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c—l -?■=». 1 .—
TKLKI'HONE 1M -______
Per Week 9 _>
er Month e°
BY MAIL (Including poUage):
Dullf Herald, oao rear » "O
ually Herald, six month! 4 25
Dal y Herald, three months. 2 *■>
D*tly Herald, one month Ho
Weekly Herald, one year 1 SO
Weekly Herald, six months if 1
vteekly Herald, three months •]»
Illustrated Herald, p°r copy -O
Kntered at the Po«lofflcu at Los Angeles as
Second clase mall matter.
The paperaot all delinquent mail subscribers
to the Daily Herald will be promptly discon
tinued hereafter. No papers will he sentto ,
subscribers by mail uuluss the sain c have been
paid for in advance.
L. P. Fisher, newspaper advertising agent,
21 Merchants' Kxcharge, .Ssn Kranclsco, is an
authorized agent. This papur ia kept on lile in
his office. _
The Herald is sold at the Occidental Hotel
newsstand,. Ban Francisco, for sc, acopy.
No contributions returned
TOKDNE4DAY, NO VIC MB Kit, 22 1803.
BY TKr.F.GUAPH— Tni> state department
confident thatijueen l.iiiunkalani has been
reinstated .. Minister Thurston's version of
the Hawaiian revolution A .ynchlng at
Otlurawa, la New York chamfcerol com
meice b.nquet Heath of Jury Ru k —
Midwinter fair notes ....Pacific coast hap
pening! .Directum biats Alix Ueneril
new gleanings.
BjOOaVfc AND MltfCKtVl ANEOt'B — The
birthday of Colonel Warner—Billy Ken
nedy challenges a*. W. Griffin to a boxing
' contest .... Editor Drummond on trial —
Btnsatlonal evidence iv tho Langford will
case....Trial of the case of the City vs. the
Crystal Springs Land and Water company
Suit against ex-Public Adnim'strator
Field... .The supervisors— Forged a money
order belon;iug to an actress — John Reddy
held to answer.... Police court cases....
Agullar discharged by Commissioner Van
Dyke Two burglars captured — Real
estate transfers The Vincent revival cru
Pomona—A proposal to the irrigation die
trlct fo water Local notea
Pasadena—The Valley Hunt club's coming
Santa Monica—City trustees meetlnr.
Banta ana—The council cutsdoa-n salaries.
San Bernardino—The trial of Charles Brit
ten commenced.
Rivskbide—The Box springs road and bridge.
When tbe ordinary quidnunc, not in
the pay of the United States department
of etate, heard tMat Conlnniaeioner
Blount's report on the Hawaiian em
broglio only consisted of one hundred
and eighty thousand words he hugged
himself in felicitation that he had not
been obliged to plunge into such a volu
minous and amorphous mass of matter.
To give our readers an idea of what a
delicate and retrenched lot of "windy
suspiration of forced breath" waa in
volved in such an unprecedented lake of
words it is only necessary to say that
this interesting document, set in ordi
nary reading type, would fill about one
hundred and seventy-eight columns of
the Herald, or about twenty-six pages
of solid matter. The government proof
readers must have groaned in spirit
when they got hold of this stuff, and
cursed the hour when Hawaii struck a
revolutionary attitude, or, rather, when
Blount wsb sent there as aspecia! pleader
for the ex-Queen. A man would Bub
mit to any fate, however untoward,
rather than be compelled to wado
through this interminable mesß. The
whole episode reminds one of nothing
co mucb<as an incident in the life of an
Italian convict, who had been con
demned to the galleys for Hie but who
was offered his liberty on condition of
bis reading Guicciardini'a history of
Italy. On impulse he accented the
alternative and started out to peruse
tbe work. On striking the one hundred
books that described the siege of Pisa
be threw it down and demanded to be
taken back to his oars. Anything was
preferable to being written to death.
The moet interesting thing which we
have discovered in the synopeis of (Join
miseioner Blount's report is his tele
gram to the State Department that
tbere was no truth in tbe report
that ex-Marshal Wilson had bad an in
trigue with the ex-queen. Now we sub
mit that, in entering upon this delicate
ground, Mr. Blount was perhaps taking
too much for granted. A modest ex-
Georgia congressman, with al! due def
erence to his gallantry and inexperience,
is scarcely entitled to eet himself up as
an expert in Hawaiian love affairs, after
such a brief residence in tbe island. We
submit tbat Queen Liliuokalani waa
quite as likely as Queen Glumdalcla,
in Fielding's opera of Tom Thumb, to
pick out as many temporary husbands
as she might think she needed, even al
though the relation might not last longer
than the Irishman's "marriage of a
fortnight," and ex-Marshal Wilson was
as liable to he favored as any one else.
The Hawaiian ideas of modesty and
chastity are not modeled on those of
the United States. Mark Twain, in his
interesting letters descriptive of his
visit to the Sandwich islands, speaks oi
meeting a dusky maid clad in parts
naturalibus, and carrying a tub. When
she encountered Mark she raised the tub
over her head, convinced tbat that met
all the necessities oi tbe occasion. No, no !
Brer Blunt is not qualified to pass on
all the exigencies of Kanaka life on such
a abort experience. He would have done
well to have euppreaeed that dispatch to
the etate department, and to have en
trusted the investigation of Queen Lily's
amours to some younger and flyer mem
ber of the embassy, when, perchance,
hi:' knowledge would have been vastly
There is one agreeable- thing to Ange
lenos, and that is the fact tbat the
Angel city and tbe country contiguous
to it just now has tbe call over all the
cities of the American continent, and
over all tbe broad domain of American
lands. There ie perhaps no use of
philosophizing why this should be so.
We simply know tbat so it is. The fact
has been shown indisputably by every
issne of the clearing house reports dur
ing the past two months. Daring that
period every clearing house in the
United States except that of the Angel
city has shown a diminution of busi
ness as compared with last year. To be
exact we should say that for one week
New Orleans showed an increased per
centage of business. For every other
week Los Angeles hae been obliged to
carry alone tbe gonfalon of progress and
Such a fact should not be passed over
lightly, especially by those who are the
beneficiaries of such an exceptional
state of things. It shows that Los An
geles is on the top wave of prosperity,
and that when the rest of tbe country is
in the dumps. To employ an astrono
mical phrase, Los Angeles is in perihe
lion while the rest of the country, and
nearly tbe whole world, is in aphelion.
Or, to vary the phrase, and to resort to
the language of the turf Loa Angeles,
like Eclipse, ia firat and tbe rest are no
It might, nnder ordinary circum
stances, be well to simply state thia fact,
and to allow it to pass without comment.
But on reflection it may be jnat as well
to give something like the niton d'etre
of this moat agreeable state of things.
One of the aphorisms that have
leaped like a bubble from tbe kaleido
scopicchanges that are so common in
I the United States ia the one which says
that nothing succeeds iike aucceas.
And where haa there ever been a suc
cess like unto that which has been
chronicled moat notably inLaa Angelea,
city and county, and only in lees meas
ure in Southern California at large?
j The Angel city has today probably a
population of seventy thousand eouls.
if there is any inaccuracy in thia state
ment it consists in not making it
seventy-live thousand, which enumera
tion would be nearer the true figures.
And yet the census of 1880 gave us 11,
--300, while that of three years ago put
the figures at 51,390. Ihe advance in
the population of tho county has quite
kept pace with tbat of the city, if tbe
fact ia borne in mind that, since the
ceneua of 1890, Orange county has been
segregated from the county of Loa An
The only city of the United States
that haa grown with tbe rapidity that
hae characterized Loa Angelea in the
period named, or in anything like the
astoniabing ratio of that growth, waa
Kansas City, in tbe decade between
18(H) and 1870. Some of the epochs of
Chicago aleo suggest similar ratios, and
there tbe comparison perforce enda.
The canses of this remarkable growth,
accomplished in the past, and full surely
to be confirmed iv the future, are mani
fold, but some of them nt least, can be
grasped in a rapid summary.
First we may mention climate. We
have here the Riviera of Italy without
the neceesity of transplanting ourselves
to Italy or France. Neither Nice, Men
tone nor Cannes has the incomparable
climate, or the variety of climates, tbat
may be found in Loa Angelea and ita
immediate vicinity. This is not a mat
ter of speculation. The medical depart
ment of the army of the United Statea
baa announced it aa tbe result of
careful inquiry. The important
feature of this circtimetance is not
the gathering of a large valetudinary
cla3s in Los Angeles or Southern Cali
fornia, but the certainty that immense
numbers of people, whose health is
threatened rather than already im
paired by tho harsh climates of tbe easl
and of Europe, can find here, undet
conditions highly favorable to tbe de
velopment of their business energies, c
theater in which they can hope for lont
life with prosperity in all lines of legiti
mate business, and all under tbe flag o
the United States—the latter a mosl
invaluable condition. There will b«
here none of the meretricious excite
ment of Monte Carlo, but a career o
usefulness and pecuniary and hygienit
It ia at least fair to summaries aome
oi the supplemental inducemeuta to set
tlement in Loa Angeles. Thia city, hav
ing already shown its inarveloua ability
to grow, ita future ia assured by the fact
that it haß really a whole continent be
hind it. From San Pedro and Santa
Monica is the shortest span acroce the
United Statea from tidewater to tide
water. It ia acarcely forty per cent, of
the distance from San Francisco to New
York, that separates tnese two ports
from Galveston and New Orleans, and
that distance is never complicated by
snow blockadea nor by difficult grades.
The numerous transcontinental railways
that center iv Lis Angeles, and that me
in course of construction, traverse a
region of indescribable mineral riches
tbat surely mark this city out as a great
smelting and manufacturing center.
Every element of growth and expan
sion crowns the Angel City. In the
country tributary to it there iB scarcely
a tbing grown on tbe footstool tbat can
not be raised here. When Mr. Richard
Kerens, the president of the Terminal
railway, returned to St. Louis from a
protracted inspection of Los Angeles
county, be said tbat, while it took four
acres of land in tbe Missouri valley to
furnish a carload of freight, a quarter of
an acre in the Los Angeles valley would
load a car with freight of a specially de
sirable and remunerative kind. This
was no hyperbole, and it waa not aaid by
an Angeleno. Tho potato and tbe pome
granate, tbe orange and tbe onion, the
apple and the lemon, the banana and
the squash, the cereala and the fruita ol
the temperate and semi-tropic zones,
grow here side by side, with three crops
of peas and beans, and six to eight crops
of a highly nutritious Chilean clover in
a single year. The prodigality of na
ture here, taken in connection with our
benign climate, is soinethinß altogether
out of range with any portion of the
earth's surface, especially when the fact
is borne in mind that Los Angeles county
is absolutely gridironed with local and
transcontinental railways, and that one
can scarcely go a mile without stum
bling over a railway track.
In any other country under the sun
the foregoing: would sound like the most
sublimated hyperbole or rhapsody, and
yet it is the most prosaic fact. Every
tbipg conspires to make the city of Los
Angeles pre-eminent for growth and
splendor, and Southern California for the
most varied and remunerative produc-
tion known on the footstool. Added to
all, this city will be the center of the
handling of the most valuable ores of
gold and silver known to the present age.
A city with such varied sources and as
surances of greatness, with a record
breaking past as to advances in popula
tion and wealth, has a right to challenge
the admiring attention of mankind, and
to proclaim as its motto "Excelsior." It
is not amiss, now aud then, to call the
attention of mankind to the salient facts
of a city which rightly makes such high
A sensational lynching figures in our
telegraphic columns this morning. This
time it doea not date from the south
but from Ottumwa, la, It looks very
much as if about tbe right thing had
been done. We confess that we cannot
be persuaded that a wretch who would
perpetrate an outrage on a child ought
ito be allowed to live a minute after the
discovery of his crime. In this case an
i adaptation of Davy Crockett's motto
comes into play, and it would read in
! the minds of most people, "Be sure you
I have the right man and then go ahead."
The death of Jerry Husk, late Secre
tary of Agriculture, and three times
Governor of lowa, removes from life the
man who made the pleaßantest imprea
eion on Californians of all the members of
the Harrison party on their visit to this
There is something indicative of a
coming rate war in the fact that tickets
are being sold from Chicago to San
Francisco for f27, via St. Paul and the
Canadian Pacific. The people of this
coaßt would welcome the merry war.
Shbriff Clink yeßterday broke up a
gang of yonng highwaymen at Garvanza.
Yellow covered literature must have its
Los Anoki.es Theater—There were
plenty of women in evening dress but
few men. laet even ng to witnees the
French players M. Coquelin and Mad
ame Hading in L'Aventuriere, by Emil
While many members of the French
colony wero preseut, tho audience was
composed of the usual tirßtnighters, and
the proportion of these who scraned
translations of the play to see when to
laugh and when to look solemn, far out
numbered those who trusted to their
knowledge of the language of the
There waa a noticeable timidity about
applauding, and a feature of tbe work of
the actors waa their straightforwardness.
They did not wait at the proper time tor
plaudits but wont right on with their
lines. It ,h generally the case that an
English or American player, when he
arrives at a "situation," or gives tho
word which leads to the formation of a
"picture," will wait a moment for the
applause that he thinks should come;
this has a coercive effact on an audi
ence, for in their good nature tbey will
usually give what ii so plainly expected,
even if they did not at first have that
intention. These French artiste confined
themselves entirely to their biisineaf,
and allowed the spectators to do as they
choose; even when at the end of the
first act they were given a curtain call
they appeared with the most charming
abßence of Belf-consciousness.
Their expressiveness was something
marvelous. Anyone who knew the gen
eral idea of the play could follow the
plot closely without having to under
stand a word.
The feature of their acting was its
realism; not tbe tiresome, annoying,
careful attention to insignificant details
but they pictured exactly what real
characters would do under the circum
stances Bur rounding tie fictitiutis persons
they portrayed. The scenic effects were
nil; tiie properties were commonplace;
the coßtumes fairly exact, but not ob
trusive ; in fact their art received no
artificial assistance and needed none.
They could have played just as effect
ively in a bare born in their everyday
A feature of the evening was M.
Coquelin'a bit of character work iv his
drunken scene. His delineation of a
man merging a condition of jollity into
completo intoxication was perfect, aud
yet inoffensive in any of its details.
Mme. Hading's prime quality ia her
versatility. She rang the changes on
all feminine moods, cheerful, morose,
despairing, playful, amorous and
wicked, and was in all of them truth
iul to life.
Probably many of those present iaat
night, who are unused to the frankness
of the French drama, were somewhat
startled at what they would term
the "Frenchineaa" of the play, L'Aven
turiere. given by M. Coquelin ami
Muie. Jane Hading. The story is one
of a pair of male and female black
Tbe woman Clorinde, ia played by
Mme. Hading, and though in itself a
meritricioua role, in ber skilled bands it
rises to the dignity of a work of art.
There is no shrinking on ber part
from plainly depicting what a wicked,
fonl woman Clorinde is; depraved, and
apparently conscienceless, ahe showa all
her wickedness, bat at the same time
the spectator plainly sees that the
woman is bad from circumstances and
environment, not innately evil, but
atill while acquiring a desire to be bet
ter, lacking tne moral fibre in her nature
to overcome the wrong; impulses ac
quired by her paat life.
As the play progresses she fights
against herself, against being bad, With
a desperation tbat is pitiful. She re
solves at all coat to eacape from ber
vileneea and to become good, aa the
world goes, and, woman like, seeks her
redemption by a marriage with
an old man whom ahe has
fascinated. Her nlans are frustrated in
the end. and her heart breaks, and as
she paaeea frem the scene, presumably
to aink to her former level, the moat
world-worn observer of the play must
feel a great pity for tbe woman pictured.
She portrays a woman with all tbe im
aginable charma except tbat of honesty ;
but then history proves that some of
the most charming women in the world
lacked tbat attribute. Throughout all
Mme. Hading ia natural, truthful to
life and in no place over emphatic in
her delineation.
M. Coquelin gives you as "Hannibal"
a jolly, humorous, mischievous villain,
a villain who would stab you to the
heart or ruin you in body and soul, with
tbe glee and jocund spirit of a spirited
boy robbing an apple orchard or playing
hookey from school. A noted critic haa
termed tbe role "Fuck turned villain,"
and tbe description cannot be improved
He relies more on hia facial expres
sions than on any other branch of bis
art, and overdoes this line of work, his
changes of countenance amounting al
inoat to an out-of-place buffoonery. But
thia ia a venial em, which seareely mars
hia wonderful eucceaa. riis resources of
fun are inexhaustible and always effect
ive, and witiial be pictures a man of
complete wickedr.eaa and evil because he
like it. because he is naturally vile; but
he ia so innocently bad, ao jovially de
praved, that his vice faila to arouse dis
gust or condemnation, until the lastact,
when he readies euch a point of degrad
edneea that he stands forth the type of
The company carries no scenery of its
own, and relies almost entirely on the
work of its two etars.
There were many of le beau monde
present, and they expressed themeelves
aa follows regarding the programme:
Mayor Rowan—Mon oner garcon.
Mme. Hading est divine.
City Attorney Dunn— Oui Oui.
Judge Clark —Cast pas.
D. H. Burke—E'est joiie comme mon
Henry Dockweiler—Je vous leve deux
i beans.
| Dick McKnight— En brochette.
"Bob" Widney—Fin de siecle.
Dr. Wernigk—Aux fines herbes.
Dan Freeman—C'est beau commee
Judge Silent—Je me bats mil Siegel.
Major Stern —Vive les police decap
| itees.
Councilman Nickell—Mettez moidans
un slot, et voyez un matre sortir.
Maior Bonebrake —Ca vs. /
!H. Z. Osborne—La petite viteaee.
Colonel Teed—Au naturel.
K. H. SVade—Ca va comme un kite
J. A. Muir—Beau comme mon ami
Michel Collinee.
J. M. Crawley—Rien neva plus.
Mr. Tom Urant —J'n'ai rien perdu.
lout ie monde—Encore, encore.
Manager Wyatt—Tout le monde rit,
a deux dollars et demie le rire.
Eilwood Cooper—C'est belle comme
ucn Rhizobius Ventralts.
Con?ul Leon Loeb —Si eeuelment M.
Goyteno etait ici.
Col. Bob Northam —Cela me fait penser
a chero Pare?.
Dr. MacSowan —Parbleu! morbleu!
; mille tonnerres!
Various Uatipf.ilngH of Interest In the
Suti-Kiss. d Territory.
Soi.omsyii.le, Ariz., Nov. 21.—William
Garland of Los Angeles, promoter of the
, Bowie Station and Globe railroad, ie ex
pected here Thursday to look alter the
interests of tbe enterprise. Mr. Laird,
his representative, has been here two
securing right of way. The road
will pass through a rich agricultural val
! ley.
Manuel Flores was shot and fatally
wounded at Duncan, this county, yester
: day. Two Mexicans are under arrest
! for the crime.
Henry Ballard was commi'.ed to tbe
insaue asylum here today.
Phossix, Ariz., Nov. 21.— G. M. Rus
sell, into editor of the Gila Bend Art
zonian, was acquited in the district
court today of the charge of shooting at
{ Lather Keilenbacli with a Winchester,
j Russell waa deiended by W. H. Barnes
iof Tuacon, late judge of the fourth
| judicial district.
Pbescott, Ariz., Nov. 21.—The jury
has been empaneled and ttie trial of tx
; Probate Judge Frencb, on the charge of
forgery, is vow in progress. Consider
able interest is in the trial,
: which will last probaoly two days.
2 .
lIUtiOKS lit) UKKD,
Trainmen Kevrarded for Fighting- OfT
S'r lv Rubbers.
Oeotbalisl 111., Nov. 21 —Tonight the
Illinois CenUal railway officials and
representatives of the American Express
eocipany met the men who defended
their property during the attempted
■ hold-up near here, by appointment, and
' tendered eacb a gold medal and three
; shares each of stock in tbe Illinois Cen
i tral railway for meritorious services.
' About 000 railroad men witnessed tbe
ceremouv and several appropriate
speeches were made.
Went Oat and Hanged Himself.
Eureka, Cal., Nov. 21.—Word has just
reached the city irom Garberville that
O. W. Johnson, aged 65, wbo claimed
;to he an agent ol tne San Francisco Ex
aminer, committed suicide tbere by
hanging. Not receiving money that he
expected, tie left town on the 14rh in
stant, and on the 18'h his body was
found hanging to a limb of a redwood
about a mile from town.
OrttKid by l> br.
Los Gatos, Cal., Nov. 21.—Gilbert
Iverson.who so mysteriously disappeared
Sunday evening, has not been found. It
is nos/ believed be wandered away in a
fit of insanity. He was owing some
money and failed to collect here to meet
the debt, and tbis seems to have be»
preying on his mind.
The Great Trotting Match at
Fleetwood Park.
Alix Broke Badly, and Was Never
in the Race.
Salisbury's Spaed? Stallion Did tbe Last
Heat In 2:OK-Hlm Thousand Is
thaslastlo Horsomen Wit
nessed tho Krrot.
By the Associated Frjss.
New York, Nov. 21.—Under a lower
ing sky and amid chill autumnal winds
6000 enthusiastic horsemen at Fleetwood
park saw tbe famous ctallion Directum
win the |5000 match race from tbe west
ern bay mare Alix, in three straight
heats, tbe laet heat being trotted in 2:08,
tbe fastest mile ever trotted in Novem
In the flrat heat they came to the line
with Alix a neok in the lead. She grad
ually forged to the front in the flrat
quarter. As tbey passed the two fur
longs mark she was leading by half a
length. Down the back stretch Direc
tum moved up. For fnlly a couple of
furlongs they raced like a team. As
they neared tbe turn Alix broke badly,
and in a twinkling Directum was half a
dozen lengths to the good. Although
Curry got Alix down rgaln, and she ran
strong and fresh at the finish, Directum,
without turning a hair, won by two
lengths; time, 2:1b%.
In the second heat Directum again
had the pole. As in tbe previous heat,
Alix wae leading by a good half length all
tbe wav down tbe back stretch. At tbe
balf-mile post Alix broke badly and Di
rectum ehot away from her as if the
race was over. Alix dame after him
Btrong and well, bat was not able to
make the black wonder extend himself
and he won the second heat practically
aa he pleased by three lengths; time,
2:16.' 4 .
In tbe third heat Directum had every
thing his own way and trotted a mile in
Cumberland Park Races.
Nashville, Term., Nov. 21. —Heavy
rains rendered Cumberland -track a sea
of mud today.
Four and one-hall furlongs—Alopatby
won, Bal Gal second, Atelier third;
time, 0:59.
Six furlongs—Harry Weldon won,
Tom Kelly Becond, Arthur G. third;
time, 1:19.
Six furlongs—Queen Bird won. Abbess
second, Bob Noley tbird; time, 1:19.
One mile—Minnie Ccc won, Harry
Jenkins second, Josie D. tbird; time,
Five furlongs—Servia won, Willie G.
second, Jennie Schwartz third; time,
1 :05 l i. _
A Billiard Match.
Chicago, Not. 21.—Schaefer and Ives,
the billiardists, began a five nights'
balk line contest for SSOOO and pro- rata
of tbe gate receipts tonight. The play
ing was tame from the outset, the night
ending in Schaefer's favor by tbe score
of 300 to G63. Ives' highest run was 181,
Scbaefer's 118. Ives' average was 20
23-32. Schaefer'*, 24 8-33.
The Vloe-Presldent's Sod Marrlei an
Editor's Daughter.
BloomtNQTosf, 111,, Nov. 21.—At 8
o'clock tonight, at tbe Second Presby
terian church, Louis Green Stevenson,
only son of and secretary to tbe vice
president, was wedded to Mies Helen
Louise Davis, eldest daughter of William
O. Davie, publisher of tbe Daily Panta
graph, a Republican newspaper wbicb
has alwayß been politically opposed to
Stevenson. A thousand guests wit
nessed the ceremony, including Secre
tary of tbe Navy Herbert and Miss Her
bert, Governor and Mrs. Altgeld, ex-
Governors Ogleßby and Fifer. A recep
tion followed at the Davis mansion, at
tended by 400. Mr. and Mrs. Steven
son, after a brief sojourn in France, will
reside in Washington.
Fraternal Congress.
Cincinnati, Nov. 21. —The national fra
ternal congres commenced bere today.
It is a irathering of representatives of all
the different beneficiary orders existing
in the United Statea and Canada. They
represent a membership of 5.500,000.
show it, if yoti'ro
\\ a healthy woman.
j) They'll have a
X \-,~ Jl beauty of their
/ f % J own, no matter
y *4f what your features.
*■ Perfect health, with
its clear skin, rosy
O checks, and bright
Ji-> eyes, is enough to
make any woman
\ Smß To get perfect
I HBhenltli, use faith-
JBr fully Dr. Pierces
Favorite Prescrip
/ tion. That regu
vfo SffimmL. bites and promotes
a " the proper func
sl «liS^^ A tions "I' svoman
'ff/l \ hood, improves di
ll/ ' Igestion, enriches
H' nthe blood, dispels
t laches and pains,
" 'brings refreshing
sleep, and restores health, flesh and
For periodical pains, prolapsus
and other displacements, bearing
down sensations, and " female com
plaints " generally, it is so effective
that it can be guaranteed. If it
doesn't benefit or cure, you have
your money back. Is anything that
isn't sold in this way likely to be
" just as good."
For every case of Catarrh which
they cannot cure, the proprietors of
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy agree
to pay 8500 in cash. You're cured
by its mild, soothing, cleansing, and
healing properties, or you're paid:
Established issb
lea Optical I Mutilate. 12b X Spring at., in
Waguer'a Kimberly, Loa Angelea.
Ca-27 Dm
Orano c, Lemonand Other Fine Fruit Lands
IPMSIII 111 ■ 1 ——
T CAN FURNISH 50 FAMILIKa with JO acres each, only 1 mile from
J with pure mountain water in pip*, at earh piece, hii.l on y rsua r;*';™' cat 111
10. an.t Lalance on ten yeara' time I oan sopply 10 acres ea> o <000 more •JJ ■< »»»«>
wit'i flrat-ciaaa Washing on Navel. Med.i rrau.-an SwasM or Va. '01 la £*_*£ l '_V**fV__'
L-niou ireea; only require oue-thlrrt rash down on land and t«», halauc. oan run,. ,ar«.
On? v-riely ol orunses gitmn at Momom- thia v. ar at SM per j"^." 0 '**
box, andtheor' pu.iwonthe tea*! la already aoid at aame rat*, W here else can you lnvui'
your money to bring you ac k eat returns?
20 acres, half in IV ashing on Navel". 10 asrei 1 mile from Kedlands, all In
one-fourth in JJeatierrauean Hwee f, bearing o#Aiige>i .................. *,JOO
one-.ourth lo lomoua, wlili plenty co » C ro». orauge. and oaves, halt mile
water and only 1% miles liom center from Menlou • »'••_'-• ■ l*»two)
of Redlands Frfi«3 « 7,0)0 BOaoiw. •*anions H gu.anda, all In
40 acrea It, mtlee from Redlands P.O , hearing ..... ■ 10.000
ad In bearing. Pr acre COO 10 sores, oranges, stood house and
Will divide in 3 pie'ei; earn* price. ovary thing in Hue condition J.oou
1 new house, 10 large rooms and cor- I two-story house on Temp o street,
nerlot on Hill street: only $ 5,500 only 10 minuia. wa.k irom tno
V,, 1 court liou-e; It is ono of ihe best hullt
This is $2000 loss than the actual value of houses In the oilplas ered aud deo
this propeny, as the lot la 58x140, with good orated with good carriage house anJ
carriage houa>, stable end a boat 2uoo square B uble- thop ice lor 3d d «ys will bo 5,730
feet of cement walks. „.„,vm nmrnrvn tJVfa
1 home of 18 rooms, only a few door, VACANT I I -DIN r LOIS.
from the most beautiful plaro In tbe 1 lot on Angolcno lloights, 0n1y.......* 1,200
city, and not more than 8 mlnatos' 1 lot iv West Bonnie Btae, and Ihe
walk from the court houas: the lute- most il alrahlo now vacant ... 1,200
nor ol the house is linished In fancy 1 loton Myrtle aye , near Pico, only.. 009
wood. Pice for the present for the 1 ot, with good l.aru, on Court st _ VfY°.
house and two lots 5,500 2 lots on Bellevue aye., each 1,000
I have houses and lots in all parts of the city, although I only advertise a low of the best
bargains. Applyto w p r\/| ' I NTOSH,
Tresldent and Central Manager of the Burton and Mentone lj«nd Cos.,
144 South Main at., L>s Aneelus.
' . - JL.
24-1 S. MAIN ST., ROOMS 1,3, 5 AND T.
Regular graduates, legally licensed, SPECIALISTS WITH YKARS OK F.XPBKIKNCK in tha
treatment ol Chronic, Nervous, Skin and Blood Diseases. Cousulutioa lice and invited. A
friendly talk or opinion costa you nothing. Medicine scut hv mail or express every where,
securely packed from observation. Curable diseases guaranteed. Where doubt exists It is
frankly slated. Hours. 9to Baud 7to H p. m. Sunday, 10 to 12.
NERVOUS 1!ES Sl ' oa^u7^o, x x
w VWW f ailing Memory, lowing offsets: Nervousness. Debility,
rVPTITT TTIV Lank of Knpro-v Dimness of Sight, Self Distrost, Dnfeo
lIKK I l<l IV»? • . J V" eI J' tlve Memory. Pimples on the Face,
UXlii-O-l-tX. A J. Physical Decay. Aversion to the Society of Females!
Loss of Ambition, Lack of Confidence, Gloominess, Deepondeucy, Barrenness, Unfitness to
Marry, Melancholy, Dyspepsia, Lost Manhood, Pains in the Back, Varicocele, treated with sue j
cesa—safely, privately. _ , •
rtT /*a./""VT\ A IVTTa TT"TTVT Dlsearoj, all forms atlectine Body, Nose or
HI -I II 111 A I\ I J sNtVIIN Throat, rtklu aud Uoneß, Blotches, Brup-
Painful Swellings from whatever cause, treated by means of safe, time-tried remedies.
Nt.tfr and Hwollou Joints nnd Kli»nmattain. tha R»auit or Itioort Hunoii, CDKKD,
- , -*-XJ-/il J_/ -M. XA.ISA/ »w» IVAIIiAAV -S- i;| OodvU rine carefully treated
UKETHAI, sruicriiKK Permanently Cured. Soft-reeling bunuli or earth-Ilk*
worms. Varicocele ia cfirahlo.
UTIMI? TD TT A TlVf TTrVrT Persons ailing at a distance, by giving ail symptoms
XAWIVIIL/ XXv Jl/rA. X ITXXI.Iv X oan ue suecaastully treated at home.
We have associated with us a SPECIALIST who cures diseases of tbe EYE,
CATARRH treated by our special method—the ONLY SUCCESSFUL
No instruments; no exposure of person; scientific treatment; perfect confi
dence; yeara of unlimited success.
Call ou or address
Los Angeles Medical and Surgical Institute, 24i S. Main St.
—j 1 535 , - , rrr—rTr— .... ■ 1- i.l «.
Indian God
SHoliday Goods
He advises to go to
Curio Store,
825 S. Spring St.
Special Novelties to Send East lor
Christman. Please Examine Our
Woods Before Buying Your Presents.
YOU THS i.u!T>riag from, rcau'tß of follies or
exoisHen, caustnij nervom debility, semin«.!
weaknotK, loan of vigor and memory, de-pond
encv, dtaeate* >t tho kidueys, blood aad re
productive orgaus, gl«et, gouorrlui!*, syphilis,
Vriricooele.'Ktricturo and m-.n. chronic und
dtsuoyiug disease*.
MKN older In yeirs, having too fr_»queit
evacuationsof bladder, witu Joss of vitai mv
teriul, phosphates, etc., woolly or brick mist
deposits in urine, wlii h are symptoms of smc
oudary seminal weakness, ibo loss impoverish
ing the vital organ j,
l-'OMPLIC »i'l ►NS--The reason thousands
cannot gel cured of above complaints la owitK
'oromplictitioMK not understood bvordlnnry
doctors. Dr. l.iebig A if, have discovered llvj
secret of curing the compl:< attoua.
rii ■ M*- at I'onQd.'.utiiil bookanddiatinosis
sheet fre-; on tip plica i< on, uecure.y sealed.
Ofi-MIS UUKs-y u.ta to l» p.m. bun
days, 10 to 12.
■isMimilJilfr b
And value them consul, v«. so oaso of defen
tive vision where glassos are required la LOO
complicated for v«. Thu correct adjustment
of frames ,s .juite as important as the perfect
fitting of leuse-, and the acicn'lflc fitting ami
making of g asses . nd frames is our only bust
ness (.p' clalty). Kyes exm v 1 and tested
free of charge. VV„ use e>*-ctfic power and an
ihe ouly housi hero that grinds giasr.es to order.
Estab.ishcd 188ti.
8. li. M\kSHUTZ, 'eadlne Scientific Optic
ian (speeialli'-), 107 North Spring street, opp
old courthouse, i on'f forget me nnmber.
A Cure That. Cures!
nnrj jj\ 1 s> ye 'Mired thousand-, and can
V IXiJlj cute ihouiauds m ;,e who suiter
as you uo, of Kmlasion , liupoteucy Nervous
)eb lily, Varioooelo und Hhrtiuken 1» t«,
e.ttu ed by >o f-abuso, by a simple leinedy
wh eh cured me, receipt fdr which I will ai ml
( ealsd) I'KKF. lo any sniforer. Address, wltii
stamp, DAVID B. P.M MKT, linglewood, 111.
11-14 lm
The Newest Importations
112 pc, t>eini-Porcelai:i
Dinner Serviep, §10.60.
417 S. BI'RINU St- 7 " 28 Sm
J '.iril. r.<o!:'., : M freo
cured in Southern
California — most 111
y fii* '-'i Fa 11 experience.
4T /v K.i'v''iiAMi.i:v,M.i»
*Offlce2tnV. Hmil,
— i.ikamiki.ks.iaU
I eVloase send this to aomu uuo with ciuw'<r
j 9 24-dAwOm
A Great Bargain.
The Cottrell press anl folder on which tha
rTKBA&D was formerly worked off is offered fur
forsalc al a great ixrgafn. Practically as good
in* new. Also a vertical engine.
I Apply to
This is an unoxampled bargain for cash.
j I Caveats, and Traded J
Jent business conducted for Modtfiate fees. $*
# Cur, Office is Opposite U. S. Patent Office J
i J ami v. c can secure niitent ia less time than those J
j 0 remote from Washington. «*
* Send model, drawing or photo., with descrip- #*■
] Jtion. We aavise, if patentable or not, free oft
'». charge. Our fee not due till patent is secured, j.
** A Pamphlet, * How to Obtain Patents,'* with V' l
Jcost of name in tiie U. aud iorcign I
l»* sent free. Address, <*
(Successors to Clark & Humphreys)
Wholesale and Retail
Office, West Second St., Burdich bloct.
Yards at KedoLdo and l.os Angeles. IIS ly
IRON, SI" EE it,
Horseshoes and Nails,
' Blaot> _rr :th's Coal Tools, Xl •
' U7, 119 and 121 ooiuh Loa Sin

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