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Director-General De Young
Signs a Big Contract.
The Exposition Will Be Brilliantly
Tha Largest Search Light In the World
and the Great "Electric Fountain
Will He Set Up In Golden
Gate Park.
By the Attroclated Press.
Chicago, Nov. 9.—After nearly two
weeks' continuous, negotiations between
the General Electric company and Di
rector-General De Young of the mid
winter exposition, and which at one
time looked as if no agreement was pos
sible, the matter culminated today in
the signing of a highly important con
tract. The director-general secures by
this contract the largest search light in
the world for the use of the exposition
grounds. The wonderful light haß a
reflector five feet in circumference. It
ia of 2,500,000 candle power, and will
throw light the distance of 10 mileß of
such intenaity that a newspaper can be
read under its rayß. It will also throw
light co that a ship can be distinguished
at a distance of many miles. This great
light will be erected on top of the elec
trical toweV in the center of tbe grounds.
Another important feature of the con
tract ia tbe transfer of tbe immense
electrical fountain at the world's Colum
bian exposition to California. Tbia
fountain,"which is to be erected in the
grand court of the midwinter exposition
grounds, is composed of 19 distinct foun
tains and has over 200 outletß. It re
quires 500,000 gallons of water per hour
to feed it, under a pressure of 200 feet
head, By tbe contract the electrical
company is compelled to erect the foun
tain and to take full charge and run it
throughout the entire six months of the
Tbe contract also providea tbat the
company ehall furnish 8500 incandescent
lamps, to be divided into two syetema—
8000 in a direct current for the exterior
buildings illuminations, and the bal
ance, 5500, with an alternating current
for use in conceseiona at some distance
from tbe power plant.
The contract further includes eight
dynamos for generating electricity for
arc lights, and 200 2000-candle power arc
lamps complete.
In addition to this contract, tbe di- I
rector-general signed another with the
Standard Electric company to supply
the necessary machinery to maintain
for six months 400 more arc lighta of
2000-candle power each.
Three Mere Names Added to the List of
Chicago, Nov. 9. —Thres more names
have been added to tne list of dead as
tbe result of last night's wreck on tbe
Rock I«iand road near here, making
seven killed and 34 wounded. The ad
ditional dead are:
Edward J. Grady, Qaincy, 111., died at
hospital today.
Malcom Latham, aged 12, died today.
An unidentified man died today.
A dense fog hung over the city moat
of tbe forenoon and notwithstanding
'that the utmost precaution wae observed
by the railways, several accidents oc
curred, though fortunately none were
serious. m
The smalt number of fatalities is re
markable. None of the passengers were
injured. All the dead and injured re
sided here. Tbe injured are: Con
ductor Josephs of the paescnger train
and Baggageman Rueder.
He Adda Two More to His List or
Bicycle Records.
Independence, la., Nov. 9. —Johnson
today added the world's standing start
mile record to his list by going from
tape to tape in 1:58 1-6. The old record
was 2:00 2-5 held by Tyler. In the per
formance Johnson also teduced the two
thirds of a mile record, standing start,
to 1:21.
Methodist Missionary Fund.
Minneapolis, Nov. 9. —The seventy
fifth annnal session of the general mis
sionary committee of the Methodist
Episcopal church convened in this city
this morning. The report of the
treasurer Bhowed: Total receipts,
$1,257,000, a decrease from last year
of $«0,764; total debt October
31, $188,206. A resolution was offered
making an appropriation of $1,1(>0.050
for tbe mission fund, the same as last
year. Treasurer Hunt addressed the
committee at length and requested that
tbey limit the appropriation to $1,000,
--000. After an all day's discussion a vote
was taken and tiie amount of the ap
propriation fixed at $1,150,000.
American Turf Congress.
Cincinnati, Nov. 9.—The American
Turf congress at a meeting today elected
V. L. Kirkman oi Nashvillo, president;
S. R. Montgomery, Memphis, vice-pres
ident; O. L. Bradley, Lexington, Ky.,
treasurer; K. C. Hesper, Covington,
Ky., secretary. It was decided to hold
annual meetings hereafter wherever tbe
secretary resides, and the date waa fixed
lor the third Wednesday in Novembei
Will He Brought Back.
New York, Nov. 9.—Phil M. Bnheig
and Frank Floyd, or> board the eteamer
Spree for Southampton, will be arrested
upon their arrival there and brought
back. These are the men wanted for
the robbery of $9t),000 from the Bank of
Minneapolie, of which Scbeig waa rash
ier. Lou Floyd, their confederate,
made a full confesßion in the police
ewnrt here today.
Anarchists Arrested.
Pittsburg, Nov. 9.—Frank lironk and
Charles Fencutner, two anarchists, were
arrested in Allegheney this evening for
distributing incendiary circulars of a
meeting of the international working
peoples' association at Lafayette hall,
thia city, November Utb, the date of
tbe execution of the Chicago anarchists.
Katlflcstlons ISxclimiged.
Washington, Nov. 9 — Ratiticationo ol
the extradition treaty between the
United States and Sweden and Norway
were exchanged yesterday in thia city.
They will go into effect in 30 days.
Requested to Keslgu.
Washington, Nov. 9.—The resignation
Of Horace W. Kyiugton, collector of in
ternal revenue for the Sacramento dis
trict, of California, haa been requested
by Secretary Carlisle.
For that "out o' sorts" feeling
Take Sromo-Seltzer—trial hottle 10 cts.
Results of Yestftrday's Fvents and Itn
trlee 'or Today.
San Francisco, Nov. 9.—Today's races
at Bay District tr. tck resulted as follows:
Four and one- balf furlongs, 2-year
olds, selling, purse $500—Tillie L, won,
Carmel second, Ctenturian third; time.
Handicap, sev an furlongs, selling,
purse $500—Quart erstaff won, Donahue
second. Red Cloud third; time, 1 ::!-•..,.
Handicap, about cix furlongs, 2 year
olds— Annie Moore won, Little Tough
second, Trlx third;, time, 1:17-.
One and one-si xteenth miles, over
four hni-cllee, selling purse $50*—Guada
lupe wont. Mariner second. Annie Rice
third; time, 2:0,1..
Five furlongs, nulling, for all ages—
Joe Cotton won, Toots second, Patricia
third; time, 1:04 W.
Followm g are tomnrrow's entries:
About three-quurcers of a mile, for
maidens—rNicoderwis, 119; Charm, 114;
Ichi Ban, 114 ; Wnire Cloud. 94; Beta,
114; Sir Peter, 117; Fidelia. 114;
Ricardo, fll; Lonrr DOr, 94; Zobarr,
117; San Jacinto. 110; Imp. Brnad
meade, IW; Joy, 114.
Selling, Jive fui longs—Crawford, 101;
Hal Fisher,, 114 ; Green-Hock, 95 ; Irish
Jonny, 109; Tim Murphy, 116; Sirretta,
97; Zampost, 106; Greenboy, 100;
Tigress, 101; Bl'izzaid, 104; Vulcan, 95.
Selling, ntile nnd 50 yards—Revolver,
110; Garcia, 100 ; St, Croix, 108; Gascon,
119; Wild Outs, 100; Romair, 110; Swift
sure, 104.
Seven furl dues, all ages—Pescador,
122; St. Patrick, 110; Articus. 94; Wild
wood, 122; Sir Reel, 104; Flambeau,
121; Racine, 921
Five furlongs, 2-year-olds—Nelßon,
106; Road Rttoner, 113; Flortna, 115;
Precelle, 110; Bomair, 110; Gussie, 115;
Wandering Nun, 110; Thornhill, 118.
Weather clerady; track slow.
Major Knnls and Other Notables Dead.
Annie- Plxley's Dernlno.
Sacramento,, Nov. 9.—Maj. William
H. Ensue, deputy surveyor-general,
died at 8:40 tbis morning, after a long
Ennis was a native of Washington,
D. C, aged 50 years. He served
through tha late civil war in
the navy and participated in
many thrilling engagements. He was
one of the basrt known and most active
members of tbe G. A. R. in California.
At tbe close of the war he came to Cali
fornia and was sent to Alaska by tbe
war department in charge of the Rus
sian American telegraph expedition,
spent several yetars in that country, en
gaged in the fur trade. It was generally
understood tbat Major lCunis would re
| ceive the Republican nomination for
surveyor general at the next state con
vention. He leaves a wife and two
Boston, Nov. 9.—Francis Farkman,
tbe eminent historian, died at his home
at Jamaica piains, last evening, of peri
Frof. H. A. Hazen of Harvard college,
an eminent scientist, died today.
London, Nov. 9. —Annie Pixley, the
well-known American actress, died dur
ing the night at tbe home oi her brother
in-law, Edward Fulford.
Liverpool, Nov. 9. —Robertson Glad
stone, nephew of the prime minister, ia
A Sensational Rumor tn Circulation at
Key West.
Key West, Fla., Nov. 9.—lt was ru
mored here thia Afternoon that the
long-expected revolution in Cuba had
begun in real earnest, and that a fight
between Cuban and Spanish forces bad
taken place today in Cienfuegos. The
report created great excitement among
the Cubans here.
Nn Danger of a Contlict.
Washington, Nov. 9. —The Indian
; commissioner this morning received a
'■ telegram from Captain Babb, Indian
j agent at Colvilie, Wash., who has just
made an investigation of the alleged
■ troubles at Harrison, Idaho. He Bays
; there is no danger of a contlict between
white men and Indians. The Indians,
>he asserts, are asking an exorbitant
' price for tbeir interest in the lands
upon which the town of Harrison is
Boss McKane to Be Pnnlshed.
New York, Nov. 9. —At a meeting of
prominent Brooklynites tonight a com
mittee was appointed to devise and
1 carry out plans for tbe punishment oi
John Y. McKane, theGravesend "boss,"
for tbe many crimes witb which he ia
charged. A treasurer will be appointed
later to receive subscriptions for the
| purpose of bearing tbe expenses of the
The Steel Combine Broken.
Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 9.—The an
nouncement is made tonight that the
Carnegie Steel company has broken
away from the steel combine and cut
the price on steel rails $5 ton. The
depressed condition of tbe trade is given
as the reason for tbe reduction. The
Illinois steel company, it is said, has
already met the cut.
Canadian Sealers' Claims.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. !). —Claims
aggregating a million dollars have been
forwarded to Ottawa by Collector of
Customs Milne, on behalf of British
Columbia sealers, to be presented
against the United States under the ar
bitration arrangement.
Lewelllnt: After the Lotteries.
Kansas City, Kan., Nov. 9. —Governor
t Lewelling ib determined to drive from
I the Btate the lottery concerns doing
business in this city. Attorney-Gen
eral Little todfiy instructed the county
to enjoin the lotteries and prosecute the
Hnge ou Ills W»y Home.
San Francisco, Nov. 9.—C01. J. Hamp
ton Huge of Virginia, who inßtead of
going to hia post at Amoy aa United
States consul went on a hilarious epree
in San Francisco, >s on hia way home to
refute the charges made agaiiiat him.
A Neifro HI unlersr Lynched.
Fort White, Tex., Nov. 9.—Henry
Bostte, one of the negroes who admitted
participation in the brutal murder of W.
J. Dancan of Lake City Junction, two
days ago, waa taken from the sheriff'a
poase and shot to death.
I! timing. Slai'shoa.
Lai'orte, Ind., Nov. 9.—The big
marehee bordering the Kankakee river
are on fire. An immense aea of flame
is carrying destruction in its path. Sev
eral hundred men are out battling the
Christian Workers.
Atlanta, Qa., Nov. 9.—The Interna
tional Christian Workera' convention
assembled here thia morning. About
800 delegates are present. The day was
occupied with reports and addressee.
The Sonth Carolina Governor
He Tries to Stop the Sale of Rice
Beer at the State Far.
The Man Who Dispensed the Bednotlve
Drink Successfully Stood Off
the Governor and
the MUltio.
By the Associated I'ress.]
St. Louis, Not. 9. —The Republic's
special from Columbia, S. C, says: At
the state fair today W. B. Meetz was
selling rice beer. Governor Tillman
sent word tbat it must be stopped,
Meetz refused. Tbe governor told
Sheriff Catbcart to etop it, and Cath
cart said be would make no arrests ex
cept nnder a trial justice's warrant.
The governor, accompanied by some
penitentiary guards, then ordered tbe
Bales to cease. Meetz telling him be
would only recognize the authority of
the state constables when they were
armed with a warrant, the captain of
tbe local militia company was appealed
to and said he could not get hia com
pany together. Meanwhile Meetz dis
pensed more beer. Then the governor
mustered a large posse and armed them,
telling them to ehoot if necessary, bnt
carry out his orders. He marched at
their head. Two of Meetz's clerks were
arrested in Meetz's absence, bnt ho ap
peared suddenly and ran all of
the posse out and said tbey could
not interfere with him except
:at their peril. Governor Tillman eaid
they could arreat Meetz under the dis
pensary law without a warrant, and
| o r dered them to do so. 'The first man
| that crosses my counter to arreat me
1 without a warrant I'll shoot," said he.
jNo one tried it. Neither would Meetz
allow hia contract to be revoked by the
secretary of the fair, when the latter
tried to do co at the governor's request.
Finally Meetz sold out all his beer and
war was averted.
Jndg;e Morrow Qnaahea the Indicted
Against Frank t» Wllaon.
San Francisco, Nov. 9.—ln the case
of the United States ye. Frank L. Wil
son. Judge Morrow of tbe district court
has granted the motion of the defend
ant to quash tbe indictment charging
him with sending obscene matter
through the mails. The expressions
complained of were written by Wilson
at Lakeville to a friend in San Francis
co. Judge Morrow surprised tbe United
States attorney and postal inspectors by
his interpretation of the statute govern
ing such eases. He decided that a per
sonal letter, securely sealed, contain
ing obacenity, is not indictable, even if
it passed through tbe mails. He
interprets tbe law to refer only to mani
fold stylograph printed copies or similar
publications. Numerous courta bave
held that written letters containing
obscenity are included in the meaning
of tbe statute, and auchcases have been
punished by a fine and imprisonment.
District Attoruey Garter announces that
he will appeal this case to the higher
Baron Hlrsch and His Clique Cornering
the Market.
New York, Nov. 9. —The local news
bureau says it is supposed in copper cir
cles tbat a very important combination
has been or will be formed, including
Baron Hirsch, the Rothschilds and
I.ewineobn Bros. Tbe arrangements are
not complete, but it is not denied tbat
they are being made.
London, Nov. 9. —The report from the
United States that a syndicate is being
formed to buy up all the copper in that
country has attracted some attention
here. It has long been supposed that a
clique led by Baron Hirsch held half
of the present visible supply of copper,
amounting in value to $2,500,000.
Cumberland Park Kacee.
Nashville, Term., Nov. 9. —Track
Mile and a quarter —Empress Freder
ick won. Tea-set second, Borealis third ;
time, 1 :ot)'.,.
Mile—Henry Yonng won, Boro sec
ond, Cora Taylor third; time, 1:42' c .
Special handicap, seven furlongs—
Fraulein won, Buckwa second, Pedes
trian third; time, 1:14 i
Half mile—Pat Tucker won, Balgoa
second, King Borax third ; time, 0:50.
Seven and one-half furlongs—lda
Pickwick won, Oxford second, Linda
third; time, 1:35.
Four furlongs—Abbess won, Banjo
second, Lip third; time. 0:57.
Will Adopt a New System.
Chicago, Nov. 9. —The western roads
now propose to adopt a new system of
basing rates from points in the territory
of theeaßtern committee of the Western
Passenger association to points in Mon
tana and on the Pacific coast. It pro
poses to make a division pro rata from
the starting point to the terminus,
when the rates do not base osr points
through which tbey are routed.
ihe Kesnlt In Nebruaka.
Omaha, Nov. 9. —Chairman Leaver of
tbe Populiet etate committee admits the
defeat of Judge Holcomb and the elec
tion of Harrison, Republican, to the
state supreme bench. Returns today
indicate that Harrieon will have a plu
rality of 1)000. The Republican candi
dates for regente are also elected by
good margins.
Dick Ward Sent Up for Life.
San Francisco, Nov. 9. —The jury in
the case of Jockey Dick Ward, the boy
who killed a Btable boy named Kelley,
with a pitchfork, today brought in a
verdict of muider in ttie first degree
and fixed hia punishment at imprison
ment for life.
After tbe Kennedy Boys.
Nashville, Term., Nov. 9, —It is re
ported that a mob of 160 men has gone
from South Pittsburg to Jasper to lynch
the three Kennedy boys in jail there.
They are the confeaaed asßaesina of
Operator Lawrey at Shell Mound.
London, Nov. 9. —Tbe marquis of
Queeneberry waa privately married, ac
cording to a dispatch received here, to
Miss Ethel Weedon, at Eastbourne, on
Tuesday last. She ia described aa ooth
young and rich.
An Kx-Seuator .Jailed for Vagrancy.
San Fbancisco, Nov. 9.—Patrick
Lynch, who aome yeara ago represented
San Francisco in the state senate, waß
today sentenced to Berve six xnontha in
tub county jail for vagrancy.
The Corbett-Mitchell Fight Almost Sure
to Go to Jacksonville.
New York, Nov. 9.—lt looks as if the
Corbett-Mitchell fight wonld certainly
come off in Florida. A certified check
for $10,000 has been received by Rich
ard K. Fox, from Florida people,
aa a gunrantee of good faith, and at a
meeting today of the representatives of
both men, tbey agreed to accept, provid
ing the Florida Athletic club deposits
$5000 to be divided between the flghtere
as training expenses if the fight ia not
allowed to come off.
New Orleans, Nov. 9.—The Olympic
clnb has rejected tbe Corbett-Mitchell
tight. Telegrams to tbat effect have
been aent to tbe fighters.
Hew York, Nov. 9.—Messrs. W. A.
Bradv and Billy Thompson, represent
ing Corbett and Mitchell respectively,
met at the Police Gazette office tbia
afternoon to discuss the Jacksonville,
Fla., Athletic club's offer of $20,
--000 for the Corbett-Mitchell fight.
A certified check of $10,000
from the Jacksonville people waa pro
duced. The check waa ao drawn aa to
be payable after the fight. The Jack
sonville parties agree to give $2500 to
each principal for training expenses
after the contest. Thia waa not satis
factory and a telegram waa sent tonight
to Jacksonville askings guarantee of tbe
amounts of the training expenses.
Pete McCoy Drowned.
New London, Conn., Nov. 9.—Peter
McCoy, a well-known boxer along witb
the John L, Sullivan combination, waß
drowned while on tbe way to this port
on the tug Scranton from New York.
Three Miners Seriunalj Injured at Grass
Grass Valley, Nov. 9.—Thia evening
Stephen Davey and Samuel Kitto came
near losing their lives in the North Star
mine. They were descending the shaft
on a truck, Davey sitting in front; they
had with them what miners call a
scraper. When nearing their destina
tion in tbe abaft the scraper struck a
post of the shaft and then struck Davey
in the muscles of the arm, passing
through the fleshy part, coming out back
of tbe shoulder blade and entered the
body of Kitto, penetrating his right lung
and passing nearly through hia body.
Dr. Jones thinks tbat Kitto will die.
William Leonard waa quite severely
hurt this morning in the Pennsylvania
mine. He waa walking down the shaft
when he beard a car coming. There
waa no chance for him to get away co he
lay down on the track and the car paßsed
over bim. Hie Bcalp was badly torn and
lacerated but bis injuries are not of a
serious nature. It waß a miraculous es
cape from death.
Keeults In Another Shocking Hallway
Disaster In Ohio.
Toledo, 0., Nov. 9. —Soutb-bonnd pas
senger train No. 36 craabed into north
bound freight 57, on the Hocking Valley
railroad, one and a half miles north of
Rising Sun, about 7 o'clock thia evening.
Tbe collision waa dne to disobedience of
orders by the engineer of the freight.
There waa a heavy fog at the time which
obscured the vision of the passenger en
gineer. Four men were killed outright
—W. H. Jones, engineer of tbe pas
senger ; James F. Kerlin. engineer of the
freight; Jones, fireman of the passenger,
and James £. Briscb, express messenger.
The Widow of the Cos Angeles Bulolue I*
In Wheeling.
Wheeling, W. V»., Nov. 9.—Major
W. H. Unpack, formerly of this city,
whose suicide was announced from Los
Angeles, Cal., was an officer in tbe
I'nited Btates army and stationed here
as paymaster during the war. He was
not a resident here for Borne years. Mrs.
Husack is at present in Wheeling with
friends, and is prostrated with grief over
the news of her husband's tragic death.
Nothing is known here of the causes
that led him tn take his own life.
A Stranger's Mysterious Death at a
Stockton Hoto).
Stockton, Nov. 9. —A stranger named
C. A. Watson waß found dead in his
room at the Commercial hotel this even
ing. He arrived here last Friday morn
ing, and seemed to have no business.
He drank freely and made no acquaint
ances. It is believed death resulted
from apoplexy, as there is no evidence
of suicide. There is nothing to ahow
where be came from, except that he
regiatered from San Diego.
Fire More Fugltlvee from Siberia Ar
rived at San Francisco.
; San Francisco, Nor. 0. —The whaling
bara Cape Horn Pigeon arrived this aft
! ernoon. On board were five Russian
i convicts who escaped with those who ar
| rived here on the Morgan. The immi
', gration commissioner, in compliance
| with standing orders from Washington,
will arreat the and keep them
in custody until further orders are re
Most Keep Out of Politics. .
Washington, Nov. 9.—Commissioner'
Miller of the internal revenue bureau
today addressed a letter to Mr. Murphy,
collector of Internal revenue for the
Milwaukee, Wis., district, which is be
lieved to outline tbe policy of the ad
ministration aa to government em
ployees participating actively in politics.
!It contains the intimation that, accord-
I ing to the ideas of the civil service
entertained by tbe administration, a
would-be public servant must leave
himself entirely free to devote all bia
time to the duties of hie office. Tbe
letter waa written at the dictation of
Secretary Carlisle.
Blew Out the das.
San Francisco, Nov. D. —Mrs. Kohl
becber, who was visiting friends in the
city, left a gas jet turned on when sbe
retired last night. Her two little sons,
! Oscar, aged 5, and Herman, aged 7, who
occupied tbe same room, , were dead
when discovered. The mother is ex
pected to recover.
"Dr." Gwyer Sentenced.
San Francisco, Nov. 9. —Judge Mor
| row today sentenced Mrß. Dr. Gwyer to
imprisonment at hard labor in San
O, lentin for four months. The woman
was arreated with a number of other al
leped doctors recently far having used
the mails in sending obscene literature.
The war against the Chinese lottery
ticket sellers atill continuea. Last night
Officer Rich arrested Ah Hing of Los
Angelea atreet on a charge of selling
them. He wbb locked up.
Admiral Hello Asks Foreign
strong Sentiment in FsVror of the
\ Insurgents.
The Bombardment at Klo Steadily Kept
I li One of the Ilebel Torpedo
Boate Sank—Four Mi|l
rluos Blown Up.
By Ihe Associated Press.
London, Nov. 9. —A dispatch to tbe
Times from Montevideo contains the
following advices from Rio de Janeiro
under date of November 3d :
The insurgents have placed three
gnna on the ialand of Mocangue. skir
mishes with the government troops oc
cur daily. Tbe foreign legations have
received a circular from Admiral Mello,
the insurgent leader, asking that tbey
recognize bis rights as a belligerent. By
bo doing he aayi the danger of life and
property in the city will be decreased.
There is a strong undercurrent of feel
ing here in favor of the insurgents.
It is thought their success would mean
the abolition of militariem. Silveira
Martino, appointed minister of foreign
affairs of the insurgent government, ia a
man of great influence. Tbe insnrgent
troops expect shortly to attack Santos.
President Peixoto is concentrating t.is
southern forces in the city of Rio Grands?
do Sul, with the minister of war in com
New York, Nov. 9.— The World pub
lishes the following cable dispatch from
Buenos Avres dated November 9th: The
fort at Nictberoy fired upon and sunk
one of Mello's torpedo boats yesterday.
Nictberoy and Fort Villegagnon have
been much damaged by sheila. Al
though various explanations are
made to account for the explosion of the
powder magazine on Governado'a ialand,
the real cause is left in mystery. The
magazine was the principal storehouse
for ammunition for the rebel fleet. The
loss ia felt all the more because four of
their magazines have been blown up
within a week.
The Herald's Montevideo dispatch
save news ia received from Rio Qrande
do Snl of a akirmish between tbe revo
lutionary forces and outposts of the gov
ernment troops in Banta Ana. After
hard righting, lasting more than an hour,
the government troops retreated.
A French Journalist Kills Btmseir in
New York.
New Yobk, Nov. '.).— Henri Vincent, a
Frenchman, 45 years old, euicided today
by shooting. He bad been in thia
country but a few months. Vincent had
been connected with tbe newspaper La
Patrie, and ia said to bave been a per
sonal friend of Boulanger, and was re
lated by marriage to John I>. Crimmine.
The latter aaid Vincent waß editor ot
La Patrie a few years ago, and was then
in comfortable circumstances. He eaid
tbe dead man had a wife and four child
ren in Paria.
Accidental Death of Don Joee Vlneento
San Luis Omseo, Oal., Nov. 9. —Joae
Vineento Eatudillo, one of the oldest
representatives of tbe- famous historic
family, wee run over and instantly
killed thiß afternoon near his ranch in
this vicinity. He was taking hia four
horee team through a gate when tbe
horses started. He ran and grasped the
lines, but waa thrown under the wheels
and his skull cruehed.
A Snlolrte at Sea.
San Francisco, Nov. 9. —The steamer
Umatilla, arrived here tbis evening
from Puget eound, reporta the euicide at
sea of Harry Innia, a young man*re
cently employed aa a bank clerk at
Seattle and coming here to accept
another poaitlon, He became crazed
through seasickness and jumped over
There are undelivered telegrams at
the office of tbe Western Union Tele
graph company, at tbe corner of Com t
and Main streets, Nov. 9, 1893, for
I. W. Adams, J. J. Whittaker, Leonard
I,rover. James Clagett, Mrs. B. A.
Clark and A. J. Tillotson.
Mr. J. Wood Porter, the well known
piano tuner, has returned to Los Angeles
after an absence of 13 years, and will
remain here permanently.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
"ightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, \vith
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting tho world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions nnd
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and 81 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co.only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
S + V«H senT my Ibllow
\ £f mirererss taktmiii;
%JU ]""" wl !' J> '-ittvoly ciro
/ - J9 *—\ 5011s, Lost Manhood,
,\ \ , v 1 Varicocele, Nervous Do-
Mill- l^.i' s '' *" a supply tone
■M. *~-*—l Vg and ' lr <-'ii?th to thoGen
_^»— *" fiSSfPra.'ivo vtvana of the
tSKbody. Address
ft «^oxJW«^a»fLel*a , ■ B BEECH «
With every shoulder to the wheel the business*"*
world moves on again. The way to resume business ■
is to resume. Call and resume with us on Friday ■
or Saturday. Here are ■
Sent Attractive Barpa
Lot i —Boys' Mixed Cheviot Knee Pants, M
Regular price 75c; now.——,50c I
Lot 2—Boys' All-wool Cheviot Knee Pants, , M
Regular price $1; now 75c I
Lot 3— Boys' Cheviot Waists (Mathers' Friend), ■
Regular price 50c; n0w...« 35c!■
Lot 4—Boys' Plaid Silk Windsors, I
Regular price 25c; now 15c I
Lot s—Boys'5 —Boys' Heavy Ribbed Black Hose, I
Regular price 35c; now 20c ■
Lot 6—Boys' Ray Satinet Suits, I
Regular price $2.50; now ...$1.75 I
Lot 7 —Boys' Cheviot Wool Suits, M
Regular price $4; now $3 I
Lot B—Boys' Double Knee Wool Suits, I
Regular price $6; now $4.45 I
Lot 9 —Boys' Long Paqt Wool Suits, I
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Regular price $8.50; now $6.50 H
Lot 11 —Boys' Long Pant Wool Suits, B
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Lot 13 —Boys' Long Fine Suits, BP
Regular price $15; now $12. 45 I
Lot 14 —Men's Cassimere Pants, If
Regular price $4; now $2-95 I
Lot 15 —Men's Worsted Pants, ||
Regular price $5; now $3 85 J
Lot 16—Men's All-Wool Suits, ||
Regular price $13.50; now $10 I
Lot 17 —Men's Melton Overcoats,
Regular price $10; now $5.15 I
Lot 18—Men's Melton Overcoats,
Regular price $12.50; now $9.95 j|>
J Caveats, and Trade-M nrl; 1 nhtnineri, and all Tat- J
iient business conducted fur moderate Fees. *
JCur Office is Opposite U. 3. Patent Office'
£ ami we can secure patent m lebs uuic than those J
0 remote from U'ashinqton. «*
<? Send model, drawing or plmto., with descrip- ■*
jtion. We advise, if patentable or not, free ot J
o charge. Our fee not due till patent is secured. 0
* A Pamphlet, * How to Obtain Patents,' 1 with#
'cost of same in the U. and foreign countries J
♦♦sent free. Address, *
#> Opp. Patent Office, Washington, D. C. J
FOR pnlv to
PAINT- r"" 1 ' 1 """■'■l 11 'ornSjiffno\l.
,ro wo, k ASPHALTeII
Kir. nnir.iT WJHJbKooiiik
chiap Ir/MNT UHnj -,<•>,
and WONDERFUL iQitf "urdlcJt
ative. COVERING. Wmm Aniielei,
5 °° cI OIL BURNING 8c ffl
Gal. SUPPLY CO. ood
Painless Dentistry
Fine Gold Filling.
Crown and Bridge
All Operations
i» I'alnleaa,
/3"£t SET TEETH, $8.
IHI XW Booms ism,
UlWil « ail Jau 107 N. SPRING BT.
Sew and Second-hand
Carpets, Matting and
tltf Prices low for cash, or will sell on In
stallments. Tel. 084. P. O. box 021.
am Office: LOS ANOELEB.
Wholesale Yard at BAN PEDRO,
il-anch Yards—Pomona, Pasadena, I.amanda,
.vise, Burbank. Planing Mills— Los Angelea
"i'l Pomona. Cargoes furnished to order.
Druggist & Chemist,
322 N. Main St., Los Angeles.
Prescriptions carefully compounded «*•» at
nivut. asaa u«
$3 SHOE noTkTp. ;
Do you wear them? When next In need'try a pair»J
■tost In the world.
$2.50 (^^i^Wß^^oQ*
If you want a fine DRESS SHOE, made In the latest ,
styles, don't pay $6 to $8, try my $3, $3.50, $4.00 or
$5 Shoe. They fit equal to custom made and look and
wear as well. If you wlshito economize In your footwear,' ,
do so by purchasing W. L. Douglas Shoes, Name and
price stamped on the bottom, look for It when you buy
W. lv DOUGLAS, Jti o'-k ton, Mass. Sold by I
101 North Spring JL, Los Angelea, Ca
IHI V 1 ■ Ut dltffl.n urt» |H.
■ ■■■ o.rlofftaftrnee.rla.
If I Lll «««- an b,r * -e,,,c '
youths suffering Irom results ol follies or
excesses, causing nervous debility, seminal
weakness, loss of vigor and momory, despond
ency, diseases ot the kidneys, blood aid re
productive organs, gleet, gonorrhoea, syphilis, ,
vsrlcooele, stricture and many chronic and
destroying diseases,
HEN older in years, having too frequent
evacuations of bladder, with loss of vital ma
terial, phosphates, etc, woolly or brick dusj
deposits In urine, which are symptoms of sec
ondary seminal weakness, the loss impoverish
ing tbe vital organs.
COMPLICATIONS-The reason thousand* '
cannot get cured of above complaints la owing 1
to complioations not understood by ordinary
doctors. Dr. Lleblg <b Co, have discovered the
secret of curing the complications.
FBEE-Onr confidential book and diagnosis
sheet sent free on application, securely sealed.
OFFICE HOUKB-I) a.m to tt p.m. Son.
days, 10 to 12. v
\ A 'SiaEss uot oura with my .
Mm Lak' hil st reme d y o'a »
earth; no pay until
C__JlflH BS 1 well Book sent free
89 i % with addresses of 300
L s cured 'n Southern /
Ifl |H*Bav California — most la
BfAI women's breasts.
1 k'r ' O *HA >ftKY 4 Sf C D
t , * " LOS C
Klease send this to soma on* with caucet*
810 Gommarclid au M t, Loa Angelea, Cai, J |

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