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To the Charter of the City
of Los Angeles
The following amendments to the charter of
the City of Loa Angeles, as adopted by Joint
resolution No. 2, ado .ted January Hist, I-Wi, 1
•re hereby proposed to lm submitted to tho j
qualified voters of said city:
Tbe foil wing sections to beamended so as to
lead an follows lo wit:
Sfcrio.N i. The »atd corporation (hall have
the power:
1. lo make and use a corporate seal and alter
the same at pleasure.
2. 'lo sue and be suod in all actions and pro
seodlngs whatever.
3. To havo perpetual succession.
4. To erect end maintain public buildings,
and to lay out establish. Improve and main
tain public parks and cemeteries.
6. To provide for tho care of the sick and
he! •'.ess.
tl. i o make regulations to prevent the spread
of epidemics and contagious and loathsome
7. To provide for .upplying the elty and its
lnhabl unuwtth water and gas, or either, or
other means of hunt and Illumination.
\ S. To layout, open, oxtend widen, Improve,
\er vacate, pave and tepavo streets and alloys,
Jeidewalks and crossings, and other highways.
0. To construct aud maintain sewers, drains
end other works uece »ary for ths ulipoßltion
of sewerage.
10. To establish and maintain public schools
and public libraries.
11. To levy sicssmenta upon property to
pay for the Improvement of street, aud other
publio improvements, and to collect the same,
and to levy and co lect taxes upon pro erty
lor municipal purpo ; provided thai the tax
evied for any one year for all municipal pur
poses, othe than payment of interest on the
municipal debt aud redemption of bonds,
tba 11 not exceed fill on each HUOO worth of tax
able properly.
12. To manage, control, sell, le ac for a pe
riod not exceeding two years, or otherwise dis
pose of any or all the property ol he said cor
poration, and to appropriate the income or
proceeds thereof to the use of the said corpora
tion; provided that it shall bave no power t t
mortgage or nypotheeate its properly for any
13. To license and regulate tbe carrying on
of any a d all professions trades, callings and
occupation! car led on within iho limits ot
■aid elty, and to fix the amount of license tax
thereon to be paid by all persons engaged in
•tich professions, trades, callings or occupa
tions, and provide the manner of enforcing
the payment of the seme; provided, that no
discrimination shall be made between per out
engaged In the same business otherwise than
by proportion! > g the tax upon any business to
tho amount of business dons; and lo license,
regulate, re train, suppress or prohibit any
or all laundries, lire, y and sals stables, cattle
and ho se corrals, slaughter-houses, butcher
■hops, hawkera. peddlers, pawn brokers, dance
cellars, nieloieoni, shows, circuses, public bil
liard tables, bawling and tenpin alleys, and lo
suppress and pro. libit all faro banks, games of
chance, gambling houses, tables or stands,
bawdy houses, the keeping of bees within the
city limits, and auy and all obnoxious, offen
sive, immoial, indecent or dlsreputab.e places
of business or practice.
14. To create office! and provide for ths
election or appoinimeut of officers otner than
those established by this charter, or by the
general law, whenever ths publio convenience
may require the same, and preacribe their
duties anil fix their compensation. (But this
ahall not be construed to authorize the crea
tion of new offices and the appointment of
other officers to perform the duties by this
charter assigned to officer! provided for here
in, othor than the necessary deputies and as
sistants to the officers of said city.)
15. Toaoquire, by purchata, condemnation,
sr other lawful means, property, both real and
personal, including water and water rights,
within or without the corporate limits, neces
sary or convenient for municipal purposes, or
tor the exercise of ths powers granted to said
16. To fix tba aalariea of municipal officers,
except those officers whose salaries ars fixed
by this charter.
17. To provide and maintain a proper and
ifflcient fire department, and make and adopt
inch measures, rulea and regulations for ths
Jirsventlon and extinguishment of fires, and
or ths preaervation of property endangered
thereby ai may be deemed expedient.
18. lo protect the property of its inhabitant!
against inundation*.
ln>. To provide againat ths existence of filth,
garbage and other Injurious and Inconvenient
matter within the city, and for the disposition
of the same.
20. To make the violation of Ua ordlnancea
a misdemeanor in all proper caaes, and to pre
scribe the punishment therefor, by fins or im
prisonment, or by both: but such fine not to
exceed !K>oo, and such Imprisonment not tj
exceed six montha.
21. To proscribe tbs places at which elec
tion! shall be held, and appoint the officers of
22 To make and enforce within Its limits
such local, police, sanitary and other regula
tions as are not In conflict with general
laws, and aro deemed expedient to maintain
ths public peace, protect property, promote
the public morals and to proserve ths health
Of Its inhabitant!.
23. To exercise all municipal powers neces
sary to the complete and efficient manage
ment and control of ths municipal property,
aud tor ths efficient admin.itratlon of the
municipal government, whether inch powen
be expressly enumerated or not, except luch
power! aa ars forbiaden or are controlled by
general law.
24. The powers sonfsrrsd by this article
Shall be exercised by ordinance, except aa
hereinafter provided.
Sec. 3—The officer! of ths municipality ahall
A mayor,
One councilman (or saeh ward,
A city clerk,
A clerk of tbs mayor,
A city treasurer,
A city auditor,
Seven members ot ths beard et education at
Five directors of ths Los Aagslss publio
A public librarian,
A City engineer,
A city atiorney,
A superintendent of building!,
A water overseer,
A itreet superintendent.
Five police commissioner!,
A chief of police,
A chief engineer of the fire department,
Five member! i t the board of health,
A health officer,
Five 11. c commissioners
Five park commissioners,
Three water commissioners,
Fhree building commissioner!,
Sec. 4. The following officers shall be eleoted
by the electors of the city of Loa Angeles, to
Toe mayor,
The city attorney.
The city treasurer,
Seven member! of the board of education,
And by the elector! nf each ward respect
ively one member of the council.
The city ahall be divided Into nine wards, aa
First ward—All that portion of the oity
bounded northerly by the north city boundary
b: tween the Los Angeles river and the east
boundary of the city; easterly by tho east
boundary of the city, between the northern
boundary of tho city and Mist ion atreet; loutn
erly by Mission street, from the eastclty bound
ary to its intersection with Mission rmd; Mis
sion road, from its intersection with Mi-sion
atreet, io its junction with Macy atreet; Macy
atreet, from its junction with Mission road lo
the Los Angeles river; west rly by the Los An
geles river, from Macy street northerly to the
north boundary of the city.
Second ward—All that portion of the city
bounded northerly by the north city boundary,'
lrom its weat boundary to the Los Angeles t
river; easterly by the Los Angeles river, irom
ths north city boundary to Downey avenuo;
Downey avenue, from the Los Angeles river to
Ben Fernando street; San Fernando street, t
from Downey avenue to Upper Main street; t
upper Main atreet from San Fernando streot t
to Marchess mil st ect; Main street, from i
Marchessault street to First street; southerly
by First street, from Main street to Cana 1 I
street; thence along i auai atroct to Diamond i
street; thence along Diamond street westerly i
to the west city boundary; westerly by the j
west city boundary f oin Diamond strait to
tbe north city b. miliary. i
Third ward-All that portion of the city i
bounded northerly by Diamond street, from t
the west city boundary to Canal itreot; Canal :
Street, from Diamond str et to First street; I
First Btreet. from Canal street to Main atreet; t
easterly by Main street, from Fint street to 1
Bsventh st eet, Boutlierl by gave an streot, I
lrom .Main str. et lo west city bound>.ry; west- t
erly by tne west city boundary, from Seventh I
street to Diamond street.
Fourth we id-All that portion of the city i
bounded northerly by seventh street, from I
west city boundary to Main street; easterly by '
Main street, from seventh strectto Washington '
Street; souther.y by Washington street, from i
Main street to west city boundary; westerly by i
wen city boundary, from Washington street to
seventh street.
Fifth ward-All that portion of the city
Sjpunned northerly by \\ esl inglon street, from i
the west city boundary to Main street; easterly •
by Main street, Irom Washington atreet to
south city boundary; southerly by the south
city boundary, from Main street'to the south- ■ i
westerly comer of the olty; westerly by ihe .
weat city boilimary trout ihe southwesterly •
corner of the city to tvnshinetnti etreet
Sixth ward—All thai portio, ol tiie city 1
bounded vglherly by .Ntiilli street, from Main i
street l.os Angeles river; easterly by the
Los Angeles river, from Ninth street te ths
south city boundary; southerly by the south
city boundary, from the Los Angelea river to
aln street; westerly by Main street, from tho
south city boundary to Ninth street.'
Seventh ward All that portion of thecity
bounded northerly by First street, from Main
street to tho Los Angeles rive-, easterly by the
i os Angeles river, from First street to Ninth
street; southerly by Ninth street, from ths Los
Angeles river to Main street; westerly by Main
street, Iroin Ninth street to First street.
Eighth ward -All that portion of the city
hounded westerly and northerly by Milu
street, from First strc 11 ■ Marchcssault street;
i I'pper Main stroct, from Marchessault street to
Baa Fernando street; Kan Fernando
street, lrom Upper Main atreet to
' Downey avenue; Downey avenue
from san Fernando street to the Los Angeles
river; easterly l y thjc lx>s Angeles river, from
Downey mvenue lo First street; southerly by
lirst street from the Los Angeles river to Main
Ninth Ward-All that portion of the city
hounded northerly by Macy street, from the
Los Angeles river to Us junction with Mission
road; Mission toad from Its junction with
Macy street to lis Intersection with Mission
I street; Mission street, from Its lnloriocflo i
I ittth Mission roa > to the east city boundary;
I easterly by the cast city boundary, from Mis
sion street lo tho sotithcosterly corner of the
I pity; southerly by tlio south oily boundary
from the southeasterly corner of the city to
the Los Angeles river; westerly by the Loa An
geles river from ths south city boundary to
Macy street.
The center of all streets and the centsr of
the Los Angelea river will In all eases be
the dividl g line.
And Ihe Council herein provided shall hays
power, by ordinance, to establish and change
the boundaries and numbers thereof when
ever it may deem it expedient, but until
changed by the Council, tho said wards shall
remain as abov i described and established.
Sec. ft. All elective officers, elected at the
first general municipal election held after the
taking effect of this charter, shall hold their
oflleca for the term of two years, commencing
on the first Monday in April next succeeding
their election, except as provided in Sec. 100
of this charter.
Sec. ti. 'I he mayor shall appoint the clerk of
the mayor. The mayor shall appoint ths foi -
lowiug'olllcers, subject to confirmation by a
majority of tho council, to wit: The city aud
itor, the superi dendent of builulngs, he
members of the police, park and tire commis
sions, the members of ihe board of health, the
building commissioners and the directors of
the Los Angeles public library. The council
shall appoint the city engineer, the city clerk
and the street superintendent.
Sec 7. The city jcho 1 superintendent shall
lie appointed by the board o( education. The
chief of poln.e shall be appointed by the board
of police commissioners. The chief engineer
of the firs department shall be appointed by
the board of tire commissioners. Ihe health
officer shall lie appointed by the board of
health, and the librarian by the directors of
the public library.
See. ti. Ail appointed officers shall hold office
until removed by Ihe appointing power, which
shall have the power of removing in all cases;
provided that where confirmation is required
the assent of the confirming Lody shall be
requisite for removal.
The council shall have power to suspend any
officer of tbe city pending trial, against whom
criminal proceedings based on misdemeanor
in office, or civil action for ths recovery of
money due to the city hays been commenced,
and the mayor shall appoint a substitute for
such Office during ausp. nsioii.
lv voting upon the appointment, confirma
tion, suspension and removal of officers the
members of the council, or other body ap
pointing confirming, suspending or remov
ing, shall vote by open ballot or call of roll,
and the ballot or vote of each member shall
be spread upon the minutes.
Sea ltf. Two-thirds of the members of ths
council shall constitute a quorum for ths
transaction of business, but no ordinance
shall be passed or other act done granting a
franchise, making any contract, auditing any
bill, ordering any work to he done, or supplies
to be furnished, disposing of or leasing thecity
property, ordering any assessment for street
improvement, or building sewers or any other
act to be dons involving the payment ot
money, or the incurring of debt by ths city,
unless two-thirds of the members of the whole
counoil vote lv favor thereof. All other ordi
nances may bo passed by vote of a majority of
ths whole council.
Ssc. 17. All bonds of officers mast be ap
proved by tbe council, as also the bonds of
any contractors with ths city, exespt such as
ars otherwise provided for by the state law.
Tbs city clerk shall indorse upon such bonds
the date of their approval, which indorsement
shall be signed by the pre lding officer of ths
council, and the t it v clerk.
Sec. IS. No councilman or other city officer
sha Ibe interested, directly or Indirectly, In
any contract in waicn the city la a party, or
made by any officer of the cfty on behalf of
the city. Any violation of this section shall bs
a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof,
besides the penalty that may be imposed by a
court of competent jurisdiction, the council
■hall doclare the office vacant, and any person
convicted of a violation of this section shall be
forever disqualified from holding any office
under this chartei. Nor shall any officer of
the city be a surety on any bond given to the
city, or to any person for tbe benefit of ths
Nor shall any person who is Interested In
contracts with the city be a surety on any
bond given to the city by auy officer, deputy or
sec 31. Ths council shall hays power, by
ordinance, to regulate and provide for lighting
of streets, laying down gas plpea and ereotion
of lamp posts, electrlo towers and other ap
paratus, and to regulate ths sale and use of
gaa, water and electric light, and fix ths price
of gas water and elcctrio light, and ths rent of
gas, water aud elcctrio meters within the city,
and regulate the Inspection thereoi; and to
regulate telephone service and ths use of tele
phones within the city, and lo Ax and deter
mine the charge for telephones and telephone
service and connections; a d to prohibit or
regulate the erection of roles for telegraph,
telephone or electric wire In the p bllo
grounda streets or alleys, and the placing of
wire thereon; and to require the removal from
the public grounds, atreets or alleys of any or
all such poles, and the removal and placing
under ground of auy or all telegraph, tele
phone or electric wires.
It shall not make any contract for removing
garbage, sweeping streets and lighting streets
for a longer term than two years. And they
■hall advertise and receive proposals fur all
such contracts not less than six months be
fore ths sxplration of any such existing con
It shall not within ninety days next precedl
Ing the date of holding a general municlpa
eUctton nor within the thirty days next im
mediately following, including the day of
holding such general municipal election, pass
any ordinance, order or resolution granting to
any person or persons or association of persona
or corporation whatever, any privilege or
franchise for the construction, extension or
operation of any street railroad or extension of
time tor the construction or operation of any
streot railroad, over or upon any or part of any
street road or highway squares or park with
in the city. Any franchise or privilege granted
or attempted to bo granted in violation of or
on rary to the foregoing provisions shall be
absolutely void and of no effect.
In grunting a franchise for construction, ex
tension or operation of ant street allroad,
tbey shall in addition to tiie restrictions re
quire.! by the laws of this state require ths
cars to be run so as tomakeat least fifteen min
utes headway, (that is to say they shah run cara
at least every fifteen minutes, from 7 a.m. Ie 10
p. m. and as often as thirty minutes headway
(that is to s y they shall run cars at least every
thirty minutes) from 0 a m to 7 V m., and
from 10 p. in. to 12 p. m. over the entire line
fromitartlnc point to the end thereof. And
they shall also further provide that if atanr
time for Ibe space of three'months the said
road or any part thereof shall be unused as a
street railroad and the ears run at least as
often aa every fifteen minutes from 7 a m to
lop. in, the franchise for the portion o- por
tions unused shall be t..creby forfeited and
become the property of the city.
Sec. 32. It shall, by ordinance, provide for the
naming of s reels and numbering of houaos,
and for .egulatlug and pr venting the exhibi
tion of banners, dags or placards a ross the
etreet, or sidewalks, and for regulating or sup
pressing public criers, advertising, ringing of
bells, and other noises.
It shall, by ordinance, forbid the erection or
display on any building or property of the
city, of any banner, device or flag of any state
or nat'ou, except that of the Uuited states, the
state of California, or the city of Los Angeles.
it may, by ordinance, authorize the expeudl
ture of money not to exceed the -urn of one
thousand doll rs, iv anyone fiscal year, for the
proper celebration of the 4th of July and other
public demonstrations.
sec. 40. The council shall on the first Mon
day <f October in each year fix the rate of the
city taxes, designating the numlier of cents on
each one hundred dollars for each fund, which
rate shall then be certified by the city clerk io
the county auditor of Los Angeles count/, and
tlio city taxes of said city shall then becol ect d
by the i ottnty officers at the same time and iv
the samo manner that state and county taxes
are collected, and turned over to 'he city
treasur. r who shall then disburse tiie samo.
I'rOvlded, that In case the city council shall at
any time by a vote of all ita members, ordain
that the city taxes shall be a sensed, levied,
equalized and collected by tho city officers, the
city council Bha 1 have power to appoint a oity
assessor aud a city tax collector, fix their sal
aries, and provide for a aystem of assessing,
levying aud collecting city taxes and equaliz
ing assessments.
All sessions of the council and of any boards
of commissions appointed under the provisions
of this charter or that may hereafter be ap
pointed -hall be open to the public
The council shall have full power to pass
ofdinancesupoti any other subject of municipal
control or in carry into effect any other powers
of the municipality.
sec. 41 ilu mayor is Ihe executive officer of
■be corporation, and must exercise a careful
supervision over all its affairs,
il shall bs tbe duty ol the mayor, annually,
at the flnt meeting of the council under thia
charter.%nd on tha first, ine-tlng in January of
■each year thereafter, to communicate byTffts
•age to the council a genoral statement ot the
condition and affairs of the corporation, aud
to recommend tho adopt on of such measures
as he may deem expedient and proper; and to
make auco special commnnlo .tion to the coun
cil from time to time as he shall deem expedi
It shall ho his further duty to bo vigilant and
actlv i in the enforcement of the ordinances of
the city; to excreiae a constant supervision
over tho acts and conduct of all its otlicers and
employees; to receive and examine into all
complain tK made against them for violation or
nei act of dot v.
and Investigate all bonds of city officials semi
annually and certify as to thelrsolvcncy to the
council or proper retard.
And he shall perform such other duties and
have such other powers as are elsewhere in this
cha ter or by ordluance, Imposed upon or
granted to him.
9ec. 43. iho city auditor shall act as the gen
eral accountant and fiscal agent of the eily,
and shall exercise a general superintendence
over all the officers of the city charged in any
manner with tho receipt, collection or dis
bursement of tbe city revenues.
He shall keep a complete set of books, In
which he shall set for h in a plain and busi
ness-like manner every money transaction of
the city, so as to show at all times the state of
each fund, from what source the money was
derived, and for what purpose any money was
expended, and also all collections made and
paid into tbe treasury by each officer or any
other person
lie fli«11, on application of any person In
debted to the city holding money payable In
to tho city treasury, or desiring to pay money
therein, certify to the City Treasurer the
amount thereof to what fund applicable, and
by whom to be paid.
He shall, upon the deposit of the receipt of
ths City Treasurer for money paid into the city
treasury, charge the Cty Treasurer with tho
amount received by htm, and give the person
paying the same a receipt therefor.
It shall be his duty to pportlon among the
several funds all public money at any time
in the city treasury, not by law or ordinance
specifically apportioned and appropriated, aud
forthwith notify the City Treasurer of sdeh
apportionment or appropriation. He shall
countersign and deliver to the prop;r officer
all licenses.
All moneys due or that may become due to
or collectable by tha city or any officer, em
ployee or department thereof, must be paid
direct to the city trea-urer, the order of the
auditor directing the city treasurer to receive
the same, and apeclfylhg the fund to which It
shall be charged, having first been obtained.
Provided that nothing in this section con
tained shall be construed as In any manner In
terfering with or affecting tbs payment of
taxes to the city tax collector, or moneys paid
on account of street assessments to the city
officer performing tbe duties f superintendent
of streets.
The auditor shall prescribe a system of books
and records to be kept by each department of
theelty government, and a form of monthly
reports to be made from each department to
the city auditor, showing all business transac
tions of the department, all receipts and dis
position of material and supplies, tools, etc.,
to the end. that the auditor may have a com
plete and accurate knowledge of all the busi
ness transactions of the city and ot the several
departments, and be enabled to keep full and
hecurats records of the same, and report
monthly thereon to the council.
This system of books and reocrds of report!
shall be submitted to the council, and ou ap
proval by a majority of the council shall at
once be put in foroe by tne several officers and
departments. And tne said system of books,
reoords and reporta shall not De changed ex
cept after the proposed changes havo beeu
submitted by the auditor to, and have been
approved by the council.
No warrants for salary, In favor of any city
official or employee, shall be approved by the
auditor until all reporta required of such offi
cer or employee by the city aystem of accounts
hereinbefore provided for, shall have been
He snail keep In his office, in a place accessi
ble and open at all times during office hours
to the public a book containing an alphabeti
cal list ot the names of all p rsons who are
bondsmen for officers of the city, giving the
names of ths officers tor whom they are bonds
men and the amount for whioh they became
Ths city auditor shall bs a skilled ac
He shall report to ths council at ths regular
meeting of each weak ths condition of each
fund in the city treasury and the amount
drawn from each fund the preceding week.
He shall make and preaent a report to the
council at I s meeting In ths second week of
December of • ach year showing all financial
business transactions of the city for tha pre
ceding year ending the 30th day of November
He ahall audit and approve all demands
against tho city before payment, and keep a
r cord of ths same as hereinafter provided In
Article XXI.
He shall on or before ths first day ot August
in each year make and present to the council a
report as to the revenue and expensea of the
city for tne current fiscal year, iv which he
shall set forth estimates of (1) the revenue
from oth r sources than taxation; (2j the ,
Itemized expenditures; (3| the Itemized
amounts necessary to be raised by taxatiou for
sach fund.
He shall perform such other dutlos as shall
be required of him by this charter or by ordi
nance. He shall devote his entire time to the
duties of his office.
dec. 44. It shall bs ths duty of ths city treas
urer to receive and keen all moneys that ahall
oome to ths city by taxation or otherwise, and
to pay ths same out on demands legally
audited In the manner herein after provi ed;
upon warrants laaued by the auditor, and
without such auditing and upon suoh war
rants, he shall disburse no public moneys
whatever, except tbe principal and interest
of the municipal bonded indebtedness when
He shall receive no money Into ths elty
treasury unless accomosnied by the certificate
of the city auditor provided for in ssction 43
He shall laaus recelpta in duplicate to all
persons paying money Into the treasury.
One of which receipts ahall bs forthwith
deposited with the city audi or.
He shall make a report at the close of sach
business day, to the auditor, showing all
moneys received during tbe day, together with
the number of each receipt given by him
therefor, and what account and from whom
received and to what fund applied
He shall, on o. before the seventh day of
each month, make out and present to the
council a full and complete statement of the
receipts and expenditures for the preceding
calendar month; and he shall make such
special reports from time to time as may be re
quired by the cou cil.
The mayor, city attorney, city auditor, the
finance committee of the oity council, or any
special committee appointed by the council,
separately or oollectively, and with the aid of
an accountant selected by such officer or oom
mittee, shall have the right and power to ex
amine the books of the treasurer at all times;
and the mayor, auditor or finance committee
shall also have the right to inspect and count
all public moneys under the treasurer's con
trol, or on deposit elsewhere. Whenever the
city shall provide a propsr vault and safes In
the city hall for the k eping of the oity money,
the treasurer shall keep said moneya in said
vault, except as hereinafter provided.
He shall devote his entire time to ths duties
of his office.
He shall report, at the close of each busi
ness day, to thecity auditor, all receipts and
payments of money made during the day, giv
ing the number of ths receipt issued or cUim
paid, the name of the party p tying or who
was paid and the name of the fund charged or
credited with such receipt or payment, as ths
case may be.
Sec. 48. In addition to other duties imposed
upon him by this charter or by ordinance of
the council, the city engineer shall:
1. Make or cause to be made all surveys. In
spections and estimates requited by the
2. He shall have the exclusive control and
supervision of all publio works of whatever
nature, done by the city.
3. He snail havo tbe final decision, (unless
otherwise provided by ordinance) as to ths
proper location of telegrapb, telephone, elec
tric light and other poles, as well as the proper
a'lgnment and depth below the surface of tel
ephone, telegraph and olectrio wirea, gaa or
water pipes or private drains or any other pri
vate construction above and below ground in
which a decision rests with the city. All such
work is to be performed to his entire satisfac
4 II ■ shall appoint all assistants in field and
office which ne may from time to time con
aider necegsaty to the proper and efficient
working of his department.
ft. He shall have po,vr to suspend, dismiss
and reinst te any and all of the officers or em
ployees of his department lie shall, with tbe
approval of the city oouneil, establish the
salaries or wages to be paid such officers or
employe s.
0. He hall appoint all Inspectors and fore
men aud employ all laborers necessary in his
opinion to carry out effeotually any work
under his control. All such inspectors and
foremen and laborers shall be paid such wages
as may be detetmined by him, with the ap
proval of the city council. They shall be sub
ject to suspension or dismissal by him with'
out notice, as the interests of the city may seem
to requlro.,
7. He shall cause a weekly return to be made
to him of all workmen employed and material
used during the week, a.'d uf tin-amount, d
so iption and cost of tlw work done, and he
shall oxamine and certify ai. bit s against the
city tor material and labor at,-i; vmtraet work
under his control.
s. He shall be the custodian of, audi respon
sible for, all maps, plats, profiles, field notes,
plans of structure ana other records and mem
oranda belonging to the city peitalulng to his
office and the work thereof; all ot which he
ahall keep in proper order and ton I'tiou. with
fall index then, f; and ahall mm over the
same to his successor. All maps, plans, pro
ftksa. Held u»*n. oeV.aeatte mm! other memo
randa of all work done by the city engineer, or
under his direction and control, during hia
term of office, shall be the property ef the city.
See. 49. It shall be the duty of tha city attor
ney to prosecute in behalf the people all crim
inal eases arising upon violations of the pro
visions ot t ins charter and city ordinances, and
to attend to all soils, matters and things in
which the. city may be legally interested; pro
vided, the council shall have control of ai, lit
igation of the city and may employ other attor
neys to take chatge of any sueli litigation, or
to assist the city attorney therein.
He shall give Ids advice or opinion in writ
ing whenever required by tho mayor or coun
cil, anil shall do and perform all sueb things
touching his office aa by tho council may be re
quired of him.
He shall approve, by indonement in writing,
trot form and validity of all'officlal or other
bonds required oy this charter, or by ordinance
of the council, before the same are submitted
to the council or mayor for final approval.
lieshall ap.tuve iv writing the drafts of all
contract, before the same are entered into on
behalf of the olty.
Both he mid "bis deputies shall devote their
entire time to the dutiea of their office, and it
shall be unlawful for them to accept any fees,
payment, emolument or thing of value other
than that received from the city for the per
] formauce of any legal practice.
Soc. 80. The mayor shall appoint three citi
zens, two of whom shall be architects in good
standing and who shall have practiced their
profession not less than three years in thia city,
ail of whom shall serve without compenaatlon,
to constitute the board of bui ding commission
ers of the city. The bu ldlng commissioners
sha.l meet at least once a month.
The building department shall eon Ist of a
building superintendent and an assistant su
perintendent (and i he latter must be a plumber
of approved character and experience), bo h of
whom shall be appointed by said building
commission: and of ai many other officers and
employees ai tba council may by ordinance
from time to time determine to be necessary.
The salaries of all officer! and employee! of
the building department (except that of the
superintendent of buildings) shall bo fixed by
ordinance The board of building commission
era shall prescribe the rules and regulations for
the government nf the department, and fix and
enforce tbe penalties for their violation. The
board of building commissioners shall have
■uch other powers and perform such other du
ties as may be granted or imposed by ordi
The superintendent of buildings shall bs an
architect, builder, or master mechanic of ap
proved character and experience, he shall
superintend the erection of all building!
erected by or for the city. He shall have
charge of the enforcement of all ordinance!
pertaining to party walls and to the erection,
construction, alteration, repair or removal of
buildings, and the nature aud arrangement of
heating, plumbing aud ventilatiug appli
Sec. 51. The water overaeer ihall have tbe
general charge, care and supervision of all
waters and water worka belonging to the city,
and tbe distribution of said watera, io fares
the lame shall be entrusted to himbyordi
neuce, and shall perform such other and fur
ther duties as may be prescribed by ordi
nance. He shall devote hi! entire time to the
duties of the office.
All the water! and water works of the city,
both for irrigation purposes aa well as for do
mestic and manufacturing purpo es, ahall be
under the control of a water commission of
three (3; citizens to be appointed by the mayor
by and with tha approval of the Common
Council, not more ihan two of whom shall be
long to the same political party, and all pow
ers vested in the water overseer, ai to the man
agement, sale and distribution of such water
and general charge thereof shall be vested in
■aid water commission.
Said water commission, when appointed,
ihall have control of all matters ra'atiug to tha
construction, management and maintenance
and control of the water and watar works
of the city and of the di tributlon and sale or
rental of water and of the collection of rates
for the same.
Said water commission shall annually fix
the rates io be char ted for water, which rate
shall not be enforced until ita approval by tne
Sec. 52. The itreet anperlnjendent shall have
the general care of, ami frequen ly Inspect the
streets of, the city. He ihall receive and ln
v stigate all complaints aa to their con tition,
and ihall have charge of the enforcement ol
all ordinances pertaining to itreet obstruc
He ihall frequently inspect all public worka
pertaining to itreet improvements while the
■ame are in courae of conitruc ion, Inipect and
approve or reject all material used in such
construction, whether done by con. ract or oth
erwise; and ihall at one* report to the council
all deviation! from contracts and use of Im
proper material and bad workmanship in such
worka; and shall have th power, pending in
vestigation, to top all work thereon.
He shall make a report to th* city council at
each regular meeting ol the same upon all
such works as may hay- been petitioned for as
local Improvements, and alao upon such other
works or improvements and repairs—whether
petitioned for or not—as he may from time to
time consider desirable in order to improve
tbe appearance of the city and to promote the
health safety and convenience oi the inhabi
tants ther of.
, Its shall make a report to the city council aa
soon alter the close of the official year as poa
aible atating
(a) The varloua works of construction car
ried out or in progress under his supervision
during the pait year, together with the
amount ext ended upon each such work.
lb) The cost in detail ol the maintenance
and repair of tbe city works and rtruc
tures under his control, and of the atreeta,
sewers and water works.
c. The coit of office expense! and the man
agement of bii department.
d) The improvement! and repairs which.
In his opinion, should be undertaken by the
city during the next succeeding year.
te) Such other matter! connected with his
department as he may consider of interest or
He shall give hia undivided time and atten
tion to the duties of his office. He shall do no
work for, nor lake any fe -or professional re
ward from any individual or corporation other
than the city during his term of office unless
ordered or permitted to the contrary by the
sec. 57. The health officer shall have powers
and perform such duties as are herein or may
by ordinance be granted loor be Imposed upun
him. Both he and his deputies ihall devote
their enti c time to the duties oi ihelr office.
Sec 58. It shall be the duty ol the mayor,
city attorney, city treasurer, chief of police,
ciiyauditoi, health officer water overaeer, city
clerk, city engineer, superintendent of build
ing!, chief engineer of the fire department,
city achool superintendent, board of directors
of the Loa Angeles public library, board of park
counn s-ioners and tbe board of water com
mi (doners, each to preaent to the council at
its meetln/ in the second week in December of
each year, a report for the preceding year end
ing 30th of November Inst, which ihall show
ai follows:
(1) The olty attorney ihall, In his report,
fireaent an abstiact of ail actions and proceed
ngi In the supreme and superior courts.where
the city la an interested party; and shall show
what cases have been disposed of during the
year, and in what manner,. nd the condition
of those remaining on the calendar.
(2) The city treasurer shall ihow, In hi! re
port, specifically the amount of all indebted
ness of the city: or money received by him
during tlte year, the data of receipt thereof
and from whom; the amount paid out, when,
and to whom: and the date and number of the
demands on which the respective amounts are
(3) The city auditor ihall make a proper
statement of the transactions ol his office, as
provided in section 43.
(4) The chief of police ihall report the num
ber of arrests made by him. the offenses
charged and how disposed of, the number and
names of the policemen employed, wben ap
pointed and when discharged, and all money
and other property received from prisoners
and the disposition of the same.
5. The health officer shall show the condi
tion of the health of thee ty during the year,
and the number of cases of diseases which he
has treated; and other matters of interest per
taining lo his office.
6. The water overseer shall, In his report,
show the amount of water rates or charges
collected by him; and shall make a detailed
statement of the condition of tbe water syst mi
of the city, so far aa the same are entrusted to
hia charge.
7. The report of the city clerk shall show
then mberof licenses issued, and for what
8. The report of the city engineer shall show
the character, cost and condition of aU public
works and improvements in oourse of con
struction during the year.
9. The report of tbe superintendent of build
ings shall show the cost of erection, alteration
and repair of all bu ldings during the year;
aud shell show also the general result of his In
epection of buildings during the year, lie shall
report also the number of building permits is
sued by him
10. The atreet superintendent shall report
upo the condition ol the streets of the city
and the improvements of the came during the
year; and shall show what action was taken
by him in the enforcement of ordinances per
taining to street obstructions and in regard to
deviation, from contract in the construction
ol publio works.
11. The report of the chief engineer of the
fir department shall show the condition of
tbe fire department a d its appara us, giving
a detailed statement thereof; alao the work of
the department during the year.
li. The report of the city achool superin
tendent shall show the number and condition
of the publ c schools, the number of teachers
and their salaries and the number ot pupila in
13. The report of Ihe board of directora of
the Loi Angeles pnblio library shall show tha
condition of their rust for the yearending tho
30th day - f November of that year; the vari
ous sums of money received from the libra,y
fund und from other sources; for what pur
pose such money haa been expended, and the
amount so expended and the balan. eon hand;
ths number at books and Beriodicals va hand;
th« number added by purchase, gift, or other
wise during the veer; the number lost or
missing; the number of visitors Attending;
the number of books loaned out, and the gen
eral character and kind of such books, with
such information and suggestions as it may
deem of general interest.
14. The report of the park commissioners
■hall show the condition ot the parks, with
the kind, cost and tlte expense of tne Improve
ments, including tho entire coat and expense
of the department-tor the year ending Novem
ber 30th last preceding.
see. 01. The following named officers ef said
city shall respectively execute to (aid munici
pal corporation bonds In the following auma
respocilvely, conditioned for the faithful dis
charge by tiiem of the duties of their respective
offices, to wit:
The bond of the city auditor ia fixed at $10,
The bond of tha olty treasurer la fixed at
The bond of the city engineer is fixed at
The bond of the city attorney is fixed at $3,
Tbe bond of the water overaeer la fixed at
The bond of the street superintendent la
fixed at $10,000.
The bond of the chief of police la fixed at
The bond of the health officer Is fixed at
Tbe bond ot tha olty clerk Is fixed at $5,000.
Sec. 65. The officers of the city shall receive
In full compensation for all services of every
kind whatever rendered by them, the follow
ing salaries, payable in monthly Installment!,
at tbe end of each calender month:
The mayor shall receive $3000 per annum.
Each councilman shall receive $1200 per
Tha city dark ahall reoelve $2400 per an
The city auditor shall receive $1400 per
Thecity treasurer shall receive $2400 per
The city engineer shall receive $3000 per
The city attorney shall receive $3000 per
The superintendent of buildings shall re
ceive $1800 per annum.
The chief of police shall receive $3000 per
The health officer >hal.l receive $2000 per
The street superintendent shall receive
$2000 per annum.
Sec 09. The government of the school de
partment of the city ahall be vested In a board
of education, to consist ot seven persona to ba
elected as herein provided, to bo called mem
bers of the board ol education, who shall serve
Without salary.
Sec. 70. The board of education shall elect
one of Its number preaident, and ahall hold
regular meeting at least once In each month,
and special meetings at such times as shall be
determined by a rule of said board. A majority
of all the members ahall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of bualness, but a smaller
number may adjourn from time to time. Tbe
board may determine the rules of its proceed
ing!. Its sessions shall be public, and its re
cords shall be open to public inepection.
Sec. 71. The board of education succeed! to
all the properly rlghta and to the obligations
of the board of education of the city of Loa
Angeles heretofore exiiting, and it ahall have
aole power:
1. To establish and maintain publio schools,
Including high schools, to change, consolidate
and discontinue the lame, and to establish
ichoo) districts, and to fix and alter the
boundaries thereof.
2. To appoint or employ and dismiss the city
school superintendent, a deputy superintend
ent, a clerk and suoh teachers, janitors, school
census marshals, mechanics, laborera and
other emp oyees aa may be necessary to carry
into effect the powen and dutiea of the board;
to fix, alter and allow their aalariea or wages,
and to withhold for good and sufficient cause,
the whole or any part of the salary or wages of
any person or persona employed aa aforesaid.
3. To make, establish and enforce all neces
sary and proper rules and regulations for tha
government of publio schools, the teacheri
thereof, pupils therein, and for carrying Into
effect the laws relating to education; also to
establish and regulate the grade of schools,
and determine what text-books, course of
itudy an i mode of Instruction shall be used in
■aid schools.
4. To provide tor the school department fuel
and lights, water, blanka blank books, print
ing and stationery; and to lncnr auch other
Incidental expenses as may be deemed neces- .
•ary by said board.
5. To build, alter, repair, rent and provide
•chool houses, and to fu nlsh them with
proper school furniture, apparatus and ap
6. To take and bold in fee. or otherwise, In
trust for the city, any and all real estate and
personal property that may have been ac
quired, or may hereafter be acquired, for the
use and benefit of the public school- of tha
city; and to sell or exchange and to lease any
of auch p ope ty; provided that the proceed!
of any such sale or exchange shall be exclu
sively applied to tbe purchase of other lots, or
the erection of school houses.
7. To grade, fence and improve all school
lots, and lv front thereof to grade, aewer or
pave and repair the st:eets, and to construct
and repair sidewnlks.
8. To aue for any and all property belonging
to or clai'aed by >he said board of education,
and to prosecute and defend all actions at law
or in oquity necessary to recover and main
tain th full enjoyment aud possession of said
property, and to require the services of the
city attorney, free of charge, in all such caaee,
9. To determine annually the amount of
money required for the support of the public
schools and for carrying into effect all the pro
visions of law In reference thereto; and, in
purauance of this provision, the board shall,
on or before tbe 15th day of July of each year,
submit In writing to the city council a careful
estimate of the whole amount of money to be
received from the state and county and the
amount required from the city for tho above
purposes, and the city council ahall. In each
year, fix the percentage of taxes to be levied
andcollec ed for school purpose!; provided,
that the amount to be thus levied for school
purposes shall not exceed twenty cents on
each one hundred dollar!' valuation upon the
assessment ro 1, and that when collected It
ahall be paid into the school fund.
10. To establish regulationa for the juat and
equitable disbursement of all moneys belong
ing to the school fund.
11. To examine and approve. In whole or In
part, in the manner provided in Section 212,
every demand payable out of the school fund,
or to reject an such demand for good cause.
12. I o discharge all legal incumbrances now
existing or which may hereafter exist upon any
•chool property.
13. To prohibit any child under six years ot
ago from attending tne public schools.
14 In its discretion to establish kindergar
ten schools for the instruction of children be
tween the ages of five and six yeara, and indus
trial and manual training schools or depart
15. To receive and manage property or money
acquired by bequest or donation In trust for
the benefit of any school, educational purpose,
or school property.
16. And generally to do and perform such
other acts as may be necessary and proper to
carry into force and effect the powers conferred
on said board, and to increase the efficiency ol
the public schoola In aaid city.
17. No member ot the board of education
shall, during the term for which he shall have
been elected, ba eligible to any office to be
filled or confirmed by the board of education,
nor shall any member of the board of educa
tion be selected to fill any vacanoy that may
occur in any office when such vacancy is to be
filled or confirmed by the board of education.
Sec. 72. All contracts for building shall be
given to the lowest bidder thereof, offering
adequate security, to be determined by the
board after due public notice, published for
not loss than ten daya in the official newspaper
of the city. It shall be Ihe duty of the board
to furnish all necessary supplies for the public
echools. All supplies, books, stationery, fuel,
printing, goods, material, merchandise, re
pairing and every other article and thing sup
plied to or done for the public schools, or any
of tbem, when the expe tditura to be incurred
on account of such matter may exceed three
hundred dollar!, shall be done or furnished by
contradict to tbe owest bidder after like pub
lic advertisement; provided, that the board of
education may rojec! any and all bids under
this section.
Frovided, that the board of education may
by requisition authorize any appointee, com
mittee or agent ot said board to Dind the said
bo trd for tho payment of any mm of money
not exceeding three hundred dollars; which
requisition shall be approved by a two-thirds
v >te of said board, spread upon the minutea
previous to the incurring of the indebtedness.
Sec. 77. The said school fund shall be used
and appl cd by said board of education for tho
following purposoi, to wit:
1. For the payment of the aalarlsa or wages
of the superintendent, deputy superintendent,
clerk, teachers, janitors, school cenius mar
shals, and other persons who may be employed
by said board.
2. For the erection, alteration, repairs, rant
and furnishing of school houses.
3. For the purchase money or rent of any
real or personal property purchased or leased
by said board
4. For the discharge ol all legal Incum
brances on any school property.
5. For lighting the school rooma and the
offices and rooma of the superintendent and
board of education.
6. For supplying the achoola with fuel, water,
appar tvs, blanks, blank books, and necessary
school appliances, together with books lor In
digent children.
7. For mppl) ing books, printing and sta
tionery for the use of the superintendent and
boatd of education, and for the incidental ex
penses of the department.
8. For grading and Improving all school lots,
and for grading, sewering, planking or paving
und repairing streets, ana constructing and
repairing aidewalks in front thereof.
Sec. 8 i. The mayor ahall appoint a board of
five dire, tors for said library, nho shall serve
without compenaatlon and be knewn as the
beard el directors ol the Loi Atvalae publio
library, and who shall be chosen from th*
citizens at large, male or female, without re
gard to their political opinions, but with r,,ier
ence to their fitness tor laid office, and no
member of the city council shall be a member
of the board.
Sec. 86. Such board, by a majority of all th*
members, to be recorded in the minutea with
th* ayes and noes at length, ahall have power
to make and enforce all auch by laws, rulei
and regulationi as may be necessary or expe
dient for Its own guidance, and for the admin
istration, government and protection of iuch
library, reading room and property; to deter
mine the number of officers and assistants to
be appointed for inch library and reading
room, and to determin * and define their du
tiea; to appoint a librarian and necessary as
sistants, and such other employee! ai may be
necessary, and, for good cauie to re inn ye them;
except the payment of the salaries of the city
librarian and assistants and other employees,
which salaries ahall be fixed by the city coun
cil by ordinance: and order the drawing and
payment of all moneys out of aaid fund for
iuch expenditure or llabilltlei ai are herein
authorized, subject t» the general provisions
for the payment of demand! on the city treaa
urer contained in article 21; and to have the
general luperviilon, car* and custody of
the grounds, roomi or buildings constructed,
leased or let apart for that purpose, and gen
erally to do all that may be nece!sary to
carry out the spirit and intentol this charter
in establishing a puulio library and reading
room; provided that all moneys received for
iuch library ihall be depoiited in the treasury
of the city to th* credit ot the library fund,
and ihall be kept separate and apart from
other moneyi of the city, and shall be drawn
from laid fund upon demands authenticated
by the aignaturea of the president and clerk of
the board, and approved by the mayor and
council In the same manner as other demand!
drawn upon the general fundi of the city.
Ail libraries and reading rooma heretofore
established by said city, and all properiv. real
and personal, thereto belonging, ahall be
turned >iver to th* charge, cuatody and admin
istration: of the board of dlrectori, with like
powers and liabilities as if such library haa
been established under this charter.
They shall have power and authority to cre
ate a museum in connection with laid library
and to appoint a curator therefor, provided
thai no expense ihall be incurred therefor i
outside of th* fundi provided for the main- i
tenance of laid library.
Sec.. 95. Tne police eommtiiionera shall pre
scribe the rules and regulations for the gov
ernment of the police force, fix and enforce
the penalties for their violation; provided
that removals shall be for cause only.
nee. 111. The board of fire commissioners
shall prescribe the rules and regulationi for
the government of tbe department and fix and
enforce the penalties for their violation, and \
removals ahall bo made only for cause.
Sec. 12t». There is hereby established In and !
for the city a department to be known as the I
board of health, to consist of five members,
namely: The mayor, who snail be ex-offieio !
member and president of the board, and four I
citizen!, to be appointed without regard to i
their political opinion, by the mayor. 'Hire .
ofiaid citizens shall be physicians in good j
standing and graduates ol some reputable j
medical college.
Sec, 124. Tbe board ihall appoint and may
remove at pleasure a health officer, who shall
alio act aa city physician, and whose duties
aa auch ahall be defined by ordinance. He
shall be a graduate of a reputable medical col
lege, and shall have practiced medicine'at
least three years, aud be a citizen and rosident
for two years in the city and have his license
to practice medicine recorded with the county
clerk ot Los Angeles county, in accordance
with the laws of the state of California regu
lating the practice of medicine. He must re
side within the city limits, and devote hii en
tire time to the dutiei of his office. The board
shall also, when authorized by ordinance,
have the power to appoint an assistant health
officer and iuch other officers and assistants as
the sanitary condition of the city may require.
Sec. 192. The said corporation ihall have
the right and power to construct, maintain
and operate waterworks, dams, reservoirs,
ditches, canals and other moans to conduct
the aaid watera from the aaid river or other
sources, or elsewhere, and io supply th* city
and its Inhabitants with water, and to dis
tribute such water either in zanjas, pipes or
otherwise into, upon and over th* lands within
the limits of laid city, or elsewhere; all water
mains by whomsoever hereafter laid in said
city shall be of auch material and of such ca
pacity as shall ba prescribed by ordinance:
provided, that no auch main shall hereafter be
laid in laid city of leis dimensions than four
. inches in diameter.
Sec. 195. General municipal election! shall
be held in said city en the first Tuesday After
th* first Monday in March, 1898, and on the
first Tuesday after the first Monday in March
every two years thereafter, at which shall be
elected a mayor, a city attorney, a elty treas
Ai said election to be held in March, 1896,
there shall alio be elected seven members of
the board of education from the city at large
and by the electors oi each ward of the city
one member of the oity council at each iuc
codlng election the members of tbe board of
education and the members of the city council
shall v* eleoted as in the next section hereof
Sec. 196. The officers elected at a general
municipal election shall, after they have qual
ified as provided in this chart r, enter upon
the discharge ot the dutiea of the office! to
which they have been elected on the first Mon
day in April succeeding their elect on; and
the members of tne council elected from the
even-numbered wards in aaid city shall, after
the firit election, serve for the lerrn of two
yeara, and thoae elected from the old-num
bered waida In said city shall serve ior a "term
of four years and thereafter the term of office of
each of the councilmen of said city ihall be
for a term of four yean. After the first elec
tion the members of the board of education
shall decide by lot who shall serve for four
yeara aud who for two years three ofiaid
members to serve for two years and lour of
said members for fur years), and thereafter
the term of all members of the board of educa
tion shall be for four years.
The other officers of said city elected at said
general municipal election ahall serve for two
years, and until their auccessors are elected
and qualified, except aa herein provided ai to
councilmen and members of the board of edu
cation, and excep, in case of an election to
fill a vacancy at a apecial election, in which
caie they ihall, after qualifying as herein pro
vided, enter atones on the discharge of the
duties of the office and shall serve For the re
mainder of the term of iuch office and until
their successors have been eleoted and quali
Sec. 197. Special elections shall be held for
the purpose of electing a mayor or any other
officer herein made elective by the people, in
case of a vacancy occurring in any of the said
offices, or for other purposes not especially
provided for. In the event ot any a ich va
cancy, such election shall be ordered and held
without delay; provided that the council shall
in all such cases, except in the event of a
vacancy iv the council, have power to fill such
vacancy until an election can be h> Id.
Sec 198, Tne co nell shall have power to
submit to the electors of said city at any elec
tion any question required to be ao submitted
by tha constitution, the law, this charter, or by
ordinance; provided that In caie such question
is required by said constitution, law, charter
or ordinance to be submitted at a apecial or
other particular kind of election, it shaU be so
submitted, and not otherwise.
The council may at any special or general
•lection submit to the vote of tbe electors to
be affected by any act in question whether
auch act shall or shall not become a law; and
in case a majority of all tha votes shall be cast
against an act so submitted then It shall cc
null and void; but lv case a majority of all tha
votes shall be cast for iuch an act it ihall be
come a law at such time aa the council shall
Sec. 203. No person shall be eligible to any
municipal office under this charter who, at
the time of his election or appointment is not
a qualified elector of this city under the laws
of tbe state; and to be eligible to the offices of
member of the council, in addition to the
above qualifications the person elected must
also have been a resident of the ward from
which he is elected for at least two years pre
vious to said election, and in case any member
of the council shad remove from the ward
which he represents his office shall immedi
ately become vacant, and the office shall ba
filled as directed in thie charter: provided that
in case a redistricting or rediviiion ot the city
into wards be made, whereby the lines or
boundaries of any wards are changed, the last
provision in regard to residence shall not ap
ply to any person elected as a member of the
council before such change
Sec. 206. The officers of said city, Including
the city assessor aud city tax and license col
lector, In office at the time of the taking effect
of these amendments shall continue to hold
their respective offices, receiving the lame
compenaatlon provi ted for in the charter un
der which they were elected until th* election
or »ppointment, and qualification of the firit
officers to be - lected or appointed in theirste d
under th* provis ont of these amendments;
the assessor and tax and license collector to
serve until the time when the officers elected
at such election go into office, with tha poaers
aud dutiea vested in and imposed upon them
by the charter under which they were elected,
together with these amendments, and all ordi
nances of thecity; upon the taking effect of
these amendments the mayor shall appoint the
board of building commissioner! and tbe
board of water commissioners provided for
herein. AU other boards which havo been ap
pointed and are serving at the time of the
taking effect of these amendments shall, unless
sooner removed by the appointing power, con
tinue in office until their successors are ap
pointed by tho officers to be elected at the first
general municipal election to be held after the
luting effect of these amendm nti. In case ths
city council shall decide to have the city taxes
assessed and collected by the county officers,
then and in that case the council may provide
by ordinance what duties shall be performed
by the assessor and tax collector who are in
office at the time of the taking effect of these
sec. 207 ibe city of Los - igelei ihall not
be and ii tot bound by any contract, or In
any way liable thereoa, r.ulass tha same is
mad* In writing- by order at tha eounolL tha
draft thereof approved by th* coanoll and the
■ame ordered to be, and be, aigned by the
mayor, or aome other person authorized there
to, In behalf of the olty; provided that lh>
city attorney ahall lndoiae th* same al to form
and validity. But th* council, by an ord
nance, may authorize any officer, oommittee
or agent of the city to bind tne city without a
contract in writing for the payment of any
sum of money not exceeding three hundred
Bee. 209. Bald demands, except demands
payable out of the school fund, shall be pre
sented to tbe council in duplicate on forms
and blanks to be provided by the city clerk,
and shall be referred to its committee on
finance. The said commute* shall, by in
dorsement thereon, approve or reject the same,
in whole or In part, Th* council shall then
consider the said demands and the action nf
■aid committee thereon, and shall, if the samo
be j ust and legal, approve the same; or may, I f
it ao determine, approve in part or reject tbe
whole The action of the council shall b* in
dorsed thereon, with the date of »uch action,
and certified by the »ignature» of th* presidei, t
and city clerk; provided that it shall require
thevoteaof two-thirds of the members ol th*
whole council, under a call of th* ayes aud
noes, and the vote spread upon the minutes,
to approve any iuch demand in whole or ia
Sec. 213. AU demand! payable out of the li
brary fund must, before they can be approved
by the city auditor, or paid, be previously ap
proved by the board of director! of the Loi An
gelei public library, by a vote of three mem
bers thereof taken with the ayei and noes and
spread on the minutes, and tit* action of said
board indoried on said demand and aigned by
the presiding officer and the clerk thereof. After
the approval of laid demands they ihall be de
livered to the council and ihall be referred to
its finance committee and thereafter ahall tike
the lame course and be acted upon in the same
manner aa provided lor in section! 209, 210
and 211 hereof.
Sec. 214. Any demand returned to the elty
clerk, with the objections of either the mayor
or city auditor, ahall again be considered by
the council, and if it shall again bo apptoved
by the council by the same vote, and taken,
recorded una endo led in the same manner as
j required In section 209 hereof, the said objec-
I tion ihall be thereby overruled. Any demand
returned to the board of education with the
, objection of th* city auditor, ahall again h*
i considered by auch board, and If such demand
be again approved, as required in tho lint in
stance such objection of the city auditor shall
jbe thereby overruled. Any demand, the oh
| jecttons to which of the mayor have been
' overruled, shall be delivered to the city
1 auditor, who shall have tbe same power and
I perform the same dutiel In reference thereto
ias if the same had beeu approved by the
, mayor; and any demand, the objection to
; which of the city auditor haa been overruled
by t lie council or board of education, as the eaie
may b-, ahall be delivered to the city auditor,
! who ahall number and made a record of sueii
j demand, as iv the case of demand! approved
i by him.
{ Sec. 221. All public moneyi collected by
! any officer or employee of the city ahall be
I paid into the city treasury, without any deduc-
J tion on account of any claim for fees, comml s
i sions or-ny other cause or pretense; and th*
compensation of any officer, employee or other
person so collecting money, shall be paid by
warrants on the treasury duly Issued by the
city auditor.
That the follow ing sections of said ehicter b*
repealed, to wit:
Sections NO3. 45,46. 79,80, 97, 98, 99, 100,
101, lu2, 103, 104, 105, 106, 143,144,145, 146,
I 147, 14-1, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 1*.5,
150, 157, 15i, 159, 160. 161. 162,163, 161,
1115,166, 167. 164, l><9, 170. 171,172, 173,174,
175,170,177, 178,179,180,181,182,183,184,
185, ISB, 187, 188, 189.
That a new section he added to said charter
and numbered 229, which section shall be as
Sec. 2£9. This charter ai amended ahall
take effect from and after iti approval by th*
The foregoing proposed amendment! to th*
charter of the city of Los Angelea was adopted
by the oouncil of said city at its meeting of
November 19,1894, and the clerk was ordered
to publish the same in the manner provided
by law. C A. LUCKENBACH, City Clerk.
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cine la Lot Angelas Tor *■ T**>m mm
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