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A Runaway Santa Fe Car
Causes a Sensation.
The New City Charter Almost Ready
to Be Voted Ou.
A Crystal and a Wonden Wedding
Celebrated—Modal I'lck Dps.
Persoual Meutloa and
PaSAnKr'A, Nov. 13. —A runaway
freight car created much excitement on
tbe Santa !••< thia morning, and did
aome damage before ita career waa fin
ished, amaeming into a freight engine
and otherwise actiag like a small cy
The morning freight train was at work
near the Colorado-atreet croaaing, when
a car loaded with coal waa let down on
the Pinney awitch. in charge of Brake
man Cbadwick. In aome way the coop
ing chain broke and the car atarted
down the main line toward the Ray
mond hotel on ita own book, with the
brakeman tugging away at the brakea
in a vain effort to atop it.
Tbe grade at tbie point is very steep,
end when Cbadwick ion ml that tbe car
waa going feeler and faster he concluded
tbe ground wae the proper place for
him, and he managed to get off without
biealcing any honea. Meanwhile the
ear, rapidly gaining momentum on tbe
heavy grade above California, went
da hing down at a !>O-mile rate. In
happened that an up-bound freight waa
atandlng on the main track juat below
California atreet. The engineer and fire
man aaw the wild car coming, and aa
there waa no time to get out of the way
deaerted their engine before tbe emaah
name. The collision waa severe, amaah
ing in tbe front of tbe engine, bead
light, cow catcher and cracked the
cylinder heada. The car itaelf waa a
complete wreck, being almost cut in two,
Its contents flying in every direction,
Tbe total damage amounted to several
hundred dollars, but fortunately no one
was injured.
Several accidents have occurred on
this grade from cara getting loose and it
requires great care on tbe part of tbe
train men to avoid runaways of thia
The board of freeholdera recently ap
pointed by the city council for tbe pur
pole of drawing up and anbmitting to
tbe approval of the citizens a new city
charter, held a meeting in the council
rooms last evening. Eleven out of the
15 membera were preaent, and from re
ports received it appears that the char
ter is about completed.
The question of submitting the license
matter to the voters by drawing up two
charters, one totally prohibiting the
sale of liquors of all kinds and tbe other
allowing the council to grant licensee,
was discussed, but a majority of the
board was not in favor tbe proposition.
It waa deoidad, however, to submit two
eborters, one to allow the preaent regu
lations to continae, that ia, giving
botela and restaurants tbe privilege of
aerving beer and wine with meals, or to
give the oouncil power to grant aaloon
licenaea if they ao desired.
Meears. Simpeon, Roee and Qibbs
were appointed a committee to draw np
this aeotion of tbe charter.
Meetinga will be held every evening
thia week in order to gel the charter in
the handa of the president of the coun
cil by Saturday, which is the limit of
time provided by the state law. After
reaching the council the charter muat
be advertised for 20 daya and then sub
mitted to the people.
The matter of the limit of bonded in
debtedness alao came up, and it waa the
sense of the meeting that about 10 per
lent of the asaeised valuation would be
t fair limit. Tbe preaent bonded in
lebtednesa of the city ia $140,000. Thia
10 per cent limit would permit ol the
bonding of the city for {000,000, should
it be neoesaarv, for tbe asaeseed valua
tion ia a little over $0,000,000.
Mr. and Mra. J. A. de Hay oelebrated
their eryatal wsdding at their residence,
360 South Pasadena avenue, laat even
ing. The evening was ranch enjoyed by
all present, tbe house being beautifully
decorated with ferns, roaes, chrysanthe
mums, etc. The mueio furnished by
Miaa May Barnhard at the piano and
Mr. P. A. Collins with the violin waa
very much enjoyed until 9 o'clock,when,
to the strains of tbe wedding march, Mr.
and Mrs. de Hay marched in. The
party advanced to the center of the room,
where, standing beneath a beautiful
floral marriage bell, they again took the
vows of the marriage ceremony, which
was performed by Rev. D. D. Hill of Los
Angeles. Dainty refroshmenta were
then served and enjoyed by all. The re
mainder of the evening was spent in a
general social manner. Among those
preaent were: Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Tay
lor, Mr. and Mra. C. F. Heraey, Mr. and
Mra. B. W. Hahn, Mr. and Mra. F. E.
Burnbam, Mesdames E, K. Mersey, C.
O. Rasey and J. W. Pickering, Mieaea
Cbaae, Violet Raeey, May Barnhard,
Ivalu Porter, Rev. D. D. Hill, Meaara.
P. A. Collins, (ivy Porter and George
W. de Hay.
The Ladies' Aid aociety of the Preaby
terien church met yeaterday afternoon
at Mra. J. S. Glaearock'a home.
The Republican club met in the city
hall thia evening and cloaed np tbe ac
counts of the campaign. All billa were
ordered paid.
Paving on South Fair Oake avenue is
progressing very rapidly, both aides of
the etreeta being worked at once.
It R. Slater haa been appointed spe
cial officer (or the Humane Booiety and
Mr. French epecial agent. Tho aociety
is faat getting into shape to do aome
good work during the coming winter.
Its membership Mat is rapidly growiug.
Prof. Kramer has moved his dancing
claßseß to the Wooater block. The pro
feaeor ia very popular with our young
people and atarta tbe aeaeon with large
Messrs. MoGllvary and Torrance have
purchased the northwest corner of Ray
mond avenue and Kansas street and will
at once erect a handsome two-story
brick building upon it.
Two vags were sent to the county jail
by Recorder Roesiter this morning, one
for five the other for ten days.
A victim of over-indulgence in the
flowing bowl paid $5 into the city treas
The mtny friends of Mr. and Mra.
Uerriam t J ~«d » h em a pleasant iv -
priae at their home on Mary atreet last
evening, in celebration of their woodeu
A large number of Paaadenana attend
ed tbe concert at the Church of the An
gela, Garvanza, this evening.
A meeting of the Whatsoever circle of
the King's Daughters will be held at 2:30
p. m. tomorrow at tbe home oi Mrs. Mc-
Cormiok, North Marengo avenue.
Gen. Lew Wallace addreseed the
stndents of Throop Polyteehnie insti
tute for a half hour thia morning. The
talk waa very intereatingand was highly
appreciated by the etudenta.
Henry J. Kramer will open his new
dancing academy, Wooster block, on
Friday, November 16th. Juvenile ad
vance claaa, Friday afternoon, 3:30 to
5:30, commencing Friday, November
16th ; juvenile beginner'a clasa, Satur
day mornings, 9:30 to 10:30, commenc
ing Saturday, November 17th; adult,
advance claea, Friday eveninga, 8:30 to
10:30, commencing Friday, November
16th. References required from all ap
The Pomoloe;loal Boolety'a Autumn
Meeting-—Local Items.
Pomona, Nov. ]3. —The autumn meet
ing of tbe Pomological Society of South
ern California, it will be remembered,
oonvenas here on Thursday morning for
a two days' aeaeion, and an excellent
programme has been arranged.
The city conncil at its meeting laat
night passed favorably upon all the
sidewalk petitiona heretofore men
Tue following ordinances were read,
referred to the city attorney and laid
over five days: In reference to amend
ing ordinance 119; prohibiting repair
ing of buildinga partly burned, and
amending the cigarette clauae aa re
gards minors.
Lon Fleming's bill for croaawalka
along line of work jutit completed on
Second street waa allowed. Adjourned.
This community waa agreeably In
formed at a late hour thia afternoon
that Gen. Lew Wallace's lecture tonight
in tbe opera houae would he upon Tur
key and tbe Turks, instead of The Third
Divieion of tbe Army of the Tenneaaee
at Sbilob, as had been previously an
The eidewalk just completed on tbe
north side of West Second street by
Lawrence Fleming and bis orew for the
city presents a fine appearance, giving
evidence of a good job.
The annual fair and sale of fancy and
useful articles by the Ladies' guild of
St. Paul's parish comes off in their new
pariah ball Thursday evening, tbe 15th
Miss Grace Thomas of Paeadena ia the
guest thia week of Mrs, Dr. Thad L.
Johnson of thia city.
Mra. M. J. Simpaon went to Los Ange
les this morning.
The fine Indian summer weather still
continuea, to tbe deligbt of what few
viaitors are in tbia locality.
WalntiU Bains; Shippad Kapldly — A
*;<>,<!()(> Check.
Rivsra, Not. 13.—Walnnti itill on
dock, and going off at tbe rate oi six or
eight carloads a day. Tbe totalshipment
to date is 120 carloads. By tbe way,
the Downey correspondent oi the Timeß
• peaks of the walnut crop and ship
ments in a very misleading way, sug
gesting that it Is Downey's main in
dustry. We've had to hit those fellows
a rap several times before on this mat
ter. Worse yet, he even claims for
Downey our laat baby, born to Mr. and
Mrs. Lew Downing last Thursday, who
actually live between here and Whittier.
We're willing to grant Downey the
"cake" on the subjeot of pumpkins and
politicians, but this is the walnut depot,
please remember it.
A big check was drawn yeterday in
favor of Mr. T. L. Goooh of Walnut
Grove. It was for $20,000. Mr. Gooch
will have to go to town to get it cashed.
Tbs sick and wonnded ere all on the
road to recovery. John Pallett'e in
juries did not prove as serious as was
first feared, and the young man will
probably be about again in a few days.
Mr. Dillard Ford who went back east
last summer "never to return," was
welcomed back by his many friends a
few days since. Mr. Ford wili stay here
this time, be says.
Evangelist Dowling of Pomona will
begin revival services in tbe Christian
chnroh Thursday evening.
Mr. P. 0. I .abaft, our popular follower
of 81. Crispin, left us yesterday lor Los
Ungates, Mr. Labatt is a sober, indus
trious young man, and deesrves the
best of success wherever he goes. Our
Good Templars will miss him.
Arrangements ror tbe Coming farmers'
Institute - I.■><•«! Kyauts.
Redlands, Nov. 13.—A special meet
ing of the chamber of commerce direct
ors was held yesterday afternoon to ar
range for the Farmers' institute which
will be held in thia city Deoember 18th
and 19th. Prof. A. J. Cook of Pomona
waa present, as were also a number of
citizens intereated in the projeot. Com
mittees were appointed as followa: Oh
advertiaing and hall, F. P. Meaerve, G.
W. Meade, A. R. Rugglea; programme,
Professor Cook, ex- officio, Judge 0 C,
Beunett, R. H. Garland, W. W. Savery ;
exhibits, J. B. Breed, A. H. Smiley, A.
B. Rugglea; muaic, Mra. Gunther, J. W.
Wilson, F. P. Meaerve.
The expense of hall rent and of ad
vertiaing will be met by tbe chamber.
In the case of the People va. Will
Cameron, for petty larceny, he was sen
tenced today to eight days in the county
Another warrant was alao aerved on
Cameron, charging him with burglary.
Hia examination took place at 2:30 tbia
afternoon, resulting in his being veld to
appear before the superior court in the
Unlike the Dutch Process
jga No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
are used In tho
preparation of
jrfwC W. BAKER & CO.'S
I ;■ MBreakfastCocoa
™|J 1W u-liich it annohtMy
ffi \'\ VI >"<>'« and soluble
U| f I' II Ituas»»or«t/iaiit,'i /c eri»ni!»
KjJJ , j f! the strength of Cocoa mixed
Willi Starch, Arrowroot or
*™*a"Sugar, and is far uw.ro eco
nomical, coaling less than one cent a cup.
It is delicious, nourishing, and easili
Sold byCroiers ererywhers.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mats.
sum ol $500. Failing to furnish bonda
he waa taken to the county jail.
In the caae of G. H. Burton of Sen
Franciaco againat I. L. Lyon et al., for
balance due on oontraot for aale of or
angea, a commiasion was issued in Judge
Camp'a oourt today to take Burton's
deposition at Washington, D. C. Maj.
Frank C. Preaoott is counsel for plaint
iff, and C. E. Truesdell, esq., for de
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Johnson tomorrow
go to Willahire's monntain home for a
week's outing.
The Daily Leader ia iaaued now as an
evening instead of a morning paper.
The Official Coant Completed — Tha
Hoard of Trustee".
Santa Ana, Nov. 13.—The official
count for governor for Orange county
in: Eatee, 1469; Budd, 94G. Estee's
plurality, 520.
The board of truateei of the city met
laat night in apecial eeaaion, and the
matter of the Santa Ana and Newport
railroad came up and an unueually
large crowd of citizens and bnaineaa men
were present. Tbe matter in queation
waa to extend the franchise, or, in a
way, confiacate that part of the road al
ready built. Thia question brought
out tbe large crowd. Tbe company aska
that ita franchiee on Second atreet be
extended one year. Dr. Manger, one of
the truateea, being abaent, the matter
wan laid over till the next regular meet
ing. The matter of appointing a member
of the board of library truateea waa
then taken up. Mr. Hervey nominated
E. O. Daniels and Mr. Gallop nominated
K. A. S. Wade. On balloting each had
two votes. The aecond ballot resulted
tbe aame. It waa then decided to hold
tbe appointment over until the next
regular meeting.
Steps were taken to open the alley
running from Main atreet to Weat street,
back of the Commercial bank and other
Tbe caee of Yeager vs. the Southern
California railroad, for damages received
oyer a year ago, has oooupied tbe atten
tion of the euperior court all day and
waa not concluded.
A surprise waa given Granville Spur
geon laat night by the Odd Fellows and
their wivea, it being tbe 18tb anni
versary of bis marriage. Mre. Spurgeon
waa let Into tbe aecret in order to have
things work well, but Mr. Spurgeon waa
completely surprised. About 75 were
present. Refreahmenta were Betved and
a good time in general waa bad.
L. Goepper baa Bold to Daniel Rbodea
lota 6 and 7, block F, in Goepper's addi
tion to Santa Ana, for $100.
W. J. Hale has sold to Mit Phillips
so aorea of tbe northwest corner of the
land Bet apart to William Ferguaon in
the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, for
A* tbe regular meeting of the W. R.
C. next Thursday night the department
inspector will be present; also, the
president of tbe W. R. 0. home in San
Jose. A good attendance is desired.
The Christian Endeavor society of the
Baptist church held their combined
social and business meeting last night
at the residence of Mrs. Staadman. The
following officers were elected. Jessie
Flook, presidont; A. O. Birch, vice
president; Clara Wright, secretary; Al
bert Potter, treasurer.
At tbe regular meeting of Hermosa
obapter, O. E. S., held last night, tbe
following officers were elected for the
ensuing year: Mrs. Sallie A. Peabody.
W. M. ; M. A. Menges, W. P. ; Mrs. B.
A. Huntington, A. M. ; Mrs. Mary B.
Whiddeu, sec.; Mrs. L, J. Colby, T. ;
Misß S. Peabody, C.; Mrs. J. C. N'lfe, A.
C. Tbe W. M, will make her appoint
ments and the installation will take
place at tbe next regular meeting, on
tbe 20th.
R. Q. Wickham has been appointed
assignee of the estate of J. M. Dawson,
an insolvent.
Dr. James McCoy, brother of Judge
McCoy of Westminster, died last week
at Beaumont, San Bernardino county.
Mat Klee, tha Saattla Criminal, Hakaa
Another Attanapt for Freedom.
Matthew Ries, the man arrested by
Deteotive Goodman last Saturday, made
another try for freedom yesterday when
he was brought before Judge Shaw on
babeaß corpus proceeding.
It was contended on his behalf that he
was not legally held by tbe chief of
police, but it being shown to the satis
faotion of the court that tbe prisoner
waa held on a warrant iaaued in proper
form, wherein he is charged,with being
a fugitive from justice, tbe petition was
denied and the priaoner remanded.
Ries was arrested at Seattle, Waah.,
on January 23d, charged with grand lar
ceny, and in April waa convicted and
sentenced for the offense to two years in
the state prison. Being out on bail be
thought discretion the better part of
valor, and skipped out with tbe ultimate
result as stated above.
Mr. Carlylo Peteralioa and tha Spiritual
Editor Herald:—The exooae, as
written by psychical reaearoh man.Peter
eilea, in yeaterday morning's Herald,
is an old expose, aud has been shown up
in our morning papers several times.
Yet, in the face of ail this, the re
searcher secures the services of Arthur
How ton, advertises him as a drawing
card for full form materialization "by
,aa light" at Caledonia hall, Sunday
evening, admission 25 cents. This
Arthur Howton has not, nor will not re
ceive ahv ordination papers from the
First Spiritual society of Los Angeles
until he chows himself worthy of such.
Mr. Peterailea should hold rather him
self responsible for bis own stupidity in
gulling the dear people, than attempt
ing to throw the responsibility upon the
society that ordained him. Perhaps
it was then they made a mistake.
M. A. Wright, 413JTemple street.
The Bpllmao Suit Ucolded According
to Stipulation!.
The Spilman water case came up for
trial yesterday before Judge Van Dyke
in department five of the superior court.
The suit was one began by W. T. Spil
man, a resident in a suburban district,
to quiet title to certain riparian rights
in which tbe city claimed interest. Tbe
city, consequently, wao made defend
ant, and yesterday stipulations were
entered into between the city attorney
and Mr. Spilman, in accordance with
which judgment was entered for the
He will be permitted tbe right to
The Many Uncomplaining
But Weary Toilers.
They Go Without Rest to Make
Sure of Happiness for Others.
Overwrought Nerves Work Half Fed
and Cry Out With Pain.
For eight out of every ten wbo ever take
a vacation, there remalna behind aome
hard working, unoomplaining toiler wbo
is only too happy if be can provide a
rest and a ohange for those dear to him.
And it ia lucky if in many caaes thia
self-denial doee not gat to be regarded
as a duty, and tbe thought of a rest for
one'a self a thing impoaaible.
The number of auoh overwrought
men, who simply toil right on without
ao muoh aa a two weeka'reapite a year
is aurprißingly large.
Grateful wivea and women should see,
then, that theae cheerful and unselfish
fathers and brothera do not "work
themaelvea to death," Signa of failing
atrength and nervous weakneae, that
none ao quickly detect aa they, ehould
be promptly aud firmly combated. A
thorough leading of worn-out nervoua
tiaauea by Paine'a celery compound coon
does away with every form of nervoua
debility and exbauetion. Thia great
brain and nerve invigorator, Paine'a
celery compound, enppliea rich material
for the reDair of all the nerve tiaauea. It
makea the thin, ÜBed op blood again
capable of feeding theayatem, and puri
fies it of all humors that work harm to
the body.
There are countless men ao abaorbed
in bueiceas that they dieregard the in
dications cf nervoua weakness and
think that their neuralgia, headaches
and rheumatiam are trifles. It ia the
duty of these members of the houaehold
who ace thia gradual decline from health
to insist ou a building up of tbe "run
down" ayatem and a strengthening of
tbe nerves and brain by a vigorous tonio
like Paine'a celery compound.
In every city in this country there are
homea that have eacaped aickneas and
misfortune because some prudent mem
ber haa known the value of Paine'a cel
ery compound for strengthening nervee
and brain, purifying the blood, and
building up the vigor of the tired body.
For overworked men, for nervous, "run
down" women, in a bloodless condition,
Paine'a celery compound ia tbe regular
preacription of family practitioners all
over the country. It haa permanently
freed tboueanda from neuralgia, rheu
matiam, dyapepaia, kidney troublee, and
blood diaeaeea by invigorating the body,
purifying the biood and feeding the
nervea. Nothing gives strength like
Paine'a celery compound.
develop and use tbe underground and
undeveloped water on tbe land in con
troversy, but it will be limited to tbe
development and use of se much of the
waters as do not constitute part of the
sources tributary to the Lob Angeles
The First Annual Mnetine Held Yester
The first annual meeting of tbe Asso
ciated Charities took place yesterday
afternoon in Pythian hail.
The attendance was not as large as it
should have been, but tbe showing of
tbe work accomplished was very grati
fying to the workers.
A central committee of 15 was elected,
from which a board of directors will be
chosen to serve for the ensuing year.
Tbe members representing the council
are: Mr. William Pridham, H. New
mark, H. Jevne, J. Mesmer, W. C. Pit
terson, J. T. Newkirk, J. C. Kays, Mrs.
O. Ducommun, Mrs. Amy C. Brown, Mrs.
E. Hollenbeok, Mrs. F. L. Griffith, Mrs.
William Fergurson, Mra. 11. G. Bath,
Miss Fannie Wills and Miss Anna L.
The meeting of the counoil for the
election of officers will take place next
Monday afternoon in the rooms of the
association, after which a full report
wiil be sriven through the press.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting tho world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of tho pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy. Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most accoptabl'. and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys, Live:' and Bowels without weak
ening them aud it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Synip'of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and i?l bot tics, but it. is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Oo.only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
md being well informed, you will not
iccept any substitute if offered.
For lO Cts.
We will send you a trial size cake of the best toilet
soap manufactured. Woodbury's Facial Soap
is prepared by a specialist on skin affections, and is
recommended by physicians everywhere. It will
make a clean smooth face from a
blotchy skin. We will also send you
F Sum rce book treating of skin
SCii '* > diseases.
(Li 9 John H. Woodbury
Dermatological Institute,
Established 1870. 125 W. 434 St. N. Y.
1 m GRIDER &DO W'S i*
Adams Street Tract.
111 f Uk3L Located within fiteen minutes' ride from Second and Spring ijJUUI/
streets. All lots are 50 and 65 feet front, running to alleys.
tHave been expended in street improvements alone. Four 80- 1
foot streets, one 100-foot street, all graded and graveled, cement | A
, walks and curbs; streets sprinkled; water mains laid and shade IU
trees planted on all the streets.
_ Beautiful Adams Street, *
82 feet wide, and Twenty-eighth street—which for one mile is 100
A feet in width—run through the tract and are lined with palm trees. OOA A
11W[1 On Central avenue, which is 4 miles long and 80 feet wide, a 1 \ill 111
Double-Track Electric Road!
~ Is being constructed and will be in operation within thirty days. ————-
This road crosses the tract, and the Maple-avenue electric road
is only two blocks to the west.
The soil is rich sandy loam, no adobe, and the property is from
Pp 15 to 3° feet higher than Grand avenue and Fijtueroa streets. ATi
j 150 lots have been sold since June 1.
Examine This Property!
See the large number of beautiful homes built in four months.
A personal examination will satisfy any buyer as to its merits.
Lots are offered for sale at $200, $250, $300, $350, $400 and
ATTjm $600, on the most favorable terms, aa «tt
Uf! 11 Until Jan. 1, when prices will be advanced. VwOi
Take Central avenue or Maple avenue cars to Adams street.
"~ —^— —— Free Carriage from our office at all times. ————
km GRIDER & DOW - forms
lvlllv. SOUTH BROADWAY. Telephone 1290. tvllHu.
City Ticket
Mayor W. A. BY AN
Tax Collector F. A. MACKICIO
Engineer GUO. KFTHRTs
Attorney . Lk COSIPTK 1) vVIS 1
Street superintendent WM. RIGGS
Assesior W. J. A. SMITH
First Ward W. T. LAMBIE
Second Ward M. P. SNYDER
Fourth Ward JOHN McCANN
Fifth Ward L. SCOFIEi D
Sixth Ward GEORGE D. FEStEI.I.
Board of Education—
First Ward J. K. FRIG X
Keoond Ward J. A. CRaKI
Third Ward D*NIKL (i. STEVEN-.
Eighth Ward J. C. McINERNY
Ninth J. P. ROGERS
Easily, Quickly and Permanently Restored
Celebrated English Kemedt
It is sold on a positive M y
guarantee to cure any flSs 4aF W
form of nervous pros- qj I
traticnor any disorder 1 *as£W
of the genital organs of
either sex, caused
Before, by excessive uso of After-
Tobacco, Alcohol or Opium, or on accoutr*
of youthful indiscretion or over indulgence etc.,
Dizziness, Convulsions, Wakefulness, llcadnche.
Mental Dcptession, Bofteaing of the Brain, Weak
Memory, Hearing Down Pains, Seminal Weakness,
HyHtoria, Nocturnal Emissions, Spermatorrhoea,
Loss of Power and Impoteccy, which if neglected,
m.iT lsnd to premature old age and insanity.
Positively guaranteed. Price. $1.00 a box; 0 boxes
for IS.OO. Seat by mail on receipt of price. A written
guarantee f urnishod with every $5.00 order received,
to refund tha money if a permanent cure ia not;
For sale by GEO. H. FREEMAN CO .. 102 North
Spring street.
jl 1051 Markel St., Ban Francisco
V flJn.l (Between 6th and 7th Sts.)
c \* 0 » earn how wonderfully ;/ou
la\i Ht.iii'c iiift*le und how to avoid siirknesh
Kn| l| and (Jißeafic. Muneuni enlarged with
jV JL thousands ol new objects. Admin
*■ v sion 26 eta.
Private Office—same HuildiKgr
105fl. Market Street—Diseases of men:
stricture, loss of manhood, diseases of tho skin
and kidneys quickly cured without the use ol mer
cury. Treatment personally or by letter, bend
for hook.
Old established and reliable prautltioneis.
mm fmmw
m cured in 20 Lo (to days by r Majgrit Remedy, m
m under guarantee, backed by ftauo.ooo capfte.i. am
M Positive proofs and 100 puge book, lllustrat- H
ra od from life* from people cured, free by mail, wa
0 When Hot Springs and mercury fall, our B
H Muufi' Remedy will cure. H
Wholesale. Retail
For Ihe Hoiilays.
X'jßMTpEa Chinaware, Bronze, Lac-
Htjtt vnv luer1 uer Wire, Shells, Papei
X* Napkins, Bamboo Art. All
Jf latest style of huud werx
34.4. S. Spring St.
18-fB wedfri-utu
Druggist & Chemist
Prescr.ptions carefully compounded day or
Theoldest, moat successful and reliable a seta
- illll sive dPECIAL DOCTORS FOR MEN on tha
Pacific Coast—ektablislied in Ban FrancliOO lot
"■' year*and 8 years In Los Angeles,
Tflere are many imitators but
maT $$| no equals as special doctors
JjjptfS poor treated free from 10 to 13
Ttusl 'July [he Old—The Tried—The Tru
ifSSi UliStlbCO 01-FHiiS is now in charge of tha
**sjntX■ ■f-Wiikw ? I <oB Angeles offices, so persons living in uoa
\ Angeles can hare the beoelit of Ihe Sam* treat-
meiuas ii they went to San Francisco.
Consultatiou FREE, Personally or
db 1 EBISJ CO. cure all NERVOUS, PRI»
'/ hk' Ca es curable guaranteed, uo matter how cam-
HlwsW^^li- J ' '-»-«* i p'lcef .1 ..i »h« hss failed. Our dlagaaati
MEttßtESgj&~iW she. I and confidential book for men sent frea,
wßßmlßßtttSH^j£fr%ftW '"'TOsißaH tW All business sacredly confidential.
8 ffitars: n ium. to *p. in. and 7to 8:30 p.m.
Tel. 196. PETROLE (JM Wells at Puente, C&L
Thie Company is piepared to sell and del'vsr crude petroleum in large or
small quantities either in tank cars on line of railroads in Los nngeles or out
side, or by tank wagon or drums ti any part of city We furnish crude perro earn
to.Cable R'y Co., Electric R'y Co., Temple-st R'y Co. and other lar<e companies,
Do Not Get an Inferior Article
When You Can Buy the Celebrated
Soutli Fielfl Wellington for $9,75 Per Tor
Importer of Best Grades of Domestic and Steam CoaL jyo WEST SECOND ST.
CAPITAL (PAID DP, $ 500,00).00
TOTAL Iji 1,3120,000.00
I. W. HELT.MAN Presld.nt W. H Perry, C. E. Thoui, A. Ol&malL
H. W. MELLMAN... Vice-President O. W. Childs, t;. Ducommon,
JOHN MILNEK ra-hler T. L. Dunne. .1. B. Lankeishlm
H. J. FLEISHMAN Assistant Cashier H. \V. Hcllman, I. W. Hellman.
Sell and Buy Foreign and Domestic Exchange. Special Collection Department
Bank, 101 S. Sprina St., Nttdeau blocs.
L. N, BREED President
WM. F. BOSBVSHELL Vice-President
O. N. FLIN r 0 isiiier
W. H. 110U.1DAY Assistant Cashier
Capital, paid in Ro'.d coin $3011.1100
Surplus and uiul.vided profits '25,1100
Authorized capital 500,000
1,. N. Breed, H. T. Newell, Wm. H. Averv,
Bllas Uolman, W. H. Ho llday, F. 0. Hixtiy
sheil, M. llHßan. Frank Kit.lar, D< Reiniek,
Too*. Goss, Am. F. Bosbyabell.
CAPITAL STOCK. $200,000 !
223 S. Spring ANGELES. I
officers a-1 d oinccTons:
,_. W. Stimson Wm. Ferguson W. E. McVay I
Prest. Vi< el'rost. Casluor I
C. G. Harrison S. H. Molt R. M. Baker I
A. E. Pomsroy S. A. Butler
Ij 230 N. Main st.
Capitil stock 9100.000
Surplus.. 35,000
J. E. PI a ,I'res't. 11. W. He lmau, V. Prub't.
W. If, Csswell. C.shlur.
Director*—l. w. liolman, J. E. i J ia'.er, H. Vt'.
Hellman, I. W. Hellman, Jr., W. M. Caswell.
Intereat paid on deposit. Money to loan on
flm-class real estate. 11-1 it
Capita 1 stock 9400,000
Surplus tIOO.OOU
J. M. ELLIOTT, President
W. a ICKRCKHOFF, V.-Pres't.
G. B. 3HAFFSR, Ass t Cashier,
J. M. Elliott, J. I). Bicknsll,
F. Q. Btorv, 11. Jevne,
J, U. Hooker, w. C, l'atterson,
Wm. 0. Kerckhoff.
Capital 9300,000
.surplus 67,000
Toial 857,000
WAKKKN GII.I.ELKN Vice-President
F. c. HOWES Cashier
E. W. coX Assistant Cashier
George 11. Hoaebrak-, Warren GUlelan, P. M.
Green, Chas. A. Marriuer, W. C. Brown, A. W.
Francisco, E, P. Johnson, M. T. Allen, t. 0.

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