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There are two theatrical companies,
the Lyceum and the Bottoniant, which
are the recipient! oi a warm regard be
aidea a sincere admiration in Lot Ange
Mr. Stephen Fieke, of tbe Spirit of the
Timet of New York, ii the premier
dramatic critic of the country, and hie
views on tbe latest appearances of the
organisations are apropos. Mr. Fiake
has all the perception and brilliancy of
tbe Parisian critics, and to tbat he adds
a quality tbey do not possess—that of
honesty. Of tbe performances he
speaks as follows:
A Woman's Silence, play in three
acts, by Victorien Sardon, was produced
at tbe lovely Lyceum, last evening, be
fore a crowded, fashionable and critical
audience. Tha story ia that of The
Wife's Seciet—a play well worth reviv
ios—in wbieb a aiscer suffers from her
husbands suspicions rather than betray
ber brother; bnt Sardou has made tbe
husband and wife a betrothed couple
and tbns heightened the dramatic
interest for modern minds. Lord
March has a drunken qnarrel over a
game of carda with Sir Arthur Greyaon,
at Calcutta; chases Oreyson with a re
volver and shoots him at the door of his
sister, Dorothea Maroh. To save ber
brother from prison, Dorothea permits
it to be understood tbat Greyaon was
ber lover and testides to this effect in a
court of law. Of course, there is a scan
dal, and it follows Dorothea all over tbe
world. Maurice, tbe young comte de
Vigny, has fallen in love with ber and
follows her to Bellagio, on tbe lake of
Congo, where she is living in retirement
with her pretty consin, Lucy Gordon.
The scandal arrives as Boon as Maurice;
he hears it and begs Dorothea to explain
it, hot she obstinately refuses, Then
Sir Arthur Greyaon turns up and at
tempts to blackmail Dorothea. Maurice
conlronts him; but tbe evidence against
Dorothea is too strong to justify a duel.
Greyson drops in again and Lucy Gor
don hands bim a cop of tea, which Dor
othea bas poisoned with digitalis, in
tending to oimmit suicide. An- outcry
is raised; Dorothea is denounced as a
poisoner; a commissioner of polioe
interrogates her, and at tbe crit
ical moment the Inevitable en
velope arrives with tbe news
tbat lord March ia dead and
his foil confession exonerating his sis
ter. Unfortunately, Greyaon recovers—
neither bullets nor poison oan kill ancb
a rascal—bat otherwise all ends hap
Sardou wrote this play specially for
the Lyceum company; bnt A boy Sage
Richardson flas adapted it, and perhaps
she bas put some digitalis into her sage
tea. We thought Mark Twain's story,
Prince and Pauper, could be turned into
a capital drama until we saw bow Abby
Richardson —who was certainly not sage
then —had handled it. But, taking the
combination oi Satdon's can de vie and
Kicbardson's sage as it was adminis
tered laßt nigbl, we find tbat the play
fits Miss Cay van, Katberine Florence,
Herbert Kelcey, and W. J. Le Moyne,
1 bnt leaves out the rest of the Lyceum
company. We find, secondly, tbat it
onght not tobave been produced ao soon
after A Way to Win a Woman, which
also deals in poison and scandal. We
lind, thirdly, tbat it is a melodrama un
suited to the Lyceum theater, whore
the public have become accustomed to
a lighter, brighter and more modern
stylo of play.
The acting, the scenery and the cos
tumes may be praised unreservedly, end,
indeed, would be worth going to see if
there were no Sardou drama. Mis Cay
van transformed herself into a veritable
woman of silence, ber pale, immobile
face, dark, drooping hair and tiny,
clenohed hands emphasizing the con
trast when she melted into a woman of
love. Herbert Kelcey never before
acted so powerfully, convincingly and
effectively, altboogb he was handi
capped by Sardou, who committed the
customary French blonder of making a
gentleman refuse to trust the woman he
loves. W. J. Le Moyne was perfect as
the worldly-wise, elder brother of the
hero, suspicious of all women. Katha
rine Florenoe played tbe ingenue Lncy
very prettily. Stephen Grattan, in the
very unpleasant part of Greyaoo, won a
speoial round of applause for his olever
interpretation of a titled scoundrel.
Tbe rest of tbe company were all
good, bnt their parts were mere
sketches. It was their home-com
ing for the season, and the
audience greeted all of them heartily
Frits Williams rode a bioycle; Charles
Waloot waa tbe commissioner of polioe;
Adrienne Dairolles bad a delicions
French accent; Ferdinand Gottschalk,
Bessie Tyree, lovely Maude Venner were
on the stage; bnt they were mostly men
and woman of silence. Tbe pupila of
tbe Amerioan Academy of tbe Dramatic
Arts formed tbe crowd at tbe olose of the
play. Tba scenery, by William Hawley.
ia even more beautiful than tbe real
Lake of Como. Everybody will go to
ace A Woman of Silence; for the new
work by Sardou oan be ignored and tbe
return of the regular Lyceum company
is a fashionable event; but the verdict
of the publio and of Manager Frobman
will be tbatoi The Spirit—tbe drama
must be reserved for Miss Cayvan's star
ring tour and a Lyceum comedy pnt in
Prince Ananias, comic opera in two
acts, moslc by Victor Horbert, libretto
by Francis Neilson, was produced, by
tbe Bostonians, at the beautiful Broad
way, last evening, before the usual first
night audienoe, who thought it alto
gether too long, too snggestive of The
Devil'e Deputy, and too full of matri
monial allusions to the Qacen of Brilli
ants. Le Grabbe, an outlaw. Is in
tearchof tbe fair Mirabel, and Biron, a
a poor poet, assumes tbe character ol
Prince Ananias to assist him in his
search. So off they go to oourt, accom
panied by La Fontaine and a troop of
strolling players. Encamped before tbe
palace, tbe actors give an entertainment
to cbeer tbe melancholy king; but tbe
monarch cannot be moved to smile until
Prinoe Ananias perpetrates a com o
recitation. Tben Le Grabbe is pardoned
and pairs off with Mirabel; Le Fontaine
is enriched, and Prinoe Ananias
is raised to tbe peerage. Tbe
composer is tbe leader of
Gilmore's band; knows just what
kind of music tbe noople want, and
gives it to tbem melodiously. W. H.
Mac Donald* is the Robert Macalre who
poses aa a prince and does it delight
fully. Mena Cleary is the Mirabel; En
gene Cowles, the Le Grabbe; H. C. Bar
nabee, the La Fontaine, and Jessie Bart
lett Davis, the Idalia. The scenery and
costumes are new and tasteful. There
is rather too much opera in New York
at present to afford Prinoe Ananias a
fair cbance; but the entertainment will
be all the better after a week or two of
revision, condensation, evolntion and
natural selection. Comio operas, un
like poets, are not born bat made; but
Victor Herbert's music ensures success.
New York Truth tells the following
good 'an on Mansfield:
On bis last visit to Chicago, the
"Great and Only I Am," Richard Mans
field, was ambling down Clark street,
with true Beau Brumme! gait. He was
utterly obliviooa of poor ordinary mor
tals who bowed to or saluted him. A
rusty granger from Wayback saw tbe
wonderful figure, and in his amazement,
exclaimed: "Great Gawd!"
Beau Brummel lifted his bat in
acknowledgement and laid tbe flattering
unction io bis soul that Chicago con
tained one person wbo truly appreciated
Key and Bow.
A testimonial concert will be given to
Mrs. Washington Berry at Blanchard-
Fitzgerald hall, Wednesday evening,
Dec. 12th. at which Miss Augustine
Borger, piano; Herr Arnold Krauss,
vioiin; Mr. Aloys Warner, tenor, will
assist. Mrs. Larrabee will be tbe ac
companist and the lollowftag choice pro
gramme will be presented:
Appasslouatta, Vieuxtemps—Herr Arnold
Ku Cnemin, Augusta Ho!ma-Mrs. Washing
ton Berry.
tiraud Aria, (L'Africalue), Mayerbeer—Mr,
Aloys Wernor.
a. Murmuring Z;phyrs, Jenaen-Nlemann.
b. Etlnoellcs, Moszkowtki—Miss Augustine
Men net, Salnt-Baens—Mra Washington Berry,
Adelaide, Beethoven—Mr. Aloys Werner.
Herbstllep, Mendelssohn—Mrs. Berry and Mr,
• •a
A complimentary concert will be given
by Carl Smyser Thrower, tbe lyric opera
tenor, at Blanchard-Fitzgerald ball,
Friday evening, December 14th, with
tbe following programme:
Quintette Clab, selected—Miss Cecilia
Gardnar, Ist violin; Miss Beatrice Kohier, 2d
violin; Miss I U. Boiler, aute: au» Natalie
Loeb, Coruat: Miss Fraus McUreary, piano.
Character Song—Mr. Foley FurKui.
My Dreams, Tontl—Miss Jessie Padgham.
Violin too, Zigeuuerweißeu, Sarasate-Mr.
Edwin H. Clam.
With Thy hove, Syburu; Cradle song.Norrls—
Miss heiniuo Holmes. Accompanists, Mrß.
Larrabee, Mlv Eva Ellsworth and Miss Helen
Piano solo, Polonaise, Chopin—Miss Helen
Hec. and Aria from ' The Huaenots," Myer
becr—Car 1 , bmyser Thrower, with violin obu
gato by Ed Ciark.
a. come and Kits Me, Tennyson's Queen
May, Blurrs. b. Anule Laurie—Mrs. John
Clarinet solo. Grand Fantasia from 1 Pur
ltf.m, Bellini—Slgnor Paaquale Kind, lutl
with the famous Liberaii's otchestra.
Wuiuiette club, selected.
Love song, Edwin Clark. Answer, Tobin—
Carl ttmyaei' Thrower, with cornet obilgato by
Ed Clerk.
Mr. J. Bond Francisco will givo an
afternoon of violin music at bis studio,
corner Fourteenth and Albany streets,
Wednesday, December 12th. The se
lections will all be of a light character,
and while music lovers are invited,
stadents of the violin will be the guests
of honor.
Tbe programme follows:
Beverle, op 22, No. 3, Vieuxtemps.
concerto No. 7, op 7ii. De Berlot. Allegro
maestoso, andante tranauille,allegro modeiato.
Suite for violin (two numbers), Kiet. Adagio
non troppo, tempo di bourree.
Legende, op 17, Wieuiawssl,
M*zourxa. op. Siti' Carzyokl,
Bbrceuse, op. 9, Musiu.
Value, op. 7, Muslu.
Tbe accompaniments will bs rendered
by Miss Beatrice Francisco.
Obevelier de Kontski will give his
second piano recital at Bartlett's hall
Wednesday evening, Dscember 15th, as
sisted by Mitt Jennie Kempton, soprano,
and Miss Margaret Berth, violin. Fol
lowing is the programme:
Sscond Sonata F Minor, (a) Andante Religl
oso, (b) Finales Furloso, De Kontski—Cttevalter
De Kontski.
Duet for Piano nnd Violin, ar
ranged for tbe occasion, De Kontski—Miss
Berth and Chevalier De Kontski.
Dov eSono, Mozart—Miss Kempton.
(a) Andante, Beethoven; (o) Mazourka
Chopin; (c) Invitation a la Vulse, Weber.
Souvenir from Faust, Uounod-Kontski—Chev
alier De Koutiki.
Mother's Lover, Lynes—Miss Kempton.
(a) Souvenir de Newport, De Kontski; (b)
Scnerzo from 2d Syiuphome, De Kontski; (c)
Polish Patrol (by request)—De Kontikl.
The Aamold concert at Normal hall
Friday evening was a decided artistic
success. Herr Aamold showed himself
to be a thorough master of the violin,
and it responded to his touch in a way
that proved him also to be an artist.
Miss Metcalf was warmly received
and responded most delightfully. .She
was in fine voice, especially in Heart,s
Delight, and her repose of manner is
Mr. Werner filled the place of Mr.
Blake, wbo was ill. He sang hia two
numbers in bis usual artistic manner.
A concert to Introduce Mons. Henri
Sande will be given at Blancuard-Fiiz
gerald hall, Thursday evening, Decem
ber 13th, with tbe following programme:
Violin solo, Habenera, Spanish dance, Sira
sato—Mr. Arnold Krausr.
Harp so o-Mrs. J. M. Jonas.
Wsnn :oh an dich gedenke, B. Hamma—
Honri - ande.
'fel Her 1 Love Her So, P. de Fayo—Henri
B« mie.
Vio m solo, Reverie, Vieuxtemps—Mr. Ar
nold Krauss.
Bereuade, Cham.ez, Blez et Dormcz, with vio
lin obilgato, Ch Gounod—Henri Sande.
Mita May Miner, accompanist.
Miss Maud Aver will give a piano re
cital at Bartlett's hall Thursday evening,
December 20th, when tbe following pro
gramme will be rendered:
Gavotte, Bacii-Salnt-Saea*.
MondscneiLfahrt, tiendel.
KLoielto. Veidi-tiszt.
Berceuse; Elude, op 23, No. 9, Barcarolle,
Tarantelle, Liizt.
The first publio rehearsal of tbe
Women'a orchestra will take place at
the Frst Congregational chnroh, corner
Sixth and Hill streets, Monday evening,
December I7tb.
Tbe next ooncert of the series given
under the anspicea of the Young Men's
Christian aiaooiation will be nnder the
direction of Mr. Frsderick Stevenson
and will take place at the Y. M. 0. A.
hall, Monday evening, December lOtb.
Miss Jessie Padgbam, Herr Arnold
Krauaa and other artists will appear.
Rehearsals for the Pirates of Penzance,
nnder the direction of Mme. Fabbri-
Mnller, will commence immediately at
Mosio hall. Mrs. Washington-Berry,
Miss Jessie Padgbam, Mr. Merle Man
ning and Mr. Kyle will be in tbe cast.
The Pintti-Kranss afternoon concert
that was postponed last week, will take
place at Bartlett's hall Friday altar
noon, December 14th, at 2:30 o'clock.
David Henderson's splendid extrava
ganza, Aladdin, jr., with Its exquisite
scenery, gorgeous oostutnes, beautiful
women and clever comedians, which
ran all summer in Chicago, defying the
strikes and part Ms o->d bard times,
comes to this ci y, opening this week at
the Los Angeles m*s»m! sorrow even
Ming Anna Royd.
This will be the only visit of the
American Extravaganza company in
tbia city this year, Aladdin, jr., is
unanimously declared the most ambit
ious, expensive and artistic production
Manager Henderson bas ever made.
From across the water, home, foreign
shops, atrange countries and alien
schools, has tbis really bold and enter
prising manager searched untiringly for
talent, fabrics, jewels, metals and
mechanical devices to add to the luster
of Aladdin, jr. The spectacle bas cost
more than any of Kiralfy'a efforts, more
tban Rice's best and about 120,000 more
than most people believe it did.
Aladdin, jr., was written by J. Cheev
er Coodwin, who is well known as one
of the brightest librettiata oi the day;
the music was comoosed and arranged
by W. H. Batchelor, as in tbe Crystal
Slipper, All Baba and Siubad, and
b'cenic Artiat Frederick Daugerfield is
even reported to have surpassed ail bis
previous efforts in tbe way of gorgeous
scenery. Howell Russell, of London,
designed tbe costumes and they are said
to be marvelous in design, gorgeous in
color and rich in texture.
Mitt Frankie Raymond as Chee Kee.
A novel effect may be expected in
each act, bat especially oonapienoca
wiil be tbe ballet scene, tbe third oi tbe
aeeond act. Thia is supposed to repre
sent tbe golden glade or resort of the
silver storks. At the rear of the atage
the bubble fall ia seen. This is a verita
ble cascade with all the sheen that can
be afforded with latter-day electrical
facilities, the bubbles pouring and toss
ing for 20 feet over realistic rocks, while
myriade of dancers whirl in the mazes
provided by Signor Carlo Coppe to tbe
music of M. Qeorgio Jaoobi. The ballet
is called the "grand amber ballet."
Dangerfield, Coppe, Jaoobi and Maitre
de Ballet Marcbetki have conspired aoto
entertain tbe publio that the picture
wil) not soon be forgotten. Tbe adven
tures of Aladdin are very literally told
in tbe book and should be clearly inter
preted by the company wbioh Mr. Hen
derson has seleoted for his new produc
tion. Aladdin will accompany his
alleged ancle to tbe mystic cave in
search of treasure, witb tho hope of
gaining Princess Bedroulbadour's hand ;
be will find tbe magic lamp; the cave
will close npon bim ; the spirit of tbe
ring will appear, exhibit to the boy
irom Pekin tbe beauties of the under
world and return him to hia home top
side up.
John Burke at Cranibo.
Countless love affairs, tbe schemes
of a magician, tbe wilea of an emperor
with with an empty treasury, and coun
terplots and machinations without
number will be carried along until one
arrives at another vital point, the ebony
and gold palace of Abanazar on the
banks of the Nile. Here a vast barbaric
pagent will take place, aud it it rumor-
Ed that even Ilendersonian splendors
will be outdone.
The cast oi Aladdin includes several
artists new to the American extrava
ganza company. Foremost among the3e
is that clever and dashing comsdienne.
Miss Anna Boyd, who plays the title
role j Miss Allene Crater, the beautiful
young singer and actress, who plays the
Prlnoesa; John J. Bnrke, who plays tbe
low comedy role ot Crambo, who is
said to be the best low comedian thit
company ever had; Albert Froom, John
E. Qain and Messrs. Murphy and Turn
er. The following well known and fa
miliar members of the company will be
esen again in prominent roles: Henry
Norman, superb singer an excellent
actor; Frankie Raymond, charming
comedienne, singer and dancer; Miss
Ada Deaves, tbe most grotesque charac
ter actress in America, and Miss Irene
Verona, the well known comic opera/
and grotesque actress. The ballet will
be led by tbe world's two greatest
premieres, Fraulein Martha Irmler and
Mile. Catherine Bartho.
Continuing bis policy 10 carefully in
augurated last Sunday of presenting hia
new attractions on Sunday night, Mana
ger Cooper of tbe Burbank theater will
produce tha Corsican Brothers tonight
with the only twin stars in tbe world,
Willard and William Newell, as tbe
twin brothers Fabian and Louis die
Franchi. The play needs no introduc
tion to the public, the brothers Franchi
having been played by all the leading
romantic actors of the French and Eng
lish stage, but invariably tbe Corsican
twins have been played by one man
witb tbe aid of a double and mechanical
device. But tonight at the Burbank
theater for the first time in tbe history
of the drama the Corsican Brothers will
be played by veritable twins. They
have played to the capacity of tbe Bur
bank during tbe past wesk. They bear
a striking resemblance to each other, iv
fact it is almost impossible to tell them
apart either on or off tbe stage. They
are a painstaking and conscientious duo,
possessed of considerable dramatic abil
ity, and should give a very good per
formance of tbe two brothers, and those
wbo attend the Barbank tonight and
during the week simply out of curiosity
will be agreeably disappointed by wit
nessing a fine performance as well as a
most astonishing resemblance. Tbe
Newell brothers will be supported by
tbe entire Cooper company. New and
beautiful scenery has been painted ex
pressly for tbis production, and tho me
chanical effects, properties, costumes
and mnsio will be as elaborate as hith
erto witnessed in high priced theaters.
Manager Cooper is to be congratulated
on the success of his new departure iv
giving Sunday night performances. The
public appreciate tbem and hereafter
they will be a permanent feature oi the
Burbank. The Corsican Brothers tbe
entire week with a matinee on Saturday.
On Tuesday and Wednesday and
Wednesday matineee, December 18th
and 19th, at Unity churcb, will appear
tbat strangely gifted negro boy, now
grown to manhood, Blind Tom. Loa
Angeles has many accomplished pian
ists. Next week tbey can gratify their
tastes and see a most singular contrast.
A helpless idiot almost, with scarcely
tense enough to know when he in
hungry, or to feed himself when he is
hungry, yet endowed with a musical gilt
iar beyond the average musician, he ie
a mystery of mysteries, Pnpils of Liszt,
of Loa Angeles, who owe their pro
ficiency to hours and days of tedious,
wearisome practice, supported by an
indomitable resolution to succeed,
sbould hear Blind Tom. Then think it
all oyer from end to end, and see if you
have a lucid explanation to offer abont a
musical gift or a musical taste. You
will end where you began, in a helpless
muddle. His range of themes is great.
Whether it is a sonata of Beethoven or
a wild African hymn, tbe divine inspira
tion ol Tom finds utterances and ex
pressions—at one moment beguiling the
listener into a dreamy eoßtacy, again
lifting him into a species ot sympathetic
exaltation. It is impossible to describe
Tom or the effects of hia music. To
fully understand and appreciate and en
joy him one must hear him.
What would be termed a strong
vaudeville bili is to be given at the Im
perial this evening. Heading the list of
new people are the Sansoni sisters,
known the world over ss the original
female Sandows. Tbeir performance is
classed with tbat of Eugene Sandow in
its entirety and is composed of the
many difficult feats of strength tbat are
familiar to the regular theater goers.
Besides these clever peoplo will be in
troduced for tbe first time in this city
the following famous vaudeville stars :
Ward and Martin, a clever team, who
are described as tbe banjo kings ; Rue-
Be! and Rader, who do a clever
knockabout act and are comedi
ans oi high type. Then there
are Toner and Frobel, the gorgeous trap
eze artists. The Quigley brothers, Geo.
Harrison, Miss May Dsvelliau, Sandford
and Rice and Prince Toto. With this
long list of people tbe Imperial should
be greeted with a packed bouse this
Sunday evening, December 16tb, will
inaugurate tbe tirst of theeasteru artists
that come direot from New York city,
making tbeir firat appearance at this
house, after which they are taken to
San Francisco, Oakland and Portland.
This order of arrangements will be car
ried out hereafter, from which a weekly
change, of bill will be assured. Not alone
does this warrant new people, aa well aa
being guaranteed the very best available
vaudeville talent that will be selected
from ihe leading niueio liatla of tbe large
eastern cities.
For the holidays special attractions
will be announced. Matinee today at 2
o'clock, and tbe opening of tbe new bill
tbia evening.
Crowded houses are tbe result of
having such tine talent at tbe New
Vienna Buffet. The programing (or
next week should be a treat for every
amusement loving person. Tbe orches
tra is well worth hearing, for it ia un
doubtedly one of tbe best on the coaat.
Notes From Theatrical Tidings.
Delia Fox will never cloae ber tour
except on account of illueaa. Since abe
began ber season at tbe Naw York
Casino, in The Little Trooper, she has
made big money every night.
Is Louis Nethersole, Olga Netbersole'a
brother, or husband ? Some Bay tbe
former, others aay the latter. Mr.
Nethersole ia the personal representa
tive of tbe imported star.
"Old Hoss" William Hoey, bas pro
duced Flams at tbe Bijou theater, New
York, and bis performance and tbe
niece itself have struck the metropolis
at considerably batter than tbe usual
run of farce comedies.
.An actor named Clarke bas bad his
eyesight destroyed by calcium light.
iNatU. Goodwin, Richard Mansfield aud
John Drew would never be troubled
this way. It does not require a search
light to accentuate tbeir acting.,
J. M. Hill, at whose theater in New
York William Gillette's Too Much John
~if J Wi"&t±WT'HillMlf'%MYtft IXI
son has been produced, says that it is
bonnd to duplicate tbe success of Bron
son Howard's Tbe Henrietta, which
ti r it. saw light of day at what was Hill's
Union Square theater.
William A. Brady rttnrned to New
York from tbe west last week. He
ecaroely had time to say that Champion
Corbett bas been playing to immense
business in Chicago before catching a
train for Boston to inspeot his effective
production of the Cotton King. Mr.
Brady ie now settled in New York for
the season, attending to the mnltilarions
details connected with tbe run in that
city of tbe Cotton King, at tbe Academy
of Music, beginning on December 3rd.
Wilson Barrett made his first appear
ance in America tbis season in New
York, on Monday, November 2ii.li. He
began rt two months' engagement at the
American theater. He produoed his
own dramatization of HallCaine's thrill
ing novel, Tbe Manxman. It is an out
and-out melodrama of tbe Adelpbi type,
and tells a rugged story in a graphic
way. Mr. Barrett's performrnce is pic
tnresqae and effective, and Maud Jeff,
ries, bis leading woman, is aingulariy
beautiful and natural.
"I can prove tbat John Drew is the
most successful actor in Araerioa," says
Charles B. Dillingham. "Mr. Drew bas
played in New York one entire year
with tbe exception of a very short road
tour which Mr, Charles Frohman was
forced to make owing to strict contracts.
Mr. Drew in The Bauble Shop has been
eminently successful for more than three
months at the Empire theater, New
York. Name another actor that can
stay in New York that time.
The Louia Beaudet Opera Bouffe com
pany, producing the comic opera, Jaoin
ta, baa begun ita New Year engagement
at the Fifth Avenue theater. It scored
a decided aucoess. Tbe music is occa
sionally reminiscent, but ia animated,
fanciful and tuneful. The book ia, on
the whole, cleverly written. The fun ia
freah and spontaneous and the company
is well cast. Miss Beaudet is easily our
most piquant light opera etnger now
that Marie Tempest baa left, and she in
fuses into the title role of the new opera
avast quantity of verve, chic and bus
tle. Signor Perugini. Edward Stevena
aud Harry Brown are capital supports;
tbe stage settings and tbeeostnmes—all
approprirte to Mexico, the acene of the
action of the piece- are exceptionally
rich and the "production" ia another
feather in the cap of stage manager
Max Freeman.
That Tralnload <>r World-Beatera Ar
rived Yesterday.
Alix, Flying Jib, Fantasy, Directly
and a whole trainload of other aristocra
tic beasts arrived in the oity yesterday.
They came in on tbe morning overland
train from the north and are now occu
pying thirty-four stalls at Agricultural
A finer aggregation of fast horses was
never gotten together. There are three
world's record holders in the collection
and a score of horses whoso names are
hcuiebold words.
Ed. Goers, the owner of Bessie Hal
and driver of Hamlin's string oi fast
'una, came with the horses and also
Driver McDowell, Monroe Salisbury's
well known trainer and driver. Local
horeemen are in eatacies of delight over
the arrival of these noted people and
The train load came through without
a notable aocident and all the noble
animals are in good oondition consider*
ing their long ride. Crowds ol horse
admirers nil', flock to the park today to
cet a glirarisu of the horses.
Bloody Water Oozed Oat Constantly.
Sufferings were Terrible. No Peace
Day or Night from Itching
and Burning. Doctors
Failed. Cured by
My child's disease, which was tho worst kind
of Eczema, started on one cheek like a ringworm,
§It. spread and itched so the poor
littfo fellow hac 1 no peace night
or day. Then it started on the
other cheek and chin, until all
were raw as a piece of beef
steak, like a burn where you
would rub off the skin, and
bloody water oozed out con
stantly. His sufferings were
terrible. I tied his hands that
he would not scratch, then he
would rub his poor little cheeks
on his shoulders to relieve the
intense Itching. I had as cood a doctor as was
in Philadelphia, but he failed to relieve him. I
read of tho CunctJßA Remedies, and at once
purchased theui. Strange to say, that very night
he retted without scratching his face, and from
that on he improved And won toas entirely cured.
I would like anyone suffering from this terrible
disease to gee my boy now; his complexion is as
clear and smooth as can be. This is an unso
licited testimonial, and every word is true. I
thank God for my child's recovery, and I thank
the manufacturer of CUTrouBA.
Mrs. E. 8. GAMBLE,
852 N. Forty-second St., Philadelphia.
And have effected the most wonderful cures of
torturing and disfiguring skin and scalp diseases
of infants and children ever recorded. They
afford instant relief, perm it rest and sleep, and
point to a speedy cure when the best physicians,
hospitals, and all other methods fail.
Sold throughout tho world. Price, CtrncoftA,
60c; Soap, 25c; Resolvent, $1. Pottbr Duvq
and Ohem. Corp., Sole Proprietors, Boston.
" How to Cure Skin Diseases," mailed free.
OAQY'C Skin ami H < aI P purified and beautified
DHDI 0 by CVTicuru Soap. Absolutely pure.
(£, _J*4V ® rowu, 8 pains, and weak-
> ) nesses, relieved In one
1 / ro'nHte by the Cutlcurm
7 r Antl-Paln Plaster, the
first and only instantaneous, pain-killing piastw.
323 325 Downey blk, N. Main st
Gome and Hear
Tho Irish comedian in hts great specialties.
The clover soubrette —The Boneless Wonder,
The Eccentric Come- i The American Night
dian, ingale,
Concert from 7:30 to X<C Change of pro
gramme every week.
N. B.—Closed Sundays. tf
1> 114-110 Court St., Los Angeles.
F. KSiRKOW, Prop.
interna'ional Operatic and Character
change artists, formerly of Mew York
The Great Favorite from the Orpheura, 3aa
The Hiauliful Spanish Dancer. •
Berth Family Orchestra.
Concertevery evening from 7:30 until 12,
and Saturday matinee trom 1 to A p.m.
OSr-Kinu commercial lunch. Finest cutsiui
and meals a la carte at all bonis.
FHED A. COOPER, Mann([«r,
Great Success of He New Departure.
La3t Sunday the Theater
Packed, to tiie Doors : : : :
Every Evening During the Week and
|||| NEWELL]
In the Beautiful Romantic Drama,
New and Beautiful Scenery. Magnificent Costumes.
ADMISSION, 15, 20 & 30e. Box Seats 50 & 75c
In Classic and Romantic Plays.
■*• * Under the direction ol AL HAY MAS
0. M. woop, Lenee. H. c. WYATT, Manager.
Entire Week of December 10th. Saturday Matinee.
In tiie Elaborate sndTransplendeut Spectacle,
Kuccemor to "Sinbad," "All Baba," "Crystal Slipper," etc
Seats on rale from Monday, Dec. 10 h. to Saturdiiy, Deo. 15th.
SJBfl "
/holiday goods. \
HSIF'My line of Toilet Cases, Manicure Sets, /
\. Traveling Cases, Perfume and Toilet /
Articles is the finest and best /
assorted in the city at
tr _\ OUT PRICES. / CJ^
-> \ /V
Not a Dollar Need Be Paid Us For frvjp ffK
Treatment of Rupture Until SSf
specialists m^Sjm
Positively cutein from 30 to 00 days all kinds ol i H
-7? R U PTUREIf- v'^lfl),
etc.. without the us ■ of knife, arawlnj blood or detention from business.
CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION FREE. Can refer interested partial to promlaeat
Lss Anreks citizens who have oeeu troated by them. Cure guaranteed.

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