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Proposed Fall Baoaa-New County Far
-1 tion Points.
Riverside, Sept. 17.—The question of
holding a two days' race meet at Hall's
track in thia city baa been taken up by
the newspapers and will probably result
in the accomplishment of that object.
Thia county must not be behind in
anch mattere, as it ia an acknowledged
fact that meetings of thia character
advertises a section well and ia tbe re
sult of much good. It iB true it ia a little
late to commence getting up an elabor
ate programme, but aome aplendid
match races could be arranged that
would give satisfaction to the public.
The proposed meeting will take place
tbe week following the Loa Angelea races
in October. A number of petitions are
being circulated asking the supervisors
to take some action in furthering the
proposition of holding an annual county
fair, and suggesting the holding of the
same during the month of October.
These petitions are being signed by the
majority of tbe prominent buaineaa
men, aud it is safe to say tbat their
request will not be disregarded.
The district attorney of San Diego and
tbe Biveraide attorney for the commie
aionera in partition between thia and
Ban Diego county have decided that tbe
bridgea of the county cannot be taken
into account in the aettlement between
the two counties. They hold that pub
lic highways are public property within
the meaning of the law, but that the
title never paeses entirely from the
ownera of abutting property, aa, for In
stance, when a highway ia vacated the
property recurs to the ownera of the
land through which or by which the
road had paeaed. The commissioners of
thia and San Bernadino county will
doubtlesa accept the same ruling in
their aettlement, if they ever get that
O. M. Skinner and family are home
Irom Long Beacta.
Misses Luna Dickerman and Adelaide
Stevenson of Pueblo are tbe guests of
Mra. Percy L. Lord, a Bister of Miaa
A new acreen railing haa been placed
in position around the countera of tbe
county tax collector's oflice.
The members of Company C, M. G. C.,
had their measures taken yeßterday for
new uniforms.
Prank T. Marritt of Perria filed a peti
tion in insolvency in the county clerk's
office yesterday.
J. L, Perkins ia home from Strawberry
valley, where he haa been in charge of
G. D. Allen'a atore. —
IJ.I. X.Woodward has invented an orange
picking eack that iB destined to become
very popular from ita aimplicity.
The warm weather being over, River
aide people aru returning from the
mountains and sea shore by the dozens.
The Owl Democratic Club—Work for
Borne Pnopte—Notes.
Santa Ana, Sept. 17.—The Streets of
New York waa presented in Spurgeon'a
•pera house last night by the, Owl
Democratic club of Anaheim, to a fair
sized house and in a creditable manner,
The Olive Bchool will reopen for the
fail term tomorrow with Mr. Charles
Miller aa principal aud Mrs. D. Brad
ahaw aa assistant. It ia expected that a
$•1000 school house will Boon be erected
The Orange Post saya: The question
waß asked Monday in the proceedings of
the board of supervisors whether every
body that applied would be given work
on the river. "No," answered every
member of tbe board. Give the work
to the citizens of Orange connty. They
have case their lot in withuß and should
have the benefit of the opportunities
the county afforda. They pay tbe taxea,
not only generally, but also for thia very
improvement. Money paid to ouv own
citizens remains at home to continue in
circulation. This season of the year
and thia year in particular it will not do
to eucourage men to come iuto the
county for work with the probability of
keeping aome of them at tbe county's
expense after the work ie over. By all
means give the work to our own people.
Shis view of the case will be com
mended by citizens of Orange county
generally, and enpecially by those who
receive the work.
Sanford Johnson was in Santa Ana to
day, and in conversation with a Herald
representative said that he expectod to
feed a large herd of cattle here thia win
ter. Mr. Johnaon will open the Tustin
Isptel early next month.
A large number of Santa Anans at
tended tho Turner's picnic at San Juan
About 45 Odd Feljowa of this city went
to Whittier last night, where a new
lodge waa organized. They report having
had a tine time.
The churches were well attended to
day, and some interesting aermona were
During the past week the Santa Ana
Gun club haa been hunting in the hilla
of the Santa Margarita ranch, aud suc
ceeded in killidg Beven fine, large bucks.
Bikcuams' Pills will save doctors' bills.
Dr. D. 8. DlU'enbacher, Dentist,
119>i S, Spring street, rooma 4 and 5.
The Swlrtfrnlne Contest—ifeVs Holland
Santa Monica, Bept. 17.—T%e usual
Sunday crowd came down and enjoyed
themselves in the many ways open at
the city by the aea. It seems a pity
that we have no music inch days as
yesterday, tbe finest thia season. I
understand that the Douglass band
could be got il tbe proper move was
made, and I also believe it would greatly
add to the attractiveness of tbe resort
these charming autumn days.
The third contest for tha prize in the
second aeries of swimming races on
north beach proved to be a walk over for
Scheokela, who had no competitors and
simply awam over the course to fulfill
tbe conditions of the race.
s»0. Foy enjoyed hia Sunday by the
Dr. and Mrs. P. M. White were down,
remaining until Monday.
Tbe members of the congregation of
St. Augustine-by-the-Sea were treated
to several solos by the charming so
prano, Mies Qrace Remington Davis.
Mrs. Williamson of Lincoln, Neb.,
accompanied by Mica Fannie Thomas of
Mt. Vernon, Ohio, were noticed on
beach and bluff.
The members ot the Santa Monica and
Riverside polo clnba are trying to arrange
for a game next Saturday, the game Sat
urday resulting in a tie. By the way,
the Herald's enterprise in having a
abort sketch of the game and of Satur
day's play waa favorably commented on
by many.
Mlaa Etta Hilton ol Trackee, Cel., ia
enjoying a few daya of Santa Monica cli
The Minneola and India are at the
wharf discharging black diamonds.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos D. Hewes ol
Brookline, Maaa., took their firat bath
in the Pacific yesterday at North Beach.
Everything ia about completed at the
whaif, only a lew finishing touohea to be
put on before tbe structure will be
turned over to the Southern Pacific.
Mr. and Mri. Andrew McNally en
joyed tbe day on the beach.
Attorney and Mrs. Zue Peck are down
for a few daya.
Mr. C. Qoodman and bride were down
viaiting Mr. and Mre. O. Y. Tullis.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Finney ol San
Bernardino were at the Jackson.
M. W. Powell, Chicago; George E.
Dalton, James W. Kirk, New York;
Miss Jennie Wagner, Mra. Shaw, Miss
Dewey, Mlaa Tuft, Mr. and Mra. 0. G.
Billeck, Loa Angelea, regiatered at the
Mr. and Mra. R. F. House of Pomona
are spending a few daya here.
Items of Interest.
aril ACER <& CO., beers, wines, liquors, min
eral waters, sodas, eto. Opposite postofflco.
Interesting Band Concerts—Notes and
Pomona, Sept. 17.—A1l of Pomona, at
least that portion that ia at present at
home, even down to aoorea of baby bug
gies, turned out laat night to hear the
open air band concert at the corner oi
Second and Gordon streets, at which
point an electrio light waa burning for
the occasion. .
The boys rendered half a dozen or
more pieces, two of which were espe
cially good, and kept the crowd maaaed
around the band atand for an hour or
more. They will give another concert
next Saturday evening.
The theatrical eeaaon approachea by
eaay atage9, and still we hear of no
change in the arrangement of aome
weeke amce which eraaed Pomona from
the circuit of Southern California, by
which, of course, she loses the beat
troupea, unless special inducementa are
given in each instance to coax them, aa
it were, not to give ua the go by. By
the efforts, however, of a good local
management and tbe substantial stand
by you of the theater goers of our city
we can get there,
H. T. Yeoman tella ua that hia old
friend Captain Love, who waa recently
a gueßt of bia for aome weeks, haa since
hia return eaat done our section a good
turn by hia worda of praiae, and the ex
hibit of samples of fruita, green, dried
and preserved, which he carried back
with him to hie neighbors aa alao home
Mr. A. N. Harris, wife and children,
have returned from their ten day'a viait
to Covins, Weetminater and other
E. E. Armonr and little aon Harry
will Btart for Ohio on Wednesday next,
taking in tbe White City before return
ing to Pomona.
Mr. Will Cord, now of Lob Angeles, ia
up today on a viait to hia father and
A Unlet Sunday—Personal Fotntl and
Ijooal Events.
San Bernardino, Sept. 17.—Sunday
in thia city ia a very quiet day ÜBualty.
Today a game of ball will be played at
Harlem springs to liven matters up.
The Btreete are almost deserted, but the
few who remain in the city are dividing
their time between discussing the all
important Chinese question and the Ex
aminer's attack on President Cleveland.
Jamee Murray ia rusticating in Bear
F. H. MagofSn and wife arrived home
from Redondo last evening.
Mrs. Baylis and Miss Baylia have re
turned from Squirrel Inn, where they
have spent the summer.
Misaee Millie and Leiba Waters, who
have b6en the guests of Mra. Kimball of
Lob Angelea are borne.
Mr. and Mre. C. D. Whitcomb are
home from tbeir outing.
A professional waltzing contest will
take place next Friday night, at Vale's
i.allV between Dan Dedock and Alex
Brinkwortb, for $50 a aide.
Dwight Palmer, who haa been assist
ant postmaster at the Needles for the
past year and a half, returned yesterday
to tbie city.
The Webster Debating club will prob
ably be reorganized aoon by tee society
R. E. Blackburn, who edits tbat spicy
aheet called the Ontario observer, waa
in town yesterday taking in the aighta.
Wm. Leffier visited Redondo today
and will retnrn tomorrow.
Jamea R. Parker took in the Turner
picnic at San Juan-by-the-Sea today.
Fred T. Perria haa been eelected by
the auperviaora to ru.i a line between
thia and Riveraide county in the Chino
A large number of people of thia city
took advantage of toe excursion ratea
and went to San Juan-by-the-Sen today.
A very enjoyable anrpriae party waa
tendered Jim R. Parker at hie home on
Second atreet laat evening.
A report waa circulated today that a
number of white men made their ap
pearance in Chinatown laat night and
attempted to raid the heathen's quarter,
but it conld not be verified on investiga
The Procession of Days to be given by
the Young People's society of the Bap
tist church next Thursday evening
glvea promise of a very enjoyable affair.
Will 0. Bailey of the Colton News was
In town yesterday for the firat time
since hia retnrn from the world's fair.
Colorado Street Paving;—A Number of
Pasadena, Sept. 17.—Tomorrow the
long delayed work of paving Colorado
atreet ia expected to begin if nothing in
erfera. Mr. Fairchild filed his bond
with Streot Superintendent Brown on
Saturday, and work will be commenced
at once. There haa been considerable
talk on the streets to the effect that at
least one and probably two property
ownera will file injunction Buita aa soon
aa work ia commenced in iront of their
property. Whether thia courae will be
puraued or not could not be ascertained
for a certainty by a Herald reporter,
although several prominent buaineaa
men who were Interviewed were confi
dent tbat auch action would be taken.
The injunction suits if instigated will
be baaed upon irregularitiea in the
council prooeedinga and technical points,
the reaaona given being the financial
It is to be hoped now that a low rate
baa been obtained for the work that it
will go through, aa the paving of thia
Btreet ia beyond dispute a public neces
The funeral aervicea of the late Mre.
Helen Roaenburger, wife of Dr. S.
Roaenburger, were held from the resi
dence on South Fair Oake avenue thia
afternoon, Rev. Dr. Harwoodof Pdmona
officiating. A large number of friends
were present to pay their laat Bad
respects to the deceased, who had been
a sufferer for more than a year paat.
Tbe aervicea were most aolemn and
impreaaive, while the floral offerings
were moat beautiful. The interment
waa had in Mountain View cemetery,
the following gentlemen bearing the
body to ita laat reating place: J. D.
Naab, J. F. Church, M. Moody, A. Mon
ger, £. A. Walker, S. M. Palmateer.
Coroner Catea waa out this morning
and in vos tigs ted the demiee of E. F.
Thomaa, who died on Wilson's peak
yesterday of consumption. A certificate
waa issued in accordance with the facts.
The funeral of Mra. Anna M. Cochran,
wife of David Cochran, whoae death
occurred in this city yesterday, took
place from the reaidence on West Wal
nut at 2 o'clock thia afternoon. A large
number of frienda and relativea were
The last sad rites over the remains of
Mrs. Lacey B. Crawford, wife of Robert
Crawford, were held from the family
residence on North Orange Grove ave
nue thia afternoon. Tbe interment
waa had in the Mountain View ceme
The excursion of the Maccabees to
Rubio cafion on Monday next promises
to be well attended, and doubtleas a very
enjoyable day will be passed. Tickets
will be issued to thia holding invitationa
at 50 centa for the round trip, good go
ing and returning at any time during
the day. The largeat crowd will leave
at 7 p. m. on a apodal Maccabee train.
The programme in the evening will in
clude an aatronomical lecture by Prof.
James in the large dining room, and
dancing in the music hall.
A Story From Italy or a Murder That
Seemed Justifiable.
Grant Allen in The Speaker: "For my
part," aaid the parson, "I think no pri
vate person ia ever justified in taking a
human life, except, of course, in self
The old Italian brushed off the aajh
from hia cigarette. "Well, I'll tell you
a case," ne eaid, "that I remember in
Padua." He had the misfortune to be
a foreigner, don't you see, and admira
bly aa he spoke our tongne (being mar
ried to an Englishwoman), he wasn't
yet aware that you mustn't argne with
clergymen. He ahut his eyea and drew
hia hande across hia forehead, aa if he
actually recalled to sight the vivid in
cident he waa going to relate to ua.
"I remember one day," he begcn, "when
I waa a mere boy, an Austrian colonel,
on an iron-gray charger, was galloping
at full speed through the Mercato del
Frutti, in tbe center of Padua—you
know the way they used to ride—tip
peta-tip, tippeta-tip, through the
crowded parts of tbe town, clank,
clank on tbe paved streets, aa if the
world belonged to them. Tbe people
with their baskets scattered wide on
either band. 'Ho, bo, look out there!
The Tedeaco ia upon you!' Helter
skelter, right and left, quick as light
ning, tbey cleared the way for him.
Either that or be run down. We didn't
know it then, but 'twas tbe survival oi
the swiftest. And on the Austrian
rode, through the midat of
the market people, whip in hand, apur
at flank—hia horse's hoofs throwing up
apatterod mud on either side into the
faces of the women. A dog ran at his
heels—a great Austrian dog, the right
companion for euch a man—a sort of
feiociouß bloodhound. (And nowadays
Italians have a Triple Alliance! Well,
well, we won't think of it.) A boy waa
passing by on hia way from aohool with
a much smaller dog—a little Italian
dog, Blender, shivering, sensitive—the
very contrast of the bloodhound. The
big brute of an Austrian turned sharply
upon bim with one snap and worried
him. Hie jawa were like a vise. He
almost killed him. The lad wae a gen
tle lad—the kind that never hurt dog or
man in hia life before; but he couldn't
atand by and ace the innocent little
greyhound eaten alive by that great
iron-jawed monater. He picked up a
atone from the atreet and flung it at the
bloodhound. It hit the big dog on tbe
head. Tbe creature howled with pain.
Then the colonel turned and saw it.
'Twaa a good sharp blow. The big dog
turned over and died on the spot. We
held our breathe and waited. It waa a
righteous retribution.
"But the colonel was.furious. He
aeized the lad, who belonged, as it hap
pened, to one of the beat familiea in
Padua, and taking him to the guard
house, ordered bim at once 30 blowa on
the cavaletto. Ah, you don't know
what tbat meana. Thank God. for your
ignorance, thenl They stripped that
delicate, gently nntnred boy—by an act
of tbe legally constituted authority,
mind yon—and they set him upright on
that infernal machine, and there tbey
gave him 90 atrokea of the basti
nado. Ninety, I say, though then sen
tence waa 30, because each blow ia
counted at three atrokea. He crouched,
trembling, and awaited them. Three
quarters of the way through the eurgeon
in attendance cried 'Halt! The criminal
ia fainting.' They took him off the cav
aletto. He waa dead. Pain and terror
had killed him. No redress, of course;
he waa only an Italian.
"Next day the colonel waß Bitting with
aome of hia fellow-officers, sipping hia
vermouth outside tbe Cafe Pedrocchi.
He waa dressed in all hia beat,
hussar coat on bia shoulders, with
arms flying looae, for it happened to be
a feata. Suddenly a man appeared by
the officers' Bide and offered them for
sale a box of matchea. He waa poorly
dreased, like one of the street miaer
ablee. The colonel motioned him away
with an impatient wave of hia hand.
Quick aa lightning the man sprang for
ward, and, drawing a poniard, plunge it
into tbe colonel's bosom. It went
straight to his heart. Ah, Dio! it waa
good to ace the red blood spurt out—
gurgle, gurgle, gurgle 1 The colonel fell
dead. The man lifted his cloak and die
played hie face for a second. We all of
ub caw it—'twas the father of the boy
the colonel had mnrdered. He disap
peared at once, before anybody conld ar
rest him. Then he got away cafe to
England. The Austrians were afraid to
ask for hia extradition. But the boy
was dead and the man's heart was
The unblushing radical drew a deep
breath. "I call that," he said, "not
only a juat but an obligatory assassina
"You seem to apeak with warmth
about it, aignor," the parson murmured,
half in doubt what else to remark.
"Yea, I do," the old man answered,
drawing one wrinkled hand across hia
white mustache ; "for that boy waa my
brother, and the man who executed
justice on tbe colonel, my father."
"There's much to be eaid," quoth
the paraon, "on both aides of moat
Wo»- for Consumption is
fvSg»,_ what you are offer-
m S> " y our blood
V %Lwl *jft s fe' B ' m P ure - Con-
II sumption is simply
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U scrofulous condi
-11 «Bk 1 88 tion, with a slight
I \ MmBP cough or cold, is
I \ nil that it needs
W But just as it
» I Rw depends upon the
t \I mm blood for its origin,
\ \l H so it depends upon
\ \kW the blood for its
V cure. The surest
remedy for Scrof
\\\ ula in every form,
I \ jLf the most effective
* *t> blood-cleanser,
flcsh-ouilder, and strength - restorei
that's known to medical science, ia
Dr. Pierces Golden Medical Dis
covery. For Consumption in all its
earlier stages, and for Weak Lungs,
Asthma, Severe Coughs, and all
Bronchial, Throat and Lung affec
tions, that is the only remedy so
unfailing that it can be guaranteed.
If it doesn't benefit or cure, you
bave your money back.
For a perfect and permanent
cure of Catarrh, take Doctoi
Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Its
proprietors offer $500 reward
for an incurable case of Ca
tarrh in the Head.
Costs only 50 cents.
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ii Impaired Digestion j
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' La>s>»%-%%»%»%%%»%%»ejti^5»t5»%%%»% l f is t
185i-Tbti Oldess Business House in Los Angeles—l Sol
M-nufacturer and Wholesale and Retail
Dealer tn
Saddlery, Harneis, Tents, Lap Robes,
7-10 SO 315 N. Los Angeles st
Notice to Contractor?.
uutner Soldiers, Pacific Branch, Lot Aoge
les County, Cal., Sept. 12, 18U3.
Sealed proposals will be received at the office
of tho Treasurer of the Home until 2 o'olock
p.m.. Moudav, Sept. 25, 1893, for the follow
ing: Tnree do H. P. holers, one mr compreisor
for burning oil, one feed water pump and steam
pipe, tadiutoM, traps aud other fittings for
steam heaticg.
Plans and specifications can be examined at
the Home on and att.r the 18th day of Septem
ber, 18U3.
Theri3ht Is reserved to acoept or reject any
or all bids, or to dl?ide tbo contract, or waive
doftcts ia tne interest of the Home.
A. M. THORNTON. Treasurer.
Approved: K. F. BROWN.
Inspector Uen'l and Acl'g Oovernor.
An agreeable Laxative and N ERV E TON I c.
Sold by Druggists or sent by mail. 56c..5U0..
and $1.00 per package. Samples free.
tjr/\ VA Tbe Favorite TOOTH HWSII
MS\\9 W WforthoTeethandl!rjntb.26c
Bold by C. F. Heinzemau, 222 N. Main st.
On the Beach, Foot of Utah Aye.
Hot Ocean Water Baths, - ) EACH
Bnrf Baths ... V 25
Warm Ocean Water.Plnnge, ) CTS.
MP*First-class A ccommodations for Picnics,
Ladies and Children, 8-20 lm
Incubators, Bone Mills, Alfclfa Cutters
Everything tor poultry keepers.
EDWIN CAWSTON, 121 S. Broadway.
_ 91 tim
Ordinance Ho. 1882.
council of the city of Los Angeles, order
Ing a certain sewer constructed on
The mayor and council of the city of Los An
geles do ordain as ioliows:
Bection 1. That the council of tho city of
Los Angeles deems it to be required by* the
public interest and convenience, and hereby
orders the following street work to be done,
according to the specifications contained in its
ordinance No. 1782, to-wit:
First—That a public sewer bo constructed
In said city, iron n point 50 feot north of the
north line of First street to the public sewer
now construcieit in Temple street, and across
all intersections of streets, together with man
holes, lainpliolcs and flush tanks.
The size ot said sewer shall be eight inches
in internal diatnetor, and be constructed of salt
glazed vitrified pipe, brick, iron and cement.
All of which shall be constructed in accord
ance with the plans and profile on file in the
office of the city engineer and specifications
on tiie In the oflice of the city clerk of the
city of Los Angeles, said specifications being
numbered fourteen.
The district to be benefited by the con
struction of said sewer and to be assessed to
pay the cost thereof, ts hereby declared to be
all lots and parcels of land fronting upon said
Sw. 2. The city clerk Is hereby directed to
publish a notice of said work, inviting sealed
proposals or bids for doing said work, and re
ferring to the specifications posted or on file
for two days in tbe Los Angeles Herald, a
daily newspaper published nnd circulated in
this city, hereby designated lor lliat purpose.
Said notice sliiill require a certified cheek or
bond, cither, as prescribed by law, and for an
amount not less than 10 per cent of the aggre
gate of the proposal. He is also directed to
post said notice with specifications conspicu
ously for five days on or near the council cham
ber door.
BEC. 3. The city clerk shall certify to the
passage ot this ordinance, and shall cause the
same to be published for two days in the Los
Angeles Herald, and thereupon and there
after lt shall take effect and be in force.
I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance
was adopted by the council of the city of Los
Angeles at its meeting of Sept. 11th, A. D.
1893, by the following vote:
Ayes- -Messrs. Campbell, Innes, Munson,
Nickell, Pessell, Strohm and President Teed (7).
City clerk and cx-officio clerk of the council
of the city of Log Angeles.
Approved this 14th dayof September, 1803.
9-17 2t Mayor.
Ordinance No. 1885.
sons and companies having railroad tracks
on Second street, between the west line of
Broadway and the west line of Hill street, to
do certain work on said street between said
points and directing the city clerk to give
notice of this order.
The mayor and council of the city of Los An
geles do ordain as follows:
Section 1. That atl persons or companies
having railroad tracks on Second street, be
tween the west line of Broadway nnd the west
lino of Hill street, in the city of Los Angeles,
be, and the same are, hereby ordered to pave
with bituminous lime rock surface and con
crete base all that portion of Second street be
tween the west line of Broadway and the west
line of Hill street which lies between said rail
roud tracks, and between tbe rails and for two
feet on each side thereof. Said paving shall be
similar in all respects to that heretolore order
ed to be done on said Beeond street by Ordi
nance No. 1021 (new serlesl approved April
oth, 1893, and In accordance with specifica
tions on file in the office of the city clerk of
said city No. 1. The work herein ordered shall
be completed to the satisfaction and accept
ance of the street superintendent ol said city
on or before October llth, 1893.
SEC. 2. Immediately upon tiie taking effect
of this ordinance the clerk shall deliver to the
persons and companies having railroad tracks
upon Second street between said points a copy
of this ordinance as required by law.
SEC. 3. The city clerk shall certify to the pass
age of this ordinance and cause lt
to be published for twodaysinthe Los Angeles
Daily Herald, and thereupon and thereafter
it shall take effect and 1* In force.
I hereby certify that the loregoing ordinance
was adopted by the council of the city of Los
Angeles, at its meeting of September llth,
City Clerk.
Approved this llth dayof September, 1893.
9-17-2t Mayor.
Notice Inviting: Proposals to Lease
Reservoir Site No. 6.
by the undersigned up to 11 o'clock a.m. of
Monday, September 18, 1893, from persons de
sirous of leasing Reservoir Bite No. 0 for one
yeiu from and after October 1, 1893, the city
reserving the right to terminate said lease at
any time during said period by giving 90 days'
notice thereof, and refunding to the lessee a
pro rata amount of rent therefor.
A certified uheck to the order of the under
signed for $50 must accompany each proposal,
as a guarantee that, the bidder will enter into
a contract if awarded to him in conformity
with his proposal.
Council reserves the right to reject any and
all bids.
By order of the Council of the city of Los An
geles nt Its meeting of Sept. 5, 1893.
9-8 lit C. A. LUCKENBACH, City Clerk.
Notice—Timber Cnltnre.
. August 28th, 1893.
Complaint having heeu entered at this office
by William Mapua against George Qaukrodger,
bis heirs or legal repiesentatlves, for failure to
comply with law ss to timber-culture entry No.
2702 dated June Otb, 1889, tgpou the BE'. 4 sec
tion 34, township 8 north, range 14 west, 8. B.
M., in Los Angeies conniy, California, with a
view to the cancellation of said entry; con
testant alleging tbat said Ueorire Gaukrodger
died on or shunt January 3d, 1892, unmarried,
leaving all his real property to his two sisters,
who are aliens and natives of New Zealand;
that said George Gaukrodger failed to plant or
cause to be planted 5 acres of said tract in
trees, seeds or cuttings at any time between
June Otb, 1889, and January 3d, 1892; that
since his decease and up lo the present time
his heirs or legal representatives have not
planted or caused to be plauted 5 aores of said
tract to timber, seeds or cuttings (copy of com-
Elalnt hereto attached), the said parties are
erebv summoned to appear at this office on
the 22d day of November, 1893, at 10 o'clock
a. m., to r, spond and furnish testimony con
cerning said alleged failure.
9-14-30t Register.
Ordinance No. 1829.
tIon of the mayor ami council of the city
of Lou Angeles to establish the grailo of
Irom Main street to San Pedro street.
The mayor and council of the city of Los An
geles do ordain as follows:
Section L That it is the intention of the
council of the city of Los Angeles to establish
the grade of
from Main street to San Pedro street, as fol
At the Intersection nt Main street the grade
shall be 33.00 on the northeast aud southeast
corner: at the intersection of Los Angeles
Btreet 34.00 on the northwest and northeast
corner, 34.30 on the southwest and southeast
corner; at the Intersection of Santeo street
82.80 on the northwest and northeast corner,
33.00 on the southwest and southeast corner;
ai the intersection of Maple avenue 33.70 on
the northwest and northeast corner, 34.00 on
the southwest and southeast corner; at tho
intersection of San Pedro street 32.70 on tho
northwest and 33.00 on the southwest corner.
And at all points between said designated
points the grade shall be established so as to
conform to a straight line drawn between Baid
designated points.
Elevations are in feet and below city datum
SEC. 2. The city clerk shall certify to tho
£assage of this ordinance and cause the same to
c published for ten days in the Los Angeles
Herald, and thereupon and thereafter lt shall
take effect and be in force.
I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance
was adopted by the council of the city of Los
Angeles, at its meeting ol Sept. sth, 1893.
City clerk.
Appprovcd this 7th day of September, 1893.
9-9 lOt Mayor.
Ordinance No. 1827.
tention of the mayor and council of the
city of Los Angeles to establish the grade ol
From Monro street to the west line of tho
Florida tract.
The mayor and council of the city of Los An
geles do ordain as follows:
Section L That it is the Intention of tho
council of the city of Los Angeles to establish
the grade of
From Moore street to the west line oi the
Florida tract as lollows:
At the Intersection of Moore street tho
grade shall be 11.25 on the southwest corner
and 10.00 on the northwest corner; at the
west line of the Florida tract 10.00 on the
south side and 9.40 on the north side of Lin
coln street.
And nt all points between said designated
points the grade shall be established so as to
conform to a straight line drawn between Baid
designated points
Elevations are in feet and below city datum
Sec. 2. The city clerk shall certify to the pas
sage of this ordinance and shall cause the same
to De published for ten days in the Los Ange
les Herald, and thereupon and there
after tbe same shall take effect and be in force.
I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance
was adopted by the council of the city of Los
Angeles at its meeting of September 5, 1893.
City Clerk.
Approved this 7th day of September, 1893.
9-9 lOt Mayor.
Ordinance No. 1826.
tion of the mayor and council of the city
of Loa Angeles to establish the grade of
from Mooro street to the west line of the Flor
ida tract.
The mayor and council of tho city oi Los An
geles do ordain as follows:
Section L, That it is the intention of the
council of the city ol Los Angeles to establish
the grade of
from Moore street to tho west line of the Flor
ida tract, as follows:
At the intersection of Moore street the grade
shall be 7.00 on the southwest corner and ti.9l*
on the northwest corner; at the west line of
the Florida tract 0.50 on the north side and
1.00 on the south side of Florida street.
And at all points between said designated
points the grAde shall be established so as to
conform to a straight line drawn between said
designated points.
Elevations are in leet and below city
datum plane.
Sec. 2. The city clerk shall certify to the
passage of this ordinance and shall cause tlic
same to be published lor ten days in the Los
Angeles Herald, and thereupon and thereafter
it shall take effect and be iv force.
I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance
was adopted by tho council of the city of Los
Angeles, at its meeting of Sept. sth, 1893.
City Clerk.
Approved this 7th day of September, 1893.
9-9 lOt T. E. ROWAN, Mayor.
Notice of Award of Contract.
resolution of award of the city council of
the city of Los Angeles, adopted Sept. 11,
1893, directing this notice, notion is hereby
given that the said city council, In open ses
sion on the sthdayof September, 1893, opened
examined and publicly declared all sealed pro
posals or bids offered for the following work,
First—That said
In said city, from the south curb lino oi
First street to a point 350 feet south of the
south line of Fourth street, Including
all Intersections ol streets (except
ing such portions of said street
and Intersections as are required by law to
be kept In order or repair by any person
or company having railroad tracks therein,and
also excepting such portions as have already
been graded, graveled and acoepted). be graded
and graveled in acco-dance with the plans and
profile on file in the offlco of the city engineer
and specifications on file in the office of the
city clerk of the city of Los Angeles, for grav
eled streets, said specifications being num
bered five.
Second—That a redwood curb be constructed
along each Hue of tbe roadway of said
Cummings street from the south curb
line of First street to a point 350 feet south of
the south line of Fourth street (ex
cepting along such portions of the line of
said roadway upon which a redwood, granite
or cement euro has already beeu constructed
and accepted), in accordance with specifica
tions in the office of the city clerk of said city
for construe ting redwood curbs.
Sec. 2. The ulty engineer having estimated
that the total cost of said improvement will ba
greater than one dollar per front foot along
each line of said street, Including the cost of
intersections, it is hereby determined, in pur
suance of an act of the legislature of the stato
of California, approved February 27th, 1893,
that bonds shall bo Issued torenrusent the cost of
said improvement. Said bonds snail be serial,
extending over a period of ten years, an eveu
proportion of which shall bs payable annually
on tho second day of January of each year,
after their date until the wholeare paid, and to
bear interest at the rato of 7 per cent per an
num, payable semi-annually on the second
days of January and July of each and every
And thereafter to-wit: On the V. th day of
September, 1893, awarded the contract tor said
work to the lowest regular responsible bidder,
to-wit: To W. H. Workman at the prices named
for said work In his proposal on file to-wit:
Grading, $7.15 per lineal foot: guttering and
curbing, 00 cent, per lineal foot, being a total
of $2.75 per lineal foot for the work complete,
and tbat the said award has been approved
by the ma*or.
Clerk's office, Los Angeles. Cal ..Sept. 15,1893.
9-17 2t Oity clerk of the city of Los Augeles.
Notice Inviting: Proposals to Pipe
zauja in the City of Los Angeles.
by the undersigned up to 11 o'clock a m.
of Monday, Septemoer 25th. 1893, for the pip
ing of that certain zsnja In the city of Los Au
geles crossing Central avenue at the corner of
Washington street, across said Central avenue,
with a cement pipe 22 inches in diameter.
A certified cheek to the order ot ihe under
signed for $50.00 must accompany each pro
posal as a guarantee that the bidder will enter
into a contract if awarded to him in conformity
with his bid.
Council reserves the right to reject any and
all bids.
By order of the council of the city of Los An
geles at its mealing of Sept.lltb, 1893.
9-1412t City Clerk.
Notice to Whom It May Concern.
Ing to law of unredeemed gold, silver, filled
esse and nickel watches, diamond and gold ear
rings, bresstplns, rings, sleeve bnttons. collar
buttons, silverware, gold-headed canes and um
brellas, clocks, guitars, mandolins, violins, ban
jos, pistols, guns rifles, opera glasses, field glass
es, meerchaum pipes and cigar holders, over
coats, coats, pants and vests, valises, trunks,
books, saddles, surveyors' Instruments, drums
and musical instruments, and all goods pawned
with me from July 1,1892. to January 1,1893,
at No. 143 North Main street.
L. B. COHN, Pawnbroker.
H. ITTLING, Auctioneer. 3-24 6m
of Los Angeles, Btateof California.
Ssrah c Whigham, plaintiff, vs. F. H. Bar
clay, H. J. Hunt, J. W. Hendrick. J. 8. Chap
man Ida Hancock, as administratrix of th*
estate of John Hancock, deceased; Francis E.
McDonnell, A A. McDonnell. Robert N. C, Wll- ■
son H. 8. Shields, Julia McErlaln, John Doe.
Richard Roe, Mary Doe, delendants
Action bronght in the Superior court of Los An
geles county, state of California, and the com
plaint filed in said county of Los Angelas. In
the oince of the clerk of said Superior court
The people of the state of California send
greeting to F. H. Barclay, H. J. Hunt, J. W.
Hendrick, J. S. Chapman, Ida Hancock, as ad
ministratrix of the estate of John Hancock, de
ceased; Francis E. McDonnell, A. A. McDon
nell, Robert N. C. Wilson, H. 8. Shields, Julia,
McErlaln, John Doe, Richard Roe, Mary Doe
You are hereby requtred to appear lo an ac
tion brought against you by the above named
plaintiff in the Superior court of tbe county of
Los Angeles, alate of California, and to answer
the complaint filed therein, within ten days)
(exclusive of the day of service) after the ser
vice on you of this summons—if served within
this county; or if served elsewhere, within
thirty days, or Judgment will be taken
against you according to the prayer of said
The said action is brought to obtain a dec c i
ol this court vacating and setting aside tn tt*>
cree of foreclosure and order of sale, siw in a
former action in said superior court. Wtnu
action No. 14.324 on the register of eCiluii »(
said court, wh-rein Sarah C. vvhlghaia \-..s
plaintiff, and F. H. Barclay and others w.vo
defendants, which said action was Institute i
for the purpose of foreclosing the molt." a: i
hereinafter referred to: and alto vacating and
setting aside tne sale made on the 17t« day of
November, 1891, in pursuance of the said de
cree of foreclosure; and also vacating the
sheriffs certificate ol sale, issued In pursuance
ol said Bale, which said certificate of sale is
recorded in book 8, sheriff's certificates of sale,
page 211; and alto vaoating and setting aside
the sheriffs deed, make by the sheriff ot said
county to said plaintiff In pursuance of said
certificate nn November 18ih, 1891, recorded
lv book 802 of deeds, page 2, la the office of
the county tecorder of said county of Los An
geles. Also to recover judgment against the
said defendant F. H. Barclay lor the
Bum of $5731.61. with interest at the rata of
12 per cent per annum from November 5,
) 889, compounding quarterly; also to obtain a
decree of tbls court for the foreclosure of a
mortgage described in said complaint and exe
cuted by tbe said defendant. F. H. Barclay, on
the sth day of May. A. D. 1888, to securs* tbe
payment of a certain promissory Dote, made by
said defendant. F. H. Barclay, on said stn day
of May, A. D. 1838. to said plaintiff, lor $5500.
gold coin, upon which said promissory note
and mortgage there has been paid the sum of
$707, and no more, and upon which promis
sory note and mortgage there isdue and unpaid,
a balance of 85731.81. with Interest thereon at
the rate of 12 per cent per annum, from No
vember 5,1889 compounding quarterly; also
to recover judgment for the sum of $21.20 laid
out and expended by plalntifi' for taxes upon
the mortgaged premises, and fnr interest there
on at 12 per cent per annum, compounding
quarterly, from December 20, 1890, and
alto for the sum of ftOOO as reason
able counsel fee of plaintiff herein, as
provided in said mortgnge; that the
premises described in Bald mortgage may be
Bold and the proceedsappiied to the payment of
the amount the court snail ascertain to be due
on said note and mortgage, or either, and for
such taxes, and for counsel fees, and for costs of
suit; and in case such proceeds are not suffi
cient to pay the same, then to obtain judgment,
for the deficiency, and an exeoutlon against
said defendant, F. H. Barclay, and also that
each and all of the defendants, and all persons
claiming by, throngn or under them, or either
of them, may be barred and forever foreclosed
of all right, title, claim, lien, equity of tedemp
lion and interest in and to said mortgaged
premises, and for the appointment of a receiver
for said premises, and for other and further re
lief. Reference is had to said complaint for
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and answer toe said complaint as above
required, the said plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in said com
Given under my hand and the seal of tbe
Superior court of the county of Los Angeles,
state of California, this 19th day of April,
In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and ninety-three.
[Seal.] T. H. WARD, Clerk.
By A. W. Sbavkr, Deputy Clerk.
Z. B. West and Wellborn & Hutton attv's for
plaintiff. 8-29 63t
Notice to Depositors of the City
To tha depositors of the City Bank and those
holding unpaid drafts of said bank:
Please take notice that In the action ot
Margaret E. Miller against the city bank, In the
superior court of Los Angeles county, Depart
ment 5, l\o. 19,733. on July 25th, 1893, an
order was made by tho Hon. Lucien Shaw,
judge of said court, in substance as follows,
to-wit: , i
"And it further appearing to the court from
said pet.tion, and from the statement filed by
said receiver in said action on July 22d, 1893,
that the said defendant bank is Indebted to
numerous depositors as depositors whose
claims are uncontested and that lt wonld cause
unnecessary inconvenience und expense to
such claimants to in each instance intervene
in this action to prove tbeir said claims, now
therefore it is ordered as follows:
"That all claims of depositors, as shown by
the said statement of the receiver aforesaid,
against said defendant bank shall stand as
approved and allowed as unpreferred claims
against the fund coming into the hand of the
receiver In said action.
"Except, Ist, The claims of those persons
who have intervened or shall intervene within
00 days, claiming a preference
"itxeept, 2d. The claim of those persona
against whom s id bank has an offset; and also
all other cl.lms which the receiver shall decide
to contest by refusing to issue the certificate
hereinafter mentioned.
"Except, 3d. All tnose claimt which have
been assigned and lnsuch esses on satisfactory
proof to the court of such assignment tho said
claluiß shall stand as approved in favor of the
assignees respectively; and all persous holding
claims against said b ink as assignees of depos
itors are required to make proof ol such
assignments to tho court within 00 days from
the first pub'icatlon of tho proFisiouß of this
order as hereinafter provided.
"I'hat after the ex:ir*ttou of said 60 days
the receiver bo author!zed to deliver a certifi
cate of allowance to each of said depositors or
the iissigneo thereof, who has made proof an
aforesaid and whose claim is to stand allowed
as aforcßaM, and that no further evidence of
such depositor's right to share in any dividends
as a general creditor shall bj required. Saoh
certificate* shall contain such provisions for
future assignments of the claims represented
thereby as the receiver or the court shall de
"That tbe provisions of this order shall also
apply to creditors whose claims arc represented
by bills of exchange purchased from the bank
and which have t.ot been paid."
Dateot first public.tion, July 25,1398.
F. W. Burnett, Attorney for receiver.
7 30 Su 10,
Notice of the Sale of Bonds of Ana
heim Irrigation District?
lN the 31 day of october,lB93, at 2 o'clock p.m.
of that day. sealed proposals will be received by
the boatd of direc or, of the Anaheim Irriga
tion district, in the county of Orange, state ot
California, at thclrofliceln the city of Anaheim,
county and • lute afor said, for the purchase of
two huudrcd tnousandtlollars,or such part there
of ns satisfactory bids may be received therefor,
of the issue of the bonds of the district, which
said bouds were issued in accordance with the
provisions of an act of the legislature, known
as the Writjht act, as am-tnUd by an act ap
proved March 20th, 1891, tue entlie issue
thereof consisting of eleven hundred bonds of
the parvalue of $500 each, nud five hundred
bonds of the par value of $100 each, dated Ji»'sf
1, 1893, aud payable In tun series as provided
in said act. interest and principal payable at
the office ol the Union Trust company of San
FraocUco, Cal , or at the office of the Metropol- •
ltan Trust company of New York city, at the
option of the bolder thereof.
Said proposals Bbould be addressed to said
board, and endorsed, ' Proposals lor Purchase
of Bonds," and will bu opened by said board on
tbe day and hour above mentioned and the
purchase awarded to the htxhe-t bidder, but
the board reserves the right to rej&t any and
all bids. Said proposals to be accompanied by
a certified check payable lo the order of ssi.l
board in the amount of two per cent of each
and all bids.
By order of said b:ard.
B. V. GARWOOD, Becrotary.
Dated Sept. sth, 1893. 9 9 20t
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
California, county of Loa Angeles— a*.
In the matter of the estate of Luca Scisclch,
Notice is hereby given that Friday, tbe 22d
dayof September, 1893. at 10 o'clock a,in. of
said day, at the court room of this court, De
partment Two thereof, in the city of Los Augu
les, county of Los Angelea, and stat •of Cali
fornia, has been appointed as the lime ami
place for hearing the application of John L, <
Pavkovich, praying that a document purport
ing to be a lost olographic will and tbo last
will and testament of the said deceased be ad
mitted to probate, that letters testament£>/ b t
Issued thereon to John L. Pavkovich, at which
time aud place all persons interested therein
may appeur and contest the same.
Dated bept. 5, 1893. I
T. H. WARD, County Clerk. !
By C. W. Blakl, Deputy. I
J. Marlon Brooks, Esq., Attorney for Peti. -
Uoner. 9-0 id

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