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bankioc association ehnll ha reg lircd to
dsposit United Slates bond 9, either aa a
preliminary to ttie couirrVnopmi-nt of
bankinir hu"inpsß, nr (or tho secun'y ol
circulating notes to he hereafter issued.
Section 2 provides that in lieu of the
deposit of bonds, ench national banking
association shall be entitled to receive
circulation note? from the comptroller
lo tho amount of (blank) per cent ol its
paid-up, unimpaired capital, upon pay
ing to the treasurer lawful money to the
amount of 1 nor cent of euch circulating
notes, and thereafter a tax at tho rate nf
one-half of 1 per cont per nnnum uuon
the average amount cf its circulation for
tbe year.
The 1 percent nnd the proceeds of
the tax are to constitute a guarantee
fund for tbe redemption of notes ol in
solvent national bunks, and the tnx is
to be collected until the fund amounts
to not lens than 5 per cent of ihe entire
circulation issued. This fund ia also to
he in addition of the 5 nsr cent redemp
tion fund now provided by )nw.
Section three provide*, tbat in addition
lo Ihe amount of tho circulating notes
provided for, each association shull
bo entitled .ti receive from the
comptroller, circulating notea to tho
amount ot 2o per cent ol its paid op,
nniropnircd capital, noon paying to tn*
treasurer 2 percent nf such additional
circulation, nnd that the tax of one nail
Ol 1 per cent per annum on the average
srxiouot of the nnine ontstending,and an
additional tax nt the rate of 4 per cent
per nnnum upon the amount of ench
additional circulation outstanding for
the year, all o! which sums rre to be par:
cf the guarantee fund.
Section 0 is devoted 10 the insolvency
r,f national banking associations, and i'
provided ' that When inch insolvency
shall be ascertained in Ihe case ol any
particular association, outstanding cir
culating notes (hall he redeemed by tbo
treasurer of the United States out of tbe
cuarnntse fund, if that be euftirient, and
if not sufficient, cut ol any fund in Ihn
trei'iir". Alter the loss, on account of
any particular fit:!nro has been mado
good to the guarantee fund, the United
Statoi is first to he paid for all advances
Section 7. Associations applying for
circulation after the first payments into
ihe guarantee fund shall have b»en
nisde phr.ll receive circulating notes
from the comptroller upon paying into
the fund a num bearing the ratio to thu
circulation applied for nnd allowed,
which Mte guarantee fund bears to the
total circulation outstanding.
Section time provides that vihenevoi
bank notea are issued to any association
nnder this net. 't shall he the duty of
the secretary nf the treasury to cancel
legal tender l'::i:eii States notea and
treasure notes to tbe amount of BO per
cent oi the bank's notes ,; o issued.
Section 10. Any tisfo ialion may re
tire ita circulation or any part of it at
unv time upon depositing with the
treasury an amount iqual to the sum
desired to bo withdrawn.
Section 3" repeals section Oof the ao*
of July 12, 1892, nnd nisi the portion of
the act ol June L'O. 1374, which provides
that the amount of bonds on deposit lor
circulation shall not be redeemed beiow
fntl.tlOO. und provides that tiny associa
tion beret"fure organized desiring lo
withdraw its cirri;la iog notea in whole
or in part tr.sv da o under the provis
ions ot tho net uf June 20, 1871 modi
tied as above indicated.
Sections -1, 5 8 end 11 relate to certain
minor routine matters,
Johnson of Ohio naked VV bite's opinion
of Secretary Carlisle's ctirrenov plan.
White anrtwered hs did not think the
secretary's plan would give the elastic
Currency it nought to secure. It com
pelled banks to out up 30 cents every
time they issued 75 cents.
Walker oi Massac lueetts asked if tho
bill presented by White would secure a
safe am! uniform currency.
"It wili have that tendency," enid
Mr. White.
"Thut ia not it," paid Mr. Walker,
"we do not want to provide c. tendency
toward n sufe currency, but the actual
"1 am not omniscient," suggested
Mr. White. He added that ii hia judg
ment the lull would secure on elastic,
Secretary Carlisle came in at this
point and was an Inteieated listener to
.Mr. White's answer to questions a? to
the want of elasticity in Air. Carlisle's
currency bill,
Mr. Warner of Naw York asked what
restrictions should be Imposed on etato
Mr. White eaid he would SUbisct State
banks to the same regulations aB those
imputed on national banks.
Mr. Cux nt Tennessee asked il this
would not do away with thu state bankH.
Mr. While said that it would, He
eaid ha believed in ono uniform bank
ing system—not stain systems, there
being -11 stotes.
Mr. Carlisle tben resumed bis Ptate
nient. begun yesterday, lie presented
the bili he bad prepared, embodying his
plan of currency revision, and read to
ihe committee, commenting on it hs ho
In tha lirst section, all acta relating to
the deposit ol United Stales bonds to
recure circulating notea ol nationul
banks lire repealed.
Tha second -ection providea for the
issuing ol circulating notes to v national 1
bank, equal to 75 per cant of the. paid-up
end unimpaired capita!, upon depositing
Issal tender not.cc with the United
Stit'eß. equal to 50 per cont of the cir
culatini; note:' applied for.
These circulating notea shall ho In
denominations of $10 aud multiples ol
Jt), and iihall be uniform in design.
■>eciion three levies a duty of : , per!
enut lor each baif year upon the aveiage
amount of a bank's notes in circulation.
Section four provides lor tho mods oi
redemption and retirement of a bank's '
Section five creates a ealetv Innd for
the prompt redemption of circulating
notea of failed national b-mke. Eioh
:mnk shall j.ay lv the United States
treasurer in the mnntliß ol January nnd
luly iv each year a tax > f a quarter per
lent for each half year upuii tue average
smount of ite circulation outstanding,
Hoti| said fuud amounts to ft per cent of
the total amount of national bank notes
mtstanding, and tbeieafter eaid tax
• hall cense. A hank retiring ita oircu
ution shall he untitled to withdraw any
Dart of ita funds. 'The mode of proced
ure iv case of a bank's failure is oui
1 allows the secretary of the
In eases when: dandruff, scalp disease* fal
in; and cr.yievs of the tisu appear, do out
V/Vol! '"''"l'P'/ » '"■•» l» r ree-edy aud
AIUIC like 11*1.> llur Keileuer.
rotha people who are suffering from rnn'ttre' ■
Prof. Joseph Katidrr, formerly „f berllii Uer
mauv, uom of name Barbara, la pr«c ical run
tur..- specia l t and trus.-i uuuulacturer. in
riuraiatlou fee, «hereby you can become cured.
JaMßhaving trl-d mi kinds of patent irussi x
aud loiitid no relief, also iiave giv.-n up ail
nope, to theke people I am calling their atten
tion mm especially a,k ilieni to suiiu me their
! treasury to invest money belonging to
j the safety fu id in United States bonds.
1 Section 7 provides that July 1, 1699,
national banks now having bonds on de»
I posit dim withdraw tiiom itnd substitute
thu 3tl per cont guarantee fund.
Section 8 repeals previous acts con
j Aiding with this meaeuro.
Section 9 provides that the secretary
!of the treasury may, in his discretion,
: redeem and retire I'nited States legal
notes; that no United States or treasury
nctei authorized by tho act of July 1,
I 1891), of a denomination ol lees thau $11)
ahull be issued.
Section It) states tbst tiie banks duly
organized under the lawa of any states,
' which transact a national banking busi
ness snail be exempt, from any taxation
reguii ting elate hanks.
Section 11 provides that state banks
nhall not iesuo notes similar in design to
United States notea or certiticatoa or
national bank notes.
When he had concluded reading the
bill, Mr. Carlisle explained it in detail.
i!e pointed out tbe various sections of
the present law proposed to be repealed.
Concerning tha conditions imposed
upon etate banks by bis bill, he said -
certain features had been added to meet
criticisms made ot the plan as outlined
in his annual report.
Mr. neked whether it was not
desirable for the government to assume
the risk of redeeming notes rattier thau
leave v io the banks.
Mr. Carlisle answered in the negative.
He said ho did not believe in govern
ment responsibility further than iv pro
viding the most ample safeguards.
The secretary showed ttie profits of
naiiunai banks under tne proposed plau,
ue compared witb their profits under
tho present lew. He showed that ad
ditional prolits and inducements would
incline national banks to take out circu
In the course cf the discussion .Mr.
Carlisle eaid he did not think any im
mediate retirement ol tbo United Siatea
treasury notes was practicable. The
secretary spoke of Comptroller Eckels'
plan. Without wishing to criticise it
in) thought ite fatal defect was in re
quiring national banks to take out two
uilferent kinds of circulating notes.
The shipment of gold was discussed at
some longtb, Mr. Carlisle said tne losb
ol gold whs very heavy after the passage
of the sherman law. The outflow of our
gold hud brought on financial dlairust
nnd bad threatened panic. But there
had been no real danger. Those panics
w»re largely the result of sentiment and
public feeling inetead of well base!
during a general discussion between
Mr. Carlisle and members of the com
mittee, the secretary referred to the
issuing of bonds, lie said as much as
be regretted it, ho saw no way ol pre
venting the further i-eueof bonds as
Ion,: aB the ptescut system remained.
Mr. Homer ol Baliiui ore then address
ed the committee en tbe Baltimore plan.
He spoke ol the requisite that a
Lank note be seemed. The propose 1
plan undertook to provids this requisite,
without, the necessity of a government
bond. Uniformity was another requisite
of enfe banking. It was also secured by
the proposed 'plan, no that the system
wi.uld bo truly national, uniform in all
states, instead ol varying in each ot the
4 1 states.
Mr, Homer stnted the committee pi
na'ioual bauaers nau not yet formulated
a bill.
Springer, Democrat, Illinois, today in
troduced in the l ouse Secretary Cir
liele'e banking bill, It was ordered
printed end referred to the committee
on banking and currency.
the It ill road Pooling Bill Passed by >
l>rel-lv« V,,tr.
Washington, Dec. 11.—The struggle
ovor the bill to authorize railroad pool
ing was terminated today by the passage
of the bill by the decisive vote of 100 to
110. The Cooper eubititutc which
placet) the entire control ol the condi
tions ci the pooling i i the handi ol the
iuteietate commerce coiotnieß.on snd
gave absolute power in tho matter nf
revoking pooling orders was defeated as
were all subsequent effort* to amend
and re-commit, and the bill passed ns
: reported from the committee. Several
attempta wero mado todofoat the bill by
filibustering, but they also were unsuc-
Breckinridge of Kentucky, from the
committee on appropriations, reported
tho urgent detie oncy bii'.
Dingley of Maine ask-ol iinnriimous
! consent for consideration ol a resolution
calling on tbe secretary of the treasury
for information, tiret, whether the arti
cles oi the Bering sea tribunal resulted
last "eason in saving tho for seal herds
Item that destruction they were in
tended to prevent; recoiid, information
as to tne number and ccx of s.-als killed
by peiag.c seniors; third, protection of
fur et-.ila on Pribylcff island* ; fourth,
the revenue derived by the government
from eeiils during the past end tbe ex
pendiiujtea ol the government for their
protection during tha ssme period.
Bingham of Pennsylvania m ived tlio
passage ol a resolution giving the Attn- J
mput Water company authority to buil l 1
dame across the St. Luna and Ciiquot
rivers in M iaaouri,
Ma,llory again called up tho bill to !
promote efficiency in tho revenue cutter
Service which provoked Champ Clark's
remarks .Saturday, aud today the Mis
eotinan again tool;the floor in pursuance
ot bis avowed intention of talking it to
death. l'iark took off bia culis and lor
io minutes kept the bouse in a roar
with his humorous and a irring anec
dotes ol "obscure heroes."
Mallory and Mr, Doom, Democrat, of
New Jersey, occupied tins remainder of
the time until the expiration ot the
morning hour.
Dii motion nf Cooppr, I l.nnncrnt, of
Indiana, JO,OOO copies of Secretary Carl
isle's retmrt were ordered printed,
'J ben, nnder the specie! order, the
consideration of thu railroad pooling bill
wo* resumed, It was debated until :i
o'clock by Cameron of Illinois, darter ol
Ohio, Sibley of Pennsylvania and lilaek
of Illinois, in support of tho measure.
When Patterson, in accordance) with
hie notice given on Saturday, moved tbe
pre vioubquestion on tha bill und pend
ing amendments, I) agiey, Republican,
ol .Maine and Hopkins, Kopublican, ol J
Illinois protested that the previous
question would cutoff nil amenclmeiite
now pending, but Patterson refused to
yield, saying the house would have an
opportunity to vote on the Cooper Htih
etitute und ttie two amendments of the
committee on a rising vote.
th- previous question was ordered,
HtM-kitoi'H Amies* s«ivi..
The best salve in the world tor cuts, bruises,
sores, ulcere, saiulieiim, (over sort*, tetter,
eruptions, nnd positively euros piles or no pay
required. It is guaranteed tn give perfect „nt
isfaction or money refunded. Price, t'j eeuLs
per hoi. I'ji salj by C. r*. Ueiuzemau, 'i'iti &.
main street.
Diamond streßt auction today.
108 to 90. The ayes and nsya being de
! m inded. tbe roll was called, 'l bs pre
, vioui question was ordered, 174 to 100.
The two committee amendments were
'of a verbal character, and were agreed
j to without division.
The vote recurred on Bland's amend
ment to tho substitute which gave the
interstate commerce commission abso
j lute authority and control over the con
ditions of pooling, aud foil power to re
voke pooling orders. The Blair amend
ment reserved tbe power to congress oi
changing, rescinding or diesolviug pool
ing orders at an/ time. The. Blair
amendment was agreed to without
division, and the vote then taken by
ayes and navson the Cooper substitute,
and it was defeated, 109 to 175.
Tho vote then recurring on the en
eroßPtrent and third reading ol tbe bill,
Ulair asked unanimous consent that the
amendment adopted to the substitute
bo voted upon as an ninondment to the
Ths bill was ordered engrossed and
read n third time—l7i> to 111.
Filibustering tactics were then com
ni9nced by Beveral opponents of tho i
measure. Motions to adjourn were
made ami voted down and o her motions
to recommit. Finally the vote on the i
final passase ol the bill resulted: Ayes,
161!; aoe >, 111).
The house then,, at (3:10 p. tn., ad
Ilia Nlca-ngna «j»ii».i Kill A K uln Under
<'nli«trie: a lion.
Washington, Dec. 11, —The consider*
tion of tbe Nicaragua c-.nsl bill was
continued in the senate today. Senator
; I'dpli made a long epeech in favor of
ttie bill, in tbe courto of winch he ad
vocated the abrogation of the Claytou
Bulwer treaty.
The venerable senator from Vermont
l Mr. Morrill) made some rerparlia in
which ho criticised the current* mil i
tion bills reported adversely from the
finance committee.
f'be day closed with an executive ses
eion in wbicn a large nu.nber o! nonis
inations wsre confirmed.
Dolph rep .rted a memorial from the
citizens of Phoenix, Ariz , in the m uter
of Indian depredation claim?.
Berry, of Arkansas, presented a fpw
remarks urging the passing of the I lli
introduced by hiui Icet week to eatabii h
the territory of lndianola out of Indian
ten itory. Morrill, Rspublioan ol Ver
mont, then addressed the innate on
"eouie marvelous sensational bills and
quack panaceas for real and imaginary
grievauces." Ths. bills construing which
the senator spoke were thoas introduced
by i'eiier providing for the isiUS of great
sums of greenbacks for various purposes,
Tbere were nine ol them which the
committee ou lir.ance reported ad
versely, rseoniß)ending their Indefinite
Call gave notice tbat tomorrow he
would n»k the senate to appoint a com
mittee to investigate the operations ot
the Honduras lottery company iv
ihe hour o! 2 o'clock having arrived
the senate preceded to the eonsldera
tion oi tho NiesrailUa cnnai bill, nnd
Do'ph, republican, ol Oregon, addressed
ihe senate in favor of tiie bill. Dolph
said tho people of the I'aeilic coast
irera a unit in favor of the bill,
and discussed the advantages which
the canal would bring to the
whole country. Tbe canal, if
owned and cont.-oiled by the
United Stateo, would be of great service
iv t rue of wer. In that event Like
.Nicaragua co'ild bo co util'zed by the
navy us to boou reimburse the United
rj'ate3 for any outlay made by this coun
try. The main dilliculty to be solved
would be the question ns ti the amoutr
o[ money to be paid the old company
lor the work done and the ooncetaloni
possessed by it. He devoted aome time
lo the consideration of the CTayton-Bul
wer treaty, and declared Hint instrument
no obstacle to the construction of the
can tl by the United States and to tbe
control ol i.
Do'ph eaid tbe United States had
adopted a policy, bad declared a princi
pla which is approved b7 her people
and well understood by the world, wbich
is just, right und in the interest nf the
people of tins hemisphere, and will be
maintained a! all hazards.
In a brief speech, Sherman pointed
out tiiat tho only provision ol tiie Nicer*
aguan bill that he was not entirely sat
isfied with wae the tmouat to be paid to
the .Maritime company, which, ho
thon.ht, wae entitled only to tbe amount
of money expended in the enterprise thus
far, lie wanted the bill stripped of ail
doubtful provisions in tbia respect, nnd
to have refunded to the company nil ex
penditures made by it. Having paid
tbut, the government could proceed
with tho work ot construction without
interference by the company.
The presiding officer laid before the
senate a letter from t- c president trans*
mitting too correspondence rslativs to
mo Armenian massacre, also soma cor
leapocdence regarding ttie Mora claim.
The senate 4i.en went, into executive
session, and at 1:15 p. m. adjourned,
SAN II Kit Nsl: HI NO.
Thu Court llo'ihb Contract—Crowded In
»vm A.yliim.
< San Brrnardino, Die. 11. —I). Kilpnt
rick, one of (ho bidders for tbe contract
for rooting tbe court house, hao brought
enit against tho supervisors to enjoin
there from giving tiie contract to Kiley.
Loan & l'nornton for $33,000. as hereto
fore awarded, setting up that plaintiff
is the lowe.it bidder—s3l,ooo.
Tne hoard of directors of the insane
asylum at Highlands decided at its last
meeting to ask an appropriation ot tt;e
legislature to furnish the new wing oi
the main building, just completed. This
becomes au inlmediato necessity, ac the
capacity ol the hospital is now crowded
to its full limit witb HUT patients.
TlltKll (IK I.UK.
An Olfl Oltlaan ot AVrfsoun Commits
Pkkscott, Ari2., Deo. ll.—Walter
Renouf, an old and nt one time well-to
do citizen of Arizona, committed suicide
at the Congress mine yesterday by tak
ing poison. Koriouf wne formerly a
merchant ol tiarsbatr, in Southern Ari
zona, where lm failed in businese and
was deserted by his wife. Later he
moved lo Chino, Cal., where he resided
for a lime. He came to Congress about
a week ago, but was despondent, and
failinir to get employment, took a fatal
dose of poison.
For liver Fifty Vflai'n
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delivered I" any part oi the city, itautoek
buiuiini;, 1 '■'•'J West Second st.
Dr. Parker, dentist, lgDlj West r'irst streot
Diamond atreet suction today,
Stormy Weather on the North
I'rtciiit: Coast.
The TttJ Fearless Badly Uittercd
By the Waves.
Narrow rtseap., nf tbe Steamship Oteaeu
From Shipwreck - KiiTAjf.fl of
the Storm at Astoria.
Count Note*.
My tin Asgoc-lrt'oil Preta
Astoria. Ore., l>oc. 11.—The Sprock
ets tug Fearless of San Franciaco is in
part, having brought the Norwegian
ship Breidabilk through ona of tho
worst storms that ever raged on the l'a
eifie coast. The Fearless cams into
port wilh her decks sprung and leaking
bsdly, iter compass cover was blown
itwny hy the terrible force of the wind,
and everything moveable ua deck —as
washed overboard.
Sunday afternoon they were running
before the wind, when a heavy aea came
over her stern, burying the tug ao tbat
only the pilot house was cat of tbe
water. This see sprung the heavy
doors to the house and completely
wrecked the handsome private apart
ments of Mr. Spreckels by deluging the
inside with water. Alter the tug
righted itself she was hove round to lea
and steamed ahead under a clow hell.
Another monster sea went over her
bows, and, striking the forward house,
Smashed the lights and eprung the
heavy B'.eet walls so that tire "rater
closet frame, two inches from the wall,
was torn from ita fat-totiinje. At times
the pilot house had a foot of water over
its ll ior, aud the lireidabilk was no
where iv eight at tnie time, having
parted company with ber for the second
time the uii;ht previous. The tirst tine
they let go the ship was ou Friday,
when the hawser had to be cut irom tha
top 01 tne tug'e Douse, it being impossi
ble to remain on deck. The ship wcs
picked up early Monday morniug elf
the month of the rivar and towed in by
ttie Fearless, l'bo t,i« vessel was listing
badly to tbe sterb.iard, and several
times Captain Arnesou gave up ail hope
of saving his chip.
Ttie tug lost. 150 fathoms of 22-inch
hawser, now, and a second one is ao
badly chafed that ir will be a total loss,
Ihey cost about $800 each.
Captain Haskell will remain in port
until the weather moderates. Fears are
entertained for tho safety of several 1
veeaels known to be due at tbis port.
the orcson's narrow rscapr,
Portland, Or, D.'c. 11.—Last night
the steamship O eg >n from San Fran
cisco arrived eafely iv port after the
narrowest escape from shipwreck that
vessel haa ever experienced during her
lotig experience on the Pacific c os'.
T ursdav morning she left San Fran
(i co with only 150 tona ull told, ami
was drawing only nine feet forward and
111 feet aft. As the vessel ia in the
freight service no passengers worn car
lv coming up the cast Captain Pohl
inflo sept far ont to sea so as to take no
risks. No very rough weather was en
countered until the ligh ship was sight
ed off the month of the Columbia at 10
o'clock Saturday night. The Oregon
then bewail to beat off, Captain Ponl
man intending to cross tho bar early on
Sunday morning. But at li o'clock the
barometer began to fall. Soon a tre
mendous eo.Hhe'.st gale eet in. Captain
l'ohlman stood out to sea, but tbe ga c
was co heavy that tie could make but
little headway. Tne gale kept increas
ing in violence until about 2 o'clock
Sunday morn'ng, when it waa .almost a
hurricane. Ttie Oregon could not face
it and began drifting towards the ahore.
So light was the ahip iorward that she
could not he made to face the atotm,
but would constantly pay oil,
Tt7e vessel was co light that the pipes
which supply the condenser with water
did not work well and the engines could
not be worked effectively. The steamer
kept slowly drifting toward shore dcs
pi'a every effort that could be made,
until the lighthouse elation at Cape
.N'eur', i s a 1 o'.e Tiliamo.-k, waa not
more than Bix miles away.
All day Sunday tbe Oregon made a
desperate light against the fury oi the
storm, but she continued to approach
tiie line of hroiker*. This atruggle con
tinned until 5:30 o'clock Sunday even
ing, and just uheii all ou board hail
about abandoned hope, suddenly the
wiud shifted one point in favor of tho
vessel. Altera hard bit tie the steamer
paaaed tne danger and stood far out at
Fea out was not un'e to cross the bar
until yesterday morning. Captain i'ohl
man ami all the crew say it was a mirac
ulous escape, The cio'.atu today was
the re cipient of many warm congratula
Portland, Ore., Dec. 11.—Mail ad
vices from Astoria state that the storm
of Sunday wa? very severs in that vi
ciuitv and the tdo was higher than it
has heeu known [or years. A number
of vessai3 brdso from the r moot ipsa,
but no serious damage resulted. Two
pile drivers broke loose and one of tbem
Bank. The other was badly damaged,
The water mains were damaged co that
tbe water supply of the city was abut
-111 ,r some time. Havoc waa made
among the net racks at most of the can
neries, as they were blown down and
into the water. Much inconvenience
end expense will result to the owners.
Jlnv'ir. Caused By a. vm >M Cyetone t»l
Wftii Berkeley.
Oakland, Dec. 11. —A sharp wind
stnrin that approached almost tho pro
portions of a cyclone struck West Berk
eley this morning, nnd in a very few
minutes did nearly |1000 damage.
Nearly 5000 feet of lumber was blown
into the bay from the wharvee; the
Standard Soap company's building was
unroofed ami several smaller structures
damaged. The path of the storm was
not over 150 feet wide. D cams from
the northeast.
Guaranteed Cure
We authorize onr advertised druaaWt lo sell
Dr. Kint'd New Ulscovety tor Consumption,
Coughs mid rjolds, n on this condition: if you
areauHoted with a Cough, t.'olu or any l.uui;,
Throat, or fin's', trouble, and will use urn
temedyaa directed, giving it a fair trial, anil
experience no heu*tit, you may return the not
tie and nave your money refunded We could
uot make this i>HV»i did we not know tlaat i>r.
King's New JJiscovery could be relied on. It
neverdisappoints Trial botUea free at 0. K.
Keinsemen b drug store, '.i'-i- worth Maiu
sireet. barge siz.-, 53c and til.
Bny the Whitney make ttunkami traveling
bat;, factory il l N, M«m st.
Wall paper 5c 7! s c per roll. 388 ri. Bpring.
W all paper, bttag, 10c roll 898 H, gpr.ng.
THE WILCOX unknown.
Judge 00fT...T Oiders It Turned Or" t<>
Mm tlxlr.
San Fjuniisco, D:c. 11.—Judge ColTey
today made en important order in
volving the $500,000 estate of the late
ft 9. Spence the Las Angelea bunker.
The court orders that John Birming
ham, as surviving trustee, pay over to
Alfred 11. Wilcox deeds for certain prop
erty in San Diego, business property on
Spring street, near Second, Los Angeles ;
real estate on Mission Btfeet, near Third,
San Franciaco; alio Spence'a stock in
the San Krnncisco Gas company, Loa
ADgeloa Wntur company, First. National
bank of l.os Angeles, Califort.ii Powder
works, oUo 118,334 in cash. The order
waives the question of whether he is or
is not liable for tbe acta ol hia co
trustee, Spence, or lor what sum of
money or properly he is accountable to
ITne foreuirjg dispatch ia misleading.
The proper ty in' question hae no con
nection at ull with the Spenee eetnte.
John Birmingham and K. F. Spence
were trustees of the esttite of Alfred 11.
Wilcox, er., which was left in trust to
his son Alfred H. Wih-ox, jr., to be
turned over to him on attainiug his ma
jority, Wbich he did a few daya ago,
hence Judge ('oner's order. All tho
property above euume.ated, including a
lew eharoi oi First National bank stock,
was the property ol the late Alired H.
Wilcox, sr., and never did belong to the
late E, F, Spence.—Ed.]
B« 11,. Cbanf/id III* I'lans In tonne
qaewee nf ii»« (tant'St,
San Fiianciici, Dec. 11.—Governor
elect Bndd arrived here from Stockton
today and was in cousultation with bia
friends in reference to the attempt of
tbe Republicans to prevent his
being declared governor. Said Mr.
Bndd ; "I believe that 1 have heen
elected governor of thie state. If I
have not been elected I do not vtant to
be governor. But 1 shall take
good care that I shall not be
cheated out of what tho vot
ers have given me. It waa my
intention to make a tour of the institu
tions oi the state co that 1 might kuow
hy actual experience and observation
what reforms were needed and wtiere
extravagance could be checked. But
tine attempt to prevent my inaugur
ation baa necessarily changed ruy
plans. I will now be obliged to
remain here until it is definitely kuown
what Mr. Cornwall intends to do. There
is no doubt in my mind that I will be
inaugurated governor. Jl can safely
trust that to the people of the etate —
D-mccrets and Republicans.''
A rrnng.-in an 11 tor lha Entertainment of
I'el.'K i. * it Saoratnantci.
Sam Franciaco, Dec. 11, —A number
ofpromiuent liorticulturalia's from Sac- |
ramento held a conference thia after
noon with Secretary l.elong; of tbe Btate
hoard of horticulture to arrange for a
reception to be given by the American
Pomoiogical eociety wbich will convene
io Sacramento ou thu 16th, 17th and
18th of January. Mayor Steinman, J.
<). Coleman, John Batcher, M. Wein
atook and George Katzmstein are here
Irom Sacramento to perfect arrange
ments for the convention, in connec
tion with a comraii.tee of the etate
botrd of horticulture. These gentle
men otated that a very extensive and
elaborate reception and entertainment
will be prepared in their city. It will
be supplemented by receptions and ex
tensive excursions for tiie visitors.
; I! Tfttlvaa of th» Ilnitil I.uun t! ry in an Coj
t«itln c HI. Will.
San Francisco, Dae. 11. —A contest
; wos begun tbii morning to set aside tiie
| will of James Carroll, who made a tot*
j tune of n quarter of a million dollars in
i the laundry husinese here, and who lett
| the great bulk of hia estate to Aroh
! bishop Giordan and various charitable |
institutions. Eighty-six thousand dol- ;
lars lie willed tn various relatives in j
Ireland, though foOfWwas the greatest
sum bequeathed to any one of them.
Joseph Carrol! of Dublin, brother of the
deceased, is the contestant. He alleges
that his brother wai of unsound mind,
and tha' undue influence waa used. An
nt'erupt will be made to show that thia
alleged untitle influence waa exercised
I on behalf of the inatttutiona benefited.
Small Fields tha Bale on Aocmint uf tlu
L'ustir- Tr»t!k.
San Kranciso. Dec. 11.—Small fields
j wore the rule today, owners not caring
I to risk their horses on an unsafe track,
j The talent fared a little better today,
I ttiree favorites winning. They were
i San Luis Hay, Monrovia and Sligo.
| AbjUtsix furlongs selling—Sen Luis
Roy won, Jake Johnson eecond, Jennie
I I ,'enne third. Time, 1 :21 h...
i Six furlongs, two-yto, r-olcls— Ethel
: Dixon won, Mainstay second, Playful
j third. Time, 1 :2o' 4 .
Six furlongs, selling—Monrovia won,
j Cnartreuse second, ilirtilla third; time,
I 1 :22'.w
Seven furlongs, selling—Sligo won,
Whiteslone second. Ravine third; time,
About six furlongs—Obee won, Dnck-
Btader eecond, Gold Bug third; time,
j 1:20^.
Eastern and San Francisco Races.
The Metropolitan Turf club, 120 West
Second etreet. Entrance also on ('enter
place. Durkee &. Fitzgerald, proprietors.
I'he New Orleans and San Fraaolsoo
racea are now being posted. Direct wire
to room. Full deeiiription given of each
event and track odds laid. Kastern
rucea begin nl 12 m. Los Angeleß lime.
Kntriea put up every evening. A book
made on all snorting eventa of impoit
The Wreck of the Beebe.
San Francisco, Dec. 11. —Tbe wreck
10l the schooner W. 1,. Beebe, whicli
! louniinred in the)brenkore on tne bar
i yeetorday morning and beenma a total
j wreck on the beach below the Cliff
houae, waa sold to Capt. A. C. Freesa
this afternoon for $255, He had pre
viously contracted to unload thu schoon
er's cargo of lumber.
Diamond atreet auction today.
I.lurlir. am! Hoar I'nwur.
Sacua.m asK), Dsc. 11. —The Sortlh
; Yuba Waier company has applied to
1 the city trustees for a franchise to bring
i electric energy lor power, light and tasat
: into Sacramento. They would bring it
trom their power site at New Oaatie. 80
i miles distant. Tbey are now install] fig
j « piant lor lighting Auburn, New Casxle,
| Ferny and liocklin, and claim to be
i able to furnish 4500 borae nower for
! Sacramento.
[ D amond street auction today.
Til*. InTestlijßtloii on th* Part of the
Fdciil y Nearly t'.mi pl.-'i U—Young;
t.'ttmpbrll's Deep Utioou
ot m.
Bkrkki.ky, Dae. 11.—The hazing ol
! Clautle 0. Campbell, eon of Rev. J. VV.
I Campbell of Loa Angeles, will likely
I cause much trouble. The students who
I composed tbe hosting party are daily
growing more anxious. The facta tbat
Campbell did not reveal football secrete
and that be had withdrawn Irom college
before tl.e Thanksgiving day game,
make thoir conduct much less excus
The committee will report the result
of tbe investigation to the faculty and
begin at once to consider what shall be
done with the guilty parties. Prof.
Bacon, who is chairman ol the com
mittee was seen in regard to the affair.
He eaid :
"There in nothing particularly new
in the mutter. We have been at work
all day und ns far aa the boy ia con
cerned our labors are completed. We
will now see what can be donu with tbe
hazers, but I am not at liberty to inti
mate any ol our intentioue."
From the result of the inveatigation,
co far the general student opinion seems
to be that the hazers will he dropped
from the roll at the end of the present
eemester and requested not to return to
the university.
Young Campbell is by far the most
unconcerned person connected with the
Rtl'air. When asked what lie thougl.t
about the inquiry, ho replied : "Oh, 1
don't know anything at all about it.
Father has not told me anything, except
to pack my trunk- and get home ac soon
as possible, so I gueßS I am in for it."
Bbrkklev, Oal., Dec. 11.—Claude C,
Campbell, the hazed ex-student of the
university of California, left for l.os
Angeles tonight witb his father,
Itev. J, W. Campbell. Before hie
depurturo Claude swnre out warrnuls
for battery against IU students con
cerned in the hazing, len were re
leased on $100 bail. Two are still hunt
ing bail in charge of a constableut a late
hour tonight. After the civil suits are
disposed of tbe faculty will denl with
the offenders nt its meeting on Thurs
day night.
An 1. r.g 11t ti mi ,i. mill au American Dl&ciim
Dknvick, Dac. 11.—Two notable
speeches on bimetallism were delivered
at tbe banquet of tbo Denver Manufac
turers'exchange tonight.
David Holmes ot Burnley, Kogland,
chairman of the parliamentary commit
tee of the trades' union congress of the
United Kingdom, representing 1,250,000
wage earners, speaking to tho toaat, Bi
metallism and Wage Earners, eaid:
" Thinking meai account for tbe pres
ent trado depression by the appreciation
of gold and the consequent demonetiza
tion of silver in IbTKund since. If ail
ver ia reßtored to ite former position it
will revive trade and commerce the
world over. I'ublic opinion iv England
baa recontly grown rapidly on '
the subject, and textile workers and
otbeißsre co-opernting with the Bimet
allic league. The recant experiment
of the British government with the fiuai; '
clal and currency qties-'lion iv India is a
tlat failure, and the Indian government
is at its wits' end to raise noceeaary
revenue. Bimetallism will be an im
portant factor at 'he next British gen
eral election ISOS. iwid will be a tea'
question in Lancashire and other con
atittienciea for parliamentary candi
Hon. Wbarton Barter of Philadel
phia, flunking on Bimetallism anil
Manufactures, said:
"Tbe proieaiors of political science in
Great Britain, men in the front rank in
Kurope und Aanerica, favor bimetallism ;
the opposition comes from money lend
ers. The demoralization oi silver hi c
contracted the world's money almost
oue-balf end appreciated gold to the
great advantage of the creditor class arm
the damago aud rutin of tho debtor clasf.
The propoeed plan of bank currency set
forth in President Cleveland's mesenge
should be opposed by every citizeu who
bus the welfare of the people nt hear.
Bimetallism must be restored by inde
pendent action by America, nnd cau he
whenever ttie pen pile ure determined lo
bave financial as well as industrial In
dependence ; to abandon British go d
monometallism a? ihey have done Brit
ish free trade: whenever they know thu
dltf.)rence between smi American policy
amf an alien policy."
lit' au.-gested tbat America admit sil
ver fcrom American uunoa to coinage
upon the payment of h, eeigninrnge at)
sorbing three-fourths of the difference
between tha London price arid the trude
value, and that fjreign ailver to beau
mitten for coinage at a seigniorage ab
sorbing all the difference between the
London price und coinago value.
■'The rvoad to American proapority,"
he eaid, ''is bimetallism nnd protection. 1
A true protective nyscem will protect I
American labor, extend American com
merce and at the sumo, time preclude
trusts, combinations and monopolies."
Diamond street auction today.
Neitzko <t Speck, funeral directors nnd em
balmera, 266 South Jlaln street. Tel. 1341),
FRPF T0 ilxc "
cor. Second nnd onrdou siv., POMONA.
It's conceded our 50 cent Teas
equal others' ?(t-fent.
Kxpei tB eliiim onr Mocha ami Java
make the Best Coffee.
The Only Preventive
v of
i iYiothy Oily Skin
It Strikes
At the Cause
The Clogged
Irritated Inflamed
\ or
For pimples, blackheads, rod and oilyskin,
red,it ugh hands with shapeless nails, tailing
hair, i: nd baby blemishes ii la wonderful.
Sold throughout tbe world. Potter linrra
fe Cut. I. Com., tfole Pro])*., Boston, Mubh.
fT *~*\ M And TUMORS posi-
»'V \ LOS flNCCtta . cal.
" V Si ft- CHAMLEY.M.D
Vlease Ron- 1 this to someone* with Cancer.
aud honest. Intelligent treatment and reason*
ble prices nro given.
• ach as Stricture, Syohllls, Gleet, Gonorrhea*.
Snpriaatprrciieii, Seminal Weakness, Lost Man.
heed, Night Emissions, Decayed Faculties,
ate., ate,, cu/ori by tne OLDEST and most BUO
-OBBS9tJ% specialist on the coast.
Kidney, Bladder,
Blood and Skin Diseases
Successfully treated arfh quickly cured.
Our SPECIAL SURGEON', recently from ths
larpest Chicago hospital (diplomat and certifi
cates to be *ecu at nhiee) haa made diseases ot
the heart and lung* a life study. Successful
traatincut by the latest method.. DIAGNOSU
made by the aid of the microscope.
Home Treatment $j,
CUR DIPLOMAS«ri from the
best collegia in the world, certified by the
state board, and registered at tho county
court house and city htalth office. Call snd
examine diplomas and certificates and ref
erences ot bunks, city and county official',
and best citizens of Los Anyeles. Onr CA
treat Catarrh. He lias followed this spec
ialty 10 years iv Ibis city.
A special department devoted exclusively t«
the treatment of all female diseases.
Consultation and Examination FREE.
OFFICE HOURS: !» to 4 aud 7to S. Sunday,
JO to \ 2.
•4*41 Rooms i, 3, 5 and 7,
A line income nroperty in Fast Los An
geles *"00C
(lood 11 room house, hard-finished, wida
porches ou three sides, new plumbing
aud punting: 8 50-lojt lot>, near our
line, southwest part of cits, not far
out. $2650
10-acre ranch, orchard, house, well, pou -
try nouses, at MurljH* $1000
SO-ac c ranch In Temi seal canon; house,
orchard, good springs; tine for health
resort *iOofl
First-class land at South Riverside, with
water right, per acre 1)150 to $151
One of the best ranches in Riverside count]
of over 100 acres: an excellent investment. In
vestigate this.
Bargains in foreclosed pronertiss In different
no tions of the country, Money lo loan. Sat
isfactory leriuialven. W, \Y. L")WE,
12-11-lm 105 Soutn Broadway.
Painless Dentistry
Fino Gold Filling l
ci-own aud Bi ldgs
nXmw All Operations
f •P%S?/T\l~IU ; Rooms m-W,

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