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The Proceedings of the City Council.
Uourt Notel*
Santa Ana, Nov. 7.— Last evening was
held the regular meeting of tbe city
trustees. Trustee Wbltson was absent.
* Tbe matter of opening and extending
Sycamore street was considered, and it
, was decided that the city attorney be
Instructed to draft resolutions of inten-
fention of opening up said street, and
- that final action in the matter be taken
at an adjourned meeting of the trustees
next Wednesday at 2 p. m.
v, | IN. Rafferty presented a petition to
I lie meeting, sighed by numerous tax
payers on Main street, asking tbat a
i cement sidewalk be ordered put down
on a strip 60 feet fronting on Main street,
adjoining Mr. Rafferty's place.
Mr. Rafferty said that when the ce
ment walk was ordered put down on
Main street it covered tho distance be
. tween Fourth and Seventeenth streets,
Tbe parties owning the property are
non residents, Tbe clerk was instructed
, to inform the owners that he should
proceed at once to have tbe sidewalks
put down to conform with that already
Tbe city olsrk who instructed to ad
vertise for bids for tapping the water
i mains for tbe next two years.
*» Bids for furnishing coal for the city
water works were opened. TheSprecklos
Bros, offered to furnish 200 tons, f. o. b.
cars at San Diego for $7.95 per ton.
The Santiago Coal company's bid was
$6 per ton, delivered at tbe coal sheds
' at tbe city water works. President Ed
ingar was appointed to investigate tbe
matter with power to act.
T..e Second street commissioners
wauted the trustees to fix their compen-
nation {or services rendered in tbe mat
ter of opening op Second street. As
tbe trostees were not clear as to what
compensation should be allowed, Presi
dent Edingar was appointed a commit
tee to investigate and learn tbe amount
I allowed by law in snch cases.
' Ordinance No. 17(1 was read for the
second time and was passed. It is an
ordinance providing for the punishment
of certain offenders against tbe peace,
good order aud health oi tbe city of
Santa Ana.
Tbe street superintendent reported
the following collectiona: Amount col
lected for water, $407.80; amount for
sewerage, *!'">; amount for extra water,
$3; amount fur water taps, $33.75; for
extensions, $34.25.
City marshal reported $14 colleoted as
dog tax, and turned in. City taxes col
lected, $1405.22.
City treasurer reports a balance ot
$272.24 in treasury.
A contract between W. H. Spurgeon
and the city of Santa Ana, leasing tbe
fireman's bail for another year at $12.50
per month, was read and accepted.
Tbe city clerk reported a balance in
the general fund of $178.97; in city water
works fond, $2.41.
President Edingar called Trustee
Hunkey to tbe chair and proceeded to
read a resolution effecting salaries as
Resolved, Tbat to conform to tbe
hard times and the pockets of the tax
payers, that on and after December Ist
tbe salaries of the city employees be re
duced, including city clerk, city team
sters, city attorney and street superin
The resolution was unanimously
I adopted and the matter of regalatiOg
salaries will be settled at the next regu
lar meeting.
Bills were allowed.
Ruaaell Parks left yesterday for Okla
homa, where be goos to accept a dep
utyship in a clerk's office in one of the
new counties.
Roy Wilbur, who has been employed
in the Chino Biigar iactory during tbe
sugar-making season, returned to Santa
Ana today.
Mrs. Hairy Hamacber is in Santa Ana
visiting ber father's family, John R.
Paul. Mr. Hamaker, her husband, has
sold bis business in Riverside and has
gone to Ventura to live.
Oranges in Villa park are beginning
to ripen. P. Lyon has made a shipment
to San Francisco already.
Tbere is a winter pippin apple in the
show window of Padgnam's jewelry store
that weighs one and one-lialf pounds.
It grew in Ira Woodman's orchard in
Garden Grove.
Kdv. K. O, Mclntie is expected home
from th<3 ea:t this mouth.
H. 0. Cullom of Tustin sold two tonß
ol Boft-shell walnuts iast week for 7
A. 0. Bishop last week, while fumi
gntn g in his orchard, iiad the misfor
tune to fall aud break a rib.
There is no choice made for a post
office site as yet aud no decision is ex
pected before Saturday.
Boy Billingsby has traded lots five and
Bix, Jenntng oi Foster addition to the
city for laud in the Look subdivision of
tbe Los Balsas ranch.
Madelin Le Moyne was today granted
a decree of foreclosure for $5398 and
costs against I2ti acres of land at New
port, property of J. W. Gardner.
A masquerade skating carnival takes
place a,t Neill's hall Saturday evening
November ilth. Kight prizes will be
awarded to tbe best skaters m charact
ers aod richest costumes. Only those in
raivt and costume will skate from 7 to
U :30.
tiarmosa Chapter No. 105 O. E. S.,
elected the following officers last night
for the ensuing year: Mrs. Martha M.
Medlock, W. M.; Mrs. Stella Mingea.
A. M.; Mr. R. E. Hewitt, W. P.; Mrs.
Mary B. Whedden, secretary; Mrs.
Lucretia J. Colby, treasurer; Miss Sallie
Peabody, con.; Mrs. Jennie Feif, A. con.
Tbe Lady's guild of the Episcopal
church will meet at the residence Of
Mrs. F. H. Keith next Thursday after
noon at 2 o'clock.
Mr. William Deering of Saota Ana will
be ordained as a deacon in the Episco
pal church at Orange, Nov. 18tb, by the
Right Rev. William F. Nichols, D. D.
The Misses Hattie and Bertha Baker
and Lula Howe went over to Anaheim
this afternoon to attend a chrysanthe
mum hall to be given by the Native
Daughters this evening.
C. S. Parcels who was before the su
perior court on a charge of burglary was
acquitted of the charge today.
People vs. Andres Jensen; defendent
pleads guilty of forging a check; to be
sentenced November 9th.
People vs. C. S. Parcels ; on trial.
Maclain L. Moyn vs. John W. Gard
ner et al.; judgment granted for $5398
principal and interest, $21.80 insurance
and $539.80 attorney's fees ; R. W. Poin
dexter appointed receiver, bond $500,
The examination of young Goldswait,
who was arrested on a charge of burg
lary about a week ago, was had at Ana
heim yesterday with closed doors. To
the surprise of a great irany, who of
course did not hear the testimony,
Goldswait was acquitted of the oharge.
A Folder Deserlptlve of tha Cits'—na
tional Guard Kiectlon.
Pasadsna, Nov. 7.—At a meeting of
tbe directors of tbe board of trade held
this afternoon, tbe advance copies of tbe
folder, of which 10,000 copies were re
cently ordered printed, were submitted
for approval.
The object oi the publication is to fur
nish in a convenient form a short sketch
of Pasadena, her surroundings, and toe
many attractions which she offers to
home-seekers, that could be easily
mailed to eastern friends and those in
terested in Southern California,
The old board of trade pamphlet,
which did so much to advertise this
section, is entirely exhausted, aud tbe
one near being published will, in a
measure take its place.
It is the intention of the board to fur
nish these free of charge to parties de
siring to send them to eastern friends.
Tbe manuscri) t for the folder, which
was prepared by Wm. H. Knight, sec
retary of tbe board, is exceedingly well
written. Under tbe headings of Pasa
dena in General, Pasadena Homes, Ed
ucational Facilities, Hotel Accommoda
tions, Newspapers, Railroads, etc..
Pleasure Resorts, and Adjoining Towns,
a brief but comprehensive outline of
tbe city is given.
Speaking of tbe climate, it says:
"Tbe climate is nearly an ideal one all
tbe year round. In the summer an un
clouded eky and a gentle zephyr from
tbe ocean clear tbe air of all exhala
tions, leaving it purs and exhilarating,
seldom excessively warm and nearly al
waye agreeable. In the winter the
rainy spells, lasting but a few days at a
time, are followed by several days or
weeks of bright sunshine, and the
fields and hills are covered With ver
dure, spangled with flowers, and pre
sent a spring-like appearance from De
cember to May."
Of public improvements the follow
ing appears:
"Building improvements now under
way amount in value to $552,400.
Among them are dwellings ranging
from $1000 to $30,000, a new and orna
mental ball for the Throop Polyteobnic
institute, and a costly and extensive
addition to Hotel Green. Notwithstand
ing the numerous buildings ereoted
during tbe current year there are fewer
vacant houses than at any previous
period in tbe history of tbe city.
"Tbe spirit of improvement is seen in
the large amount of Btreet work re
cently accomplished and under way.
Between January and September, 1893,
there were 9510 lineal feet of streets
graded, 26,458 feet of curbing built and
99,335 square feet of sidewalk laid, at a
total cost of $40,000."
The article closes with the following
extract from tbe Land of Sunshine, de
scriptive of the beauties of tbe San
Gabriel valley:
As tbe beauty spot of Southern Cali
fornia, many experienced travelers have
declared it to be tbe most charming
valley in the world. He who sees the
valley for the first time at midwinter,
when the golden globes of the orange
nestle in the dark glossy foliage of the
leaves and a genial sun draws out the
perfume of a myriad of flowers, while
the dark, snow-capped mountains form
a background to the picture, will admit
that the praise is not overdrawn.
Company B held an election of officers
last evening under the supervision of
Colonel Schreiber of tbe Seventh regi
There was quite a lively fight over
the office of captain, which has been
vacant for some time, owing to tbe
resignation of Captain Bangbam pre
vious to his removal to Whittier.
The candidates were Second Lieuten
ant P. J. Cook and W. E. Darracott,
both of whom were supported by a large
number of friends. The office, how
ever, was captured by Lieutenant Cook,
by a majority of only 3 votes.
Tbe ballot for the positions of first
and second lieutenants resulted in Cor
poral Mcliowau carrying off the former
Unlike tde Mm Proosss
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her Chemicals
are used in tho
preparation of
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It is delicious, nourishing, anil Evicir
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
W. BAKER & CO,, Dorchester. Mass.
and Corporal Oollingwood tbe latter
A very pleasant event dnring tbe
course ol the evening wbb the presenta
tion to Captain Bangbam of a silver set,
by Colonel Uchreiber in behalf of the
company as a mark of tbe high ap
preciation which it bad of the services
he rendered while at the head of it.
Mrs. Elizabeth Yore has a very pretty
poem in the current number of the
Traveller, entitled, On Rubio.
Koine of the merchants are decidedly
objecting to tbe recent police rule,
making them keep goods off from the
Prof. 0. H. Keyer of Throop Poly
technic institute "is in Ventura county
on business.
Peter Stail will add a bowling alley to
his establishment on North Fair Oaks
A young son of Mr. W. A. Banbury
was unfortunate enough to fall off his
horse yesterday breaking his arm. The
injured limb was set by Dr. MoATiieter
and the boy is doing nicely.
Pasadena Tent No. 1, Knights of the
Maccabees, nominated officers for their
semi-annual election at a meeting held
last evening.
Mrs. Tom Banbury is very ill at her
home on Lincoln avenue near Orange
The annual parish meeting of the
TJniversalist church was held this after
noon and evening in the church vestry.
Supper was served by tbe ladies and a
very enjoyable evening passed.
Sneak thieves entered the house of A.
O. Churchill, on Orange Grove near Pas
adena avenue, yesterday afternoon, and
managed to get away with considerable
jow ©1 r y
Mrs. D. Hall, Miss Belle Duncan, G.
VV. Dngger and George Taylor left this
afternoon to attend tbe Y. M. C. A. con
bention at Stockton.
Tbe regular monthly reception of Rev.
Florence Kollook was held yesterday
afternoon and evening at her home on
Marengo avenue.
There will be special serviceß next
Sunday In all the Young Men's Chris
tian associations in the country, it being
international day. Appropriate exer
cises will be held here on Sunday after
noon at 2 o'clock.
The Honses to Be Numbered — Local
News Matters.
Santa Monica, Nov. 7.—Some time
ago the board of trustees passed an or
dinance in reference to numbering tbe
dwellings and buildings of tbe town, lb
order to facilitate matters the Jones in
terest baß put their engineer, Thomas
H. James, who is a capable gentleman,
and who was recently connected with
the tunnel work of the outfall sewer in
Los Angeles, at work measuring the city
for numbering purposes. In order to
secure tbe co-operation of the people
they have made arrangements to pro
cure numbers cheaply. Tbe work is
greatly needed, and in the hope of se
curing free delivery of mall and for other
reasons it is hoped tbe people generally
will render what aid they can in'the en
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Clark, Mrs. A. J.
H. Clark and Mrs. E. J. Clark of Min
neapolis have arrived and will winter
here, guests of Hotel Arcadia.
W. C. Van Arsdel and sister of In
dianapolis ate guests of tbe Arcadia.
Among tbe recent editions to tbe Ar
cadia list are Mr. and Mrs. M. Grey,
Miss Smith, Westpool, Eng.; T. R.
Gabel, Albuquerque, N. M.; Isadore
Fleishman. L. A. Grant, J. S. Balky,
Los Angeles; Miss Helen Goldsmith,
New York; Rev. John G. Conlan, Saa
The Choral union of the M. E. cburoh
meets Thursday evening.
Rev. J. W. Campbell, pastor of the
First M. E. church, lectures at the M.
E, church here on Friday evening. Sub
ject, Publio Opinion. Admission free,
and consequently a orowded house is
A pleasant surprise was tendered to
Robert Gray at bis residence on Sixth
Btreet last Friday evening, when all
present had a very enjoyable time.
W. D. Mitchell of Howell & Craig
spent the day at the beach.
Among the recent additions to the
Jackson registry are Mr. and Mrs. L, C.
Olmstead, Red Cloud, Neb.; W. S.
Woodreser, Peoria, III.; T. S. Brown,
Momaice, 111.; James MoElvoy, Cuoa
monga; D. M. Bryson, Chicago; W. G.
Comstock, S. B. Martin, Marteno, 111.;
J. Lee, John Williams, W. D. Mitchell,
Percy Moore, N. E, Floyd, A. O. Mo-
Candless, H. R. Upton, H. G. Bartlett,
Lob Angeles.
Prooeadlnci of tho Supervisors-- Loral
San Bernardino, Nov. 7.—The super
visors' have been in session for the past
two days and have transacted consider
able business. Tbey returned several
constables' bills that were not in ac
cordance with an order passed October
sth. in which they required tbe officers
to file a written affidavit ot some res
pectable citizen other than the peace
officer were returned for the necessary
The report of Tax Collector Richard
son relative to the license of Sells &
Renfrow's circus was received and ap
proved by the board.
The board instructed District Attor
ney Otter to confer with the district at
torney of Los Angeles county and de
cide upon some arrangements relative
to tbe appropriation of money for the
midwinter fair fund.
Health Officer Piatt entered a com
olaiut on tha management of the Cath
olic cemetery.
Mrs. J. Cohn, who has been visiting
her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Jonas, re
turned to her home at Lob Angeles to
License Tax Collector F. W. Richard
son left this evening for the Needles on
N. C. Creede was in the city today
and left for Arrowhead. Mr. Creede
discovered the celebrated Creede mm
ing district in Colorado, but is now a
resident of Los Angeles.
Miss Ada Carson was agreeably sur
prised by a host of friends at the resi
dence on Fourth street.
Company E will soon issue invitations
for their fifth annual ball, to be held at
the armory.
G. B. Tarrell received a telegram an
nouncing tbe sudden death of his wife
at Vegas, N. M., and left today for
that place.
Tha Congregational Association te Meet.
liooal Affairs.
Pomona, Not. 7.—The Southern Cali
fornia Congregational association meets
in Pilgrim Congregational churoh, this
city, today. There will be represented
in the body some 68 church organiza
tions of this belief and order, and as a
natural consequence it la to be expected
that the deliberations, discussions and
dispatch of business will prove of a very
instructive and interesting nature.
The fruit exchange will elect their
general secretaay tomorrow in tbis city.
Martinet Selig's minstrel performance
was very fair last night.
our city fathers will meet in their hall
for work this evening at 7:30.
The regular evangelical services are
still being held in the Christian church.
The Pomona Valley Orange Bell Irri
gation district directors met in town
this afternoon, but no quorum being
present had to adjourn.
Assistant Street Superintendent J. H.
Owens is building an addition to his
residence on North White avenue.
The family of Mr. Scott Karnes will
probably remove to San Bernardino
within a few days, so we hear.
Mr. and Mis. George Hectrone, recent
arrivals from Illinois, Will pass the win
ter in Pomona.
Mack Oassabome, a former resident of
Pomona, is in town today.
The first meeting of the delegates to
the Congregational association will be
at 7:30 tonight in Pilgrim enurch.
In the seduction case today, in which
a colored girl was complainant, Attorney
C. Ei Skinner was for tbe defendant,
Mike, the barber, while Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Conkling, aided by Judge
P. C. Tonaer, proseouted. The case was
The San Antonia Light and Power
company is erecting an addition to tbe
distributing station, on the corner of
Center and Gibbs streets.
Mrs. N. M. Hisey of Los Angeles is
now a guest of Mrs. Sturgess at her res
idence on the west side of Louisa, be
tween Third and Fourth streets,
Mrs. Moore took the train this morn
ing for Los Angeles, on a visit to hereon,
Mr. Steve Moore.
Mr. Ed. Palmer. Mr. Lorbeer, Mrs. J.
E. Patterson and ber mother returned
home over the Banta Fa from their east
ern trip.
Mr. Louis Brosseau, his wife, sister
in-law and ohildren got in last night
from the eastern tour.
W, J. Pilligg oame np from Los An
geles this morning.
Mrs. L. O. Breeden intends leaving
her home in Pomona for tbe winter.
Mr. J. P. Wilkinson of Hansler Bros.,
Attorney Len Olaiborbeand Sternberg
Revolution got in from Los Angeles last
Mr. Sternberg is in Los Angeles for a
day or two.
Mrs. Obas. Seaver came in on the
Southern Pacific last night.
Tha Supreme Court Knocks Out the
Salvation Army Drama.
Rio i)i,a mis, Nov. 7.—Soma time ago
tbe city fathers paused an ordinance pro
hibiting tbe Salvation army from beat
ing drums on the streets of this oity.
Captain Payne wae in charge of the
army here, when the ordinance went
into effect, and showed his oontempt for
the same by appearing on the street the
night that it went into effect with a base
drum, which he beat until arrested. He
was taken before a justice of tbe peace
and fined. He appealed tbe case to the
superior oourt. Judge Otis sustained
the decision of the lower tribunal.
Still tbe army was not satisfied and de
cided to make another appeal to the su
preme court which sustained the action
of both lower courts. The question is
now settled for good.
L. Hattsfleld of San Francisco is the
guest of his brothsr-in-law, L, A.
Mrs. Curtis, mother of 0. J. Cnrtis,
accompanied by Miss Mcllhenny, have
arrived and will spend the winter here.
Mrs. William Hadley will spend the
winter in this city. • She is expected to
arrive soon.
Sam Watson, the boy arrested Satur
day, was sentenced yesterday to 15 days
in jail. He was too old to be sent to
E. 0. Warren is on tbe streets again,
after a severe illness.
The Uaight Fruit company report
raisins of a superior grade coming into
their establishment.
Mrs. Emma Cash, state organiser of
the W. C. T. U., and Mrs. E. J. Davis,
president, will boid a meeting at the
Moreno srhool house this evening.
The Chrysanthemum Fair Attendance-
News Notes.
Riverside, Nov. 7.—The crysanthe
mum fair held by the ladies of the Cal
vary church attracted a large crowd
both days. The lists of exhibits were
very large, and beautiful chrysanthe
mums were to be seen in abundance.
The hall in which the fair was held was
tastefully decorated and well lighted,
showing the display to good advantage.
There were several booths in the hall
from which refreshments were served.
The ladies netted quite a sum for their
trouble. J. E. Cutter was particularly
successful in securing prizes on his ex
hibits, as be had almost every known
variety on display. H. Saunders came
second with a long list of prizes. The
award of premiums was made Saturday.
Judge Moyes spent Sunday at Elsi
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Stebbina are home
from Ohioago.
A polo game was played yesterday
afternoon at 2:30 at the Casa Blanca
A decision will be rendered today in
tbe case of J. M. Rhodes vs. Sheriff
Saturday afternoon 8000 rabbit scalps
were cremated. The total number filed
while the ordinance was in effect was
about 22,000.
Two vags were given three days by
Judge Potter yesterday.
A game law is badly needed in this
The question of organizing a board of
trade in this city is being agitated at
present, and is likely to result in much
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Los Angeles agents, B. M. SALE & BON, 220
S Spring at. 4-1 ly
COMPANY. (Santa Fe Route.)
Trams arrive aud depart from La Urande sta
Leave. Los Ancibj.ks. | Arrlv
* 5:15 p.m... Ohtctgo Limited.... * 7:50 am
* 7:00 a,m . . .Overland Express.... * 11:20p.m
* 8:15 a m San Diego Coast Line. * 1: 5 p.m
* 4:30 p.m Kan Diego Coast Line. * (i 50 p.m
* 7:00 am f a • 7isoa.m
* 9:00 a.m I ...San Bernardino.. • 9:50 a.m....via
<....via Pasadena .. } 1 1.25 p.m
* 4:00 p.m | • H:2O p.m
* 5:15 p.m l J • 7.35 p.m
*7:00a.m r....Rlyeralde.via.. .) t l:?sp.m
* 0:00 am }...Ban Bernardino .! ' 0:20p.m
t 0:05 a. w (...Riverside and..!> *10:15 a.in
il 1:00 a.m J.Sau Bernard In 0...>
* 4:3opm ( via Orange. ...) * 0:50p.m
* 7:ooam rßedlaods, Mentonel * ":50r.m
* 9:ooam I ...and Highland... t 1:25 p.m
I via > " 0 20 p.m
* 4:00 pm Pasadena ft 7:35 pm
* 5:15 p.m [ 1
t 0:05 a.m rßedlands, Mentonei '10:15 a.m
11 l:OU a.m \. and Highland via.s
*4;30p.m fOiangeA Riverside' • <S:sop.m
* 9.oka m r I\t 7:35a.m
Azusa, Pasadena.. I * 8:13 am
* 1:80p.a .... .and I ♦ 9:50a.m
* 4:00 p.m •! ... Intermediate.. . } t li*sp.m
t 5:30 p.m Stations I " 4:tt>p.m
| • K:2oD.tn
* 7:00 p.m I J * 7 35 p.m
* 7:00 am Pasadena * T :50 a m
* 5:15 p.m Pasadena f 1:25 p.m
I 6:05 a.m Santa Ana t 8:50a.m
* 8:15 a.m Banta Ana
t 1:50 p.m Sau'i Ana • 1:15 p.m
* 4:30 p.m Santa Ana • 6:50 p.m
* 7:52 a.m Santa Monica • 9:45 am
•10:15 a.m Mania Monica * 3:50 p.m
* 4:45 pm Santa Monica * li;34p.m
•10:00 a.m Redondo * 8:29 a.m
* 4:45 p.m Redondo * 3:50 pm
t 9:00 a.m San Jacinto v Pasadena t 1:25 p.m
til:00 am San Jacinto via Oratiite
» 9:00 a.m Temecula via Pesadeus t 1 "5 p.m
(11:0O a.m .Teraecnia via Oringe.! 110:15 a m
t 8:15 a.m|Eaooiidlrto v Coaat. I.nc I 1 :Ti n.m
Trains via asadena Hue arrive at Downey
avenue statioa 7 minutes earlier and leave 7
minutes later.
•Dally IDally execot Sunday. jSundays
only. E. V. MoStfE, City Pa"B. & T Ant,
129 N. Spring it, Los Angeles,
And La Grande station.
Gondii!, Perkins & Co., General AgentsL. San
Franc i son.
Northern routes embrace lines for Portland,
Ore., Victoria, B. C, and Puset Sound, Alaska
aud all coast points.
For— I
Port Harford 3. S Corona. November 7,
Santa Barbara 16, 26; December 4.
Port Los Angeles.. 8 8. Sinta Rosa, November
Newport, I 3,12,21,30; DfloemberO.
Ban Diego 1
— For— a. B. Los Angeles, .November
Hast San Pedro.. 5, 14,23: December 2.
San Pedro and S. S. Eureka, November 1,
way ports 10, 10, 28: December 7.
For— 8. 8, Santa Rosa, Novemhsr
3, 14, 23; December 2.
San Diego 3. B. Corona, November 9,
18, 27; December 11,
For— 3. S. Santa Rosa, November
San Francisco 7,10, 25; December 4.
Port Harlord 8. 6. Corona, November 2,
Banta Barbara ... 11, 20, 29; Decembers.
For— S. 8. Eureka, November 1,
Ean Francisco 13, 22: December 1.
and 8. S. Los Angeles, November
way ports 8,17, 20: Decembers.
Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro
leave 8. P. R. R. Arcane depot at 6 pm„ and
Terminal R. R. depot at 5:15 p.m.
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Banta Fe
depot at 10 a.m., or from Redondo railway
derm; at 9 a. m.
Care to connect via Port Los Angeles leave
8 P. R. R. depot at 1:10 p, m. tor steamers
north bound.
Plans ol steamers' cabins at agent's office,
where berths ma; be secured.
The company reserves the right to change
tho steamers or their days of sailing.
Xkw^-For passage or ireight as above or for
tickets to and from all Important points in
Eutope, apply to
- W. PARRIS, Agent.
Office, No, 121 W. Second itreet, Los Angeles.
Leave Lot Angeles for
Rubio Canon via Leave Rublo Canon
Terminal Railway. for Los Angeles.
9:00 a.m. dally. 9:40 a. m. dally.
1:25 p m. Sat. & Sun. 2:05 p. in. Sat & Sun.
4:00 p.m. dally 4:40 p. m. daily.
The incline cars will run between Rubio
canon and Echo mountain 15 minutes after
the arrival of each train. Beyond Echo moun
tain are 20 miles ol the finest bridle road to be
found In any part of the world, on which the
grandest teenery that can be found on the
globe is at haud at every turn.
On the summit of Echo mountain (addle ani
mals are always in waiting, with competent
Suldes to convey parties through Cattle canon,
rand cafion and Crystal springs to St. Lowe
and the highest peaks visible from Pasadena.
Los Angela* to Rubio cailon, $1; to Echo
mountain, VmSti.
Pasadena ro> Kubio canon, 65 centi; to Echo
mountain, $2.35.
Altadena Junction to Rublo csfion, 40 cents;
to Echo mountain, $2.
Saddle animals from Echo mountain to Mt.
Lowe,(p2. D. H, BURKS,
City lassenger and Ticket Agent, Stimson
blook. Spring and Third streets, Los Angeles.
General offices, crand Opera House block,
Pasadena, Cal. T. S. 0. LOWE,
President and Gene:al Manager.
J. T. WHBEDON, TrafHc Manager. 7-14
Winter Time Card no 11.
IN EFFECT 5 A. M. MONDAY, SEPT. 26, 1893.
Los Angeles Depot, corn ;r Grind Avenue and
# Jefferson street.
Take Grand avenue cable or Main street and
Agricultural park horse cars.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Loa Angeles ttedondo
for Redondo lor Los Angeles
9:isa. m. 7:43 a.m.
1:35 n. r. 11:00 a.m.
5:10 p.m. 3:45 p.m.
Running time between Los Angeles and Re
dondo Beach, 50 minutes.
City ticket office at A. B Grsenwald's Cigar
Store, corner First and Snricg streets.
GEO. J, President.
B. H THOMPSON, Vice-President.
J. N, SUTTON, Sup't, Redondo Beach.
Southern Pacific Company
OCTOBER 1, 18113.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Fifth atreet, daily, as follow:
Leave for destination. Arr from
2:00 D.m 'an Fran. A Sacram'tc 7:30a.m
10:40 p m San Fran. A bacram'to 1:49 p.m
2:00 p.m jgden A East, 2d eias- 7:10 a :
10:t()p.m Ogden A Kaat, lat clas, 148 p.m
10:40 pn . .Portland, «i r 7 30am
8:30 a. m ..II Paso and B*»t,. 4:oOp.ni
830 am ..Demlng ami East . 4:00 p.m
8:30 a.m Banning 4:t'opm
Bed lands.. sP:2la.m
8:30 a.m Bedlands. AlO.lOa.ni
10:30 a.m Badlands. a:oopm
4:30 p.m ..aedlands 0:15 p.m
Colton 59:2 l a.m
H;3()j.m Colton »10: loam
10::;0am Colton 4:00 p.m
4:30 p.m Colton (l;inp.m
Riverside. '' 2 1 am
8:10 a.m Riverside ilo.lOa.m
10:30 a.m Rlveraide 4:00 p.m
t:3op.m Riverside (1:15 .m
Ban Bernardino '' /lam
H:3oa.m San Bernardino al():ioa.m
10 '30 a.m ~..Ban Bernardino.... 4:00 p.m
4:30 p.m aan Bernardino 0:15 p.m
Chlno AB:3oam
llMa.ni Chlno s9:2la.ni
4:30 pm Chlno Alo:lon.in
As:!spm .Chino 0:15 p.m
8:15 a.m Mourovla 7:*5 a.m
Monrovia a9;57 a m
A3:oor.m Monrovia
5:15 p.m Monrovia p.m
7:30 a.m| Santa Barbara 1:48 p.m
2:00 p.m, Santa Bar ban. . 0:10 p.m
A9:si a.mHania Ana A Anaheim 0.03 a.m
5:10 p.m|Banta Ana A Aheh:-ini a 4 :(H p.m
4:>2p.mi Tuatin 8:13 am
AO:40 am Whlttler 8:43 a.m
4:52 p.m Whittier Ai:lsp.m
9:25 a m Long Bob A "an Pedro 8:15 ani
A 12:50 p.mjHan Pedro A Ling B'ch alliOU tta
5:00 p.m>Long B'cii i -un Pedro 4:i5 p.m
0:30*.ml SantaMouica e:iK i.m
Santa Monica B:soi:.rn
1 'tOprn Santa Monica 12:2s nm
5:15 p.m Santa Monica 4 25 pm
6:25 p.m Santa Monica .....
>:10p.m . Soldiers' Home 8:08 a.m
«:25pra ■ Soldiers' Home 12:28 p m
930 a.m .Port Los Angeles... 12:28 p.m
1:10 p.m Port Los Anueles... 4:26 p.m
a 4:00 p.m (• .chatsworth Park. 1 A"J:OUa.m
I Trains start from I
; 'an Fernando st. [
I. depot only j
Southern Pacific Company's train; connect
at San Pedro with tbe tine steamer Falcon.
Leave, | Arcade Depot. Arrive.
9:25 a.m! Saturday
I Monday 4:15 p.m
Take Santa Mcnlos trains from Stn Fernauus.
street. Nand's Junction, Commercial street,
Arcade depat, JeiFerson street (WintLrop sta
tion), Orand aveaua, or University.
For north: Aroade, Commercial street,Naud's
Junction, Sr.n Fernando street.
1' or east: Arcade. Commercial street, Maud's
For older brandies: Arcade, Commercial
street, Naud's Junction. Ban Fernando street.
Looal and through ticket* sold, havgage
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
msde.and general Information given upon ap
plication to J. H. CKAWLKY , Asst. d Pas. Agt..
No 144 s. spring St., oor. Second. CHABL ifl
SF.YLIIR, Agent at «eaota.
Sunday! only.
A Sundays except el.
BICE D OKAT. Sen. Traffic Mgr.
fieii'l Passenger Agt.
Los Angeles Terminal Rj.
Los Angeles depots: East end of First stre/t
and Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Los Angeles for I>eave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Los Angeles,
t 6:25 a.m , 7:15 a.m
* 7:10 a.m * 8:05 a.m
* 8:00 a.m • 9.(15 a.m
* 0:00 a m *10:35a.ui
•10:30a.m '12:25 p.m
•12:20 p.m b 1:05 p.m
* 1:25 p.m a 1:30 p.m
* 2:20 p.m • 3:00 p.m
* 4:00 p.m * 4;05p.m
* 5:20p.m • 5:25 o.m
* 6:20 p.m • 7:05 p.m
•11:15 p.m ; • 8:05 p.m
*11:55 p.m
Downey avenue leaving lime 7 minutes later.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Altadena June-
Altadena Junction, tion for Lob Angeles.
* 9 00 a.m *10:10 iTm
c 1:25 p.m c 2:30 p.m
* 4:00 p.m. .. : * 5:00p.m
All trains start from First street depot.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Clendale for Los
. Olendale. Angeles.
t 6:40 a.m t 7:26 a.m
1 8:20 a.m t 9:12 a.m
•12:35 p.m • 1;30p,m
* 5:25 p.m • 6:13 p m
Leave Los Angeles for Leave East Fan Pedro
Long Beach and East for
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
* 9:45 a.m * 7:15 a.m
1 1:10 p.m 111:15 a.m
t 5:15 p.m t 3:40 p.m
( 6:00 p.m 1 4:10 p.m
Between East San Pedro and Long Beach
10 minutes.
Tiains leive Los Angeles 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Sundays 9 a.m., 1:25 aud 4 p.m.
Satuidays.!) a.m. 1:25 and 4 p.m.
Fine pavilion and hotel, jood music and
grand entertainment.
•Dally, f Daily except Sundays. J Sundays
only, a Except Saturdays, b Saturdays only,
c Saturdays and Sundays only.
Stages meet tho 8 a.maud 12:20 p.m. trains
at Pasadena for Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 8 a. m.
train for Wilson peak oan r turn same day.
On theater nights the 11:15 p.m. train for
Pasadena will wait until 20 minutes alter
theater closes.
Hpeolal rates to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end First street and Downer
avenue bridges.
City ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's oigar
store, corner Fiiet and Spring sts.
General offices, First-street Depot.
T. B. MURNETT, Oeneral Manager.
]y2tf W. WINOPP, Gen. Passenger Ag't.
WAGON lilnralAl,
Horseshoss and Nails,
Blaoksmith's Coal, Tools, £«©.
117, 119 and 121 Booth Los An galea Heath,
Baker Iron Works
Aajeictag the Southern Pacific grounae, Tel
•aßatMikA. 7-31
nR. WONG HIM, who has practiced medi
cine in Los Angeles far if years, ana
wnosu clßce Is at 639 Unset Main llroet„#lfl
treat by medicines all diseases of wastan, man.
ami children. The doctor claims that he Bat
remedies tbat are superior to all others aa a
specific for troubles;of women ansl stem. A ,
trial i, one will convince the sick HUM Be. !
Wong Htnrs r medics are mere efflFaclauaUtra
en n be pre.ci *i„ a. Dr. Wong Him Is a OkSaaea
physician of and a gentlasaaa tat
responsibility. His reputation is mar* than
well csiabll.hel, and all persons needing his
tervicis can rely upon his skill and ability. A
cure is guaranteed in every cat* in which a re
cover v ispostlbiu Herb medicines lor tale.
039 Upper Main Street, Los Angeles.
LOS Angiles, Cal., June 17, 1893.
To ths PUBLIC: 1 have been suffering with
piles and kidney trouble for over five yeats,
and Have tried several remedies, but all failed
to relieve me. Asiiorttlnie since I tried Bt.
out; Him, 639 Upper Main street, and I am
now well and strong, and consider him a first
c.aas doctor. Yours truly.
235 B. Hill St., Los Angeles, Cal.
boa Angeles, June 0, 1893.
To tub PoiiLtc. For over live years I have
been troubled with nervoUß sick-headache act
liver ■ oiupialtit. I didn't aeem to and any help
from the many doctors and medicines that I
tried tin 111 I tried Dr. « o ng Him, 6311 Upset
Main street. lam now well. Yours truly,
48 Hluton aye., Loa Aagoles, Cal.
• lease send tliltt to some one with cancer
11-24 daw-Om _
Pud Hi
Tho finest dock and diet shooting la South
prn California. Beais, blinds and sink hexes
ftee lor guests of tue hotel. Hotel open until
December Ist, Deer In abundance within one
mile of hotel. Last season 6800 ducks ware
killed by guests of the hotel In the months of
Octob' r and t- ovember.
Carriage leavos N«i» St Charles Hotel every
Tuesday at 5 a.rh.
Trie, linest trotu fishing In the state.
Board au i lodging $10 per week, Rouud
liin ticket l»7.
For inll particulars inquire at 207 South
Broadway, Lis Angeles, aud New Bt. Charles
Hotel, S .v Bernardino*
Ammunltitlon of all Binds for sale at Betel.
conveyance Ires to guests to and from hunt
lug grounds. OUB KNIGHT,
10-lg lm Proprietor.
YOUTHS suffering from results at follies or
excesses, causing nervous debility, seminal
weakness, loss of vigor and memory, despond
ency, diseases of the kidneys, blood and re*
productive organs, gleet, gonorrhoea, syphilis,
varicocele, stricture and miny Chronic and
destroyiug diseases,
MSN older in years, having too frequent
evacuations of bladder, with loss of vital ma
terial, phosphates, etc., woolly or brick dust
deposits in urine, which are symptoms of sec
ondary seminal weakness, the loss impoverish
ing the vital organs.
COMPLICATIONS—The reason thousands
cannot tret cured of above complaints li owlug
lo complications not understood by ordinary
doctors. Dr. Liebig & Co, have discovered the
secret of curlug the complications.
ritKf:—< ur confidential hook and diagnosis
sheet sent free on application, securely sealed.
OFFICR 'SOUKS—I» a.m to 9 p.m. Sun
ders 10 to 12.
Wines, Liprs ani Cigars,
Telephone 187, 10-25
incubators, Bjue Mills. Alfalfa Cutters.
117 East Second street,
9-1 6m Loa Angeles.
J. M. Griffith, Pres't. J. T. Griffith, V.-f tost
T. B. Nichols, eVery and Treat.
E. L. Chandler, Superintendent.
J. M. Griffith Company,
And Manufacturers of
Mill Work of Ivary Description.
931 N. Aiameda St., h»» Ay gales. IStf
R. W. PRIOHAIsf, :
J NEAR FIB»T. TEL 648. 7-16 ly
The Newest Importations
112 pc. Semi-Porcvlain
i».liner Service, $10.50.
Al l. ti 'OD3 hyCALLY LOW.
41V a. ai'KISU aX. 7-SStat
' i'Bi

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