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The Case Comes to an
End by an Order of
Judge Ross.
Defending Counsel Pick a Hole
in the Indictment, and the
Defendants Escape.
Probability of Future Actio. ll.lng
Tak.n and th. Aoens.d Ar
raigned la tlie Sape
j rtor Coart.
The Harrie-Platt conspiracy suit haa
had an unhappy termination —for tbe
government. Keen - witted counsel
picked a flaw in the indictment, and, on
motion to dismiss, Judge Ross sustained
the motion, tbe indictment was quashed
•nd tbe two defendants went free.
While this ends the matter, ao far as
the United states court is concerned, it
is possible that n new indictment may be
drawn and the defendants rearrested
•nd arraigned in the superior court.
Whether the plea of once in jeopardy
can be sustained,remains to be seen. Cer
tain it is, however, the evidence will
have to be stronger-than in the federal
court to hold tbe defendants. Albeit
tbe defendant* bad bad a previous trial,
the evidence the second time was much
weaker than on the first. Some of tbe
teatimony for the prosecution waa curi
ous, to aay the least.
Daring the examination of Detective
W. A. Bosqui, one of the officers detailed
to bide himself in the room of Crandall..
•nd who saw the check, Mr. Bosqui
could not recall any of the circumstances
that had much of a bearing on tbe vase
for the prosecution, and after a strong
attempt by District Attorney Denis and
Judge Rosa to get hia evidence, he waa
The next witness who testified waa J.
R. Harria, the defendant Platt'a business
partner in tha jewelry atore. He testi
fied to Piatt having advised him to go
and ace Crandall and to make tba propo
aition tbat be would receive irom bim
the incriminating document* in the pos
session of Emil Harria. Piatt told bim
that there waa $2000 in it for tbem both,
•nd wben witness wanted to know where
Emil Harria would get off in the transac
tion, Piatt replied: "Ob.be won't be
in it."
Thia little arrangement witness did
not acquiesce in. After identifying tbe
letter* submitted in evidenoe aa being,
to the beat oi hia knowledge and belief,
in tbe handwriting of the defendant
Piatt, the witneaa stated that tbe latter
told him tbat "he (Piatt) waa playing
Mra. Crandall and waa going to get come
diamonda, etc., from her, and that I
(witneaa) could work ber husband, and
make a double-header of it." Witnesß
was led to believe that if Emil Harris
did have any documents in hia posses
sion reflecting upon the character of
Mr. Crandall tbey wonld only be used aa
• lever to extort money from him.
Nothing of interest waa elicited from
thia witneaa under cross-examination.
Tbe proeecution put forward Tbomaa A.
Lewis, aaaiatant poatmaater of Los An
gelea. He simply identified tbe offioial
mark* of tbe postoffice department upon
tbe envelopes which contained the let
ters aent in pursuance of the blackmail
ing echeme. Having done ao, the gov
ernment rested its caee.
Tbe court at tbia point granted a re
cess for fifteen minutes to permit counsel
for tbe defense to confer. Upon tbe re
convening of court Senator White moved
tbat tbe action be dismissed, aa effecting
both defendants, and the jury be in
etructed to acquit.
In proceeding to argue tbe motion tbe
aenator raised an ingenious plea. He
contended that the indictment did not
state facta conatituting an offense againat
the United Statea, tbat in no place
whatever wae auch an allegation made,
and furthermore, that the facts act forth
failed to dieclose that the defendant
Harris had any knowledge whatever
tbat the United Statea maila were being
used. Keierrinu to the Revised Statutes
of the United States, paragraphs 1440
and 5s p O, which refer to offenses against
the postoffice department, Senator
White proceeded to draw the distinction
between the incidental using of tbe mail
service by one of the defendants, and
conspiracy, aa defined by tbe law; that
such using wbb a part of tbe precon
ceived scheme to misuse the United
Statea mail. To fulfill the conditions re
quired under tbe statute it was neceeeary
tbat one of three essential things be
done, and they are apeciftcally set forth :
An intention to defraud, a deaign to
open correspondence, or the taking of a
a letter from the poetoffice. Ihe
aenator contended tbat tbe only
way in which tbe federal court
got jurisdiction was in consequence of
an offense being presumed against the
United States mail department and yet
tbe iudictment itaelf negatives the idea,
for after setting forth the facts of the
conspiracy the mails then were uaed
•nd in an Incidental manner. "In order
to show conspiracy between these two
men," argued Senator White, "it is nec
eeeary to show they agreed to mail par
ticular letters, and in tbat way only can
tbe federal oourt have jurisdiction. The
other offenses are punishable in another
United Statea Attorney Denis ap
peared to rest bis aide of the caae on tbe
mere fact of the letters bavins; been
deposited in tbe mails. He had diffi
culty in satisfying the court, bnt
claimed tbe phraseology of tbe indict
ment v/aa a part of the act of congress,
a id if anyone vras in fanlt it must ba
congress and not connael. He contended
that tbe wcrda uaed by Justice Field, in
tbe opinion quoted from by Senator
White, were need in one part of tbe act
of congress, while thoae need in tbe in
dictment wera made use of in another
part of the act, and be could not be
limited to one part alone. He reiterated
that tbe aot constituting the offenae wai
the depositing oi c letter in tbe United
States mails.
Io thie Senator White objected.
"Then I oan't read English," re
sponded Mr. Denis.
The conrt, however, sustained tbe
defense, again holding the misuse
ol tbe postoffice to be an essential pert of
tha scheme.
Senator White fired the laat shot by
aaying tbat tbe statute sets ont what
must be done in pursuance of the
scheme to conspire against the United
Statea maila. The mere fact tbat the
letter had been deposited, and tbe con
spiracy alleged helped to ita consumma
tion by tbe uae of tbe mails, did not
negative his contention in the slightest.
For tbe purpose of carefully pernsing
he indictment, the court ordered an
adjournment until 1:30 in the afternoon.
Upon tbe court reconvening at 1:30
Judge Roaa read tha following order
which he had prepared and which
ended tbe Harria-Platt caae, ao far aa
federal conrta are concerned:
"One of the conatituent elements of
the offenae denounced by tbe atatnte
upon which tbe indictment in tbia case
is bated, ia the intended uae of tbe
United States maila in aid or further
ance of the fraudulent scheme. It ia,
therefore, ataential tbat tbe indictment
allege directly, and not inferentially or
by way of recital, tbat the echeme in
cluded the intended uso of tbe mail.
United Statea va. Heia, 124 V. S., 483;
4 Fed. Rep.. 394; 18 Fed. Rep., 908; 29
Fed. Rep., 703; 46 Feb. Rep.. 42, 5(12; 02
Fed. Rep., "40.
"From a careful examination of the in
dictment I am nnable to find any direot
allegation tbat the fraudulent echeme
tbat the defendants are alleged to have
devised, included the nae of the past
office of the United Statea in ita aid or
furtherance. It ie alleged in more than
one place in the indictment tbat in pur
suance of the alleged scheme to defraud
tbe defendanta plnced and canaed to be
placed in the United Statea poet
office at Loa Angelea the let
ter set out in the indictment,
and also tbat the letter ao deposited waa
to further and effect the object of tbe
conspiracy, whioh ia alleged to be "to
misuse the poatoffice eetahliebment of
the United Statea by devising a echeme
to defraud." In all of thia tbere is no
allegation that tbe fraudulent ecbeme
iteelf included the intended use of tbe
United Statea mail, wnich element, aa
has been eaid, ia an essential conatituent
of the statutory offense. For this rea
son the court is obliged to instruct tbe
jury to render a verdict of not guilty."
A Good Order Tending; to Economy In
Time and Honey.
Judge York ieaued an order yeaterday
having for ita purpose tbe aaving of ex
pense resulting from the jury system at
preaent in vogue. It will go into effect
on January 22, 1895, on which date tbe
firet batch of caae* will be act, and all
caaea wherein juriea are required will be
placed on a jury calendar and taken up
and tried in tbeir order ac reached. Any
caee filed too late to be placed on tbe
January calendar will be carried over to
the next term, March 2rJtb, when the
new calendar will be made up.
Heretofore, not infrequently, a jury
haa bean aummoned in a civil action,
wben it developed tbat tho parties were
not ready, or ior aome other reason the
trial could not be proceeded witb, yet
tbe jurora having been in attendance
claimed, and were entitled to, tbeir per
diem and mileage fees, albeit their eer
vicea were not actually rendered. Under
the new order, if tbe parties to an action
ebould not be ready to proceed, the next
case on the calendar will be called and
tried, and the jurors will tbua give tbeir
aervice and tbe time of the court not be
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Reoeptloa Committee Appointed to Ar
range for Visiting- Supervisors.
The board of supervisors yeaterday
received a complaint to the effect that
J. Kirby of Palmdale bad iispensed
liquor in hia saloon on election day, and
Kirby baa been notified in consequence
to appear before tbe board on December
18tb next.
The petition of a majority of the resi
dent householders of Alosta praying tbat
a water rate be fixed lor the aervice of
the Alosta Water company waa set for
hearing on December 18th.
Tbe application of C. O. Cleverly for •
saloon license at Burbank waa set for
hearing on the 12th.
A communication from M. J. Davidson
et al. relative to the widening of the
Cahoenga paaa road waa referred to Su
pervisor Forrester for investigation.
In reaponae to the invitation of the
chamber of commerce, Supervisors For
rester, Cook and Francisco were ap
pointed a committee to co-operate with
the chamber in making arrangement*
for tbe entertainment of tbe vielting
boards of supervisors from Southern
California counties upon December 11th
In reference to tbe petition of M, H,
la Fetra et al. for tbe construction of •
new road at Azuaa, A. R. Street, J. H.
Walmaley and J. Boyd were appointed
aa vie were and instructed to report to
tne board.
Supervisors Hay, Forrester and Fran
cisco were appointed ac a committee to
make a tour of inspection over tbe re
cently graded roads in Compton, Enter
prise and Florence districts and report
The board decided to viait tbe poor
farm December 14tb.
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After a Prolonged l..r«t Coateet Mrs.
Sarah Keub Loses.
The verdict in the ease of Sarah Baub
vs. tbe Los Angeles Terminal Railroad
company was given yesterday in favor
of the defendant company. Thia oase ia
of more than ordinary intereat, inas
much as it bas been keenly contested
from ita inception about 18 months ago.
The plaintiff alleged that while en
ronte to Los Angeles she, in attempting
to alight from the cars oi the company
at De Camp station, suffered lifelong
injuries through the negligence of the
■ompany's servants. She claimed
|17,500 in damages, and first brought
suit in April oi last year. Upon the
plaintiff's case closing, Thomas E. Gib
bon, connael for the Terminal road,
moved for a non-suit, which waa sus
Ths plaintiff carried tbe caae to the
supreme court, and on a technioal point
of law the case was remitted tor a re
trial. It waa tried before Judge Van
Dyke and a jury and occupied tbe at
tention of the conrt flee days. From
the teatimony of plaintiff beraelf it did
seem as if she had been allowed tuffi.
cient time to alight at De Camp, but
her counsel rosda a good argument in
ber behalf. Mr. T. E. Gibbon, counsel
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called on members of the council yester
day and asked that some conaideration
be given Mr. Hewlett on account of these
hustling eleotion times.
It is probable, however, that tbe coun
cil will take some action on the matter
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