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An artist once gave to the canvas a face
That the wise came miles to see.
A lovcllght >l**os In eyes all a-dance
Ho hud caught in its subtlety.
Ho had given a crown to the regal one
Aud knight* at her command,
Ilui the gMliko mien was Dot of a qneen.
Though oonrllcrs kissed Ler hand.
And the critics said, as they gaaed enrapt,
That the rank Of it queen Sj as not there,
Chough tliero never waa such grace and
such touch
Or a face more delicate, fair.
And they hied to tho artist and found that
1 Was In quarters poor and bare.
But he hold to hie heart the counterpart
| Of a rustic maiden there.
—Detroit Freo Press.
With bowed head and drawing ono
foot after tho other slowly along tho
ground as if to show great humility, tha
favorite huntsman of Prince Horostien
ko entered the arbor whore his illustri
ous muster was wont to repose after eot
• "Approach, son of a dog, and liston."
Yatui Uarsoock emtio nearer and bent
forward uutil his face touched his mas
ter's boot.
"Aro you nlwnys euro of your hand
and your flight?"
"God help me, yes, exeollcncy."
"Well, you aro (0 wander away from
tho castle, asj Is your habit. Yon must
pretend to havo lost your way. At night
fall enter the garden secretly, and jump
ing tho hedge conceal yourself iv yon
der clvtmp of bushes, which is directly
In front of tho window of tho blue sa
"Yes, excellency."
"Tho salon ia snro to bo lighted.
There yon will sec tho princess and
Count Alexis Karagine. Watch well.
When yon sco mo enter tho room, raise
your gun mid nim at tho count."
Drawn up in his rustic chair, his face
more wrinkled and distorted than evor
before, the old princo spoke authorita
tively. His gazo WM intently ilxed upon
■his huntsman, in whoso features uo other
scntimont was disoernible save that of
servilo obedience. Ho continued:
"Aim at the count, but do not rhoot
at once. Before you blow out his brains
I wish to make him understand that he
is to die"
"Yes, excellency."
"Therefore, you will stand, your fin
ger on tho trigger, until I let fall a hand
kerchief Willful 1 shall carry in my hand
Then, Yann, shoot and hit your mark.
You understand?"
"Yos, excellency."
1 "Go."
Yami was more than a man—ho was a
brute. Whenoo ho camo no ono knew.
From Lithuania perhaps, judging from
his name—tho only words ho could
speak when they found him, a tiny
babe, nnder a bush on tho highroad that
crossed Princo Horostienko's estates.
They left him to grow up in the court
yard among tho servants and grooms.
For lain daily nourishment ho depended
upon (ho charity of tho peasants and the
At HI hohndrnatlo a bow, with which
ho could bring down all tho apples and
pears he wanted. Never once did hu
miss his aim.
Ono day tho prinoe saw Yann's arrow
pierce tho blossom of a bcrgamot tree,
und ho commanded him to bo brought
before him. The servant who led Yann
to his excellency trembled. But his ex
cellency was iv good humor. He con
tented himself with giving the culprit
10 lashes, after which ho was sent to
tho head huntsman, with orders that ho
Was to havo a uniform and a gun. '
Yann retained an agreeablo remem
brance of hiß master's clemency. Ho
wished to show that ho was grateful.
Besides shooting was his ruling passion
His skill surpassed that of all the
most renowned marksmen of his time.
At 40 paces ho could send a bullet di
rectly through tho eyo of an otter with
out the slightest injury to tho fur. Thon
ho would silently deposit the dead beast
at his master's feot Being repaid with
a simple "Well done," Yalm would re
turn to his thatched lrat, surly and taci
turn, without even a glanoo at the group
of maidens, who, With petticoats dain
tily tucked up, washed their linen in
tho river.
Ho never spoke to any one. The peas
ants held him in awe. Evil stories were
current about him. They may havo been
true. For Yann there was but one law
—the word of hia muster; but one lov*
—that for his gun.
When the evening tea had been drunk,
the prince, making a protext of having
tome orders to give, took leave of the
count, his only guost that day, aud hav
ing kissed his wife's hand withdrow to
his own apartment.
A half hour later he went down into
the garden.
There everything spoke of love. Op
pressed ny tho heat of the day, the plants
and flowers had blossomed onoo moro
into life, filling tho air With their heavy
fragrance. Tho fireflies floated like
bright emeralds on the night breeze to
Whero their mates awaited them under
the thiok leaves. In tho grass tho crick
its sang softly to their lovo mates of an
The princo took a circnitous route
and returned ou tho grass, so that his
footsteps might not bo heard. Drawing
aside tho heavy leaves of an elder tree:
"Aro you there? Very well. Remember
the signal, aud fire at onoo! In the
count's eyo, Yann—liko tho otter's."
"Yes, excellency."
Certainly tho poor princess had strug
gled conscientiously to resist the ardent
supplications of Alexis Petrovitch. But
ho wtis 25, and sho was only 90.
Tho grave caresses of her husband
suggested to the princess what the in
finite joys of young lovo might be, with
its divine intoxication, 'its ardent em
braces. Never yet had sho given her lips
unasked to her husband. Must she al
ways submit to Ills almost paternal kiss
es? Aud what promises sho read in the
eyes of Alexis!
The princess did not stop to analyze
either her preferences or her aversions.
Sho loved Alexis; that was enough.
Lovo at 20 has a spark of divinity in it.
It does not even care to understand it
Ono day Alexis swore to the princess
Stm he would only jjut Ida lips to the
hem of her gown, but carried on by tho
torrent of his youthful lovo ho kissed
her 'puFsionatoly. Who flod to her favor
ite bluo salon, which sho novor allowed
any ouo to enter. Thero sho permitted
tho count to join her.
After that thoy sat there whenever
they were alone toother.
' Bo it was tbaf, svatod on a divan op
posite tho long window, tho priucesa
saw knoolln.'r before her him who was
not yet her lover, but to whom sho felt
already that sho entirely belonged.
"Ah, my life, how I lovo you I" ho
was saying.
His arms wero about her. Drawing
her closer to him, ho sought her lips.
Bho was nnoasy and made as if sho
wonld release herself, when, suddenly
conquered by tho convulsion which rent
her heart, sho closed her eyes, and he*
lips met hia
Yann Barsouck watched. Before thoss
♦wo young creatures rapt in on ecstasy
of lovo he smiled.
This love, what was it? A pit Into
which man led woman, and sho ran to
it blindly, careless of her fate.
Yann understood this lovo. No one
could imitate as ho could tho moaning
lovo lamentations of tho otter to his
mate. How many had ho shot, to savo
them from their "doom," as ho ex
pressed it.
Moanwhilo, his eyes fixed on the
count, Yann silently loveled his carbine.
Inflamed by the long, voluptuous em
brace and moved by tho strength of his
passion, Alexis arose. Little by little
no pressed closer against him tho slight
form lying so unresistingly in his arms.
With his impatien| fingers ho tore aside
the silk folds of her gown.
But the princess stood erect. The
adorable modesty of her gesture, the
look of amazement in her eyes, accom
panied by so much love, so much fear,
reminded Alexis of his promise. Fall
ing onoe more upon his knees, respect
fully, reverently, ho laid his lips to the
hem of her gown.
Barsouck all, even the look of
mad passion with which tho princess
thanked Alexis, unconsciously promis
ing to repay him a hundredfold for the
sacrifico she now imposed on him.
A veil was suddenly tarn away from
the soul of the brute. His savage na
ture was electrified by the ray of un
derstanding which penetrated his very
heart. It was a new idea—exquisite, el
evating—that of woman's modesty.
Now he understood pure love.
Ah Alexis rose from, his knees the
prince entered. Certain of satiating his
hatred, gloating over tho horror into
which his unexpected entrance had
thrown them, tho prince advanced de
libei'ately toward the lovers, who stood
trembling before him. Ho went cau
tiously, liko a caterpillar creeping un
der tho petals of a Uower.
Alexis threw himself in front of the
princess. But quickly disengaging her
self the woman boldly confessed all.
Then, with a superb audacity, she stood
staring in her husband's fsiee.
Old Horostienko was beside himself
with rage. Grasping tho handkerchief
which was to serve as signal to Bar
souck, ho throw it with the force of a
blow in tys wifo's face.
Surprised to see tho count still erect,
ho turned toward tho window—and
fell, shot through tho eye.
Liko tho otters I—Translated For San
Francisco Argonaut From the Russian.
Au African King's Family.
The following is an extract from a
letter written by a French lady in Sene
gal and published in a Paris newspaper,
referring to a visit to King Bohanziu of
Dahomey, on board the Segond: "Tho
king, followed by fivo wives and four
children, of whom ono is a handsome
boy, thon oame forward in a silk man
tle striped With black and bluo and
elegantly ((raped. His head was baro,
and ho had on his feet sandals held on
by crossed bands embroidered in wools
of many colors. Ho smoked a large
ebony pipe, the howl and shank of which
Wftro circled with silver. His French is
limited to bou jour and ami, and I am
the first white woman he ever saw, and
tho sight of mo astonished him. He at
first gazed at me, then roared with
laughter, and When ho had roared till lie
was tired lookod around and asketi
whero my husband was. The interprctef
having pointed him out, he took him hy
the shoulder and gave him a friendly
shake, which was as much as to say,
'What a lucky fellow you aro!' One of
tho five wives cooks. Sho has lost all
her teeth. The others stand around tho
deposed king. The children aro very
trice. Behauzin is elderly, about CO, and
has a white head of hair. Ho hardly
knows how to walk, because on account
of his rank ho'fJus always boon carried."
Tides In the tort h.
From observations mado at two Prus
sian stationti at Teneriffo in 1889, 1890
and 181)1, showing Blight and continu
ous changes of position o f the plane of
the horizon, Dr. yon Rcbenr Paschnitz
has concluded that tho relativt *-rigid
surface of the earth is subject to a move
ment of rising and falling like the ocean
movement that produces the tides. The
amplitude of tho observations is very
slight, bnt the apparatus usod made it
clearly perceptible. The direction of tho
plumb line also'points to a daily disturb
ance, which is attributed, in conjecture,
to solar radiation. A third kind of
movement may be referred to distant
earth(makos.— Science.
The Qucon yield*.
Evon the queen felt herself obliged to
yiold to the storm of protests aroused
by limiting tho attendance at tho annu
al drawing rooms. Instead, howevor, oi
admitting tho usual crush at each occa
sion; sho decided to give a special re
ception in the latter part of May, to
which 300 wlio were unable to obtain
places on the first lists will bo admitted.
Several American debutantes will profit
by the arrangement.—London Letter.
An Inference.
Cora—You want me to describe my
friend, Miss Plcinors? She's a charm
ingly vivacious and witty girl, an ex
cellent conversationist, accomplished,
bright and intellectual.
Tom(di9apptiiuted>—Oh, pshaw I Why
didn't you toll me she wus ugly in tha
first place.—Chicago Bacord.
• .as* -s ...—— n-j • V-
Paid For It.
Cl«rk—The gent in No. 116 says the
rain leaked doWn on his bed last nighi
and soaked him to tho akin.
Proprietor—Charge one bath (half a
crown) in his bill.—London Tit-Bits.
Itevlew of th» Hay's Muslniss on Uti
New York Stock KaetMSfM,
New Toast, Hay BX—The trading was act
ive on the stock exjh&ngo today from the
OStsUas uutil tboeioilng of bu>lues», and tbe
aggregate Iramactions wero larger tbau on any
day for mouthi past, and mora widely distrlb
utcd. A strong tone ebai • the open IHS>
dealings, which was duo to parslaaSSa for for
eign aceouu', as w-jll as to tbe mm ie. of
Ameiieau securities on tbe London stock ex
chauiic. The ms'sot became aouicwnat irregu
lar about 11 o'o.ock, and shortly thereafter
took another downward tarn. After tbe deliv
ery hour an improved tone was notloeab c.
Some few of the ISSHWoi were weak In the
dual trading, but the BJtSterSl market, although
lower Lian Saturday, c osed Orra.
Tbe railway and miscellaneous bond market
was weak thioug.iout tbe ir, at it portion ol|tue
day but some of lite lending secutltlos recur,
ered sharply In the final d Slings,
Uovernmeut bonda were duil; atale bond*
Nrw Yonx, May St — Moilay on call, easy at 1
percent; last loan al 1 per cent; closed at 1
per ctni.
frlmu mercantile piper- T-A '55 per coat.
Sterling eiohsnge-Klrm, with actual busi
ness In banters' oils «'. *4 SH'ioM.SD for
dsm .ad. and a» H7 1 * Sat. 87)4 lo 00 days.
I'osied ratea—s4 nS ,®1 ot).
Commercial bi Is $4.tl»UM4,9t*H
Silver cert.flcati-s—ol(*o0
Ban Francisco, <ay2L— Ight drafts on New
York, per i«100, 10c.
sterling biilaon London, (10 ay hank, 84.83.
London, Msy HI.-Consols, 100 7-10.
bank of Bnglau 1 discount rate 2 per c n'..
Naw York, Maj 111.—closing quotations were
as follows:
U. S. Ss, reg U7\ citstt Na.hville.. 60
do coupon..l.7;', Nat'l Cordage....
U. S. 4a, reg. IXiMi do urefd 89
do coupon Otl N.J, Central ... 108
do4H«, reg 06 Norfolk AWst pfd 20
PacltteSs 0f'05.10.1 N. American Co.. 8W
Atchison 914 Nortnern Ha ifJc BTS
Adams ti 14S do preld U^i
Vl on. Terre Hte. 30 UP . bonvr ASulf 4.-,
do preld 160 Northwestern 107
America Ex ..ill do prild . 140
Ba 1.0 A Ohio . 09 N. Y. Crural 971,
Canada 1-sclßc . 65 N.Y. AN. Kngtnd. 33%
Canada southern. 49 Ontario A Weit'n 14%
OeatraJ Paelao. . 53 lOrcgonlmpt 12
• AOl.l Ki'j. Oregon Nay 16
Chicago <fc Alton.. lOregou Short Line
Burlington 76fe£ AUtah North'n. 7%
Chicago Gas 07% Paeiflo '■ all. . 14
consolidated Uas.lSf) I'eorla.D. & Kvans '£%
C. 0. C. A St. La.. W>% Pittsburg 16*
Coi. Coal Si Iron.. S Puiiman Palace..lo2
Cotton Oil 17% Reading. li%
Del. & Hudson 1311 Richmond Ter.... 7%
'lei., Lackawaana do preld 10
A Western 158 1 , R. Urande Wesl'n. 14 4
Oeu.A K.A. pfd .. 21) do preld 42
Oisiiiiers 22% Rock I-tand UHH
laat Teua 3<..ii -it. p»ul 57^ 4
Erie 13 do prefd 118
do prefd 26 at. haul A Omaha. 'Jbli
FL Wayne do prefd 113
Ht. Notthern, pfd 100 Southern fabric. H
Chicago A Ka-t'n Reflueiy. .. 96%
llllnolspfd ... nil Tenn.i'oal A Iron. lll'-Z
Hocking Valley.. 1(1 rexaaFaclfle 7%
Illinois Central... 90% T.T.AO. Cen. pfd. 70
St.Pau Auu.uth. 23 Onion Phonic 18%
Kan. A Texas pfd. 22 U.S. Express 60
Lake Erie A West. 15 Wabash, St. Louis
do prefd 6014 APaclflc 70
Lakeshore 12 •% do prefd 174
Leadlrust 86 Weils-Fnrgo's Kx. 123
LoulsvlANashvl. 3(1% Western Union.. 81%
L. ANtw A. d my. 7'i Wheeling AL. S..
Maiihaltau Con .KlTtj do pr Id ... 41.4
.Mem.ACbarleat'u 5 Minn. A St. Louis. 10
Mlrh. Central I' > ! Deuver A tt. Q..
Misaourl Psciflc. 24»i (ien. Klectrlo 35<4
AloblleAOhio .. 17?J -at'l Linseed. ... 19
Boston, Hay 21. —Following were closißj quo
Atchlvon fl'jilMexloan Central. 4\i
h»;l Telephone. . . 190 .an Diego
Burllnston II I
SANFaANCisco.May 21.—Mining sharea closed
aa follows:
folcbor l.RA.Ophlr 8 65
BettA Be.cher.... 1 SO folosl 1.15
' on. Oal A Va... 0.2 Sirate 70
Ha c A Nercro-s.. r. i -ierrs Nevada 1.15
Conlidence 1.501 Yellow Jacket 80
Mexican I.SOj
Los Anoki.ks, May 21.—The following quota
tions 0.1 local securities are furals'iel by the
Plrtießeal ttiiate and Trust company, No. 229
West Second street:
Farmers and Merobauls baBK •f .'- " 1
FirstNatlo.iai b&nk 1: ,
.-■tale Loan and I'rust company 95
Columbia Savings bank par
Na'ioua bank of California 9>
Caliloinia bank Tar
Tile I .suraace and Trust Co 40
Main Street Saving* bank 44
Loa AnTFl'jSi'onntf 4'js , 101
I os Ang.-U'K ci:y 5- 102
Loa An,'e;ea city Os 10U
S m Diego Flume Us 85
Money— Commercial loans, 7010 per cent;
Mottgages, 7®lo per cent.
Silver Buillon.
StN Francisco, May 21—ailver bars, 62"/,®
6*a£c per ounce.
Mexican dollars, BOVtASId.
Nitw Yoak, May 21.—Silver bars, 01>' a c per
Mexican dollars, 51*51' 2 •.
London, May 21,—Bat silver, .925 fine,
per ounce. _
Buillon Gone Into Bank of England.
London, Hay 21.—The amount of gold gone
Into the ii.ink of England ou balances today
was £00,900.
San Francisco Grain Market.
Ban Francisco, M-.y 21.—The following are
the conditions and closing quotations of the
grain and flour market ou the uiil board to
ds l:
Floor—wet cash prices for Family Extras,
$3.60(43.70 per bhl.; Bakers' Extras $3.50®
3.(10;-lUpernue, $2.70® 2.95 per bbl.
Wheat—Tbere is nothing doingou shipping
account, while speculative op'-r/iiiotis are any
thing but larse just now. Iv titn ab-tonce of
any representative sales atandul shipping
wheat la nominally quotable at 87'.,e, white
milling qualities bring higher ngures, say
97'5'a$l 05 per cental.
Barley-Prices Improved a little tills morn
ing but tbere wa» uo Increase in the volumo
of business. Quotations: Fair to good reed,
97'icrrt$1.00; choice bright, $1.01> 4
brewing barley, $1.10(311.15 ver cental
Oat'— Buainess slow. vnlpuhsve no strength.
Qno'stlnn-: Milling, $1 20<i>l MO; SU'pr se,
$1.37 ,(&)'.45' f int y teed, $1.2/H(al.3.o;;go.'(i
i ehoice,sl. 15(41 80; poorto fair,*l.OlMtl.lO:
back, nominal; tea, nominal; stay, $l.l2> k @
1.20 per cental.
San Francisco Produce Market.
San Francisco, May 21.—The receipt? of veg
etable* to ay were 950 BcJßa asparagus, 233
boxes rhubarb, 1019 aeks ota oes, 114, sacks
pens, 11 boxes oi cumbers, 2 b ixe-* touiatces, 75
sticks beans. String beans were Llgber. Pota
toes aie Arm.
Tbe receipts of fruit Include SUU cherts
strawberries,, 1 chest onrr til*. 25 boxes apples,
3011) boxes cberrle-, SO boxes upr cols ami 5
boxes almon 1 s. The price of hetrles was
jower. Apricots brought $1.50 per box. Ho .sl
a one cherries brought $1 (ter box.
The butter marset is steady at quotations,
with an casv toast,
IfgSß of a 1 kinds are in heavy supply, and
prices ant weaker.
Cbee-e Is so ady.
The poultry mtirket is dull under heavy sup
pliesoi all kindsolstock.
Chicago Grain and Provision Market.
Chicago, May 21 — n wheat than) was a
heavy trade anil market! the pi Ices » ere very
irresular. Openlim trad s were at,
vane, a few se Hub down it ait rward
changed somewhat, and eios-a mm. TheeHrly
strength 01 ml from the Irost scare in the west.
Coin eim r.enced a litre trade during the fi at
Boar, but was quiet Inter. Prices lor the d> y
covered bin H(<i : >.£e tauße. Tbe general tone
wus firmer.
Oats- The Interest in oats centered iv Sep
tember, which if bought freely eaily, and
prices advanced V" :1 ,, : A decrease In the ot
ferihgl and declm. in the ear y srr In < created
weeklies*, aud the pr ess receded A
■Sisll reaction followed the bu |c aud the
marked c osed quiet.
Proviilous—Lower prices and rec lpts largely
in cxceiß of the esiirautex cuacd a slight de
cllno in valu s at the opening iv previsions.
Compared with Saturdsy night, liny ,-oik la fi •
heh.r; July lard, 10c, and Ju.y ribs, 2Uo
The loading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat, No. 2—
Way »M<
July B7 ..
September ..DS 1 tM9H
Corn, No. 2--
May 37
July. rt7v
Sepernbtr _....ejs\
OS'S, So. 2—
May '..*»«
Jtt'ie aa;.j
July , Sii!!£
sep<«mbet 20?s
Cash quotations wero as fol'ows;
Flour—Winter patent*, yj.3OS3.ODi straights,
$2 4003.15; sprins patents, 93.9099.60 l
strHight-. #2.1042.20. Tho murlt>i was easy.
Wheat—No. 2 iprlmf, Nay sfiriug, no
sales; no. 2 red, .*>5 s «e.
Corn—No. 9, ;I7', ; No 3 yellow, .'l7' n
Oats—No. 2. ;t.',c; No. 2 white,
No. 3 white. [email protected]
Rye— to. 2, 4oti.
Bsrlov—No. 2, nominal; No. 3, 02*50; No
4,:.' i, ;i.;
Fir«x s.-ed-No. 1, #1.31.
Timothy B'ed-I'rlme. tt.oo't4.lo.
Mess pork-Per bb:., #11 ho -ii h^'U,
Lard — Per 100 ibs , #7.12H(«7.1 ft.
SIIOU rib — -ild'-s, loos-, #0 -Mta.; .'J-J'j.
Shoulders— Dry salted, boxed, #o 7 iiitCOO.
Short clear—Sides, boxed, *M.42'..(«.7.1iX.
wiiisky—olxllllol* Baisaeafoods, o-r gadon,
On the prodnce exchange toi»v butter
market unchanged. Creamery, l.toluc; daily,
Eggi-Uiichangcd; strictly fresh, itJio.
other grain markets.
Liverpool, M*y 21.—Whest sfady; demand
poor: holders oiler modetai-ly. No. 1
4s R>4dt44 4 9 d per cental; red
we'tern, winter, 4«'sdC44s 9lid,
' oru—Den.slid poor; new mixed, spot, 3s
per cnta'.
San Fra-o i«co. May 21.—« hnst, strong; De
cember.rfl 05*41 new, seller. 9ti l ,c; new, seller
season, #1.00.
Barley trong; December, Vi.OiK.
Corn—#l 30.
Bran-Pcrion, f 17.50.
California Fruit Sales.
Chicago, May 2.—The Earl Fruitnnmpany
sold ai.auction today 251H1 box's ofCsilf.rnia
cherries as follow-: B.aek Tartarian. $1,00 4
1.00; Big e.u, #1.40; Klioa, #1.0.'); 'Jovemor
Woods, #1.001*1.10. Rockpott, #1.10.
NkwTobb, May 21.—fetrolonm steadr; Penn
■ylvanla oil sales, none: Jnn» nntions none:
Lima oil Bales, uoue: cosed 860 bid.
Grain and Mill -lull..
Barley—Per cental, 91.20.
Corn— Per ceuta>, 9)1.15.
Wheat— Per cental, $1. 15.
Flour-Local extra family, per hbl„ 94.00;
noMbt m and eastern, $4.15. .
Mill Feed—Bran, per ton, $21; shor s, $23;
miX'-d feed tcom und barley), per cwt., # 1.10;
cracked corn, #1.20; feed meal, #1.10; roiled
barley, #1.30.
l>alry Products.
Butter—Fancy California creamery, per ro'l,
(l»i ib«.) 40(j»42}<ej f«m» dairy, per roll
lbs., 85<*87H; choice, 30($32'^c.
Chekse—Call ornia, naif cream, per lb, 10 ru
11c; do (vi cretm, 14c; Young Amerioa, 15c:
small (3 lb hand), 10c; western, full cream, 15
(Aiflej domestic ,i»l«i, old, lßftfj'iuo; new, 15(J
lsoi imported wiss, 2S(g>3oc: Umburger, do
mestic, 14ipl5c; imported, 18($20e.
ProTislon •.
Hams—Rex, local smoked, per lb., 12ci
Corncob, Boneless, 12c; Picnic, BUe.
Bacon—Rex, boneless break! «t, per lb., 10c;
Dedance, lOoi oiber grades, 9 o,9>jjc.
DttißD Beef — Sets, per ib., lAUc; inside,
Div Salt Poiik—Bellies, clear, per lb.,
abort clears, 7^o.
Pio Poik—Half barrels. $8.50
Labo—Tierces, Ivory compound, per lb., 7o;
Sex, puie leaf. Sc.
Fresh Bleats.
Wholesale butchers' prices for whole csr-
Beef—First quality, [email protected]; da, light, 4Jifii
4»ic: thirl, if<sic.
Veal—Range, heavy, da, light, [email protected]
s!<,c ; dai y, li^,t(t7c.
Mutton— r..5.ic; spring lamb, 797^0.
[email protected]; a 'c.
Poultry sud Ecca.
PouLT.'Y-Por dos.. hens, f3.00it5.75; old
roosters, #4 young roosters, #4.501$
ft.sl); broliers, $3 50(54.59; t jriieys, per .b., 11
(((il.ie;dunks, per dos., [email protected]; seese, per
Uesd, $1.00.
Egos—California ranch, 12«513c per dox.
Urltd Fruit.
ArPLKB—Sun-dried, sacks, per lb., 7f*Bc: box
es, pr lb., [email protected]; evaporatid, fancy, 120
Apricots—Saucy, per lb., llAlSwui peeled,
I eachbs—Fancy, unpeeied, 7fa9c; peeled, 11
t'nuNEs—Choice, boxes, per lb„ 7G}'Jc; sacks,
s<o7e; fancy, 9(»S10c.
Fresh Prntts.
APPLE«-Per box, ft.7M9.00l
Bananas—Per bunch, #2 '.0(* :.25.
Lemons—cured, per box, #1.75(i}2.00; un
cared, f
Obanoes— Navel , per box, «eed
llngs, $1.00(41.25.
Ai.monls—Paper shell, per lb . [email protected]: soft
shell, I4fslsc; hard shell, 10(41 le.
Pbanuts - Calilornta, raw, per lb,, ffMSi:
rosHied, [email protected]: eastern, raw, 6®7c: (eaated. a
Roans, Potateea, Onlotia, Bto.
Bsifts-Per 100 lb«, b ackeyed,
pink, $2 25; Lima, #2.5052H0; navy! #2.25 a)
2.50; i vi ■ i wb te, $2.65,0)2.75.
Beets—Per 100 lbs, 90c.
CABUAMK-Per 100 ibs, 50 475 a
Carrots—Per 100 Ibs, 50n.
Onions—Per 100 lbs. $4 00.
PABSNirs-Per 100 lbs, $1.00.
PoTatoe—Per 10J lb<, 9ocig)#l.lo.
Turnips—Per 100 lbs, 75a
Vegetables—if I seell aneo as.
Catjuflowek—Per dox, UOc.
Cklxry—Per doz buncne , tlO-s,
CRILI8 —Dry, pel ib, 20c; greeu, 3a
Garlic—Per lb., £<jt4o.
Lettuce—Per dox., 15c.
Onions—Green—Per doi bnnohil, 20;
Radishes—Per doz. bunches, 20a
Honej aud Bewawax.
Honey—Comb, per lb., lo(4iy»ac; extracted
Beeswax—Per lb., 21(a)35c.
Monday, May 21st,
Mary E Howard to Wm H Kibble—Lot 35,
Arroyo lands of San Gabriel Orange Grove as
sociation: #UO.
Pasadena Improvement company to D L
Whipple—E 50 feet lot 4, lot 5 and 72.14 feet
U, blk 27, Am dens; Kraut.
N J ntatr to A S Mcl'erreu—Lot on B tide
Washington s , 205 ft E ol Lincoln aye., Pasa
dena; #5000.
A pin- spr.ugs L and W company to W J
Lukeus-vi ii ol NBJ4 of NW'i sco 12, T 5 N, R
11W: $3570.
KJ M ssr-11 et ux to F J Huggius—Lot 82,
Micbener's sub Painter & Ball trt; $350.
J R i itd.ii n <k etui to W T Hayhurst—Lotß 25
and 28, Oldding's sub; $162.34.
C P Deversus to Eva, hi. wife—Lott 5 and ti,
Latbrop sub Haddock trt; $400.
Lina Wilson et cob to E H Grassott—Lots,
blk 94, Stiita Monica; $900.
L I Chase, et ux to W P Jou"s—Lot 10, Stev
enfOn'B sub Garey Place trt; $1400.
Carrie L Field to Mr, M A ahieidi—Lot 19, blk
51, Huber trt; #1.
l.ordsburg Land company to Mrs E M Hill—
Lots 31 Bin 32. lilt U4, Lotdsburg; $1.
A C Chauvtii to A Rose—Lot 7, Agricultural
park trt; #850.
F W Word et al to John Beardon—Lots 21 and
23, b k 23. - ark trt; $1i,50.
UA Reeiy et ux to Abraham Meyer—Lot 9,
blk C, -bermsu trt: $5.
J S Dowden euxto H A Potter—Lot 22, blk
9, Electrio Ky Home trt; $10.
W H Kregtr et ux to C P Brant—Lot 4, blk 3,
R-semont tit; $360.
J Sehsffer et ux to Oeo Prindlvllle—Lot 8, blk
1, Bueua Vista trt; $925.
H APoi er and husband to J L Holloway—
Lot 22. blk 0, Electric Ry Home trt; $10.
J La Dow et ux to A N Pol ter-Lots 2014 and
2023, Chicago Park trt; #1.
W X Randolph to Ida G Munson—Lot 25, blk
5, Park trt; f2590.
Mary L Crawford to J H Qoodell—Lota 19, 21,
23, blk G, Clement trt; $10
O R Witmarili to M il. urlcits—Lot 16. blk 17,
and ot 24. blk IK re sub Altalcna; #2500.
J U Latfkershirn te M L Csrhirt H acres in
Lsnkeishim Rhi cli Land W Co son; $1.
F M G Huchlusou to Abbott Kliiueyetal—
115.915 acres, riinch<' Rnfad Maohado, 14
acres same rsneho, 115.915 same rancho, ex
cepting lauds ho eto'o c deeded to A Oaylord.
Sauw Monica » aiidTßyCo; $17,000.
A F Carter et ux to I. D Surer etux—Lot 18
and 19 b:k M, W L A; #16.">0.
W F West to II E C W t,ba-Lot 8, blk C,
Potter aud West subd, Throoo trt; $500.
0 Toil nice to I, X t iamoud—Purl oi lot 64,
W Tejungi rancho, and N lot 63, Monte
Vista trt: 11900,
t! M P.rker i tux *o tf 8 White—Part of lot 21
ol Parker sub i. Pasadena] ft,
J W Phllpstt at to • £ <ather—Lot 8, blk 7
Cal Co op Colony trt; $750.
M Oheesebrongh to Hattie ChesMbrough—
Part lot 4. blk i, II ticucr «i-rvey.
M llhe«a»broagh to.Metta Main—Lot 11, Han
ciek trt; f (-00.
F balimer et ux to State LA T Co—Lot 12, bl
A, Fo t Hiil trt; $10
J H Him chart! et ux to F"d Kenworthy— Lot
17, Bl;iiioh»r<t sub bl 3, Woolen MIH trt. #220
j p T'w ll et us to Li A county—Lana lo
roads slong 8 P Ity. #:.
J Ybarra to s wno—l.mid for road In Ko Bin.
con d" Hi Br ai fI.
C Ine, siu rIS, to -turing. bk ol Southern Hal-
Lota 1(19, 171 and 36:), Counoi's sub Johsnsen
trt; $250.
F J Woodburv, trustee, etc, 'o W s Laton—s
acres of lot 11, b> 5, Altaleua; f1425.
J H Loninis to LR Vincent—Lot 5, bl 2 8
Santa Monica; $1.
Alice Sb f r ux to H J Smith—Lot 36, Ar.
thur trt; 9950.
Deerls *, 39
Nominal 14
Totil . . f3'»,415.54
The wall paper dealer of the city la Eokstrom
309 L Main st,
For Stomach
Liver Complaints, and
Headache, use
They are purely
vegetable, sugar-coated,
speedily dissolved,
and easy to take.
Every dose
0 loht ma:;hooo
Easily, Quickly and PSTtr&nsally Rrstcr: i.
CiLsnnaTED Bvoi 188 RaatSßT «
Xi ,gaTStr It Is sold or: * |hm '»• rf-■■■>
ftttAraatei to v»t# »».r feiJ« -f\
llty/attV lorm ot u« r. h- _»'/
t rut ion or I «-»V* •
Bofore* b 7 ■« «*• of atl't-
Tobacco, Ahrcnol *»i or en rccounC
of youthful ln*j.* r**i->fc •>? furor StdoIMNM etc.,
Dinioesri, Oc*B»*j!*loa*» Wajr,tj£a)ii4M, j<t*ndoch«.
Mental DeprfMi'.'o. S-jftent^gof !:rnln. Weak
Memory, Bo* r icy DftWn pHinn, fclixninft,:
Hysteria. Nocturr al K!»i?*r»ir.rn. ttperrrn'orrhtrft*
Loss at Power arjci Jmtof-ency which if
mijT lead to prnrrjaturc t>\d *c© an** insuTttty
Posltirely Raara&tnftd. WnfcwlM a box, 0 brr*»
ifcrt'i 00. MM bT mail on receipt of prloe. A written
guaraatea furnished vitaeTtry $S.(K; r-<. r: i .r. ■ -J.
to refund ">e money it a f•riUiK.fat ccrei! not
B.TocteU •%
For sale by GKO. H. FRTtKMAN CO., lON North
Spring street.
188 North Main Street.
Finest meats of all kinds constantly
kept on hand ani supplied on short no
tice at reasonable rates. '5-3 3m
f |w|V 1051 Market St., Kan Francisco
« MJMkI (Between 6th and 7th Sts.)
1 (™Enf ni fI ° ar,t * ' earn how wonderfully you
fc.Vl |.' &k ar e made aud hew to avoid sicklies-
P| fl fa a ' l d diaer.se. Museum enlarged with
ffi ft thousantis of new objects. Admld-
SS Sl aion 2f> eta.
D'rivato Off tec—"state liulBtllna;
1051 Market Street—Diseases of men:
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases of the skin
and kidneys quickly cured without the use ot mer
cury. Treatment personally or by letter. Send
ior book.
When visiting the midwinter fair, be sure
and see Jordan's museum.
I Telephone No. 61.
Msin 019 cc: Los Angeles.
Whob sale Yard at Sau Pedro,
Branch Yards: Pomona, Pasadena, Lamanda,
Azuss, Burbank. Planing Mills: Los Ang.les
and Pomona. Cargoes furnished to order.
Main Street Undertakers,
Tel. 209. Indepeudeat gf the Recent Trust
Ej Embalming Qnaranteed or No Charge. )
Notice to Bridge Builders.
of Los Angeles county, California, May 10,
Notice is hereby given that Bealed proposals
will be received by tbe board ol supervisors of
Los Angeles county California, up to '2:30
o'clock p. in. of May 29, 1894, for the material
and construction ol a span or trestle bridge
150 feet in length, more or less: width of road
war 18 feet, across the Los Angeles river at j
Pacoima avenue crossing; and 7r> feet, ainre or
less, of levee on the west side of road and south
Bide of Los Angeles river at said crossing.
Bidders will submit plans, specifications,
strain sheets and working details, and for in
formation relative thereto apply to the clerk of
tbe board of supervisors.
Each bid to be accompsnb d by a certified
check, payable to the order of the chairman of
the board of supervisors in the sum of lo per
cent of the amount of each hid.
The board reserves the right to reject any or
all bids.
By order of the board of supervisors of Los
Angeles county, California. T. H. WARD,
County Clerk and ex-Offlcio Clerk of the Board
of supervisors.
By o. W. Bell. Deputy. 5-12 lot
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
ifornla, county of Los Angeles—ss.
In the matter of the estate of Horatio P.
Perry, deceased.
Notice IS hereby given that Tuesday, the
sth duv of June, Is.II, at 10 o'clock a.m.
of Bald day, at the cuurt room of this court,
Department Two thereof, in the city of Los
Angeles, county of Los Angeles, and state ol
California, has been appointed as tbe time and
place for hearing the application of
E. 11. Iliirmore, praying that a docu
ment now on tile in this oourt purporting to
be the last will and testament of the laid de
ceased, be admitted to probate, that letters
tesaiucuiary be issued thereon to your
petitioner, at iiicti time and place all per
sons interested therein may appear and con
test the same.
Dated Ma)' 9), 1891.
T. 11. WARD, County Clerk.
By C. W. Blake, Deputy.
Murpliey St Gottsclialk, attorneys for peti
tioners. 5-22-10t
branch nattonel ' otne lor disabled volun
teer soldiers, Los .1 .gelcs county, California.
May 4, 1894. Sealed proposals wlil be received
at the treasurer's oilice until 1<»:30 o'clock
Tliur-day, June 14, 1894, and o]>c ed im
mediately thereafter, in the presence of the
bidders, for the quarter ending June HO, |894,
as follows: Cjunrterluaster, tabaUtenOS and
ho-pllal stores, nlso furniture for hospital,
consisting ot chairs carpels, matting, etc. Tbe
quantities to be increased ten per cent., if re
quired, during tbe SMOlttlO* of the contract,
schedules, with tirorinalljjn and Instruction
for submitting bids, will be furnished upon ap
plication to the undersigned. The right to re
ject any and all bids is reserved. Address, A.
M. THORNTON, treasurer. Approved: E. I*.
BROWN, Inspector-general and acting gov
ernor. 5-20-21-22-23 0-13-14
I Bran*li National Homo for Disabled Vol
unteer Boidlei■ Los Angeles county, Califor
nia, May 9, 1894.—Scaled proposals will be
received at the treasurer's ollire until 10:30
o'clock a. m. Tuesday June 19, 1894, and
opened Immediately thereafter In Ihe pres
ence of bidders, for tbe quarter ending Sep
tember 30, 1594, as follows: o,unrter»aiter,
subsistence, and hospital stores The quanti
ties to tie Increased ten per cent, if required
during the execution of the contract, sched
ules, with information and Instructions for
submitting bids, will be furnished upon ap
plication to the undersigned. The right to
reject any and all bids is reserved.
Address A. M. THORNTON, Treaa.
Approved: E. F. BROWN, Inspector General
and Acting Governor. 6-99-29-24-49 0-17-18
Los Angeles Terminal Il'y
Lot Anci?lea Depots: Kaat end Flnt street
end Downey avenue bridges.
Leave Los Angeles ior Leave Pasadena tor
Pasadena. Loa Angelea.
f 0:35 a.m > 7 : isa.'n
• 7:10 «.m * B;,gi tt .m
• « !!'a m • 9:0.i a.m
• 9:00 a. in »10:4() a m
•11 00 a.m •12:25 p.m
p.m b 1:05 p.m
• 1:4() p.m a 1:45 p.m
• 8:00p.m • 3 ; 05 p . m
• 4:00 p.m • 4:05 p.m
• 5:20 i.m • 3;25 p.m
• 6:70 p.m • 7:05 p.m
•11;15 p.t* • M;0o p.m
*11:55 p. -a
Downey avenue leavln; time 7 minute* later,
i,eave Ixis Angeles for Leave Altadetia Juuc-
Altadeua Junction. | Hon for Lo* Angeles.
• 9:00 a.m *10;10 a.m
•11.00 a.m *12:0<> m
• 1:40 p.m » tfttO p.m
• 4:09p.m • 5:00 p.m
All trams start from First sireet depot,
Leave Los Angeles for Leave G enrtal-Tfor Los
lilendale. Angeles.
• 6 10 a.ra | 7:26 a m
i * :20 a m. I 9:12 a.m
•■• P.m » I-.M p. m
*J>:9s p.m • 6:13 p.m
Ua . Lo< Angeles forlLeave Bast Han Pedro
I • ■•: ileach and last for
Mti cdro. Lo* Angeles.
• '.' 13 s.m t 7:15 ii.m
i 7 :!>5 s. m
J 1 : •■< n.m 111:15 a. r,
• 6:1 • p.in } 3:10 n.m
J 6: .op.m [ 4:10 p m
Bclw enKast San Pedro and Long Beacn 10
mm tes.
Trains leave Los Augeies, 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and
1:49 i .'ii, aud 4 p.m. dally.
Fine p»vlliou and hotel.
l.os Angela* Terminal train* connect at Siu
Pedro with the fine BttaaMl Falcon.
Leave First street Depot Arrive
9:15 a.m Katorday
Monday. 4:15 p.m
9:45 a.m Tuesday
Wednesday 4:45 p.m
9:45 a m Thu sday
Friday 4:43 p.m
•Daily. (Dally except Sundays. JSundays
only. aKxcept Saturdays. bSaturdavs only.
States meet the 8 a. ni. and 12:20 p. m trains
at Pasadena Ist Mt. WLsouou new trail.
Passengers leaving Los Ang dcs on the 8 a.
m. train for Wil-on Peak cm return same day.
On theater night the 11:13 p. in. train for
Pasadena will wait until 20 mlbutea after
thester closes when notice la reclved lrom
theater by the agent at First street that there
are passengers for that train.
Special istes to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end of First-street and Downey
avenue bridges.
City ticket olllce at A.B. Greenwald's cigar
•tore, corner First and Spring streets.
General offices. First-street depot.
T. B. BURN E.TI, General Manager.
W. WINCUP, Gen. Passenger Ag't.
CO. (Santa Fe Route).
IN EFFECT StJND \Y, FEB. 11 1891.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at Los An
geles (La Grande Station) First at. and Saula Fe
LecfVe. Los Anhei.es. Arrive.
• 5:15 p.m ...OblcagnLlmlted ... • 9:00 a.m.
• 7:00a.m ...Overland Express... • 6:30 p.m
• 8:15 a.m San Diego Coast Line * 1:15 p.m
• 4:40 p.in .nan Diego Coast Line ' 7:00 p.m
• 7:90 s.m f 1 * 9 90 n.m
• 9:00a.m ..Bin Bernardino.. I ' 9:50 a.m
i ....viaPasadena > I 1:30 p.m
• 4:00 pm * 6:30 p.m
• 5:18.p.m { j
• 7:00a.m 1.. Riverside via 1 t 1:30 p.m
• 9:oUam ' .-an Bernardino.. > • 6:dop.m
t6:oss.m i Riverside and. > •10:15 am
fllOOa.m {..Ban Heruardino. J • 3:55pm
• 4:49 p.m ( via Orange ) •7;00p.m
• 7 00 a.m fßedlands, Mentonel * 9 30 a.m
• 9:90 a.m...and Highland ... I I 1:30 p.m...
... I via > • 6:30 p.m
• 4:00 p.m Pasadena .1
• 5:15 p m I J
f 6:P3am (R»d'anr<.B, Mentonrn •10:15 a.m
tll:00a.m fand Highland vls> " 3:5 > p.m
• 4:40 p.m (o;ange A Riverside) * 7:Jop.ra
• 9:00 am f > * 7.35 a.m
«-TWp-in I V*X!^*S 1 *
• 4:00 p. mm ...Intermediate... } t 1:30 n.m
t 5:30 p.m Stations i i" 4:19 p.m
, .. | ,« 6:30 p.m
• 7:05 p.m [ J I
• 7:00 n.m Pasadena • 9:00 a:m
119:50 a xa Pasadena fllßPa.m
• 5:15 p.m Paaadeda. li 1:30 p.m
f 6:03 a.m Santa Ana t 8.50 a.m
• 8:15 a.m isnta Ana 1
f p.m San a Ana * 1:15 p.m
• 1:10 p.m B«ta Ana • 7:00 p.m
• 7:52 a.m Santa Monica • 9:45 am
♦10:15 s.m Santa Monica * 3:50 p.m
• 4:45 p.m Santa Monica ♦ 6:34 p.m
•10:00 s.m Redondo * 8:29 a.m
• 4:45 p.m Redondo.. * 3:50 p.m
t 9:09 a.m .-au Jacinto v Pasadena f 1:30 p m
• 11:00 a.n' Ban Jacinto via Orange
f 9:00 a.m Temecula via Pasadena f 1:30 p.m
tl 1:00h, re ..Temeenla via Orange
f 8:15 p.m Esoondldo v Oosart Line t 1:15 pm
Trains via Pasadena line arrive at Downey
averue station 7 minutes earlier and leave?
minutes later.
•Dally. fDallyeXcent Sunday. JStinrlayaoaly.
k. W. McOEE, City Pass. AT. Agt.,
129 N. Spring at., Los Angeles, and La Grande
Goodall, Perkins et Co.. General Agents, Ban
Northern routes embrace linea for Portland'
i Ore., Victoria, B. (,'.. aud Pugat Soun Alaska
and other coast points.
For— 1 '
Port Harford. ...4.3. Corona, May 6, 15, 24;
Santa Barbara.. June 2.
Redon lo t
Port Los Angeles a S. Santa Rosa, May 2,11,
Newport" 20, 29, June 7.
Sau Diego I r
8. B. Coos Bay, May 4. 13, 22,
East Bsn Pedro. 31: June 9.
San Pedro and -. S. Eureka. May 9, 18, 27;
way ports. June 5.
for— 9. B. Santa Rosa, May 4, 13,
22, 31: June 9.
Sau Diego 8. B. Corona, May 8, 17, 26;
June 4.
Fer— B. B. Suits May 6, 15,
San Francisco.. 24; June 2.
Port Harford. .. S. 8. Corona, May 1, 10, 19,
Santa Barbara.. 98; June 6.
For— S. 8. Eureka. May 3, 12, 21,
San Francisco 30; Jane 8.
and 3. 8. l oo* Bay, May 7.16, 25;
Woy ports June 3,
Cara to connect with steamers via San Pedro
leave s. P. R. R (Arcade) depot at 5 p.m., and
Terminal railway depot »t 5:15 p.m.
Cars to connect via Redondo leave Santa Fe
dep tnt 10 a m , or from Redondo railway de
pot at 9 a.m.
Oa ato oon.ioot via Port Los Angeles leave
S. P. It. it. depot at 1:10 pm. for steamers
north bound.
Plans ol teamers' cabins at agent's office,
where berths may be secured.
Theeunpanv iese:Ves the right to change
the atea mora or their days of ailing.
atßSt- Hi r passage i r freight as above, or for
tic, i- 1 -. to s.d Imm all imp u-wut poluts in
Europe, apply t« w. parris, Agent,
Offloe N0.'124 W. Second at, Los Augelei.
11 | mm s - co
j (Spreekels'line.)
kos Angeles to
V'"' \# Htiiiolnlu'autlre
! ¥ urn, SI2 >,
I u-ualiy active now,
SBSE'.Juki, JI(W»«} and hundreds visit it
:;, «W*« every week. Now is
- tne time to to to that
»i : ni Si nut y ....
y 11. am a and Hong Kong via Hono ulu
am. ma lines. ml , 4
iii town, S. Africa, via Sydney, for $143.
Roue ' the world, Ist class, |ttlOl 2d class,
rSSOO rom ssn Frsnci'c". .
A| to HUGH B. RICE, agent Oce.inlc S. B,
Co , 4 TV. Second It,, Los Augeies. 3 8
Special parties to Burope, leavl ig May 2d
and 26in, June 13th, 27th and 30th. lute
p.ndent tickets at lowe t rates. Sena for pro
g.amutes, a c, to
621 Marks.vat.. Palace H itaji
4-6 3m San Fran Cisco, CaL
Southern Pacific Company
FEBRUARY 26, 1894.
Trslns leave aud are due ie arrive at
LO-t A NO l. LES (A R r -ADK DIPOT),
Fifih street, daily as loliows;
Leave for | Destination. Arrive.
2 :00 b, ml San Fran. & Hacram't 7:Hoa.nt
7115p.mpan Kr.*n. A Sacram'te I:4S p.ut
2:00 p.m t><ii n A Ka-t. 2d claa- 730 a.m
7:43 pin Ogdcn A East, Ist ciaaa I:4S p.m
7:45 pm Pcnldßd, Or 7:30 a.m
S:3on. m .... Rl Paso and East.. • 7:00 p m
8:30 a m .Dcming and East... 7:Oop.ra
8:39 a. m Banning 7 oO p.m
Redianda 59:21 a. m
8:30a.m Kedlauds Al0:10a.al
10:30a.m Redianda 4:58 p.m
4:30 p.m Redianda 7:00p.m
Collon -t> 21 a. in
8 30 am Col ton (10:10a.m
10:30 a.m Colion 4:48 p.m
4:30p.m Coiton 7:00 p. at
Riverside s9:-lam
8 SO a.m Rlver-ide. AlO:iOa.m
10 30 a.m Riverside 4:68 p.m
4:30 pm Rivers de 7:00 p.m
Ssn Bernardino 59:21 s.m
8: 0a.m.... Sau Bernard no sl0:10a.m
10:30n.m ....-an Bernardino... 4:58 p.m
4:30 p.m Sau B rnardlno... 7:00 p.m
Chino . a 8:50 am
8:30a.m Chino s9:2la.a
4 :>;>.in Chino Al0:10am
a 5 45 p.m Chino. 4:58 p.m
8:15 a.m. Monrovia 7:55 a.m
[ Monrovia slo:2oa.m
a 2:40 p.m Monrovia
5: i 5 p.m! Monrovia 4:45 p.m
7:30 ii.m Sonta Barbara 1:48 p.ut
2:00 p.m, Santa Barbara 8:65 s.m
A9:B2a.m -tanta Ana A Anaheim 9:0.1 am
5:l(i pin Santa Ana A An.vheim A4:o4p.m
4:52 p.m: Tustln 9:48a.58
A9;4ott.m Whittler 8:43 a.m
4:5: p.m Vihittier Al:4sp,ai
:6Am l ong B'ch A San Pedro 8:15 p.m
A12:50n.m Ssn Pedro A Lou * B'cb A11:56a.m
5:00 p m Long B'ch A Sau Pedro 4:15 p.m
9:30 n.m Santa. Monica 8 08 a.ml
slo:3oa.m Ban t» Monica 8:50 am
1:10 p.m Hanta Monlea 12:12 p.m
5:15 i.m SaßtaMouict 4:25 p.m
6:25 p.m Silllts Monica ■ 6:10 p.m
9:30a.m soldieu' Home 8:08a.m
8:25 p.m Sold in' Home.... 4 :25 B.ia
9:30 a.m . .Port. Los Anae'es... 12:12 p.m
slo:3oa.in ... Port Los Angeles... s 6:10p.m
1:10 p m Part Ixis Anneles... 4:25 p.m
A 4.05 p m (OhAtaworth rark.l AS:soa.m
! Trains s art lrom I
1 River station (San f
I Fernando St.) only. J
eSundsys on y. ASnndava excepted.
Southern Pacific Company's trains connect
at Sun Pedro with flue steamer Falcon.
Leave Arcade Depot Arrive
Monday. 4:13 p.m
9:25 p.m Tuesday
Wednesday 11:56 n.m
9:25 a.m Thursday
Friday ll:S6a.m
9:25 a.m -aturday
All of he senside aud local Interior trains
stop st tbe new station, cor. of First and Ala
meda streets.
Take -anta Monica trains from River station
(Sau Fernando street), Maud's Junction, Com
mercial sireet. Arcade depot, Jeflerson street
(Wlnthrop station), Grand avenue or Univer
ror north: Arcade, Commercial street, Naud's
Junction, River ststiou tSan Fernando street).
For east: Arcade, Commercial street, Naud's
For other branches: Arcade, Commercial
street. Naud's Juuctioo. River station (San
Fernando sireet).
Local and through tickets sold, baggage
checked, Pullman steeping car re* ovations
made, aud general Information given upon au
plicatlon to J. tt. CRAWLEY, Assistant Pas
lenxer Agent, 144 8. Spring St.. cor. Second.
CHARLES H' YI.ER, agent at depots.
RICHARD GREY, General Traffic Manager.
T. H. GOODMAN, Gen'i Pass. Agent
Ccmpagnio Generate Transatlaniique
Travelers by this line avoid both travel by
Eng.ish ral wsy and the discomfort ol Slotting
the channel in a small noat,
La Touralne. March 31.
La Bodrgogne, April 7.
La Bretagne, April 14.
La champagne, April 21.
La Touralue, April 24.
La uotirgogne, May 5.
New Tork to Alexandria, Eevpt, via Paris,
flrsi.class $160, second-c.asssU6.
For freight or passage apply to
J. F. FTTGAZI A CO., agents, 5 Montgomery
aye., San Francis jo. Branch office, 10 Mont
gomery street Tickets for sale by all railroad
nod steamship offices
Redondo Railway
Wmter Time Caid, Ho. 11.
IN EFFECI 5 A. M. MONDAY, SEPT. 25,1893.
Los Angeles, Depot, cottier Grand avenue
and Jeffersou street.
Take Grand nventi ■■ cable or Mala street and
Agricnltural Park norse cars.
Trkinsleave Trains leave
Los Augeies Keilsihdo
for Redondo. for Los Angeles.
fillLT. fIAILY.
0:15 am. 7:40 aim.
1:85 pm. 11:110 n.m.
5:10 p.m. 3:15 p.m.
Running t »c between Los Angeles and Re
dondo Beach, 50 minutes.
City ticket office at A. B. Greenwald's Cigar
Store, corn -r First aad Spring at; cots.
080. J. AINMWORTH. Ptisldent.
K. H THOMPSON, Vice-President.
J. N. SUTTON, Hupi., Redanao Bs'ach.
DR. WONG HIM, who has practiced medi
cine in Los Anga.es far 19 years, and
whose office 1* at 839 Up->ej Mala street, will
treat by medicines all diseases ot women, wen
and children. The doctor mainu that he has
remedies that are superior to all other* as a
spi cihc for troubles »f women and mea, A
trial aloue will convince the sick that Dr.
Wong Hint's remedies are more efficacious than
oau be prescribed. Dr. Wong Him Is a Chinese
physician of prominence and a gentleman of
responsibility. His reputation is more than
well established, and all persens needing his
services can lely upau his akill and ability. A
cure is guaranteed in every case In which a re
covery Is possible. Herb medicines for sale.
639 Upper Main Street, Los Angeles.
Los Anoeles, Cat., June 17, 1889.
To «i« Public; I have been suffering with
piles aad kidney trouble for over five years,
and have tried several remedies, but all failed
to relieve me. A short time since I tried Dr.
Wong Him. 639 Upper Main street, and I am
now well and strong, and consider him a first
class doctor. Yours truly,
235 S. Hill st., Los Augeies, CaL
Los ANQELX9, June 9, 1893,
To the Public: For over live years I have
been troub ed with nervous sic-headache and
1 ver complaint. 1 didu't seem to find any help
from t.iem.ny doctors and medicines that I
tried until I trie I Dr. W ong Him, 639 Upper
Main stteet. lam now weil. Tours truly,
Mir* M. G. BROCK,
48 Hlnton aye., Los An»ele«, Cal.
Notice of the FiiTna; of the Keport of
tbe Commissioners Appointed for
the Opening of Castelar Street
Into iMlevue Aveuae, in Compli
ance With Ordinance No. 1U99,
New Series, Together With tho
Plat of the Assessment District.
tlfled copy of the report, assessment list
ami plat of the commissioners appointed to
assess benefits and damages, and to have gen
eral supervision of the work of opening Cas
telar street Into Believue avenue, has been
filed in the office of the undersigned.
All sums levied and assessed |v said assess
ment list are due and payable Immediately.
The payment of said sums Is to be made to me
in my office within thirty days from the first
publication of this notice
All assessments not puid before tbe expira
tion of said thirty days will bo declared to be
delinquent nnd thereafter five per cent with
the cost of advertising, will be added thereto.
Dated this lorn day of May, 1-94.
Street Superiutandaol,
By F. J. Palomares, Deputy. 5-lB iM

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