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Southern California news matters.
Au Important and Interesting
A Shortage Discovered in the City
Sodden Heath of Mr. Wlss»ll— Ben
jamin Orlfllth Sent Up for Ninety
Xlays—Local Notea and
Pasawena. Nov. 10. —Another Blip oc
urred in the cogwheele oi tbe franchise
grinding machine today and ttia South
ern Paciifio ia atill on the anxioua eeat.
Mr. Hub again proved the missing link
and action was deferred in order to allow
him to be preaent.
Immediately after the reading of the
mlnutea by City Clerk Dyer Mr. Cox
aroae amd made a abort but pointed
speech, in whicb he explained that Mr.
Muir bad come out expecting to attend
the meeting, but had received a meßeaze
Irom tbe United Statea court that lie
wbb wanted aa a witness, and had ac
cordingly hied himaelf back tothe Angel
oity, after requesting tbat actum on tbe
franchise application be delayed one
8..1. A**<• fr>T A nn«lti,la,l Mo tall? with
Wcvn.. —' -v— ~ ~ f/ -
a motion to adjourn, but beiore it waa
put by tbe chair an opportunity waa
given the objectoia to talk.
Mr. E. C.VVebeter waa tiie only one
to avail liimßelf of the. opportunity,
making quite a long, wittc speech. He
is an extensive property owner on tiie
avenne, stating that aimoßt all the real
eatate owned by bim faced Brondway.
He tbongbt that the company should be
allowed to enter the city, but tbat a few
private citizens should not be made to
bear the expenße, sb he understood was
contemplated by the council. The beet
way for tbe company to get into Paaa
dena would be to parallel the Santa Fe,
making a double track, witb arrange
ments for the trains off both companies
to use.
If, however, it should ba decided to
allow tbe company ho come up Broad
way as contemplated, a board of arbi
tration should be appointed to settle the
question of damagei*.
He waa willing to agree to abide by
the deciaion of aiary five disinterested
citizens who shonM be appointed.
Mayor l.ukena called for more
epeecbee, but no one elße wanted to
talk, and tbe crowd filed out for anotber
week of waiting.
Bids were open'sd fora franchise grant
ing to L. P. I lanaen, otherwise the Pas
adena and Loa Angeles Kleotric Railway
company, the right to operate over cer
tain streets not included in the original
franchise granted tbe company.
One bid waa received from Mr. Han«
sen, the amount otfered being $00.
Upon moticntoi Judge Weed tbe bid
waa accepted.
Tbe question of a bond was raised,
bnt Mr. Weed held that it was not nec
essary, as the city already had bonds
from the company in the amount of
$10,000, a portion of which applied to
the present franchise.
A motion to waive the necessary bond
went through. Thia gives the company
all tbe rights which it desires in tbe
city, it bavins; acquired franchises cover
ing almost all of the important streets.
A $136.4-1 BHORTAGB.
The annua.'! report of Experts Jamen
H. Campbell and H. Newby developed
tbe faot that a shortage of $136.44 exists
In the accounts of ex-Street Superin
tendent C. G. Brown, causing the inser
tion in the report of a recommendation
tbat the provisions oi the Btate law, re
quiring all officers to pay over to the
treasurer oo the Ist of each month
money held by them, be more strictly
adhered to.
It appears that the missing money
came about through some mistake in the
atreet superintendent's office. Mr.
Brown is uncertain whether be had ever
collected the money, and asked that the
matter be allowed to stand until he had
time to look the records up.
The new charter, aa drawn up by the
board ot freeholders, was presented by
tbe president and ordered printed for 20
daye in both of tbe local papers. Thirty
daya muat then elapse before a vote can
be taken.
The report of Messrs. James Campbell
and H. Newby upon the city booka wus
The grade was ordered established on
Galena avenue, between Walnut ami
Villa, it being the intention to open tbe
atreet through.
Walnut street, between Fair Oaks anil
Vernon, waa ordered curbed and gut
A petition from C. A. Nelson to erect
a cottage on Walnut, between Fair Oaks
and Pasadena avenues, was granted.
Ordinances establishing gradea on
portions ol Cypress and Villa etreet
were read.
Resolutions were passed ordering
Union atreet graded, ourbed and guttered
between Fair Oaks aud Pasadena, aud
Madison avenue similarly unproved be
tween Colorado and California streets.
A report and plat showing the widen
ing of Pasadena avenue, between Colo
rado atreet and Elevado drive, was re
Mr. Scblissmayer made another kick
about the Leatee avenue bridge and the
etreet and alley oommittee was in
structed to see that the necessary im
provements were made.
The death of 11. C. Wissell occurred
Tory suddenly at the Lob Angeles hotel
late Saturday evening. The immediate
cause of death was hemmorhage, super
induced by an over indulgence in pota
bles. Deceased was foreman of the
Keystone harness shop on South Fair
Oaks avenue and was considered a first
class workman.
Deceased leaves a wile and daughter
wbo formerly lived bere hut are now
residents of Sau Francisco. The funeral
services were held from the undertaking
parlors of lieynolue oc Van Nuys this
Banjamin Griffith waa up before ,Tue»
tice Merriam this morning, charged
vt. h making away with a buggy belong
ing to Ed Schneider of North Pasadena.
It appeared that Griffith had a horse
and wanted to go to Sau Jose, but lacked
a buggy, and seeing Schneider's stand
ing outdoors proceeded to help himself.
The vehicle, however, was not in ; ■
good shape as he desired and lie t.ok it I
iti to a Los Angeles paint shop to have
it fixed up.
This was a mintake, as be has doubt
leas fioce found out. The ofhear aoou
apotted the rig aud Benjamin'a trip
ended sadly in tho couuty jail, with a
OO days' seutence, which Justice Mer
ilam gave bim to lav.
Misa Alva Hadley is back from a visit
to Santa Ana.
Union Thanksgiving eervicos will be
held in tbe X, E. tabernacle on the 29th.
Bey. Clark Crawford will preach.
The date of the reception to tiie new
minister of the Christian church is to
morrow Ttieadav. evening.
Those interested in the Samaritan
society are requested to meet at the M.
E.. church tomorrow at 2:80 to arrange
for a Thanksgiving dinner for the poor
of the city.
Ilie Geld Medal Contest — Local News '
i Santa Ana, Nov. lo —More interest 1
than usuai is manifested in the coming ;
j gold metal contest next Thursday night, j
!in the Christian church. There are j
| seven contestants, all of whom aro more
j than ordinary in their elocutionary
powers. An admission fee of 10 cents '
will be charged at tbe door. This will 1
be an evening well spent for all who at- j
tend. Tnose taking part are Mioses Ida I
Dawes, Grace Cole. 1/zzie Tinner, May
Wright and Zora Hilton, all of Santa |
Ana, and Mia-* Le-'na Simmons of V, est
minster and Eli Vistal of 1-1 Modena.
The county W. 0. X, I*. school will he
held this week, commencing Wednes
day, November 2ls*. at 2 p.m., and end
ing Friday, 23d, in trie Christian church.
Key. K. A. Rowland and family of tho :
M. E. church south arrived iv this city \
Friday, and are now to be found in the
l parsonage near the church, corner of
Church and West streets. Hey. Mr.
Rowland comeß well recommended, and
is welcomed to our lovely city of
Mra. N. P. ,T. Button, president of the
state W. C. T. U., will address that ho
ciety next Wednesday night iv tho Pres
byterian church.
In addition to those already given in
the Hebald the following have tiled
their statements of expenditures of the
campaign: J. W. Ballard. $113.35; W.
H. Bowers, $104 50; J. P. Voder, $24.50;
N. H. Bittner, $1.25; Frank Carr, noth
ing; R L. Freeman, $05.90; J. P. Gree
ley, $115.60; J. L. Bacon, nothing; M.
A. Fostar, nothing; 0, O. Lloyd, $2; C.
C. Drake, $3; Frank Yegely, $205.60; J.
■P. Leslie, $6.35: R. O. Prvor. nothing ;
8. P. Balie, nothing; H. C. Kellog,
$66.75; W. L. Brown, $14.00; James
Field, nothing; li, G. Stephens, noth
A. Stanton has sold to Adam Streip
ling 10 acres in section 7, township 4,
range 10, ior $100.
John D. Adtlington has sold to Archi
bald Jessee two acres in section 17,
township 5, range 10. for $200.
The Santa Aua Blade states that Rev.
William Binney is tbe South M. E.
church's new pantor, but thia is a mis
take. Rev. R. A. Rowland, lately of
Arizona, takes tbe place vacated by Rev.
D. F. Fuller, while Rev. Mr. Binney ia
located ;n Orange ai.d not m Santa
Co.nelius T. Conwell cf this city has
been granted a pension.
John R. Garueey of Loa Angeles spent
Sunday in this city with relatives.
Miss Jennie Oiawford of Olive wsb
thrown from a horse last week and be
came unconscious for several hours.
She ie noy/ considered out of danger.
Those interested are trying to bring up
oue of the l ullerton saloon cases before
tbe supreme court on behali of the de
The marriage of Mr. C. A. Riggs of
this city to Miss Anna D. Myrick of
Lost I lakland is announce I in the Oak
laud papers.
All membere of tbe National union ure
requested to be at the meetiug Tuesday
Orange county's crop of cabbages is
now coming in and is expected to add
mucli to the tanners' assets.
Tbe banks of this city . report times
much improved aud still improving.
Business is looking up and increasing
every day.
Dr. 1. D. Mills of this city will he i
deputy coroner under Dr. George O.
Clark, the coroner elect. Dr. Mills
waa Orange county's firßt coroner, and
will make mi excellent deputy. After
the new coroner is installed in office
all coroner woik can be reported direct
to Dr. Mills.
That •30,000 Ulmolc —Happy Walnut
drawers —Local K'rents.
Rivera, Nov. 19.—Mr. Gooch wishes
that $20,000 oa>ck explained. He eaya
hia life has been made a burden tha
laat few days by an immense horde of
life inauranoe and other agents, at>
traded by hia wealth. The
check wae given him in bis official ca
pacity as treasurer of the Walnut asso
One hundred and thirty oarloads of
waluuti shipped to d ite, and orders are
atill coining in. Over $128 000 has
been already puid in cash to the lucky
members of the association. A certain
commission house iv Los Angelea, fail
ing to s6curo tha handling of the asso
ciation's crop, has been exertiug i'self
to injure the association by means of
circulars extensively circulated all
through the eaat offering to furnish
nuts at less than the association price,
whatever that should be, and other
"trioks" of that kind, judging from
the results their ia'oor waa in vain, uud j
poaaihly now thoy will claim a commis
sion for the extensive advertising dune
for the association.
Revival aervieea in progress at the
Christian church.
Will and < )iiver Reynolds, eons of S. G.
Reynolds, one of our pioneor walnut
growers, left for Lower California last
A amall-sizcJ rumpua occurred thia
morning (Saturday) between oue of our
citizens who owns chickens and another
who owjb a dog with an appetite for
food of that kind. Some dead chickens
were placed in evidence. No inquest
considered necessary.
Mr. Herrick has his houae painted,
and ia comfortably installed for the 1
For a pain in the side or chest there
is nothing bo good aa a piece of flannel
dampened with Chamberlain's lain
Halm and bound on over the seat of
pain. It affords prompt and permanent
relief, and if ÜBed in time will prevent a
cold from resulting in pneumonia. This
same treatment is a sure cure for lame
back. For sale by Off & Vaughn, Fourth
and Spring: C. F. Heinzeman, 222 N.
Main, druggists.
Mora Itkaal Boaaa Saestesl—Many Nutaa
of Procr-aa.
Oahubeoa Nov. 10, —Tne progress of
improvement iv tliie lovely valley is un
abated. It is remarked that the new
buildings are of an excellent class.
Seme of the residences can hardly be
surpassed for baautv of archi'ecture.
The ititireaee of population in tbe valley
is evidenced by the attendance at the
Pass school. List year the children
wore aecoinrnodutod with one action,
room and by one teacher. As eoou as
tiie new school building wae opened, in
September of thiß year, the nninber of
scholars was doubled, and two rooms
with two teachers are now hardly euf-
Solent. A third one would be employed
at once ii tbo means of paving her were
in eight of the trustees. A room for a
third school is provided, but the funds
uf the district ure voted upon the attend
ance of last year, and ure, of Ooune, now
quite below the needs of the diatrict.
The echool ia supplied with water from
the Laurel canon, or 1 lamer system.
The p« 'pie ot thia vullev are looking
with soma anxiety lor the completion of
the pending enterprise of the City Water
company iv tunneling the i ..is at Ivan
hoe. Ibis new supply of water will
course along the western border bf the
City, and put forth ita lateral pipe lines
in either direction. Those to the west
ward will penetrate tho country and
thoso to the east the oity. No doubt
the country will take all the witter the
city has no use for.
A good deal of complaint is heard
against tbe Temple street cable rail
road for not putting ou enclosed cars in
stormy weather over tbe weet hall of its
line. Merely an open, or grip dummy,
is used there the year through, nnd in
bad weather traveling upuu it is exceed
ingly disagreeable.
The Cahuenga valley peoplo are hops
ful that they miy be, ero long, brought
into cioeo relatious with the electric
railroad svstein ol the city. When that
time comes, aa it surely will come at
some time, the Cahuenga country ia
euro to become the most popular and
pro'perous suburb of Los Angelea; in
fact it is destined to be a part of ths city
itself, A very perceptible increase in
the travel on the dummy road is obeerv
The oil excitement has not penetrated
far into the Cahuenga valley as yet, but
ia making progress in tbat direction.
Thore in some hope that a partial
change in the board of supervisor--,
caused by the late election, will result
in giving o a goad highway, or carriage
drive, through to Santa Monica. Such
a one no had bslore certain Ur fc 'e
ranches were fenced in aud we think we
are still entitled to it.
Tne grass was started up by the Sep
tember rain, but has not attained much
growth, ow;ng to tbe continuoua dry
weather cut*. The iarmers nere bave
dry-plowed to a considerable extent and
Bowed the land to barley, but it will re
quire rain to start ita growth.
Tho yonng lemcn orchaida, of which
so rna/iy have been plauted the last two
years, are doing finely aud do not etuw
the etlects of dry weather at all. Ths
fruit crop, excepting apples aud figs, ie
all gathered for the eeasou. Tha new
promising und the yield will b_- large.
College Field "Sports— Lucal X itss aud
Ontario, Nov. 19. —TheCliaffey collesss
field eports were held Saturday at the
athletic ground ■ and were well attended
by our townspeople. The cricketing
ladies ol tbis place practiced today ai.d
ere preparing for a match with Pasadena
or Riverside.
Plana uf the new brick and etone
block, about tj be erected by tbe Citi
zen's bunk are rendy. Besides a num
ber ot store rooms which have boe.'i
leased iv advance oi the construction of
tho building and the bank premise-i,
ths block wii! ontain 24 uuites of apirc
iaonts for offices or dwellings.
Last night tiie first ball of the seasou,
giveu under the auspices ol the Ontario
Ciicket club, aama oir in tbe A O. U. W.
hall and waii a pronounced eucce-.s.
' Fifty or 60 of our society people enjoyed
this social event.
I On Thursday eveniug Prof- Pintti
and other well-kuown musical people
Irom Loa Angelas gave a ooncert under
the auspices of the department
of Charley college. Ihe hall was
crowded and every one was pleased with
tt.e OYuuiug'e entertiiintneut.
Dr. W. Bogan was here this wesk
from New Orleans looking at properly
in tuis viciuity purchased by him dur
ing the boom. Although he had not
viewed this laud when purchasing it,tho
doctor is we l ! pleased witli botii its loca
tion aud noil.
Mrs. Reid and son, of British Colom
bia, arrived hero on Thursday aud will
spend the wiutei in Ontario.
Hugh J. Miller, v very popular young
man of te>B place, has giveu np a posi
tion iv Smith'i grocery "tore to asaiet
Brkes&oanaat at the new Stewart ho
tel at Sau Bernardino.
A number of our young ladiea prac
ticed cricket laßt Saturday afternoon.
They hope to get un a match coon with
the ladies of Paeadenn or Riverside.
The Citizens' bauk people have de
cided on h plan for their new building
on A street and Euclid avenue. The
block iB to be of stove and bull' bricu,
and will be a very handsome structure.
It will contain, beside the bank, offioss
am) etvoral stores, 24 suites of apart
ments lor offices or dwellings.
Great Activity in .limine Mnttars-The
Coal mines—Nen- ttuildtaate,
Pebris, Nov. 19.—The activity in
mining matters in the Perris diatrict
continues to increase. Among othar
important moves during tbo past week
is the bonding of the Convex mine,
which is an eastern extension of the now
famouß Alice. The Convex has buen
bonded for $20,000 to a party of eastern
capitalists, who will begin work on their
new property within a lew weeks. It is
probable that a stamp mill will bo erect
ed there, bb all tbe indications point to
a large supply of ore,
Tbe Briggs Bros, have also oponod
some new proßpects a Bhort distance
from the Alice claim. The Good Hope,
Santa Rosa aud Santa Fe Btamp mills
are using coal from the Elainore coal
mines. They use about 12 tons per day,
and get it at a rate of $3.00 per ton de
Speaking of the coal mine", it is per
haps not generally known that
the Elßinore Coal and Clay
company are operating their mine more
extensively now than ever before. A
Heiialu representative visited the mine
last Wednesday, nnd through the kind
ness oi Foreman John Timinitie and
I Superintendent 1). W. McCue was en-
I abied io get a very clear idea of a South
ern California coal mine from the stand
point of an actual observer. The mine,
which may be described as a great tun
nel in the ci.!-< ol a small mountain, is
located about six miles northwest from
Kletnore. At present it is 1400 feet
long and, of course, will eventually
pierce the base of tbe hill and reaolve
itself into a perfect tunnel. The prod
uct of the mine ia a (i-loot vein of work
able coal without any partings. There
are IS rooms in the mine now opened
and being worked. Tbe total force em
ployed ia 25 men, 15 being at work in
tha mine proper. The production is
5l) tone per day, valued at from J2.50 to
$3 per ton at the mine. The total pro
due ion of the mino thus far ii about
25,000 tons. The coal is a brown lignite
of lair quality and is used very largely
in stationary engines throughout this
section. The present production could
easily bo increased four-fold if there waa
a demand for ttie product. The amount
of fire clay on this and adj lining prop
erty is eaid io bo practical**/ inex
Several line reeidoncio nro in process
of construction iv the town of Perrie.
Atnouir others may bo mentioned that
of A. W. Hook, which is nearly com
pleted uud will cost about $2501); also a
comfortable homo which is being built
for 11. E Pearler. A Mr. Coventry,
recently from Chicago, is layiug the
foundation for a large brick liuiiee
wbicb he wili occupy as a hoina far him
self an d .ami! 1 /
Mr. Pilch is building a large addition
to his boms.
The new ochool hones at Good Hope
mino will ba started next week.
A Murdnr Kuapect Arreated—Hualdanco
Pan Bernardino, Nov. 19. —A man,
giving his namb as Albert Lee, haa been
lodged in the county jail, fie is sus
pected of being A. A. Auatin, wanted it)
Minnesota for murder comuiilted last
.March. Officers have been watching
him for soms time, aud to confirm their
suspicious found him writing the name
A. A. Austin ou a piece of paper.
The house of C. C. Finkle, near Ra
bel Spsiugs, wns burned today. Lose,
18000; insurance, $1700.
At S o'clock tonight. Day Kotindhouse
Foreman Fowler, while going home, was
shot at on I street, between F'iret and
Thir l streets, by two man. who at
tempted to hold him up. He was
ordered to stop at the point of a revol
ver, but being eittier scared or too bold,
he took to his heels and the shooting re
sulted. He made a circuit and returned
to the depot, where he met Special Offi
cer i'ourade, aud the latter aooa after
arrested two men who gave theis names |
as Tatrick Oribbona and Charles Turf
gle. vvhen locked up they, ol cours<>,
denied the charge, but Foivier ideutitie 1
them, and they will have a chance to
prove their innocence in court.
Ninety-four depositors, representing
$78,000 of deposits, met ttiis evening to
discus! ways and meaus of opening tho
First National hank, which closed its >
d mr.i a lew days a;<o. The meeting ad- \
j mined het'oie taking deliuile action, to
•wait a coiiiiiiiiiiicatiou from the comp
troller of the currency at Washington.
Coeal Happpnluga ami P«irao»al .lieu
Redlands, Nov. 19. —In the case ol
the c:ty a.iainst 3. Lee Burton, for non
payment of business license tax, on an
j appeal by delendant, the ca c comes be
j fore Judge Campbell of the superior
| court at San Bernardino this afternoon.
A horse was etoleu from the city
I pound last night.
E. G. Judiiou is ill at home with tbe
j pinkeye.
j S. C. Haver tod iv Bold four lots in
Merono to S. G. Kan Jail of tbat place,
and bought a lot on Cajon street, this
city, of Airs. Meda B. Kandail.
Stevenson Bros, paid $501) into tho
city's treasury today —a quarter's liquor
license fee in advance.
Prof. 11. l'atton left today for Inyo
county to look after mining intereste.
Ber, V.. J. Inwood is the only minis
ter in the city who rides a bicycle.
The Plan of Sulvaii in wai tho enbject
| nt, the Y. M, C. A. meeting Sunday alt
i ernoon, led by Grove lysine. The at»
j tendance was unusually large.
I Next Saturday the Y. M. C. A. foot
ball teams goes to isanta Ana to play the
te .m there. The Santa F"e will give a
1 1 3 rate for round trip.
ii. li. Stewart has gone to Sacramen
to attend the state fruit-growera' con
A. C. Chittenden haa gone to the
mines of the Redlauds Gold Mining
Apparently a QhroalO Attach of Tem
pi ora.
San Diego Sun: Tne earthquake sea
son aeeim t. be atiil on in tbe Caaipo
region, where tbe expsri ence ol three
years auo is being repeateJ. Tha shocks
continue day and night at irregular but
frequent intervals. None of the Shanes
have been enfficieutly severe to do any
damage, und because of a theory that
prevails among some of the people they
rather eupy it. The theory is that tho
eurth id now ehak'ng itself buck to the
normal condition from which it departed
during the earthquake period of three
yeara ago. They point to the fact that
theae quutes uot only closed the living
springs of the mountain region In' also
closed the springs of the skies, and no
rain has fallen. The lirst shocks this
year reopened the mountain Bprings and
the hope is that from the supply ol
moisture thus eet free, rains will ior in
aud fall ail over this country.
Miss Florence tV suiter o; uo Roy, N
V, who hns taheu her degree of bacheloi
of literature this year at Chicago uni
versity, has been offered a fellowship
iv the university worth fjGOO annually.
Bignora Teretina Lauriola, a dangh
ter of Professor Honionymo of Rome,
has received the degree of doctor oi
laws from tne University of Rome.
Afternoon Coa table covers are now
made with > valance about 11 Inches
deep, it is gathered moderately full and
put on with a cord.
A newly established ticket office on
the New York Central's Harlem divi
gion has been put in charge of a young
woman. -_ .. _
I Tha i; nun Law* or tlln Southern
Hunting in Southern California ia fact
becoming one of tha popular aporta.
When the exhaueted business or pro
fessional man can get uwav from irk
some dutiea for a week or bo at a time
and hie himself away to the haunta of
the akipful deer, tbe evasive duck or
the swilt flying quail, he ia right in tbo
line of genuine eport.
The laws of the different counties
bave somewhat to do with tbe enjoy
ment of the hunter, nnd in anawer t>
many inquiries in regard ta th a the
sporting editor of the Hkuai.d herewith
gives the laws of the southern counties
of tbe state:
Loa Angelea—Deer, July 15th to Sep
tember Ist. The killing of seal, me.dow
lark, road rnnners, pheasant or gray
eatiirrels is prohibited. Qiail and
grouse, September Ist to March lat.
Dncka and anipe, September 15th to
.March lStb. Doves, August Ist to March
San Bernardino— Daer, September Ist
to October 15th. Quail and duck, Sep
tember lat to Marcn Ist. Doves, August
Ist t ) March lat.
San Diego—Djves, AugUßt Ist to May
Ist. Dser, July Ist to October Ist.
Ducks, September Ist to Augu-tt 15th.
rail, September Ist to March Ist.
Orange—Duck, Bnipe and rail, Sep
tember loth to March 15tb. Doves,
August Ist to F-thruary lat. Daer, Aui
ust 15th to October Ist. Tbe killing or
selling of any game for market to ex
ceed two dozen per week is Drohibited.
San Louie Obispo—Q. tall, <J)atober Ist
to March Ist. Doves. July lo li to De
cember Ist. Daer, July lata to Septem
ber Ist.
Ventura—Q iail, ducks and rail,
October Ist to March Ist. Doer, Jnly
15th to September Ist. Shooting for
market of quail, wild duck, doves or
partridges prohibited. Two dozan per
week may be shipped.
Siuta Barbara—Daer, August 15 h to
September 15tb. Dives, August Ist to
Marcl, Ist. Q iail, doves or duok, Sap
lember Ist to March Ist.
Riveraide—Quail, grouse or duck, Sep
tember Ist to March Ist. Doves, Aug
ust let to March lat. Deer, September
Ist to October loth.
In Saturday's Examiner Prison D- :
rcctor J. 11. Neff told something of the
wild pigeons of California. Tbis ie the
season for pigeons aud it may be inter
esting to know tbat the beat place tv
tun! pigeons in all California ia in the
reg una over beyond tbe foot range of
the Sierras, in the counties to tbe north
aud east ot Los Angeles.
Tbey fly high aud roost only on high
trees, the highest in which they can
find dead limbs on which to perch. The
little mountain ranches which boast
small grain held., and vegetable patches
are favorite leeding places, and if the
bnflter ia closely covered in auch placea
at dawn, an occasional day of rare sport
may be bad.
At a ahoot recently held in a small
town up tn Kern county 1180 live pig
eons were used, which fact will illus
trate how plentiful tbe birda are.
Tbo Annual Maetlng mul Klaotlon of Of
The annual meeting of the association
! of the military orderof tbe Loyal Lesion
■of the United States for s mtuern Oaii
i l n . n |a tmtMm I*a\A c * iKa ' Matin* T
: lUiliin MUD UDIU lii lii i i VIIIV-C .ti iijmi v ■
18. Butler, 149 South Broadway, laat
| evening for the eleotion of officers for
i the ensuing year aud other business.
The meetiug was well attended and was
presided over by the president, Capt.
W. 11. Heamane. The annual reports of
I Secretary Gilbert and Treasurer Butler
were read, approved and placed on tile.
!Ou motion the 15th of December waa
decided npon aa tbe date for holding ths
| next regular meeting, at whioh Recorder
VV. Smedburg of the state commaudery
|ia expected to be present.
A resolution sympathizing with Major
!W. A. Elderkin in bia present affliction
! was unanimously passed.
After transacting considerable routine
business the following officers were
elected for the ensuing year: Col. Q,
Wiley Welle, preeident; Major VV. A.
' Elderkin, Ural vice preeident; Lieut. ,1.
\O. Oliver, Becond vice president; Capt.
! William H. Newman, third vice presi
dent; Major L. S. Butler, treasurer;
Cuarleß S. Oilbert, aecretary.
Miss Ls:.:tou v..v ->-!»:> Jud.-on, two
sock tv young women of Cleveland, re
cently astorhabed their friends by join
ing the Salvation Army. They have
V< n living in barracks in Cleveland
and will now receive final Inttrnction?
from General Booth. Both of the young
women gave np hnrni aof Inxttry, Miss
Lamgon'a father is judge of tho court of
common pleas, and Miss Judsou's laisi
ly is ouite wealthy.
ax:' /jsms&
was Carlyle's expression of the
experience of many people who
reach middle life before their
digestive organs loudly protest
against improper food. The first
warning generally comes from
food cooked with lard. How
often we hear the remark, "I like
it, but dare not eat it." To any
one in this common condition
the new vegetable shortening, i
indeed a boon. By the use ci
this new and wonderful food
product the di.-agreeab'.e effects
of lard-cooked foodarealtogether
avoided. The features of econ
omy, convenience and adapta
bility, emphasize the above, and
demand the attention of careful
housekeepers to CoTTOLENE.
Jbslkrxk old ln & an(l h l |0lm(1 Pails by au
gakJ I ha grocers Madooniy i>y
The IM. K. Fair-bank
Cbica.o, Saw ittrk, liuataa.
S~\ A few Pennies
f Ss_\ on the one hand—ruined garments on
\g »X c ot^er- That will be tint result of your
l m J trying to save money by using poor,
\-J cheap washing-powders, instead of Pearl-
inc. Just consider. How much could
y°U save in a year if you bought the
I I \ cheapest and most worthless ? And
' '/ 1 how far would it go toward pay
(//till \ \ ' i M $ f ° r tlle tnin £ s ruined in a
if 'mgn' \\ single month? You can t save
I 71 \\\ \¥ X i anything by buying cheap wash-
iVlri \ - "lg-powders The way to
ml i-If \ Tjr^Sfte
'LC JrV proved to be absolutely safe. That is
V r Pearline. Millions use it at
1 Haviiu recently arrived fiom Chicago and PERMANENTLY LOCATED In Loi
Angelea we make tbe following offer to show Ilie people tbat we mean to deal
■j fir with all.
We have had IS years' cxnerleucc tv the largest hospitals In '.hn United Stnos
3 andEnrope in the treatment i fa 1! i tieaaos peou iar to MEN. Wo bsve ths h• '.
3 •gui pad anu MOST PKIVATI "dices weat ol Chicago, supplied wiih all INSIEU
[I MKNTSand APPLIANCES known to sci raoa ior the euro ol this class of diseases.
I Iverv form ot Sexual Weakness, Nervous or l'rlvato Disease, results of Excss's or
P Unskillful Treatment, lliood Ti ins, Yaritvcele, Hydrocele, hv onr own in.w rate*
n cliaulcal meihods and puro Vegetable Remedies without opt ration or mercury.
tji OFFICE HOURS: 9to 4 and 7to 8. NO. 241 S MAIN ST.
Snudayr, 10 io 12.
for Infants and Children.
, 'CaetorjHl?s'>«v'M!r.i!u'.'t *allrWw th** n CaatoTft* curee cviMe, f*on«ttnatlnn.
I recommend It aa superior to any piawcilntioa 8 Bour Stomach, Diarrtiua, Eructation,
known to ma." 11. A. Anrnsn. M. 1)., | Ki-s Worms, gives sleep, and promotes it
HI Co. Bt, Brooklyn, N. Y. 8 ireetlnn,
1 Without injurious medication.
M The use ol 'Castorla Is ao universal and ( "For several yeara I have recommendr.:
Ita merits so well known tint ii seems a work i your ' Castorla,' aad shall r '.v.'.-.yu oonUana tc
of eupcrerogatioa to endorse it. lew are fhe I do so as it haa lnvariab!/ produced beacrleui
Intelll-ent families who do not keep Castorla I rojulta."
withia easy rv.rh." Edwih F. Faroes, M. P.,
Cat.loo Maktyn, D. !>., jojtu street and ith Aye., New York City.
2.cy York City. |
Trrr; CrvrAra Company. 77 Mcrray Street, New Yore City.
mlWcStS'flv «a auch aa: I.ont Hnniiood, BleenlMaiaieaai, Tired ► i-ol
> 1 \'± U Hnlnf in the Hack, ix-hility, Planplea, Hond
■ \ £t\\\l Vi J*UJ n«-lie,S>eniiii!il W e:ihii«'«s,Mijrlitl.vi:nii»sioiia. Inipo
m l.ty*% i '**!» trncy, !>« - pnn-t; io .. Vnrieorcli', I'renialureiiesM
BJ X. J . _/ nnd < oiiHtipulioii. Hires where all else fails. Tho doctor
SK ■•aAwsr- baa discovered the active prlnclpla on which the vitality ol tke
BEFORE amo aPTEff SEXUAL apparatus is dependent.
Tiie wliy sufrerers are not enred by physlelnns and nierllelnes Is baoanae over !KI per cent
are tronblad with i*ra»*inini., f. »r which CuPIDEN IS Ist the only I wn rvtnedy tocera ilio c .m
-plaint wltiiAutan operation A wrltttrn <iti:,rrini,'e to n html the money if api rtnaneni cum Is
nor efTeeieil hv the Use of -dx boxes. S 1.10 a box, al.x f'lr r>~o 5. Bei '1 f'lr otrcll :i- : usUuiuulals.
Address I>AVOL HaWICIMai CO., I. O. Koi E!i7C.. «• -. !•*.•/
C. H. HANCE, Agent, 177-179 N. Spring street.
10 acres of 2 year old o-aages and lemons, w.tb lino tvater-right and irrigating flume, oaly
I', milei fiom Ke dands P. 0.; price, .1>:i250.
Five 10 acre pieces, suitable for lemons, orsnges or any Hue frUi's, 1 mil. from center ol
Badlands, wltn bes waler rlnlit In tho state; price only $.'5O pjr acte; only 10 per teut ca.h
down, and balance in 10 years at ncr cmt iutereai.
10 acres of 8-year old oranges at Cmfiou; only D>'J"iOO: eaay term?.
10 acres In Ke llano*: hall in old orange*; piloe $2800.
20 acres, all lv bearing oranges and olives, wllh about 1 aero in prmegranates, and a variety
of flue fruits: pure spr ug wat ir limit r pn s«nre; loea'ed ahom half mile from Mentcedepot;
the most b9*utifui and liealiliiest luralion in Oalltoinia price, $12,000.
20acre-, more than oni-half In nrnngw from a to 1H years old, w ill good bulla:pgs, adjoin
ing Itie test resid-ni t-s ia Meuioue; the town lols uojoluiug this property sell Ior»'-00 each;
price for 90 day . $10,r,00.
Houses nnd Lots in Loi Angelea at a Great Sacrifice.
One elegant 2-story honse, cmlv live minutes' car ride Irom tho courthouse: good carriage
house and stable; price only $ft. r )o >.
One coitagj of 9 larit-'ooin aad 2 lots, only one block from high school; worm at least
IWOCO, but moat be sold at 94300. ~ ,
One new colonial cottage »n comer lot on Hill St.; 10 large rooms, cement walks, floe fence,
lawn, cirriaue-liouse and stable, aad one of the hauitsoniest homes on tha sireet, but—s-iuio us
the oilier l\vo -must be Bold at a sHcritice to pay debts; eaav t rm I uf pay m nc ' rice, $ouoo.
10 acrei of land on West Ninth at.; worth at least *500w; will ba to d for #3000.
6oftheb;st oil lots en state atieet.ao 100 ted that tiey control tho oil on 79,000 eqnara
feet, or tqiial to 10 of the inner oil lots; price, ssiOUO. ~ _■' _„„„ .v'
A r annnslble gentleman in ready tv contract to sink one or more wells on this ground »uu
feet for $SOO, and if he don't Sud ell will reijul c no pay ior the work.
A "" yl ° W. P. McINTOSH, Agent,
Medical and Surgical. 'Sanitarium. 1 Druggist & Chemist
Twelve miles fiom ' ns Angeles, via bantu 1'• 1
railway. The place lor the weary m rest and 111 . JIAINIST., I.OS ANGKLKfj.
the sica to get well, hot and en d sulphur
baihs at popular prices cericMioiid-'Mi c -dIIc- Preset'ptious ca'eiu ly eoinpouudcd d.t or
I:aaL 0-29 tila uigUt ,

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