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The Anaheim Irrigation Company—Per
sonal MOntlon.
Santa Ana, Nov. 24.—The Anaheim
Irrigation company ie not getting out of
Its trouble very rapidly.
Yesterday Judge Towner quaehed the
writ of review which wae sued out by
those who did not care to pay the 81
cents levy made by the directors a short
time since.
Judge Towner made an exhaustive re
view of the ease. The following is bis
ruling in part:
In tbe Anaheim case under consider
ation there was no judicial question to
be determined by the directors. Juris
diction is tbe power to hear, try ar-d de
termine. There must bs a question to
be determined by evidence. It is a
judicial act to dstermine the law and
apply that law to the facts found from
tbe evidence. Legislative and minister
ial acts have to do with the future.
In this case the court has revolved in
his mind the question whether possibly
there might bo • judicial question for
tbe directors to determine whether
bonds had issued, bnt be concluded
there was no snch question to beter
mined judicially.
The directors knew from their records
whether or not tbe bonds were is
sued, and acted accordingly. The de
termination of this matter does not
seem to come witbin the meaning of a
judicial act.
Notwithstanding the writ of review
has been qnasbed the matter is not yet
ended. A petition is being industriously
circulated and numerously signed asking
that the district as organized under the
Wright act be disorganized.
J. F. Smith of Santa Ana is not satis
fied witb tbe way the Orange county ex
hibit was conducted at the world's fair,
and is having considerable to say in the
local papers about it. He claims that
there was no banner to mark the dis
play from this county, and tbat tbe ex
hibit was distribnted promiscuously
throughout the building, and tbat tbe
manner in which the display was made
did tbe county but little good.
Mr. Joplin claims tbat there was a
banner and that tbe display was made
as per arrangemeuta before he left for
Smith says, "I have interviewed the
following people from Orange County :
£. J. Abbott of Garden Grove, W. C.
Maley of Santa Ana, and Dr. I. I). Mills
and Dr. M. A. Menges of Santa Ana, Al
bert Lee and wife of Santa Ana, O. H.
Oone of Santa Ana, and all say that they
never saw any banners."
Aaron Huddleßton, formerly of this
city, was married to a young lady of
Pasadena a few days ago. Mr. Huddle-
Bton is about 66 years old, while tbe
young lady to whom he was married is
25 years of age.
I). F. Coffee, assessor of Tulare county,
was killed Saturday by Ralph K. Lock
hart, who formerly lived in this valley
near Orange. The Ylsalia Times gives
an account of the killing. The follow
ing is what the Times says:
It was about 2 o'clock on Saturday
morning, in tbe back room of the saloon.
In tht pot there was $02. Coffee had a
full hand, and on the show down Lock
hart called three kings. It turned out,
however, that he had four kings, but be
fore that was announced, Coffee took the
money and started for the door. Lock
hart followed and struck Coffee, who
fell, striking tbe sidewalk heavily with
his head. He was taken back into the
rear of the saloon, where he lay without
care for several hours inasemi-confcpious
Btate. He died on Sunday.
Coffee was under the influence of
liquor when he was struck. The Tulare
Register, commenting on the case, says:
"This is a most lamentable occurrence,
but if it will lead to a reformation ot
official circles at the county seat, it will
not have Oeen without its lesson. Stories
touching the moral conduct of our public
officials and their chums have all along
been to prevalent, and it has come to be
understood that to elect a sober and in
dustrious young man to office is to put
him in the way of moral and financial
ruin. Tbe saloon ia no place for respect
able men, or men who hold positions
which should be esteemed honorable, to
spend their time.
"We repeat that if Frank Coffee's ruin
•nd death shall be the means of working
a moral revolution in the official circles
of Tulare county, tbe event will not have
been without its compensating Rdvnn
tage; but if these mon.do not speodily
reform themselves, the voters of the
county should not hesitate to reform,
existing conditions by dropping from
ettjlea every 'iuah,' sport and 'good fel
.'•■>*' when the first election comes
The funeral ot the late Viruil M.
Whigbam took place Thursday at 10
o'clock at the residence of hia mother,
corner of Birch and Fifth streets. Mr.
J. T. Hopkins preached the funeral ser
mon, and referred more than once to
the good qualities of the deceaeed. The
music was furnished by a quartette of
singers; who sang three favorite hymns
of the deceased, Tho pall bearers were
all friends of Mr. Whighani. He was
laid in a black broadcloth casket which
had been the one he had said he wanted
to be buried in. There was a profusion
of flowers and smilax, and tho festoi n.<
were fit for a king's fuaeral. The re
■sains wsre followed to Los Angelea by
hie mother and sißter together with
several friends, and buried in Rosedale
cemetery in a graft draped with pepper
M, E. Hotcbkiss, wife and children, of
lowa county, In., have been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Jones. They have
returned to Lot Angeleß, bnt expect to
locate in this city before long. Mr.
Hotcbkiss haa been over Southern Cali
fornia and eaya ho lines this valley bat
ter then nuy place tie hue ;<een.
H. K. Snow oi Tnstin haa commenced
shipping oranges. His fruit ia of the
very nicest.
M. lVUnloy and family are expected
home from the world'e fair in a few
Rev. and Mrs. Rogers ol Tustin will
soon move to Kan Fraucieco on account
of Mr. Roger's' health.
Tho Gun club of Santa Ana will give
a turkey ehoot on Tntsduy, November
28th, at the ranch of L. Flood, near the
head of Newport bay; shooting to com
mence at 1 o'clock sharp.
The Lack block hue been treated to a
coat of paint, making a very neat ap
M. J. Bundy vieited Los Angelea to
The M. E. church south gave Mr.
and Mro. E. A. Bottles a very pleasant
farewell reception at, the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Vaughn laist Tuesday
evening. Mr. and Mrs. Bottles will
make their future homo in Pomona.
Taxes are coming In rather nlower
than -.van expected. Two more days
are all that remain to pay iv before the
15 per cent ia added. The Steams
rancho paid tbeir taxes, which were
over #1200.
Our city is getting crowdsd with new
comers from the east, looking lor loca
tions of all kinds, but are not in a hurry
to buy.
A chattle mortgage of $2000 against
tbe plant of the defunct Anaheim Jour
nal is being made by J. Holverson of
The ladies of the Christian church
will give a tea ou Wednesday, Decem
ber G;.h, from 5 to 10 p. m. in the room
next to tbe city hail, in,tbe Millß block.
Brother Baker of the Standard baa
some sensible remarks in this wsek'B
lesue of bis paper in regard to Orange
county's decision in keeping out of tbe
midwinter at San Franciaco. He says:
It seems that Orange and Santa Bar
bara counties are the only two in South
ern California wbich bave not agreed to
join in witb the others and put up a fine
building at San Francisco for tbe fair.
If Orange county goea into the scheme
her proportion will be $1600. It ia a
matter of serious interest. -if all the
rest of Southern California goeß in to
make an exhibit at San FrancißCO we
would hate to see this county left out.
If all would stand together they could
get up a magnificent fair at Lob Angelea.
We want the visitors to 'Frisco to come
sontb, and tins county ahouid at least
encourage a midwinter fair at Los An
Death of Mr. A. J. Painter—Looa 1
Pasadbna, Nov. 24.—The news of the
death of Mr. A. J. Painter, which oc
curred at his home in North Paeadena
at 2:30 this afternoon, came as a great
shock and surprise to moat of his friends
in this city. While it was known that
he was confined to bis home with a
severe cold, few outside of the immedi
ate family realized his perilous condi
tion until the news oi his death was re
ceived this afternoon. He had only
been sick about five days, being taken
with an attack of pneumonia which
grew steadily worse, and iv spite of all
tbe efforts of his physicians terminated
in his death this afternoon as before
Mr. Painter was one of the old settlers
in this city, coming here about 13 years
ago witb bis father and brother, the for
mer of whom died a short time ago,
leaving a large estate invested largely
in land in North Pasadena.
In connection with his brother he
built the street railway lines known as
the North Paaadena or City street-car
lines, and at the same time put up the
large hotel north of this city known as
the Painter hotel.
Later he assumed charge of the street
railway company, being president of
that organization.
He was aleo largely interested in the
North Pasadena Land and Water com
pany, being secretary and treasurer of
the association, aleo one of the directors
of the board of trade of this city.
Deceased was one of our best known
citizens, and while of a retiring nature,
waa most respected by tnoae who knew
him beet, both in business and social
He leaves a wile and two children,
who have the sincere sympathy ot the
entire community iv their bad bereave
Notice of the funeral will be published
Mr. J. A. Rosa and family arrived
yesterday from Dakota, aud will make
their Lome here.
Lew Wallace's new book, The Frince
of India makes an eiegant Christmas
present. We have it at Oilasßcoek'o, at
tend our opening Dauember Ist, 2d, 3d
and 4th.
Mr. J. M. Cooper of the Raymond
hotel staff arrived from the east today
and will ut once ro to work stmightning
matters out at tho big hostlery.
The young people of ttie Christian
church gave n well-attended social and
entertainment tbia evening.
Prospects are goou tor liaviog Ray
mond aveuue paved before the raiua
set it.
The entertainment given by the ladies
of All Saints' church at the opera house
was well attended,
A most enjoyable and woll-attended
social waa giv-n by the young people of
the Presbyterian church last eveniug.
Mr. J. P. Lukena of the Paeadena
National hank is ■ till confined to bis
hi me by illnesa.
T. C. Foster is among the victims of
the all-prevailing urippe.
The marriage of Mr. Barney Brown
and Miss Ida Morgan took place at the
Methodist piraouege lust eveniug iv the
presence ol a few friecdu.
A ilexicau named Eatreda was fined
$10 by Justice Merriam for drawing a
knife on a fellow-countryman.
The window of our popular confection
ers, the ilntohins', will present a lively
and interesting sight tomorrow after
noon, when actual candy making will
be shown. A special discount will be
made on taffies for the ntternoon otjly.
The local G. A. li. post was officially
inspected by Colonel Booker of Los An
geles lust evening,who expressed himself
as very much pleased with tbe result.
A business meeting of the Indies' cen
tral committee of the Y. M.O. A. was
held this afternoon, at which Miss Dun
can read an interesting report of the
ladies' work at tbe recant state conven
The John F. Godfrey Relief Corps
will serve a first-class Thanksgiving
dinner in the G. A. E. hall on Novem
ber 30th. There will be an abundance
of roaat turkey and cranberry Banco,
pork and beana, home-made mince pies,
pumpkin pies, doughnuts and many
other things to numerous to mention.
Parties desiring private tables can pro
cure them by leaving an order with B.
Jarvie, at his borne in the old Terminal
depot, or at Mr. Elson'a fruit stand.
Please state bow many at a table;
would like all orders to be sent in by
Monday. Dinner 50 cents.
The following party of high officials in
the Masonic order went up by special
train, at 1:20 this afternoon, and in
spected the Lowe railroad: William
Vauderhurst, right eminent grand com
mander of Salinas City ; F. W. Summer,
very eminent deputy grand commander
of Sau Francisco; T. H. Ward, eminent
grand captain general of Los Angeles;
R. M. Powers, eminent grand standard
bearer of San Diego; R. Beverly Cole,
eminent grand warden lor San Fran
cisco ; A. Morgan, eminent commander,
San Diego commandery; Jules Martin,
eminent commander, Cceur de Lion
commandery of Los Angeles.
The People* Party Preliminaries—Local
Santa Monica, Nov. 24.—Mrs. Walter
Newton of Santa Barbara is visiting her
parents. Dr. and Mrs. Folsom.
The Santa Rosa touched at the wharf
on Thursday, landing 90 tons of mer
chandise and 20 passengers.
The bot baths at North Beach were
the mecca today for a large number who
watched the demolishing of tbe snrf
bath rooms and then enjoyed a hot
Mr. and Mrs. John Parker of San
Francisco are spending a few days
The Thompson Bridge company, tbe
builders of the mammoth wharf here, is
securing contracts in every direction, its
superior work here being tbe highest
kind of encomium. It is reaching out
into the lower countries and has several
large contracts in view.
Col. Thomas Dnnn has had his resi
dence on Fourth street handsomely re
juvenated, etc., in fine style by a fresh
coat, of paint, H. L. Deming being the
The People's party of Santa Monica
will hold a primary at M. B. Boyce's
office on tbe evening of tbe 26th bust.,
to choose three delegates to attend the
county convention at Los Angeles, on
December 4th, to elect a county commit
tee. The committee here invites all to
attend wbo intend to vote and act in the
peopl's interests.
Mr. Simon Rinohart of Hotel Arcadia ,
haa gone to San Francisco to attend to
business matters of importance.
An Irrigation Ituterpriie Under Way.
Parmer* Active.
Monbta, Nov. 24.—The people of this
little town ate showing some enterprise
at the present time. This week a prom
inent citizen of Los Angelea and a corps
of engineers were surveying for the
building of reservoirs for irrigating pur
poses. Several six horse gang plows ere
hard at work getting the land in read
iness for planting.
The Moueta church has joined issue
with Gardens and the building has been
removed half way between the two
The Peoples' party will elect delegates
to the county convention today.
A recent fire destroyed a 12-ton stack
of hay belonging to Mrs. Gnss. The fire
started from burning stubbles in the
Roynl Pin Money.
The Princess of Walts' long retire
ment has enabled her to savetrnueh of her
pin money —i'lo,ooo a year—and bring it
up to a oomf ortuble amount. In tho past
Alexandra has had plaity to do with
that allowance, drestiny herself most
elegantly, her daughters very much less
so, and fitting out the i»ys. Times have
changed, her< children, have an annual
income of £30,000 to divide among them
selves, and the princess has lived aloof
from London society s fince the death of
her eldest son, thereby-incurring but lit
tle expense for dress.—New York Adver
Unlike the Dutch Process
@ No Alkalies
a^C^ Other Chemicals
jffj '** w preparation of
Breakfast Cocoa,
which is absolutely pure
and soluble.
It has more titan three times the strength
of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, and is far moro economical,
costing less than one cent a cup. It
is delicious, nourishing, and easily
Sold by Grocers everywhere,
W. Baker & Co., Dorchester, Mass.
Orange Growers Form an Organisation.
Local Affairs.
Pomona, Nov. 24.—The orange growers
of tbe old cattlemen* met jesterday
afternoon and effected a permanent or
ganization under the regular Pomona
fruit exchange. J. D. Cason was chosen
chairman, F. K. Adams, secretary, and
C. C. Johneon, Fred J. Smith and Mil
ton Allen as executive committee. Mr.
Smith being already a inomber of the
board of directors, be asked to be ex
cused from Berving, and W. H. Macey
was appointed instead, and the chair
man and secretary were added to the
There ii to be a new barber show on
Soconrt street in the Lathrop block. The
room is now being fitted up, and will be
occupied by Keaaler & McArthur.
Mr. J. H. Todd went to LO3 Angelea
this morning. He has his ire up on tbe
recent, trial between him and tho South
ern California Manufacturing company.
This shows the value of advertising:
A day or two ago the typo made us use
the word "pump" instead of "pipe," in
speaking of Messrs. Bucket & Fleming's
proposition to furnish water to severnl
individuals in tbe vicinity of the Lords
burg settlement from their tunnel, pro
vided they conld get as much as 30
inches subscribed for ; and tho result is
tnat they have already received several
letters from different sources deeiriug
to sell them a pump and necessary ap
Tbe enteitsinment to have taken
placo tonight in the Methodist church
has been postponed on account of tbe
Bickneas of Mias Addie Murphy.
Rev. Pierce of the Firat Unitarian
church will preach the firat of a series
of monthly sermons on tbe great reli
gious teachers on next Snndap, the aub
ject being, Buddha, the Prophet of
The Unity clnb of this city is well at
tended now, and tbe discussion of the
older religions is creating much interest
among its membera.
The subject at tbe Christian church
tonight in The Authority of Christ.
Mr. Wylie is said to be but little bet
ter today.
The attendance at the Congregational
church entertainment last night was
very good, and the high anticipations of
tbe merits of the programme and its
successful rendition were fully realized.
Tne "doll drill" by 20 of Pomona's
bright, pretty little girls was as cute as
could be.
Miss Nannie E. Mock, one of Pomo
na's yonng lady teachers, who now has
a acbool in Elsinore, is expected home
for a day or two's visit on tomorrow,
before attending the teachers' sonven
tion at Riverside next week.
Among the many now suffering with
la grippe is Miss Ava B. Mock, who has
charge ol the general delivery window
at onr poßtoffice. She is still at her
post, however.
Thomas J. Bowling: went to Los An
geles on business today. It takes that
to get bim away from bis post at home.
There is to be a hop at tbe Hotel Pal
omares this evening, under the auspices
of the Social Hour club.
Pomona, perhaps, never did have as
many reminders in the way of signs,
placards, etc., that "only a cash" trade
is solicited, before, during its entire ex
istence as a town, than can now be seen.
It seems tbat tbe Pomona Land and
Water company do not care even to eel I
a right of way to Messrs. Beckst &
Fleming for their water-pipe line, from
what we can hear.
Miss Martha S. Mullaly oi Los An
geles, intends spending Thanksgiving
day in Pomona with her cousin, Mies
Luella of the Postal Telegraph office.
The Congregational entertainment
given last night was said to be among
the best given here, the evening's pro
gramme being a very pleasing one. The
"tote," as minature mothers with their
dollies, of course came in for the lion's
share oi the approval bestowed. Who
could help it, they were so sweet and
cute in their doll drill. Misses Madge
Means, Maria Eells, Mrs. Dr. Qarcelon
and Professor Bracket each sang a solo;
Mr. Arthur Dole, violin Bolo; this, with
Mr. Percy K. Bowles' recitations, consti
tuted tbe evening's programme. Mr.
Bowles, as a reader, impersonator and
delineator of character, possesses no
mean ability, in whose honor the enter
tainment was given.
The ThoroachfarcsFurrtlah Entertainment
From Early Moru Until Midnight.
An idle man can find entertainment
from early morn until midnight, though
not later than that, at no greater cost
than the mere exercise of living and
standing on one side to watch. He does
not necessarily havo to hunt for the in
teresting things. They will come to
him en route. There is nothing so pic
turesque in any other city of the world,
perhaps, or which gives you such a start
of curious pleasure, as the bluecoat boy
swinging along the crowded street, a3
oneonsci dus of his yellow legs and flap
ping skirts and of tho rain beating on
his bare head as is the letter carrier at
home of his mail tag.
Or tho lord mayor's carriage blocks
your way when you go into the city to
draw on your letter of credit; or a cou
ple of young barristers in waving gowns
and with wigs askew dash in front of
your hansom; or yon are stopped by a
regiment of soldiers, or a group of ne
gro minstrels dancing in the street with
as little concern as though they were
separated from you by a row of foot
lights; or you meet the Dispatch
and the other coaches coming along
Piccadilly and going down the steep
hill from that street to St. James'
palaco on a trot and at the risk
of every one's neck, apparently; or the
Lifo Guards go by with shining helmets
and with tho lonely rearguard 200 yards
behind tho rest to prevent an unexpected
attack from that quarter, from whom I
never could guess; or you como sudden
ly upon the proud and haughty Picca
dilly goat in its rambles, or a line of
sandwich men dressed liko sailors or
cooks; or you note the contrast between
tha victoria, with the men on the box in
pink silk stockings and powdered hair,
and the little coster's cart piled high
with cabbages—as incongruous a sight
to any other city as would be a yoke of
oxen on Fifth avenue.
But what make the streets of London
most interesting are not the badges of of
fice and official uniforms, but tho unof
ficial garb and insignia which the masses
have adopted for themselves. The milk
man's white apron and wooden yoke,
the commissionnairo's medals, which teli
of campaigns in Egypt and India, or the
bootblack's red coat. In America we
hate uniforms, because they have been
twisted into meaning badges of servi
tude. Our housemaids will not wear
caps, nor will our coachmen shave their
mustaches. This tends'to make every
class of citizen look more or less alike.
But in London one can always tell a'bus
driver from the driver of a fonr wheeler,
whether he is on his box or not.
Tho Englishman recognizes tbat if he
is in a certain social grade he is likely to
remain there, and so instead of trying to
dress like some one else in a class to
which he will never reach be "makes up"
for the part in life he is meant to play,
and tho'bus drivrr buys a high white
hat, and tho barmaid is content to wear
a turned down collar and tnrncd back
cuffs, and the private coachman would
as soon think of wearing a false nose
a mustache. He accepts his position and
is proud of it, and the butcher's boy sits
up in his cart just as smart!}, and
squares his elbows, and straightens his
legs, and balances his whip with as
much pride M uny driver of a maileart
in the park. All this helps to givo every
man you meet an individuality.
The hansom cab driver is not ashamed
of being a hansom cab driver, nor is ho
thinking of tiie day when he will be a boss
contractor and tear up tho streets over
which ho now crawls looking for a fare,
and so ho lruys artificial flowers for him
self and his horse, and soaps his rubber
mat and sits up straight and businesslike,
and if you put him into livery you would
not havo to teach him how to look well
in it. —Richard Harding Davis in Har
per's Bazar.
Cold and Gloomy Surroundings und a
Scanty Kill of Fare.
Wo reached tho Trappist refectory. A
great cold room, with whitewashed
walls and fivo long, narrow tables, with
benches on each side, stretching from
end to cud, was the place where the
monks took their very frugal meals.
The tables were laid for tho first meal.
There were no cloths, and it is almost
lieedless to add that there were no nap
l:ins, although these are connidorod so
essential in France that even in the most
wretched iir.burge one is usually laid be
fore the guest. however, have
little need of them.
At each place were a wooden spoon
and fork, a plate, a jug of water, and
another jng—a smaller one—of beer, and
a porringer for soup, which is tho chief
diet of tho Trappists. Very thin soup it
is, the ingredients being water, chopped
vegetables, bread and a little oil or but
Until a few years ago no oily matter,
whether vegetable or animal, was al
lowed in tbe soup, nor was it permissi
ble, except in caso of sickness, to have
more than one meal a day, but the ne
cessity of rel;-,\ing the rule a little was
realized. Now, during the six summer
months of the year, there are two meals
a day—namely, at 11 and U, but in win
ter there is still only one that is called a
meal, and this is at 4. There is, how
ever, a gouter—just something to keep
the stomach from collapsing—at 10 in
the morning. No fish, nor flesh, nor ani
mal prortnel, except cheese and butter,
Is eaten by these Trappists unless they
fall ill, and then they have meat or any
thing else that they muy need to make
them well. There is, however, very lit
tle sickness among them.
The living of each Trappist probably
costs no more than sixpence a day to the
community. Assuming that the money
brought into the common fund by those
who have a private fortune—the fathers,
as a rule, areonen of some independent
means — covers the establishment ex
penses, and the taxation imposed by the
state, there must remain a considerable
profit on the work of each individual,
whether he labors in the fields or in the
dairy and cheeserooins, or concerns him
self with the sales and the accounts, or,
like the porter at the gate, tests with an
instrument the richness of the fliilk that
is brought in by the peasants, lest they
who have been befriended b}- the monks
in sickness and penuryshould steal from
them in return.
To devote this surplus obtained by a
life of sacrifice, compared to which the
material misery of tbe beggars whom
they relievo is luxury, to the lessening
of human suffering, to the encourage
ment of the family, offering the hand of
charity to the worthy and the unworthy,
expecting no honor from all this, and
not even gratitude, is a life that makes
that of the theoretical philanthropists
and humanitarian philosophers look ra
ther barren.—Temple Bar.
Efforts to uimijstie'ate the quail havo
been persisted in by many people, but
generally with indifferent results. Rob
ert Jenkins of Richmond, Ind., however,
claims to have recently tamed a brood
of quail, who live on his premises, show
ing no indication that they prefer tho
woods ami fields.
Every crowned h»Rd of Europe, with
the exception of that of Turkey, is de
scended from ono of two sisters, the
daughters of Duke Ludwig Rudolf of
Brunswick - Yv'olfenbuttel, who lived
about l"i 0 years atro
There is less difference between tho
ancient and the modern Greek tongues
than between Chaucer's English and the
fcwiuv. • ••
Looking Better
feeling better— __^ aH rot=ssr
better in every
way. There's (Mii-w
more consolation jW&j' Jk£J
in that than well Cl
people stop to \{(/j£r\y &
ponder. To Vjf
back flesh and f Rcl",
spirits is every-
thing. p**=«6a
Scott's Emulsion
of pure Cod Liver Oil with Hypo
phosphites is prescribed by lead
ing physicians everywhere for ail
ments that are causing rapid loss
of flesh and vital strength.
Scott's Emulsion will do more than
to stop a lingering; Cough—it fortifies
the system AGAINST coughs and colds.
Preparud t>7 Scott & Ttowno, N. V. All druniriM?.
—iiim in , i nil.. .r -~
les Optical Institute, 13a h, Spring at., In
Wacuer's Kluiberi*, Los Angeles.
c -27 «m
for Infants and Children.
•' C astoria Is so well adapted to children that Castoria bum Colic, Constipation,
I immammtt It as sui>erl«rtonny prescription Sour Stomach, HtflfcaM, Eructation,
known to me." 11. A. Archer, M. V., Kills Wormi, gives sleep, and promotes ill
-111 So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. gestlon.
Without injurious medication.
"The UM of 'Castoria Is so nniversal and "For sever.-.l years I have recommended
its merits so well known that it see-ns n work your 'Caatorta,' nr.d shall nlways continue to
of supererogation to endorse it. Few are the do so as it has invariably produced beneficial
intelligent families who do nut keep Castoria ~
within col;- reach." KnwtJt F. Pardee, M. T).,
Cutixra 3!ai-.tyn, P. n., j2sth Street and 7th Aye., New York City,
&iv York HIT.
The CorrACB Company, 77 Mchray Street, New York Crrr.
pLMMLWMMM i■ ■ 11 11 'MMIHIJ' ■
Wmstmt mmm bestoreb:?^:
HAS I fBlWr tnl'.zcrctuvs nil ncrronsncss or dtscasesof the generative organs,
-r> A such as: .•.,-.« Mauliood, Mlo<i.lc»sii.-n*. Tired I-eel-
Bfll<\ \ ) %<f VT VainH in tho Buck, Debility, Pimplen, Head-
Ms, QtLI XL *j£s<U aclie, Sen; in a 1 Weakscss ,Siiixh*l.v KmlNwiona, Ira po
ns i "9* *e-ney, llespondenry, Varicocele, I'remntnreneosi
EH \ r y siiil s'onstipation. Cures ivhcre all elso fails. Tho doctor
M has di- covered the active i>;-ii:ci j)le on which the vitality ol th»
BEFORE and AFTER gn.xtlAl. apparatus is dependent
The reason wbv sufferers are not cured ny physicians and me (Hemes Is because over 30 per cent
are troubled wit!. f»ro»i»illi». for which <TPIi>KNE Is Ihe ontj - fctinwu remedy to cure the ron»
plalst without no operation A wrttti-n «naran<ee t > n-finul tbe money if a permanent cure I*
noi effeoieii by the iwnl six boxes, tl.oo n bus, six for ?M I B" K*l f"r elrcn'nr nml t-jstliuouials.
Address UAVOA. M13BII« I«ilK HO., I.O. lie.-. 0030, Suul'rmu. bco.Ud. 4br£U{eM
C. U. iIANCrC, Agent, 177 and 179 N. Sprint,; St., Los Angeles, Cal.
gm urhoob, raimaras^
Srg 3~« <m -S».SI easos. such no Weal: Memory, Lossof Brs in Headache, Wakefulness
KtV _ VI B&l <**Y\ IxistManßood, Nightly Kmlnslons, l.er-roi unass.oildmlusttmi lieu-, ot p-wji
Xj BBK V, mm I InOenerMtveCii-anaOleltherscxeausedb roverexerti on yo3,thrtil<--rro.-s,
.3 ' (WETs 1 vSWgWV excessive u-o of tobacco, opium or stlmuls ota, which lend to Inflrmity, Cob
fJSsVjBBE. A. _i#J»ssvni>!io.-i or Insanity. Can be cnrrled Inv< at poe.iet. SI per box, Of or»»,
jf> lr <nKah7 ii-.-,11 ra-epnld. With « ISS order mslv •it « rlt'sro Km.ra.ntee to ettrj
dHM4aBa»»»Is»WBWBm the money. Circular free. i'oli Iby oil drniwlsts. Ask lor It, taks
IErORt AND AFTER USIKG.no other. Address KEKVK »EEB CO.. Masonic Temple. Chicago. 111,
ForSaleinLosAnjrcJgs.Cal., by GODFREY & MOOJSF., Druggists, 108Soutb
Spring street.
The lilebftted trepcq %m%
"Zts? "APHRODIT!NE w iJffl
to c nro any form m_> 5
of nervous disease I <r" >r
or any disorder of V—
the generative or ■ >Kwf?P>Tr
g«iu of either acz,^P I,I JJpe | H%
whether ••rcim; /
BEFORE use ot Stimulants, AFTEr*
Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful ioaiso'
tion, over indulgence, ifcc., such as Loss of Bratr*
Power, Wakefulness, Bcaringdown Pains in the
back, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria. Nervous Pros
tratton. Nocturnal Emissions, Leucorrbcea,
siness, Weak Memory, Loss ot Power arid Impo
tency, which I f neglected often lead to premature
old age and insanity. Price $1.00 a box, & boxes
for f 5.00. Sent by mail on receipt o' price l
A WltlTll'.N O.frAKAN'ITKH Is gtVBB I'"
every ?s.olVorder received, to-.-cfnnd therr.onflv **
a Perm»iaeßt cure is not effected. We have
t'aousaudiottl testimonials from eld and younra
M botlisKees.whohave been permanently cares
V the urn of Apbroditlne. Cirenlar free, address
ri;p apwbo AdEDfCIMF OO
Bold by H. M. SALE & SON, Druggists, 220
S. Spring st., iA>s Angeles, Oal.
1 tfks MADB A WELL
THE Itv vT \J, f I VI
HINDOO REMEDY \9^\r^/^^J^l
»!■>■.T.TN in 80 D\YB. Cures nil Vv/J.
Nervous Disoaj.es. Failing Memory, \v f
Paresis, 81eepU'ssnt'-:YNightly Eini*-
iionn, civos Vigor to fthruniron orgunn,etc\
caused lir pastabuses rtttd qulekbr but nurely restores
!.««! Manhood in oldor yonuff. Easiiv earned in vent
pocket. Prieosl.t>o'i package. Six for *&.<M> with a
writ t en tTiiiiriml" -" to cure or mn-i-'T rt'iiii.ded. Don't
let any unprincipled soil you any Kind cf
imitntwn. Insist on hnvlnp INl>Al*4>—none nlicr. If
ho huH not (?ot it.ivr will: end it by mail upon receipt of
price. Pamphlet In sertlod envelope free. Address
Ori.ntiil Mcdlral Co., fit! Pljmtvilh Place, C'deicd, 111.
SOLD by H. Germain, T2i South Sprinr. St., LOS
ANGELES. JAL., and other Leading DrufigisW.
QHatient sufferingO
is no virtue if there Q
3be a remedy. Q
,@* PilSs _
S positively cure Indi- Pi
Ogestion, Biliousness, (g,
Q Sick Headache. Why 0i
0 endure
©Martyrdom? Vj££©
Incubators, Bone Mills. Alfalfa Cutters.
117 Kast Eecond street,
0-1 (im Los Angeles.
il 'OGI Marliut *St., Snn Francisco
H aJLaI (Between 6th and 7th Sts.)
s fetnlw \ tlo UIH * Ivarn ho* wonderfully jou
HtTUwii A. are made and how to avoid sicklies*
snu 11 (ffl^und disease. Museum enlarged with
An thousands of new objects. Admis
** v sion 2a cts.
i'rivate Ufftce—BsssUe ICuildiitfr.
1051 Market Btreet—Diseases ot men:
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases of the skin
and kidneys quickly cured without the use of mcr.
eury. Treatment personally or by letter. Send
for book.
Baker Iron Works
Adjelv.log tke Boathsrn Pacific grounds, TsJe
•akMMISA. 7-21
816 CosMssreisl street, Los Angeles, CsL
Notice of Sale of Bonds.
board of directors of Tipton Irrigation dis
trict, duly given and made ou the 7th day of
November, A. D IH9; 1.
Notic? is hereby given that said board of
directors will sell to 1 highest and best bid
der tho second Istue of bonds of sad
lirigatton district to lie amouut of $20,001),
bearing interest at thi) rate of 6 per cent per
annum, payable semf-snuually, on the first
days of January aud J ply of each year on the
ptesenution of tho interest coupons at the
ottice of the tieasnrer c if said district.
Said bonds are lssuebl by the board of dliec
tors of Tipton Irrigation district In accordance
with and by the authority of an act of the leg
islature of the state of 'California entitled "Aa
act to provide for the organization and gov
ernment of irrigation d Istrictß and to provide
for the acquisition of water and other property
and for the distribution of water thereby for
irrigation purposes," ap proved March 7, 1887.
Sealed ptoposalsund kids for the purcu»»uof
said bonds will be tecei'ved by the said board
of directors at their officii in Tipton, county of
Tulare, state of California, and may be ad
dressed to or left with tl. Will Kllndera. the
i secretary ol skid board st Tipton, Cal ,»t sfly
I tlmealler tho date of this notice, aud until 10
o'clock a. m on the Oth dsiv of Decemb r. A. D.
I 18011, at wulch time and place the said sale
will be made,
i Said bonds will be each olf the denomination
■of $200. and will be negotiable lit Jorm and
I will conform in all respects lo the requirements
of said act.
| The board of directors reserves the right to
■ reject any or all bids.
Kids must be sealed snd ad.lressed to tbe sec
retary of said board, and Indorsed; "Proposals
for Tipton Irrigation District Hands."
Done by order of the boari of directors of
Tipton Irrigation district, November 7, 1893.
J. M. BOAK.D, Presiden*.
G, Will Klisdkra, Secretary. 11-17 231
Noi\ice Inviting Proposals for the
lrnraishlßj; of Fire Alarm Ap
paratus for the City of Los An-
I o by the undersigned up to 11 o'clock a. in.
; of .Mlii, day, November 2 ■ th. ISO 3, for the pur
chase of one eight-circuit repeater, one eight
circuit Mvileh board, eight galvanometers, six
printers, four gongs, ten non-interferlilg alarm
boxes, Willi the privilege o? the purchase of
such an additional number as the city may
require, in accordance with ii'iecilications uu
file in Hi v ofliee of the undersigned.
Hidderil will submit willi qaoll proposal a
certified cheek to the amount Of lO per eelil of
the total amount of their proposal payable lo
theordcr of the undersigned, as a guarantee
thai tbebiiddor will enter inlo a contract in
confonnit ' Willi his bid ii awarded to him.
Council'.-escrves the right to .-eject any and
nil bids, i
By order of Ihe council id the eil;. of I.os
Angeles al i is meeting of November lith, 1803
11-P 101 Clly Clerk.
Notice of ABttnal Met tins of Mem
bers lo.» Kleciiou of Directors.
laliioru.a, (acorporation , I.os Angeles,
: Co. of I.os AiiKiMes, Sla'eof California.
Notice is hcrilbs given Ihin ihe third annual
j meciiiigo, ihe active members of the above
named corporanloß will be held at the city
I court room of I lie lily of Los A ngeles, on West
Second street, In -aid city, on Monday, Ihe 4th
I deyof Decembe.t, at bull pasi 7 o'clock
p. in., for the election of seven directors tor I hu
1 ensuing year. and the transaction of such
; other business as may come before them.
Byordi 'of the board of directors,
11-10 2w J. M. IiUINN, Secretary.
Notice to Depositors.
herewith aives' notice that it is prepare*
lo pay en oemand all depositors who have
given notice to withdraw their fund-, ami
which notices expire during the monthsof
November and Oecunber, 1893
By W. M. UAoWELA,, ( ashler. 11-21 lm
Notice to Depositor*
i Trust company hetewilh gives notice tfcSß
I it is prepared to pay on demand all depositee*
! who have given notice to withdraw their
; funds, and which notice' expire during the
I months of Noveuib r anil December. 1893.
J. V. Wachtkl, Casnler. 11-83 lm
Notice to Depositors.
ifornia herewith gives notice that It is pre
pared to pay on demand rli depositors wno
nave given notice to v.ithdi'aw their funds and
which notices expire durlue the inoulbs of
November and Dec -mber, 16VS.
| 1123 1m J. H. BRA LEY, President.
Notice to Depositors.
herewith gives notice that it is prepared to i
pay on demand all depositors who have given
notice to withdraw their funds, and which
notice expires during the months of NoveraDer
and December, 1603. MOSES N. AVEKY,
11-23 lm Cashier.
Notice to Depositors.
Trust company herewith give notice that i
it is prepared to pay on demand all depositor*
who havo given notice to withdraw their '
funds, snd which notices ex»*ie during tne
months of November snd December, 1803.
11-23 lmo J. F. SARTOF.I, Ce'hler.

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