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Weathar Bnreaa.
Report of observations taken at Los Angeles,
Wot. 4, 1893:
Nil ti
W 5
Maximum temperature, c 7.
Minimum temperature, 47.
Forecast for Southern California:/ Fair
weather; cooler Sunday; westerly wtnda
The regular Sunday afternoon concert
at Westlake park by the Douglass mili
tary band will begin at 2 p.m.
The Rt. Rev. Wm. F. Nichols, D. D.,
biebop of California, ia to make hie au
tumn visitatian to the Church of the
Epiphany, East Lob Angeles, this even
ing, to preach and confirm. Services at
7:30 o'clock.
The board of public works did not
meet yesterday owing to the absence of
Counciman Rhodes, who is ill, and very
pressing work of other members of the
ooard. A report will be formulated
and presented to the council tomorrow.
, A petition was filed with the city
clerk yesterday from property owners on
Newton etreet, between Central avenue
and Tennessee atreet, asking permission
to grade, gravel and curb said etreet by
private contract—the curb to be of ce
Little Vivian Andrews, in her inimit
able recitation, A Parody on Nursery
Rhimes is billed on the programme of
the entertainment at tbe Y. M. C. A.
hall on Broadway Wednesday evening.
The programme in its entiety is excel
lent and should be liberally patronized.
For yon and for winter, too, Desmond,
in tbe Bryson block, haa a stock of hats,
■birtl, underwear, collars, cuffs, hosiery,
ate, etc., that it'll be a pity for you not
to see. There's a reason for everything,
but Desmond can give you more good
reasone for buying your winter outfit
from hie stock than would fill a column
of this paper.
Tbe praise service and sacred concert
thia evening at Simpson Tabernacle will
be an occasion of unusual interest. A
chorus of 50 voices from the member
ship of tbe Los Angeles Oratorio society,
under tbe direction of Prof. F. A. Bacon,
will present eelections from Haydn'a
Creation, Handel's Messiah, and Men
delssohn* Hymn of Praiae. Exercises
commence at 8 o'clock. Seats free.
Everyone welcome.
For Santa Catallna Island.
Steamer sails from San Pedro every
Saturday, connecting with morning
trains from Lob Angelee; returning
Monday following. Wilmington Trans.
Co., 130 W. Second st.
Yon are most cordially invited to bear
oar pastor, Rev. A. C. Bane, Sunday, at
Trinity Methodist church Booth, No.
522 Booth Broadway. Subjects of dis
courses :10 a. m., "A Man Wanted."
7:30 p. m., "How to Take This City for
Christ." Strangers always welcomed.
All seats free.
All brothers of the IT. A. O. D. are
cordially invited to attend the next
meeting of Martin Grove U. A. O. D.,
No. 62, Monday, the oth inst., at which
officers will be installed.
New-comers and the public will find it
to their advantage to buy their crockery,
glassware, lamps, etc., at Farmelee'e,
232 and 234 South Spring street.
Fifty selected voices in sacred concert,
Simpson Tabernacle tonight.
Th« Modern Koureo.
"Ob, that I were a glove upon that
band," was the exclamation of the love
sick Romeo of Shakespeare, with the
evident idea of making himself into a
very snug fit. Even in the good old
times a glove was valued for the elegance
of its make, and as an article oi dress
was a costly luxury.
Nowadays the modern Romeo sym
bolizes his wish to be "a glove upon
that hand" by sending to the lady of
bis choice a box of the nicest gloves he
can boy, and if be is "up to date" he
will send the Reynier make, which is
tbe latest and most correct thing in
Paris, and is kept by all the leading
dealers there. At the Ville de Pariß, in j
the Potomac block, a consignment ot
these gloves has just been opened, and
as tbe new store has the exclusive Bale
of this make, they will doubtless re- '
ceive plenty of calls.
The Glenwood Store
Can be had only at the W. C. Furrey
company, 159, 161 and 163 North Spring
street. The finest stove in the market.
Will save you 40 per cent in fuel. Ex
amine tbem before purchasing any
Mount Lowe Railway.
Three trains Saturday and Sunday,
75 cent rate Sunday to Rubio cefion;
f 1.75 to Echo mountain: grand trip;
see time card.
Elegant Line of Cutlery
At the lowest possible prices at the W.
O. Fnrrey company, 159, 161 and 100'
North Spring street.
Howry it F.reeee. Broadway under
takers. "Independsnt of tbe trust."
Hair Goods -Hair Goods.
In the above line I am selling out below
colt. Any one requiring anything iv the above
line will save money by calling at the Surprise
millnery store, 242 South Spring street. A. J.
Klethmuller, proprietor.
East India Herb Tea Cures
Constipation. bllousness ana headache,
cleansGßthe system, stimulates the liver and
ktaneys, makes new blood. Entirely vegeta
ble. Sample free. H. M. SAIB i SON, agents,
220 South Spring street.
A. M. Chapman
Bells the Glenwood ranges und Richmond
ranges, the two best stoves In America. House
hold goods a specialty. 414 S. Spring 61.
J. C.
Manufacture and dealer In trunks and travel
ling bags. 236 8. Spring St. Tel. 818,
If Ton Meed a Truss
Call at Becktvlth's pharmacy, 303 Horth Main.
A fit guaranteed.
A Modern Millinery Store.
Hoffman & Co., -40 B. Spring st.
Stop at 123 South Sprins street nnd get a
pair of those $3.50 Ladies' Shoei for $3.50.
The Perfect fitting Shoe Company,
Poison Oak—Hall's Cream Salva
Will give immediate relief and cure in 24
hoars. 25c and SOc. Off & Vaughn's drug
store, Fourth and spring streets.
Br. li. S. Diß'enhacher, Uentlat.
No. 119./, 8. Spring street; rooms 4 and 5.
250 envelopes, 50c; \, rtn writing oarer, 25e
Langstadter, 214 W. Sac-ond, Holleubeck hotel,
SOWERi^WTr^ P M H .^.
"The Buildinf of the Pyramids," dis
played in the window of Sanborn, Yail
A Co., 133 South Spring street, combine
two of the moat essential features of a
picture—instruction and coloring—and
is without doubt the finest fac simile
that has ever been exhibited in Southern
California. This picture, showing the
Egyptians at work on the Great Pyra
mid, gives one a most comprehensive
idea of bow these great pieces of ma
sonry were constructed, and also show
ing the gorgeous splendor of Egyptian
costumes at that period, about 3000 B.C.
The beat and most healthful beverage
in the market is the world-renowned
Pabst beer. It has no equal. Recog
nized to be the best brewed. The Pabst
Brewing company of Milwaukee has
taken the first prize in all contests
against all competitors. Aek for the
Blue Ribbon or Export. Germain Fruit
company, sole agenta for Southern
California, 218, 220 and 222 North Los
Angeles street. Telephone 12.
At the Cathedral at 10 a. m. today
the music at high mass is Mieaa Pro
Pace, by Thed Von La Uache. The ao
j loiets are Miss Cecilia Gardner, Miss
; Ethel Graham, Mrs. B. Gardner, Dr. J.
Jauch and Mr. F. W. Wallace, assisted
by a good choeua. Aapergea Me Domine
and Ecce Pannis Angelorum in the mass.
Vespers and benediction, 7:30 p. m. A
G. Gardner, organist.
Woodbam & Co., 324 South Spring
street, are selling furniture away down.
If you don't believe it juat drop in and
look at their splendid line of new goods
and get the remarkably low prices.
That la the reason why he is doing such
a big business. The people know a good
thing when they see it.
On next Wednesday evening papers
will be read before the Unity club on
The Distinguished Men of Georgia, by
Col. John D. Pope, and on The Impend
ing Danger to Our Civilization, by Hon.
John Shirley Ward. Admission free.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsev, 114 South
Spring street. Special attention given
to obstetrical cases and all dieeasea of
women and children. Electricity scien
tiflcallv used. Consultation hours 1 to
5. Telephone 1227.
Go to Ebinger's restaurant; best
French dinner and order house in the
city. Everything firat-claaa. Attentive
white waiters. No Chinese employed.
Don't forget the place, southwest corner
Third and Spring.
If you want to get a 50-cent meal for
25 cents go to the Cosmopolitan dining
hall, 219 and 221 West Second street,
batween Spring and Broadway, next to
Herald office. Shoup & Elliott, pro
All men are cordially invited to the
meeting at the Young Men's Christian
association at 3 o'clock today. E. S.
Field makes an addresa, MrB. Auer will
Bing and Charles Valentine play a violin
Mme. Du Barry's bair dressing and
manicuring parlors, 242' c S. Broadway;
also a select line of French toilet prep
arations for the complexion. Ladies'
call and see latest to eradicate wrinkles.
Dr. Charles de Szigetby is now located
in the Bryson block. Residence, Baker
block. Office hours, 11:30 to 3:30. Sun
days and evenings by appointment. Of
fice telephone, 1150; residence, 1056.
If you desire to purchase a framed
picture or anything in the art line, do
not fail to visit Lichtenberger's art em
porium, 107 North Main street. End
less variety and lowest prices.
Children's school shoes, the largest
Btock, the best we»r and the lowest
prices at the cheapest place on earth for
boota and shoes, 118 East First between
Main and Los Angeles streets.
Dr. J. E. CowleB, residence. Pacific
Sanitarium, Pico and Hope streets; tel
ephone, 138. Office, Wilson block, First
and Spring streets; telephone, S83; 10 to
12 a. m., 3 to 5 p. m.
The Dewey Gallery, 147 S. Main, first
class cabinets $1 per dozen for 30 days.
Come early so you will not miss this
opportunity. This is no fake. All work
shall be good.
The beat remedy for irritating bron
chial cough and soreness in the lungs is
Rowe's Cough Mixture. We recom
mend it. A. E. Little boy, 311 South
Deposit your Mexican dollars and all
kinds of old silver at the silversmith's
and draw out new spoons, forks, etc.
Alwaye open. Baaement Times building.
For pure Sonoma /.infandel, sweet
wines, brandies and whiakies call at E.
Fleur's, 404-406 N. Los Angeles at. East
ern shipments a specialty. Tel. 224.
Elsinore hot springs and hotel. Full
particulars regarding this famous resort
at the Hammam botha, 230 South Main
street, Loa Angelea.
Lamps and gastixtures of the most
modern Btylea and at lowest prices can
be found at Farmelee's, 232 and 234
South Spring street.
Finest $3.50 cabinet photos reduced to
$1.75 per dozen. Cheapest and boat in
the city. Sunbeam art parlors, 236 and
238 S. Main street.
Adams Bros,, dentistB, 239 1 .. South
Spring street. Painleea filling and ex
tracting. The best setB of teeth from $6
to $10.
We will send Advance sewing ma- |
chinea on trial to any lady in Loa An
geles. Call or address 128 South Main
Dr. Joseph Kurtz and Dr. Carl Kurtz,
physicians and surgeons, have removed
their offices to 147 South Main street.
Dr. A. Z, Valla, physician and surgeon.
Office and residence, 126 North Main,
new McDonald block ; telephone 284.
For the choicest kind of me,its call
on Lonis Streuber, J38 N. Main st.; tel.
100. Orders promptly attended to.
Dr. K. D. WiBe, office226 South Spring
street. Office hours from 8 to 10 a.m.
and 3 to 5 p.m. Telephone 346.
Go to I. T. Martin for your furniture,
carpets, mattings and lamp heating
stoves; 451 South Spring street.
Pianos for sale, rent, tuning and re
pairing. A. G. Gardner, 222 South Loa
Angeles street.
Full line of music boxes and holiday
goods at Exton & Cist's, 329 South
Spring street.
Dr. M. Hilton Williams, head, throat
and chest diBeaeeB. Office, 137 South
The usual monthly reception at the
School of Art and Design hae been
postponed from the 7th to Thursday,
the 14th.
EngiiBh trouBeringa to order, 600
very stylish patterns. Joe Poheim the
Robert Sharp & Co., funeral directors
(independent), 536 8. Spring st.; tel. 1029.
Banjos, guitars and mandolinB at Ex
ton & Cist's, 329 South Spring street.
Elegant suits to order, $25. Joe Po
heim the tailor.
Insure with A. C. Golsh, 147 South
Campbells special display. See window
Dr. McCoy, eye, ear, throat, Bryson bk.
Dr. Parry, ear and eye, 431 )- 9 8. Spring.
Simpson Tabernacle toniaht-.
Street Superintendent Watson
to Be Sued.
A Question as to the Defaulting
Deputy's Bondsmen.
Bondsman Donegan Claims That He
Was Willing to Fay Hia
Proportion of the
The assertion was made yesterday by
a city official that at tomorrow's session
of the council a resolution would be in
troduced instructing the city attorney to
commence suit agaiußt Street Superin
tendent Watson's bondsmen for the re
covery of $1300. The amount was em
bezzled by Arthur Stewart, Watson'a
former chief deputy.
Shortly after the shortage was discov
ered, the city council instructed the
street superintendent to at once make it
up. Mr. Watson has so far failed to
comply with the request, probably on
account of affairs existing in connection
with the bondsmen of the defaulting
J. Marion Brooks and D. F. Donegan,
jointly, were Stewart's sureties. Upon
these gentlemen Mr. Watson relied to
get at least some assistance.
Mr. Donegan was willing, be said, to
pay one-half of the shortage, and offered
the amount to Mr. Watson, asking at
the same time that ha be released from
further liability.
Mr. Donegan stated yesterday that he
telegraphed Mr. Watson from Chicago,
on hearing of the difficulty, that he
would settle his part of the matter sat
isfactorily. "On my return," said he,
"I offered to settle my half of Stewart's
deficiency, providing I would be re
leased from farther liability. Mr.
Watson refused to accept the proposition.
"I told him I didn't think he could
legally collect even that much on the
strength of tbe bond, but wae perfectly
willing to pay one-half of the shortage.
I have been told the bond is worth
nothing. I will fight the case to a fin
It is said that Mr. Watson refused to
accept a part of Mr. Brooks' payment of
the shortage.
The attachment against Mr. Donegan
was released yeßterday, he having given
Some People Bnjoy It, But Nervoai
Folk Are Nor. Among Them.
Rushing in a second in a railroad car
from the broad, bright glare of the open
snnshin9 to the drear, dank blackness
of a railroad tunnel is to many exciting
and to others unpleasant. The tunnel
now building on tbe new coast road, at
which over 3000 men are now at work,
and which has to be completed by May
Ist, ia over 4000 feel, long, and haa tor its
terminus the new town of El Moro. A
glorious sight greets the eve as you
emerge from the tunnel. The famous
| Moro rock, famous in eong and story,
I beautiful Moro bay, which stretches
along for seven miles and then fronting,
as it is juatly termed. America'a Kil
i larney is the town of El Moro. Moro
bay has been the home of the poet and
j scenic lover since Junipero Serra'e time.
{ But El Moro has more tnan its scenery
! and climate—which is unrivaled any
! where—to recommend it. It is the
' home of the olive, which produces more
piofit to the acre than anything culti-
I vated, and vegetation of all kinds ia
i something to be seen in order to be be-
I iieved. Think of beets weighing 194
pounds; of potatoes larger than your
head, rich and meally ; of onions aver
aging 4 pounds each : and Rossa & Ward,
of 237 West Firßt street, are selling lots
in El Moro at the low price of $75. 'Tis
the chance of your life. The railroad
will reach there May Ist, and then you
will pay ten times that price for them.
Redlands' Finest Hotel Which It May
Well Feel Frond or.
The above popular hotel is located at
beautiful Redlands, which is situated in
the San Bernardino valley. The mag
nificent mountain scenery cannot be sur
passed in any portion of California. The
Terracina is now open for tbe fall and
winter season and no better accommo
dations or table can be found in these
parts. Hon. Campbell T. Hedge, with
out doubt one of the best hotel men in
; the country, ia the proprietor, which
1 Bpeaks volumes for this well-known
I hoßtelry. Mr. Wm. M. Tiedale is man-
I ager, a gentleman of many years ex
! perience who fully understands the
duties of hia position, ever ready to meet
I thewautaof his many guests. When at
Hedlanda by all means go to the Terra
! cina.
The W. C. Forrey Company
Do all kinds of plumbing work at rea-
Bonable prices. Be sure and call upon
! them before going elsewhere. All work
i warranted. 159, 161 and 163 North
Spring atreet.
Bulk Oysters,
1 Freeh frozen, constantly on hand, 65
cents a quart; cans 60 centß. Call and
be convinced that we have the beat
oystera in town at 244 S. Main street.
.... T.*t*U /■ *>.
FOR FINE PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK; also, r.rst premiums above all competitors at fair held
October, 1802, aud at all previous exhibits wherever work was entered for competition in the
state. Largest aud most complete photographic studio iv Southern California. All tbe latest
styles and designs used.
DR - J ' p - TUDOR, Manager.
Firft Grade, $3.00. Second Grade, $3.50.
ti /ivr-»~ £ v W-A v/tnII i
Third Grade, $5.00.
w>^'^kiaJirl 'ti Cement Fillings ftOotoTSc
Aluminum Plates $10.00 to $1.">.00 Teeth extracted for 25c.
Porcelain Crown* 2.50 to 3,0il Painless extraction by any anaesthetic do-
Gold ( rowns 5.00 to 7.00 6ired.
Gold Fillings From $1.50 up The administration of gas a specialty.
Silver or Amulgam Fillings... 50c to 1.00 ggf All work guarantied.
THE TUDOR DENTAL CO., No - 2 « h^. ?t
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
The Teachers' Benefit Society to Be
A number of city teachers met yester
day for the purpoae of roaurrecting the
Teachers' Benefit society, which was in
active operation last year.
There was but a small attendance. A
resolution was passed declaring it the
sense of those present to reorganize the
society at once.
After discussing the constitution and
by-laws the meeting was adjourned to
next Wednesday at 4 o'clock. The
meeting will be held in the Spring street
school building.
A Petition for a Deputy Constable Filed.
Other Mattera.
The board of supervisors at a meeting
held yesterday transacted tbe following
bueineee: \ /■
A petition by 37 attcVneys of tbe City
was filed, asking that Constable A. P.
Richardson be granted a deputy consta
ble, tbe business of the office requiring
it. The petition was taken under ad
Mrs. H. A. Watson was directed to
file a detailed statement of her work in
connection with the girls' home for
three months' past.
In Olden Times
People overlooked the importance of
permanently beneficial effects and were
satisfied with transient action, but now
that it is generally known that Syrup of
Figs will permanently cure habitual
constipation, well-informed people will
not buy other laxatives, which act for a
time, but finally injure the svntem.
Has Just Received a Large Stock of
The bst combinations we have ever *
had at iuw figures. Also a full line of
Sizes run from 2x3 to 12x15 feet.
The bj;t rug for the money.
110 S. Spring St., Opp. Nadeau HoteL
10-8 3m
Wealth Secured
216 and 218 S. Spring St.
Choice T.ible Delicacies, Bed Rock
Prices, ' ourteous Attention,
16 lbs Granulitfd sugar $1 00
I lb Price's Baking Powder 45
1 lb Royal Baking Powder 45
1 lb Cleveland Baking Powder 45
5 lbs Rice for 25
City Flour, per sack 80
choice Northern Flonr 1 00
4 Ibs New Pruues 4!5
o lb, Oat or Wheat Flake 25
Gcrmea 20
Imp ,rted Hardineß 15
Good Sirdinea 05
Monroe Milk 10
Try our unrivaled hali-dollar "Spider
Leg" Tea. Aiso our excellent high grace
Hyson. Jap and Formosa Oolong Teas, and
the famous Chase & Sanborn Coffees, the
beat in tbe world. All goods first-class at
Hanna & Bureh,
810-818 S. Spring: St.
The Man lie Asaanlted Dlea from Hi*
An inquest yesterday upon the re
mains of Ed Johnson, a former em
ployee of Sell & Renfrew's circus.
While the organization was perform
ing in Pomona Johnson quarreled with
a man named John Thomas, the affair
terminating in a fight, in which Johnson
waß badly hurt.
No seriouß consequences were expect
ed, and Thomas, who was arrested, was
given 60 days in jail for battery.
On Friday night Johnson grew worse,
and, inflammation setting in, died with
in a short time.
Thomas will now have to answer to
the charge of manslaughter.
Mrs. J. W, Calktns. Miss O. 8. McCurdy, J. B.
Anderson, Santa Barbara; A. 1,. Lovelaoe, Kan-
Oily; 8. H. McMillan, H. McGlgen, San
Diego; Mrs and Mrs. 8. Armltage, England; L.
Hartman, Baltimore; 8. Heiueman, J. A.
Haralson, Pniladilchia; 8. J. tiecht, S. G.
Hoffman, W. r. Hobsou, Miss K. B. Übilds, it
H. Koss, J. Meyeratein, W. B. Hopkins, Ban
Fraucisco: Henry Booth, Mamee Meyers, Chi
cago; E. A. Burr, Mrs. R. r. Burr, Sacramento;
Ban Murphy, Needles; B. K. Wetnorby, I. Van
Gaasbeck, New York; T, K. (label, Albu
querque; Mrs. Mackenzie, Miss aacKenzle,
Ban Jose; Mrs. S. R. stocsweil, Stockton: A.
Mann, Mrs. Wilcox, Los Angeles.
Help! help!! carry away the Ladles' $3.50
Shots that are going at $2 50 at 122 South
Spring street, the Perfect-fitters.
Fire Insurance Rates Reduced.
Independent, of the "compact." See Baskor
vil c, 21S North Main (Lanfranco building) and
save money.
Finest Variety and Cheapest
Place in town for tish, same, oysters, etc. Fred
Haunin-.an's, Mott market,
Yon Can't Hide the Fact
That cheap, ready-made apologies for Shirts
look just what tuey arj.and you cau't make
imm paa* for one of our superb, perfectly-fl t
ung, ffiaae-to order shlrti any more than you
can pass a dime for a quarter. These shirts
are made of ihe very beat material, and In
durability, style, fit, finish, material aud ap
pearance leave no room for criticism. Botn
on the score of economy and appearance, you
can do nothing better than order some ot these
shins which we are making.
It Is the same with Underwear. We have se
cured the sole agency for the celebrated Hohen
zollern Paoltary Woolen Underwear, and have
just opened our tirst. importation. Thle, with
our complete line of Holroyd's Glastonbury
Manufacturing Company, Dr. Warner's Sani
tary, Wright's Fleece-lined and Way's Derbv
ribbed Underwear make a selection one sees
bntouceiu allie-tiine.
Umbrella*, walking Sticks, Fancy Vests and
some new designs in Men's Jewelry ara but an
Idea of our stock that we are selling at suit
your-pursc prices.
Men's Outfitters
106 South Spring St.
811 Sunly
luminal weajtuesp, impoleney, etc., inducing
some of the following symptoms, as dizziness.
Confusion of Mrbi. clvfectlve m»mory,
gvurslon to society, blotches, emlsMlon*.
• xhauHtlonti, Tarlcocele, etc., are perma
nently cured.
troubles, weak bacfe,incontinence, gonorrhoea,
gleet, stricture «nd atl unnatural discharges
are quick y aud perfectly cured.
causing ulcers, eruptions, swelling in groins,
sore throat, fa.ling hair, and other symptoms,
arc removed and all poison permanently erad
icated from the system.
jsjajr-TREATjiKNT at office or by express. All
letters strictly confidential.
Clay Diagonal
Don't Guy-llim-Ahv"
PcTi* at!the MtcwttrrEK FATRj.
'"Cesa Yorkist, suit is i;r fxsitst c'i.w
I SrVfer struck ter st'/lAsi-sf'n.-.js.
und dcfert-buttons."
312 S. SPRING ST.,
Just Below Third.
A Magnificent Hotel! Sumptuously Furnished!
Table Unsurpassed!
Large and Snnny Rooms, En Suite or Single, for Families
and Transients.
Sanitary Plumbing and all Modern Improvements.
Pfoprietor and Manager. !:«,,>
Hotel Terragina.
TN the beautiful San Bernardino Valley. Magnificent moun
x tain scenery. House now open for the Fall and Winter Sea
WM. M. TISDALE, Manager.
lffl|fi jffi Aniericßu and European Flans.
Light up your houses and stores while you can buy Lamps
cheap. We have opened a large shipment of
New Table and Hanging Lamps
And want you all to come and see our assortment and get
our prices. The rush we had last week was awful, but the
people all went away with Lamps, and stated unanimously
that they could not understand how we could sell them so
cheap. We give the people the benefit of our heavy cash
purchases. Just think of these prices :
75 Candle-power Nickel-plated Table Lamps $1.50
60 Candle-power Nickel-plated Table Lamps 1.25
50 Candle-power Nickel-plated Table Lamps 75
Decorated Vase Lams, Shade to match 1.50
Brnquet Lamps, with linen shade 300
Goie and See Our Prices in Windows.
116 S. Spring St., Bet. First and Second.
Goods delivered Free to Santa Monica, Redondo, Long
Beach and other suburban towns.
SlMi!r^s l) Where he will be pleased to meet all customers.
• k Just Received, a Large Stock of
- • - Fall and Winter (ioodgj
1 \
IMPORTING GROCER, 136 5 138 S. Spring

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