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The Paving Question Again—Local
Pasadena, Oct. 27.—At last theiong
threatened suit of the Perine Paving
and Contracting company vs. the City
of Pasadena, to recover $3000 which waa
put up by the company for the faithful
performance of their paving contract
with the city of Pusadena, and which
the council declared forfeited into the
city treasury, upon their refußing to go
on with tho work.
The complaint, which is iesued from
the superior court, was served on Judge
Wend, as president of the council this
morning. It acts forth that the Paving
company entered into a contract with
tbe city' of Pasadena to pave certain
streets, namely, Fair Oaks and Ray
mond avenues. >o accordance with
specifications adopted hy the city coun
cil and alleged to he, in compliance; with
toe state law ; that a certified check for
$3000 was put up by the company •■ a
guarantee of good faith and the laying
of tbe pavement in accordance with the
specifications as adopted.
Alter this bad been done the company
became aware, (or the first time, that
tbe proceedings of the council were
irregular aod invalid, through a notice
served on them by property owners on
the streets atlected, setting forth this
fact, and lurther elating that if the work
whb done payment would be contested.
Upon inbe'etigation ol the matter the
company became convinced that such
irregularities existed as to render it im
possible for tbein to collect their money
after tbe work was completed, and for
this reason they refused lo carry out
tbe contract, and anked that their check
be returned to thcni.
This the council refused to do and or
deied that the money be declared for
feited, all of which is claimen to be con
trary to law aud justice, and it is to
compel the return of f*,iis money to
gether with costs, etc., that judgment is
nfked for.
This, in brief, is a statement of the
cape and its details ni narrated in the
columns of the llun.u.u at the time of
its ucnurranco, are to well known to
Dcud further comment.
. U tint time unil ever since the
Hi -i.v ii has maintained that the coun
e l bad no right to confiscate, the $3000
PHI tip hv the paving company for ttie
rcatorj 11• a.t Ifac proceedings w«te irregu
i r and their money could not he col
Now the matter has at last got Into
: tl ri'iirta, where n final .settlement will
in- bad and the proceeding will either
teclined rectilar or the city be coin-
I i-lied to pay back tbe money appro
printed, together with costs in a suit
which promises to be decidedly ex
The social given by the Young Peo
ple's eociety of the Presbyterian cbnrch
in the lecture room last evening called
out a large crowd, and a very pleasant
evening was passed. The programme,
which was short but very much en
joyed, consisted of a violin solo by Mr.
I'd. Hutching; vocal solo, Mr. Frank
Catea, and piano selections by Misses
Dane and Parker. A series of amateur
blackboard drawings furnished much
amusement for the audience. Refresh
ments ware served late in tbe evening.
One drnnk was the total report of our
police department today.
Mr. Joseph Campbell and family of
North Pasadena are back from a three
months' eastern trip.
The entertainment and dinner of the
W. X C. yesterday netted the ladies
over $150.
Prof. Keyes has returned from a lec
ture tonr through Fresno county.
The marriage of (jeorge s. Turner and
Misß Mamie Banbury of this city took
place at Loa Angeles on Wednesday
A meeting of the board of trade ad
vertising committee took place this
morning, when it was definitely decided
to issue the 10,000 pamphlets at once.
Mr. T. P. Lukens of our city council
left veßterday for Port Townsend npon
a short busiuesH trip.
Ethel t nruiuii won the vote as tbe
most popular little girl at the W. R. C.
lair yesterday, carrying oil' a pair of
dolls and bedstead.
Subscribers not receiving papers regu
larly will please report at office, 60 Hast
Colorado street.
A reception was tendered to l)r, and
Mrs. 8. P. Swearingen by the Odd Fel
lowY lodge this evening at their haft in
the \>.-ity block. A large crowd was
pieeciU, and a very pleasant evening
(J. K. Breed has purchased property
i n H mi Colorado street, near the Brock
block, and will at once erect a busi
..er j block dpon it.
I he death of Mrs. Anna Bodenstein
'■ >■■ ml Rapid •, Mich, took place yes
v in this city. The remains will be
limed and sent east.
The young people of the various
i Mat societies of Loa Angeles will
iuke possession of Rubio caflon tomor
,' -liV,
The very sensible suggestion is made
ly the Star that a special alarm be ar
ranged by the lire department to be
tiscd when they iurn out for practice.
Tim piesent practice is a nuisance and
t hull Id be changed in some manner.
(Jummenting upon an article which
appeared In the Herald a few days ago
upon the newspaper deadbeat question,
the Star says:
Tbe Herald proposes that the news
papers form a union to expose the class
who prov upon tbem by beating bills,
either advertising or subscription. Then
the rascal who haa "jumped" a bill at
Los Angeles will not be able to come to
Pasadena and do tbe same thing. One
bit of rascality will end hia usefulness
in Southern California, or aa far as tbe
operation of tbe union extends. We
second the motion ; and we know of sev
eral dead beata whose wings should have
been clipped long ago by a similar pro
tection. _
A Landmark Oona—Orlmei Captured.
Tbe Walnut Crop.
Santa Ana, Oct. 27. —A landmark in
tbe early history of Santa Ana ie being
moved out of town. Every old resident
of this city remembers the long wooden
structure with a mammoth-sized coffee
pot perched upon the awning. This
building was situated on Main street
and occupied by R. H. Dibble. It was
placed on wheels today and carted out
of town.
J. C. Nichols returned from Bakers
field on the 11 a. m. Southern Pacific
train. Ue was accompanied by Grimes,
tbe burglar and all-around hard case,
who waa captured at Bakersfleld.
Grimes made a desperate effort to elude
capture, and it was only after be had
been shot at several times by the pursu
ing officials before be stopped running,
and then be dropped to the ground and
crawled'through the high weeds to
where be thought be was safely hidden
away. He waß taken before Justice
Freeman and his examination wbb set
for tomorrow. Marshal Nichols did not
give the sprinter an opportunity to es
Arthur Staley of Placentia went up
to Los Angeles yesterday to collect the
money due on the first two carloads of
walnuts shipped from that place by the
Fullerton English Walnut Growers' as
sociation. These walnuts were soft
shells and brought 7% cents per pound.
Tbe association have orders for nine
carloads of walnuts at 734 cents for bard
sbella and s' . cents for Boft-ehelle. They
will probably make another shipment
this week.
The Orange county fruit exchange
will hold a meeting at Tuetin next
Marriage licenses were granted to the
following parties today by the county
clerk of Orange county: George Patter
son, aged 40, and Julia E. Briggß, aged
41, both of Santa Ana; W. Laurance
Owen, aged 34, of Santa Ana, and Mary
A. Paulser, aged 34 years, of Hollister,
San Bonito county.
The sale of tbe Anaheim irrigation
district bonds for (170,000 was accom
plish Borne time since to Chicago parties.
There has been some technical point
raised as to the validity of the bonded
indebtedness of the district. The legal
counsel for the district, however, hold
that the indebtedness ie legal and that
a levy should be made in the usual way,
in order that the interest on the bonds
might be paid. After considerable de
liberation and much discussion, a reso
lution, which reads as follows, waa pre
sented :
Resolved, That the Bum of 81 cents on
each $100 of tbe assessed valuation of
tho property in the Anaheim irrigation
district is hereby levied as an assess
ment for tbe purpose of raising a fund
for paying the annual interest for tbe
fiscal year ending July 1, 1894, on the
bonds amounting to $170,000 outstand
ing and sold to N. W. Harris A Co., and
that the secretary of this board do com
pute and enter into the assessment book
the proper sums to be paid aa assess
ments on the property enumerated in
aaid aesesßment book according to law.
It is thought that the 81 cents levy
will be reaiated in a legal way.
The Anaheim Gazette of the 26th says
that Charley Bauer bad the misfortune
last week while working on the Dunn
boys' hay baler to get a barley beard in
hia eye which haa necessitated his going
to Eos Angeles to consult an occuliet
about it and has since incapacitated him
from work. Although the sight was for
a time almost destroyed it is hoped that
it will soon be all right again.
Inasmuch as Frank Porter had 18
acres of peanuts and 1200 pounds of wal
nuts out in the rain tbe downpour is not
an unmixed bieasing to him. He reck
ona bis losa at a couple of hundred.
Alan Melrose of Anaheim had hia arm
broken a few daye ago, while playing
with some children at school.
The chamber of commerce will hold
another meeting tonight, in order to
come to a final understanding as to
what will be done towards taking part
in the midwinter exposition. Mr. Pea
body, who went to Los Angeles yester
day for tbe purpose of finding out what
could be done to secure a desirable site,
will report tonight in effect that it can
be secured, and that tbe other southern
counties are pushing forward in the
The examination of Bowers, act seed
of burglary, baa been Bet for next Tues
day. \
Fred Goldwait. a youngs man of Ana\
heim, was arrested thia morning on a.
warrant charging him with burglarizing
tbe house of a Mr. Lareen of Anaheim.
The water in the river ia running
about one mile south of the Fifth atreet
bridge. It is following the new channel
excavated for it.
Mies Tecla Rich tor, who haa been
vieiting her sister, Mrs. Bergdorf, of
this city, for several days Dast, returned
to her home in Lob Angeiea last even
Dr. Rowan of Capiatrano waa in the
city yesterday.
It Should Be in Every Honae.
J. B. Wilson, 371 Clay St., Htmrpsburg, Pa.,
says ho will not be withour Dr. King's New
Discovery lor Consumption, Coughs and Colds.
That it cured his wife who was threatened with
Pneumonia after an attack of "La Grippe"
when various other remedies aud several phy
sicians had done her no good, llobcrt liarber,
of C'ooltsport, Pa., claims Dr. Etna's New
Discovery haa done hnn more good than any
thing he ever used for Lung Trouble. Nothing
like It. Try It. Free Trial Bottler, at 0, F.
Hotnzeman's drug store. Largo bottles, SOc
and $1,
The Fruit Exchange Ships Six Cars or
Pomona, Oct. 27.—The firat shipment
to be made by tbe fruit exchange from
Pomona will be tomorrow, and goea over
the Santa Fe route, and will be six car
loads—something to feel prond of at
least—of dried prunes. Tbey are being
loaded today, and will be ready by to
morrow. If there is such a thing as
getting better margins in freight by
train shipments, our managers of the
fruit exchange will no doubt use every
exertion to get tbe advantage of any
such concession on tbe part of public
carriers. Another point in favor of this
shipment will be the fact that the bulk
of prunes dried in this valley ia of a
good quality, being good green fruit,
and tbe drying season being exception
ally good, at least the greater portion of
the time.
The ladieß of St. Paul's Episcopal
church announce that the management
will have everything in readiness to
open their annual bazaar on November
Kith, and that it ia their intention to
make it, if possible, more attractive
than any heretofore.
The dramatic recital and concert pro
gramme of W. Glasco and his support,
tbe /Etna Jubilee company, ie out for
tbia evening.
The assembly participators st the
opera house last night all say they had
a good time.
Judge H. S. Finney and brother re
turned to Pomona laßt night from their
old Detroit home, after "having done"
the White City, its world's fair, etc.
The whole Weekly Times force are
head and ears into it today moving their
plant to new quarters.
It ie a noticeable fact that the traina
now paaaing through our city are using
every precaution to avert accident of
any kind. Either the ordinance, Col.
Muir'a orders or the narrow escape on
the Main-street crossing a few weeks
since, or better perhaps all three com
bined have worked magic, for tbe eub
officere and employeea are evidently
acquitting themselves very creditably
in tbe matter.
Tbe southwest corner of Second and
Main streets was pretty well blocked for
a time this ai'ternoon by a religious dis
cussion between two parties ta.4 their
Mias Jennie Francie haa gone to San
Bernardino for a visit of a few days.
Mr. Joe Overman, formerly of thia
place, but now of Aleseaudro, ia in
Pomona today, moving around among
hia friende.
F. D. Joy of Glendora ia in town thia
Tbe Salvation army managers are now
looking out for more epacioua quartere,
as their present barracks prove too
email for the accommodation of their
City Ball Needed - A New Railroad.
News Notes.
Redlands, Oct. 27. —Thia city ia in
need of a city ball or some building
where all tbe city offices can be concen
trated. A repart baa been circulated
that Mr. Meade ia willing to construct a
two-story building on his lot on State
street, west of A. Ford's store, for the
use of the city entirely. The firat to be
handsomely arranged for the fire depart
ment, and the upper floors to be divided
for the various city ollic.es, tbe whole to
be lighted with electricity and furniahed
with all the modern improvements. The
combination of all the city business
would certainly be of great convenience
and desirable.
Tbe Santa Fe will probably extend
its line into tbe Lake View country, the
new townsite near Moreno, at an early
date, an agreement having been reached
between the railroad company and land
company. Tbe road will doubtless ex
tend from Aleasandro to San Jacinto via
Moreno, and back to Perris via Lake
View. Tbe aale of land in the vicinity
of this new townsite has been very large,
and a railroad would greatly increase its
J. B. Glover is on the sick list.
The sidewalk on Olive avenue be
tween Fourth and Eureka streets, ia be
ing graded.
J. B. Breed haa put in one of the fin
est croquet grounds in the city near his
residence, and has invited the public to
call and enjoy a game.
City Trustee E. C. Warren ia quite
sick. Ho ia troubled witb asthma and
fell in a faint yesterday on the street.
The ladies of Trinity Guild will give a
Halloween party at Hotel Winßor on
Monday evening, October 30th.
Some practical joker decorated the
pond of water ou Orange street, near the
Santa Fe depot, with signs yesterday.
Two Days Racing—An Iniane Patient
San Bkrnaudino, Oct. 27.—The racing
fever li ah struck this city und will con
tinue to linger until next week, when
two days' racing will be held at Cole's,
track southeast of town. The track is
being worked, and competent judges
say it will ba very fast on the day the
races open. The rain has assisted in
placing it in condition. A number of
horses are quartered at the course, and
more will arrive in a lew days.
The management is arranging a pac
ing race between five of tbe fastest
pacers in Southern California, Nutford,
2:15; Nellie 1., 2:15; Reta, 2:15; Fred
Mason, 2:104, and .fingler, 2:17. This
will mnke a well contested race. In
addition to thia event two 3-year-olds,
J. H. Kelley's Contento and Rich >v
Gird's Little Crocker will race for the
Kenniston stakes.
Five 2-year-olds will start in the Fash
ion stakes, as follows: J. 8. Purdy's
Sur Gird, Richard Gird's Nellie VV.,
Al Condee's O. W.; J. H. Kelley's
Prince luca and Ben Davis'e 2-year-old !
The management promises square
racing and are going to make an at
tempt to raise tbe track out of the dis
repute whicit has heretofore surrounded
it. The racing will bs called at 1:30,
commencing next Tuesday.
Alf le Baron returned this morning
from Chicago.
Fred Akora waa badly injured yester
day in Devil'a canon by being kicked by
a mule.
Today noon tripleta, all boys, were
born to the wife of J. Higb. The moth
er and babies are doing well.
Units Against a Bear Valley Magnate.
RivEßSinc, Oot 27.—Several auita
have been filed of late by tbe oreditora
of Charles W. Greene, the Bear valley
magnate, whose farming venturea in
the Aleasandro district have not proved
very remunerative. Yesterday Mr.
Greene filed a suit for damagea againet
G. A. Carter, who bad sued him for
$3009 aa compenaation for tbreshiug Mr.
Greene's barley.
Greene alleges in hia complaint that
Carter bad not concluded his contract
before he went to law over tbe matter,
thereby causing him (Greene) consider
able loss, as other creditors alao entered
In hie complaint Mr. Greene aska for
$5000 damagea aa a consequent loss sus
tained. Crowe A Anderson, who ap
peared for Carter, interposed a demur
rer to Mr. Greene's croaa-complaint.
R. F. R. Sbangs returned from San
Francisco last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Shaw of Indian
apolis, Ind., are visiting Mr. and Mra.
O.A. Smith and eon, E. R. Smith, of
Sioux City, lowa, were in town yeater
The long expected atoves arrived yes
terday for the conrt house and were
placed in position.
There are 17 inmatea in the county
hospital at present.
The ladies' whiat club met yesterday
afternoon at the residence of Mra. Gay
lor Ronae.
Jacob Miller, who had an eye re
moved a few daya ago, ia reported doing
George R. Carson will begin revival
services at tbe Bsptiat church next Sun
day morning.
J. A. Joqvtess, who is east, and was
seriously wounded during a quarrel at
Decatur, Ala., started for thia city yes
The Spinning club held a well-at
tended meeting yeaterday in the Wheel
men's club rooms. The following offi
cers were elected: President, Miss Flor
ence Allen; vice-president, Mies Sallie
Twogood; treasurer, Mias May Jeffer
son ; secretary, Mra. Jaa. Goodhue;
captain, Miss Delia Johnson, and rear
guard, Mra. U. Alguire.
News Notes of General Interest.
Common, Oct. 27.—The programme of
the Columbian Literary society Wed
nesday evening waa by far tbe beat so
far rendered. On exceptionally good
debate on Resolved, That Capital Pun
ishment Should be Abolished, was won
by the affirmative aide. A dialogue or
abort farce was also well acted.
There ia a proposition brewing to en
gage tbe large hall owing to the in
creased audience.
Will Wilaon goea to Santa Ana thia
evening on a business trip of three or
four dsya.
Stock is being rapidly subscribed for
the purpose of building a large ball in
Compton. One that can be secured for
moral purposes aa well aa dog ahowa.
A meeting is called for next Monday
night to consider the plan of clearing
out the slough eaat of town.
A large petition ia signed for the pur
pose of having Wm. A. Games reap
pointed aa justice of the peace.
On Baiuler's Top.
The first party to reach the top of
Mount Rainier this year made the trip
about five weeks ago. It haa been gen
erally thought that it would be impossi
ble to reach tha summit thia year be
cause of the immense amount of snow
that fell last winter. Dr. Joseph Felix,
professor of geology in the university at
Leipeic, who climbed Rainier three weeks
ago, pronounces it far more interesting
than any of the mountains of Europe or
of Mexico. Mount Rainier has 17 gla
ciers, 8 large volcano craters at its sum
mit and several other craters along its
Fonnd a Nugget Worth 8983.50.
One of the handsomest nuggets of
gold ever brought into Los Angeles was
shown the other day by John S. Reed,
a weU known California miner, who has
lately been prospecting in the gold dis
trict 40 miles northeast of Mojave. The
nugget weighs exactly 56* ounces and
is worth $988,150. It is in appearance
like a medium sized cobblestone and
has evidently been twice as big as it now
is, for there is a mark showing where
half of it has been broken off. Mr. Reed
unfortunately could not find the missing
half.—San Francisco Examiner.
To Suppress Peculiar Industries.
The French government has deter
mined to suppress two new and peculiar
industries. One is a process for turning
old playing cards into new in order to
escape tbe heavy tax. The authorities
have seized three such factories. The
treasury has already lost $600,000
through their operations. The other
trade is in renovated secondhand grave
yard ornaments, which the French use
extensively. The object of the latter re
form is to stop the wholesale despoiling
Unlike the Dutch Process
% No Alkalies
gmfa Other Chemicals
Mf .' \ are lined in the \
m ■!. ,t \ preparation of i
Bate* Ci.
Breakfast Cocoa,
tvhich is absolutely pure
and soluble.
It has more than three times the strength
of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, and is far more economical,
costing less than one cent a cup. It
is delicious, nourishing, and fa silt
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
W. Baker & Co., Qwchsstor.Masi.
ffi) President , Vice PresidoiL Secretary
. . . AT, AND . . .
Grand Excursion
Tuesday, October 31, 1893, at 1 o'clock p. m.,
On the property, in the town oi CHINO, by instructions Irom Mr. RICIIARD GIRD,
IN 10, 20 AND 40 ACRE TRACTS AND UPWARD. TERMS OF BALE-One-third cash, balance in one and two years; Interest on de
ferrid payments, 8 per caut per annum. Ttte Chiuo Ranch his a nv.lnnal, atat) and c juntv r.iuutatlon as a principality unsurpassed for fertil
}•*■ The direct results obtained in thi Btrong percentage oi saccharlno iv the bset and great tonuige pi- acre places a permanent value on the
J*ud. Do not fail to go upon this excursion, attend the sale and fiurchase several of these eletiant subdivisions, aud assure yourself with but
little labor not only a handsome competence but a chance for a fortune.
THE GRAND EX< ÜBbION wtl, leave the s. P. R. R. Arcade Depot. loot of Fifth street. Los Augeles, for CHINO, at 9:30 o'olock a. m. on
ft hsDAY. Oct. 31, I89:i, stopping at Alhambra, 8»a Gab.'iel, Puento, Spadra, I'omoni aad (Jatario. Returning, leave ("ulno to arrive at Lea
Angeles about 6 o'clcca p. m,, same day,
$i—Round-Trip Tickets from Los Angeles to Chino and Return—si
Regular trains from Santa Ana, Oranße, Anaheim and way stations atrlve at Arcad» ptttion before the excursion train leaves tbe Station
Parties from Redlands, San Bernsrdlno, Riverside aud to'.tou wi'.l take the regular morning west bound train for Ontario,
change cars at that point for Chino. returning from Chlno In time for east-bound irain at Ontario. A free collation will be served at Chlno.
The beet factory la running in full Dlast and will be thrown open to the excursionists—an opportunity of a lifetime to view this great Industry,
an object lesson in full operation. For catalogues andauy further particulars inquire of
EASTON, ELDRIDGE & CO., Auctioneers, 121 South Broadway, Los Angeles.
J. L. BALLARD, Manager.
' ■ Timet
"What a curious wooden hammer,
Hiss Lilian I"
"Yes. It was presented to papa many
years ago by a lodge of some kind that
he was presiding over at the time. I sup
pose he used it when he wanted to open
the lodge or call some brother to order."
"Speaking of lodges, Miss Lilian, what
do you think of men who join them and
neglect their—er—wives and all that sort
of thing?"
'T think they are not doing their duty,
Mr. Spoonamore."
"S-so do I! We agree exactly on
that. A man who would abandon the
society of his —his wife, you know, to go
down town four or five times a week, and
meet a lot of other men, and go through
the mummery they call initiation, and
smoke cigars, and have a good time—
why, it isn't right, you know."
The young woman toyed with the lit
tle wooden hammer and said nothing.
"And that's why I feel bold to say,
Miss Lilian, that I think you and I
would—h'm—would never have any dis
agreements if—we should—because that's
the way I feel about it, and—and I've
never talked this way to you before, you
know, for I wasn't exactly certain wheth
er—and all that sort of thing. When
two persons agree on things like this, it
stands to reason that there might be
other things they would also—and you
haven't known me a great while perhaps,
but I feel that you're the only woman in
the world I want to marry"—
Here the hammer fell.—Chicago Trib
The First English Slave Trader.
Sir John Hawkins was the first Eng
lish slave trader. He formed a company
composed of the leading men of London
and fitted out three small ships, which
sailed in 1662. Later Queen Elisabeth
lent Hawkins Jesus a large ship of her
own of 700 tons, and took shares in the
second African company. She not only
equipped the ship, but put 100 soldiers
on board to provide for contingencies.
On the second voyage Hawkins bought
400 negroes and had a narrow escape
from losing them, owing to the lack of
water when he was near the equator.
But, as he piously recorded in his log,
"The Almighty God would not suffer his
elect to perish, and sent a„ breeze which
carried them safe to Dominica." This
was the beginning of the slave trade,
which lasted for more than two centu
ries before it was finally suppressed.—
Boston Transcript.
Carried a Live Shark Ashore.
Jonathan Fowler, a Massachusetts
fisherman, once walked out knee deep
through the mud and filth of a seashore
at low tide to a shark left by the retiring
waters, shouldered it and brought it
alive on his back to the shore. The shark
weighed 500 pounds, quite a load, con
sidering that it was not the most porta
ble of articles and that the man bad to
wade through mud.—Cincinnati Com
mercial Gazette.
Decorated by the Sultan.
Mrs. Cookesley, late of San Francisco,
has been traveling in the east with her
husbaud, CapWu E. A.Cookesley. While
visiting Constantinople Mrs. Cookesley
received a command from the sultan to
paint a portrait of his son, a little fellow
of 7 years. TIA American artist exe
cuted the commission so mucli to the
sultan's satisfaction that he conferred
the order of Chefakat upon her and pre
sented her with the appropriate emblem,
a large star studded with diamonds.
Mrs, Cookesley had to decline an order
to paint the portraits of several of tho
sultaa's wives and daughters.—Constan
tinople Letter.
The Duchess of Cleveland.
The slged Duchess of Cleveland, the
mother of Lord Rosebery, who is one of
the last, if not the last, of the surviving
ladies who officiated as bridesmaids to
the queen at her majesty's marriage over
53 years ago, is a lady of great activity
of mind and body. She is just about to
let out oa a journey i» South Aiiiom.- -
Lwrfl-fm Queen.
fe>^.., M( a*wJBMfisHi frsua ■slHBBa&saaisaJs^sBsUsSsa^sa'X^JsCsCB
There glides through the barn's mammoth
A sweet scented hilltop of hay;
An athlete, with strength bubbling o'er,
Now din/.-- it in forkfuls away.
Another ia stowing it buck,
With white pearls of toil on hia brow.
And, treading tho hay in his track,
Looms faintly tho boy in the mow.
Through crevices often can he
View, past the old barn wall of brown,
A river that loads to the sea,
A railway that drives to tho town. .
"Oh, when shall my fortune make hay
In yon iields of splendor, and how?
'Twill wait for full many a day;
I'm only a boy in a mow."
A cloud like a flaw from the sky
Is splendidly spread and unrolled;
Tho sun reaches down from on high
To fringe it with silver and gold.
"Oh, when will heaven's mercy my name
As bright, as those colors allow?
But earth has no glory or fame
To waste on a boy in the mow."
A cloud in the west, like a pall,
Creeps upward and hangs in the light;
It carries a gloom ovor all.
It looks like a part of tho night.
With clamor the thunderbolts swarm,
And trees bend in agony now;
" 'Tie thus, too, that poverty's storm
Would conquer the boy in the mow!"
The clouds have flown into a dream.
The birds aro discoursing in glee.
The smile of the sun is agleam
On river and hilltop aud tree.
Look up to the heavens, little lad,
And then to your earth duties bow.
And some day botli worlds may be glad
To honor the boy from the mowl
-IViMi'TpVir." j,, Youth's Connmnion.
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sjvbu Basra«»

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