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The Supervisorial Congress
Escapes State Division
Permanent Organization With
a Member From Each
Lilt of th* Members Who Onmpoa* the
N*w Nor lot* uf Saparvleora—M*aa
ur*a Will li- Proposed far
th* N. it Legislature.
The club room of tbe chamber of com
merce waa aglow yesterday with genial
ity and good feeling, on the occasion of
ttie second day's session of tbe congress
of supervisors from Soutbsrn California's
eeven counties.
It was after 2 o'clook before ths dele
gates who bad passed the night at
Whittier began to assemble. They were
given a warm welcome by Superintend
ent Wiggins, Secretary Willard and Ed
ward Farrell. The prinoipal topic of
conversation was permanent organiza
tion, and when the assemblage was
called to order by B, S. Field, one of tbe
local board, representatives from eaob
af the oounty boards wers present. Mr.
Field waa selected as chairman, and by
unanimous vote F. K. Davis nf Santa
Barbara was inducted into the office of
Chairman J. Yoch of tbe Orange
county delegation moved that a perma
nent organization be effected, to consist
cf the chairman or some member of tbe
supervisors, to be selected by the board
in each oounty. Tbe seven men selected
are to represent tbe several counties and
act for the interests of all. The seven
counties comprise Lot Angeles, San Ber
nardino, Orange, Santa Barbara, River
side, Ventura and San Diego.
The resolution caused considerable
discussion, but was finally adopted. The
J. Yoch, of San Bernardino.
members selected by the several coun
tiea are: J. W. Cook, Los Angeles; A.
B Buggies, San Bernardino; S. Armor,
Orange; A. S. White, Riveraide; F. E.
Davis, Ventura; O. C. Welch, Santa
Barbara; J. P. M. Rainbow, San Diego.
These gentlemen will constitute tbe
supervisorial congress oi Southern Cali
fornia, and their efforts will be directed
to furthering the interests of tbis sec
tion of the state as regards immigration,
commerce, harbor, state division, tbe
Nicaragua canal, etc. The first meeting
of this new organization will be held in
tbs rooms of the supervisors of this
county next Thursday morning at 10
This early meeting was the remit of
remarks made by Messrs. Victor and
Lord of San Bernardino. The latter
stated that if the several counties need
ed any relief from the legislature it
would be necessary to bave the bills or
measures prepared immediately.
"I know something about lobbying,
myself," said Mr. Lord, "and I know
that tbe early bird at Sacramento, dur
ing the legislative session, catches the
jt. C. itaton, of iNrrn D\rno.
worm, so to speak. One thing we want
to get at is the repeal of this county
surveyors' bill. J know how the meas
ure was engineered through the last
legislature—it coat each county surveyor
in the etate $100 to get the measure
lh-n"™h, end that measure made it pos
sible for them to increase tbeir fees. If
ta want to slop this robbery we must
bu in the field early."
Then the road question waa brought
np by A. O. Nason of San Diego, who,
although desirous of having hia resolu
tion in regard to state division taken
up, was induced to forego the matter
until tbe new association is in working
Mr. Nason introduced the subject by
moving that tbe present road law bo en
dorsed, lie said that there are rnmora
floating about in regard to proposed
changes in the new road law.
''I understand," said Mr. Nason, "that
there is a proposition on foot to repeal
the new law and return to the old road
overseer system ; also, that it is proposed
putting county surveyors in charge of
road work; still another amendment
spoken of is the appointing of a road
commission by the state. This is ail
wronir, arid we cannot get into the Held
too early in order to pievent this."
Mr. Armor of Orange county and Mr.
Thompson ol Riverside stuted that thoy
believed that with the supervisors in
control of the roads counties can Bave
50 per csnt. There are some defects in
the law, the sp9akera thought, tbat
should he amended, euch ea the abso
lute cash system. They believed that
some method should be adopted where
by a needy man Bhould be allowed to
work out bis road tax.
Lord of San Bernardino, end Rainbow
of San Diego, expressed similar views,
and then J. A. Jasper from San Diego
county was called up. Mr. Jasper, dur
ing his term as supervisor, has had be
tween 16U0 and 1700 miles of road to
look after. His dintrict extends from
Ban Diego to near Yuma and nearly the
entire route is mountainous.
"I am satisfied," eaid Mr. Jasper,
"that the new law is the beßt, because
under the old regime when road over
seers were employed, the work waa not
half attended to. My expenience has
been that under the new law L'O per cent
in money is saved and in our oounty we
bave made 50 per cent more roads than
any two paevtoua years."
After some further discussion by M.
L. Ward, tbe newly elected district at
torney of San Diego oounty, and Mr.
Cook of the Los Angeleß board of super
visors, tbe motion of Mr. Nason was
The Nicaragua canal matter was
brought up by R, H. Young, secretary
of tbe ban Diego chamber of commerce,
who bad a resolution introduced. The
resolution, which reads as follows, waa
adoptsd, expianation being made that
it waa luller than tbe one made yester
day :
Whereas, We have declared in favor of the
eaily construction of the Nicaragua canal by
governmeut aid aud to be under government
control, und have askej all clt zeus oi Southern
California to use every L-gitimate effort to fa
vorably influence oongresa; and
Whereas, We believe the construction of said
canal will largely increase tbe population aud
wealth of the I'nciflc coast, beßides facilitating
tbe interchange of commerce between all tbe
stntus, thereby proving a national blesaing;
Whereas, All political ptrties havo declared
in favor of said canal, and the entire country
demands its construction ; and
Wbefe**, Speaker Crisp of the bouse agrees
to recognize tho Geary bit! early in the sendon,
and the s nate already bas the measure under
favorable consideration; therefore, be it
K>solved, First—That we consider the time
propitious, aud hereby express the tarne-t be
lief that if all friend* of the measure will act
promptly the construction of tho canal by gov
ernment aid may Boon be a fixed foot.
Second—That having asked our cltlzenß to
use their influence,we now call upon tho cham
bers of commeice and other commercial bodies
In our various counties to become still more
active in the work of crystallizing the senti
ment favorable to tbe canal and of organizing
ail friendly forces.
Third—Tbat we, the members of the various
county boards of supervisors present, hereby
agree, al the earliest opportunity, to call the at
tion of our respective boards to Sbe importance
of this matter, and also to secure all the public
assistance pos ibie towards carrying out tbe
work we have asked the commercial bodies to
Fourth—That we deem no other queitton of
half so much Importance to Southern Califor
nia as the early construction of tne Nicaragua
canal, and we again urge all our people to as
sist to tbo utmost extent of tbeir influence and
Throngh Superintendent Mcir end
Agent Crawley of the Southern Pacitic
company a carte blanche invitation to
take a ride to Sunta Monica or some
other point was givon.
Mr. Victor of San Bernardino pro
tested. He eaid he felt tbat the dele
gates had been surfeited with honors
■od attentions by tbe railroad company,
and lie suggested that the invitation be
declined, with thanks, and also that a
resolution of thanks be extended to tbo
Soutborn Pacific company for the ride to
This induced more resolutions of
thanks, and in order tbe chamber of
commerce, tbe Santa Fe company,
the press and trustees of Whittier
ecliool, were thanked by resolutions
duly engrossed.
Why the state division resolution pre
pared by Delegate Nason of San Diego
and the matter of harbor location were
not brought up can be explained when
it in elated that Mr. Nasou's colleagues
and members of tbe convention from
thia and other counties insisted tbat he
let the matter pass. Mr. Nason was loth
to do so, inasmuch ss state division ie
one of tbat gentleman's fondest hopes,
ffe simply wanted tbe endorsement of
liis resolntion, as published exclusively
in tne Hkraldof yeßterday, by the con
gress. It is Mr. Nason's idea to fight
tins proposition from now on, but in
vfew of the sentiment expresssd by a
majority of tbe delegates to the congress
be saw it would be useless to urge it.
'The time ia lipe for putting this
proposition forward," said Mr, Nason,
A discussion in the cluh room.
"and I don't propose to let go until
something is done."
Tha Sapervlaora Vi.it tha Stata School.
Keaoluttona Adopted.
Whittier, Cal., Deo. 12.—The conven
tion of supervisors of tho Southern Cal
ifornia counties met today at the Whit
tier state school and adoptsd resolutions
as follows:
Resolved, Tbat after a oarefol inspec
tion of the Whittier state school aud a
close observation of tbe methods em
ployed and the work accomplished, we
the supervisors' convention of Southern
California, do heartily commend tbe
management of said institution and do
pledge ourselves to its earnest support.
Resolved, further, Tbat it is tbe sense
of tbis convention that tbe superintends
ent, Mr. j, E. Coffin, and bis accom
plished wife, together with his able and
efficient corps of teachers and assistants,
are giving to said institution -a most
thorough and efficient management.
Alao, tbat we find its board of trustees
thoroughly in sympathy with the local
management of the institution, and
men thoroughly equipped for the im
portant positions they occupy with ref
erence to tne institution.
Resolved, atso, Tbat we tender to
President Mullen and tbe other trustees,
and to the superintendent and bis wife
and teachers and assistants, our imst
sincere and heartfelt thanks for the
courteous treatment we have received
and the bounteous hospitality tbey bave
bestowed upon us during our visit.
Resolved, further, That we extend to
tbe Southern Pacific and Southern Cali
fornia Railway companies our sincere
thanks for courtesies extended by tbose '
companies to this convention.
Kav. Joseph Smith* I,ait Day In Lot
Early in the forenoon an eager crowd
began to take seats in Peniel ball, and
for the most part tbey cams to stay the
whole day, which was one of exception
al interest, Tbe floor of this large audi
torium was filled at each meeting, and
tbere was a goodly number in tbe gal
leries. Tbe morning meeting was de
voted to personal testimony from minis
ters of tbe gospei to the experience of
the cleansing of the heart fro n all sin as
a second definite work of grace.
Over thirty ministers presented them
selves on the platform as volunteers to
go into the witness box; but there was
only time for about ten to give tbeir
experiences. Among tbose who Bpoke
were Rev. J. A. Wood of Pasadena, Ray.
F. W. Hint (Preßbyterian). N. E. Rob
inson (Albambra M. E. church); but
perhaps the moßt marked testimony was
tbat of Rev. A. C. Bane of tbe M. E.
church south. The large congregation
was thoroughly aroused by tbeae defi
nite testimonials to holiness, and at tbe
close of the service many presented
themselves at the altar.
The evangelist held bis large audi
ence for a full boar and a half aa he
dealt with and explained the various
questions which had been propounded.
At nigbt the hall was fuller than ever
and Mr. Smith preached a aermon from
the text, "Hleeaed are the pure in heart
for they ahall see God." Tbia closes Mr.
Smith's meetings, and he goes on to
Redlands to hold a meeting in the M.
K. church tbere; but the regular meet
ing at Peniel hall will be reanmed every
Th,, Bfodero Mother
Has fonnd that her little ones are im
proved more by the pleasant laxative
Syrup of Figs, when in need of the laxa
tive effecte of a gentle remedy than by
any other, and that it ia more accepta
ble to them. Children enjoy it and it
benefits tbem. The trne remedy, Syrup
of Figs, ia mannfaetn-ed by the Califor
nia Fig Syrup Co. only.
TJsk Herman Family Soap.
The City Council's Action On
the Matter Yesterday.
A Stroiis; Fight Was Made Against
the Action Takeu.
Tha City Attorney Saya Thar* Is Mo
It msdy For Ovrcrowrted rttreet
Cara — Other Matters Handled
By the Council.
Tbe city council yeaterday pasted the
ordinance abandoning a portion of Fig
ueroa street between Sixth and Pico
streets. There wbb a vigorous opposi
tion mado to the meaauro, principally
by Attorney Will I). Gould, a property
owner on ttie etroet, but tho pressure
web too great for hie canes.
At tbe commencement of tbe council
meeting yesterday morning the city
clerk read the lignrea of tbe vote at the
rscent city election in open meeting and
the president of the council ordered the
clerk to issue certificates of election to
the candidates having tbe largest num
ber of votes.
Mr. Btrohm moved that the atreet
superintendent be instructed to place
crOßSwalka across Seventh etreet, east of
Wall; across Wall etreet, north of Sev
enth ; acroßß St. Julian atreet, north of
Kighth; across Wolfskili avenue, north
of Third; acroßß Third street, nest of
Wolfskili. Referred to the board of
public works,
Mr. Inneß moved that the street
superintendent be directed to place a
crosswalk across Temple atreet, at the
intersection oi Victor etreet. Reierred
10 the board of public worka.
The city attorney presented an ordin
ance authorizing the property owners on
Twenty-seventh etreet to improve the
streel by private contract. The ordin
ance was passed,
Tbo street superintendent was in
structed to present a report on crocs
walks all over the city.
Tbe city attorney culled tbe attention
of the council to tbe fact tbat before the
bond election, plana and SDecificttiona
for the work contemplated must be pre
pared. On motion Mesara. Innee,
Pessel and Rhodes were apooiutod a
committee to confer with tbe city attor
ney and tbe building eunerintendent iv
regard to thia matter.
The attorney'a report in regard to land
in the Childa tract waa adopted.
Tbe city attorney reported that the
snreties on H. L. Hewlitt's bond could
not withdraw without the consent of the
council. Referred to tbe board of public
works. •
The city attorney reported in regard
to sending sample ballots for tbe com
ing special election tbat he knew of no
law to compel the clerk to Bend tbera.
In regard tn the overcrowding of the
University electric care, tbe attorney
reported tbat there wns no way in which
tbe matter could be remedied. The re
port was received and tiled.
The board of public works presented
a report recommending the granting of
a pipe line franchise to the Metropolitan
011 company, WiUhire and others and
C. I . A. I.net and others be accepted
and ordinances presented. Tbe report
was adopted.
The board of public works recom
mended tbe granting of an electric fran
chise to W. I >. Larabee for the old
Kuhrts street line, and the report was
Mr. Rhodes moved that the city en
gineer present an ordinance for a Con
stance Btreet sewer district. Paaeed.
Alao that a crosawalk he placed on tbe
west side of Hope street, and tbe man
bole at tbe corner of Hoover and Al
varado streets. Paßßed.
A "baker's" dozen of property ownera
on Ella street cent in a communication
to ttie council in which they said that,
having read the proteat of tbe Southern
California Railway company against
putting in a crossing on Ella street,
wherein it was stated that it wae un
just and in tbe interest of real estate
dealers only, do hereby enter a protest
against the delay of eaid company in
putting down the crossing, as it ie the
only outlet we have to Pasadena avenue.
At present, residents of tbia section bave
to drive over private property in order
to reach a publio thoroughfare. The
communication was received and filed.
Tbe protests and petitions already
published were referred to tbe various
At the opening of the afternoon ees
•ion of the council Will D. Gould con
tinned hiß argument against the closing
of Figueroa etreet. Following bis re
marks, wbich were brief, a general dis
cussion was held, lasting for an hour, in
wbich members of tbe council, protest
ants and others took part.
Mr. Muueon moved tbat tbe report of
tbe committee be adopted. Tbe motion
was seconded hy Mr. Rhodes, and after
the reading of the report the motion
was adopted by the following vote:
Ayes—Munson, Nickell, Rhodes,
Strohm, Smith.
Noes—lnnes, Teed, Peßsell.
Mr. Rhodes moved the adoption of a
set of res olutions regarding tbe aban
donment of Figueroa street from Pico to
Mr .Toed moved as an amendment
that the city except such portion of
Figueroa street as lies between Ninth
and Tenth streets. The amendmont was
Mr. Pessell moved that all reference
to quit claim deeds be stricken out. This
motion carried.
Mr. Rhodes' motion wsb then passed.
Petition from Albert E. Aiken was re
ceived, asking tbat the garbage con
tractor be instructed to carry out his
contract. The contractor was so ordered.
Tae ordinance calling for tbe aban
donment of Figueroa from Sixth to Pico,
excepting between Ninth and Tenth,
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or an" at her adulterant.
tben passed. Tho vote was: Avea,
Innes, Munson.Nickell, Pessell, Rhodes,
Smith, Teed, Strohm; noes. none.
The same committee recommended
tbat the bid of M. Zsrretti for Bewering
Flleventh etreet ho accepted. The report
was adopted.
Mr. Munson moved tbat the bids on
Bonnie Brae etreet be rejected and new
onea advertised for. The motion wbb
Action was taken aa follows upon the
city engineer'a report:
The petition of W. S. do Vun and
others, asking for the establish ment ot
tbn irrads ou Grand avenue, from Court
to . uple streets, waa referred to tbe
councilman from the ward.
The ordinance of intention to improve
Alvarado Btreet wob naseed.
The petition of F. T. Bicknell for a
railing and plankinf, at the interaection
of Sand atreet and Broadway waß re
ferred to ttie board ot public works.
Tne ordinance of intention for a
cement walk on Main street, from
Washington to Jefferson street, was laid
The ordinance of intention for n
cement walk on 7Jain street, from Jef
ferson to Washington street, was passed,
and the same for a sidewalk on tiie east
side of F lower Btreet, between Ssventh
and Eighth Btrsets. wai laid over.
A hearing on the protest of K. H.
Grassett and others against sewering
Temple street, between Hope and I'oarl
etreets, was ordsred for Monduy next at
2 o'clock.
The ordinance for a eewer on Crocker
Btreet was paßSed; blbo one for the Bew
ering of the Alameda street district.
Cleror Swindling Opnratlam or a Col
lection AgAll.-C '1 tO
liivo Fleeced Many
If reports are true, Frank Henry ia a
confidence operator of the first water.
Several week? ago be and a man named
H. E. Grunay opened a collection agency
at 243 South Spring street. Aithe
thing Btanda now, Henry haa the money
and Grundy haa the experience.
The facta of the confidence operation
wero brought out yeaterday by tbe filing
of a complaint in the police court charg
ing H.ury with stealing $45 worth of
clothing. His wife, D. L. Boyd and
Henry Leroy are also charged with tbe
Ilanry and his wife leased the lodging
house at 815 Ramona avenue, aud the
other persona were his gueste. Grundy
alao lived there, but nas recently found
it more satisfactory in some other
According to Grundy's story, Henry
worked the land-locating racket on tbe
quiet. Grundy bad put $125 in tbe
business, but evidently caw nothing of
Henry'a schemes.
The operator advertised goverment
land locationn near Lancaster, and ob
tained from $25 to !■> '• from each person
who expreßßed a desire to take up tbe
land. In this manner be obtained
money from I. A. Whitcomb and
Chailea and Herbert Rand of Pasadena,
Tom Larson and Benjamin Sparka, who
recently came to the city irom i'uetin.
Suddenly Henry, hia wife, Boyd and
Leroy, took their leava. They left a
note Baying they were going to the
Needles and, would return Boon. That
waß last Sunday and tho gay young
quartotte bave not yet come back.
When they went. Grundy's Sunday
clothing rveut with them, and now bo iB
after them.
Juit Like Finding !>litn»y.
Time, worry e-d mouey saved by
trading at Burger's, No. 235 South
Spring street, four doors south of Los
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member the placs. Burger'a, No. 235
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aud Tbird. All gooda marked in plain
figures. Open evenings.
Accused <>r Stealing Money.
Thomna Starr, cheerful and smiline,
waa arraigned in Justice Seaman's court
yeaterday, on a charge of grand larceny.
His preliminary examination was eet for
the 27th mat., at 9:30 a. m. He was
arrested upon a complaint sworn out by
Charles Mienhart. who claims that Starr
stole $85 in caah from him. Starr was
given quarters in the county jail pend
ing examination.
SLITS f'ufl.e m f.'rdef from $20
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THE REDONDO HOTEL bir winter resort on the ooasr. Acces
sible by trains of ihe Soutncm California and Redondo Railway,; 4o minutes' ride from 1.0-
A.nge es. Jtvery room an outside one, Sunn/ nnd bright. Excellent table. Billiard pa-10-ss
Danciup room and tenni- court. Hot salt water swimming and plunge baths near hotel. Fine-
Sabine from the wharf. Free irau-portatlon to and from Los Angeles lo weekly or monthly
gueßts. For description and illustrated hooks and ratesapp yto
„ _ , D. O'NEILL.
Redondo Hotel, Redondo Leacn, Cal.
Bradbury Block, Log Augeies.
Best Appointed Hotel in - a «JliL MtJ
Los Angeles. r
American and European Plans. :^p^^^p|^9H^p.
First-class service.
Reasonable Kates.
Finest Cafe in the City
I j Under Direction of AU lIAYMaN.H
C. IL WOOD, Lessee.. 11. C. W YATT, Mgr 9
DEC. I J.li, l.ith. 14tb, 15th, i;
David Henderson's i]
Company. U
Original $80,000 Production I
Intact. I
NOTE—Owing lo the length of per-H
formuncetnc curtain will rise atS o'clock, n
prompt. Tills is positive. f .
Seats now on snie.
Prices $1.00, $1, Toe, 50c and 25c.
Cor. Third and Hill Sts
Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings,
Wednesday Matinee, 3:30 P.M.
The Great
Musical Prodigy,
His Mind is an Opera of Beauty,
Written by the Hand of God.
RESERVED SEATS, $1, 75c and 50i
Seats on Bale at the A. W. Borry Stationery
Co., mo South Spring si., ou and after Tuesday,
Decern I>er lltll.
A Cure That Cures.
If! r» 17117' I have cured thousands, and can
IXCjSZJ cure thousands more who suffer
as vol do, of Kmisßlons, Impoteucy, Nervous
Debiil y, Varicocele and Scrun.en Parts,
caused by self abuse, by a simple remedy which
cured me, recipe for wnich I will send (sealed)
FREE to any sufferer. Address, with stamp
DAVID B. E.UMLr, Box S7O, Xngtewood, IU
11-17 lyr
B Lint A.Mi TUB-tIJEK.
Main street, betwten Fifth and Sixth.
FkedA. Cooi'aß, Manager.
The Novelty of Novelties—Week Commencing
Sunday, Dec. 9 h—Every evening during the
week and Saturday Matinee—The Only Twin
Stars In tbe World,
In tho Beautiful, Romantic Drama,
" The Corsicao Brothers."
Supported by the Entire Coopor Company.
New aud Beautiful Seen iry.
Magnificent Costumes.
Admission 15,20 und 30c. Box seats 50 and 75a
323 HHS Downey b!U, N. Main st.
Come and Hear
The Silver Tenor.—Also tho Los Angelea
The Eccentric Conic- Tho American Night*
diau, ingale,
Concert from 7:30 to 12, Change of pro
gramme every week.
N. B.—Closed Sundays. tf
111-110 Court St., Los Angeles.
F. KBRKOW, Prop.
International Operatic and Character
change artists, formerly of New York
Tbe Great Favorito from the Orpheum, dad
The Beautiful Spanish Dancer.
Berth Family Orchestra.
Concert every evening from 7:30 until la,
and Saturday matinee Irom 1 to a p. m.
£;JS—Finc commercial lunch. Finest cuisine.
njan meal* h In carte Htnll hours.
Medical and Surgical Sanitarium
Twelve miles irom Los Augt-les, vii ife
railway. The place for the weiry to run tuid
the vick io get well. Uot and coid sulphur
baths at popular prices, Corrcßpoudeace hoUo<
ited. 0-29 6m

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