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Tha Board of Trade Meeting—A Chinese
Pasadena, Nov. 16.—The meeting of
the board of trade this afternoon waß
one of the best attended and moet inv
esting gatherings yet held by this or
ganization. The principal object of the
meeting was to listen to an address by
Mr. Blake, president of the Nevada
Southern railroad, upon the plans of the
company as effecting Southern Califor
nia. Mr. Blake has already invested
over half a million of hia own private
fortune in this road, and now asks that
the people of Southern California make
a loan to the company oi $80,000 to oover
the expense of about six milea of moun
tain grading, which enable tbe work of
construction to go on at once and have
tbe road running into Los Angeles in
side of 00 days.
He briefly outlined the great benefit
which would accrue to this section from
the building of the line and asked for
the support oi the community.
Following Mr. Blake, ax-Mayor Hazard
of Loa Angelea, who had investigated
the enterprise, made a short speech,
heartily indorsing the new road.
He reviewed tbe history of early rail
road building in this section and tbe
great prosperity which followed the
advent of the iron horse into Lob Angeles
By means of a map of the western
states he explained how, by the through
connections, the new road will make
over 1600 milea of United Statea and
Canadian linea will be reached, which
•re naturally tributary to Los Angeles
as a water outlet, it being nearer by 300
milea than San Franciaco. The immense
mineral wealth ol the country to be
opened up, however, waa urged as being
of the moat value to Sonthern Cali
When thia road is completed, aaid
Mr. Hazard, a reaervoir of wealth will
pour in to Southern California, and au
era of prosperity will set in, ench as wae
never known before in ita history.
It ia, my opinion, the moat important
project ever presented to Southern Cali
Mr. O. Mulholland, a mining expert
who haa been all over the aection which
Sa to be opened up, mad* a very inter
esting address. He waa of the opinion
that no place on the whole western
coast of the Pacific ocean was so well
adapted for great manufactories as that
lying east of Loa Angelea. Here, he
estimated, there were known coal fields
of over 300 square miles, of an excellent
character, to all intents and purposes
Of the iron deposits the speaker, who
is thoroughly familiar with the mines of
England, said: "All the iron in Great
Britain ia a trifle in comparison with
that of Utah, which needs no deep
ehafta to reach, but is piled up in inex
haustible quantities upon the surface."
The apeaker waa heartily applauded,
and the following resolutions were
Resolved, That it ia the sentiment of
this meeting that the project of build
ing the projected Nevada Southern rail
road meets ite cordial approval, and
recommends that it receive tho hearty
aupport of the citizens of thia com-
Reaolved, That the president of the
board of trade be requested to take steps
to extend substantial aid, by ap
pointing a committee to prepare and
circulate a subscription list.
The matter of the Southern California
exhibit at the midwinter fair at San
Franciaco came up for a short dis
cussion, and it was the general senti
ment that Pasadena could not afford to
be left behind.
The chairman was instructed to ap
point a committee of seven to take
charge of the matter and see that the
preliminary steps be taken at once.
The opposing forces of Chinatown
were mustered in full force in Justice
Merriam's court today, the attra-tion
being the case of WoLg Ah Fe, charged
with commiting a violent assault upon
the person of Wong May, for the pur
pose of releasing him oi his valuables.
The trial was heard before a jury of
12 men and occupied the entire day, a
mass of testimony being received on
both sides.
The two factions, as represented by
Mong Moy, who is a member of the
mißßion, and Wong Ah Fee, a bold, bad
highbinder, each swore that everything
the opposite said was a lie, and it would
take a Philadelphia lawyer to make
head or tail of the evidence.
The jury up to a late hour was still
struggling with the case.
News of the death of Mr. George E.
Proßser at Toledo, 0., was received
here by a telegram thia morning.
Deceased waa a weil known young
business men of this city, who' wen;
east on a visit last September and was
taken ill on the way with typhoid lever,
which after a long struggle cauaed his
Mr. Proaser waß a member of the
firm ot Shields A Proffer Ol this city
end had a largo circle of friends, who
v;ill learn of his death, with much Bor
$50,000 BONDS voted.
The stockholders of the North Pasa
dena Land & Water company decided by
a two-thirds vote today to authorize v
150,000 issue oi bonds by the board ol
'Ibis woiiov will be used for tha im
provement and development of the eys
Tn* unon the company for
some time has been more than it has
been able to accommodate, and tbe pro
ceeds from the sale of bonds will be ex
pended iv enlarging the supply.
The members of the athletic club held
a hand ball tournament Inst evening at
the club rooms on Soutli Raymond ave
nne. The players wero Meeßre. Wright.
Smith, Clinch, Graham. Gates Hall and
Clapp. Wright came out victor over ail
but Gates, and the game between them
vi ill be played off next Wednesday even
ing for tbe club medal,
A large number of the delegates to the
Sunday School convention visited Rubio
cafion today.
New legal blanks on fine bond paper,
just in at Glasscock's.
At a meeting of Pasadena Kncamp
ment No. 84, I. O. O. F., laßt evening the
following officers were elected for the
term commencing January Ist: W. P.
Spence, ctiief patriarch ; J. B. McNeil,
senior warden; A.G. Heiss, high priest;
J. S. Blick, Bcribe; 0. H.Goodman,
treasurer; W. H. Korstian, junior war
den ; J. B. Robins, truetee.
The marriage of Mr. Franklin Thorn
ton and Miss Lillian Carmetl took place
at the home of the bride's parents on
East Colorado street last evening, Rev.
Fife othciating. The young people have
many well wishers.
The Lather Brown Cmtn— The Anaheim
Bank Cane Note*.
Santa Ana, Nov. 10.—The case of the
people vs. Lather Brown was given to
the jury at 2:30 p. m. today. McLaugh
lan, the attorney for the • defense, made
a etrong plea for his client. As has been
etated, the whole plea was self defense.
District Attorney Scarborough finished
up hie closing argument in the forenoon
finishing a few minutes before 12 in.
His effort was perhaps one one of the
most able that has ever been made in
tbe orange county superior court.
A recess was taken at noon till 1:15
p. in.. Promptly at 1 slB Judge Towner
commenced delivering the cbarge to tbe
jury, which occupied an hour and a
quarter. Tbe jury is out at tfaia writing.
Another ante-Wright district meeting
was held at Anaheim last Saturday.
anahbim bank.
The following resolutions were
adopted at a recent meeting of the
creditors of tbe defnnct Anaheim l»ink,
held at Kroeger's ball:
Resolved, By tbe creditors of the
Bank of Anaheim, a corporation, in gen
eral meeting assembled, tbat the bank
commissioners of the state of California
be, and they are hereby requested to
proceed to liquidate the affaire of tbe
said corporation as speedily and econo
mically bb possible, in conformity with
the banking laws of the etate of Califor
nia, and we recommend that one person
only bo employed to do the same. 1
Reeolved, Further, that we recom
mend that the representative of the
said bank commissioners counsel with
the advisory committee heretofore ap
pointed by the creditors of the Bank of
Anaheim, in making euch transfers of
tbe bank's assets aa they may deem ad
While Mrs. Joe Oman and Mrs. Sarah
Paine were driving on West First street
their horse became frightened at a pass
ing sewer wagon, made a short turn,
throwing out the ladies who were
slightly bruised. There were aleo two
little children of Mrs. Oman in the
buggy, but fortunately neither were in
Y. M. Whigham is ill and is in a very
critical condition.
Quite a few changes in business loca
tions are expected in the near future,
caused by the postoffice being located
in the French opera block.
We hear that the authorities of the
defunct Anaheim bank are offering 65
cents on the dollar for all claims againßt
the concern.
Mr. Percy R. Sawyer, aged 31 years,
died in Orange on the 14tb inst.' The
funeral took place from the residence in
Orange thie morning at 11 o'clock. A
brother of the deceased wae buried bnt
a few weeks ago, who died of the same
disease — conuumption. Both young
men came here for their health, out put
off coming too long.
George E. Stewart and.Miss Alice E.
Roberta of Tußtin were married yester
day morning at the home of tbe bride's
parents. The Rev. Dexter P. Smith of
Santa Ana officiated.
The German Lutheran church of Or
ange will be dedicated next Sunday.
This is the titie.it church in tbe connty.
L. T. Clemens has bought Lots 3 and
4 blocs C, in Tustin, for $800.
The fire on the ranch of O'Neill, near
Capistrano, waa extinguished by the
aid oi about 30 men, but not until it
had burned over about 9000 acres of good
E. 8. Wallace received the sad intelli
gence of the death of his brother, W. 8.
Wallace, of Kansas City, last evening.
J. A. Hankey has been elected as one
of the vice-preoidents of the Southern
California Sunday School convention,
which ineetnin Ventura next year.
Mrs. Frederick ofSan Francisco ia vis
iting her daughter, D. Hellen.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cheßter, of Ar
kansas, are in Santa Ana and will per
haps locate.
A. Robinson left yesterday for San
W. J. Crandall haa bought 20 acres in
the Cook subdivision, for $200.
The Karl Fruit company looded an
other car of celery from the peat land
celery farm, aud will ship it to Kansas
M. J. Ennday will go to Riverßide to
morrow to attend the meeting of tiie
Orange Growers' association.
It ie rumored that a three-story brick
block will coou be erected near the new
poßtoffiee cite.
H. W, Eeßaac latt this afternoon for
Pocoteilo, ld_ho, to make hie perma
nent home.
The Anaheim Gazette of today says :
The play Among the Breakers, pre
sented by the J effort/— »ln- -f
Ana, at tbe opera house last Saturday
evening, was a very creditable perform
ance and deserved a larger bouse.
Mr. Keiier has begun an action
against Messrs. James and Mabury of
tbe suspended Bank of Anaheim to
recover money belonging to the irriga
tion district, on deposit at the time oi
tbe 9nspenaion.
Tim Carroll reports tbat he has 4000
acres subscribed to his petition to raise
beets for a sugar refinery, with plenty
more in sight, and will turn in 2000 or
;1000 acres more before he will consent
to quit.
Abraham Aguilar waß arreßted at, Fnl
lerton on Tuesday by United States
Deputy Marshal Goodrich of Los Angeles,
on a charge of sending obscene letters
through tbe mails. He is now in jail in
Los Angeles awaiting an examination.
Anaheim is on the eve of a building
boom of no mean importance. The
Hart brick building to be erected on
Center street above the postofhce will
be the inauguration of tbis season's
building activit.'. This will be followed,
in the near future, probably, by the
erection of a commodious residence by
Mr. Bea. and Mr. Bill, brother of O. VV.
Bill of Garden Grove, who is now on
his way out here from the east, if eaid
to be contemplating the erection of a
residence here and making this place
his home. Other houses are in con
templation, and it is probable this
winter and the coming spring will see a
greater activity in building hereabouts
than ever before. In this connection we
must, mot overlook the erection of the
sugar factor, whicn is sure to come, aud
we all look for it to be up and running
in time for the coming season's crop.
We might add that while there ia more
building in prospect immediately be
fore us than in some years past, there
is not a brick in tbe county, and con
sidering the matter of importing them.
This matter will undoubtedly be rem
edied shortly by the inauguration of new
krick kilns here, when we hope to see
the beginning of an actual boom in
Proceedings or the city Trustees—Local
Pomona, Nov. 16. —The city trustees
met last night at 7:30, Truetee Elliott
City Attorney Bell, to whom the elec
tric railway franchise matter had been
referred, reported to the board that he,
after consulting with President O. G.
Baldwin and inveatigating the matter,
had made eeveral amendmenta to and
aome changea in tbe original doenment
presented, and in this form he handed it
over to be read. After this tbe matter
of tbe necessary 10 days' publication in
a daily paper came up, and npon the
requeet of President Baldwin (as he
thought the bids rather high, and that
aa he had to pay tbe preliminary ex
penae himself in case tbe matter fell
through, be hoped the board wonld not
accept either, but defer the matter until
he could personally consult with all the
Loa Angelea dailiea, and get the lowest
rates he could,) it was not acted upon,
and an adjournment, after referring it
again to the city attorney, wae had until
7 .30 next Tuesday night, the 21st.
Laet night the big banquet and open
meeting of the Foreetera waa given, at
which a eplendid literary and musical
programme waa preaented, tbe feast
following afterwards. Later in the
evening dancing was indulged in, which
tbe younger people hugely enjoyed,
while tbe older ones looked on. When
the foresters undertake anything they
are all liberality, and provide with a
lavish hand. The members of the order
paid for upwarda of 200 plates for tbe
aupper alone, inviting their frienda, to
ahow tbeir liberality. The following ia
laat evening'a programme:
Violin solo—Robert Loueks.
Vocal solo—Mrs. Charles Clark.
Dramatic rendition irom ohakespeare—Geo,
V. Bgan.
Bong—Miss Madge Means.
Piano solo—C. P. Thompson.
All of which were well execnted,
heartily enjoyed and loudly applauded.
Mr. U. E. White waa "a hoet" himself.
On Friday evening, 17th inst., Chino
conrt, Independent Order of Foresters,
No. 1298, will give a social dance at
Chino in tbe opera house.
A. J. Williams, who haa been here for
some time, left this morning over the
Sonthern Pacific for Wheeling. W. Va.
The Misses Burkhart of Los Angelea
are in Pomona and will remain over
Miss Alice Boat of this city ie in Loa
Angeles on a visit, intending to remain
over Thanksgiving day.
W. J. Bending went to Loa Angeleß
today on tbe morning's train.
The tennia tournament will take place
on the Hotel Palomares court on Friday
and Saturday, December Ist and 2d.
None but members will participate.
The family of S. S. Hillier is, we un
derstand, all sick with scarlet fever, and
deserve tbe sympathy of this commu
It ie said by those looking after the
poor and afflicted who are now m actual
need of charity in our town, that there
are many; and it ia for thia reason tbat
they are soliciting and in various ways
getting up contributions with which to
meet their immediate wants.
Tbe ladies of tbe guild have their
bazaar in lull blast, and it is boped will
do well today and tonight.
It ie stated that perhaps the old Brown
hotel property may shortly be sold.
About 60 or more of Pomona's* pro
gressive women have organized a new
society, styled The Woman's Council;
tbey are to meet twice a month. Fur
ther notice of which, aa aleo the pur
poses for which it aims, will be given at
a future time.

Tha Entertainment at Clearwater.
News Notes.
Comii'ON, Nov. 10,—The entertainment
given laet night by tbe Clearwater peo
ple wae an exceptionally good good one.
The people of Compton turned out en
macs and many came from enrrounding
neighborhoods, filling the large hall to
Koad Master (ireen is hauling dirt in
the low places of West Main etreet.
John McKenzie has purchased a high
grade gun and expects to be with the
sports during the coming season. John
is an entbneiastio gunner.
H. C. Kelsey and A. I. Ua/.litt started
today toFrazier mountain to examine
the White Mule mine. Mr. Kelsey is
quite an expert on mining matters.
Bcccbau'n w's with a 4riuk of water morn
Much Building Going- On—Street Lights
Santa Monica, Nov. 16.—There is
considerable building going on on the
south side. Tbe new home of Mozee
Hob tot ter, on the corner of I. ike and
Beach streets, ie fast reaming comple
tion. A. L. Forsyth, who has done all
the carpenter work on the handsome
building, expects to turn it over to ite
owner for occupancy in two or three
weeks. The residence will cost $3000,
and is a handsome addition to tbat aide
of town.
The lots in the Santa Monica Com
mercial company's tract are fast being
covered with dwellings, and it is a little
settlement in itself. Two parties have
made arrangements to have buildings
built for tbem, tobe occupied as a gro
cery store and butcher shop. Mrs.
Sessions ia circulating a petition for a
new school house on the south Bide.
Tbe Baptist Mission Suuday school is
progressing nicely, and there are a num
ber of Episcopalians who are anxious
for a church of their persuasion on that
There are a few complaints in many
mouths, which I give, believing the
proper authorities will right the griev
ances after investigation.
The tax-payers of tbe South Side are
complaining bitterly about the nuisance
as they call it, saying that in the neigh
borhood of Beckwell street, from Lucas
avenue to the beach, cows are staked
out in every direction, and the ground
being left unoleaned, makes it exceed
ingly unpleasant for travel after sun
down, and tbe ocean breeze brings the
unpleasant odor to their homes. They
aleo complain that they pay their taxes
bnh to city and county officials, but
get very little attention from them, and
they say if it were not for the wind cre
ated by the passing of the Santa Fe
trains on Lucas avenue, which happily
cleans the street, there would not be a
cleaned thoroughfare on tbat Bide.
They aleo think that now that the coal
oil lamps are not lighted, inconsequence
of the electric lights, that they are in
total darkness in many places and think
they should have one or two more elec
tric lamps on tbe Side, or at least the
oil lamps continued.
J. S. Danner, of San Francisco, is at
the Jackson.
Mr. H. Solomon, of Loa Angelas, spent
the day here, escorting Mr. and Mrs. .1.
Davis, of London, Eng., to the city by
the sea. The gentlemanly Londoner
wae more than enthusiastic over Santa
Monica and Hotel Arcadia.
Edward Winger spent the day at the
beach enjoying a hot bath at North
Mr. J. Sunderland, of tbe firm of
Kingebaker Bros., was down visiting
frienda, lunching at the Jackson.
Fine Scenic Effects—Local Votes and
Long Beach, Nov. 16. —Tuesday morn
ing our early-rising class were well re
paid for the exertion. Old ocean waa
like a sheet ct glass, ruffled nere and
there by faint wind puffa into tiny
waves which suggested the most deli
cate frosting, while the beautiful sun
rise tinted it all with amber, blue and
pink and crowned Point Firman light
with a blaze of yellow. Seaward, Cata
lina's mountains rose, each peak loom
ing up grann and still. Little fishing
boats dotted the water's eurface like
flakes of enow ; stately ships five miles
away lifted from hulls of brown a gossa
mer tracery of mast and spar in sil
houette against a sky of deepest blue.
On the crescent-shaped beach the long
ocean billows broke with muffled roar,
sending lines of foam like finest lace
upon the shore, while far across green
fields and white villages. Old Baidy with
snow-crowned peak, seemed to keep
silent watch over all. Surely we need
not travel to foreign lands to witness
nature's gorgeoue panorama.
Mr. Cartwright of Chicago, who
apent the winter of 1890-91 here, vis
ited ub on Tuesday. Mr. Cartwright is
a property owner here and is much
pleased with the solid improvements
made since his last visit.
Our popular townsman, F. A. Butler,
who, for the past month, has been visit
ing in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Ten
nessee, returned home yesterday. It
gives onr town a natural look to see Mr.
Bntler upon the streets again.
Mrs. Wakely is spending a few weeks
with her daughter, Mrs. W. F. Sweeny.
William Schilling has rented tbe
George Bixby house, on Chestnut
Tho Alamitoß Land company haa jusi
completed a cottage for their engineer
at tin, pumping works.
Pishing from the pier or boats is firet
class, pompanoß being caught in great
numbers and of large size.
The ladies of the tabernacle are work
ing with a will, preparing for a grand
Thanksgiving dinner of ye olden times.
The ladles mean business and will be
prepared to fill everyone that hungers
(and has the necessary two-bits) with
turkey and rejoicing.
Illness Claused by the Peculiar Weather.
Downey, Nov. 16. —Hot days and cold
nights of late is the cause of severe colds,
la grippe, epizootic, etc.
The creamery building ia being roofed
Postmaster Joe Smith is back from
his eastern visit.
C. E. Smith is up again from his se
vere illness.
Baby Klma Scott was taken ill yester
A windmill and tank is being put up
in the Masonic cemetery.
Ed. Scribner is back looking well
Dr. C. B. Riddick, we learn, is going
to have his building repainted.
A very little ice was seen this morn
Rev. Green got back last week from
visiting eaet and the Chicago fair.
Mra. Dunn of Moneta has moved over
to Mrs. Porter's, her Bister, where she
will live for the present.
I.a Grippe.
During the prevalence of the grippa tiie past
seasons it was a noticeable fact that those who
aepended upon Dr. Klug's New Discovery not
only had a speedy recovery, but esc pad all the
troublesome after effects oi the malady. This
remedy seems to have a peculiar power in
effecting rapid cures, not oufv in cases of L&
Grippe, but iv all diseases of Throat, Unest aud
Lungs, and has cured case' of Asthma aud Hay
Fever of long standing. Try it and be con
vinced. It won't disuppoint. Free trial bot
tles at (I. F. Uoln/emHu's drug store, Nortli
Main street.
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vile, 218 North Main (Lanfranco building and
save money.
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I.augitadtcr, 214 West Secouil, ilollsubeci
lotid* Btockholdorii Bmr "She'd Alt
Right," Bat
New York World, November 10th:
Since the retreat of tbe Union Pacific
Railroad company to tbe safe vantage
ground, so far as creditors are concerned,
of a receivership, President Reinbart of
tbe Atchison has been kept busy deny
ing that his road is to follow suit. When
the panic days came Atchison dropped
down tr> I2i„ about receivership prices,
i from 40' V,, which was its best figures in
; 1892, ana from3<>' H , which was its quo
i tation in January, 1893. The finances
|of Atchison show ttie possibilities of
| complexity in railroad obligations at a
very extreme point, until now tbe 10,-
I 000 miles of road haa between 400,000,000
j and 500,000,000 of securities piled up
against it.
At present the insiders in the stock,
j that is, those who control the property,
| talk in tbe most glowing terms of its
prospects, and yet this confidence ia not
j reflocted in the stock market, and to
close watchers this gives tbe impression
tbat there is au unloading campaign go
ing ou. The last financial expedient of
tbe Atchison financiers was the exten
sion of the guaranteed fund notes in tbe
London market, where bo many of the
! securities of the road are held. Indeed,
I a Wall etreet operator, talking of tbedis
i crepancy between Atchison promises
| and Atchison prices, said that it would
!be tiie most natural thing in the world
for the application for a recener, when
one ia made, to be in a London court, or
at least to have the fact made public
there before American holders are ap
praised of what ia going on. Those who
believe that Atchison is really earning
i over tier fixed charges by a safe margin,
are beginning to think that she may be
forced to retreat from damaging even
though unfounded rumors, into a re
ceivership. This would be precisely
what a very active coterie of bears would
welcome, and thia is the explanation
which the officials of the company offer
to account for the low prices of the
President Reinbart, when asked about
the reports yesterday, eaid with an air
of weary disgust, after a hearty laugh:
"The same old gang at the same old tac
tics. The yought really to get something
else. That gang who are working so in
dustriously, would be invaluable in our
coal mines. I would like to have tbem
New Salt!.
Papers were filed jeaterday in the
following new suits:
Security Savings Bank and, Truet
company vb. F. H, Barclay et ai. Suit
to forecloae a mortgage.
John Baker va. Serilda X Potta et al.
Suit to forecloae mortgage.
Ineolvency petition of E. F. Phelan;
voluntary by debtor. Liabilitiee,
$7451.39; assets, $9981.50.
People, etc., vs. S. A. Garrett et al.
Suit to recover $500 alleged to be due on
Itamtsh's Celebrated P'u:: Case.
For tbe third time A. Ramish won
his egg case in department two of the
superior court yesterday.
Thie case has been in litigation since
1838. The supreme court has granted
the defendants on two occasions new
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Positively cure in from thirty to sixty
days all klndß of
without tbe use of knife, drawing blood or de
tenl ton from business. .
Ail Diseases of Women skillfully
Can refer interested pirtiej td prominent Los
Angeles citizens who have been treated by
tbem. Cure guaranteed.
3 7 12m - 1.0- ANOEL.S, OAL.
incubators, Bone Mills. Alfalfa Cutters.
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il l tint Los Angeles.
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\ t&Jl'- w (Between Gib and 7th Sts.)
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ioned, tire- \ some, hurtful J >-"*" way.Treat
them betttr, treat v \ J tnem 10 Pearl
ine. It saves not \ t^le hands,
but the rub, rub, \ Hit), that tells on
the arms and 1 |\j the back and
all the harm <^/\ t *jfl f tndl -J" l '- 3
from it. Think / Jji °* c w ' :Hr
and tear that's { /A \w made by a
strong, healthy \ WfMtiwifi with a
washboard-- "v^^®sW' r^==?l """ though she's "lafed
to death" after it. Then think how much biter, and cheaper,
and easier it is to use Pearline.
Peddlers and somr inscTur.ulou.- grocers will tell you.
\mm\\ a r Ck "this is as good as" or "the same as Pearline." IT'S
JL_<P\_l- VV d»J. FALSE—Pearline is never peddled, if your crocer seeds
you an imitation, be honest— smd it back. 367 JAMES PVLr. New York.
WINE MERCHANT, 131 N. Main st. IBHuml Telephone 38.
raMg " \ tallzcr< ures all nei theKeueratlve orjrans,
■F & tfm 33? I» Such as: l/OHt Jlunliood, ISiee|)lei.sueK«i,'l'ired * eel
■ A\ , , 1 \v ' \l in the hi:. Debility. PimplcM, Head
■ \ Ami 'V (jliJ aerie, Seminal Weakaess, Nijjrhtly JfmlKMlonM, Impn-
H| I V teney, JkcKpondem-y, Vnrleoepio, I'rcmutiireneN*
H \ and. eonatipation. Caret where alt cllo falls* Tho doctor
—■ ______ _____ bus discovered the active principle 011 wliieti the vitality ol the
BEFORE ANO AFTER bkxkai. anjMirntiis is dependent
The reason whysafltorer* are not cured by pbTstcfnns and niedlclncr? 1? because over fto per cent
are trouble*! with I'mmtudtla, fur whi ( .h orPIIiKNK Ik Hi*only known remedy to cur* Iho com
plaint without ab operation A written s'tiiiranfe.' to refund the money if ii permanent bow Is
no* effbet*- h.v tl senfslx boxes. |l.'m it hex, wlx for *"t.iKI. Kettd for elreii'urnnu tosttuioulals.
Address JUAVOA, JBIUU-A'-XA; «'«»., V. O. Bui 2U7IJ, dun I'ruucia-O,Cal, Ji'ur by
C. H. HANOK, Agent, 177 and 179 5. gprtttf St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Report to Comptroller of Currency, Oct. ;j, I}J{>3.
Cash on hand and iv banks $1411.707 19 Capital stock, paid in coin $250,000 00
United States bonds ... 100,000 00 Surplus 5,000 00
DemanrPtoans 133.720 00 Undivided profits 12,704 II
Regular loans 194.50 V 38 Circulation 135,000 00
School bonds and stocks 20,400 05 Depoßlis 201,034 18
Furniture and fixturea 0,000 00
Expenses 5,450 07
$003,848 29 $803 848 20
The National Bank of California Is one of the few minks tbat successfully stood the shook of
tbe late panic and maintained full coin payments rljht through.
The National Bank of California pays no interest on deposits ln any form, offers no special
fnducements for business other than reliability when tbe customers exercise tbolr rights to de
mand their money.
In tbe matter of loans it looks more to reliability than high rates of interest, and de'iretno
loans except from good and reliable parties, and then exacts goad security, believing that uo
bank is better o- more tellable than Its loans.
Southeast Corner Spring and Court Sts., Lo Angeles, Cal.
CAPITAL, STOCK. 8100,000. SURPLUS, W 10,000.
J. H. BRALY, President. JOHN W. HUNT, Cashier.
FRANK A. GIBSON, Vice-President. ARTHUR H. BRALY, Ass. Cashier.
J. D. Bioknell, Hiram Mabuir, «. Q. P»tter«on,
J. M. Elliott, Frank A. Gibson, H. L. Drew.
C. W. Haison, J. H. Braly, A. H. Braly.
N.W. Cor. Second and Spring Sts., Los Angeles, Cal.
BUB3CRIBED CAPITAL, $1,000,000. PAID-UP CAPITAL. $700,000.
A General Banking Business Transacted. Interest at Five Per Cent Paid on Time DepOiita
W. G. COCHRAN, Pres't. H. J. WOOLLACOTT, V. Pres't JAS. F. TOWEL., Beo'y.
Geo. H. Bonebrake, w H. Crocker, A. A. Hubbard, O. T. Johnson,
P.M.Green, Telfair Cretghton, W.G.Cochran, B.F.Bali.
H. J. Woollaoott, W. P. Oardiner, James F. Towell. 8-19/f
Los Angeles, CaL
Oldest sad Largest Bank in Sou'hern
Capital (paid uo) * SOO.ooo
tonkin and profits 780,000
Total tn.aio.ooo
orr iciES.
HERMAN W. HELLMAN Vice-President.
H. J. FLEISHMAN Assistant Cashier
W. H. Perry, Osro W. (Holds, J. 8. lanker
shim, C. E. Thorn, C. Ducommuu, H. W.,Hell
snsu. T. L. Dnque, A. Olasnell, 1. w. Hellman.
Exchange for sale on all the principal cities
ol the United Statf a, Europe, China and Japan.
1018. Spring street, Nadeau block.
L. N. Breed President
Wm. F, Bosbyshell Vice-President
n. N. Flint Caihier
W. H. HoUlday Assistant Cashier
Capital paid ln gold coin tf200,000
Surpiui and undivided profits -5,000
Authorised capital 600,000
L. N. Breed, H. T. Newell, Wm. H. Avery,
Silas Holmea. W. H. Holllday, JK. C. Bosby
shell, If. Hasan, Frank Rader. D. Semick,
Taos. Hess, William W. Bosbyshell. 7-1 tf
Southeast Corner of First and Broadway.
capital stock, fully paid $100 000
Surplus 75,000
R. M. whine v. President.
D. O. MILTIMORE, Vice-Pres't.
GEO. L. ARNOLD, Cashier.
R. M. Widnev, D. O. Miltlmore,
S. W. Little, S. MoKlnlay,
John McArthur, 0. A. Waruer,
L. J. P. Morrill.
General banking business and loans on first
class real estate solicited. Buy and sell first
class stocks, bonds and warrants. Parties wish
ing to invest ln first-class securities, on either
long or shoit time, can be accommodated.
223 S. Spring St., LOS ANGELES.
orricciis and directors:
M. W. Stimson Wm. Ferguson W. E. Mcvav
Prett. Vicß-frtst. CMhier
C. G. Harrison S. H. Mott R. M. Baker
A. E. Pomeroy
C> CO., 118 8. Main it
Five per cent Interest paid on term deposits.
Capital stock sjttOO 000
T. L. Duoue, Pres't. J. F. Usrtorl. Cashier.
W. D. l/Ongyoar, Ass't Cashier.
Directors: Isnlas W. Hellman, Herman W.
Heilmsu, Msurice 8. Hellman, A. C. Rogers,
T. L. Duqne, Wm. McDermott, M. L. Fleming,
.1. A. Gr.vct, F. N. Myers, J. H, Shankland, J.
t. Sarinri.
Temple Block.
<>pltal stock paid up • :oo,oof». !
JOHN E. PHTKR Preside**
ROBf. 8. BAKER Vice-Presides*
Jotham Blxby, Chas. Forman,
L. T. Harnaey, L«wellyn Blxby,
U. B. Baker, John X. Mates',
Geo. H. Stewast. _
Capital «500,000
Surplus ■ 62,500
Total 552,500
GEORGE H. BON Ell rake, President.
F. C. HOWES, Cashier.
X. W. COE, Assistant Cannier.
Col. H. H. Mark ham, Perry M. Green, War.
ren Glllelen, L. P. Crawford, C. A. Matrlner,
Geo. H. Bonebrake. F. O. Howes. U-15 tl
SURPLUS 1200,000
J. M. ELLIOTT, President.
J. D. BK'KNELL, Vloe-Pres't.
Q. B. SHAFFER, Ass't Cashier.
J. M. Elliott, J.P. Blcknell,
S. H. Mott, H- Mabury,
J. D. Hooker, D. McGarry,
Wm. G. Kerekhoff.
Capftal 1,200,000
420 s. Main St, Los Angeles, Cal.
J. B. LAN KERSHIM President
S. C. IIUBHELL.„ Vice-President
J. V. WACHTEL Cashier
11. W. Hellmao, X, Cohn, J. It. Jonas, 0.1.
Johnson, W. G. Kerokhoff. H. W. O'Melveny.
Interest paid on all deposits. 10-20 tf
j No. 9M N. Main at
SURPLUS „ 115,500
H. W. Hellamau, Pres't. J. E. Plater, V.-Pres't.
W. M. Caswell, Cashier.
Directors—l. W. Hellman, K. 8. Baker. H. W.
Hellman, J. E. Plater, I. W. Hellman, Jst
Interest paid on deposits. Meney to van oa
flrst-clsss real estate. kU 1 tf
/ Stimson Block, Third and Spring.
X. W. Brotherton. President.
T. 8.0. Lowe, Vice-Pres't.
F. D. Hall. Cashier.
T. D. Stimson, L. W. Bliaa,
Andrew Mullen, J. M. Hale.
R. J. Waters, ' J. Petctvai,

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