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was charged. The Southern Pacific re
taliated by withdrawing from tbe com
pact whereby the Atchison waa entitled
to send passengers to San Francisco by
way of Los Angeles. Tbe Atchison sys
tem then retaliated by the establish
ment of a rate of $20 for a single first
class ticket from the Missouri river to
Los Angeles, Mojave or San Diego, and
the Southern Pacific has met this cut
and established an equally low rate.
The matter excited general interest
and comment in this city today, and the
belief is entertained that a full flood
tide of immigration will ensue. Specu
lation is rife as to whether a further cut
of rates will be made by the Atcbieon
system. Inquiry by reporters of Presi
dent C. P. Huntington of tbe Southern
Pacific company elicited the answer tbat
tbe Southern Pacific company did not
propose to go out of business, but in
tended to carry passengers and freight
from the Missouri river to the Pacific
through points.
J. 0. Stobbs, third vice-president and
gsneral traffio manager of the road, was
eeen today, and in response to inquiry,
confirmed tullv tbe above statements,
adding significantly tbat while, tbe
Southern Pacific company did not bring
on tbe rata war, and while be regarded
tbe cut as an instance of reckless rail
road management, yet at the same time
ha joined tbe other officers of the com
pany in tbe belief that tbe state needed
a reinforcement of its industrial popula
tion and that those wbo are attracted
afsaply out of idle curiosity to travel
because it is cheap would visit Cali
fornia to see the midwinter fair, and
they would necessarily want to see tbe
reet of the state. The Southern Pacific
company believed that it was fully
equipped for a continuation of hostili
ties for any length of time as against
Its rival, because of the support ita
local system of railroads would afford it.
The land officers of tbe Southern Pa
cific company are delighted witb the
prospect of the incoming tide of popula
tion. The Central Pacific railroad land
office haa received more inquiries from
eastern bomeseekers within the last 20
days than in tbe entire year of 1893.
Tbe belief is general that whatever tbe
effect on the railroada may be, tbe strik
ingly low rates to be inaugurated on tbe
first day of March will nsher in the
dawn of a prosperous era in California.
W. A. Bissell, general passenger agent
ol tha Santa Fe system, said: "It is
pleasant to know that the Southern
. Pacific people are in a cheerful mood
over the prospects of a contest. Tbey
might as well nnderetand tbat they
will have to force a lower cut than
this before the fight is over; tbat is gen
erally conceded. I believe this is a
mora important war than tbat of 1886. I
will not venture to say how low the
prices may go, hot will suggest that
when it cost only 16 to the Missouri
river in 1886, that was done by selling a
man a ticket for $60 and giving a rebate
of $45 at the end of his route, which pro
tected way business to tbe fullest ex
tent. Now that kind of thing is pre
vented by the interstate commerce law,
and there will be seme heavy loases
along some of tbe opposition lines, if
the figures go anything like aa low
To illustrate the radical and sensa
tional cat that rates have sustained, it
may be explained that the cost of a ticket
to Kansas Oity ox other Missouri river
points, today, Is $50; round trip, (80.
When the Southern Pacific's new
rate goes into effect, there
will be a reduction of more
than 50 per cent, namely, $20
to tbe river, or $35 for the round trip.
If a man wants to go to Mew York, he
can get there from San Franciaco for
$49; to Beaton for $60.05, and to Phila
delphia ior $48.60.
Association Lines Do Not Kelish the
Rate War.
Chicaso, Feb. 26.—A meeting of tbe
Western Passenger association will be
held tomorrow to discuss the transcon
tinental rate situation. Some lines are
disposed to criticise tbe action of the
Atchison in reducing rates before secur
ing unanimous consent of the associa
tion. They complain tbat they will
now lose revenue because oi being com
pelled to reduce rates to intermediate
points. The Atchison replies that it has
used every effort to keep the reduced
rates out of the association territory,
and if the association continues talking
it will have to leave tbe association en
tirely. Ihe Southern Pacific today noti
fied its connections (bat they may meet
through Ogden and El Paso the cuts re
cently made in California business by
the Atchison. This shows tbat the
Southern Pacific ia as ready to fight ac
the Atchison.
The Book Island Takes a Hand In tha
War or Rates.
Kansas City, Feb. 26.—A. H. Moffit,
general southwestern agent oi the Bock
Island, wired tbe local office today to
make a rate of $20 from Kansas City to
•11 Southern California points, by way
oi Fort Worth and El Paso; $35.50 for
l round trip tickets, good for 50 days, and
Ibe placed on sale March 1. The same
rate applies to San Francisco by way o!
the Bock Island to Denver, the Bio
Grande and Bio Grande Western to Of
den, and the Southern Pacific from
Ogden to San Francisco via Sacramento.
This is really an additional cut, and will
force the Santa Fe to cut the rate from
Kansas City to Los Angeles $5 in order
to permit San Francisco passengers to
reach that city for the same price the
Rock Island offers.
Union I'aclflc and Burlington Roads Par
ticipate In the Kate War.
Omaha, Feb. 26.—The Union Pacific
and Borlington roads today decided to
accept tbe tender of tbe Southern Pacific
of the rate offered yesterday by that
road to meat the cut made by tbe Santa
Fe. General Passenger Agents Lomex
and Francis held a conference this
morning and agreed to make the round
trip $36.50, and the way rate $20, to go
into effect March Ist.
This will have the effect of throwing
down tbe bars tbat have ao far prevented
a big transcontinental passenger rate
war. If the Union Pacific and Burling
ton had refused to accept tbe rate the
Southern Pacific could only meet the
Santa Fee cut by way of El Paso,
The Atchison's Kate War Is a Sertons
Dkstvke, Feb. 28.—The rate war to
California opened in earnest this morn
ing when the Santa Fe announced a rate
of $20 to all points on its southern sys
tem and $53.30 from Denver to Los
Angeles and return. This is tbe first
cut, and that it means business is
shown from tbe fact tbat the regular
round trip rate up to today from Denver
to San Francisco has been $00. Rail
road officials expect a still further re
duction before tho trouble is settled.
Union Faolflo Receivers Mnit Continue
the Old Pay Schedule.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Feb. 26.—George L.
Hodges, counsel for the Union Pacific
railway employees, appeared before
Judge Riner of the United States circuit
court, |oday, and obtained an order tbat
tbe acbednle oi pay and tbe rulea and
regulationa affecting tho empioyeea, in
force when the Union Pacific receivers
took charge, be continued in forae until
further orders of the court. The court
directs the receivers to cause notices of
tbe erder to be distributed among tbe
employees. Judge Riner will tomorrow
make the same order in Colorado as in
Wyoming. This action was taken be
cause tbe Union Pacific receivers were
notifying tbeir employees tbat the new
schedule would be enforced, regardless
of the fact that Judges Hsl'ett and
R iner had refused to enter Judge Dun
dy'e order in their jurisdictions.
Tariff Bill Under Consideration — Brlce
Banted Over the Coals for His
Aspersions on Framers mt
the Measure.
Washington, Feb. 26.—The senate
Democrats caucused an hour this morn
ing on the tariff, and adjourned till later
in tbe day.
Later developments concerning the
caucus of the forenoon are to tbe effect
that there was more or less reference to
tbe interview of Senator Brice, pub
lished in a Mew York paper, in which he
was quoted as saying tbe tariff bill to be
presented to the senate bad been shaped
by three ex-rebel brigadiera, all of whom
were idealists, rsferring to Jonee, Mills
and Vest. Vest is said to have spoken
quite sharply in reply to this statement,
and Brice to have replied with no less
feeling. Brice said be was not com
plaining of the wool schedule, but ob
jected to the general method of proced
ure, and tbe party in tbe senate should
have been consulted in shaping the bill.
While tbe interview of Brice was being
discussed, the Ohio senator took tbe
floor and said it was not so much a
question who made the statement as to
the manner in which tbe bill was pre
pared, as whether it was true or not.
Several senators concurred in this and
declared the criticism which Brice had
made of the manner of preparing tbe
bill bad resulted in bringing it before
the caucua, and in that respect a great
deal had been gained by the caucua.
Among the senators wbo, it is asserted,
concurred in Brice's statement in tbe
caucus, are Morgan, Butler, Faulkner,
Camden and others from the south.
At 5:30 tbe caucus adjourned until
tomorrow at 10 o'clock, after a continu
ous four-hour session.
Tbe senate finance committee ad
i jouined after a brief session this morn
ing, the senate committee not having
completed the tariff bill.
Movements or Aiuorican Warships.
Washington, Feb. 26. —The Concord
baa arrived at Shanghai. The Benning
ton touched at St. Vincent yeaterday on
her way across the South Atlantic and
to San Franciaco via Cape Horn. Tbe
Lancaater arrived at Singapore yeater
day on her way to New York, via tbe
Suez canal. The Essex arrived at New
port today to take apprentices on a
cruise to tbe West Indies.
A Rebel Ship Sunk.
New York, Feb. 27.—The Herald's
special from Bio confirms tbe reports of
tbe sinking of tbe rebel war chip Jupi
ter in Bio bay, last Thursday. A shell
exploded in the boiler room and set fire
to the powder magazine, which blew up
and sank her. The entire crew per
ished and adjacent vessels were injured
by flying splinters.
A Self-Confessed Forger.
Chicago, Feb. 26.—The Herald's spe
cial from Lexington, Ky., says: Wm.
H. Headley, secretary and treasurer of
tbe Headiey & Peck Distilling company,
has written his daughter that he has
forged warehouse receipts, and is on his
way to Mexico. It is understood the
forgeries amount to $40,000.
Gladstone Temporarily Retiring.
London, Feb. 27.—The morning Post
publishes an unconfirmed rumor to the
effect that Gladstone informed tbe
queen yesterday tbat be was about to
undergo an operation for bis eyes and
desired royal sanction to Lord Rose
berry's acting as premier pro tern.
——___——— ,
Colorado Secessionists.
Georgetown, Col., Fab. 26.—A peti
tion is being circulated which cal la up
on the silver statee to secede and join
tbe republic of Mexico. Major
Parker, whose name heads the petition,
says it will be circulated in every min
ing camp in the west.
Bx-Presldent Harrison's Jonrney.
Indianapolis, Feb. 26.—Ex-Preeident
Harrison and party left this morning
ior California, via the Pennsylvania,
Santa Fe and Southern Pacific. A num
ber of friends gathered at tbe station to
see them oif.
Governor Paok on Trial.
Madison, Wis., Feb. 26.—The trial of
the roster conspiracy case against Gov
ernor Peck and other state officials be
gan this morning.
Wiman Pleads Not Guilty.
New York, Feb. 26.— Erastus Wiman
was arraigned in court this morning and
pleaded not guilty. His bail was con
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Undelivered TeU grams.
There are undelivered telegrams at
the Western Union Telegraph office,
corner of Court and Main streets
February 26, 1894, for Mr. Frank P.
Stone, Miss Ambrosiua Carr, J. S. Oor
bin and Dr. 0. A. Walsh.
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Flret Break In the 1>.» ilock la tha New
Jentj Kauati*.
Trentojj, N. J. Feb. 26.—The* Aral
break from the Democratic senate came
tonight when Sensto r Miller from Cape
Mav made a speech denounoi ug the
deadlook and declaring his intention to
have nothing more to do witn the sen
ate. He did not propose to go into the
Republican eenate, nor make himself
any more conspicuous than necessary,
but before he would see the Republicans
adjourn line die he would invite them
into the chamber and assure them hie
The opinion prevails here that the
action of Miller practically meant the
end of tha dead-look ; that two Demo
cratic senators to vote with the Repub
licans for seating members, make the
case of a dead-lock almost a hopeless
one, and that the taking of further tes
timony on quo warranto proceedings ie
merely a matter of form.
COSTA Kit:* km:c riiiNs.
A Poobah £lnv*t*(l to tha Presidency of
the Kepuljllo.
8an Francisco, Feb. A local firm
of coffee dealers has received partial re
turns of the presidential election held
in Coata Rica tbe 4th, 5th and Sth inet.
It ie reported that the Liberal candidate.
Manual de J. Jimenet, was completely
routed at the polls, as was also tho new
party, headed by Felix Moatero. The
election appears to be in doubt hetweeu
Rafael Iglesiae, candidate of the Civil
party, and Jose G. Trejor, candidate of
the Catholio union, with ccances in
favor of Igleeiaa. The latter candidate
is said to be sort of a Poobah under the
present administration, being secretary
of state, secretary of the treasury and
secretary of war. Hie position enabled
him to wield great political power at the
elections. Though tbe contest was very
bitter there was no fighting.
Death of a Canadian Jnriat.
Quebec, Feb. 26.—William Collins
Meredith, ex-chief juatice of the
supreme court, ia dead.
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