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The Herald
The Pullman Company Must
Pay for It.
Justice of the Peace Cook's
The Responsibility of Sleeping Car
Paeeengers Are Kntltled to Protection
ror Their Clothing; - \ Just Judf
ment — Colored Porters
By the Associated Proaa
San Franoisco, Dao. 6.—Justice of
tbe Peace Cook rendered a decision to
day againat tbe Pullman Palace Car
company, in tbe suit o! Charles Peak
against that corporation. The plaintiff
songht to recover tbe value of a coat and
vest stolen from bim while occupying a
berth in one of the company's cars on a
trip to Los Angeles last June. In an ex
tended review oi the teatimony, the
juatice eaid:
"It waa in proof that near midnight
the plaintiff went into tbe amoking
room of the car and there fonnd the
colored porter, whose duty it waa to
keep watch and ward over the car and
ita occupants, sound asleep.
"While the plaintiff was asleep aome
unknown peraoo removed bis coat and
vest from a hook at the berth he occu
pied. A hue and cry were made on the
following morning, and all the officers
nnd servants of the company were noti
fied of the loss. If. through want of
care, the personal effecte of a passenger
are stolen, the company ia liable and
cannot avoid ita liability by posting in
tbe car a notice disclaiming responsi
"A notice printed on tickets or checks
can in no way limit ths liability of car
"A passenger cannot be expected to
come into a oar naked.
"It a passenger cannot have protec
tion for the clothes he wears; if he can
not be allowed to undress and go to bed
with the knowledge that his personal
effects are nndsr careful guard, then
the Bleeping oar service is a delusion
nnd a snare. Instead of being a place of
reat where a passenger can sleep, feel
ing himself secure from theives, it be
comes a robbers' rookery,"
Justice Cook then paid his compli
ments to tbs colored porter as follows:
"The defense etalta the colored porter,
who has the almost exclusive charge of
the sleeping cara in tbis oountry, into an
angel of light and virtue, which the ex
perience of moat travelers does not war
rant. I, myself, bave had much ex
perience with tbis kind of colored gentry.
I know he mnst eat, sleen and wear
clothes like a white man. lie likes good
wearing apparel and be is willing arid
ready to get it, especially if he geta it
for nothing."
In giving judgment for the plaintiff,
Justice Cook held that the Pullman
company wae under all circumstances
required by law to make good the losses
sustained by travelers while riding in
its cara.
Socialist Krmbin Refine to Cheer th»
Berlin, Dec. 6.—A disturbance oc
curred today in tbe reiohstag palaoe
noon tbe occasion of tbe brat sitting of
tbe reichetag. After President yon
Lovetzow made a reminiscent speech,
be called for cheers for the emperor.
The oheers were given heartily by all
except several Socialists, who remained
seated in spite of the excited and angry
protests of otber members. A great
uproar followed. President yon Lovet
zow assumed the presidency after re
election. He censured the action of the
Socialists in romaining seated when he
called for cheers. Such conduct, he
said, was not in consonance with the
traditions of Germany and tbe n ages of
the honse. Herr Singer attempted to
justify tbe attitude of the Socialists, and
made a bitter personal attack upon the
emperor, which provoked a storm of
indignant protests from other parts of
the honse. lierr yon Lovetzow there
upon called Herr Singer to order. The
house then opened debate on the rno>
tien to abandon the pending prose
cution of Bime Socialist members, dur
ing which Freihsrr yon Manteuffel in
veighed strongly against the conduct of
tbe Socialists today. 'Ihe reichetag
then adjourned until Tuesday, when tbe
budget will be introduced.
The Socialists resented the attitude of
thu president, and Liebknecbt rose in
his seat, bis manner being quiet threat
ening. Ulricbt also sprang to bis feet,
and amid renewed shouts and cries of
''Shame! Shame!" shook his fist at tbe
otber members. When order was re
stored, tbe election of office™ of the
bouse was proceeded with. When this
had been concluded, tbe president ex
pressed his regret that he was nnable
to punish tbe disloyal Socialists.
Singer thereupon rose aud attempted
to justify the attitude of himself and
his fellow Socialists. He was repeat
edly imorrupted, but was understood to
say: "We will never be compelled to
cheer for one who recently told the re
cruits who were taking the service oath
that should circumstances arise they
wonld be ordered against the will of the
people to shoot tbeir own brothers,
fathers and mothers for the one who is
now introducing an anti-revolntionary
bill which is directed against ns. To
cheer him would be irreconcilable with
our honor and dignity."
The rest of Singer's words were
drowned in a storm of protects, whioh
only subsided when- Yon Le'vitzow
called the speaker to order.
Tbe honse adjourned nntil Tuesday.
Frozen persimmons at Althonse Bros.'
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma.
Miaa Brand Robb.d of 810,800 In Cin
Cincinnati, Dec. 6.—Miss Joaephine
Brand of Lawrence burg. Ind„ was
robbed of $10,500 in oaah on tbe streets
of Cincinnati tonight. Mies Brand, who
is a teacher, had added to her savings a
small inheritance from her father. Sho
kept her money in tbe Central Trust
vaults in thia city. Intending to have
the money reinvested, she drew it late
this afternoon, putting it in three rolls
which she placed in a band satchel. She
went ont to catch a train at Fourth
Btreet and Central avenue. In a crowd
somo one came behind her, seized her
satchel, jerked it off her arm, pushing
her violently forward and escaped with
out leaving a olue. The police think it
was a random grab of a hungry tramp
who way not at all aware of the richness
of tho steal. Miss Brand diverted pur
suit from the thief by screaming and
fainting. Sho was carried to the nearest
drug store and late tonight was sent to
Lawrenceburg in a state of nervous proa
Fartliqnakee in Italy.
Rome, Dec. 0. — Slight earthquake
ohocks wero felt at Mazzizo, Sicny, on
Monday and Tuesday King Humbert
has sent enother 100,000 lire for tbe re
lief of the earthquake sufferers in the
various districts of Italy and Sicily.
Salt Lake's Ohlnf of Police and Dateotlvea
Committed for Contempt—Control
of the Conetltutlonal
Salt Lake, Utah, Dsc. 6 —Col. E. W.
Tatlock of the militia left for San Joan
county today with 100 carbinss and 1000
rounds of ammunition, which will be
furnished to the citizens who are threat
ened by the invasion of the Ute Indiana
from Colorado.
For refusing to furnish the grand jiry
with namea in connection with a cer
tain scandal published some time a;o,
involving some society women here,
Chief Pratt of the police department
and Detectives Sheets and Ferguson
were today committed to the custody
of the United States marshal. They
will be held until the names aro given
or until further orders from tbe court.
Tbe caßes will come np tomorrow on
habeas corpus proceedings.
In canvassing the returns of San Pete
connty lor delegates to the oonstitutiouai
convention today, the Utah commission
fonnd come inaccuracies and decided to
make a recount. The chairman of the
Republican committee filed a protest,
whioh was overruled. Should the result
as formerly announced be chatted by
the recount, and all dologates from that
county be given to tbe Democrats, it
might decide the control of the conven
tion in favor of that party.
Tha British Ambaeaador Olaaatlafiid
With the Porto's Explanation.
Vienna, Dec. 6—A dispatch from
Constantinople saya Sir Phillip Currie,
the British ambassador ab Constantino
ple, is dissatisfied with the statement
that the Armenian cntragos were only
ordinary accounts of brigandage, and ho
has made further strong representations
to the porte that Great Britain
is aware that the affair partook
of the nature of a rising up on tbe part
of tbe Armenians, owing to the intoler
able situation, the absence of security
for life and property and the depreda
tions of tbe Kurds. Sir Phillip holds
tbat the othaiala' commnn cation wae
intended as a guide to tbe commission
and to prejudice the oaae.
It ie reported that further disturb
ances have occurred in tbe Zeitun dia
triot in the mountains of Asia Minor
and tbe Sassoun.
First National Bank or Helena aud Brl
«ns National United.
Helena, Mont., Deo. ti.—The First
National and tho Helena National banks
bave been consolidated and the new
bank will take the name of the First.
The First is the great bank tbat has given
Montana renown in tbe financial world,
bnt the panic cangot it end for a few
weeks it wae closed. It reopened under
an agreement with tbe depositors to
take deferred certificates. Under the
terms of the consolidation of the First
National bank, the stock will be $800,
--000 end the undivided profits $200,000.
The general balance of the now institu
tion will be very little short of $5,00 ).
--000. Ex-Governor Hausor will continue
to be president; Hon, E. D. Edgerton
will be general manager, and George F.
Cope cashier.
A Triple Mnrder.
Ashland, Ky., Deo. 6.--A tragedy
that will end in a triple murder occurred
at Ful:z's station laat night. Gaorge
Fultz, aged 60, and his son, aged 25. are
dead, while John Phyllis, bis son-in
law, ie dying witb n bullet through his
head. Thomas James, an all-around
desperado o'nd alleged illicit whisky
seller, who was charged by the elder
Fultz with the betrayal of his daughter,
did the shooting and escaped to tbe
hills. A posse is chasing him with pros
pects of au early lynchin?
Order your suit early. H. A. Getz is
crowded for flue tailoring at moderate
prices. 112 West Third Btreet.
Wickstrom & Person, tailors. Fit,
workmanship and goods guaranteed
first-class; prices moderate. Boom 1,
l£o>i 3. Spring street.
The drug combine "busted" by Off
& Vaughn. Drugs at eastern prices.
Ayer's, Joy'e and Hood's sarsaparilla,
65 ots; Paine's Celery Compound, 75c;
Syrnpof tigs, 35 cts.
Babies cry for Castoria, 25 cents a
bottle at Off & Vaughn's, corner Fourth
•nd Spring streets.
Hollenbeck Hotel Cate, 214 Second
street. Oysters 50c a dozen, any style.
A Successful Hold-Up Near
Fort Worth.
The Express Car Rifled by the
Their Booty Supposed to Aggregate a
Large Sum.
Thirty-one Tbonaand Dollars In Gold
CortlQ'iatea Taken— I'*ss«ng«rs
Sbot nt But Nobody
i By the Associated Press.
Fort Worth, Tex., Dec. G —Tbe eaet
j ujiiili TcxuM uud TnCiuC paßßOugei tiei_
| was held op at a trestle seven milea wust
:of here, at C :30 tODigbt. Several ehote
were fired from tbe front end of the
train and tbe passengers were warned
to keep their beads in the win
dows. Tbe train was detained 10
or 15 minutea, daring which
timo those wbo uaught a glimpse of the
proceedings saw tbree masked men with
! g:ics leveled, marching tbe engineer and
trainmen in aud out of the baggage car.
Whou tbey bad finished their work, tbe
robbers made tbe engineer back tbe
ttain over a trestle, and, while it was
crossing, disappeared in a thick forest.
The passengers kept co close in while
tbe train was being robbed that they
did not know much about what waa
going on and tbe railroad men and ex
press officials will not make any state
ments. It is not known bow much
booty was secured. Tbe robbers had
possession of the express car until they
accomplished tbeir object. One valuable
package is known to have been obtained.
Tbe safe of tbe messenger waa carried
off. It is learned on good authority
that upwards of $100,000 was secured.
The passengers cay the whole thing was
done so quickly that there was little of
a story to tell.
Later developments ahow that the
robbers got $31,000 in gold certificates
going from San Francisco to Washing
ton to pay for bonds.
Bis Controversy With Archbishop Currl
gsn Wsx,s Hot.
New York, Deo. 6.—The controversy
Vig ( ',tecu Vtci. uisiaCp Oorrigf»u •?■_&& v»
Father Ducey has reached tbat state
where another statement haa been
deemed oxpodient by the latter, and
this evening he gave out a long state
ment, in which he says iv part:
"Archbißbop Corrigan has placed
himself in a position of persistent perse
cution of ub for tbe past 10 years. Why
his grace should have been co misguided
I cannot fathom. I owe nothing to tbe
archbishop of New York, and he knows
he owej me much. Before coming to
tbis diocese I was kind to him in
tbe extreme when he was a supplicant
and a stranger in New York, as hs
knows. As coadjutor archbishop, with
the right of succession, he was unknown
and bumble in New York. He came to
my house almost every week, lie rode
with me in my carriages and sleigba
before my devotion to humanity forced
me to rid myself of those vanities.
"I was not in all particulars like the
young man in the gospel—l could not
say 1 had kept in perfection the com
mandments from my youth without spot
and blemish —but I can say, however,
that I havo been most faithful and
sacrificing as a priest, and I have never
been a frequenter of disreputable places.
"Tbe Lexow committee is seeking to
know something of the character of
Roao Bell's and her successor, Evelyn
Bell's, house on Thirty-sixth street.
"Inspector Williams and Captain
Westervult might give aome ecclesiast
ical information as to that houae to the
committee. Tho Rev. Mr. McNealy is
acting eeoretary ol Archbishop Cora
rigan. The Rev. Mr. McNealy's pe
tition to me to publish Archbishop
Oorrigan'a letter to me marked
"private" wub a very shallow trap. I
still affirm that hia grace bas not an
swered my letter of November 27tb.
His second letter of November 24th is
not an answer to my first letter. On
.November 27th I ec-nt him the following:
" 'Your letter of the _4th was handed
ma by my servant at 4:15 p.m. Sunday,
when I returned to ray residence; hence
I could not do as you requested.
" T must take exception to a few ex
pressions. I never took for granted
any supposition without first obtaining
proof.* Ab a priest and a gentleman I
am not bound, in my opinion, to indi
cate lo any one what the person or per
sona are who may give me a confidence.
"The grievances alleged againat me
are not founded on truth and fact. You
hoow, as God knows, I have been the
wronged person. I have never entered
into any conspiracy against you or any
other man,
"You.- excellency cannot be ignorant
of tbe fact that priests at tho oathedral
have by their own letters given evidence
of evil methods. You, it is said, are not
responsible for their acts, but if they
have abused your confidence and im
posed on your good nature why do they
definitely hold on ? You cannot blame
me if I have reason to complain."
Bishop Mconsul's Statement.
Rochester, N. V., Deo. 3.—Bishop
McQ iaid tonight gave out a statement
exonerating the archbishops of San
Francisco and Portland of the part
wbicb, it is alleged, they played
in defeating him for the regen
cy. It is positive, cays Bishop
MtQuaid, that neither they nor arty one
of tbe biahope wrote to tbe Republican
members of the New York legislature in
favor of the election of Rev. Mnlone as
regent of tbe Univeraity of New York,
nor had they at any time meddled in
tbe politics of tbis state.
Fonronll Liadg Gallagher.
New York, Dsc. 6 —At the end of the
fourth night'e play Fourneil leads Gal
lagher, the total score standing: Four*
neil, COO; Gallagher, 613.
BY TEr.KOR »PH—Doings at the national
capital.... Foreign flushes Pacific coa«t
happenings Sporting eventj —General
news gleanings.
_or)Al,_Judge Ro,s sentences the A. R. U,
men, Stanwood. Clune, Rosa and Jobn>on
....A case in court concerning the Lake
Hermot Water comuauy.. .A talk with
Senator Deotton Dipbtneria not preva
lent .1. T. Banks arrested on aaerioua
charge An unknown man sulcidea by
hanging '.'igueroa atreet and oii....Mur
der of Al Rolacd at Cha.pman'3 ranch.
PASADSNA-Successlul iw/ar at Presbyterian
Downey—Rejoicing over the rain.
Covina- Personals and local notes.
Ventura—Street lights to be used An of
ficial to bo investigated.
Echo Mountain— Tha doctors up in the
cl oudp.
Santa Ana—Heavy ruin — Notes.
RF,nr,ANDsi—Ci'y irustees.
Pomona—Eentcr.almnent by Daughtera of
Buf.bank Theater—The Operator.
Pavilion—lnternational exposition.
New TtJRSEii Hall—Charity ball.
The Havemeyer People Working It for
All It Ia Worth—A 13 Per Cent
Stook Selling Below
New York, Dec. 6.—For weeka Mr.
Havemeyer haa been vociferously pro
claiming that the augar indnatry was
practically on tbe edge of bankrnptoy.
Tbe managers got together to decide on
tbe dividend, but while they talked the
floor of the exchange bore evidence to
the fact tbat a big following of brokers
had been let into the secret of just what
the sugar managers were going to do.
There was some talk of opposition to the
Havemeyer plan. But none of the man
agers wouid talk. The fact ia, alter
sugar had olimbed to 89 on transactiona
of about 175,000 shares, or nearly hall
the entire common capitalization of tbe
trust, tbere oame a voice from the board
room that the dividend should remain
as at present, 7 per cent annum on the
preferred and 12 ncr cent on the com
mon. In de claring the common divi
dend it waa not even termed a quarterly
dividend, bnt tbe explanation was tacked
on to the declaration tbat the dividend
waa on earnings prior to September Ist.
Tbe gigantic turn lisb been made and
the etreet sees a 12 per cent stock selling
at less tban 90, while an 8 per cent atock,
auch as tbe New York. New Haven nnd
Hartford, ia quoted at 193. Tbe differ
ence in these (inures measures tbo dis
trust which the investigating pnblio has
lor Havemeyer and his partners. A mo
nopoly which admits of a speculative
profit of millions in a few months in
these times, even with legislative assist
ance, is a very fine field to work, and
tbe Havemeyer people are working it for
all it is worth.
Andy and Harry Hayward Arrested for
the Ortm*.
Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 6.—At mid
night tonight Andy A. Howard was
arreated oharged with firing the
shot that killed Miaa Catherine
Ging. Harry T. Hayward, hia brother,
tbe young business man whose relations
with Miss Ging bave been investigated
from every conceivable atandpoint, waa
arrested earlier in the evening, alao
charged with murder in the first de
gree. The police authoritiea state the
arrests havo been made after much de
liberation. Considerable damaging evi
dence againat the Haywards was se
cured during the day.
Harry Hayward is brought into the
case because of a number of circum
stances, most prominent of whiob is hiß
alleged knowledge of the making of
tbe loans or tbe forms gone through
witb. Concerning this, Andy Hayward
ia said to have made conflicting state
ments. At tbe same time tbe officers
state that the suggestion of the money
not being genuine may be found worthy
of consideration, and that thia scheme
of duping the woman will be in line
with the theory that there was a con
Another suggestion in the conspiracy
theory relates to the pains taken by
Harry Hayward to authenticate the
making of the last loan. Two witnesses
were called in, whereas, previous trans
actions of a like nature were made with
out the least appearance of precautions.
The insurance was made iuconteßtible.
These facts are held to be inconsistent
with the easy-going, rambling way in
which Hayward had been dealing with
tbe woman.
The National Livestock Association
Favors Ita Repeal.
St. Louis, Dec. 6.—A memorial waß
introduced at tbe meeting of the na
tional livestock exchange today, urging
the immediate repeal of the duty on
raw sugar, and a modification of that
on refined, in order to restore pleasant
commercial relatione with foreign na
tions that have placed an emoargo on
American livestock and dressed beef
whicb, it is declared, is due to the atti
tude of our tariff measures in relation
to sugar.
Sparring- In Syracuse.
Svbacusk, N. V., Dec. (3. — _ tost case
was made of the law regarding sparring
in public halls here tonight. George
Dixon was booked to appear at the
Grand, where Riordan waa killed by
Fitzsimmona. Tne board of police com
missioners had tried to stop the match,
bnt Dixon's attorneys advised that the
bout go on, The police made no effort
to stop it.
Democratic Senators Hold
Another Important
The Supplemental Tariff Bills
Are Not Included
In it.
No Change In the Knlea Will Be Made.
The —oa Angelea Harbor nam
tion—Cong-reealonel Pro
ceed iDgje—Notes.
By the Associated Press.
Washington, Dec. 6. —Today's Demo
cratic caucus directed the steering com*
mittee to prepare an order of business
which will be presented for the consid
eration of the senate, embracing the fol
lowing subjects of legislation:
A bankruptcy bill.
A bill for the conatrnotion of the Nioi
aragua canal.
A currency bill.
Bills for tbe admission of Arizona and
New Mexico.
A bill involving the interests o! ths
Indian territory.
For the reconsideration of the joint
resolution of the house of representa
tives on tbe election of United States
senators by the people, and sneh other
measures, including tbe appropriate—a
bills, as the steering committee may '
deem important.
Tbat in their report to the canons tha
steering oommittee shall provide tba
order in whioh the above subjects of
legislation shall be considered.
The caucns was in cession from 2
nntil 4:40 o'clock today, and almost tha
entire time waa devoted to tha discus
sion of the first proposition of Senator
Daniel, instructing tbe committee on
rules to bring in an amendment for a
cloture, and the apeochea were at times
very spirited.
Senators Vest, Vilas, Berry and
George made speeches favoring tha
proposition, while Senators Gorman,
Morgan, Palmer, Harris, Fngb and
others opposed it with vigorous warmth.
The opponents of a change evidently
had the best of the argument fr in tba
beginning. It is nnderstood they evoked
the ghost of the force bill and urged
that if the Republicans ahould get in
power they would revive thia meaanre.
The protest against tbe proposed
ohanges waa so generrl that when a vota
was taken no one considered it neoes
eary to ask for the ayes and nays.
When the oloture provision waa de
feated, the friends of tbe tariff bills
gave np the fight, considering it un
necessary to make any attempt io revive
their consideration in view of the oppo
sition of a majority of the Republicans,
aud because of the fact that any deter
mined opposition onder tha rules would
ensure tbeir defeat. Hence it ia that
thoae billa do not appear in the official
list of bills to be presented for the con*
sideration of the senate.
The order for the preparation of a
currency bill by the finance committee
carries with it instructions to take tha
recommendation of the president and
secretary of the treaenry into consider*
ation. It is also understood a feasible
proposition for the utilization of ailver
ia to be included in any currency
scheme presented to or by the commit*
Bleotlon of Hen a torn by tha People Ad*
Toeaitd by Turpie.
Washington, Dec. 6.—Upon the open*
ing of the senate today, Gorman offered
a resolntion providing that when tha
senate adjourned today it be to Monday.
Adopted. Tbe president's message, in
response to the senate resolution, sub
mitting information as to the arrest o!
an American citizen in Peru, was re
Turpie took tbe floor for a carefully
prepared report on the resolntion for
the election of United States senators
by direct vote of the people. He eaid
when we recall the harsh discrimina
tion, gross charges of pecuniary corrup
tion and of fraudulent combination and
intrigue, disgraceful and dishonorable
to the whole body with wbicb a pro
longed senatorial conference or in open
assembly, tbe removal of snob an evil
should be deemed a prime political ns
cessity. It has been said a certain rail
way huh chosen a certain senator in a
certain state, a certain bank bas chosen
another elsewhere, and a certain associa
tion of miners and manufacturers have
defeated a third. Nothing iB intended
to ba assumed here concerning tbe truth
or falsity of these accusations, but these
charges have existence. The way for
their riddance ia plain. If tbe choice
of the members of tbis body were left
to tbe mays of the voters in the state,
tbe charges would be infinitely lessened.
Tbey would altogether disaopear if no
reasonable grounds could be giveu for
their support.
At the cloee of Turpie's spencil, Mor
gan gave notice that on Monday next be
would call up the Nicaragua canal bill
with a view to explaining it and making
come remarks.
Dolph called np tho bill exempting
from duty foreign exhibits at the Post
land, Ore., exposition and the bill was
A bill wae passed for the national ded
ication of the Cbickamauga and Chat
tanooga national park, bepteutbai 18

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