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Extended Pilgrimage of the
Tammany Tourists.
A Steamer Chartered to Convey
Them to Honolulu.
It It Alleged the Climate of New York
Got Too Hot for Thein-Png'et
Sanaa Smugglers - West
Coast New*.
By the Associated Press.
San Francisco, Marth I.—Tha Call
says it has positive information that
Richard Croker, tbe boss of Tammany
ball; Mayor Qiiroy, Thomas E. Crim
■ulna, conrt contractor; Patiick Dwyar,
police Justice; Barney O'Rourke, Jamas
J. Pbelau, dock commissioner, and W.
H. Burke, police justice, all of New
York, will arrive in San Francisco by
the Santa Fe route in a private car to
morrow. Arrangements for their hasty
departure from the country has been
made, as a vessel has been chartered
to leave presumably for Honolulu at
a moment's warning, from New York.
The Call says the atmosphere ot Naw
York, it appears, has suddenly become
very hot for these gentlemen and while
the impression has been sent abroad
tbat they are traveling ior pleasure tba
variety of crooked work which has come
to light in the recent Naw York elec
tions may have stimulated them to seek
a place where no questions are likely to
be asked.
In the Case of Wileoxon vs. the City of
San Luis Oblapo.
San Francisco, Marob 1. —The su
preme court rendered an important
decision today in the suit of Wilcozon
agalnat tha city of San Luis Obiapo.
Tbe action involved an assessment for
tbe widening of public etraeta. Wil
cozon did not object to tbe aaaesiment,
ezcept in ao far tbat it provided for the
contemplated expeme of grading and
improving property condemned to
widen. It ia now declared by
tbe supreme court that Wilcozon
waa right, and tbat under tbe act of
March 0,1891, providing for the widen
ing of etraeta, boards of superviaors can
not saddle the owneri of the condemned
property with any expense for the grad
ing and improvmant of auch property.
Chief Justice Beatty not only concurred
with bla colleague!, but in hie concur
ring opinion declared bis belief that the
legislative act of 1839 ie unconstitutional.
Tho judgment of tba lower court ia
favor oi Wilcozon was affirmed.
Contraband Coolies Drowned to Avoid
H*iu£ Captured*
Tacoma, Wuh., March 1. — It ia
claimed tbat smugglers have been ac
tively at work for coma time and tbat
they bava imported thousands of dol
lar!' worth of opium and landed hun
dreds of coolies within tha past 60 days.
A local paper publishes tba statement
that tbe smugglers, when hard pressed
by cußtom officers, have thrown their
living cargo into tbe sound, putting
chains and balls on tba coolies' legs to
insure the bodies going to tbe bottom.
The cuetoma officers are reticent about
divulging any newe pertaining to seiz
ures they make, aa the new ruling of
tbe treaiury department forbids their
doing so,
Tacoma Bank Wreckers Indicted.
Tacoma, Waab., March I.—Walker
J, Thompson, president of the Mer
chants' National bank, which failed last
July; Henry Drum, vice-president;
Samuel Collyer, caahier, and R. O.
Davis, aaaiatant caahier, wars in
die'jd by the United Statea grand
jury thia afternoon. The specific chargea
againat each one could not ba learned
though it ia known they are baaed on
transaction! in the bank within a few
daya of the time of ita failure. All tha
indicted man are prominent in social
and political circles. ,
Fair Admissions.
San Francisco, March I,—The admis
sions to the midwinter fair today ware
Judgment Rendered la Favor of tha
Stanford Estate.
San Francisco, March B.—The Leiand
Stanford eetate has won a judgment in
the suit over tbe famous trotter Hinda
Bote, but it was a close call. Judge
Seawall decided the claim to her of W.
A. B. Loose was barred by
the statute of limitations. Mr.
Loose placed the mare Beautiful
Bella to pasture at Palo Alto some 15
years ago. Stanford became smitten
with her form and bought her of Looae.
While the negotiations ware pending
ehe bore Hinda Boae. Loose claimed
tbat be did not sell the filly
with tbe mare. Hinda Boae sub
sequently broke tbe world'a rec
ord and became very valuable,
Looae sued for her return, or $50,000,
and $25,000 damages. Stanford left evi
dence to show tbat he never had the
slightest doubt tbat Hinda Bose belonged
to bis stable. The Palo Alto trainera
alee gave testimony that there waa na
queation of tbeaale; one of them testi
fied that Looae had once called on
Stanford and aaked the latter to be
good enough to allow him a bonus on
the eale, because the filly had turned
out auch a valuable purchase. Stanford
replied tbat be did not do bueinesa in
that way; that ha had bought a
good many- race - horaea and bad
been occasionally deceived, yet in no
Buch caae did the seller ever offer to re
turn him part of bis money because he
had made a poor bargain.
A Dead Army Officer.
Louisville, Ky., Maroh 1. —Lisut.
Cbarlea A. Churchill of the United
States army, died at his home in this
cRy today.
Very Queer.
Are the sensations experienced by the ner
vous and dyspeptic Unaccountable palpi
tatiou, buzzing in the ears, flushing ol one lied
of the face, odd taste and tingling in the
mouth, constant restlessness, stinging In the
gullet and sinking in the stomach, aoute
aensltvloness to slight sounds that magnifies
them tenfold, low spirits—these are only a few
of the charming experlenca ol the individual
who suffers from combined nervousness aud
iudigcstlon—a team that usually travel to
geaiher. Their gay and festive career is, how
ever, brought to a full stop by that greatest of
stomachics, Hostetter'a Stomach Bitters,
which also overcomes their allies—consti
pation and biliousness. This popular remedy
fortifies those who ate it against malaria
chronic rheumatism ana kidney ceanplalnt,
resMrn not ri '« quietude and promotes ae
pttlte, rig.; ana sleep.
For tha blunt Team Knee at San
The committee appointed by tbe Los
Angelea wheelmen to raise a fund to
train the club team for tbe 25-mlle team
race for the challenge oup at tbe League
of American Wheelman meet at San
Diego next May, are meeting with fair
eucceaa. By the and of next week they
expect to have funds enough to put the
team into training.
Tha team will probably consist of
Emil Ulbricht. William Jenkins, Thos.
McAleer and Phil Kitchen. A stronger
quartette would be bard to find in the
There is some talk of the Athletic
club sanding a team to the bay'nclimate
city to contest for the cup. There is no
reason why they should not. They
have any number of good men to pick
from, as all of tbe principal riders of
tbis oity are members of the clnb.
With such men as Dave Burke, Will
Burke, Joe Long, Fred Holhrook, Fay
Stephenson, and a score of others, there
ia no reason why they could not send a
team that would be up with the win
At a meeting of the consuls of the
leagna bald in tbis olty a few days ago,
It was decided to have four men in tbe
team, instead of three, as first intended.
This decision seems to give satisfaction
to all concerned, as it will make the
teams more evenly matched.
The wheelmen are beginning to go
into active training for tbe East Side
road race, to ba held next month. This
will be a very interesting race. The
course is so arranged tbat the spectators
can see both start and finish. The dis
tance is about B<2 miles.
Through Such a Scheme F. D. Wil
son Bay* He Was Cheated
Oct of a Team ot
A complaint haa bean filed in tha
police oourt charging Charlaa Mine
bardt, Mra. Minebardt, C. Ricker and
P. Terry with having obtained a pair oi
Shetland poniea under false pretense.
The complaint ii sworn to by F. D. Wil
Wileon charges that, aa he waa driv
ing paat Minehardt'a livery stable on
North Loa Angelea atreet, ha was atop*
pad by Minebardt, wbo informed him
that Mra. Hart, a rich widow, wanted
just each a team oi poniei as he waa
driving. As Wilson waa desirous of
selling, ha and Minehardt visited the
lady. She offered an apparently tine
team of bay horses (or the ponies, say
ing that be could sell tha horses to a
man named O. Rickey ior $185.
Rlckar, being present at tbe time
wben Wilson drove up, corroborated
Minehardt'a etory, and aaid he waa de
airoua of buying Mra. Hart's team but
tbat aha would dispone of it for only
Shetland poniea.
Tba trade with tha woman wae made
and Minehardt and Wileon returned to
tha stable to sail the baya to Rieker,
who declined to lieten to Mr. Wilson.
On inveatigation ha found, ao be al
lege!, that tbe "wealthy Mrs. Hart"
was Minehardt'! wife. He at once saw
that be was awindled, ao be swore to
a complaint.
Wilson haa just now a civil suit against
Minebardt, who, with the others men
tioned in the complaint, will now have
more trouble to deal with.
A Beven-Tear-Old'a Exploits at Klst
Elsinore Press: Tbat neglect of chil
dren results in their ruin ia true, ia
clearly demonstrated in our little city.
What can a parent expect hia children
to come to who leavea them to ehift for
themselves, not knowing whether their
temporal wants are aupplied, much leaa
paying any attention to their moral and
intellectual training?
A little 7-year-old son of Al Jepson
broke into the store of Macy & Go. last
Sunday, and when found,had hia pockets
filled with chewing gum, candy, knivaa,
etc., and was under the counter trying
to kindle a fire, and had ha not been
discovered just at tbat moment, no
doubt several busineaa houses would
have been destroyed. Tbia is by no
means the firat offense tbe little offender
haa been guilty of, and if not taken into
tbe custody of some one, it will not be
tha laat. The people hare will not take
any more chances of being burned out.
Unless the father of the boy takea care
of bis children, and especially of thia
little fallow, they will take atepa to
secure themselves against any further
danger of having tbsir property de
F. P. Murphy, F, Campbell, James Bruer, H,
K. Child*, P. J, Burrousns, C. M. Martin, D. A.
Wllklns, Mr. and Mrs. A, J. Wilson, J. Barrett.
J. R. Eraser, Sau Franciaoo; G. J. Weber, J. H.
Dickey. F. C. King, Kansas Olty; Mrs. O. C.
Metoalf. Riverside; Mr. and Mrs. F. Toepler.
Milwaukee; W. F. Nichols, Santa Barbara; F.
R. Hart, Burlington, vt.; M. v McCormack,
Grand Forks, N. D.; W. J. Mooney, Langdon,N.
D. ; W. L Denslow, Weat&eld, Mass.; P. F. Naa
terling, St. Louis; P. 8. Whitney, Bttrllugton:
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Reluka, Covington, Ky.; J.
W. Yost, Columbus, O ; Miss M. McNeill, On
tario; Mrs. M. r. Phllbrook, El Paso; J. A. Car
son, Mr. and Mrs. 11. Lord, O. W. Lord, Boston;
W. A. Plggott, Albuquerque; J. W. Bell. Poola,
Kan.; N. D. Garstou, Redlands; T. McHeury,
Milwaukee: C. R. Bean, Alhambra; 0. J.
Dougherty, Ban Diego: J. B. Fletcher, St. Al
bans, Vt.; J. W. Toblln, Arapahoe, Neb.; Rev.
P. Perrln, Winona, Minn.; R. Garvey, San Die
go: Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Worth, Idaho Springs,
Co)o.;C. E. Dallyn, w. L. Hughson.C. R. Lloyd,
E. W. Qlatsman, X. W. Run you, H. A. Van Ar
man.A. Gruhu, J. Wortboimer, W. H. Camer
on, X. B, Mcpherson, O. H. Conaught, A. Bull,
Mr. and Mra. R. W. Harkina.O. Bolrtmau, H. H.
Schacken, San Francisco; Miaa X McCullough,
Miaa Agnes Murphy, Dubuqne, Iowa;
F. H. Missoula, Moat.; W. M. Larrabee, Wan
pun, Wis.; H. F. Knowles, Riverside; J. P.
Vogel, Mrs. J. O. Vogel, Rochester, N. V.; F. W.
Bums, Fort Fairfield, Mex.; R. B. Burns, Wil
liams, Aria; Mrs. H. 0. RelnaU, Minneapolis;
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Henry, Colambns; E. H.
Meek, Milwaukee; Mrs. J. J. Ball, Granite,
Colo.; Mrs. J. H. Cole, Buena Vista, Colo.;
Mrs. K. <K. Lonabough, Sheridan, Wyo.; 0. O.
Monroe, Monrovia; Mra W. H. Baldridge, Bs
eondido; L. w. Foster, Montana.
Frank H. Meniten, San Francisco; Reuben
Thorn. Riverside; 8. H. Chllson, Frazer Mine;
I. L Halbery' East Highlands; Mrs. A. I. Buok
ley and nepnew.SL Louis; B. D. Wella, Arling
ton Place; W. C. Downing, Wilmington; B. A.
Packard, Arizona; 1.1. Rucker, San Francisco;
0,0. Duncan, Washington, D. 0.; E. T. Gagert,
Chicago; Ed Ftckwirth, Puente; John Whit
ing, Orange; R. Welden, Ban Diego; 0. 0.
Grove, L V. Mills, city; E. E. Dodds,
Ventura; I Y. Dodds. I. L. Edwards, Ventura;
X. O. Seymour, San Bernardino; W. O. Brown,
Redondo; Geo. Young, Anthony Herman.Chas.
Roebdlng, Orange; 1.8. Hall, Ontario; Francis
Nolan, Wexford, Ireland; R. I. Wend worth,
Chicago; G. P. Looa, olty; Arnold Aaron, Nee
dles; Chea Ferguson and family, Presda; 0. 0.
Doyen, Whatcom, Waat.; L F. Lauth, Chioago;
Mr. andMr.Emll Bel bach, Wilmington; P.W.
Strong, F.. Marshall, Canada: B. F. Chllson,
irazer Mine: Mr. and Mrs. A. V.
de Toro, Palms; P. Welaal, Anaheim;
Mr and Mrs. L. A. Jennings, Newcaatle, Ind.;
John H. Rippy Wm. b. Barlow, city; Ed H.
Smith, Ventura; H. C. Fraiar, nan Franciaoo:
CL W. Zjobreg, Santa Monica: t. *. Sloaola.
r.t.Lpu!s;V iSWsaon, D. MoDonald. city: L
l-w1 wards, X. X. Dsn aids. I. S. Donalds, Yen-
Stoca Bsehansre Review.
Naw Yokk, March I.—On Wall atreet today
the market after weak opening developed somo
strength, and the general tendency throughout
wss for higher prices. Al the close the tone wm
buoyant, and compared with ye terday'e clos
ing sales final prices showed advances from %
to 3 per rent. Lead, preferred, fell 1 per cent.
Government bonds closed firm.
New York, March I—Money on call. easy, at
1 per cent; last loan, I pec ceut; oloasd at 1 per
Prime mercantile pspor- 3(35' J per cent.
Sterling exchange,- Du'l, witn actual bnai
nesa In bankers' bills at *4.88454.H5U lor de
mand; *4.HiiV44 -:<> \ for I)odaya.
Ban Francisco, March 1.-Sight drafts, -.">:■;
telegraphic, 30c.
New York, March I—Closing quotations were
as follows:
<•• B. st, reg. IITM Canadian Pacific. Cfi%
do ss, c0up0n..11792 Canada Sonthern.
do 4a,reg 111! \ Chicago (las 04%
do 4s, coupon . 113K Cotton Oil 27
do 2i, reg 00 Distillers 24H
Pacific tls 102 Kan. A Texas pld. 24\,
Atchison U\ Lake Shore 1275„
Burlington 78), Lead Trust 27V*
Central Paelflo. . 13<, Illinois central... 8T
Northern Pacific. *% rt. Wayne 150
doprel'd Mo. Faclfio 23J H
Norihwestsrn 104' i Nat'l Cordage 1613
doprsf'd 140 doptd 30) i
Nurth American.. 4 Oregon Imp 114
N. Y. Uentrrl .... 00} e do Short Line. 7
UregonNav 20 Pullman Palace .IUBI4
Pacific Mall 17 Reading 22
ltlo Grande p1d.... 30 Richmond Ter ..
St. Paul & Omaha 371* RioGrandeWesfn 14J.j
do pld lis oo pld 42
o'tNorthernpld..lol! a do first* 68!,;
Texas Pacific 8 !„n. Paul 60J. a
Onion Pacillo 18J-„ Rock Island
Wells Fargo 120 n. S. Express 50
Western Onion... 811 lien, glectric. 41Ji
Bugar Trust 85 Linsoed Oil 19
American Bx 112
Boston, March 1.-Closing quotations are as
Atchlaon 12K Mexican Central. 6%
Bell Telephone. .108 j«an olego 7
Burlington 78 : 1,J
New York, March I.—Mining share* closed
as lollows:
Chollar. 45 Plymouth 20
Crown Point 50 Sierra Nevada.... 1.00
Con. Cal. A V*... 3.00 Standard 90
Deadwood 1.00 Onion con 75
Gould & Curry... .60 Yellow Jacket... .70
Uale A Norcrots.. .dO Iron Silver 10
Homestake 10.50 Qnloksllver 2.75
Mexican 1 20 Qalckßllver pfd . 15.50
Ontario.. 650 Bulwer „.. .05
Ophir 2.001
Ban Francisco, March I—Following are clos
ing prices:
Belcher 85 Potoai, 1.00
Best & Belcher... 2.15 ophlr
Chollar 85 Savage 75
Con. Va 4.10 Sierra Nevada.... 1.30
Confidence 1.50 Onion Con 35
Gould iOurry 85 Yellow Jacket 85
Ilale ANorcros*.. .65
Silver Bullion.
San FRAN-cisco.March I.—Silver bars, 60®
60! go ocr ounce.
Mexican dollars—so V«sr,'.
New Yobk, March I.—Silver bars—6oo per
Mexican dollars—49c.
London, March I.—Silver bars, 275»d per
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, March I.—Wheat, moderate busi
ness. The market opened lie higher but lost
advance; rallied l%c on banter oar lea, larger
exports aud estimates that stocks lv country
are 811,000,000 bushels less than last year;
eased off; closed steady and %<s higher
than yesterday.
Receipts were 28,000 bushels; shipments,
21,000 bushels.
Closing '[notations: Wheat, steady; cash,
08',c; May, '
Cora—Firm; cash. 84Ki May, ;«;>,-.
Oats—steady; cash, Sue; May, 20!4'0,
Timothy- -$4.15.
The following quotations from the Chicago
board of trade are furnished by lie Van & Rut
ledge, brokers, loom 33 Brysou block, Los An
Cash. May. July.
Cnenlng 57W 59% 61%
16.00 a. m 57% 60',, 62
10:30 a. m 58 60. «•«,
11:00 a m b&U 60*2 62k*
12,06 m 58M 602 62%
12:30 p. m b%% 605 62J,
1:15, close, ..-•» 62
Wheat opened It e hisoer; advanced 1 ■?,(•, de
clined ! 4 c, and closed %0 higher than yesterday.
Cash. May.
Opening 34« 36k
10:00 a. m „ 34V 36«2
10:30 m 34)5 36?,
12:00 p. m S4'* 8«k
1:15 p.m 34?« 36U
July corn 37%®3US
Tbe past month haa shown the commence
ment of a new era la wheat prices. Wheat at
laat appears to have reached the bottom, and
has already gained 3c per bu.hel. The situa
tion In wheat is most peculiar. With a visible
supply of 77,000,000 bushels. 25,000,000 ol
which are in store in Chicago, there ia no cash
wheat for sale, Owners prefer to carry to May,
The situation Is moie bullish.
San Fbancisco, March I.—Wheat Irregular;
May, 51.07; December. $1.12.
Barley-Easy; May, 76c; December, 84%.
Corn- 91.00.
LivEBPOOL,March I.—Wheat: California No. 1,
closed at s«[email protected]; No. 2 red winter, 4s
I'-d«Ss. The market was steady. Holders offer
Qarn—Mixed western closed at 3s 3; 2 d. The
market was easy. Demand poor.
San Francisco Produce Market.
Ban Fbancisco, March I.—The vegetable mar
ket was unchanged.
Potatoes are weaker.
Onions are firm.
The market for fresh fruit is quiet, and re
ceipts of oranges heavy. Prices are steady.
Apples are very dull.
Limes Are weak.
The butter market continues to shade oft.
Eggs are firm.
Cheese is steady.
The poultry market is strong at quotations;
arrivals of eaatern heavy.
Game season ended today.
General Markets.
New York, March I.—Hops, dull; state, com
mon to choice, 15922 - Pacific coast, [email protected]
Copper—Dull; lake, $9.02%.
Lead—Firm; domestic, 93. iO.
Tin—Easier, straita,slß.7s asked.
Ooflee—Options opened unchanged to 10 up;
ruled exceptionally dull to 2:45 p.m.; became
active, and the market closed firm at 5 to 15
advance. Sales were t>£so bags, including
March at $15.35: April at 915.50; May at
[email protected] Spot Bio closed steady; No. 7
Hugar—Raw closed steady; fair refining at
2 13-38 c. Refined closed fairly active and
Chicago Stock Market.
Chicago, Maroh 1. —Cattle: Receipts were
9500 head. Native steers, $3.20(1*4.70; Tex
ans, $2.5503.60; Blockers, $3 10(43 21. The
market closed a trifle higher.
Hogs—Receipts were 37,000 head. Rough
heavy, $4.60(94.80; heavy packers', $4.90(3
5 05: prime heavy and butchers' weight ,
$5.05915.10: assorted lights, $5.1085.20. The
market closed active aud 10c lower.
Sheen—Receipts were 11 000 head. Natives,
[email protected]; westerns, [email protected] The mar
ket closed alow and unchanged.
Dried and Salt Meats.
Chicago, March I.—Park, easy; cash,
$11.87%; July. $12.02%.
Lard-Baay; May, $7.00; July, $6.92%.
Ribs—Basy; May,s6.ls; July, $6.15.
Short [email protected]%.
Bhouldar»[email protected]
Naw York, March L—Wool, qulst; domestic
fleece, [email protected]; pulled, 20®260; Texas, io/<«
New Yorx, March 1— Petroleum closed act
lye; April at [email protected]%c.
Chicago, March 1.-Whisky closed at $1.15.
Grain and Mill Staff..
Barley—For oental, [email protected]
Cork—Fer cental, $1.00.
Wheat—Per cental, $1.16.
JfLoim—Local extra family, per bbl.. 83 40
--northern and eaatern, $3.76. * '
Kill Feed—Bran, per ton, $21; shorts, $23:
mixed feed (corn and barley), per cwt., $100'
cracked corn, $1.05; iced meal, $1.10; roiled
barley, 80c.
Dairy ProduoU.
Butter—Fancy California creamery, per
r £ U ( l X lU) \ 80*52)4C; do. in tabs, per lb, 27*0
28c; Fancy dairy, p.r roll (lfilta) 4JSok47Wo;
choice, SSV*O3; lair. 30©35 c +*tf<*°.
CJUtßss -CaUfornla bafl cream, per lb, 10*»
lie; do. full cream, 14c; Young America, 15c:
small. (3 lb. band). 18c, eaat>rn full cream. 15
(caiOc; domettlo Swiss, oli, 18'*)20c; new, 15ft,
18o; Imported 8wl««, 2S'*:sic; r.imburgdr, do
mestic, 14(A15c; lmportid, 180420 c
II Ay- Rax, local smoked, per lb. I2',c: Cor
cob. i:i' 2 e;Tßonele»*. lOi ; Picnic. N'^c.
Bacon—Rax, boneless breaklasi, per lb.,
12',c; Defiance, 10)4; other grades, 10f$10: a c.
Dried BEEF—sets, per lb.,ll>,c;insldns.l2 l / ic.
Day Salt Pork—Bellies, clear, per lb., B v ;
Short clears, B},c.
Pin Poaa—Mull barrels, 9* 50.
Lard—Tierces, Ivory compound, per lb.,
7V»o; Rax pure leaf. 9^c.
Dried Fruit.
Apples—bun-dried, sacka, per lb, 7(98(1;
boxes, per lb., [email protected]; evapomtod, fancy, 12c.
Apricot,—Fancy, pel lb., 110412;* c: choice.
Teaches—Fancy, unpeeled, 7w,9c; peeled, 14
Prunes—Choice, boxes, per lh„ 7"4Se ; sacks
5 c fancy, 9(*l<>o.
fresh Frnits.
Apples—Per box, 91.75(92 00.
8a vanas -Per bunob, 92.0004Z.25.
Lkmows—Cured, per box, 91.75002.00; un
cured, 91.00(91 25.
Oranush—Navols, jier box, V- .00042,50; seed-
Hugs, 91.25(42,25.
Almonds—Paper shell, per lb., 160417 c; soft
Shell, 14X9ISc: hard shell, 100411 c.
PEANDT»-«Callfornla, raw. p»r lb, s<a>6c:
roasted, [email protected]; eaatern, raw, 6(<47c; roasted,
[email protected]
Bean., Potatoes, Onions, Ktc.
Beans—Per 100 lbs., blackeved, $2 00642.25:
pink, 92.25; Lima, 92 50042.00; navy. 9i.25((0
2.50; small white, 92.65(32.75.
Beets —Per 100 Ibe., 76c.
Cabbahe -Per 100 lb'„ 500470 c.
Carrots—Per 100 lbs.. 50c.
Onions -Per 100 lb*., 9- "0.
PARSNIPB-Per 100 lbs., 91.00.
PoTAToaa—Per 100 lbs., 75c391-10.
Turnips—Per 100 lbs., 75c.
Cauliflower—Per doz , COc.
Cilery—Per dot. bunches, tJOo.
Chilis—Dry, per lb., 20c; green, 5c
Garlic—Per lb., :>< t •
Lettuce—Per do«., 15c.
. Onions—Oroen, per doz. hunches, 20c.
Radishes—Per doz. bunches. 20c.
Spinach—Per doz. bunchas, 20c.
Poultry aud Egg*.
Poultry—Per doz, hens, 95.00(95.50: old
roosters, 91.50(95.00; young rooiters, 9:1.5000
4.0O; broilers, 92.50Va)3.00. turkejn, per lb,, 13
((415c; ducks, per doz., 96.00ftt(i.00; geese, per
head, 91.00.
Haas—California ranch, 140415 c per doz,
Preah Afeat*.
Wholesale butchers' prloes (or whole car
Beef—First quality, second, 4U(9
4 V third, i
Veal—Range, heavy, 4V<5,,c do, light,
dairy. o<*(97c.
Mutton — spring lamb, , e>7'...-.
Poke.— &@*!4c
Honey and Beeswax.
Honey—Comb, per lb., l0912}jo; extracted,
Beeswax—Per lb, 21C«250.
Thdbsday. Uarcli 1, 1894.
A W Rhode, et ux to Q H Barker—U to ft ol
lob 32, R v Wooster's sub of lot 4. blk H, San
Pasqual tract, Pasadena; $1000.
Rharer et ux to X Super—Lot, 14 and 18,
blk B, Firey, French & Rhorer tub of S 20 acs
01 Burbank tract; 91 no.
F A Gibson and Pacific Mutual I lie Insurance
Co to J H Keeloy—Lola 189 and 1(10, Odder &
Dow'ssubol Bnswalter tract: |10
J A Donnoll to Loa Angeles Terminal Rail
way—Strip of land 25 It wide oft N end of lot 5
and E>4 ol lot 6, blk 2, Garv*nza; $5.
San Gabriel Valley Bank to J Uriest-Blk 9,
La Verne tract.
I Downey to B Bowney—Lot 17, blk A, J G
Downey tract; 91-
Same to A Mcllroy-Lot 18, blk A, J 0 Dow
ney tract; 91.
■I Hart et ux to J Qutzon Borglnm—Lot* 62,
63, 66 and 67, Hart'a autl of W of lot 4,
Sierra Madre tract; 91300.
A H Wood ot ux to J 8 Simps™— Lots 16 and
17, blk 5, Grcenwell tract; 91500.
IH Gray et ux to V Berrl— Lots 10 and 26 to
29, b k 2, Ivanboe; 95.
L F Qulmby et al to county of Los Anireles—
Strip of land 40 feet wide running through sec
19, T 2 8, R 13 IV; 91.
F M Holmes to A rttalder—Und \ ' t of lot 2, sec
12, T3H, Rl6 W; 9300.
M C MoGrew et ux to A L V .'.din—Lot 6,
Wallace Brothers & Keyea' sub, Pasadena;
J Justice et ux to R A Meredith—E>< of B%'A
of sE'.i of sec 3 T 1 S X 10 W; 9336.
Roaedale Cc» Aaan to M Vorwerk—Lot 83 blk
D, Roaedale cem; 9200.
F A Flbson to C Cordell—Lot 94, Clark at Bry
an: 9350.
M B Charles et con to 8 W Tate—Lot 71,
Watts' sub of part of Ro San Rafael; 94500
J Murray to F Braash—Lot 25 blk 5, L A Imp
Co's sub of part of lot 8 blk 39, H S; 93500.
F Braaaeto J Murray—Part lot 48, McDonald
tract; 91500.
F W de Bhepherd to M M Mitchell—Lot 52,
blk 10, Wollaklll Orchard tract; 910.
In re estate of L C Sexton—Final distribu
1 Haasketi to F Mora—Lot 13, Mills aubd of
lot 41. DeCelis tract; 92650.
C Q Harrison et ux to F Mora—Lot 13, same
tract; 92650.
.1 W Anderson et al to J W Anderson-34, 53,
56, 57, 89, 91, 92, 93 and part of lot* A and B,
M L Wicks' subd of lot* 304 and 305, South &
Porter tracts, X part of Germain & Archibald
tracts and part of Kercheval tract; 95.
L Bobanuan to C C fionhamtan—s acies oi
land in sec 11, T I 8, R 10 W: 950.
R McKeo to N H Gleason—Lots 1. 19, 22, 23,
35, 36, 44. 45. 52, 55, 61, 64, 18, 47, Turhlll &
GUason's subd of lot 4, Orange Slope tract; 91.
ABrachtet ux '0 C Roberts—Lot 44, blk 7.
Foot Htll tract: 925 a
E Newton to L B Liakletter— Lot 16, blk 1,
Urmstou tract; 9500.
R H W Llndeamlth et con to H Wilcox—WW
of IH of lot 158, re-aubd of E12.000 acres of
ot Ro ex-Mi*slon de San Fernando; 95.
W Stewardaon et ux to J J Phelps—Lot 31,
Kincaid tract; 9850.
T C Natlvel to G A Desenfaut—Lot 8, b'k 5,
sub of Aamllton tract, East Los Angelea; 930 3.
R J Otllelen to I Elder—Lot 16, Rubier tract;
R J Qlllelen to I Elder—lot 15, Ruhler tract;
1 D Bioknell to P Davidge— Lot 6, blk G,
Flanagan'a sub of Orange Slope tract; 975.
J McQullklu et ux to A A Hubbard—Lots 1,
2 and 3, McQullkin's replrt of lota 6,7, 8, 9 and
10, Contreras <fc Baye's sub; 91800.
F W de Shepherd to J W Bervlsa—Lot 28! blk
24, Wolttklll Orchard tract; 9380.
H Ljernlund to H A V Schultz—Lots 21 and
22 block 86, Long Beach; 8)400.
X H Clapp to A L Walters—Property In sec 25
T 1 8 R 14 W; Sl3.
Churoh Extension Society to 0 S Bond—Lot
10 blk 10, Gleadale.
D Houser to M O Johnsog—9.o2 acres sec 12
T 1 8 R 9 and 10 W; 91.
J U Preston to J P England—Lots 1, 4, 5, 6,7,
10,11, 12, 13 blk 16; also blks 17 aud 18,
Highland View trt; 92560.
J Dustln to W Noble—Lot 6 blk 22, Whittier:
A L Scott to J V Bcott—Lot 8 blk 20, lots 12,
13, 26 blk 24. lota 21 and 22 blk 18; 910.
J E Plater et ux to L T Garnsey—Land con
veyed from F E Garn«ey to J E Plater December
Deed, 52
Nominal. 24
Total 931,076.20
Note.—Figures separated by a dash Indicate
page and number of bock of miscellaneous
Combined with Sulphate of Hydrastis,
Nervousness, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite,
Debility and a low condition of the Bystem
will be promptly relieved and cured by its use.
Invaluable for overworked business men and
weak, nervous women. Pleasant, prompt and
efficient. 190 doses si. Get the genuine; man.
ufaotared only by Taylor & Myers Pharmacy
Co., St. Paul, Minn.
l-oa Angeles agents, H, M. BALE & SON. 220
& Spring st. 4-1 ly
Wines, Lipors and Cigars
Telephone 187. 10-25
NEAR HitoT. TUB. 043. 7-15 1
This extraordinary Rejuvenator is the most
wonderful discovery oi Ibe »ge. It hu been
endorsed byttoleam^
Constipation, Dizziness, Falling Sensations,
Nervous Twitching of tbe eyes and other parts.
Strengthens, Invigorates and tones th* entire
Bystem. Hudyan cures Debility, Nervousness,
Emissions, and develnpes and restores wealt
organs. Pains in the back, losses by day oi
night are stopped quickly. Over 2,000 private
endorsements. * —. • *
Prematureness means lmpotency in tho first
stage. It is a symptomof seminal weaknessand
barrenness, it can be stopped iv 20 days by the
use of Hudyan. -ma-
The new discovery was made by the Special
ists of the old famous Hudson Medical Insti
tute. It is the strongest vitalize* mode. It is
very powerful, but harmless. Sold for Sl.OO a
package or 6 packages lor 55.n0 (plain scaled
boxes). Written guarantee given tor a cure. If
you buy six boxes and are not entirely cured,
six more will bo sent to you free of all charges.
Send for circulars end testimonials. Address
DR. WONG HIM, who has practiced mcdi
cine in Lot Angeles for 19 years, and
whose ofilce is at 839 Upper Main stivet, will
treat by medicines all diseaset of women, men
and children. Tie doctor claims that he hat
remedies that are sup rlor to all others as a
specific for troubles of women and men. A
trial alone will convince the sick that Dr.
Wong Mini's remt dies are more efficacious than
can be prescribed. Or. Wong film Is a Chinese
physician of prominence and a gentleman of
responsibility. His reputation is more than
well established, and all persons needing Lis
services can ieiy upon hia skill and ability. A
cure is guaranteed iv every case in which a re
covery is possib.e. Herb medicines for sale.
639 Upper Main Street, Los Angeles.
Los Angklks, CaL, June 17,1889.
To the Public: I have been sußering with
piles and kidney trouble for over five years,
and have tried several remedies, but all failed
to relieve me. A short time since I tried Dr.
Wong Him, 639 Upper Main atreet, and lam
now well and t :rong. and consider him a first
class doctor. Yours truly,
235 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, Cal,
Los Angeles, June 9,1893.
To the Public: For over five years I have
been troubled with nervous siekheadache and
liver complaint I didn't seem to find any help
from the many doctors and medicines tbat I
tried until I tried Dr. Woug Him, 63!> Upper
Main street lam now well. Yours truly.
48 Hlnton aye., Los Angeles, Oal.
CAUTION.—If a dealer offers VV. L.
Douglas Shoes at a reduced price, or says
he has them without name stamped on
bottom, pat bim down as a fraud.
W.L. Douglas
90 On Win THE WORLD.
W. Ij. DOUGLAS Shnes are stylish, easy fit
ting:, and £> ye better satisfaction at the prices ad
vertised than any other make. Try one pair and
he convinced. The stamping of W. I„. Douglas*
name and price on the bottom, which guarantees
their value, saves thousands of dollars annually
to those v. ho wear them. Dealers who push tlie
sale of W. L. Douglas Shoes gain customers,
which helps to increase tlie sales on their full line
of goods. They can afford to sell at a less profit,
and we believe you can save money by buying- all
your footwear of the dealer advertised below.
Catalogue free upon application. Address,
W. Ij. DOUGLAS, Brockton, MkǤ, Sold by
Himiohaittti Shoe Hoais, 139 W. Firat
L. W. Oodln, 104 N. Spring st.
Roohoitsr Shoe rttor«, 105 N. Sprlnsr st.
iOWsP^HH 628 Kearße * st «
Ot\ Cons* ef Comments!,
HB San Francisco, Cal. E»
■BHraHHtatlliiaAd in is&4, tot
SnHMBDHH treatment ot Sexual an 4
■ XWBMdaalsal diseases, snob
SnMHtßHslti Oonerrbea, Qleat,
syphilis la
ltd (eras. Seminal
Weakness, Iso potency an* Lost Manhood per
manently cured. The slogjm#amtcted she alt
not fall to call uaoa kite. The Doctor has bra*,
eled extensively ia luwj an din spec tea the*
onghly tbe various heoljala there, obtaining
a great deal ot valuable lalermatlon, watch helj
competent to impart t* tkasw la aeed of hi, tag.
vieoa The Dector euros where others falL
Try him. BR. BIBEOI4 Will make no cbarge
unless ke effect; a Ma f«»»ns at a dlaUnoe
CURES AT HOME. All commanloatioal
strictly oonfidsatlal. All letter, answered la
•via envelop**, Call or write. Address
* W DR. *. ». GIBBON.
Sults7, Baa Franolsee CaL
lAuttoa Lea Annate* liiam. lE-It 1»
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Eta*
UT, 11* and 121 Banth La, AJujAjiW
Druggist & Chemist,
222 N. Main St., Lm Angela*.
rrasortatUa* earelaii/ 1 «i»ea***«
gus-ht. *sfn
Southern Pacific Cup,
FEBRUARY 86, 1494.
Trains leave and are dne to arrive at
Fifth itreet, dally, as lollow.:
Leave lor I destination. I Arrive.
2:Oop.mß«n Fran. A Sarram'tnj 7:30 <.m
7:45 p.m San Fran. * B*cram'to 1:48 p.m
2 00 p m . den A Fast. 2d c ■■■ 7:30a.m
7:45 p,m Ogden ,t East. Ist cla*< 148 p.m
7:45p.m| Portland.Or 7::io>tm
8:30am|....El Paaoand East . 7:00r.m
8:30a.m(... Demlng aud East. 7\HI p.rn
8:30 a.at I Banning 7:00 pm
L. Redlands ni.il a m
- ■■>*■• Bedla da Al0:10am
10:30 a m Redlands 1 1:58 p m
4:30 pm: Redlands i 7:i>op.m
Colton. I 5».21 a.in
8:30 a.m Colton ! kl0:10 a.m
10:30 s.m Colwn 4:58 p.in
4:30p.m; Colton 7Oop.ni
Riverside *f 21 a.m
s goa.ml Riverside Al0:10am
10:30 a.m Riverside 4:58 p.m
4:RO p.at| Riverside 7:00 ...m
! San Bernardino sßlal a m
>-:30a.m| . San Bernardino a 10:10 a m
10 111 l n.mi Ban Bernardino 4:.".s p.m
4:30p.m! ...San Bernardino 7 00 p.m
Chino AB:soa.iu
B:>oa.m Chluo a.m
4:30 p.m Chino AlOUOa.m
A»:45 p.fla| Chino. 4:58 p.m
8:l5«.m Monrovia 7:55 a.m
Monrovia llO:2J a.m
j2:40 p.m .Monrovia
5:15 p.m Monrovia 4:4^pm
7:30 ...ui Santa Rarnara 1:48 p.m
2:00 p.m Santa Batbara M:risp.m
a 9:52 a m Stnta Ana & Anaheim ll:03 a m
5:10 p.m Santa An* <fc Anaheim *l;0lf.m
4:52p.m Tustln S;43a.m
Af»:4o a.m Whlttler 8:43 a m
4 52 p.m Whlttler Al:4spro
9:25 a.m LongH'cb ABan Pedro 8:15 p.m
A 12:50 p.m Ban Pedro A Long B'ch All :58 a m
5-00 p.m Long B'ch Si Pan Pedro 4:15 p.m
9:30 am BantaMnniia 8:08 am
Santa Monle* 8:50 a.m
1:10 p.m SantaMonlca..... 12:12 pin
5:15 p.ml S'ntaMnnlcs 4:25 p.m
6:25 p.ml Santa Monica
9:3oa.nn Soldier*' Home 8;08 s.m
6:25 p.m ..Soldiers'Home. . 4:25 p.
9:30 am . ..Pert lah Angeles.. 12:12 p.m
1:10 n.m ....Port Lo* Anr«lu*.. 4:26 p.m
Al 0"i p.m (Chaisworth Park. 1 AB.floa.rn
J Trains start from ,
■ San Farnando it.
I. depot only. J
aSunday* only. ASundava excepted.
Southern Pacific Company's trains connect
at San Pedro with fine steamer Falcon.
Leave. Arcade Depot. Arrive.
Monday 4:15 p.m
9:25 p.m Tuesday
Wednesday 11:56 a.m
9:25 s.m Thurfday
Friday 11:56 a.m
9:25 *.m Saturday
Take Santa Monica trains from Sari Fernando
street, Naud'a Junction, Commercial street,
Arcade depot, Jefferson street (Wlnthrop sta
tion), Grand avenue or University.
For north : A ro.de, commercial street, Naud's
Junction, Ban Fernando street.
For east . Arcade, Commercial street, Naud's
For other branches: Arcade., Commercial
street, Naud'a Junction, San Ferinndo street.
Local and through ticket* sold, baggage
checked, Pullman steeping car reservations
made, and general information given upon ap
plication to J. M. ORAWI EY. Aas't Pea. Agt..
No. 144 8. Spring st, cor. Becond. CHARLES
BEY LB R, ajent atdepota.
RICH li GRAY, Gen'l Traffic Mgr.
Geu'l Pass. Agt.
Los Angeles Terminal K'y
Los Angele* depots, ea.t end of First street
and Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Lo* Angelea forjLeave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Lo* Angeles.
• 6:35 a m t 7:15 am
• 7:10a.m * 8.05 am
• 8:00 a.m • 9:05 a.m
• 9;00a.m Mo:4oa.m
*ll:00o.m "12:25 p.m
•12:20 pm b 1:05 p.m
• 1:40p.m a 1:45 p.m
• 3:00 p.m i • 3:05 p m
• 4:00 p.m * 4:05 p.m
• 5:20 p.m • 5:25 p.m
' 6:2opm • 7:ospm
•11:15 pm * 8:05 p.m
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minute* later.
cave Los Augelea for Leave Altadena June-
Altadena Junction. tir n for Los Angeles.
• 9:00 a. m MOTOa.m
•11:0O a m *12:00 m
• 1:40 p.m • 2.40 p.m
• 4-00 p.m * 6:00 p.m
All trains start Irom First street depot.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Glendam for Los
Glendale Angelea,
t 6:40 a.m ', 7:26 a.m
i 8:20 am I 9:12 a.m
4 12:35 p.m. • I:3opm
• 5:25 p.m '6:13 p m
Leave Los Angeles for Leave East San Pedro
Long Beach and East lor
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
• 9:45 s.m * 7:15 s.m
t 1:10 p.m Jll :I5 am
t 5:15 p.m t 3:40 p.m
1 6:00 p.m J 4:10 p.m
Between East Ban Pedro and Long Beach, 10
Trains leave Lot Angeles, 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and
1:40 and 4 p.m. dally.
Fine pavilion and hotel.
Los Angele* Terminal trains connect at Ban
Pedro with the fine steamer Falcon.
Leave. First-street Depot- Arrive.
9:45 a.m Saturday
Monday 4:45 p.m
9:45 t.m Tuesday
Wednesday 4:45 p.m
•Daily. fDaily exoept Sunday*. JSundays
only. aExcept Saturdays. bSaturday* only.
Stages meet the 8 a.m. and 12:20 p.m. trains
at Pasadena for Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Angeles on the 8 a.m.
train for Wilson Peak can return same day.
On theatre nights the 11:15 p.m. train for
Paaadena will wait until 20 minutes alter
theatre closes whan notice is received from
theatre by the agent at First street that there
are passengers lor that train.
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end First-street and Downey
avenue bridges.
City ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's cigar
store, corner First and Bpring atreeti.
General offices, Flrst-atreet depot.
T. B. BURNETT, General Manager.
Jy2tf W. WINCUP, Gen. Passenger Ag't.
COMPANY. (Santa Fe Route.)
Trains leave and are dne to arrive at Los An
geles (La Grande station) First it, and Santa
Fe aye.
Leave. LosAngelbs. Arrive.
• 5:15 p.m Chicago Limited.... • 9:00 a.m
7:00 am ....Overland Express.. * 6:30 p.m
8:15 a.m..San Diego Coast Line. • 1:15 p.m
• 4:40 p.m..San Diego Coaat Line. * 7 00 p.m
• 7:ooam f 1 *9;00a.m
• 9:00 a.vi ...Ban Bernardino.. I * OfOt n
I ....via Pasadena... *> 1:30p.m
• 4:00 p.m I * 6:30 p.m
• 5.15 p.m I J
• 7:00 a.m i Riverside via...) » 1:80 p.m
• 9.00 a.m J... San Bernardino..) * 6:30 p.m
f 6:05 a. m (....Riverside and. ,i •10:15*.m
tU:uOa.m {..Ban Bernardino..} * 8:55p.m
• 4:40 p.m ( via Orange >
• 7:00 a.m f Redlands, Mentone ) ' 9:50 a.m
• 9:00a.m I ...and Highland... t 1:30 p.m
I via Vi* 6:80 p.m
• 4:00 p.m 1 Pasadena
• 5:15 p.m I Jl
t 6:05 a.m (Redlands, Mentonei i*lo::Hai
111:00 a.m {.and Highlands via., • 3:55 p.m
1 4:40 p.m (Orange & Riverside) * 7:00 p.m
• 9:00 Lm f 1 t 7 35 am
Asusa,Pasadena.. " 8:43 a.m
• 1:30 p.m and * 9.50 a.m
• 4.00p.m i .. .Intermediate.... > t 1:30 p.m
f 5:30 p.m Stations * 4:16 p.m
" ." *«:30p.m
• 7:05 p. m [ J -—••
• 7:00a.m Pasadena * 9:00 a.m
110:50 a.m Pasadena tU:s9a.m
• 6:15 a.m Pa««dena t 1:30p.m
t 6:05 a.m Santa Ana t 8:50 a.m
1 8:15 a m Santa Aaa
• 1:50p.m Santa Ana • 1:15 p.m
4 4:40 D.m Santa Ana * 7:00 p.m
• 7:52 am Santa Monica • 9:45 a.m
•10:15 a.m Banta Monica • 3:50 p.m
• 4:46 p.m Saata Monica • 6:34 p.m
•10:COa.m Redonde • 8:29 a.m
- 4:45 p.m Redondo • 3:00p.m
t 9 CO a.m San Jacinto v Pasadena t 1:30 pm
,11:00 a.m San Jacinto via Orange
t 9:00 a.3 Temecula via Paaadena f 1:30 p.m
(11:00a.m .Temecula via Oraaga
t 8.15 p.m Escondlde v Coaat Line f 1:15 p.m
Trains via Pasadena line arrive at Downey
avenue station 7 minute* earlier and leave 7
minute* later.
•Bally. fDaily exoept Sunday. ISuatUys
only M, V*. W: if «,Cl»r Paat. *T. Agt,
123 N, Spring A, Lea Aagclet. aad La Crjaudo
Goodall, Perkins A Co., General Agent*. S*a
Nortuer i writes embrace Unci for Por'.land,
Ore, Victoria, B. c„ aud r-ugei Bound, Alaska
aud ollu-r c t .-t points.
for- "
fort Harford.... 8. 8. Corona, March 4,13, 33,
hanta Barbara.. 31, April B.
i'oit 1 os Augelea 8. 3. Santa Rata, March 9, UjL
27; Aprll6.
tan l.'ego
For ig. s. Loi Angs'os, Much 2,
East San Pedro. I 11, 20, ill; A**U7.
San Hedro and!}. S. hureka, March 7, 18, 28;
way ports I April 3.
For— 8. s. Banu Rose, March 8, 11,
20,29; April 7.
San Diego S. 8 Corona, March 0. IS, 24;
April a.
For— " 18. 8. g«nta Baaa Maria 4,13,
Dan rnnclsco. l 33, 31; April 0.
Port Harford.. .. 8. 8. Corona, March 8, 17,361
Santa Barbara.. I April 4.
For- Eureka, March E 10, 19,
sail Francisco! 28; April 6.
and S. 8. l.o» Angeles, March 6.14,
Way portr. I 23; April 1.
Cars lo connect with steamers via San Pedro!
lea\ P, K. B. (Arcale) depot at 5 00 pm ,
and Terminal railway depot at 5:16 p.m.
I'ara to connect via Bedondo leave Santa V*
depot at 10:00 i.m , or from Bedondo railway
depot at 9:00 a. in.
tars to connect via Port Los Angelas leave
s. p. R. K. depot al 1:10 p.m. for steamers
north bound.
Plana of steamers' cabins at agent's ofilce,
where berths may be secured.
Tbe compauy reserves the right to change
the Steamers or their days of sailing.
Cmf—Vot passage or Irelght as above, or for
tlaavtato aud from all Important points in
Kurope, apply to
W. PARRI3, Agent,
_ Ofiieo No. 124 W. Second sL, Lo* Angeles.
Winter Time Oard No. 11.
Los Augales Depot, corner Grand Aveuua
and Jefferson street.
Take Grand avenue cable or Main street and
Agrirunural Park horse tare.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angeles Redondo
for Redondo lor Lo* Angelas
n 15 a.m. 7:45 a.m.
1:35 p.m. 11:00 a.m.
6:10 p.m. 3:45 p.m.
Running lime between Los Angela* and Re
dondo Beach, 50 minutes.
City ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's Cigar
Store, corner First aud prlug street*.
GEO J. AINHiAOKTH, president.
R. H. THOMPSON, Vice-President.
J. N. BUTTON. Bupu Redondo Beach.
f jpf \? 2> he T l l^ aveler ' B
XmimßLJ otEANIC s " 1 m
splendid steamers
*J/7««iß»Xk> sail twice a month
"AYE* v from san Francisco.
Fare from San Diego, Los Angeles or Santa
Barbara to Honolulu, via Paelflo Ooast and
Ocoanlc 8. a Companies, (125 round trip, Br
rail to San Francisco and Oceania 8. 8, C 0.,.
round trip *140, or ior parties of five or mare,
$125. •
H. B. RICK, ageit Oceanic S. & Co., 104 W.
Second st. Send 10 cts. lor "Hawaii," a pamph
let of rare photogravures 2-18 7t
The Newest importations
112 pc. Semi-Porcelaiu
Dinner Service, $10.50.
417 8. SPRING ST.
Main Street Undertakers,
H 209. lDsrpei.J at of tlie Btftßt Trot
■mbalmlng Guaranteed or No Charge.
Notice of Intention to Amend Ar
ticles ot Incorporation.
the Intention oi the board of trustees of St.
Paul's Protestant Episcopal church of Los An
geles city, California, a corporation, to amend
the certificate of incorportion of said corpora
tion by increasing tho number of vestrymen
and trustees trom sever., o eleven, and by cor
recting oertaiu legal Informalities existing in
the said certificate; and a meeting qf the mem-.;
bers of tha parish and congregation of saldi]
Church corporation is hcrebv called to be held'
on Tuesday, tlie '.:7th day ul March, A. D. 1894,
being Tuesday oi Busier week and the day
fixed by the canons of the Protestant Episco
pal church in the diocese of California for
the holding ol the annual meeting, at 8
o'clock p. m., in the guild room of said
church, upon the churoo. premises, on Olive
street, between Fifth and Sixth streets, in tha
city of Los Angeles, lor the purpose of consid
ering and voting upon the amendments pro
posed, and, if tho amended articles shall bo
adopted and assented to, of electing eleven
vestrymen and trustees for the ensuing year.
By order ol the board uf trustees.
H. T. LEE, Secretary.
Dated February 24, 189 i. 2-25 31t
Proposals for School Bonds.
OR of Los Angeles, California.
Scaled proposals for the purchase o| a bond
in the amount of .t»00 of La Canada school
District, Los Angeles county, California, will
be received by the Board ol Supervisor* of Los
Angeles county up to 2 o'clock p. m. of March
H, The said bond to bear Interest at the rata ol
8 per cunt per annum, payable annually at tho
office of tho treasurer of Loa Angeles county,
California . ~,
Said bond of $500 to be payable as follows,
to-wit: Bond No. 1 due on tho Ist day of De
oember, 18U5-»ia00. . __,
Said bond will be sold for cosh only, and at
not less than par and accrued Interest.
The board reserves tbe right to reject any
and all proposals for the purchase of said
bond. , '«
By order oi the Board of Supervisors ol Los
Angeles county, California, paased Irabrutry
21 1594. ™ "ARC,
County Clerk and ex offlcio Clerk of the Board
of Supervisors.
By C. w. bell, Deputy. a.a>lot
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving- Will, Etc.
lfornia, county of Loa Augeles—ss.
In tho matter of the estate of Lizsle K. Fish,
er, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Wednesday, (he
28th day of February, 1894. at 10o'clock; a.m.
of said day, at the court room c# fhla aourt,
Department Two thereof, iv the" Olty ft loa
Angeles, county of Los Angeles, enfrtatt) °J
California, has been appointed as the tW»e end
place lor hearing the application of ntaAU.
Price and Wm. I- Price. prayinatßM edonu
mcnt nowon file In thU ooujrt ftirDOrtlngta
be the last will and testament ol to* tald de
ceased, be admitted to probate, laaJt letters
testamentary be issued thefcon lo Chta, H.
Price and Wm. L. Price, at whleh time, and
place all persons Interested therein may ap
pear and contest the same.
Dated February 16,1894,
T. H. WARD, County Clerk.
By C. W. Blake, Deputy.
Jay E. Hunter, attorney lor petlttgners,
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
lfornia, county el to* i*»*TTi* - _
In the matter of tha estate of? Annie A
Pratt, deceased.
Notice i* hereby given that Tofafjy, taaeth
day of March, 1894, al Iff ojoioo* %JP-. «
sai l day, at the court room oi OW ■gymjhj.
pjrtmont N*. 2 thereof, cltr at IJa Akv
geles, county ol Los Aagete*. and ■p*ff*f Cal
fic-ula, has been appointed ai tt* «v and
place for bearing the ippUttewejgJK {MNA
Cross, praying that a document Bow fa, ale In
thi* court, purporting to be the UK wGI*Bd
testament of the said deceaaed, M *4»o<sBM«
probate, and that letters testamentary bS By
sued thereon to aaid Loui<Q a. Or***, at whleh
time and place all persons Interested therein
may appear and contest the Hat,
Dated February 21»t, LBB4 _
T. H. WAAD, Oonety Clark.
ByC. w, B'.aks, Denary.
nrcs ffia** •"•an*

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