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The herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1893-1900, December 10, 1894, Image 9

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To (Ira rimvi.er of lho City
fos Atllft'lt's
Tho '''"mr'nr- a ,»rnd-"c •<* tn the charter of
Ihe Ctiy uf loa Aogeles, as adopted byjuiui
resolutio iNo 3, ado ted January :ilst, i-h!»,
ere herel»y proposed to b- suiiiiiitto.t to the
quaiitied voler»i oi sold City:
Trof.dl*- •.viiiga-cioms to be amended so as to
rem. (• I' iowa ■■ 't:
s».e?l' i Si. '*»;• said Rorpuruti v shall have
the flower:
1. ro make and uso a corporate neal and alter .
the se.ito ii t pie sure 1
,o'iioand besiud in all hcHaiis and nre
ccp il'igs whatever, 1
/. *t» hnve perpetunl stieci^slou.
L To,- reel end maiiiiali, public building*,
and Ul.ry out c, uid'-h, improve and main
m\ piruie parks snd i-omoterics
». to provide roi the euro uf ihe Mek and
ri. ro make regal il innate prevent the spread
cl op.deuncs auU cntßgom, aud ltuihMune
i.jse i*es |
• V '■"T >rovi,lc i 'tT npplyint the city and ita
hihuut Hill s with unier uud X s or either or
oi*ermean*oi ho land iliuiuibaiTou.
H. lolayout, open, extend widen, Improve,
«r vacate, pave and >apave «troo.| and alievs,
xjaowauis ami erossingf, und other highways 1
d loe.irtstiuetued maintain sowers, drum i
nnd oilier works, i eimmrv for the
ol sc ..era- c.
Ui. To establiah and maintain nubile! schools
and puhiic w i artes I
To lev/ a aosimehta upon prop'fty to
pay fof tbo ImprovsHnent oi s nset and other
JmhlU; imp:.., ..aunts, ami to collect the same,
ana ti lovy hu,i en leet taxes upon pro erty
lor municipal purpo ; provided thai tho .ax
(Ovieid for any ono year tor alt municipui pu*
-I'Os h, uche than paysaeart «-i interuston the
nmnietpal debt and redemption ol bonds,
shall n -i ■ xyeetfl ij!l on eacn ISJBhJ worth of tax
uble p.e;, ny.
I*. To uianfti o,'control, soil, Ie se for a pc-
Xied not exceed, ng I wo . oars, oi ntiieN lac ols
t>ose <.f nny or i. it the ,trooertv ol be said cor.
I oration, and to cpprnpriat'■ the Income or
pro.cc ,s tne too" it) the U«0 of the sunt coi pora-
I on; provide* that It s .ail have ho powe t
inorig i»e oi toypoiltocato its property tor any
purpose. '
HI 'to license and regulate tho carry in*; on
atiya.d ail prOtetaltkus trade*, eatllugi uhd
f'-onpatious car led oft within the limits of
aaud city, mid lo lU the amount ol license tax
Utfieuu to be paid ily alt penoiis ouguged in
fctii'h preicsiioi..-,, trades, callings or bctnipu
ti lis, and prb vft to tnu manner of enforcing
tne payment ol the sum ■; provided, thai no
-iise.imitntiiou shall be made bet \\t\ a |*f OB
engaged ii. the naino business Otherwise th#n
i y pr. poiTioni g ihe lax Upon any i Uaiueas 10
the amount ol business doutj and to license,
xegUiOte, re train, suppress or prohloll any
»' all laundries, llvo. y and sale Stahtoa, cattle
end ho se uorruls, slnughter-honsex, buicuer
it. qw, hawkura. peddlera. i awn brokers, daueu
t-enars. mcln'eo'iiH, Shfius, circuses, publ c bil-
Jn.rd iableh, li.a, >.ug uud »eupi v alieys, and to
auppreaa and pro, ibil all faro banks, games of
rhan.ee>. gu.nbltug fiouaex. laides or stands
bawdy housea, tb ' keeping ol bees within tho
Oily 'inut.-, uu.i any uud all obnoxious, nh*cn
aiv *. .uiuio al, indecent or ulsreoutab c Places
o f .' uJioeaa or prActico,
i 4. To en-ate oftlocs nnd provhlo for the
•lection »»:■'.ppoiutuunt of oncers oner Hum
t o-e e-lnididted by tbia charter, or by the
general law, whenever the public convenience .
may requite tiie .aim, and prescribe their
*uilea and fix their oumpeusatiou, (JBnttnU
i .an inn be ooristnied to authorise the crea-
UOU uf no v 00001 and tbo anpointmen o;
I'tbi-r nOiti-rs fO perforn.i lho duties by in.s
ehum-i nsslgnou to oilicers provhieu for here
ti,. f toer than t|iu nr. casary deputies and as- ,
Kilvautß to (.he o.itoora of said oil v.
&. 'loaequ.ro. by funcia c, t .'udomnntioii.
Or other lanie means, iroia-rty. both real and
•pT-o ml, eluding water aud wa er right-.
\\ : iiun u»- without the ttoynorati limits, neqes
nary or'.uuveuieni ior municipal pu poses nr
fur ip ; ex- else Of tho powers granted to enld
poflJ -re-ion.
T. r 'ofi\ too Baliyiesof muuicipa offloerS.
OXCf.ttthoge tdbcers ivuui salaries ore fixed
by nis pnaner.
y. To provide ami maintain a proper nnd
% '*<cln.it lire department and make and adopt
i.iioh np> ,«n I'tfs, role! aud reg v I alio a tor tue
Jore i; Hi;* nnd extinguishment of ti res, and
or tho prohei, nliun ol propei t v eudui,gere(i
inei .-ie as aay oade'ciobJ oxpeaicnT
ro; a. ;.roteet Hsu t .ropei yoj IU Uihaldtants
OFAiUv IniiiolHtiioiis.
I kf'jst i it mlother.tnijur om and tticoiLveui nt
i ' i» . v. uiiin the lily, uud for the disposition
c* «,e aame*
To vi i cc Un* violation of Its ordinances
ti uiladeree'anof iv all properuases, and to pre*
•erlbv tiie i u.iishc iit therefor, by hucorim
-1 i"s,i. ine'. t , Ot byW*lli: out Mich tine not to
«*xueed ~OOP, anu such Imprlsoumeut not t»
oxeseu six months.
-I, Topr.*M?rl c tho places at which elee
tyoni .-.una be veld, uud . ppoint tho offlceie of
*-/ in make and enforce wftbiu its limits
auch local, -ulleo santtary and other regula
tions ax are nm in conflict with general
taws, and are deemed expedient to mainthlu I
the puhi c pence, pro eel property* promote
Hie public morals and lo pres rye "tho heuhh
ut its Inhabttaaia,
. ti. To cxci c.-c nil niniilcipal powers noces- ■
»,iry to tho eumplete and efficient mileage- .
1 lent amlcouiifi vi the muiiiclpol property
i- d lor the efficient ndio.n siravion ot tile
louuicipaj miM-riiuifiil whe.hcr sUCh powers
l|Oex|de>|ly enumerated or not, except Spell
pQWora as are foibi.deu or are controlled by ;
general (aw,
.4. Tint powers conferred by this article
ghai* be exercised by ordinance, except as I
« OreinaftCf provided.
set!. «I—The ofhiera ol tho municipality siiuii
A mayor, i
auv t-ouui ilmau for each ward,
A city cicrk, 1
A clerk ul the mayor,
A et ly tr asUier, " .
A city aud. tor,
beven tuembersol the'onrdof education nt
I" re directors of the I.os Angeles public
A public librarian,
A city ci g. neer.
a city attorney,
A luperinteudcutpl buildings,
A water overseer,
A Pi reet so pernucn 'ent,
live police commissioners),
A CltWsl ol pOnee.
At'liit'f engineer Ol the lire department,
rive mem i era f the board of health,
A hca th Oth eel,
Kivo fl c coniiinsaioncr ,
Hve park commissioners,
Three watei commissioriere,
rhree building ooinmlssioiters,
tee. 4. Ihe following mUeers shall be elected
by the ok'c tirs ot u,e city of Loa Angeles, to-
V .t :
Tee mayor,
Tho city attorn y,
Tho ely treasurer,
■tven aiembers oi the board of edueatton, 1
And tiy tue electors of each ward respect-
Ively one nicinbei oi the , ounc.l.
i he city shall be divide i into nine wards, us
First wad-All that portloj of tho elty
bounded northerly by tiio ..jrth city i oundary '
b Iwvtin lho l.us nyer und toe east ;
oo undary of the rf ty j easterly by t'c cast :
Loundarv cf the city, between'the northern 1
boundary of the city und s\ ission street; soUThr I
eriy by .Nllssio street, from tUeeaatetty bound
ary to ts intersection With .Mission r i ud; Mis
sion road, from its intersection with Ml Sidh
Hli Oct, toilß junction With M»ey street; Macy
■ treet, from its Ju etlOQ Wit-'h Mission road to
the boa Angeles river j west rly by t c Ixta An
gclc river, frosa Macy street northerly lv the
north boundary of the city
Second ward-All ihtu portion ol tlu city
bounded northerly by the north city boundary,
from ,ta wesi boundary to the Los Angeles
river; easterly by the I.os Aiuclca river, torn
the north city'boundary to Downey avenue;
ItOWhey avenue, from tbo I.os ADgeleS i lver to
Ban Kcrnaudo street; .-an Fernando street, i
from Downey avenue to Upper Ha in street; i
Upper Main Street from Sau Fernando streei I
to Marchess .ult si eel; Main a tree t, from
Marchessault street to First atr ct; southerly
by First street, Horn Main streel to l.'ana
Street; thouecaloOg ana. atteet to Diamond
street; ttieiiee along Diamond street westerly
to the west city boundary; westerly hy the
west city boundary f om Diamond aire t to
the uurin city b unitary. «
Third ward—AH thai portion of the city i
bounded northerly by Diamond street, from i
the west city boundary o Canal Street; Ciinnl
Street, from Diamond' atr et to First street;
iirst street, from Canal ettOOt to Main street;
•Mteny by M .iv street, from First street 10
Beveuth st eet, Miutheil by seve th streel,
from Main sir,ot to weatclt? touud ry; west
Orly by l c west city houudaiv, from seventh
Street to I im inon ti street.
Fourth ward-All that portion Of tbe city
bounded northerly hy beveuth atreoi. from *
west cily boundary to .Main strnot; uasti rly by 1
Main streel, horn f event h ,> to Wuahiugton
■treet; souther y b\ \\ ashingiou street from
Main streel to wesi city b„undary; woa orly by
west City boundary, horn Washington streel tii
beventh street.
Firth ward—All that portion of the city
bounced northerly by Washington street, from
the west city i oundary toMaln Mice ; easterly
by Main street, from Wa*tungtOU Streel to
■OUth City boundary; southerly by tbo south
City bOUltdary, fn>m Maid street to" the souib .
westerly ci.ruer of ihecity; wester, t by' the,
west city hoimdnry, from the southwesterly .
corner of the ( ily lo \N ashin«:ton streel.
Sixth ward All that portlo i of tbe* city •
bounded northerly by Ninth street, from Main \
street to the k-us Angeles river; easierly by the
UM Angeles river, from Ninth street io tho
soiTth olty boundary: ►■outheiiv by the couth
olty bonn Ui-y, (rom the IjOs Atigelea river io
am street: westerly by Main street, from the
south city boun lert to Ninth street
Seventh ward All that portion of the elty
houn 1.-ii nn-iherly by First street, from dalu
Rlroet to the I,on Aiueles river; eivterlv by the
«<»* Angeles r.vr. from t irst street to \inth
Hreet; Mint lit rly bj S|h hal roet, i rom :he |<os
An ;e!es nver pi Main s ieet; woaterli by Main
stret-l, from Ninth streel to First atree .
i.igoihwa. i \|| th.v p.inion of ih ■ c'fy
bMinted we-tetlv end horttiurly by M in
stnioi, from KtrslMse tt street;
' I'per Main street, from MaVchtfffHaeXt sireel i*»
San Xc m i! 11 do street; hhu ter mind i
st cut, tiu.u Upper Main - slrje io
I <iv< ney avenue, Hon n'*y avenue
ftOiii an Foruaud'i street to tbe I.os a geles
river; easierly y the i.o« A uncle* nver.tr in
l>»'.»iiey veu ie to First street; aontllerlV by
I'll d ttreet from ihe l.o» Augclei river to XlKlrt
Ninth Ward--am tint portion of the oity
hounded northerly by MaCy Street, from the
has %nge{e> river *o it* Junction with iltiaiuil
road-; Hwaiori road (torn ita Junction *Uh
Macy KtlOil It) ItH luter-ectioti Willi Mission
sir >;isspiti street, f.oju jls uiieneetio
with Mis-ion roe to tiie ea>il oily boa ndary;
easterly by Ihe east eiu boundary, from Mia*
lOn atreet to the •oulnugawrly corner ot the
city; Aouibirly l>y the souMi city houndarv
from the suiHue.u.ierlv corner o| me tdty to
he I.os xng'les river; wesu-rly by the I.os Art
{e'es river from the south city bouudary lo
lacy s;reet,
Ihe venter o( all streets and tho center of
the bos tuft le* rlvei Will in all eases be
the dividi g lin
And the Council herein provided shall linvo
power* h\* ordi un nee, «.o v uibilah tttul ohau;e
the boundaries and nuuibeis tucreof when
evo it may deem it expedient, but rinill
cnanged by Hie tO inei tbe Maid wards shall
remain U4 übjv d - -ribed and e.-t i .1, .h- il
yee.All elect.ye oiucers, electa < at iho
first general municipal election Held of.er tiie
t Kin ? effect t)f this charter shall hold their
offices fo. the term of two years, commencing
ou tin- lirsOMoniluy In April next succeeding
tiitd r election, except as provided lv ieo lilj
of (his charter.
6eOi li. 'iho mayor ahall appoint theeiork of
the mayor, i lie m ivor shun appo nt tfie ot*
I wmg otUcers, subject to eounrmatton hy a
mnjoiit of ihe conn U, towltl The elty aud
itor, the sd| c. i tcnd.'Ut of building* ho
members of the polic, park aud li. - ..' COtntnls-
KiftliK. ihe liiomlii f. -o i b'Jftr.l ©f liSJ ,!',;; t,l ■
building Commissioners ana the directors of
the i.os Angeles p ihtte library. The council
shall appoint the chy engineer, tbe eltj clerk
and ihe eVe t su.H'rintcndent.
H 0 7. Tne city s, h.t I supcrlnterMluut shall
hi* appointed by ihe hoard Ol etlucatlojl. The
ent el of pojlee Jh»)i bj appointetl by the bpart]
Ol poli: c c.i iimis> ouei'* l liectitef engineer
t>f the Are department shall be uppoin>cd by
the board ol lire c minis liOuora. ihe healtn
Otfh'ef ahall he. ap|>ointed by the hoartl of
health, uud the librarian by the direciors of
the pholtc librery.
Fee. i*. All appointed officers ahall hold office
uu il removed by lhjLup(>4ilnting power, n blch
ahall have the poWerol removing in ah o Ute-t:
provided thai where cotiiirinatiiui larequiTea
thonaseni of the eouttrming iody shall be
reonlalte 'or removnl.
I he council shall have power to suspend nny
o'he :r of the city pending trial, ggalhSl whom
en initial proceedings based ou misdemeanor
In orilce or civil action for the recovery of
money due to the city have been 0 iiiuienccd.
and tho mayor shall appoint a substitute for
such o* c duri"g Kttsp listen.
In voting upon (h - appointment, confirma
tion, suspension und removal of Officers the
memboraol tho council, or other tJody-Mp*
pom dug con firming, si|Spendittg or remov
ing, shall vole by open bullet -or eel lof roll,
and the 1 nil d or vote of eacli member shall
be spread upon the minutes,
Sec ltf, 1 wo-ihirds ol tue memb rs of the
c uncil shall conslltuie a quorum for tin;
I runs ction of h islne-*, hut no ordinance
shall bo passed or other act done* einuting a
frailChMe, leaking any m itract, uud ting any
bdi, ordering any work to be done, or supplies
to be furu;s..ed, disposing Of Of leasing thecity
P opo ty, ordering any assessment for street
Improvement, r building sewers or auy other
act to be done invoi\ ing tiie payment of
money, or the Incurring of debt by the city
unless two-thirds of the members oi the whole
council vote i i tnvor .her oi. All other ordi
nane s may be passed by vote of a Majority of
the whole council.
Sec. i 7 All bonus of officers must be ap
proved by the council, as also ihe bonds Of
any contractors with die cily, except such as
are otherwise provided tor by the Stale luw.
T!n»*wly cierk shall indorse upon such bonds
the date oi their approval, whiob indorsement
shall be signed by the pre idiug Offtper of the
conncil, antl the Ity clerk.
set!. \H. No councilman or othor city officer
shu 1 be interested, directly or indirectly, in
auy contract In utile i the Olty is a party, or
iuMUti by mtfif uillvi iuf the* city tin Ovouif vi
the pity, Any violation of this aeotion shall be
a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof,
besides the pen nit V Hist may be tmpMed by a
cOnrtoi competent jurisdiction, tno council
Shall declare the office vacant and any person
ceu vie tod of a violation Ol this section snail be
forever disqualified from holding any office
under this cliartei. Xor shnll a. y oilleer of
the City he n surety on nny ootid given to the
city, or tv any person for tho ben lit of the
Kor shall any p"r*on who is Interested in
contracts wilh tiie city be a surely on any
bond given to lho city by a y ofiicer, depulvor
sec. o*. The council shall hnve pQWet*i by
ordinance, to regulate aipi provide for lighting
uf streets, laj ingdow.. KM pipes and erretion
of lamp po*ta, eleutrlc towers und other ap
paratus, and-to regolu to the sale and use of
water and » lei-.nc light, and fix the price
i)f ia< water r.nd idectr.e tight, and the rent of
Kas, ua'ertmd eleetr.e Qieierj within the pity,
and rejgulato tno iinpcetlon tiie co ; atul to
legnluie lelepnone Bl ri ice und fltjS use o; lelc*
phones Within thJ oi y, ano >o fix and de er
mine the charge for telephone! and telephone
htvicc and cens eetions; a d to prohiidlor
regulate the ere.'tion of pole* for telegraph,
Ipfephone or cleitr.'* wire in the b blic
grounds streets or alleys, aud ihe placing id
Wire thereon; and to rojulro lho removal from
the public ground ~ atreeta or alleys ot auy r
til such poles,end the rcmovnt and placing
under ground of any or all lelegrapii. tele
phone or electric wires.'
it shall not make any contrnct-lor removing
rai hage, sweeping virecls uud iighllng streets
ior v longer leiia than two -cur.>. And tlicy
shall MVertlae antl receive proposals f .>■ all
tucu ooutracta not less thati six mpoths be
fore the expiration Of auv suoh exiaiitig con
li shall not within ninety fays next precedl'
ing the date of hold) in a neneral m v UiClpa*
ri et toll nor WithlO the thirty days next ini
medlately lollowing, including too day of
Inndim: Mich generul municipal election, pail
ny ordinance, order or resolution granting to
my person or persons or asaocl*4on Oi persons
»r corpora) on whatever, any privilege or
Tauenise lor the construction, ext oaion 01
iperattoQ <d any atree' railroad or extension of
iime tor the c nisi ruction or operation bl any
i treet r.nlroi.u, over Or upon any or part of any
4reet road or highway siiuares or park witn
in the city. Any franchise oi pri' liege granted
ir at lcmpv*itl to be grantod in violation of or
i v rury to tho foregoing provisions hail bo
ih nlutely Void and vi nu • fleet.
In grunting a franchise for construction, ex
euslou or opeMtlbn of an sireet adro id,
uey sh Hi in aiditl v to the estrlt'tlous re
iiii.ro* by tbe .nws of this state require the
•arsto be inn so as to make al east fifteen lUiU*
ItOS headway, . Ihttl is tossy they BhsU run cars
it least every fifteen ntin tes from 7 a.m. io 10
i m andasofteu us thirty niinutes headway
t:nit l» to s y they »>hali run cars at least every
hirty minutest 'rum oa m to 7a m., and
ivm'iOp. (B. io 1. p m. over the entire 11 .c
rom Start In-! point tt> the end thereof. And
hey shall also (briber provide tnat If at nny
Ime for the spue of lutve m nths the said
oad or any i art tlieieoi sual be unused us a
treet ruil.os.dand tne curs run at least us
n't .-ii a* eveiy liMeen mliiules iron; 7 a into
U p. in . the franchise loijho poruon o por
lOilS U' used snail be l crei.y forfeited tind
•eeome Uio pr .p rty of liio city.
bee. It shall, b.. ordinance, pr vide lor the
ir.mmg of s reets ami mnnhe.iag of uousos,
uidlor i and pr veiling the exliiui
ion oi bUn'ttera. flags or placards a ross tlie
ireet, or sidewalks, and for regulating or sum
•Session public criers, adve Using, riugiug oi
a,*lis, und o.lier uolsea
It shall, by tirdiiiauee, forbid the orec ion or
lispiay ou any nuibiiat or property of the
ity, of any iiu.mer, device or Bag of any statu
>r nat'OU, except tnat tn the U-.iied elates, the
late uf Caliiornia, or the oily of I.os AugelOM.
it may, by nrJinauce. authorise lho expeudi
ure oi money not to exceed the urn of one
iionsaod doll' rs, in any one escai year, lor tho
> roper celeoi at ion of the t Ui of July aud o the r
iiildic demon -trations.
.cc 40. I lie council shall on the lira; Mon
lay . f iictobcr in each yenr fix the rate ot tiie
tty taxes, dc>igintilng the numoer of cents on
ftoil one hundred dollars for each fund, Which
alt; shall then be certified by the city clerk io
he county auditor of i.os A geles count., and
be city taxes of said city shalt then hecol eel d
ty the . ou.ity otllcers at too same time and iv
he samp manner that state and county taxes
ire collected, ami turned over to »he city
reasur r who shall ihcu disburse the same,
'rovldad. 'hat in case the city council shall a;
iiiytimo by a vo c of all Us members, ordain
hut ihe city taxes shall be a sessed. levied]
sjuali/.cd and collected Ik the cily ofiicers, the
dty council aha I have power to appoint a city
ism's-oi nod a city tax collector, fix ihei( sal'
tries, and provide fur a syatejtn of assessing,
cvying and collecting cit. taxes and equali
ng assessments.
All sessions ol tiie council and of any boards
>f commissions appointed under the pi«ovisions
if i hl| charter or that may hereaiter be ap
pointed -hull he open lo the public.
The council shall have full power to pass
ordinances upon a yot her subject of municipal
tontrol or to carry into effect auy other pOwerS
U' the numb ipalily.
Sec. 11 J he mayor is the ex cutivc otllcor of
lie corporation and must exercise a careful
iuoervlsion over all its artairs.
it shuii be tue duty oi tiio mayor, annually.
al lho first n*eetlng ol tho Vnuuc.il under thin
chart.!!* tuition tin.'firs mo ttngin Jauuervol
each year thereafter, to communicate by/utee
sago to >li council m general mate men I n't the
(On I moti mill uiT.nrs of t lie corporal ion uud
lorecommo d tue adopt on ol such measures
as lit.* may litem exoedlctii and proper; and to
make sue special eommuntc tion to tiio coun
cil Irom tlmtf lo lime a- he mail doom ixMdi
It 'hnll -he hi* fur hi r duty tn vigilant and
afiiv ii mo enforcement tit'the ordinance-, ol
tin* «'lt;.; to cxer Ise a coii'dnnl supervision
oter it, • Kfts and conduct ol all its ofneera and
omp.oyees; to lecetve anil • xtit.iine into all
Com pi -iii's made ngu nst tlit-in fur violation or
neg act n( duty,
a tl tn\e UKMioail bunds of city o'lieiul* semi
annual! ami certify at to their solvency to the
conned cr proper mini.
And he shall per (ofin Mich other duties and
Have audi oi her power- as are elsewhere in th I *
elm ler or by urdUanee, Imposed upon or
t anted tv liiui.
m>\ ah. rht elty auditor plHttl ae* a* tho ge.n*
crn! nconimtaot and fiscal agent of the city,
and I hai i c .ereij"* ■ general superintendence
over ah the nflp-ers of the cily charged In any
man ncr wilh tne receipt, collodion or dis
bursement of the city revenues,
Me shall keep 11 complete net of book*, in
which he shall let fur li in n plain and bust
htaedlko manner every money tratiKaclidii Ol
the city, nn as to show at all times the «MMc Ol
Bften tutid, from what source the money Was
derived, and t r what purpose arty money waa
expended nnd sl*o all collections made and
paid 111 tt* me treasury ov each officer o; any
nl person
ID* f lull I, oi application of nny pcrmn 'n-
Dieted to the ily holding money payable in
to ttio tdty treasury, or UGalrthff to pay inone <■
therein, certify to the City Treasurer tho
amount thereof to wnm and
hy whom to he paid.
Re shall, upon the depislt rf thereceipt ol
the city i reatore for money paid into the elty
IfStUUry. charge Ihe C ty j'rou ttirer wilh the
anionri! received hy him,"and give the person
paying the *cmc a receipt therefor.
It shah lv his duty t ■ p portion among the
p;*ver.il fund* all public money at any time
inthoclty tteasa y, not hy law ot ordinance
specifically apportioned and appro fiated, a <l
forthwith noijfy the City I re aim or ol lUch
apportionment or apprnprlatt <n. He Khali
countersign and d ■! ver to t..e prop r otlicer
ail licences.
All moneys due or that may beiomc due to
or eollcotable hv t i city or any Officer, em
phi/cc nr HwiiHin.- t t"... ri .„.' [ h-k; «... ..f.id
direct to Iho en v treaurer, tlf* l order of the
lUuttor dfructiiu* t lie city treasurer to reeei»e
the aame, and * i.-ei/yihg tho fund to which tt
ahull lie eh irked, haying lirst been oiitatned.
I'/OVlded t li ti j uothljtn lv this aeetion con
tained Khali b.' oo aimed i%* in any manner in
terlerlug with or aiteetilig thepayment ot
t.i.:e' to the city tax collector, or moneys paid
OhftUcoutii oi ntreat asieiamanti to the city
Dm*' ■ r p„' forming tne dutlei f
of BliteiP.
I tie auditor shall prescribe a KV-tern of books
nnd recorda to itu kept by each "department of
tlieody government* and a form of monthly
reports to he made from each department to
tliL* city audttQ ( HliOWtng all business traiiMie*
tloha oi the department! all reeeipta mni <lix-
Mi ltf OU of ma ertal and supplies, toots, etc.,
to the end that lie auditor may ha. c % com
plete and accural*' know ledge of a: 1 the busi
neaa t raniaction a ol the city and of the several
departments, and be eUttbfed to keep full und
iiCeurnte records of to same, and report
monthly thereon to the rJOtinWJ.
Ibis ayatem Of hooka and reecrds of report:
shall be submitted to the council, and oo ap
proval by a majority of the council ill all St
once he put in force by tn * several o!H vi\snnd
depbftmenta, And no sal i system ot laioks,
records ami reports aha 1 not nechaug:*.! ex
cept after Ihe proposed chnugeH liavo bee I
tunmittedby the auditor to, uud have been
approved by tiie council.
Ko WftYrnut.l for s.nlary. In favor of nny city
oflieial or employee, shall he np. rovt d by the
auditor until all reporti required ol auoholp'
eer Of e;np'.oyee by t he ci ty system of OCCOUU ts
hereinbefore provided for, shall have be n
tie -hall keep iv his ofneo. In n placo aoceaii
ble and open ul nil times during utlie.: hours
to the puollc a hook an alphabet!'
eal liatol the names of all p raohi who are
bonds men for oftloevi of the elty, giving the
names o the 0 beers fir whom they are tionda
meu aud tiie umouul fur Which they becftmc
The city auditor shall bo a skilled ac
He shall *oport to the council at the regular
meeting Ol each week the condition of each
fund iv tiie city tr and the amount
dinw ti from each fund the preceding week.
lie shall make and preaent » report to the
council at i h meeting in the second week of
lieeemberof uch year showing all financial
buatneaa transactions ol the pity for the pre
ceding year ending the 3jth day ol November
He shall audit, and approve all dem-mds
against the city before payment, him keep a
r cord of tne same as hereinafter provided in
Article XXI.
II shall on or before the first day of Annus*,
m each year make aud present to the council a
report as to the revenue and expenses oj the
city for ti e current uaeaj year, in which he
shall set forth intimates of (1) the revenue
from oth r sources than taxation; ('2, the
Itemized expenditures; '11. tho itemized
amounts necessary tv be raided by taxation for
each fund.
He shall perform such other duties as shall
be required of him by this charter or by ordi
nance. He shail devoto Jiis entire time to the
duties of Ins otlice.
Sec. -i 4. 11 shall be the duty of the city treas
urer to receive and keen all moneys that shall
cum:' tii the city by taxation or otherwise, and
to pay the same" ou ou demands legally
audited in the m -nncr herein after provl ed;
neon warrants issued by Lho audit r. and
withou such auditing and upon such war
rants, he shall disburse no puhlic inoneya
Whatever, except the principal and interest
of the .municipal bunded indebtedness when
payable. /
He shall receive no money into the city
treasury unie*a eooont anfeU by the certificate
of the city auditor previiedfor in section 4.1
Ho shall ssue receipts in duplicate to all
per-ons paying money into the treasury.
One of whteli receipts shall bo lo thwith
deposited with the cLty audi or
Ue ahall make a report at the close of each
busine-s "lay, tt» the auditor, Showing all
moneys received during tne day. together with
the uumber oi eaoh receipt given by him
the !for, and what account an 1 from whom
received aud to what fund applied
lie ahall, on o before the setetstb day of
'vieli mouth, make out and present to the
council a full avud complete statement of the
ret-etptsand expenditures for the preceding
calendar month: nnd he shall make auefi
special reports from lime to time as may be re
quired bythecou cii.
The mayor city attorney, city audl-or. the
tintiiiee c nnmltU'e of tiie city cmneil, or any
special committee appointed by the count! 1.
separately or collectively, and with the aid of
an accountant aelented by such otlicer or com
mlttee, shall hive the right and power to ax*
amine the book* of the treasure* - ut all times;
and the mayor, audliorof HnaiiCj committee
shall ntao have the right to inspect and count
all public moheya under the trea uier's oon
trol» Of on depo-ot elsewhere. Whenever tbo
city shall p ovide a proper vault an i sates in
the city hali for ilie k epiiiß of the city money,
the treasurers tall keep said moneys in said
vault, except as hereinafter provided.
He ahall devote his entire lime u> the duties
of bis office.
He BhaU repor . at the close of each busi
ness day, to tin: city auditor, all receipts and
ply incuts of money mad during the day, giv
ing ihe number of llmf eeipt ta tied or el im
paid, the name of toe party p ying or who
WAsfiaid uipt the name of the fund charged of
credited with such receipt or payment, us tne
case may • c.
:v.-e, 4& In addition to other dutie.s imposed
upon him by this ail afteror by ordinance of
tho conncil. the city engineer ?litill:
1. Make or cause to be made all surveys, in
spections and estimates required by the
('nunc il.
2. He shall have the exclusive control and
supervision ot all pubho works of whatever
nature, done by tb j city.
;;. ile s ,ah nave the final decision, run leas
otherwise provided by ordinance! as to the
prop ir lo ation of t Cleg ran U, telephone, elec
tric ll hi rt id other poles, us well as the proper
U iiiiiiii. nd (lepth below tho Mirfaco of tel-
Dplioiie. telegraph aud eleotrie wires, gas or
water pipes or private drains or auy Other pri
vate euti-ti v to i uoove aud below groun i in
which v decision rests with the city. All such
work is to be perfo.me i lo his entire satisfac
4 II < shall appoint all assistants in Meld and
otlice which ,c may from time to tine con
s-do' necosaa y to the proper aud eiticient
working ol in*» department.
*». He shall have po»v. r to suspend, dismiss
nnd reinst le nny und all of the oOleera or em
ployees of his department He shall, witli the
approval uf tho city oounoU, es.dbliah tho
salaries or wa ; es to be paid such olllcers or
Employe a.
U. Ho hall appoint all inspectors and fore
men and employ all lahorers necessnry in his
opinion to carry out effectually any work
under his control. All such inspectors and
tore men and laborers .shall he paid such wages
as may be detei mined by him, with tho ap
proval Of the < ily council. They shall he sub
ject to suspension or dismissal by him with
out notice, as the Interests ol ihecity may seem
to reqVire.
7. lie shall cause a weekly return to be made
to him of all workmen emp oyed antl ma orial
vied during the week, and oi th amount, d* -
so lotion and cost of the work done, and he
shall examine und ctrlify all bil s against tho
cily lor material and labor and contract work
under his control.
tit He shall be the custodian of, and respon
sible for, all maps, plate, profiles field notes,
plans oT structure and other records ami mem
oranda belonging to theefty pertaining to his
omce and the work thereof; all ot which he
shall keep In proper order and condition with
full index ther ■■ I; and shall turn over the
same to his ah maps, plans, pro
riles held votes, c i -~ *tei und other memo-
I randn of all work done by tbe city engineer, 01
! under his direction and control, during hi:
term of ofllec shall be tii p operlv of the ci ty.
ree. »9. It shall be the duty of lb • city attor
ney to prosecute in behalt toe people *fl crnn
thai Cases arising upon violations' of the pro
visions ~(' 1 vis c tarter and city ordinances aud
to attend to all suits, matters and tilings iv
which the city may be legally interested; pro
Video, the ewnnei shall have control of ab lit-
Igal ion in' the ciiy and m ty employ otiier attor
neys to take charge of any*such litigation, or
to assist ths City att -rucy (heroin.
Ho shall glve'iiis aivtce or opinion iv writ
Ing whenever require I b. the mayor or coun
cil, and shall do and p'tform all SttGfi things
touching bis otlice as by the council may be re
quired of linn.
He shall approve, by Indorsement iv writing
th ■ form and v..lbiity v>f nil official or other
bonds required y this charter, or hy ordinance
ol (be council, before the same are' submitted
to th*} uoilrhtil Or mayor for final approval.
lie shall an trove in Writing the drafts of ail
contract before thw Mm* are entered into en
behalf of the city.
Itoth he * ml "his deputies shall devote their
entire time to the duties of their office, and it
shall be uul awful for them to accept any fees,
payment, emolument or thing of value other
than that received from the city far tho per
forms ice of any legal practice.
See. (SO. The mayor shall appoint three citi
zens, two of whom ahall be architects in good
standing nnd whr shall have practiced their
pro ession not less than three years in tiiis city,
ull of whom shall serve without compensation,
lo constititle the hoard of bul ding commission
ers Ol tbo city. The bu Idmtr commissioners
aha I meet at leasl once a month.
The building department shall eon Ist of a
building superintendent and an assistant su
perintendent (end he latter must be a plumber
ol approved character and experience), 00 h of
whom shall be appointed by said building
commission; and of -.k many other officers and
employees as tbe council may by ordinance
from tune trt tine determine to be necessary.
The salaries of ail officers and employees of
the building department (except tnat ol tho
superintendent of buildings, shall be fixed by
ordinance The board of building commission
ers shall prescribe the rules and regulations for
the government of the department, and tlx and
enforce the penalties for tbeir violation. The
board of building commissioner-, shall have
such other powers aud perform such other du
ties as may bs granted or imposed by ordi
The superintendent of buildings shall bean
architect, , o.i er, vi master mechanic 01 ap
proved character uud experience. c shall
superintend iho- erection of ail buildings
erected by or for tho city. He shall have
charge of (he enforcement of nil ordinances
pertaining to par y walls and to tbo erection,
construction alteration, repair or removal 01
buildings, and the nature and arrangement uf
heating, plumbing and ventituti ,g appli
Sec. 51. Tho water overseer shall have the
general charge, care and supervision of all
waters and water works belonging to tbe City,
and tbe distri Utiou of said waters, so far as
tbe same shall be outrustrd to biuibyordi
hende. and shall perform such other aiid fur
ther duties as may bj prescribe.! by ordi
nance. He ahall devote his entire time to the
duties of the otlice.
Al\ the waters and water works of the city,
both torir IgatiOn p Tposos as well as ior do
mestic ami manufacturing purpo shall ho
under the control of a Water commission of
three (t, citizens t, be appointed by the mayor
by and with tho approval of the Common
Council, not more ban two of whom s-all be
long to the some political party, and all pow
ers vested in the water overseer, as lo the niß'i
age men t, sale ar»d distribution of such water
and general charge thereof shall be vested iv
said water commission,
mi id wot* r commission, when appointed,
shall have control of all matters re tiling to tho
construction management aud maintenance
and control of the water and waUr works
of the city antl ol the di tri button and sale or
r. ntal of water and of the collection of rates
for the same.
Said water commission shall annually fix
the rates obo char cd for water, which rate
Shall not be enforced until its approval by tue
Bee. 52. Tbestreetsuporintendcnt shall have
the general care of, and frequen ly Inspect tho
streets of, the pity. He shall receive antl mv
v stigate all complaints as to their con ition.
and shall have charge of the enforcem-m of
all ordinances pc taming to stre.-t obstruc
He shall frequently inspect all public works
pertaining to street Improvements while tin
same are in course of construe ion, InSi cct and
4 prove or reject all material used in such
construction, whether done by con root or oth
erwise; and shall at once report to the council
all deviations from contracts and use of im
proper materia] and had workmanship in such
works; nnd shall have th power, pending in
vestigation, to top ali Work thereon.
lie shall make a report 10 the city council a*
each regular meeting of the same upon all
such works as may hay* been petitioned for as
local improvements, and also upon such other
works or improvements aud repairs—whether
petitioned for or not—as lie may from time to
time consider desirable in order to improve
the appearance of the city and to promote tho
he .Ith safety and convenience of theinhabi
tanis ther of
He shall make a report to the city council as
soon alter the close of the official year as pos
sible stating
(a) The various works of construction car
ried out or in progress under his supervision
during tbe past year, together with the
amount cxi ended Upon each such work.
tb) The cost In detail of the maintenance
and repair of tho city works and 1 truc
tures under bis control, and of tho streets,
sewers and wnter works.
c ■ The cost of ofliee expenses and the man
agement of nts department,
d) The improvements and repairs which,
in his opinion, should be undertaken by the
city during the next succeeding year.
c) tsuch other matters connected with Ins
department as he may consider of inter.st or
lm portance.
He shall give his undivided time and ntteu
tion to the duties of his olllce. He ahall do no
work for. nor lakeany fe or professional re
ward from any individual or eorpor ttiou othe
than the city during bis term Oi Office unless
ordered or permitted to tho contrary by the
.■cc. 57. The health officer shall have powers
and perform such duties as arc herein or may
by ordinance be granted toor be imposed up in
ht»i. Both be and his deputies shall devote
tlieireuti c tune to the duties of heir olllce.
Sec. 58. It shall be the duty of the mayor,
city attorney, city treasurer, chief of police,
oiiyaudttoi. "health oil! cor water overseer, city
clerk, city engineer, superintendent of build
ings, chief engineer of the Are department)
city school superintendent, board of directors
of the Los Angeles public library, board of park
co nin s-ioners and ttie board of water corn
mi sioners, each to present to the council at
its mceiin in the second week in December of
each year, n report for the preceding year end
ing wth of November lust, which shall show
as follows:
(>) The city attorney shall, in his report,
present an abst act of all actions and proceed
ings in t he supreme a nd superior courts v hero
the city is an interested party: and shall show
what casus have been disposed of during the
year, and in what manner, «nd the condition
of those remaining on the calendar.
(i) The city treasurer shall show, in his re
port, specifically, the amount of all Indebted
ness of Ihe ciiy; of money r eclved by him
during.the year, tho d.t* of receipt thereof
and from whom; the amount p id out, when,
and to whom; nnd the date and number of ihe
demands on Which the respective aiuoiuts arc
di) The oily auditor shall make a proner
statement ol t c transactions of nis office,'as
provided in section 4-*.
f4) The chief of police shall report the num
ber of arrests made by him, the offenses
charged and how disposed of, the number and
names of the policemen employed, wnen ap
pointed aud wticndi charged, and all money
and other property iceeived from prisoners
and the disposition of tho nine,
ft. The health Officer shall show the condi
tion 01 tbe health of thee ty during the year,
and the number of cases of diseases which ho
has treated; and other matters of interest per
taining 10 his office,
ti. Tne water overseer shall, in his report,
show lha amount of water rales or charges
collected by him; and shall make a detailed
Statement of the condition of the water syst ms
ol the city, so far as the same are entrusted to
his charge.
7. The report of tho city clerk shall show
the n mbor of licenses^issued, and ior what
s. I he report of the city engineer shall show
the character, cost aud condition of all public
works aud improvements in course of con
struction during the year.
ti. The report of the superintendent of build -
ings shall show the cost of nection, alteration
and re n Air of all hu idtngs during the year;
and shell show also the general result of his In
spection o! building* during the year, He shall
report also the number of building permits is
sued by htm
10. The street superintendent shall report
upo , the condition of the streets of the city
and the improvements of the same during the
yetr: and snail hhovv what action was taken
by him iv the enforcement of ordinances per
taining to street obstructions and in regard to
deviation from contract in the construction
of public work*.
11. The re; ort of tiie chief enctneerof tho
flr ■ department shall sh iw the condition of
the Are department a d its apparatus, giving
a detailed statement thereof; also the work of
the department during the year.
I>, The report of iho city school superin
tendent shall show the number and condition
of the publ c schools, the number of teachers
and their salaries mi l the number of pupils in
tU, The ret ort of 'he board of directors or
the Los Angeles public library shall show the
condition of their rust for ihe yearendiug the
dOth day < f November ol thai year; the vari
ous sums of money received from the libra y
fund ami from Other sources; for what pur
pose such money has been expended, and lho
amount ao expended and thebalan eon band;
ihe j umbnr of bo »k« ».«'! '.-erlodviaJs ran hand:
th ■ ■timber added by purchase, k ft or other
wise timing the year; the bum ber lost o
sx4sstns>t Ihe numbor of visitors at tending;
the number of hooks loaned out, and t..e gen
eral character and kind of such hooka, with
SUoh Information and suggestions as it may
deem ol general interest.
li. Tne report of the park commissioners
shall Show the condition of tho parks, With
the kind, cost aud the expense of tne imp ove
rne.its, Including tiie entire cost ami expense
of the department for the year ending Novem
ber ;iotii last preceding
.-cc. til. 1 lie following named officers of said
ciiy shall respectively execute to said munici
pal corporation bonds in the following sums
res pee ively, conditioned for the faithful dis
charge by them Of the dutiesof their respective
offices, to wit:
Thf bond of the city auditor is fixed at $10,
--oo< 1.
The bond of tho city treasurer Is fixed at
i lis bund of the city engineer is bxtd at
$1 ",000.
The bout) of the city attorney U Axed at 93 .
The bond of the water overseer Is fixed at
Tiie bond of tbe street superintendent is
fix- d t.t SjlO 000.
The bond of the chief of police is fixed at
'The bond of the health oflicer is fixed at
the bond of the city clerk is fixed nt $ r > 000.
foe. 65, The officers of ihe city shall receive
In foil compensation for all services of every
kind whatever rendered by them, the follow
ing salaries, payable in monthly ins.ailments,
at the end of each calender mouth:
Tiie mayor shall receive $11000' per annum.
Stfch councilman shall receive $1-00 per
The city clerk shall receive 92400 per an
num. *
The city auditor shall receive $2400 per
The city treasurer shall receive $2100 per
an num.
The city engineer shall receive $11000 per
The city attorney Shall receive $11000 per
an num.
The Superintendent of buildings shall re
ceive $1800 per annum.
The chief oi police shall receive $3000 per
Tho health oflicer shall receive $2000 per
The atreet superintendent Shall receive
$2000 per annum.
Hoc 09. The government of the school de
partm nt of the elty shall be vested In a board
of education, to consist of seven persons to bo
elected as herein provided, to bo called mem
bers of the board ol education, who shall servo
without salary.
Sec 70. The" hoard of education shall elect
one of it- number p estdent, and shall hold
tegular meeting at least once in each mouth,
and special meetings at SUQh times as shall be
determined by a rule of aaid hoard. A majority
of all the members shall constitute a quorum
f r ttie transaction oi business, but a smaller
number may adjourn from time to time. The
board may determine the rules of its proceed
ings. Iff sessions shell be public, and its 10
--cords shall be open to ptinlie inspection.
See* 71. The board ol education succeeds to
all the property rights and to the obligations
of tbe board of education of the city of boa
Angeles heretofore existing, and it shall have
solo power;
1, To establish and maintain public schools,
including high schools, to change, consolidate
und discontinue the same, arm to establish
school districts, and to tix and alter the
boundaries thereof,
2. To appoint or employ and dismiss the city
school superintendent, a deputy sui erintend
cut, a clerk and such teachers janitors, school
0 ens US marshals* mechanics, laborers and
ottier cmp oyees as may be necessary to carry
into effect the powers und duties ol the board';
to tlx, alter and allow theirs laries or wages,
and to withhold for good and suffi dent cause
tne Whole or any part of the salary or wages of
any person or persons employed as aforesaid.
11. To make, estabilse and enforce all necos
sary aud proper rules and regulations for tho
government of public schools, tho teachers
tnereof, pupils therein, and for carrying into
erlect llie laws relating to education; also to
establish and regulate the grade of BOhoOls,
and determine what text-books, course of
Study an 1 mode of instruction shall be used in
said schools.
4. To provide for the school department fuel
and lights, water, blanks blank books print
ing and stationery; and to incur such other
incidental expenses as m iy bo deemed neces
sary by Said board.
5. To build, alter, repair, rent and provide
school houses, and to (v uish them with
proper school furniture, apparatus and ap
ti. To take and hold in fee. or otherwise, in
trust forth* city, any and all real tstate and
personal property that mat- have bee:: ac
quired, or mat hereafter 1 c acquired, for tho
Use nnd benefit ol the public school-' of the
city; und to seil or exchange and to lease any
of such p ope ty; provided that the proceeds
of any inch sale or exchange ahall be exclu
sively applied to tho purchase 01 other lots, or
the erection of school houses.
7. To grade, fence and improve all school
lots, aud In front thereof to grade, sewer or
pave and repair tbe st.eets, and to construct
and repair sidewalks.
H. To sue for any and all property belonging
to or clni-ned by the said hoard of education, |
and to prosecute and defend all uctions at law 1
or In equity n-ressary to recover ami niain
ain th ■ full enjoyment and possession of said
property, and to require the i-rv.c s of tho
city attorney, f re of charge, in all Such cases.
0. To determine annually the amount of
money required for the support of the public
schools and for carrying Into.effect all the pro
visions of law iv reference thereto; and, in
pursuance of this provision, the board snail,
on or before the loth day Of July of each ■ ear.
submit in w riling to ihe city council a careful
estimate of the whole amount of money to be
received from the state end COunty and the
amount required from the city foi the above
purposes, and the city council shall. In each
year, lix the percentage of taxes to be levied
and colleo ed school purposes; provided,
that ttie amount to be thus levied for school
purposes shall not exceed twenty cents on
each one hundred dollars' valuaton upon tho
assessment 10 1, and that when collected it
shall be paid into the school fund.
10. To establish regulations for the just and
equitable disburscmeut Ol ali moneys belong
ing to the school fund.
tl. To examine aol approve, in whole or in
part, in the manner provided in .-ection 212,
every demand payable out of 'he school fund,
or to reject an l BUOh demand for good cause.
12. 10 discharge al] legal Incumbrances now
exist tug or which may hereafter exist upon auy
school property.
Is. To prohlb't any child under six years of
age from attending t c public schools.
,4 In its diseret on to establish kindergar
ten schools tor the instruction of children be
tween the ages of live and six years, and indus
trial and manu.il training schools or depart
15. To receive and manage property or money
acquired hy bequest or donation in trust tor
the benefit of any school, educational purpose,
or school property.
10. And generally to do and perform such
other acts as may be necessary and proper to
carry into force and effect the powers conferred
on said board, and to increase th 1 efficiency of
the public, schools in said city,
17. No member of the board of education
shall, during the term for which he shall have
been ekcied, bo eligible to auy olticc to bo
filled or confirmed hy the boird of education,
nor shall any member of the board of educa
tion bo sol Qted to lill any vacancy th i t may
occur in any office when snob v.-.c ucy is to bo
filled or confirmed by tbe board of education.
Sec. 72. All QOUtraOtS for building shall be
given o the lowest bidder thereof, offering
adequate security, to be determined by tho
board after <lue public notice, published for
not less than ten days iv the official newspaper
of the city. It shall be the duty of Ihe board
to furnish all necessary supplies for tbe puolic
schools. All supplies,' books, stnonory, fuel,
priming, goods, material, merchandise, re
pairing and every other article and thing sup
plied to or done for the public schools, or any
of in em, when the expo diture to be incurred
011 account of such matter may exceed three
hundred dollars, shall be done or furnished by
contract let to tne owest biddor»uer like pub
lic advertisement; provided, that the b aid of
education may rcjoc any and all bids under
this section
Provided, that the board of iducation may
by requisition authorize any appoimee, com
mittee or agent ot said hoard to bind the said
bo ,rd for the payment of any sum of money
not exceeding three hundred dollars; which
requisition shall bo approved by a two-thirds
vote of said board, spread upon the minutes
previous to the Incurring of the indebtedness.
bee. 77. The said school fund shall be used
and applied by said hoard oi education for tho
follow ing purposes, to wit:
I, For the payment of the salaries or wages
of tho superintendent, deputy superintendent,
clerk, teachers, janitors, school census mar
shals, and other persons wbo may bo employed
by sa.d board.
2. For tbe erection, alteration, repairs rent
and furnishing of school houses.
H. For the purchase money or rent of any
real or peraonal property purchased or .eased
by said board
4. For tiie discharge of all legal incum
brances on any school property.
5 For lighting the solum! rooms and the
offices and rooms ol tho superintendent Und
board of cducat ion.
0. Forsupplyiug the schools with fuel, water,
apparatus, blanks, blank books, uud necessary
a mool appliances, together with books for in
digent children.
t. hoy suppliing books, printing and sta
tionery for the use of the superintendent and
boa dof edut atiou, - nd for tho incidental ex
penses of the department.
H. For grading and improving nil school lots,
and for grading, a wenng planking or paving
and repairing streets, and constructing and
repairing sidewalk-, in front thereol.
See. BM. The mayor shall appoint a board of
five dire tors for said library. Who shall serve
Without comp nsioion aud be know n as tho
board of directors oi tne Los Angeles public
library, and who shall bo chosen from the
citizens at large, male or female, without re
gard 10 tlieir politic*] opinions, but with refer
ence to their fitness for .said otlice, and no
member of the council shall bo a member
of tno board.
Sec. Hii. Booh board, by a majority of all tho
members, to be recorded iv tbe minutes with
the ayes and noes at length, shall have power
to make and enforce all such by-laws, rule*
and regulations as may bo necessary or expe
dient (orits own guidance, and for the admin
istration, government and protection Of BO Oh
library, reading room and property; to deter
mine the number of officers and assistants to
be appointed for such library and reading
room, and to determine and define their du
ties) to aopoint a librarian and necessary as
sistants, and such other employees as may be
necessary, and. for good cause, to remove them;
except the payment of tho salaries of the oity
librarian and assistunta and other employees,
which salaries Shalt bo fixed by the city coun
cil by ordinance: and order the drawing and
payment of all moneys out Of said fund for
such expenditure or liabilities as are herein
authorized, subject tt> the general provialona
for the payme.tt of demands on the city treas
urer contained lv article 31; and to have tho
general supervision, care and custody of
the grounds, rooms or buildings constructed,
leased or set apart for that purpose, and gen
erally to do all lhat may be necessary to
carry out the spirit and Intent df-thle chattel
In establishing a public itbrarv and reading
room; provided that nil moneys received for
such library shall bo deposited in the treasure
Ol ihecity to the credit ot the library fund*,
and thai! be kept separate aud apart from
Other moneys of the city, and shall be drawn
from said fund upon demands authenticated
by the signatures of the president mid clerk of
the board, ami approved by the mayor and
council in tho same manner as ot her demands
drawn Upon the general funds of the city.
All libraries and readi g rooms heretofore
established by said city, and ali property, real
and personal, thereto belonging, shaft he
turned over to the charge, enstodv and admin
istration of the board of directors, with liko
Eowersnnd liabilities as if such library had
een established under this charier.
They shall have power and nutho-ity to cre
ate a museum iv connection with said lihrary
ami to appoint a curator therefor, provid-d
that no expense shall be incurred therefor
outside of tbo funds provided ior tho main
tenance of said lihrary.
Hoc . 05. Tne police commissioners shall pre
scribe tiie rules ami remilaf.imni for tho g ov
eminent of the police force li 1: and enforce
thu penalties for their violation; provided
that removals tdiall he for cause only.
rec. 111. The board of lire commissioners
thai I prescribe the rules and regulations for
ihe governmentof the department and tix and
enforce the penalties for their violation, and
removals Shall be made only for cause.
Bee, 120. There is hereby established in and
for tho city a department to be known as tbo
hoard of health, to consist oi live members,
namely: The mayor who snail be ex-offieio
member and president Of the bDafd, and four
citizens, to be without regard to
their political opinion, by the mayor. Thr c
DfSSdd citizens she" be physicians in good
■tending and grut'uutes of boiiio reputable
medical college.
Seo. 124. The board shall appoint and may
remove at pleasure a bealtu oflicer, who shall
also act as city physician, and w hose duties
BJ SUGh Shall he defined, by ordiuutiec. He
(hall be a graduate of a reputable Hied leal col
lege, and shall have practiced medicine at
least three years, and be a citizen and resident
[or two year* in tho city and have his license
to practice medicine recorded with the county
slerk of Los Angeles county, in accordance
With the laws ol the -state of California regu
lating the practice of medicine, lie must ro
ndo within tbe city limits, and devote his en
tire timo to the duties of his otlice. The board
(hall also, when authorized b;,' ordinance,
lave the power to appoint an assistant healtn
Uticeraiid such other officers and assistants as
the sanitary condition of ihe city may require.
Sec. 102. Tiie said corporation shall have
he right and power to construct, maintain
md operate waterworks, dams, teservoira
iilchea, canals and other means to conduct
he said waters from tiie said river or o: her
sources, or elsewhere, end to supply the city
md Its inhabitants with water, and to dis
tribute auch Water either in zaiija.s pipes or
itherwise into, upon and over the lands within
he limits of said city, or elsewhere; all water
uains by whomsoever hereafter laid in taid
llty shall be of such material and of such ca
pacity as shall be prescribed by ordinance-
Tovidcd, that no an h unit 11 shall hereafter be
aid in said city of less dimensions than four
indies in diameter.
Sec. 195. General municipal e'cctlons shall
>c held in snid cily on tiie tirst 1 uesdny after
he tirst Monday in March, liSPI, *nd on the
irst Tuesday after the tirst Monday in March
•very two years ther after, at which shall be
dected a mayor, a City attorney, a city treas
At said election to be held lv SfitfOb 1836
themeneU also be elected seven member* 1)1
be board of education from the cily at large
md by the electors of c ich ward of the city
)iio member of the city council ut each auc
lediOjg election the members of tno b mrd of
jducalii'ii and the members of the city council
shall i.v elected as in the next scerion hereof
Sec. 100. The officers elected nt a general
nunicipnl election shall, after they have QJI ai
ded OS provided in this chart i\ enter upon
he discharge ot the duties of Offices 10.
vhich they ba ye been elected OU tho ii ml d on
lay In April succeeding their eioel on; and
be members of the council elected from tne
1 ven«numbored WgrdS In said oliy shall, after
he lirst election, serve for tne erm od uvo
ears, and those elected from tho oM-uum
a*red wa.ds iv said city shall serve for a term
ii four years and thereafter the term of office of
iich Ol the couneilineu of said city shall he :
or a term of four years. After the first elee
ion the members o( the board of education
hall decide by lot wbo shall serve tor four
ears ami Who for two years three ot said
uembei-s 10 serve for two years and tour of
aid members for fur years), nn I thereafter
he term of nil members of tbe board or educat
ion shall bo for four years.
The otherMllleers of aai.l city elected nt said
;cueral municipal election shall serve for two
■ears, and until their successors arc elected
tnd qualified, except as herein provided as lo
louneilmcn and members of the bard of eiu
union, und except In ease of an election to
ill a vacancy at a Bp citil election, in Which
tase they shall, after qualifying as Herein pro-
Mood, enter at once ou the discharge of too
lUties Of the office and shall serve for the re
uainder of the term of such Office and un 11
heir successors have been elected und quali
Sec 107. Special elections shall bo held for
.he purpose of electing a mayor or any other
>Ulcer herein made elective by tho people, in
ntse of a vacancy occurring in any of the said
>fficoß, or for other purposes not especially
provided for. Iv the event ot any a eh.va
;nncv, such election shall be Ordered and held
without delay; provided thut the council shell
in all such cases, except in the event oi a
vacancy in the coUncil, have pnVTer to till such
vacancy until an election can be h Id.
Sec 10H. Tne co ucil shall have power to
submit to the electors of said city at any elec
tion any question required to be a 1 submitted
by the constitution, Ihe law, this charter, or by
jrdiuance; provided that in case such question
is required by said constitution, law, charter
or ordinuuce to be submitted ata-pecialor
other particular hind of election, it shall bo so
submitted, and not othwrwisc.
Tho council may at any Kpecial or general
election submit to the vote of tue electors to
be affected by any act in question whether
Mich act shall ur shall not become a law; and
in case a majority ul all tho votes shall b ' east
against an act so submitted then ft shall ie
null and void; but 1 i case a majority of all the
votes shall be casi for such an act it shall be
come a law at such time as tbo council shall
Sec. 2011. No person shall bo eligible to any
municipal otlice under ihis charter who, at
the time (> f hutOleotiOO or appointment is not
a qnalilled elector of this cily under the laws
of the state; and to be eligible to the offices of
member of the council, in addition to tho
above qualifications the person elected must
also have been a resident of the ward from
which he is elected for at lea-t two years pre
vious to said election, and in case, any member
Of the council sba 1 remove fiom the ward
which he represents his olllce shall immedi
ately become vacant, and the office shall be
tilled as directed in thisehnrL r; provided ihfft
in case 0 redisricting or redlvisiou of the city
into wards be made, whereby the Lines or
boundaries of any wards aro changed, the last
provision in regard lo residence shall uot ap
ply to auv person elected as v member of the
council before Such change
Sec, 200. 'Ihe officers of said city, including
the city assessor and city tax and licence col
lector, *iv ollice at tho time of the taking effect
of these amendments shall continue lo hold
ihelr respective offices, receiving the same
compensation provl led for in tho charter un
der which they were elected until tho election
or appointment, and qualification of the first
officers to be t looted or appointed in their stool
under the previa out of these amendments;
the assessor und tax and license collector to
serve until tbe time when tho officers elected
at such election go into olllce, with the powers
and duties vested in and imposed upon them
by the charter under which they were elected,
together with these amendments, and all ordi
nances of thu city; upon tho taking chect of
thuseameiidmeuts the mayor shall appoint lho
board of building commissioners and tho
board of water commissioners provided lor
herein. All other hoards which have been ap
pointed and are serving at the time of the
taking effect of these amendments shall, unless
sooner removed by the appointing power, con
tinue in office until their successors are ap
pointed by the officers to be elected nt the first
general municipal election to be held after the
taking effect of these amendments. In ease tho
city council shall decide to have the cily luxea
assessed and collected by the county officers,
then wild in that case the council may provido
bvordinaifce wbat duties shall be performed
by the assessor and tax collector who are in
office nl the time of tho taking effect of these
amendments, . ~
>cc. ,07, flic city of Los Angeles shall not
he and is not hound by any contract, or in
any way ' 'hereon, unless tho hanio is
Siff . wrt ! ln * b ? °r der of «»• council, the
draft thereof approved by tbo council and Lao
same ordered to be, and be, signed by the
mayor, or some other person authorized there
to, in behalf of tho city; provided that the,
city attorney shall innoisethe aame as to form
and validity, lint the rouneil, by an ordb
nance, may authorize any officer, committee
■nt of tho city to bind tno city without a
contract in writing for the payment dan?
doUars money uot e *« H Cdius three hundred
See -'oo Said demands, except demand*
payable out ot tho school fund, shad be pre
dated to tho council m duplicate on forms
aud blanks in be prodded by the city clerk,
ami shall be referred to its committee oj
ooance. rhe said committee shall, by in
dorsement thereon, approve or rolect thesame
lv whole or in part, the council ahall then
consider the said demamls and the action of
said committee thereon, and shall, if the same
he just and legal, approve tbo same; or may, if
It so determine, approve In part or reject the
;, v jV--<- Ah. ..ohou of iho council ahall bo in
doroed thereon, wub tha date ol such action
and certified by the slgnatu res of the president
and city clerk; provided that it ahall require
the votes of two-thirds of the members of tha
whole council, under a call of the ayes and
noes, and the vote spread upon the minutes,
toappiovo any such demand in whole or in
HO* 313. All demands payabln out of the 11
--brary fun.; in . ' < ore they can be approved
by tho city auditor, ur paid, he previously ap
proved by the bo .-.I of directorsol the Los An
geles public library, by a vote of three mem
bers... :.i the aye* and noes and
spread o.i the minutes, and the action of said
board Indorsed on said demand and signed Off
theprestdlng ai I the clerk thereof. AffcM
tbo approval of said demands they shall be de
livered to thecouncil and shall ho referred to
it:, finance committee and thereafter shall take
the sumo course and be acted upon in tho same
manner a* provided for in sections 200, 210
and '-ill hereof.
free, ti 14. Any demand returned to the oity
clerk, with tho obji etions of either tho mayor
or elty auditor, shall again be considered by
the council, and if it shall again be approved
by thb council by the same vote, and tuken,
record* d ana endorsed In the same manner as
required In section 200 hereof, tho said objec
tion shall be thereby overruled. Any demand
returned to the board of education with the
objection of the city auditor, shall again be
considered by such board, aud if such demand
■ ?.g.. n approver, as rcQUlrod in. tbo iiisl in
st ince su< li obje< tion ot the city auditor ahall
ho thereby overruled. Any demand, tho ob
jections lo which of the mayor have been
overruled, shall bo delivered to tho city
auditor, who shall have the same power and
perform the same duties in rofcrenc** thereto
as ii" the same bad been approved by the
mayor; and any demand, the objection to
which of tho city auditor has been overruled
by tl:-'council or board of education, as tho case
may b •, sliull bo delivered to the city auditor,
who ahall number and made a record of such
demand, aa in the case of demands approved
by him.
Bee. 221. All public moneys collected by
any officer or employee of tho city shall be
para into the city I reas.try, without any deduc
tion ou account of any claim for fees, com mis*
siousor >ny other oause or pretense; and the
compensation of any otlicer, employee or other
person so collecting money, shall bo paid hy
warrants on the treasury duly issued by the
city auditor,
Hint the following sections of said cbacter be
repealed, to wit:
Sections No>, 15,46 70, SO, 07. OH, 00, 100.
lot, 102, 103, utl, 105,100. U;i. Ml, 140.140,
147, 14*, no, 100, 101, 152, |53, 154,1*5,
l-'.d, 157, 154, 160, 100. lUI, 102, 16$, 104,
165, 160, 10*7. Ids, iflo, 170. 171 17.', 1 "4,
17-, 170, 177, 178, 170, IHO, 181, lS;i, IHII, 18*.
185, IHO. IH7, 18$, IHO.
That a new section bo added to snid charter
and numbered 229, which section shall be aa
Sec. 220. This charter ns amended shall
take effect from and after its approval by the
The foregoing pro rosed amendments to the
charter of tho city of Los Angeles was adopted
by tbe council of said olty at ita meeting of
November 1!*, ISO 4, nnd .he clerk was ordered
to publish the same in tbo manner provided
bylaw. C A. LLXKLN HACK, City Cle.-t.
r\XL WO NO ITiM. who QftM prir. ««J toad]
cine in Los Aogeles lor l:> y.a: , *OM
WiiobH oihca Is ul (i.iD Upp r m bet, will
trt-ai by medicjn*) ail dl«**st-* of unuv-s. 3j«*
and oh it drat) Tho doctor claims thai Km Aa
remedies tbstare superior to all other* it* ■
Bpefbflcfor t'onb : -s uf . umt mail. >
tr.ui alouo ttiti convince in* t that Dr
■yVobg £:in*a r*ixiedi.>; are met ■ ■ tiie c ou* tlt». .
Can cc. prescribed. Lf. v* viii( Hlo is a Chinuw*
physician or proznlnnure t-ni a ceuc.emau of
resoouairtUity. al< '!« more ihatj
well established, and all pa "SOU 1 uwltng f.-'
i \ irely on h " sail) and «bilitj. X
cutm in xuaran.er'd in every tag* la watch a r*»
covery is possible, medicine* to: aale.
689 Upper Alain street, litis Augreles.
1.08 anojii.bs * : *i-. June IT, 1
To thu funtiL-; i have been tuner luj :.h
piles aud Sidney truobU forov«r Hv; :■• ra,
aud nave tried aeveral remedies but %\t f. d
10 relb'vo me. A snort vine sinOu I trie >\
?Voug Ilim a 083 Llppor Mk.ii ->-t. aud ; yea
now w h umt fntuu t .'.ao consider him a Sr i
c.a»a doctor. Ycuta truly,
£J5 B. II 11 st., Loa Augeie* Oa 1
Los a soklbs, Juao 8, 189 a.
TO the Vt«Mt:: For over Uv s years 1 ha?*
been troubled with nervous a oi headache and
11 i-or compiaiaT. I didn't seem 'o And any h*du
from thu many doctors mt niedlolnes thati
tried until 1 tried Dr. Wong Him. 039 trppfj
urcefc. lam now well. Yours mil'",
Mf i > M. G HKOCK.
48 Iliuton uva. Ljs iv . CaL
TO the: public.
U» A -oi:..Ks, Uai , J ti y 189*.
DR. WONG JilM.iih.* U ptfOf -aaln St.
Dear H|r— 1 latfe P o**o* ;*" adding m y to-itl
tttony to the nituy you already liave rueoivea.
1 will say tha, aft«r inline; i our treatment for
catarrh of the head and tnroat, that 1 am now
we.J, and adc you to refer to in* *ny person
that may [eH hSeptlc*l and I wi 1 satisfy them
ta CO the elUcaoy of your tre*ttn nt, Your*
tru;v, P. C KINO,
Attorney and Notary Public.
Qarvansa, Cal.
Easily, Qun.l-.cy and Parrnacsntly Restored.
CKLtBKaIiW) Itoausu liCMcny
yll ; 1 I on a positive! gw
Br 's>t£C guarantee to ruro n iy (:*'* *«» ys
V-V'-' V? *" nu °* n ervou s proe- JriJ
traiionor any aisonier 1 eSjWf
of tbe genital organs of
iSsKr either ccx, caiued «rs*w!^JSSj
Before- hy exteabivo uso of ATtcr*
Tobticoo, Alcohol or Opium, or on occouOi
of youthful indiscretion or over indulgence etc.,
Dissinsm, ConvuleioDS, Wakefulness, Heads eh c.
Alcntal Depiesainii. Softening of the Hraia. Weak
Merunry, Bearing Down Pains. Seminal Weakness,
By»l na. Nocturnal Bieissiona, s.jjtrmatoribu;a,
Lass of Power cud Impoteney, whici il neglected,
may lead lo premature old ugo ami insanity.
fvaitlyely guaranteed. Price. $1.00 » box;
for 00. (Sent by mail on receiptorprieo. A written
guarantee furnished with every £5.00 order received,
to refund tbe Uiouey if a permanent euro ia not
'NKHVIA MEDICiN'B CO.. Dotroit, MicK
For sale by OKO. if. KKEEMAN CO., IIW North
Spring street,
: job :
! printing !
* ♦
* Executed With Neatnesg J
And Dispatch at the *
I Herald Job Office:
J 309 W. SECOND ST. ♦
% J. W. HART, Manner, t
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦
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