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The Republicans Are Still at
Results of Yesterday's Session of the
Features of tha Contests—Tha Con
vention Liable to Last 'through
Today—Hren«* aud In
Sheriff—John Burr, Ban Fernando.
Huperinteedent public instruction—Spurgeon
Alley, Loa Augeles.
Clerk-Thomas F. Newlln, Whlttier.
Treasurer—Thorn&3 J. Hemming, Los An
Assessor—Theodore gummerlaud, Los An
Auditor—Charios F. Bloknell, Loa Angeles.
Kecordor—H. C. Hodgman.
Firtt district—W. L Woodward, Lordsburg.
Third district—E. 8. Held, Los Augeles.
Thirty-sixth district—C. M. Simpson, Pasa
Thirty eighth dlslrlct-S. N. Androus, Po-
aMveatielai distil st—H, A. Weyie, Santa
BeTi»nty-llrst district—O. H. Huber, A ansa.
Heveuty-stcond district—B. C. Kenyou, Long
oeventy third district—William Llewellyn,
Los ADgeleA
Bevi uty-lourth district—o. W. Pendleton,
Los Angeles. *
Beventy-lKtb district—P., N. BuUa, Los An
The convention yeaterday morning got
down to working order, and the business
of making nominations had fairly start
ed In. The delegates weut to work in a
stalwart fashion aud proceeded to snub
the dork-lnntorn crowd with would-be
Bobs Otis at the head of it, by nominat
ing meu who had come under the espe
cial ban of that coterie.
Judge iStCIMfi males a point of order.
Chairman Allen turned np with hia
neck iv n sling as a consequence ol bia
•peerhmnicinK on the preceding evening,
and Bttriat the clay celled on quite a
number of gentlenion to relieve him of
the dutiea of the chair. Mr. VV. El, Ar
thur of Pasadena presided for a consid
erable length of time and discharged tbe
dutiee of the position in a peculiarly fe
licitoua and acceptable manner.
One of the humora of the diy wis ths
speech of Mr. Burke of Ui vera in placing
T. E. Newlin in nomination for county
clerk, lie said that Mr. Nowlin was re
lated to Mr. llervey Lindley; that Mr.
Newlin's wife'a grandfather was the
brother of Mr. I.indiev'a grandmother.
This raißed a laugh, nnd the convention
remained in a good humor all day. The
tioket thus far aettled Is practically the
one outlined by the Hibalu some daya
The turning down of A. P. A. Day for
treasurer was another eignifioant inci
dent of the day. It was likewise evi
dent early in the day tbat tbe ill-advised
and vitriolic speech of Chairman Allen
on the preceding evening had made a
strong impression on tbe delegates, and
had tbe effect of switching the sensible
delegates of both the city and country
from the dark-lantern quagmire opened
up by o*l*l into tbe broad, fair road of
straight Republican politics. As a re
euit tbe ticket ia v much better one
than aeemed to be foreauadowed- Mr,
Ii K. Newliu ia a solid business man,
esteemed alike in city and country, and
tbe tremendous ovation which was
tendered to popular Theodore Hummer
land is the most eloquent and substan
tial testimonial that could ba accorded
Another striking event was the dia
•emfltura of Registration Lowry for
county clerk. The peculiar methods
pursued in tbe Tbird ward primaries re
ceived a fitting rebuke and at tbe same
time would-be Bobb Otia received an
additional and flagitious snub. In
fact, it waa a good day for enubs in that
During tbe day lion. Henry Gage was
a central figure on the floor of the con
vention and at all times he waa sur
rounded by groups of friends and neigh
bors wbo honored him for the gallant
stand he had taken for yure Republican
Tlie chair announced that he bad ap
poin'ed the following i-nmmittee to re
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reive, audit and disburse tha campaign
funds pursuant to tha purity election
law: George H. Stewart, John Burns,
Charlea Bradford, J. C. Sheerer and Koy
The chair announced that the conven
tion waa ready to receive nominations
for county clerk. Mr. Bird nominated
I. 8, Q, Todd, Judge Hubbell named
John Dunsmoor and 8, H, Moore pre
sented tbe name of J. H. Martin. Wil
liam T. Williama submitted tbe name
F. Ei Lowry and Judge Gottaohalk tbat
of.luliua A. Kelly and Mr. Burke (hat
of T. K. Nowlin of Whlttier. Mr. Over
ton offered tbe name of C. W. Blake and
General Pierce presented Capt. W. H.
Seamans, and after a mild How of ora
tory in the shape of seconding speeches.
Chairman Allen announced that the
convention waa ready to proceed to a
ballot, which resulted aa follows:
New'in 110
Lonnv 133
Dunsmoor 03
oeitinaua 34
Kelly 10
Man in 74
Blake 20
Todd 46
Aa there waa no choice, the chair an
nounced that auothor ballot wouid be
taken. The announcement of the re
eult waa received with cheers for the
different cnndhiaSee, and the workers
!*•.•;:?.••! ;,ioi> s.-<;«ea loose amnug thedele
gatca to effect combinations. Jdst be
fore the roll was called, Judge Hubbell
withdrew tbe name of John Dunsmoor
as a candidate,
The result of the Becond ballot was
likewise nu choice, the vote polled being
divided as follows;
Nowlin 100
I.owrv 171
Martin 1)1
Todd 21)
Seamans IB
Kelly 4
Thie announcement was greeted with
cheer*, Tbo name of U. 8. G. Todd
was withdrawn by Mr. Bird, and Mr.
Overton withdrew the name of C. Wl
Biake, and the name ol J. A, Kelly
was witbdrawu, and General Pierce
withdrew Captain Seamans.
The race now narrowed down to three
candidates, aud on the third ballot being
taken it resulted aa announced below :
Hewitt 235
Lowrey lbO'^
Martlu »7
It was evident that the withdrawal of
Todd, Blake and Seamane bad helped
Newline, but tbere was still no choice
aud a fourth ballot was ordered,
The fourth ballot showed tbe following
New.in 28(1
Lowry 128
Martin 07
This announcement was received witb
a wild outburst of enthusiasm, and the
convention really cut itself loose for a
grand jubilee, ihe chair announced in
lormal terms that Mr. Newliu of Whit
tier was tha nominee for county olerk,
and then tho eonventlon took a recess
until 1:80 p. m.
The afternoon session opened witb the
adoption of a resolution that no county
officer* or deputies shall hereafter act aa
delegates in aounty conventions. This
was offered by W. E. Arthur of Pasa
Judge Hatch makes a funny speech.
Tha next business was the pre
sentation of the candidates for
county treasurer, and VV. T. Williamß
nominated T. J. Fleming, ti. 11. and
Stewart presented the name oi Charles
E. Day. A ballot waa tben taken and
resulted as follows:
Firming 205
D»y 240
The nnouncement of tbe result wae
received with prolonged cheering.
Nominations for county assessor were
next declared to be iv order, aud Mr. L.
Thorne Submitted tbe name of John VV.
Hiuton; B. W. lj«e presented the name
of Theodore Summorland; 0. J. T,
Puohanan nominated Captain F. Ed
ward (iray. The convention then pro
ceeded to take a ballot, wbich resulted
aa follows:
Biimmerland 238
(lrer 158
Hinton 1 114
Aa there was uo choice another ballot
was ordered.
Tbe roll was called on tbe seennd bal
lot and it resulted in the nomination ol
Theodore Summorland, who received
298 voles, while Oapt. F. lldward Gray
received 144 votes aud J. VV. iltnton (it
votes. There was another wild scene o!
enthusiasm when tbe result of the vote
was anneunced.
The chair tben announced that Jamei
Mocl.achlan, tbe candidate for congress,
was in the hall. This rained another
tremendous cheer, and "Jimmy" was
pulled up on the platfoim. nnd said: "I
have just returned from Ventura coun
ty, and I wish to say to yon that a now
feature has been introduced in tbis cam
paign, end that is the ptosence of the
ladies at the meetings, due to tbe woman
suffrage plank in our platform.' The
issues of this campaigu are well settled.
The Democratic party Is trying to pull |
the wool over the eyea of the people by j
crying out thia is an anti-monopoly cam- |
paign and that the railroad ia the only
Issue iv the campaign. They want to •
close the eyea of the people to the tte
mendous depression which bas resulted
from tho reign ol Democracy.
"Our honored leader, Hon. M. M. Es
tee, has declared himself egainst ths
Central and Union Pacific railroads, and
that they ehould pay their debts when
due, and I am perfectly willing to aub
scribe to tbe oame doctrine. I want to
cay that lam iv favor uf a deep sea
harbor near Los Angeles, and ua the
government engineera bave twice re
ported in favor of Sau Pedro, I accept
today tho logical position of the govern
ment on this matter and I will abide hy
the decision ol the government." [Ap
"Now let us give three cheers for our
nextcongressmau, Jimmy McLichlan,"
said Chairman Allen, and they were
given with en enthusiasm nnd volume
of sound that ehouk the rafters oi tbe
The chair then called for nominations
for county auditor, and Laiter A. Young,
by unanimous consent, was permitted to
appear on the lloor and praaeuted tbe
name of Frank E. Barnes. Colonel
Glaze w*a acsonied the aarae privilege
and Bubmitte 1 the name uf Thomas F.
Lewis of Si'itia Monica. John Wesson
of Pomona presented the name of Chaa.
G. Kellngg of Pomona, whom be said
wes tholr favorite eon. J. T. Buohanau
placod Edward G. Wood lv nomination.
Judge llnlcii titfered the name of Charlea
F. Bicknell and Mr. Appel presented
the name of Krank E. Lopez, a native
born Culifornian whose record was one
of which any man could well be proud.
Tho nominations were tben closed,
and the convention then proceeded to
take a ballot, which resulted aa follows:
Kellogg a las
Wood 107
Bicknell 143
Lopez 08
liarues 28
Levis'. ",3
No candidate having received the
roquiaite number of votes another ballot
waa ordered.
The second ballot resulted as below i
Kellogg • 168
Wood M 7
Bicknell |fil)
Lopez 114
Barnes 3
Lewis 0
On the result being announced, the
names Lopez, Wood and Lewis were
withdrawn as candidates and a tbird
ballot was ordered.
Tbe third ballot waa taken hetweon 5
and 6 o'clock and it resulted as follows:
Bicknell 208
Kellogg 240
Tbe chair then declared Mr. Bicknell
tbe nominee for auditor, and the conven
tion took a recess until 8 o'clock,
The evening ae3siou opened with the
reception of nominations for county re
corder. The convention waa again
packed witb spectators, the stage was
li lied witb ladies, and there were many
of the fair sex iv the galleries.
J. C. Rives submitted thn name of
Sherman Smith, aud Judge Roberts ol
Long Beach presented the name of Ar
thur Bray. While the last nomination
was being made come one in the lobby
yelled, aud a acene of confusion ensued,
at the olose of which the chairman
threatened to have the lobby cleared.
The lobby kicked on thia proposition,
and anally united in ejecting the of
fensive party in their midst from the
hall. The lobby then quieted down.
W. T. Williams theu placed E. 0.
Hodgman in nomination for the office
of recorder. Mr. W. B. Hasa offered
the name of Thomas F. Lsyoock, and
Major Furiev ptesented the name of
Walter F. X. Parker.
The convention then proceeded to
take the Brat ballot on the recorder,
and it resulted as follows :
Smith ion
Bray 101
Layeoek 50
Hodgman ,jo^
Fatker ~. .'.....,'...,"'.'.'.'.103
The result of the aeoond ballot wns a
Col. Glaze Bays the old soldiers are in it.
shift of strength to Hodgman, but there
was atlll uo choice. Tbe vote was aa
Pnlth 124
Brsj !>J |
llolgman IH7J j
farmr ~..72
UreuM M
l)n ' V li being announced, tbe
ulißir v..:."'. M another ballot.
illllib BALLOT.
The result of tue third ballot wna eta
Hodgman 3Bf» I
Smith 110 i
Bray SB
Parker v j
Layckok..... 1
The chair declared Mr. Hodgrnan
tbe nominee for recorder.
The convention adjourned until 10
o'clock thia morning. '
Marriage Ittofasoa.
Marriage licenses were issued yeeter
day to the following persona :
George B. Bedding, aged 27, a native
cf Ohio, and Bessie H. Blanks, aged 21,
both residents of Loa Autii-lea.
Nathaniel T. Paluujiivat, aged 31, a
native of Illinois, and lvliuora (Jaroth
ers, aged "ii, a-native of Uelifurnin, both
residents of Los Angelea.
Baekl«in'i Arnlnu SilTe.
•Ihe beat salve I v tlie "oii I ior call, bruises
r. ,iei, ulcers', sAltrhenm, lever sores, teller
chapped haartf, oallbUln', uortts aud all akin
eruptions, and positives i n es piles or uo pay
required, it is guarantee'! to give perfect sat
isfaction or aoier rHiiudert. Price, 25 cents
per.bex. I'or sale by V. e\ llehijuinuu, 222 W
MnllJ street.
Supreme and Mie Los An
gels anil Pacific Case.
It AlHrrus (lie Decision of the Sups
l ior Court.
A Santa Barbara Will Caea aud Othor
C*s*»s Fissssd Ipin by tbe
Stats Tribunal of Last
The supreme court affirmed the
judgment ol tha Los Angeles superior
court in the case of John P. Jonea et al.,
respondents, vs. the Los Angeles and
Pr.citlc Railway company, appellant.
The action was brought hy plaintiffs
to declare forfeited r certain of
way granted by them to the Lts Angeles
County Railway oompany, tbe predeces
sor in iutero.it of the defendant, upon
the ground that certain conditions sub
sequently Rttached to the grant bad not
been complied witb, Defendant inter
posed a general demurrer to the com
plaiut, wbich was overruled by consent.
The delsnriant did not appear at the
trial, and plaintiffs bad judgment,
Tlie ouly question prr»enied by tbe
appellants was aa to the sufficiency of
the complaint.
The Bupreino court says: "The com
plaint is not wall drawn, but in the ab
sence uf a special demurrer we think it
cuflicient to etate a cause of action.
Taking its allegations together, it may
ba fairly construed as alleging the com
pletion of the road, aud assuming that
fact to be sufficiently otatid, its remain
ing allegations are sufficiently stated in
charging breaches of various conditions
of the agreement heretofore quoted.
The judgment is therefore affirmed."
Au opinion by the supreme court was
alao received in Los Angeleß for tiling
yesterday iv the case of Joseph Morton,
administrator of the estate of James A.
Drown, deceased, cppellant, vs. R, E.
.lack et al., respondents.
It was a Santa Barbara will cbbo.
James A. Brown died at Santa Barbara
October 20, 1880, leaving his widow,
Mrs. Catherine J. Browu, as his ex
He left a will which was admitted to
probate, and Mra. Brown took'posses
sion of bis property as executrix.
It waa alleged that April 15, IR9O,
when so lawfully possessed, the de
fendants wrongfully took tbe entire per
sonal property pf tbe estate, valued
tben at fUOOO, and converted it lo their
own uoe, paying it tv a bnnl: she owed,
of which Jaclc was president. Mra.
Brown died April 17, 1892, not having
completed the administration.
Tlie causo waa tried by the court
without a jury and judgment was found
for tbe defendant Jack, a non-suit being
entered ac to tbe bank.
Tbe supreme couit after a long dis
eueaion of tbe case holds that the lower
court erred in holding that Jack did not
convert the propeity to hia own nee;
that the cause of action waa uot barred.
The judgment of non-suit is affirmed
and the judgment in favor uf Jack ia
The judgment of tbe Sen Diego an
perior court is affirmed In tbe case of H.
ii. Dow, plaintiff and appellant, va.
Arthur G. Naeou, et al., defendants and
respondents. The'court cays that the
pleadiinrs, findings and briefs do not
present tne facts with remarkable clear
ness. It appeared, however, tbat a
16000 not-i made by Arthur G. Nason to
H. W. Nason, which was the eubject of
the action, waa pledged aa security for
tho payment of certain other promissory
notes; end tbe pivotal point in the case
was whether or not these laat notes had
been paid. The lower court found they
wero uot paid ; and while the evidence
on the point, according to the supremo
court, left the matter in doubt, they hold
it wns not co weak as to warrant it in
saying it does net eupport tho finding.
This being ao it holds there is no ground
for disturbing the judgment.
In the case ol Flora J. Paden, re
spondent, vs. Simon Goldbaum aud B.
F. Hubbert, appellants, the supreme
court sustains tbe judgment of tee San
Diego superior court. Tbe complaint
alleges that the plaintiff, wife of Alfred
Paden, owned certain milch cows and
other cattle and personal property, and
defeud.intß, knowing it to be her per
sonal property, took it under a writ of
execution' iesued upon a judgment in
fovor of Alfred Paden.
findings were {or the plaintiff and
judgment wan entered againat both de
i~u-iauta for *U(iJ. In concluding a long
opinion in the case the supreme court
eava tbat appellants specided 58 errors
oi law ns hr.viug occurred on the trial,
that tbey bave carolully read thu entire
record and liud no error justifying * re
The supreme court reverses the judg
ment of the San D ego superior court iv
tile case of W. E. ilMues vs. Babock &
Blory, appellants, West Coast Lumber
cjmpany and C. J. Fox, iutervenors and
respondents, and remands the casb lor a
uew trial.
The controversy was Bolely between
the alleged intervenors und two of tbe
defendants in the action as origin ally
commenced, which was in tbe nature of
a creditors' bill in equity to eubjeot
eiuitubie assets of the clan Diego Street
Oat company to the satisfaction of a
judgment againat it in favor of tbe
plalnti ft.
Judgment went for tbe plaintiff and
an appeal was taken and the supreme
court affirmed the decisiou. It Bays,
however, that no question rolating to
the rights of ether creditors were In
volved in that appeal, or considered by
the court.
Suit iv intervention fallowed and
judgment was granted in favor of the
Intervenors, from which tbe preeent ap
peal wan taken.
Au opinion was also received in the
Los Augeles uaia of Ellen D. Raymond,
plaintiff and respondent, vs. Geo. W.
Glover et al., defendants and reepond
ents, aud Garman-Aineriean Saviags
Hank, defendant aud appellant. Tbe
court nods in tbis caae, whicb was a
mortgage transaction, as follows: "As
the I* no rindlag Upon the question
i., is lo 1 " i!oud faith and want of
notice of tiie li nk, tbe case should be
remanded .. It; directions ta nnd out
whether or nut the bank look the note
as security, without of the facts
tending t ts invalidity. Thisfaot
may be Id Ind H| ort the evidence already
taken, witli IUUII luriher evidence upon
the subject us II R ;> rties may ccc fit to
submit. If the on' , finds for tbe ap
pellant upon that subject, ths plaintiff
should bo allowed a preferred lien for
$1309 end interest, as provided in tbe
contract of sale, and the bank should be
allowed to retain tbe lieu of ita mort
gage, subject to plaintiffs' lien, to tbe
extent of it? debt agetnst Monroe."
With but lit:!-] ami no ironble tbu beard
and mouetiu- ie can be kept a uniform brown
or hinna color or uiltig KutklDaham'e t)je fo
tha <*ht«lri>r.-. *
The Dealers Hays Tahsn a Stand In Op
position to It.
From appearances,the wholesale deal
ers in liquor, or many of them, have
taken a decided stand againat paying
.the city license tax, against which they
have so long been lighting. The license
is $2i> a moutb. They claim that one
half the business is done by outside
wholesale dealers who do not pay the
tax, and they fhink they have as much
right to have the tax removed aa the
merchants who were exempted by the
new ordinance.
Since the council has dropped the
matter for the present, tbe license col
lector could uot see hia way clear to do
otherwise than file complainte againat
thoae whom he bed seen and who re
fused to pay the license.
The following are the names ol the
wholesale dealers ngainot whom Deputy
Collector Caldaoll has filed complaints
in the police court:
Louie Appel, 130 West Fifth street;
funeet Wine company, 641 North Main
Main street; B. Sanders, 910 North Main
Btreet; Loa Angelas Wine company, 201!
North Main etreet; Levy <t Co , 312
North Loa Angeles etreet; O. H. Keiier
it Co., 422 Noith Main attest; S. Gusati,
212 North Alameda street; Oncamonga
Wine company, 818 North Main etreet.
I'etty Offender* Who Oot Into the Tolls
Yeatenl ay.
11. 0. Gilmore faced Justice Seaman
in the police court yesterday for the see
one time in nearly as many weeks. He
was charged, on complaint of an Ala
meda street "crib" woman, with dis
turbing the peace. The court assess;d
Gilmore $10 or 10 days.
Another Alameda Btreet peace dis
turber was John Smith, who, while
taking in tbe sights early yesterday
morning, took orcasioii to bang the
donra ol houses of ill repute with stones.
He said tie expected and wanted to be
arrested, bo Oiticer McGraw accommo
dated him. He will epend five days in
tha chaingang for his fun.
YgDucio Hugo and Louisa Borden were
tried for disturbing the pence. Hugo
waß fined t~> and bis frail companion
was discharged.
William Goodman, the ungrateful
young German accused of stealing $100
worth of gooda from J. Gordon of South
Spring street, was arraigned on a charge
ol grand larceny. His case waa act for
examination September lltb at 0 a. m.
J. Alunzst, a wagon dealer at Alpine
and Upper Main streets, waa fined *3
for obstructing the streets.
The County Cantrnl Committee Meeting
This Morning;.
The ctlling of a meeting of tbe He
publican county central committee to
meet at 8 o'clock this morning ie viewed
witb suspicion in certain circles.
It is intimated that tbe calling of the
meeting at tbia early hour is (or tbe
purpose of reelecting Judge Silent
chairman of the committee, and that a
certain coterie of members will be
prompt in attending tbe meeting with
that objict in view. Word of the
scheme got into circulation among tbe
delegates laat night, and they will bo on
hand today to see tbat no permanent
chairman ia elected who ia not the
choice of the preponderating majority
of tbe ommittee.
Chairman Allen had to reoode from
the position he took last night in order
ing tbe lobby cleared. The disturbance
which created tbe excitement in tbe
lobby was occaaioned hy a countryman
oalling attention to one of the pseudo
prurient atateamen of the .Seventh ward
tilling out a lot of proxiee and signing
tbe namea of delegates thereto.
Aro We on tha Era of a Boom?
Editors Hsbald: —By overhauling
tbe bank commissioners' reports of tbe
condition of the banka of California I
find tbe following results:
On July 1, 1880, at the flood tide of
our ao called real estate boom, tbe banka
of the state had money on hand and due
them from other banks, over and above
what they owed to otber banks,
$33,049,464. On July 1, 1888,
they l ad $29,46(> 222; in 1789 they bad
$21)942,959; iv 1890 they had $32,989,
--05;!; in 1891, $29,300,575; in 1892, $27,
--771.5.-J7 ; in 1893, $27,310,063, and in 1894,
$10,718,4951 so it is readily seen that
wo have now in the banks of California
$13,4U7,832 more available caeh than
we had one year ago and $7,675,931 more
than we had in 1887 —in tbe very height
of the boom—or seven and a half mil
liana more thau wo have had in tbe laat
25 years, a short time after tbe destruc
tion of the greenbacks.
What ia this money here for and how
did it get here? It was certainly not
brought here by tbe banks, burrowed
from other bunks. If it had been, the
reports would show indebtedness to
other bauks. J. W. l'orrs,
Jletnarkntils liiTi-ralon.
Editors Herald :—lu a recent poem
contributed by Professor James H.
Clark to au eastern periodical I find the
following eight-line etanza, which is
remarkable for the breadth and sweep of
its thought, and also fo? a certain com
pleteness of statement in eacb individ
ual line:
Wheeling systems fink and rise,
lv one shoreless iiuiveise,
Au'l forever down the Hkle*.
olyrald mm. que hymn rehearse.
Counties! worMa saint-- the nun;
l'lanets to each oilier call;
into cycles run.
All for oue and o:ie ior all.
But what is very singular and striking
about thia atanza, is that you may begin
with the lust line aud read upwards,
ending witb the first,without impairing
tbe senoo, rhyme orrythm. Katpa.
Wall paper house of tne coa«t, 3.13 8. Bprlnis
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cre -on of Tartar P. w Jer. Fit{.
from Ammonia, Alumoranyotrv•■ a<U:!t«tant.
•We Are Going Out
Of the Shoe Business!
And the General Public is Going
To Get the Benefit of It ■ ■ •

Has always had the reputation of carrying a large
Assortment of FINE SHOES, aud our prices have
Always been tlie lowest. But now you shall have
And in many cases less thau the leather cost.
$42,000 Worth to Choose From ....
Misses' and Children's Dongola Kid Oxfords, tbe $1,
$1.25 and $1.50 line, Going Out of Business Price, ~,{)c.
Misses' and Children's Red Goat Oxfords.
Goiug Out of Business Price, ,"j()c
Misses and Children's English Sole Black Tennis
Oxfords. Going Out of Business Price, 25c
Largest size Gilt Edge Shoe Polish; sold everywhere
at 25 cents. Going Out of Business Price,
Small size C. & G. Polish, , r >c
J. and T. Cousins' Fine French Kid Infants' Button
Shoes; sold all over the United States at to $1.
Sizes 2 to 5. Going Out of Business Price, 50c
Ladies Who Are Fortunate Enough to
Wear n Small Boots This.
Our $3 and $3.50 line. Going Out of Business Price, $1.95
Our $4 and $5 line. Going Out of Business Price, $2.15
Our $5.50 to $8 line. Going Out of Business Price, $2.95
Ladies' Genuine Dongola Kid Button Shoes, newest
shapes, tipped; regular $2 shoe.
Going Out of Business Price, 51.25
Ladies' Fine Vici Kid Button Shoes, newest shapes,
tipped; regular $3 shoe.
Going Out of Business Price, $1.95
Children's School Shoes, Kangaroo Calf Button; regu
lar $1 shoe; sizes 5 to 8.
Going Out of Business Price, b*sc
Grain School Button Shoes, sizes 8 to tt; regu l ar
price, $1.25. Going Out of Business Price, 85c
Grain School Button Shoes, sizes 11 to 2; regular
price, $1.35. Going Out of Business Price, 95c
Ladies' Serge Congress Shoes, sizes 4 to 8.
Going Out of Business Prica, 70c
Store For Rent and Fixtures For Sale.
201 North Spring Street,
Opposite Old Court House.
Under direction of Al Ilayman.
H. a WY ATI', Manager
Last Three Nights and Saturday Mat
inee. Sept. 6th, 7th and Bth.
From Empire Theater, New York—The Largest
and Strong! st Dramatic Company
iv America,
Friday (doublo bill)
Saturday Matinee SOWINU THR WIND
Saturday nlgnt LIBERTY HALL
Seats new on tale.
> Fuel. A. r. ••> -i:a. Manager
WEUR <>F Kitp > kmiiku 3d.
anotuek new roMPAHT
ms;. D. K. higuink
And their own compauy iv the
latest New York nice
BY 1). K. HIUUINij.
Introducing l : Brooklyn Bridge
area-, the realist c nbtuctton arene. aoowltig a
■lea Orawtt by gebuius Lvo r..-.t. tu» atari
liui- fire a.irn,, ».:»,. if 1 roljre patrol.
No r-i ranee ■ ia !>rlco#: IS, -JO and SO eta; box
• c.t-. no tlri 7ri eta.
HIW uCIiK a a ran A ij.ecueular imikluo-
114-11H Court at.
I. KKRKOW, Prop.
Firat Week of
Comic Sluger and Mimic.
Operatic Sluger.
Berth Family Orchestra.
Concert every erenluu from 7:o0 uattl 12,
and Sum rein y rami lire Irotn 1 to 4 p.m.
/CJtP"~I In. c rinoiercUi lunch Finest cuisine
wriVj mc*.* n la c im» t\t *\\ hmua.
—ST H Eft—
Star Sp angleil B ami er
ThiHitilj book «no i d i c in erory Imm?, aa
It co iiLiu. tne Dec ariti"U "I ludup utenoi
and ilit* Conultuno i of t'ia I'liued ■:»»'«, to»
Xi tier all n au'gn and wor l« ol bulling pa<
irtou m aim o'.hur ea-iul iiiloriimlnu oi .n.
tereai i., tne g-uerrtl public, au l cornea lo Tort
ay 1> <• •>» ne air you u.vitn > under the grand
n d a»i;, end is cent by in ul !o anr a-idresa in
th* O't tea «••.«< >••< cc : i>' o: 10 cents ia
alamo* 1.1 help piv ior tbia ad? jitlst nieut aui 4
pea age. **dr -a
Batt I. I) Cut 9. -c < Angele'. 0»t. .
HY THK I. T 0(4 Ai'aK in Cv I'grnve, Ca
!>ti-M«» vale r, " i*-.'"iii . .hi.i'bif l.oa Ange<
le.ou the I- A A F. K. K. No place like it for
• bMM IflCA'l .n 1, an Hill. ne bast of toll,
wai-r. ' liruate. ,e-n '-i 'lid f'Oatua*. 'in and
for v.w-*•!»: » a i r' drive not or take the
('ale,- ni.v .::!m«e i . n'. ' f finUn r infof
[ intiicr, " r ••• >'■ C I ».. .. Men atresu
'1— \ug-lj-, or io ii£W An.il col.X, at Cole?*
..... n

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