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The Herald
Continued Hostilities in the
Unhappy Republic.
Unsuccessful Rebel Attacks on
the Town of Bage.
President Pelxoto Preparing; for an
Active Naval Campaign.
An Attempt to tarry the Insurgent. Fort
Viileffalgnou Kepoliod- UoHvy
Art!ilory Fire li pt Up
In Klo Harbor*
By trie Associated Press.
New Yoke, Dec. 10.—The Herald's
apecial diapatch from Montevideo says:
The firat attack made by tbe rebel Bra
zilian forcea from Rio Grande do Sul on
tbe town of Bage was repelled by sheila
rom tbe loyal artillery garrison In tbe
town, but a more determined aaeanlt
will be made tomorrow. Gen. Tavarea
ia expecting Gen. Silveira Martina to
reach camp aoon and decide npon the
fate of the captured Gen. Imdoro. Ta
varea' officers want leidoro killed,
but Taverea deeirea to aave hia life and
truata Silveira will agree with him.
Colonel Sampace ia organizing a alroog
column to go to the relief of Bage as
quickly aa possible.
Reports of skirmishes near Porto
Alegre are received here frequently.
Generate Guarnelion and Santalena are
believed to be just about ready to join
General Hopolite in the fight against
the inaurgenta.
Peixoto'a fleet, which haa been gath
ering here, ia expected to be ready to
start north next week, and when it joine
with the newly purchased ahipa from
New York, a aerioua campaign on Metlo
by water wilj be begun.
A oorreapondent in Rio de Janeiro
sends word that on the night of De
cember Bth an attack waa made by a
large force of Peixoto'a men in launches
upon Fort Villegaignon, which had
been bo badly shattered by tha incea
aant fire from the loyal land batteries
that Peixoto thought it might be taken
by a rush, but the garriaon gave hia
men auch a severe fight that they were
forced to draw off. with many of their
number killed.
Aa the Aquidaban and Eaperanza
were running the gauntlet of the forte
at the harbor's entrance, the Eaperan
za'a high preaanre cylinder waa struck
by a eolid ahot and one of her engineers
killed. In the Aquidaban five sailors
were killed by the exploaion of a Hotch
kiaa gun.
PaaaengeH by the mall boat Clstd**
uulu l/cCemDor 4tn, neither were the
mails allowed to be Bent aahore.
Firing by the loyal land batteriea and
forta in Rio harbor continued all that
day upon Fort Villegaignon, and the
Tamandara responded with a shot at
Fort Santa Cruz or Fort Lege at inter
The rebel warship Tamandare
now occupies the anchorage form
erly held by the Aqnidaban, and forta
Sao Joao and Lage keep firing upon her
pretty conatantly, but without any ap
parent effect. The Tamadare, Guana
bara and Trajano will remain behind to
keep up the fire upon the Nictheroy and
other pointa in the bay.
Orewa for the Aurora and the new
German torpedo boat have been Bent on
the Britißh steamer Waverly.
LEAKY safety-valves.
A New Trial Demanded for the Cruiser
New London, Conn., Dec. 10.—The
new cruiser Marblehead still liea at
anchor in the harbor and probably will
remain here some days. Her safety
valves are out of order, and it ia now
claimed they were during the trial trip.
This is believed to be the baaia for the
requeßt for a new trial. It is said, ow
ing to the fact that the valves were not
in the best order, escaping steam caused
great lose of power and reduction of
speed. Her builders are confident ebe
can average 19 knots an hour and would
have done it had the valves been tight
She will probably remain in the harbor
until it is known whether there will be
another trial.
Porn and Ecuador Will Fl e ht Onr Their
Boundary Dispute.
New York, Dec. 10.—The World's
special dispatch from Panama says:
War between Ecuador and Peru over the
boundary dispute is now absolutely cer
tain. Colombia it preparing to inter
vene, as Brazil cannot now do so. Chile
and Bolivia instigate and support Ecua
dor. War will probably be declared
during this week. The steamer Maipo
was ordered to Guayaquil in spite of the
quarantine, the purpose being to carry
home Peruvian residents, the Peruvian
government paying the cost of their
A Ticket Uffloe Robbed.
St. Charles, HI., Dec. 10.—The ticket
office of tbe Chicago and Great Western
railroad was robbed tonight by four
maaked men. Tbey smashed an office
window, and covering the night oper
ator and a friend with revolvers, com
pelled them to open the door. The rob
bers bound them to tbe open door and
blowing open the safe got $ 110 in money.
No clew.
Anarchiiru at Barcelona.
Barcelona, Dec. 10.—A special police
corps has been formed to combat an
archiem. The outrage at Paris hae re
vived discussion in Spanish political
circles. Spain, it is said, will propose
to the other countries anti-anarchic
A New Anarchlat Programme.
London, Dec. 10.—A dispatch to the
Standard from Vienna says a Viennese
journalist, while in London, recently
saw several anarchists and was informer
a new plan had been drawn up Divid
ing for future explosions.
The Police and Populace Proveut Their
Meeting Yesterday.
London, Dec. 10.—The police force in
Trafalgar equare today waa larger than
usual, In view of the rumor that the
anarchist*, intended to hold another
meeting, but whether frightened by the
police demonstration, or owing to the
excitement created by tho Paris dyna
mite bomb-throwing, only a few persona
appeared. Tbe police extended a cor
don around Nelson's monument and aa
aoon aa Anarcbiet Nichola arrived the
crowd began menacing and hooting
him. Nichols fled and the police with
the utmost difficulty protected him from
tha violence of the mob. Four Italian
anarchists ahortly afterwarda made a
movement as if to boid a meeting in the
equare, but were obliged to run away,
owing to tbe hostility of the crowd.
There waa great excitement for a mo
ment when tbe police shouted "stop"
to a man carrying a myaterioua looking
bundle. The man fled, followed by part
of the crowd, but escaped. The square
waa cleared at 4:30 p. m. No trouble of
a aerioua nature occurred.
Tha Historic Hanseatlo House Com
pletely Destroyed.
Amtwebp, Dec. 10. — The Hanseatic
house waa destroyed by fire this morn
ing. It waa one of the historical land
markeof the city. The building was
begun in 1664 and completed in 1568,
from plana of Cornelius Vriendt. At
midnight two men were seen to leave
tbe warehouse and run along the quay.
It ia believed tbey were incendiaries.
Fire broke out immediately after. Tbe
docks were filled with ahipping. Seamen,
aoldiera and police made strenuous, but
unsuccessful, efforts to subdue tbe
flames. The tower and roof cal lapsed at
1 o'clock. At 11:30 tonight the walls
fell, and buried a policeman and wounded
many persons. The warehouse belonged
to tne city. It waa insured for 1,250,000
franca. It contained 11,000,000 kilo
grammes of grain and 200,000 kilo
grammes of linseed. One firm which
occupied a portion of the building claims
ita loaa of grain amounts to 1,000,000
They Look to the Socialist* to Help
Them to the Ballot.
Vienna, Dec. 10.—Under tbe auspices
of the Women's Suffrage association a
pnblic meeting waa held at the old town
hall tonight iv favor of universal suff
One thousand men were present, in
cluding several hundred wealthy bour
geoise. Fraulein Fickert, vice-presi
dent, declared that tbe bourgeoiae
ladies, in order to obtain their rights,
must co-operate with the socialists.
Fraulein Dvorjajs^fofisot&~'V3i«*.i.'.
make a socialistic speech. It was
warmly cheered. The voice of Dr.
Bondy, who warned the women present
against referring to the socialista, waß
drowned by protests. After this excite
ment tbe meeting resolved to petition
parliament in favor of universal suffrage.
Oansral Campos' Campaign Approved
by tho Cabinet.
Madrid, Dec. 10.—The cabinet coun
cil has approved the conduct of General
Campoß at Melilla and decided to renew
his powers in full. The latest news from
Melilla is to the effect that a friendly
native who visited the Kabylee Bays the
Kabylea declared they would not yield
if Campos insisted upon their laying
down their arms. They announced,
however, that they would consent to
obey Mnley Araaf, provided the Span
iards would promise not to enter their
Crlspl'a Proposed Cabinet.
Rome, Dec. 10.—Negotiations for the
formation oi a new Italian ministry are
still in progress, but nothing definite
has yet been settled. The newspapers
give the following as a composition cab
inet: Premier, Crispi; interior, Sar
acco; public works, Soonino; finance,
Perazzie; treasury, Boaelli; agriculture,
Maggiorino or Ferrais; poats and tele
graphs, Oosenzero or Ricotti; war, Gen
eral Bsccelli; education, Brio or Rac
chia. For navy and foreign affaire, Ad
miral Resaman, the duke of Caeteni
and Signor Mordini are mentioned.
Later—Tonight's newspapers confirm
the list of the new ministty sent earlier,
and add to it the name of Calenda, as
minister of justice. Signor Ricotti will,
it is said, be offered aa minister of war,
and the duke of Zerinoneta is also men
tioned as miuiater of foreign affairs.
Rioting In Sicily.
Palermo, Dec. 10.—A Socialist riot at
Partinico, the particulars of which were
cabled yesterday, arose from an increase
of taxation. Pour thousand persons,
many of them women, surrounded the
municipal offices, shouting, "Long live
Savoy!" The rioters burned tbe muni
cipal regiatuis and sentry boxes. Two
regiments of troops quickly suppressed
the riot.
Itare Collection or Bibloa.
London, Dec. 10.—Henry Southernn
ii Co., London bookaeliere, have sold to
the general theological seminary in New
York the valuable collection of Bibleß
belonging to Dr. Oopinger, profesaor of
law in Victoria university. Tim collec
tion is the largeet in tbe world and con
sists oi 543 Biblea, published at various
times beginning witli the fifteenth cen
tury and extending down to tbo present
American College Banquet.
Romk, Dec. 10.—The grand annual
banquet of the American college was
held today. Sixty guests were present,
including cardiuale, bishops end other
prominent persons.
Polaski Bros., merchant tailors, have
removed to rooms 113, 114. 115, second
floor, Stimson building, Spring and Third
streets. >
A line of Gne cut glass bottles and
manicure sets just received at Little
ooy's pharmacy. Call aud see them,
oil booth Spring street.
A Forecast of the Week's
Work in Congress.
The Tariff Bill Not Ready for
Republicans Expected to Filibuster
Against tha Utah Bill.
The Hawaiian Question Likely to Figure
In Both n • . . aud Senate -Oppo
sition to Ihe Kiectlous Bill
Will Be Lively.
Ry the Awoclateil Press.
Washington, Dec. 10.—The tariff bill
tvill uot come up in the house before a
week from tomorrow at the earliest.
Tbe majority report will be filed Wed
nesday, but it wilt be some days later
before the Republicans have their report
The Utah admission bill will come up
during tbe morning hour tomorrow.
The Republicans will probably continue
filibustering and this will return the bill
to its place back on the calendar. Kilgore
expects before Saturday night the bill
will have been passed by the house and
sent to the senate.
It is not impossible that Hawaiian
matters may come up in the house before
the end of the week. It is not thought
tbat the Democrats will resist consider
ation of the Hitt resolutions Tuesday.
Hill's bill for the repeal of the federal
election laws will be vigorously fought
iv the Senate by the Republicans, who
don't expect to prevent its final passage,
but hope to gain party advantage by
patting their views on record. Hoar
will endeavor to send the bill to tbe
committee on elections, and, should he
succeed, final action will be considerably
Morrill is expected to make a set speech
this week on the portions of the presi
dent's message relating to tariff and in
ternal revenue.,
The chances are that the Hawaiian
question will come up in the senate in
connection with the president's special
message. A large number of Demo
cratic senators stand ready to defend
Cleveland's policy,
Points from tho Annual Report of tha
Washington, Dec. 10.—The majority
report of the civil eervice commission
for the present year ie a document of
a,,uu, -u«i^aj luftIufti r .Th(, m/mt in low
ing portion is fnat bearing on the exten
sion of the classified service to the free
delivery poetoffices, the subject on
which Commissioner Johnston dissented
and his removal made by the president
a short time ago.
The report condemns the salary limit
to the classified service in custom
housea, and recommenda classification
by grade. In support of this view the
satisfactory results of the classification
in the railway mail service wae cited.
The report says in the unclassified
eervice, taken as a whole, the govern
ment methods of the United States are
so utterly indefensible from the stand
point of decency and morality that it ie
difficult for a man of ordinary intelli
gence, who wishes well to his country,
to discuss the arguments advanced in
their favor with anything like tolerance.
The report likens our system to those
employed in Morocco and Turkey.
The number of persons connected with
the civil service in the United States is
about 200,000.
The minority report of Commissioner
Johnston opposes the exteneion of the
classified service to free delivery postof
fices as ill-advised, unfair and harmful
to the cause of civil Bervice reform.
Completion or tha Santa Fe'a New Feeder
in Colorado.
Denver, Dec. 10.—At noon today the
last rail of the first division of tbe Mid
land Terminal railway waa laid. The
line is a Santa Fe feeder from tbe gold
mines of the Cripple Creek district,
reaching the main line of tbe Santa Fe
at Divide. It is now finished to Mid
land, midway between Cripple Creek
and the main line. Over 500,000 tons of
low grade ore baa been held awaiting
the construction of the line. With only
half the line built, it will be posaible to
operate many mines at Cripple Creek
now closed ou account of the high
transfer rates.
Customs Officers Capture Eighteen
Smuggled Ciiii,Hiit«n.
Key West, Fla., Dec. 10.—Collector
John F. Browne and a posse, who left
hero this morning for Bocachica to cap
ture Chinese landed at the latter place
by a Spanieh smack, returned thie
evening, bringing 18 of 24 who were
landed. The other six. aeein to have {rot
into town Bomehow. Those brought by
Collector Browne ire under surveillance
ol a force of inspectors, aud will be bold
until orders are received from Washing
ton aa to what action shall be taken.
Lehtgli Collieries Resuming.
Wtlkbsbabbb, Pa., Dec. 10.—All the
collieries of ::.e T.rhiprli Valley Coal
company and all the individual collier
ies tributary to the Lenigh Valley rail
road, will resume operation ou full time
tomorrow. This will give employ
ment to thousands of minetaand he!pars
who have either beeu idle or have
worked irregularly since the Lehigh
Valley strike began.
Going to Ailguata.
Washington, Dec. 10.—Vice-Pres'dpnt
Stevenson, Secretary Hoke Smith and
Secretary Herbert left tonight for Au
gusta, (ia., to participate in t;-.e exposi
tion. The party, under the escort i-i ihe
mayor of Augusta and Hon. Patrick
Walsh, included Representatives
Springar and t-'perry.
Eufjene Kelly Content with Ida Wealth
ami Etottora.
Ns-.v Yoke. Dee. 10.—Tbe World to
morrow will state that the old and well
known banking house of Eugene Kelly
oi Co. will he dissolved iv the spring.
The firm consists oi Mr. Kelly, its head,
hia two bodb, Edward anu Eugene, and
Toaeph A. Donohoe of San Francisco,
the head of the Donohoe-Kelly Ut.nkini
company of that city. Eugene Kelly's
fortune is eetimated al $10,000,000.
His henefactinnß to the Roman
Catholic church have earned for
him the dittlnction of being considered
the leading layman of that faith in thia
city, while hia devotion to the Irißh
home-rule movement, aa well aa ail Irish
interests and affair:!, have been no leea
renowned. In appreciation of what he
haa done for the Charon, tho pope laat
year appointed him a "cameriere di
cappi apada" (chamberlain of the rape
and sword), an office in the household of
the holy father. Mr. Kelly's moat
notable recent eervice to the Irish cause
waa as president of the National Feder
ation of America, and treasurer of the
Iriah parliamentary fund. On oue occa
sion when it waß decided to try to raise
$150,000 for the cause of homo rule dur
ing the parliamentary elections, he sub
scribed $20,000, and it ie said cabled
privately to John Dillon that he might
be drawn upon for the entire $150,000 if
The Crime Frustrated by a Flacky Ex
press Messt-nger
Bloominqton, 111., Dec. 10.—An at
tempt to rob an express car on an Erie
train was made late last night at a
crossing near the city. At the moment
the train stopped the glass door of the
express car waa smashed and a robber
entered. Messenger Weekly was un
armed, and iv the etrnggle worsted the
robber aud flung him from the car just
aa the train moved on. Nearly $6000
waa in plain eight, having been gotten
ready for transfer when the train
reached Bloornington.
New Orleanh, Dec. 10.—At Tangipa
hoa, last evening, three masked men
boarded an Illinois Central passenger
train and attempted to murder Con
ductor Kinebeck, who waa slightly
wounded in the right arm. The trio
then escaped. Investigation developed
the probability that express robbery waa
the motive of tbe attack. The men did
not leave the train till Areola Btation
was reached. Horses were in waiting
and they rode away into the woods.
An International Locomotive Bace In
Nbw York, Dec. 10.—Another inter
national race is in prospect-—not one of
vannie ttjib -rrms,TraT OTTaTlroad loco
motives. The challenger is Frederick
Charleß Winby of England, who arrived
here on the steamer New York yester
day. He is the inventor of the mam
moth locomotive Jamee Toleman, which
waa exhibited at the world'B fair and
which he ie willing to back for a con
siderable amount againat No. 999 of the
New York CentAl, or any other Amer
ican locomotive. Winby leaveß for Chi
cago tomorrow, his party including n
fireman aud engineer. No formal chal
lenge haa been given, but an Engliah-
American locomotive race, probably be
tween Chicago and New York, ia not un
A Probability That Hoatlllties fVHI
Break Out Ag-nln.
Buffalo, Dec. 10.—The Lehigh Btrike
may again be opened nil along tbe line.
A new schedule has beeu issued an
nouncing a reduction of wages on tbe
Buffalo division, but it does not affect
the men who did not go out on a strike
last month. It only affects "scabs" and
Brotherhood men who have recently re
turned to work. There ie come prospect
that tbe Brotherhood men will recent
this and ineißt on tho strike being re
opened. The strike is estimated to have
cost from $200,000 to $1,000,001); the
Brotherhood men cay half a milliou.
It Resells In the JVlurtler of a Brave
I'euc, Officer.
Fort Worth, Tex., Dec. 10 —Captain
William 3. McDonald, commanding
company D, state rangers, one of the
bravebt peace officers of Texas, was ahot
and mortally wounded by a party of four
men, headed by Sheriff J. C, Matthewa
of Ohildrese, who came down to Quaoah,
McDonald's home, where the affray oc
curred. The shooting wae the result of
an old feud.
Non-Union Men Polionnd.
Wilkksharre, la., Dec. 10.— Q. W.
Guerley, a non-union telegraph oper
ator, died in the hospital last night
with symptoms of arsenical poisoniug.
Last Thursday he ate a veal cutlet at a
restaurant, and a short time after was
taken sick. An autopsy showed dis
tinct traces of poison, During the week
30 or 40 non-union men who hoarded at
the came leataurant Buffered front
severe cramps iv the stomach* A
thorough investigation will be had.
A National Jook».y Club,
Nashville, Xena., Dec. U).—V. L.
Kirknian, president of the American
Turl congress, left here night fo;
New York to meet and discus* with
eastern turf magnates tho qiwtion oi
the formation of a national jockey club.
The result of the visit is uspected to be
a meeting between eastern and western
turf magnates at an early day, at which
definite steps looking toward such an
organization will be taken.
Stop that cough by using Dr. St
John h cough syrup. V* refund your
money i: i r . fails to euro. For sale by
Off & Vaughn, cornor Fourth and
Spring Bts.
Thurßtou's Mi'linery ami Calironnn.
Straw Worko, 26i S. Main Ptreec, oppo
site Third.
Removal naif; —Muster-I trnods. Tricei
no object. Fitzgerald's, comer Spriu,;
und Franklin.
The Paris Dyuamito Fiend iv
Clutches of the Law.
All Anarchist. Named Vaillant
Threw tbe Bomb*
His Own Nose Blown Off by the Force
of the Kxplosiou.
The Culprit Make* a Full O-mfesslon.
and (itoats Ui.r II - DlabatlaMtt
Dead -Tho Missile A at
Prosldoot Dupuy.
j By the Associated Press.
Paris, Dec 10 —After a (lay oi great
! excitement following the explosion of
j a bomb in the chamber ol deputies, tbe
j authorities have announced that they
I have the b mb-tbrower in custody. Tha
1 miscreant is named Vaillant. He is an
anarchist and has made n. full confes
sion. He soon fell under the suspicion
of the authorities, aud when pressed by
the prefect of the police made a full con
fession, glorying in his dastardly crime.
Among the persons questioned by the
police yesterday evening wae a man
, whose noße was olmoßt blown off by the
explosion of the bomb in the chamber.
The suspect gave the name oi Vaillant,
and said he lived at ChOßy Leroy. This
man, who waß attended by physicians
summoned to the refreshment room of
tho chamber after the explosion,"was
taken to the Hotel Dieu, after being ex
amined by tiie prefect of police. At the
hospital tin, euspect was carefully
watched by four detectives, and it was
noticed tbat he there gave his name aa
Marchal. Thia confirmed the suspicions
already entertained, and several detec
tives started with instructions to spend
the night in establishing the identity of
Vaillant or Marchal. By morning the
prefect of police was in possession of
several police reports which made it
clear that the man in the Hotel Dien
with his noee almost blown off was a
dangerous anarchist named Vaillant,
who wae born at Mezieree.
vaillant's history.
Vaillant is 35 years of age. He passed
several years in Buenoa Ayree, and in
1887 returned to France and married.
He now has two children. Vaillant,
however, coon deserted his wife. Since
1884 he haa been identified with the ex
tremist branch of tbe Socialists and with
regular anarchist groups; he made him
self prominent by the incendiary nature
of ej.iu ci:.<e. and eventually became
a member of tbe committee of the revo
lutionary Socialist group of the eight
eenth arrondiasement oi Paris.
Early in the day, M. Lepine, prefect
of police, the public prosecutor
and an examining magistrate vis
ited the Hotel Dieu and had quite
a long interview with Vaillant. who
lat first protested his innocence and waa
quite indignant at the questions put to
him. Finally the public prosecutor
"Your name ie Vaillant and not Mar
chal, ac you claimed when yon came to
the hospital."
After a moment's hesitation, the eva
pect admitted hia identity, and con"
teased that he had thrown the bomb.
When questioned ac to hia reasons for
attempting to take the lives of so many
people, Vaillant replied defiantly:
"I wiehed to deal a thoroughly
dramatic blow at the institutions of the
country, aud wished to cause a great
sensation, f endeavored to aim the
bomb at M. Dupuy. 1 glory in tbe act,
and I only regret that my hand swerved
and that the numb did not explode near
the mark."
Vaillant eaid the bomb he used was a
little iron saucepan which was bought
at a bazar near the Hotel de Ville. "Tho
eaucepitn, when loaded, contained," be
said, "a unrulier of nails, which yun
found on the fijor of the chamber; in
side the saucepan was a tube with a
compressed center; in the tube were
picric acid and prneaiat oi soda, these
I being separated h< the point where the
I tube wae corr.prteaed by a small ball ol
! cotton saturated with sulphuric acid,
which, at a given moment, would be
consumed by the sulphuric acid, thus
allowing the picric and prusaiat acid to
j mix and cause an explosion."
I The anarchist then described the va-
I riety of objects which he aaid would be
! found in his lodgings al the Hotel de 1'
I Union, where Vaillant lived under tba
j name idarchal. "But," Vaillant added,
• "if you are goimr to search my room
i you had better oe careful in disturbing
things unless you want to be blown to
pieces. I advise you especially to ba
careful in haudiing a box which ia fuii
ot explosives.
M. Kbuillier, Lupine and Meyer, tha
examining judge, accompanied by a
commissary of police, went to the Hole;
de I* Union aud ascertained that Vaiilant
had eight days previously hired a fur
nished room iv that eat t,b!. oh men t. The
authorities found « number of nnib
exactly similar to those found scatteied
about the chamber ot deputies after the
explosion. They also fonnd a saucepan
iike the one described by Vaillant, and
which he had evidently discarded be
cause it was v trifle too Urge tc be car
ried about without danger of detection.
Tho authorities ali : o Sound the trunk de
scribed by Vaillant, but it did no*, coa
tain any explosives.
Vaillant continue* to protend uttc in
difference aa to tha consequences of hia
crime, and suo '.ks p.j though it did not
concern him in the slightest.
KO A' (.•"Mri.iClkX.
Tho detectives ex pre.-' tba halicf that
Vaillant bad a another ol accompli?**,
but Vcillant replies <o ?ll question* with
the remark: "You need net $ our
stdf to tho trouble of searching for ac
complices, 1 alone did ki'a deed."
All tho scraps of bomb found ate

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