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Joseph D. Lynch. Jamks J. Ayeus.
Per Week $ 20
ler Month ob
BY MAIL (Inclining postage):
Daily iiorald, one ,err " ?
Hally Hcra'u clx months 4 -5
Tiai'y Herald, three months 2 v.i
Dtily Herald, one month 80
Weekly Herald, one year 1
Weekly uerad, six mouths .... 100
« eekly Herald, three months BO
Illustrated her Id, pr copy "O
X ttered at the Po-toftUe ut Los Angeles as
c'oiut cl.«»s mall matter.
The papers ot all delinquent mail subscribers
wattle Baily Herald will be promptly discon
flnO 'il bereifter. No papers will be sent to
suMcitoer* b<- mail .-.nl ;>s the sam c have been
paid form advance.
L. P. Fisher, newspaper advertising asent,
21 Merchants' Exchange, S.;n Francisco, is nn
authorized ageui. Tins paper is tepton Hie in
his office.
The Herald is sol' al Ihe Occidental Hotel
newsstand, San Francisco, for sc. a copy.
Mo contributions returned
BT TEI-KOBsPH-The silver repeal bill
again before the senate The silver men
will filibuster against it Steps taken to
admit of the cloture The Chinese exten
sion bill to occupy the attention of the senate
today.. .Mayor Harrison's body lying In sun
.. .Murderer Prendergrastjeered by his fellow
prisoners... .World's fair gales still open —
Proposed features ol the midwinter fair
Horse racing at San Bernardino — Bay dis
trict races — Johnson breaks three more
bicycle recorls More fighting by Moors
and Spaniards Prussian elections—The
Brazilian unpleasantness.
Oreen charged with adultery Midwinter
fair executive committee Sau Francisco
capitalists to inspect Catajlua toapstone —
Justice court treses ...A umnlj factory
burned ...The associated charities meetiug
A cremation at Rosedale ccme'.eiy —
Property owners object to tho widening of
First street The great unemployed... Pro
ceedings ol the police commission yesterday
Stanton relief corps fair Bicyclist Cox
hurt The startling revelations made in the
Barre-Pernot case.
Pasadena —A special meeting of the coun
Santa Monica—An extensive bath house, cor
Banta Ana—Bowers' examination for bur
diary Hansen captured.
Pomona—The Chino excursion.
The midwintar fair project has got a
good move on it now, and it promiaes to
be a most attractive and and creditable
exhibition. Southern California bas en
tered into the spirit of the movement,
and will erect a fine building on the
grounds and make a fine display.
The Easton it Eldridge land Bale at
Chino ranch yesterday was very largely
attended, and the bidding was spirited
and tbe prices realized were satisfac
tory. This i 8 another of th 9 many
signs that we are on the eve in this sec
tion of a moat gratifying development of
activities in realty transactions.
The condition of the footpads must
indeed be desperate when they are re
duced to holding up printers going home
from their work in the "wee Bma'
hours." We are told in cold blood that
in tbe last instance in which they
"stood up" a typo that they found nine
dollars in hie clothes. This is incredible.
Since the assassination of President
Garfield nothing of the kind has oc
curred that has moved the people all
over the union so profoundly aa the
killing ol Mayor Harrison, of Chicago.
It was indeed a heinoua act. The
wretched crank who committed it may
pay lor it with his lile, though that ia
not certain. But the lives of an army
of such vermin aa the aaeassin would
jaot be worth the little finger of the dis
/tinguiahed man he murdered.
How true it ia, as the Saviour saya:
"The poor ye have always with you."
A special to the Hkkai.d save that three
hundred and eighty-five people, without
work or resources, are on a freight train
at Goshen, whose ultimate destination
iB New Orleans, but who will undoubt
edly pay Lob Angeleß a vißit rit route.
They will probably arrive here by to
morrow. Unquestionably we shall be
called upon to be charitable, aud as cer
tainly we shall comply with the requisi
tion. It is a matter of great interest as
to how long these melancholy proces
sions will continue.
The price of bar eiiver is already
down to 08 cents an ounce. This ie
pretty well for a starter in the first
twenty-four hours alter the paaeage of
the repeal bill by the senate. It would
be interesting to know what Senator JI.
W. Voorheea and other "friendt" of
silver have to say to tbia first install
ment of the depreciation of the white
metal. Whatever these glib people may
•ay, the people will do a good deal of
thinking, are doing ao now, and will act
when the time cornea. As Senator Jones
aaid, "the battle haa but just begun,"
but a good many political careers are
ended ior ever and aye.
The presence of Messrs. Easton it
Eldridge in Southern California, and
their large transactions in real estate in
thia neighborhood, ia another evidence,
if any were needed, that there is a great
investment movement hereabouts.
These enterprising gentlemen can not
afford to throw away their powder on
dead ducks. They have met with suc
cess in their Los Angeles operations, and
their Chino auction yesterday v.aa eini
uently satisfactory. Tbeae auctions will
be continued until a large body of some
of the moat valuable land in this sec
tion will be sold out in small tracts.
Subdivision is the order of the day.
Governor Markham contributed an ar
ticle to last Sunday's Examiner in wbicb
be deals with tbe labor question, and
how we should treat the great number of
unemployed who are now in our midst.
He taken substantially the position that
charity begins at home, and that our
leading aim ought to be to provide for
□ur own unemployed. Thin ie doubtless
true, although it has a very narrow and
selfish look. He thinks, and thia ie
true, that something ought to be done
to notify working people from abroad
that there is no use in their hurrying
to the coast in search of employment,
nnd gospel truth ia not stronger than
this proposition. But it is about aa
easy to stop the flow of the Mississippi
river, or to dam Niagara, as to prevent
the mad rush of those who have neither
tvork, food nor shelter, to the pleasant
!ands of California.
We have them, and will continue to
nave them, on our hands. That is sure.
And the question ia, "What Shall We
Do With Them?" in the spirit of the
lefraiu of one of Bulwer'a novels. While
it ia very true, aa Governor Mark ham
trgues, that the preference should be
.-:vn to the workingmen of California,
notably to those witii families, we cer
tainly cannot permit the unfortunate
wanderers to this state to starve, nor
| will they consent to starve. The mere
fact that they come from abroad in no
whit diminishes the claims of common
humanity, whether a man hails from
Maine or Washington or Colorado.
There ia scarcely any point in telling
him not to come here, for he ia here
already. The plans which are suggested
with regard to this army of tramps are
as various aa tho6e which have been ac
tually put in practice. The people of
Fresno were helped out in their solution
of the problem by the circumstance that
they were surrounded by raisin vinc
i yards, and could replace the Chi
naman by the Caucasian wunderer.
In San Francisco the genua "hardup"
is encamped in multitudes on the new
poatoftice site, and depends on the soup
; bousea for hia refection. The general
| plan ia to etart him toward Los Angeles,
; Arizona and Texas. Here, when he
arrives, we feed him, give him oar bene
diction and start bim on hia way re
joicing;, bidding him go anywhere so
that only he may happily relieve na of
his presence. The railway offieiaie are
very accommodating in letting him have
the ÜBe of their freight trains and brake
beams. What becomes of tbeae poor
fellows when they at last reach Arizona
or Texas the good Lord only knovva.
Governor Markliam ia not tho only
personage who baa a plan for solving
the labor queation. Mr. Arthur Mc-
Ewen comes forward in the San Fran
cisco Wave with tbe suggestion that the
right wav to dispose of the superabund
ant laboring man is to chloroform him.
Thia is intended ior a sardonic pne, and
is in questionable taste. According to
McEwen, each municipality ought to
! provide itself with a lethal chamber,
and pnt tbe man who cannot find the
wherewithal to iive to a painless death.
This ia something in the line of tha
Duchess of Lamballe, wbo tiouriahed at
the time of tbe first French revolution.
This lady, on being told that the people
were starving, remarked, "Let them eat
grass." Tne head of the beautiful
duchess, with ber long, streaming
blonde hair, made a particularly strik
ing spectacle as the mob carried it
through tbe streets of Paris.
The surplus labor question is forcing
itself with great persistency upon the
| attention of all right minded people.
I Some humane solution must be found
for it, and it will doubtless engage the
I active interest of our best minds. Like
i Lauquo's ghost, it will not down. He
who shall succeed in striking the right
solution ol the difficulty will be easily
tbe lirat benefactor of tbe age.
Since the arrival of the Kuaeian fleet
at Toulon, aud the demonstration that
followed all over Franco, there eeema to
jbe no doubt tnat there ie a treaty be
tween the two nations that they will
stand together iv the event of a Euro
pean war. Whether there exists euch a
! treaty or not, it is now evident that
; there is bo good an understanding be
| tween tbe two governments that upon
; the outbreak of hoßtilitiea France could
; depend with certainty upon tlie moral il
! not the active support of the Czar.
! So apparent is tbia attitude of amity
■ between the two nations that the Irienda
;of the dreibund are now trying to raiae
j the Bcare which has often before beeu
j used with effect, that the alliance of
France and Uusßia threatens Europe
, with the danger of being overrun with
j Cosßacka. The words of Napoleon are
; called up, that Europe will become
j Coasack or republican. Whatever ter
! rors there might be in tbe former alter
! native, there is certainly none that the
j people of this age will view with appre
hension in the latter. France seema to
be getting along very nicely as a re
public. Indeed she has, under
that form of government, enjoyed
a longer era of prosperity
and peace than she has ever
before enjoyed. Amongat tbe people of
Europe there are none who are better
off in all thoae elements that conßtilute
the weli being of a people than the
French. Their peasantry are better
houaed aud better fed than they ever
were before, their artieaua are prosper
ous, their commerce is greater than it
was ever known to be, and the accumu
lated wealth of tha nation Eurpasaea
that of any otber European nationality.
We do not forget the fact that the ap
parent wealth ol t treat Britain sur
passes that of France; but tlie actiial
wealth of the latter country is a more
tangible aud aecuro wealth than that of
Great Britain. The wealth of England,
the leading creditor nation of thb
world, ie in a great measure artificial
and subject to the moat dangerous vicis
But the fear that the alliance between
France and Rusßia may result in render
ing Europe Cossacl" ie as groundless as
it ii puerile. The alliance, under the
circumstances, is a perfectly natural
one, Tbe politital posture ot affairs,
ooth in Europe and in the east, has
made it not only possible but logical.
Russia's position in India and her as
pirations towards Turkey, as well as her
inevitable destiny aa the bead of the
Slav race, make the alliance with a
powerful European nation-like France a
stroke of true statesmanship; whilst
France, threatened by the dreibund,
and embittered by her humiliations
in the war precipitated upon
her by Napoleon third, na
turally seeka to strengthen her
self with the only great power open to
her friendship in Europe. It was not
with her a Question whether Europe
should become Cossack or republican,
but whether she should accept the only
means left to her to meet the combina
tion of powers which forms the triple
alliance and which is a menace to her
very existence.
No stronger assurance of the peace of
Europe could be had than the fact that
if war 19 forced npon France she will not
be left single-handed to meet the alli
ance which was formed to annihilate
A stcry comes to ns from an out of
town correspondent, ot a lesson learned
at the theater. "I went to see the
much talked of Friende, the well writ
ten and as beautifully acted play. The
story is a new one to the stage, as it
deals with the true friendship of two
young men, who are staunch and true
through all the upa and downs of life,
sacrificing their own intereata in behalf
of each otber, and in many ways teach
ing a lesson long needed. While I en
joyed the pay immensely, I could not
help but notice a young man who sat on
my right, for as the thread of the story
waa made known to ua he eeemed more
affected thau he seemed called upon to
be, mid now and then hia eyes would
wander to one of the boxes, which was
occupied by a party of young people,
accompanied by an elderly gentleman.
Hut as 1 watched my companion more
closely I saw he always looked at a
young man who sat a little back in the
box. Well, alter the curtain fell on the
third act I saw their eyes meet,
aud almost simultaneously tbey
uroae and made their way out.
I naturally followed, and once in the
lobby they clasped hands, and for what
seemed a few moments nothing was
said ; jnst then the elderly gentleman,
who waa in tbo box, came out, and pat
tiug each on the back, commenced talk
ing in a most joyous way, as if nothing
had happened. Tbe young men drew a
sigh of relief, linked arms and walked
away to the box, friends again. A little
inquiry revealed the fact that those t/vo
young men bad been college chums and
great friends almost from boyhood up,
out some little dill'erence had to ail ap
pearance broken their friendahip. But
tnis play of Friends had taught them a
lesson, and they only needed to look at
one another to know their friendship
was as strong as ever, ami the extreme
happiness pictured on their coun
tenances made me feel assured that thia
lime their friendship waa one that
would not be broken.
Unity Curncn —Hon. Wm. A.Cheney
will he tlie speaker tonight before the
Unity club. Hia subject is announced
as Some ot the Crimea of Modern Civili
zation, and will duubtlesa draw a large
The I'nion Pacific About t.i (~»< k Horns
With thu Great Northern.
Chicago, Oct. 31. —The committee of
the Western Paeeenger association, ap
pointed to confer with the receivers and
General Passenger Agent Lomax of the
Union Pacific, on immigrant business,
today notified Lomax tbat they OOUld
not confer with him alone; tho receiv
ers must be pre?ent or there will be no
conference. The Union Pacific served
notice on tho Western Paßeenger associa
tion November Sr.li, that it would with
draw from all local associations in which
tbe association lines were members.
The members of tbe association think
tbis meaue trouble and believe the
Union Pacific is preparing for a etrncgle
with the Great Northern. If the Union
Pacific goes into a fight on trau -conti
nental rates, it will stand an excellent
show of winning, as its mileage ie shorter
to the coast, and it is not under a re
ceivership, compelled to earn more than
operating expenses.
A Terrible Accident .Oaring a Taiuniauy
New Yoke, Oct. 81. —During the
progress of a Tammany ratification
meeting tonight, fireworks were set eff
in the etreet. An iron-lined box in
which the pyrotechnics were delivered
was placed over a big bomb hefore it
exploded. Tho box waa blown into fra:*
nienta, which scattered in every direc
tion, injuring nearly a score of people
und shattering doors and windows in
tbe vicinity. Of tbe injured, Mrs.
l>onovan ia not expected to live anu
her husband, Jaiuea, is crippled lor |
Kacklßti'n Arnica Salve.
The b?Rt salve iv the world lor cuts, bruise*, |
Bor ult ers, ss.lt > heur.i, fever sotA6, teter 1
chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all a.in ;
eru tl mi. nnd positively cures plies or no pay |
required, it ik guaranteed to Rive perfect e*t* j
lltactfou or niou-y refunded. Price 29 ten's I
per box. For sale'by C. K. Hciuaeman, vSil N.
■Cain street.
Two Good Contests at Cole's
Race Track.
The Fashion Stakes Captured by the
Speedy Gazelle.
Kelley's Oontesto Won the Kennieton
Stakes— Yesterday's Kaees et San
Francis. in — Eutries
for Today.
By the Associated Press.
San Bernardino, Oct. 81.—A small
bat enthusiastic crowd assembled at
Cole's race track, southeast of the city,
this afternoon, to witness a speed con
test between four 2-year-old colts for the
Fashion stakes, and two 3-year-olds for
the Kennieton stakes, both of which
amounted to about $2000, with gate
money added.
It was 2:30 before the judges called
out the four colta in the first event.
After scoring several times they were
sent off to a good start, with Sir Gird in
the lead. He kept tbe advantage till
reaching tbe bead of tbe stretch, when
Gazelle, driven by Charles Durfee, com
menced to close- up the gap, and finally
pasaed him just before reaching the
wire. J. W. got the flag and Prince
Inca barely escaped a similar disaster;
time, 2:34.'
The first beat of the Kennieton etakeß
was sandwiched between) the first and
second heats of the Fashion stake, and
was won by J. H. Kelley's Contento
quite easily in 2:29' 2 .
The second heat vi the Fashion stakes
was aleo captured by Gazelle iv 2 :34'.,.
J'tirdy's Sir Gird gave the black lilly a
good race and was only beaten by a
hnlf-iength iv both heats. Kelley's
Prince Inca was distanced.
Gazelle was sired by Gossiper, dam
The secocd beat in the R-year-olu
race waß won by Little Crocker of the
Cliino ranch in 2:30.
Keiley's Contento took the next two
heats and the race in 2:33 and 2:;>5 1 ...,
Tomorrow Nutford (2:16), Jingler
(2:10) and Nellie I. (2:15) will pace for
the gate receipts, and a great contest is
looked for its the three horses are in
Bp'.endid condition after a reet since
finishing the circuit.
Winners of Yesterday's Lveuti and En
tries for Today.
San Francisco, Oct. 31 —The races at
Bay District track today resulted as fol
lows :
Selling, puree $500, five furlongs-
Centurion won, Sands Forman second,
Polaski third ; time, 1:02.
One mile, all ages, purse $500—Prize
won, Revolver Becond, Clacquer third ;
time, 1:42, 1 £.
Seven-eighths mile, puree $500, 3-year
olUs and upwards—Paramatta won, Ahi
P. second, Nicodemua third; time,
Three-quarters mile, purse $500, sell
ing—Molco won, Crawford second,
Komar third; time 1:13.' 2 .
Mile and 70 yards, purse $700, all
ages—PeKcador first, Happy Day sec
ond, Duke Stevens third ; lime, 1:40-.
Following are the entries and weights
for tomorrow's races:
Four and one-half furlongs—Kmperor
of Norlolk, 90; Mount Carlos, 110; Jim
X., 119; Lottie D., 119; (Mr Reginald,
119; Joe Cotton, 119; Toots, 119 ; Bank
.Note, 102; Hal Fisher, 122; Westlake.
114; Kingsley, 90.
Four and one-half furlongs—Lady In
truder, 11(8 ; Fortuna, 105 ; Banjo, 101;
Au/eda, lol; Wandering N tin, 105 ; Sau
Luis Rev, 101; Lucia de Lammtroon,
105; Vivacho, 105; Corncob, 98; Johnny
Payne, 101; Red Bird, 108; Triumph,
108; ReU Chiet, 108; Precilia, 108.
One mile—Francisco, 101 ; Adolpb,
99; Flambeau, 108; Wyanscboiit, 104;
Sir Reel, 104; Mouowai, 99; Morton,
114; tiiarterstafl'. 108; F'idelio, 9(i:
l aiamatta, 114; Royal Flush, 111.
Five furlongs—centurion 113 ; Nelson,
108; Tiliie S., 120; Sue Abbott, 112;
Tußcarora, 115; Bobolink, 108; Realiza
tion, 115; Lovedale, 109; Bancroft, 108;
Delagaro, 10c; Rev Cloud, 108.
Seven lttrlongs—Steadfast, 91; St.
PatricK, 107; lukerman, 113; Oarcia,
107; Jake Alleu, 97; St. Croix, 110;
Lord Dunbar, 114; La Reina, 97;
JU.ero, 99.
John 4. Johnson Breaks Throe Moro
Bicycle Kecords.
Independence. lowa, Oct. 31.—Tbe
day and track were good today and
Johnson made thiee more new records,
aa follows:
Half mile, standing start, in 50 2-5
Quarter mile, .standing start, in 28
Quarter mile, flying start, in 24 2-5
Their Place of Battle Not Vet lieiiuitely
Boston, Oct. 31.—Charles Mitchell
mil Corbett's manager, Brady, had a
conference here today. It was settled
that the fight should be according to
i >iieen?berry rules, and all the details
will be left until alter the coming elec
tion in New York. Then if it is impos
sible to tight there the battle will take
place at Morocco.
Camberland Park Races.
Nashville, Term.. Oct. 31. —The
weather waa clear and the track light
ning last.
Five and one-half furlongs—Fred
Wooley won, Little Lewis second, Willie
G. third ; time, 1:08.
One mile—Brazos won, Emma C. sec
ond, Bull Koss third ; time, 1:42.
Five furlongs'—Buckeye won, Del Mar
second, Domingo third; time, 1:01,.
One mile and 70 yards— Saimli Harney
won. Imp. jSomereanb second. Lord
Willow brook third; time, 1:44 ! ...
Four and one half fniloaga— Bir Hen
ry won, King David second. Jim Henry
third ; time, 0:55.
Five and one-half furlmgs—Empress
Frederick won, Prince Kinney eecond,
Tea .Sit third ; time, 1:0T!...
Threo Hundred and Blurli ty-Klve Unem
ployed M«u Due Here Today.
Tui.aiie, Oct. 21. —[Special,] — Three
hundred and eighty-live unemployed
men are on n freight train at. Goshen, 14
miles Irom bere, all bound south. They
will probably reach Lob Angeles tomor
row evening. They left San Fruncisco
lust evening for New Orleans in search
of work,
A quiet wedding, witnessed by a
select few, between Miss Blanche F.
Browne of Long Beach and W. If. E.
Place of Los Angeles, was consummated
at the residence of the bride's mother
and eister, Mrs. J. H. Smith, Long
Beach, on Sunday, tbe 20th inst. Rev.
VV. C. Bowmau officiated, having come
down from Los Angeles for that par
pose. The bride, who wore for her
wedding costume a dress, uf white Alba
tras cloth trimmed with white benealine
and lace, and carrying a bouquet ol la
France and Bride roses, made an en
trancing and faecinatiug picture. The
parlors where the ceremony was per
formed were artistically and profusely
decorated with vines and delicately
scented flowers, smilax and that sweet
exotic from Japan, the chrysanthemum,
> redominating. The many costly and
beautiful presents which the bride wae
the recipient of were mostly of silver
designed for table service, and will
prove useful as well as ornamental.
The happy groom, Mr. Will E. Place,
ih well known in the social circles of
Los Angeles, and occupies a responsible
and lucrative position with the London
Clothing company. The newly-wedded
couple, after the ceremony, left on the
evening train for Loa Angeles to take up
their abode in a house already prepared
by the groom for the bride's reception.
J. E. Fay Was pleasantly surprised on
returning from duty to his home, at No.
427 Philadelphia street, Monday evening
to tind the place iv possession of his
friends, who nad come to celebrate
his 40th birthday and also the 20th
anniversary of hia nephew, Roy
After the literary exercises, a light
lunch with ice cream was served. Fol
lowing ia the programme:
Recitation—Miss Grade Bainter.
Piano solo—Mauler Fay.
Recitation—Misa Willie Loundee,
Piano solo—Miss Oracle Bainter.
Recii alien—Mrs. Tompkln.
p.auo aud violin solo—Mrs. aud Mra Mar
Recitation—Mr. Tompliin.
After that programme, dancing wss
participated in till midnight. The fol
lowing are those that were present:
Misses Willie Loundes, W. Standifer, L.
Craft, N. Coral, G. Baiuter, L. Standi
fer, Messrs. Guy Lake, H. Franvk, J.
Gneruia, C. Madden, Hay Fay, Atkinson
R. Walker, L. Laurence, Roy Stepensou,
Gay Stephenson, Mr. and Mrs. Marley,
Mrs. Madden, Mr. and Mrß. Covell,
Mr. and Mrs. Proctor, Miss Jesßie and
Nancy Morris, Mr. T. Norria, Mr. and
Mra. Lawrence, Mra. Walker, Mr. and
Mre. Rich, Mr. and Mra. Benedict, Mr.
and Mre. Obienise, Mr. and Mrs.
Tompkin, Mr. and Mrs. Mary, Mr. and
Mrs. Warner. Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Mr.
and Mrs. Bedford, Mr. and Mra. Bar
Mr. B. F. Coulter and daughter re
turned last Tuesday from a several
mouths' visit to Chicago and eastern
aud southern places.
A UraSS Fire.
The department was calle d out last
night about 8 o'clock by a grass fire at
Sixteenth and Georgia Bell streets, no
damage being done. Harold Vivian, a
briuhr. lad living on Sixteenth street,
and who is thought to have started the
lire was arrested by Officer Maguire and
charged with malicious mischief.
A Klliutous Constable.
San Bernardino, Oct. 31. —The board
iof supervisors today, by a resolution,
i cited William T. Edwards, constable of
Colton township, to appear before them
ou the Oth oi November next to Bhow
cause why his etbce Bhould not be de
clared vacated by reason of the convic
tion of Edwards of intoxication while in
the diciiargc of his duties.
Woman's Christian Association.
Buffalo, N. V., Oct. 31.—The inter
national conference of the Women's
Christian association closed here this
afternoon to meet in Brooklyn in 1895.
A motion carried to tax each association
one per cent of its income lor the pur
pose of carrying on the expenses of the
international board and international
A Declatvn Battle.
Johannesburg, Oct. 31.—1t is now ex
pected that a decisive fight with the
1 Mataheleß will - take place near Uooe
: lountain, towards which place all the
: available men oi the British chartered
J company and their native alließ are
j pressing forward.
RIOS iv a l'rlson.
Viknna, Oct. 31.—A riot occurred to
day in c. prison nearSteyr. Two officers
were wounded before the trouble wae
ended. Reinforcements were cent to
prevent a repetition of the disorder.
For stWaily nerves and good sleep use
Hromo solizer. Contains no A .f. Pyrine.
Tra*i re'ttmed from Mex'co,
-Mam f*£\ and-brought the finest
line ol over shown
Igyr- I" Los Angele-:
Jf ' *•! Beautiful Zitrupes.
Slu '<> !*-'•">.
f-sSitii' Hands ni" Drawn
Work, SI to 85.
« Elfyriiiit Sombreros,
i ; : S3toS2s.
: 1 Gjld and Silver Filagree
/ v.,A Worn,
I ..~\ i-ilBgree?poeusand Opals
X .'• ■" il Feather Catdp,
i ,"- : '-*i.<*3 R''B Flr-rres and Many
New Novehies.
Tlim public in invit d to inspect our
new stock.
Campbell's Curiosity Store,
325 South Spring St.
And vain 1 t v em euu-uit 11.-, iso eaie of defec
tive vision where ulussei aro required is too
complicated for us. TnaiofMpt adjustment
< f fr<ini"s Is qmteei iinpjrt*'«ras tlie pcrfeet
flttiuiroi lenses, and the litt 112 aud
making of glasses end frames is our only busl
ne-s (si o nilty.) Eves examtn9l and tested
free 01 cnaree. A'e use electric power, and sre
me on y House h re thilgriiius (daises to oMer.
Bnab.i.'hed lsStl.
B. U MAh.SHuTZ Lendlnz fc-cientltlc Optic
ian (spe*:ia.ist;, I<>7 North Spr.nj stieit, opp.
old courthouse, Dou't iorget tho number.
| Branch of San Francisco House.
We Respectfully Invite Our Patrons and the Pub'.ic to Examine
Of Our Elegant Broadway Store in the POTOMAC
BLOCK. We also invite an inspection of our SPECIAL
DISPLAY of Choice
-HSU. .A. C E Shh~
Which will be exhibited by competent and attentive
salespeople. The assortment includes, among many
other kinds, „
A beautiful variety of Hand-Painted Gauze and Ostrich
Feather Fans for evening and party wear.
Goods delivered FREE in Pasadena.
223 S. S ROAD WAV.
for Infants and Children.
'•Castorialssowtdladaptedtochiidrenthat Castoria cures Colic, Constipation,
Irecommenditaaeuperiortoauyprescription |>urStomach,
known to me." H. A. Archer, M. D., restiou,
IU So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. TVittiout injurious medication.
" The use of ' Castoria' is so universal and " For several yeara I havo recommended
It* merit* so well known that it seems a work your ' Castoria,' and shall always continue to
of supeTroeation to endorse it Few are the do so as it has invariably produced heueflclal
intellißent families who do not keep Castoria resjlts."
within easy reach." Eowin F. Pardbi. It. D.,
Cablos P. ~T ho WmthroPi " jam street and ~ th ATe ?
Late Pastor Btoomingdale Kef ormed Church. Now York City.
Thk Cent acr Cobtast, 77 Men fat Stb«*t. Naw York.
Sun mHW ~ r talizer cures all nervousness or diseases of tlioeeuort:! l\ co: .
w such as: I,o»t Munlioml, telei'tilcs.!!.'..*. 'I'ired rcet-
MV\\ e \ )\& - \\ inc. I'niim in the) stt.rk, I'ciiility, PimpU-x, Ileail
m \ /tsk! V* *mmm neho,Nemiit:il Y4'e)it. - A r;;h tl> i'lniis.sio')\, Jitnpo-
I \ \ tone}', Kesponi'enry, Varicocele), I'romuntri iMs s
H Zl and ('•natipatlon. Cures where all else fails. The doctor
oFFnoc bus discovered the active principleon which tho vitalily oi the
BEFORE AND AFTER SEXUAL apparatus Is dependent.
The reason Why sufferers are not cured l,y plivstrlnns nnd nirdlclnefl In because over tiO per rent
are troubled win, i*r<>«inil(l», f,,r which CUPInriNE Is the only known remedy t" oure tlie com.
plaint wit I,out an operation A wrlllcn <:nn rait fee to refund the money if a permanent euro Is
not effected by the use of si* boxes. li.ro a Imjc, ns for 18,00, [send for elrcirar and testimonial:!.
Address OAVOL JIKUIt'IME CO., I. t). Bin CC7O, Ban ETUlc'laCO, Cab ArMiS £~!/
C. 11. HANCK, Agent. 177 and 171) N. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal.
241 S. MAIN ST.
R'-cular sraduates, :ejtallv licenied, SPECIALIST! WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE In tho
Ir atraeutnf Chronic, Nervous, Skin and Blond Diseases. Consultation iree aud lnvlt d. A
friend.y talk or opinion co.ts yon notblflf, Medicine sent by ra*il or express everywhere, se
curely i acted, free from observasinn. durable disease* KU.ranteed. Where doubt cxhtf, it Is
ftaukly stated Hours, 9to H and 7toBp. m. Huuday, 10 lo 19,
TVT trt?^/ r f~VTT Q Organic Weakness, I Ar H Bl ' ,s (rom indiscretion, Kjoew or
I_\ "j S>, V U U O ui.lll Indulgence, producing souie of t ,o ,ol
a.ii_#j.'o. J « w v-» k_» Hailing Memory, I lowing ufreoti: Nervoisiien. Debility,
X'TPV Lack of Knerirv I IMraneaso( s.rui, Self dli rust, i> fee
riiysu.iu IM"CA>. I Aver..on to tne society oi F males,
Lo-s of AmMtlou, Lack of confidence, (Loomtnes,, Despondency, B.rreiinei*. Pntl.ne.s to
.Matry, Meiaoeholv. Dyspepsia, Lost AlautiooJ, Pains In the B tck, varlosceie, tn ited with suc
cess— taiel;, private,y,
DT r\f\T\ A TVTTI CVTM Diseases, alt forms a . iotin - Body, Novo ot
DLtXJKJIJ iIiNU OJtVILN Turn t, jifla aui Roues,, Bimotte., Bray
tlois. Ante, Kna ma, oil s 0 leer I,
painlui Swellings fro v whatever cause, treated by means uf lite, lime-tried remedies,
atilt »ud nwo i lvii Joints and rt lieu malt aui, tan result of if loud Paiaou. v KKil.
Bio idy Urlnec ■ f 'MlUy treated
UKKTHKAI. NTRIOTIiKK reriiianently Cored. Snrt-I .„ I. : , buuou. of „;n t ,i-1 Ik j
worms. Varicocele ih curable.
TTOMTT TRT? ATMPWT Poisons oiiiii'i ata dlstaiuo, I>7 Klvingall synin'.oms
IXKJ iVI Hy 1 rvii(/v 1 IVIE/IX 1 CBn hfs , u oces»fnlly ttosted at hpot
Call ou or addr 'S.s
Los Angeles Medical and Surgical Institute,
aU MAIN *»T., RIIOMS il AND 5.
TROY Laundry 9 ~
Ifain Office, 185 West First. ■
Works, 715-717-719 N. Main «J^HP«H^.
TELEPHONE 10SL ' ;•,<''' " ! i
ON TUB COAST. gjjß^'?:
M, dern iv ideas. Always up with r-'* ''&]f'i\
the times. ' '
What we m,, ken i |~',:nili •.■ of:
SHIRT, I'OLLARS AND cnsV.-i, f C , >'"-■'■&
WOOLEN GOODS, BILKS, LACKS. i^pSJP®^? ss *^^---'-'':.'
17-eodlyr "TRY US. m '~" ii ~ ' "'
.■ , — .. :rm

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