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A Knocking Scandal Disclosed
in San Francisco.
Children Starved to Death In a
Foundling Asylum.
■an Bernardino Justice*' and Consta
bles' Fees Cut B-own— Governor
Pennoynr'a Latest Freak—
Other Coast New*.
By the Associated Press.
Ban Francisco, Oct. 9. —A shocking
scandal has been caused here by the
coroner's investigation of the San Fran
cisco foundling asylum, where 33 babes
died within tbe past six weeks. The
place was closed Thusedsy last, and 24
foundlings given into the custody of the
Catholic infant shelter. The coroner
ascertained that 33 waifs died of lack oi
nutrition, inattention and the scourge
pemphigus. The Daughters of the Good
Shepherd publicly branded the asylum
a "slaughter house for babies." The
sanitary condition of the asylum is very
bad. It is charged that tbe nurses and
attendants occupied sunny rooms up
stairs and kept the babes in damp, d.trk
apartments. Before the coroner today
it wiis developed that dead babies bad
been kept on the premises four days.
Tbe official undertaker of the institu
tion testified that when infants died tbe
attendants put the bodies in a box un
der the front door steps and kept there
like so much garbage until be came to
take them away. He had found three
bodies cast indiscriminately into the
box at one time. He removed them
without notifying the people at the asy
lum. Tbe inquest will be resumed
next Wednesday.
San Bernardino Supervisors Institute a
Much-needed Keform.
San Bebnabdino, Oct. 9.—The board
of supervisors has notified the justices
oi the peace throughout the county that
it will not allow them fees in excess of
$2 oerday and will pay no fees ol jus
tices or constables in cases of prosecu
tion of vagrants, unlesß tbe complaint is
sworn to by some reputable citizen of
the township, other than the officers
thereof. The board of supervisors will
also hereaftar require justices and con
stables to itemize their bills, stating the
names of the case and the crime, and
whether or not a jury was in attendance.
Olams for serving as witnesses mnet give
name of witness and where summoned,
and in claims for mileage, the places
between which travel was necessary
must be shown, and where meale are
furnished the name of parties fur
nishing the same must be given. These
requirements have been found neces
sary because of the large monthly bills
presented by justices and constables
throughout the county, which range
irom $100 to $300 each, and aggregate
thousands of dollars, and have become
an enormous expense to the county.
Sttps Taken to Have Ite Affairs Settled
In the Courts.
Santa Ana, Oct. 9. —A step was taken
today that ia likely to throw into the
conrta the liquidation of the affaire of
tbe Anaheim bank. Since the bank
closed for the aecond time, liquidation
haa been conducted by Plez Jares,
former president, with the consent of
tbe depositors. Today R. S. Scale, a
depositor, brought an attachment enit
for $1200. This will probably throw the
whole thing into the courts, unless
Scale drops hia suit. The result of
throwing tbe liquidation into the courts
will be to invalidate much that ha
been done in the way of settlement.
Since September 9th the deposits are
$110,000. An investigation of the as
sets by a committee of depositors es
timates tbe assets at $101,000, but a
shrinkage in this is already shown.
The failure is largely dne to large in
vestments in Mexico and land in Ne
vada and elsewhere.
The Janltress of a Kindergarten Mur
dered by Her Husband.
San Francisco, Oct. 9. — A moet
shocking tragedy occurred this morn
ing in the Felix Adler free kindergarten
shortly after 8 o'clock. Mrs. Sarah
Collins wae horribly gashed with a knife
and an hour later expired at tbe
receiving hospital. Mrs. Collins
was tbe janitrees of the building.
When the principal and teachers arrived
this morning the unfortunate woman
was found dying on tbe schoolhouse
steps. Near by was a knife with which
the tragedy was committed. Her hus
band, Patrick Collins, iB suspected of
the murder, as be has tried to kill her
before. He wae arrested tonight.
Be Will Not Uelp to Launch the Bat
tleship Orogon.
Portland, Ore., Oct. o.—Governor
Pennoyer, when consulted today by the
mayors of Portland and Astoria about
tbe programme ior visiting San Fran
cisco to witness the launch of tbe bat
tleship Oregon and tbe purchase of a
testimonial for tbe ship, declined to
have anything to do with the ceremo
nies. He is reported to have said that
he did not approve of wasting so much
money on tbe navy, as be did not be
lieve tbe country would ever need it.
For a testimonial nothing could be
more appropriate, be thought, than a
Bilver service, especially now that silver
ie so cheap.
Convention of Miners.
San Francisco, Oct. 9.-—The conven
tion of California Miners' association
assembled in Pioneer ball this morning.
Delegates were present from all the
mining counties of the state.
Officers were elected as follows:
President, Jacob NefT; vice-president,
8. K. Thornton ; secretary, W. C. Hal
ston; assistant secretary. W. W. Kode
haver; treasurer, Julian Sontag.
The convention was addressed by M.
H. de Young and other members of the
executive committee of the midwinter
Survivors of a Wreck.
Port Townsbnd, Wash., Oct. 9. —
Eight survivors of the wrecked Chilean
bark Lenora landed at Victoria today.
The vessel was commanded by
Captain P. Janatsh, not by
Myers, as previously reported,
The body of the captain's wife, which
web recovered, was wrapped in Cage
sad left on the beach, the mbu being
%c much exhausted to bury her.
Four More victim* Added to th* Long
Yuma, Arii., Oot. 9.—Word haa been
received here that an Indian herding
cattle 100 miles above Yuma bad found
the body of an American a few miles
west of Threnberg. From the descrip
tion given it is believed to be that of
Conrad Davids, who left here on a pros
pecting trip about four months ago
with J. W. Baker. They were from
Clifton, Ariz. They camped about 20
miles west of the Colorado river, and
while prospecting became separated.
Baker followed Davids' trucks for three
days, but was unsuccessful in his search.
His remains were found about 15 miles
from where Baker gave up the search
when the traces disappeared. Davids'
watch and $33 in money were found in
his pockets. The remains were buried
where they were found.
A few days ago Loreto Villa, in charge
of tbe cattle berda of the Allison Bros.,
aiong the Cocopah mountains, left Black
Butte for Caiupo, Cal. Wednesday,
last, bis mule returned to camp without
him. A search was instituted, which
resulted in finding tracke which showed
that he had got off hia mule
to water him at a spring,
when tbe mule, which waa a bad
one, got away and ran home, a distance
of 40 miles. Villa tried to follow, and
when he bad gone about half way, wan
dered oil' into tbe eand hills, where he
threw away his shoes and where his
tracks were obliterated by tbe winds.
The tracke of two other men were also
found on the same sand hills. Tbey are
supposed to be those of two prospectors
named Ross and Williams. These add
three more names to the desert's dead,
and these perished in eight ot tbe spot
where the Breedloves were found dead
more than a year ago.
A Total Attendance of Over Three
Quarters or a Million. .
Chicago, Oct. 9.—The total attend
nce at the fair today waa 751,026, of
which 713,046 were paid.
James Malcolm, who died at tbe
Emergency hospital of apoplexy, was a
resident of San Francisco.
Thomas Robertson, of Fremont,
Minn., was struck by a cable car and
fatally hurt, dying in a short time.
John Dryden, an employee of Jamee
Pain & .Sons, was fatally injured by tbe
premature explosion of a bomb. He
died shortly after reaching the hospital.
Mrs. John Tucker of Red Bud., 111.,
had hardly passed through tbe gates
when she called for aid. She was as
sisted by women until an ambulance
took her to tbe hospital, where she gave
birth to a son,
The indebtedness of the world's Co
lumbian exposition has been wiped out.
A check calling for $1,565,310 has been
made out payable to President Mitchell
of the Illinois Trust and Savings bank,
which is tbe trustee of the exposition
Two Satisfactory Fights at the Coney
island Club.
Coney Island Athletic Club, Oct.
9. —Tbere were two fuihta here this
evening, aud an audience of 4000 people
at tbe conclusion pronounced them
selves satisfied.
There was a preliminary 10-round
bout between Charlie Kramer and Jim
Sullivan, local bruisers, which after a
hammer and tongs contest, resulted in
a draw.
But tbe star attraction was a go for
blood between Horace Leeds and Billy
Ernst. They fonght at 133 pounda and
put up a pretty, though one-sided ex
hibition. Ernst was clearly outclassed
but was game. Eight rounds ended tbe
agony. A straight one on Ernst's heart
put an end to his pugilistic aspirations
and him to sleep.
The French Commissioner of Vltlcul
culturu la the State.
San Francisco, Oct. 9. —Francois Gos,
French commissioner of viticulture to
the United States, and epecial commis
sioner to inspect California vineyards,
arrived, in the city from Chicago
today and will begin his work
tomorrow. Mr. Gob will go
to work at once and expects to be at
Cupertino Wednesday and take obser
vations, at the vineyards and wineries in
that vicinity. Thence he will visit
Mission San Jose and Livermore and
other valleys in that part of tbe etate.
When he has seen all tbat be wishes in
the south Napa and Sonoma districts
he will go south and in this way he ex
pects to inspect the wine industry from
one end of the state to the other.
Another of the San Francisco Dyna
miter's Arrested.
San Francisco, Oct. 9.—lt is reported
at a late hour tonight that the police
have arrested a man named Johnson, a
union sailor, who took a satchel of dyna
mite to a .Mission street lodging honse,
and who is supposed to be one of the
conepiritors who caused the explosion
at Curtin's lodging bouse on tbe water
front. The man was found in hiding on
a ship at Oakland mole. The police
Bnirited the prisoner away.
--trui.ciul AuroNMi
Artificial miniature auroras of tho bo
realis variety havo been produced by
both De la Rive, the French savant, and
Lenstrom, the Swedish astronomer. In
Professor Lenstrom"s experiments, which
were made in Finland, the peak of a high
mountain was surrounded with a coil of
wire, pointed at intervals with tin nibs.
The wire was then charged with elec
tricity, whereupon a brilliant aurora ap
peared above the mountain in which
spectroscopic analysis revealed the
greenish yellow rays so characteristic in
nature's display of "northern lights."—
Foreign Letter.
Our Other Self.
Each of us has two selves, tho higher
and the lower. When God seems out of
reach, as is often the case, and our pray
ers return to us heavier and sadder than
when thoy left our lips, it is a good
plan to commune with that alter ego
which is a shade nearer the divine, that
part which longs to help and to over
come, but is held down by the inrrrmi
!ies of tho lower uaturt. Ask it for
strength and instruction, and by so do
ng help the whole man. God is so often
found in such ways.— Ameri
can Woman's Journal.
Strained Relations Between
Italy and France.
Ferdinand De Lessepg and Marshal
McMahon Dying.
British Aristocrats Prosecuted for
Cruelty to Children- The Bom
bardment of Rio de Janeiro.
British Coal Famine.
By the Associated Press.
London, Oct. f».—The Chronicle's cor
respondent at Taris says the unexpected
resignation of tieneral Mathelin, com
mander of the Fifteenth army corpß,
who, in the ordinary omrse, wonld have
taken command of the French campaign
against Italy, has caused a painful sen
sation in government and army circles.
This feeling, the correspondent Bays,
has been increased by a telegram from
Marseilles to tho Journal, which tele
gram the authorities oaused to be sup
pressed, stating in higher military circles
no surprise wonld be felt if the Italian
troops should pass the frontier tomor
row. The telegram also said, General
Mathelin, owing to the condition of his
health, did not feel equal to the task
with which be would be confronted if
the Alpine outpost was doubled. It
says further that the attitude of the offi
cers and men of the army towards Italy
has become so aggressive that even Ger
many is counselling calmness and pru
dence. Tbe correpondent adds* that
probably tbe reports of anti-Italian feel
ing are somewhat exaggerated, but he
says it is difficult to imagine greater an
pleasantry, short of positive hostilities,
than now exists between France a .id
Italy. General Vaulgrenant will succeed
General Mathelin.
More Firing on the Forts—Reinforce
ments for tho Kobelfl.
Rio de Janeiro, Oct. 9. —The insur
gent fleet again bombarded the outside
forts today, and there was also some
tiring on the other sldeopposite the city.
It is believed tbe insurgents will attempt
to capture the Estralla powder maga
zine, bat the government will blow the
magazine up if it seems in danger of
capture. There is no truth in tbe report
that the foreign war ships are landing
sailors to protect foreign subjecte. Tbe
insurgent admiral has issued a mani
festo disclaiming any intention of bom
barding the city.
New York, Oct. 9.—The Herald's
Montevideo dispatches say: Dispatches
from Buenos Ayres said sn expedition
of sympathizers with Admiral Mellon
set out from that city today for Rio on
the steamer Cidade do Porto. A consid
erable quantity of muuitions of war and
provisions was taken along. Later dis
patches Bay abe haa on board some ar
tillerymen, ac well as infantry, and
many of the officers and leaders in tbe
revolt in Rio Grande do Sul.
The Live* of Two Great Frenchmen
Slowly Ebbing Away.
Paris, Oct. 9.—Count Ferdinand de
Lessens is nearly dead. His son Charles
and wife are at hia bedside, and tbe end
of tbe great engineer may be expected
at any moment.
The latest bulletin in regard to Mar
shal MacMahon says he is in a comatose
condition and his life ia slowly ebbing
away, and his death is only a question
of days. .
Worse than Mrs. Montague.
London, Oct. 9. —The hearing of the
case of Constance Helen Phelan and
husband, charged with extreme cruelty
to 2-year-old children in tbeir home iv
Cheater, reveals a story iv many respects
worße than tbat brought out in the cele
brated Montague case. The society for
prevention of cruelty to children has
charge of the prosecution of tbe case.
After testimony was taken the prisoners
were admitted to bail, the solicitor Bay
ing the defendants were people of meana
and position and it would be a very
serious matter to them if they were de
prived of their liberty.
Coal and Paper Famines.
London, Oct. 9. —One of the largest
paper mills in the kingdom has closed
its doors, owing to a lack of coal. Many
other mills are upon tbe point of simi
lar action. This wonld lead to a paper
famine in the newspaper world, where
the stocks of paper are being quickly
Death of Antiquarian Smith.
London, Oct. 9.--Sir William Smith,
for many years editor of the Quarterly
Review and a compiler of various ency
clopedia works relating to antiquity,
died Saturday, 81 years oi age.
A Monetary Conference.
Paris, Oct. 9.—The conference of the
Latin monetary union opened today.
The Whistling Tree.
A species of acacia, which grows very
abundantly in Nubia-and the Soudan, is
also called the "whistling tree - ' by the
natives. Its Fhoots aro frequently, by
the agency of the larvae of insects, dis
torted in shape and swollen into a globu
lar bladder from 1 to 2 inches in diame
ter. After the insect has emerged from
a circular hole in tho side of this swell
ing, the opening, played upon by the
wind, becomes a musical instrument
nearly equal in sonnd to a sweet toned
flute. —New York Telegram.
A flood Excuse.
Judge—You are charged with assault
ing this man.
Prisoner —I plead guilty, your honor,
but I havo a good excuse. 1 addressed
this man civilly three times, and ho never
answered me.
Judge—Why, the man is deaf and
Prisoner—Well, why didn't he say so?
A enrious box was recently fonnd
amid the ruins oi Pompeii. The box was
marble or alabaster, about 2 inches
square and closely sealed. When opened,
it was found to be full of pomatum or
grease, hard, but very fragrant. The
smell resembled somewhat that of the
roses, but was much more fragrant.
American pioneers wero God fearing
and Bible loving. They staked out town
lots iv 22 Bethels, 10 Jordans, 9 Jerichos,
14 Bethlehoma, J3 Goshens, 21 Shilohs.
11 Carmels, 18 Tabors and Mount Ta
bors, 22 Zicns and Mount Zions, 26
Edens, 80 Lebjnons, 26 Hebrews and 86
Bweetllttlo prattler, whom tho morning son
Found singing, and this llvclongsummerday
Keeps warbling still; here have I dreamed
Two bright and happy hours tbat passed as
Lulled by thy silvery oonvorse. Just begun
And novor ended. Thou dost preach to me
Sweet patience and her itucst reality,
The sense of days and weeks and months that
Scarce altering In their round of happiness.
And quiet thoughts, and toils tliatdonot kill.
And homely pastimes. Though the old distress
Loom gray above us both at times, ah, still
Be constant to thy woodland noto, sweet bird;
By me at least thou «halt be loved and heard.
-Archibald Lampman in Youth's Companion.
The Moon aa We See It.
Did you ever stop to consider the fact
that tho inhabitants of this earth have
never Been but ono sido of the moon, and
to inquiro tho reasons why such ia the
case? The explanation is this: Tho moon
makes one revolution on her axis in the
same period of time that she takes up in
revolving once around the earth, thus
the same geographical region of the lunar
surface is always toward us. As one ex
planstiou usually calls for another, it
may not be out of place to mention the
fact that the reasons tho two motions of
the moon above referred to so nearly
coincide are these:
The moon is not a true globe, but is
very elliptical in form. It did not in all
probabilities orginally start on its axial
rotation with precisely the same velocity
■with which it moved around the earth,
but tho very best asrroriomers say that
the two motions wero not fur apart in
the start. Assuming that the moon was
semi-liquid or at least soft in those re
mote days, the earth's attraction caused
the lunar surface to elongate, and in tho
untold ages which followed its axial ro
tation, owing to tho attractive influence
of both the earth and tho sun, was Blade
to correspond with its orbital movement
around tho earth.—St. Louis Republic.
Old Time Hanking Methods.
Whilo discussing the matter of the
troubles and trials of banking business
of today President James Espy of the
Ohio Vslley National bank said to a
group of friends: "I tell you that we do
not know anything about tho peculiari
ties of tho banking business. I have
heard officials of the bank when I was be
ginning iv the business rehearse tho exp".
riencesin early banking in Virginia. At
is well known, the residents of t hat state
wero not much given to business tactic;;.
Whenever they had occasion to issue n
note, and it was quito frequent, the bans
officials had to drivo around to the vari
ous farms, or to tho place where tht
maker lived, and it was quite difficult to
get them to sign tho original, but much
more so a renewal. Experts got so the]
could tell whether tho note was renew?;,
in tho house or in the field, as they co-tlv
tell whether i! was written on the pom
mcl of a Eatldln c? nf ■"- regular desk."-
Cincinnati " ■
mm, mi 3i
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