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Paving Matters Before the Pas
adena City Council.
Santa Ana Furnished a Budget of
Criminal News.
An Extraordinary Dij'i Fishing »t
doado —A Hl|- Hath Hun Cnni
p»ny Portiled at Sauta
Pasatikna, Oct. 81.—A special session of the
city eouui.ll was held this a'ternoon to con
•lder the bids received yesterday (or paving
tb* lnterfectlons ol Colorado street with Fair
Oakland Raymond avenues.
Only two bids were received, one fiom W. H.
Taylor, at oants per square foo-., and an
other from the Farchlld company, at 20 cents.
Mr. Taylor was present when ths meeting
was called to order aud asked iv be ailowod to
withdraw bis bid of !i4l, cents, but giving no
reason for so doing.
Wuat the cause of his baekdowu was, after
ptiUlng in his bid with a bond, is difficult to
tee, unlets (or rpeculative purposes; "but tbe
counol 1 , a(ter conaldorab.o discutelou. decided
by a unanimous vote to allow the bill to be
Tbe bid o( J. A. Fairoblld, IS' cents higher
than the withdrawn one, was tuen acbepted by
a full vole, and work can be \ommenced at
The city clerk was instructed to roadvertise
for bids ou the Walnut street sewer, wora all
having been rejected that were formerly put lv.
An crdlnauoe establishing tne grsdo of Helle
vue drive was read for thu Ural lime, aud reso
lutions o( intention oa«sed to grade, curb and
gutter Lake avenue from Colorado atreet to Cal
ifornia, tho curb and gutter lo belaid on both
Sides of the avenue.
The lioard then adjourned to meet on Novem
ber '-:d tills, m, it: special s. sslnn.
There is much complaint among the Colo
rado street merchants about the dust raised by
tho street sweopors oil Iho asphaltum pave
ments every morning Bhortly after the stores
are opened.
A Mreet-awceping machine will soon become
a public necessity aftdal oue was purcuasod
Immediately it would save much auuoyaucu
to those doing biisliiean on Coiorad • street.
With one of these mactnues the streots could
be swept afler business hours, as is dove In
Los Angeles, after being lighliy sprinkled, and
avoid nil dirt, But even if the present hand
work Ir lo contlnue.lt should ta) done at night
or before business hours in the morning.
Tomorrow is All Snluti,' day and will ba ob
served by tho Kplscopat chuich in this city
with appropriate ceremonies.
A speclsl musical service will be held at the
church on North Kuclld avenue at 10 a. m, at
which <ime Mr. Ghat. L. King will be beard in
s vocal solo.
Mr King, who Is a recent arrival (rom New
i ork, Is spoken o( as a rising young sluger, pos
sessing an excellent voice.
The services promlss to be very Interesting.
Tomorrow the collector gets in his work.
The police report the tramp crop not so good
as it was a (ew weeks ago.
Mark Mills, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. J.
B. Mills, la lying very low with fever, and his
recovery is extremely doubtful.
The concert to bo given by the ladles of the
Universalis! church, ou the evening of Novem
ber 10th, promises to be a uotewotthy musical
event. The programme has not as yet been
completed, but will he published shortly. '
A uumber of the lriends of Rev. aud Mra
C. K. Harris gave them a surprise party nn
evening, it being the lourteentti anniversary of
their marriage. Avery pleasant time was re
The fellow Wattell, who was brought up
from the cunutv tall yeaiarday, charged witn
obtuiuing money uuder false pretenses, was re
leased by Justice Merriam this morning, he
having straightened up his aocoontr.
An exciting runaway occurred In the center
of town this afternoon. A team belonging to
M cQowan & Bon, hitched to an oil wagon, came
taring up Colorado street and Into Fair Oaks,
where one of the horses fell aud was almost
killed A carriage containing a couple of ladies
was only saved from being run Into by the
prompt action of Mr. Royce, assisted by Police
man Bristol.
The Salvation army fairly took possession of
the town last even mg, a large delegation from
Loa Angeles and neighboring places reinforc
ing tbe good-sized ranks of the local army. The
exercises of the evening were held lv Williams
hall, which was packed by a crowd of curious
The Excursion to Chlno a Success.
Pomona, Oct. 31.— Everything on the street
corners, depots and street car terminals this
morning waa the Excursion to Chlno, the Auc
tion of Lands and the Free Lunch at (hat
point; not that bo many were to go from this
point, but the novelty of a llve-years-ago-boom
exourslon passing through. The train con
sisting of 11 coaches pulled Into the Southern
Pacific depot some 20 minutes late, apparently
a sufficient uuml,er then aboard for theseatlug
■ pace—but all the same quite a number boarded
it fiom this point, notwithstanding the fact
that tho greater number of Pomonaites who
did go, went by private and livery eonveyauces
lv drdcr to be masters of tbe situation and re
turn al will. It was thought that at least 700
or BUO were aboard the train when It pulled
out of our depot.
Be sure you don't forget that the Irish Doc
tor wili surely repay you for your attendance
at the Optra house tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov.
Ist) night.
j f much of onr local talent can afford to spend
much of tbeir time lv preparing to produce an
entertainment for the benefit of our boys of
Company 0, it does sefim that at least due ap-
Srcclalion should be suown such an endeavor
y filling tbe opera house on the occasion of
its production—on the evening of Nov. Ist
Mrs. Cowles, corner of Gordon ana Fourth,
who lias not been able to be out for some 17
weeks, was on tho streets for a little while yes
Kttchell, the tailor, who basbeen down about
four weeks with la grippe, weut lo Los Augeles
yesterday afternoon for hospital care.
Thebocial Hour club meets lhls evening to
ho d its annual election of officers, determine
at what point to hold its "hops," and other
minor matters.
Mrs. li, Kaufler and little daughter were
among the passengers who boarded tho morn*
ing southern Paeitic train, westbound, today.
Mr, and Mr-. Van Wyes, and Iheir Kttiedaugh
ter who now reside in the vicinity of Ontario,
were In town yesterday afternoon.
A Hkkai.d box Is now stationed on the motor
line from North Pennine, at a point most con
venient to those between Pomona and Lords
burg, so if you wish the daily, Just see us. make
arrangements, tind rou can have It left there
every morning. Key. J. W. Fulton can give you
luforuiatlor, ou the point.
Mr. Herman Connor of our town is now tv
I, s Angeles, all employee ou tiie street-car Bys
The dancing class will meet on next Thurs
day evening in the RiUh block.
- Mr- Jim Maniv. who is aeli known heie, and
who left some weeks ago ti go east to attend
the world's fair and visit his old home, is, we
have just learned, raarrltd.RUd having enterid
into bustnesa there, wi'.l.uot lelurn lo Pomona.
J. M. Crawley, assi-tant general paisenaoi
agen,. of tho Southern Pacific is in town lh:a
Mr 11. H. Vincent, our local fautaFe agent,
it reported as "uader the weather."
Young Bowers Under Examination fur
Kurglary—Httiisen C'aptnred.
Banta An.-., Oct. 111.—The examination of
young Bowers, ol Norwilk, accused of burglar
izing Tom Urury's barber shop has occupied
the attention of Judge Uumphruy Ihe greater
portion of today.
Bowers is a young man 123 years old, but ho
Cv.-i not look to be a day oluar than lb. He
Oivns ashop in Norwalk where he was arre-to.l
by Detective Qeotgo iniley, aud the razor*
which wore takeu from Drurj 's shop was found
In hl> possession. He claims that he por
ch-sod thorn from a n ranger who was psssinv
throuah Norwalk, rayltit; him a coat aud v> st
and $5 lv money. He says thn.l he spent the
nigni lv Anaheim on which tho crime was
committed, sleeping under the platform of the
luvar boot doiot.
Tbe cafe was not flitlshed today RS II c defense
Was not ready to proce-.d, owing to the absence
of material witne ses. The examination of ibe
case will be resumed tomorrow at 10 a. m
Young Bowers' father and mother wete pres
ent aud took a deep interest lv the proceeding*.
Shipments ol celery from Hie 80 acre peat
land celery farm aro bolug male right along
now. >evere! larg; racits o( tha succulent
vegetable passed through town today and yes
.terday on the wav to tne Banta Fe depot.
€. Hansen, tho man whs ia WSBttd in this
sliy f»r passing a bogus chock on Mrs. Hlgboe,
sua bean captured at Co:loa ou description
aentont hy Marshal Nichols. Hanien, it ap
pears, haa been doing a wholesale business in
the line of passing forged checks. He is want
ed in Ontario on six counts, and in Los Angeles
and Orange for five similar offenses. Bupei
vlsor Armor was victimized by this smooth
young man.
Hansen la the fourth victim that has been ar
rested this month on description from Marshal
Nlcholr. Constable Nlgg went up to Colton on
the noon Banta Fe train after Hansen, and is
expected to land ills game bere ou the evening
The owner ot Klamath, Thomas Raymond, is
In Santa Aua. and is talking of locating in the
Santa Ana valley. Banta Aua is attracting the
attention of horsemen, and the day is not far
distant when tlie valley will become noted for
the numerous One horses to be found In it.
A nu in ber of Santa Anans went toChlno to
day on the essurslon.
A Mexican from Klncon got on a drunk last
evening and attempted to clean out about half
ot Banta Aua, when some big fellow came alone
and knooaad him out, and before he could pnll
his wits together an officer came along and
landed him in tho hostile.
George T. Insley was in town today as a wit
ness iv tlie Boweu burglary case.
Goof f|e Ml liter went to i.os Angeles today.
Proioskor Greeley was a north-bound passen-
RSI ou the Southern Pacific lallway this morn
Ben 0. Jordan of i.os Angeles was In Banta
Ana today.
Deputy Sheriff James Buckley went to Nor
waik to summon witnesses in the Bowers case
at noon today.
Mr. and Mrs. Kred Ri.fl'erty took pasiage on
tbe Southern Pacific tills morning.
On account of the illness of Judge Tonner
there was no tuperlor court today.
Daulel Rhodes and family of New Mexico are
in Banta Aua, Mr Rhodes Is looking alter a
location (or blmseK and family.
A .B. Jopllu, son of J. C. Jopiln, tuperlnten
dent of Orange county's exhibit at tbe world's
fair, returned (rom Chicago last evening.
Mr. Joplin says that there are a greu many
people coming to California this winter. He
says that peosjse east are eager to gain whatever
luformatton they can concerning this slate. J.
C. Joplin will return about the middle of No
K. B. Turner went lo Los Angeles on the noon
Santa Fe train today.
An Extraordinary Day's Flailing --Local
Redondo Beach, Oct. 31.—Today is one of
thoss days that breaks the record for Ashing,
the yellowtail being the prlucipal catch. At
one time tho writer could ccunt 76 yellowtail
ying upon the wharf at once, weighing from
ou of fish. From the small boy to the full
-20 t046 pounds each, amounting toat least one
grown man, from the school girl to the old
woman, each and every one, was pulling them
lv. Thirty-font were caught in less than ss
many minuter. Railroad men and pleasure
seekers wbo came to the beach for the day all
returned with plenty of fish. Tho c who did
not Indulge iv Isaac Walton's delight Invested
a two-bit piece and carried away a handsome
The extreme low tides and clear, cool weather
has caused this extraordinary run of such large
flab to come In close to shore. In fac , year by
year the fishing has been better slace Redondo
has been foimed as a town and has had a
wharf, but never before has thlß dny beou
equaled for its large catch in number of
Tbis lues and run of fishing will continue for
st least todays longer, when tbe smaller fish
will again take bold, and so it will be that Re
dondo for fishing will always bs the one prin
cipal spot on this coast.
Times are also brisk upon tbe wharf lv the
shipping line. Two lumber schooners ate now
discharging their cargoes of lumber—the Mabel
Gray and William Reuten—consisting of over
1,000,000 feet, for the Willamette Lumber com
The steamship Corona will be here tomorrow
with 140 tons of goneral merchandise and 40
Tho ship Verbena frum Antwerp is past due
with 1750 tons of cement and glass for Whit
tier, Duller <ii Co. of Lob angelei.
The schooner Noyo from Noyo mills is dae
tomorrow, with 10,600 ties for the Atlantic and
Pacific railroad. Also schooner Jewell, with
80.000 feet of sewer lumber for the outfall
Tbe Willamette Lumber company la shipping
on an average 20 carloads of lumber daily over
tbe Southern California railroad to various
The warehouse of J. M. Bracewell a- Co. Is
nearly filled with barley and thousands of
sacks are being shipped weekly to Ban Fran
cisco and nottnern points.
The English block, a two story brick, Is now
completed and is a credit to any city, for its
beauty and design of architecture.
Parties are going daily to point and fisher
men's cove in search of aea mosses and abalone
shell", and some fine specimciiß are being
brought back.
Tie Redondo hotel has a large number
booked for December from eastern and north
ern points.
The hot salt wa'er. plunge and swimming
baths will bo completed before January, 1894,
so tnat all who visit Redondo the coming win
ter are fully assured of all that goes to fully
fill the bill at any spot in the known world.
The now buddingß that are under erection,
the many new city Improvements, Including
our ever even cllmtte and numerous otber ad
vantages we have over other seaside retorts,
we can safely say in conclusion that Redondo
la strictly In it and for keeps too.
An Extensive Bath Houae Company Or
Sahta Monk a, Oct. 31.—A new corporation
has beou formtd. the articles of which ate on
file iv the couuty clerk's olllce. The name of
the new corporation Is the Santa Monica North
Beach Bath House company, with a capital
stock ot $100,000, all paid up. The incorpo
rators are: Mrs. J. P. Jones, H. M. Gorhsm,
Robert F. Jones. Roy Jones and W. E. Lester,
wlths. L. Jones and Senator J. P. Jones as ad
ditional subscribers to the stock.
The plan of the persons forming the company
iB to erect lv tbe nelghborhool of the present
North Beach bath house tbe finest bathing estab
lishment on the coast south of San Pranolsco,
and the equal of any In tbe olegance of the ap
pointments and neecsary adjunct-. There will
be built a mammoth ocean plunge, which will
be so arranged that it can De warmed in winter,
with the iiuest of bath rooms attached, Tnere
will be a large number of tbe latest iirproved
bath tubs, where guests can luxuriate in the
hot ocean water baths. A speclel feature will
be the apartments for the givingof Turkish and
Russian baths, with cooling rooms, reading
parlors, etc. Ever,' appurtenance that the in
genuity of man can contrive will be added.
items prom the ranch.
There are 20,000 sacks of fine, bright and
plump grain lv the warehouse.
The corn and grain crop is fully equal to that
of last year, which was considered a very good
There are several water development schemes
In embrlo lor the rich acrts.
The lemon orchard planted last spring is do
ing nicely.
Captain B. S. Batidall h«s sold the Gilt Edge
eager slaud aud news agency to Mr, 8. Jackson,
proprietor of Hotel Jackson, Mr. A. K. Jack
son, formerly manager of Hotel Jackson, look
ine after liie busiucßs.
The Troy laundry agency has been changed,
Mr. T. A. Lewis being the new agency.
A whist club IS in courso of organization
there beltis v number of loaal experts << the
gams here who are moro than anxious to juln
such a club,
Mcssrr. E. J. Vawter and Thomas A. Lewiu
have relumed from their Shasta trip.
WalterJoaes has returned from his worlds
fair trip.
Mr. aud Mrr. J. D. Cameron of Brookllne,
Mase, arc speudinir a few days hero
Father John G. Conlan of San Francisco is a
guest of tun Arcadia, accompanied by his sister,
Miss Corttmi.
Chief Engineer Wm. Hood, of the Southern
Pacific, accompanied by his estimable wife and
charming daughter, are nicely quarteied at the
Units tiie Dutch Process
Qh No Alkalies
ffiaJt t!ier Chemicals
are used in the
preparation of
fpSk W. BAKER & CO.'S
Breakfast Cocoa
frfj i ji, which it abtolulely
[jj v.!I VI pure and Kolnbl-
' '" I || It.liasmoref/inif;... eflnias
t! the Urc.n-itli of Cocoa mixed
Ilm with Starch, Arrowroot or
•*=»*kHWl2P 1 ' Sugar, nnd i» far more eco
nomical, cost-iny le&3 than one cent ti cup.
It is delicious, nourishing, and X.V6U.r
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
W BAKER ACQ.,Dorchester.Mast.
Stock Exchange Kevlew.
Nkw York, Oct. 31.—A bear market, under
ball conditions, aptly describes the course of
speculation on ths stock exchange today. Tbe
general list, with occasional rallies, depre
ciated in vslue throughout the day and closed
In most cases within a fraction of the lowest
Governments closed steady.
Nsw Yoiik, Oct. 111.-Money on call, %@2
per cent; closed offered at 2 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, [email protected]!.; per cent.
Sterling exchance. steady: bankers' liO-day
hi I-, +i -i in. i -1 demand, $4 -1 m ■ \ ,
Bin Francisco. Oct, 31.—Dra(ta: Sight,
in telegraphic, too,
STOCKS and bonus.
Nsw York, Oot. 31.—doling quotatinoa
were as follows:
U. H. 4's reg'd....lll iNorthcrn Pac... I\i
do coupon ill do pld 22%
U.S. 2'sreg'd... ml Northwestern ....104
PaciaoOs 102 do pld LIS
Atchison 20%'N, Y. Central... .108 M
Amtricau Jtx 112 loregou Imp 10%
Canadian Pac... 72%!Oregou Nay 27
Canada Southern. 51 jOre. Short Line .. 7
Central Pac 20 Pacific Mall 18
Burlington 82% Pullman Palace.. 176
Chicago Gas 04:* Heading. 20.,
Cotton Oil 37 Richmond Term.. 4
Lackawanna 1»IH% Rock Island 68}*
li. .4 It. v 127 St. Paul
DlMliier.i 32 St. Paul ,v Omaha 87g
Great Northern ..108 Sugar Trust 99)4
Illinois Central.. 93 Texas it Pac m ,
Kansas & Texas.. 224 Union Pac IB
Lake Shore 120?- 4 if. 8. Exp 53
lead Trust 27 Wells Fargo 126
L. A N 49 Western Union... 88%
Mich Centra! 80S* Gen. Electric 47%
Mo. Pacific 96% Unseed Oil 17
Nat. Cordage 24; f l). &B. G. W.. . 10
do pfd 50 do p'd 45
North American. 5% do firsts 07%
Boston, Oct. 31.—Foil owing were closing
Atchison 2!Ji|Mexlcan 7%
Bell Telephone... 74 i San Diego 5
Burlington 85% l
minim; shares.
New Yore, Oct 31.—Mining shares closed as
Chollar 30 Plymoulh 10
Crown Point 3u sierra Nevada 70
Con. Cal. it Va. .. 2.90 Standard 1.00
Deadwnod 75 Union Con 55
Gould A Curry... .55 Yellow Jacket 50
Hale & Norcross.. .55 Iron Silver 10
Hometake 9.00 (julck'sllver 2.00
Mexican 80 do pld 10.05
Ontario 5.00 Bulwer 10
Ophir 1.5 C
Ban Francisco, Oct. 31.—Closing quotations
Belcher 85 PotoU 70
Best <t Belcher... 1.70 Ophir 1.58
Chollar 40 lavage 68
Con. Cal. AVa. .. 3.05 Sierra Nevada 75
Confidence BO Union Con 50
Gould .v. Curry 70 Yelloiv Jacket... .66
Hale A Norcross.. .65
Silver Bullion.
San Francisco, Oct. 31.—Silver bars, 68®
•>•>• per sni.ee.
Mexican dollars, 57%@58%c.
NsW York, Oct. 31.—Silver bars, 68c per
Mexican dollars, 57c.
San Francisco Produce Market.
Ban Francisco, Oct. 31— The local mer
chandise markets are fairly active; prices firm.
The produce markets ate quiet.
Few changes are repotted In fruits and vege
tables, market dull.
Potatoes are weak.
Onions are weak.
Kggs and cheese are steady.
Poultry is weak.
Game is lower.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Oct. 31.-Wbeat — Active—The
market opened lower, declined l%e more on
heavy sales to realize profits on purchases of
last week, and a large increase in visible sup
ply; closed easy, SM4ii lower than Saturday.
Receipts wero 227,000 bushels; sbipmeuts.
300,000 bmhels.
Closing quotations; Wheat—Kasy; cash,
December, 63J4C.
Corn—Kasy; ca6b, 3St{c: December, 38c.
Oats—steady; dsn, 28c; December, 28% c.
Timothy- #3.^0.
Ban Francisco, Oct. 31—Wheat, steady; De
cember, #1.11; May, 51.28 W.
Barley—Firm; December, 88'<6c; May, STXc.
Oats-Cash, S 1.10.
Corn—Caih, 87Jje.
Liverpool, Oct. Ul.—Wheat, demand mod
erate; No. 2 red winter closed at 5s 4d; No. 2
red spring closed at 5s O'^d.
Corn—"pot closed linn, demand fair. New
mixed, 4s futures tirm and demand fair.
October, 4s lid; November, 4s December,
General Markets.
New Yobk, Oct. 31.—Hops, steady; state,
common to choice, 19323 c; Paciticcoaßl, 193
Coffee—Options closed steady at from un
changed prices to 5 points decline.
Total sales, 52,000 bags, including October at
$17.60; November at $17.20317.40; December
at $16 60318.65; January at $16.40. Bpo-Rlo
closed firmer, with fair demaud and moderate
offerings; No. 7,18 r ' K '»lß!^o.
Suga.—Raw closed dull and hoavy Refined
closed Hleady.
Copper—Dull; lake, $9.50; nominal,
Lead-Weak; domestic, $3.30.
Tlu—Hull; straits, $20.55 bid; spelter closed
easy; domestic, £6.50.
Salt Meats and Lard.
Chicaoo. Oct. 81.—Pork—Firm; cash, $16.40
January, $14.35,
Lard—Meady; cash,slo 25; January, $8.42!
Ribs—Bteady: cash. $8.80; January, $7.42',.
Shoulders- $7.00*7.25.
Short c1ear—50.2539.50.
New York, Oct. 31.—Wool—Dull; domestic
fleece closed at 20328 c: Texas at 10317 c.
New York, Oct. 31.—Petroleum, firm. No
vember, 72c bid. /
Chicabo, Oct. 31.-Whisky, $1.15.
[The quotations Riven below are current
wholesale sell ng prices. ]
Poultry and Eggs.
Poultry—Hens, $5.00,!<5.50 ncr doe., vounit
roosters. $3.50'tt4 60; old roosters, •4.01X354)0;
broilers, 00; ducts, iH1.00095.0u; tur
keys, 111 to 14u ocr lb.
Eons—Caliiornia ranch per doz., 20 to 30c;
eastern, 27 to 28c.
Dairy Prod acts.
Buttkb—Fancy cioamery, 28-ounce square,
50 to 55c; laucy dairy, p.-r roll, 55 to 57Hc;
choice, 50 to 52|^c.
Cheese—Eastern, pur tb., 12 to 13c; Califor
nia, large, 11c; 31b, band, 10c; Toung Anier
lea, 14c.
Mill Product*.
Ff.ouit-Per bbl. I. A, XXXX, $3.60; Capitol
Mills. $3.60; sperrj's $4.15; Dr.fied t-uow,
$4.15; Victor, $4.15; Crown, $I.ls;'Stoektonia,
M.I.L Fekii-Bran per ton, $21; shorts, $23;
mill feed (com and birley), per 100 lbs, $1
cracked com, $1.05; feed meal, $1.15; rolltd
barley, 75c.
Beans—Navy or small white, p-r 100 lb».
$2 7533.25; pink, per 100 lb'.. $3.00(rt53.50;
biack-eyed, per 100 lb-., $2,003*2.75; Lima,
$3.00(3$ 3.75.
Potato bs— Per 100 lhs . 75i!51.25.
PaitTs-Per 100 lb-.. $1.00.
Baiiihoe—For 100 los., 30 ttOOc.
Cakbotts—Por 10 i ib«.. 75c,
CNiiiNb-Per 100 lbs., $1.0031.25.
OARsmrs-Per 100 lbs., $lUO.
Pwbkt i otatoks—Per 100 Its., $1.30.
i omatoks—Per box, 40c.
'I v lis IPs-Per 100 lb"., 75c.
Dried Frnlt.
Apples—Sun-dried, sacks, 7flt»c per lb; boxes,
HKoillc; evaporated, fancy, 11(01120.
Apricits—Fancy, per 1b.,11312c.
Phaciiks—Fancy, unpeeled, per lb, 80100 ;
peeled lvalue.
Prunes -Choice, boxes, per lb., 830 c; sacks,
Gsg,7c; fancy, OgilO-?.
Fresh Pruit.
Apples—Per box. $I.oo*l 25.
Cbanbkrxies—Per bbl., $7 5838.00.
Pkau.—Per box, $1 00.
Graphs -Per box, 05370 c.
Smoked Meats, Etc.
Harm—Bex. per lb., ISUc
8.-.uos—Hex, per lb., 17c; Deflancs, 15o;
light medium, 14c.
Porn—Urr salt, ll!<C*l2Wc per lb.
Dai BO BtKF-Jer ib„ ll»;r«13*{0.
La an—Per lusr in tieic-'a, coal pound, Odi Rex,
pure, 12<1.
Grain and Hay.
Bari.sv—-Feed, ver rental, 70c; brewing, $1.
vn ii bat— so. 1, per cental $1.15.
COHN —Per cental, $1
Oats—No. 1. per cental, $1.50.
HAY—Oat, .*8'a:l; wheat, $0310; barley, $8®
0; alfalfa. |!9(flil0,
Bnt AT—Barley, per ton, $5; wheat, $3.
Wines and Liquors.
[Quotations ou liquors revised by H. J. Vs ~oils
cott, Importer and exporter. See ad.]
CHAMrAiiNI—Mum in. pints. $'<.'> quarts, $33;
Pommery, pints, $30.60; quarts, $34 50: Roe
derer, pints, $36.50; quarts, $34 50; Monorolr,
plots, $-15: quarts, $»3; Delbeck, pints, $34;
quarts, $32.
Hitters—Angostura, $1.15; Damiana, $7;
Fernet Branca, $10.50: Hostetter's, $8.50;
Amer Picon, $17; Harper's Wild Cherry, $7.75;
Peruvian, $7.55; Peppermint, $2.25; Vene
zuela, $8.25; Lash, $7.
Ale—Bats 4 Co, by Foster. $11.75; by
Burke, $17.50; Tennent'a, $13.50; McMullen's,
Stout—Ouvness's, by Foster, $11.50; by
Burke, $17.50; Johnson, $11. (0; Teunont's,
Bkir—Val Blatz Milwaukee, quarts, $11.50;
pints, $12: Bed Ribbon, quarts, $15; pln», $16.
Xx ruAt.x or Malt—Hod s Malt $3.25; Liquid
Bread, $3.75: Beat Tonic, $2.76 per dozen.
Whisky—Duffy's Malt, $9.2i>; Hermitage,
$11: Helleof Bourbon, $950; H. J. W. Bour
bon, $B.fW; H. J. W. Rye. $8.50; Meilwood,
$11; J. H. CuttorO. X., $11.65; A No. 1, $8 50;
Old Tayior,sl2.
Whisky hy But.—From $1.65 to $1.45 per
eallon according to age.
Scotch Whisky—Stewart's Aberdeen, $12.60;
Garukirk. $13.50.
Irish Wlimay—lrish Malt, $11.00; Burke'a
KEiis-Five-gallou, 65c; in gallon, 90c; half
barrels. $1.55.
Demijohns—Half gallon, $2 75; one-gallon,
Ginger Ale—C. <fc C. Belfast, $15.00; Roi«,
Gin -A. V. H., $24.G0; L A. L N„ $25 50;
Boord's Old Tom, $11.00; Burnett's, $10.5o;
Woif's pints. $12.00; quarts, $11.01).
Bai;teiin«—Bert's, quarts, $11.00: pints,
$12.C0; A. De Luce & Fll's, quarts, $13; pints,
White Wine—Geischelmer, quarts, $14.00;
Maccoranner, quarts, $10.00. Lebfraunrllch,
quiirts, $17.00; Koenlgen Vie Berb, quarts,
CLARET-Chateau La Rose, quarts, $7.00;
pints, $8.00: Margaux, pints, .$12.00: quarts,
$11.U0; Chateau de Frands, quarts, $9.03; pints,
$10.00: Pontet Canet, quarts, $14.00; pints,
Mineral Water—Apollinarls, quarts, $9 50;
pints, $13 50; Betheeda, quarts, $8 50; half
gallons, $5.50: Londonderry, half gallons,
$7.00: quarts, $10.00: pints, $14.00; Huuyadi,
$11 75: Napa soda, pints, $9.00. quarts, $7.50:
White Rock, $.'.50; Vichy, $12.60.
Cognac—Hei.nessy, X, $16.75; XXX, $21.00;
Mnrteil, X, $17.50: Martell, XXX, $21.50;
Kvariste, Duponte <]t Co., $20.00.
Cordials—Mariachine, $13.50; Vermouth,
N. P., $6 65; Italian, $6.80; Kummel, $15.00;
Abslntne. $19.50; Anisette, $17.00.
Winss—Claret, 30(}55c; Zinfandel, 55(<485c;
Port, Angelica, Sherry, Muscatel, 45c(g>1.25
per gallon. ,
Tuesday, Oct. 31,1893.
M W Hurst F Furlong—Lots 6 and 8, Long
Beach; $300.
J P Vturdeet ux to J Constable—Lots 19 and
20, Dig ... Lancaster; $400.
M Caldwell et con to C D Sargent—Lot T.Pet
tis tract, in Ro Santa Oertrades; also lot 4,
Baldwin St Llndley's subd: $5.
C D Sargent et ux to M Caldwell—Lot 8, re.
plat of McQuiltlng's subd. Pasadena; $3.
I Korn et al to R Kantrowltz—Lot 4, blk 13,
Park tract: #1.
George H Peok. jr. et ux to 8 X Allison—Lot 1.
Feck'ssubd blk 50 sau Pedro; $810.
L J Yeokel to J F Lang—Lot 02, Klncaid tract,
E J Post et nx to P Leach et ux—Lot 17, blk
4, Daly-st tract; $500.
Ro-edale Cemetery assoc'n to A D Tolle—Lot
09 blk J, Rotedalo cemetery: $1.
C KTracey et ux to J Mcllroy—E m W% of
SK SE Ya Sec 23, T3B,R 14 W; $1300.
J i> McLellan extrx to A W B White—Part
lot 8, blk 4 Los Angeles Homestead tract;
C J Fox et al to H S Eberle—Lotß 9, 10, blk C,
Central tract; Pasadena: $1000.
W II Griffin et ux to W A Hardman—Lot 18,
Alcsn'arnGrove tract; $900.
O L Robertson et ux to J N Sullivan et al—
Lot 2, Alexander tract; $3000.
O C Hlnman to H A Hinniau- Lot 3, klk 5,
Kingsbury sub blk C, and part blk B, l.nop.v
Mesßerve tract; Pomona; $100.
G N Lewla to C B Richeison—W 10 acres of E
20 aces of NW %, NE M Sec 10, T 18, RlO W;
Deeds 13
Nominal 11
Total » $15,891.00
Not it—Figures separated by a dash indicate
page and number of book of miscellaneous
Vlotory I
The Greatest the World Has Known.—To
many a in - n, stricken on the field of battle, the
ciy of victory has fallen gratefully; but even
more grateful to an individual is a realizing
sense that by the use of Dr. Miles' Restorative
Nervine ho has achieved a victory over any
nervous affliction, such as prostration, sick
headache, poor memory, dizziness, sleepless
ness. neuralgia, hysteria, fits, dullness, sexual
debility, irritability, convulsions, spinal irrita
bility, Bt. Vitus dance, etc. Testlmoniala of
thousands of such cures are In possession of the
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart. Ind. Restora
tive Nervine is sold by C, 11. Hance, the popu
lar druggist, 177 N. Spring street, on a guaran
tee. Ask for a book, free.
Flueat Variety and Cheapent ~
Place in town for fUh, Kame, oysters, etc. Fred
Haunlmau's, Mott market.
The Celebrated rrencn (tare,
f >-"■""""">- I* Sold on a
]to cure any form /<_> »
'of nervous disease I<S» llr
or any disorder of lfc—
the generative or-
gans of eithersex,
whether arisiuK/jf
BEFQRE useoi Stimulants, AFTEf
Tobacoo or Opium, or through youthful indise'
tion, over indulgence, Ac., euch as Loss of Pratt
Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Pains iv thi
Sack, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria. Nervous Pros
tration, Nocturnal Emissions, Leticorrhcea, lilx
ciness, Weak Memory, Loss of Power and Impo
tency, which If neglected of ten lead to premature
old arre and insanity. Pneo $1.00 a box, Sboxel
'or fft.oo. Pent by mail ou receipt of price -
every <5.0 i) order received, to ref nnd the money '(
a Permanent cure is not effected. We bays
testimonials from old and young
>( both s.fsies, who havo been permanently cnr<3
chenswof Aphroditlne. Circular free. Address
T>;p API IPO -ifIFfMCNF »50
Sold by H. M. SALE & BON, Druggists, 220
S. Spring st., i.os Angeles, Cal.
GompagQic Generate Transatlantifjiie.
North River, foot of M o rton street.
Travelers by this line avoid both travel by
English railway and the discomfort of crossing
the channel in a email boat.
LA BRkTAGNE, September 30.
LA B3URGOGNE, Octuber 7.
LA GASCOGNE, October 14.
LA TOUUAINE, October 21.
La BRKTAGNE, Octob;r 28.
LA CHAMPAGNE, November 4,
For freight or pasrage apply to
A. FORGET, Agent,
No. 3 Bowling Green, New York.
J. F. FHGAZI & CO., agents, 5 Montgomery
aye,, San Fraucist'o. Branch oilice, 19 Mont-
Pomery street. Tickets lor sale by all railroad
und steamship offices. 3 1 tf
Incubators, Bono Mills. Alfalfa Cutters.
117 East Second street,
9-1 (im Los Angeles,
rs-EAR FIRsT. TEL fjj& /£lg ly
Jnl OntAlleatei*B l-lniflt.li Diamond ".rand.
/Hii"~iV ©rianilell untl Only Uimiultic. A
j RATE, slirnv* r'linM.'. ladies, nek /2\
f',T\ Drtlttl'i tor'ChlrhMter* Knatith
ttr-»-> In Kt"l ai.rt
E*. —IWUwi aieJ iriili lilue ribbou. TaU- \W
V\iJ*i.i ■■■ li:t. tir/ui*dmngirmutuktMht- V
\'J A- <w*J una iiA',}Stioiu. At l> _ *-gti'.e'-fl,'>r «-nd4*
! » in MMrtaa Rw furtteßUn, w*ttntfrja|« awl
VP #** "KelKf* for I,h«lU-»l," t* Miter, b; rvluvu
—it' Moil. 1«,«H>» TMUtnotUMi. ttmilM Paper.
/ <'liemli'al Ci>.,>lu<ll«tt»ii Square.
Asia by ill Uati Uruggiau. PhLUrta., I'a.
tfWeV. w tf tfVi<VWWkrW
gmm. What is the condition of yours? Is your hair dry,
MB harsh, brittle? Does it split at the ends? has it a
■Hi lifeless appearance? Does it fall out when combed or
MMII brushed? Is it full of dandruff ? Does your scalp itch ?
Jjmßnh Is it dry or in a heated condition ? If these are some of
JBBHHIk your symptoms be warned in time or you will become bald.
/■■iSkookumßoot Hair Grower
5 Vl B w\Mkij'li ' I what yon need. Its product lon ts not an accident, but thr result of wlontlflo
\ I research. Knowledge of tbe dlseascsof the hairand scalp led to thediseov.
er v °' how to treat them. "Skookum "contains neither minerals nor oIH. It
7 VMwWwpß \ ls nof a Oye, bet a delightfully cooling and refreshing I onle. by fitiniulatlrie
/ /Seir Wl Wl \ clcd ' Stap3 falling hair, cures dandruff and grows hair un bald
I A wHlff i\ Keen the scalp clean, healthy, and free from Irritatingeruptions, by
/ I /ImßbW il the nso of Shmkum Sfcin It destroys parostf to insects, which/ccd on
I I I \hmk\Wt I 1' I °'"t d <»trov the. hair.
I I' I II ilHn it I I If your druggist cannot supply yon send direct to us, and wewlU forward
IIVI ii I prepaid, on receiptor prije. Grower, Jl.lX) per bottle ; 6 for lo.Ou. Kaap.OOe.
ll' W/ lf i 1 ill \ Per jar i6forgS.no. ~
TB * T (, , S'^ IIK ««* Wouth Fifth Avenue, New YorU, K. Y.
W"." r "* ° 'ArVVVWrVMW' *MAfV
coca TAMIP
Combined with Sulphate of Hydrastis.
Nervousness, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite,
Debility aud a low condition of the system
Sill be promptly relieved and cured Dy Its use.
invaluable for over worked huslne»s men and
weak, nervous women. Pless.int, prompt and
efficient. 190 doses $1. lie'the genuine; man
ufactured onlr by Taylor & Myers Pharmacy
Co , St. Paul, Minn.
I.os Angelea agents, H. M. SALE & BON, 220
S Spring St. 1-1 ly
O company. (Santa Fe Route.)
Trains arrive and depart from La Grande sta
Leave. Los Angeles. I Arrlv
* 8:1 ft p.m Chicago Limited • 7:50 am
* 700 a.m .Overland Express...!* 6:20 p.m
* 8:1 ft a.m San Diego Coast Llue. |* 1;IS p.m
* 4:30 p.m San Diego Coast Line !* 6:80 p.m
* 7:ooam ( s, j* 7:80 a.m
* 9:00 a.m I ...Ban Bernardino.. I • 9:50 a.m
■( via Pasadena... \ \ 1.25 p.m
* 4:00 p.m | |i" 6:20 p.m
* 8:15 p.m I. J • 7:35 p.m
* 7:ooa.tn i.. ..Riverside via.. .> It l:?Sp.m
* 9 00 ara \. ..Ban Bernardino.. > * 6:20p.m
|6:oSa,m r.. Kiverslde and.. .1 *10:15 a.m
?11:00 am ? San Bernardino...>
* 4:3opm t via Orange. > * 6:50p.m
* 7:00 ara f Redlands, Mentonel * 9:50 «.m
* 9:o<> am ...and Highland... I t 1:25 p.m
I via }\- 6 20 p.m
* 4:00 pm | Fatadena I f 7:3 ft pin
* 5:18 p.m l J *7T
t 0:05 a.mr Redlands, Mentonei ,*10:15 a.m
tll:0Oa.m J.and Hlghlaud via . :
* 4:30 p.m (OiangeA Riverside' • 0:80 p.m
* 9:00a.m f 1 It 7:35a.m
. . Azusa, Pasadena.. I * 8:43 am
* 1.30 p.m and I • 9.50a.m
* 4:00 p.m ( ...Intermediate.. . i t 1:25 p.m
t 5:30 p.m Stations I " 4:10 p.m
• • 6:20p.m
* 7 :00 p.m i j * 7:86 p.m
* 7:00 a m Pasadena *.7:50 a.m
* 5:15 p.m Pasadena I 1:25 p.m
t 6:05 a.m Santa Ana t 8:50a.m
* 8:15 a.m Santa Ana
t 1:50p.m Bauta Ana • 1:15 p.m
* 4:30 p.m Santa Ana * 6:50 p.m
* 7:52 a.m Banta Monica * 9:45 am
•10:15 a.m Santa Monica * 3:50 p.m
* 4:45 pm Snnta Monica * 6:34 p.m
•10:00 s.m Redondo * 8:29 a.m
* 4:45 p.m Redondo * 3:50 pra
t 9:00 a.m San Jacinto v Pasadena t 1:25 p.m
til :00 am San Jacinto via Orange
t 9:00 a.m Temecula via Pasadena t 1:25 p m
fll:0()a.m Temecula via Orange. tl0:15 a m
t 8:15 a.in Escondido v Coast Line t 1:15 P- m
Trains via Pasadena llue arrive at Downey
avenue station 7 minutes earlier and leave 7
minutes later.
•Dally tDally except Sunday. JSundays
only. E. W. McGttE, City Pa«s. & T. Agt,
129 N. Spring st, Los Angeles.
And La Grande station.
Goodall, Perkins & Co., General Agents, Ban
Northern routes emorace lines for Portland,
Ore., Victoria, B. C, and Puset Sound, Alaska
and all coast points.
For— I
Port Harford Is. S Corona. November 7,
oanta Barbara ... | 16,25; December 4.
Port Las Angeles.. S 8. Suits Rosa, November
Newport I 3,12,21,30; December 9.
Ban Diego 1
For— IS. S. Los Angeles, November
Kast San Pedro. 5, 14, 23; December 2.
Bin Pedro audiS. S. Eureka, November I,
way ports 1 10, 19, 28: December 7.
~ Yoi— iB.'B. Stuta Rosa, November
8, 14, 23; December 2
San Diego... IS. S. corona, November 9,
I 18, 27; December 6.
For— ;8. 8. Santa Rosa, November
Ban Francisco... \ 7, 10, 25; December 4.
Port Harford B. 8 Co'ona, November 2,
Santa Barbara ..il, 20, 29; Decembers.
For— 3. 8. Eureka, November 4,
San Frincisco 13. 22; December 1.
and 3. 8. Los Angeles, November
way ports 8, 17, 26: December 5.
Cars to connect with steamers via Kan Pedro
leave B. P. R. R. Arcade depot at spm., and
Terminal R. R. depot at 5:lo p.m.
Cars to connect via Redoudo leave Banta Fe
depot at 10 a.m., or from Ridondo raiiway
deoot at 9 a. m. ,
Cars to connect via Port Los Angeles leave
8. P, It. R. depot at 1;I0 p, m. for steamers
north bound.
Plans of steamers' cabins at agents office,
whero berths may be secured.
The company reserves the right to change
the steamers or their days of sal ling.
Ttf For passage or freight os above or for
tickets to and Irom all important points in
Eu.ope, apply to
' ' y ' 1 W. FARRLS, Agent.
Office, No. 124 W. Second street, Los Angeles.
Leave Los Angeles for
Kuoio Caflon via Leave Rublo Coiion
Terminal Railway. for Los Angeles.
9:09 a. m. daiiv. 9:40 a. m. daily.
1:25 pm. Sat. & Sau. 2:05 p. m. Hat & Bun.
4:00 p.m. dally 4:40 p. iv. dally.
The Incline oars will run between Rublo
caflon aud Echo mountain 15 nituutes after
the arrlv. lof e*ch train. Beyond Echo moun
tain are 20 miles of the flnest bridle road to be
found in any part ol the world, on which the
grandest scenery lhat can be found on Ihe
globe is at hand at -ivery turn.
On ihe summit of Echo mountain saddle ani
mals are aiwavs in waiting, with competent
guides to convey parties through Castlo canon,
Grand ca don and Crystal springs to Mt. Lowe
and the nighest peaks visible from Pasadena.
Los Angeles to Rublo cation, $1; to Echo
mountain, $2.70. .
Pasadena to Rublo carton, 6o cent-: to Echo
mountain, $2.35.
Altadena Junction to Rublo cef.ou, 40 cents;
to Echo mountain, $2. ......
Saddle animals from Echo mountain to Mt.
Lowe,s2. 0. H. BURKS,
City Passenger and Ticket Agent, Stimson
block. Spring and Third streets, Los Angeles.
Geueral offices, urand Opeia House block,
Pasadena, Cal. T, S. 0. LOW Jf,
President «nd General Manager.
J. T. WHIEDON, Trsfflfl Manager. 7-14
Winter Time Card no 11.
IN EFFECT & A Mi MONDAY, SEPT. 25, 1893.
Los Angeles Depot, curn;r Grind Avenue and
Jefferson street.
Take Grand avenue cable or Main street and
Agricultural park horse cars.
irains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angelos Kerfoudo
for Kedondo for Los Angeles
daily "* ILY
9:15 n. re. ' '* 5 "■ m.
1:38 o. m. 11:03 a. m.
5:10 p.m. 3:45 p.m.
Runulu,' time between Los Angoies aud Re
doudo Htuch, 80 minutes. ,
City ticket off)ce at A. B Gr?enw»ld's Cigar
Store, corner First and Spring streets.
UKO. J. AINB'.V iRTH. President.
R. H THOMPSON, Vice-President.
J. N. SUTTON, Sup'l, Redoudo Beach.
Soulhera Pacific Gompaoy
OCTOBER J, 1893.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Fifth street, daily, as follows:
Leave for destination, Arr. from
2.00 D.m San Fran. A- Sacram'to 7:30 am
10:40 p m San Fran. & Sacram'to 1:48 p.m
2.00 p.m Ogden & East, 2d .• as, 7:30 a m
10:10 p.m .Ogden it East, Ist class 148 p.m
10:40p.m Portland, Or. 7.30 am
8:30 a.m.. El Paso and Bast. . -l:iu>p.ni
8:30 a m —Doming and East... 4:09 p.m
8:30a.m Banning. 4:(iop.m
Redlands.. s9:2la.m
8:30 a.m Kedlauds AlO:ll)a.m
10:30a.m Redlands 4:oopm
4:30 p.m ~Redlands 6:15 p.m
.Colton s9;2la.m
8;30a.m Colton Al0:10am
10:30 am Colton 4:00 p.m
4:30 p.m Colton 6;10p.m
Riverside. s9:2i a.m
8:30 a.m Riverside Al0:10a.m
10:30 a.m Riverside 4:00 p.m
4:30 p.m Riverside 6:15 p.m
San Bernardino 19:21 a m
8:30 a.m San Bernardino Al0:10a.m
10:30 a.m San Bernsrdino .1:00 p.m
4:30 p.m sau Bernardino 6:15 p.m
Chlno AB:soam
8:30a.m Chlno s9:2la.m
4:3opm i l.i.in Al0:10a.m
As:4spm Cbino 6:15 p.m
8:15 a.m..Monrovia 7:55 a.m
Monrovia A9:s7am
A3:oop.m Monrovia
5:15 p.m Monrovia 4:45 p.m
7:30 a.mi santa Barbara 1:48 p.m
2:00 p. m.. Santa Barbara. 9:10 p.m
a 9: 52 a.m Sinia Ana Si Anaheim 9:03 a.m
5:10 p.m Santa Ana i Anaheim a4:oi p.m
l :■>■- p.m Tustin 8:43 a.m
49:40 A ml Whittier B:43am
4:52 p.m! Whittier a 1:45 p.m
9:25 a m Long B'ch Si -"an Pedro 8:15 a.m
Al2 .50 p.m|San Pedro & Ling B'ch 111:56 s.m
5:00 p.m'Long B'ch & nun Pedro 4:15 p.m
9:3os.tn Santa Monica 8:08 a.m
Santa Mouica 8:50 a.m
l:lop.mi Sanla Monica 12:28pm
5:15 p.m Santa Monica 4.25 p.m
6:25 p.m Santa Monica.
1:10 p.m... Soldiers' Home 8:08 a.m
6:25 p.m ■ • Boldiere' Home 12:28p.m
9:30 a.m...Port Los Angeles... 12:28 p.m
l:10p.m Port Los Angeles .. 4:25 p.m
A 4:00 p.m f. Cbatsworth Park.l A9:ooa.m
| j Trains start from I
n sen Fernando st. f
11 depot only. j
Southern Pacific Company's trains connect
at Ban Pedro with Ihe fine steamer Falcon.
Leave. I Arcade Depot. Arrive.
9:25 a.m Saturday
I Monday 4:15 p.m
Take Santa Monica trains from Sin Fernandt
street, Naud's Junction, Commercial etreet,
Arcade depit, Jefferson street (Winttrop sta
tion), Grand avenue, or University.
For north: Arcade, Commercial street, Naud's
Junction, Sf.u Fernando street.
For east: Arcade. Commercis.3 street, Naud's
For other branches: Arcade, Commercial
street, Naud's Junction, San Fernando Btreet.
Local and through tickets sold, baggage
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
m&de.aud general Information given upon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY, As"t. 0 Pas. Agt„
No 144 8. Bpriug st., oor. Beooud. CHARL.iS
s. .Yl.iiß, /'gent at depots.
• Sundays only.
A Sundays excepted.
aUOH'I) GRAY, Qes. Traffic Mgr.
Geu'l Passenger Agt.
Los loples Terminal R'y.
Los Angeles depots: Eastend of First street
and Downey avenuo bridges.
Leave Los Angeles forj Leave Pasadena for
Pasad -na. Los Angeles.
t 6:25 a.m j ♦ 7:15 a.m
• 7:10 a.m * »:o."i a.m
• 8:0Oa.m * 9.i ."> a.m
• 9:00 a m *10:35a.m
•10:30a.m "12:25 p.m
•12:20 p.m b 1:05 p.m
• 1 :25 p.m a 1:30 p.m
• 2:20 p.m • 3:00 p.m
• 4:00 p.m * 4;0", p.m
• 5;20p.m : * BlsSp.w
• 6:20 p.m , * 7:05 p.m
Ul :15 p.m * 8:05 p.m
*li :55 p.m
Downey avenue leaving lime 7 minutes later.
Leave Los Angelea for Leavo Altadena Jnuc-
AHad na Junction. Hon for Los Angeles.
• 9 00 am *10:10 a.m
c 1:25 p.m c 2:30 p.m
• 4:00 p.m... : * 5:00 p.m
All trains start from First s reet depot.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Glendale for Lob
Glendale. Angeles.
t 6:40 a.m t 7:26 a m
I 8:20 a.m t 9.12 a.m
]12:35 p.m I 1:30 p.m
• 5:25 pm * 6:13p m
Leave Los Angeles for Leavo East Sau Pedro
l ong Beach and East for
Ban Pedro. Los Angeles.
• 9:45 a.m * 7:15 a.m
t 1:10 p.m 111:18 s.m
t 5:15 p.m t 3:40 p.m
J 6:00 p,m t *:10 p.m
Between East Sau Pedro and Long Beach
10 minutes.
Trains le ive Los Angeles 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Sundays 9 a.m., 1 '25 aud 4 p.m.
Satuidays. 9 a.m. 1:25 aud 4 p.m.
Fine pavilion aud hotel, music aud
grand entertainment.
•Dally, t Daily except Sundays. J Sundays
only, a Except bntnrdays. tt Saturdays only,
c Saturdays and Sundays ouly.
Stages meet the 8 a.in and 12:20 p.m. trains
at Pasadena for Mt, Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving i.os Angeles on the 8 a. in.
train for Wilsou peak canr turu same day.
Ou theater nights the 11:15 p.m. train lit
Pasadena will wait until 20 minutes alter
theater closes
Special rales to excursion and pionic parties.
Depots east end First street and Dowuey
avenue bridges.
City ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's cigar
store, corner First and Spring sts.
General offices, First-street Depot,
T. B. MURNETT, General Manager.
jy2tf W. WI*GUP. Gen. Passenger Ag't.
' a,u Office: LOS ANGELES,
Wholesale Tard at SAN PEDRO,
Branch Yards—Pomona, Pasadena, Lamanda,
Azusa, Burbank. Planing Mills—Las Angeles
(••id Pomona. Cargoes furnished to order.
Druggist & Chemist,
222 N. Main St., Los Angeles.
Prescriptions care/ullL' compounded •
Blrht. maz <#
DB. WONG HIM, who haa practiced medi
cine in Loa Angele* for 18 yeara, and
whose office ia at 639 Upper Main street, will
treat by medicines all diseases of women, men
and children. Tbe doctor claims that he has
remedies which are superior to all others as a
speelfic for iroubles of women and men. A
trial alone will convince tbe sick that Dr.
Wong Him's remedies are more efficacious than
can be prescribed. Dr. Wong Him is a Chinese
physician of prominence and a gentlemen of
responsibility. His reputation is mole than
well establisned, and all, persons needing his
services can rely upon his skill and ability. A
cure is guaranteed in every case in which a re
covery is possible. Herb medicines for sale.
639 Upper Main Street, Los Angeles.
Los A.ngsles, CaL, June 17, 1893.
To the Pohlic; I nave been suffering with
plies and kidney trouble for over five years,
and have tried several remedies, but all failed
to relieve me A short time sinoe I tried Dr.
Wong Him, 639 Upper Main street, and I am
now well and strong, and consider him a first
class doctor. Yours truly,
235 S. Hill st., Los Angeles, Cal.
Los Angeles, June 9, 1893.
To the Public: For over five years I have
been troubled with nervous eick headache and
liver complaint. 1 didn't seem to find any help
from the many doctors and medielnea that!
tried until I tried Dr. Wong Htm, 639 Upper
Main street. lam now well. Yours truly,
48 Hinton aye.- Los Angelee, Cai
' f~-VyNl w e.v* $500
y^^^— > M few m Q^^|^g.p xter ' la '
1 "" t cllre w,ttl my
3 J Best remed*'
f ' : *H"% ca, t n : B n until
\ with addresses of ::00
QnHH—California — mosl iv
jtfmHHpraal women's breasts.
IB* ItCHA MLF'Y*"™''
I. OSA KG EL E8 "'a I ".
alense send this to sorno one with canoes*
The finest duck and deer shooting in South
crn California. Boats, blinds and sink boxes
free for guests of the hotel. Hotel open until
December Ist. Deer in abundance within one
mile of hotel. Last season 5800 ducks were
killed by guests of the hotel in the months ot
Octob-'r and November.
Carriage leaves New St. Charles Hotel every
Tuesday at o am.
The finest trout fishing iv the state.
Board an t lodging $10 per week. Round
trin ticket*".
For foil particulars inquire at 207 Bouth
Broadway. Lis Angeles, aud New St Charles
Hotel. San Bernardino.
Ammunititiou of ail kinds for sale at hotel.
Conveyance free lo guests to and from hunt
ing grounds. GUB KNIGHT,
10-18 lm Proprietor.
& CO.
oldest reliable Special Physician* and Sur
geons on the l'acinc Coast, continue to cure all
i lUSKASKs ov MKN, no matter how com
plicated or who has failed. Our dlaguosis
sheet and Confidential Book for men, explain
lngwhy thousands cannot get cured wll, be
sent free on appllcstiou, aud is as satisfactory
as a persona! interview. Cures guaranteed in
curable cases. tf}&-kll business sacredly con
fidemial. Los Angeles office 123 South Man
st. Office hours, 9to 4: Sundays, 10 to 12.
Los Angeles Lumber Co.,
Office and Yard, San Pedro St.,
BET. FOURTH ct FIFTH. 10-11 tf
211 New High Street, Fulton Block,
Near Franklin st., ground floor. Tel. 417.
j. M. Griffitti, Pres't. J. T. Griffith, V.-Pres't
T. K. Niches, Sec y and Trees.
E. L. Chandler, Superintendent.
J. M. Griffith Company,
And Manufacturers of
Mill Work of Every Description.
934 N. Alameda St. Los Angeles. Hitf
Cutlery. Ammunition,
All Kinds of Sporting Goods,
Fishing Tackle, Bamboo Rods, Baseballs, Mitts
and Gloves. Repairing and Chose Boring of
Shotguns a Specialty. Guaranteed or money
7-16 ly 211 N. Main St., Temple block.
""perry, MOTT & CO.'S
810 Commatelal sliest, Los Angelas, cat

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