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The Chamber or Commerce Growing; In
Membership nnd the Members
Show Greet En

Tba board of directors met yesterday
afternoon at 3:15. There were present
Directors Freeman, Stimson, Cohn,
Breed, Severance, Clino, Mullen, For
man, McGtirvin, Patterson, Klokke and
The following new members were
elected: J. A. Faircbiid, contractor; S.
M. Woodbridge, Ph.D.. chemist agricul
tural obemical works; J. B. Neville,
capitalist; Wilmington Transportation
company; DeVan & Kutledge, bankers
and brokers; William Stevenson, fruit
grower and ebipper, Lamanda Park ;
Foatsr Preserving company. K. S. Baa
salt, Pomona; Chauncey Kellogg Hill,
architectural dranghtaman ; Dr. W. E
D. Morrieon, veterinary enrgeon.
Tbe president reported with regsrd to
tbe meeting of Southern California su
pervisors tbat ths invitations had been
generally accepted end the prospect wae
tbat 40 or 50 supervisors would come to
getber. The date had been set for De
cember 11th.
A letter was read from Major Ben
yoard of the United States government
tureey with regard to the development
>f the inner harbor of San Pedro.
The secretary wae instructed to con
fer witb tbe etreet railway companies,
and to reqnest them in the name of the
board of directors to instruct their con
ductors to announce the chamber of com
merce corner, aud on tbe Broadway line,
if co requested by passengers, to etop
tbe car in front of the main entrance.
Tbe resignations from membership of
Joe. Mesmer and Malcolm Maoleod were
Tbe exhibit hall will be open today
Irom 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., to enable those
to ccc tho display wbocannctget out
during tbe week to viait the hall.
Twenty-five new pictures were ac
cepted by the art jury yeaterday for tbe
ball display and 40 for tbe portfolio for
the art exhibit lor tbe month of Decem
ber. At tbe special meeting of artists
held in tbe chamber yesterday it wae
decided to bold tbe reception between
the Ist and 15th oi December.
To tbe women's corner waa added yee
terday a very bandaome case of em
broidery work by Beeman & Hendy.
Tba California Fieh company have
aent in a full line of their goods for a
permanent exhibit.
Mre. J. Bullock of Puente displays
cotton grown in ber garden that equala
any grown by our aoutbern producers.
T. J. Karns of Downey and H. C. Drabea
of this city add each a pair ot twin
pumpkins, and Fish Bros, of Verdugo
add a display of Stone Eureka apples.
Mrs. Mary Beale of La Liebre ranch,
Antelope valley, fine specimens of
French prunes. Jacob Swall of Del Sur
of tbe same valley contributes samples
of wheat and barley.
Misß Emma Wetzel of Eaat Los Ange
les exhibits tbe lineal Hachiya persim
mons of the season. I. 11. Cammack of
Whittier adds to his locality table olives
and tomato tree frnit. H. C. Marsh of
Albambra makes a display of persim
mons, and Guy Gamble of Arteaia a
ahow of Winter Nelis and Beurre Hardy
•Dears. One oi the features of the ex
hibit today will be two cases containing
300 medaie from the midwinter fair,
jhowlng Southern California's share of
the awarde distributed by tbe awarding
jury. Theae medals are of bronze, but
loose entitled to silver or gold can pro
cure them at $9 and $80 each. Diplomas
were distributed to tbe lucky parties a
fee weeka ago, stating that they were
>etitled to a medal. Any holder of theae
can procure tbe medal by applying to
tbe chamber of commerce. F. K. Hol«
combe of Fnllerton senda in a sample of
aweet potatoes grown by bim.
Where tba Honcar Will Be Appeased
and the Hears Hsds Glad Today.
There are many New York Kitchens
Jhrougbout tbo land, but the one you
bear co much favorable comment about,
where the cosine and eervice ie perfect,
where that "tired feeling" is forever re
moved and where one alwaye finds some
thing appetizing, dainty and enbstantial,
is at the New York Kitchen, 120 West
Firet etreet.
At this popular establishment tbe
proprietors, Messrs. Lonergan & Lawer
ence, will not only serve the best
Thanksgiving dinner that ever caused
groans to arise from overburdened tables,
but tbey will also in tbe afternoon feed
over 100 Loa Angelee newaboye. At 10
in tbe evening a banquet will be ten
dered to the business, editorial and
reportorial etaff of the Daily Herald
During tbe entire day and evening
roaet turkey, revs t. pig and everything
else that goes toward making a long-to
be-remembeied Thanksgiving dinner
will be served to all cimore.
Climate Refugees.
The following arrived this morning by
Phillips' excursion, in charge oi Con
ductor Walker:
Mrs. Beers, Boston; Mr. and Mrs.
Tuttle, Utica, N. V.; R.K.Kimball,
W. J. Smart, Manhattan, Kan.; Mra.
Comstock, Utioa, N. V.; Mre. Baldwin,
Oneida Castle, N. N.; Geo. McDuffy,
Mr. and Mrs. Babcock, Worcester,
Mass.; Mrs. Patton und Eister, Mr. Har
vey and neice, Boston ; P. McKenna, H.
P. Molone, Mrs. Molone, Chicago, Miss
Bowen, Boston ; Mies Smith, Providence,
R. L; A. Cobb, Keene, N. H.;J. H.
Sqoiree, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. E. S.
Oaborn, Kingston, N. V.; Clark Bich
ards, Washington, D. C.; Mre. Buck
man and sister, D. C. Yates, Miss 0.
Lamport, Miss A. Willard, Chicago;
Mr. and Mrs. E. Gorham, M. E. Wit
ham, Mr. Piper, Boston; Mrs. j. C.
Eckbart and daughter, Oakaloosa. la.;
Jamea Thomas and family, Rook
Island, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. B. Maine,
Chicago; W. B. McLellan, Ottawa, 111.:
W.S.Nicholson, Ottowa, III.; G. W.
Glotzback, Paxica, Kan.; Mr. Biaby,
Haverhill, Mass.; C. Astell. Chicago;
H. C. Westlake, Holton, Kan.; Mrs.
Gray and friend, Boston; Dr. and Mra.
Adams, Jericho, Vt,; Mra. M. Wade
Capt. and Mra. Barton. Heßßie Smith,
Boston; Mre. H. b\ Hatch, Philadel
pbia; Mra. Salieby, Mr. Shepßon, Mrs.
J. Pierce aud daughter, Worcester,
Maae.; Alired La Hue, G. Goodman and
aon, Boston; J. P. Rice, Avoca, Ind.;
Mary A. Bates, Stuart,. Ind.; J. D.
Chamberlain and family, Avoca. Ind.;
8. M. Reaalo, A. Stewart, Mre. W. H.
Standisb, Lob Moines, lowa ; Mre. Mary
Stevena, Maryoviile, Mo.; Jamea Tweed
•n, Omaha; J. H, and Mre. Baakerville,
Dcs Moines; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Janee,
Grinnell, Iowa; Mark Hendrick, Oma
ha; G. M. Emmerscn, Paxico, Kan.;
George Frost, St. Joseph ;O. M. Gage,
W. Maynard, B. Keenan, Kansas City;
Mrs. Burke and «iater, Katie Thornton,
George Baker, Minneapolis; Mrs. Hem
mell, Mre. H. Seeman, Waseca, Minn.;
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Hartwell, M. L.
Jndson, J. Beale, Mrs. H. M. French,
Minneapolis; S. A. Darley. Shokapee,
Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. John Meagher, St.
Paul, Minn.; B. A. Kohler, Shokapee,
Minn.; M. E. Sherwood. St. Paul; S. A.
Clinton. Chicago; E. A. Christopher,
Kansas City.
Docks and Geese and Other Game Too
Numerooe to Mention.
In the City of the Angela today there
will be spread hundreds of feasts tnat
would please the most exacting epicures,
hut none will surpass the Thanksgiving
dinner that will be served at ISO West
Second etreet by those well known und
popular caterers, H. M. Maxwell nnd
Wm. R. Davie. Although their creeent
establishment hee been open but a lew
weeka, it ia crowded from morning till
night by the patrons wbo have been
there before —patrona who know when
they find juat what they had looked for
ao long iv vain.
Both Mr. Maxwell nnd Mr. Davia
have been engaged in the restau
rant) bneinesß in Los Angelea for
several yeerx, and are thoroughly
posted in all matters pertaining to tbeir
line. Thia lost Thuraday in November
will be a veritable feaet day at Maxwell
& Davia' Ca.'e? restaurant, and everybody
ia invited to call and partake. Hoast
turkey, roast young pig, and all that
pertaine to make a dinner that everyone
can enjoy, will be eerved in tho latest
and beet style of tbe culinary art. But,
if yon must dine elsewhere today, try
the Ca'c restaurant, at 120 Weat Second
street, at the earliest possible oppor
tunity, foi bieakfaßt, lunch or dinner,
and you will go away rejoicing and tell
your friende the good news.
Eat Your Thanksgiving Dinner at Mcl-
atari's mid Be Happy.
On all occasions M. A. Meleted, the
popular reetanrant man, feede the multi
tude with the choicest good thmge tbat
the market affords, but today his dining
ball will present a feast that will make
all wbo pay it a viait feel that tbey bave
eapecial reasona for giving thanks.
Roast turkey, young pig, wild fowl,
such nice pies aa your mother used to
make, delicious coffee and a well de
veloped bill of fare of other tempting
eatables will all be there. For more
than 18 years Mr. Meleted'e reetanrant
baa taken tbe lead. It is one of tbe few
places that does business on its merits,
and has a reputation far and wide, both
lor aorvice and a bill of fare tbat pleases
the people. Mr. Melsted has fonnd that
it pays to give satisfaction and bas
built up a business that draws a steady
line of patronage. Dine witb him today
and yon will know where to go ;u the
future. Remember the place, Melsted'a
wnftle foundry and oyeter bouse, 11(3 and
118 West Second street.
A. <>. C. W. Election.
At a meeting held Tuesday evening,
November 27th .by tbe Germania lodge,
No. 241, A. O. U. W., the following
members were duly elected to eerve the
ensuing term : P. M. W., Frank Gesslor;
M. W., Henry Stnbr; foreman, K.
Kaasb; recorder (12 months), C. J.
Diener; financier (12 months), fat. Etch
horn ; overeeer, B. Arnot; guide. Phil
Gerhardy; I. W., A. Stoeoklin; O. W.,
S. Pinte; trustee (IS months), George
W. Fischer.
W. A. MoGaire, a well known citizen
ot McKay, Obio, ie ol tbe opinion tbat
there \b nothing ac good lor children
tronbled with colds or croup aa Cbam
berlain'a Cough Remedy. He bas used
it in bia family for several yeare with
the best results, and always keeps a
bottla of it in the bouse. After having;
la grippe he was himself troubled with
a severe cough. He need other reme
dies without benefit and then concluded
to try tbe children's medicine, and to
his delight it aeon effected a permanent
cure. 50 cent bottles for sale by Off &
Vaughn, Fourth and Spring; C. F.
Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, druggists.
Mlllla Christina le Here,
But for three days only—today, tomorrow and
Saturday—aud, in conjunction with Ariel, will
hold afternoon and evening receptions at Ariel
Palace of Illusions, at 330 tl. Spring st. You
will not only sco Ariel and the Statue turn lo
life, but hear Millie Christine Blng with both
mouths md see her dance on her four feet—all
lor 10 cents.
Wagner's Kimberley.
153 N. Main, opposite old court house. Specs
and eye-glasses a specialty. Fine watch and
jewelry repairing. Also diamonds and tine
jewelry at lowest figures, Wagner, the old re
liable jeweler.
Our Home Brew.
Maier & Zobelein'a lager, fresh from their
brewery, on draught In all tho principal sa
loons; delivered promptly in bottles or kegs.
Office and brewery, 414 Aliso street, tele
phone 91.
Stop Paying Rent by Building
Through the Savings Fond and Bniiding So
ciety of Loa Angeles. Monthly payments.
Twelfth annual series now open. E. H. tirasott,
secretary, room 103 Wilson blocx, First and
Mirrors, both French and German plate, can
now be had at a great saving on former prices.
French mirrors, both plain and beveled; also
oeveled plates made to order. All work guar
anteed. 11. Raphael A Co., 440 B. Spring St.
Orchardists, Look Out!
Don't buy any trees until you have consulted
Jerome Caldwell, general agent Alexinder <Jt
Hammon's nurseries, Blggr, Cal. Office, Natlck
house, Loa Angeles.
The Corfu, 1301/2 South Spring.
Thanksgiving dinner 11 to 2 and 4to 7. Tur
key, young pig, mince and squath pies. Moils
The Finest Flavored Oysters
In bulk and cans, 00 cents, full quarts; fine, fat
and juicy. Cans, 50 cents. Discount to hotels
and restaurants, Fred Hauiman'a Mott Market.
Fine Fruits and Vegetables.
Everybody Bays Blchardaon, Lowry & Co.,
100 it. First at., have the nicest and cleanest
fruit store iv Los Angeles. Telephone 1378.
Guitar Lessons.
Spanish method, rapid aud progressive, by
Prof. Arevelo, room 120 Wilson blook.
Try our Columbian lump coal, $8 perton,
delivered to any part of the city. Hancock
Banning, 130 West Second st.
Dr. Parker, dentist, IM% West First street
Wall paper house of the coast, 328 3 Spring.
Wall paper oc, 7Jjc per roll. 328 8. Spring.
Although it looks like it It shows how poorly
fitted spectacles look. Besides, the eyes suffer
in consequence. To avoid 111-fitting glasses
call upon us lor an exact scientific ti v I is our
specialty. hyes examined free. PACIFIC
optical. CO., scientific Opticians, 107 North
spring St., opp. old courthouse. if
LU3 All'jrßL.r.i3 TTjCxTAIjITI MOKJVmti, MJVEMBEK Z«V 185*.
Defendant Bought Interest In the Com
pany and litter ns ao Offloar or the
Company Falle to Demand of
Himself What Is Dae.
In the suit ol 0. J; Haettel ti. George
J. Ainawortb, wherein certain etock in
tereita in the Centineia Inglewood com
pany were concerned, .I mlge York yes
terday rendered the following opinion,
in which he reviews tha various steps
taken since the action was first insti
tuted ;
"Tbis Is an action against defendant
as a stockholder of the Centineia Ingle
wood company, a corporation, by a
judgment creditor of tbe corporation.
The plaintiff in hie complaint alleges an
indebtedness of the defendant to the
corporation for balance nnpaid on his
stock, and seeks to obtain satisfaction of
said judgment from tbe amonnt so dne
eaid corporation from delendant. Tbe
Centineia Inglewood company was in
corporated on November 7, 1887, with a
capital etock of $1,000,000, divided into
10,(100 ebares of tha par value of $100
per share. The delendant became a
etockholder in said corporation on Aug
ust 18th, 1888, by the porcbase of 150
shares of eaid etock and the transfer of
seme to him. Tho atock was transferred
to him as Georga J. Ainawortb, trus
tee, but the name of the beneficiary
was not disclosed. There wae paid to
eaid corporation, prior to the assign
ment to defendant, tor eaid etock ot
defendant, $20 per ebare, and there ra
maine due to eeid company thereon tbo
mm of $12,000. All of tbe stock of
said company was issued to various poi
sons. Said corporation bas no property
except amounts doe to it on nnpaid
subscriptions. Plaintiff recovered said
judgment December 19, 1892, and the
same ia wholly uneatistied. An execu
tion ieened on aaid judgment to tba
sheriff of this oounty was returned by
bim nulla bona before the commence
ment of this action. Tbe oorporation
haa never made any "oall" on defend
ant for his nnpaid subscription. Tha
defendant admits tbat the assignee of
stock in a corporation assumes the bur
den of paying the balance of tbe sub
scription price remaining unpaid at tbo
time of the assignment, but contends
that unleaa the corporation can oolleot
tbe debt tbe plaintiff is without rem
edy against the stockholders. That
as tbe original liability of defendant
to tbo corporation bad ita inoeption in
1888, six yeare before the commencement
of this action, the corporation should
have made a call for the nnpaid sub
scription not later than four yeare there
after, and becauee she corporation did
not do co, but ceased to be a 'going
company' in 1890, tbe right to recover
the remainder of the unpaid subscrip
tions ia barred by tbe statute of limita
tions. But while the corporation ceased
iv 1809 to do the business it bad been
engaged in prior to tbat time, it is not
shown that the plaintiff knew of such
cessation of bueineps. He commenced
bis action against the corporation April
10, 1892, and the corporation answered
June 7, 1892. In its answer in that case
the corporation specially admitted tbat
it wae then a corporation duly organized
and existing. Tbat action seems, from
the record introduced in thie case, to
have been vigorously contested. After
judgment againet tbe corporation in
the justice's court, where the caae was
pending, it appealed to tbia court. Here
on December 19, 1892, a judgment was
entered in favor of the plain
tiff and against said corporation,
the defendant. In tbe findings of
fact in that case the oourt finds, tbat
during all tbe times bereinafter'men
tioned defendant has been and still is a
corporation organized and existing un
Of New York, Permanently Located in Los Angeles,
Trie Leading Specialists for
diseases of MEN B^cXusively.
Hot a Dollar
Need be Paid .
Medicine or Treatment
Until We Cure You.^P\\jP^
We mean the above atatement emphatically—lt means evorybody, and it is to show our slncentv, honesty and ability to cure these
diseases, ot which we make a specialty. VTe have the largest practice in Southern California, acquired by skill and moderate terms.
Form ot Vv'eakness, Acute and
We understand every feature of these diseases and have every instrument and remedy tn rwn to make quick and permanent cures,
Every form of weakness, with their symptoms, which are too well known to repeat, cured and the
victim prepared for marriage and life's duties. Chronic discharges resulting from bad treatment a particu
lar specialty. Onanism cured in thirty days. Blood Taints, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Warts, Etc.
Corner* IVXairx and Third Streets,
Over Wells-Fargo Express Office. Private side entrance on Third St. Telephones—Office, 1309; Residence, laO W.
| Take no Substitute for 1
I Royal Baking Powder. I
I It is Absolutely Pure. I
If All others contain alum or ammonia. II
derthe laws of the state of California.'
Although the oorporation waa not pro
secuting the business for which it was
incorporatsd, it bad not wound up its
affairs. It showed no loss ol vitality.
It cave no evidence to the plaintiff that
it intended to become dormant in tts
chosen line of business. Tbe contention
that it ceased in 1890 to be a 'going com
pany,' while having muoh to support it,
is not sufficiently sustained to set tbe
statute of limitations in motion.
"Tha defendant has been one of
tbe directora and the president
of tbe corporation since about
tha time be became a stockholder there
in. His failure to demand from him
self the money dne from bim to tbe cor
poration ehonld not shield bim from tbe
enforcement of eucb payment aa against
the plaintiff. The plaintiff could con
sistently rely upon tbe assumption tbat
the money dne tbe oorporation by the
defendant would be paid to it by de
fendant and be a lund in tbe bands of
the company to pay its debts. There
seems to have been no undue neglect on
plaintiff's part in pursuing bis remedy,
and he should not snffer from the neg
lect of his adversary which he was pow
erless to prevent. The judgment will,
therefore, be entered for tbe plaintiff in
accordance with the prayer of hia com
plaint. "Waldo M. York, Judge."
A Model Thanksgiving Dinner.
If you want to forget your troubles
and feel that life is really worth living,
go tbou and partake of tbe good things
which will be furnished for the bnngry
at Illich's famous restaurant, 145 and
147 North Main atreet, during tbe day
and evening. There you Can find roast
turkey, roast sucking pig, and all else
that delights tbe eye and pleases the
Legal Bonds Broken.
The legal bonds uniting tbe following
conples were uiseolved yesterday:
Mide L. Pipher, from William H.
Pipher, by Jndge Shaw, for the failure
to provido daring tbe continuous term
required by law.
Allie Gillam, from Ardis Gillam, by
Judge Shaw, on default, the sustaining
charge being cruelty.
8. M. McClure, from Carrie M. Mo-
Clnre, by Judge McKinley, on tbe charge
of desertion.
Kidney Tronble Cared.
LOSS Beach. Cel., Oct. 31, 1894. —D, W
Fletcher ol thia plaoe makes the lollowing
statement: "Fouraud one-half bottles of Hood's
S*isaparilla have cured me of a very bad case
of kidney trouble."
Rood. Pilla cure all liver ills.
E. L. DOHKNY. Manager. J. A. CONN ON", Supt.
IN ANY QUANTITY at market prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our oil
contains no benzine, naptba or other dangerous explosives. We furnish
Maier-Zobelein Brewery, Los Angeles Cold Storage Co., Cudahy Packing
Co., and many other consumers, to whom we refer. Can be burned with any style
of burner.
Telephone 1472. Wells & Office cor. Douglas & W. State sts.
Yesterday's Meeting Waa Marked by
Nothing; or (special Int-rest.
The meeting of the fire commission
yesterday morning was not marked by
any acts ol great import. The matter
of investigating tbe charge ol Mr.
Strobm that tbe chief waa giving out
badges for the purpose ol allowing peo
ple to ride free on tbe street oars was
diemiased with simply placing tbe mat
ter on tile.
The report ol Chiel Moriarty of the
fire department stated that the petition
of Fred Hoppe has been granted under
the ordinances.
The petition of Henry Eifler for a
blacksmith shop on Westlake avenue
and Seventh etreet was recommended to
be granted, and upon motion tbe com
misaion granted theaame.
The matter of a permit to erect a box
factory on Wall street, between Fourth
and Fifth, was tabled, as the commis
sion considered it bas notbing to do with
tbo matter.
The petition of W. J. Maeee and son,
to be allowed to erect a carriage ebop
on the corner ol Ninth and San Pedro
streets, was granted.
Tbe motion made by Mr. Manton be
fore tbe council, that a fire-alarm box be
placed at tbecdrner of West First street
and Burlington avenne, which was re
ferred to tbe commission, was ordered
Tbe requisitions and demands were
The Place of Torment
Of billons people Is chiefly In the region of the
liver, but with the extreme discomfort located
there are associated sour stomach, yellonnea
ol the skin and eyeballs, morning nausea, an
unpleasant bteath, furred tongue, sick head
ache, and irregularity of tho bowels. For each
and all ot these übpleasantnesses, Hostettir'a
htomach Bitters Is a awif t and agreeable rem
edy. It is gieatiy preferable to any vegetable
purgative or drastic mineral cathartic Such
pseudo-specifics u.uilly do more harm than
good. Iv malarial complalnsts the liver la al
waya involved. For auch disorder, as well ss
for rheumatic and kidney trouble, nervousn-aa
and debility, Hoste.ter'. Stomach Hitters ia a
remedy. Physicians strongly commend it lor
ita promptitude und thoroughness, and profes
sional approval la fully justified by public ex
perience during more than a third of a at ntury
Toung men are Invited to hear Jobn L.
Speares at me Youug Men's Christian Associa
tion this evening. Special Bervlcea during
c welt of prayer. All young men Invited.
Ret sirom for wall paper, 300 s. Main at,
250 envelopes, 50c; % ream writing paper 25c
Laugstadter, 214 W. Second, Hollenbeck hotel.
UaE Herman Family Soap.
Cut Rates on Patent Medicines.
New Old New oil
Price. Pilce. Price. Pnc ■.
Hood's Sarsaparilla 6»o $1.00 Castoria 250 3".
Ayer's Sar. apart la 65e 1 on syrup j 3Ho 50'
Joy'a Sarsaparilla 65c 100 Figs | 75c $' '0 •
l'aine's Ceiery uomponnd 79c 1.00 Po da j 350 500
Cuticura Soap, per box 60s 60c Kxlract j 75c Si on
Pierce'a Discovery 750 1.00 St. Jacob's Oil. 350 Me
Fellows' eyrup $1.25 1.1,0 Mel.in'a Food, small 350 50 :
Allcock's Porous P aster, 3 for 250 65c M.lllnl Food, large 55c Tito
tcott's Kmuiston 650 1.00 Vaseline, Blue Seal 5o lta
Ayi r'a Hair VUor 050 750 Carler'a PlU'a 150 25c
We.t'a Nerve and Brain Treat- Ayer'a Pilie 150 25c
m-Mit 60e 100 Orpballa, a positive cure
H Williams' Pink Pllla 400 50c for headache 13c 25c
U Wizard Oil, amall 40c 500 Cepha la. a pos.tlve cnre
H Warner's ,-afe Kidney and for headache 350 50n
■ Liver Cure $1 00 125 Wizard Oil, large 750 $100
I LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES on all other artiolee belonging town.
a the drag business. Preieriptioni pat ap at my drag store are indorsed
3 by the people, wbiob speaks for itielf.
I C. F. Heinzeman, Pharrriacist,
I No. 222 North Main Streer.
Highest Medals Offered ia
avaasjaas, /V S >9 World'a Pair Convection of Phe>
_ a* — lograpbera and World's Kxpod
-1 a/ at "t* I tfon. Ohloego, '93. Highest pre.
L mluma Loe Ansetea Pair, '80 111,
— I* L '93, Aad also awaided ihe
»Va» <r — highest arewtomt for last fair,
- ■ aaJL ending Oct. 30. '94.
t ■ Onr Awards fere the rTitrh-
eat Awarded Aay Photog*
v rapher.
Speaking Volnraes for the Superiority ot the Stockel Phoiograpbs.
220 Q. SPRING ST.,
Opp. L. A. Theater and Hollenbeck Betel
Sweet and Sour Mash Whiskies in Bond or Pax Paid a Specialty.
■\a f \ | q Baa f\ having- night or day Seminal
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Murder result from sexual decay. Dr. White's
remedies promptly restore Lost Manhood. Call
or write. Dr. White, las) N. Main street.
POISONOUS Discharges, as Gonorrhea,
Gleet, Leucorrhea, etc., promptly yield to DR.
WHITE'S superior treatment.
BLOOD Diseases thoroughly cured by time
tested remedies.
Kidney, Bladder, Prostatic, Skin,
Liver, Stomach, andaii Sexual, Pri
vate "ml NerVOUS Affections treated with
Skill and SUCCeSS. ,
DR. WHITE 1* the oldest Specialist in
the city—established in |SS6. Office and l>c,pcn
sary, 128 North Main Street, Los Angeles. Cal.
House 5 rooms, southwest, near Twenty-third
and Hoover; i{SiBoo-$5OO cash, balance $25
permonth. ,
House D rooms, south w st, 3 blocks from
electric car line; $1400, easy terms.
Housed rooms all mcdern and new, south
west, close in, Dor $2100-small cash payment
and mouihly Installments.
The Result ef net Soil Hade 4
312 South Spring street, below Third.
_ #
?«■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>
2 330 N. Main It., Loe Angeles. 2
e> Flrat elaaa equipment. Urgeand walls e>
2 selected stock. Reasonable and falsi A
X prices. Careful aud arlllful treatment, i
X Bp. clal attention given to erabaln.lug «>
2 and shipping bodtea to dt.tant psrtiof* +
2 theconniry. aTJBF" Night cilia prompt*. ♦
♦ ly attended to. -. ♦
m, a i>l»phnn« N.i. 75. 4, «>
♦ ♦♦«♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦«,<>♦♦♦♦♦>♦
♦ ♦
Painless Dentistry!
Fine Gold ruling*;
'm' «h FjA bet tkkth, as.
kkMio7 E M?BfW<}a^
Baker Iron Works
Adjoining S. P. Grounds. Tel, 124.

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