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The Solid Two Again Knocked
Tbe Board Will Have to Be Satisfied
With the-Tax Levy.
Considerable Routine Business Trans
acted—More School Basis! Needed.
The Visiting Committee- The
Substitute Teachers.
Tbe city board oi eduction held Ua
regular meeting last evening. The ses
sion, with one or two exceptions, con
sisted of routine business.
A motion was made to appropriate
$25,000 fora school building to be erected
in the Fifth ward. It opened np a dis
cussion which may end in tha voting of
bonds to improve the school facilities of
the entire city. Mrs. Hughes offered the
All the members were present. After
the reading and approval of the min
utes, the resignations of Miss Vesta A.
Ormstead aud Miss Flora Love wero
read. On motion the resignations were
accepted and the usual letter of regret
sent to each.
A communication was received from
taxpayers in the Fruitland school dis
trict asking privilege to send their chil
dren to this school instead of the Santa
Fe school. Referred to the teachers'
A communication from F. A. Seymour
and George W. Morgan wbb read. It
showed that the petitioners are now
sending their children to the high
school and asked that they be exempt
from tbe payment of tuition. The fam
ilies reside outside the city limits. Ihe
matter was relerred to the teacher's
The city attorney presented a com
munication relative to tbe communica
tion irom the board which asked
whether tbe board must accept the
levy made by the conncii for school pur
poses, or if it is entitled to claim the full
amonnt limited by tbe charter for school
purposes. The attorney was of tbe
opinion that the discretion of tbe coun
cil in this matter cannot be attacked.
The supreme conrt bas also passed npon
the question.
The committee on furniture and sup
pließ reported recommending that more
chairs, etc., and tbat a carpet be pur
chased for the Seventeenth-street school.
The report was adopted.
The teachers' committee reported rec
ommending a new list of text books in
German for nee in tbe high school.
The following were recommended as
substitute teachers:
Misses Linella Morgan, Hattie Con
field, Kate S. Baily, Lizzie B. Oliver,
May Bennett, Alpha Mcllmail, Bernice
Knox; kindergarten substitute, Albert
F. Vinalke, W. T. Skilling.
The committee recommended tbat
Mis* Kate Brown of the Sand-street
school and Mies Rebecca E. Griffin of
the Macy-street school change places.
It was moved that the report be
adopted, but before the question was
put Dr. Wills moved to amend the mo
tion by allowing the two teachers named
to remain in the schools where they are.
He said that at the teaohera' committee
meeting the vote was a tie on the trans
fer of these teachers, and he thought it
nnfair for such a report to be presented
without the consent of the entire com
mittee. He made a strong protest
against not being consulted altar the tie
Mrs. Hughes asked, "Don't we have
to live under our rules ? It takes a vote
of three ont of rive to carry such a ques
After some discussion the report was
adopted by a vote of 7 to 2, wl-ich showed
that the "solid six" had turned to a
"solid seven."
Upon motion of Mr. Piatt, Miss Schu
bert was appointed jani trees of tbe Union
avenne school, a vacancy having been
Mra. Hughes, chairman of the visiting
Committee, reported that during tbe
past school term she had visited 27
school buildings and 105 schools. She
was very ranch impressed by the faith
ful teachers and the healthy, intelligent
appearance of the pupiis. The report
Was ordered placed upon tha minutes.
Mrs. Hughes, on making a motion
that $26,000 be taken from the school
fund to purchase a lot and erect a school
bnilding in the Fifth ward, said that at
the opening of the schools a deplorable
condition presented itself. The school
buildings are crowded and a large num
ber ot the pupils are being deprived of
half their school time. »
Mr. Stain thought tbat every ward in
tbe oity needed school improvements,
and wae in favor of voting |100,000 bonds
to supply the rapidly increasing attend
ance In tbe public schools.
Mra. Hugheß made a strong plea for
tbe improvement, saying that there is
bnt one school in the Fifth ward, and
tbat the taxpayers, who had large in
terests in other parts of tbe city, were
loud in tbair efforts to secure another
echool, as it is badly needed.
Mr. Trask said it was impossible to
use tbe money to purchase lots and
build houses, but said that as the city
is growing rapidly, more facilities are a
necessity. He was in favor of the city
euperintendent making a report upon
the needs of the schools, which ones
•re overcrowded, etc.
Mr. Ashman moved that the consid
eration of tbe matter be postponed tour
Weeks, which motion was carried.
Then Mr. Trask moved tbat tbe
superintendent make a careful examin
ation of the schools and be ready to
make recommendations. Carried.
POLioias axpiaa.
The Insurance committee reported tbe
expiration of 10 policies on school build
ings and tbe continuance of them.
It was decided tbat 100 tables be
placed in tbe high school auditorium,
Wbiob will be used aa a study room.
Tbe finance committee reported tbat
*„ £Gi> a,*Tiauuiu iv purchase any
(leaks for tbe high school.
demands allowed,
Tbe demands of the teachers for the
first month of school were allowed.
An Attempt to Be Made to Attach Its
An attempt will be made to attack the
validity of the grand jury today in the
case of an indictment returned by that
energetic body against Henry Vejar,
charging him with perjury.
The motion was made yesterday by
Horace Appel, counsel for Vejar, to set
aside tbe indictment on several grounds,
and the hearing was continued until this
Amongst other things, it is charged
that the order for the grand jury by
Judge Smith is dated July 27m ; that
the ventre itself bears tbe same date,
wliile the records of the court show that
the venire was returnable July 14th,
when it should read August 14th.
It ia also alleged that the names of
several of the jurors Impaneled were
not drawn from the grand jury box;
aiso, that the jurors were summoned as
term trial jurors instead of grand jurors.
It is also alleged tbat tbe sheriffs en
dorsement on the back of the order reada
tbat he received it July 17th when it was
not issued until July 27th.
Should the points raised invalidate
the legality of the grand jury it will
sweep away all the indictments that
have been returned.
The district attorney feels confident
that the validity of the grand jnry will
be sustained. The result will be awaited
with great anxiety by all those who have
been indicted.
Jostle* Austin Discharges a Number
of Wurklngmsa Charged with
Vagranoy—A View of tho
Eight or nine poverty stricken look
ing men Bat in the dock of Justice Aus
tin's court yesterday. Among them
was a boy whose fresh color and com
paratively clean attire stood oat in con
trast to tbe appearance ol his compan
The men, inclnding the youth, were
arrested tbe night before by Officer
<; rid ley who found them sleeping in a
box car at the Terminal depot and ar
rested them for vagrancy.
Justice Austin, who is paying a grsat
amount of attention to tbe "unem
ployed" problem, questioned each man
and ended by releasing; tbem all.
They ware all working men aud were
probably truthful in stating that tbey
were in search of tbat elusive Will o'
the Wisp—employment.
The boy atated tbat his name was
William Chase and that he was 16 years
of age.
His father, he said, lived in San
Francisco and was a machinist. Work
grew scarce, and the boy usked his
father if he might go to Fresno and
look for a job. His father gave him
permission, and young Chase went, but
was unable to stay in Fresno any
length of time, owing to the heat not
agreeing with him.
Justice Austin, before releasing him,
advised him to apply at tbe police sta
tion for a bed, in case be should prove
unsuccessful in obtaining employment.
In a chat with a Hkkald reporter
Justice Austin deolared that be had
viewed tbe coming winter with dread.
"Tramps of all kinds," he remarked,
"are coming in everyday. The Ques
tion of how to treat them is a most
difficult one, and I feel the responsibil
ity ia a great one. It is a most difficult
thing to be able to discriminate between
those who are anxious to obtain work
and others who are tramps by inclina
tion. Ido not consider that Bleeping in
a box car is either a crime or deserving
of punishment, but it is a statutory
offense and there are a great number of
men who are utterly careless as to what
they do in tbe cars, and would as soon
damage the railroad property as not.
"I am in a very difficult and respon
sible position," concluded the justice,
"and both Justice Seaman and I need all
the encouragement and assistance that
both the press and tbe pnblio can give
That Justice Austin is right in pre
dicting trouble for the winter, there can
be no doubt.
Chief Glass stated to the reporter that
be was of tbe same opinion. He de
clared tbat there are more tramps and
criminals in town than there have been
for several preceding seasons, and the
police report their arrival in numbers
every day.
There have been several petty robber
ies and "hold ups" lately, and tbey may
be expected to increase daily.
Most of the vagrants arrested carry
some kind of a weapon, evidently in
tended more for offence than defense.
One arrested had a razor blade incased
In a wooden handle forming a kind of
dagger, and another contented himself
with tying half a brick in a handker
Residents in the outlying districts are
petitioning for more police protection,
and it is the general opinion that tbe
department should be supplied with an
extra complement of men for the com
ing winter.
Early Bains This Soason.
All signs go to show that we are to
have an early winter and abundant
rains this season.
And a word to tbe wise will not be
out of place at this time.
There ie now established in Los Ange
les one of the oldest rooting concerns in
tbe United States, whose experience
bas extended over a period of 40 years,
who make a specialty of Powell's patent
combined flax felt and wool felt roofing,
ln conjunction with the asphalt cement
concrete or asphalt and gravel, and also
Powell's patent tile roof.
The same company is prepared to
cover old and worn out tin roofs with
felt and gravel and to paint metal roofs
with tbe unexcelled 0. B. & S. asphalt
paint, the most durable paint in tbe
We speak of the well known M. W.
Powell Company of No. 334 Dearborn
street, Chicago, whose local office is
with tbe Asphalt Paving company of
Los Angeles, rooms 8 and 9, Bur'dick
block, corner Second and Spring streets.
The above company, under tbe super
vision of M. W, Powell, bas just com
pleted the asphalt cement concrete roof
on the Stimeon block and is now en
gaged in completing the roof on Dr.
Burbank's new theater with combined
felt and asphalt gravel.
All work warranted and prompt atten
tion given to city and country orders.
* Fur agouti table wine,order our Sonoma
ZinfandelatSOcpergal. T. VacbedcCo.,
cor. Commercial and Alameda. Tel. 309.
Howry & Brease, Broadway under
takers. "Independent of tbe trust."
Stock Exchange Review.
New Yobk, Sept. 25.--peculation on the
stock exchsgco today was h avy In lone, aud
declined Irom '4 to 4 \ per cent almost through
out the entire list. For the first time, perhaps,
since the recent appreciation in speculative
valnes, has the market rocelved such a serious
setback. Foreign, holders of American as Bart'
lies aud foreign money-lenders became timid,
and the selling orders from Loudon were quite
numerous. The advance In the rate of ex
change helped materially to depress tbe
market, In ss much as it led to rumors ol Im
mediate gold exports and ret the street talking
sbout the probable oulflew of tho precious
metal. Prices sagged almost without a rally
aud closed st the lowest point of the Cay, filial
dealings being very heavy In tone.
Government bonds closed steady.
New Yobk, Sept. 25.—Money oa call easy;
closed offered at 2 II per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, 7(010 ncr cent.
Sterling exchange, waa ttrx; 00-dsy
bankers' bills, $4.87!4.5}4.87V»; demand, $4.85
Ban Fkancisco, Sept. 25 -Drafts, sight, 20c:
telegraphic, 30c.
New York, Sept. 25 —Closing quotations were
as follows:
U. 8.45, regiat'd .110 Northern Pacific. i>%
do oonpon 11l do preferred 20^
U. 8. 2s, reg 08 Nortliwestarn . 87s»
Pacific 8s 102 dopfd 137JS
AlchlsoD 10V4 M. y. Central 102
American l£x 107 :Ggn I nipt !>
Canada Southern. 45V, Navigation 42
Canada Pac.fi o . 74'j Short Line BY»
Central Pacific... IB Pacific Mail ie,.
Burlington 80% Pullman Palace.. 71
Chicago Gas 6fVj H Reading 18»4
Cotton 001 l 33;, Terminal :s-\
Lackawanna 42 K. 11. Western 10
Denver St B. G ... 2HV dopfd 45
Distillers E2 , do nr.ts 00
Great Northern... 10 Bock Island 65%
Illinois Central. .. 03 St. Paul 60v,
Kansas Si Texas.. IS St. Paul St Omaha 334£
Lake Shoie 120'j -ugar SO W,
Luad Trust 20 Texas Pacific 6%
Loulsvl dr Nash... 54 Wolis-Fargo 130
Mich. Cent. 00'/, Union Pacific. ... 21J H
Mo. Pacific 24?„j Western Union... 7»i
Nat. Cordage .... 33>i Hiectric 43 l / a
do preferred.... 50 Linseed Oil 18
N. American %\ U. 8. Express 50
Boston, Sept. 25—Following wore closing
Atcblsun 19%' Mexican. 8
Bell Telephone. .. Diego 3
Burlington fH%\
New Yobk, Sept. 26.—Mining shares closed
'as follows:
Crown Point lOjPlymouth 10
Coo.cai. A Va.... I.2oSierra Nevada 10
Deadwood 60|standard 1.00
(iould A Curry lOiUuion Con 30
Hale &. Norcross.. .40 Yellow Jaoket 35
Homestake 8.50 Iron silver 10
Mexican 50 Quicksilver 1.50
Ontario 5.0 i) dopfd 15.00
Ophir 70|Bulwer 10
San Francisco, Sept. 25.—Closing quotations
Belobrr. 25 Potosl 30
Best Si Belcher... .45 Ophir 75
Chollar 2tl Savage 30
Con.Va 1.25 ierra Kovada 40
Confidence 60 Union Con 30
Gould Si Curry 20 Yellow Jacket 10
HalediNorcross.. .40 Peer —
Silver Bullion.
San Fbancisco, Sept. 25.—Silver bars, 73'ygS
73Jtio per ounce-
Mexican dollars, 5 :' 1 . «• :o-\
New York, Sept. 25.—Bar silver, 73c per
Mexican dollar.', SB', 4 e.
With the gold price of fine sliver at 73 cents
per ounce, the ratio ol value is as 1 to 28.3.
At thia ratio 14.57 grains gold equals in value
412 5 mains silver.
Or. 25.8 grains gold equals in value 730' i grs.
Gold value ol silver dollar, B6W cents.
Oliver value oi gold dollar, $1.77.
San Francisco Produce Market.
Ban Francisco, Sept. 25.—General mer
chandise steady, prices firm.
Produce markets quiet.
Grain is unchanged.
Vegetables; heavy supply, all varieties, and
prices are weak.
Raspberries lower.
Grapes are steady, fair demand.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Sept. 25.—Whest: quiet; opened
Ko higher on decrease in ocenn pftsntge, small
shipments from India and good buying; orders
declined %c on lower cables, good conditions
for fait seeding, heavy receipts in northwest
and liberal olfuriuss; closed easy and ftp lower
than Saturday.
Receipts were 18,000 bushels; shipments,
53,000 bushels.
Closing quotations: Wheat, steady; cash,
December, 70s.
Corn—Higher; cash, 41'ic; December,
Oats-Firm; cash, 2S' ,c; December, ss' H e
Flax—Bl. 04.
Ban Francisco, Bept. 25.—Wheat, easy; De
cember, $1.12J»; May, $1.2 i ...
Barley—Firm; December, 1o%a; brewing Oc
tober, S7c.
Liverpool, Sept. 25.—Wheat, steady; de
mand poor; holders offer moderately: No.
2 rod winter, 5s oV£d; No. 2 red spring, 5s
Corn—Spot steaay; demand moderate; 4s
l\d; lutures steady, demand poor; spot, 4s
2d; November, 4s 3d.
Visible Grain Supply.
Chicago, Bept. 25.—Following is the visible
grain, In busnels:
Wheat-58,093,000: Increase, 1,362,000.
C0rn—7,0.10.000; increase, 1.168,000.
0at5—4,099,000; increase, 994,000.
Eye-383,000; increase, 44,000.
Barley—s2B,ooo; Increase, 136,000.
Chicago Stock Market.
Chicago, Sept, 25.—Cattle: Becelpts were
21.000 head. The market was higher: good
steers, $5 00 45.45; medium, $4.8084 95: oth
ers, $3.75(34.25: Texans, $2.45(82.65: west
erns, $3.00(94.10.
Hogs—Receipts were 28.000 head. The mar
ket opened brisk; closed strong; rough aud com
mon, 5J5.5iK0p5.30; packers, [email protected]; prime
heavy and butchers' weights,
prime light, $6.60(36.90.
Sheep—Heceipts were 12,000 head. The
market wtes steady. Natives, [email protected];
wetteru, $3.00t53.40.
General Markets.
Nkw Yobk, Sept. 23.—Hops steady; Pacific
coast, i!)y,22c.
Coffee—Options closed steady and 10(3)10
points down. Tbe sales were 19,200 bags, in
cluding September. 1f17.10M17.15; October,
4i1(i.(i5(d1(i.76; Noyember, *H>.3sai(i.4o; De
cember. *15.90315.05; 6pot Elo, CiOsed weak,
No. 7, 17^(#18o.
Sugar-ltaw, firm; lair refining, 3%c: centri
fugals, 00 test, 3 7-10 c; refined, firm; ofl' A, 4%
.V „i : mould A, 910o; standard A,
5 1 16(tt)5J.ic; confectioners, 5 pow
dered, 5 7-lb(#i5 ; :»e; granulated, 5 [email protected]%c;
cubes, 5 5-lti(fjw »('.
Copper—Steady; lake, [email protected]
Lead -Steady; domestic, $3.50
Tin—Easier, straits, *20.55: plates, quiet.
Spelter firm, d0me5tic,53.75(93.80.
Salt Meats and Lard.
Chicago, Sept. 25.—Pork, steady: cash,
$10.50; January, sfsu 22i„
Lard-Steady; cash, S10.0O; January.
Bibs—Steady; cash, $10,12C£; January,
Shoulders—B7. 57Uf(»7.50.
Short clear-150.75® 10.75.
Nhw Yobk, Bept. 25—W00l steady; domestic
fleece, [email protected]; pulled, [email protected]
New Yobk, Sept. 25.—Petroleum was quiet;
October, bid.
Ciiicaoo, Sept. 85.—Whisky, $1.13.
[The quotations given below are current
wholesale selling prices.]
Be.vns—Navy or small white, per 100 lbs.,
82.75<»3.25i pink, per 100 lbs., #3.00(83.50;
black-eyed, per 100 lbs, *[email protected]; Lima,
[email protected]
Potatobr—Per 100 lbs., 050900.
Beets—Por 100 ibi., 81.00
CaBBASS—Per 100 lbs., 55(570C
Carrots—Per 100 lbs., SI.OO.
Chilis—Dry, per string, 75CISS1.
Onions—Per 100 lbs., [email protected]
Parsnips—Per 100 lbs., $1.50.
RWRBT P(VTlTn*fl-Pa* IfW> lh«., 51.50,
Tomatoss—Par box, 500.
Turnips—Per 100 lbs., 80c.
Drslry Prouuots.
Buttkr—Fancy creamery, 28 ounce squares,
56®67Hc; fancy dairy, per roll, l7M&oOc;
choice, «5®471,0.
Osuasg—Saitoro, par lh., 12813 c; California,
lsrgc, llci 8-lb. hand, 13c; Youug America,
Dried Fruit.
Ai i'LEs-Snn-drled, sacks, 7(ft9c per lb; boxej,
10(«Ulc; fancy evaporated, 11 oil2e.
apricots—Fancy, per lb, 100911 c; choice,
Pkachss—Fancy, uupeeled, per lb, s((f)Sc;
peeled, 0(a)10c.
PiiDNKs Choice, boxes, per lb, UftlOc; salt-,
B(g9c; fancy, 10;412e.
Winn, and Liquors.
[(Quotations 01 liquors revised by H. J. Woolla
cott, lmimrUr and ex,orter. See ad.]
Champagne- Miimm, pints, $35: quart',s33;
Pommury, pints, $30.50: quails, $34 50: Sou
derer, pints, $3d.s<>; quarts, $34.50: Monopo 1-,
pluit., $35; quart*. $33; Delbeck, pints, f34j
quarts, $32.
Bittkus-Angostura, $18.15; Dam ian a. $7:
Fernet Branca. $16.50;. Hbstetter's, $8 60;
Amer Picon $17; Darter's Wild Cherry, t7 75;
Peruvian, $7 75; Peppermint, $2.25; Veuezue
)a, $8.25: l.ush,s7.
Ai.k—Bass oi UO.. by Foster, $11.75; by Burse,
$17.50: Tenneut's, $13.50; McMullen's. $21.
Stout — cuiuessV. by Fosler, $11.50; by
Burke, $17.50; Johnson, $11.50; Tennenl's,
llKKit—Val lllatz Milwaukee, quarts, $1150;
pints $12: Red Ribbon, quarts.sls; pinH, $10.
M xtract ok Malt—Hod's Melt, $3.25; Liquid
Bread, $3.75: Best Tonic, $2.75 per doian.
Whimsy—Dufly's Malt. $9.26: Hermitage,
$11; Belle of Bourbon, $9.50; H. J. x. Hunt
bon, $8.50; H. J. W. Rye, $8.50: Mellwood,
$11; J. H. Cutter O. X., $11.65; A No. 1, $8.50;
Old Taylor, $12.
Whisky hy Bbi.—From $1.65 to $3.45 per
gallon, according 10 age.
Scotch Whisk y—Stewart's Aberdeen, $12,50;
Garnklrk. $13.00.
Irish Whisky—lrish Malt, $11.00; Burkes,
$13 00.
Kegs—Five galloD, 65c; 10-gallou, iioc; half
barrels, $1.65.
Dkmijohnb—Half gallons, $2.75; one gallon,
vtXSBE Ale-C. & C. Belfast, $15 00; Boss,
GIN-A. V. H., $24.00: L A. I N, $25.50;
Boord's o'd Tom, $11.00; Born-tt's, $10.50;
Wolf., pints, $I/.00, quart", $11.00
Sauternb—Bert's, quartt, $11. OO; pints,
$t:!.00; A. De Luce Si r:is, quarts, $13; pin,a
$14 00.
White Wise—Gelsohheimer, quarts, $14.00;
Maccoraniier. quarts, $10.00; Leblrsuurilch,
quart , $17.00; Koemgen Vie Berb, quarts,
$30 00.
clab'.t—Chateau La Rose, quarts, $7 00;
pints, $3: Margaux, piuts, $1 -.00; quarts, $11;
Chateau de Frauds, quarts, $9.00; pints, $10;
Pontet Csnet. qmrts, $14.00; pint', $15
Mineral Watch -Apjllluaris, quarts $9.50;
pints, $13.50 i>etbo-da, quarts. $8.50. hall
gallons, $5.50' Londonderry, hatf-Eallous,
$7 00: quart-!, (10 00; pints, $14.00; Hunyadl,
$11.75; Napa Soda, pints, $9 00; quarts,
$7 50; White Rock, $6.50: Vichy, $12.50.
Cognac—Hennetsy, X, $10.75: XXX, 21.00:
Mariell,X, $17.50; M»r eIi.XXX, $21.50; Eva
rlste, Dup nle Si Co.. $20.
Cordials—Marischioe, $13.50; Vermouth,
N. P , $6.0*.; Italian, $0.50; Kummel, $15;
Absinthe, $19.60; Anisette, $17.
Wikes— Claret. 30(*55c; Zlnlandel, 65(d}S5c:
Port, Angelica, Sbeny, Muscatel, !■>> "j.f1.25
per gallon.
Monday, September 25
B F Bell lo August Ltudner—2'j acres In
John Allen tract, BUbd blk J oi Painter Si Ball's
subd; $5.
8 I Scneil et al to 3 W Crommle—Lot. 10, blk
8, Morgan's sycamore Grove tract: $450.
J Jordan, receiver, to 0 E Richardson—Lots
•I, 20.21. 22, 23, 24. blk 11. and loesld. 14, 15.
10, 17,18, 19, 20, VI, blk 10, Arlington Heights
tract; $15.
Santa Monica Commercial Co to H Spooler-
Lots 18 aud 19, blk P, Santa Monica: $200.
1 Harris et con to J F Stevens—Lot 18, Hub
bell iV. Forrester subd lot 4, blk 37, Hancock's
survey; $500.
0 P Dorla ,d 100 Kretschmar—Lot 5, block 3,
Grngau tract; $20.
F E Estudlllo et ox to J 0 Myer—Lot 0, blk 9,
lot 13, blk 10, lots 7aud 8, blk 13. lots 10 aud
24, blk 14, and lots 11 and 6, blk 17, Brooklyn
tract; $5.
CI) Reynolds et con to C Hart—l 3 2-10 acres
sec 13, T 1 8, R 14 W; $3000.
J A McDonald to II D McDonald—Lot 10,
Gelion tit. El Monte: $1400.
J X Slater et ux to W H Anderson—E Vi lot
133; Usncho ex-Mission Sau Fernando; $Ixoo.
University B«nk to E R Maxwell—ll k 253,
Maclay Ro ex-Mission San Fernando; $1.
RM Sidney et ux to E R Maxwell—Blk 253,
Maclay Ro ex-Mission Ban Fe nando; $2000
E Oilman to HF Booker-Lot 21J4 of blk 4,
Park trt; $1500.
Sau Gabriel L and W Co to EBBelden—lo
acres W \i E % lot 144, Ro San Fernando; $30.
Palmdale Colony Co to D N Fay—Lots 16, 17,
24, 25, 32. tec 20, T 0 N. R 11 W; $1250.
C O Wearlu ot ux to G Mason—X 10 ft lot 9,
and W 40 leet lot 17, blk 10, Fairiuouut tract;
0 H Lockhart et ux to N. A Neer—Lot 72 Ro
Providenela and Scott trt; $7500.
N A Neor et ux to N O Merwin—SWJi NW)4
Sec 20, T 3 S, R 11 W; $4000
H E Hubbard et al, trustees, to A B Bland—
One ftOfe lv blk 101, Maclay Ro San Fernando;
Sheriff to A Banbury—Lot 14, Ro La Cafiada;
$7500. ,it
J E PUtter et ux to A E Garthwalte—Lot 5,
Fioshc's Main stieet Subd: $000.
Southern C*litornla National bank £ L
Cowan—Blk 89 Providencia Ro and Scott trt;
8 Hellman to A W Swan feldt—Lot 5 blk C,
Moore Si Eel ebet's sabd lot 2 blk 60, Han
cock's survey; $11500.
1 M Bnnger et cou to M F Michaels—Lot 10,
Weill trt.sls .
a WellFto M F MbShaels—Lot 10, Weill trt;
C 8 Boggs to L J Good—64>4 ft on Pasadena
F A Stephenson to N Faucher—Lot 12, block
1. Wright's subd of Sisters of Charity tract;
$J 300.
N Faucher et con to F A Stephenson—W 1-5
ol lot 31 and B 4-5 ollot3o, Washburne'ssub;
L J Good to A W Smith- It on Pasadena
aye: agreement; $150
B Gibson et con to L A Stanton—Lot 103, NW
U Sec 7. T2S,R 13 W; $300.
E Willard et con to A E Luther-Lot 40,
Reid'sadd; $390.
L A Bliss lo L E Stanton—Lot 5, Gleason's
subd blk 73, Hancock's survey; $800.
T B Sase et con to 8 A Hammond Lots 16,
18, 20, 22, 24, 41, Bauchet tract; $12,000.
Deeds 56
Nominal 20
Total 9 49,738.28
Note—Figures separated by a dash indicates
page and number ot book ot miscellaneous
Combined with Sulphate of Hydrastis.
Nervousness, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite,
Debility and a low condition oi the system
will bo promptly relieved and cured by its tits
Invaluable for overworked business men and
weak, nervous women. Pleasant, prompt and
efficient. 190 doses $1. Get the genuine, man
ufactuted only by Taylor & Myers Pharmacy
Co., St. Pan), Minn.
Los Angoles agents, U, M. SALX & SON, 220
8. Spring st, 4-1 ly
Notice — Application for License-
>~ Angeles, ss,
I.T. H. Ward, clerk of the county of Los An
geles, California, and ex-otttclo clerk of tbe
board of supeivisors thereof, do hereby certify
tbat, under the provisions of an ordinance en
titled "Ordinance Imposing Licenses and Fix
ing Kates Thereof in the County of Los Angeles,
State of California." passed by raid board March
4, 1893, tbe following applications ior license,
raider section 3 thereof, have been died with
said board, and that the hearing of aald appli
cation has by said board been fixed for the 11th
day of October. 1893, at 11 o'clock a. in., to-wit:
Filed Sept. I>>, 1893: name. Jack Nelson:
location, Newhall, Cat.; business, saloon.
•Filed Sept. 25, 1893; Lame, Thomas Bart
lett: location, Hive Mile House, Alhambra;
business, saloon.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my official seal this 25th day of
tepteraber, 1893.
[sk al] T. H. WARD,
Clerk ot Los Angeles County, California, and
ex-Offielo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
9-20 4t Deputy Clerk.
Horses Boarded by Day, Week or Month at
Lowest Living Rates.
RIVERA & RIOS, Proprietors,
Tel. 751 8-21 2m 217-219 E. FIRST 8t
What is the condition of yours? Is your hair dry,
JHs harsh, brittle? Does it split at the ends? Has it a
lifeless appearance? Docs it fall out When combed or
•flnjia brushed? Is it full of dandruff ? Does your scalp itch ?
JKBBML ' s dry or in a heatet ' condition ? If these are some of
' ' 11 *B\ your symptoms be warned in time or you will become bald.
JH|\Skookumßoot Hair Grower
I V I i ■ u!w<\i'i 11 •• 1 If ! [ir"<l'!{iti"n I not an r I - ■ :!in resnlt.or sclontlflo
I I re-cnr.'li. 1. n...vl ilia- of tin' ii ( -.-ps of II- V-.' -r cin-1 in I--i i , r»:-> ill .( ->v-
V y i 1 llV*'* 'j'rv .r liiiwtn t:-r-; tln m. "Sltookmn "tv*;r: n n in- iinr . . i-u-r-.h; n-ir (ill". It
/ WiJwmwJJß \ Isnot n Dye, bula delightfully cooling and rerreslilug Toule. By stinrjlarlng
/ l*BfiMufiiSi \ h l 'wU >^lC:l0ti * " * t( W failing hair, cur,.; dandruff an-l grows hairvnbald
Ili li\ tir" Keep the scalp clean, healthy, and free from Irritating eruptions, by
/ /// nKMmSaQ 1 1 the una i,[ Slcxokn-.n Skm Soap. It destroys jxiramtlo insucla, uhich f< td on
li, T/l*Mi )\ and destroy the hair.
I / ; 1 'iiwrj i i I it yniir di-iiKKi>l c-asnot suprilv you scod direct to ns, ond we will forwsrd
I IB RflsWl ll % 1 prepaid, on receipt of price. Grower, Him per bottle ; 6 lor Si.UO. Soup, 3oc.
/'''> iW- f illPerjariOtorailiO.
/ 1 n n f w \ THE sKooKun root hair grower co.,
TB *£/?tawh KK 97 Bo »»» Vltta Avenue, New York, N. Y.
COMPANY. (Santa Fe Route.)
Trains arrive and depart from La Grande
Leave. Los Anoeles Arilve.
* 5:15 p.m . .Chicago Limited. .. • 7:50 a.<n
* 7:00 ».m ...Overland Express.. * 0:20 n.m
* 8:15 a.m Stu Diego Cpa>i Line * 1:15 p m
* 4:30 p.m aan Ditgo Coast Llue. " 0:50 p.ui
* 7:00 a.m I 1 * l -.'iQ a.m
* 0.00a.m I ...ean Ecriiardirio.. I * 0:50a.m
....viaPasadena \ 1:25 p.m
* 4:00 p m i I * 0:20 p.m
* 5:15 p in l j * 7:35 p m
* 7:0 i...in (....Rivrslde via . i ♦ 1:25 p.m
» o:oou.ui ?..ban Bernardino \ ' o:2opm
t 0:05 lis; t Riverside and. ) *ib:lsa.m
tll:00a.rn: J. San Bernardino.. J
*4;30p.m r via Orange 5 *H:sopm
* 7:00 a m fßcdlsnds, Moutonel * 9-50a.m
* 9:00 a.m . ..and Highland .. | I 1:25 p.m
i via y * 0:20 o.ra
* 4:00 p.m | Pasadena | t 7:35 pm
* 5: i 5 p.m I j
t (t:osa.m rßedlunds, Mentone) Mo: 15 a.m
(11:00 am J and Hiuhlana vl* V
* 4:30 p;m (Orange & Riveraidc) * 0:50 p.m
* 9:00 a.rn f 1 * 7:35 a.in
i . Amiss. Pnßadena.. * B:43am
* 1:30 p.m I and • 0:50 am
* 4:00 pm ; Intermediate.... ; t I:2* p.m
t 5:30 p.m i Station- | '416 pm
I I * 0:20 p.m
* 7:00 p.m I j * 7:35 p.m
* 7:00 cru Pasadena * 7:50 a.m
* 5:15 p.m Pasadena f 1:25 p.m
t 0:05 a.m Smta Ana i 8:50 a.m
* 8:15 am t-anta Ana
t 1:50p.m Santa Ana ■ 1:15 p.m
* 4:30 p-m Santa Ana * 0:50p.m
* 7:52 a.m Santa Monica * 9:45 a.m
*10:15 a.m Santa Monica * 3-50 p m
* 4:45 p.m -aula Monica * 0:34 p.m
*10:OOa.m Redondo * 8:29 am
* 4:45 p.ui .... Redoudo * 3:50 p.m
t 9:00 it. ni -lan Jacinto v Pasadena t 1:25 p.m
til :00 a.™ Ssu Jacinto via Orange
t 9:00 a.in 1 emecula via Pasadena t 1:25 p.m
fll 00a.m .Temeculavia Orange. FlO 15 a.m
t 8:15 a.m Sscondldo v Coast Line t 1:15 p.m
Tr.iins via Fasadena line arrive at Downey
aye jue station 7 minutes earlier and leave 7
minutes later.
•Dally. fDaily except Sunday. {.Sundays
only. K. W. McGEE, City Pa«s. & T. Agt,
129 N. Spring it, Los Angeles,
And La Grande station.
Goodall, Perkins & Co., General Agents, San
Northern routes embrace linos for Portland,
Or., Victoria, B CaudPuget Sound, Alaska
and all coast points.
For— ' _ '
Port Harford, 8 3 Corona. September 5,14,
Santa Barbara.... 23; October 2.
Port Los Angeles. S.S. Santa Boss, September
Newport 1, 10,19, 28; Octobtr 7.
San Diego
For— S. S. Los Angeles, September
Bast San Pedro.. 3, 12, 21, 30; October 9.
San Pedro and S.S. Eureka, September 8,
way ports 17, 2b'; October 5.
For— 5.9. Sauti Rosa, September
t 3,12, 21. 30: October 9.
Sau Diego S.S. Oorona, September 7,
10, 25; October 4.
For— S.S, Santa Bosa, September
San Francisco 5,14, 23; October 2.
Port Harlord S. S. Corona, September 9,
Bants Barbara 18, 27; October 0.
For— >S. 8. Eureka, Sentember 2,
San Francisco 11. 20, 29; October 8.
and S.S, Los Angele-, September
way ports I 0, 15, 24; Ootober 3.
Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro
leave 8, P. 8. R. (Arcade depot) at 5 p. m, aud
Terminal R. K. depot at 5:15 p.m.
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe
depot at 10 a. m or irom Redondo Railway
depot at 9 a.m.
Cars to connect via Port Los Angeles loa ye S.
P. R. R. depot at 1:10 p. m. lor iteamers north
Plana ol steamers' cabins at agent's office,
where berths may be secured.
The company reserves the right to change
the steamers or their days of sailing.
sHjaar- For passage or freight as above or for
tickets to and irom all important points in
Europe, apply to
W. PARRIS, Agent.
Office, No. 124 W. Second street, Los Angeles.
L-jave Los Angeles lor
Rubio Canon via Leave Rubio Canon
Terminal Railway. tor Los Angeles.
9:00 a.m. dally. 9:40 a.m. dally.
10:30 a.m. suo. only. 11:10 a.m. Sun. only.
1:25 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 2:05 pm. Sat. & Sun.
4:00 p.m. dally 4:40 p.m. daily.
0.30 p.m. Wed. & Sat 6:20 p.m. Sun. only.
9:40 p.m. Wed. & Sat.
The incline cars will ran between Rubio
Cadon and Echo Mountain 15 minutes alter
the arrival of each train. Beyond Echo moun
tain are 20 miles of the finest bridle road to be
found in any part of the world, on which the
grandest t cenery that can be found on the globe
is at hand at every turn.
On the summit ol Echo mountain saddle ani
mals are always in waiting, with oompetent
guides, to convey parties through Castle Cafion,
Grand Cafion and Crystal Springs to Mt. Lowe
and highest peaks visible from Pasadena.
Los Angeles to Rubio cafion, $1; to Echo
mountain, $2.70.
Pasadena to Rubio cafion, 05 cants; to Echo
mountain, $2.35.
Altadena Junction to Rubio canon, 40 cents;
to Echo mouutain. $2.
Saddle animals irom Echo mountain to Mt
Lowe, $2. li. 11. BURKS,
Los Angeles ticket agent, Stimson block, Spring
and Third streets.
Oeneral offices. Grand Opera House block,
Pasadena, Cal. T. 8. C. LOWE,
President and General Manager.
J. T. WHEEDON, Trafllic Manager. 7-14
Compagoie Generate TransatlaDtiqiii
J North River, foot of M o rton street.
Travelers by this line avoid both travel by
English railway and the discomfort ol crossing
the channel lv a small boat.
LA BRETAGNE, September 30.
LA BOURGOGNE, October 7.
LA GASCOGNE, October 14.
LA TODr.AINB. October 21.
LA BRETaGNB, October 28.
LA CHAMPAGNE, November 4.
For ireight or passage apdy to
A. FORGET, Agent,
No 3 Bowling Green, Now York,
J. F. FUOAZI <k CO., agents, 5 Montgomery
aye,, San Francisco. Branch office, 18 Mom-
Pomery street. > Tickets lor sale by all railroad
and steamship offices. 8 1 tl
Redondo Railway
Winter Time Card No. 11.
IN EFFECT 5 A.M. MONDAY, SEPT. 25, 1893.
Los Angeles Depot, Corner Grand Avenue and
Jefferson street.
Take Grand avenue cable or Main street aud
Agricultural Park horse cars.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angeles i Eedondo
for Redondo for Los Angeles
daily daily
9:15 a.m. 7:45 a.m.
l-SSnwi 11-OO a.m.
5:10 p.m. 3:45 p.m.
Running time between Los Angeles and Re
dondo Beach, SO minutes.
City ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's Cigar
Store, corner First and Spring streets.
GEO. J. AINSWOBTH, President,
R. H,THOMPSON, Vice-President,
J. N. SUTTON, sup't. Bedoudo Beach.
Southern Pacific Company.
SEPTEMBER 22, 1893.
Ti ai ns leave nnd are flue to arrive at
Fifth street, dally, as follows:
Leave for destination. i Air. from
2:00 p.m San Fran. & Sacram'to 7:30 a m
30:40 p.m -an Fran Banram'tri 1 :48 p m
2:00 pni Oxden .t East, 2d class 7,30 a.m
10:40 p.m Ogden & Mast, lutclass 1:48 p.m
10:40 p.m Portland. Or 7:30 a m
8:30 a.m...II Paso and >;ast .. 4:00 pni
8 30 a m.. .Damlag and Ejst. I 4:00 p ra
8:30 a ni banning 4:00p m
Redlands s0:21 a.m
8:30 a m Redlands alO-.10a.m
10:30 a m Redlands 4 00 p.m
4:30 p m Redlauds. 0:15 p.m
Colton. t!l:21 a m
8 30 a m Colton Al0:10a.m
10:30 a m Colton 4.00p.m
4 30 p.m Coltou 0:15 p m
Rivirslde s9:il a m
8:30 a.m River.-ldo AlO 10 am
10:30 a a. Riverside 4:Oup.m
4:30p.m Riverside 0:15 p.m
Sau Bernaidlno so:2la.m
8:3 l a.m Sau Bernardino ... Al0:10am
10:30a.m Ban Bernardino . . 4:00p.m
4:30 p m . San Bernnrdiuo 0:15 p.m
Chino AB:soa.m
8:30a.m Chino 10:21 a.m
4:30 p.m Chino Al0:10a.m
Ao:4sp.m Chino 8:18 p.m
b:to a m Monrovia 7:55 a m
Monrovia AO :57 a.m
a 3:00 p.m Monrovia
5:15 p.m Monrovia 4:45 p.m
7:30 a.m Santa Barbara 1:48 p m
2:00 p.m.... Santa Barbara .... 0.10 p.m
A9:52a.m sunta Ana & Anahtlm 0.03 a.m
5:10 p.m Santa Ana A Anaheim a 4:04 p.in
4:52 p.m Tustln I 8:43 a.m
Ao:4oa.m Whittier 8:43 a.m
4:52p.m Whittier Al:4sp.m
9:25 am L- nt* B'ch i San Pedro 8:15 a.m
12:40 p.m S«nPedro& Long B'ch 11:50a.m
5.09 p. it i.ong B'ch & San Pedro 4:15 p.m
9:30 a. m ....Santa Monica 8:08 a. m
10:20 a.m rants Monica 8:50 a.m
1:10 pm Santa Monica 12:10 p m
5.15pm SautaMonica 4:25 p.m
0:25 p.m... .Santa Monica 5::>7 p.m
10:20 a n Soldiers Home... 8:08a.m
8:25 p.m Soldiers' Home ...j 5:37n.m
9:30 a.m...Port Los Angeles... 12:10 p.m
1:10 p.m Port cos Angeles...) 4:25 p.m
Take Santa Monies trains from Ban Fernano*
street, Nand's Junction, Commercial street,
Arcade depot, Jefferson street (Wlnthrop sta
tion), Grand avenue, or University.
For north: Arcade, Commercial street, Naud's
Junction, Ban Fernando street.
For east: Arcade. Commercial street, Naud's
For other branches: Arcade, Commercial
street, Naud's Junction. Ban Fernando Btreet.
Local and through tickets sold, baegage
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
made.and general information given upon ap
plication to J. M. CBAWLEY, Asut 9 Pas. Agt.,
No 144 S. Spring st,, cor. Second, CHARLES
SEYLER, Agent at depot*,
a Sundays only.
A Sundays excepted.
EICli'D GSAT. Gen. Traffic Mgr.
Ucu'l Passenger Agt
Los Angeles Termioal R'y.
Los Angeles depots: East end of First Btreet
and Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Pasadena for
Pasadenj. Los Angeles.
» 0:35 a.m ♦ 7:15 a m
» 7:10 a.m * 8:05 a.m
• 8:00 a m * 9:05 a.m
• 9:00 a.m *10:35 a.m
*',0 30 a.m •18:28 p.m
•12:20 p.m b 1:05 o.m
• 1:25 p.m a 1:30 p.m
• 2:20 p.m * 3:00 p m
• 4:00 p.m * 4,05 p.m
• 6:20 p m * 5:25 pm
• 0:20 p m * 7:05 p.m
,11:15 p.m f 8:05 p.m
* el 0:20 p.m
I ni:ss p.m
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later.
Leave Los Angete* forfLeave Altadena June-
Altadena Junction. ! tlon for Los Angeles,
• 9:00 a.m *10.10 a.m
(10:30 a.m 111*0 &,m
o 1:25 p.m c 2:30 p.m
• 4:00 p.m • 5:00 p.m
J 5:20 o m t 0:45 p.m
b 6:30 p.m blO:00 p.m
All trains start from First street depot.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Glendale lor Los
Glendale. Angeles.
t 6:40 o.m t 7:20 a m
t 8:20 a m t 9:12 a.m
112:35 p.m '. 1 1:30 p.m
• 5:25 p.m * 0:13 p.m
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Bas. Sau Pedro
1/ong Beach and East for
Ban Pedro. Los Angeles.
• 1V.45 a.m * 7:15 a.m
J 1:10 p.m 11l :15 a vi
t 5:16 p.m t 3:40 p.m
t 6:00 p.m 1 4; 10 p.m
Between East San Pedro aud Long Beach
10 minutes.
Trains leave Los Anaelos 9 a.m and 4 p.m.
Sundays 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:25 p.m., 4 p.m.
5:20 p.m.
Saturdays, 9 a.m , 1:25 and 4 p.m. and 6:30
p.m.; returning, leave Rubio Pavilion 9:10
p.m„ arrive Los Angeles 10:45 pm.
Fine Pavilion and Hotel, good music aud
grand entertainment
• Daily, t Daily except Sundays, t Sundays
only, a Except Saturdays, b Saturdays only,
c Saturdays and Sundays only, c Wednesdays
snd Saturdays only, f Except Wednesdays
aud Saturdays.
The 10:30 a.m. and 5:20 p.m. trains on tbe
Pasadena division run through to Aitaaena
Sundays, connecting thore with Mt, Lowe
Stages meet the 8 am. and 12:20 p.m. trains
at Pasadena for Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 8 a.m.
train for Wilson's peak can return same day.
On theater nights the 11:16 p.m. train for
Pasadena will wait until 20 mlnules after
theator closes.
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end First Etreet and Downey
avenuo bridges.
Oeneral offices, First-street Depot.
T. B. BURNETT, General Manager.
jy2 tf W. WINCUP, Gen, Paesenger Ag't.
SJW Prices low for cash, or will sell on In
stallments. Tel. 984. P.O. b0x921.
np p a mi t twc
t/ 11, XJ. VJt . UUJJUIIOJ,
geles Optical Institute, 125 South Spriug
street, in Wagner's Kimberly, Los Angeles.
6 27 0m
DB. WONG HIM, who has practiced medi
cine in Los Angeles for 18 years, and
whoso office is at 039 Upper Main stre-t will
treat by medicines all diseases of women, men
and children. The doctor claims that he has
remedies which are superior to all others a* •
specific lor troubles of women and men. A
trial alone will convince the sick that Dr.
Wong Him's reinedie 1 are more efficacious than
can be prescribed. Dr. Wong Him lsaOhlnesa
priyticianof prominence and a gentleman of re
spouslbllity. His reputation is more than wail
established, and all persons needing his serv
ices can rely upon his skill and ability. A core
is guaranteed in every case in which a recov
ery Is possible. Herb medicines for sale.
639 Upper Main St., Lob Angeles, Cal.
Los Anoei.es, Cal., June 17, 189 a
To the Public: I have been suffering with
piles and kidney trouble for over Aye years,
aud have tried several remedies, but all failed
to relieve me. A short time since I tried Dr.
Wong Him, 039 Upper Main street, and I am
now well and strong, and consider him a first*
class doctor. Yours truly,
235 8. Hill St., Los Angelas, Cal.
Los Angeles, June t 9, 1893.
To the Public: For over five years I have
been troubled with nervous sick-headache and
liver complaint. I didn't seem to Bud any belt
Irom tbe many doctors and medicines tbat I
tried uutil I irled Dr. Wong Him, 633 Upper
Main street. lam now well. Yours truly,
MI-,8 M. G. BROCK,
48 Hinton aye.. Los Angeles, OaL
Kearaey St*
Ban Francisco. CaL*i»
TslwMTliTtlWM ln ls& *' '°i
W?liffiffi3s3rMlH«®» u ' e » lmento ' Sexual ana
diseases, rack
syphilis ia
u> lorras. Seminal
Weakness, Impotency and Loot Manhood per
manently cured. The sick and afflicted should
not talt 10 call upon him. The Doctor has trar*
eled extensively ln Europe and inspected tho*
oughly the various hospitals there, obtaining
a great deal of valuable information, which bos*'
competent to Impart to those In need of hi* sea-i
vices. The Dootor core* where others IsiL
Tiyhlm. Die. GIBBON will make nocbarg*
unless ho effects a care. Persona at a dlstano*
CURED AT HOMI. All communication*
strictly confidential. All Utters answered la
Slain envelopes. Call or write. Address
Bob 1957, Ban Francisco, OaL i
\. --at! on La* Aaaole* Heealo. la-Hl* '
nor cure witll m y
well. Bookmen t fro©
i , California — most lv
women's brencts.
Please semi this to Knme one with cancei*
9-2i-dAW- 6m
Easily, Quickly and Permanently Restored.
Celebrated English Uemedy
dfflh ]\KBVIA. jf^\
IB -* ~;J Tt is sold on a positive jP§ J
W\ guarantee to cure any OW
form of nervous pros- \m\j
tuition or any disorder 1 *sa"av
°* tho B enital organs of ,l>J»^a.
Before, by excessive use ol After»
Tobacco, Alcohol or Opium, or on account
of youthful indiscretion or over indulgence etc..
Diziinoss. Convulsions, Wakefulness, Headache,
Mental Depression, Softening ol the Brain, Weak
Memory, Bearing Down Pains, Seminal Weakness.
Hysteria. Nocturnal Emissions, Spermatorrhosa»
Loss of Power and Impotency, which if neglected*
to premature old age an-* inaanity.
Positively guaranteed. Price. $1.00 a box; ti boxes
for $5.00. Went by mail on receipt of price. A written
guarantee furnished i»ith every $5.00 order received,
to refund the money if a permanent cure is not
Fit IBM AN & CARPER, 102 N. Spring St,
Without the Koifo.
121 S. Main St.
DlTOityof - -
Southern California
DR. J. P. WIDNEY, President.
Academic Courses lilting lor College in three
years. _
Classical, Philosophical, Scientific and Litera
ture aud Art.
Best oi facilities for Vocal and Instrumental
Music, Palntiug, Stenography,Type-writlng,&o.
For particulars address
9-10 lm University P. P., Cal.
A brancli of the Convent of Our Lady ol the
Sacred Heart, Oakland, Cal.
This institution, conducted or the Sister* of
the Holy Nameß, occupies one ol the moil pic
turesque sites ln the Ssn Gabriel Valley. It has
ieatures of excetleuce that specially reoom
mend it to public pitronaee. The course of
study embraces the various branchesof a solid,
useful and ornamental education. For partie
ularsapplvtothe LADY SUPERIOR.
Conveyances wilt take visitors from Shorn
station to Convent on Thursdays and Satur
days, on arrival of 2:40 p. ra. train irom Lo*
Angeles. 8-2 lm
J. M. Griffith, Pres't. J T. Griffith, V.-Pre*'t
T. E Nlcholß, Secy and Treas.
E. L. Chandler, Superintendent
And Manufacturers of
Mill Workt'f Every Description.
934 N. Alameda St, Los Angvles. 6-1 tf
ColumbianUaiversity School
A select private school for young people.
High grade, pure tone, Individual instruction.
Prepare for University, Coiiego and Business.
Studies elective. Opens Oct 2d. Gymnauaot
NatKtorium, Library, etc. Address
9 24 14t HEN&Y GOON, Pita.

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