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Mr. George Wilson, who has just re
turned from the east, was given • sur
prise party last Thursday evening at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson on
Bt. Paul avenne. The first part ol tha
evening was devoted to a guessing con
test, for the solution of which 20 seconds
were given each guest; Miss Mabel
Walker received the ladles' prize and
Mr. G. Wilson that for gentlemen; tha
consolation prizes were won by Miss
Carrie Betzwold and Mr. Morley. The
remainder of the evening was spent in
games and conversation, and refresh-,
ments were served.
At a late hour tbe company dispersed.
Among those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wilson,
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Burch. Mr. Porter;
Misses Fannie Wilson. Grace Wilson,
Bath Green, Evelyn Savin*. Anna Val
entine, Mabel Walker, Miss Vickroy,
Carrie Betzwold, May Paul. Fannie
Brown, Laura Longley, Lillian Brown,
Daisy Betzwold; Messrs. Geo. Wilson,
Korry Leland, Floyd Green, Balph
Watson, Elmer Jeffery, Kd Longley, 8.
Freeman Sbaffner, Werley Campbell,
Cbas. Hiron, Harry Bush. Fred Brown,
James Weaver, E. Vickrov, Elton Lang
Hancock, J. Adams and Fred McOorn.
Mrs. Ozro W. Cbilds gave another of
ber delightful luncheons rday in
honor of Mrs. John Bradbury. The din
ing room was darkened and lighted with
lamps and candles. The table was ex
quisitely decorated. Iv t'.ie center was
a mass of yellow margnsrites and maid
en's hair in a large equare brass basket,
on the handie of which a parrot of green
enamel was perched, just visible among
the flowers. At either end was a tall
candlestick of ivory and on tbe lighted
candles were shades of delicate yellow
tissue paper. Yellow ribbons were tied
about one of the candles and the guests
each named the length of time it would
take for the candle to burn to the rib
bon. Mrs. Earl H. Miller guesßed tbe
nearest and received for a prize a dainty
cut glass rose vaae. The place cards
were in the shape of marguerites and
were handsome end artistic.
Those present besidoß the hostsss and
guest of honor were Mrs. Edwin T. Earl,
Mrs. Granville Mr.c Gowan, Mrs. Earl
B. Millar, Mrs. J. F. Sartori, Mia Othe
naan Stevsna and Miss Susanna Easton.
The Shakeßpehre club met as usual
on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mrs.
Denton gave a review of Tennyson's
Foresters as presented by Daly's, in
connection wijh its bearing npon tbe
character ol King John. The second act
of Shakespeare's King John was con
sidered and various constructions placed
upon the different points by tbe mem
bers were brought forward and dis
cussed. Questions were given out and
answered. The roll was then called, the
members responding witb quotations
from the second act of the play.
A special feature for next Monday
afternoon will be a cbaracter sketch of
Among those present were Meadames
Osgood, D.mnelß, Denton, Freeman,
McClnre, Variel, Murphy, Sirapeon,
Strone, St. George, North. It van, Eaaton,
Ward, Owens, Misses Young. Grupe,
Baldwin, Boyce, Stbrone, North.
Last Monday evening over 30 couples
were entertained at the Areyle with
dancing and curds. Arend's orchestra
furnished the music. Claret punch
was served during the evening, and
coffee and sandwiches at the conclusion
of the game of cards. The following
were among those present: Messrs. and
Mmes. Haze, Irviug. Truitt, Limbrouk,
Saddle;, Chipman, Clark, Shaw, Kra
mer, Burton, Bsnnett; Mobbtb Bnscb,
W. A. Smith, C. E. McStay, C. P. Kitta,
Brazelton, J. Farinington, Dyer, Duque,
Hutcbinsont H. Pettigrew, H.D. Kequa,
M, Frezsr, McGarvie, McKeag, Barnes,
Stranger, Eberle, Watkins, McCrsery,
Shaw, Hutchins, Rouah, Lombard, Sut
ton, Lockbart; Miaeea Wilson, Shaw,
Gardiner, Kennedy, Hollenbeck, Ryan,
Campbell, Chiprr.au, Scott, Siles, Her
ald, Mclienry, Hull, Watkins, Mc-
Creery and Gardiner.
Dr. and Mrs. Worthiogton entertained
at hearts last Wednesday evening in
their char: • home at Ramona. It
was a yellow party, and the bouse was a
veritable bower of palms, ferns and smi
lsx. Yellow lights were everywhere,
and the uobservatory opening from the
main drawing room was lighted with
Japanese lanterns. Mrs. Worthington
was assisted in receiving by Mrs. Hugh
W. Vail, Miaa L. K. Vail and Miss Ross.
The guests were Mr. and Mrs. George S.
l'stton, Mr. and Mre. Shorb, Mr, and
Mrs. Hancock Banning, Mr. and Mrs.
Scheller, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Elliott,
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Vail; Meadames
N. R Vail and Fortune; Missss Vail,
Allen, Elliott, Rsmonaand Edith Sborb,
McLaughlin; Messrs. Binney, Campbell
Shorb, Allen, Cooper, Dr. Stover and
Dr. Kuhrtß.
Mra. Enoch Pepper entertained tbe Bon
Ami Wniat club and their friends Fri
day evening, December 7th, nt her resi
dence, 847 Flower street. Rapid Transit
whist was played until 11 o'clock, when
dainty refreshments were served. Danc
ing whb then enjoyed until a late hour.
The ladies' prize was won by Miss
Carlton, Mr. A. B.Day the gentleman's.
Miaa Wallace and Mr. Chester Satter»
white won the consolation prizea.
Those present were : Miaeeß Longley,
Corlton, L. Pepper, Perry, Thorpe, Lang
staff, Wallace, Parker, A. Wallace, Mc-
Lackin, Reed, Pepper, Messrs. Reed,
Greene, H. Greene, Day, Desmond, Dun
nigan, Sstterwhite, Chester Satterwbite,
A. B. Day, Carlton, Murphy, O'Bear.
The current events section of the
Shell met at the Melrose Thursday
morning, December 13, at 10 o'clock,
with Mrs. William T. Bißhop. Papers
were read on tbe China-Japanese war
by Mrs. Dsan Mason. Mrs. Rvan, Mrs.
Edward Silent and Mtb. Hugh W. Vail.
The next meeting will be held Thurs
day morning, January 3, at 10 a. m., at
the residence of Mra. T. L. Burnett,
Twenty-third street, when the subjects
will be Trilby, the Origin of Christmas
and Christmas in Other Countries.
Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Ward enter
tained at whist Thursday evening in
their pretty house on Twenty-seventh
itreet. Those present were: Dr. and
Mrs. Jay H. Utley, Mr. and Mrs. John
*cott, Mr. and Mrs, Frederick T. Grif
fith, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Clark, Mr.
md Mrs. J. M. Elliott, Mr. and Mrs.
lay lor, Judge and Mrs. Goodrich, Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh W. Vail, Mrs. Thomas
Brewn; Misses Susie Fatton, Annie
Ward and Mary Russell; Messrs. Ward.
Neville and Chandler.
The Woodbury college social held at
Illinois hall on Friday evening was en
joyed by a large audience. The pro
gramme was one of nnusnal excellence
and elicited muohlapplauee.several num
bers receiving a warm recall. Tbe pro
gramme was as follows:
Piano duet-Laura Lyons and Stella Pen
Recitation—Mrs. Wales.
Autoharpsolo— Prot. Singleton.
Original poam—Ralph E. Hoyt.
Vocal solo-Mrs. J. Vakey.
Recitation—Rosebnd Andrews.
Vocal solo—Prof. Singleton.
Recitation—Gertrude Drnry.
La Hello Dauce-Rosebud Andrews.
Recitation—Stella Penyan.
Fanov drill-Captain Muniey's company
Boys' brigade.
There will be two lecturss at the next
meeting of the Unity club Thursday
evening, December 20th. One on Rus
sia, by P. A. Demens, who is a native of
that oountry, and will speak of its ex
tent, improvement and many other in
teresting features that are not generally
known. The second lecture will be on
Mohammed by Rabbi A. Blum.
Mra. O. W. Obildi entertained at
Inncheon last Tuesday, at her beautiful
home on Main street corner of Eleventh.
The guest of honor was Mrs. Martin of
San Francisco, and those asked to meet
her were: Mesdames James Irvine,
Judge Erskine M. Hobs, John Moßßin,
Stsphen M. White, Ozro W. Childs and
Miss Roth Childs.
Mrs. S. N. Ryan and the Mistes Ryan
gave another of their delightful lunch
eons last week at their home inTropico.
The guests wore Mesdamss G. W r iley
Wells and Cbarlss Monroe ol Los An
geles, and Mrs. Seymour Locke and
Miss Greenleaf of Pasadena.
A paper social was held at the taber
nacle, Long Beach, last Thursday even
ing. Tbe decorations of flags and vari
ous designs in paper were brilliant and
beautiful, and great credit is due to Mrs.
I. H. Preßton for tbe success of tbe en*
tertainment. Misses Lila Castle, Flora
ence Packard and Minnie Decker repre
sented, respectively, the Los Angeles
Herald and Long Beach Eye and
Breaker, and were costumed in an in
geniuß manner in those papers; most
ol the ladies in chaige and the children
takiug part in the programme that had
been prepared for the occasion also wore
paper costumes. The programme con
sisted of vocal and instrumental music
and recitations, and was opened by the
Long Beach band and followed with
prayer by Rev. F. V. Fisher.
There will be an exhibition and sale of
a collection of water colors and oil paint
ingß by tbe celebrated artist, Hugo Fish
er, at Music hall, South Spring street,
adjoining the Los Angeles theater, on
the afternoons and evenings of Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, December 17,
18 and 19. Among the collection are a
lew gemß by tbe widely known still life
painter, William Bubacek.
Mme. Rose Weisecke read a very in
teresting address on Rtpbael before the
Art association last Wednesday evening
at its rooms, 110 West Seoond street.
On the afternoon of the same day Prof.
W. L. Judson gave an art talk in the
gallery at the pavilion where the Polish
pictures are on exhibition, before an in
terested audience. About 20 students
of the School of Art and Design took ad
vantage ol this opportunity to hear these
fine pictures explained and discussed,
and many others were present.
An entertainment will be given at the
University ol Southern California Fri*
day evening, December 21st, with a pro
gramme oi music and elocution.
Madame Rose Weisscbe, long a resi
dent of Rome, Italy, has come to reside
permanently in Los Angeles.
Mrs. O. W. Childs and Miss Ruth
Childß left for San Francisco on last
evening's train.
Miss Stella A. Cressey, of 908 South
Broadway, sails tomorrow on the steam
er Q ieen for San Francißco, where she
will visit friends lor three weeks.
Get the very best when you are buy
ing silver plated ware. Rogers Bros 1847,
Holmes & Edwards M'l'g Co,, Pair
point M'f'g Co. and Wm. Rogers wares
at J. W. Fuller's, 315 North Main street,
Downey Block.
Buy your Christmas cards at Lichten*
berger'a art emporium, 107 North Main
SC. Headquarters for pictures, frames
and art novelties. No increase of prices
on account of the holiday rush ; every
thing marked in plain figures.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsev, Stimson
blook, first floor, rooms 129. 130, 141.
Special attention given to obstetrical
cases and all diseases of women aud
children. Electricity scient>6cally used.
Consultation hours, 1 to 5. Tel. 1227.
Special—For a short time only, finest
snameled oabinet photos in tbe city, re
duced to $1 per dozen. Sunbeam Art
Parlors, 23b' South Main street.
Ho! for Chrittmas! Look into tbe
new furniture store, 408 South Broad
way, for children's solid oak writing and
cabinet desks, $2 up.
Mathußbek and the Briggs sweet tone
pianos for sale and to rent at No. 118
Winston street. A. G. Gardner, prac
tical piano tuner.
John R. Paul, funeral director and em
balmer. Satisfaction guaranteed. 419
aud 421 Downey avenue, East Los An
geles. Telephone 1305.
Adams Bros., dentists, 239' a South
Spring street. Painless filling and ex
tracting. Tbe best sets of teeth from $0
to $10.
Dr. W. H. Ward, Mueller block. Fifth
and Broadway, rooms 24 and 25. Res.,
1033 Floweret. Tel., office 1421; res. 1 Hi.
Go to I. T. Martin to buy or sell fur
niture, carpets, matting, linoleum, oil
cloth and stoves. 451 South Spring st.
The Advance Davis sewing machine is
the best. Office, 128 South Main street.
Sharp & Samson,funeral directors (in
dependent), *>3<i S. Spring st.; tel. 1029.
Sewing machines, in good working
order, for $5 each. 128 South Main st.
Mrs. Oswald makes corsets to order
ot the faotory, 603 South Broadway.
All kinds of sewing machines to rent;
128 South Main street.
Insure with A. C. Golsb, 147 South
Xmai presents Campbell's curio store.
Rooms $2 a week. 'J. S. hotel.
Buy the Whitney make trunk and traveling
bag, Fuctory Jii N. Main SL
To the people who are suffering from rupture:
Prof. Joseph Faudry, formerly of Berlin, 001
--inany, now of Santa Barbara, is practical rup
ture specialist and truss manufacturer. In
formation fiee, whereby you can become cured.
Those having tried all Iciuds of paieni trusses
aud found no relief, also have given up all
hope, to these people I am calling their inten
tion and especially ask them to send me their
The early arrival oi the advance guard
of tourists who winter in Southern Cali
fornia bodes well for a heavy tourist
bnsiness this winter, is tbe way a
prominent hotel keeper puts it. Besides,
tbe gentleman explained, there are a
large number of wealthy people coming
to Southern California this year who
formerly wintered In Florida. There
are already several parties bsre who
have taken quarters at the several hotels
for from three to four months. Most of
them will remain over until the close of
the fiesta in April. Another party of
wealtby people arrived yesterday and
took apartments at tbe Westminster.
They are Winthrop Young and wife and
Mrs. E. J. Kimball, society leaders in
Minneapolis. Mr. Young made a flying
trip here last year and was so pleased
tbat be decided to winter here this year.
"I didn't use to believe all the stories
of California's glorious climate that my
brother wrote mo," said J. P. Burns at
tbe Nadeau yesterday. "Now Ido not
think he wrote half enough. When I
think of strawberries in December and
roses blooming in tbe open air io the
midwinter months I marvel. Why,
California is tbe grandest oountry on
the face of the earth." This is Mr. Burnsj
first visit to the coast. His home is in
Boston and he came out to see his
brother who is manager of the INso
Ronies Springs hotel at Paso Robies.
He will remain in the city several days.
A couple of dwarf or miniatnrt mud
turtles bnve been pets of tbe nigbtolerk
of the United States hotel for some time,
but despite constant attemots the tur
tles will not be taught anything. They
are abuut an inch in length and appear
to have attained their full growth. They
were brought from the Colorado river
about three months ago. It is said tbat
iv places the little turtles are as tbe
sands on the seashore.
Rev. P. M. Slaughter, a prominent
divine iv Richmond Va., is touring the
coast and arrived here yesterday. Mr.
Slaughter is at the Nadeau and will put
in several days in this city and vicinity.
Yesterday he visited several of the
churches, Tbe magnificence of the city
of I. is Angeles is, he says, a revelation
to him.
A. E. Higrins, deputy collector of
customs at San Diego, and Customs In
spectors Wadham and Roman, are at
tiie Nadeau. They came up on business
connected with the United States court.
They had learned no new particulars in
regard to the suicide of District Attor
ney-Elect Darby.
"I just cams down on a little business
trip and my visit has nothing whatever
to do witb street sweeping or any other
public work," said Frank Walker, the
well known contractor of San Francisco.
Mr. Walker is a guest at the Hollenbeck.
Judge N. C. Collier and O. N. Marrow
of Albuquerqe, N. M,, are at the Hollen
Mr. R. C. Harbison, oity editor of the
San Bernardino Sun, was in the city
H. Harris, a San Francisco business
man, was among the arrivals at the
Ramona yesterday.
R. C. Harbison, tbe bee tancher of
San Bernardino, ia at the Hollenbeck,
accompanied by his wife.
Mrs. A. H. Chalmers of Memphis,
Term., will spend tbe winter in tnis city
and has taken apartments at tbe Ra
Sheriff Brangton ol Santa Barbara
passed tbrougn tbe city yesterday en
route to San Bernardino on criminal
W. H. Barnes, one of the leading at
torneys of Yenlora, signed at the West
minster yesterday. He is here on legal
Charles H. Pbillipn, the 6an Luis
Obispo capitalist who recently pur
chased the Chino ranob, ia at the Hoi*
lenbeck. He will visit the big ranch
today and will return north within four
Orr .v Patterson, funeral directors and
embaimers; fair prices; first class ser
vice. 147 North Spring; telephone 65.
Anyone who has children will rejoice
with L. M. Mulford, of Plainfield, N. J.
His little boy, five years of age, was sick
with croup. For two days and nights
he tried various remedies recommended
by friends and neighbors. He says: "I
thought sure I would lose him. I had
seen Chamberlain's Congh Remedy ad
vertised and thought I would try it as a
last hope and am happy to say that after
two doses he slept until morning. I
gave it to him next day and a cure was
effected. I keep this remedy in the
house now and as soon as any of tbe
children show any signs of croup I give
it to them and that is the last of it."
50 cent boitles for sale by Off & Vaughn
corner Fourth and Spring streets, and
C. F. Heinzeman, 222 North Main street,
Don't get left bnt order your holiday
suit at once and you will not be disap
pointed. Joe Poheim, the tailor, 143 S.
Spring st.
250 envelopes, 5001 ream writing paper 25c
I.anr;stadter, 211 W. Second, Hollenbeck totel.
Dr. Parker, dentist, 129' i West First street.
Thie Leading Specialists for
Diseases of MEN Exclusively.
Not a Dollar
Mk£j£ Need be Paid Wl
Medicine or Treatment
Until We Cure You.|P|^gr|p^
We mean tlin above statement emphatically—it means everybody, and it is to show our sincerity, honesty and ability to cure these
diseases,of whloh we make a specialty. We have the largest practice In Southern California, acquired by skill and moderate chuiiros
our Offices arc the most elaborate and private in the city, and you need see no one but tbe doctors. We make It a part of our busi
ness to deal In sacred confidence with our patients. *«-Wo have abandoned the treatment of all diseases except those of a Private, Xvr
voiim and « tironlr Mat m c of Men. We believe that we thereby attain the highest possible degree of success for the spcedv, thorough
and permanent cure of these peculiar cases. Our book on the nature and treatment of these diseases, together with rules for diet,exercise
and sleep sent free on application ; also our self-diagnosis sheet aud our opinion as to the curability of the case.
Comer Main and 'TThircl Streets,
Over Wells-Fargo lixpress Office. Private side entrance on Third St. Telephones- Office, sgog; Residence, 129 W,
( Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
§?riVs\l Baking
Weather Barsso.
Report orohitrvattoas teteaai Los Angeles
Decomber 16, 1894: [Note—Barometer re
duced to sea level. ]
■ I
6:00 s. ro.
£> rt>0 p. n. I
3 iciesr
Maximum temperature, K:l.
Minimum tempe'ature. 44.
For-oaat f»r Sonthern California,
Generally fair: nearly stationary tempera
ture, light variable winds.
Jack Frazer and Goldsmith fought to
a finish at Santa Monica canon last
Life reading, $1; satisfaction guaran
teed. Scientist Fanny Green, 352 8.
Vegetation about the oity is rap
idly assuming a beautiful green hue as a
result of the recent rains.
Holiday "shoppers" are beginning to
swarm in the streets and stores, especi
ally in such place) of trade as are adver
tised in the Hkkaiii.
There are undelivered telegrams at the
Western Union Telegraph company's of
fice, corner oi Court and Main streets,
December 15th, for W. A. Ewing, Jennie
D. Siiaw.
Officer Ditewig yesterday morning
arrested George and John Brown on a
charge of petty larceny. Tbe young
men were caught on Washington street,
in which vicinity one of them did his
W. Schwartz and A. C. Kennedy en
gaged in a personal encounter on Los
Angeles street last night. When ths
smoke of battle cleared away, Schwartz
had a out on tbe cheek and hie opponent
bad a collarless sbirt. Officer Walker
arrested both men and booked them for
disturbing tbe psace.
Tbere was a grand rush for the Alta
dena trains on the Terminal road yes
terday, mostly by passengers bound for
Echo mountain. The weather was per
fection, the atmosphere being warm
enough for comfort and so clear as to
afford the best possible view of moun
tain and valley scenery. Among those
who rode over the wonderful mountain
road and enjoyed the charming views,
were numerous recently arrived visitors
from tbe east, who were enthusiastic io I
their praises of the entire trip.
Hog-o Foitfr'i Bxhlbltlon of At\ tin re 11 *s
and 0111.
The exhibition of aquarelles and oil
painting! by Hugo Foaier will open to
day at Musio ball, adjoining the Los
Angeles theater.
The pictnrea are, ac a rule, excellent,
and many of them are perfect gems.
Mr. Foster possesses a high degree of
perfection in technique and puts a re
markable amount of feeling, movement,
life and expression in bis works. The
color,ng is admirable, tbe tones being
delicate and yet full of fire and effect.
It is not often that tbe art-loving pub
lic has an opportunity of a view oi the
works of artists from other cities, snd
this one, being admirable in ali respects,
is worthy of the most liberal patronage.
The Modarn Mother
Has found that ber little ones are im
proved more by the pleasant laxative
Syrup of Figs, when in need of the laxa
tive effects of a gantle remedy than by
any other, and tbat it is more accepta
ble to them. Children enjoy it and it
benefits tbom. Tbe true remedy, Syrup
of Figs, is msnufactu'ed by tba Califor
nia Fig Syrup Co. only.
Try a gal. Maltese club whieksy, 13.50,
unexcelled for purity and flavor. T Vacbe
& Co., cor. Comerc'l & Alameda, tel. 309.
Kregelu & Bresee, funeral directors,
Broadway and Sixth street. Tel. 243.
riooyiilr finzei
Specially appropriate for Christmas presents,
at Chrlstophei'f, 241 B. Spring st.
Neltzke & Speck, funeral directors and em -
balmers, 256 South Main street. Tel. 1349.
K. I> DC-HINT, Manager. J. A. CONNON, Bupt,
IN ANY QUANTITY at market prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our oil
contains no benzine, naptha or other dangerous explosive*. We furnish
Maier Zobelein Brewery, Los Angeles Cold Storage Co., Cudahy Packing;
Co., and many other consumers, to whom we refer. Can be burned with any style
of burner.
Telephone 1472. Wells & Office cor. Douglas & W. State sts.
Coach Walton Compliments the Football
Team—They Play the Whtttl-ra.
Last Tuesday Prof. F. P. Hafford, of
Ohio, who delivered tbe address to tbe
students at the First Presbyterian
church on December 9, paid a visit to
the college.
On Wednesday evening the college
senate, tbe representative body of the
students, held a long session. Many
important questions were brought up
lor discussion.
Quite a little commotion was caused
among tbe students on Thursday after
noon by tbe appearance of Walton, the
celebrated foot-ball ooach of tbe Leland
Stanford university, on tine field adjoin
ing the college campus. He coached tbe
team through a game, criticising all
movements. When through he was
asked to express hia.opinion, which was
exceedingly favorable and encouraging.
He accompanies them this morning to
hittter, where a game is called for to
day with the Wbittier College Football
i am.
Saturday morning the Aurora, the col
lege monthly, made its appearance. It
is a beautifully printed 20-page journal.
Hon. W. E. Parker, '95, is editor-in
chief. Since its debut into the field of
college papers it has brought out the
talents of tbe embryo poets and philo
sophers to a surprising degree.
At tbe chapel services in the morning.
President Condit read a communication
from the celebrated author, Henry
Drummond, congratulating tbe Drum
mond Literary society in the choice of
their name. President Condit notified
the students that the regular term ex
aminations would commence next Tues
day morning. Some oi the students
have commenced to cram, it has been
said, in contemplation of their battle
tins week.
The two literary eocietles held their
regular meetings last Thursday after
President Condit left the city last
Saturday to dsliver an address in the
First Presbyterian church at Redlands.
A new student, J. h. Layng, has en
tered bis name upon the books of the
college register.
The Christmas vacation begins Fri
day, December 21, lasting until January
3, 1895.
A Ncmber of New Residences Going
Since the late rains and tbe building
of the new double-tracked electrio road
down Central avenue, building opera
tions are proceeding rapidly. There are
at present 18 new residences in course of
construction iv that locality and many
more will be commenced immediately.
On Friday last contracts were let lor tbe
erection of six residences in oiider &
Row's Adams-ntreet tract alone. Mr. J.
H. Blagge, general agent for the Pacific
Mutual Life Insurance company, Is hav
ing plans prepared for a fine residence
to be erected on tbe same tract.
Keward for Mall Kobb irs.
The postmaster-general bas ssnt out
a (Circular 11 postal inspectors, which
increases the reward for the capture
and convictiun of mail robbers. The
circular reads:
For tbe arrest and conviction of any
person robbing the mails while being
conveyed in a mail car, $1000; for rob
bing mails on a post ronte, $500; for at
tempt to rob mails on a post route.
$250; for breaking into a poitoffice and
stealing therefrom, or robbing a post
office, from $100 to $500, according to
amount stolen.
Buckingham's Dye for the Whiskers can be
applied when at home, and is uniformly suc
cessful in coloring a brown or black. Hence
its great popularity.
Dr. D. 8. DiSenbacber, dentist, rooms 4ands,
119 S. Spring St., LosAuge.es.
CRITTENDEN-On Sunday, Dec. 16th, 1894,
at the fatally residence, -'I I Bunker Hill
avenue, Henry L Crittenden,aged 61.
Funeral from residence Tuesday morning at
llo'cock. IJurial private. [Detroit, Mich.,
and Toronto, Cannda, papers piesseoopy.
CAPITAL (PAID DP, $ 600,000.00
fcUßl'iAla AND RESERVE ""2 820,000.00
TOT AL .' $1,320,000.00
IW. HELLMAN Presldsnt W. H. Perry, 0 E Thorn, A. Olastsßs
B. W. UELLMAN Vlce-Preeident o. W. Childs C Dnoommon.
JOHN MILNE* Cashier T. L. Dunne, j. B. Lankoishln:
H. J. FLEISHMAN Assistant Cashier H. YV. Heliman, L W. Heliman.
Sell and Buy Foreign and Domestic Exchange. Special Collection Department
Bank, 101 B. Bprlnf si., Nadeau block.
L. N. BREED President
WM. F. sIOSBYaIIELL Vice-President
C. N. FLINT Cashier
W. H. UOLLIDAV Assistant Cashier
Capital, paid In gold ooln $200,000
Surplus and undivided profits 25.000
Authorized capital 600,000
L. N Breed, H. T. Newell, Wm. H. Avery,
Bllas Holmaa, W. H. Hoillday. P. C. Boiby
sheil, M. Hagan. Frank Radsr, D. Remlck,
Thos. Gosa, Wm. F. BotbyabelL
223 S. Spring St., LOS ANGELES.
osvictae ano oieccToee:
*b. W. Stlmson Wm. Ferguson W. E. McVay
Tr.lt. Vic-Frest, Cuh.er
C. G. Harrison S. H. Mott BM. Baker
A. E. Pomeroy 8. A. Butler
236 N. Main SL
Capital stock _ $100,000
■urplus.... 35,000
J. E. Plater, Pres. H. W. Uellman, Vice-Pres.
W. M, CakWill, Cashier.
Directors—l. W. Heliman, J. E. Plster, H. W.
Bel man, 1. W. Heliman, Jr., W. M. Caswell.
Interest paid ou deposits. Money to loan on
flrM elaes jssalaaftata 11-ltf
The oldest, moit successful and reliable exc'u
£*'" ln< ' Coa * t '^* ,t,Lt, " ,lie<l lv B ' n Francisco loi
W4§i sli&. DOCTORS
FetANCIaOO OFFICBB Is now la charge ol lb*
Loa Aagelei offices, so persons living la .xm
lfftw«A Aur.eles can have Ihu benrfii of tbe same treat
-sit jw^rr^i™^r»nnTsiTP^^ mentaalftbey went to San Francisco.
Consultation FREE, Personally or
r>R. LIEBIQ & CO. cure ail NCRVOCB, PRI-
Ca-es curable guatanteed, no matter hus con*
K^t^EaUKlsS^^S^irsMßsmisraMsasaWsm she, t ami confidential book for men sent tree,
All business sacredly confidential.
Highest Medals Offered In
S/ World's Fair CoßTestlnn of mo
y i.>»rspber« anil Werld's Bxpotl-
I aaC lion, Chicago,'»a Highest pre-
ralums Los Auselee Fair, '89. 91.
SSSW Ti _-<" ~ 1 ' f _ Ji '98, '93, And also awaided the
— " *•— highest pram 1 cms tor last fair,
■ isßjM ending Oct. 20, 'OA.
■ Onr Awards are the Hlch
"* est Awarded Any Phetof;
Speaking Volumes for the Superiority ot the Steckel Photographs.
220 S. SFRINQ ST.,
Opp. L» A. Theater and Holleaheek Hotaa
Other sites in proportion, j 23Q ftOUTH SPRING ST.
■>' ■ —<•> m "Tr~ f" ~H Don't buy until you see our
r I « SIu.OOO bankrupt stock,
5 S W which we will sell at half
M Btm • what you pay at other stores
328 South Spring Street.
Bemlnel vcikness, Impotenoy, etc.. Inducing
some of the following symptoms, ns dizziness,
confusion of Ideas, defective memory, aversion
to aocety, blotehos, emissions, exhaustion
varlcoc le, etc., aro permanently cured.
Urinary, Kidney and Rladcler
troubles, weak bsck. Incontinence, gouoirhea.
gleet, strlctnre and all unnatural discharges
are quickly and perfectly cured.
Causing ulcers, eruptions, swelling in grolna,
son-droit, fal InR hair and oiher symptoms
are removed, and all poison permanently eradi
cated Irotn the system.
Mr-TREATMENT at ofliee or by express. All
leuersst.-lctly Confidential.
430 bomb. Spring street, Lo» Angeles, CaL
Capital itock (400,000
Burplui 200,00(1
1. M. JELLIOTT. President.
w. a. Kißcicfiorr, v.-Pres't,
O. B. 9IUKMK, Au't Cutatta,
directors: i
J. If. Elliott, J. O. BioknaiL
F. Q. Story, 11. Jeene.
J, I). Hooker, W, c. Pattanoa,
Wm. Q. Kerckhoff.
, „«
Capital 9300,000
Surplus 67,000
Total 6*7,800
E. C. HOWES Cashier
E, W. COB Assistant Cashier
George H. Bonebrak", Warren Olllalan, P. M.
Green, chas A. Marrlner, W. C. Brown, A. W.
Francisco, JC. P. Johnson, IL X. Allan, P. C.
Howes. B-1A v
/ -
)fou Bet We &et a Move On.
■ Suits To Order in 24 Houn
312 South Sprint* fct, below Third.
When what you read ia entertaining and when
yon don't have to strsin your eyes in peiu-tuir
it. You can aiT.ird to be reckless with auytiiiug
tj.it your eyes; you can afford to t<ce ehanoea
with anything but Tour alight. Wo rnske all
'oris of alasFe» for all sorts of eves, and for their
expert examination no elnirue la made. You
will find In our fine fitom everything to lm
p ove one's eyesight in the way of iilns.es.
PACIFIC OPIICAL<tO., Scientific Opticians,
107 N. spring st. ataV~ Don't lorget numb r.
WtnTsTlfl Allli Complete Line of
pUaiTOraP'Mia Chi dreu'B ■ arriogei, TnU
let bits stid Faucy iioik
_ ersatlow prices.
\F 1 T - MARTIN,
151 South Spring St.

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