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Southern California News.
Valley Hunt Club to Manage the
Tournament of Roses.
Marriajre of Edwin Hill of Chicago
and Frances Brown of Pasadena.
The Terminal FaSseogere I.art — Pro
fessor Cook Leotarea at Throop
Polytechnic School—Social
Evauta — Pessdnals.
Pasadbna, Dec. 11.—At a meeting of
te Valley Hunt club held last evening
was decided that the club would again
n idertake the management of the tour
nument of races in a modified form
from that of former years. Nothing in
the way of races and athletic sports will
be attempted this year but tbe entire ef
forts will bs devoted to a coaching
parade which will come off New Yeat's
day on Orange Grove avenue. The idea
is to include in tbe parade every kind of
vehicle which may desire to enter,
four-in-hands, tally hot, floats, double
and single rigs, bicyclss, etc., every
thing to be decorated. It is the inten
tion to offer nnmeroue handsome prizes
for tbe beet decoration in the
different claaaea of vehicles, the ex-
Sense of whioh will bave to
c met by private subscriptions. It ia
not, however, anticipated that tbere
will be any trouble on tbis score aa a
considerable amount hns already been
promised. The decision of the club to
take tbis matter in hand again assures
the pnßhing through of the scheme in a
first class manner. The idea of drop
ping the races, etc., wbich have been
held dnring most of tbe day heretofore,
appeals to many who bave sadly mourn- j
ed the lose of a New Year's dinner on
that account. Ths parade has always I
been the best part of the tournament j
and by devoting tbe entire attention to
it even better results should be accom
plished. Subacription books will be
left at tbe banks, and citizens desiring
to do so may subscribe any amount they
may desire.
A more diaguated lot of would-be pas
sengers it would be bard to find than
was gathered at the Firßt-street station
of the Terminal company last night at
about 11:45, just in time to ace the
train pnll around tbe bend ont of sight.
Aladdin, jr., at the Loa Angelea theater
was the attraction in the city last night,
and it was supposed that the train
wonld be held until after tbe perform
ance. However, only tbe first cable car
caught tbe train, and tbe next one,
which carried 15 or 20 homeward bound
Pasadenans, was not in it. The cars
having atopped running np town, a
number of the paaaengers went on to
Boyle Heights and tbe reat walked back
up town. Some of the language used
will not bear printing.
The marriage of Mr. Edwin Hill o!
Chicago and Mies Frances Brown took
place at tho residence of the bride's
parents on South Orange Grove avenue.
A number ofinvited guests were preaent
to witneaa the ceremony,which was per
formed by Rev. N. H. G. Fife of the
Preebyterian church. Miss Dickineon
acted as first brideemaid and Miesea
Lowe, Dodsworth, Lillie Dodswortb,
Newton, May Newton, Merwin and Fife
ts ladies of honor. Tbe coatumee worn
by tbe ladies were very striking and in
excellent taste. Tbs bridal party will
make a tonr of Southern California be
fore going east to make their home in
Professor Cook delivered a very in
teresting lecture in Heat hall of Throop
Polytechnic institute last evening
which waa listened to by a good sized
audience. His subject was Insects, and
for an hoar or mors the profesßor
closely hold tbe attention of hia audi
The amount of information interest
ing to the ordinary mortal which be
extracted out of thie apparently proaio
snbjeot was more than one unfamiliar
with the habits of tbe ineeot kingdom
.vould believe.
His lecture was illustrated throughout
by means of large charts which added
much to the interest. It is the inten
tion of Throop Polytechnic institute to
give a series of lectures and entertain
ments during tbe coming winter, of a
high standard.
Tbe first oranges of the season were
shippsd out of Altadena yesterday, 100
Tbe organ recital at the
eharoh on Friday evening should be
largely attended.
Local weatber prophets are predicting
more rain. We can stand plenty of it
this year.
The new pipe organ will be beard at
the Univerealiet church Friday evening.
There has been a notable improve
ment in the street car service since the
new management obtained control.
Mr. John I . Hill is among the recent
arrivals from Toronto, Canada, to apeud
tbe winter. He finds considerable dif»
ference in the climate of the two placeß
this season of tbe year.
Evangelißt Yatman of New York city
opened bis meetinga in the tabernacle
last evening, a large audience being
preaent. Services are held both after
noons and evenings of this week.
Mra. Goodwin of Pomona, who haa
been tbe guest of Mrs. Pearl for several
days, left today for Loa Angelea, where
she will visit witb frienda before return
ing home.
A number of invitations have been
iaaued for a mueicale and informal bop
at tbe Green on Haturday evening next.
Mrs. Blobb baa charge of tbe musical
Tbe ladies of tbe Maccabees tendered
tbe male portion of tbat order a pleas-
Mi t surpriee iast evening—a banquet at
-he close of the buaineaa seeeion. The
evening cloied with dancing.
O. M. Raymond, one of the employees
of the Mechanic's mill on Chestnut
atreet, wae unfortunate enongh to have
hie forefinger entirely aevered by a caw
while at work this morning. The
wound was attended to by Dr. Mohr.
Tbs Valley Hunt clnb, at a meeting
held last evening, refused to change tiie
date of ita proposed New Year's eve hop
in oraer to accomodate tbe Charity Or
ganization society, which proposed to
hold the annual charity ball at Ilo'el
Green on that evening. It ie likely
that the dale of tbe charity ball will be
ctianged on thia account.
A reception of the Tuesday Evening
club waa held at the Webster residence
on South Marengo avenue this evening.
A large number of membere and guests
were present, and a most pleasant even
ing passed, dancing bemsr enjoyed by
the young people. The Tuesday Even
ing club is a young organization but ia
growing rapidly, and is accomplishing
mncb good work.
Sewer Plans In View—Social and News
'Santa Monica, Dec. 11.—All who de»
sire to see tbe sewer plans can do so by
applying at tbe oity clerk's office. Mr.
I. H. Jamea, the engineer, will be more
than pleaaed to explain details to any
and all who may desire information.
The council bas been asked to place
an electric ligbt at Eighth street and
Oregon avenue.
Hive No. 12 of tbe Ladies of the Mac
cabees was organized yesterday with the
following officers: Acting past lady com
mander, Mre. Tappin; lady commander.
Mrs. Wheeler; L. L. C- Mrs. Hart; L.
F. X., Mrs. Hunter; L. R. X., Mra. Nel
son; lady chaplain, Mre. Chaffee; lady
sergeant, Mra. Webb, L M. at A., Mra.
Fredericks; lady sentinel, Misa A. Fred
ericks; lady picket, Mrs. Hill.
Tbe ladiea of tbe G. A. R. will give an
entertainment and backet social at the
opera bouse, December 22d.
There are two sailing veser la headed
for Port Loa Angeles, one fron. Auatralia
and the other from England.
Mrs. Merlin Junes and family have
returned from their northern trip.
Charlie Forbee of Loa Angeles spent
tbe day here.
R. R. Tanner ia better.
The Allgern smuggling trial haa been
again postponed to the I nth met.
Mrs. T. H. Conokle is recovering her
usual good health rapidly.
0. Lemardt iB making improvements
at tbe North Beach plunge.
Tommy Hamrick leaves tomorrow for
Prescott, Ariz., having accepted a lucra
tive position in the mines.
Rebecca degree lodge I. O. O. F.
elected tbe following officers at their
regular meeting last night: Mra. O. G.
Mils, P. G.; Mra. G. W. Ileemer, N.
G. ; Mrs. J. S. Wilson, V. G.; Mra.
Hardwack, K. S.; Mrs. R. R. Tanner, F.
S. ; Mrs..M, D, l eathers, treasurer.
ItTora Rain —Mauy Inquirlea About Ollvs
Pomona, Dec. 11.—Mre. Harriet Kel
eey Fay of Pasadena will read ber paper
upon Woman's Work in tbe Parish at
the meeting; of the Woman's Council
Saturday afternoon, December 15.
Mr. and Mrs. K. il. Hlnman, father
and mother of onr townsman K. 11 iu
man, are expected to arrive in a few
days from Carnbiidge, 111., to spend the
winter with Mr. Hinman's family.
Major J. P, Spillman oi Los Angelea ia
spending a lew days with Pomona
friends. Pomona, Azuaa and Ban Diego
are eapecially and frequently favored by
the major's presence, as be manages to
apend most of hiß time between tbeae
Mrs. F. E. Peter and granddaughter,
Miss Marian Clarke, have returned
from Vancouver, Wash., and upon a
visit to Mre. E. P. Bartlett..
Rain or Bbine tbe Thursday dinners of
the ladiee of St. Paul's Kpiscopal church
parish are well patronized, last Thurs
day doing remarkably well despite the
rain. Tbeir recent bazar netted tbem
Mr. and Mre. E. K. Armour celebrat
ed tbe thirteenth anuiversary of tbeir
marriage today.
Tbe Pomona Times ia printing 10,000
foldera deecriptive of Pomona valley for
the Pomona board of trade.
Rev. F. .P. Fiaher o! St. Joseph's
Catholic church, Pomona, is away on a
short vieit to Loa Angelea.
Col. J . L. Howlend performed the la
borious feat of inditing some 40 letters
today relative to the olive industry in
thia valley and in answer to the numer
ous questions asked by etrangera con
cerning the olive and tbe reaonrcea of
Pomona and environs. Hie mail fre
quently numbers that many lettera.
Miss Jnlia Prewitt ol Lexington, Ky.,
who haa spent several seasons here at
tbe Paiomarsa and ia well known in tbe
aociety circles of this place, will be mar
ried January 9tb to Or. Taylor, a promi
nent resident of Little Rock, Ark.
Rain began falling again this after
noon about 4:30, and indications are for
a continuance through tbe night. This
seaaon's tail has been about 0 inches.
Decision In a -Llquor-Snlllug Case Re
versed—Not* s.
Redlands, Dec. 11. —In the oaee of
the People va. A. N. Boatwright for fur
niebing liquor unlawfully, from jnatice's
court of Redlands, waa reversed yeater
day in tbe enperior court of San Ber
nardino, aud the case was remanded
for further proceedings. T. R. Aroher,
Esa., is defendant's couneel.
Uev. D. H. Gillan of Fresno was in
tbe city today on busineea,
Davis Trueedall will raise the walls of
the East Center strest storm-water
ditch through hiß ranch, comprising lot
4, block N.
The Kedlande Grange drove and
Water company are preparing to put in
gutters and stone curbing on Cresent
Canon park.
CaptainCottrell haa arrived to apeud
the winter with his family,
Isaac Jonea returned today from the
Redland's Gold Mining company's camp,
A, B. Cook of Chicago arrived to
epend the winter witb his family, who
are at Hotel Windsor.
Harry Wallace has taken the position
eb clerk in the Chicago dry gooda etore,
F. W. Acker, who was reported as
likely lose the sight of hie evea, aa the
result of an explosion caused by pouring
lead into a rook, ia now said to be im
proving and bis eyes will probably not
be permanently injured.
Unlike the Dutch Process
£j5 No Alkalies
£\ Other Chemicals
v iSPj' are used in tho
preparation of
;) Breakfast Cocoa
t'i\ \\\ it-hi eh ii absolutely
|M I 1 Jj fttit'c and solitbl*'.
■Hi I ' j [j It hAs more than thvee fttftM
j 1. j i the strength of Cocoa mixed
fm V, VWH ..Ljle 'viMi Starch, Arrowroot or
Hn;;ir. arid is far moro eco
- 1..j, coning less than one cent a cup.
It is delicious, nourishing, and easily
Sold by (grocers everywhere.
W. 3 A KE E &CO,, Dorchester. Mass.
Dr. Warnon to tlolit Slaetlnea—Tha
Trauap rent Cnabsted—Social
Event of Note—Pereonul
Santa Ana. Dec. 11.— Rev. Dr. War
non of Los Angeles, the healing evange
list, who hae been doing so much work
all over Sontbern California, will hold a
series of meetings in Neill's hall com
mencing next Saturday night at 7 :30
At the regular meeting last night of
Hermosa chapter, O. E. S., tbe election
of worthy patron took place, resulting
in the election of A. J. Wood.
Tbere are now 38 prisonrs in the
county jail. Tbey should be put to
work on city improvements.
H. P. Barnett, the man who sold a
bogus order on Dan Pavicich last month,
was caught in Los Angeles by J. 0.
Niohols and brought in to Justice Geo.
E. Freeman for examination. He waa
bound over to the superior court and
taken to jail.
Mrs. C. Blackmsn of l ust in is re
ported Rnrirmajy ill.
Geo. F. Jeßeon has petitioned for
lettera of administration on the eatate
of Trumbell Kent, deceaeed.
A wagon load uf seven hobos, hand
cuffed two and two, were brought in to
day from Orange by a conatable.
The slate of Nebraeka ia contributing
ita share of new comers to Southern Cal
ilornia. Nearly every day we ace two
or three wbo cay they are jußt from Ne
Next Friday night the Ladies guild of
Orange will give a concert and tableaux
at the residence of Win. H. Burhhani.
Tbere seems to be a prospect ot the
finest orange crop in this county it has
ever produced. The trees are unusually
full, and tbe quality, unless something
happens to ths crop, will be unsur
Mrs. J. G. Scarborough ia visiting re
latives and frienda in Loa Angelea.
R. H. Sanborn of Tustin started to
day for Chicago on a business and
pleaeure trip.
Charles Arkland, who hae been in Or
ange iv a butcher shop, baa accepted a
like poaition with Theo. Ivling in this
Kd Lockhart of Loe Angeles ie visit
ing hia old frienda io thia city.
Wm. McCulloch and Goo. Show, two
local actora of thia city, went to Long
Heacb yeaterday to assist aome of the
local talent of that place in a dramatic
W. (J, Tedford, F. P. Nickey, Joseph
Yoch, J. W. Hawkins and L. Schorn
went to Loe Angelea today to attend the
convention of Soutberu California super
Tbe district quarterly meetine of the
Loa Angeles diatrict of the Southern
California conference of tbe Free Meth
odlst church will be held m the Free
Methodist church in this cily comuienc
ing Thursday eveninir, December 13 and
continue over the Sabbath. Roy. C. B.
Rby wili preside.
The late rain has made a demand for
agricultural implements. Plowing ia
going on all around the city and business
is much livelier than usual.
and Sam
Visitors From Kverynhere Taking- In the
Echo Mountain, Dac. 11. —The
sunshine on the mountaina wai
delicious today and tbe view euperb, a
eteamer witb the trail of smoke waa vis
ible to the naked eye between San Pe
dro and Avalon, and a echooner could
be eeen witb a field glass.
Miss M. E. McLellan of Paaadena
vieited the scenes en Echo mountain in
company with her Boaton friend, Mies
Anna Hunting. Both were greatly in
terested in the obaorvatory and enjoyed
Dr. Swift'a lucid explanations of the
movements of the great 16 inch refrac
E. S. Deniaon, of Oakland, general
newe agent of the entire Southern Pa
oifio railway system, vieited Echo
mountain and the obeervatory with his
daughter. Mr. Deniaon is largely in
terested in the electric Btreet railway
system of Alameda.
J. W. Ruddick, ex-county clerk ol
Ssn Franciaco, was accompanied by bia
wife, hia daughter, Risa Pearl Roddick,
and their friends, Mr. and Mra. F. B,
Ctiilda of Paaadena.
Mr. and Mre. J. 8, Straw, George W.
Pbilpotand Wm. S. Wallace were high
ly appreciated viaitora from Elyria, ().,
and one of the party carried away a
souvenir in tne shape of a manzanita
Mr. and Mre. A. Nettleton were from
Syracuae, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J.
Webb from Philadelphia, Mr. and Mra.
Wm. V. Kelley from Chicago, Mr, and
Mre. Samuel Parker from Fall River,
Macs., and Mr. D. N. Towne and Mibb
Ida Graves from Newball, Cal.
There hae been four inches of rain ou
the mountains since the storm began a
week ago.
A Football CI .in .
A tie game of football was played by
tbe University and High School teams
on last Saturday, and notwithstanding
tbe rain and mud there were a large
number of loyal univereity and high
school students to witneaa the game.
Owing to the muddy ground the teams
were unable to play n very scientific,
game, and with the exception of a few
brilliant ruua by Smith, Gray and
Spencer, a continuous "buck" the cen
ter wae the result.
A Neat Soheine.
Some individu tl with a good head for
buaineas procured ass gold-piece in a
neat and bandy way yesterday.
Armed with a postal card be went to
tbe home of a citizen whose residence is
not far from the corner of Main and
Pico streets and preaentsd the card to
tbe lady of the honao.
The postal card contained a request
suppoeed to come from the huaband
that the bearer be given $5. The bearer
wae given $5. lie hasn't beeu eeen
Faro I'lavera Fined.
G. Wells was lined $125 in Judge Saa
mau'i court yeaterday for conducting a
faro game Ht 120 South Main atreet. E.
Wileon und Ed Smith, playere, were
fiued $101) eacii. This ia about the third
or fourth conviction uf gamblers during
the past six months, and the flues are
made heavier etch time.
The Death Warrant of John
Craig Signed Yesterday.
A Stay of Proceeding's by Means of
an Appeal.
H.asrs. Onthrl* and Phibbe File the
Appeal and Propoae to Continue
the Legal Fight fur Hu
man Life.
The death warrant of John Craig, the
murderer who won eternal infamy by
the triple murder of members of the
Hunter family, was signed yeaterday by
Judge Smith in department 1.
The gruesome document reads as fol
lows :
In tbe superior court of the stats of
California, within and for Los Angelei
The People of the atate of California,
plaintiff, vs. John Craig, defendant,
To the sheriff of Los Angeles connty
and the warden of the atate prison of
of the etate of Califotnia at Folsom,
Thnt on the twenty-third day of Nov*
ember, in tbe year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and ninety
four. John Craig was duly and without
qualification found guilty of murder in
the first degree in the superior court,
county of Loa Angelea, state of Califor
nia, and on the eighth day of Decem
ber, in said year eaid court duly ren
dered and there waa then and there reg
ularly entered against eaid John Craig
judgment aa follows: ' i'htt you, ths
eaid John Craig, aa puniehmeut for the
crime of which you have boen con
victed, Buffer the penalty of death.
That within 10 daye from this date that
you be by the aherilT of this county
taken to the etate prison o! the eti;t6jof
California at Foleoui, and by him de -
livereu into the custody of the warden
of said etate prison, and by b iid wardeu
on a date to be hereafter fixed by the
warrant of exeoution, that you he hang
ed by the neck until ycu are dead.'
Now, therefore, it is hereby determined
aud lixed by tbia warrant of execution
in said case that the said John <'.-»:,;
suffer the penalty ot death betweeti the
hours of 10 o'clock a. ni. and 4 o'clock
p. in. of the 15th day of February, A. D ,
1896, within the walls of the stnle
prison of ttie atato of California at Fol
Now, therefore, tfcis is to command
you, the said aheriff ol eaid county of
Lib Angeles, as provided in said judg
ment, to take the eaid John Oraig to the
state uriaon of the state of California it
Folaom and deliver him into the custody
of the warden of said prison. And this
ia further to commnnd you. the said
warden of the state prison of the state
of Caliiornia nt Folaom, to carry into ef
fect the eaid j idcuaeut ol said court on
the 15th day of February. 1595, between
the hours ol 1D a.m. aad 4u. in. of that
day, within ibe said state prison of said
atate at Folaom, at which tints c.nd place
vou ehall then and there h.mic the said
John Craig by the ueck nntil he shall bo
deitd. li. N. Smith, Judge.
It had been decided that Deputy Slier
iffa H. 11. Yuri ken and D Kearnoy, act
ios; under instructions from Sheriff Cline,
Bhouid leave in tbe ulternoon witli
Craig, en route to Folaom. but en estop
pel on eucb waa taken by prisoner's
Meßsre. Guthrie end Pbibb3 filed an
appeal and made application lor a etny
of proceedings peudiug such appeal.
Until the supreme crurt haa passed up' n
tbe matter, therefore, tbe murderer gets
respite. Whiie sympathy ia wasted
upon a man of Craig's caiiber, the ap
peal in tbia particular ease wili eetve a
very good purpoae. Craig will surely
be hanged eooner or later, and even in
the event of a new trial being granted
and—to stretch tbe imagination to tbe
widest exteut —he Bhouid be acquitted,
the Buena Vista atreet murders would
etill have to be answered for.
Meantime, however, a moat interest
ing poiut of law has to be eettled. Some
uf the brightest legal micda in the city
are at ieaue as to whether the court
erred in permitting testimony regarding
a subsequent crime to be introdnced in
order to prove criminal intent in the
carrying out of tbe orTense for which the
delendautwaa being tried. Some of the
foremost attorneys bold that a logical
connection between the two crimee was
eatnblisbed by tbe proeecution, and in
such caae the dieputed evidence wae
clearly admissible; but, on tbe other
hand, it is juet as keenly contended by
other attorneys ol prominence that the
connection was not established in such
manner aa to warrant tbe admission cf
testimony that, without doubt, muit
in the hand of a Surgeon
gives yi.ua feeling of hor-
h ror anc * dread. There is
f&afiaFvk r no longer necessity for its
TOrBrKqA y use m many diseases furm
tggaf &4 \ P er . lv regarded as incurable
The Triumph of
Conservative Surgery
is well illustrated by the fact that
PIIDTIIPP O1 * Breach, is now radically
I\UI lUIVL, cured without the knife and
without pain. Clumsy, chafing trusr.es can be
thrown away ! They never cure but often induce
inflammation, strangulation and death.
TUMORS Ovarian, Fibroid (Uterine) and
I wi TIUIVOs) many others, are now removed
without the perils of cutting operations.
PI I P TUMORS however large. Fis
riLC 1 U.HUKO, tula and other disease*
of the lower bowel, are permanently cured with
out pain or resort to the knife.
STONF * n ** ie Bladder, no matter how large,
' will* i s crushed, pulverized, washed out
ami perfectly removed without cutting.
STPITTfIPP of Urinary Passage Is also
OIIVIVIUtiL, removed without cutting in
hundreds of cases. For pamphlet, references
and all particulars, send io cents (in stamps) to
World's Dispensary Medical Association, No. 663
Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
and those soon to
become mothers, tgraptii
should know that
Prescription robs, \t- m \\\\
greatly shortened. It also promotes the
secretion of an abundance of nourishment
for the child.
Mrs. Doha A. Ot'Tiißtn, of Oak'ev, Overton Co.,
Term., writes: "When I began taking Dr.
Pierces Favorite Prescription, i was not able to
stand on my feet without suffering almost death.
Now I do all my housework, washing, cooking,
sewing and everything for my family of eight.
1 run stouter now thrni I have beeu in sjbt years.
Your ' favorite Prescription ' is the hest to take
before confinement, or at least it proved so with
me. I never .suffered so little with auy of my
children as I did with my last. 1 '
have prejudiced the defendant in the
minds of tbe jury. And so ths cats
stands, and to settle this moot point a
little delay, even if Oraig temporarily
benefit!, cannot be a matter for legiti
mate demur.
Lawrance Dunham Snenha on Labor au
Kmploytr of Capital.
The tingle tax meeting in Blanchard-
Fitzgerald hall, on Monday evening,
wai attended by an audience that filled
the hall, aud the prooeedingi through
out were auoh as to hold the close atten
tion ol all present.
After lome fine autoharp music by
Profenor Singleton, who alio saog sev
eral selections, tbe speaker of the even
ing. Mr. Laurence Dunham of New
York, waa introdnoed. Mr. Dunham,
now spending a few months at Pasa
dena, ii a member of the tingle tax
national committee. On this occasion
be delivered a briei but compact and
logical address en Labor an Employer
of Oapital. Following is a brief sum
mary of what Mr. Dunham said :
He denied tbe statement, so often
made, that labor Ii employed by capital
—at though the plow employed tbe
plowman, inttead of tbe man the plow.
This idea, he showed, sprang from
the fact that men controlling large
capital do employ labor, and, nnder
present conditions, seem to bave it at
their mercy. Gut the power of these
capitalists over labor eprung. in reality,
not from their control of capital, whioh
is but a result and instrument of labor,
but from tbe monopoly of Innd, which
is the opportunity of labor.
Land once free, tbere would be no
limit io the power oi iabor to produce
,capital; and land onoe free, tbe wealih
produced therefrom, whether or not in
the shape ol capital, must go to the
producer. Then it would no longer be
true that the men who do the work
norer get rich. A fact whioh Mr. An
drew Oarnr gie stated lately at being the
greatMtdiscovery of hie life. For en'
der such circumstances those would be
the only people who could get rich.
The meant to this' end—to givo each
iv :n an equal opportunity with every
other man, and to ecnre to each the
entire product of his labor—it to abolieh
all taxes on industry and thrift, and to
ph'.ce them where they rightfully be
long—on the valus of land irrespective
of improvements.
The case between the powe.- to enslave
labor, conferred by control of capital or
by land mmopaly, was illustrated by
the fact that io deprive the Southern
Pacific company of its ctpital without
touching its control of land would leave
its power over land unimpaired, while
to deprive the company of its right of
way nnd termiu.il yards, if land uener
ally were forced into use by taxing it to
its full value, wonld reduce the giant to
abject feebleness.
The speaker concluded by thus sum
ming up the tingle'tax plan :
"All taxes on labor or us products in
any form tend to re trict or discourage
tho productl nof wealth. Therefore n 1
such taxes must be abulishel. Taxes
on the value of lend, irrespeciivo ct im
provements thereon toud to encourag"
production by making the use of Unit
tho ouly source of profit therefrcm.
Therefore all taxes should be levied on
land vaiues alone"
After tbe address, which was liatened
to with deep iuterest, v general discitl
sion wai indulged in, which became
more and more spirited up to the hour
of closing. Messra. Miller, Wood, Web
ster, Doss, Whitlleaev, Drake, lloyt and
a couple of ladies spoae briefly on the
merits and demerits of the eiugle tax
Next Monday evening Mr. Clarence
Miller will ape. k on tbe filiation of in
Your Family
.should In'
provided with tho
well-known emergency
The best remedy for all
diseases of the
Throat and Lungs.
Prompt to act,
Sure to Cure
Notice of Foreclosure Sale.
sale and decree of foreclosure and hale.
MUbank Johnson, platMift'. vs. Hugo Schulze
John Doe and Richard Kco, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of pale and
decree of foreclosure and sale Issued out of tho
Superior (Jourt uf tho county of Los Auireles, of
thettateof California, on the 19th flay of No
vember, A. D. 1894, in the above entitled ac
tlou, wherein Mii Dank Johnson, the ab-ive
named plaintiff, obtuined a judgment and de
oree ol foreclosure and sale against Hiiro
Schulze et al., d.fendenis, on the 17th day of
November, A. 11. 1494, for the sum of turee
hundred, eighty-two and 8.1-100 dollars
($.182.85), Bold coin ol the Uuittd States,
I which said decree was, on th, 19th day of No
; vembur, A. 1). 1894, recorded In Judgment
: Book 55 of eaid court, at page 15. I am com
! inaaded to sell all tnat certain lot, piece or par
cel of land situate, lying and being In tho said
couiityofLosAuge.es, state of Caiifornls, an 1
bounded and described as follows:
Lot twenty-one (11) of Buei's subdivision of
lot 11, rauge 12, Alhambra Addition tract, as
per map thereof recorded in Book 15, at page
00, of Mlsco Uiieous Records of said Lob Ange
les county; together with all water rights ap
pertaining to said lot: log- tber with all and
Blngular the tenements, heradliaments aud ar
puitenauoes thereun o belonging or in any
wiie spi.ertiln ng.
Public notice s hereby given that, on Salur
day, the 15th day of December, A, D. 1894, ut
12 o'clock in. of that day, in front of the court
House door of the county of Los Angeles,
Broadway entrance, I will, lv obedience to Slid
order of sele and decree of foreclosure and Bale,
sell the above-described property, or so much
thereof as may be necessary lo satisfy said
judgment, with interest and cos's, etc., to the
highest and be it bidder, lor cash gold coin of
tha United State).
Dattd this 21st day of November, 1894
Sheriff of Lni Angeles C iunty.
By J. 0. Lows, Depuiy .sheriti;
Sheldon Borden, Atioruey for Plaintiff.
Examination of Teachers.
Li semi-annual examination of teachers will
be held in the State Normal School building,
comer of i.rand avenue nnd Fifth streets, l.os
Angeles, beginning on Monday, 'December
24tn, hi lOo'cloek a, in.
All applicants for certificates upon examina
tion must be present at the beginning ot tho
Teaahers desiring their certificates renewed
should file application ior renewal with the
secretary of the county board of education
(room-I', court house) onjor before December
Teachers holding valid primary grade certif
icates issued in this county, and desiring lo
take the grammar grade examination, nust
report on Thursday, December 27th, at Nor
mal School building,
By order of the hoard of education.
IV. \V. SEAMAN, Secretary.
Los Angeles, December 3,1894, 27
.rel it . I * -* * V
for Infante and Children.
" Caatoria tsao well adapted to children that Castoria cures Colic, Constipation,
I recommend it as superior to any prescription Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
known to me." 11. A. Arciibb, M. D>, Kills Worms, glres sleep, and promotes d»
111 So, Oitord Bt., Drooklyu, N. Y. goallcm.
Without injurious medication.
"The use of 'Castoria h so universal and "For several yeara I have recommended
'ts merits so. wall Known that it seen™ a work your 'Castoria,' and shall always continue to
of supercrofMtion to endorse It. For,- arc tho do so as it haa Invariably produced beneficial
Intelligent families who do not keep Castoria results."
within easy reach." Eowm F. PAaoaa, Jt. D„
Carlos JLucrrx, D. t>., 126 th Street and 7th Aye., New York City.
New York City.
The Cent Ana Comuirv. 77 Mrruur Stbbct, Niw Toast Cm.
The oldest, most successful and reliable tic s
Pacific coast—MUsllahed IB lan Freneleoe fat
_ m * 8 rears and 8 years In Los Angelea
TUere are many Imltalora but
■p /£. jflgMreri For men ia Lee Angeiee.
F ll d' r " Tl18 poot " , * t,,, tnm 10 *• *>*
%c, Tiost Only (he Old—The Tried—Th* Trn
V***' URANCIBOO OKFIIIIB Is bow In charge of thg)
VV ! l<» Augolea offices, ao per.ons living in mm
AAr ' t/-«»t'3§Ss*Hsw'\ Angeles can have Ue benefit of the seme treat-
Qp , merit aa 11 they went to San Kranelaco.
M^^Mi^M^^m^f^^ ; ivk Congultutiou PEEK, Personally of
i*~W*3mW&rt&'^ Wffiiifk PR- LIKBIB A CO. ours all NSRVQUB, PM>
HIiMBS'.W '-Wlt\ J Ca et, curable guaranteed, no matter how cost*
LeHaHß*'^'V - "• 'l\ t plicated oi who baa failed. Our dlagaoela
"SrPS!»»F"' *t ' V AJvwßsßKifil she<' and confidential hook far mea sent free.
'■ JJ'*'WS»SB®(fflfl C*V~ Alt business racradly conOdentlaL
a^^HOßmaary' 1 w \ a'fimHWejSfl c d™ : io t'"is to * P ' m " <ind 7° *' 3 ° P- " k
< "<sisf| t 123 SOUTH MAIN STREET
CffTstfPfc makhood"restW:sto:
' •SLY curi'S all nervousness ordiscasraof theaeuerattve organs,
mW WW JS? A such as: I.OKt Mnnliood, Tire 4 Peel-
BUS j D \*T fj lnsr. Pnlna In the Hark, I». lilllty, rimplc, Head
ffl \ ak' V .4*4 aclic,S«niiiinl »Vcakiiea«,»il«litlyßjlilßatastß,lssi»6.
fl I V <^, T trnry, !»<-!,pondoncy, Varicocele. HrcmatareneKß
SS V , V and S oriHtipntlon. Cures where all else falls. The dodtor
:* hnsiliscovcrcdtheactlvepriiiciplßonwhichthevltalltyOf tha
BEFORE AND AFTER sr \ r.u. apparatus Is dependent.
Tho r"asnn ti hv sufferers are not enrol by phvslelnis nud medicines Is beennae over 80 par cent
arc tr mhl- I win, s>r«stnilll«. for which crPIlir.XH la the only known remedy to cure the com
plaint without nn npor.itHiu A written fanarsMst<M> to refund the money If a permanent curs Is
not efflTlerl Itv the use of slt boxes. Si.ro n hnit, six for syoo. Heed for circular nnil testimonials.
Addrvaa DAVOI aUDAiISK CO., IVO. Ilos 0070, fan trraliclH* ••••• • inir >■>•
C. H. HANCR, Agen>, 177-170 N. Spring ttre-t.
IU acres o' 'i y nr ol I o anges and lemons, with tine water-right and irrigating flume, oily.
IU m.lj.'mm Kh laurti r.0.; price, 1832.10. .... _
l i*j 1(1 0.-Hp o es. anttabia for lemons, oranges or any One fruits, 1 mile Irom centerofl
aadlaads. Wltn hes »>w rutin In the stite; price only *i5O pjr acre: only 10 per teat oath'
down, and o ot c.! m 10 yeais at ncr cint luteresi.
10 serfs of ' year f'd '>r»og«« al O'BltWI; only *'!">0O: easy term".
10 or< «in B*l amis: half in old oran«tf-: pilce SIJSoO.
jo »erv«, all in h «ri,i g oranges ami olives, with about 1 acre in pomesranates, snd a variety
of An* fruits: phr«,pr«t wafrund-r pressure: located abDni half one from Memo eaepoti
ihe moll h i«atlfnl a id lieal-hleat location In California' price, $12,000.
'. 0«e , -om. 'hin "i ha'f in orang •« from nto IS yuars old, with good bulldnr jSdJjUH ■ -
lßtt"ato't read noli Men one; the town lots adjoining this property sell for »aOO eaoht
pries t» 00 day . is i o.ioo. . . _ •
lliiiishs iinil Lots iv Los Anifeles at a Great sacrifice.
Oueeleeant U-ttory hiuee, onlr fl ye minutes' car ride from ths courthouie: good oarrlage
honSa and stable: price only iSSOj. .
One cnttuxi uf !) nri- -onm aad 2 lot', only one blook from high school: worth at laaat
$6000 but tt.u-l be sold at #WOO. _
One new co oiuai ci tinge on corner lot on Hill st.: 10 large rooms, oement walks, fine fence.
Inwn, c rriase-hou<e aud stable, aad one of ihe handsomeat homes on thu street, hor--same si
the n'h rt wo -md "re sold at a sacrifice'to pay debts: eaay t s rms uf payment: rirloe, •5000.
1(1 acre of land on A eat Ninth et.: worm at least $5000; will be ao d for (3000.
Oof the bit oil Ics on S'.ate steot.so ioc t'd tint tiey control the oil on 7?,000 sqn we,
feet, or i ci'ial lo 100 l he other oil lots: prici, ifiOOO
A r "'.iiTible neulleoian is toady lo coiitiact to sink one nr more wells on this ground 800*
feet lor $-100, aud If he dou'i llnd oil will r_'<iul c no pay lor the work.
API l ° W. P. McINTOSH, Agent,
PRODUCERS OP I Geßerßl^Jßßilnfs-r
AND DEALERS IS (] t\,T I l) Pj
Tel. 196. PETROLEUM Wells at Pieite, CaL
This Company is ptepared to sell and deliver crude petroleum in large Off
email quantities either in taak cars on lins of railroads in Los Angelas of outJ
aide, or by tank wagon or drums t > any part of city We 'urnish cruSe petro eusrf
to Cable R*.t Co., R'y Co., Templest R'y Co. at. >ther l»rgecom»§ojaj^
CAPITAL (PAID DP, $ 000,001.00
TOTAL $1,320,000 00
I. W. HELLMAN President W.H.Perry, 0. E, Thorn, A. OlassaH,
H. W. HELLMAN Vlee-Prealdeut O. W. Ohllds, U. Ducommen,
JOHN MILNEK. ( aihler T. L. Duque, J. B. Lankeishlm
B. J. FLEISHMAN Assistant Oashlcr H. W. Hellman, L W. Hellman,
Sell and Buy Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Special Collection Department
_ Bank, 101 8. Bprin< St., Nadeau block.
L. N. BREED President
WM. F. HOSBYeIIELL Vice-President
C.N. FLINT....* C/ishior
W. H. UOLLIDAY Assistant Cashier
Capital, paid In (to.d coin $20r>.000
Burplnsand mut. video,profits 25,0.H)
Authorized capital 500,000
L. N. Breed, H. T. Newell, Wm. 11. Avery,
Bllas Hdman, W. 11. Holiday, F. C. Bn-br
aheil, M. Hunan, Frank Rader, D. Remlck,
Thos. Gos», Wm. F. Bo.byshell.
223 S. Spring St., LOS ANGELES.
orvicEii* »ne oinccTonn:
... W. Stimson Wm. Ferguson VV. E. Kc"ay
Pr«st. Vire-PrMt. C.luer
C. G. Harrison S. H. Mott R. M. Baker
A. E. Pomeroy S. A. Butler
K3O N. Main st
Caplttl stock If 100,000
Surplus 35,000
J. F. P1,:.0r, Pres. H. W. Hellman, V ce-Pros.
w. M, Cat well, Cssnli r.
Diree o s—l. W. Hellman, J. V. liner, H. W.
Hoi miv, I. vv. Heilman, jr., W. M. Caswell.
Inter>'«t t»hM on deposits. Money to loan on
1\ irf
430 booth binug .street, Los Augeus, Cal
Surplus .100.000
J. M. ELLIOTT. President.
W.O. KgRCKUOFF, V.-Pras't.
F4ANKA GIBsON, Cashier.
li B. STI \Fr"iK, A-.s't CSShitS*
J. M. Blllolt, h 0- Bickaail,
F Q Story, H. Jem",
J. D. Hooker, W. G Patterson,
Wm. G. Kerckhorr.
— 1 i i m ,mm
Capital #500,010
Surplus 67,<i00 '
Toial 007,000
WAUK»N til LLBIEN Vice President
¥.. U. HOWE4 (buhies
E. W. COB Assistant OatoUr i
George 11. Bonebrak --, Warren Glllelan, P. M.
Green, L'has. A. Marrlner, W. U. Brown, A. *.
Frauclsoo, B, P, Johnson, M. T, Allen, f. C,
Howes. B-UH

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