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L. Harnand's Shocking Letter
to the Council.
Klne Sewer Inspectors Said to Be
Overseeing; Five Laborers.
Proceedings Yesterday of tbe Olty l,»j
lalatora — ;Xhe Bloyele Ordinance
not acted Upon—Petition*
and Protests.
Considerable Important business was
transacted at the meeting of the council
Nothing was done with tbe bicycle
ordinance, hence the wheelmen will not
be compelled to bny lamps nor keep off
the sidewalks.
An almost insulting letter was sent to
tbe council regarding the fences around
tbe Bradbury block, and it created con
siderable talk.
A Orescent avenue property owner
registered a kick against the heavy ex
penses of the superintendent of sewer
work on that street. He characterized
it as an outrage.
All inemberß were present .except
President Teed.. Mr. Nickell occupied
the chair.
After tbe reading and approval of the
minutes of the preceding meeting, tbe
council got down to business, with the
following result:
The report of the city clerk was read
showing tbat it was in order to pasa the
final ordinance for the work ot improv
ing Burlington avenue from First to
Temple street, and such an ordinance
was adopted.
An ordinance ordering the work of
paving Alameda Btreet, from Commer
cial to Alameda street to 30 feet west of
Alameda Btreet was adopted.
An ordinance wae also adopted order
ing the work of guttering of Center
place from First street to Second etreet.
The city clerk reported that J. Miran
dette had paid $05 for tbe lease of reser
voir No. 5 from May 1, 1803, to May 1,
1894, which had been turned into tbe
The clerk also recommended that cer
tain tax sales be cancelled.
In the afternoon the clerk presented
the following report:
The notices which have been stamped
upon the tax receipts for the present
fitcal year, are bringing to tbe attention
of our office a considerable number of
tax deeds which havo been issued by
the city to different tcx purchasers on
account of double assessments. These
deeds are liable to cauee considerable
annoyance aud trouble to property own
ers at a time when they least desire it,
and it seems but fair that the city
should make some provision for clearing
these matters for tbe property owners.
In tbe past it has been tbe custom of
the council to refuse to return any
money on account oi tax deeds, but it
would appear to mo that where the tax
deed baa been issued upon a double
assessment and the city bas received its
money twice, that it would be but
justice to the property owner and fair
ness to the tax purchaser if the city
would make a rule, tbat where such a
deed has been issued, that upon the
tiling with tiie council of a proper quit
claim deed to the actual owner ot the
property, that tbe city would refund to
tbe purchaser the actual amount of
money which they have received on ac
count of such sale.
I have conversed with a number of
purchasers who have stated tbat they
would be willing to quit-claim in such
cases, and I believe that muuti trouble,
annoyanco and expense could be saved
to tbe property owner by such a course.
Referred to the city attorney.
The communication from the city tax
and license collector was read as fol
lows :
,tt i ~..n , ~ •
"I would respectfully request that you
authorize me to appoint eeven depu
ties for the month of October."
The request was granted and the city
attorney instructed to present the neces
sary ordinance in accordance.
Tbe report of the board of public
works, published in tbe Hiibald Satur
day, was read and adopted.
Regarding tbo portion of the report
referring to the collection of garbage,
notices were ordered printed, staling ac
to what days the garbage collector will
call. Tbe oity will pay for the printing.
The etreet superintendent reported
(bat he had no jurisdiction over tbe
work of cementing the sidewalks on
East First Btreet and that some of them
aio iv very bad condition, the cause of
which he attributed to the fact that (he
work is done* on private contract. 'lire
result is that some work is done at re
markably low figures, as low as eight
centa, which doea not justify good work.
Mr. Campbell moved that the street
superintendent be instructed to notify
the contractors who did the poor work
on East First street to relay the side
walks and that no permit be issued to
these contractors until they comply
with such instructions,
The finance committee reported as
In accordance with the terms and pro
visions of Section 02 of Ordinance No.
680, new eerier, the city tax and license
collector delivered to the city council
tbe final statement of the amount of de
linquent taxee and penalties by him
colioeted for the fiscal year of 1892 'j;>,
together with thedelinquent assessment
roil, said statement, showing the totsl
•mount of the delinquent roll charged
to him to be $10,578 54, made up as fol
lows :
First half, including 10 per cent
thereon .$ 3,977 58
Second hall 0,. 41 4*
Five per oeut on Fecund hair HijG 4S
Delinquent on personal property
roll 60 00
Total $10,078 54
That be bee collected and paid into
the city treasury as per treasurer's re
ceipt, cash amounting to $10,284.03;
that tho double and erroneous asuess
menta discovered which could not be
collected amount to $2.77; that the sales
made to tbe city of Bos Angeles amount
to $240.84, and that he has collected and
paid into the city treasury the following
additional sums, to-wit: For advertis
ing, *074. and for ttx certificates, $405.
The rtport and statement of said city
tax and license collector, together with
the delinquent books, were by your hon
orable body referred to this committee.
We have carefully compared and checked
the amounts as set forth in said report
"4 '
with the said assessment roll, and the
auditor's books, and beg leave to report
that we And the account of the city tax
and license collector correct, and that
the sum of money for which the said city
tax and license collector asks credit has
been paid into the city treasury, and baa
already been credited to his account up
on the auditor's books.
We therefore recommend that the city
anditor be directed to charge the said
city tax and licence collector wtth |97-1
for advertising fees and $4!ir> for tax
Certificates, and that thereafter he be
instructed to credit said city tax and
license collector upon his books with tbe
following sumo, to-wit: Amount of
doubles and erroneous assessments dis
covered upon the delinquent assessment
rolls, $2.77 ; account of sales to the city,
$240 sii, aud on account of amount un
paid on perponnl property (Grandall)
$50, and lnrther recommend that his
accounts for the collection of said delin
quent taxes be considered as finally set
Tho report was adopted.
The manager of tho free labor bureau
reported that for tho week ending Sep
tember 23d, t'nere had been 81 applica
tions for work, out, of which 42 positions
were secured. Referred to the finance
The sower committee reported ac fol
lows :
In the matter of tha proposals referred
to this committee for constructing
sewer on Twenty-third street, we would
recommend that tbe bid of John Reb
man, for $733, for tbo sewer complete,
be accepted, and tbe accompanying
insolation of award adopted. Adopted.
In reference to petition No. (iS7 from
Richard D. List, asking that a well for
irrigating purposes be erected on tbe
lino of the outfall sewer where it crosses
his land, we find that the city engineer
has made the necessary arrangements,
and we would recommend that the peti
tion be filed. Adopted.
In reference to petition No. <iSS, from
Alexander Campbell, complaining that
certain sewer connections at No. 631
Downey avenue had boon poorly done,
and accepted by the plumbing in
spector, we tind that since the com
plaint has been made that the neces
sary repairs have been done to same
and that it is now satisfactory to tbe
owner, and would therefore recommend
that the petition be filed. Adopted.
A communication from L. Ilarnsnd
asked the council to remove tbe plank
fence on the outside of tho sidewalk on
Third street, part way between Broad
way and Spring, on the north side, and
also on the west side of tho Bradbury
block. He characterizos the council as
being too liberal. His plaintivo epistle
concluded thus:
"But yon fellows are liberal—too much
so. It's unly on poor devils, as the crib
folk who don't give you boodle, that you
ate exacting."
The reference was evidently intended
for tbe police commission, but it fell in
to the wrcng hands.
The peculiarity of the communication
called forth sympathy from the enUre
body, but it was immediately ordered
thrown into the waste basket.
Chairman Nickell favored the removal
of tbe fence, but said that no communi
cation couched in such long lage would
be entertained by the enuncil.
The communication was taken as al
most bordering on obscenity, and its
author certainly did not receive any
commendation or outward expression of
friendliness. It could hardly have been
taken otherwise than as an insult.
City Clerk Luckenbach tore the in
sinuating communication |nto shreds,
after winch Mr. Mum-on moved that the
street superintendent be instructed to
have the property "owners remove the
objectionable fence. '''Oitrried.
The clt7 attorney reported ac follows:
As instructed, I have Qltd disclaimer
in the enit brought by Lewis S. Reed to
quiet title to certain kits in the 0. W.
Wells trecr.
In the maltero! the suit brought to for
feit the franchise of tbe Main btreet and
Agricultural I'ark railroad on East Fifth
street, this action lias been pushed as
fast an has been possible. Owing to the
fact that Senator White is attorney for
tbe company, it has been a difficult
matter to have the case net down for
trial, but it was set for September 28th,
at which time I shall make an effort to
have the case tried, whether Mr. White
iB here or not. The case ia set in Judge
Wade's department, and if the caae ie
tried at all it will have to bo transferred
to some other department, as he will
not be able to hold court at tbat time.
In the matter of tbe demand of the
Oity Water compariy for $15, for water
furnished Prosptct park, I recommend
tbat the same be paid.
I have prepared, and herewith pre
sent, an ordinance fixing the width of,
sidewalks on Commercial street east of
Alameda at eight feet; also an ordinance
giving property owners on Vernon
street privilege to improve said Street
under private contract.
I have prepared new lease with J.
Barinfer to comply with recommenda
tions of the lire commission.
The report was adopted.
The Bupply committee reported upon
a large number of requisitions, which
were read and approved, as were also a
number of demands passed upon by
thefinance committee.
The Bupply committee recommended
tbatdhe bid of Rneder Bros, for sprink
ling hydrants bo accepted. Adopted.
city knginbsr's report
Specifications regarding the construc
tion of sewers were presented in the
city engineer's report and adopted.
He preeented ordinances of intention,
as follows:
To sewer H l!-streot district; to con
struct cement eidewilk on Central ave
nue from l'ico street to Fourteenth
street; to construct a cement sidewalk
on Bonnie Brae street lrom Seventh
street to Ninth street; final ordiuance
establishing grade of Lincoln etreet from
Moore street to Florida tract; final ordi
nance establishing grade of Vernon
etreet from Lincoln place to Eighth
street; tinal ordinance establishing
grado of Sixteenth street from Hope to
Figueroa street; final ordinance estab
lishing the grade of Sixteenth Btreet
from Main to San Pedro streets; final
ordinance establishing grade of Florida
street, More street to the west lineof the
Florida tract; -ordinance of intention to
pave Sixth etreet from Pearl street to
Fremont avenue; ordinance of inten
tion to grade, gravel and construct ce
ment curb and sidewalk on Union
avenue from Pico street to Fourteentb
street; speciflcstlons for riprapping
levee on Los Angeles river from the
crossing of tbe Sau Fernando-Street
bridge to a point 1100 feet northerly.
Tbe engineer approved the description
in the deed from T. L. (irallet et al. to
tbe city, conveying Freeman street frou
Union avenue to Hoover street. Adopted.
A communication was read from a
jarge number of citizens stating tbat
they wanted a bicycle ordinance passed
to keep all bieycliats off the sidewalks.
Nothing was done with the ordinance
recently adopted relative to the use by
bicycliata of the aidewalk.
On motion of Mr. lnnes the city at
torney was instructed to commence suit
against J. Y. Yoik to recover damages
for his failure to comply with bia con
nect in the Montreal street improve
ment matter.
On motion of Mr. strohin the etreet
superintendent wae directed to clean the
gutter on tbe west side of San Pedro
otreet, from the south side of Fourth
street to the north side of Fifth. He
was alto instructed to remove all ob
structions on Maple avenue between
Seventh and Pico streets, consisting of
trees, n fence, etc.
The fence in the street nt the corner
of First and Main was ordered removed
by the street superintendent unless the
parties constructing the building are
going to proceed at once.
The Btreet superintendent was in
structed to cut and retrim tbe curb at
the alley on the west side of Workman
streot about 200 feet couth of Hawkins
On motion it was ordered that Bailey
and Bridge streets be readvertieed for
bids for improvement.
Mr. Rhodes moved that tbe street
superintendent be instructed to remove
the ground from Main street, near
Fourth, on each side of the track where
it is above tbe grade and use the same
for tilling holes in tbe streets.
Tne street superintendent was ordered
to compel the owner of the shed on
Maple avenue, couth of Seventh etreet,
to remove it buck so that it will not pro
ject into the street.
On motion of Mr. I'eßsell it was or
dered that the board of police commis
sioners report to tho council why the
police patrol wagon should not be cov
ered according to the motion made
Monday, March 20, 1893.
The regular weekly reports of the city
auditor and city treasuror were read
and referred.
The board of public works recom
mended that the city engineer present
ordinance to grade and curb Trenton
street from Eleventh to Rico streets.
Mr. Campbell moved that the $3000
forfeited by Hays & Son be deposited
with tbe city treasurer and the same
amount be entered by tbe auditor in the
forfeited check fund. Carried.
The bond and contract of Ryan A
Shaffer to furnish meati was approved.
The following proposals were opened
for improvement of Montreal street,
frcm Bellevue avenue to a point 90 feet
south of Boston street: George P. Mc-
Lain, $1387.50; M. H. French, $4.30 per
lineal foot; J. P. Jones, $1398; D. P.
Donogan, $1200; Dodd AO'Garra, $1740;
R. Sherrer, $1890. Cement pipe across
Washington street, John Gauelly, 93
cents per foot. Tbe Montreal street
bids were referred to the board of pub
lic works, which at onco reported,
awarding the contract to Mr. Donegan.
Tiie new rules regarding the collection
of garbage aro published in another
Mr. Muneon moved that no contractor
on the outfall sewer be granted no
longer than November Ist to complete
the work.
Mackey & Young, Hughes & Meyer
and Fiick Bro*. were granted an exten
sion of time to complete their respective
sections on the outfall sewer after
which Mr. Munaon's motion carried and
the city cleik was instructed to notify
the contractors of the set.
Mr. Strohin moved that the city clerk
be instructed to advertise for 2000 yards
ot gravel, more or less, and also inform
council how much had bsen purchased
during tbe past eight months, and what
disposition had been made of it. Car
W. B. Henry, a property owner on
Crescent avenue, made a strong protest
against the allowance of $114 for tbe
work of superintending tbe construction
of the sewer on tbat street which cost
$800, and which total snm the property
owners will be required to pay. He said
it was an outrage, and was so earnest
that the matter was referred to the
sewer committee for investigation. Mr.
Henry said nine inspectors were oversee
ing the five laborers on the job. He says
he will give the committee Borne interest
ing facts on the matter.
From R. Moloney, stating that the
new hose wagon was ready. Referred to
tho eupply committee and the chief en
From G. S. Robinson et al., asking to
have Park placo widened. To board of
public works.
From Mansfield & Grant, asking an
extension of time in which to complete
section 3of the outfall setter. Granted.
From F. J. Bauer et al., asking that
Balboa street, bo opened between Twen
tv-thirdand Washington atreets. Board
of public works.
From H. Jevne et al., asking for a ce
ment Bidewalk on Burlington avenue
between Seventh and Niutb streets. To
board 6f public works.
From Hughes it Mayer, asking exten
eion of time to complete work on section
10 of the outfall sewer. Granted.
From Charles Yonder Kuhlen, asking
that his name he withdrawn from tbo
First street widening protest. To city
From Baker Broe., asking an exten
sion of time to complete section 9 of the
big sewer. Granted.
From R. B. Rimpau, asking that tbe
ungraded portion of Ninth street, be
tween San Jnlian street and the river,
be graded aud sewered. Referred to
board of public works.
From tne Imperial Savings and Loan
company et ah. asking for a change of
grade on Burlington avenue, between
Arnold and Maryland streets. Referred
to board of public works and city en
From E. L. Betts et al., aeking that
the. grade on Burlington avenue, be
tween Ocean avenue and Arnold street,
be changed. Reierred to board of pub
lic works aud city engineer.
From A. N. Feldshaw et al., aeking
that tho iuieieeciiun oi Seventh and
Wall streets be placed on grade. Re
ferred to board of public works.
Miss M. Summers leaves tonight for a
three month's trip to the world's fair,
aa well SB other eastern cities.
Resolutions Adopted by the
Methodist Conference.
Announcement Made of Ministers'
Appointments for Hie Year.
The Services yesterday Morning— Mis
cellaneous Bnslnesa ATatlers —Ites-
ollttlone on the Henry Act.
The Evening Session.
The Methodist conference of Southern
California, which has been in session at
the First Methodist church s.ince last
Wednetday. concluded its labor laet
night and adjourned. The principal
work done yesterday consisted of re
ceiving various reports and tho appoint
ment of ministers for the ensuing year.
The resolution favoring tho extension of
time for the Chinese to register was re
considered and adopted as at the meet
ing of last week.
A devotional service of the Methodist
annual confereiico, conducted by Rev.
Dr. Manwell, opened the proceedings at
tbe First M. E. church yesterday. At
9. a. m. the regular business was taken
up and tbe secretary read the minutes
of Saturday's seesion, which were ap
The conference treasurer then re
ported the funds in hand.
On the suggestion of tbe treasurer,
whoeo report was accepted, and on mo
tion the treasurer was instructed to pro
vide a conference cash box for the
treasurers use at conference.
The railroud secretary was on motion
instructed to pay the money in his
hands pro rata to the brethren as travel
ing expenses.
The committee on the Women's Home
Missionary society presented their report
which was accepted.
The committee on Epworth league of
fered their report showing that in our
conference we have 77 chapters. The
report was accepted.
The committee on the Women's
Foreign Missionary society presented
their report which was accepted.
The committee on deaconeseoß was
presented and accepted.
'i he committee on district conference
record.*: reported and tbe report was ac
The matter of the resolutions upon
the Obineso question was reconsidered,
but after a ehort discussion they were
again adopted as submitted on Satur
The following is the report of the
committee on the Chinese question:
First—Whereas, in some localities law
less mob 3 have entered the dwellings of
the Chinese and committed depreda
tions on their property and done vio
lence to their persons, and with threats
have driven them from their homes;
Resolved, That we denounce such law
lessness and cruelty as a disgrace upon
our civilization and a cowardly assault
t.pon these hapless foreigners, and most
earnestly appeal to the civil authorities
to give them protection.
Second—Whereas, the purpose of the
Geary law is not the deportation of the
Chinese, as some seem to think, but the
prohibition of their unlawful and dan
gerous importation; and
Whereae, the Chinese in the United
States were dissuaded by corporations
and attorneys from making registration
according to law, being assured that it
was unconstitutional and could not be
enforced; and
Whereas, the supreme court of the
United States has recently affirmed tbat
said law is constitutional; and whereas
tbe Chinese in the United Statea are
now asserting their deeire for an exten
sion of time in order that they may
register, according to law ; therefore.
Resolved, that we request our presi
dent aud secretary to sign by our order,
and on our behalf, and the secretary
properly to forward the following peti
tion :
To the Senate and Home of Representatives of
the United Statei of America, Washington,
D. C.
We, the Southern California confer
ence of the Methodist Episcopal church,
in annual eeseion assembled at tbe city
of Lob Angeles on this 23d day of Sep
tember, 1893, reepectfnlly petition your
honorable hodv to so amend the act
passed on the sth day of May, 1892, aud
known as the "Geary L»w," so as to ex
tend the time for registration forat least
six months from the passage of such
amendment We furthermore petition
this amendment because tbe immediate
execution of the law wouul endanger
onr interests in China. The Methodist
Episcopal church has 125 missionaries
iv the empire. It has churches, ehapele,
dwellings, school buildings, hospitals,
printing presses and other property to
tbe amount of over $4J0,000. We have
reason to fear that if the present provi
sions of the law are insisted upon, our
missionaries and property will be im
periled. To this tbe Christian senti
ment of the country is opposed, and we
urgently pray for tho aforesaid amend
A motion to reconsider the action of
tho conference upon the ChinoEO ques
tion was not adopted.
The secretary was instructed to corres
pond with J. 10. Turner and ask him to
take a located relation.
The committee on bible cause offered
a report, aud pending its acceptance Dr.
John Thomson, district agent, ad
dressed the conferauce. Mr. Thomson's
address ehowed that the American Bible
Bociety, during the last 20 yeara, has
given $10,000 more than its receipts
from the same territory. The report of
the committee was amended and
G. W. Wood was granted a location at
his own request.
The committee on conference relation
wae permitted to retire and meet Rev.
L. G. Spring, who because of eevero
physical affliction iB rendered unable to
take active work in tiie ministry.
On motion ttie special order of the day
was taken up, aud the committee on eri
kin ft
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard.
ncatlon presenter) a report epopthe
matters in its hands. Alter a consider
able time spent in discussion and ad
dresses upon the subject, the report oi
this committee was adopted.
On motion, the secretary of tbe con
ference wsb ordered to cast the vote for
the fallowing gentlemen as directors of
the University of Southern California,
namely: }'. F. Breeee, J. B. Green, J.
P. Widney, E. L. Chase. A. E. Pomeroy,
J. K. McConiae, David C. Cork, J. Alex.
Brown, W. A. Knighten, Geo. 1. Coch
ran, G. W. White.
Rev. Dr. Campbell was appointed a
fraternal delegate to the California con
ference of the M. K. church South, soon
to meet in this city.
Rev. W. A. Knighten was appointed a
fraternal delegate to bear our fraternal
greetings to the association of the Con
gregational church.
Rev. R. J. Hutchins, D. D., of the
Congregational church, presented an
especial communication from the associ
ation of the Congregational churches,
asking for a certain committee upon in
terdenominational relations. Such a
committee waa ordered, and Rev. Dre.
Ktevonscn, Campbell, and Cox were ap
pointed as sucb committee.
Tbe committee on conference relations
recommended that L. G. Spring be
grunted n supernumerary relation for
one year, and be placed upon conference
claimant fund.
W. D. Lowdcr waa granted a certifi
cate of location.
On motion J. N. Marsh was instructed
to present his relation to the conference
committee for consideration.
Committee on state of the church pre
sented their report. Report adopted.
Committee on benevolences presented
their report which was adopted.
fir. Cobb presented a report concern
ing a special committee cv temperence
asking for instruction or discharge.
The committee was discharged. A mo
tion was adopted to the ell'jct that when
we adparned it be to meet at 3 p. m.
Announcements were made, Doxology
oung and benediction by Bishop An
Afternoon Session.
At 3 p. m. Dr. Cox took the chair and
the conference was led in prayer by
Dr. Stevenson. The question of the
continuation of tho Southern California
Christian Advocate after the first of
January, 1893, came up and it was found
that the question was a very live one.
Alter some informal discussion the read
in ft of the report of the publication
committee was then celled for, and tbe
secretary read said report. A motion of
discontinuence of the paper was lost.
Pending further discussion of the paper
Rev. Dr. Dunn, the present editor waa
announced aa preaent, and waa intro
duced and addressed tbe conference on
the paper and its needs. On motion tbe
report was recommitted for further ac
tion by that committee with instruc
tions to report at the evening cession.
The question of the continuance of the
Preachers' Aid society. On motion
of General E, P. Johnson, A. F. M.
Strong, F. W. Ringe, David C. Cook,
O. P. Churchhill, standing committees
were then nominated.
Evening Session.
At 7:30 p. m. Bishop Andrews took
the chair, and hymn No. 754 of the
Methodist Hymnal was sunn, W. 0.
Wilson offered prayer.
Minutes of morning and afternoon ses
sions were read and approved.
The following were the candidates for
admission on trial: William G. Ger
man, William L. Miller, Edwin H. Fretz,
Wiiiard N. Bott, Harry F. Ward, J. P.
The bishop then presented tbe creden
tials of Charles H. Lawrence from the
Methodist church of Canada, who was
duly admitted as an elder in the Meth
odist Episcopal chnrch.
The bishop then announced the trans
fer of the following: Clark Crawford,
Arthur N. Graves, H. W. Waltz, J. E.
Gibson, Albert M. Gibbons, S. W. Haw
kins, Beda W. Johnson, It. O. Manley.
Upon the motion of Rev. Dr. Camp
bell a collection was ordered in an
especial case to eupplement the unpaid
salnry of one pastor.
At tbe close of the collection Dr.
Campbell presented the case of Selah
W. Brown, who applied to this confer
ence lor restoration of bis ordination
parchments, which, according to the
bishop's ruling, however, was beyond
the authority of the conference under
tbe existing circumstances.
The report of tbe committee on
Southorn California Christian Advocate
was presented and accepted.
The report of committee on publish
ing interests was presented and ac
The etatistical secretary then pre
sented his report, which showed a most
encouraging increase along almost all
lines of our intereßtß. Report accepted.
The secretary then read the pastoral
addrees. Adopted.
On motion, Drs. Stevenson and Bresee
were made a committee to nominate
officers of the Preachers' Aid society,
alßo conference trustees. When this re
port waa presented it was adopted.
The m'-ißionary appropriations to the
various districts and charges wbb read
aud approved. The board of conference
trustees was elected by the secretary
casting the ballot of tbe canference for
tbo same.
The board of conference stewards re
ported, and tho report was adopted.
On motion, the first Sunday of Janu
ary, 1894, as veterans day in which
collections be taken for tbe conference
A collection was ordered for confer
ence expenses, and taken.
The Eecretary then called the roll of
the conference for contributions for con
ference minntCß. Dr. W. A. Wright
was relieved nt the close of thia cession
as railroad secretary and Jamee B. Hol
lowav elected.
Then followed the reading of the min
utes of the present session, which were
corrected and approved.
flymn No. 822, Methodist Hymnal,
was sung, ond prayer offered by Bishop
Andrews, who then made a few brief
remarks prefatory to the announce
ment of the following appointments:
g. A. Thompson, presiding elder; Bakcrr
field, J. H. Henry; DahMrthW. L. Miller; Kaston
and Fowler, suppli.d by Johu Nicholson;
Fresno i>. H. Oillan; Graugcvllle, J. B. Hollo
way; tlauforfl.O. 8. Frambes: Kera and Hose
dale, J. D. Munroe: Lancaster, B. F. Wolff.
Mereed aud Madera, w. G. Lennard: P,ano, £;
S. Robertson; Porterville, Daniel Roberts-
Reedlcy and Sanger, supplied hy w. if. Dill
muih; Selma, B. A. Johu-on; Riverbend, sup
plies by M. Miller: Tehachepi, supplied by T
U, Belli Traver, supplied by 1. G. eigler; Tv,
laro, J. C. Elliott; Tulare circuit, J. H. White-
Vlsaiia, H, W. Waltz; Vtaukena, F. W. Johnsuii
E. W. Caswell, presiding elder. Arroya
Grande, A M. Ogburu; OaritS and Indian Val
ley, A '.at,i Bland: Kstrclla, Stephen Gasroigne;
Goleta. P. 11. Bodkin; l.or ziles, C J. Miller;
Hueocme.T. S. Uren: Lonipoc, d. Sprowlc-s; Los
Alamos, supplied: Nlpoino. L. I). Loid: Paso
Roblcs, J. W. Morris: I'lru, W L. Douglas*: San
Luis ODirpo, J. W. Van Cievo; Santa Barbsra,
Hanta Giace, T. C. Miller: Kast Side, W.
s. German; ran Miguel, supplied; S intaMirln,
C. II Lawrence; San In Pau a, J. M. Rich;
Batlfoy and Montalvo. W. F. Weuk; Hespe and
Bardsdale, Supplied by 0. A. Mieliing; Ven
ture, A. A. Graves; Loniis and Epworth, Q. M.
G W. White, j residing elder; A.lbambra, T.
E. Robinson: Artesis, S. B. Wool part; Bur
bank and Lankershtm, W. 11. Marks: Compton;
CbarleS Loach; Covina. W. A. Hwaiue; Duarte
cticuit, Uaiiiel Mucker; i orcner, H. J. Christ;
Garuena, supplied by G. W. ConltSs; Gdrvanza,
J. A. 11. Wil-on; lilendsle, J. M . nil blah; Glen
di.rn, Henry Cox: Lamanda Park, supplied by
D. Requit; I.urdsburg aud Sau ]-..,-, C. W.
Tarr; uung Beach, K. A. riealv.
Los Angeles—Asbury, W. w.' Sterling; Doyle
Helgots, P. X Ureeee; Centr.il Avenue, J. L.
sponcer; Hpworth, G. L cole; Firht Church, J
W. Campbell; Grace, W A. Knighten: Central,
F. M. La.sin: Pico Heights, A B. Morrison;
University A. C. Williams: Strap-on, to be
supplied: Union Avenue, J. A. McMillan; Vin
cent, chur h, K. V, yish.r. K. J, Fretts; Wesley
< Imp ■ , S. W. llawklio.
Moniovia. Alor. Ilaruie.
Pasadena. First church, Clark Crawford:
North, supplied hy A. I), Manw II; souih, A. W.
Bankerß; l'oui'ina, B. C. Cuiey; Puerile and
bavannth, snpoiied byA.L Mnxicr; Redondo
Beech, S.Blanchatd; S,n flernnhno; 0. W.
F. Nelson; Semi, A N. Fields; Santa Monks.
Wmtetevenson; Santa Fe springs, supplied by
H. W. (Jammings; Sau Pedro, supplied by s.
A. Widney; Whilttcr, Thos bialker. .
E. 8. Chase, presiding oider. Anaheim and
Fulierttm, W. J. Cowan; Beaumont aud Ban
ning, supplied by Alfred inwood; Colton, F D.
Maihei: Knsenada, Lower California, F. tl,
Warrington; Klsinore, A. A. Holden: Et,eou
dldo, J. A. Wacnob; Full Brook, Wiu. Pittinger:
Gnriieii Grove, M. J. Burton; Highland and Kant
Rlversldi'. Edward Hoskyn: Murrieta, S,
P. cowden; raoreno, F. H. Wooocock;
Xiitlonai City, Otay and Orusntou, J. C.Gowan;
Oceanside circuit, F. 0. Ashhv; Ontario, J. 11.
Green; Orange, 0. L. Llbby; Purrh, H. tl, .Man
ly; Ponay sua Rsmona, 8. Stanley Wilson;
Kedlauds, E. J. Inwood: Ulalto, J. c. iiealoy;
Riverside, Arlington Place, A'fred Kamey:
First church, W. A. Wright; nan Bernardino. C,
A. Westenbtrg; -h.,>b Ana, E. O. Mclntyre; Sau
Diego. Central, John I'lttiuger; Corou*dn, Johu
Gib,on, First church, L. M. Hartley; San Jacin-
F. L. Morrill; South Blversiue, J. W. Lin
con; Wostml lister and Fairiltw, A. M. (lib
bins; Westminster and Florid*, J. K. l.ovejoy,
H. F Ward left without appoidicent lo at
tend oue of thj schools.
The members of the conference who
were union soldiers in the days of
1801-05 during this session have formed
a Union Veteran Association of South
ern California conference.
It has been currently reported that in
publishing the account of the memorial
service, which appeared in the Herald
on Saturday morning, Mrs. P. N. Bod
kin wae recorded ac among the deceased
wives. Sister Bodkin is very much
alive on all questions which ehe feels to
belong to her province, and especially
the above question.
An examination for certificates as li
centiate or assistant pharmacists will be
commenced at the Hollenbeck today by
tbe Btate board of pharmacy. A num
ber of applicants have been received
already and the examination wiil be
continued as long as necessary, to en
able all those who desire to obtain cer
tificate!. •
| Good 1
ICoorwg N
3 is essential to
|| Good d
11 Digestioi?- 11
5,9 in pastry you cannot have is a
* citilcr without a good short- * g
5j cning. Lard has always had ||
jp a very objectionablefeaturcs, (? p
§3 causing indigestion and > 2
ci; 8 many other dietetic trou- gj
6 8 bles. Science has come to £ S
' the assistance of the cook, J2 «
! and of weak stomachs, with "8 a
the new shortening, ffl §
It is composed of the choic- el
est beef suet and highly p, S
refined vegetable oil, in 3j
many respects as good as g
the finest imported olive g 3J
SKJ oil. Physicians endorse it, f§ 3
» S cooking experts rccom- jj- g
(o y mend it, aud thousands g 3
2 8 are now using it in prefer- Q a
Ȥ} ence to any other shorten
|j ing. Refuse allsubstitutes. |si
Send throe cents In Btamna to N. K. x 8
I B Farrbenk A in.. Chicago, for hsnd- a
vi* r < some Cottolene Cook Book, contain- J «
p f\ ing six hundred recipes, prepared bjr Jg H
L. v nineoruliient authorities on cooking. ;
Coltolene la sold by all grocers. C
I | Mado only by f? lj
|jg N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., | %
lh ST. LOUIS and | 3
Furniture, Carpets, Etc,
At 422 Soutli Grand Avenue, at 10
O'clnck A. 11. TUESDAY, Sept.
26, 1893.
Consisting ot flue Parlor Suit, Book Csse,
Sacre'ary. tiangiug Lamte, Lace Cv tsius. Por
ters, lar<o Huge, Carpet*. Mattings, Bedroom
Suit.. Kasy Chairs, Tables, Bsteusion Tables,
uak Dining Chain. Sideboard, Healing stove,
Range, Gasoline 8:ove, Chitlouier, Kitchen
Uteutils, I).oho?, Crockery, also Horse, Buggy
and Harness.
His just received first shipment of
Woolens, which were bourht direct
from the mills at greatly reduced
Fine Eng.ish Diagonal, Pique and
Beaver Suits Made to Order at a
Reduction. Alee 0"c cf the
Finest Selections of Trouserings
and Overcoatings.
Best of Wo.-truanshlD and Perfect
Kit Guaranteed or No Sale.
Brings comfort and improvement nnd
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others nnd enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by moro promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tho
j remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is duo to its presenting
; in tho form most acceptable and pleas*
I ant to tho taste, the refreshing anil truly
• beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing tho Bysteni
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
nnd permanently curing constipation.
; It lias gi yea satisfaction to millions and
met with tho approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them aud it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs ia for sale by all drug
gists in 50c anil 81 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co.only, whoso name is printed on every
package, also the name, riyrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
(Under direction ol At. Haywar.i
li. C. WYATT, Manager.
Monday and Tuesday. Sept. 25 & 26.
I witnessed "A Nutmeg Match" in S. Paul,
and was dell"-. I with the performance.
Jacob Lltt and Thomas H. Davis Present Their
Latest Acqutsiiiou, the Entertaining Com
edy Drama,
A Nutmeg Match!
A Character Study of Rural Hie in Connecti
cut, written by Wm. llaworth, author of The
Enstgu. With all Us startling, realistic and
picturesque scenic aud mechanical eff-cis, in
duing the sou-stirring, pnlse-cpu-keulag
FlLtt-DBIVINIr BUENEI It btats ihem all—
nmon-ler pile-driver, run by a big steam en
gine, operated by a skillful eugiutor. is showu
lulu ill.ast. All other so called stage sensa
tions are uo-.v lelegated into oblivmi. The
commit of realism at la,t auccasfally «ur
Mm mmim
V.M.C.A. B'lding, S. Broadway
■ ■ . «*t
Piano and Vocal Music
beginning September 30th.
9-23 lm
Court st.. bet. Mivtu and Spriuj tti
Free Refined Entertainment.
EVEBY EVENING, from 7:30 until 13, anl
Saturday Matinee from 1 to 1 p. m.
Engagement of the Great and only
In Her Unrivaled Specialties.
Beappearance of the Favorites of Los Angeles,
And the celebrated
Fine commercial lunch daily. Meals a la
carte at alt hours 3-24 ly
ATHLETIC PARK, Saturday, Kept, 30, 2 p.m.,
Moadav. Oct. 2. ADMISSION, 50c.
AGRICULTURAL PARK, Tuesday, Oct. 3-25
Mile Team Race for Challenge Sliver Cup.
No loafing races will be permitted.
The prizes consist iv part Of Upright Grand
Piano, high-grade Bicycle, Silver Cnpe, Dia
mond Pins, Stop Watch, No. 2 Kodak, Medals, -
The Upright Grand Piano la from the Music
House of Durant & Spier, 233 S. Spring St.
rilHli; PALACE,
X S.E. Cor. Spring and First nts.
ladle!' Entrance on First St.
The Winter Coucert Season uuder the leader,
ship of
Has been inaugurated with a corps of able
assistants in a
Every night and Wednesday and Saturday
matinee. Concert every evening from 7:30 to
The tlnest Commercial Lunch In the city.
Meals a la carte at all hours. 9-7
1 115K South Spring 3tretJ.
C. E. PENDELLasd j. b. duke
Desire to announce to tbe u-ulul.
that they have opened, thk.
Old Turf Exchange,
Adjointnj"tho Nadeau Hotel.
The great racing eveuts at all the principal
points East will be noted. All admirers ot
horse Qe-ih and the public in general aro re
spectfully invited to att?nd. Good odds will I
be given ou alt tho events, and a full descdp- .
tlou given cm every race. 5-306rn
Cutlery, Ammunition, All Kinds ol
Fishing Tackle, Bamboo Bods, BasebalU, Mitt*
aud Gloves. Rril'A !RlN»i AND CHOKS BOR
teedir money refunded.
7 It: ly ~1l M:;ir. :•■, ?i lipli. LloCk.
-818 Comraatiial btreet, Lot Angeles, CaL

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