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and 20, 1895, nnder the direotion of the
secretary of war.
At 1:15 tbe senate went into executive
session, and at 1 :55 adjourned nntil
Monday. The Democrats went into
Tha Railroad Pooling Bill Under Con
Washington, Dec. G.—At the opening
session of the houae today the speaker
announced a number of committee ap
The committee on appropriations re
ported the fortifications appropriation
bill, which was disposed of.
O'Neil of Masßachusete reported the
pension appropriation bill.
Consideration of the railroad pooling
bill was resumed under the special or
der adopted yesterday.
Cooper, Democrat, of Florida, a mem
ber of the commerce committee, de
clared the bill had four important fea
tures. It authorized and legalized
railroad pooling, and in doing ao it gave
a new grant of power to all the railroads
of the country ; it provided amendments
to the procedure section of the preaent
law, in prescribing rules of evidence fa ;
good feature); it changed wholly the
criminal liability for discrimination in
rates, and it changed tbe remediea for
cause of action. While he doubted the
advisability of granting pooling powers
to railroads, he was willing to agree
that if auch pooling should be allowed it
should be under the direct control of a
responsible commission. He offered a
snbstituts to meet bis objections to the
Henderson, Republican, of lowa, asked
if the fact that small shippers under a
pooling system would not be able to get j
the advantages oi the low rates uon
given big ebippere, would not justify the
passage of a law legalizing pooling.
Cooper replied that that was the only
consideration which could induce him
tv vote to authorize pooling, but he I
wonld not do so unless safeguards and
restrictions not contained iv this bill
were provided to prevent the abuae cf
tbis proposed enlargement of tbe charter
powers of tbe railroads.
(ireebam. Democrat, of Texas, and
Moore, Republican, of Massachusetts,
spoke in support of tbe bill, aod Daniel,
Republican, of North Carolina, followed
in opposition. At the conclusion of
Daniel's argument, the house at 4:55
p. m. adjourned until tomorrow.
A Bill Being; Formulated to Accom
plish tin* Furpos*.
Washing i on, Dsc. 6.—Labor Commis
sioner Wright had a conference today
with Chairman McGinn of the house
committee on labor. Representative
Springer, author of the pending ar bitra
tion bill, and Representative Krdman,
wbo wrote tbe favorable report on tbe
bill. They went over the question of
arbitrating strikes, with a view to out
lining a programme for immediate ac
tion in congress. Mr. Wright's experi
ences in the presidential commission,
"which recently investigated tbe Pull
man strike, is depended on to give
practical form to the plan of national
arbitration. It has heretofore been
urged theoretically, hut the report of the
commission, based on experience,
recommends such favorable arbitration
aa the surest remedy against labor agi
tations and strikes. Tiie action of the <
COujujlnetOu tC> eettli- n StilaO IS unfilled
in the bill as follows:
Tbe national board of arbitration shall
have power, when in their discretion the
public interaata are at eitike, to investi
gate tbe cause of all controversies and
disputes between employees and their
employers in the I'nited States as they ,
may occur, and the conditions accom- 1
panying them and the best nieane of
tbeir adjustment, whether such contro
versies and disputes are submitted for
arbitration or not, and to report there-
On to tne president, who shall from
time to time transmit such reports to
congress. Said board shall have power
to adjust and settle by conciliation all
such disputes and controversies co iar as
it may be possible to do so.
A Bill to Be Passed In Accordance With
His Views,
Washington, Dec. 0. —Secretary Car
lisle is to be invited before tbe house
committee on banking and currency •
next Monday morning to present his
views concerning the financial plan,
briefly summarized in his annual report
and endorsed in Preaident Cleveland's
A meeting of tbe banking and cur
rency committee has been oalled for
tomorrow to begin consideration of tbe
Carlisle plan. His expected that after
the heariug of the secretary Monday a
bill will be drawn io accordance with
bis views.
Many of the honse leaders declare tbe
financial measure is likely to pass the
house, notwithstanding the briefness of
the session. Mr. Springer eavs the sub
ject has been thoroughly discussed iv
committee; there should he no delay
there. He hatdly hopeß the measure
will pass the eenuto and become a law,
but he sees no reason why tbe house
cannot act.
Senator Pattlairew's < h »re-> Against the
Interior Department.
Washington, Dec, (I —Senator Petti- j
grew made a strong plea before the sen
ate oommittee on Indian affairs today
ior an investigation of the action of the
interior department in its removal of
the Lower Brule Indians of Booth Da- i
kota from their reservation. He charges
that the department arreßte.l and took
100 of the Indians from their homes
to the agency last winter, confining
tbem in tents upon the open prairie, as
a result of which two of them died. it
is now proposed to subject the entire
tribe to the same treatment, and the
senator thinks the department should
bs stopped Irom this proceeding. The
committee lies not vol taken action up
•n the senator's request.
Important A uieu<l m.ntl tn the Law In
Ona. temptation.
Washington, Dec. 6. —A number of
the weatern membera of cmgresß, in
oluding Messrs. Colleen ot Wyoming,
Pickler of South Dakota, Hermann and
Ellis of Oregon, L'oolittle and Wileou oi
Washitigion, Mcßae of Arkansas, Caiu
inetti of California, 11 trtnjan of Mon
tana, Hall of Minnesota and Wells and
Lynch of Wisconsin, have agreed upon
a series of amendments to the bill to
protect forestry reservations, which
oame up iv the house today and went
over by unanimous eonset. They will
be ori'ered to the bill when it is called
pt> tomorrow.
The amendments provide that for the
to c purpose ol preserving tbe growiog
timbers on the forest reservations, the
secretary of the interior may eliminate
from tbe reservation so much of any
dead or mature treea thereon aa may be
neceaaary to preeerve the remaining
timber. ' The secretary la io deaig
nate, apraiae ana advertise for
the aale of dead or matured trees in
limited quantities to tbe purchaser.
The proceeds of the sale to bo expended
in tbe care and management of the res
Upon the recommendation of the sec
retary of the interior and witb the ap
proval of tbe president, and after due
notice, any publio land embraced within
the limits of any forest whicb shall bs
found better adapted to agricultural thao
forest uses may be restored to the pub
lio domain, and land in any forest reser
vation tbe character of which may be
shown in accordance with tbe mining
laws may bs restored to minoral loca
tion and entry. Prospeotora and min
eral claimants are to bave acoess to for
est reservations for the purpose of locat
ing and developing their mineral re

A I,«rc« Appropriation Needed to Carry
It Into I 1 i rt.
Washington, Dec. 6.—The Appropria
tion committee received thie afternoon
: from the treasury the estimates required
i o carry tbe income tax provision of the
tariff bill into effect for the remainder of
i the present fiscal year, beginning Janu
\ ary 1, 181)5. The estimates for the ool
! lection of taxation until July 1, 1895,
• aggregate $245,093. The appropriation
to provide for the collection of the in
come tax will be incorporated in an
1 urgent deficiency hill, the consideration
jof which will be ready on Monday, and
I will tin i™ A
■ WMI fW 111] HlVkll
The eastern membere, irrespective of
party, will, as a rule, oppose the appro
' priation, and the debate will probably
i bristle with acrimony. Although it is
I expected the Republicans generally will
vote against the appropriations, the
Democrats express themselves as entire
ly satisfied it will carry,
The Rehabilitated Geld Reserve Again
Dwindling- Awnr.
Washington, Dec. 8. —The cash bal
ance in the treasury today was $154,
--277,000, of which $109,560,125 waa net
This ia a loss in gold since yesterday
of $1,581,807. The treasury officials
offer no explanation of thia decrease,
hat the information cornea from New
1 York that daring the laat three daya
' the sub-treasury has several times been
obliged to make demands for gold in
i exchange for legal tenders, but so far aa
known here none of the gold withdrawn
i has yet been exported.
The treasury officials decline to dis
cuss the probability of extensive with
■ drawals, but it is believed they feel ap
| prehenßive of still farther losses.
Tha Sanata Committee to Inapeet It
Nfit Spring.
Washington, Dec. 6. —The senate
committee on commerce today tied
under advisement the question cf the
trip to the Pacific ciaat authorized by |
the laet session ot congress, for the
purpose of investigating the relative ;
merits of San Pedro and Santa Monica 1
ns the place ior the location oi the
dsap water harbor for the accomrnoda- I
tion of tbe bnsiness of Los Angeles. <
It waß decided to ask the senate to au
thorize the inspection to be made im
inn,tritely after adjournment next
Uniform Postal Rates.
Washington, Dec. o.—Provision for
uniform rates ot postage for the United
States mails sent to every portion of tbe
iilobe, with few exceptions, ia made in
an oro*er issued by Postmaster General
Hissell. The rates are 5 cents for each
half ounce of mail, except for Canada
and Mexico, whose domestic rates, two
cents an ounce, are applicable, and to
the poßtal agency at Shanghai.
Pacific Hallways.
Washington, Dec. 6, —The committee
00 Pacific railwnye today decided to ask
the rul6B committee of the house for a j
special order setting apart a time for tbe :
consideraticn of a measure to provide 1
; for the readjustment and settlement of !
i tbe debts of tbe Pacific railroads now
iu.Uur.ni/. Chairman Reilly desires |
; that the bill be considered before the |
holidays, but does not believe the house
'■ wili consent to take it up before that
Pension Appropriations.
Washington, Dec. 6.—The appropria
tions committee of the house today com
pleted the bill making appropriations
for tbe payment of pensions during the
fiscal year 1805-6. It carries au appro
priation of $141,881,570, as against esti
mates of $141,581,570, and ao appropri
ation for tbe current year cf $151,581,570.
The only reduction from the estimates
wae of 1200,000 on account of fees for
examining surgeons.
The Minneapolis.
Washington, Deo. 6. —The navy de
part ment today preliminarily accepted
the cruiser Minneapolis and authorized
the payment of 1434,000 to Mr. Cramp,
tbe builder, being the amount of tbe
premium earned by the vessel. Tne
Minneapolis will be put in commission
not later than Monday next acd will be
attached to the North Atlantic station.
Unnecesary Expenses.
Washington, Dec. 6. —Reports by !
Colonel Mendel of the corps nf en
gineers, sent to tbe house today by
Secretary Lamont, aay there is no rea
son to incur tho expeu»e of the re
moval of the sunken rocks off Fort
Point, in San Francisco harbor. Colonel
Mendel does not think the improve
ment proposed is worthy of being under
taken by the general government.
The New Japanese Treaty.
Washington, Deo. 6. —The senate, iv
executive session today, referred the uew
Japanese commercial treaty to the com.
mittee on foreign relations without read
ing. It is understood there will be uo
opposition to thiß treaty by the Pacific
coast senators.
One Term Enough.
WaihinotoN, Dec. ti.—Representative
Bryau of Nebraska today introduced iv
the house a joint resolution providing
for an amendment to tbe constitution
making the president ineligible to a
second term,
Not Worth Mentioning.
Nkw i DBK, Dec. 6.—Regarding tho
eta Biiifut published iv ttie west that
Pi ident Cleveland is in v precariuuß
condition, Dr. Bryant, h's phyaician,
said today: "it i.i rot. I would uot
dignify it by talking about it."
Autithor I'll I'louenr Gone.
Santa Cite/. Dec. (i — Wm. F, Cooper
died Ui;b rooming. He was a pioneer
merchant and rirst mayor of this city.
I Max Bosenfeld'g Account of
the Affair.
Alex. Loughborough Did Not Shoot
in Self-Defense.
Young Whltehonse Corroborates Rosen
feld'a Statement —Ita Franoisco
Election Frauds—PaclOo
Coaet Notes.
By tha Associated Proia.
Ban Francisco, Dec. 6.—Mar Roeen
feld, tbe young man who was chot by
Alexander Loughborough in a Sutter
street saloon, after the big Thanksgiv
ing day football game, has at last made
a atatament about tho affair. He said :
"When young Loughborough ahot at
me my hands were down and I was going
away from him. He did not shoot in
self-defense; be shot delibetately."
Rosenfeld then told how Louajhbor
ough dropped a dice on the floor and
how be pointed it out to him with hia
cane, lnatead of thanking him, Lough
borough kicked the cane out of tbe way
and struct bim. Roeenfeld returned
the blow and followed it up with aoveral
others. When he thought he had puo
iahed Loughborough enough he walked
away, and it was then be was abot.
Whilehouae, tbe otber yonng man
wbo fell a victim to Longhborough'a
pistol, corroborated Hcsenfeld's story.
Wbitehouse aaid that wben Lough
borough passed him in the scuffle with
Roaenfefd, he caught him by the shoul
der and pulled bim away. One of
Longhboroogh's friends then struck
Whitehonee and the latter devoted all
hia attention to bis assailant. From
that time he did not see Loughborough
nntil he was ehot.
According to the stories of both the
wounded men, no one but Rosenfeld
struck the shooter. Loughborough
claims tbat ha was assaulted by several
men and tbat be shot in eeli-defense.
Two Bay City Ballot Itox Stmr-rs Held
for Tilal.
San Francisco, Dec. 6. —Judge Wai
lace, sitting in the superior court as a
committing magistrate, this morning
held Martinet and Buckley to answer
before tbe superior court for felony in
connection witb tbe election frauds in
the Tenth precinct of the Thirty-tilth
assembly district.
Butler and Conroy, wbo were arrßSted
for complicity ia the same frauds, were
released on account of insufficiency of
Martinet and Backley were held in
$10,000 bonds, in default of wbioh they
went to jail. It waa in this distrect tbat
Ewing, Populist candidate for tbe as
sembly, is supposed to havo bean
counted out in favor of Higgles, Repub
County Clerk Halov says tbat he will
apply for an injunction to prohibit the
election commissioners from declaring
his opponent, Curry, elected if there ia
any delay in the completion oi tbe re
count, which iiaiey wiii iiave. Haiey
eaya that he has accumulated evidence
to prove tbat he was counted ont.
The State Cnuvtntlou Dlseasees Iho
Subject of Co-operative Stores.
Oakland, Dec. ti.--The State Farm
ers' alliance continued its session today
behind closed doors. The proposition
to establish co-operative stores was un
der discussion nearly all day, and it is
reported the alliance will probably take
some action in that direction. A ma
jority of the speakers favored some sort
of community stores, but tbey differed
widely as to actual plans.
Stats officers were elected as follows:
President, J. V. Webster, San Luis
Obispo: vice-president, R. F. Grigßby;
secretary and treasurer, J. S. Barbee,
Los Angeles; secretary of insurance, W.
S. Fawcett, Wbittier; state business
agent, J. M. Moore, San Francisco; lec
turer, Bnrdette Cornell, Stockton; as
sistant lecturer, Mrs. S. X, Abbott,
Compton; organizer of co-operative
business, A. R. Ellis, Hollister; execu
tive committee, E. M. Wardell, Mon
rovia; George B. Johnson, San Joae; J.
L. Gilbert, Keedly.
Stock Owned l>y Hint In Various Com.
panles Attached.
San Francisco, Dec. 6. —In pursuance
jof a judgment obtained in the superior
court here in a suit brought during De
cember laat, by R.W.Woodbury against
, Isaac. K. Blake, to recover $195,000 on
: promissory notes eiven to Denver banks,
i Sheriff McDade today made a formal
: levy on Blake's interest in tbe Pacific
| Coast Oil comoany, the Keystone Min
i ing company and certain other stocks
j held by the Nevada bauk. The judg
| ment was obtained by consent, and it
|is stated that the securities will be sold
| to Batify tbe claim.
' Coroner'a Verdict on the Oakland Uahle
tJar Accident.
Oakland, Dec. ii.— The coroner's jury
|in the case of Mies Mary Coater, tbe
young woman killed on Tuesday night
'in the collision oi a cable car and the
Seventh Btreet local train, returned this
afternoon a verdict exonerating the
gripmau aud conducter of tbe cable car,
! but accusing tbe etreet car company of
; criminal carelessness iv not providing
| proper appliances for the etoppage of
\ carß, and in not requiring tbeir em
ployees to come to a full stop before
crossing the railroad track at Seventh
A New Ticket Agent.
San Francisco, Dec. <i. —Harry A.
Burke of Sau Diego was today appointed
city ticket agent of the Rio Grande
Western railroad to succeed T. J.
Kiley, who was killed a few weeks ago
in a railroad accident in Oakland.
Foul Play Suspected.
Fresno, Deo. (i. —Harry Biit loft
Cloris last Tuesday with $13l) in checks
to pay the employees of v aaw mill. He
also had borrowed a horse and buggy.
He cashed the checks here and has uot
been eeen since. Frieiida suspect foul
Henebaw's Succesor.
Sacramento, Dec. 6 — Governor Mark
ham toduy appointed A. L. Frick, dep
uty district attorney of Alameda county,
to be euperior judge of that county, vice
Ueashaw, elected to the supreme bench.
Prof. Barnard Rldleulee San Dl*n;o'e Pro
posed Sfamuiotti T«leeenp(*.
Ban Francisco, Dec. 6.—Prof. C. A.
Barnard of the Lick observatory arrived
here thia evening, lie cays the snow on
Mount Hamilton is two inches deep and
atill falling wben he left.
The professor does not think much of
the scheme oi a Chicago man for build
ing an enormous telescope near San
Diego which ia to have a glass greater
than any otber in the world, made of.
nnmberlsaa small lenses. The proposi
tion is, he eaya, to make it something
like the eya of a fly, ao aa to reflect to a
common center; but be cays it ia im
"Tbia Chicago man ia working on the
wrong thing," aaid he. "What he
wants is not n great giaas ol the kind
proposed, but to do what has not been
done—find a means of quieting the at
mosphere. In other words, his proposi
tion is an absurdity."
San Franoiaeo Folio* Ceorts Healed
Over tlio Coals.
San Francisco, Deo. 6.—The grand
jury hae finished its report, whioh will
be hied in the superior court this week.
The jury etudied especially the police
court system of San Francisoo, which is
characterized as unworthy and useless.
The jurors found tbat some police
judges have been derelict in duty,
spending only an hour or two a day at
their court rooms. The report stntes
that the work now performed by font
police judges could be done as well by
two, sitting through ordinary judicial
hours, and the abolition of two police
courts, wbicb would involve an annual
saving of tllo.OOO, is vigorously recom
mended. The extraordinary leniency
of certain police judges towards crim
inals with political affiliations, the
bribery, chicanery, straw bonding and
illicit tratfio in papers by police court
officials is sternly condemned and a
thorough purging of the court is urged.
Tha Western Union Appsala From Jnage
Roes' Deoialon.
San Francisco, Deo. 6. The West
ern Union Telegraph company has ap
pealed from tha decision of the United
States court for the southern district of
California, in the caae of the Weatern
Union Telegraph company againat the
Postal Telegraph company. Tbe enit
was decided in favor of the Postal in
the lower court. It involvea the con
struction of the act of courresa by
whicb tbe Atlantic and Pacific Railway
company received ita franchises. The
railway company tried to grant its ex
clusive telegraph rights to the Weatern
Union, but tbe court held that the
Poatal bad equal rights.
Tbey Will Have a Trade Organisation of
Their Own.
San Francisco, Dec. 6.—The sweet
wine makers have concluded to form an
organization distinct from that of the
dry wine men, known ac the California
i Wine .Makers' corporation. They be
: lieve that by ao doing they will be better
I able to control the market in tbeir par
| ticular line. Theirs will probably be a
{ joint atock association similar to the
! California Wine Association of Dealers.
| Now that the sweet wino makers have
I decided to act apart, it is understood
| that there will be harmony of action be
-1 tween them and the dry wine men.
| The New Warship Will Soon Be Beady
for Service.
San Francisco, Dec. 6.'—The cruiser
Oiympia, the largest cruiser built upon
' the Pacific coast, will aoon be ready for
i service. She was launched over two
years ago, made her aucceseful trial trip
a year ago and has since been waiting
for ber guna, four of which are now on
their way hither from tbe east. Tbe
Oiympia would be a valuble addition to
tbe American fleet in Asiatic waters. It
is' believed the administration desires
her speedy completion that she may
{ hasten to tbe scene of the oriental war,
Hor armament includes 10 five-inch
! guaß and four eight-inch guns.
Bldl for Fatting a Boar on th* New
Court House Opened.
San Bernardino, Dee. [0. —Bids were
opened today for contracts on specifics
tions 13, 14 and 15 on tbe new court
bouse, 1). P. N. Little bidding: $37,700;
Riley, Loan it Thornton, $36,350; Dewar
& Cbisbolm. $35,737, and D. Kilpatrick
$31,500. Tbe latter did not file with
his bid a certified check, and the award
will not be made til) nest Monday.
These contracts will put the roof on the
new court house, whicb is designed to
cost $300,000.
The Jones Tragedy— Ileath of Mrs. T. O.
Prescott, Ariz., Dec. 6.—John Jones,
the miner who was shot by Foreman
Jones of tbe Congress mine, Monday
iast, died last night. David Jooes, who
did the killing, will have his prelimin
ary examination next Monday.
Mrs. Norris, wife of T. G. Norris, a
prominent attorney of Northern Arizona
and president of the council in tbe last
territorial legislature, died here today.
A Wife Beater Attempt Suicide.
Sacramento, D9c. 6.—Andrew Brown,
who was brought to the oonnty jail on
Wednesday afteruoou for beating hie
wife, attempted to commit suicide in
hia cell some time !ast night. Wben
his cell was opened thia morning,
Brown was found suffering from a wound
iv the throat, which be had inflicted
with a pocket knife, and there were two
or three wounds on his body. The
wounds are not dangerous.
Suit for Damages.
Sacramento, Dec. (i —Tally P. J.
Dong, through Kacbael M. Wright, his
guardian, brought suit in the superior
court today againßt the state of Califor
nia to recover $10,000 damages, alleged
to have been sustained by the plaintiff
on September 12. 1891, by reason of tbe
breaking down of the grand stand at
Agricultural park, whereby bis right leg
was broken and he was made a cripple
for life.
Maxwell Acquitted.
Jackson, Oal., Dec. o.—l. D. Max
well, charged with manslaughter in
killing hia son-in-law, D. K. McMantis,
was acquitted by the jury.
Death of a Nevada Pioneer.
Carson, Nt>v., Dec. O.—W. D. Fergu
son, en old pioneer and (be (atber of
Attorney-General Ferguson, died hare
Closing' Scenes in the Hatch
The Courtroom Crowded With Eager
General Hart's Kloqient Argument for
the Defence — Mr. Cook's Reply.
The Date Nearly Ready
for the July.
By tbe Associated rreu.
Woodland, Dec. tt.—At no time dur
ing tiie Wordeu Vnal were there auch
crowds aa are in attendaneo upon the
closing ccencea of tbe Hatch trial. Peo
ple go early in order to get seats, and
those wbo are late never get any nearer
than the corridors.
At 9 ;30 o'clock thia morning General
Hart resumed bia argument. He waa
once more in good voioe. His excoria
tion of ths detectives, Judge Armatrong,
Supervisor Casseiman and others was
even more merciless tban ever. Tba
latter he described aa a railroad emissary
wbo atenda with bia ear to tbe keyhole
to hear those who are testifying. Hs
made a livid word-painting of hired at
torneys, persistent detectives and pet*
jured witneaeea, backed by all that
wealth and innuenoe can command,
hounding a guiltieaa man to the gal
lowa, and then contraated it with the
picture ol a despairing wife, an affec
tionate sister and devoted parents,
hopeful but almost helpless on account
of the stings of poverty. Day after day
tbey have anxiously watched tbe faces
of the jurors for some indication of the
thoughts passing in their minds. Night
after night tbey bave lifted their
prayora to heaven that a loved member
of their family may be aent out of the
courtroom at the close of tbia trial
without a stain upon his character,
General Hart closed at noon, having
occupied nearly eight hours in the de
livery of his argument.
At 1:30 o'clock Mr. Cook began hia
argument for tbe proaecution. He be
gan by saying that tbe doty he felt
called upon to perform ia the moat pain
ful appertaining to tbe profession of the
law, It involves responsibilities that
as an individual he might well wish to
avoid, but as an officer of tbe law he
had taken an oatb not to shirk hie duty.
Mr. Cook's openiug was very impressive
and waa liatened to in breathless silence.
"I am not here," aaid be, "to employ
any of the tricke of oratory or arts of
eloquence to persuade you to do any
thing that the evidence does not compel
you do under your oath aa a jnry. It is
no part of the proaecutiou to appeal to
pasaion and prejudice or to be influenoed
by malice. It ia aa much tbe doty
of the proaecuting officer to
protect the defendant as it ie to protect
the interests of the people. One-fourth
of the cases tried by me during four
years' service as assistant district attor
ney were dismissed on my own motion
because of doubt as to guilt. For 12
hours I bave listened to the argument of |
the defense, hoping that some doubt
would be raised in my mind. I tried to j
diyest myaelf of tbe feeling of an attor
ney and sit as a juror. 1 bave beard i
nothing that shakes my confidence of
the guilt of the accused. A great deal of
the argument for tbe defense bas been
in tbe nature of violent assault upon
everybody connected witb the prosecu
tion aave myself. Mr. Hart knows I
would not lend myself to malicious pros
ecution.- He knows I cannot be hired by
any corporation or any man on earth to
persecute an innocent man, but when I
am employed I will do my duty regard ■
leaa of oonaequencea, but wholly un n
tliienced by malice or improper n o
Mr. Cook deplored the frequency ai d
bitterness of tbe allusions of counsel for
the defense to the special counsel em
ployed, and in reply he ably quoted tbe
language of Daniel Webster in his reply
to a similar assault upon bim when he
waa prosecuting McNabb for the murder
of old man White in Massachusetts.
He urged tbe jury to acquit Hatch if,
upon the conclusion of tbe argument,
there existed a doubt for which a reason
could be given. He did not want any
man convicted unless tbe evidence fully
established his guilt.
"A murder," he anid, "whicb results
from the commission of a felony, al
though tbe murder may not bo premed
itated, is nevertheless murder in the
nrst degree.
"It ia a dastardly and atrocious crime
for men to obstruct or weaken a truck in
a manner tbat must inevitably result in
a wreck and the loss of life. Samuel
Clark and the four soldiers killed on the
11th of July were hurled to destruction
without warning, and tbe men respon
sible for the wreck are guilty of an at
rocious crime."
Mr. Cook then directed bis attention
to General Han's allegation that a great
corporation, and not the people, is be
hind this prosecution.
"Its trains," eaid he, "have been
stopped; its property haa been de
stroyed ; ita employees have been mur
dered ; the lives of its passengers bad
been jeopardized. Tbe people demanded
tbat ttie railroad should take an inter
est in tbe case. It is its duty to protect
its passengers. Without the evidence
of the rsilroad officials and employees
there could be no prosecution in this
Mr. Cook next dwelt upon the in
justice of attempting to inflame publio
opinion and arouae public prejudice, by
alleging that the defendant is poor,
while the prosecuting witnesses are the
slaves of a wealthy corporation. Quot
ing General Hart's declaration, "I use
these bitter terms because I feel bitter."
Mr. Cook said: "No attorney is justified
in using such an expression; no attorney
ought to harbor any bitterness in this
Mr. Cook then began a rapid review
of the testimony. At 4:30 o'clook a
recess was taken till 7 o'olock. Mr. Cook
will not conclude before tomorrow.
The trial of Appelman is set ior Fri
day. Hart and Gaddis have beeu re
tained ior the defense.
Affaire In Morocco.
Tangier, Dec. t> —The agent of the
American consul general arrived at Fez
November 28tb. Charb province, the
scene of the present righting, is 50 miles
from Fez. The Sbeerifian officials are
believed to have grossly exceedod tbeir
authority. The sultan hae dispatched a
cadi with cavalry to quiet the district.
I hs Parle Aground.
BoOTHAMITON, Dec. 0. —Too American
line steamer fariß went aground oli' the
company's dock extension in a dense
fog last uight. She wt s floated next
high tide. The passengers and mail
were landed by tenders.
250 envelopes, oOc; % ream writing paper 25c
l.angitadter, 214 W. Second, Hollenbeck hotel.
RaJti General Weat uf Ike Itoeklea—Snow
In tha Mountains.
San Francisco, Deo. 6.—The weather
bureau reporta tbat rain baa been gen
eral during tbe paat 24 houra through
out the entire territory west of the
Rocky mountains, and clondv and rainy
wee Mer still prevails. In Southwest
ern Oregon snow is falling.
The rain has been heavy thronghont
California. Reports received from over
20 towne. in all sections of tbe state, in
dicate tbat at no point has the fall been
less than one inch ths paat 24 hours.
Colfax reports 3.27 inches, Auburn 1.83,
Spadra 8,10, Santa Ana 2 03, Anaheim
1.90, San Pedro 1.60, Loa Angelea 1.30,
Mariposa, Ariz., 2 01.
San Bernardino, Dec. o.—Since 8 p.
m. laat evening 1.00 Inchea of rain has
fallen, making 2.03 incbea for tbe atorm,
and it ia still raining. Reporta from
two stations on the mountains, Squirrel
Inn and Bear .valley, give a rainfall
about tbree times tbe fall here. Farm
era ate jubilant and are preparing to
aow a large acreage in grain.
Ontario, Dec. 6.— The total rainfall
here for two daya is 3.20 inches. Fully
five inches fell at the foot of tbe moun
tains. The atorm has caused great re
joicing among the farmers. Laat night
waste water under the Oaboru block, in
coarse of construction, caused it to
settle ao tbat part uf one wall will have
to be rebuilt.
Sacramento. Deo. 0. —It waa oletr
Dare today, bnt at 10 o'clock tonight
rain began to fall again, with a cold
wind prevailing. Traina running over
the mountains ore now provided witb
snow plowa. Tbere are two feet of snow
at tbe summit.
Carson, Nov., Dec. tl —The first real
enow atorm of the aeaeon commenced
thia morning and nearly a foot of snow
haa fallen today,
Tucson, Ariz., Dec. 6.—lt has been
raining hero all day. Tbe storm ia gen
eral throughout Southern Arizona, and
cattlemen are rejoicing.
Th» ImaiKßO, Company Won.
London, Dec. 6.—The auit of Major
Dudley brought againat tbe New York
Mutual Life Insurance company to
recover $20,000 upon the life of hia bod,
Lieutenant Windeor Dudley Hasbrougb,
who waa shot and killed at Ardlement,
Scotland, on August 1, 1892, haa resulted
in a verdiot for the company.
Friends of Armoula.
Boston, Dec. 6.—The aociety of
Frienda of Armenia of tbia oity today
began circulating a petition to the pres
ident of tbe United States and the Czar
of Russia, aaking tbem to interfere to
prevent farther of the Arme
nians by Turks and secure reparation
for blood already abed.
The II ,t- or l>l«oonnt.
London, Dec. o.—The bank of Eng
land's rate of discount remains un
changed at 2 ncr cent.
WORLD." ■ _
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ble prices are given.
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CUR DIPLOMAS are from the
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ialty 11) years lv thia city.
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