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' I BRADBURY Preside a i
I r. HUMPHREYS Vice-l'resident
%S>a. LACY teerctar •
OAFFEY— Managing Edlior
f:: At! D. BOWEN liu-me's Hanesrur
l STEVENS ollyEdiio.
Feu. LSiSKD Wire Service.
Per Week 3 2"
. rit Month so
I BY MAIL (inc.tiding po.tage):
R ~<: . l ailv Herald, one year 8 00
Daily Herald , six months 4
' imily Herald, three months - 25
Pally Herald, one mouth so
I Vt'eeklv Herald, one year 1 W
:*" ; wsekfv Herald, six mom ha 1 ol
tfec Weekly Herßld, tliref inoniijH in
£ Illustrated Herald, per copy -"
TOfe-JSntered at the I'ostoniee ai Los Angeles as
c papers of all delinquent mar subscriber
: Daily Herald will bo promptly discon
d hereafter. No papers w.ll be sent to
i rlbers by mail unless the tame have been
; a ■ for in advance.
.1 '. Fisher, newspaper advertising agent,
} {i t\, -. chants' Ixcnangc, Ban FrancUio. is an
««:!. ii-lsed agent. This paper is Kept ou rile iv
Kaftisi teti ie.
Sol Eastern Advertising Agent, 8. P. Palmer,
Bh.r. dander Building, New York.
TJ: Herald is sold at the Occidental Hot'-d
»n f stand, Sau Francisco, foroe a copy.
i, No onlrlbutlons returned.
rmoai, dkcbmbjcr 7, is 94.
An i person who cannot buy The Herald
I %fji net' sstands in thecity or in its suburbs
£,; or nv. ailroad trains, or at anyplace u-here
a '.--is Angeles paper should be sold, will
(ibi ne i by reporting the fact to the Her
| •le* C'V'Ce, Los Angeles
Ir wasn't much of a ehower, alter all.
Bat i< 'aid tbe dust.
Tin doctors are iv session at Pasa
dena; which accounts for the increased
are* of tbe health belt.
£'ome enterprising newspaper ought to
get a few opinions on man suffrage from
Mi. Mary Ellen Lease, late ot Kansas.
The Sacramento Record-Union re
view: ihe president's message at length
— about half tbe length of the message.
Tin "woman of the future" may bo
all tbat iB claimed for ber, but the
tr-oiru . of the present iB good enough
for up.
T f "ai. ownership is to be tried by
New x'crk city in tho operation of a
rap i! traosit system, costing $4'X000,000,
to ron underground. A rapid transit
l jjotriinission will let contracts for the
ijrork, r ment to bs made in municipal
t i The motive power will be elec
t lunicipal ownership of every
pnblii i !• ocsity and convenience is only
email >f a short time. It is the only
hone of t ;e people against the aggres
sion of pressive monopolies and soul
leße corporations.
1.-vi': t about time that the police
iß't'e'' (.ni ther crap game? Tbe record
or th 39 of municipal iniquity is not
yet cot ; etc. But in stumbling over
Big Dick and Little Joe to make it
"como e> /en," tbe police department
ruuet no', by any accident fall foul of
johnny-1 chind-the-Deuce or disturb
tbi holy aim that pervades the pre
ciccts wI c"a stack of blues" is "cop
r ion ne queen" with "a pile of
rede" I ' "i all tbe turn on a three times
Ti- Kirn ie a flavor of sardonic humor in
ths proposition to pension the super
annuated school teachers of San Fran
cieco while John C. Pelton, the founder
of tue public school system of California,
is denied a place to lay his head or food
to ker;- . in from starving, save as
charity flii alms to a beggar. Even
the teachers who are askinir to be pen
sioned oi the state's bounty have
turosd v leaf ear to tbis old man's pite
ous cry 'an tbey blame 'he people
who are low supporting them, for cold
indifference to their demand for this
ftt.tu :j
It .yam tut anticipated that tho bank
ers ?>ou d agree with President Cleve-
financial opinions as enunciated in
bis meee»|je. Pawnbrokers do not gener
ally lavi.- .nvs restricting the usury of
tfce r train. Particularly obnoxious, it
afreets ie Mr. Cleveland's suggestion
that nat :i.l bank bends be abolished,
•mi tbi rch back deposit with the '
gover; vii n 10 per cent of circulation ac j
apritec: ■. to tne gold reserve. Such !
•n i : v . c:r ent is altogether too popu
lar n ects to be popular with the
■tut. tf Ii .-ire.
1 cv, a professional lobbyist
lei I he employ of ths Sonthern
ond corporation in the ca
nunicipal manipulator, has I
ie failed to procure the pas
resolution by the board of 1
of San Francisco granting to
bis en >rs the right to erect trolioy
poles ? the Kearny-streot electric
ihocked was tbis old pro
is failure that he came near
dfing leepot. Such an extraordin
ary in* is a refusal by a San Francia
ut : f supervioors to do the bidding
of th them Pacific had never bean
on Lobbyist Haley dnring a ;
renal effort on behalf of that j
t.~., n extending over twenty
]care. As scou as be had recovered
somewhat from the effects of hie
astonishment and chagrin he hurried
to Fourth aod Townsend streets and
tendered his resignation. The eld pan
der's occupation wet gone. Ilsart
weary and grief stricken, he knelt at
the base of the Great White Throne,
and bowing hie gray hairs in the dust
offered the remnant of hie honor in ex
change for one smile of approving grati
tude from the Awful Presence. But
Huntington, silting np aloft, his brow
wreathed in thunder and his voice
harsh as the traffic might bear, waved
tbe culprit into outer darkness, aa?ing :
"Go to, old man ; go to I Thou art as
one cast out of swint— k reproach and a
Bhatne. Begone: we h*ve no further
use for thee. Avaunt!" And tho mis
erable wretch crawled away and is still
crawling. _________
Private advices to tbe Herald from
tbs C.ty ot Mexico disoloae a somewhat
complicated condition of affairs in re
lation to tbe boundary dispute with
OiuaUmaia, Involving nearly every
phage of the political eituatim and
prosaging a storm that may serioaily
affect the republic's foreign policy.
Tbe newspapers, through which
ebullient factions manifest themselves,
are bitterly partisan in tbe discussion
oi the boundary question, and althoagh
the government cannot very well com
mit itself until after the arrival of the
Guatemalan envoys, there are curtain
evidences of public opiuiou tint point
to the fact that a war with the southern
republic would bo popular.
Tbe states continue to call extra ses
sions to vote their state troops to bo
turned over to the federal government
Bhould war between the two countries
be declared, it is generally believed
that a war would be exceedingly popu
, lar witb tbe supporters of General Diaz,
and tbey will spare no effort to pre
cipitate hostilities.
The presidential election is at hand
and there is no doubt tbat President
Diaz will offer bimself for re-election.
While it is undisputed that tbe Diaz in
terest is so firmly entrenched tbat it
need fear no opposition, still tbere is a
decided indisposition to revive in this
campaign the fierce contention that
came near resulting in oivil war at the
last election. During tbat period
the capital was for a day and
a night in tbe hands of a mob tbat was
suppressed by the troops ouly after con
siderable bloodshed. The importance
of this uprising was evidenced in the
effort of the government to conceal tne
facts, the official organs claiming that
only one man wbb killed when the
slaughter actually numbered ita victims
by scores. Still further to belittle the
affair the state authorities imprisoned a
number of students, mere boys, wbo
were accused of seditious uttsrances.
ignoring the actual leaders of the insur
The partisans of Diaz do not desire
the revival of these ante-election scan
dals in thia campaign, and to avoid thia
unpleasantness they favor a foreign war,
hoping that a victorious invasion of a
neighboring power will glorify Diaz, and
that tbe animosity against him will be
[so dazzled by tbs effulgence that it can
not make it' elf apparent or affect the
opinions of the people.
Diplomatic measures, however, must
be attempted before a reaaonable excuse
presents itself for drawing the sword
and for theee reasons it is deemed poli
tic to await the arrival of tbe Guatema
lan envoys.
A war would be popular. The only
drawback ac iar a 9 the government is
concerned is the lack of cash in tbe
treasury. Mexico has paid tbe interest
on hor foreign debt and suataine d her
credit abroad under most disadvanta
geous conditions, and tbat section of
tbe government represented by Mr.
Limantour, secretary of the treas
ury, would offer etienuous resist
ance to an increase of tbe
national debt under any circumstances.
This minister represents the new Mex
ico and the younger generation, and al
though hie influence is great, the power
of the old regime is sufficient for the
present to overcome him.
The Mexican government is observing
every military precaution. Tbe troops
on the frontier are being steadily in
creased, and there will be but little
doubt of tbe result when tbe Btruggle is
precipitated. It is not known in Mexico !
precisely what force Guatemala aould
oppose to the Mexican army, but it is
fairly well understood that the quality
of the fightinz material will be little
batter tban guerilla contingents and ut
terly unfit to cope witb trained bat
The Chicago Inter Ocean has been in
vestigating the beet sugar product of
Utah, as observed in the operation and
output of the !/rhi sn/ar factory. The
result of this investigetion is a lesson to
other states, Bhowing what difficulties
may be overcome in beet raising and
sugar making, and the antagonUm of
the sugar trust, that could mslce no
headway in its raids against this indus
The Lshi factory, with a capital of
$700,CU0, yearly paid out $230,417.64, or
much more than a third of its capital
stock, for labor and material used in the
manufacture ot" beet sugar. The accocut
Standi thus:
I '.!(I,KOO tons of beets, which cost.. .9143,281) !>6
•1 no ion. of co iat $n 1 <,000 00
ions ot coin' atsl7.lo 8.430 00
Hi tons of lime roo& at $2.50 4,U.« .".<>
4O,Ooo<louble augar bags at U' -,c. . U.gbO on
4 ..10 yards of beAvy duel! at 100... li-- ->0
Losoyardsof Ueronan .luc* *t 50j. Dgs oj
duo > pounds of Mil ■ oiln 100 00
4.">lM> i oond» ,il tnlloiy 'J7O 00
30.000 pouLds of sulphur <i()i> 00
10,000 i omuls of muriatic acid .. . :f!SO o;>
I.uiio'niory fliitl otbor bupplics. ... 5,000 00
Paid for labor S2.O&S Oi
Total ea'lt outlay to produce
J,000,000 pounds oi 50ger....9380,4X7 «4
The number of people employed in
the factory, exclusive of boys and girls,
was 2000. The season of work covers
110 days.
Now, if one factory, wbicb turns out
no more then 3000 tons uf sugar a year
expends $230,417.64 a year for labor and
material, what would be tbe amount o!
money expended for American grown
cane and beets, for American labor in
soger farms and factories, end for Amsr
ican made machinery and chemicals, i
oar market were supplied wholly with'
borne made augar ? The answer to the
question ia the striking corollary to the
Utah faot. A partial answer ia to oe
foond in this statement:
If tbe entire amount of augar con -
snmod in the United States) during tbe
fiscal year ending June 30, 1893, had
been manufactured in this country the
people of the United States would have
received the following for sugar and
beets, etc.:
Coal 21,571,000 tona beeta.... $1 15.3111,337 80
COBI coa, in Ht!7,500 0J
Coat coke g,7IMMOOOO
Co-t 1 lno na» M3o,Ua ■"><>
coat augar nags nud ouukiug.. 1i.0H.-, tl. SO
Cost i,i aoda 170.700 00
Cost tal ow 2:7,35w0>
Coslsul.hllr 453.H00 1)0
Cost muriatic acid 231,550 OJ
Cost laboratory nnd other sup
pie, 4,025.000 00
Cost wugee 41.608.6tta 40
Total that won d bave baen
eaptnded at homt $lt-5.511>,000 20
Tho cost oi machinery and the trans
portation of raw and mAnnfactured m»
teiial is not included in these estimates ;
probably they would add a third to the
But even on tho bssia of $185 5413,000,
we have an expenditure on home indus
tries and on home labor far exceeding,
very nearly doubling, that of the value
of all the wheat exported from the
United States. The exports of wheat
during iho year 1808 were oi the value
of 103,631,070. The amount epsnt in
producing American made sugar in
quantity sufficient for the supply of tbs
American market would have been near
to 518b.000.000. Is not Utah giving
valuable suggestions to formers who
are fretting under the unprofitableness
of 50-cent wheat?
A similar showing can be made at
Chino, and when the sugar trust is com
pelled to loosen its grip on this staple,
Anaheim will put in operation an en
terprise of equal importance and com
mercial value.
The senate committee on oominerce
will ask tbe senate to reauthorize an in
spection ol San Pedro and Santa Monica
harbors, aB directed at tbe last session
of congress. Tbe request will undoubt
edly be granted and the committse will
begin its investigation of the respective
merits of the two harbors next March,
immediately after tbe adjournment of
congress. Every preparation abould be
made by the citizens of Lob Angeles and
Sonthern California to receive this dele
gation, and every facility should he pro
vided for a full and complete presenta
tion of the superiorities of the har
bor of San Pedro. We have a wily
foe to deal with, and'it may be taken
for granted that tbe committee will be
well supplied with Southern Pacific data
long before they reach tbia coast. We
must be prepared with sufficient evi
dence in rebuttal, and it must be of
substantial character, minute in every
detail aud oonclueive in every particu
Speaking of charity and charity en
thusiasm at this season, permit us to
offer Chicago—big, bustling, hustling,
nickel-chasing Chicago—in evidence. In
that oity, we are told, co universal haa
the benevolent temper become that it is
growing to be bad form to indulge in any
elaborate social eoheme, public or semi
private, which does not chime with the
demand of tbe hour— that funds eball
be found in pleasant ways to fill tbe
gaping treasuries of many necessary and
admirable public institutions. And not
one word of protest, nor a murmur of
dieapproval, nor even a critical comment
or a doubtful shake of the head. There
is peace in Chicago at this season, and
good will to men. Even tbe Levitea pass
by on the hither aide to assist the good
Samaritan aa he lifta the poor devil who
haa fallen among thieves. For, sad to
relate, there are many thievea aa well ac
Samaritans in Chioago.
W. A. Cheney of thie city bas noti
tied tbe trustees of Ban .Bernardino, on
behalf oi tbe Electric Light oompany,
that suit will be begun to recover
(415.76, the amount of the September
bill for lighting the city. The trustees
refused to pay tbe full amount of the
bill because, as tbey claimed, tbe ser
vice waß inferior. An offer to com
promise for 75 por cont of the original
bill was refused by tho company. Thia
should be a lesson to the citizsns of San
Bernardino, teaching tbem that the
soonor tbey supply themselves with
light, the better it will be for the com
munity. A municipal lighting plant
will pay for itßelf in five years, and give
better service tban a hirod outfit. There
is no ecouomy or satisfaction in fatten
ing corporations of this character, who
not only refuse to fulfill their contracta
but drag tbeir victims into expensive
litigation on the slightest protest.
It looks now bb if young Campbell-
Campbell of Los Ansole?, by the way
has got tbe state university where tbe
hair ia short. The gentle savages of
that institution shaved one eide of the
Campbell "think tank," and Campbell
complemented the joke by shaving tbe
other aide, after which he "had hia
picture taken" and inscribed : "This is
the result of the highest education at
tainable in ibe curriculum of California's
boasted institution of learning." Tbe
"heft" oi the ridicule appears to be on
the academic aborigines.
Zue cartoon in yesterday's Times was
very like a plagiarism of the Examiner's
dead Republican elephant idea. The
idea is excellent and the stealing of it
by the Times is not extraordinary, but
Colonel Otis should have exercised
more cleverness in concealing the stolen
goods. __________
The Pasadena News informs the Her
ald that it need not go to San Francisco
to find descendants of kinge and "no
bles of high degree." Within "rifle
shot" of the News office, that journal
announces, lives a lineal scion of George
the Fourth ; not a block from this per
sonsge is a descendant of Napoleon,
through the Pattersons of Baltimore,
who is also a direct descendant of Roger
Williams: not far sway lives Dr. Chan-
I ning, wbo founded Uaitarianiam, and
in tbe Immediate vioinity reaidea a near
relative ol the duke of Argyle whom pa
triotic Scotchmen bleaa wbenevet tbey
find need for the dncal scratching post.
Our pride-lifted contemporary aaya it
oould extend this Hat from the peerage
to a column. It ie enough. We are
satisfied. Paaadena takea the coronal.
The arietocracv of that town ia above
If for no other reason, it is desirable
that the amendments proposed to the
city chartsr should be adopted because
it is provided therein that tha municipal
election shall be held on a date entirely
d(stinct irom that of national, atate or
county electiona. It ia a wiss proviaioo,
insuring absolnte freedom from partisan
bias or prejudice in the election of offi
cials who are to act in intimate relation
with community interests.
Los Angeles Theater.—Everybody laughed
at The New Hoy last night. The play is one of
those farces Which at places are aimed to rise
to a certain dramatic dignity; while tlicy are
simply farces tbey arc jolly nnd till the object
of their existence, but when the more ambi
tious scenes occur they are found to be want
ing. The New Boy also labors under the dis
advantage of being full of reminlscenses of
Little Puck, even to the little man who plays
the boy,—Mr, Bert Coote-for tbe farce is in
some of the business a duplication of Mr.
Daniels' famoua piece, in which Mr. 4'oote
alien hero before, played. It is, however, ex
cellently constructed, and if pruned cf its ex
cessive wordiness would be even more enjoy
able than il is now.
MA Coote is one of tbe best comedians of the
day in this class of farces, and fully compre
hends nnd utilize! the resources of his pa t
and is well supported.
The two most striking bits of work, bow
ever, are not the most prominent. One is the
Nancy Roach of Grace George, who plnys most
charmingly, and the Bullock Major of Charles
Stoddard, whioh is a truly excellent bit of
character work.
The fun is sometimes rather furious, but it
Is real fun, and the lines arc, as a rule, spark
ling and often epigrammatic, the acting ia ex
cellent, and the whole a clean, happy means
of entertainment.
Unity Chcrch.— A laige audience assembled
at l"ni y church last evening, and were highly
entertained for an hour and a half by an illus
trated lecture on art given by Mrs. William E.
Rothe-y. The platform had been so lighted
and arranged with drapery as to afford an
auistie setting for the paintings about which
she was to discourse. The lecturer herself
presented a finer picture than any slie de
scribed. She spoke oi the art of criticism,
evincing a thorough familiurity with the vari
ous schools, and paid a fine compliment to the
art school in this city.
A large number of paintings wero then
placed upon the easel in rapid succession,
while the lectuter commented with taste and
discrimination upon the peculiar chrraclerls
ticsifeach. All the paintings were the pro
duction of Col. Albert Jenks, an artist to whom
such distinguished men as Abraham Lincoln,
tieneral Grant, General Sherman, General
Miles, and many state governors and other
officials sat. The portraits of prominent citi
zens of California and Los Angeiea wore also
shown. The likenesses frequently evoked ap
plause before the lecturer mentioned their
names. At the end of Ihe lecture Colonel
Jenks was vociferously called for, but he was
too modest or diffident to appear.
Los Angeles Theater.—The advance sale of
seats for the American Extravaganza company
engagement as the Los Angeles theater opened
yesterday morning, and when the box office
closed last night the receipts were about
S2OOJ. The Aladdin company is on its way to
this city. It left Denver at 3 o'clock Thursday
morning on a special train of nine cars, and
will make no stops until it reaches Los An
geles. James Pcnnyfather, the electrician of
the company, arrived here yeste day morning,
and is at work arranging for the 25 electric
calcium lights which are used to light the
stage. To secure the required current, the
wires of the electric street railway will have
to be tapped.
The Denver Republican, in reviewing tho
engagement of Aladdin Jr. in that city, says
io ita last Sunday editim. :
Aladdin Ir. deserves its great auccess, Be
yond doubt it is the most lavish production
of its class that bas ever been taken across ihe
continent, and during these times of financial
uncertainty any management that carries a
company using "some nine railroad cars for its
transportation de crv.s the patronage of peo
ple who go to theaters.
The lecond monthly recital of Mrs. Kemp
ton'a pupils took place yesterday afternoon at
her residence, No. 1002 South Olivo atreet.
The programme was interesting and good,
end although a few were kept away by the
rain, those who wtre present rendered their
numbers in a manner tbat reflected only credit
to tliemsclycs and the method by which they
are taught. Mrs. Albert C. Jones and her sis
ter, Mrs. Haralson, both have voices of excep
tional timbre and rang'), and each sang her
number so well yesterday that an encore was
demanded. Miss Ivy Gardner's rendition of
The Flower Song, from Faust, was brilliant
and dramatic, and her rich, sweet voire was
admirably handled. Following is the pro
gramme, as it was rendered:
Duet, Greeting, Mendelssohn—Mmes. Camp
bell and Kcmpton.
Winter lullaby. Dr. Kovecr—Miss Hctrick.
My Mother Bids Me liraid My Hair, Hayden—
Miss Lulu Williams.
The Flower Song From Faust, Gounod—Miss
Ivy Gardner.
Valterla Tenu. Verdi- Mrs. Orr Haralson.
Waiting, Millard—Mrs. A. C.Jones.
Heart's spring Time, Yon Wickede—Miss J.
Sins, Smile, slumber. Gounod, violin obit
gato—Miss belphincTodd.
The concert that was given last evening at
Rartlett's music hall under the auspices of the
Y. W. C. A., was fairly well attended, and tbe
various numbers on the programme received
appreciative attention arid Applause. Miss
Kale Kider played Liszt's transcription of
Verdi's Kigoletio, and a Joseffy waltz with
considerable brilliancy; Mr. tVllUama sang the
Toreador Song from ('armcrri, and Come to My
Heart, by Jordan; in the latter song bis voice
was beard to good advantage. Miss A. 1..
Murphy read Charles Kiugsley's Lorraine, Sam
uel Lover's Low Back Car, James Whitcomb
Riley's That Old Sweetheart of Mine, and the
Sleeping Car, by W. I). Howells. Miss Murphy
reads admirably, witb almost none of tbe af
fectation that most elocutionists aie alllicted
with, and in the farce by Howella, she was at
her best; her voice is agreeable and carefully
modulated, and the personalities of the various
characters she was presenting, were clearly
Mr. J. Bond Francisco's first number, a con
cert mazurka, by Zarzigcki (op. i! 6), Is ex
tremely difficult, and was bandied with tho
deftness and dclicncy that is characteristic of
li is playing. In the -Musin licrceuse bis legato
notes were dainty and his tone pure and Very
sweet; for the encore that was demanded, he
played a brillimt waltz, also by Musin. with
much ease ami finish. Mrs. Aucr was unabio
to appear, ami her places on the programme
were liiied by Miss Murphy and Mr. Francisco.
Mrs. T. Masac announces a pupils' recital to
be given at her residence, northeast comer of
Grand avenue and Eleventh street, Monday
evening, December loth, at ri o'clock. Parents
will be welcome, and by signifying their desire
to be present, w ill be provided witb inviU
tions by Mrs. .Masac.
August Aamold, tbe Norwegian violinist,
who was beard here in the summer of 'ti, has
returned after a tour through the northern
part of the stale, and will give a recital this
afternoon at Normal School hall. The New York
Dramatic Mirror and otber press notices speak
oi lits playing in complimentary terms.
The l'iuttt-Krauss loncert, announced to
have taken place this afternoon, has been
postponed one week
Ha Wai Stabbsd la Thraa Plaeia aad
-art Dead —Tho Itaealt of tha
Inqaaat by tha C«*i
Albtrt Roland, a Mexican, wai fonnd
murdered on tbe Chapman ranoh, near
Lamanda Park, at 7 o'clock yesterday
morning. He had been atabbed in tbe
aide, in the neck and in the bead.
At the coroner'a inquest laat night It
developed that npon tbe evening before
Roland, who was about 3J years old,
and Paola Roach went to Santa Anita,
where tbey engaged In a game ol cards
for money. The twain wound np by
pnrchaaing aome wins and going on a
big apree in an attempt to get rid of the
Roach tsstißsd that he waa with tbe
man at Held win* store at 8:30 p. in.,
where they gambled and drank, Fran
cisco Carillo and a man named Garcia
were with him. The orowd, except
Koaco, soon left, going toCarillo's honse.
Later they went to the Chapman
ranch, and thereafter, nntil his body
was picked np, he was not seen. It is
quite likely tbat the crowd quarreled
und one of them stabbed their comrade.
Sheriff Cline cud Duputy Cochrane
went to the scene yesterday afternoon,
and their investigation led lo the arrest
of Roach as having some complicity in
the murder. Later in the day Roach
waa allowed to go free, aa the coroner's
jury returned a verdict of murder by un
known pezfons, tnd blamed no one. It
is quite evident that an arrest will be
made soon.
The murder waa devoid of a more
sensational aspect than is centered in the
bare lacts of an every day killing. The
men had gambled, drank and quarreled
together, and juat auch a Mexican brawl
was indulged in aa would likely be the
origin of murder.
Iho U. 8. Ualla Ui.a by Blaokmallara
and Htdlelna Y«udora.
Herman Henris is a gentleman wbo, it
appeare, baa been attempting to prey
npon tbe (ear* of young women, and is
in the unfortunate position now of hav
ing to fight for his liberty. Unole Bam
has tbroirn the mantle of oharity around
at least one one of these schemers, and
Henris having been indioted by tbe
federal grand jury, was arraigned yes
terday in the United States district
The speoifio charge against him is that
be cent certain postal cards through the
United States mails of an "indecent,
lewd, lascivious, obsoene, libelous, scur
rilous ami defamatory character;" and
some of these interesting epistles hays
arisen in judgment and will confront
Mr. Henris wben the day of accounting
arrives. They are all tb tbs one per
son, a Miss Wanda Wilson, and ad
dressed to 4308 Cottage Orove avenue,
Chicago, 111. Tho first was posted at
Coarse Gold Gulch, Cal.
While an air of familiarity pervades
the first effusion it is not distinguished
by any literary ability and, indeed is
calculated to make tbe spirit of Lindley
Murray grieve.
The next communication, quite np t>
the etandard of literary excellence of ihe
former one, was sent Irom Itaymond.
It snpplied, apparently in answer to a
query, the address of the parties manu
facturing a specific previously alluded
to. On July 17th the third communica
tion was posted at Kingeburg, in tbis
state, and in tbis one Henris |falls, like
Silae Wegg, of immortal memory, into
poetry, Not of a high order, however,
and tbe lines oontain within them insin
uations against tbe character of the re
oipien t.
Crowing bolder, five postal card were
dUpatcbed from Kingsbury on July
31st, ami tbe writing on these reflected
seriously en the young lady in the east,
whose name was linked unpleasantly
with two men named Pierson and Tom
linson. Bofore he had time to misuse
the United States mail service any fur
ther, Harris was arrested and will h.ve
to answer for his offense. Monday
next was the day set to pled.
This case promises to he of some n
terest, inasmuch as the ghouls who piy
their vocation and make tne United
States mail department accessory to
their iddecent designs are not a few.
Miss Estella Leonard, oldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Leonard, was married to Mr.
Charles J. Peteler at the home of tho bride'a
parents, on Wednesday at noon, Hon. Judge
Bartholomew officiating. Relatives only were
present. Mr. and Mrs. Peteler departed for
their beautiful home in tbe Cahuenga valley,
en Thursday, followed by the kindest wishes
of numerous frienda.
IVo Ar. Up to D»t«.
[From the Napa Journal.l
Sinco the change iv tho management of the
Los Angeles IIKRALO it has jumped from a
humdrum, out-of-date sheet to a first-class
daily that will compare favorably witb the
leading dailies of San Francisco, And why
should not such be the case? Los Angeles to
day has a population oi probably 100,0')0 of as
go ahead, enterprising, rustling people as ever
gathered together in a city corporation;
furthermore, il is surrounded by a large extent
of countty alive witb just such people.
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Experience ln all
Tun State or Texas,, 1
County of Tarrant. I
Before me J. B. Martin, a notary public in
and for Tarrant county, Texo", on ihla day pew
Konaily appeared John T. Haynea.and who,
being h mo duly aworn, depoaes and says that
be formerly resided at Mauor, Travia count* -
Texas, but now temporarily stopping in Fort
Worth, Texas. . , _ _ _ (
Aim further depoats and C. D.
Harmou. BoeclalUt, of Fort Wmth, Texas, has
recently removed a oanoer from his wife's j
brea«t moaauring thirteen (13) clr
cumference, involving the entire sm«
without the use of th£ * n •'j?*"? 9 , n ° w
has in alcohol-after
tute in Fort Worth treated her four mouths and
failed to remove the camg H fc
Sworn to and subscribed before me this tha
lllth day of April. 189 A. J. I. MARTIN, j
Notary Public.Tarrant County, Texas,
Tape-worm Absolutely Removed la |
Four Hours. j
And a'l Dlaeases of Women successfully treated ■ 1
by him.
asm Be aure to see him before going to Hot j
Springs at hta residence,
553 VV, Jefferson St., Los Angeles,Cal. ft
Take University electric cars—get off at ear- I
ncr of McClintock and Oliu streets. f ]
POLAND Aaarß " I
FOR Barthlomaw * Co*
XAT A TTTT? 218 W. First ar.
WAI jLiSS. telephone hol
7-29 U

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