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A Burglar Blake! Rli Bioape—l.ooal New!
Santa Aha, Dec. 13.—Dudley Duth
errow, who wsb confined in tbe county
j ail on a charge of burglary, made bis
escape this morning while be was clean
up tbe jail.
Sheriff Lacy went down this morning
to do some honse cleaning, about 25
tramps having been confined in tbe jail
the night before. Dntherrow was put to
work cleaning up, and being sent out
with a bucket of water, (Sheriff Lacy
remaining within) he took advantage of
tbe opportunity and broke off in a south :
easterly direction as fast as bis legs
could carry him. Mr. Morton, who was
standing outside tbe jail with some
other gentlemen, saw the bucket setting
by tbe side of the jail and called to
Lacy, telling him that Dntberrow had
gone. Lacy quickly closed and locked
tbe door and gave chase to the fugitive,
bat the latter had gained too great a
start to be overtaken. Offioers bave
been scouring tbe country all day but
have not been able to take the young
Tbis is the second time Dntherrowe
bas made his escape from the Orange
county jail. The first time was about
two years ago, while confined there for
selling a shotgun tbat did not belong to
bim and appropriating tbe money to bis
own use. lie and tbe celebrated horse
thief, Robertson, broke jail by removing
some bricks from the well, making a
hole large enough to permit tbeir bodies
to pass throngb.
Tbe sheriff's office bas issued tbe fol
lowing description and reward for the
Twenty-five dollars reward—Dudley
Dntherrow, burglar, escaped from Orange
county jail. Description : Age, 20 or 21
years; height, 5 feet O'j inches; eyes
light blue; light complex: vi; hair light;
small, light mustache, weighs about 140
pounds; mole on right side upper lip;
scar on upper left arm; two moles on
left side, between navel and small of
back; mole on bsck, left side of right
shoulder blade; mole four inches below
right nipple; Bear near elbow on right
arm; small scar on right and left knees;
skin rather oily; wore light clothes,
rather dirty, well worn ; soft white felt
bat; about a number 9 shoe.
Arrest and wire me.
Thko. Lacy, Sheriff.
Santa Ana, Dec. 13th.
Eigkteen tramps responded to the call
of Deputy Sheriff Buckley this morning
and shouldered shovels and took their
line of march for the river, where tbey
did good work yesterday. Three of the
force that were at work yesterday were
on tbe sick list this morning, and one
young hobo refused to go to work, pre
ferring to live on bread and water to
three meals and work.
Wm. White of Anaheim has brought
suit against R. B. Taylor of South Riv
erside to recover $1333.33 as commis
sion on certain real estate which he
claims be was instrumental in selling.
The Garden Orove creamery, which
baa been nnder construction for some
time pnst, is now complete and is in
operation on a small scale. The farmers
In tbe neighborhood of the Grove are
Blocking up their ranches with milch
cows and will patronize tbe new institu
tion liberally.
Mrs. Mariam of West Second street,
is suffering from pneumonia.
Bruce, the forger, waa brought before
Justice Humphreys and plead guilty te
the charge of forgery and was held to
appear iv tbe superior court with bonds
fixed at $1000. lie iB in the county
The hobos were brought in this even
ing, none of whom made an attempt to
leave. They appear to prefer three
square meals and work to tramping.
F. L. Wilson of Milwaukee arrived in
Santa Ana last evening, and is visiting
bis mother, Mrs. Wilson of West Hickey
street. Mr. Wilson Bays tbat the
weatbsr in Milwaukee when he left
home waß colder than it had ever been
known in tbat city at that season of the
year, being 9 degrees below zero.
It was reported on the Blreeta today
that Bowers, tbe escaped burglar, had
been captured, but tbe report could not
be confirmed".
Eleven instruments were filed for
record with the connty recorder today.
0. D. Ambrose is opening up an mic
tion store in our city, and will carry a
stock consisting of furniture, crockery
and glassware.
Charles Sexton of Los Angeles is vis
iting in our city.
1. O. Marks has been appointed a
notary publio for Orange county.
W. W. Pratt of Orange, who hns been
in tbe east visiting for the laat three
months, is at home again and is glad
to get away from tbe blizzards ot tbe
frosen east.
Tbe M. E. church south is getting up
an evening entertainment called the
"rainbow tea," to be given in Spurgeon's.
hall, December 15th. Misses Jeannott
Wilcox, Libby Easton, Bessie Welch
and others wiil furnish the programme.
Refreshments will be served after tbe
A. H. Lyon bas brought suit against
T. Kilty to foreclose a mortgage lor
The middle and junior grades of the
high school will have a game of foot
ball next Friday atternoon at 3 o'clock,
in Spurgeon'a park.
There will be a meeting of tbe ladies'
guild of the Episcopal church on Thurs
day afternoon at 2 o'clock, at Mrs. J. S.
The lecture to be given by W. A.
Cheeney, and postponed, will be given
Monday night, Decfmber 18th, in G. A,
R. hall. Subject: Some Crimes of
Modern Civilization.
The ladieti of the Unity society will
give an entertainment Friday night, the
•.'2d inst., in G. A. R. hall. A short
musical programme will be rendered,
followed by a Japanese wedding.
The Lyceum league of Southern Cali
fornia will hold its annual convention
on Saturday in Masbaugh'B hall, as the
gueßts of the Jefl'erßon club, which is a
part of the league. A good programme
has been arranged, and in the evening
an addresi will be delivered byJ.W.
F. L, Keith has sold out his paint and
oil store to A. B. Bissett. who will carry
on the business. Mr. Keith will rest
up for awhile.
Laßt night the new members of the
school board, Mr. Smart and Mr. West,
were sworn in and took their seats.
The application of J. M. Halt for
janitor of the Fourth-street school was
received and laid over for two weeks.
W. A. Minans is also seeking the same
The following bills wore allowed:
Mrß. Annie B. Smith, t0.75; Blee &
Mitchell, $3.25; L). Jones, *3ti; J. M.
Griffith company, |1.60; John McFad
den, $3.50; Mrs. W. A. Penrod, $2.46.
The following will explain itself:
"Mr. l'cruni, Senla Ana:
"1 will write this at your request, ask
ing you to consider me an applicant for
a position in your schools. I iiave
taught nearly six years since I gradu
ated from the State Normal school at
San Jose. As my family intend to re
move shortly from San Luis Obispo to
Santa Ana, and as I wish to establish
myself in some school where, if I wished
at some time to change my name, I need
not as a consequence be obliged to
change my position. I thought of Santa
Ana as a desirable location for the
future. Please tell me when the city
board meets for the election of teachers,
and if you think it necessary I will meet
tbe board at tbat time. When do the
Santa Ana schools meet after the mid
winter vacation? Respectfully yonrs,
Miss M. 0. F.
Pomona, Cel., Dec. 18, 1893."
Mra. Frank Nicholson is in Los An
geies vißiting her sister, Mrs. Horace
About 4:30 o'clock a large bay team
ran away down Fourth street. At tbis
writing it is not known whoso team it
is, or if any damage was done.
The Whittler School should Be Brought
to Time—Motea.
Pabadena, Dec. 13.—A case which
came up in Justice Merriam's court
yesterday shows tbat some change would
appear necessary in the rules governing
tbe Whittier school, in order tbat it
may accomplish the work for which it
waa organized and for which it is sup
ported by the people of the state.
Tbe case cited is that of a young girl
named Becker, who was up charged
with petty larceny in stealing a number
oi articles and some money from a
family for whom she worked. The
case waa clearly proven and the girl de
fendant pleaded guilty to the charge,
making it necessary to tako some action
in tbe case. Tbe girl wae only 17 years
old and was more in need of having
good influences thrown around ber than
anything elee. The court decided that
the should be sent to the Whittier
state school, and notified the authori
ties of tbe institution to that etlect,
only to receive a reply after a couple of
daya' waiting that the girl could not be
admitted. No reason was given, but it
was not proaumably because the order
camo from a justice court.
Accordingly, there waa nothing left to
he done but to send her to the county
jail for 30 days. Justice Merriam has,
however, interested himeelf in tbe caae
and will endeavor io have her committed
to Whittier through the superior court.
It would certainly be a ohame to eend
any young girl or boy down among the
hardened criminals of the county jail,
where they will certainly not improve
and stand a good chance of coming out
much worse than they went in. While
there is no doubt but that the power of
committal, which previous to tbe laßt
legislature was fully vested in justices
of the peace, bas been more or lesa
abused, with the limitations which
were made at the last session
the officials of the school Bhouid be sat
isfied. By tbe provision of this last act
all power o! committal was taken out of
justice conrtß, except where a minor haß
been found guilty of a crime, when tbe
jiißtice may commit the defendant to
the reform school instead of the jail.
In the present case tbe district attor
ney ia to be appealed to to reverse the
deciaion of the Whittier officials, if pos
At a Meeting of the general committee
on arrangements held in W. E. Arthur's
otiice thia morning, complete details for
the coming Throop celebration on De
cember 21 st next were decided upon.
The principal points hb vutlined in
yesterday's Herald were followed.
Dr. Walter Lindley, Judge Enoch
Knight, Rev. J. W. Phelps and P. M.
Green have been added to the list of
speakers already published, and a poem
will he read by Mrs. Clrinnoli.
The exerciseß at the tabernacle in tbe
afternoon promise to be of a very inter
eating nature, including addreaaes by
Governor Markbam, Mayor Weed and
President Kayes of the Throop Poly
technic. Au oration by Judge Cheney
will be responded to by Father Throop,
following the unveiling of a portrait of
the gentleman in whose honor the cele
bration If to be held.
Tickate may be obtained at any time
for the eveniug banquet, which is to be
held in Hotel Green. Both ladies and
gentlemen will be present, and a bril
liant evening is anticipated.
Meteorology and astronomy were the
mighty subjects tackled by tbe Fort
nightly club at their second regular
meeting last evening.
Tho meeting was presided over by
Professor McClatchie of Throop Poly
•The first papor on meteorology, writ
ten, by Harold Chsuning, resident
tTniled States observer, was read by
Mrs. McClatchie in tbe absence oi Mr.
Charming. Tho writer briefly outlined
in an interesting manner tbe eystem
used by the United States government
for determining the weather for the pre
ceding 24 boure.
Prof. G. W. James gave an interest
ing lectnre upon astronomy, illustrated
with tbe etereopticon,which wan listened
to with much interest.
The class of lectures which have been
given under the außpices of the club
have been of a very high grade, and de
serve much larger audiences than have
been in attendance.
One lcnely drunk was the extent of
today's business in the recorder's court.
The monthly hop of the Starlight So
cial club will be given in Morgan's hall
on Friday evening next.
Officers for the ensuing year were
elected at a meeting of the W. R. C.
this afternoon. Six delegates were ap
pointed to attsnd the state convention
at San Francisco next month.
The following officers were elected at
a meeting of the Masonic lodge, Crown
chapter, last evening: K. C. Griffith,
H. P.; li. M. Gaylord, X.; John R. Sla
ter, S.; C. H. Keyes, P. S.; T. H. Web-
Bter, R. A. C.; A. W. Roche, first V.;
L. J. Crowell, second V.; A. Bisbee.
third V.; E. H. May, secretary; S.
Washburn, treasurer; A. Thorns, tyler;
P. Brown, 0. H.
shipping Arrivals and Departures.
Notes of l'roff/re!B.
Redondo, Dec. 13.—The city council
met last evening. Willis Clinton and
F. D. English were appointed trustees to
fill the vacancies of H. H. Venable and
Louis Wagner, resigned. Tbe board now
consists of S. P. Reee, J. M. Bracewell,
A. V. Trudel, F. D. English and Willis
Clinton, giving us once more a full board.
Au anonymous letter was read request
ing the board to have tbe marshal clean
up tbe back yards in block 209. The
letter was at once fired in the waste
Tbe weather for tbe past few days haa
been cooler and noticeably more pleas
ant. The knowing weather prophets
say rain is close at hand.
The second trial between W. A. Mor
rison and Adolf Quantze wae heard
Monday afternoon in Judge Harrison's
court, by a jury of seven men, who
brought in no verdict, after beinglocked
up for four hours. Quantze had Mor
rison arrested on December 3d on a
charge of battery.
It is rumored tbat two nuptial knots
will be tied on Christmas day in this
H. C. Davie, proprietor of tbe Davis
House, will Boon commence repairing
and generally improving both the lodg
ing and restaurant departments of tins
well established house. The first step
will be the laying of a cement floor the
entire length of the building.
J. W. Bracewell & Co. and Al Currier
bave just added some very elaborate
signs to tbeir show windows.
Frank Lemon has tbe contract- for
painting tbe Redondonatatorium.
Captain J. W. Simmie has been ap
pointed pilot for the port of Redondo
by < iov. U. H. Markhain.
Captain Sidney Judd of the (hip Ver
bena made a business trip to Los Ange
les today.
Robert Monroe, engineer of tbe tug
Pelican, while laying at anchor yester
day, threw a line overboard with the re
sult of hauling in a 30-pound yellow-tail.
Tbe steamship Sauta Rosa, Captain
Alexander, arrived from San Diego at
6:45 o'clock this morning and left for
San Francisco at 11, carrying from this
port 900 sacks of barley, 450 boxes of
oranges and lemons, 75 sacks of walnuts,
75 empty oil tanks, 40 eackaof gold ore,
besides a large quantity of other general
merchandise and 20 passengers.
The steam schooner Excelsior from
Eureka, Capt. J, F. Higgins, is discharg
ing 150,000 feet of lumber for the Will
amette Lumber company. She will
leave tomorrow for Hueneme where she
will load with grain for Eureka.
Charles Doaster bas tbe cou tract for
discharging the ship Verbena and is do
ing some very rapid work. Mr. Doaster
lias had a great experience iv this line
of work and iB certainly master of bis
business. He discharged 400 tons yes
tardav in eight hours. From one batch
was discharged in three hours 180 tons,
averaging one ton to the minute.
C. Walton of Los Angeles, agent of
the North American Navigation com
pany, was visiting our city today.
Tbe lumber schoouer Nova arrived
this afternoon with 300,000 feet of lum
ber for the Willamette Lumber com
Georpe Not cross has secured some
fine negatives of tbe ship Verbena. The
views of this large ship can be bad at
Halls fruit and news stand on the pier.
Eleven hundred and fifty pounds of
fish was shipped this morning to Los
Angelea, and some very large rockcod
and white fish were caught by 11. B.
Shorty and J. W. Foote, averaging from
0 to 15 nounds.
The Redondocompany'aflower garden
ia shipping flowers daily to eastern
points. A shipment was made yester
day by Wells, Fargo & Co.'s express to
New York city.
The depth of the Redondo natatorium
has been changed from 4 feet at one
end and 10 at the other to 2 feet and
12 feet. At the bottom of the tank on
three sides there will be 40 incandes
cent lightp, and 40 more six feet absve
the tank, with 1000 candle power, en
abling lookers on as well as participants
iv tbe aquatic sport to eaaily Bee the
bottom of tbe tank at night as well as
during tbe day. This novel idea should
attract attention. Tbe contractors will
finish the cement work tomorrow and
the baths will be ready for business by
J. Lechner will move from bis present
location next to tbe Bolan block in a
few days, and will occupy tbe Germania
ball, opposite the pier.
Many new buildings are going up in
our city by the sea. In fact, Redondo
has a most promising iuture for tbe
coming season. Business of all kinds is
picking up and every face expresses a
smile of contented prosperity.
When Baby waß slelr, we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
A OrUt of Flaaaant Pereonal Mention
and Freeh News Itemi.
Santa Monica, Dec. 13.—Mr. H, C.
Boville, who has just 'eturned from a
visit to the Golden Gate, is enthusiastic
over the midwinter fair and its pros
pects, declaring it will be a far better
ene than tbe centennial of '78, and in
many respects equal tbe Chicago one.
Santa Monicans should wake up to the
fact that tbe sea side town aud resort
shonld be represented some way there
and get a move on before it is too late.
The board met Monday evening in
regular Beseion, all members present.
The minutes of previous meeting were
approved and warrants ordered drawn
for $100.01 to pay sundry bills. The re
ports of treasurer and clerk were re
ceived and relerred to finance commit
James Whitwortb was given permis
sion to dig two cess pools un iot L, block
The Salvation army neked for the ap
pointment of a special policeman, they
to pay bim. It was granted to be under
supervision and consent of Marshal Bar
Ordinance No. 171 wan adoptod. It
regulates the grading ol Filth street, be
tween Utah and Railroad avenue, and
on Railroad avenue from Fourth to
Seventh etreet.
Ordinance No. 172 was adopted. It
relates to statement required by lav; of
water company.
On motion of Trustee Vawter $2000
was transferred from general fund to a
fund known as street lighting fund.
The street engineer was instructed to
submit a profile of the grades of Bay
Btreet from Front street to Ocean, and
Railroad avenue from Ocean avenue to
the ocean, at tbeir next meeting.
The installation and ball of Court
Santa Monica, L O. F„ No. 438, which
took place last evening at Masonic hall,
waß a pronounced buccbbs from every
etand point, when the beautiful lodge
room was crowded to its utmost capac
ity by our beet citizens and their wiveß,
sisters and eweetheartß. The hall was
tastefully decorated, and the installa
tion ceremonies, ball and supper was all
that could be deaired by the most fastid
ious. The following officers were in
stalled: 'P, C. It., W. L Hull; C. R.,
N. A. Roth; V. C. R., C. F. Shader;
recording secretary, C. H. Thomas;
financial secretary, G. B. Dexter; treas
urer, John Summerheld; chaplain, I.
M. Merlin-Jones; Sr. W., A. J. Meyers;
Jr. W., L D. Richmond; Sr. 8.. S.
Chatfield ; Jr. 8., W. T. Gillis; physi
cian, Dr. Place; D. H. C. R., R. D.
The bazar of the Episcopalians was
crowded again last night, tbe second
evening oi the entertainment, when the
second and third acts of the operetta
Golden Hair waa given, the characters
rendering well their part.
For this evening, besides the act of
the operetta, MiBB Volkman ia arranging
a musical treat in a miscellaneous con
cert programme, which the Herald can
assure its readers will be good.
In my report yesterday I inadvertent
ly neglected to report the children's
booth and fish pond, in charge of Misßes
Justy and L. J. Snyder, assisted by tbe
children, and the candy booth, where
Meedames Toltes and I. M. Merlin-
Jones serve their patrons delicious con
Misses Emma Volkman and Fanny
Stone are ably assisting Mrs. M. U,
Kimball in the flower booth.
O. H. Yeaton has bought a lot on
Fourth street, between Utah and Rail
road, intending to build.
Grading is progressing on Fourth,
Fiftb nnd Seventh streets.
J. N. Hawthorn has left for Rod
Mrs. Dr. Merrick has left for Santa
Paula, where she intends to make ber
future home.
Judge Wit worth has purchased the
city attorney's south side residence and
will move it to Sixth street.
Justice Willie promptly dismissed the
charge of perjury against Hammond on
Tuesday last.
Tbe soliciting committee on tbe G. A.
R. encampment matter report tbat they
are meeting with fair success. The sub
scription list ia headed by Messrs. Rob
ert and Roy Jones, and the amounts are
made payable one-fifth on January Ist
and one-fifth the 15th of each succeeding
month until paid, the money to be re
turned if tlie encampment does not
come here.
There baa been started a nursery in
tbe front part of the postoffice, where
mothers may leave tbeir children with
young Mr. Harris for the day.
Miss Emma Traesdall, who has been
spending a few days here, baa left for
the nortb.
Some drunken hoodlums the other
evening amused themselves by tiring
their pistols at (he Sand street electric
lamp, completely destroying $40 worth
of property. The officers are on their
trail, aud they will shortly remember
their bit of drunken fun.
C. W. Scott and G. ,W. Felts have pur
chased 20 acres in the Ballona, which
tbey will plant to lemonß.
Miss Alice Fitch, niece of G. B. Dester,
who has jußt returned from tlie world's
fair, is visiting Santa Monica.
Miss C. W. Willis, accompanied by
Miss E. A. Willis of Omaha, are visiting
tbeir parents, Judge and Mre. I.N.Willis
of Fourth street.
Mrs. L. L. Livermore of Kansas City
is sojourning here for a few days.
Tbe San Francisco brewery syndicate
will commence shortly tbe erection of a
two-story brick block on the coiner of
Utah and Ocean avenue, where the
Neptune garden is now situated.
The Preparation* for Christmas News
Pomona, Dec. 13.—There has been as
yet no talk of any Christmas trees at
either of our churches, so far aa we can
learn, for the little folks. This is a
pretty custom and should not be omitted
if possible at church or home—one oi
the twc —for it is a source of untold
pleasure and happiness to them, while
not much worry or coat necessarily to
the parents.
Henry Wheeler, who lives in tbe up
per portion-of town on San Antonio ave
nue, brought down a branch of olives of
tbe Mission variety well fruited with
fine samples.
Several arc lights showed up last
night in very fine, shape.
More grain, bay end pumpkins are be
ing hauled through town now than for
weeks past, from some cause or other.
We notice that some of our leading
shippers of fruit are handling quite a
quantity of lemons, just now.
Bishop Nichols il in town, and there
will be services held in St. Paul's Epis
copal church this evening.
Fires bave been in demand for the
past two mornings and all available
south windows show from one to half a
dozen enjoying a aun batb.
Several of our real estate men are
whizzing around in their vehicles sb if
they had hopeof bueiness Boon, as but
few transactions have so far been re
The ties now being taken up on tbe
defunct street railway lines are being
Bold at 3 cents each for fuel purposes.
Tbe team of Mr. Wallace ran away
this morning, injuring one of tbe ani
mals slightly and to some extent dam
aging the vehicle.
Tne Unitarians open their sales upon
tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, giving
a line turkey dinner from sto 7 ; Friday,
dinner from 12 to 2 p.m. and lunch from
5 to 7 in the evening, the sale continu
ing on the second evening at the same
hours as Thursday.
Alderman J. Arneil of Ventura, whose
death was reported in this morning's
papers as tho result of a runaway acci
dent ono week ago today, ia probably
the same who was for a short time iv
bueiness here as the successor to tbe C.
Howe dry goods stock, as some of the
factß point to the identity.
There waß a slight Bprinkle of rain
here thia morning.
Mrs. L. H. Prewitt of Lexington, Ky.,
who is well known by all Fomonans,
having spen the past five or s'x winters
here, arrived at the Hotel Palomares
last night. Savcral of our society young
man will regret to learn that there was
one lees in the party than had been ex
pected. She will return earlier than
usual, as business will recall her.
Mr. and Mre. Hodge of Courtland,
Kan., have juet arrived in the city for
the s-aron. Tbey are for the present
the guests of Mrs. D. M. l'ersinger of
North Pomona.
Mr. Walter S. Johnson went to Los
Angeles thiß morning.
Mr. Chapman iB up from Lob Angeles
today, taking in Pomona.
Some 1250 acree, is reported, have been
sold at Chino to a colony of Germans.
The merchants seems to be making
extra efforts in the way of inducing a
heavy holiday trade, but what the re
sult will be ia not yet apparent.
Mr. Clyde Brasher, who haR come in
from his Los Angeles and El Paso run,
was not on the derailed train at Lorde
burg, aa some thought, but on the one
in front of it, so be came through all
Sardines for the Snn Periro Factory.
Personal Notes*
Lono Bbach, Dec. 13 —Tuesday Mr.
McGarvin shipped 1600 pounds of sar
dines to the new cannery at East San
Pedro. Thiß is the first shipment, and
wiil be the first canning of sardines in
Southern California. It is the purpose
of the company to pack the fish in pure
olive oil and establish a brand which
will guarantee to consumers a lirst class
article which cannot be excelled by any
of foreign production. It is the purpose
of the company to cure and pack all
kinds of fieb, and stations are being
placed on tbe islands and along shore to
furnish material sufficient to run the
cannery all the year.
Long Beach iB reaching out for busi
ness. Monday our boss fisherman, Will
Graves, made a shipment of fish to Tu
W. 8. Weaver of Albuquerque, N. M.,
who has large interests in the Gallup
coal mines, has 'seen visiting hia friend,
W. F. Sweeny.
J. Giichrißt of Kansas City, Mo., who
has been visiting Dr. Outhbert, has
fallen a victim to the charms of Long
Beach climate and has rented the Koyl-
Bton cottage for the winter.
J. Horton of Pasadena spent Tuesday
with hia friends at tbe beach.
Rev. K. E. P. Abbot of Sierra Madre
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clal branches, together with shorthand and typewriting, practically mv m by
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IDUCATOB, a live monthly journal.
The national bam of California
Report to Comptroller of Currency, Oct. :j, 11193.
Cash on hand and In banks $143,767 lit , Capital stock, paid In coin $250,000 00
United Slates bonds 100,000 00 Surplus 6,000 00
Demand loans 133,739 60 Undivided profits 12,764 11
Regular loans 194.500 36 Circulation 1:15,000 00
School bonds and stocks.' 20,106 05 Deposits 261,084 18
Furniture and fixtures 6,000 00
Expenses 5,450 07
$663,848 29 $663 848*29
The National Bank of California is one of tbe few Banks that successfully stood the shook of
the iate panic and maintained lull coin payments right through.
The National Bank of California pays no interest on deposits In any form, offers no speelal
inducements for business oilier than reliability wiien the customers exercise their rlgnts to de
mand their money.
In the matter of loans it looks more to reliability than high rates ol interest, and deli res no
loans except from good and reliable parties, and then exacts good security, believing that no
bank is better or more tellable than its loans.
N.W. Cor. Second and Spring Sts.. Los Aihtplph, Cal.
A General Banking Bus.uess Transacted. Interest at Five Per Cent Paid ou Time Dapotitv
Geo. H. Bonebrake, W.H.Crocker, A. A, Hubbard, O. T. Johnson.
P. M. Green, Telfair Cretghton, W. G. Cochran, B. F. Ball.
H. .1. Woollq'nn, W. P. Gardiner. Jam ■< K. Towell. It
Los Angeles, Cal.
Oldest and Largest rt.nif. iv SoU'hero.
Capital (paid nro $ 500 i") 0
Surplus aud „rorlts 780.0U0
Total 81,280,000
ISAIAS W. BET.T'MAN .. .President
HERMAN W. lIELLMAei Vice-President
JOHN MII.NEn Cashier
H. J.FLEISHMAN Assistant Cashier
W. H Perry, Osvo W. Ootids, J. 5. ranker
»*ilm, 0. E. Thorn, C. Doewmi.i jii. H. vv. Helt
a»*n, T. L. Duque. A. Glaasell. 1. W. Ueliman.
Exchange lor sile on all lhe principal Ciiia9
of the United States. Europe, chlua and Japan.
10l s. Spring slreet. Nadeau block.
h. N. Breed President i
Wm. F. Bosbyshell Vlce-Prci-ldeut
o.N. Flint Ca-hler
W. U. Holliday Assistant Cashier
Capital paid in gold coin $203,010
Surplus and undivided profit! 25,000
Authorised capital Hw,mi »
L. N. Breed, K. T. Newell, Wm H. Avery,
Silas Holmtn. W. H. Hollldny, X C. Bosby
shell, M Hagan, Frank Rader, I). Hemic*,
Vhoa. O.OSS, William F. Bosbysneli. 7-1 tl
Souttieast, I'oruer of First and Broadway.
Capital stock, fully paid $100,000
Surplus 75,000
B. M. WIMEY, Prefident.
D. O. miltimork, Vic»-Prea't,
GEO. L. ARNOLD, Cashier.
R. M. Widney I) o. Miltlmore,
H. W. Little, W. McKinlsy,
John McArthur, C. A. Warner,
L. .'. P. Morrl'l.
General banking business and loans on flrst
clasi real estate solicited. Bay and sell flmt
class stockß, bonds and warrants. Parties wish
ing to invest in flrst-elass securities on either
long or short time, can be accommodated.
Capital $500,000
Surplus „ 92.500
Total 552,500
GEORGE H. BONRnRAK.it. President.
F. C. HOWES, Cashier.
E. W. 008, Assistant Cashier.
Col. H. H. Markh*in, Perry M". Green, War
ren Gillelen. L. f, Crawford. «'• A. Murmi-i,
Geo. H.Bonebrake, F. C. Howes. '.) 1 ■> tf
SURPLUS 200,000
J. M. ELLIOTT, President.
J. V. BIOKNELL, Vlce-I'res't.
FRANK A. tiIBSON, Cashier.
O. B. BHAFKHK, Ass't Cashier.
J. M. Elliott, J. D. Bieknell,
S. H. Mott, H. Mabnry,
J. D. Hooker, D Mcwarry,
Vim. G. Kf rckboft.
YOUTHS suffering from results of lollies or
excesses, causing nervous debility, seminU
weakness, loss of vigor and memory, despond
ency, diseases ot the xiduers, blood and re
productive organs, gleet, gouorrhuia, syphilis,
varicocele, stricture and m<ny chrome aid
destroying diseases.
in UN older in yeirs, having too freque nt
evacuations ol bladder, with loss of vital ma
terial, phosphates, etc., woollir or brick dust
deposits in urine, which are symptoms of Mo<
otidary seminal weakness, the loss impoverish
ing the vital organs.
IiOHirtICJAXIoSS-The reason thousands
cannot get cured of above complaints is owiuii
f o complications not understood by ordinary
doctors. Dr. Liebig <fc Co, have discovered thi
secret of curing the complications.
FKKJfl—Cur confidential book ana diagnosis
sheet sent free on appllcat'ou, securely scale t.
OFFICE tiOUBS-'J a.m vo B p.m. Suu
days, 10 to 12.
y. W. ClltSK. !>. li. I'KCK. .1 AMES SOOTH, H
Telephone No. til. gj
Horseshoes and Naiis,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Eta,
OT. 118 and 181 South Los Anfftlu llinj|
Teniple Block.
r*fttal stock paid u» $300,000.
Off! IRS.
JOHN I. PHTER Presides!
ROBI'. 8. BAKER Vice-President
Jotham Blxby, Chas. Forman,
L. T. Uarnsey, Lewellyn BlxbJ, ,
it.. B. Os . John E. H»H*. !
Geo. H. Stewart. _
O NIA, S. K. Lor. Bpnng aud Court sis.
Los Anireles. Cal.
Capital stock $100,000
surplus 10,000
J. H. Brsly, President.
Frauk A. Gtb.no, V. Pres't.
John N. Hall, Cashier.
Arthur li. B' llv, Ass't Csshier.
Directors-H. Jevne, J. M. E liott. C. W. Hai
rou, Hiram Mabary, Frank A. Gibson. J. H.
Braty, 11. W. l'.dndexter, W. O. Patterson, H.
1.. Drew, Simon Maier.
Interest paid on all deposits. 11-29 tt
223 S. Spring St., LOS ANGELES.
M. VV Stimson Wm. Ferguson W. E. McVay
Pratt, Yice-Prost. OuhlSS
C.G.Harrison S. H. Mott R.M.Baker
a. c. ' >nmero y_ — _^_
O CO., 148 8. Main st,
Five per cent interest paid on term d'positt.
Capital stock $200,000
T. L. Duque. Pres't. J. F. rartorl, Cashier.
W. D. Longvear, Ass't Cashier.
Directors: Isaias W. Hellman, Herman W.
Hellman, Maurice 8. He! man, A. C. Rogers.
T. L. Duque, Wm. MoDermotl, M. L. Fleming,
J. A. Grsves, F. N. Myers. J. H. Shanklaud, J.
F. Sartori. 11 15 6m
osTngeles savings bank.
No. BUS N. Main st.
SURrLUS 35,500
H. W. Hellman, Pres't. J. E. Plater, V.-Prei't
W. M. Caswell, Cashier
Directors—l. W. Hellman, R. 8 Baker, H. W.
Hellman, .1. E. Plater, I. W. Hellman, Jr.
Interest paid on deposits. Money to loan on
litst-class real estate. 11-1 tt
Cvrn/.BN 6'~BANk~
I Htlmsou Block, Third and Spring.
T. W. Brother or, President.
T. S. U. Lowe, Vice-Pres't.
F. U. Bail, Cashier.
T. P. Slimson, L. W. Bllnn,
Ai drew Mul en J. M. H»le,
R. J. Waters, J. Perclvm.
Robert Half . 10_7 »
Capital $200,01
426 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
H. 0. HUBBELL Vice-President
J. V. WACHTBL Cashier
H. W. Hellman, K. Cohn, J. H Jones, O. T.
Johnson. W. G. KerekholT, 11. W. O'ldelveny.
luterest paid ou all deposit*. 10 29 tf
c« "
■ §.3
na, ■ br» ■ I w
0 * U— | i §
Q. *r y,
Incubators, Boue Mills. Ailalin Outers.
117 Easl second street,
0-1 (lm Los Augcles.
vgmmamgmg/m Denier in New ah I
La&xii** ;/ Carpets, Mattresses
GSKNKsSi and Stoves.
AsU Bcdiojm Suits SIR. Senlus Maehlues,
95, rio and *J5.
The Newest Importations
1 112 pc. Semi-Porcelain
Dinner Service, SIO.BO.
417 S. SPKINQ ST. 7-28 8m
(Successors to Clark it Humphreys)
Wholesale and Retail
Oi! re, l? 3'; West Second St., Bnrdlck block.
! , and loa Angeles. 118 If

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