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r= — 3
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Closing Arguments in the
Hatch Trial.
Damaging Testimony Against A.
R. U. Strikers.
Wild Htampeda of Boreas on an Oak
land Ferryboat—Several People
Serloatly Injared — Camp
bell's Stale Train.
By tbe AUuclkted l'ren.
Woodland, Dbo. 6.—At no time dur
ing tbe trial ol Hatch bas tha atten
dance been so large as last night and
today. Many people were unable to
tain admission to the court room. Mr.
Head's opening address for the prosecu
tion ooonpied an hour and a halt in
delivery. He began by reminding tha
jrry tbat tbey bad a sworn duty to per
oral and thoy sbonld discharge tbeir
obligation to tbe people uninfluenced
by eentiment or prejudice, but with an
earnest desire to be governed wholly
by tbe law and the facts in tbe case.
He made a very close analysis of tbe
testimony for the prosecution, present
ing it in a logical and forcible manner.
He a'ao pointed ont many inconsistencies
and apparent contradictious in the
testimony for tbe defense.
Mr. Gaddia, in bis opening argument
ior tbe defense, made an .earnest plea
for the purpose of impressing tbe jury
with a full sense ol the responsibility
reit'ng npon tbem. He made an ex
haustive review oi the testimony. The
evidence ol every witnesa for tbe prose
cution was dissected and tbe apparent
weak points held np before the jury.
Then the teatimony tending to establish
an alibi was carefblly marshaled and
every corroborating oircamatanoe dwelt
upon at aome length.
At 1:30 General Hart began tbe clos
ing argument for the delenee. He waa
in splendid voice and spoke with im
passioned earnestneaa that frequently
rose to the height of eloqnenoe. His
denunciation of the railroad company
was very bitter. He waa especially
severe on tbe detectives aod railroad
ettumors, branding them aa alavee
and tools of a eoulleaa corporation tbat
ia using its mighty power and influence
to bound Melviu Hatch to tbe gallows.
He charged tbat the proaecution waa
nut by the people but by the Southern
Pacific company, with not only hired
lawyers but suborned perjury to swear
away the life of an innocent man. He
charged that the object is to make a
Vie im of Hatch in order to terrorize the
railto,id ercployeea and lessen the
dangor of auotber strike.
At 4 o'clock General Hart had not
Concluded his argument anil tlte court
ordered a receaa until 7 o'clock, when he
Mr. Cook of the prosecution will not
begin his argument until tomorrow.
The case will not probably be given to
tbe jury until late in the afternoon.
Arrested for Manslaughter.
Oaklanu, Deo. 6.—Tne conductor and
tripman of tbe cable oar whioh collided
Witb a train last nigbt were arrested to
day and oberged with manslaughter for
causing the death of Miaa Coataa. The
men were released later on their own re
.Hs G!t*s Damn icing Testimony Against
A. B. 11. Striker*.
San Francisco, Deo. s.—During to
day'a proceedings in the trial of Mayne
and Oaaaidy, tha A. R. U. atrikera from
Palo Alto, the most important witneae
waa Frank G. Reed, an A. R. U. man
from Redding, who waa one of the
etriters wbo rode from Redding to
Sacramento on the apecial train whioh
bore Mrs. Stanford, during tbe beat of
tbe strike. He told how, npon bia ar
rival at Sacramento, be was given a gun
and directed by the A. R. U. leaders to
go to the Yolo bridge. On bis way he
waa detained by a guard nntil ba gave
the A. R. U. password. Then he-crossed
the bridge to the atrikera' oamp, where
he found a acore of A. R. TJ. men. They
were armed. He asked tbem what they
were going to do.
"We are going to atop the first train
tbat cornea along," waa tbe answer.
Heed aaked bow tbey were going to do
it. One man replied tbat they were go
ing to pop the engineer, whereupon
Reed replied that he wao not in it, and
was curaed for hie refusal to atay. Reed
then atarted baok toward Sacramento,
and after going a little way threw bia
gun over a fence into a paatnre.
Reed, who Is again in the employ of
tbe Sontbern Paoifio, gave similar teati
mony againat Worden in tbe trial at
It Begins Active Competition With tha
Southern Paclfle.
San Francisco, Deo. s.—Freighter
Campbell's 12-mule team left today for
Fresno with 10 tons oi sugar, consigned
by Wellman, Peck & Co., to tbeir Freano
branob. Tha team will go by boat to
Stockton and thence overland to Fresno.
Wellman, Peck & Co. bave declared war
against the Southern Pacific company.
The manager of the firm eaid:
"Tbia ia really the beginning of actual
competition with the Southern Pacific.
Thia firm will aend out as many mule
teams aa we oan find nae for. We intend
to Bend ont onr gooda by wagona to every
point we can possibly reach in that man
ner. We oan uae two such teams every
week to carry angar alone to Freeno.
Jn addition, we oan find uae for several
other teams to aupply onr customers
with canoed goods and groceries in gen
eral. Campbell expects to rsaoh Fresno
next Tuesday, and will at once com
mence outfitting tne teams we require."
New Southern Pacific Office.
San Francisco, Deo. s.—The Southern
Pacific company expects to be estab
lished in its new offices, at -the corner of
Montgomery and Market etreetß, by the
end of next week. The purchasing,
maintenance of way and the law de
partments have already moved into the
new building. It is announced that a
new rule prohibiting the visiting of
down town free lunch saloons by em
ployees will be rigidly enforced.
A Grocer Held Up.
San Francisco, Dec. s.—Two men
armed with piatole robbed Michael
Roth late Tuesday night in hia grocery
etore in the Mission. The robbery waa
of the most daring description and had
not Both complied with the demands of
tbe men he would have been killed.
After emptying the money drawer the
men blindfolded the proprietor, led bim
by a circnitona route te an unfrequented
looality and releaaed bim. They then
Boj Bandlta Have a Long; t.rm of Im
prlauninont Befnto Tlmm.
This Dalles, Ors., Dec. s.—Otis Sav
age, tbe yonng man who waa charged
witb robbing the Paoifio Express ofllce
here of $14,001) on October 13th, wae
today found guilty by a jury in the state
circuit oonrt. Klein, bia accomplice,
pleaded guilty and turned state's evi
dence. He will probably be sentenced
at tbe samo time as Savage. Both are
under 20 years of age and belonged to a
gang of boya who bad been committing
numerous robberies in thia vicinity and
bed planned to hold np traina. On Oc
tober 13th tbey entered the express
offico while tbe agent was abaent for a
few minutea and took $14,000 fon tbe
treasure box. They were arrested about
one week later, and all the money waa
recorsred except $200.
An Expedition to Explors thd Trans
formed I'enk.
Skattlb, Wash, Deo. s.—For tbe pur
pose of ascertaining the extent of tbe
recent disturbances on Mount Rainier,
the Post-Intelligencer haa decided to fit
ont an exploration party to climb the
mountaiu. The party, which will con
sist of a representative of the paper and
four othera, will be headed by Major E.
S. Ingrabam, tbe well-known mountain
climber. Tbey will be provided with
Canadian anow shoes and each man will
carry a pack of 60 pounds, while the
life line will be utilized to haul tbe sled
carrying the provisions, blankets, tent,
two complete camera outfits, ato.
Routine Bnsiness Transacted by tha
Ntnte Convention.
Oakland, Dec. s.—The aecond day'a
session of the Farmers' Alliance has
been largely devoted to routine business
iv executive aeaaion. Tbe greater part
of both aeaeiona waa devoted to tbe
reading and discussion of a report by
William S. Fawcett, ineuronoe eecretary
of tbe alliance. The alliance will con
tinue to issue certificates despite the
state insurance oommiasioner. Presi
dent J. L. Gilbert, in an address, aaid
that every branob of agriculture iB de
moralized and tbe foundations of the
republio undermined by the preaent
economic ayatem.
A. 1.. Grega* I-'Jarurt by His Horij an an
Oakland Ferryboat,
San Francisco, Dec. 6— A. L Gregg
of Oakland, late Fopnliat candidate for
lieutenant-governor, was the cause of a
wild stampede on an Oakland ferryboat
this afternoon. Gregg took three young
horses aboard the eteamer, where they
became unmanageable and charged into
the crowd of passengers on the lower
deck. Gregg was ao badly injured tl a-,
he had to be taken to the receivirg hos
pital. A deckhand and a fireman, who
tried to control the horaea, received se»
rioua injuries, and a woman waa kicked
ami badly hurt. The horaea were to be
shipped to Stookton.
Editor Flynn Held for Libel.
San Francisco, Dec. s.—ln the police
court tbia morning Judge Low held
Thomas Flyno, editor of tbe Waap, to
be tried before the anperior court on
the charge of criminal libel, preferred
by Arthur McEwen,
Captain H «lry Shaltea tha San Franolioo
Hoard of Bnp«rvliorf.
San Francisco, Dec. s.—Captain J.J.
Haley, wbo has been the Southern
Pacific lobbyist before the board of super
visors for tbe past 25 years, bas been
retired. Although now 82years old be
bas been vigorous and successful as a
auperviaorial manipulator, Hs hae
been known for years aa the 13th mem
ber of the board of supervisors. Haley's
explanation of hia retirement ia as fol
lows :
"I went out to tbe new olty ball," he
aaid, "and had a talk with several mem
bers of the board of supervisors in re
gard to granting permission for the
erection or trolley polea and wiree on
Kearney etreet. A majority expressed
themselves in favor of a such resolution
or ordinance and one or two were so hot
for it that they aaid tbey thought they
could convert others to their views. Well,
I auppoaed it was all right and expected
tha reaolution to go through without
any material opposition. Yon can
judge of my surprise and indignation
wben I wae informed that tbe resolu
tion whicb I had prepared and that had
been actually placed on the file had
been withdrawn. The moment I heard
of that I put on my bat went atraigbt to
the corner of Fonrrh and Townsend
streets and offered my resignation. I
told them I never wanted to go near the
supervisors again."
A Novel Divorce Bait Instituted In
Ban Fraaclaeo.
San Francisco, Deo. s.—The novel
spectacle ia presented in the superior
courts of tbia city of a husband peti
tioning for an order compelling hia wife
to pay bim alimony. Emily Taylor haa
brought euit against Timothy B. Taylor
for divorce, -on the ground of
oruelty of an unspecified char
acter. Taylor answers that be ia old,
sick and pour. He avera that before
his marriage three yeara ago bia prevent
wife, who professed to love bim, over
came bis scruples on account of his
finnncial disability by assuring him
that she had sufficient to aupport both
in luxury. All he baa now is his army
pension of $12 a month, while bit wife
possesses ample means.
A Verdict for Damages.
Carbon, Nev., Dec. s.—ln the case of
Zion va. the Southern Pacific company
for $6000 damages, the jury awarded
plaintiff $1700 and the company wus
given 20 dava to file a notice of appeal,
/ion was ejected from one of the com
pany's trains ou the ground that he waa
ridiug on a scalper'e ticket, but the
ticket waa proven genuine, hence the
Change of Name.
BacbAMlNto, Dac. s.—The city boar l
of education tonight decided to change
the name of the Capital grammar school
to the Harknese grammar school, out of
compliment to Dr. H. VV. Harkness of
San Francieco, wbo was once a schco'
director in tbis city and did much to
promote the cause of education.
A Fatal Jambores.
Stockton, Deo. s.—Laat night a farm
hand named Leary, employed on a farm
about S miles from tbia city, drank a
quantity of carbolio acid and died
ahortly afterwards in graat agony, lie
bad been on a jamboree for the laat few
daya and laat night he went to bia room
greatly uud« the influence of liquor.
Ono Pacific Ooait Dnlon Diiropttd.
ltate Outtlns Will Follow.
San Francisco, Dec. 6.—The Pacifio
Insurance union, through, which the
inanrance business of tbe Pacific coaat
bas long been controlled, is again in
danger of disruption. Arthur E. Ma
gill, general agent of the Phoenix and
the Home companies, wiUdrtw from
the asaociation beoauee of what be called
ita lax and lenient methods in treating
members who have openly violated
the rules of tbe union and defied ita
power to regulate their busineaa in any
way. Two secret meetings, botb of
whioh were largely attended, were held
today. It is understood committees
were appointed to wait upon Mngill and
endeavor to bring the two influential
companies which he represents back
into the fold. Magill is eaid to be de
termined to remain out unless some
action ahall be taken to discipline the
violators of the nnion'a bylaws.
Magill'o resignation means a very bit
ter light, consequent upon his deter
mination to cut ratea. The "non-inter
couree" rule waa put Into effect against
him at once. This rule ia in the nature
of a boycott, and prevents all other in
surance oompanios on the Pacific OOSII
from accepting bUßineas through Ma
gill's companies or sharing business in
the lino of reinanrance witb either of
his compauiee. Thia doea not cut the
Home and the Phccoix off entirely, aa
they can etill do buaineae direct with
the inaured, but in the case of long
linea, which are always broken up by
reinsurance, the company will bave
hard luck placing tbeir riske. Being
untrammelod, Mr. Magill may now cut
rates, and there may be a lively scram
ble for business.
In the matter of rate cutting, union
members can take a hand, as one of the
rules adopted only a few months ago
permits a union member to cut tatea in
order to secure a riat written by a non
union number. In such caae the risk
secured is divided up among the nnion
members, thereby decreasing the indi
vidual risk.
N. w Stata Offloiala Will Hava to Skirm
ish f<>r Uoaana.
Sacramento, D;c. 5 —It looks as
though there ia going to be come diffi
culty in finding suitable reaidencea to
rent for the incoming state officers.
Several have written to frienda here to
try and socure houses for tbem, bnt
there is hardiy a vacant one to be hid.
There are few unoccupied residences in
the city, nnd these are small cottages.
At leaßt ICO now residences have been
built the past summer, bnt they are all
occupied or engaged.
Blew Out His Brains.
Modksto, Dec. s.—lt is reported here
that Andrew Lane, a wealthy rancher
living near Knight's Ferry, commit ed
suicide last uight. He stood beiore a
looking glass and Dlew bis braina out
with a revolver. Lane wae a bachelor
55 yeara of age.
Election Certificates Withheld.
Santa. Rosa, Cel., Dee.. 5.— The coun«
ty clerk bas refused to issue election
certificates to about 15 of the newly
elected justicea of tbe peace and consta
bles, tbey having failed to hie state
ments of their election expenaes. The
negligent officials talk of bringing auit
in tbe tnperior court to teat the law.
A Bridegroom Haughty Handled by a
Kentucky Hob.
Paris, Ky., Dec. s.—Jake Howerton,
nged 55, a white farmer near Paris, was
married in thia city yesterday to Matilda
Taylor, a negresa of thia city. Hower
ton ia related to prominent Bourbon
county families. Howerton and his
bride were at the Kentucky Central
depot at 11:45 today waiting for the
train. Quite a crowd collected, enrioua
to ace the couple, and some of the by
etandera began to gny Howerton and
hie negro bride. Howerton became en
raged, drew a pistol and fired at the
foremost of the crowd, the ball striking
Butch CoughliD, an innocent apeotator,
in the fleshy part of hia tight leg. Tbe
crowd dosed in on Howerton andbrniaed
him up ooneiderably. Howerton waa
arrested and is now in jail.
Ii you have rooms to rent try tbe
Herald "want columns." They bring
Oo to Eckstrom, 30f» S. Main Btreet, for good
wall paper at the right price.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Awarded Gold Medal Midwinter Fair. San Francisco,
Locomotor Ataxia,
Tho Extract of the Spinal Cord of the Ox,
prepared nndei the formula of
In his laboratory at Washington, D. C.
DO EE, 5 dropi. PRICE, 2 drachms, $2.50
Columbia Chemical Co,
Bend for book.
FOR SALE BY H. M. SALE £ 80N, 220 8.
Spring at., Los Anuuies.
101 and 407 North Maiu St., Loa Angelea,
Tlmniun Many ol our cusioruera
IlirOWH date the commencement
of choir recovery Irom
P.,.(„!,„, rheumatism to the day
vNUCIICj tneybiganto use Palno's
Celery uompouud. Try It,
■ 2311 N. Main at.
B_ * h *(15
*ffi l tieliiid. Machines for
OFFICE, aSS South'
I Snritiir »t., and 718
E. Colorado at., Pas-
ieo LOTS
Diamond St. Tract,
Bounded on tbe sonth by West Firit it,
•nd on the north by TeniDle at., and on
the East by Hoover at., and on the weat
by Keno at,
At 10:30 a. m., on the, ground*. Temple itreet
csra pass this tract. ONE t'Aßli ALL OVER
An a place for residence there is no healthier
or more sightly position than thia, and with
out doubt these lota are far ahead of any In tha
c ;nter of the city where there is no view and
added to whicb a larger lot can now be bought
for one lonrth the price, with the certainty of
Its doubling in value within a year, and with
Ihe advantage of FRESH BREEZED, FINE
OIL EXPERTS claim that the Diamond St
Tract la right in the oil belt, aud tbe wells on
either aide prove this to be a fact. There ia a
FORTUNE IN SIGHT in the oil Industry.
Don't loae this opportunity of a lifetime to be
rolling in wealth on a small outlay. These lots
are to be sold to the iiighest bidder ON EAoY
TEB.MB. For further particulars apply to
Roal Estate and Insurance Agents and
134 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal,
413 S. SPRING ST.,
On Thursday, Friday and Satur
day, Dec. 6, 7, and 8, at 2 p. m.
Elegant carved oak bedroom snits, brass en
amled bedsteads, Brussels carpets; alao new
Syrmua rugs, lace curtains, blankets, 00 boxes
cigars, ladles' and misses' shoes, etc.
CKB**Ladies are invited.
C. M. STEVENS, Auctioneer.
"By a thorough know.edge of the natural
laws which govern the operations of digestion
aud nutrition, aud by a careful application of
the lino properties ol well-selected cocoa, Mr.
Epps bas provided for our breakfast and supper
a delicately llavored beverage which may save
hb many heavy doeiom' bills. It is by the ju
dicious use of such articles of diet that a con
stitution may be gradually built up until
strong enough to resist every tendency to dis
ease. Hundreds oi aubcle maladies are float
ing around us, ready lo attack wherever there
is a weak point. We may escape many a latal
Shalt by keeping ourselves well fortified with
pure blood and a properly nourished frame."—
Civil Service Gazette,
Made Bimplv with boiling water or milk.
■Vil uii'v in half pound tins, By grocers, la
beled thus:
J ,lUES KPPS * UU., 1.i.1., Homoeopathic
Cheualats, London, Kuglaud.
■ cured in 31 to 60 daya by 11 Mujrlc Remedy, ■
E under guarantee, backed by iSoo.uuo capital. ■
j| Positive proofs and too page book, lllustrat- ■
H ed from life from people cured, free by mall. B
g§ Wben Hot Springs and mercury fall, our ■
■ Magic Remedy will cure. ■

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