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Dr. T, D. Kellogg of Albambra was in
the city yesterday.
Sergeant Smith of the police force has
returned from a visit to the midwinter
Hervey Lindley and John T. Gaffey
are both at tbe Palace hotel, San Fran
Mra. W. C. Ralston and Mra. George
Grayson of Oakland are among the West
minster's many gueata.
Ex-Mayor Pond of San Francisco ar
rived in Loa Angelea yeaterday and ia
ataying at tbe Westminster.
A. B. Cox, a wealthy speculator of
Lancaster, returned home yeaterday
alter spending a week in the oity.
Arthur Grnenberg of San Francisco ia
at the Hollenbeck, Mr. Gruenberg
> makea a noted champagne and makes it
John Dolbeer of San Franciaoo, and
William Carlaon of Eureka, large lum
ber dealers, are staying at the West
H. G. Thompson, the able general pas
senger agent of the Santa Fe, returned
yesterday from Chicago, where he haa
been for aeveral daya.
George L. Joy, president of the South
Riverside Land and Water company, is
in the city with Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Joy of Sioux Oity, lowa.
Mr. George H. Stewart, caahier of the
Bank of America, haa returned from
San Franciaoo, where he attended the
session o! the Bankera' State association.
George Sugg of Chicago, accompanied
by Mra. Schwartz, hia sister, is in the
city on a pleasure trip. Mr. Sugg ia a
well-known furniture dealer of the
Windy city, being a member of the firm
of Sugg & Biersdorff.
W. T. Holly of Chicago, general agent
of the pasaenger department of the
Union Pacific railway ayatem, ia doing
Southern California in company with
Colonel Jack June, tba leading restau
ranteur of Indianapolis. The gentlemen
have apartmenta at the Westminster.
It ia finally decided that tbe Bank of
America will close business, and its
affairs will be wound up aa rapidly aa
possible. Depoaitora will be paid aa
fast aa their acoonnta are presented, but
it will probably be a year before all the
bueineaa connected with the institution
can be closed. Mr. Sam B. Dewey, who
haa been with th* bank for 12 years,will
on Monday take the position of head
teller in the State Loan and Truat com
pany'a bank, a position for which he ia
eminently qualified, by reason of hia
long experience and ability aa a banker.

Anderson the Pickpocket Ie Held to
Answer. t
J. H. Anderson, the pickpocket caught
in tbe act of robbing Mra. Strioklin, a
colored woman residing on Ohio street,
bad a preliminary examination in Jus
tice Seaman's court yesterday. There
were two cases against him. He was
held to appear before the superior court
with bail fixed at 15000.
Joe McLaughlin and E. Wilton were
up beiora Judge Austin for battery.
They were fined $5 each. The case of
battery against C. F. Lalet, who struck
G. Duni, waa continued to March 6th.
Wong Sing, the Chinaman who was
convicted of battery npon Officer Ma
tuazkiewiz, through his attorney, ap
pealed the case, and had a rehearing set
for March Bth.
Ben Gold was found guilty of disturb
ing the peace on Commercial street by
causing the daughter of Mr. Lhulman
to faint. Ha told the young lady that
she was not the daughter of those who
claimed to be her parents, and showed
her letters which said at much, where
upon the invalid young woman fell in a
faint and canted much excitement in tbe
neighborhood. One of the witnesses in
tbe case testified that Gold belongs to
some Hebrew or anarchist society that
is a menace to the city.
The cases oi Frank Pierson, Henry
Stewart and Charles Wheeler on charges
of diaturbing the peace ware continued.
A Drunken Man Encounters a Bad
A telephone meaaage waa received at
tbe police station at 3 o'clock yesterday
morning that a man badly injured and a
smashed wagon ware at the junction of
Mission road and the Santa Fe railway
The engineer of an incoming freight
train, seeing the man lying as if dead,
stopped his train, placed the man in as
comfortable a poaition as possible and
sent word to tbe police station. An
ambnlance was sent to the scene at
It waa found tbat the man was a well
known citizen of the East Side. The
wagon pole was broken and appearances
indicated that a runaway had taken
place. Tbe man was stretched ont and
apparently lifeless. He was found to
be dead—drunk, but otherwise unin
He explains the affair by saying that
after be bad the accident he concluded
he waa too drunk to do anything but lie
down and rest till daylight.
"Perhaps you would not think ao, but
a very large proportion of diaeaae in
New York oomea from carelessness about
catching cold," says Dr. Byrus Edson.
"It ia such a simple thing and so com
mon that very few people, nnleaa it ia a
caae of pneumonia, pay any attention to
a cold. New York ia one of the healthi
est places on the Altantio coast and yet
there are a great many caseß of catarrh
and consumption which have their origin
in thia neglect of the aimpleat precaution
of everyday life. Tbe moat sensible ad
vice ia, when yon have one get rid of it
aa aoon aa poaaible. By all means do
not neglect it." Dr. Edaon doee not tell
how to cure a cold, but we will. Take
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It will
relieve the lungs, aid expectoration,
open the secretions and aoon effect a
permanent cure. Fifty-cent bottles for
sale by 0. F. Heinceman, 220 North
An Bxamiaer Appointed.
Upon application of tbe Union Loan
and Trnat company, aa trustee, Judge
Hoaa of the federal court yeaterday ap
pointed A. W. Hutton as epecial ex
aminer to investigate the accounts of
I. H. Folk, receiver of the Southern
California Motor railway, running be
tween San Bernardino, Colton and
There would be no indigestion In the world
If Angostura Bitters were need by all. Dr. J.
a. 1! Sieger* A Sons, manufacturers. At all
drag gists.
Tho Weather Bureau* Report or Their
The weather bureau furnishes the fol
lowing weather-crop bulletin of the
Southern California Weather service for
the week ending Monday, February
The past week was tbe warmest of the
month, the temperature on several days
ranged in excess of the averages, and as
a consequence vegetation improved con
siderably. Light rains fell in several of
tbe districts, which slightly improved
crops, but tbe continued absence of rain
retards the growth of all vegetation.
Early sown grain is reported to be doing
very well considering the deficiency of
rainfall, but tbe late sown shows the
need of rain. High northerly to east
erly winds prevailed on the 22d, which
did but little injury.
Light warm rains fell on tbe first ol
the week which benefited grass and
grain. A severe frost occurred Friday
Bardsdale—Warm winds prevailed
the past few daya bringing dry, clear
weather and all signs of rain have dis
appeared. Tree planting ia going on at
a good rate but rain ia seriously needed.
Faaadena—The continued absence o!
rain is being seriously felt; although
the weather ia deoidedly warmer, crops,
especially cereals, are growing but lit
tle. We had a slight trace of a ''norther"
on the 22d, but beyond being disagree
able, no damage waa done.
Duarte—The temperature tbe latter
part of the week was higher than for
some time past and grain has taken a
fresh atart, yet more rain ia needed.
Quite a large acreage of trees ia being
set out this season.
Covina—The weather of the past week
waa dry and cool with slight north
winds. Some frost formed daily. Or
anges are moving slowly.
Ontario—The total rainfall to date ia
9.15 inches, which is more than an inch
less than the seasonal rainfall to March
Ist laat year, when the total for the sea
son waa 10.44 inchea; considerable un
easiness is being felt. Early sown grain
is doing very well, but the late aown
needs rain very much.
Chino —Beet planting oommenced last
week and will continue for tbe next 10
or 12 weeks. The ground ie yet quite
moist, though we should have a soaking
rain to carry the crop through the sea
Highlands—The wind of tbe 22d,
though quite atrong, did no material
damage; aome oranges were blown off.
Eacondldo—Warmer weather is bring
ing out grain much better, though the
aealon ia still very bapkward. A dry
east wind prevailed three daya thia
week, blowing quite bard on Thuraday,
but no damage waa done. A good aoak
ing rain would be appreciated by the
Bernardo—The past week has been
quite dry, and tbe need of rain is ap
parent. Crops still grow slowly, but
there is no oocasion for alarm yet.
Ban Diego city—Cool weather con
tinues, and no rain has fallen to speak
of. Fruit trees are in bloom, bnt warmer
weather and rain are needed. Grain ia
looking well, but is not growing much.
The Progress Made by the American
The commissioners in charge of the in
ternational boundary survey between
the United States and Mexico can now
easily calculate on the date oi the com
pletion of tbe field or outdoor work,
says the San Diego Sun. The matter of
making maps and of publishing printed
reports will depend somewhat upon
future instructions and possibly upon
new legislation. All the monuments
will be in place from El Paso westward
to tha Colorado river by March 20th,
tbe Mexicans under Engineer Jacoby
Blanco having finished their survey to
the river February Ist.
Tbe camp of the Mexican engineers is
now on the Algoudonea ranch, thia side
of Yuma, from which point they are
pushing the survey across the desert. It
is thought probable that they will move
their camp to this coast about April lit,
but when moved it is most likely that
the main camp will be kept on Mexican
territory, for tbe reason «that all funds
furnished them are in the Mexican
money, which ia only utilized in the
United States at a diacount.
The American force setting the monu
ments ia expected to finish the entire
work across tbe desert to the Pacific
coaat by July Ist. This will finish the
outdoor work, and the maps and printed
reports will be completed at Washington.
The force new here consists oi the
three American commissioners, Lieut.-
Col. J. W. Barlow, First Lieut. D. D.
Uaillard and A. 8. Moaman, also J. L.
Van Ornum and E. L. Ingram, assistant
engineers, and L. L, Terry, disbursing
clerk. Just at present Colonel Barlow
is in Washington, but his family is here,
and this will be his headquarters until
the work is finished.
It is an interesting fact that in the
entire survey between El Paso and the
Colorado the extreme variation in the
lines run by the American and Mexi
can engineers did not exceed eighteen
The monument hers en the Pacifio
coast is known as No. 1.
Deserves It.
A man having embarked into business with
a determination to carry on that business in a
manner that will commeuu him to the public,
is entitled to every success, and to such a man
it Is very gratifying to know hit efforts are
appreciated. Suoh, certainly, la the caao with
Robert Sharp of Robert Sharp & Co. It la but
a few months slnoe he severed his connection
with another houae and embarked in business
at 086 S. Spring at., since which time his suc
cess has been phenomenal. Aa undertakers
and embalmers they are the peer of any in the
State, are absolutely free from any and all com
bination, and are governed and controlled by
their own desires only; and their dealres are to
do that which la right and conaiatent with suc
cess ;to sell their goods at a reaaonable and
lair price; to perform their profeaslonal work
in a manner conaiatent with the dignity and
lequlresoenta of the profetslon; to relieve their
patrons of all unnecessary work and runniug
aronnd which at time of deaths consume or
would consume much of their valuable time;
to show a liberal disposition at all times and
under all circumstances to show the same
attention to cases entrusted to our care.
With euch a code of ethics practically carried
out, tneir work oommends Itself to til ob
servers, and that It la appreciated ia evidenced
by their anccesa. Their work Speaks for them
with a complete line ot goods, beautifully
fitted parlor lor their patrous when desired,
aud thoroughly equipped with all modern
and latest improved appliances and methods
tor caring for and preserving the dead the
Arm of Robert Sharp 4 Co. are sure to occupy
a prominent place In the ranks of their pro
feaslon. Some one It in attendance night and
day at 53b South Spring. Telephone 1029.
'"Brown's Bronchial Troches' aie ex
cellent lor the relief of hoarseness and sore
throat. They are exceedingly effective."—
CArfstion World, London, Ung. J
Dr. D. 8. Dlffenbachor, Dentist.
No. 119% a Spring atreet; rooms 4 ands.
Stock lCxcliaug* Review.
N«w York, Feb. US.—On Wall street today
the market waa iiro.ii; and active, closing at
an advance ranglag Irom !i to 1% aud extend
ing to in specialties. Sugar closed at a de
cllueof Y„ and prelerrod %; Distillers,Ev
ansvllle and Terie Uaute broke 0 per cent.
Nearly all the rest closed higher. Bonds were
Government bonds closed flrni.
Nxw York, Feb. 28.-Moaey ou call, easy, at
1 per cent; last loan, 1 per ceut; closed at 1 per
Prime mercantile paper-;«o}s< t per cent.
Sterling exchange- Dull, wltn actual busi
ness iv hankers' bills at »4.nSce4.Bß!i for de
mand; Vl.-.iVvi * forth) days.
San Francisco, Feb: 28.-Hight drafts, 23c;
telegraphic, 30c.
New Yoek, Feb. 28 —Closing quotations were
as follows:
U. H. fts, reg. 117?«|Can»dlan Pacific. 07
do 3s, coupon.. 117 'a Canada Southern.
do 4s, reg 112\iChicago das 02Ji
do 4s, coupon.. 113- , i|Colton Oil 27
do 2«, reg HoLulstllleis 24
Pacific 6s 102 |Kau. ATeias pfd. 21%
Atchison 12U Lake Shore 127
Burlington head Trust 27! i
Central Pacific . entral .. 01
Northern Paelflo. 4' 4 Ft. Wayne 180
doprel'd lK'.Jtfo. Pacific 23' i
Norhwesteru .... 1011-vlNat'l C'oidage Isli
doprel'd 140 I dopld w 3l
North American.. 3J„ Oregon Imp 113
B. T. Oettirrl .... MHI do Short Line. OH
GregonNav 20 I Pullman Palaco .167' 3
Pacific Mall ltl'„ Heading 21,' i
Klo Grande pfd.... 2t : . Richmond Ter...
Bt. Paul & Omaha 30% RioGrandeWest'n 14>i
do pfd 11l do pfd 42
G'lNorthernpfd..lolU do firsts «8
Texas Paelflo 8 at. Paul 59'/,
Union Pacific. ... IH% Rock Island
Wells Fargo 120 0. 8. Express SO
Western Union... 86?* Gen. Electric. 40%
Sugar Trust. 82 Llusoed Oil 19
American hx 112
Boston, Feb. 28.-Closing quotations were as
Atchison Mexican Central. o]4
Bell Telephone ...ISA jsanDlego B>*
Burlington 7GJ»|
New York, Feb. 28.—Mining shares closed
as follows:
Chollar. 45; Plymouth 20
Crown Point 50 Sierra Ne.ada.. .. l.io
Con. Cal. <s Vs... 3.oo!staadard 1.110
Deadwoofl 60 Union Con 80
Gould A Curry... .65 fellow Jacket... .75
Hale & Norcrosn.. .do Iron silver 10
Homestake 10 50 Quioksilver 2 62
Mexican 1.25 Quicksilver pfd . 17.00
Ontario 6 50 Balwer 05
Ophir 2.10
San Fkancisco, Feb. 28.—Following are clos
ing prices:
Belcher 80iPotosi, 90
Best <t Belcher... l.SO.Ophlr
Chollar SO'Savage 65
Con. Va 3.50 Sierra Nevada.... 1.30
Confidence 1.40 Union Con 90
Gould & Curry 75 Yellow Jacket 80
HaleANoreroHS.. .05
Silver Bullion.
San Francisco, Feb. 28.—Silver bars, [email protected]
ocr ounce.
Mexican dollars-50lir*}51!£.
Nkw Yoik, Feb. 28.—Sliver bars—6oUc per
Mexican dollars—49c.
London, Feb. 28.—Silver bars, per
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Feb. 2R —wheat, unsettled. The
market opened '■jV.c higher; advanced ' ~c on
reports of fight on Rosso-German frontier,
firmer cables and purchases by millers; de
clined 9»o on light exports, heavy receipts at
Mllwauaee, report of heavy atock afloat foj Eu
rope; held steady; so closed and %a lower
than yesterday.
Receipts were 31,000 bushela; shipments,
10,000 bushels.
Closing quotations: Wheat, steady; cash,
571, c; May, ofiegc
Corn—Bteady; cash, 34: May. 36U.
Oats-steady; caah, 28Jic; May, 29%0.
Mai tl.WWte
Tbe following quotations from the Oblcago
board of trade are furniahed by De Van A Kut
ledgo, brokers, loom 33 liryson block, Los An
Cash. May, July.
On»nlng ....57J-4 60' i 62!/.
10:OOa. m t>l*l 60!, 62
10:30 a. m 57>J OOVi 62J.4
11:00 a. m 67'Z 60 61?!
12,00 m 57% 58»i 01%
I 15. close. 57S SttjJ 6154
Whoat opened %0 higher: advanced ; s c, de
clined Jad and closed '~0 lower than yesterday.
Casb. May.
Opening 33'„ -jtiU
10:00 a. m 38«£ 30?J
12.00 m 34 36*
12:30 p. m 33J£ 3os,
1:15 pan 34 36'S
July oorff. 37JS®37>i,
Corn cloaed about the aame, firm.
othsx obain markets.
San Francisco, Feb. 28.—Wheat tsrong: May,
$1.05%; December, 1*1.12!;.
Barley—Firm; May, 76 Ko; December, 85%.
Liverpool, Feb. 28.—Wheat: California No. 1,
closed at s«ld(sss2d; No. 2 red winter, 4s
10d[D)5a. Tbe market was steady.
Corn—Mixed western closed at 3s3; u d. The
market was steady.
San Francisco Produce Market.
Sin Francisco, Feb. 28.—The vegetable mar
ket was easier with iucrease In receipts.
Potatoes are In heavy quantity and steady.
Onions are Arm.
The market for frenh fruit Is quiet, and re
ceipts of oranges heavy.
Apples are very dull.
Limes are weak.
The butter market is a shade lower for cream
ery and fancy dairy.
Eggs are weak.
Cheese Is steady.
The poultry market is strong at quotations;
receipts are lighter.
Game season ends tomorrow.
General Markets.
Nxw York, Feb. 28.—Hops, dull; state, com
mon tooholce, 15fj)22c FaeiSc coast, 16ini22c.
Copper—Easy; lake, $9.62...
I«ad— Firm; domestic, $3.i0.
Tin—Dull, straits, $18.50 asked.
Ooffee—Options opened steady, with May un
changed; other months 5 to 10 Mlnsa lower:
ruled less adtlve, weak; closed dull, at sto 10
decline. oales were 7500 bags, Including
March at $15.75: April at $15.40; May at
$15 [email protected] Spot Rio closed steady; do. 7
ougar—Raw closed qnlct; fair refining at
2 13-3ya Refined closed fairly active and
Chicago Stock Market.
Chicago, Feb. 28.—Cattle: Receipt! were
12,600 bead. Native steers, $3.10(5)4.85; Tux
ana, [email protected]; stackers, $2 [email protected] 00. The
market closed a trifle stronger for best, others
Hogs—Receipts were 11,000 head. The mar
ket closed 5 to 10c higher. Rongb heavy,
$4.70(114.85; heavy packers', $4.90(95.05;
prime heavy and butchers' weights, $5.05ra
$5 10: assorted lights, $5 15(35.25.
Sheep—Receipts weie 17,000 head. The mar
ket closed slow and 10c lower. Natives, $2.25
@3.60; westerns, $2.75(g>3.50.
Dried and Salt Meats.
Chicago, Feb. 28.—Fork, easy; May,
Lard -fair; May, $7.10.
Ribs—Basy; May, $6.22%.
Short 01er—[email protected]>.27%.
Nnw York, Feb. 28 —Wool, quiet; domestic
fleece, 19(g)25c; pulled, 2002Ue; Texas, 10(a)
18c. _
Nf.w York, Feb. 28.—Pttroleum closed weak
at 80c uked.
Chicaso, Feb, 28.-Whisky closed at $1,15,
Grain and Mill Staffs.
Barley—Per cental. [email protected]
Corn—Per cental, $1.00.
Wheat—Per cental, $1.15.
! lour—Local extra family, per bbl., $3.40;
northern aud eaatern, $3.75.
Mill Feed—Bran, per ton, $21; shorts, $23:
mixed feed (corn and barley), per ewe, $1.00:
cracked corn, $1.05; feed meal, $1.10; rolled
barley, 80c.
Dairy Products.
Butter—Fancy California creamery, per
roll (1% lbs), 50(552%c; do. In tubs, per lb. 27®
28c; Fancy dairy, p.r roll (l%lba) 45f947Uc;
choice, 35040 c; fair. [email protected]
Cheese—California half cream, per lb, [email protected]
lie; do. full cream, 14ot Young America, 15c:
small, (3 lb. band), 16c, eaatern fnll cream, 15
fi}l6c; domestic Swiss, old, 18320 c; new, 15(i*
18c; Imported Swiss, 28(j)30o; Llmburgar, do
mestic, 14010 c; imported, 18(820o.
Hams—Bex, local smoked, per lb , Cor
cob, 13' jc; Bcneles*. 10c: Picnte, H'^c.
Baion—Rex, boneless breakfast, per lb.,
12Sc: Defiance, 10)4; other grades, 10<*)l0Sc.
Dried Beef—B(tt*,_per ib.,il l^c;luildes,l2^c.
Dry Salt I'miK—Bellies, clear, per lb., 9J*c;
Short clears, b' if,
I'M Fork—Half barrels, $8 50.
Lard—Tierces, Ivory compound, per lb.,
7',ic; Rex pure leaf, 9!ic.
Dried Fruit.
Apples—Sun-dried, sacks, per lb, 7(98c;
boxes, per lb., [email protected]; eraporated, fancy, 12c.
Apricots—fancy, per lb., ll(S>l2J4ei choice,
I'eaciikn—Fancy, unpecled, 7«j,:ic; peeled, 14
Prcnes—Choice, boxes, per lb., sacks
s(<S7o; fancy, [email protected]
Fresh Frnlts.
Ari'iKs—Per box, »J1.75(<}2 00.
Bananas—Per buucb, 1j52.00.aK.25.
Lemons—Cured, per box, 51.7592.00 i un
enred, *■ I iri«. I 25.
Or ano ss— Nay. is, per box, $2.00(1*2.50; seej
Almonds—Paper shell, per lb., l«S17c; soft
shell, ii'(4ir.f; herd shell, lOOmllc.
Pianct*—California, raw. Pr lb, s<sfie;
loaned, 798 c; eastern, raw, [email protected]; roasted,
889 c.
Bean*, Potato**, Onlnm, Ktc.
Beans—Per 100 lbs., blsckeved, $2 00(42 25;
pink, $2.25; Lime, *2 , r»Otj2.tfO; uavy, »i.20(f1»
2.60; small white, $2.(i5ftfy2.75.
Beet:- Per 100 lba, 75c, . .
CABiiAOE-Per 1001b«,. 0C%70c.
Carrots—Per 100 lbs., 50e.
Onions-Per looik**, $2 00.
PARSNirs-Per 100 lbs., $1.00.
Potatoxs—Per 100 ibs., ?r>c,ot,sl.lo.
Turnips—Per 100 lbs., 75c.
Vegetables—Mlsce I laueeus.
Cauliflower—Per doz , (iOc.
Celery—Per doz. bunches, 600.
Chilis—Dry, per lb., 20c; greeu, 50.
Garlic—Per lb., [email protected]
Lettuce—Per dox., 15c.
Onionh—Oreen, per dot. hunches, 20c.
Radishes—Per doz. bunches. 20c.
Spinach—Per doz. banchos, 20c.
Poultry and Kgcs.
Poultry—Per dox., hens, $5.0095.50; old
roosters, young roosters, 53.50ic9
4.00; brol.ers $2.50:q,300, turkejf, per lb., 13
AOloo: ducks, per doz., $5 0 s«*(;.00 geese,per
head. I*l.oo.
Poos—California ranob, I i i ■ per doz,
Kreah Aleats.
Wholesale butchers' prices for whole car
Beef—First quality, s(gsHc; second, 4;.;®
4\c; third, : <M l ,■■.
Veal—Range, bcßvy, 4VJ(BS>iC; do, light,
BtBBHc; dairy, B*.(sV7c.
Mi tton— 41..''r5' a c; spring lamb, 7ia)7!jC.
Honey and Beeswax.
Honiv—Comb, per lb., 10(c*12;.,c; extracted,
sffl! c.
Beeswax-Pot lb, 21925 c.
Wednesday, February 28, 1891.
H M Coate to X Coate—3 50 feet ol lots 23 to
28, blk 89, Long beach; Rift.
J W Wilson ot lit te ) V hi ooks-B ! j of lot 3,
W W Doollttle's sub of part el lot 11, i. k 1, San
Fasqual trt, Pasadena: $100.
C tf. Brooks to J W Wilsou-N 51.7 feet of lot
17, reajbof Turner trt: $600.
M Zellner et ux to B Daadcrson-hot 2, R
Zeiluer's sub of part of blk 8, Los Angeles
Homestead trt; $5.
Haino to O W Hack—Lot C, same trt as
above: $5.
J X Van Dorn et ux to J Browner—Lots 6 to
10, blk A, Ocean View trt; $35.
B D Anderson et con to v Zellner et con—Lot
5, B Zeiluer's sub of part of blk 8, LA Home
stead trt: $5.
J Gehringer et ux to B Brugnemann—Lot 5,
Peterson's sub of lot 0, H 8; $350.
H Painter to H H Hayward—Lot 49, Bucban
an A O'Neal's sub of S 20 acres of blk J, Painter
6. Ball's add to Pasadena; $40.
M A Campbell to P Rasmussen—Lot 20, S
Palmeteer's sub Pasadena: $1250.
A C V Klbot et ux to S Bodrere—Lot 15, blk 3,
South Santa Monica and other property; $10.
I Pierce to W H llellvar—Lot 1, blk 109,
Bellevue terrace trt; $1500.
FAGibsoutoC Brown—Lot 160, Grlder A
Dow'ssubof Brlswalter lit; $350.
L Haasken to F Mora—Lot 12, Mills' sub of
lot 1, De Cells Vineyard trt: $2200.
X fclessbaueret ux to F Mora—Lot 12, Hills'
•übof lot 1, De O-lit Vineyard, tit; $2200.
LJt Anderson to r M Kllllan at al—Lots 9
and 10. add No 3 to Hamilton trt, Bast Los An
geles; $1000.
E B de Brundlge to F Da lmer—Lot 13, blk A;
Fort Hill trt; $8000.
M P. Borers to I B Showers—Lot 5, blk ll.Gar
vanza; $750.
J i;e.mpbell to W H Dwight—l 300 ft of lot 7,
Lincoln Aye Syndicate trt; $2100.
W I Hollingsworth to A J Jewell-Lot 4,Weiss
tot; $300.
T R Carr to 8 M Cook—Lot 9, b!k 2, Washing
ton trt; $19.
S M Cook et con to J W Elliott et al—Same as
above; $1250.
E M Garaett et con to V Chapel—Lot 33, blk
1, Howes trt; $125.
G Galriug et ux to H Cropley—Lot 9, blk A,
Desnoyertrt; $1009.
W b Dcrland et al to W Dorland—Pnd H lnt
In lots 1 to 9 and lots IS to 19, blk D, Dorland's
•ub of the Pick L and W Co's sub of John M.
Thomas Ro; $2500.
E C Hsrrlnstou ct ux to S M Lyon—o 45 acres
In Piummer a sub; $3223.50.
T M Killaln ot al to J C Anderson—Lot 18,
hlk 2, Boulevard trt; $400.
J C Hogan to J VO!6-SW!4 of sec 36, T 1 8, R
14 W: $;95.
J Cambell to J H Cambell et ux—N 260.5 feet
of lot 18, Lincoln Aye Syndicate tit; $2000.
E U Harrington ct ux to J H Wllkarson—
Land in Plummer'a sub; $1500.
A Hoist to r W Hoist—Lot 4, Hoist trt: $500.
L Pinel et ux to O M Woodriff—Lot IS, blk
33, Elec Ry Hmsd Astn trt; $350.
C N Tolb-rt to P L Budlnger—Lot 19, blk 4,
Groenwell tre; $1200.
T M Potter et al 'o A L Holt ot nx—Lot 11, blk
C, Tbroop trt; $500.
C A Yaruall to J O D Shenron— T .ot 54 Watt's
aubof p>rt of Ko San Rafael; $2000.
J O D Sbearon to C A Yarnall—Lot 14, b'k B,
Hays trt; $2000.
F W de Shepherd to W Grossman—Lots 24, 25
and 27. blk 23, WolfskUl Orchard trt; $1570.
H 8 Fudiekar to G W Edwards—Lot 1, blk A,
Hays irt; $2000.
1 C McMlllau to L Wickersham—Lot 16, G W
Hays' resnb of part of blk O, Painter A Ball
add to Pasadena; $6150.
Deeds 55
Nominal. 24
Total $55,788.50
Note.—Figures separated by a dash indicate
page and number of book of miscellaneous
Deserving Praiae.
We desire to say to our citizens that for years
we have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills,
Bucklen a Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters,
and have never handled remedies that sell as
well, or that have given such universal satis
faction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them
every time, and we stand ready to refund the
purchase prico if satisfactory results do net fol
low their use. These remedies have won their
great popularity purely on their merits. Sold
By C. F. Helnzeman, druggist and chemist, 222
North Main street,
Horse blankets and lap robes, i'oy's old re
liable saddlery bouse, 315 N. Los Angeles.
Combined with Sulphate o! Hydrastis,
Nervousness, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite,
Debility and a low condition of tbe system
will be promptly relieved and cured by iv use.
Invaluable for overworked business men aud
weak, nervous women. Pleasant, prompt and
erScleut. 190 doses SI. Get tbe genuine; man
ufactured only by Taylor & Myers Pharmacy
Co., St. Paul, Minn.
Cos Angeles agents, H, M, SALS & BON, 220
8. Spring it. 4-1 ly
101 S. Spring St., Nadeau block
L. N.BREED President
WM. F. BOBBYBHELL Vice-President
C. N. FLINT Cashier
W. H. HOLLIDAY Assistant Cashier
Capital, paid In gold coin ...9200,000
Surplus and undivided profits 25,000
Authorized capital 500,000
L. N. Breed, H. T. Newell, Wm. H. Avery,
Ellas Holman, W. H. Holllday, X. C. Bosby
shell, M. Hagan, Frank Rader, D. Kemick,
Thomas Gobs, Wm. F. Bosbyshell.
Capital $500,000
Surplus 57,500
Total 657,500
F. C. HOWES, Cashier.
«. W. COS, Assistant Cashier
Oeorge H. Bonebrake, Warren Gillelen, P. M
Green. Chas A. Wsrrintr. W. 0. Brown, A. W
Francisco, X. P. Johnson. M. T, Allen, F. C
Howes. 8-15 tf
Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored.
>C?-vt\_ Wraknem, NdrrnniiTieaa,
f Debility, and all the train
of cvile from early errors or
Jfk yti V later excesses, tbercsultsof
x overwork, sickness, worry,
St I tFa etc. * strength, devel-
Js»lsLr optnent and tone given to
*gC™ and portion
ftWy, tW^^iuxY o ' ,u0 body. Siruple, nat
/I}^'/Ma*kviWm ural met hods. Iraniedi-
LJfyfJl'f ill P'r/J ate Improvement Been.
Faitnre impossible. 2,000 references. Hook,
explanation and proofs mailed (sealed) free.
And cancerous lv-
mor* No
knife or pain. No
JP pay until well. Buok
«.K ■ T with t"B
-■BRf f f llmonla s of ruin-
1 V drcdh cur d. S. K.
TwPl 1 TeCfIAMi.EY. M. D.,
|r BT I%' X office 211 W. First
I % Xkatf Ftrcet, l.os Angeles,
""*" Cal.
B n aw—Ple<»se Bend to ions OSS with cancer.
DR. WONG HIM, who has practiced mcdl
cine in Los Angeles lor 10 years, and
who»e office is at «3!) Upper Main street, will
treat by medicines at) diseiuesof women, men
and children. Tte doctor claims that he has
remedies that are suprlor to nit others as a
specifio for troubles of women and men. A
trial alone will convince the sick that It.
Wong Him's remedies are more efficacious than
can be prescribed. Dr. Wong Him la a Chinese
physician of prominence and a geutleman of
responsibility. Ills reputation is more than
well established, and ail persons needing his
services can iely upou his skill and ability. A
cure Is guaranteed In every case in which a re
covery Is possib c. Herb medicines lor sale.
639 Upper Main Street, Los Am/eles.
Los AN',f.i.es, CaL, June 17, 1889.
To the PUBLIC] 1 have been n:il -ring with
lie. and kldnov trouble for over five years,
and have tried several remedies, bat all failed
to relieve me. A short time Bince I tried Dr.
Wong Him; (139 Upper Main street, and lam
now well and strong, and consider him a Hist'
class doctor. Yours truly,
235 8. Hill at., Los Angeles, Oal.
Los Angeles, June 9,1893.
To ths Public: For over five years I have
been troubled with nervous Hlccheadache and
liver c ompiaint. I didn't seem to hud auy help
from the many doctors and medicines that I
tried until I tried Dr. Wong Him, (139 Upper
Main street lam now well. Yours truly.
48 Hlnton aye., Loa Angeles, Cal.
Hairdressing Parlors
sßf. ■<)& as-. To each lady
••• ' ■>.. caller tbis week I
s\\ will give a FREE
ii « .-AMPLE of Mmo.
■ ! A Bnopert'e Face
I Pleach.
wpmmpppiDHK A complete
A—. <aaa*i 7Ft\ lime. A. Rup
' -'' HP,) |H> lt '8 I ele
' list "■'* ted Cos
i\ --f?;.J .' luetic. Efryp-
Js\. : Wan Balm,
yflfiy Unexcelled for re-
VtsS , ' ■'■ moving wrinkles.
.. . . Sbanipooim-.
Ladles, have you seen James Y. Borden's
celebrated bmg? Nonet, no wiie, no lace.
Rooms 31 and 32 Wilson Block,
Take elevator at the Fim-st. entrance
The Celebrated French Cure,
GUARANTEE fe«i 111
to cure any form of Icj JJ
nervous disease or Jf
any disorder of the V -~jL
from the excessive/
HtrOKE ' nseof Stimulants, AFTER
Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful indiscre
tion over indulgence, Ac., such aa Lobs of Brain
Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Pains In the
back, seminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pros
tration, Nocturnal Emissions, Leucorrhcea, Dlx-
Kiiiesa, Weak Memory, Loss of Power and Impo
tency, which If neglected olten lead to premature
old arje and Insanity. Price Jl.oo a box, 6 boxes
for tS.OO. Sent by mail on receipt oi price.
A WRITTEN GUARANTEE la given for every
$f>.oo order received, to refund the money if a
orrmanent cure la not effected. We have thou
sands of testimonials from old and young, of
both sexes, who have been permanently cured
by theuaeof Aphroditine. Circular free. Address
Western Branch. Box 27. Portland, Ob,
Sold by H. M. SALE & SON, Drugglata, 220 3.
Spring sL, Los Angeles, Oal.
Jj WSxla 1001 Market St., San Francisco
0 rrMdl 1 (Between 6th and 7th Sts.)
b \ <;o l° arn now wonderfully you
Is**! i 1k ftre made and how to avoid sickness
JAb H fPand disease. Museum enlarged witb
v 1 ft 1 thotisanda of new objects. Admie
* ™ eion (J5 cts.
I'rivate Office—same Building
1031 market Street—Diseases of men:
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases of the skin
and kidneys quickly cured without tbe use of mer
cury. Treatment personally or by letter. Send
for book.
When visiting the Midwinter Fair be sure and
see Jordan's Museum.
Administrator's Notice to Creditors.
itors ot James W. Hodge, deceased, late of
Los Angeles county, State of California, that
the undersigned, the public administrator of
said county, has been appointed by the Su
perior Court in and for said county, adminis
trator of the estate of said decedent. All per
sons having claims against the said decedent
or against his estate are required to present
them, with the necessary vouchers to the un
dersigned admlnistrstor at his place of busi
ness, No. 202 South Spitng street, in the city of
Los Angeles, in said county and state, within
four months after the first publication of this
Administrator of the said estate.
Dated Feb. 15,1894. 2-15thurot
THETB as ket
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Telephone 187. 10 25
NEAR FIRST, TEL. 613. 7-15 I
Southern Pacific Company
FEBRUARY 08, 1891.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Fifth street, duly, as lollow-:
Leave for | destination. i Arrive.
2:00 p.m SAn Frau. <S Bacram'toj 7.30
7:45 p.m San Fran. At bscram'toi 1:48 p.m
2:Q(i p.m '). den A Cast, 21 c as< 7:30 a,n
7:45 p.m Ogden .t East, Ist clss', 148 p.m
7:4.1 p.mi Portland, Or I 7:30 aat
H:3oa mi.. ~B1 Pdso and East ~ 7:00 p.m
8:30 a.m.. liemlng and East. 7:00 p.m
8:30 a.m Banning 7:00 p m
Redland I sSiila.m
B;3(ia.m .Reilla ds ;a10:10 a m
10:30 a.nil .It' rtlands 4:58 p.m
4:30 p.ml hedlauda ' 7 :"0 p.in
Colton »»:21 a.vi
8:30 a.m Colton Ia10:1O a.in
10:30 a. m Colton I 4:58 B,m
4:30p.m Co'ton ! 7 <)»p.m
Riverside ' s9'2l a.in
8:30a.m Riverside. .... lAlO'iOam
10:80 a.it Riverside 4:68 p.m
4:30 p.m Riverside 7:00 m
Pan Bernardino | sh:2l a m
8;30a.m Sen Bernardino a10:1o a.m
10 30 a.m San Bernardino .. I 4:53 p.m
4:30p.m .San Bernardino.., 700p.m
Cblno AB:soa.m
B::'oa.ra Chino 59:21 a.m
4:30 p.m Cblno \10:10a.m
A5:45p.m cam 4:5s p.m
8:15a.m Monrovia 7:55 a.m
. Monrovia alOiall a.m
12:40 o.m Monrovia
5:15 p.m Monrovia 4:45 pm
7:30 a.m Santa Raroara.. .. 1 :48 p.m
2 (X) D.m l Santa Barbara i M:. r i."» p.m
a9:52a.m S.uta Ana A Anaheim 9:03 a in
5:10 p.m Santa Ana & Anaheim it;(llp,m
4:52 nm Tu.tln 8;43a.m
A9:4oa.m Whlttler 8:43 a. m
4 52p.m Whlttler Al:4spm
9:25 a.m 'Long B'ch <fc San Pedro 8:15 pm
a r.' .'iti p.m|San Pedro A Long B'ch All :sti a.m
5:00p.m Long B'ch ,t San Pedro 4:15p.m
9:3oam| SantaMonlca 8:08 am
SantaMonlca 8:50a.m
1:10 D.m j Santa Monica 12:12 p m
6:15 p.ml SintaMonlca 4:25 p.m
6:25 p.m Santa Monica
9:30a.m soldiers' Home 8;08».m
li:2sp.m .Soldiers' Home. . 4:25 p.m
9:3oam .. .Port Loa Angeles... 12:12p.m
1 110 p-mI.. .Port I/>a Anneles.. 4:25 p.m
a 4 05 p.m rChaiswonh Park. 1 AB:soa.m
J Trains start from .
I | San Fernando St. f
• (.depot only. J
sßundays only. ASundavs excepted.
Southern Pacific Company's trains connect
at San Pedro.wlth fine sfamer Falcon.
Arcade Depot. Arrive.
9.25 t..m Saturday ,
Monday 1 4:15 pin
9:25 a.m Tuesday
Wednesday j ll:sHa.m
Take Santa Monica trains from San Fernando
street, Naud'a Junction, Commercial atreet,
Arcade depot, Jefferson street. (Wlnthrop sta
tion), Grand avenue or University.
For north : Arcsde, Commurclafatreet, Naud's
Junction, San Fernando street.
For east: Arcade, Commercial street, Naud'a
For other branches: Arcsde, Commercial
atreet, Naud'a Junction, San Fernando atreet.
Local and through tiekels sold, baggage
checked, Pullrakn sleeping car reservulions
made, and general inforuiat on given upon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWI EY, Ass't Pas. Age,
No. 144 3. Spring St., cor. Becond. CHARLES
SEYLER, agent at depots.
RICH'D GRAY, Gen'l Traffic Mgr.
Qen'l Pass. Act.
Los Angeles Terminal R'y
Loa Angelea depots, east end of First atreet
and Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Los Angeles lor Leave Pasadena *for
Pssadeta. Los Angeles.
t (i:35 a m t 7:15 a.m
• 7:10a.m * 8.05 a.m
• 8:00 a.m , * 9:05 a.m
• 9:00 a.m "10:40 a.m
•11:00 a.m »12:25p.m
"12:20 p.m b 1:05 p.m
• 1:40 p.m a 1:45 p.m
• 8:00 p m • 3:05 p.m
• 4:00 p.m • 4:05 p.m
• 5:20 p.m * 5:25 p.m
• (1:20 pm * 7:05 pm
•11:15 p.m • 8:05 p.m
»11:56 p.m
Dr wncj avenue leaving time 7 mtnutea later.
cave Loa Augelea for' Leave Altadena June-
Altadeua Junction. tlon for Loa Angeles.
• 9:00 a.m »10:10a.m
•11:00 am •12:00 m
• 1:40 p.m * 2:40 p.m
• 4:00 p.m * 6:00 p.m
All trains start from First atreet depot.
Leave Los Aneelcs for Leave Glendaie for Loa
Glendale. Angelea.
t 6:40a.m t 7:26 a.m
1 8:20 am 1 9:12 a.m
•12:35 p.m * 1:30 p m
• 5:25 p.m *6:13p m
Leave Loa Angeles for Leave East San Pedro
L.mg Beach and East for
Ban Pedro. Los Angeles.
• 9:45 a.m • 7:15 a.m
t l:10p.m Jll:lsa.m
t 5:15 p.m t 3:40 p.m
1 6;00 p.m t 4:10 p.m
Between East Ban Pedro and Long Beach, 10
Trains leave Los Angeles, 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and
I:4oand 4 p.m. dally.
Fine pavilion and hotel.
Los Angeles Terminal trains connect at San
Pedro with the fine steamer Falcon,
Leave. First-street Depot Arrive.
9:45 a. m Saturday
Monday 4:45 p.m
9:45 a.m Tuesday
Wednesday 4:45 p.m
•Dally, tDally except Sundays. (Sundays
only. RExeept Saturdays. bSaturdaya only.
Stages meet the 8 a.m. and 12:20 p.m. trains
at Pasadena for Mt. Wilson ou new trail.
Paasengers leaving Los A ngeles on the 8 a. m.
train lor Wilson Peak can return same day.
On theatre nlghta tbe 11:15 p.m. train for
Pasadena will wait until 20 minutes after
theatre closes when notice is received from
theatre by tbe agent at Firat atreet that there
aro passengera for that train.
Bpecial ratea to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots eaat end First-street and Downey
avenue bridges.
City ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's cigar
store, corner First and Spring Btreota.
General offices, First-.treet depot.
T. B. BURNETT, General Manager,
Jy2 tf W. WINCUP, Gen. Passenger Ag't.
COMPANY. (Santa Fe Route.)
Trains leave and are due to arrive at Loa An
geles (La Grande station) Firat at aud Santa
Fe aye.
Leave. Los Angeles. Arrive.
, 5:15 p.m....Chicago Limited.... • 9:00 a.m
7:ooam ....Overland Express... • 6:30 p.m
8:16 a.m..San Diego Coast Line. • 1:15 p.m
• 4 40 p.m..San Diego Coast Line. • 7 00 p.m
• 7:ooam f 1 • 9;00a.m
• 9:00 a.m...Ban Bernardino.. • a m
( via Pasadoua... } t 1:30 p.m
• 4:00 p.m I * 6:30 p.m
• 5:15 p.m I J
• 7:00 a.mr Riverside vla...i t 1:30p.m
•9:00e.m J...San Bernardino.) *6:30p.m
t ti:osa.'m r ....Riverside and... i •io:lsa.m
(11:00 a.m }..6an Bernardino..) * 3:55p.m
•4:40p.m ( via Orange. ) *7:00p.m
• 7:00 a.m (Redlands, Mentonel • 9:50 a.m
• 9:00a.m I ...and Highland... t 1:30 p.m
i via V * 6:30 p.m
• 4:00 p.m 1 Pasadena
• 5:15 p,m l J
t 6:05 am (Redlands, Mentonei "10:15 a.m
tll.oOa.m .and Highlands via.) * 355 p.m
• 4:40p.m (Orange A Riverside) * 7:00p.m
• 9:00a.m (.. 1 t 7:35 am
Azuaa, Pasadeua.. ■ 8:43 a.m
• 1:30 p.u and * P:soa.m
• 4.00p.m I ....Intermediate.... ) t I:3op.ni
t 5:30 p.m Stations *4:16p.m
• 6:30 p.m
• 7:05 p. in [ J
• 7:00a.m Pasadena • 9:00 a.m
110:50 a.m Pasadena f11:59a.m
• 5:15p.m Pasadena t 1:30p.m
f 6:05 a.m Santa Ana f 8:50 a.m
• 8:15 a m Santa Ana
iv 1:50 p.m Santa Ana " 1:15 p.m
• 4:40 p.m BantaAna * 7:00p.m
• 7:52 a.m Santa Monica • 9:45 am
•10:15 a.m Santa Monica • 3:50 p.m
• 4:45 p.m Santa Monica • 6:34 p.m
•10:00 a.m Redondo * 8:29 a.m
• 4:45 p.m Redondo • 3:50 p.m
t 9:00 a.mean Jacinto v Pasadena f I 30 pm
fl 1:00 a.m San Jacinto via Orange
t 9:00 a.m Temecula via Pasadena f 1:30 p.m
tll:00a.m .Temecula via Orange
t 8.15 p.m lscondldo v Coait Line f 1:15 p.m
Trains via Pasadena line arrive at Downey
avenne station 7 minutes earlier and leave 7
minutes later.
"Daily. (Dally exoept Sunday. (Sundays
only. E. W McGEB, City Paaa AT. Agt,
129 N. Bpd »n i', , Loa Angelea, and La Grande
( oodal , Perklna & Co., General Agent*, Sea
Northern routes embrace lines for Cortland,
)re., Victoria, B. C, and Puget Bound, Alaska
lud other coast points.
art Harford.... I, 8. Corona, Feb. f>,14,33;
Hifi bar sra March 4.
'ort Lot Angeles 3, g. Santa Rosa, Feb. 1,10,
l< " port 10, 28; March 9.
■an Diego.
For - ii Los Ante Tea, Feb. 3,12,
fast Han Pedro. 21: March 2.
mi Pedro andif. S. Eureka, Feb, 8,17,26)
way pom. .! March 7.
Foi -. 8. Santa Rosa, Feb. 3,12,
21; Maroh 2.
tan Diego 8. S. corona, Feb, 7, 16,26)
March 6.
_ For— _ ~ isTVTauta Rosa, Feb, 6, 14,
:a n Francisco. 23; March 4.
'on Harlord.. 3. 8. Corona, Feb. 9, 18,27)
iantn Barb.tra I Maroh 8.
For— |3. s. Eureka, Feb. 2, 11, 20)
mi Francisco March 1.
and IS. 3. Los Angelea, Feb. 6, 15,
#ay ports, j 24: March 6.
Cars to connect with steamers Tia San Pedro
civ B. P. R. R. (Arcade depot) at 5:00 p.m.,
mn Terminal railway depot at 5;15 p. vi
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe
lepot at 10:00 a m., or from Bedondo railway
lcnot at 9:00 a.m.
cars to connect via Port Los Angelea leave
4. P R. R. depot at 1:10 p.m. for steamers
lorth bound.
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's office,
where berths may he aecured.
Tlie company reserves the right to chaage
Iheateamara or their days of Balling.
*TJBF-For passage or freight aa above, or for
tickets to aud from all important points In
Europe, apply to
W. PARR IS, Agent,
Office No. 124 W. Second at., Loa Angeles.
Oompagoic Generafe Transatlaotique
Travelers by this line avoid both travel by
English railway and the discomfort of crossing'
tlie channel In a small boat.
La Touralne, March 31.
ha Hourgogne, April 7.
' ■ Brctagne, April 14.
La champagne, April 21.
La Touraiue, April 23,
La > ourgogoe, May 5.
New York to Alexandria, Egypt, via Paris,
first.-class tf ISO, accond-c ass $11(1.
For freight or passage apply to
A. FORGET. Agent,
No. 3 Bowling Green, Now York.
J. f. FCGAZI & CO., agents, 5 Montgomery
ft'.e , San Francis;o. Branch office, 19 Mont
gomery street Ticketa for sale by all railroad
and steamship otlices.
Winter Time ('"rd No. 11.
Los Augeles Depot, corner Grand Avenue
and Jeffcrsou street.
Take Grand avenue cable or Main street anS
Agricultural Park hoi bo cara.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angelea Redondo
for Redondo for Los Angelea
9:15 a.m. 7:45 a.m.
1:35 p.m. 11:00 a.m.
5:10 p.m. 3:46 p.m.
Running urre between Los Angela* and Ke.
doudo Beach, 50 minutes.
City ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's Cleat
Store, corner First and - prlug streets.
GEO. J. AINSWORTH, President.
R. H. THOMPSON, Vloe-Preeldent.
J. N. SUTTON, Suet Bedondo Beach.
402*$* HOIFOa B4WilI
«?/ \ o Tne Traveler*
// CTfem V Paradise.
°-iy&mSS3&&V>" Splendid s'eamera
sail twice a soen'b
"SVEB v from San Frnnolao*.
Fare from San Diego, Los Annies tr tents
Barbara to Honolulu, via Pacific Cos <• »v >,
Oceanic 8. S. Companies, 1125 round trip. »/■
rail to San Franclaco and Oceaaio S. 8. i c.,
round trip $140, or for parties of flvaor maref
M. B. RICE, agent Oceanlo 8. R 00., 124 V*.
Second st. Send 10 eta. for "Hawaii," a jemnlv.
let of rare photogravures. 2-18 7t
Notice of Intention to Amend Ar
tirles of Incorporation.
ihe Intention of the hoard of trustees of St>
Paul's Protestant Episcopal church of Loa Aa.
geles city, California, a corporation, to amends,
the certi'licate of ineorportlon of said
t ion by increasing the number of vestrymen
and trustees from sevent o eleven, and by Cora
recttng certain legal informalities existing in
the said certificate; and a meeting of the mem.
hers of tbe parish aud congregation of said
church corporation is hereby called to be helot
on Tuesday, the 27th day of ".March, A.D. 1894,
being Tuesday of Easter week and tbe day
fixed by the canons of the Protestant Episco.
pal church in the diocese of California fesr
the holding of the annual meeting, at 8)
o'clock p. in., in the guild room of said
church, upon the churcn premises, on Olivai
street, between Fifth and Sixth streets, in thej
city of Los Angeleß, for the purpose of consld*
erihgand voting upon the srnendmenta pro*
posed, and, il tho amended articles shall bat
adopted and assented to, of electing eleven!
vestrymen and trustees for the ensuing year.
By order of tho hoard oi trustees.
H. T. LEE, Secretary.
Dated February 24, 1894. 2-26 31t
Proposals for School Bonds.
ors of Los Angeles, California,
denied proposals foi the purchase of a bo nil
in the amount of $500 of La Canada school
District, Los Angeles county, California, will
be received by the Board of .Supervisors of Los
Angeles county up *.o 2 o'clock p. m. of March.
The said bond to hear interest at the rate o%
8 per cent per annum, payable annually at the)
office of tho treasurer of Los Angeles county,
Said bond of $500 to he payable as follows,
to-wlt: Bond No. 1 duo on the Ist day of De»
ceiuber, 1895—5500.
Said bond will be sold for cash only, and aa
not less than par and accrued Interest.
The board reserves tho right to reject any.
ami all proposals tor the purchase of sald> :
Uv order of the Hoard of Supervisors of Losv.
Angeles county, California, passed February!
21, 1894. T. H. WARD,
County Clerk and ex officio Clerk of the Board!
of Supervisors.
By C. W. Bell, Deputy. 2-23-10t
Notice for Pnblicafion of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
lfornia, county of Los Angeles—as.
In tho matter oi the estate of Lizzie K. Fish
er, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Wednesday, tho*
28th day of February, 1894, at 10 o'clock a.nv
ofsaiddav, at the court room of this court.
Department Two thereof. In the city of Lo*
Angeles, county of Los Angeles, and atate of.
California, lias been appoluted as the time and
plai c for hearing the application of Chas. H.
Price and Wm. I- Price, praying that a docu
incut now ou tile in this court purporting to
be the last will and testament ol the said d*»
ceased, be admitted to probate, that letters
testamentary be issued thereon to Chas. H.
Price and Wm. L. Price, at which time and
place alt persons interested therein mayap.
pear and contest the same.
Dated February 10. 1894.
T. EL WARD, County Clerk.
By C. W. Blake, Deputy.
Jay K. Hunter, attorney for petitioners.
Notice for Publication of Time for-
Proving Will, Etc.
ifornla, county of Loa Angeles—sa.
Iv the matter ot the estate ot Annie) %
Pratt, deceaaed.
Notice is hereby givjn that Tuesday, the Ota I
day of Match, 1894, at 10 o'clock a. a. oil
aald day, at the court room of this coart, Dafl
pirtmeut No. 2 thereof, city of Los Aav;
geles, county of Loa Angeles, and atate of CaU
lfornia, has been appointed as the time and]
place for bearing tbe application ol Louis, Gv
Cross, pravlng tbat a document new on file In,'
this court, purporting te be the laat will and)
testament of the said deoeaaed, be admitted tatS
probate, and that letters testamentary be la><
sued thereon to said Louisa Q. Cross, at whlofa]
time and place all persons interested therein?)
may appear and com "at the tame.
Dated February 21st, 1894.
T. H. W ARD, County Clerk.
By C. W. Blake, Deputy.
Houghton, Slient A Campbell and Wells 4a
Lee, attorneys for petitioner. B-22-id,~

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