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Little Episodes and Notes of Varions Character Which
Form a Portion of the News Record
iv This City and Vicinity
Chemb.r of Commerce.
The interest aroused among the busi
ness men not only of the city bat
throughout Southern California, by tbe
exhibit ball, ie beginning to bear frnit.
Yesterday W. A. Holabird. who is now
settled at Bakersfield, where he repre
sents tbe Kern Valley Land oompany,
called upon Secretary VVillard to make
arrangements for obtaining space for
Kern county. He said that every busi
ness man in Bakersfield was "kicking"
at tbeir county not being represented.
The following is a list of the new mem
bers of ttje chamber elected at the meet
ing held on Wednesday:
H. Raphael & Co., glass; D.O. Ander
■ 3a, manager Guaranty Abstract com
pany ; Botts & Conger, carriages ; Miller
& McGrath, interior decorations; Ed
ward Lowuee, civil engineer; George
Sineabaugh, secretary Kosedala Ceme
tery association; 8. H. Wood &. Co.,
investment brokers; Meek oi Co., whole
sale bakers; Caliiornia Ornamental
Brick company; P. Kerkow, Vienna
Bnttet; A. L. Sumption, representing
Stukebaker Brothers' Manufacturing
company; C. C. Ashley, manager Over
man Wheel company; H. R. Smith,
fruit-grower; Matthew Gage, capitalist;
ti. W. Garretson, superintendent Loa
Angeles Lighting company; K. M.
Adams, secretary Los Angeles Lighting
oompany; W. H. Blackman, secretary
•nd treasurer Los Angeles Electric com
pany ; James W. Warren, superintend
ent Los Angeles Electric company.
Acrobats in Demand.
The proprietora of tbe Imperial the
ater on Main etreet are haying trouble
with the Braatz brothers, acrobats,
against whom they filed a suit for an in
junction and $1000 damages yeaterday in
|be superior court.
They have a contraot with Braatz
brothers lor two weeks from October Ist.
During that time the acrobats were to
perform their specialty at the Imperial
•xclueively for $200 a week and trans
portation from Portland, and they were
not to perform any place else for the two
weeks following unless br permission of
the Imperial proprietors.
Their time was up October 14th for tbe
two weeks of performance and then they
went to the Burbank theater for a week.
The Imperial people claim this was a
violation of the contract aud sue the
acrobats as stated.
A similar suit wae also begun against
A. W. Hnlme, who is described as "a
ballad singer of great and unusual abil
ity." His salary was $35 a week. After
closing his two waekß he went to the
Vienna buffet. Tbe plaintiffs want aa
st /
injunction against him and $100 dam
ages. _
Where Politics Come In.
A member of the city council received
a communication yesterday from a gen-
tleman wbo ia anxious to have the
charter of the city, while it is being re
vised, contain an amendment to one of
the present ordinances, or a new or
dinance to regulate etreet railway
franchises. The gentleman would have
no franchises for street railways granted
within BO days of a general municipal
The car service should then be
io regulated that all street railways
should run cars over all lines every 15
minutej, from 7 a. m. to 10 p. m., and
every 30 minutes from 6 to 7 a. m., and
from 10 to 12 p. m. Furthermore, if a
part or all of a line was not used as
stated above for a period of three
months, the franchise should be de
clared forfeited.
The Supervisors.
The board of supervisors was engaged
yesterday in arrangements for the com
ing election.
The board haa approved the bond of
John Scott, horticultural commissioner,
for $3000, with F. M. Douglass and
William Chippendale aa sureties.
The applioation of William J. Biscai
luz for a saloon license at Newhall was
A petition for the vacation of certain
streets and alleys in Kamona was set for
October 31at for a hearing.
The bid of Fred Sweizer for repairs to
tbe j til at Wilmington, ior $100, waa
Superviaor Hay was authorized to
have the Abbot bridge acroaa New river
in Artesia road district repaired.
Bad Boys.
Tha police court was crowded with the
usual number of petty offenders yester
day afternoon. Judge Seaman had a
gang of 10 hoodlum hoys before him ou
a charge of disturbing the peace. Tbe
boys bad been in the habit of congregat
ing in the neighborhood of tbe depot at
Naud's junction and "raising particular
Cain," going so far aa to throw stones
through the car windows. All of the
youngsters were released except three—
George Foster. Joe Rivera and Frank
Jacobs. They were sent to jail for three
Swan as a Forger.
Another alleged fuller was caught
yesterday afternoon. His name ia
Leonard Swan, and he presented a hug us
check to M. Levy, who conducts a sec
ond band clothing store on East First
street. The check was drawn on tbe
Farmers and Merchant's bank and pur
ported to bave been eigned br J- H.
Skinner, and was made payable to Wm.
Patterson or bearer. The bank refused
to honor ths check and Levy laid for
Swan. The fellow returned to Levy's
etore yesterday afternoon to borrow 25
cents, having "blown" the money he
received the day before, and Levy
turned him over to Sergeant Smith, He
will be arraigned today in Justice Sea
man's court.
Colberg's Close Coll.
Last Wednesday morning about 10
o'clock Charles Colberg, the contractor
for the bnilding whioh is being erected
at the corner of Second and Los Angeles
Btreets, had a narrow escape from death.
He was sitting on the joists whioh cov
ered the first floor of the bailding, talk
ing with an acquaintance. Suddenly
one of the heavy castiron anchors which
are ueed to protect the walls of the
bailding on the second floor fell through
the second-story joists, and dropping a
distance of 20 feet struck Mr. Colberg on
the top of tbe head. The iron anchor
weighed over 10 pounds. He picked
himself up, however, at once, and strange
to say, suffers only from a severe out of
the soalp.
Fond of Forgery.
According to tbe evidence now piling
up against Guy Roberts and Maroas
Shinn, the two young forgers in the city
prison, there were as many as 15 or 20
business meu defrauded by the smooth
young men. Tbe police bave received
over a dozen forged checks that were
passed at different stores, and as the
evidence is conolusive, both Roberts and
Shinn will likely spend a few years in
state's prison. Roberts was arrested
once before on a similar charge, but
escaped punishment on a technicality.
At the Receiving Hospital.
The receiving hospital waa tbe scene
of numerous operations yesterday and
Police Surgeon Bryant had hia bands
fall. William Johnson jumped from a
train on Alameda etreet and waa taken
to tbe hospital for repairs. He was
severely bruised. A man named Tasker
burst a blood veaeel on Washington
strset and came near bleeding to death,
and another man named John Flemmer
was carried in on a stretcher suffering
from numerous injuries; they will all
Ezpressmen Kick.
A petition signed hy a great many of
the expressmen of the oity waa filed
with the city clerk yeaterday. The pe
tition is addressed to tbe council and
pleads for a reduction of tbe license for
expreaa wagona to $1 per quarter.
It Mar l>o as Mnoh for Ton.
Mr. Fred Milter o( Irving, Hi . wrltei that he
, had a severe kidney trouble for many yeara,
witu severe pains iv his b*.ck, aud also that
Ola bladder was aft'ecieo. He tried many so
called kidney cures, but without auy good
remit. About a year ago he began the use of
Xlectilc Bluer* auu loiiud rait<rf .it one.-. Jfiletf
trlc litlter* Is e*p.:cia.l> u-Upti-d to the cure of
ail kidney and liver tronb.es and often Klves
al tno-t in.taut ruue'. Ono trial Will prove our
statement. Price only 60c for large bottle Ar.
(i jr. MeißMaaaa's it ac iwre, gag H. Meia st
It Is Certain That He Will
Get One.
A Cardinalate Will Be Conferred
Upon Him.
Hli Title Will It* Honorary, but Ha
Wlll Continue to Wield Ureat
Power—Father Papl'e Pro
poled lletlrcment.
By »hn Ationlntefl Pre™,
Rome, Oct. 18.—Information from the
Vatican makes it possible to give details
about the cardinalnte to be given Mon
signor Satolli and the retirement of
Monsignor Satolli's secretary, Fatber
Papi, from the Vatican staff in order to
join the Jesuit order. Tbere have been
denials of the report of Father Papi's
move, but tbe facts are now learned be>
yond any question. Four months ago
Father Papi applied for his exeat. Tbe
request was very broad and contem
plated a retirement from all oflioial con
nection with tho Vatican's foreign ser
vice and the prospective honors it had
in store for bim. It was made known
that he desired to retire from the world
and devote his life in the Jesuit order to
study and teaching. To thlß end he
applied to the provincial of the Jesuit
order at New York for admission,
and on the granting of an exeat
he would have been transferred. The
plans were modified however, by the
premature reports of Fatber Papi's in
tention. It was felt also by those hav
ing Jesuit interests at heart, that tho
accession of Mgr. Satolli's seoretary to
the Jesuits might arouse criticism, on
the ground tbat the one best informed
uf the confidential transactions of tbe
albegate had joined tbo order popularly
supposed to be opposed to Mgr. Satolli.
While this criticism would be ground
less, it was deemed advisable to avoid
the possible cause of a "Jesuit trick."
For this reason, it is believed, the New
York provincial will advise Father Papi
to wait a year or two before taking his
exeat and joining the order, by wbich
time Fatber Papi's confidential relations
with Mgr. Satolli will bave been ter
Concerning the cardinalate to bo con
ferred on Mgr. Satolli, there appears no
ground for the reports that notice of the
appointment has been forwaided to the
ablegate. Tbe conßistory of cardinals
which advises with the pope on the cre
tion of cardinals docs not meet nntil
next month, bo actual determination
of hia appointment will not be made
until then. In the mean time there are
seven names under consideration, from
which number it is considered certain
that the cardinals will be named, Mgr.
Satolli ie among the seven. There are
no further American names among those
under consideration,
Ir, is said thut the conferring of the
red hat on Mirr. N-Uolli will he celebrated
atCurdinxl Gibbons' church in Balti
more, and ih-it several noblemen ot high
rank will go from here as the personal
representatives of the pope.
There is a doubt yet as to whether
Mgr. Satolli's cardinalate will carry
jurisdiction over a diocese or will be
purely honorary. Cardinal Qibbons ia
also arohbisbop of the Baltimore
diodese, including Virginia, Mary
land and the District of Colum
bia, whioh makes him an active aa
well ac an honorary prelate. Whether a
diocese will be created for tbe new car
dinal is still undetermined. It is prob
able, however, that bis jurisdiction over
questions between bishops and priests
and other church conflicts wiil be re
garded as equivalent to a diocese. All
of the papers in these trials are in Latin,
and as Mgr. Satolli ie a perfect Latin
scholar, as well as a master of common
law, he ia considered better qualified for
the work than for supervision over tbe
active labors of a diocese. The title is
likely, therefore, to be honorary, with
out the supplementary power of an
arcbbißhop. Yet, as the personal rep
resentative of the pope in America, the
new cardinal v/ill oceapy a station higher
than that which tbe powers of an aron
biehop could bring to him.
Washington, Oot. 17. —The renewed
reports that Mgr. Satolli is about to be
created a cardinal are not doubted here,
although the Oatholio dignitaries can
not verify the statement that oflioial
notioo has been received tbat tbe cere
mony will occur in two or three weeks,
Mgr. Satulli is absent in Canada, hut
his assistant, M. Sbnrretti, said no
notioe had been received so far as be
knew. Such communications will go to
Mgr. Satolli, however. Tha ablegate,
it was added, had not made known any
such facts to his household.
When Bishop Kean, reotor of tbe
Catholic university, recently returned
from Rome, he gave the Associated
Press an interview based on a talk with
the pope, in which Bishop Kean stated
that the pope's encyclical next month
would elevate tbe American ablegate
household, and that Mgr. Satolli would
be made a cardinal in the coarse of
time. The present report appears to be
in line with Bishop Keau's semi-official
statement. The bishop was not at the
university today, but tha vice-rector,
Rev. Dr. Carrigan, eaid that nothing
was known farther than has already
been stated by Bishop Kean.
A Quarter Centary Test.
For a quarter of a century Dr. King's Maw
Discovery has been tested, and the millions
who havo received beuetlt from ita use testify
to its wonderful curative poweis in all dis
ease lof tbroat, chest and lungs. A remedy
that lias stood tbe lest so long and that haa
given so universal aatlsfaction is no experi
ment. Kach bjttle ls positively guaranteed to
give relief or the money will be refunded. It
is admitted t* bj the most reliable for coughs
and colds. Trial bottles free at 0. F. Helms
man's drug store,-'J- N. Main at. Large size
800 and $1.
Every voter whose name is not on the
great register of 1892 should register at
once. Registration closes on the S£d of
this month.
California Herb Tea
Is just the thing to take at this season. Warm
weather induces a debilitated condition ol tbe
system. Torpid liver, indigestion and blood
diseases assert themselves unlesa these troubles
are corrected. This ls best done by the oooa.
sioual use of Week's California herb tea, a
harmless remedy composed eutiroly of roots
and nurbs, »0 cents pet package* Vat sai* by
all diaggists.
Tbird Supervisorial District,
Regular Democratio Mominee.
Election Nov. 6th.
Regular Democratio Nominee.
Election Nov. 6th.
Democratio and People's Party nominee.
Election Nov, 6th.
Regular Democratic nominee.
Election Nov. 6tn.
JpOR '
Democratic and People's Party Nominee.
Eleotion Nov. 6th.
Regular Democratic Nominee
Election Nov. 6th.
People's Party and Demooratlc Nominee.
Election Nov. 6th.
Regular Democratic Nominee.
Election Nov. lith.
OI Third Ward.
In favor of city owning its own water works:
in favor of all charter aineudments tending tn
lesson the expense of maintaining the c'.tv
government; in favor of refunding the bonded
indebtedness of the oity,
Subject to decision ol Democratic City Conven
Present Deputy District Attorn"y.
•oajptl lo streiaioa ef Democr,.t.u Oil/ (Jju-
Democratic Meetings
FRIDAY, OC!'. 10tli.
BAN PEDRO— Speakers: J. H. ArriH, Esq.,
Gen. Johnstone Jones and H. B...,igtltz.
LANKKRSHIM-Spoakeis: R. J. Adcock. E'q..
and (- hers.
1.03 ANGELIS-! Oily—Turner r-all. Hpjakersi
Dr. Joseph Knriz, A. Vt'i.Hiariiix, Hou B.
K. del Vallu, K»w Tapper ttaipll).
CALABASA3—'pealier*: o*l l. X- Wesnnore,
(icu. Johnstone Jones and it. Donruguez,
BALLON A—Speaker-:: Charlei Cruz, Esq., Ji.
Htieglitz, Esq , and others.
BEDONDO-Good speaker--.
MONDAY, 00 T. 22<1.
NORWALK-Speaters; Hon. W. A. Ryan, Le
Compte Davie, Esq., atd J. H. Ardis. litq.
SAN OABR'EI,—Si-nkers: Ban. F Q. FinWy
bou, A. Otfilu, Eg„ Hon. Abbot Ktnnuy.
EL MONTE-Speaker*: Hon. F. G. &'iniajjon,
Hon. Abbot Kinney.
LAM AND A—Speakers; Ford Hairla, Esq., Hon.
Abbot Kluuoy.
LANCASTER—Good speakers.
WHITTIFIt-Sp-akers: Mis. Kate tapper Gal
pin, Hon. Abbot Kinney and Uea. John.
h one Jove".
SAN FERNANDO— Speakers: D. K. Trask, Esq.,
and M. W. Conkllng, Esq.
PALMDALE —Good speaker!.
FRIDAY, OCT. 26th.
ACTON—Good sp.akers
KIVKRA — Speakers: Gen. J 'tinstone Jonas,
Hon. Abb't Kinney aud others
NEWHALL— speakers.
LONG BEACH—Good speakers.
SANTA MONlCA—Speakers: Kate Tuppsr Gal
pin aud others.
Candidates areexpeoted to be present at these
con. on spsakeks m vm\w.
A Cure That Cures!
I have cured thouiiands, and can
1 IWjVu our" thuu-aiuls more who sufl'.r
t.a you no, uf Emission?, Im potency, t.ervous
Debility, Vacuole ..nd Shrunken frlfu,
cancel by self-abu*.., by h «tm Tmel <• which
i*up fl m«, r»ei »• ti w.i.ch w: I>i >.t (ga co)
FKK \: t<» ai'v Min«r r. a<l m.., Willi la.up,
DAViD 11. KMMM', Box B«t>. fc'ij!.. W.oJ, Hi,
• t

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