting works
shortly. The mines are developing rap
idly, and there can be no question but
what gold may be found in almoat in
exhaustible quantities. Two abifts are
constantly at work, one 160 feet and tbe
other 80 feet. An excellent road haa
been constructed from Burne Springa
over the mountain Potrero to the Center
mines, and teams are now busy hauling
freight. Every wagon leaving the Mo
rongo mining district deposits sacks of
ore at Banning, returning with fresh
auppliea of lumber, provisions and other
necessities. Next week we will fnrnieb
our readers some interesting mining
matter, and add more to the subject
here briefly mentioned.
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/%y\. eg*body. Address
w%?>*«- Peof.j.s. BEECH,
: J . O. Box 2076, San 1 .ancisco. Cul.
!■ satfSW What Is the condition of yours? Is your hair dry, ."
\* MKLW harsh, brittle? Does !t split at the ends? lias it a«£
"I Vjin lifeless appearance? Does it fall out when combed or Ji
S MMSM. brushed? Is it full of dandruff ? Does your scalp itch ?J"
jj JmWk\\WL. Is it dry or in a heated condition ?If these are some of
• [ JBHIA, your symptoms be warned in time or you will become bald. ■«
ji JBRSkookum Root Hair Grower i
■ B | 7»a r...0.i ita produotlon lsnotanaoeldont, butthe resultof scientific "C
a * f H_Ur_nra__> l research. Knowledge of the diseases of tho hair and scalp led to the dlauor- sr
_ s uJfiyaßjMf/uw "Skookum "oontnlns neither minerals nor oil*. It J"
■ a 7 WI.MKtKIW W lfc not* Dye, bnt a delightfully cooling and refreshing Tonic Dy stimulating J«
I ■ / Wprnuuv \ tn , follicles, it stop* falling hair, cures ttundruJT and arowt hair un bald J"
"! /// 111 fF* Keep the scalp clean, healthy, and free from Irritating eruptions, by %
/ /// '__aW ufl I the use of Sfrooifcum J/fcin .Soup. It destroys paroaifio in,.«ota, u.-/,u>J. /, «_ on sc
I I lIW pls__,il •rI ° n If 'vom-Vruki?l«tc__not supply yon send direct to us, and we will forward 5
" ■ I f/inH|s_Pl>« r ,l I prepaid, on reoelpt of price. Urower, $1.00 per bottle ;0 for ti.oo. Soap, 60c. D»
I ■ I"I. I TrT I'tt \ Per J»r ; 6 (or 52.50. %
'I TB j__£Js_ M: 07 South Fifth Atouuc, New York, N. Y. X
mm.r. - mm ejsja^^ajsjvawr.ti» v.» » — - njuyyO
PAW Fill FOR Sill!
Containing 62 acres of land, all ln high atate of cultivation; cottage
house, hard-finished, of seven rooms, bath and kitchen, together with
small cottage of three rooms for laborers; about four acres in bearing
Washington Navels; 5 acres English Walnuts; 5 acres Winter Ap
ples; two artesian wells; about 3000 feet service pipe and hydrants.
First-class corn, alfalfa and orange land; all fenced and cross-fenced.
Apply at eace to
Mt| 114 N. Beaudry aye.. Los Angers. Cal.
Stock Up For the Winter and Get the
Benefit of Summer Prices.
Tels 36 and 1047. s-" " 130 West Second Street.
♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*«♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
337, 339 and 341 S. Spring St.
D 3-13 m _
Standard-Bred Trotting Horses!
MONDAY, SEPT. 18, 1893, at 10 O'clock A.M., at Agricultural Murk,
Vol having the necesaary range tor ao many horses, 1 have concluded to disnnsa of _n-.y entire
lot ofhighly bred trotting stock at public auct on, without reserve, to the highest Wad r. luo
registered trotting sialllcn. Rsymon ,12 00, , race re -
ord 2 • and about 25 head of his sons and daughters; also their dams, some In foal by dink
and the others ln foal by McKtnney. The marea represent the blood of some f our most
noid sires This Is the best lot of stock that has ever ben offered 0/ auv one b coder Pi the
MM > They are all a rand individuals, highly br„d aad urn-c;a<« In every way. Parte, who
this sale can do »o with the utmost confHenoe. as the stock will b ) sold to tho
bidder, ia"!logSJSvwttt tabulated breeding of all the animals, will be out spt 2d, aijd c ; u be
had it the office ot K. W. Noyes,2UN. Spring st. JOHN A. 011 -''7'. e ''
X W. NOYH<, Aoctloneer. I_Z_'_
Your money cannot be more safely invested
(ban In flrst-class uouds. We hive an excop
tiontlly fine is>ue where the total Indebted
ness Is not 5 per cent of the value of security.
1 hese bonds hsve received the highest recom
mendation b/ bankers in this city. Call for
particulars and pr.ces
U.S. Government registered fous at hew
York quotations. .
Btoca in Fir.t National ann Los Angoles Na
tional Banks at attractive tigurei.
Money to loan on first clasi secoritv. If you
have any to loan call for our list of applica
239 WEST SKOONP ST. 8-10 lm
And value them consult us No case of defec- i
tlve vlsiou whtre glasses are required fs too
complicated for us. The correct adjustment. I
of frames is quite as important as the perfect
fitting of ien.es, and tho scientific fitting; an I
making of glasses and frames Is our only iusl
ntas (specialty). Hyes examined and tested
free of charge. *f c use electric power, and are
tne only house here that grinds glasses to order
TaMARsHUTZ. I-esdlng Scientific Optic
lan (-peclalist), 167 Norta Spring street, opp.
old coiirihome. Don't forget the number.
Druggist & Chemist,
222 N. Mala St, Loa Angeles.
Prescriptions carofulUr •aanpounded <•-« te
al™ t. ™
M n':dr
—T .? — ttfMt oi
Be«t faml'y aud lourlst hotel In S
C-iilfornl to let.ie f.ir a tern of jmik 0S»n«
tan.-100 ro>m", Urge m>ci»l hall i ud brtghv
Bunny oi.ilng-roorn All mod m i oiivonteocer,,
luOiuJlng electric lißht', .teem heat »ud wen,'
with euiilue and hollar; rt turn 04 1 Lel.a, ids
and room lor prlyare plan,. Situated < n the
mnthwe.it cot iirr of Hope >ml Kjßh'li sir, it ..
C<ble rosd within one blink and eieoirlcP rs
within two blocks. Bids i.efefelttdt'l'
rtQ' I'od. ?nl ob
0-2 lm i:0lS Springs ~ I.ob Angeles,,
, rfrr~
University - -
Southern California
DR. J. P. WIDNEY, President.
Aondemlc Courses fitting for College ln three
C a>slcn\ Piulosopbicai, Sceminc aud 1.1,.ia.
lure and Art. ....
Best of facilities for Voca' and Tn«trniwnti.l
Music, Painting, Btenograpny,'lype-wriiiiis,ifl»s
For & fi
010 1m i uiversitvr P. O , (a,
A branch of tne Honvent of Our Lady of the
Sacred Heart, Oakland, Cal.
This institution, conduced b tne H.hte.sof
the Holy Nam 's, occupies one of tne mo t plo
turesque Bites in tbe Ssn tuoilcl Valley. It has
featuiea ot excehe'lee that hp cKIly re iom- '
mend It to puollc p .inmate. Tne co.n.-j of
stuly embraces the various brsncheaof a solid,
uselul aud oruamemal ednca ion. For rtiir.io
ularsapplv to the I.AIX SPPhHU'K.
Conveyances will t«ke vlntors from Eliorb
station to Convent on Thurtd ys and S lur
days, on arrival of 2:40 p. ra. train fro.v Los
Angeles. 8 I im

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