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WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 6 o'clock, Ends
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Ever Inaugurated ir| Los Angeles.
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I Nos. 125 and 127 North Spring Street, Phillips Block, Los Angeles.
Vicious Features of the Reilly
Funding: Bill.
Representative Magulrn's Vigorous
Oppositiou to It.
Government Ownership the True eola
tion of the rroblom - Transcon
tinental Freight Kntea
to Be Ballad,
Br th* Aiioclated Press.
Washington, Dec. 8. —Representative
Maguire of California will make vigor
ous opposition to tbe effort to take up
tbe Pacific railroida funding bill. He
will eleo contest tbe msature on tbe
floor if Chairman Reilly succeeds in
having Speaker Crisp fix a time for con
sideration oi the bill before the holidays.
Said Maguire:
"It is true the bonds are about to ma
ture and tbe government will have to
meet them, but it has been paying in
terest on the bonds for years, and these
payments for interest reach tbe amazing
figure of $50,000,000, while tbe principal
is only $37,000,000. There should be no
alarm, therefore, over tbe payment of
tbe principal when the government bas
already paid ont twice as much as tbe
"The main objection to tbe pending
bill is tbat it extends for 60 years tbe
absolute dominion of tbe Pacific roads
over tbe traffic of tbe great west. It
also limits tbe security of tbe govern
ment to certain designated roads. It
will be better if congress lets the subject
alone and makes no adjustment, ratber
than make one ol disadvantage to the
government and to western develop
Maguire was asked if congress did not
act wbetber tbe Pacific roads would not
lapse into governmemt control.
"Undoubtedly they will," said he,
"and it wonld be a practical realization
of government ownership of railways.
It would not be necessary for the gov
ernment to operate them, however, un
less private interests refused to carry
them on, Tbeir lorfeitute to the gov
eminent would follow tbe coarse of any
'. other mortgage forfeiture, and actual
assumption of government proprietor
ship wonld come some time between
January 1, 1896, and January, 1899."
It Will Continue Its Opposition to the
' P»cllic Mall.
San Francisco, Die. 8 —E. 11. Hin
ton, local representative of tbe Panama
Railroad oompany, announces that the
souapeny has leased all tbe shins now
operating on the through line between
New York and San Francisco, five in
number, until May 1, 1895. This makei
icrtiin the continuance of the open see
line for several months yet
Thii contlnuanoe of tbe lease of these
Ihips will round out a full term of one
rev of service by tbe Panama Railroad
fompeny, sinoe the line was dropped by
lh9 No ll n ABMrl o»n Navifation com
jeny. Tbe indication afforded by this
s that the belief hai obtained at New
fork that Ibe poiiibllitiu of the line
oould not be satisfactorily tested within
less than one year.
Really, the Panama people have
operated over one year on this side of
tne isthmus, as tbe North American
Navigation company was assistsd to
carry out its contract which expired
last May. It has been a matter ol com
mon knowledge among railroad men
tbat tbe Panama road could have made
a deal with tbe transoontinental lines
any time during tbe past year, but it
bas not seen fit to do so.
On the contrary, it has continued on
an independent basis, making rates of
its own, keeping open the sea route for
competition, and getting all the busi
ness it could secure in both directions.
It is clearly tbe intention of tbe Panama
company to continue its opposition to
Pacific Mail and tbe transcontinental
Denver Bailaeasmen Wrentle With the
Kailro.it Problam.
Denver, Col., Deo, B.—An important
meeting was held last night at the Min
ing Exchange, under the auspices oi the
chamber of commerce, at which tbe
railroad question was discussed and
resolutions adopted supporting tbe con
struction of tbe Denver, Sioux City,
Lake Superior and Cllioago railway, and
in favor of the government taking pos
session of the Central Pacific and Union
Pacific railroad systems and operating
them on behalf of the people. A memo
rial to congress was adopted against tbe
bills now before that body for tbe pur
pose of reorganizing those railroad sys
tems and extending their securities, and
tbe government Is requested to run
these roads as it conducts the pos (office
Transcontinental Freight K&tea to Bs
Materially Advanced.
Chicago, Dee. B.—Representatives of
the transcontinental railroad lines have
agreed upon a basis for an ad\ance in
freight rates to tbe coast from points
east. There will be a substantial ad
vance, in some oases ranging as high as
60 and 76 per cent. Details of the classi
fication will not be made public for sev
eral days.
The Fresno-Monterey Road.
mwm - ■•■•.■..<-.■»■•>■.„»»»/ uu.tl,
Fresno, Deo. B.—Col. A. W. Jones,
president of tbe Fresno-Monterey
road, arrived here this morning to con
fer with those interested in the pro
ject. Work will be begun in Fresno
and Monterey in January or February,
be says, if rights of way are given as
previously promised.
The biggest surprise of the year In
Los Angeles is happening this week.
It's Desmond's sale of |2.50 soft and
stiff hats, hosiery, neckwear, sus
penders and handkerchiefs tbat baa
caused this convulsion in tbe everyday
humdrum. It's at natural ai It is for
ducki to take to water that people
should begin a general run to a sale
like Desmond's where bargains are on
every hand and for all babdi—monster
values and wee prices.
Your wife wants to lee the QlenwooJ
range, which bakes, roasts and oooks to
perfection end saves 30 per cent in fuel.
Fnrrey &Co., 161 N. Spring it.
Headquarters for Candy Baskets and Candy
Cane*. Beautiful band-made goods at the
KMYBTONI, 112 N. Spring at.
He Paneled Hliueair a Murderer and
Fled from Home.
Chicago, Deo. B.—Tbe polios today
sent throughout tbe west d ascriptions o
Charles Vandervoort, tbe 16-year-old
son of wealthy Chioago parents who baa
been in biding since November 17th, be
lieving himself to be a murderer. On
tbe day of bis disappearance young Van
dervoort accidsntly shot a playmate,
and thinking tbe wound fatal hid for
several days in a small cave near
bis parents' home in Englewood.
Tbe injured boy was only slightly
hurt, bat Vandervoort's companions, as
a joke, told bim tbat bis victim was
dsad. They supplied bim with food
and, while bis parents were frantically
searching for bim, tbe boy took a night
train for Denver, alter having traded
bis own clothes for those of a beggar.
When last heard of be was in Brook
ville, la. His father, H. R. Vander
voort, who is a prominent business
man, has offered a large reward for
tbe arrest of tbe lad.
Posses Oloie In Pnreult—Mora Than
• 100.000 Booty.
Fort Worth, Tex., Deo. B.—The pur
suit of tbe train robbers is still being
pushed, and it ia reported that tbe dif
ferent posses out are getting tbe fugi
tives in close quarters. The robbers at
last accounts were in Parker county,
northwest of this city, heading for the
Indian territory, with tbe rangers
trying to head them off. It
has been learned from a reliable source
that their booty's value will reach high
up in the thousands, tbe estimate now
being as high as $146,000. The express
officials here deoline to make any state
ment of the loss, but enough has been
learned to warrant tbe statement that it
is above $100,000. There is also a great
deal of talk among oity and state offi
cials of there being an inside man who
gave pointers to the three men wbo did
tbe work.
The Maw Diphtheria Cure Being; Tried
in Ban Franotaeo,
San Francisco, Deo. 8 —The first
trial in this oity of tbe anti-toxine enre
for croup and diphtheria is in progress
and the results thus far encourage hopes
of success of tbe new remedy. Tbe
disease nnder treatment is tbat of laryn
geal diphtheria, otherwise a virtulent
croup, and the patient is an infant of
12 months, the child of Italian parents.
When summoneu, Dr. £. L. DeCorval
found the babe in an almost hopeless
oondition and the usual remedies pro
duced no improvement. He procured
some anti-toxine from the board of
health. Hypodermic injections pro
duced a remarkable change in tbe
child's oondition, but Dr. DeCorval aayi
it will be necessary to await the normal
period of the disease—seven or eight
days—to complete the apparent cure."
Indicted for Perjury.
Ban Francisco, Deo. B.—The grand
jury hai returned an indictment for
perjury against George L. Brander,
preiident of the now defunct State In
vestment and Insurance company, for
having sworn falsely in his report to the
state insurance commissioner just pre
vious to the failure of tbe company.
Brander is now in Sootland.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking: Powder
Awa/aad Gold Mtdal Midwinter Fair, San Francisco.
It Tries to Square Itself With
the Powers.
A Gauzy Attempt to Justify Turkish
UarbWd Quotations From an American
Mlaalonarj'* Report to Show
the Armenians Deserved
By the Associated Press.
Constantinople, Deo. 8. —The porte,
in euppori oi its reply to statements oi
tbe Armenians, placed great reliance
upon an article written by Dr. Cyrus
Hamlin, formerly president of the
Roberts college here, a distinguished
Armenian scholar, who is thoroughly
familiar with tbe situation. Tbe arti
cle referred to was published in the
Boston, Mass., Oongregationalist of De
cember 29, 1893, and copies of it in
documentary form are now being sent
to tbe powers interested in tbe Armenian
question. Tbe article referred to above,
upon whioh the Turkish government
sets so much reliance in eatablishing its
caee against tbe Armenians, is as fol
lows :
"A dangerona movement among tbe
Armenian revolutionary party is caus
ing great evil and suffering to the mis
sionary work and to tbe whole Christian
people of certain parts of tbs Turkish
empire. It is a secret organization and
ia managed with a skill in deceit which
is known only in the east. In a widely
distributed pamphlet tbe following an
nouncement ie made by the Hunlacha
giat revolutionary party: 'This is tbe
only Armenian revolutionary party.
Ita oenter is in Athens and its branches
in every village and city in Armenia.
Nishan Garabed, one of the founders of
tbe party, is in America, and those de
siring to get further infoimation may
communicate with bim, addressing
Nishan Garabed, Mo. 7f> Fountaine
street, Worcester, Mass., or with M.
Benaire, Poate Keatanta, Athena,
"A very intelligent gentleman who
speaks fluently and correctly English as
well at Armenian, and who is an elo
quent defender of the revolution, as
sured me they have the strongest hopes
of preparing tbe way for Russia's en
trance to Asia Minor to take possession.
In answer to the question, how? he re
plied : 'The Hunlachagiet bands organ
ized all over the empire will watch their
opportunity to kill the Turks and Kurds,
fire tbeir villages and then make tbeir
escape into the mountains. Then tbe
Musselmen will rise and slaughter them
with such inhumanity that Russia will
arise in the name of humanity and
Christianity and take possession.'
"When I denounced the scheme as
atrocious and infernal beyond anything
ever known, he candidly replied: 'It
appears so to you, no doubt, but we Ar
menians are determined to be free.
Europe listened to the Bulgarian horrors
and made Bulgaria free. She will listen
to our cry when it goes up in tbe shrieks
and blood of millions of women and
"I urged in vain that this scheme will
make the very name of Armenia hateful
to civilized people. He replied: 'We
are desperate; we shall do it.'
" 'But your people do not want Rus
sian protection; they prefer Turkey, as
bad as she is.'
" 'Yes.' he replied, 'and for such stu
pidity they will have to Buffer.'"
Be Says the Turkish Government Hat
Garbled Hla Beport.
Lexington, Mass., Dec. B,—Dr. Cyrus
Hamlin of this olty, whose artiole in tbe
Oongregationalist on the Armenian
troubles a year ago has bean translated
by the Turkish government and sent
out to the European powers as a de
fense of tbe recent atrocities committed
upon the Armenians by the Muaselmsna
was seen by a reporter.
Dr. Hamlin was for many yeara a mis
sionary in Turkey and knowa something
of tbe temper of the Turks regarding
Christiana. He had, moreover, a seven
years' contest with the Turkish author
ities over the famous Roberts college in
Constantinople, but finally carried tbe
day. He aaid:
"I have always said tbat the revolu
tionary movement ia of Russian origin.
Russian gold and craft govern it. That
is my opinion still. The Turkiab gov
ernment ia wholly inexcusable for the
recent atrocities. It baa been published
in the newspaper reports tbat word was
sent from Constantinople to subdue tbe
rebellion. It would be juat as reaaonable
to guard tbe wolves of Kurdiatan from,
the attacks on the lambs of the plains.
The Turkish government shows that it
knowa tbe woaknesa of its position by
ita frantic efforts to bide the truth from
Europe. It will not even allow persons
to travel from the region of the existing
troubles to tbe capital, and many Arme
nians who have attempted to reach Con
stantinople have been oaptured by the
authorities and cent back.
"I have a strong suspicion that the
Turkish minister at Washington is in
league with Ruaaia. He belonga to the
Greek chureb and ia in natural league
with Ruaeia. I cannot see why the
Turks have sent a Greek to represent
them in America. Yeni bas reported
to the Turkish government tbat the Ar
menians in America are sending arms
through Persia into Turkey for revolu
tionary purposes. This is childish. I
venture toeay there bas never been a rifle
or a pound of ammunition sent to
Turkey by the revolutionists of Amer
ica. The whole of this emanates from
Russia, and is merely a subterfuge to
give good occasion for Ruaaia to march
into Armenia and take control, and if
the Turks are to be easily foolsd, let
Russia go in and teach them a lesson,
although I am etronicly opposed to hav
ing Russia do so, because her govern
ment will be much worse than the gov
ernment of Turkey.
"I am profoundly disappointed in the
folly and wickedness of the Turkish gov
ernment and its action in using what I
have written for purpoeea it was never
intended and exactly opposed to my
views. You mr,y depend that tbe Turk
ish government has not produced it in
full. lam atill opposed to the revolu
tionary movement because itia silly and
foolish and tbe Turkish government cau
never exculpate itself from the atrocities
by reference to any proposed resolution
by the Armenians."
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ViiaaMtai Many of our outiomers
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of tlieir recovery from
(i l l rheumatism to the day
lillllCilCS tney began to use Palne's
Celery uomponnd. Try It,
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ieo LOTS
Diamond St. Tract,
Bounded on the south by Welt First it,
aud ou the north by Temple it., and on
the East by Hoover st., and on the west
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At 10:30 a. m, on the ground*. Temple street
cars pass this tract. ON It FARE ALL OVES
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out doubt these lots are far ahead of any In tha
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either sloe prove this to bo a fact. There Is a
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Don't lose this opportunity of a lifetime to be
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On Thursday, Friday and Satur
day, Dec. 6, 7, aud 8, at 2 p. m.
Elegant carved oak bedroom suits, brats en
amled bedsteads, Biussels carpeia; also new
Byrmnaruas, luce curtains, blankets, do boxes
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tUfJe-Ladies are invited.
C M. STEVENS, Auctioneer.
building—U. 8. Indian industrial School,
Ferris, Cal., Novemb r 30, 189-4. rcaleu pro
posals, endorsed: "Proposals for Building,"
and addressed to the undersigned at Perris,
Cal., will bo received at this school until 1
o'el ,ek p. ra. of Friday, December 28, 1894, for
furnishing the neces-tiry materials and labor
and ending and competing on the site se
lected, at thit school, one two-story frame
hospital building, as per the pi ns and specifi
cations, which may be examined at the omce
of the Herald of Los Angeles, Cal., and at this
The attention of bidders is invited to the
act of congress approved August 1, 1802, en
titled: '-An act relating to the limitation of
the hull s of dally service of laborers and me
chanics tin ployed upon tho public works of
the United stales and of the District of Co
lumbia;" a so "An act for tho protection of
persons furnishing material and labor for the
construction of public works," approved Au
gust 18, IbO*.
I he right is reserred to reject any or all bids
or Any part of any bid ii deemed for the best
interests of the service.
Bidders will state in their bids the length ol
time required in the construction oi the
Each bid must bo accompanied by a certified
check or draft upon some United suites de
pository or solvent national oank In the vl
cinity of the icsidenee of the bidder, made
lavaulu to the order of the Commissioner of
Indian Affairs, for at least live per cent of the
umouut of the proposal, which check ur draft
will be fo.fettcu io the United SLtea In case
any bidder or bidders, receiving an award,
shall fail to promptly cxecuto a emit ruct with
good and suflicieul sureties, otherwise to be
returned to the blddor.
Bids accompanied by cath In lieu of certi
fied checks will not lie considered.
For any further information apply to
1?-1 '.'lt W«. F. T. llltA Y. Miporln'e-ideV.
ft i

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