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eliag the jury waa commenced at once.
This work ia entrusted to Mr. Gaddla ior
ths defenas and Meaara. Armstrong and
Clark will assist tbe diatriot attorney.
Whenever new witaeaaaa are introduced
Mr. Cook lor tbe proeecution and Gen
eral Hart for the defense, wili be pres
ent. Only 13 namea remained in the
vanire, and whan tbeae were exbauated,
only two jurora bad bean obtained. The
court ordered a venire to be lasned for
40 additional jurora returnable Tuesday
Harry Knox, chairman of the board
of mediation, and three otber A. R. U.
men are yet to be tried on aimiiar
•barges. S. G. Worden, one of the ac
cused atrikera, baa already been con
victed and aentenced to be hanged.
Oan. A. I>. Bart Goaded to l>«»p.ration
by Hia Former Law Stndeut.
Sacramento, Deo. 7.—A rather sensa
tional feature occurred in tbe superior
court tonight during tbe trial of a bur
glary esaa. A youth named Rains was
caught in Lawyer A. L. 1 i art's bouie
one nigbt some weeks ego, and hia trial
commenced yeaterday. General Hart
being abaent in Woodland, tbe diatriot
attorney conducted the prosecution
alone. When the burglary occurred,
and for a year or two prior thereto,
William P. Harlow was a stndent in
Hart'a office and two weeks ago waa ad
mitted to practice by the inpreme
The flrat caae he got waa that of young
Rains, and when Hart was told of it, he
informed Hailow tbat Rama could not
be delanded by hia office. Harlow de
cided to atay by hia client, co he and
Hart severed their relatione, both pro
fessionally and socially.
Tonight on Hart'a return from Wood
land ha took tha witneaa stand to testify
againat the prisoner. Great fnn was
expacted by lawyera and others when
Harlow atatted in to cross-examine the
general, bnt tbey got even moro than
they bad bargained for. After asking a
number of tantalizing queationa, Harlow
finally got Hart so angry that be forgot
the court's frequent warnings and re
plied in auch terms tbat be was fined
$25 for contempt of court, A few min
utes later tbere waa another outbreak
and Hart waa fined $50 more. This was
repeated in almost tbe next breath, and
finally the district attorney implored
the oourt not to be ao severe on tbe
witness, as he was greatly excited.
All thia time Hariow maintained hie
composure and seemed to take a eort of
riendiah delight in prodding hia former
friend and tutor. Once when the court
reprimanded bim for aaking aoms quea
tion, be apologized and reminded the
court tbat it was a new business to him,
and beaide he had received hia school
ing in General Hart's office. Tbe caaa
finally weat over.
A Woodland Bfarchnat Loaea Hie I.li>
In a Peonllar Mannar.
Sacramento, Dec. 7.—A diatreseing
thing occurred tonight between here
and Daviaville, at about tbe point
■ where the overland train waa robbed
not long ago. Among the paaaengera
on tbe train for Woodland leaving
bare at 5 p. m. waa Ban Cbarmak,
a merchant of that place. The night
waa stormy and a strong wind waa
blowing. Out on the Yolo plaina it !
umonnted to quite a gale. Cbarmak
ielt the amoking car to get hie ticket
from bis overcoat in tbe passenger
coach, and as he wat passing irom one
car to tbe other he lost his balance and
waa blown off tha plasform. Two
men aaw bim go off the platform
and gave tbe alarm. Tbe train was
stopped and backed up for a mile, bnt
tba unfortunate man could not be
found. The crews of two In-coming
trains alao kept a lookout along tbe road,
but Cbarmak was not ieeu.
The railroad company haa aant out an
engine and crew to eearcb for bim. The
night ia bitterly cold and rain ia failing
At a late hour tonlgbt the dead body
ofChaimak waa fonnd alongside the
railroad track.
Cltlaans of Sacramento Proparlog; to En
tertain Them.
Sacramento, Deo, 7.—An exeoutive
eommitteo of citizens waa organized here
today to arrange for a reception and en
tertainment to the American Vomo
logical aociety January 16, 17 and 18.
Committees were named on fruit ex
hibit, floral matters, excursion and en
tertainment accommodations, art gal
lery, reception and finance. A general
manager was elected and ordered to go
to work at once.
There will be provided a good hall, a
frnit exhibit, attendants, v social re
ception, an excureion to the Folsom
water power, Notoma vineyard and or
chards near Maybew'a. No banquet,
but frequent refreshments will be sup
plied to tbe guests, end a large reception
committee will receive and entertain
tba guests.
Mayor Stainman waa elected chair
man aod J. O. Coleman executive of
A Homesteader*. FnlnTul Mishap In
Albany, Ore.. Dec. 7. —Abram Jonea,
who lived alone on a homestead near
Detroit, was terribly burned last night.
While asleep the house caught fire, the
flamea soon spread to hia bed, and
wben he awoke be waa surrounded by
lire. He rushed through tbe flames end
escaped by breaking down the burning
door. Clad only in bis nigbt sbirt he
walked a quarter of a mile through aix
inchea of anow to tbe nearest neighbor,
where help wae given and a neighbor
summoned. The ends of his fingers
were burned off, his back and thighs
blistered, and bis face frightfully dis
Th* Burling.ran Clab Onlng to Ape the
6an Fjiancißco, Deo. 7. —The Bur
llngama club is arranging to put on a
publio coach with gentlemen drivers
running three times a week between
the Palace hotel, in thia city, and Menlo
Park, witb Burlingame as a half-way
station. Two coaches have been or
dered and are now on their way from
England. The coaoh will be run ln tbe
aauia style aa tbat between New York
and Philadelphia maintained by the
Philadelphia Fonr-in-hand club.
An Inaugural Ball for Budd.
Sacramento, Dec. 7. —A meeting of
citizen! today resolved to givo an in
augural ball to Governor-elect Budd. A
meeting ii called fo~ Thursday night to
complete arrangement!. Tbe ball will
probably be beld about January 24tb.
Proposed Inyestigation of the
Aa American Delegate to Assist in
the Work.
Th* Forte's Ad slaty to Have the United
States Kepreeentad— Fresh Re
port* of Outragea Re
By the Antedated Press.
CossTANTiNorLK, Dso. 7.— President
Cleveland haa aent a cable meaeage here
saying he baa reconsidered hie decision
not to aend an American delegate with
tbe Tnrkiah commiaaion appointed to
inquire into the Armenian outragea, and
will allow the American legation here to
nominate a delegate.
The Turkish government ia manifest
ing a great desire to show the powers
tbat ths United Statea wae flrat aaked to
aend a delegate with the Armenian com
miaaion, but declined. Tbe earl of Kim
berly, British secretary for foreign af
faire, waa also requested to nominate a
delegate, and immediately aeaentsd.
Washington, Dec. 7.—The announce*
ment by tbe Associated Presa in a oable
dispatch from Constantinople that Prea
ident Cleveland bad reoonaidersd his
original intention and decided to send
an American delegate with the Turkiah
commiaaion to inquire into the Arme
nian outragea, was shown to Secretary
Gresbam today.
"The department officials have been
much in the dark aa to the Armenian
troubles," aaid he, "but at laat in
formation was received that warranted
action, and this baa been as announoed.
The course of the United Statea haa
been marked by great prudence and a
desire to refrniu as far aa tbe dictates of
humanity would permit from any en
tanglement in European politics. Aa
the aignatory powers of the Berlin treaty
at tbe cloae of the Turko Russian war
had bound themselves to look after the
welfare of Chriatiana in Turkey, it
would have been nnwarranted interfer
ence by tbe United States in tbe af
fairs of those countries, bad we taken
any steps without solicitation from one
or more of tbeae powers, beyond caring
for the intereata ol United States
citizana in Turkey. So when Turkey
requested Minister Torell to name a
member of a committee on inquiry, the
requeat wae, ior politio reasons, de
"Turkey bad naturally turned first to
the United Statea, aa tne only Christian
power whoae conclusions would be likely
to carry weight witb the Christian
world, upon whoae abaoluts disintsreat
edneaa she conld rely. Tbe Christiana of
Europe were under auspioion of having
designs upon Turkish integrity, and yet
it waa necessary, in order to item the
tide of rising indignation, to place a
Chriatian on the committee of inquiry,
ii ita findings were to be conolueive upon
Europe. The United States having de
clined to join, the porte was obliged to
yield to the extent of permitting the
European governments to name com
' Up to h l p :ntf-;e government bad
been in doubt, aa to tbe reality ol tbe
reported outrages. Tbe Turkiah govern
ment bad declared poaitively that the
Armenian affair was nothing but a re
bellion, and it bad been suppressed in a
legitimate manner. There had been a
battle, some GO or 70 Turkish soldiers
had been killed and tbe rebels lost 500
or 600 men. But at this juncture came
reporta from trusted agents discrediting
the official reports of the Turkish govern- j
ment, and affording reaeon for the belief
that ths Armenians had bean terribly
outraged. Then Great Britain appealed
to the United Statea, in the intereat of
justice, and to receive a report above
auspicion and above tbe contravention
oi the Turks themselves^to appoint a
member of the committee of inquiry.
This appeal turned tbe tide and induced
the president to reconsider his first de
cision. But, to avoid any appearance of
entanglement witb other powers which
might in the end result in making the
United Statea an active party to a con
troversy with which it ia contended we
have properly nothing to do. It waa
decided the American repreaentative
ahould, while accompanying the com
mittee, act with absolute independence,
ahould hear what he could in Armenia,
and instead of joining in the conclu
sions oi the committee, ahould make a
aeparate report to the atate depart
Probably because of hia nearneaa to
the scene of trouble and also his ante
cedents, Milo A. Jewett, United States
consul at Sivaa, waa selected to act aa
the repreaentative of the United States
in making tbe inveatigation. Mr. Jewett
waa horn in Turkey of American
parents, hia father being a missionary.
He came to tbe United States in hia
youth and waa educated in Massachua
etts. lie wan appointed consul to Sivas
by President Harrison in 1892.
Athens, Deo. 7. —A further story of
outragea by Turks has been told by an
eyewitness of the occurrences. An Ar
menian hae just arrived iv thia city
from Hadjin, an Armenian town, from
which place he escaped shortly after the
outrage was perpetrated. Hadjin waa a
town ol 1200 wooden houses, situated
near Marash. The refugee states that
on the night of October 23d four
Turkish officers and two gendarmes Bet
!i;e to the town, using petroleum to
cause the more rapid spread of the
tUuiea. An Armenian named Medde
kian Gsrabed, witb his mother, wit
nessed the incendiaries at their work and
cried for help. A Turkish official who
was appealed to to send help to ex
tinguish the fire, refused to permit as
sistance. Gerabed waa seized by order
of tbe officiala and thrown into prison.
Three daya laater Garabad was killed
and hie body thrown into the ruina ol
hia burned house.
Th* Or«w Taken oft* a Sinking Ship off
Cap* Born.
San Diego, Die 7.—The British ahip
Scottish Hills, of Liverpool, (Japt. J. U.
Hamilton, from Swamea to San Diego,
coal laden, arrived outside tonight, 161
dayi out. She haa on board Captain
Reynolds and 17 of the crew of the
British bark Lord Lyndhurst, wbo were
taken off their vessel two months ago
when she.waa in a foundering condition
oil Tape Horn. The Lrd Lyndhurst
was in ballast from Rio de Janeiro to
Valparaiso. Tbe Scottish Utile will tow
in in tbe morning.
Fatal Pareiy.i..
Washington, Dec. 7. —Medical Direc
tor John Mills Brewn, L. 8. N. retired,
who was stricken witn paralysis last
Thursday, died at 8:30 o' clock tbia
evening, aged 66 years.
A Ch«rok«» Pri«on«r Horribly Tortured
Hf HI* Jatlari.
Gdthbik, 0. T., Dee. 7.—A story of
•trocity, smacking of the usages of •
barbaric country, cornea from David, a
■mail town in tbe interior of tbe Indian
Col. A. J. Blackwell, well known in
tbe weat, wee arrested for soiling land,
and according to tbe Cberokee laws
sentenced to death for high treason,
j Blackwell, when tbe territory first
opened for settlement, fonnded tbe town
of David end started a new sect, pre
tending to be a prophet sent of God. He
engendered the ill will of a number of
Gherokeea, wbo, it ia now said, hatched
up a conspiracy to put him out of tbe
way. Two weeks ego Blackball was
taken from the midst of his family by
order of the Cberokee eouncil, and be
ing brought to Ctaremont, was placed in
close confinement end fed upon bread
and water.
On Monday, the story goes, Black
well, after beine clean shaven and
stripped of hie clothing, was brought
before Chief Ohaha and asked to con
fess. Blackwell answered that he had
no confession to make, that he was the
victim of a conspiracy, end aaked to be
released. Instead, he was carried off
bodily to the "Needles," a place of tor
tare adjoining the prisou, where he
was subjected to treatment horrible in
the extreme. Ten bucks, dancing around
their victim end each wielding a steei
nsed for the purpose, jabbed the naked
flesh of Blackwell, nntil exhausted, he
sank to the ground. In this condition
be was finally taken back to bis former
cell and still remains in irons, hand and
foot, notwithstanding the fervent ap
peals of his relatives and friends.
Arms Sent to the Squatter* by th* Sov
ernor to b* TJaed Against the
Indiana — First - Class
Denver, Colo., Deo. 7.—There ii •
feeling at military headquarter* io tbia
city that if the governor of Utah intends
to arm eettlera and cowboya in South
eastern Utah to drive out tbe Ute In
diana who are pasturing ponies aud cat
tle in San Juan county, there will be a
first-class rumpus. The military au
thorities here bold that the Indiana have
a right in that country, and it ia likely,
abould trouble arise, tbat tbe troops will
be aent down from Fort Logan to protect
the Indians.
The officera are looking for ordere
quite aoon, if the report telegraphed last
night from Salt Lake ia true. In effeot
it waa atated that Cal. E. W. Tatlock of
tbe territorial militia haa started for San
Juan county, Utah, with 100 carbines
and 1000 rounds of ammunition, wbicb
will be placed in the hands of citizana
wbo are threatened by the invasion of
Ute Indiana from Colorado.
Colonel Ward, adjutant-general of the
department of Colorado, said today tbat
the Indiana have instruotiona from
Waabington to occupy tbe oonntry now
being used by tbem, and tbe aettlera
and cowboys bave no right there what
The government will, it ia thought,
aupport the Indiana in the position tbey
bave aeauniod.
Grind Junction, Colo., Deo. 7.—Die
patchea received today announce that
11 boxes of arms and ammunition have
been received at Thompsons, Utah, 60
milea weat of here, shipped by Governor
West of Utah. Tbe aettlera are arming
and propoae to move againat tbe Indiana
in San Juan county and drive them
back over ths Colorado line.
Salt Lake, Utah, Deo. 7. —Governor
Weat today received the iollowing din
patch from General MoCook, at Denver:
"I bave ordered Lieutenant-Cjlonel
Laraton, inspector-general of tbia de
partment, to proceed at once to Monti
cello and the Blue mountains, Utah, to
investigate and report upon the condi
tion of Indian affaire there."
Governor Weat left tonight for Monti
cello for a oonferenc* with Lieu Wen t-
Colonel Laraton.
Washington, Dee. 7.—The secretary
of the interior haa directed Agent Day,
of tbe Southern Ute agency in Colorado,
to proceed to the seotion of Utah in
vaded by tbe Colorado Utea and en
deavor to persuade tbera to return to
their reservation. He will leave tomor
row for the acene of the trouble, which
ia about 30 hours' ride from tbe agency.
There are several hundred of tbe dia
satisfied Indiaua in Utah, and tbe effort
to induce them to go beck to tbeir Colo
rado borne ia expected to prove a diffi
cult matter.
Severest Storm or tha Beaton lo Central
Ban Francisco, Dec. 7.—The storm
whicb broke over Central California to
day waa the moat severe of the eeaeon.
Laat nigh the weather bureau an*
nounced tbat the weather today would
be of tbe clearing kind, but it proved to
be the opposite and seemed to atorm
even harder tban yeaterday. At 7 p.m.
the wind was blowing 50 miles an hour
from tbe aoutbeaet, thunder and light
ning added wildnesa to the storm, and
for a time It looked aa if a real eastern
thunderstorm bad broken oot. When Ob
server Hammond discovered this morn
ing tbat a new storm waa about to visit
tbia part of the etate, he issued bulle
tins to tbat effect for the benefit of the
shipping interests, and tonight aome of
tbe veaaela that would have left the
harbor are moored eafely at their
wharves. Bo far no great damage has
resulted from the storm. It ia aaid that
at one time .15 of an inch of rain fell
within live minutea. Further atorming
is predicted for tomorrow.
Nannl* Want* a Oivorca.
San Francisco, Deo. 7. —Nannie Mur
doch baa filed suit for divorce against
William C. Murdoch on the grounds of
desertion, cruelty and intemperance.
Both are well known in aociety. Mur
doch is manager of tbe Pacific Coast
Savings sooiety, a member of the state
Ban and game commission, treasurer of
tbe Democratic atate central committee,
aecretary of tbe Country club and a
prominent member of tbe Pacific Union
A Bank Kobb.ry.
Linnkus, Mo., Dec. 7.—Sheriff Barton
has received word from Marceline tbat
tbe Firat National bank of tbat city was
broken into Wednesday night. The
vault was blown open witn dynamite
and 56000 etoleu.
r-T. Lot'is. Dec. 7.—Advices direct
from Maroeline, Mo., aav cracksmen
failed to get a cent in Ihe Firat National
Death of Count Ferdinand
de Lesseps.
The Czar's Toleration of Catholics
iv Poland.
Socialist* Dlacrlmlnatad Againat In ah*
Retebstag—A Skirmish on the
Mexico - Ouatemalan
Br the Associated Presa.
Paris, Dec. 7.—Count Ferdinand de
Lesaepa died today at La Chsnais, Oar
vantan, department of ITndre. During
tbe night he received the laat aacra
Bloodshed Ueaults From the Msstoo-
Ouatemalan Imbroglio.
City of Mexico, Deo. I!.—Latest re
porta from the Ouatemalan frontier atate
a Mexican oolonel, member of tbe staff
of General Lollene, haa been asasaain
ated by Guatemalans, and from un
official sources it ia learned a company
of 170 Mexicans had a skirmish with
400 Guatsmalan guerrillas, in whioh two
Mexican aoldiera were killed. Thia
particular body of mounted Guate
malans ia reported still hovering about
the vicinity of the Mexican troops, but
it ia believed alter making ths sttaok
thay retired to the Guatemalan aide of
the international line. Should official
information confirm theae reporta, it ia
highly probable tbe Mexican govern
ment will at once demand reparation in
a aatisfaotory manner for the outrage.
Interference With tha Catholic Clergy
No Longer Tolerated.
Posbn, Germany, Dec. 7.—A dispatch
from Warasw, Russian Poland, tayt
General Gourko, governor of Wartaw,
on Tuesday received a telegram from
he Ruatian minister of the interior,
conveying to him an order from tbe czar
not to interfere with the Catholic
clergy and not to impoae any orders
upon them. General Gourko tendered
his resignation December lat, and tbe
governor general of Odessa. Paaobkin,
baa been designated to ancoeed bim.
Socialists Denied Representation In tha
Presidential Bureau.
Bkrlin, Dec. 7.—The result ot ths
election of the secretaries of the reich
atag was aanonnced today. The Social
istic candidate waa defeated. Tbe So
cialista demanded representation in tbe
presidential bureau in proportion to
their numbers, but wben the preaident
of tbe reichstag, Herr yon Levetzow,
asked them whether tbey were disposed
to undertake the duties connscted with
auch representation, they replied with
an emphatic negative.
Lazard Frerea will ship $1,260,000 gold
irom New York to Europe today.
Thomas K. Proctor, preaident ol the
United States Leather company, ia dead.
At Carey, 0., a boiler exploded, kill
ing Nicholas Goshey and wounding
aeveral helpers seriously.
The ateamahip Etrnris, sailing for
Europs today will take out 350,000
ounces oi ailver.
A posse of farmers, following a band ot
borae and cattle thieves In Oklahoma,
captured three and drove the rest away,
after wounding several.
Judge Orton of Excelsior Spriuga,
Mo., announoea that he will not oonteet
for Congreasman-eleot Hackery's aeat.
The inveatigating committee did not
find eurfioient fraud to juatify it.
The Auguata, Gtw, Herald, an after
noon paper, haa withdraw* from tbe
Southern Aaaociated Preas and signed a
90-year contraot with the Aaaociated
At Philadelphia, Dr. John H. Oar
land, president of tbe Provident Bond
and Investment company, waa found
guilty of using tha mails to furtber a
scheme to defraud.
Tbe October earnings of the Atlantio
system of the Southern Paoifio railroad
were: Grosa, $1,482,813; increaae,
$103,062; net, $565,852; decrease,
Four men eallod at the home of King
Berry, near Cushing, in the Sao and
Fox country, and riddled bim with bul
lets wben be answered their knock at
the daor. Tbey then fired hia bouts
and eacaped.
Gen. ElakimP. Scammon is dead. He
waa graduated from Weat Point in 1837,
aerved in the military aoademy aa pro
fessor of etbica and matbematioa, and
waß tbe tutor oi Generals Grant, Roae
crana and Newton, and tbs roommate of
General Bragg.
The audden death of the earl of Ox
ford is announced. He will bo succeed
ed by bis nephew, Robert Horace Wal
pole, who in 1888 married Misa Louise
Melissa Corbin uf New York, and waa
aued for breach of promise by a German
guvernoaa of Constantinople.
Ambassador Runyon baa informed the
department of atate, under date of No
vember 23, that all persons sojourning
in Germany, not stopping at a hotel, are
required to exhibit aome certificate of
nationality—in the case of an American,
a paasport—aa a condition of continuing
their stay, and tbis ie aometimea done
after a very abort sojourn.
At Dalloa, Texas, by the explosion of
a gasoline stove on which Mra. David
Polaaky was cooking dinner, her cloth
ing and tbat of one of ber children waa
act on fire and both were burned to
death. M. Wesson, in an effort to gave
them, was aerioualy burned.
At Honderaon, Ky., Shelby & Soaper,
proprietors of the Henderaon hominy
nulla, bave assigned. The liabilitiea are
estimated at between $80,000 and $90,
--000, and it is hardly thought tbe assets
will pay over 50 cents on the dollar of
tbe indebtedness. The mill ia one of
the largest and best equipped ln tbe
At Lexington, Ky., Frank Meyera, a
convict testifying in court, waa fatally
ahot. He broke away at the jail door,
knocking Deputy Wilderaon down. The
prisoner ran down etreet, followed by
Wildgrson, wbo fired tbree ebota, felling
tho prisotier. Meyers waa serving a
six years' sentence for burglaiy.
At Rawlins,Wyo.. Frank Howard was
banged for the murder of Cbarlet Horn
at Dixon, December 31. 1893, iv a fit of
jealous raise caused by Horn's atten
tions to Grace Bigtold. Howard waa
calm but very pale. He made no state
ment. Hia neck waa broken by the
Audi* Giant* Preparing ('bargee Against
Republican Candidates*
Bar FsANcieo, Dec. 7.—Andrsw J.
Clunis is preparing cbargea of violating
the purity of elactiona law againat many
prominent Republican oandidatea, moat
of whom were declared elected at tbe
laet election.
"Tbs Republican atats central com
mittee alone apent over 8151,000," eaid
Mr. Clunie. "The Damoeratio state
central committee bad ao little money
that it had hard work meeting email
"We intend making aaearcblng inves
tigation into how thia $150,000 waa
apent. Moat of the Republican candi
dates aeemed to have forgottsn that
tbere waa a purity ol elections law.
Tbey apent their money without atint,
and the atate central committee
aided them. We knew that Mr.
Burna made an enormona con
tribution to the election fund,
as did Mr. Sprsokels, Mr. Siebe
and varioua corporations. Now we pro
pose to learn where the money spent by
the committee came from and how it
waa used."
Striking Seen** During tha Taking et
St. Louis, Dee. 7.—la the Opel divorce
out today several striking scenes were
developed, lire. Opel wee pat on the
stand. Interest reached ita climax when
tbe complainant told ol bitter accusa
tions, vile insinuations againat her
wifely conduot, obaoane words and oatha
alleged to have been heaped upon bar
by her husband in publio and private
for several years, culminating la a dec
laration by bim in a legal document,
before either sought a diverce, that she
waa unchaate.
N) leaa dramatic waa tbe teatimony of
14-year-old Myria Opel, who wae a wit
nesa to one stormy scene between ber
parenta at tbe Southern hotel. Myria
was put on the atand to corroborate tbe
teatimony ol her mother, and the did so
Several other witnessea ware exam
ined and ths caae waa adpurued nntil
Saturday, when Mrs. Opel will relume
her testimony.
Catholics Joining Sacrat Societies la tbe
Arohdlooee* of Bt. Paul.
St. Paul, Dae. 7.—The iaet bat juat
been published tbat in the archdiocese
of St. Paul Catholiea may join any secret
toeiety exoept the Msaonio order. This
haa been known for tome time, bat not
generally. Judge Kelly of tbe dittriet
oourt has juat joined tbe Knights of
Pythiat, although be is one of the most
prominent Catholic laymen in America,
and considerable talk among secret so
ciety members bas reanlted. Other
prominent Catholiea are alao joining.
Archbishop Ireland, in an interview
witb an Attooisted Preaa reporter, taid
"The question whether or not Cath
olics abould belong to secret societies,
such as Sons of Temperance, Odd Fel
lows and Knighta of Pytbiaa, ia now be
ing eonaidered by tbe authorities at
Rome, and a decieion will ba given
Drunken Rowdies Engage In a Bloody
Battle In Oklahoma.
Guthbib, O. T„ Dec. 7.—Two killsd,
one maimed for life and two badly crip
pled, ia tbe result of a battle between
Alva and Eagle, and started by a lot of
drunken rowdies. James Brown, Frank
Brown, J. R. Knight, Charles Kitchen,
Sam Weteott and a man called One-
Eyed Taylor, while ooming borne
drunk, met Sam Grocers, a deputy mar
shal and three rangers en route to Alva.
Without provocation or a moment's
warning, the drunken men open fire
on the other party. A treuera! fusillade
followed, laating aevsral minutea. Kit
chen and James Brown were killed out
He Proposea to Save the State Thou
sand, of Dollars.
Sam Francisco, Dec 7.—Gavernor
elect Jamea H. Budd declines to name
any of hit appointeea for state offices
until after hia inauguration. In die
cuaaing measures ol economy relating
to the atate government, he expressed
bia intention to curtail the praotice of
lavish entertainments at tbe public
aaylume, priaona and otber atate insti
tutions. Mr. Budd says the fetes, given
by the directors and superintendents,
cause the squandering oi thousands of
dollaia of atate funde.
After a mere cursory examination of
tbe expenditures by coaimiasione and
otber atate institutions, be declared
bat at a glance, almost, be could readily
cc where $100,000 a year comd be saved
o the state without in any way lnter
ering with tbe efficiency of any of tbe
dminiatrative departments of tbe statu.
A 16-Year-OIU tilrl Harriet Her Lover
In Jail.
Kansab City, Dec. 7. —In the ooun ty
jail, with the prisoners in the surround
ing cells for witnesses, and Justice
Krenger as officiating clergyman, Minnie
Brown, aged 16, was married to
William Huke, but two- years
her senior, who bad been arrested,
charged with robbery. Tbey had known
each other irom childhood, and when
Huke waa arrested a few days ago.
charged by tbe firm for which be
worked witb grand larceny, ahe
refuaed to believe tbat be waa
guilty. To emphasize her confidence
in her lover, abe prevailed upon
ber mother, to get a license for her.
Mra. Brown finally consented and, ac
companied by ber daughter, went to tba
jail, where the brief ceremony waa per
formed. Tbe evidence againat Huke ia
very strong, and will likely send bim to
the penitentiary.
Morton's Kro«|ttloo.
New Yoiik, Dec. 7.—At a reception
accorded Governor-elect Morton by the
Union League olub last nigbt Mr. Mor
ton shook banda witb 2209 people.
Governor McKinley arrived at 11
o'clock, but Recorder-elect Goff, T. C.
Piatt and Thomas B, Reed were not
present. At midnight General Porter
atated that there would be no speech
making, but Governor MoKinley waa
called upon to make a speech at a late
The Week's Failure*.
Nkw York, Dec. 7.— R. G. Dun &
Co.'a Review saya: Tbe failurea tbia
week have been 385 in tbe United States
againat 385 last year, and 40 in Canada
againat 42 laat year.
Fnney Oatartne; Goods
For the ho'tid/ij seuson at Christopher's, 2418.
Spring ik
A Furious Finish Fight at
The Saginaw Kid Whipped by Billy
Paddy Broke Both of Hia Hands aad
Had to Giv* Up th* Rattle.
Twenty-three Savage
' Roundi.
By the Associated Press.
Dbnver, Dec. 7.—Paddy Purtell, the
"Saginaw Kid," and Billy Mahen ol
California, welter-welghta, mat at the
Central tbealer tonight for a finish
fight. The stake was $500 a aide.
It waa after midnight when they en
tered tbe ring. Bat Maateraon waa
choaen referee.
Up to tbe tenth round both were cau
tious, and not muob bard punching waa
Tenth round—Both men looked wick
ed, but sparred cautiously ior an open
ing The kid landed a left on Billy'e
chin, and followed it shortly afterward
with a neck and month blow with hia
left. They sparred, and Mahen landed
slight left on tbe kid's bead and tbe
kid smashed bim in ths noae. Mahen
got in a good left on Pnrtell'a mouth,
and, after sparring, repeated it. When
time was oalled ths round waa almoat
Klevsnth round—Tbey began by spar
ring and the Kid got bit left in twit* ca
Billy's ssr; Mahen got a soft ons on
Purtell'e chin. They exchanged rib
roasters. They elincbad aeveral times.
Purtell dodged aevsral hot ones. Mahsn
got in a awilt left on Purtell'a obin.
Tbey clinched. Purtell led for Mahen'e
wind but time was called.
Twelfth round—Aa naval tbsy opsasd
cautioualy and watched eaoh other. Tbe
Kid waa on the aggraaalve. He landed
bia left on tbe ear and got a dodger from
Mabeu'a right on the aame plaoe. Tbey
looked like tbey wanted to get in a'
knock-ont blow. Mahen landed a light
left on the chin and got two good blows
on the bead. Tbey clinched and time
waa oalled.
Thirteenth round—The Kid mede a
wicked lefthander. They cliuched. Both
were mad and would not break away.
Tbey clinched again. Both of them fall
to the ground and got up wben Maben
threw Purtell again. Tbey were wild
and Maateraon oould not keep them
from fouling each otber. Time was
called amid eonfuaion, tbe referee being
unable to separate them.
The fourteenth round wound np in
Mahen's favor.
In tbe twenty-first round the Kid
threw up the sponge.
In the third round be broke bia rigbt
band, and two rounds later broke hia
left. He continued tbe tight against
tbeae odda, but gave up wben it was
naslsaa to continue.
tie Waa Faueid in th* Willows With a
Bottlti of Laudanum by Etll
Sid* — A Peculiar
Andrew H. Weir, section foremen of
be Southern Peeific railway, wai tonad
in an unconscious condition in tbe wil
lows near tbe river in Kaet Los Angelei
yesterday afternoon. A bottle contain
ing laudanum was fonnd by bis side.
The man was removed at once to tbe
oounty hospital, where tbe surgeons
worked upon bim eight honra. He died
iaat evening without regaining con
Tbe caae is a vary myeteriona one
Weir- was nearly 00 yeara of age, n
trusted employee of the Southern Pacific
company end a man 'highly reepectod.
He baa a family at 225 Downey avenue, i
where be reaided. I
So far ua known his domestic relatione
were happy and no cause conld be as- !
aigned for suicide, if inch it shou'.d I
prove to be.
When found, the man had the appear- 1
ance of having taken the laudanum i
only an boar before, though there haa I
bean no clear evidence to prove that he j
administered the poiaon himaelf, or to \
abow that it waa really laudanum that
affected him. An examination revealed
no wounds.
Coroner Gates will hold an inquea'
upon tbe body thia morning, whan the
real canee of the man's death will he
brought out.
KKBXUKs' kinoer.
Tba Mar* Hatha) Isolated Not to Ba lv
Thia Co-in r y.
Chicago, Dec. 7 —The board of ap
peals of the American Trottioga asocii -
tion, whicl lias been in session for tl-e ;
paat tbree days, completed ita work to
day and adjourned. A resolution was |
handed in declaring that the mare a< j
Wakefield, Nab., declared by R. E
Kneebea and hia representative) to be
the bay mare Bethel, is not the mare
Bethel. Kneebea ia now in prison in
Germany, charged witb using th) mare
Bethel as a ringer. Aside from this it
is asserted that Bethel it not In this
cauntry. Tbe board tint now upset hia
claim by ita dacir-icn.
Srharfar Turn, thai Tablet.
Chicago, Dec. 7.—Schaefer not, only
defeated lvei tonight, bnt managed to
gain :M4 points upon hia opponent,
putting his total acore at 2886, whilo
that of Ives ia 3000. Schaefer played
a strong aod brilliant game, making
tuna of 134, 217 and 104. Schaefer
made an average of 02 14-15, surpass
ing hia own average and coming c'oso
to the best average made by Ivea in
New York. Ives' beat runa were U>2
and 164. Score: Ives, 600; Schaefer,
While excavating in the suburbs of
Boston, aix men were badly injured by
an explosion of dynamite. A train of
dynamite cartridges had been fixed for
blasting rock. Some exploded, but one
or two failed, and tbe workman were
digging out the cartridge! when one ex
ploded. The following were probably
fatally injured: James Ulancey, James
Gateley, P. Leonard, John McShane,
John Oronan. The last two may re
cover. •
At Hlbemia, lad., Milea Smith, a
marchaut, 23 yeara old, shot aud killed
William Pettit, aged 24, a young man
belonging to a prominent family. The
murder wae the reault of a quarrel,
Wuioit v.aa cauaed by young Pettic call
ing at the atore of Smith witb a crowd
of companion! for tbe purpose ol guy
ing Smith, which tbey bad been in tbe
babit of doing. Smith ia in jail.
Dark, yellow, ally, raothy ikln, pim
ples, blackheads, roughness, redcess,
dry, thin,and falling hair, and simple
baby blemishes prevented and cured
by tbe celebrated .
The moat effective akin purifying and
beautifying soap In tho world, aa
well aa purest and sweetest for toilet,
bath, and nursery. It Is so because
It strikes at the cause of most Oom
plexional disflgurr.i,.'ona, viz.: th*
Bold thronghotit the world. Pottsr Dap* Aim
Chtx. Com-., cole proprietors, Huston. SBT* "AU
about the Blood.pkla.Sc'tir-, and llalr,"n-al!ad free.
'117 8. Springf St.,
Books, Books,
and honest, Intelligent treatment and reasons,
ble prices aro given.
aoch as Stricture, Syphilis, Gloat, Gonorrhea*.
Spermatorrhoea, nominal Weakness, Lost M au.
hood, Night Emissions, Decayed Faculties,
etc.. etc.. cured by the OLDEST and moat SUC
CESSFUL specialist ou the coast.
Kidney, Bladder,
Blood and Skin Diseases
Successfully treated and quickly cured.
Onr SPECIAL SURREO*!, recently from tha
largest Chicago hospital (diplomat and certla
cates lo be seeu at note 21 has made diseases at
the heart and lungs a llfsetuly. rtucc's.ful
treatment by the latest mcthoj.. DIAUNOdIJ
made by ihe aid of the microscope.
OUR DIPLOMAS*™ from the
bast colleges lv tbe world, certified by th* i
ttste beard, and legistered at the county I
conrt houaeaad olty htallh nfflo*. Call and 1
examine diplomas and Celt.flcatesattdr,f- '
•roncesof banks, city and county ofDola •,
and bea-, cltlzsnt of Los Angelea. Our CA
treat Catatrh. He has fnl owed tbia apeo- ,
laity-10 years tn this city.
A special department devoted exclusively te
the treatment of all female diseases.
Consultation and Rxaminattau FREE.
OFFICE HOURS: oto 4 and 7to 8, Sunday,
10 to 12.
.441 Rooms 1, 3, Sand 7.
Satisfactory references lurnlabed.
Baker Iron Works
Adjoining S. P. Grounds. Tel, 124.
Notice of aale.
Los county, state of California, ln the mat.
ter of Frederick Dallmer, insolvent. Case Ne
IU 04-.
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to aa
order of the superior conn of l.os Angelea
county, state of California, made Novoinber
Oth, IH-14, in the matter of Frederics Dullmer,
insolvent, Lucleu 1> C. Gray, assignee of said
insolvent, will sell at pub Ie miction, for cash,
gold coin of the United Slates, ou the Ist day
ot December, 181*1, at 12 o'clock ni.,atih*
cour| house door, at Temple street entrance,
the (6 lowing real estate, situate In tho olty of
l.os Angeles, county of Los Angeles, state of
California, and more particularly described aa
follows, to-wlt: lot Xo. thirteen (13), block
A, of the Fort Hill tract.
Assignee of said Frederick Dallmer, Insolv
The abort* sal* ir. hereby postponed to th*
eighth day of Dei-ens ber, sua a, at t..e same
place end the samu hour.
c LO. C, GRAY, Assignee.

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